December 2nd, 2010 (#718)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt December 2nd, 2010:

Mind-Management, the Tyrant's Tool,
Eases Handling of The Willing Fool:

"X-Rayed at Terminals, Mass Dehumanization,
Does the Mass Ever Query Their Situation?
Or Do They Live in Fantasy, Women Hoping
That Some Hollywood Celebrity will Do the Groping?
Perhaps Better Groped by Someone Attractive
Than Bald Uncle Fester who's Carb. Pro-Active,
Or for Men the Latest MTV Dancing Filly,
Who'll Enchant Men Stripped from Feeling Chilly,
It Seems the Public are Collective in Kind,
Uncaring of Experts Who Manage Their Mind,
Humiliation is Absent, Survival Instincts Erased,
They'd Jump through Hoops, Yet Not Feel Debased,
Hats Off to the Science Implemented by Stealth,
Convincing Masses Radiation's Not Harmful to Health"
© Alan Watt December 2nd, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - December 2nd, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on December the 2nd, 2010.  Now newcomers to the show, I always suggest that you go into  That's the website.  That's the main website.  And you should also bookmark the other sites you'll see listed on the front page for future use, in case the .com goes down.  Or if you experience sticky downloads, it's because so many folk go into the .com site at the same time.  So you have these other ones to choose from.  And remember, all these sites, these are the official sites, and the only official sites I have, they all carry transcripts in English.  And if you want transcripts for print up in other languages, go into, and they all carry the audios.  Hundreds and hundreds of audios, where I try and give you more information to patch up the big picture of reality, the reality in which we live and how we've got to where we are, and where it's going from here.  And I try to show you that it's not a sort of happenstance thing we're going through, we just stumble down through time, fixing problems as they arise, but rather, just like all business management, the world is managed in exactly the same manner with fifty year plans in one area and a hundred year plans in another.  And even more than that in some other areas; the kind of a society they want for the 22nd century, I'm sure is already planned as well, just as this one was planned for this century.  What we're going through today are the massive changes on the road to this utopia of theirs, of depopulation and an obedient public and so on.  That's what all this is about, what we're going through right now.  We're being trained, constantly trained, and upgraded, just like a computer program to go along with everything, even mass humiliation, which is happening at airports and so on.  We're getting used to all this so that we feel powerless.  And a good citizen now is someone who will accept groping anywhere in public and strip searches and all the rest of it.  That's what it's coming down to literally.  It's a training exercise, for you, really.  Of course, with that added addition of what happens to you if you don't go along with it.  You see the big fat fellows jump on you and pound your head in.


Now, remember too, from the US to Canada, that if you want to buy my books and discs and so on, you can order with a personal check to Canada.  You can also use an international postal money order from your post office, PayPal is good as well.  Just use the PayPal donation button and send a separate email with your name, address and the order, and I'll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, same idea.  You can use PayPal, but you can also wire it, if you wish, with the expense of Western Union, or you can use Money Gram, which is a bit cheaper, or you can go even cheaper and use a Money Gram check, which they issue you, and you just simply post it.  And make sure it's in Canadian dollars.  PayPal is probably the thing of the future, I think.  Everyone is going to go cashless altogether.  Most folk already are.  And I'll touch on that tonight, what's happening in some countries, where they pretty well are cashless, and the government has given them their ID card where they also have to use it for their banking.  That's to go worldwide, of course.


We live in a system, an incredible system, well managed, of course, and not by the bumbling politicians they give you to throw tomatoes at.  That's what their job is, is to take the heat.  You're run by bureaucracies and scientists and so on.  Layers of scientists and specialists in behaviorism and so on, that have been working for so long, using your tax money, through universities, and psychology departments and behaviorist testing on selected groups of people, often without their consent, by the way, to make sure they could use it on the big society, the society we're in today.  That's all of you out there.  Government spends an awful lot of your tax money in television and in movies, putting in the right little cues that you'll get for your subliminals and for your indoctrination.  Just astonishing what's going on, and has been for a long time.  Your thoughts are not yours.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  We do live in almost a fictional world now.  Most folk really do.  They live in the world of television and movies and incredible indoctrination, which they're unaware of.  I've gone through some of the history of Bernays who was one of the characters put forth on the world stage, by masters behind him, of course, who taught him all the arts of manipulation, and manipulation really on the masses, for mass manipulation, using your unconscious desires and all the rest of it.  And it's quite astonishing to see how well it worked, which meant to me, as far as I'm concerned, these weren't trials he was doing.  He already knew that these particular techniques worked.  And I've often mentioned the word technique and you'll find it in scientific circles.  You have to look into the word to see what they're referring to.  It's very, very important.  I mean, whole books have been written on the word, technique, because it's all to do with what manipulates and motivates you and how to do it, basically.  Yesterday I touched on one of the organizations which the British government uses all the time to alter the behavior of the British people.  The US does the same.  Canada has got the same too.  And it does work.  It does work with all peoples.  The same techniques work with all peoples. 


