Dec. 8, 2010 (#722)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 8, 2010:

Perception Deception:

"The Wise Men, The Guardians, Fully in Control
Of All the World's Nations, Are After the Soul,
That Factor in Equation which Causes Them Fright,
Where Men in Past Ages Stood Up to Fight
Against Obvious Tyranny, Stealing of Wealth,
Wise Men Turned to Science to Rob by Stealth,
Altering Perceptions of Downright Fraud,
Elevating Science to the Level of God,
Yes, Training by Experts Tore Survival Asunder,
With Carbon and Nutrient Taxes They Plunder,
Folk's Pensions Robbed, They'll Never Retire,
Life's Now so Ridiculous, It's Hard to Satire"
© Alan Watt Dec. 8, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 8, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 8, 2010.  I always suggest newcomers go into my web site,, and bookmark all the other sites I’ve got listed there, the official sites I have.  You can download audios to your heart’s content, which are for free of course.  I try and give you shortcuts to the big picture of this big ILLUSION that you live in, which you are taught to believe is reality.  I show you how it’s done and the big organizations behind it, how we got here and where it’s all supposed to go.  I don’t think they have been set back in any of the big agendas; I think they are right on target.  They’re on a move now, a big, big move as they train the world’s population into a whole new cultural way of living, a whole new society, basically back to a feudal system of masters and slaves really.  Only they won’t call you slaves; they’ll call you citizens or something, to keep you all happy.  But it’s really their works that you watch.  You know them by their works; that’s a very good little quote.  You always know what they do by watching them, not by what they say.  So help yourself to the audios.  Remember all of those sites listed on the site have transcripts as well, in English to download if you want to print them up and read them, pass them to your friends, as well as the audios.  You can get transcripts in other languages if you go into, which is also listed on the site.  Remember, you are the audience that brings me to you.  If you want to keep me going you can buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate.  Believe you me, donations are also appreciated; there are not enough that come in.  That’s what keeps me going.  I don’t sell anything else.  I don’t bring on advertisers to sell various products to you.  The ads on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN for the air time – they broadcast this show.  It pays for their staff, equipment and their bills.  So help me out with mine.  You can do so by [Order and donation options listed above.].  My books are written differently from other books.  I don’t bother giving a waste of time with ‘his’ stories, the official stories of things, and that’s all history is.  I give you the techniques behind the management of populations and the con men, really, the high priests who manage your affairs and your world for you. 


You have to understand that sciences have been at work for an awful long time.  The first major science that really gave power to any group was the science of understanding human behavior, mass human behavior, simply by studying the populations.  It goes all the way back to Sumer and before that in fact.  You get hints of that reading the old stories from Sumer.  Those who lived up in the caves, who were actually the deviants that were kicked into there, they were the prisoners you might say, rather than kill them they eventually put them into these caves and they studied the populations down below.  They were well fed, nothing else to do except see how they lived.  That’s how you study human behavior.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about management of vast populations.  Ancient arts, ancient techniques, and how people who used to live in caves at one time, above the populations, they were stuck in there initially because they were criminals really.  Unfortunately folk didn’t kill them off; they fed them and they became a brotherhood and they studied the populations down below, all their habits, traits and how they would meet up and eventually marry and have children, all these kinds of things.  These became sciences.  Of course, later on they came down and since they basically were the only ones watching the seasons and so on, they taught them how to plant and grow and when to do it. They got important and then became really the high priests in ancient times. 


This knowledge was never lost.  It was always passed down through the ages because every King and Queen of even the ancient world used it.  It was essential to know these techniques.  You find the same thing in the Pharaonic writings as well, where Pharaohs were taught, at an early age, the art of controlling and managing the population, what made them tick.  Of course it was quite easy in those days too. You kept them rather simple and gave them a very basic religion, generally a religion where you’d have a big eye or something staring at you all the time, mainly in your head – because you imagined it.  This ‘all-seeing-eye’ would see you wherever you went, so you wouldn’t run off.  You’d stay as a slave because the big God would know.  These techniques worked very well on the people. 


