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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 1, 2010:

Public Relations, Neuroscience and "The Big Society":

"Your Masters, Confident in Their Reliance
And Efficacy in Programmes of Neuroscience,
Are Full Steam Ahead in the Promotion,
In Mass-Behavioural Changes without Commotion,
Yes, No Matter the Absurdity Changes Bring,
The Hypnotized Public will Accept Anything,
Political Correctness, Nudges, Default Positions,
Ensure the Herd Goes Through Transitions,
Austerity, Decimated Families, All with Piety,
Prepared for the Sovietized "Big Society" "
© Alan Watt Dec. 1, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 1, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 1, 2010.  For the newcomers, as always, look into web site.  Help yourself to the audios there; there are hundreds of them to choose from where I try to give you shortcuts to the big picture of the incredible organization that runs the world.  And it is an organization, thousands of branches all working together towards some common purpose, which they give you many, many clues of, of course.  You actually see it in your daily life.  You will see it through the regular media as they put out reports for you to read and consume, which actually help to program you to accept the next phase and the next phase without you even knowing whatís really happening to you or how your opinions are being formed or changed, and how you are not reacting to anything either when it does happen.  This is the technique thatís used.  I try and show you the shortcuts to understanding this big agenda.  I show you many of the big organizations, foundations, non-governmental organizations, that are incredibly well funded, professionals actually who go across the world attending global meetings that influence and direct your future.  Many of them donít even get a mention in the news at all. The news is not there to inform you, itís meant to program you.  Thatís what itís really for, and to make money of course from advertising. 


While you are in the web site, remember that you are the audience that brings me to you.  Buy the books, CDs and DVDs I have for sale or you can donate to me. Thatís the only income that comes in here.  I donít accept money from advertisers; thatís why I donít bring on the guests.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN to get this show out, to broadcast it, and to pay for their time and equipment and their staff and their bills.  So you help me with mine.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Some people just send cash and thatís fine; so far it seems to come through. 


I try to show you the big picture of the world you are living in.  Most folk really float through it.  Especially if you are young, youíve been given so many distractions, and you are told to have fun, fun, fun and they certainly put on plenty of places where you can have fun these days, with no restrictions basically.  And as long as you can afford to keep having fun they will keep you dumb and stupid, until you end up a perpetual teenager, even when you hit 60 or 70.  Thatís whatís already happened to a generation who are terrified of maturing, gaining wisdom and thinking for themselves.  You see, you can only gain wisdom by truly thinking for yourself.  Most folk donít do that.  Believe it or not, they donít do that.  They leave it to the media to do their reasoning and their thinking for them.  If you have a whole generation changing at once in this manner, by this technique of indoctrination, they all think they are quite sane.  We are living under a scientific dictatorship in a sense, exactly as Bertrand Russell and many others talked about would happen.  After all, they were in on the big planning of it at very, very high levels.  So Iím not kidding about that at all.  You think you are free but you are not free at all.  You are free to bounce from here to there, to this club to that club, whatever you are doing when you are young, you are free to look into as many sites that titillate your senses when you are young, but thatís all distraction.  Itís a form of drug as well. The bars are really all around you Ė they are in your mind, really are around your mind Ė and as long as you donít bang against them you donít notice them; you are too busy having fun.  Thatís fine for the ones who want to do it.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about this big strange old world we are living on.  I canít say itís ours anymore.  I donít think it really ever was, unless we go back millions of years or something.  Really, we have been run by very intelligent people, who form associations initially, cartels. They created a thing called money and they make sure they run it all and then they create compound interest and lend it to you and then they sink you and then they own you.  And on and on it goes.  Then you have classes rising up too, of the privileged classes who own most of the money, since they have been better at stealing it than anyone else.  Then you have the lower classes at the bottom, that were awfully, awfully important for a hundred years there, in the 20th century, and even before because they were used as the cannon fodder to take over the world, for their masters who would end up running it.  Thatís where we are today.  They are in the process now of interdependence. The whole world is pretty well conquered.  A couple of nations have held out but they will shortly be bombed to smithereens no doubt.  Thatís what the US is paid to do at the moment, is just to go over and to make sure that the last few countries that stand on their own are standardized, one way or another. 