I mentioned MINDSPACE, that's one of the companies that they use in Britain.  And the problem was that they had years ago, you see, they used to think, and Bertrand Russell goes through this in his book, The Impact of Science on Society and The Scientific Outlook, and he said, we used to think, and he was writing back in the forties, about this.  He said, we used to think people really worked on logic and reason, and so they used to give the public what they claimed were facts.  Of course they lied always to the public, governments always do.  But they hoped that people would toss these facts about and come to the desired conclusion.  And then they found out, no, people, being people work on different mechanisms really.  We work on unconscious influences, etc.  And that's why Russell and others in the Macy group and so on, decided to get the big psychologist organizations on board.  And the behaviorists got in the act as well.  Today, they call it neuroscience.  It covers a wide area. And neuro-economics, which is also part of it too, using psychology to change your economic habits, and the way that you live.


Remember Skinner too talked about changing peoples' behavior.  He said the easiest way to change it is to alter something in the environment or put something in the environment that wasn't there before.  And in came television, of course, and he was also referring to it, to that as a good medium for getting the message across.  Before that, there was radio.  People started to listen to radio.  And when you're listening to something you're not talking to each other, so immediately your behavior is altered.  You don't converse as much when that radio is on.  Same with television. Television is far better because it has the added visual aspect to it as well, it's hypnotic.  And we've all experienced this visiting people's homes, where the television is on all the time, and even if they have to turn down the volume to talk to you, and you can see they're annoyed, they keep the television screen going so they can watch it.  And they're watching it even while you're talking and they're answering you.  They're watching the TV.  The TV takes over the prime position in the household, and everyone knows that too.  That's why they gave you high definition and plasma and all the rest of it too.  Better techniques to draw you into that conditioning aspect of behavior, your behavior. 


Now, if you look into the very little they give you, of course, in MINDSPACE, for the general public, because they don't want you to know everything that they're doing to you.  They actually have some categories listed on how they've worked out the sciences on the human mind.  And it says:


We have arranged the effects according to the acronym MINDSPACE.


Messenger, Incentives, Norms, Defaults, Salience, Priming, Affect, Commitments, Ego



we are heavily influenced by who communicates information


(Alan: They further go on to describe that someone in authority, an authority figure, you see, like an expert, a scientist, someone who they've made to be well known.  And I've gone on before how the Macy group and other groups actually created scientists to be front men really for political change.  They gave them star status.  And so you tend to believe them more than you believe anyone else, or your next-door neighbor, or yourself for that matter.)



our responses to incentives are shaped by predictable mental shortcuts, (A: Just like a computer, you see.) such as strongly avoiding losses


(A: So, they can give you incentives to gain, what you think is you're going to gain something.  Or they give you penalties, such as, oh if you don't comply with this we'll have to fine you, or something like that, you see.  And then:)



we are strongly influenced by what others do


(A: Again, going back to Russell, who was a big mover and shaker in the system you're now living in, with the world agenda, by the way, and with the world's biggest leading think tank at his time and still today.  He said the same thing, that people are influenced by peer pressure.  And if you can get the majority to go along with it all the rest must follow, or they'd be forced into going along with the rest of them, or they'll be ostracized by society.  Simple techniques that they watch happening in school.  Because school children, you see, are very cruel.  And if some girl comes in with old-fashioned clothes as they call them, and you're not 'in' with the latest trend, they really are cruel as can be to that person.  If you want to join the gang, you have to dress like the gang.  And then they go on to:)



