Nov. 24, 2010 (#714)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Nov. 24, 2010:

Central Banking Cabal, Average Joe and IMF:
Never in the Field of Banking Speculation,
Has So Much Been Owed by So Many
To So Few:

"Some Warned the Nations, They Were Deaf,
Now They're Under the Boot of the IMF,
You'd Swear in Control's the Very Devil,
For Such Organization at Every Level
Is Too Much for Average Joe to Follow,
Never Chased History Down Nook or Hollow,
And So for Him, Events Come as Surprise,
He's Managed by TV that Never Tells Lies,
Mind's Guided by Experts, All Saying the Same,
"You Lived High on the Hog, Joe, You're to Blame" "
© Alan Watt Nov. 24, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 24, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 24, 2010.  Newcomers, as always, I suggest you go into my site which is and bookmark all the other official sites youíll see listed there.  Those are the only sites that I am in control of.  If you bookmark them youíll have no problem Ė hopefully Ė getting the latest downloads if the .com site goes down again.  And if you find sticking on download too, itís because so many folk go into the .com at the same time, so you can try these alternate sites listed on the .com page.  You will also be able to get transcripts from all of those sites, as well as the audios, in English.  If you want transcripts for print up in other languages go into Ė thatís also listed on the .com site Ė and help yourself to a variety of languages.  Remember too, that you bring me to you.  I donít bring on the advertisers as guests.  I donít scare you and then offer you the antidote.  Thatís how people generally make their living.  Thatís how it works and thatís fine because itís the only way that these stations can stay alive.  Without these stations you are left with nothing but the big boys and you know darn well that their job is to manipulate you and guide you through the agenda.  Youíll go through it like sheep, unconsciously, into the new system and never even ask how you got there or wonder why you got there.  Thatís what the big mainstream media is all about.  Itís a scientific type of technique, which has been well documented by big players who helped set up this very system you are living in right now, including whatís happening in it.  And they set that up an awful long time before I was born, including whatís happening today.  Thatís a big, big plan.  So help me out by buying the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale on my sites.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


We are going through massive changes, planned changes, changes which were documented really, and itís ideas at one time supposedly, by very big players who worked in world think tanks before I was born and during part of my life too, some of them.  They published a lot of their books, for their own kind.  In other words, those who would be enthralled with the idea of the world being run under scientific principles, by experts, in every possible area of life, right down to your personal level.  They thought this was a fantastic idea.  They often gave speeches at the big universities that the elite attended in Britain for instance, and other countries across the world, and of course the Ivy League universities in the US.  They are quite open to their own kind, and up-and-coming technocrats you might call them, the ones who might be in on this managerial system, the ones who are into the various sciences of psychology, mass manipulation, behaviorism, and neuroscience as they like to call it today.  Itís all part of it.  Television itself is of course a big, big part of it because itís been the main vehicle to change society since about the 1950s, and increasingly until itís the standard fare for most folk today.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I like to start off sometimes by giving out a quote by one of the big players who attended a lot of these global meetings, attended the think tanks and workshops to do with how they would implement them and how things would happen without the public even really knowing or ever understanding what had really happened.  The media would take care of all the managing of our thought processes.  One of them of course, was Aldous Huxley.  He said along time ago, at a speech he gave in Berkeley to, again, the up-and-coming technocrats whoíd be involved in managing you, today, in 1962 he gave a speech at Berkeley and it says here,


It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: (Alan:  Heís talking to a peer group here.)  That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques (A:  ÖĎtechniquesíÖ they are very interesting.  Youíve got to understand that itís a simple word, just to say it, but it means so much in scientific terms.) which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude.


And he wasnít kidding.  It wasnít some wild guess.  They KNEW exactly what they could do with most of the human populations of the planet and thatís what we are seeing happening today.  I mean, Iíve lived through a good part of this too.  Iíve watched the con games of, say, the European Union.  From its very, you know, not from its inception, actually they started setting up the offices in every European country, to work towards integration, in 1948.  They staffed them and kept it secret from the public.  Eventually when they told the public what they were doing, they said Ė they lied again and said Ė it was just to do with making it easier for trade between the nations of Europe, a sort of bargaining table.  And yet every year Prime Ministers would go over, regardless of the party, and sign what they called Ďcloser ties,í which was never explained to the public.  It was like George Bush Srís term, Ďnew world order;í it was never explained to the public either.  Itís only these terms that meant a lot to those higher up there.  ĎCloser tiesí meant they were BINDING you together with your economic laws and banking laws, because the banks were running it basically, and every other kind of law to boot, until you end up with a parliament, which they said was never the intention of course.  Now the parliament is running roughshod over all of the populations, as they bankrupt them one after another. 