We are actually living through it.  Most folk donít care and I donít blame them because you see, having the human mind, and been born in a certain place, you are generally unconcerned about what happens in some far away land.  Most news today is from so far away you canít relate to it.  Itís outside of your daily ken, as they say, your knowledge or understanding or experience, and therefore itís almost fictional to us when we hear about whatís going on in different countries.  We canít understand, for instance, why the US is spending $2 billion per week on a place like Afghanistan, thatís got a tiny national gross domestic product and yet itís getting $2 billion per week thatís being spent on it just to keep this war going and stuff like that.  You canít understand these things; itís outside our knowledge.  Of course the masters who run us make sure that we are not supposed to know what the real agenda is. 


So we get this kind of news going on all the time.  We have massive propaganda campaigns mounted against the public, again, from mainstream in collusion with their masters, their guys who own them. We also have the counter-propaganda and lots of the counter-propaganda is just as much propaganda, really, and controlled propaganda too I should add, from ones who tend to put those who are waking up back to sleep again, or at least confuse them, put them in to a spin going round and round forever, never really getting real information of whatís going on.  And you will never get it unless you go into your histories to find out how these big organizations arose, how you ended up having this massive parallel government.  Itís a very interesting story because you see, when people were pushing for a thing called democracyÖ  Itís something like freedom; itís one of these strange, evasive terms thatís used.  We are always seeking for it and trying to find it.  Itís like having rights, or for getting rights, and we have rights and stuff, you are always looking for them, trying to get them.  Itís the same with democracy, but you have never really had it.  It was a silly, silly thing for those who have fallen into the trap of believing that somehow you got it at some period or another because you were allowed to vote.  That was the big con of those who already ruled you, and still do.  We go through the faÁade of the voting nonsense, where you vote for this millionaire, or multi-billionaire these days, over that multi-billionaire and they play the party game.  They are always having parties, on your dime of course.  Anyway, thatís the reality of the world you live in. 


Carroll Quigley who worked for the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the biggest organizations that was set up to bring in this world agenda, on behalf of its grandfather you might say, which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs from Britain.  He actually wrote about it.  He was a member.  He was the historian for the group.  He talked in Tragedy and Hope about the future they were bringing in.  A new type of feudalism, he called it.  We call it public/private.  It sounds better than feudal so we call it public/private partnerships today.  Where everything, that the people have been soaked through tax money to build up, all the big roadways, power plant installations, routing, the maintenance and so on.  All thatís been built and then itís been handed for peanuts off to private corporations, that has all been worked out in advance; thatís public/private.  The ďpublicĒ part is that you still pay for all of its maintenance while they just take the profits.  Thatís the real world.


Then you have interdependence, with this parallel government, as they make us ALL liable for everybody elseís debts, supposedly. What a great banking con. But it shouldnít surprise us because the ones who set up the main organization, the precursor that founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations was the Milner Group that was comprised of the biggest international money lenders on the planet, based in London at the time.  They set up this.  They also wanted to take over the entire worldís resources.  Well, thatís whatís happening now through public/private.  Your water is being taken over by a couple of corporations, and Iím talking about water worldwide.  We have 5 agri-food businesses primarily, and personally I think the same shareholders own all of them so itís really one company, owning your entire food supply of the planet, which they have also tampered with to make sure that they get complaint, obedient and not too long lived citizenry, Iím sure.  Thatís the reality of the world you are living in.


The age of nationhood, as Mr Rompuy said, this little dictator of the EU association, or whatever you want to call this new soviet.  He said it was the end of the nation state.  Itís over, he said.   It hasnít quite penetrated people that he wasnít just talking about Europe, because this is a world agenda, through the United Nations.  That was in the intention of those who set up the United Nations a long time ago.  They had the ideas written out in other peopleís plans in the 1800s, including Karl Marx. 


As I say, we are all really supposedly on the block to pay up everyone elseís debt.  Weíre all in it togetherÖ that great statement theyíve used down through all the wars, for the citizenry.  Youíve all got to pull together, tighten your belts, because weíre all in it togetherÖ even if you havenít a clue whatís even going on, which is generally the case.  We are now supposedly going to have to bail out countries across the world.  Well, the US, of course, and I knew this was going to come in because the real intention is to bring the International Monetary Fund up to its proper status, the status it was supposed to have, gradually, in two phases, according to the founder of it in fact.  He said that a long time ago; heís dead now.  He said there would be two phases, and he said that he wouldnít live to see the second phase come in.  Well, we are alive and it is coming in.  Of course, The World Bank is a collection of the same private money lenders that comprise The World Bank, will be in charge of the worldís currency, and all of you. 


