Dec. 6, 2010 (#720)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 6, 2010:

Man Will Be a Slave for a Roof,
Ain't That the Sad Truth:

"To Control a Whole World How Far will You Go?
Well, All the Way to Make Your Will So,
With Nature's Secret Dropped in Your Lap,
You Re-Create Society, Because Man will Adapt,
If "Experts" Persuade Him, No Plan is Fantastic,
His Adaptation and Credulity are Truly Elastic,
He was Forced Off Farm for an Industrial Age,
Learned to Work 16 Hour Days at Minimum Wage,
His Sons Fight Your Conquests, Tear Enemies Asunder,
All for Ribbons and Medals, Leaving You to Plunder,
At the End, Crash Banks into which He Saves,
He'll say "Feed Us, Clothe Us, Make Us Your Slaves" "
© Alan Watt Dec. 6, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 6, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 6, 2010.  Newcomers to the show, look into web site and help yourself to the hundreds of audios that are up there for download and listening to.  I cover a broad range of topics but it’s really on the big system you are living in and how we got to be where we are, the big forces behind it, the agencies behind it, the foundations behind it, all of that kind of stuff is what I touch on and I try to give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture.  You truly are living in a managed society.  It’s completely managed including what you do, what you think, what your topics of conversation are, the fashions you wear, what they are going to be next year, 10 years from now, and the kind of societies you are going to live in, in 5, 10, 15, 20, all the way up to maybe 50-100 years time.  That’s all in the works and you are actually living through the changes without realizing it because you are the most adaptable species on the planet, as Darwin said. 


When you are in the web site, remember that you are the listeners who bring me to you.  I don’t bring in advertisers to sell their products and that’s how generally hosts make their money – which is fine.  But I’ve got more leeway by doing it this way.  So it’s up to you the audience to support me.  If you want to buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale then go into and choose what you want.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, donations are very welcome indeed.  It doesn’t matter how small it is either.  I’d be living very well right now if everybody sent 50 cents or a dollar per week, or per month, believe you me, because there are thousands and thousands who listen, but we live in an age where everyone thinks they are living in an everything-is-free world.  They have been taught to think that everything is free, as they get led into the bigger cage of course.  Nothing in the world out there is free, nothing.  Nothing at all is free. 


Every program that you download on your computer has a catch to it whether you know it or not and it’s all to do with monitoring YOU and basically putting you in your little ‘cluster’ – because we all belong to clusters apparently – with your habits and your social traits and the topics that you like, the forums that you join, even the clubs you might actually physically go to.  They keep track of all of this kind of stuff, and the chit-chat between you and all of your ‘friends’, as they say, so that they can put a personality profile out on you and have an ideal exact duplicate, of you, working in big institutions like the Pentagon.  I’ve read their official sites, when I went into that particular article, where they say there’s an IDENTICAL you, for everybody, in North America, in a virtual reality.  All your updated data, daily, is taken, with all your exchanges and added to it so that you can be predictable.  They run tests on virtual you’s to see what you would do in different situations.  Talking about managing society, it’s a doddle, as they say… it’s easy.  It’s very easy to manage society with the technology that’s out there today.  It’s always been pretty easy, mind you, in all ages really.  We’ve been managed very, very well.  We’re taught all we need to know.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  We’ve been managed down through the ages very, very well because the public are taught all they are supposed to know.  And I mean supposed to know – not just what they need to know but what they are supposed to know.  There are terrific minds down through the ages too who helped Kings and Queens and then governments, as advisors, on how to do it. These are arts that are very ancient.  There ARE archives – I touched on that last week. There are admitted archives that Bertrand Russell talked about.  He said that very few would get access to these particular archives and that even at universities too, each branch of the university, each area, each specialized area, would be run with elderly men who would keep it that way for the students coming up. The students would simply do what they were told and do experiments, which were already done so many times before.  That’s what REsearch is.  You’re searching what’s already been done before.  Of course these elderly men would make sure that you’d go out into the world never knowing that there were sciences and experiments way beyond what you’d been trying.  That keeps everything in a kind of status quo.  The elite themselves must keep the high technology and the high sciences to themselves otherwise they would lose power, lose control over the general public.