The latest country theyíve gone after, of course, is Ireland.  I knew theyíd hammer Ireland because Ireland stood up against every ratification treaty and said NO.  Then they got walked over regardless.  But they gave them a little bit of an annoyance and thatís what you get when you annoy the big boys at the top.  People donít realize that in the early 70s, in 1971, that the Rothschildís group formed a bank, from the City of London of course. They formed a 6 major bank cartel, with the banks of Europe, supposedly, again, to help ease the integration of the economies and so on, long before they told the public anything of the kind, bringing them all under one system and one parliamentary system.† The bankers were way ahead naturally because a lot of the bankers funded the thing.  They funded the Huxleyís. They funded all the big players who helped them work this plan into action.  Anyway, here is Ireland and this is from the CBC news.  Of course this is the official way the public are supposed to believe it, or have it accepted in their thoughts.  It saysÖ


Ireland's budget cuts harshest in its history / November 24, 2010


Ireland unveiled the harshest budget measures in its history Wednesday, a four-year plan to claw back 15 billion euros ($20.4 billion Cdn) using spending cuts and extra taxes. 


(A:  Then it shows you a pictureÖ)  Workmen repair the office of Irish Transport Minister Noel Dempsey Tuesday after it was vandalized and painted with the words: 'traitors.' (A:  At least the Irish can still have some vocabulary, for the right kind of terms they use for the right kind of people.)


Altogether, the program would cut spending by about one-fifth and raise five billion euros ($6.8 billion Cdn) in extra taxes over the next four years.


It included welfare cuts of 2.8 billion euros ($3.8 billion Cdn) and income tax increases of 1.9 billion euros (2.6 billion Cdn).


Those moves are among the steps planned to narrow the budget deficit (A:  What rubbish, the budge deficit, eh?) to three per cent of gross domestic product by the end of 2014.


The plan is a condition set by the EU (A:  The European Union parliament, you see.) and IMF (A:  The International Monetary Fund.  I said a long time ago, the IMF will come up to its predestined position and be going through everybodyís books. Thatís what they are doing now with Ireland. They have already done it with Greece and other countries and they say that Portugal could be next.) for their aid in bailing out the country's troubled banking system.  (A:  They are going to own Ireland. Thatís the whole key to it. They pretty well do already; they own most of the politicians, because politicians are the first ones to be corrupted.)


ďThose who can pay the most will pay most, but no group can be sheltered,Ē the government said in a report. ďPostponing these measures will lead to great burdens in the future for those who (A:  I think they meant to say Ďcanítí instead ofÖ) can bear them.Ē


The minimum wage will fall by one euro to 7.65 euros ($10.39) and income tax bands will be widened so more lower-paid workers pay taxes, and middle-class workers can expect their annual taxes to rise more than 3,000 euros ($4,100).  (A:  So itís going to hit those at the bottom, is really what it means.)


Business tax not cut

Ireland did not increase its exceptionally low 12.5 per cent rate of tax on business profits, which is less than half the EU average and has helped to lure about 1,000 high-tech multinationals.  (A:  A lot of them came in, actually, and ran out of the country after they looted it.  A lot of them came in from Russia too, in the 90s.  Now theyíve all fled.)


France, Germany, Austria and Britain all have called for Ireland to raise that rate, arguing it amounts to unfair competition at a time when other EU members will have to raise their own debt-fuelled borrowings to lend money to Ireland.  (A:  Isnít it amazing that this statement, itís like warfare:  weíre all in it together. So one country goes down, everyone has to help bail out the others and all the rest of it.  What fantasticÖ what a deal for the bankers! and the guys who run the stock markets, all the big crooks, the biggest crooks on the planet.  Guaranteed that EVERY country will bail them out of itÖ for their big casino.)


The announcement came the same day as the prime minister, Brian Cowen, said that its bailout loan could total 85 billion euros ($115 billion Cdn).


Some analysts said that figure would be much too small to save the country from eventual default.


Overnight, credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's lowered its long-term rating on Ireland's financial reliability by two notches to A from AA- and warned that there could be further downgrades.


Bank shares fell a third straight day Wednesday on the Irish Stock Exchange, as concerns grow that shareholders will be left with nothing if the government is forced to seize total control of the country's two dominant banks, Allied Irish and Bank of Ireland.