Here is an article from Yahoo and it will probably disappear off their site because they donít keep things.  Iíll try and find it elsewhere and put it up on my web site at the end of the show.  I like to keep these links for future use.  There is no point prattling on in the future, once itís gone itís gone, and no one believes youÖ oh, you could have made that up.  Anyway, it saysÖ


Euro crisis worries spread, U.S. to send envoy

By Robert Hetz and Giuseppe Fonte / / December 1, 2010


Global concern about the debt crisis rocking the euro zone mounted on Wednesday, with Washington sending a top U.S. Treasury envoy to Europe and G20 officials discussing the turmoil in a conference call.  (Alan:  Then you read about it too. They are calling it a contagionÖ itís a debt contagion, like a disease.  One country after another is just falling, you see.)


An 85 billion euro ($110.7 billion) EU/IMF rescue of Ireland last weekend and public reassurances from European politicians and central bankers have been largely ignored by investors, who have targeted Portugal, Spain and Italy, intent on testing the EU's resolve and crisis-fighting resources.  (A:  What nonsense is that.  See, our tax money is almost paying these guys to invest.  Who are the investors?  The same guys who own all your debt already, by the way.  And they own the debt of all these countries. These are the same characters that do the investments.  They are waiting for the best deal before they grab it all.)


"You may think and you sometimes read that Europe is in chaos, disintegrating, the euro about to disappear. This is wrong," Klaus Regling, the head of the EU's temporary rescue mechanism, said in a speech in Singapore.  (A:  Well, thatís his job to say that.  Heís the guy that puts the band-aids on.)


Reflecting global concerns about the euro zone crisis, the U.S. Treasury announced late on Tuesday that it would dispatch Undersecretary for International Affairs Lael Brainard to Europe this week to discuss the turmoil.


Brainard will visit Madrid, Berlin and Paris to discuss "economic developments in Europe" and the "shared agenda on strong and sustainable growth," the Treasury said in a brief statement.  (A:  Now, you should ask, and go in and find out what he means by that. What is the ďshared agenda on strong and sustainable growthĒ?  Well, what Iíll actually do is put up the latest stuff from the Club of Rome, one of these other foundations, that belong to the parallel government, the real world government, and you can read this for yourself, what they mean by shared agenda on strong and sustainable growth, because the media isnít going to tell you.)


G20 sources told Reuters (A:  I call it Routers rather than Reuters because they route the only news that they get to you through the main stream.) that deputy finance ministers from the group of major rich and developing nations (A:  Thatís you folk who are all bankrupt out there in the US, Canada and so on.) had discussed the financial situation in Europe on Monday in a previously arranged conference call, although they described the call as routine.  (A:  I guess they are constantly calling each other to see how much money they can soak off the taxpayers.  In this age, you see, of redistributing the worldís wealth, they call it, exactly what Karl Marx said, who was also funded by the same global bankers, who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  [Alan laughing.] Not bad eh?  Beautiful, long-term planningÖ youíve got to admire it.  Youíve got to admire long-term planning and the setting up of foundations that can literally, as Carroll Quigley said, governments come and go, and trends come and go, but you set up a foundation with a mandate and it can go for 200 years pursuing that same mandate.  Thatís how they can do this, you see.  And theyíve got lots of these foundations, all specializing in different areas to bring you all into this perfect utopia, after we go through the starvation routine and stuff, and depopulation.  Then they will go in the eugenics big time and you wonít be allowed to have children at all, in the regular manner.  Thatís all been discussed, again, in the 1800s and then into the 20th century.)


Citigroup Chief Economist Willem Buiter warned in a research note this week that the euro zone turmoil may be the "opening act" of a global sovereign debt crisis that could soon infect the United States and Japan.  (A:  Well, you see, this is the age of crisis creation too, to get their agenda through.  So itís all part of the big plan isnít it?  And anyway, what do you owe these characters anyway, really?  What did they give you?  They didnít give you gold, silver, diamonds, or something you could measure, weigh or whatever.  They gave you checksÖ so that you could print up money, so that you can give them real goods back in return.  Thatís not a bad deal, eh?  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, there is no better time to bring in authoritarianism as there is when you are under crisis.  And the more crises you have on the go at the same time, the more people will just put up with it and watch their rights being stripped away from them. Thatís why, of course, they kicked off the millennium, which really began in 2001, if you listen to all the so-called scientists, the experts in time travel; you know, the time lords.  They said it was 2001 and then bingo, we have the big attack, with the symbolic towers of course, going down, and in comes the new world order exactly as daddy Bush predicted early on.  And here we areÖ we have no rights at all.  We are used to guys searching, seizing, all that kind of stuff, and now weíre up to x-ray scanners everywhere, even in the streets by the way, portable scanners and we have doses of x-rays.  The people see us nude and all the rest of it and no one really cares because we have been degraded to such an extent.  We see nudity on television all the time so they say, whatís the big deal?  No kidding, thatís what they say, whatís the big deal, eh?  Well, my big deal is I donít watch TV. 


