Nov. 23, 2010 (#713)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 23, 2010:

End of Nations, No Startling Revelations:

"The Biggest Shake-up from Times Medieval,
As Global Migration's Transfer of People
Move 'cross the Globe Each Seeking a Living,
Many Move to U.K. where Welfare's a-Giving,
World Engineers Planned with Determinations
To Bring Common Culture and End of Nations,
A Humanistic Culture Always Brings Horror,
Ideals of the Soviet or Nazi Bring Slaughter,
Human Animals, No More Sacred than Sheep,
We'll Be Beaten in Gulags before Final Sleep,
"It's Necessary" they say, "To Bring World Peace",
Yet the Banking Cabal's to Still Own the Lease
Over Control of Money, so Same Old Boss,
Capitalism/Socialism, Up for the Toss,
One Thing's for Sure, Same Tyrants Remain,
Using Diabolic Dialectic, Crisis Brings Gain"
© Alan Watt Nov. 23, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 23, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 23, 2010.  Newcomers should look into web site.  Youíll see a whole bunch of sites listed there; these are the official sites I have, the only official sites I have.  These are mine; anything else is bogus, with my name on it that is.  Bookmark these sites for future use because sometimes I have problems with the main .com site.  If youíve got them bookmarked you can get the latest shows for download for free.  There are hundreds of audios for download from all the sites listed there.  They all have the same audios for download and they all have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given, for download and print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages, you will also see listed there and you can find transcripts in the other languages there for download and print up.  While you are at it too, remember you are the audience that brings me to you.  If you are getting something out of the histories that Iím giving you and have given you in the past, and how I fill in the little blank spots that are left out of the news, deliberately of course, then keep supporting me and you can do so by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on the web sites.  I donít get backed by advertisers and in fact I turn them down.  That way Iíve got a freer hand to do things.  But I need your support to keep going so buy the items and donate to keep me going.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Some people just send cash; so far they are still exchanging it banks, although everything is dropping like crazy right now, plus they tack on an incredible exchange rate.  Wiring money across the waters is awfully expensive and if you want to post a check from Money Gram it will take about 7 days to get here by air.  That hopefully will help me to keep these sites going and keep doing what Iím doing. 


We are going through the biggest transformations in history since the industrial revolution really.  Thatís what the big boys said themselves many years ago in their talks, at their big, big meetings on their plans for the world. These are the greatest changes weíve seen in an awful long time.  Itís not just cultural changes, but they also mentioned that vast, vast movements of people would go out across the world from one country to the next and so on.  Well, we have seen that over the last 10 years or more in fact, and yet they made these speeches over 30 years ago, sometimes 40 years ago, at the global meetings they were having when they predicted they would bring the world to the state it is in now. Of course through financial collapse and so on, economic crisis, they would bring the world under The World Bank and the IMF.  And thatís what we are living through as well, never mind all the cultural changes, which they said they would bring in, which we have seen happen.  We are living through a script.  A script though thatís incredibly well organized and itís not difficult when you realize that the richest people on the planet, who run the whole money system, for the whole planet, basically run all the front organizations and the think tanks and all the NGO groups and charities that lobby and promote the various causes.  They all work together, along separate roads, to bring themselves on to the same road at the endÖ which is a form of scientific socialism for the entire planet, of course run by the big boys at the top, who have always been there.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, we are living through a script.  You have to delve into your histories to fit the puzzles together.  Itís like lots of puzzles within puzzles and itís only here and there that you get little scattered pieced of information, sometimes just one paragraph in some thick, dry, old, dusty book and you put that together with other dry paragraphs, or one-liners or comments or statements by authors and big movers, and you start to see that you truly are living in a script. These guys donít sit at the top saying, well, we govern the peoples. They sit at the top and they plan a particular type of future. 