Property prices have slumped by more than 50 per cent, hundreds of thousands of homeowners are trapped in homes no longer worth what they owe and the heads of many of Ireland's construction companies have declared bankruptcy or fled the country.  (A:  Thatís what I said, a lot of these guys just fled the country.  [Alan laughing.] But, it shows you too, how they can create these massive bubbles.  Now, the governments all helped to allow many of these shady mortgage companies to come in, same in the States as well and to a lesser extent in Canada.  In the States they were given licenses to operate, and they knew darn well they were inflating the prices out of sight as they raked in the cash at the top, and then they collapse them. Why were they going afterÖ why was it the biggest bubble?  Itís because you see, all the industry has been going to China, through the NAFTA and GATT deals that they did with China, through the World Trade Organization.  Thatís why.  Thereís nothing left except real estate. Thatís why thatís the biggest gamble right now.  And the same thing is happening in Ireland too, where you canít sell your home for half of what you are still paying for it.  You are going get half back of what you are going to pay for it and on and on and on.  They donít just let these mortgages go.  They want you to keep paying Ė you are locked in to them Ė youíre paying for something thatís NOW worth 3 times of what you can sell it for.  And the same in the States.)


Budget to come Dec. 7

The plan aims (A:  Ďthe planíÖ I love the plan.) to cut Ireland's 2014 deficit to three per cent of gross domestic product, the euro zone limit. This year's deficit is forecast to reach 32 per cent, a modern European record.


The austerity plan (A:  I love thisÖ austerity planÖ this poverty planÖ) came ahead of the government's Dec. 7 publication of its 2011 budget, which is expected to call for tax hikes and the deepest spending cuts in the 88-year history of independent Ireland.


So thatís the sort of stuff that goes on. This is a takedown because itís planned that way.  It was planned that way a long, long time ago and the IMF, of course, even when they were setting it up, a long long time ago, they said that that was the first phase.  The second phase would BE when it was raised up to its proper stature and literally came into every country to pour over its books, with their greedy little stubby fingers.  And thatís whatís happening today.  They are running the country.  Thatís what happens when they come in, they RUN your country.  I hope folk realize this was all planned this way. 


As I say, you could have burst the bubble at any time they wanted to, or let it go for as many years as they wanted it to go.  This is the right time.  It all happens after 2001, and terrorism everywhere, suddenly. Suddenly terrorism everywhere, martial law everywhere, the unifications of all our laws to do with international terrorism and cooperation, etc, etc, as we all go under a reign of terror by every government who signed on to it, through the United Nations of course.  And then we get hit with this too.  Donít coincidences just happen all the time, eh?  And yet they couldnít get this new world order IN without all of this happening. And whatís happening with the banks is just part of the new world order; the cash didnít disappear. 


In IrelandÖ Iíll put a link up too.  I always put all of these links up of the articles I read on my sites at the end of the show.  Iíll put a link up to a March from Wood Quay Dublin on Saturday the 27th ; thatís this weekend.  Itís going from Wood Quay Dublin to the GPO; it starts at 11 am Saturday.  Iíll also put a link up to Jim Corr who is pushing it as well.  Heís the head of it I think, and he hopes as many as possible will join them on their peaceful march.

jimcorrtube | November 23, 2010


I am asking that the Irish people unite, as our forefathers did, and take to the streets at 11am Saturday 27th from Wood Quay Dublin, to voice our anger and concern over the actions of our politicians and what is happening to Ireland.


I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll also read a little bit from another site; itís actually the UK Column.


It's NOT Ireland!  Itís not a bailout of a country,

it's the next phase of the bailout of the banks! / Mike Robinson on Tue, 23/11/2010


Ireland is not imploding. It is not in trouble as a sovereign nation as such. Ireland is being crushed under the weight of a collapsing City of London/Rothschild banking cartel, namely the Inter-Alpha Group.  (A:  Now, that isnít conspiracy theory.  Thatís a fact.  They set up this cartel back in the early 70s and itís called the Inter-Alpha Group and the Rothschilds are at the head of it.  Itís the 6 major banks of Europe and they are managing all of this takedown and so on. They are the guys that pushed the bubbles for everybody to follow, and of course they are the ones who escape, squeaky clean.)


We are witnessing a process of general collapse which began in 2007 as a result of forty years of gambling in the great global casino. (A:  Thatís where they put everybodyís pensions and everything.)  The events of this past week are a continuation of that process, not a separate event. The bailout of "Ireland" is another stop gap measure which might get us through the next phase of the collapse, but which will have no effect in the long term.  (A:  Itís not meant to, because the whole world is to change into an even deeper darker age under scientific socialism.)