The thing is, there are many crises on the go as possible as is helpful to this big agenda.  So they hype on about overpopulation crisis on the one hand, they hype up the fact that weíre all broke on the other hand, supposedly, and then they are even hyping up that there are not enough people getting born in the first world countries now, because we are keeping the rest of them afloat now supposedly with sharing our wealth that we might not have enough, we might run out of people producing enough money to share the wealth to those who donít have it.  Thatís in the Club of Romeís own statement.  Iíll put up the link and you can download the PDF for yourself, from their latest talks. 


International Conference on Concerted Strategies for International Development in the 21st Century

November 17thĖ18th, 2010 Bern, Switzerland /


You see all these nice smiley-faced people who are paid awfully well to work in the Club of Rome, this big effectual and yet supposedly charitable, private foundation.  But itís the top foundation for the UN for dictating policy for the next 50-100 years.  So when they say something listen to it and read it, and remember it too because you will be able to figure out whatís happening today.  And go back into their previous reports, lots of them.  These are the guys who came up with the idea of global warming in the 1970s.  In their own statement they said, this would fit the bill.  After looking at all kinds of crisis they could possibly imagine, they said, this one would fit the bill and thatís why we are going through this today.


Under totalitarianism too, they have to restructure all of society.  The Club of Rome also said in the 70s that democracy was too cumbersome, too many competing parties wanting different things to happen, that the big agenda couldnít go forth Ė and there is a big agenda of course, by the parallel government.  So theyíd gradually teach the people that they are under authoritarianism, and to BE under authoritarianism, and to accept it.  And people have actually. They donít realize they are now under authoritarianism.  Most folk donít know that.  We are going to get dictated to and told what to do and thatís it, by different so-called ministries as they like to call them in the British Commonwealth countries, or departments in the US government.  They just tell you what to do.  Itís their policy nowÖ they donít even have to put things through law; itís just policies now.  A policy can get you kicked off your land.  A policyÖ


They are going after everything of course, naturally.  This is from AustraliaÖ


Right to silence could be revoked

Joe Hildebrand / / December 2, 2010


(A:  Now, one of the telltale signs of (supposed) getting towards democracy, was having the right to silence when the Kingís men come to get you.  It saysÖ)

A PERSON'S "right to remain silent" with impunity after being arrested will be effectively abolished under a police campaign to be taken to the next state election.  (A:  Now, you forget that the police now, this brotherhood of police, the fraternity they call them in Canada, the police fraternity Ė they had ads on a while back, the fraternity of policemen Ė which is a brotherhood, and they are Masonic too.  Regardless, they are actually a lobbying body themselves.  Their police chiefs belong to the International Police Chiefs Association which is signed on to the United Nations.  So they are not really yours after all; you just pay their money.)


Instead of what a person says being used against them in a court, police say a person's refusal to speak should also be able to be used against them in some circumstances.


The NSW (A:  New South WalesÖ) Police Association will launch a campaign against the current laws in an effort to pressure both parties ahead of March's poll.


Police say professional criminals are exploiting the right to silence, making it harder for police to obtain convictions.  (A:  In other words, they want the same rights to waterboard and all the rest of it, as the military is doing elsewhere.  I mean, thatís what this all goes to.  Believe you me, itís not for the big criminals; nothing ever stays for the big criminals.  Once you create sado-masochism, in the military with torturing, or do it in the police force, it goes all the way, right down the ladderÖ to the guy whoís stole a hot cross bun, you know, then they torture him.  did you do it? did you do it?Ö and glug, glug, glugÖ yeah, yeah, I didÖ glug, glug, glug, and thatís it.  And they are all happy; they feel really BIG, BIG, BIG, powerful guys at this squirmy little worm theyíve got there, soaking wet.)