we ‘go with the flow’ of pre-set options


(A: Go with the flow.  In other words, we always take the easy way, what's presented as easy.  So they nudge you to go with the easy decision, you see.  That's where nudging comes in.  And your computer does the same thing.  They have people who nudge you to go along.  Would you like to do this, or you should do that, and blah, blah, blah.  That's all called nudges.  Do you really want to look at this website, nudge, nudge.  And, as I say, defaults, we go with the flow of pre-set options and then:)



our attention is drawn to what is novel and seems relevant to us


(A: So novelty grabs our attention.  Of course they all use sex and everything else too.  That grabs the attention.  That's always been the way.  And anything to grab your attention and then give a message attached to it to see if it's relevant to you, or seems, seems is the word, relevant to you, because you're being conned.  It must seem relevant to you.)



our acts are often influenced by sub-conscious cues


(A: Sub-Conscious cues.  They're given to you all the time, so they prime you, without you knowing it.  A lot of your cues have already come by watching dramas.  Coronation Street in Britain is the longest running drama or soap ever invented.  Run by the British Government.  I mean, it's run too by the psychologists, psychiatrists, and all kinds of professional people.  And what they did on Coronation Street, and still do, is to present conflicts that will happen in the multi-cultural society as time goes on.  And all the arguments that will come into family lives and so on, and disruptions and how to cope with it.  Because you will actually copy the solution of the characters that you identify with on the actual show.  It's no kidding.  It's amazing, isn't it?  It's been awfully successful.  Because obviously there's going to be a lot of conflict when different cultures clash with each other and are crammed into small spaces and cities, already overcrowded cities.  And then the:)



(A: The affect is your emotions and your moods)

our emotional associations can powerfully shape our actions


(A: And so they give you tribal symbols, the flag, national anthems, guys winning, always winning against all odds, and stuff.  That gets you going and you feel part of the tribe.  Many different ways to do it.  And they can also give you the wrong kind of imprint.  It doesn't mention it here.  They can imprint your brain with an idea by reversing what's actually happening, as in, what group is kicking in the head of whatever other group, in a drama or in a movie.  It can make you feel bad, even though you're not there kicking someone's head in.  That's used all the time too, in movies and so on.  It can be the other way around, which it often is.)



we seek to be consistent with our public promises, and reciprocate acts

(A: You see.  So getting you to actually comply and mentally promise to go along with something, is something you feel guilty of backing out of.  And then they play on your ego too.)



we act in ways that make us feel better about ourselves


We're all in it together; you're doing your part, aren't you?  You're doing your part.  These techniques they've always used in wartime as well.  And they use it with all the new political correctness that's out there.  All the different kinds of, there's so many varieties now in areas of political correctness that you have to conform to, as you're manipulated on mass, along the same road.  It's quite interesting to me, because I always talk about these topics, but I stand outside of them.  I stand outside of sides and everything.  I just stand and watch.  And that's how you can always see what's going on.  Don't get drawn in.


And that's why you see experts as I say, and getting back to the Messenger at the beginning.  It says:


We are heavily influenced by who communicates information


Our response to a message depends greatly on the reactions we have to the source of that information. We are affected by the perceived authority of the messenger (whether formal or informal): we are more likely to act on information if experts deliver it, but also if the messenger has demographic and behavioral similarities to ourselves. (A: Have you ever wondered about these characters they put up on television, and you grow up with them?  The same guys reading the news until they're almost falling off the chair as they disintegrate in front of you with age.  And paid big bucks.  It's because you have grown up with them, as a daddy figure, you see.  And he stares at what appears to be you every night at 6 o'clock.  And would he tell you an untruth, as they say?  Would he ever tell you an untruth?  And all the time, you don't realize, he's reading a dummy board.  He's not looking at you at all, but perception is very important, isn't it.  It says:)  We are also affected by the feelings we have towards the messenger, so that someone who has developed a dislike of government interventions may be less likely to listen to messages they perceive have come from ‘the government’.