The system is coming down, and its collapse is accelerating. Nothing can stop it, unless we get a grip of the banks and put them in their place. (A:  By the way, as I say, Iíll put the link up to his site, youíll actually see him on YouTube, Jim Corr who is a musician and his family are musicians.  Iíll put a site up, a link to one of the sites where they have a lot of their music there.  Youíll hear him saying on one of the videos, about this march, talking about it and giving his point of view too, of the bankers and how this was planned.  Heís quite right. Most folk wonít accept that because they watch television, and then they watch all the Coronation Street afterwards and you know, that is more real to them than reality.)  And if we don't put them in their place, the collapse of the financial system will result in the collapse of every nation state in Europe, including the UK. But that's OK, according to von Rompuy, because the days of the Westphalian nation state are over.


Remember what the Treaty of Westphalia said?  (A:  That was the initial treaty, an old ancient treaty.)


"That this Peace and Amity be observíd and cultivated with such a Sincerity and Zeal, that each Party shall endeavour to procure the Benefit, Honour and Advantage of the other; that thus on all sides they may see this Peace and Friendship ... flourish, by entertaining a good and faithful Neighbourhood."  (A:  Well, thatís the nearest you can get to keeping your sovereignty and being good friends to other countries.  Not the way that the EU has gone, this big massive new soviet.)


This is the fundamental principle of cooperation between sovereign nations, not the extreme socialist ideals of the City of London, embodied in the EU, UN, Trilaterals, CFR or the Bilderbergers. It matters not whether the extreme socialism comes in the form of National Socialism, Communism or Communitarianism.  (A:  Which itís gone communitarianism at the present.  )


The fix? Its easy. Glass Steagall. The principles enacted in that piece of US legislation worked then to put the bankers in their place, and they can work today.


Put the banks in administration.


Separate high street and investment banking operations.


Set a standard for debt and any debt which does not meet that standard - write it off!


Let the speculators go under.  (A:  Actually what they should do is do the system that Canada had in the first Great Depression, because Canada didnít have any debt, the government issued the money.  It printed and issue it itself; it didnít get permission from some outsiders to do so, or borrow.  At that time they were debt free.  Everybody came from all the other countries to find out how it worked; thatís why they destroyed it in Canada and made us the same as the rest of them.  Thatís how it should be in the first place.  If you donít print your own money, and back it with something as well, and the government is in charge of it, then once you put it into private hands you are goners, you are owned by the lender.  Always, you are OWNED by the lender. Thatís the history of the world, all the way back to that book they call the Bible, the book of the law.)


So thatís whatís happening there.  Believe you me, itís a message for all of the rest of the countries they plan to take down like dominoesÖ and get everybody under this so-called austerity and the IMF will have the ultimate authority.  And it will be signed into law by your own, again, your own traitors, in every country, that the IMF are now in charge of you.   Thatís how itís going to be folks.  Thatís how itís going to be.  At least in Ireland they have the gumption to stand up and start off at least with a peaceful protest and hopefully gain more members and get their voices heard.   Thatís the only way you can do something, rather than sitting back and watching that darned television, and getting managed into oblivion by the so-called Ďexpertsí who lull you back into a coma.


You understand, Britain is a country itself thatís been under socialism for an awful, awful long time.  Part of that deal was to bankrupt the people, bring on this phase as well, by massive spending and even massive immigration. There are SO many stories out now about immigrants coming in from different countries.  One from Romania is in court right now who managed to get 138,000 or 140,000 Euros off of Britain, on welfare benefits!  All kinds of benefits, because he was a poor, you know, a poor gypsy fleeing for his life sort of thing; so many scams wide open.  And of course they are using this kind of thing, the exception to the rule, to hammer the people who are already suffering that itís meant for in the first place Ė and thatís generally the elderly, the poor, and the disabled.  Here is an article here, for instanceÖ


Nine pensioners died from cold EVERY HOUR

 last winter as bill prices soar

By Sean Poulter, Consumer Affairs Editor / / 24th November 2010


(A:  Thatís in Britain.  Itís going to be worse this year, because the government is now in charge of your FUEL distribution, you see.  PERFECT SOCIALISM.  Iíll read this when I come back from this break. )


Hi folks.  Weíre back and Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about austerity.  You see austerity under socialist societies and how far itís gone in some countries.


Nine elderly people died every hour from cold-related illnesses last winter against a background of soaring energy bills.