Itís no secret really, once you get into them, that you find their problem has always been not just to how to get power or maintain power, itís how to keep power over the general public.  You do get the sense, because these guys the top do go over their histories, and they look carefully at rebellions and revolutions down through the ages, and they donít want them to have to be repeated on themselves, where they are ousted, especially when they have an agenda at stake.  Their whole idea Ė and all sides and all parts, it doesnít matter if itís communist or capitalist or whatever Ė they were into the same thing, sharing the wisdom between scientists Ė with their international science meetings Ė on how to use science to make the people more docile and compliant and more content with whatever lot they were handed by the big boys at the top, and whatever kind of system they were given to live in as well.


They talked about using incredible psychologies, which are there all the time.  You canít pick up any media today where psychology isnít involved in presenting something to you in a particular way, and even giving you an opinion on various topics Ė thatís the standard technique Ė including television as well.  For instance, after a President speaks they bring on about two experts at least Ė minimum two, sometimes four Ė and they will leave you with two main opinions, so you can pick one or the other, like a toss up.† Really, why would you need them?  If you heard the guy speak himself why would you need four interpreters to tell you what the President just said?  You see.


Games are played on us constantly and itís a lifelong process.  It doesnít stop, because you are under a scientific type of socialism.  Big players like Bertrand Russell and Brzezinski and various other people talked about the time not only was coming but technically was already there, 30 or 40 years ago, maybe even 50, where the media and the governments behind those countries that use the media, were using advertising agencies, like the Bernays type deals, to influence the behavior, to use the unconscious motivations of people, to direct those motivations into what the government wanted them to go into and create the kind of society they wanted.  They have got it really.  Theyíve got it. 


Strangely, along with it too, there was a revolution going on at the same time and it was authorized by these same people who wanted to keep control.  Interesting really, when you look at it.  We always think of those in power as kind of static and wanting to maintain a type of system that doesnít change very much Ė maybe more compliant people but not really for change and the opposite is true.  They wanted to create a different kind of society.  It isnít until you understand the sexual revolution Ė that was promoted from the top, because these guys at the top promote all revolutions, for progress they call it, and see the outcomes of it Ė then you understand that itís so similar to the communist ideology of the abolition of the family unit.  Thatís what came out of it basically.  We saw countries building mainly single parent family homes, like Britain, massive social housing projects, because they knew in the 60s they were going to make it the way in society that eventually would come the 70s and 80s, most women would be single and the ones that were mothers would be single mothers.  They had designed a culture to make this happen. 


Unfortunately, when they sit at the top there, with full confidence talking about how they can manipulate us all and all our behaviors, they are quite correct in what they say.  It isnít just an idle boast; they are not really boasting about it.  They take it in a more passť sort of way because they have had so many, maybe hundreds of years, maybe longer, of using these techniques on the general public.  They can make you believe and do whatever they want you to believe and do.  Thatís a sad truth.  Terribly sad. 


We also know too, that the British Empire was to be the model system for the world to copy, under the United Nations.  They certainly used that structure by placing what they called democracies, or leaving those countries they pulled out of eventually, with a form of democracy, sometimes slightly altered for the cultural makeup of its people.  But basically standardizing a system; that was the technique that was used.  Itís still actually one of the tenets of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, that they will not pull out of a country Ė that they have taken over, or invaded under any guise whatsoever Ė they will not pull out until they have set up a similar structure of this so-called democratic institution, based on England. 


Out of that was to come the global society, but not just any global society, it was a society where a very powerful government using scientific techniques would run every individual in almost a socialistic fashion, that the communists predicted would come in eventually.  The communists never got quite to it.  They did bring school-to-work in.  They picked children at school, theyíd given them a few tests, very young, and then they would decide there and then what those children would be educated in.  If they picked you for an engineer you would get exactly what you needed to know to become an engineer, but nothing else.  Thatís how they did it.  And then we find they do the same thing in the West, with the school-to-work projects and the various technical schools that were sprung up all over the place as well. 