Russell said this as well, in The Impact of Science on Society:


“The completeness of the resulting control over opinion depends in various ways upon scientific technique. Where all children go to school, and all schools are controlled by the government, the authorities can close the minds of the young to everything contrary to official orthodoxy. Printing is not possible without paper, and all paper belongs to the State. Broadcasting and the cinema are equally public monopolies. The only remaining possibility of unauthorized propaganda is by secret whispers from one individual to another.   (A:  He was also talking about what was already up and running when he wrote his book back in the ’30s.  You had the soviet system of course, doing everything that’s coming in here, in the world now.  It was already being tested out in the Soviet Union.  You had the rise of Nazi Germany too and all of the techniques were being used by both of these totalitarian powers because they were both socialist in structure, and socialism will always go this way.)  But this, in turn, is rendered appallingly dangerous by improvements in the art of spying. Children at school are taught that it is their duty to denounce their parents if they allow themselves subversive utterances in the bosom of the family. No one can be sure that a man who seems to be his dearest friend will not denounce him to the police; the man may himself have been in some trouble, and may know that if he is not efficient as a spy his wife and children will suffer. All this is not imaginary, it is daily and hourly reality. Nor, given oligarchy, is there the slightest reason to expect anything else.”


That’s what we are living in today.  I’ve gone through the Reece Commission in the past.  I’ve gone through Norman Dodd’s report.  He talked about it too; there is a video up on YouTube I believe, with him talking about the Commission.  It was commissioned by the Congress to go and investigate the non-profit organizations, the big foundations as they call them, to find out why they seemed to be promoting and funding, with incredible amounts of money, the big so-called far left associations and movements.  Why would multi-millionaires… why would the biggest capitalists on the planet be funding what seemed to be the far left movement that they thought of course, in Congress and so on, was its opposite. They got close to the truth because some of the CEOs of the big foundations, like the Ford Foundation, admitted that they took their orders directly from the White House, because the White House even then was run by the Council on Foreign Relations, according to Carroll Quigley.  They also said their job was to change the culture so drastically in America and in Europe that it would blend seamlessly with that of the Soviet Union.  Eventually they’d come together in a third way.  This is what we have now; we’ve got the blending of the two into this third way. 


They had to have a war to kick if off, so they got the War on Terror to kick it off and really go forward with it, because you can get more done under a war scenario, with taking rights away from the public, since they’ve tested all this before, even in World War II, in Britain and elsewhere.  You can take all their rights from them.  You can get them on rationing if need be.  And the public will tend to obey and do what they’re told, and there’s less grumbling amongst them.  They needed a warfare scenario.  Bingo, they got what they wanted because they make things happen.  The whole world is now under a form of totalitarianism. The trick now is to keep the public in perpetual warfare scenarios where it’s one thing after another.  It’s financial crashes, it’s terrorist threats, it’s one thing after another.  Of course, ALL correspondence is monitored, exactly as Russell talked about.  Even when you whisper to someone, you wonder if there is a third ear somewhere, because they have so much gizmos and gadgetry out there you never know. 


I read an article recently where the Pentagon had put in a massive order for all of these little drones, spy drones, some of them apparently they are working on look like birds… literally look like birds.  They can sit on your telegraph wire and listen in, and follow you, even up corridors and so on.  That’s the world they are bringing in.  Everyone out there will think, they won’t bother me, I’m not important.  Well, you understand, everyone is a variable in this big system.  EVERY single person out there is a variable.  That’s why they want you to be putting all your data up on the net, every day, and texting and all the rest of it, so they can monitor you in REAL time and upgrade the virtual you that they have in the big super Cray computers, where they can put their tests out and see, what will little Johnny do in this position or that position?  What will he do?  And they are generally right, as I say.  All kinds of stress tests and so on that your virtual you is put under, they are pretty well on the ball.  That’s the kind of world they are bringing in. 