Official figures show the number of deaths linked to cold over the four-month period  (A:  This is in 4 monthsÖ) reached 25,400 in England and Wales, plus 2,760 in Scotland.


Charities and energy company critics claim the UK has the highest winter death rate in northern Europe, even worse than much colder countries such as Finland and Sweden.


Pensioners see rising fuel bills and worry about whether they can afford to warm the house.


While the UK death rate is high, the total was down by around 30 per cent compared with 2008/9 because there were fewer flu outbreaks, according to the Office for National Statistics.  (A:  They always get their flu thing in there, which is absolute rubbish.  It doesnít do a darn thing of good, except maybe give you the flu.)


Dot Gibson, of the National Pensioners Convention, said: ĎSince 1997 we have lost more than 300,000 pensioners (A:  Since 1997Ö 300,000 pensionersÖ  I would say the agenda is right on queue.  You know, depopulate rapidly according to the Rockefeller Foundation.) during the winter months because of cold-related illnesses, yet the Government seems incapable of acting. No other section of our society is so vulnerable and treated so badly.  (A:  Well, thatís also part of the agenda, because once youíre old, according to the United Nations, youíre a consumer ONLY.  Youíre not a good world citizen. A world citizen is a producer AND a consumer, you see.)


ĎPensioners see rising fuel bills and are constantly worried about whether or not they can afford to put their heating on.í


She added: ĎAround 3.5million pensioner households are spending more than 10 per cent of their income on fuel bills and are living in fuel poverty.í


The Coalition government has kept the last administrationís Winter Fuel Allowance payments of £250 for pensioners and £400 for those over 80.


But the allowance should be raised, said Miss Gibson, adding: ĎWhat these people need now is more money so they can avoid having to decide whether to heat or eat.í 


But you know something?  It will never happen because there is so much immigration flooding into Britain and so many of them go right on to the welfare system.  In fact, thatís why they go there.  Theyíve had articles in the papers since the 70s on Britain, as they had refugee shoppers they called them. So this was all planned this way.  They are not stupid at the top.  NEVER THINK that at the top of these countries they are stupid people in charge.  They KNOW whatís going on.  We are supposed to think they are just stupid and they fumble and they screw up royally and this is the outcome of it.  NO.  They know what they are doing.  Absolutely.


I was looking at the TSA in the US that is in charge, supposedly, of all the security. By the way, apparently itís really going under for more powers under Homeland Security, with a new guy in charge of it, whose last name is Pistole.  Believe it or notÖ PistoleÖ. Pistol is his name.  This guy must have been bred for the task, eh?  AnywayÖ


The TSA is out of control


Itís actually a bunch of videos.  You will see some incredible thing happening on these videos, where they actually grab a woman and bounce her across the room, because she had a little dropper bottle for her contact lenses in her pocket.  Then four of them grab her, take her over to a counter and start slamming her head into the counter.  This is incredible.  INCREDIBLE.  You know, they keep showing you the same old darn stuff, about Germans and the Nazis during World War II.  They never show you what happened during the Soviet Union mind you, because apparently communism is good, itís more appropriate to communitarianism.  But you know something?  Just as bad things, if not worseÖ I would say WORSE are going on inside the US. The US was not grabbing its every citizen and just bashing them like this around.  It wasnít happening.  I think more than anything else this is bringing America down, very fast.  Very fast.  These incredible goons that they hire, they look like tubs, just fatty lard tubs, these people.  You canít tell really whatís male or female in some of them.  They should be tossing their burgers and making pizzas; thatís probably where they worked at before, before they end up getting their badge and shouting that they are God.  You actually hear one of them say that on one of these videos, they are shouting that they are God.  No kidding. 


Iím also putting up another site too, which will show you them strip searching childrenÖ and taking the pants down a little boy, getting them all trained, his hands are up in the air, inside the US.  Training him you see, that this is normal, sonÖ no privacy. Thatís getting him used to his communitarian living where he will be crammed in with about 4 or 5 others in a room, because thatís the plan for the future.  Train them young.  The DARN PERVERTS that are involved in this, and that flood into these jobs as well, and all the psychopaths, the petty low-down psychopaths that go for these kinds of jobs, is just incredible.  You see, no one else would go into a job like that; they should have more respect for themselves and others.  DISGUSTING!!!  Iíll put up this site too, for YouTube and you can look at it for yourself, and see some of the awful, terrible things that are happening.  And by the way, they are starting them on the bus travels within the US now too.  Starting with the holidays of course, then they will gradually phase it into every bus ride that you take.  Strip searches and all that before you get on a bus.  UTTERLY, UTTERLY DISGUSTING!  But again, you see, dehumanization and training the public that you are NOTHING, absolutely nothingÖ with no powers, no rightsÖ thatís all part of totalitarianism.  And I hope you really understand it!  And perhaps you should start your own little marches like they are doing over in Ireland, to protest these kinds of things.  Because you are going down fast.  All these links will go up on my site at the end of the show. 