So you see something that although they appear different Ė a soviet system and a western system, they appear different through the propaganda aspects of newspapers Ė when you actually look at what they are doing they are pretty well the same in structure, because they are aiming at the same ending.  Of course the general public didnít know that eventually the Soviet structure was to be blended completely with that of the WestÖ and so youíd have something that Lenin talked about.  After the dictatorship would be over, he said, a system would come out that wasnít quite capitalist and not quite communist.  What they meant by that was a socialist scientifically-run society with experts running the general public, experts and governmental departments galore, of course.  He also said too, mind you, that theyíd start up services, like police services, health services, educational services, which would eventually become authorities over the general public.  Because these are essential to take over the minds of people, the education is incredibly essential.  Education is just indoctrination to give you a view of reality and train you for your function in that society, to really serve it as a taxpayer. 


Therefore, nothing really surprises us when the Reece Commission came out in the 1950s, examining the foundations, the BIG foundations in America and Europe, and to find out that they were actually pushing what seemed to be communist front groups, and heavily funding them.  They were told by the CEOs of a couple of the foundations, and this was a hearing, this was a Congressional hearing, and a Senatorial hearing, on these foundations. They came out, from the CEOs of these foundations, that their job was to eventually merge the culture of the West with the Soviet system and their culture down the road.  Well thatís happened.  That has happened. 


Itís so fascinating to watch them set up first the League of Nations and then the United Nations to help bring about this as a sort of negotiating table where they supposedly would hammer out the differences and find ways to implement these grand schemes. And of course they are doing it too.  The United Nations was to become a form of governmental body, a world governmental body, or regulatory body.  It might change its name down the road when all this is accomplished of course, and we are almost there todayÖ almost there.  There is not a law passed in your country that really does not come from the United Nations, be it criminal, or be it civil, or be it to do with building codes or whatever.  It all comes from departments in the United Nations and dished out to every country that signed on to them and implemented by what you think is your own country, into law.  Theyíve got a finger into every single pie. 


Remember too, reading HG Wells, when he celebrated the set up of the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations, and he said that eventually the government will achieve what it always wanted to Ė he thought it was a great thing Ė and that was total power over every individualÖ with no family structure standing in the way, and no wife or husband to stand in the way of party loyalty to the system.  The government could talk directly to YOU as an individual and order you.  Thatís why George Orwell, in his book 1984, starts off in his book where the big telescreen in his room talks directly to him.  There is no one there, you are on your own, you are kind of shaking with fear, and there is Big Brother, and Big Brotherís fronts, front spokespeople, dictating right to you, telling you what to do.  We are almost there, especially with the internet.  Some countries have already set up your private governmental internet connection so that government can notify you of whatever, directly to you and speak to you directly on your computer.  The rest will follow suit, Iím sure, very very shortly.  Itís all coming along very, very well. 


When you go through something like a financial crisis, that supposedly, and itís so incredible, so incredibly farcical, that anybody would actually believe that no one saw this so-called explosion and bubble bursting with the economy, because they took the reins off of the economy years agoÖ years ago.  And all the watchdogs that watched over it to make sure that, yeah, theyíd allow so much corruption to go on with trading and investments and little bubbles but it didnít get out of hand.  Well they took all those reins off and said, weíll go by this new technique which will help the market balance itself. Theyíll be honest, these guysÖ trust us.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the big script that we live through.  It so reminds me of, again, Orwellís portrayal of a time when a form of martial law would be used to the extreme.  Incredible security, under the constant threat of terrorism internally, and traitors and so on, like we are going through now.  You always have that in a reign of terror, by your government.  He showed you that the Ďprolesí, the ordinary folk, really donít count much because they donít do much.  They donít do much inquiry, thinking; they are pretty powerless.  They are kept out of the picture.  They go along.


They are really apolitical, most people.  Once they are out of university and they get out of that wild phase of their indoctrination by professors, they go back to just sitting back having a good time.  Bertrand Russell also said the same thing too, that most folk are apolitical, therefore minorities always change the future.  Believe you me, in a system run by money, naturally the richest minorities are the ones who run the system.  That makes quite natural sense doesnít it?  Those who have the cash run the system.