Someone asked last week about it too, about the cameras on buses and so on.  What I’m saying is, that with the cameras, etc, everywhere, that’s all part of training you too, training you that this is going to be forever. The surveillance society is to be FOREVER.  The war of terror, or the war on terror – I call it war OF terror because they always have a war OF terror when they have the next part of their revolutions.  It has to train you for as long as it takes, and it will be forever I think, ongoing, that YOU are always under some surveillance.  You will behave differently when you are under surveillance.  You cannot be spontaneous.  What they do too, as you are travelling in buses or trains or whatever, and you are chatting on your phone, that’s all done in real time; they know exactly where you are.  They will know why you are going there, by the way.  They will know who you are going to see.  They will pretty well predict what you are going to talk about and so on.  Everyone is a variable.  Maybe a little knock on the head and it will fall and it might wake you up a bit, and you’ll start behaving erratically, and then they must use the knowledge they have ON you to try and get you back under control.  That’s how terrified they are of someone that might get an idea. 


All technology of course, with private enterprise, with the big international corporations, are on board with this big agenda.  Every single one of them.  I’ve gone through the list before where IBM calls its big meetings and any corporation that’s any kind of big corporation is right there with them, on board with them.  I’ve given out their links and their sites and so on, to show you who all these corporations are and what they do.  These are corporations that really run every aspect of your life, right down to your food supply, everything.  That’s what it’s about.  You understand, if you want to conquer people you must make them helpless, technically, without them knowing it.  Most folk think they can always go to that grocery store and pick as much of that stuff that they eat whenever they want it.  They think that will always be like that.  Even though the big boys themselves have said they are now in the process of doing what Karl Marx said they’d do, which is the redistribution of wealth; that’s taking your money, robbing you, to put to international corporations that will base themselves in third world countries.  You’ve got to be very predictable on how you will manage that or accept that.  Most folk, again, as in all ages, we accept whatever the master does.


Russell said too, this dictatorship that would come in, he said he would go along with it if it was a scientific dictatorship.  He said it will be horrible, it will be ruthless, on the general public, but it must be so.  He was all for it.  He helped plan a lot of what you are going through today.  He and many others like him, in big think tanks that worked with people from all kinds of departments of society, to bring in what they call ‘the big society,’ ‘the world society’ run with scientific supervision and really a conveyor belt system from birth to the grave. That’s what he was talking about and that’s what we are going through today. 


Here’s IBM today in fact.  It says…




(A:  Transportation for your cars, and their smart cars are coming out.  It says…)

Next time you're stuck in traffic, think about this: as smart as our cars have become, our roadways are about to get a whole lot smarter.  (A:  I remember talking about this years ago, when I saw posts getting put in along some of the highways, every 100-200 yards with the little devices on them.  I thought, well that’s for tracking obviously.  Then I found out of course, not only had the cars been getting these little tracking boxes in them, they also had embedded chips in the tires themselves.  The manufacturers did it; they’ve done that for quite a few years.)


Building new roads and new lanes often just isn't possible any longer, but building intelligence into the roads and the cars-with roadside sensors, radio frequency tags, and global positioning systems-certainly is.


In Stockholm, a new smart toll system has reduced traffic congestion and carbon emissions  (A:  They all get on the bandwagon because they’re all working together for the same goal.) by impressive percentages.  (A:  That means they’ve taken a lot of cars off the road, or dissuaded the people from driving.  That’s what that means.  Not because it’s great technology.  Technology has many different purposes and part of it can be to oppress you until you just get off the road.)


They go into all the different things they can do. They are working with the ‘internet of things’ on this site.  I’ll leave this for you. There are a lot of videos they have up there from the IBM site itself and you can see what they’re up to, at least what they want to tell you they’re up to right now.  Whenever they tell you they’re up to something and they show you videos on it, they’ve already got it.  What’s to come, they won’t tell you at the time.  What’s coming next year, they won’t tell you at the time, at least most of it; maybe 1% they’ll tell you.  It’s got a whole bunch of things and they’re working in different countries, worldwide; this is a worldwide project.  Of course everything will be linked to central computers for the planet.  That’s what this is all about. 