And society accepts it.  It accepts this now too because they have been trained to accept it through all the movies and what they call entertainment.  The Culture Industry is part of the Military-Industrial Complex if you havenít figured that out by now.  Itís a very important part, for predictive programming, scientific dictatorship.  It gives you all of your thoughts.  You laugh at all the comedies that they put out there.  Thatís how they introduce the next move, the next move, and the next move for all different kind of gender rights and in-between gender rights, and all kinds of odd things.  Itís through comedy and you lap it up and before you know it you think itís all okay.  Theyíre actually pushing now, at least some groups in Britain, especially led from the London School of Economics to make it okay.  This feminist lawyer who writes a lot of stuff for feminism, is pushing for the rights of convicted sexual criminals to adopt children.  After all, everybody else can adopt them now.  Thatís how they go with the dominoes, you see.  This group gets into it and then this group and now of course the sex offender, she wants them to be able to adopt children too. 


Let sex offenders adopt and work with children, says report

London School of Economics family law expert calls for each case to be judged on merit

Afua Hirsch / / 30 November 2010


So getting back to this Australian article, it goes into the usual stuff of how civil libertarians complain of how itís bad, etc, but the police chiefs will keep pushing for it anyway.  What do you expect?  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Hundreds of years ago, the courts of kings and queens used to have advisors, they called them, special court advisors like Machiavelli.  They wrote fantastic rťsumťs for themselves Ė Francis Bacon was another one Ė where they would show off to the king on just how smart and clever they were and how they could con the public and give the king tips on how to manage the public.  Everything is perception, you see, not reality, to the public, and how easy it was to fool the public, and how never to tell the public the real truth for anything, about anything.  That literally is what Francis Bacon suggested in one of his little rťsumťs, I call them, to the king. 


It never, ever stopped of course.  Iím sure from the earliest of times kings and queens even thousands of years ago had the same types of advisors and priesthoods.  In fact, the pharaohs even had priests around them who would decide who the pharaoh would meet and who he wouldnít meet and so on. They were more powerful in some aspects than the pharaoh.  There was actually, in the histories of Egypt, one of the pharaohs who jumped out of the window at one point to try to find out who the priests had turned away; he didnít even get told there was anybody coming to visit him.  So he realized that these priests were awfully important and all powerful and they were the ones who decided policy because they decided who went to see the king or the pharaoh and no doubt ended up drafting up whatever policy was to come out of it too.  This is an old, old science. 


Today itís so far ahead.  Iíve gone into Bernays, for instance, who mistakenly is called the father, really, of what the neuroscientists would call behaviorism and mass manipulation of the whole populations.  Of course, he was related to Freud and thatís no coincidence either.  The guys that put Freud out there to destroy one part of civilization Ė and it was; it was to destroy religion to a great extent, the existing religions Ė also put up Bernays out there too. They trained them in their particular fields because the sciences they came out with were well understood a long, long time before that.  Bernays, he was the one who turned America into a consumerist society.  The idea being that after about the 1920s Ė and by the way, Bernays also helped at the League of Nations with Wilson; thatís how young he was too, about 23 at the time, so he was well up there from the very beginning, very important person placed by the right people into the right place.  He decided that since they had all of these excess goods, they couldnít sell everyÖ  I mean machinery and technology was just rampaging ahead with mass production; once everybody had a toaster what do you do and these things were piling up.  So he came up with the idea of turning the public into consumers.  If you canít change the method of everybody is getting the same stuff, you change the consumers, and thatís what he did, until the people wanted new all the time.  Thatís why they came out with toasters that were enameled initially, and then chromed, and then painted, and then plastic, and then all kinds of plastic, and different brand names and so on.  It was all to make you just throw away anything that you thought was old.  Thatís why they also came out with magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and stuff.  These were front organizations, even the magazines by the way folks, to change your personality, to make YOU a consumer.  It was awfully successful. 


Bernays was also used for warfare purposes and how to get the whole nations on board towards war for propaganda.  Heís the guy who used propaganda, coined the term propaganda, copied it from an old Catholic word, at least the definition of it.  He didnít really want to change the name, when it became known after World War I, just how much the American public had been lied to. They werenít too happy.  So they changed it to Public Relations.  Every department out there now has a department of Public Relations.  Your local council has it.  Your councilors, or your local body, have them.  In other words, they are liars. They present information to you in such a way that itís palatable.  And generally by misconstruing the realities of what they are talking about but it makes it palatable to the public.  They use psycholinguistics to make things sound better.  They use nice words in conjunctions with bad things they want to do to you, until you get the doublethink way of thinking about things. 