We are run by foundations.  To show you, too, the agendas that they have, Iím going to put up a link tonight to this site called Global Governance 2025 at a Critical Juncture.  Itís put out by the Institute for Security Studies.  Itís also put out by the CIA.  Itís got the Office of the Director of National Intelligence from the US.  Itís also got inquiries to the councilor to the National Intelligence Council and to the EU Institute of Security Studies as well. These are the guys who put this together, so if you donít think you are living through a script, well, go back and watch your comedies on television and enjoy yourselfÖ because you are living through a script. 


Global Governance 2025


Global governance ó the collective management of common problems at the international level ó is at a critical juncture, according to a new report issued jointly by the ODNIís National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the European Unionís Institute for Security Studies (EUISS). The report, Global Governance 2025 ó a follow-on to the NICís 2008 report, Global Trends 2025óposits that the growing number of issues on the international agenda, and their complexity, is outpacing the ability of international organizations and national governments to address these challenges.


They have the plan for global governance and itís to be here long before 2025.  In 2025 various things will come together that might cause disruptions within what once were nations, you see, because we are in the process right now of becoming not nations and we are called Ďstatesí at the moment; every country is called a little state by the United Nations.  Eventually we have to get dissolved into regions.  They are already doing this in places like Canada with accords.  Just punch up Canadian accords and American accords, American-Canadian accords and youíll see all these different agreements that mayors and provincial leaders and state senators have signed, with cross-border integration for sharing all resources and so on, energy and that kind of stuff.  Thatís the set up for your regionalization which the United Nations laid down 40-50 years ago.  Iíll put this link up and you can go through it at your leisure.


Global Governance 2025:  at a Critical Juncture


Thatís only ONE of the many that are put out by the big think tanks and committees that help run the world for their masters.  Part of it too, is to move people, under Agenda 21, which is also called Sustainable Development now.  That was on the UN web site.  So many folk were talking about Agenda 21 that they tried to give it different names because they got such a bad name by people who were watching them.  [Alan laughing.]  They were spreading the word so they changed it to Sustainable Development, Millennium Goals, and that type of stuff.    Part of it is to move all the folk from the rural areas into the big cities, the overcrowded cities.  Of course, they are going to bring you down AS your population starts to die off and let you all die off in these big overcrowded slum cities.  Thatís why, by the way, if you have been wondering why your cities havenít had road repairs and major repairs for the last 30 years or so, itís because they knew what they were going to do with you down the road.  Why put the cash in when eventually those big places will one day get bypassed or simply bulldozed? 


Russia plans to move its people to big towns, and this comes out from the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. 


Russia plans to move its people to big towns

Andrew Osborn / November 18, 2010 /


MOSCOW: The Kremlin is considering the biggest geographical redistribution of its population since Joseph Stalin's forced deportations of entire nationalities in the 1940s.


Under the plans, which were leaked to the daily Vedomosti newspaper, most of Russia's 141 million population would be concentrated in just 20 urban centres.


At present they are spread sparsely over one-fifth of the Earth's surface.  (Alan:  Thatís why they are so healthy, they are spread out.)


About 90 per cent of Russia's towns are relatively small, with populations of 100,000 people or less, many of them in remote locations.  (A:  Again, thatís why they are healthy and less crime in those places.  The crime is all in the city.)


The leaked plan said such places had ''no future'' and were not worth developing. (A:  Does that ring a bell?  Öas I said earlier, dilapidated roads and everything everywhere else.)  Instead, it proposed relocating people to 20 giant urban centres, where Russia's main natural resources such as oil and gas were located.


Unlike in Stalin's day, when people were forced to move at gunpoint on the often spurious grounds that they were ''enemies of the people'' or Nazi collaborators, relocating would be optional and encouraged on economic grounds.  (A:  Of course it will be on economic grounds because they will make it so darn difficult to live in the country, by taxations, like they do in Canada.  Thatís what they are doing here to get us all off the rural areas, massive taxations, that they will make it happen one way or another.)


Much of rural Russia is dying as young people move to towns and cities, and entire Soviet-era settlements which were built around just one or two factories are no longer economically viable.


''There is no need to fight against the current and we need to develop big cities and urban centres,'' the plan said, according to the newspaper.