Part of it too, is the reengineering of society.  I read an article last week, again, from Bertrand Russell and I gave the quote where he talked about needles, injections, and injunctions would… That’s the music coming in so I’ll be back with the rest of this after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I mentioned a quote just before I went off the air there, from Bertrand Russell, where he that diet, injections and injunctions – he meant also obviously coupled with psychological indoctrination – would produce the perfect citizen that the oligarchies, or the ruling class wanted.  I think personally this has been done.  Lots of them were involved, to do with injections, inoculations to find ways of targeting specific parts of the brain that (what they called) ‘stopped world peace’ from coming in.  This part of the brain that made you you, that made you upset at times when something went wrong or someone was oppressing you – they wanted to eradicate that part of the brain and I think they’ve done it with a lot of people to be honest with you, which means of course that the Military-Industrial Complex – of course it did – it had the big pharma on board from the beginning, the very beginning.  You’ll find the same people who own the big shares in big pharma are the same ones who own the big shares in everything else across the planet.  There are not that many of them.  The BIG shares I’m talking about, including your food supply.  Regardless of the company they talk about investing in, there are only 5 big agri-food businesses out there. 


Here’s an article here.  It sounds very official, like all these things do.  It’s from the Toronto Sun. 


Register kids' vaccinations: health experts

By LAURA PAYTON, Parliamentary Bureau / / December 6, 2010


OTTAWA – Canada needs a national vaccination registry so no child misses out on being immunized, a public health group says.


The Canadian Public Health Association says a registry would help the government track how many people across the country (A:  Now, that’s not children.  First they say it’s children, at the top, and now it says “track how many people across the country”…) have been vaccinated, as well as whether children who move between provinces are up to date on their shots.


In a report to be released Monday, the association says Canada needs a national strategy, the core of which would be the registry and a co-ordinated vaccine schedule.


Experts who contributed to the report fear kids miss out on immunization if they move between provinces because some are on different schedules. Not all provinces pay for the same vaccines either, leaving out poor families in some areas. 


See, it’s vital, like getting televisions.  It was vital at one time that all citizens of Britain got a television set.  The government made a project to make sure that it became affordable for used and reconditioned sets and easy payment plans.  China has the same policy in right now and so has up-and-coming India.  Believe you me, it’s something more than just making sure you don’t have the occasional cough once in while.  And who are they, these characters?  Well, again, it’s the…


Canadian Public Health Association


The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) is a national, independent, not-for-profit, voluntary (A:  That’s charitable…) association representing public health in Canada.


So, did you know that Canadians all have the CPHA, as they call themselves, this voluntary association, who represent you and your health?  They are actually, of course, they have their social motives and social plan to go along with it of course.  They also work worldwide with the same things in every other country, the same non-profit association worldwide to make sure we all get out dumbing-down shots, the ones that give you chronic fatigue syndrome and all of that kind of stuff, which they know darn well about too.  This is the world you are living in.  Do you understand what Russell was talking about was a multi-pronged attack on YOU, your physical health?  When you’re not feeling too energetic you’re no problem to any totalitarian government.  You don’t have any energy, your mind is sluggish and you will go along with anything to get along and survive.  Quite simple. 


Then we find the big guys too, the multi-billionaires, who all suddenly hit the magic number of dollars and want to drastically reduce the population of the planet.  No matter what they got their money in, suddenly they are philanthropists that want to kill you.  Amazing isn’t it?  From the Globe and Mail we see Ted Turner, another member of ‘the lucky gene club’ with Bill Gates and all those guys who want to do the same thing, bring down the population of the planet, so that it’s left for the better types, the ones that natural selection would say should go on into the next world order, without all of you, the defective types.  It says…


Ted Turner urges global one-child policy to save planet

SHAWN McCARTHY / / Dec. 5, 2010


Climate change and population control can make for a politically explosive mix, as media mogul Ted Turner demonstrated Sunday when he urged world leaders to institute a global one-child policy to save the Earth’s environment.


Mr. Turner spoke at a luncheon where economist Brian O’Neill from the U.S.’s National Center for Atmospheric Research unveiled his study on the impact of demographic trends on future greenhouse gas emission, a little-discussed subject given its political sensitivity.


Mr. O’Neill’s study concluded that a rapidly rising global population is contributing to an acceleration of emission growth, and that widespread availability of family planning could reduce the amount of emissions reductions required in 2050 by as much as 30 per cent. 