All governments use this too, right up to the present time.  Itís neuroscience they call it now.  Behaviorism as well, from Skinner, is involved in it.  They also call it behavior modification.  Itís all part of the same science.  Every government does it. There is one for the British government, itís working with Cameron and those guys right now; Iím sure it worked with the last governments too.  Itís called MindSpace.  MindSpace is the organization, this company that works for Her Majesty the Queen.  Itís from the Royal Cabinet Office.  Iíll put this link up for you to download this PDF.  It saysÖ


Cabinet Office / Institute for Government


Influencing behaviour through public policy


(A:  In other words, if they canít get the public to go along with things and be agreeable, then they will change the minds of the public.  They will change you just like Bernays did.  They have a nice cartoon there of the brain.  Itís interesting, where they put all the different parts of the brain, what it does:  incentives, salience, priming, affect, messenger, commitment, ego, norms, habit and DEFAULT.  Defaults are very important because, again, we have Sunstein in the States working with Obama, and heís a big player, with this psychological type warfare on the public where they can actually set into you, especially school children, what they call defaults.  A default is something, like a computer, when something goes wrong for instance, then you get set back to the default position, the initial belief, finding, programming.  You are taught all kinds of things at school that are now politically correct, although they might be abhorrent to you in actual fact.  Once you start to think about them as abhorrent, by noticing things as you go along and grow up, youíll get a conflict arising inside of you. They are built into you to have these conflicts.  And rather than suffer the pain of it, you will get set back automatically to default.  And it happens automatically, once youíve reached that pain level.  People, you see, will actually go towards, they will seek pleasure and avoid pain.  Thatís how we are.  We are egosyntonic in a sense.  So itís a Practical Guide to basically manipulate the general public and alter their behavior.  Then it goes through the authors and who they are.)


Paul Dolan is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Social Policy at the LSE.  (A:  The London School of Economics, thatís where all the people you think are lefties go to, but they are actually working for world socialism on behalf of the world bankers.)  His research focuses on developing measures of subjective well-being for use by policy-makers and applying lessons from behavioural economics to understand and change individual behaviour. (A:  These are the guys who are now teaching you and have drafted upÖ they are incredibly funded. They are drafting up all this stuff so that you will just come to LOVE austerity.)  Paul has advised various UK government departments and he is currently chief academic adviser on economic appraisal for the Government Economic Service.


Michael Hallsworth is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Government. He has conducted cross-government research into organisational behaviour, machinery of government changes, and information technology. His current research focuses on behaviour change and public policy-making. Previously, he was at RAND Europe (A:  RAND, thatís a big part of this.  And it calls itselfÖ) (a not-for-profit public policy research institute), (A:  Itís the Military-Industrial Complex that runs it.  The Pentagon puts everything through it as well.) specialising in futures thinking and performance management.  (A:  See, we are all under performance management right now, as you get managed through all these crises, of perpetual war.  And thatís what they are calling it, perpetual war, to bring in the new society, the big idea, the big society.)


David Halpern is Director of Research at the Institute for Government. He was Chief Analyst at the Prime Ministerís Strategy Unit between 2001 and 2007. He is the author of Social Capital and The Hidden Wealth of Nations (both Polity Press), and a co-author of the report Changing Behaviour and Personal Responsibility. Prior to this, he was a University Lecturer in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University. 


It goes through them all here, a lot of them, the top honchos there, of the mind specialists that are changing all of society.† They also work, by the way, it doesnít mention it here, with the television authorities, because thatís how they get most of their subliminal thoughts through that become concretized in your mind eventually, and all weird things eventually become quite normal to you, things that you should be disgusted at, as all quite normal.  Thatís how itís done.  Iíll put that link up for you.


Now what else do they do?  Well, they come out with ideas of Pavlovian training, for children for instance.  Here is an idea under austerity and for the sustainable development Agenda 21.  You see, they are going to take a lot of vehicles off the road and having you live a lot more cheaply.  It saysÖ


Children will be given shopping vouchers for walking to school

(A:  Itís punishment and reward, you see.)

Children will be given shopping vouchers for walking to school under

(A:  This isÖ) a radical Government plan to combat obesity.  (A:  Ö they are calling it.)

By Laura Donnelly / 28 Nov 2010 /


(A:  Now listen to this, they will be given shopping vouchers for walking to school and the radical government plan to combat obesity.)


The pilot schemes which reward children for walking to school have been funded by local councils and transport providers. 


Under the scheme, which will be part of a public health white paper to be announced on Tuesday, children will receive Topshop vouchers and cinema tickets for travelling to school on foot.  (A: We used to always travel to school on foot.)


Every school in the country will be offered access to technology which would allow children to use swipe cards (A:  Listen to thisÖ) to track their journeys, (A:  And they will be mounted on lamp postsÖ This is real, folks.  Itís like something out of some third-rate movie, but this is real.) so that points can be swapped for consumer rewards. 