Today of course, into this new scientific way of control, as they have destroyed and demolished religions – and it was an organized affair too, to do so.  500 years of war to abolish the religions as they stand, to take over, to bring in what they call the proper society, the society that’s run by logic and reason and science.  Of course it’s very profitable for those at the top who sometimes call themselves the ‘guardians’, from Plato’s Republic.  The guardian class, the ones who believe they’ve got better genes and the proof of it is self-evident, they claim, because they own pretty well everything in the world, all the natural resources.  What they don’t own they are going after by laws now and getting it given to them, by countries. 


I want to touch on that tonight because I mentioned a night or two ago about the carbon taxes and how you are going to pay for every breath that you take and every thing that you purchase.  You will pay, supposedly, for these mathematical equations they work out on how much energy it cost to produce that item and how much carbon it gave off in the production.  I’m not kidding you; this is where it’s all going.  We saw the cons with Al Gore and all these boys as they set up these world trading banks for carbon.  Of course it also goes through the Rothschilds private bank in Switzerland. That’s the one that’s set up for ALL carbon trading for the whole planet.  We know that Europe and other countries are already trading in this stuff because they give it out free to the big corporations; they gave out free credits to start it all off and they are making money off the credits.  They haven’t paid a penny on anything but they are making money and profit off it.  They can make money off anything, these guys.  You can’t keep up with their brains because they are designed to see where profit can be made from the most incredible situations.  It’s not really human, as far as I’m concerned; there is something wrong with these characters.  Wrong and right at the same time.  They ARE the perfect Darwinian example of survival of the fittest, the top predators


They haven’t stopped at that, you see, because this agenda never stops. These guys have their tentacles into everything.  I mentioned the nutrient trading – I just touched on it – and where that’s going.  I’ll put this link up again on…


How Nutrient Trading Could Help Restore the Chesapeake Bay / Cy Jones, Evan Branosky, Mindy Selman, Michelle Perez

Working Paper: February, 2010


(Alan:  It’s put forth by the World Resources Institute.  So, you’ve got an institute, another private foundation, for the world resources… something that they set out to get in the days of Cecil Rhodes. That’s what he went over to Africa for, was to grab the resources of gold and diamonds.  Of course they became, eventually, joined with the Milner Group, who were the bankers, and they became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is also the Council on Foreign Relations.  It says here…)


The largest estuary in the United States, the Chesapeake Bay is a vital economic, cultural, and ecological resource for the region and the nation. Excess runoff and discharges of nutrients—particularly nitrogen and phosphorus—from farms, pavement, wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), and other sources have placed the bay on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) List of Impaired Waters. (A:  So they get the EPA, you see, in the US to first classify something as an impaired water and they go in with their nutrient trading schemes and make the farmers and everybody else pay for it, and they take the profit.  They take it all, the profit of course, massive profit for producing NOTHING.  What a wonderful business, eh.) 


The proposed “Chesapeake Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration Act of 2009” (H.R. 3852/S. 1816) would provide significant new resources and new approaches to help restore the bay. Nutrient trading is one such approach. In a nutrient trading market, sources that reduce their nutrient runoff or discharges below target levels can sell their surplus reductions or “credits” to other sources. (A:  It’s exactly the same as the carbon credit scheme, or scam.)  This approach allows those that can reduce nutrients at low cost to sell credits to those facing higher-cost nutrient reduction options. (A:  Now, they’re going to do this across the whole planet. They have already got their fingers in all the other countries as well.) 


The bill would establish a baywide nutrient trading market for the Chesapeake Bay watershed, allowing credits to be exchanged across state lines and among the watershed’s nine major river basins. A baywide nutrient trading market would build on the existing and pending state-level nutrient trading programs in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. (A:  See, they’ve got it sewn up already.)  A baywide nutrient trading market could help states and sectors more cost-effectively achieve courtordered nutrient pollution limits (A:  There you go, courts are in it again, the law…) called Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) that are being developed by the EPA. (A:  Who does the EPA work for?  Oh, guess…  It’s not who you think they work for. It’s not for you.  It’s for these guys.)  These TMDLs will set limits on nutrient loads to the bay and its tributaries for the agricultural, wastewater, municipal stormwater, and other sectors.  (A:  So you’re all going to get hit with these too, nutrient trading schemes, or scams, along with the carbon scams.  So it’s going on and on and on.)