See, that’s what family planning is all about.  It’s abortion and sterilization, for those who still give money to charities that go out for women’s issues in the third world countries.  These guys are telling you what it’s really for, if you understand what they are saying.  By the way, I’ll put up a link to a video and you will hear one of these so-called specialists at the NOAA Project, The National Oceanographic and whatever else it is, the guys that do the weather for you.  A professor, by the way; you’ll hear him giving a speech in front of all his supporters, for the eco groups, the greenies, and saying the same thing:  We need vast depopulation.  [‘Scientist: Reducing population is the "master variable"’]  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, when you read this stuff you get so fed up seeing the same repetitive agenda, because these guys do keep repeating, from a thousand sources, to make sure we all get the same message at the same time:  We’ve got to reduce the population drastically.  That’s what, really, this whole greening idea and saving the planet from emissions and CO2 is all about.  Remember, the Eugenics Society, when it got a bad name after it was found out what was happening in Germany in World War II, they changed their names many-many times; they still have it on the go by the way, under different names based in Britain.  They also went into the greening movement as a way to get their agenda through.  Bring down the population… first bring up the green idea, to the maximum, get lots of supporters, and then hit them with their real mission which was to depopulate the planet from all of the useless eaters, as they like to call them, those people who are no longer required for a modern high-tech society.  We’re non-industrial now; China makes all the industry, it’s the manufacturer for the world in fact. 


That article I’ll put up with all the other links where they talk about bringing down the population, how we should copy China.  I’ve told you years ago that the United Nations stated that China was the model state for the world to emulate or copy.  That’s what you’ve got.  It’s out in the open now.  They are openly talking about basically getting rid of the elderly in hospitals by euthanasia; they are having programs on it in Britain, and I’ve given the links for some of them, where professors, again, come on with the pros and cons.  But the whole idea is to get the idea into your head, to prepare you for it so you’ll accept it without any qualms, as long as it’s happening to someone else.  That’s why. 


We’ve seen the hoopla and all the lies.  I’ve given all the statements by top members of the IPCC and government officials too, to do with the global warming scam.  Miss McClellan from Canada, who was in a few years ago in the federal government said, it doesn’t matter if all the data on global warming is wrong, this can be used she says, we can use this for global equality.  So you understand, there is always a political reason, a social reason behind something which they are not telling you.  Everything is a front for something else is what I’m saying.  Of course part of the ‘scary scenarios’ I read too, from the guy who said we always give them scary scenarios each time the big meetings come up, like the one at Cancun.  They tell you scary scenarios to terrify the life out of you so that you’ll say, do something, do something.  They want to get everybody to sign on board, to give up all our rights to anything at all and allow ourselves to be supervised and post-consumer and all the rest of it, down to austerity, which the banks help with too because they’re all in it together.  And to get you to living like peasants used to live, as we die off, only they won’t leave you on the land, they want you crowded into the cities and dying off there. 


Here’s what they’re telling us now, after all the ridiculous stuff they’ve come out with in the past, they throw a bone your way as they go on with the meeting.  This is a bone.  This is to put you off guard, to think, well I guess they’re going to back off now.  It says…


Alarmist Doomsday warning of rising seas 'was wrong',

 says Met Office study

By Daily Mail Reporter / / 6th December 2010


Alarming predictions that global warming could cause sea levels to rise 6ft in the next century are wrong, it has emerged.  (A:  I’m glad something is emerging out of the sea.)


The forecast made by the influential 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,  (A:  That’s the one headed by Pachauri who was a railroad engineer.) which would have seen cities around the world submerged by water, now looks ‘unlikely’.  (A:  …they say.  Well, yeah, it’s very unlikely.)


A Met Office study also rules out the shutdown of the Atlantic Ocean’s conveyor belt, which would trigger Arctic winters in Britain like those seen in the film The Day After Tomorrow.


However, the report says the IPCC was right to warn of a sea level rise of up to 2ft by 2100, and that a 3ft rise could happen.  (A:  Well anything could happen.  Isn’t it wonderful, any child can write anything on what could happen about anything… and you can’t disprove it if it hasn’t happened, you see.)


The IPCC underestimated the danger posed by the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the release of methane from warmer wetlands, the report adds.  (A:  As they throw their bone to you, they hit you with all this other nonsense.)


They are going much, much further than that actually.  They want to eventually take all your food under their wing, by bioengineering it and they’ll have the patents on it of course.  They also want to do this with surgery.  No kidding.  This is like something out of a comic book.