Analysts said the plan, which would roll back the Soviet idea of urbanising the entire country, is likely to be heavily touted by the President, Dmitry Medvedev, as part of his agenda to modernise Russia.


''Changing the map of the country is a necessary but not simple task which needs to be done very carefully as any overreaction could lead to a fight for urban resources,'' a government official was quoted as saying.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Jacques Attali wrote in his book, Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order, published in 1991, he talked about the takedown of America especially and some other countries.  He was a big player at the United Nations and still is.  He was also the top honcho for Presidents for years in France.  He was more important, they said, in his dealings with diplomats than the Presidents themselves were.  In other words, he was a Kissinger type character, and he still is.  Heís written a book since then of course.  He mentioned about this new coming system where as we went international, as we were forced to go international, and how they would make it happen that we were international, and borders would disappear and so on.  He said that the next boat people would be Americans leaving their shores looking for work abroad.  People kind of scoffed at that at the time but I knew they could certainly make it happen, quite easily; they have done it before with other countries.  Once the money is pulled out from underneath you, you have nothing to fall back on, you see, and everything goes to pieces.  This is actually happening. 


Remember too, we are now in the age of what he also called the Managerial Class, the World Managers; the United Nations also calls them World Managers.  Thatís what we are under right now.  We also heard at The World Bank meeting years ago, when Rockefeller and Rothschild attended and said that the present generation, this generation Ė this was in the 90s Ė would be the cannon fodderÖ the cannon fodder for this big shake-up to transform the world.  Thatís how they see us, as cannon fodder basically.  They also said, you canít make an omelet without breaking eggs.  So all this upheaval and joblessness and the corporations that were planned to take off, because of GATT and the World Trade Organization making it possible for them to all move to China, encouraging them and paying them to move to China by the way, with your tax money funding them to do it, it was all arranged long, long ago.  He talked about the Managerial Class would be a kind of nomadic group that would go from country to country working for the world government bodies in different countries, stationed in great cities across what used to be countries, and theyíd be a form of new nomads, but very highly paid, extra perks and privileges and so on.  He also talked about the boat people.  He said eventually too, those with the highest qualifications would be accepted into this managerial class, the rest would have to fight and squabble, maybe even kill each other for a living.  He says, only the crŤme-de-la-crŤme would be taken into the high positions, to survive, to manage the world


Here is an articleÖ


Young Americans flock overseas to teach English / By Bill Hendrick / March 1, 2010


(A:  Then they give you a story where one guy, for instance, gave an example of one fella, who was given the chance to either leave and go abroad and work or do some menial job back home.  He went abroad.  It saysÖ)


Like tens of thousands of young Americans with degrees, but few job prospects, Salzman, 23, took off for South Korea to teach. The only requirements ó no criminal record and a bachelorís degree in anything.  (A:  ÖanythingÖ)


And the school paid his airfare, is putting him up in a small apartment and will buy him a ticket home when his contract ends.


South Korea is the hot spot for such jobs, but untold thousands of new grads are teaching in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and China, where parents are gung-ho for English.


ďThese schools are interested in pronunciation, being able to make conservation, not rules of grammar,Ē says Dave Sperling, 48, who runs a Web-based business in Los Angeles helping foreign schools and recruiters find teachers.


And in an economy still shedding jobs, itís boom-time for Asian schools looking for U.S. grads and a boon for young people like Salzman.  (A:  I should just mention here, Iíve got lots of people abroad who are doing these teaching jobs who get in touch with me, even in China.  Their standard of living is definitely way higher than what they left.)


ďI have been going to school since I was four years old and was burned out from attending classes, taking exams and worrying about my future,Ē says Salzman, who has been in Daegu, South Korea, since last fall. ďI did not want to get a mediocre job and live under my parentsí roof. So instead of worrying about finding a job or getting into graduate school like most of my friends, I decided to teach in Korea.Ē  (A:  Ölike most of my friendsÖ   I decided to teach in Korea.)