As I say, it’s from the World Resources Institute, which is kind of interesting really because when you go into the World Resources Institute, again, a private, non-profit…   a non-profit organization, believe it or not.  Then you look at the list of the board of directors, you’ve even got Theodore Roosevelt IV on here.  No kidding.  He’s the…

WRI Board of Directors


Theodore Roosevelt IV

Managing Director, Barclays Capital, United States  (A:  You know, the big Barclays banks.) 

Theodore Roosevelt IV is Managing Director at Barclays Capital. Prior to that, he was Managing Director at Lehman Brothers and a member of the Firm’s senior client coverage group, which oversaw the Firm’s client and customer relationships. He joined Lehman in 1972 as a general banker in domestic corporate finance.


(A:  Then it goes through his history and so on and how he managed to get in with all the other boys on here.  Al Gore is on here as well.  Al Gore, eh.  I mean who would have guessed it.  It’s really astonishing all these names.  I’ll put these links up for you to peruse, and throw darts at and stuff like that.  It says…)


James A. Harmon (Chairman of the Board)              Chairman, Harmon & Co., LLC; former President of the Export-Import Bank, United States


Harriet (Hattie) Babbitt (Vice Chair)                         Former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States, United States


William D. Ruckelshaus (Chairman Emeritus)            Strategic Director, Madrona Venture Group; former Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, United States


Alice (Tish) F. Emerson (Vice-Chair Emeritus)         President Emerita, Wheaton College, United States


Roberto Artavia       President of VIVA Trust, Costa Rica


Frances Beinecke    President, Natural Resources Defense Council, United States


Afsaneh Beschloss   President and CEO, The Rock Creek Group, United States


Fernando Henrique Cardoso            Former President of Brazil; currently Professor-at-Large at the Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies at Brown University, United States


Robin Chase            Co-Founder & Former CEO, Zipcar; CEO,, United States


Tiffany Clay             Student, Harvard Business School, United States


Leslie Dach              Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Government Relations, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., United States


Daniel L Doctoroff   President of Bloomberg, LP, United States


Jamshyd N. Godrej  Chairman and Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd., India 


(A:  And then Al Gore comes.  There’s Al Gore right there.  My goodness… Al Gore has got his finger in every pie where they are going to rake in billions and trillions of dollars, for punishing the public for living. Amazing eh?  It’s astonishing.  


Al Gore

Chairman of Generation Investment Management, London; and former Vice President of the United States, United States


Look down at this whole bunch here, of this non-profit charitable organization that will set themself up as the guardians of the world’s resources, while they profit off it through their banking system.  Quite something else isn’t it?  Quite something, but not to be unexpected if you follow this agenda and you follow the history of this agenda down through time.  It’s quite a long one.  Well organized.  In fact, it’s the only organized organization on the planet to be honest with you.  It runs everything. 


As we’re all getting trained, as you’ve been trained to get on the net and oh, it’s indispensable, you can’t go back to paper and pencil and counting and all that kind of stuff.  Everyone’s accepted that now and a lot of them can’t do without it.  They’ve been taught to twitter like the birds, and tweet like the birds, and all that kind of stuff.  They come in with The Cloud computing because this is where it’s all meant to lead you, into The Cloud.  Eventually you won’t be able to save anything on a hard disk, because you won’t need one.  You’ll need a screen and your cell phone probably, initially.  Eventually it will be the chip.  Of course everything is leading you to the chip, ultimately.  This says…


Cloud computing ‘could save EU economies £645bn’ over next five years

Move to cloud-based services could also (A:  Then they give you this nonsense of how it’s going to…) create 2.4 million jobs, according to report from Centre for Economics and Business Research. / By Claudine Beaumont, Technology Editor / 07 Dec 2010


The report, written by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and commissioned by data storage and solutions company EMC, reveals that the five biggest economies in the European Union could jointly save £645 billion over the next five years by switching some of their services to the cloud.


This means that instead of building and managing its IT infrastructure on a per-office basis, companies will rent data storage in vast data firms, and invest in computing power and software services accessed via web-enabled devices, rather than stored on individual computer systems. 