So they get other departments to give you the messages.  As I say, your dramas have more messages in them than the government is going to give you.  They really do.  They even have them in cartoons for the children to get.  Everyone is being managed.  Every age group is being managed too.  Every gender is being managed.  And every gender age group is being managed.  Quite interesting, isn't it.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Russell, Bertrand Russell wrote this book, The Impact of Science on Society, at least he gave the lectures that the book was based on in 1949 at the Ruskin College.  Ruskin is an interesting character himself, because he was the first guy to be put at a university under a particular bachelors degree.  And he was put out there to push what was called the British Empire, and he also was the mentor of Cecil Rhodes for the world government idea.  And Ruskin himself, interesting enough, ended up at an asylum for the insane, later on.  And I'm not surprised, at the amazing ideas he was all into.  Anyway, in the Impact of Science on Society, as I say, 1949, these lectures were given, Russell says this,


The good of a multitude is the sum of the goods of the individuals composing it, not a new and separate good.  In concrete fact, when it is pretended that the state has a good different from that of the citizens, what is really meant is that the good of the government, or of the ruling class, is more important than that of other people. 

(A: In other words, it's the government that comes first and foremost in all times in all ages.)

Such a view can have no basis except in arbitrary power.  (A: It's all about power.)

More important than these metaphysical speculations is the question whether a scientific dictatorship... (A: this is what we're in now, folks, if you don't know it.  Most folk don't.)

…such as we have been considering, can be stable or is more likely to be stable than a democracy.  Apart from the danger of war I see no reason why such a regime should be unstable.  After all, most civilized and semi-civilized countries known to history have had a large class of slaves or serfs completely subordinate to their owners.  There is nothing in human nature that makes the persistence of such a system impossible.  And the whole development of scientific technique has made it easier than it used to be to maintain a despotic rule of a minority.  (A: That's over the public.)

When the government controls the distribution of food (A: Very important) its power is absolute, so long as it can count on the police and the armed forces.  And their loyalty can be secured by giving them some of the privileges of the governing class.  I do not see how any internal movement or revolt can ever bring freedom to the oppressed in a modern, scientific dictatorship. 


Well, that's what you're under today for those who really don't get it yet.  And it was decided a long time ago. It was decided before you were born.  And implemented.  And the techniques were on board.  And that's why they allowed real odd creeps that we know of, like the various behaviorists, who were dropping children onto tables to see if they cried and stuff like that.  And of course, all of the perverts that got in on sexual experimentation as well to bring out a new revolution in sexuality.  It was all fake of course.  But they even make movies about these characters and glorify them, but then Hollywood always would do that, wouldn't it.  It's a big part of it, and part of conditioning you.  So, as I say, Neuro-Linguistics is involved, Psycho-Linguistics is involved, Neuro-Economics, using psychology is involved to get you to cut back and be austere, and not feel so bad about your money being taken off you, more and more of it, by the way, to give out to the big corporations abroad, as they bring up Third World countries, supposedly to a better status, a higher status.  But in reality, the world is under a new feudal system, exactly as Professor Carroll Quigley said it would be, where the new feudal overlords are the CEOs of giant corporations.  And that's pretty well where we are today with this kind of stuff.  As I say, for those who haven't quite got it yet. 


And yesterday I talked about the Club of Rome and how they're a big think tank and big player, who get global agreements made. They ram them through.  They get accords, which really get signed eventually into treaties and laws.  And they came up with the whole idea of using global warming as a scam to get the world to redistribute the wealth and to give the individual power of the individual citizenry over to the government, for a totalitarian kind of system, which you're in again.  They said that democracy wouldn't work, and it didn't work, and they were determined to bring in an authoritarian system.  Well, that's what you've had since 2001.  Haven't you figured that out?  It's nothing to do with the Middle East or Afghanistan or Asia.  Nothing at all.  It's to do with bringing in the Agenda 21, the Project for the New Century.  It's sustainable living, sustainable development.  It's eugenics, depopulation, sterilization, and eventually food rationing.  And I said that the night the towers went down on the radio that you would see food rationing, and you would see eventually mass movements of people, across the countries, just like you do in any other wartime scenario.  You've got to use all the same techniques that have worked before.  And remember too, what Carroll Quigley said.  He said, you get more done in five years of war, in a social setting, on a social agenda, than fifty years of peace and propaganda.  That's why you're going through all this today.