Sexual Assault Claimed During TSA Pat Downs / November 22, 2010 / David Edwards, the Raw Story


Ohio Mom Claims Sexual Assault During TSA Pat Downs


Young child forced to take off shirt for TSA pat down


TSA patting down people after they go through Full Body Imaging


3 year old child being patted down


ABC producer says TSA agent felt inside her underwear; Pat-down Ďworse than the gynecologist,í producer says


Senate Hearing with TSA Chief: "Have You Received the Law Enforcement-Style Pat-Down?" / November 18, 2010 / By Kevin Gosztola


Are Body Scanners Dangerous to Your Health?

By John W. Whitehead / / 11/22/2010


As Iíve said before, the system we are going through now was a planned system, a planned system.  You donít get every country on the planet going into action because two towers are hit by planes in New York City, and putting martial law across the board, implementing the same things across the boardÖ everybody is suspectÖ including little blue-eyed blonde 3 or 4 year old boys with their pants down and some guy groping his testicles!  It doesnít happen across the board because of this. This was planned this way.  THIS was the kickoff for their 21st century plan, their great millennium they talked so much about.  So many of them talked about the millennium, Bertrand Russell, all these guys.  LENIN talked about it; the new system would come in after the millennium.  Thatís the 21st century, for those that canít think. 


This article is about whatís happening in Canada too. 


Citizens invited to enroll at police college / Oct 7, 2010


Major Fraud, forensics and homicide are just some of the policing areas that are part of the curriculum at the Hamilton Police Serviceís popular Citizenís Police College starting Oct. 26, 6:30 p. m., at Mohawk College.


Instead of offering three different sessions at the various police stations, Hamilton Police is offering one super session. It takes place at Mohawk College.


One of the first police services in Ontario to offer this type of program, Hamilton Police Service has conducted a Citizenís Police College and a Seniors Police College since 1997. Thousands of residents have participated.  (A:  They are turning everyone into spies.  Believe you me, they will have their zealots that will really go into this and be zealots.  They will come out seeing crime everywhereÖ and going through their own neighborhoods. Everyone will get to know them very quickly.  Itís like in Russia they had these spies too, all through even little villages; everyone knew who they were.  But you will have them in your area.)


Citizenís Police College is for people who are interested in learning about policing issues. Enrolment is free, but class size for the well-liked program is limited to 100.  (A:  Öat the time.)  The program is offered to individuals who live, work or are engaged in full-time studies within the City of Hamilton. Availability is on a first-come first-serve basis.


The six-week program is held once a week on six consecutive Tuesday evenings for approximately two hours. (A:  So theyíve got Crime Stoppers involved andÖ) Citizenís Police College will also cover many other topics such as Crime Stoppers, Victim Services and the BEAR Unit.  (A:  Öwhatever that isÖ B-E-A-R.  Itís probably some other big civilian integrated system. Theyíve got C.O.P.S. in the States too, and I think theyíve got C.O.P.S. in Canada, this public/private thing... turning everyone into a spy, you see.) 


Itís interesting too, because another site here is on Vancouver in British Columbia.  It saysÖ


The police are the public, the public are the police / Jake Moldowan, REBGV President


Realtors (A:  Realtors in the name of the group thatís funding it.) and police officers from across the Lower Mainland gathered recently to celebrate 11 years of partnership through the Realty Watch program.


The program highlights the critical role that relationships between police and Realtors can play in making our communities safer, according to an RCMP leader in crime prevention in B.C.  (A:  Whatís interesting here, it saysÖ)


ďThe Realty Watch Program is both unique and powerful. It can trigger an almost instantaneous mobilization of 13,000 professionals, (A:  Instantaneous mobilizationÖ Thatís an army folks.) who are also dedicated and eager citizens willing to engage with the police in support of broader community needs.Ē


This is happening all over the place, in every country, again, under terrorism, terrorismÖ but itís also training the public into the new system, youíre being watched everywhere by people who live amongst you.  Living amongst youÖ  Youíll have to learn to have that deadpan face, give away no emotions whatsoever, nothing bothers you as you walk down the streetÖ  just like you saw in Orwellís 1984, in the movie, because thatís what you are getting trained to do.  If you donít do that, you are going to be suspicious.  If you have a little eyebrow raised at something you donít likeÖ oh, youíre under suspicion.  Are you happy, citizen?  Is something upsetting you, citizen?  And youíll go off for reconditioning somewhere. 