[Another article regarding this that Alan links on his site:]


Swipe card idea Ďjust bonkersí

1st December 2010 /


We are all trained this way, but then a lot of you are already trained that way anyway.  Youíve all got these special access cards to your supermarket and all the stores you go to donít you?  It was already used on you before it was used on the children.  Guess what?  It worked on you didnít it? Donít leave home without it, eh.  Do you have it there?  Do you get your little 5% discount on the overpriced groceries?  Do you?  Hmm?  [Alan laughing.] Oh, dear, dear, dearÖ and they think it doesnítÖ People really think they are free.  Itís fantastic isnít it?  They really thinkÖ they will ARGUE with you if you tell them they are not.  They donít even control their own minds. They are not in charge of their own minds.  Quite something.


As all the countries go down, plummeting like dominoes, as they are supposed to do to bring in this new world economic system, at the same time itís supposed to fund the rising up of third world countries, as they are going down broke.  That makes a lot of sense to you doesnít it?  Donít you understand, when it doesnít make sense, itís something much bigger.  Itís a plan.  It saysÖ


Why is Greenland so rich these days?

(A:  The reason for Greenland being so rich when other countries are going down,

 it pulled out of the EUÖ)

It said goodbye to the EU

Alex Singleton / November 28th, 2010 /


(A:  It starts off with the fish stocks as an example of what the European Union has done to fishing; the countries were self-supporting at one time.  Britain used to have 80% of European fish stocks.)


If you think that leaving the EU would be catastrophic, take a look at Greenland. By rights its people ought to be poor. Their island is isolated, suffers from freezing weather, has a workforce of only 28,000 and relies on fish for 82 per cent of its exports. But it turns out that since leaving the EU, Greenland has been so freed of EU red tape and of the destruction of the Common Fisheries Policy, that the average income of the islanders today is higher than those living in Britain, Germany and France.  (A:  Well, no kidding.  It didnít take a genius to figure that out before it all happened.)


Greenlandís politicians realised that the fisheries policy was ruining their fishing industry.  (A:  When they were in the EU.)  They had the guts to stand up against the all the prophets of doom and let their people vote in a referendum on leaving the European Community, as the EU was then called. On January 1, 1985, it became independent of Brussels Ė the only country ever to do so.


Greenland was, with Britain, one of only two EU countries to be heavily dependent on fishing. In fact, Britain had, in some estimates, 80 per cent of Europeís fish stocks when it entered the EU, because our fishermen had carefully managed them, (A:  They managed the stocks.  They didnít rape the seabed like these deep trollers do.) while the fisherman of Spain, France and Italy had destroyed most of the Mediterranean stocks.  (A:  By deep trolling. They did the same in Canada. They were brining in Spanish ones off Canada, quite a few years back in fact, when they banned the east coast for fishermen to fish in Canada.  They brought them all in.  They let them all come in to Canadian waters and literally deep trolling and destroyed the fish stocks of Canada and put the Canadian ones out of business.  Their own government put us out of business. The Canadian government put the fishermen of Canada out of business.)


The surprising thing is that while the unemployment from closing (loss-making) coal mines is frequently denounced by Labour politicians, more British workers lost their jobs as a result of gigantic French and Spanish boats being permitted to raid our stocks. Few of those politicians seem to care.


But care they should, because it is not just fish where the EU is damaging us, but in financial services, manufacturing Ė indeed, its ever-increasing regulations impose unnecessary costs across the whole of our economy. Greenland, which retains free trade with the EU, (A:  They still get free trade with it because of course they are going to trade for it with them.  Youíve got all the fish.) shows that we can have the benefits of European exports, without the costs of its diktats. Itís surely time that we, too, said goodbye to Brussels.  (A:  So, ainít it true, eh?)


But it wonít happen for the rest of the countries because they are all run so well by the guys that have been placed in there, by the guys who run the world.  And thatís why.  The public donít elect these characters.  What you get to do in this so-called democracy, itís the same as Russia had under the Soviet Union.  They give you Politburo member 1, 2, 3, or 4, which one do you want to vote for?  Itís the same thing.  Carroll Quigley said that too, every Prime Minister and every President, from the late 1800s, has been a member of this institution that he was a member of himself, that was picked by them.  We now call it the Council on Foreign Relations.  So there you are. 