Now it's so amusing to me, but the things really are amusing when you see them off, to carry on with their carbon scams, the taxes that you're going to be taxed with, very shortly, individually, as well as locally and state and nationally and all the rest of it.  That's being held in Cancun, while Britain is under the worst blizzard it's had for years.  And snow.  But that doesn't matter, because facts don't matter in this kind of society where we're all under the hypnosis basically, and illusion.  Remember, perception is more important than reality, in managing vast amounts of people.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, we're back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  You know, years ago, some of the top honchos in this big global system, we're really forced into, talked about the Age of World Managers.  And what they meant, then, was really the NGOs and the Big Foundations that would be part of the governing structure, this public/private deal, of course.  And it's already accomplished and it really was a long time ago, before they told you, because governments have always been taking these private think tanks on board, because they've always run the real world through these think tanks and foundations.  The governments that you see are mainly to give a kind of show, a Punch and Judy show or a wrestling match for the public, where they can slang each other, and get you split between parties and all that kind of stuff to keep you in confusion.   That's what they're for.  And also to sign agreements, to do the legal part of putting their pawmark on something.  That's what they really do.  We don't have democracy and we never have had it.  We've had great management of our minds, though.  And you can't compete in propaganda with these propagandists, because they're backed with billions and billions of dollars and access to all of the media.  The big media that you're trained again, it's more authoritarian, you see.  More official than all the little bloggers, so you listen to the official types and the experts.  Exactly what Bertrand Russell said.  And here's one of them here on your future.  And this is Forum for the Future, a big one of course, a big think tank.  And they're also in there with the United Nations and in with the whole agenda, the Thousand Points of Light.  There's a thousand main ones out there that guide the whole world through propaganda and through the incredible money that they have.  And they have direct access to all governments and so on.  They say:


Moving away from car ownership using real time traffic information to help plan journeys and having more virtual meetings will be vital to prevent mega-cities of the future from becoming dysfunctional and unpleasant places to live in, according to a study by the environmental think tank, Forum for the Future. 


The report argues that authorities must begin to plan now in order to create easier and more sustainable ways of accessing goods and services in the world's ever-growing cities.


(A: Because that's the plan, you see.  Everybody has to get off the country that shouldn't belong there.  It'll be authorized mega-farms only, by the corporation, the corporate farms, only.  And everyone else is to be stuck in the cities, because, you see, they can't allow.  All totalitarian systems always restrict your right to travel.  They want you all crammed together so that they can get you easily if they want to pick you up.  This is all part of it too.  So these characters here in Forum for the Future, are having their PR blurb there.  And it's from the Guardian, which is probably more left than Karl Marx.  They even have their own particular environmental guys.  These environmental journalists by the way are astonishing characters.  They wouldn't get a job scratching for a living in any real investigative journalism.  But they scratch out this rubbish and all parrot the same stuff from the same think tanks to make us believe that the world is in an awful, awful environmental crisis and global warming and all the rest of it.  Meanwhile, they all jet off to Cancun and across the world, wherever they're having these meetings, leaving massive trails of exhaust behind them, and partying it up with incredible meals, etc.  But of course, again, that goes back, as I say, this is the Age of World Managers.  If you wonder what they are, this is all part of world management, and these are the world managers.  And they always give you these future scenarios.)


By 2040, the world's urban population is expected to have grown from 3.5bn to 5.6bn. The new report calls for a radical re-engineering of cities' infrastructure to cope. (A: As they cram you in like Sardines.) "The future is going to look pretty urban ... with more and more people shifting to cities to the point that, by 2040, we're going to have two thirds of all the people in the world living in cities," said Ivana Gazibara, senior strategic adviser (A: They've got strategy advisor, eh?) at Forum for the Future (A: So they have to have strategies to propagandize you.) and an author of the report, Megacities on the Move.


So, I have no time for these, I call them prostitutes.  They're moral prostitutes and truth prostitutes, because they wouldn't go for truth if they fell over it.  And they certainly wouldn't pick it up, because there's no money in it for them.  But they certainly leave a trail of exhaust and rubbish across the planet.  That is the future, to be crammed into these mega-cities, and the mega-city idea first came out of the United Nations, which is always the hub of all of this stuff.  That's what it was set up to do. 