Now getting back to the Rothschild cartel, Iíll put up a site, too.  Itís a link to the World Institute for Asian Studies.  It sounds very, very proper and very, very up there, very official, but itís actually one of these front groups, a private organization.  Itís owned by, guess who?  The Rothschilds.  And the paper too, the Asian Tribune is owned by them, by the World Institute for Asian Studies.  So they put out their own propaganda.  I mentioned about a year ago that the Rothschilds were into the Maldives and they were going to do their whole, basically their whole monetary system and bring in a test carbon audit system as well, and run it through their Rothschild companies.  Iíll put this link up for you to look at as well and you can read it for yourself. 


Maldives ready to unveil carbon audit

Sat, 2010-11-13 ó editor /


Youíll see Rothschild there.  Youíll see the companies, the Rothschild companies down below.  Of course itís run byÖ


Ariane de Rothschild, Vice Chairman, Edmond de Rothschild Group, (A:  And a whole bunch of other ones, which they own as well.)  Hugo Ferreira, Deputy General Manager, Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild and Flora Bernard, Managing Partner, BeCitizen too will be there.


Itís interesting to see all the different groups that they own, just involved in this one particular setup. They love to do test cases before they take it on the rest of the world.  Quite amazing isnít it?  But do you get any of this on your major news?  Oh no, thereís no big deal about that.  None at all.  No big news about thatÖ no.  What kind of power do you haveÖ how does it affect your head, I wonder, to know that you are in charge of pretty well every central bank across the planet?  Hmm?  Meaning, that every politician is in your pocket because you can sink any government, any time you want, by just denying a loan to that government so it goes under overnight, and those politicians are out of work.  How heady it must be.  To also be going by a plan that granddaddy helped draft up a long time ago, to bring in this perfect society, ordered, by the right people, ran by the right people, the scientists and socialists and all the rest of it, and bring it up expertly, with all the other collaborators who worked on it, thousands of them.  Big players, who wrote their books about it mind you, and they were all FOR it, including Carroll Quigley who worked for the CFR as its official historian.  He was all for their agenda. He let a lot out of the bag in his book Tragedy and Hope and his other one thatís even more revealing and that was The Anglo-American Establishment.  He tells you how they manipulated the last century, the previous centuries.  He fills in the blanks in the histories of how they took over South Africa and what their plans were, and with other countries, and how they were setting up a war with Germany in the 1800s, the same group, run by the top bankers at that time, the Milner Group, who joined with the Rhodes Group and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, with Royal blessing and charter. 


But to most folk, again, they love their television. They love their sitcoms and their little dramas that are put on for them, and they emulate what they see and they become corrupt and degenerate.  Thatís exactly the state they want you to be in, to rule you so efficiently and easily in this particular time that you are going through.  There is nothing that most folk, there is nothing that they find to stand up for, collectively, anymore.  There is nothing you see.  Their cultures have been pretty well totally destroyed and a common degenerate one replacing it.  Weíve been living through that for years.  And of course you all thought you were just having evolutionary progress in culture, as they told everybody to stay a teenager forever, right through their entire lives, and just have fun, thereís no consequences, let the big boys manage the big affairs.  Well, look what happened to us now, eh.  Quite the world we live in.  Quite the world. 


Another article too, is about the incredible, ha!  When I read stories today, Iíve read stuff from a long, long time ago.  Iíve read stuff about Pavlov too.  And from The Soviet Story you see them actually, they operated on folksí brains, while they were still alive, knowing they were going to kill them, because they had lots of people to experiment on in the Soviet Union.  After all, it was the first scientific society to be created where there would be no such thing as religion or rights or humanity being special.  We are just another little, down, lowly animal, you see, just a bunch of instincts and motivations and stuff like that. We are nothing special.  Nothing couldnít be explained, they said, so they poked around in folksí brains, after they cut the top of their skulls off, and found out where a lot of places could be prodded.  They were, of course, finding out what brought on different memories and so on.  That was back then.  Iíve seen an array of articles coming out about scientistsÖ


Scientists selectively erase fear memories

and gain insight into how the memory works / March 12th, 2009


(A:  So many articles, all at the same time. Thatís no coincidence.  These are recent articles.  This is how they present it to youÖ)