Surgical anesthetic gases coming under fire for global warming potential – Only one problem: they haven’t been observed in the atmosphere

(A: … at all.  It doesn’t matter though.)

December 5, 2010 by Anthony Watts /


The press release below is from the University of Copenhagen Department of Chemistry. The anesthetic gases isofluran, desflurane and sevoflurane are coming under scrutiny for global warming potential. (A:  Potential, right.)  However, what isn’t stated in the press release is this important paragraph of the scientific paper : 


(A:  Here is the important part.)  There are no production numbers available in the literature for the anaesthetic agents. The three compounds have not yet been observed in the free atmosphere, and current atmospheric levels are expected to be small (of the order of part per trillion/volume). At these concentrations, when viewed in isolation, their present contribution to the relative forcing of climate change is negligible in comparison with the current forcing of 1.7 Watts/sq meter due to CO2.


Later though, even though they admit they have no numbers on the production quantity of these anaesthetic agents, and “the three compounds have not yet been observed in the free atmosphere”, they use some SWAG to make this claim:


Hence, we conclude that global emissions of inhalation anaesthetics, when measured by the 100 yr GWP, have a contribution to the radiative forcing of climate change which is comparable with that of the CO2 emissions (A:  So here they have done no tests at all, but then they tell you that it’s actually comparable with that of the CO2 emissions…) from one coal-fired power plant or approximately 1 million passenger cars. 


(A:  That’s the stuff they call science.  Do you understand, there are thousands of these lying bums living on incredibly large grants that will be on the street looking for jobs if all this falls through.  These are the incredible lies that they are coming out with, but it ties in… it ties in with you getting used to the idea that your medical systems are going to be very minimalistic in the coming future.  Countries like Britain are already finding that out as they slash and burn and slash and burn down to the bone.  Remember what the United Nations said a long time ago, that every country under its charter will have the right, everybody will have the right to the MINIMUM, the bare minimum of health care.  And it will be minimum indeed.  I guess they’ll be back to putting a piece of rubber in your mouth or telling you to bite on a stick when they have to go in with the knife… because that’s where it seems to be going.  Incredible isn’t it?  So here they are, they haven’t tested this stuff at all and then later on they put a claim in that it’s comparable with that of CO2 emissions from one coal fired power plant or approximately 1 million passenger cars.  It says…)


Gosh, more than a whole coal-fired power plant! Somebody tell China immediately so they can stop building two a week.  (A:  Under their treaties and the World Trade Organization they don’t have to bother about pollution at all; neither will India, Brazil and elsewhere, that the money is being sunk in to by those who own all the money of the world.  So there you go.)


Again too, they used to say when I was small, you are what you eat.  To an extent it’s awfully true.  We’ve been eating GMO vegetables for God knows how long.  It was 10 years in secrecy apparently before the public were told in Canada they were the guinea pigs.  So how long was it really?  We’ll have no idea because they won’t tell us.  The same thing is happening with meat too, with all the different growth hormones and stuff in it.  They’ve gone on to cloned cattle meat and milk.  This is what they say here…


Cloned Cattle Meat And Milk 'Is Safe To Eat'

November 26, 2010 / / Pete Norman, Sky News Online


(A:  It’s safe to eat… There you go. That’s good enough for me, is that good enough for you?)


Meat and milk from cloned cattle and their offspring is no different to conventional produce and is safe to consume, Government advisers have said.  (A:  It’s amazing now, you know, we just get experts telling us everything, exactly what Russell said, that they would train the public they must listen to experts and only do what the experts advise.  That’s happened.  We already have two or three generations grown up like that now.)


The recommendation could lead to food from cloned livestock being sold in shops.  (A:  Well I found out a few weeks back there, they’d already done it, and no one had asked for a license to do it, they just got it into the food chain.)


The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) said there was no evidence of any differences between produce from cloned animals and that from conventionally-bred cattle.


It was ordered to carry out the review after it emerged in August that milk and meat from the offspring of cloned cows had reached stores in the UK without a licence.