And that's why too, by the way, they give you masses of entertainment.  Masses of it.  Because they know quite well, like all animals, if you're crammed into a cage, you'll find at a certain point of space and room and so on, and then afterwards, deviant behavior of all kinds breaks out, right down to eating each other if need be.  That's natural.  Because what you're living in is unnatural.  You're not meant to be crammed together like that.  You're supposed to spread all over the earth, with your own little plot of land and privacy and all the rest of it.  But totalitarians hate that, you see.  It makes it awful hard for them to manage you, and control you.  So, they give you masses of entertainment.  And every, again, expert, you see, as Bertrand Russell said, from his days, even before the forties, he talked about this.  The need to get a massive entertainment industry on the go, to make sure that you're always kept in a mystical fantasy world, to help you cope with the incredible stress of being crowded in, to people who are having all-night parties and you're up at seven in the morning to go to work and stuff like that.  You see.  That's the reality of life. 


So, here we are.  We're getting humiliated all the time.  We're dehumanized and humiliated all the time.  And we're being taught to, you know, you go into the airport there, and at the start it was, oh, take your belt off, so there's guys holding their pants up.  Like prisoners do, you're taught to be humiliated.  You're nothing.  You're unworthy, you see.  You feel less powerful, when you're holding your pants up.  Very simple techniques.  They do it to all prisoners.  Then off came your shoes, so you really look rather stupid, like you're getting ready for bed or something.  And then it goes on to scanning you and groping you and so on.  This is all part of the psychological technique to dehumanize you, and to get you to accept your dehumanization.  And there's big business in it too.  Not only big business, but also it will bring down the population through cancers and so on, such as the body scanners.  And here's an article here, from the Rutherford Institute.  It says:


Are Body Scanners Dangerous to Your Health?


As the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pushes forward with its plan to place full-body scanners in all American airports, experts (A: Again, experts.  They don't have to say who they are.) in the scientific community are raising serious concerns that the full-body scanners are not medically safe for the millions of people that will be exposed to them each year. Even the Allied Pilots Association has urged its members to opt out of the body scanning measures because of the “ionizing radiation, which could be harmful to their health.”


(A: It's amazing, since the days of Marie Curie and even before, anybody who handled the radioactive isotopes eventually, to X-ray you, all died of cancers.  All of them.  Well, why do you think the guys who work in the clinics, when you go to hospital for an X-Ray, have the lead aprons on and all the rest of it, and stand behind leaded glass windows?  They're not going to get dosed with the stuff they're dosing you with.  And they have little badges there to pick up on the radiation that accumulates, because they're only allowed to get so much, before they have to go off duty and try and get rid of some of it.  Do they give you that option where you're going back and forth through the airports or on the buses and so on?  Or scanning you in the streets with their mobile vans?  Well, no.  Because you're cattle, you see.  That's all you are.)


In April 2010, four members of the University of California faculty relayed to Dr. John P. Holdren, (A: The guy who wants depopulation as I've gone through his history before.) President Obama’s Science and Technology czar, (A: I love the terminology.  They all them the czar, because we are the New Soviet, you see.) their concerns about the serious health risks posed to travelers by the whole body back scatter X-ray scanners. Dr. Sedat is a Professor Emeritus in Biochemistry and Biophysics, with expertise in imaging; Dr. Marc Sherman is an internationally well known and respected cancer expert; and Drs. David Agard and Robert Stroud are X-ray crystallographers and imaging experts. Suffice it to say, these men know what they’re talking about. So when they suggest that an immediate moratorium is needed on the use of the scanners in order to carry out a second independent evaluation to determine that the scanners really are safe, our government, which is supposed to protect us from these kinds of dangers, should listen.


(A: I don't know where they think the government is supposed to protect you from these kinds of dangers.  There's propaganda for you, right.)


Specifically, these scientists argue that the concentration of radiation on the skin of individuals being scanned poses a serious cancer risk that has been largely dismissed. The TSA has compared the radiation received from the body scanner to the radiation that is absorbed in regular airplane travel or the radiation from a chest X-ray. However, in their memo to Dr. Holdren, Drs. Sedat, Agard, Stroud and Shuman note that this comparison is “very misleading.” The TSA estimates only consider the radiation as it would be if absorbed by the whole body, as opposed to how the scanner really operates, which is to concentrate the radiation on the skin. The scientists claim that the body scanners have not received a proper medical review using “key data” which would allow for a proper understanding of the medical impact of the technology which they believe could cause mutations and skin cancer. They suggest setting up an independent panel to review the safety concerns posed by the scanners, a highly reasonable suggestion for a piece of technology that will be scanning millions of people a year.