( -- It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie - but bad memories can be erased in mice (A:  Oh wow, eh.  Like they havenít done it with humans.  I mean, what do you think MK Ultra was about?  Before MK Ultra, and Cameron was into this too; Cameron who was the head of MK Ultra for Canada.  He went on to be in charge of the United Nations childrenís society I think it was called, or psychiatric or mental health for children, to help push UNESCO further into the indoctrination of children.  Cameron was also into lobotomies and stuff, but they were also using incredible shock therapy, daily, maybe 10 a day sometimes on some people, to ERASE their memories completely.  That was the intention of it. And then rebuild them into what they hoped would be the perfect human being, the one that the scientists and of course the controllers would like you to be.  Very compliant, placid and you know, smiling all the time, a little smiley face on you.  So here is how itís presented to you here.  So they tried it in miceÖ)  and this finding sheds light into how memories are normally encoded and stored in the brain. In a study published in the March 13 issue of the journal Science, researchers at the University of Toronto and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) have established a link between specific neurons and a given memory.  (A:  Öspecific memories they are into now.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


[Additional article: ďA pill to block out the bad memories: Experts make breakthrough to help people forget traumatic past eventsĒ]


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix, just finishing up with this article on memories and how they have found specific areas of the brain for specific memories. Their whole point is trying to remove those memories and they can do it now, by destroying those particular parts, or neurons too, which store those particular memories.† That means that when they beat you up at the TSA, going through the scanners and pull you over and smash your head into the furniture around there, you will walk out of there, get some scraping sounds in your skull no doubt, and then you can go back in again and all smiley and happy and do it all over again.  I mean, this is where they are heading.  This is all to do with what they are going to do on a big scale in the future.  And they can do chemical means too, to target specific areas of the brain, if you didnít know that by now.  They have been doing it through other means to you already, which you are completely unaware of, and it actually works.  Amazing whatís going on, scientificÖ  The public would be completely oblivious to what was happening, as Bertrand Russell said an awful long time ago.  An AWFUL long time ago. 


Thereís a caller on the line and itís Brati from Chicago. Are you there Brati?


Brati:  Good evening, Mr Watt.  I want to thank you for your work.  You woke me up.  Actually I got all your audios and videos and articles and everything.  I want to ask a couple of questions.  One is the latest, the TSA.  Do you think that the TSA is trying to enrage the American people on purpose?  So the next step would be the introduction of biometrics; this is just an interim step?  Itís done on purpose?


Alan:  I think itís part of that.  I think even the sudden interest in the media, sudden interest it seems, in whatís going on, itís part of putting you through a system of waiting for something to be done about it that doesnít happenÖ and so it goes back to business as usual and you feel even more deflated and more powerless to do anything about it.  Itís a psychological process that we are going through right now.  I think thatís really why even major media is getting in on the act now, because they have been doing this for a long time now.  Itís interesting too, to see that the Congress donít have to go through that.  Thatís exactly what Bertrand Russell said in the 50s, that those in government positions would have extra privileges, they wouldnít have to go through all the insulting stuff that the ordinary public has to go through.  So what you are seeing right now is the psychological training of the public, waiting for some hero to get up and do something about it, which will not happen, and then it will continue and you will feel even more powerless to do anything about it.  So you are being trained now to be powerless.  Thatís what any totalitarian society must do to its citizenry:  terrify them, scare them and make them feel powerless. 


Brati:  Okay, I see.  So you donít think that the next step is biometrics after?


Alan:  Oh, biometrics, absolutely.  Thatís on the board.  In fact they are discussing that at the TSA.  They have even rolled out the stuff now to see if they are going to start using it in test areas where they put the little handcuff on you, which you carry as you go into the airport, right through your whole flight, that has a particular shocking device on it.  By the way, the TSA is also putting in remote sensors, supposedly to look at your reactions to being searched and they have the ability to tazer you, remotely, from these machines on the wall and all this stuff.  They are stepping it all up.  The little chip on the cuff thing was developed a few years ago. They want to bring that in too, to put you through the whole flight process.  If you go out of line on a flight youíll simply get a tazer shock from the cuff itself. 


Brati:  Okay, second question.  Do you see any parallel between now and what happened in Germany before the Second World War, when first they introduced a depression and then they put in a dictatorship and then war came?


Alan:  Well, I tell you, this is the end of the show; there are a lot of parallels too, but the Germans copied that from the Soviet system, and that was shown in The Soviet Story.  Thatís the end of the show now and I have to go.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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