So you see, things are really changing and they have been for quite a few years in this direction. But it isnít just people to teach, itís also for people for engineers that are qualified and so on. They are really recruiting them in these countries, for teaching as well but also to go into industry and bring their expertise with them.  Quite something.  So we are already going through this great flux. 


At the same time itís interesting to look at whatís happening in North America with the relaxation of various rules under the NAFTA treaties and so on, with the massive influx of immigrants coming up from Latin America into the United States.  Of course Attali also said that eventually America would end up speaking primarily Spanish.  That was on the books, like a must-be thing.  It would just be that way; thatís what was going to happen.  Because it wasnít just Mexico that was to come in, it was every other country eventually, under the NAFTA Agreements, in Latin America. 


We are seeing this.  At the same time you are seeing things in Europe been going on for years, as they merged Europe together, where people literally shop for the best place to live, where they can get good health care and often be put on welfare as soon as they come off the boat.  Britain has been the target of most of the countries that have collapsed from the old Soviet era and they are able to take off under the European Union to Britain.  Britain is about sunk now with massive debt.  There is an awful lot of corruption involved too of course, but massive debt and a welfare state; that also helped put it under.  That was planned too of course, because they are not stupid at the top.   They know the consequences of what they do.  Of course they do.  So we are seeing massive migrations of peopleÖ exactly as these guys said in their old books, 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago. 


So I would say we are right on schedule.  People often say to me, oh their plans are held back.  I donít see it at all.  I think they are right on schedule with what they are doing and they are managing this very, very, very well. 


There is a caller from Kentucky on the line.  I should really take that now.  Is Jenny there from Kentucky? 


Jenny:  Yes.  And Iím going to talk, not talking exactly about what you were covering tonight.  I think that itís essentiallyÖ what isÖ I hear you, I hear other people in the Patriot world, I donít want to further their views on you because you have your own views.  Talking aboutÖ something they call esoteric spirituality and they say itís all bad.  Iíve studied different kinds of spirituality and mysticism.  Iíve spent a great deal of energy studying that.  I do know there are groups like the Masons and other strange secret societies that call themselves esoteric that are most problematic.  But there is an interior dimension that I think is probably, when you get on a spiritual level, itís healing.  Otherwise, everything is going to be what you call exoteric, and there is no dimension to it. 


Husband:  Can I chime in here.  I amÖ


Jenny:  Here is my husband.


Husband:  I am her husband.  We are both marking what we call the new world order studies and learning a great deal, very rapidly because a lot is coming out now and youíre doing a great job in bringing at lot of it out.  Just to talk about our background, I have been a Sufi Muslim and a Sufi for the past 22 years and now Iím in my second Sufi order.  My wife was in one of those orders and then she went to another one and now she has converted to Christianity and is an orthodox Christian with interest in the traditional Catholics who donít believe that the Pope is actually the Pope.  Well this is where we are at.  We have been associatedÖ and both of us are writers as well.  Sometime, when something called the Traditionalist or PerennialÖ


Alan:  Donít plug anything here.  Just tell me your point will you?


Husband:  The point is this, we know esoteric spirituality because in a certain sense we practice it.  The evil of esoteric spirituality is based upon the perversion of something good, perversion of something very deep.  And this isnít understood by, you know, Henry McCowell, and by John Coleman.  Now, of McCowell, heíll simply say something like, well, these Cabalistic Masonic Jewish international bankers.  Well, there are probably people exactly like that.  Thatís a good description.  But the Cabala is not just evil.  Itís not just an evil control system that was concocted byÖ


Alan:  Donít give us a lecture on it, because what you are explaining is your take on something and your belief in something, but you surely must have a deeper point. 


Husband:  To give you our view of how the esoteric spirituality is a good thing.  Itís perverted by the powers that be and by the new world order and put to an evil use.  A friend of mine sent you a book by Rene Genoun called The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times.  Weíve got some their books that weíd like to send you that will make this point, not to take up all the time on the air. 