(A: And then they also go through the other universities too, that have tested it and so on.)


Other scientists have also voiced their concerns over the devices, such as Dr. David Brenner who heads Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research. He states that radiation produced by the scanners is twenty times higher than the official estimate.  (A: That they give the public; it's twenty times higher in reality.)  Physics professor Peter Rez at Arizona State University echoes Dr. Brenner’s claims. He points out that there is a real possibility that a body scanner could malfunction, concentrating unsafe amounts of radiation on one area of the body. “The scary thing to me is not what happens in normal operations, but what happens if the machine fails. Mechanical things break down, frequently.”


(A: And who's checking them?  Who's going to maintain them, eh?  So it says:)


On a side note, while it’s bad enough that the scanners can see through your clothing to an alarming degree, they can also reveal quite a bit about your health history. As Dr. Kristin Byrne, a radiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, points out, “The airport scanners show anything on the surface of the skin and very closely under the skin.” This includes foreign objects close to the skin, including piercings, catheters…


(A: It's amazing too.  There's a guy who got on a plane recently, after getting really hassled at the airport, and they ripped his catheter and the bag from him, covering him in urine and then put him on the plane, covered in urine.  There's humiliation for you, and dehumanization, by these steroid, fat creeps that they put out there dressed in black at the airports.  That's what they're training you for, to get bossed around by these pinheads.  It says: )


These are items that most people want to keep private and away from the prying eyes of the public and government officials.


(A: Well, it's dehumanization.  That's the purpose of it all.)


Despite all of this, Janet (A: Napoleon, sorry, it's Napolitano.  There's word association for you.  I guess they must have chosen that one carefully.) secretary of the Department of Homeland Defense insists that the full-body scanners “are safe…


Of course.  She doesn't have to go through them, having special privileges, and on and on it goes.  So, anyway, of course they're not safe.  And, really, what can you say?  You've got all these people who, I don't think you can humiliate them enough, an awful lot of them.  Maybe tell them to strip naked and crawl on all fours and bark like dogs.  I mean, personally, I have no respect for them.  Why should they respect you when you comply?  Because it really brings out the sado-masochistic tendencies of the worst kinds of human behavior, especially in the worst kinds of people, and that's exactly what they hire.  It always leads to the same thing.  Always, always, always. 


Now in Denmark, they brought out the National ID card, and it's the NEM ID, they call it.  And I believe it's a Canadian company that runs it.  And it also does your bank and everything else on it.  If you want to go to pay for your childcare, you have to show this ID thing, and you also have to take one of the codes that they give you.  They give you hundreds of codes to pick from, and eventually you use up all these codes and you apply for a new card.  So, I'll put the link up for that tonight as well.  And you can peruse that to see what's coming your way.


Now, under this world system, all food is to be in the hands of really one group.  And although there's really five main agribusinesses as they call them, they're really one group with the same shareholders, with the big banking fraternities up there at the top.  Because if you want to rule the world, you've got to rule the basic things, things which are necessities.  Food and water.  Next to that comes clothing, well they won't need clothing when they're getting humiliated I suppose.  Anyway, they need heat and shelter.  All these things they are going for, your homes, everything.  It's warfare, folks.  Anyway, this article here is from AlterNet, and it says:


Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab


Billions have been spent allowing corporations to profit from public water sources even though water privatization has been an epic failure in Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa and everywhere else it's been tried. But don't tell that to controversial loan-sharks at the World Bank. (A: And the World Bank, by the way, under the United Nations, is a private group of bankers.  The same bankers that lend the checks to your countries to print the money up and demand real goods in return.) Last month, its private-sector funding arm International Finance Corporation (IFC) quietly dropped a cool 100 million euros ($139 million US) on Veolia Voda, the Eastern European subsidiary of Veolia, the world's largest private water corporation. Its latest target? Privatization of Eastern Europe's water resources.


"Veolia has made it clear that their business model is based on maximizing profits (A: Well, all privatization does that, if you haven't figured that out.), not long-term investment," Joby Gelbspan, senior program coordinator for private-sector watchdog Corporate Accountability International.