Responding to the findings, Andrew Wadge, (A:  I wonder if that’s a cloned wedge…) chief scientist at the Food Standards Agency (FSA), said: "In considering this hypothetical application, the ACNFP has confirmed that meat and milk from cloned cattle and their offspring shows no substantial difference to conventionally produced (A:  What do you mean no substantial difference?  What differences are there?  Are they going to tell us?) meat and milk and therefore is unlikely to present a food safety risk."  (A:  That’s the same statement they gave about Monsanto’s food as modified crops.  It’s the same statement they gave, which meant that they don’t have to test it.)


The committee said more evidence was needed to show how rearing animals in different environments may affect the meat and milk.  (A:  That’s on your shelves now too.  You don’t know what you’re eating anymore, except it’s not good for you whatever it is, even the vegetarians, believe you me.)


Getting back to the art, really, the art of managing whole herds of people, because that’s what they call us at the top.  We are herds you see.   In fact, in medicine they actually call it that now, herd management, when they come down to inoculations and so on, and herd inoculation.  It’s actually in the medical books.  I’ve read the articles from the papers when we had the SARS outbreak in Canada, or the phony SARS one, and they actually called it ‘herd management.’ 


David Cameron spent £66,000 on TV coaching by Obama's body language expert during election campaign

By Jason Groves and Tamara Cohen / / 3rd December 2010


(A:  Now, people have professionals, again, people who are hypnotists.  One guy put a site up that was very good.  He went through all the different gestures that Obama was making and he was quite correct in recognizing that lots of it was the same stuff that stage hypnotists use, on the audience.  Cameron has been trained apparently by Obama’s, the same guy who taught Obama.  And it cost £66,000.)


David Cameron spent more than £66,000 flying in Barack Obama’s body language expert to help prepare for the televised election debates, it emerged yesterday.


Figures published by the Electoral Commission reveal that the Tories (A:  That’s the conservatives.) spent twice as much as Labour during the election.  (A:  Well, so what?)


The Conservatives’ campaign cost £16.7million, while Labour spent £8million. (A:  That’s probably all nonsense anyway.  I think they get a lot more than that from special interest groups.)  The Liberal Democrats spent £4.8million


David Cameron was prepared for his TV debates by President Obama's body language expert who flew over four times to advise the Tory leader


Detailed receipts show the Tories spent £66,333 hiring the Washington firm SKDKnickerbocker to prepare Mr Cameron for the debates, in which he was widely considered to have been bested by Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.


Consultant Anita Dunn, who advised President Obama on body language, was part of the team flown to London four times to prepare Mr Cameron. 


I can remember when Thatcher was in and Ronald Regan sent his team over to remake her.  She used to talk with a high-pitched voice and she was coached to talk much lower, and talk like that [Alan speaking slowly.].  They did her hair for her.  They showed her how to stand, how to posture, all this kind of stuff.  It’s used every time you see these guys.  They are using a form of hypnotism on you.  Of course really good salesmen are taught the same techniques.  They’ll stand like you in fact, and it puts you at ease.  You don’t realize why you’re at ease.  It’s because they’re actually mirroring you and your gestures.  You feel at home with those gestures and that person will then con you into buying something.  So every trick in the book is used. After all, you see, politics is just a show for the public that YOU must believe in, but they certainly don’t run the world or the system or the country.  They certainly don’t do that.  Carroll Quigley said that every member, at the top, in all parliaments and Congress in the US, had always been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  And before it was called the Council on Foreign Relations; it was actually born in the 1880s.  Every President and Prime Minister is all a member of the same organization that answered to a higher authority, NOT the public.  I hope you understand that. 


There’s an article here too, it’s worth mentioning and putting up on the site at the end of the show. 


Cancun climate conference: the warmists' last Mexican wave

The global warming scare was fun while it lasted, but the joke's over, says Christopher Booker. / By Christopher Booker 04 Dec 2010


If, last week, frozen behind a snowdrift, you heard a faint hysterical squeaking, it might well have been the sound of those 20,000 delegates holed up behind a wall of armed security guards in the sun-drenched Mexican holiday resort of Cancun, telling each other that the world is more threatened by runaway global warming than ever. Between their tequilas and lavish meals paid for by the world’s taxpayers, they heard how, by 2060, global temperatures will have risen by 4 degrees Celsius; how the Maldives and Tuvalu are sinking below the waves faster than ever; how the survival of salmon is threatened by CO2-induced acidification of the oceans; how the UN must ban incandescent light bulbs throughout the world. (A:  [Alan chuckles.] We’re going back into the dark ages with them folks.)