Alan:  Well, I havenít seen that come in.  Anyway I will look for it for sure.  What you are saying I understand, because you are talking about a spiritual side of nature, or man, which is getting knocked out of him right now in a materialistic society.  Of course that is happening.  Of course the worst horrors come out.  Either way you can get the same thing when people go too far overboard, in a spiritual sense, and mistake the spiritual side of it for nationality or even tribalism and then you end up with horror.  Or you can get it to the atheistic side where communism takes over and pretends that there is no deity, because in communism there was a higher order of religion, believe you me.  Then they start slaughtering people because they are just animals.  So you are quite right in that respect.  Now we are getting reduced today to the quantum physics basically; we are just little molecules running around.  In fact, they have actually told us, through one theory that was pushed big time, that we are just like a virus and whatever we do or say or whatever motivates us, is the end compilation of billions of cells that are all trying to survive, and they make you what you are, when they emerge at the surface basically.  Whatever comes out of your mouth is not your brain saying so; itís the compilation of billions of cells that are all trying to survive over each other.  Thatís what they are trying to say that humanity IS, just basically a machine.  Of course we are more than machines. We have the ability to take life absolutely.  Itís the easiest thing to take life, like any other animal, but we also have the ability to spare life as well.   So we have choices which animals donít have.  We definitely have choices.  Unfortunately in a materialistic, totally materialistic world, as we are getting basically decimalized and counted and numbered and stamped, we are just numbers on computers.  Thatís what we are today.  We are not really people anymore.  We are losing the value of the spiritual side of humanity, so I quite agree with what you are saying there. 


The thing is too, youíve got to understand, the Cabala was utterly changed a long, long time ago.  If you go into Egypt too, youíll find the early tracings of Cabala, which were different again.  Youíve got to understand too, that power is always power.  Any elite who has the ability to read and the rest donít, will always use that power to maintain themselves and mislead others.  You can lose yourself as well IN spirituality if you are not careful.  Youíve got to understand what you are dealing with too.  Carl Jung really expressed so much in his writings, because he dabbled in both sides of things, from the psychological side, the psychiatric side, and from the spiritual side.  He was also aware that the coming system, he said, was like an iron curtain over the world, of bureaucracy and people and numbers, and not seen as humans at all.  That was his biggest fear, he said, before he died, in his last book.  Heís quite right.  Thatís what we have.  Weíve got civil services, agencies.  Weíve got organizations, groups, all fighting over materialism. 


Husband:  The known called the Reign of Quantity, where everything is quantified and the qualities. 


Alan:  Thatís right.


Husband:  You donít consider them to exist, which is why you donít know what a human being is.


Alan:  And the thing is too, under all the guise of fairness and liberalism Ė believe you me, liberals are the most unjust of all because under the guise of freeing everybody, if you donít agree with them on anything, they do not allow your opinion to count at all.  In fact, theyíd rather kill you, which we saw in the Soviet system too.  So there is a lot of trickery involved.  Really, everyone should let everyone live the way they are according to live, as long as they donít stand on your toes. Almost like the true anarchist would say as well.  Heíd walk through life and he would take bits of wisdom from here and there but he would not allow anybody to force their opinions on him.  We are living in a system where opinions are forced upon us and we are told how to behave, we are told what to think, we are told what kind of world order we are coming in to and we will obey, or else, by force or whatever means necessary.  THAT is not freedom by any means.  Thanks for calling in and Iíll look forward to seeing the books. 


Weíll go on to Dave from Japan; heís waiting there.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Yes, hey Alan.  First, Iíll just get it out of the way.  Iíll tell everybody out there to give this guy some money, 5, 10 bucks and donít just do it once, do it as much as you can because I donít know what Iíd do without your radio show.  It helps a lot. 


Alan:  Thanks. 


Dave:  Just a quick question, kind of off subject but something Iíve been kind of curious about and I canít really find too muchÖ  People, even when I used to listen to Alex Jones, he wouldnít even touch on it.  It is Israel.  Seems like everybodyís getting pushed around by this globalist agenda and Israel is the only person that kind of just gets a free pass.  Whatís your take on that?