Now, I'm going to put that up tonight, too, for you to have a look at as well.  You see, do you understand, slavery is one thing, and okay, we've always been slaves in one form or another, as Charles Galton Darwin says.  And he says they're bringing in a more sophisticated form of slavery.  And sure, we have massive psychology and neurosciences working on our brains all the time, as we flick through all the drama and fictions to get downloaded with new normals.  But, at the same time, I would always hope that somewhere deep down in a few individuals, would be a bit, a little bit of distrust of it all, and an objection to it perhaps.  Is that asking too much?  Is it really asking too much, you know?  When you go up to your new masters and you're saying more gruel, sir, more gruel.  Hmm?  Because that's coming folks.  With your Communitarian aspect of it, as they're implementing it in Britain, down to the local level.  The New Soviet.  The way the Soviet was supposed to be is being introduced in Britain right now, under the pretense of decentralizing government and putting it right down to the local level, where the citizens are involved.  They're all part of your community, and you'd better turn up at the meetings or they wonder, why?  Are you antisocial?  Just like China.  The model state for the world, of course, is China.  It's quite something, I tell you.  Anyway here's the music coming up, and I'll be back with more after these messages.  Indignation, indignation, indignation.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just one more article.  Remember, all these articles I put links up at, at the end of the show.  It takes about an hour or so, to get them to start to upload and be visible on the sites when you go into it.  So, give it a little bit of time.  And it takes about four hours altogether to get all of these sites up, or more, sometimes.  Here's an article too, from Bloomberg, and I mentioned this already last week I think it was, or the week before, about how they're bypassing national laws and getting the states and provinces in Canada to merge with their carbon creation deals, by using mayors and politicians and so on.  It's so clever these guys, but there's big money in it for these guys too, so their pockets get nice and fat.  And that's how the world really works.  It says:


California, New Mexico and 10 U.S. Northeastern states may try to create a North American carbon market on their own now that President Barack Obama has given up on cap-and-trade legislation that stalled in Congress.


(A: Well, they were actually already working on this stuff for the last few years.  About five years they've been working and bypassing Congress altogether.)


The emissions-trading system would be based on a planned carbon market in California, the most populous state, and an existing regional cap-and-trade program for power plants in the Northeast, according to state environmental officials. Three Canadian provinces have also shown interest in a cross-border carbon-trading system, the officials said.


Well, they actually have done more than that.  They've actually signed what they call accords over the last few years, all these mayors and politicians on both sides of the border.  So, they go on about that.  And I'll put this link up as well.  And there's a caller there.  I might just get a minute in.  Is Nate in Maryland there?


Nate: Hello?


Alan: Hello, yes.


Nate: Hey, Alan.  First of all, I want to thank you for the service that you're doing, and I had a quick comment and then a question.  A comment on your talk about people questioning things.  And I'm a young guy, just graduated.  And there are people who see the media, and it's just really a farce on some of these cable channels.  And people are beginning to question the motives.  But my question is, I wanted to hear your comments on feminism as it's coming into universities, and the mainstream, and how it's sort of a changing of the guard in terms of values that is taught to folks, and especially in regards to men.  There's no value in competitiveness or sort of some of the male strengths, I would say.


Alan: I'll tell you. I'll touch on that tomorrow, as well, because it's a big, and there's such a history to it, but it's a big field altogether.  The destruction of the family unit has been a priority when they set up the League of Nations, before even the United Nations.  And then of course, they transformed into the United Nations.  And also, the destruction of what they call the paternal society, where males were generally in charge of things, because they'd always found that to get their goal of what they called a peaceful world, which they meant really a scientifically organized and dominated world, they'd have to eliminate the man's role in all of the structure of society.  And they've had a full-scale war to devalue the male.  And of course, we've got thousands of examples of how it's been done.  It's such a huge area, as I say, I'd have to go through a bit of the history of this, to show you why they did it, how they did it, and where they're going with it.  But you're absolutely right.  The one enemy they've had all down the ages who fought against their planned takeovers and changes and rule was always the male, who got up and got the guys together and they fought and rebelled.  They're trying to eliminate that ability altogether.  And men feel basically powerless now.  That's the whole intent of it.  That's the music in, for the night, so, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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