“Scientists”, we were told, are calling for everyone to be issued with a “carbon ration card”, to halt all Western economic growth for 20 years.


Meanwhile, Dr Rajendra Pachauri (A:  That’s the railroad engineer.) was telling us that we must spend hundreds of billions on covering the world’s oceans with iron filings, on building giant mirrors out in space and on painting all the world’s roofs white to keep out the heat from the sun.  (A:  I think he should go back to his train driving, this guy.  I wonder if he ever was on time, this guy, or even arrived at the right destination?)


The most obvious thing about all this ritualised scaremongering was how stale it all was. Not one of these points hasn’t been a cliché for years.  The only scientist who believes we should all be issued with carbon ration cards is a Prof Kevin Anderson, who has been saying it since 2004. It is only those same old computer models that predict that Tuvalu and the Maldives are about to drown, when real measurements show the sea around them not to be rising at all. Far from the oceans acidifying, their pH currently ranges between 7.9 and 8.3, putting them very firmly on the alkaline side of the threshold, at 7.0.


The prediction that global temperatures will rise by four degrees in 50 years comes from that same UK Met Office computer which five weeks ago was telling us we were about to enjoy a “milder than average” winter, after three years when it has consistently got every one of its winter and summer forecasts hopelessly wrong.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ll put these link up on my sites in about an hour’s time, maybe two hours before it will be up there for you to see and you can look them up for yourselves, and put the pieces together, of this big, wonderful totalitarian system you are being guided along into, mainly through lies and deception but that’s good enough when they’re all on board at the top.  You’ll tend to doubt yourself and your own reason, that’s how it works so easily.  Orwell put that out so well, with the bureaucratic class.  He showed you how it worked, in 1984, for those who can still remember how to read. 


There is a caller there, Kallel from North Carolina on the line.  Are you there Kallel?


Kallel:  Yes.  I was reading The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler.  He puts this new totalitarian system… he makes this analogous to the difference between the agricultural revolution versus the industrial revolution.  These things are so different from each other.  As I was reading this I was wondering is it even worth avoiding this third wave?  If I could just get your comments on what the third wave is and you know, is it… I believe that it is worth avoiding but is it possible?


Alan:  What it is, remember too, and who Toffler is. Toffler is one of the… he’s more far left than Marx. But he believes in superior expert run government worldwide, a global system.  Newt Gingrich gave a copy of that book to every Congressman on the congressional steps a few years ago.  The third wave actually has one meaning that he gives out himself to do with ripples in a pond type of idea, but it’s also a play on ‘the third way’ that Plato talked about.  It’s a play as well on the Hegelian dialectic, that the third way comes out of the conflicts of the two opposing sides.  They love their little plays amongst themselves and that’s really what it is.  It’s exactly what the Reece Commission talked about.  It’s what Lenin talked about where he said the dictatorship of the proletariat would last maybe a generation or so and eventually it would fade into something different, not quite capitalist, not quite communist.  He was talking about a world socialist society and that’s exactly what they are bringing in. The socialist part of it and the bureaucratic part is to rear up a scientifically organized and run society, that would serve them well, changing over a vast period of time, maybe 50 years or 100 years, to get the perfect small society to serve them, but run by a scientific elite.  That is what they claim is the height of rationale, how things should be rationally run.  Not by emotions and not by people – individuals with their emotions running rather than reason – that’s how they talk about the masses.  That really is what Toffler is all about.  It’s the blending of the two systems, a sort of communistic bureaucratic system running the masses, but above that, really, a fascist elite.  That’s what they always aimed at a long, long time ago.  It’s all one movement, you understand, with no real opposing sides on it. They need the opposition to play the dialectic, to get out the synthesis as they merge together, and compromise.  The compromise brings out a new thesis that starts it all over again.  That’s what the whole of Marxist doctrine of progression was based upon.  That’s what they claim they are putting us through; a forced evolution is what they claim they are bringing us through, to how the world would naturally end up.  Rather than wait for it happening they make it happen instead. 


I think that’s the music, so that’s the end of the show.  My audio isn’t so good tonight and the telephones are pretty bad too.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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