Alan:  Well it is.  Itís the only country in this world now thatís allowed to be nationalist.  Itís the most nationalist country on the whole planet.  And anyone else who says they are nationalist is booed and decried by every other country who joined up with the UN and they are now denationalizing their countries, becoming states, and becoming provinces within regions.  That last article I talked about, their global agenda for 2025 and so on and the crisis, these guys have it all mapped out.  There will be no countries as such.  So does Jacques Attali.  Israel, of course, is going off in a different route all together; it is ultra nationalist.  In fact itís moreÖ itís more in kin with what they claimed the Nationalist Socialism of Germany was, during World War II, maybe to a greater degree than even Germany was.  They certainly have got off with plain murder, in the worldís eyes, but not according to themselves.  They see and they are taught to see things in a different way, from childhood, in Israel.  They are also backed by the most powerful, wealthiest people on the planet and we live in a monetary system worldwide, so naturally those with the cash will run the show and certainly back them.  But yeah, you are quite right, Israel is the exception in the makeup of the whole planet, thatís not integrating with everyone else.  They are not opening their borders to the mass floodgate of immigration from elsewhere, from all different faiths and nationalities and so on.  It doesnít happen.  Hold on and weíll come back after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and is Dave still there from Japan?


Dave:  Yes, sir.


Alan:  You were talking about Israel and yeah, weíve got to understand that Israel has a purpose because it was set up under the Zionist movement, which is well recorded in the Israeli sites in fact; you can find all you need to know about Zionism.  Zionism also had a world purpose and it was born out, and was part of the world revolutionary movement that Karl Marx advocated too.   In fact the man who really is credited for even coming up with the idea of a return to a place called Palestine, was the mentor of Karl Marx and that was Moses Hess.  You have to read up on the writings of Moses Hess.  He also said that Hebrews or Jews had lost their way in life, because they were integrating with society, and he said their purpose had always been really, to guide humanity, as he put it, along the correct directions, bringing them under what he called Godís Law.  He became a staunch advocate that they do this.  So there is a revolutionary side of Judaism as well, which isnít mentioned much today but itís still ongoing.  Itís revolutionary in social affairs and thatís why itís pushed so much in left wing Judaism as opposed to the orthodox and so on.  And they push world socialism because itís part of a religion really.  Even atheistic Jews are taught this kind of course of action, and they are guided through their own publications.  So it was always to bring in this kind of society, that they claimed would be just and fair and all the rest of it, but run under laws, strict laws.  However, it wasnít the first time that had happened because youíve got to understand too, there was a first Jewish revolution and that culminated in AD70 when the diaspora began, they were kicked out of the holy land.  Because the revolution they had there was not just based in that area.  It was based across the ancient world, wherever they congregated and had their own neighborhoods.  They hoped to get a worldwide revolution going in the ancient times; they were actually proselytizing at that time and taking recruits.  So itís interesting to see it culminating in whatís called the New Israel.  Many Jews from outside donít really accept Israel as even being Jewish; they say itís really a communist or socialist system all together, a materialistic system as opposed to a Godly system.  There are lots of squabbles amongst them and there were actually riots in fact, in England when they tried to set it up.  After the Balfour Declaration there were riots between Jews in London, pitched battles in the streets and the police were involved, because they did not want this type of Israel to be set up.  They said that the Israel was to be set up, led by God, not by men.  Of course we know that Rothschild Ė itís well documented in Morleyís books on Rothschild Ė that he funded, even in the 1800s they were funding Russian Jews into Israel and that really sped up after they had the communist revolution; they were allowed to pass into Israel without problems from the Soviet system.  Many of them were atheistic and hardened communists.  That left wing policy still runs them today in a communistic fashion, but they are backed by the most powerful lobbies on the planet.  Hereís the key too, if itís a natural way then everyone else should be just as nationalistic, and we wouldnít be in the mess we are in today.  Think about that.


Dave:  Thank you for taking my call and Iíll let you go.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  There are always two ways to see something and if everyone else stood up the same way as they do, we would not be in the mess we are in.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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