I can remember in Canada when they allowed in all the big, deep trollers, these massive boats that really scoured, they took everything off, including all the eggs, off the bottom.  At the same time the Canadian fishermen were not allowed to go out and fish, by their own government.  It was a plan, you see.  You canít have an independent country.  You know, at the end of World War II even the UN, because Canada had a different kind of banking system at the time, the UN said that Canada was the most likely post-war country to spring into first, the top of the worldís status for manufacturing and so on, because it had so little debt.  So little debtÖ  Then Trudeau was put in of course, who was actually a communist, and every media member knew he was a communist but never mentioned it, and he actually lead the Comintern, the young communists of Canada, over to Moscow in 1952.  And that is disclosed information now, official information.  When he left Canada was as rolled up in debt as every other country, changed everything, immigration policies, the whole lot upside down, to be the same as the rest of the world.  Interdependent, meaning we owe our socks and our shirts to The World Bank.  Folk donít even know whatís happening. 


Mind you, as I say, you are taught to have fun, fun, fun, and they give you so much cheap fun to keep you amused and happy.  Interesting what Bertrand Russell said too, the public will believe that they are happy, even if they are living in misery, because the government tells them so.  They keep telling you, you are happy, and sure, sure, you will be happy.  Quite something. 


We have heard about all the welfare, the welfare, the welfare.  They are always going on about welfare recipients, you see, and yet CORPORATE WELFARE is the biggest welfare of all, the gifts they give to the corporations.  Iíll touch on this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Apart from that too, talking about welfare and how corporate welfare is amongst the top recipients, these big companies, of your tax money.  Why do we have to pay the welfare for people in other countries too?  Weíre all interdependent now; I forgot about that.  Back to this articleÖ


Weapons makers, multinationals among top beneficiaries

of EU regional funds (A:  Öthey call it.

Thatís the taxpayers of Europe that are funding this.)

VALENTINA POP / / 01.12.2010


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The EU commission has tried to defend the rationale of its regional policy after a new database put together by investigative journalists revealed that corporations such as IBM and Coca-Cola are on the recipient list, together with weapons makers Honeywell, EADS and Dassault, big pharmaceutical companies and chain supermarkets.  (A:  They call it a Ďcohesion policy.í  Not bad, eh, being a member of the cohesion policy? where they just throw billions at you?  They say itís good for the economy by giving them money.  Thatís not bad.  Itís good business.  Weíre all in the wrong fields, folks.)


There is a caller there, Steve from Indiana.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  Hello, Alan. Always a pleasure.  Me and my friend have been trying to figure out something that will happen in the future.  Now, we are out in the country so we donít see stuff in the cities and we are trying to figure out if the military is going to be brought home, or are they going to keep them overseas so they wonít be here?  You know what I mean?


Alan:  They have contingency plans on all of this and I have read some of them here.  Iíve got a whole bunch of them here in fact.  They are going to bring inÖ Of course everything thatís going to happen, itís going to be a joint NATO exercises and so on, and they can bring them in from all the other countries.  I think in the 70s Kissinger said at a speech in California, he said, the American people would be pleased to see the UN come in, in times of crisis down the road, just give them the right circumstances. Well, that will happen.  Theyíve already trained your own police and joint jurisdictional task forces, thatís various part-time military organizations and so on, to work together during a time of crisis, and clear people off the land into central areas where everyone can be watched and monitored and so on.  That is to happen. 


Steve:  Then the other thing we are trying to figure out is, as more and more people are unable to afford their cable TV signal and stuff like that, they will be cut off.  We are trying to figure out, will they find a way to make sure that they have their programming signal coming in where they can be occupied with that?  Instead of going outside and going hey, whatís going on here, you know. 


Alan:  Well, part of the reason that they have not put the broadband in and the easy WiFi all over the place, and good service, in America, is because they want the folk to start to move towards the cities.  Also they are jacking up taxes, even in Canada, in all the rural areas.  There were extra taxes that came in last year to about $1,000 per home, extra, above all your regular taxes, and they are going to jack it up again this year. They have actually said that in the various big think tanks that I often talk about here, that through gradually increasing property taxes and so on, and more restrictive abilities for building permits, maintenance permits, septic permits, upgrading of septics, you canít afford eventually to live on the land.   I read one from the United Nations and their projection up to the year 2050, and they said that by about 2030 or before, taxes will be so high that only 3% will live on the rural areas and they will be very rich people.  So thatís the incentive to move. 


Steve:  Okay, Alan.  I hear the music.  Iíll call you back soon and you hang in there.


Alan:  Thank you.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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