Now, I told you for years this is where it was going to head to.  Of course once they’ve got all your data stored, and you have to get access to that to pay off a bill or something, this will be used as punishment.  They’ll deny you access if you’ve been anti-social, as they call all the new terms that you do when you say, I’m not doing thatYou’re anti-social.  And you’ll be punished for it.  It’s a great way of… See, everything today is Pavlovian.  It’s simple punishment and reward.  That’s what everything today is based on, the simplistic behaviorist psychology they are using on everyone.  And it works very well with most folk.  Just today someone from the east coast in Canada, I think he lives in a pensioner home, said they have to show their ID.  Anyone under 30, or might be under 30, has to show their ID, including the pensioners, to buy a bottle of booze at the liquor store.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning that a pensioner on the east coast of Canada has to show his ID card each time he goes in to buy something from the liquor store, which is run by the government here.  He’s obviously not under 30.  He did catch on.  He emailed me and he said that it’s training the public.  It’s training the public to show ID for everything, and he’s quite right.  But it’s also training the person behind the desk to always ask for ID, with a straight face, you know.  You’re training both, the clients and the one who is serving you, to do the same thing, that this is normal.  One day that server is going to turn nasty if you make a fuss about it and she’ll just call the cops.  That’s how quickly you train people into a new normal.  You’re causing a problem, you’re anti-social.  They won’t even think through these words or terms or anything, they’ll just call the cops on you and be really angry at you, for not complying.  You know, just comply… All we ask is you comply.  That’s what they’ll do. 


There is a site up too, it’s called Progressive Populism for the 21st Century.  It’s got a very good article on the front page to do with corporate totalitarianism.  Because you see, it’s the corporate laws that are running the countries now, and most folk aren’t sure really what corporations really are.  This is how it starts…


Corporate Totalitarianism / MAY 5, 2010


One should never give away all of the keys to one's House, because one never knows what others are going to do them once they have them. Just as this is true for the individual, it is also true for the nation. For the American nation, the "lock" these keys can open is our hallowed Constitution, and the House they control is none other than our national independence and freedom.   (A:  Then it goes through how they fought to keep the keys of the house against the Germans and then the Soviets afterwards.)


By playing our cards right, and making the best deals, both within and without, we defeated our enemies and preserved our freedom. The integrity of our House was maintained.


But as we enter a new century, we find that our house has, nonetheless, been looted. We look about us and we see that it has been ransacked. There are no signs of forced entry. Indeed, our house has been entered in the most peaceful of ways, by way of our own keys, keys we have given away to the large corporations and malefactors of great wealth, companies our government allied with and made stronger, through the shared travails and challenges we endured throughout the past century of warfare.  (A:  That’s true.  When you’re all occupied with these wars and so on, and you’re all frightened and doing what you’re told, these big corporations are just moving like crazy to gain more territory over you.)


We have been so concerned with the Constitution being overturned by foreign conquerors and foreign agents, that we never stopped to think about what would happen if the strongest and most respected pillars of our community were the ones to execute the coup de grâce. Yet, this is the situation we now face.


Government has been "weakened," and the public domain has shrunk. In its place a power vacuum has emerged, and the corporate nobility has poured forth to fill the gap, replacing the once public protections and guarantees of our Constitution, with private, feudalistic, reciprocal contractual obligations. What would happen if the current trends continued? If the current corporate trajectory of our nation's laws and culture do not change, then what will our country look like? How would the Constitution apply in an epoch with minimal State power?


How democracy would hypothetically function under corporatism

(A:  Here is what you’ve got to know about corporate law...)


1. STATE ACTION---> The Constitution and Bill of Rights only apply to State Action. As such, if a private entity wishes to deprive you of any right, they are allowed to. (A:  It’s a private entity.)  There are exceptions regarding certain provisions and Titles of the Civil Rights Acts, but these exist by way of statute, and could easily be overturned through simple Congressional majorities. Worse, the Court has, for the past 20 years, been showing a tendency to widen this public and private divide. What does it mean for you?


2. PRIVACY---The Constitutional protections individuals enjoy in regard to privacy are not applicable to corporations. Corporations are totally allowed to acquire as much information about individual voters and taxpayers (they call them "consumers") as they wish. Much of the information these companies now hold EXCEEDS BY ONE-HUNDRED-FOLD the information currently possessed by many Intelligence and Security Agencies. (A:  Well actually they all work together today, because it’s all one organization that runs everything.)  EVEN WORSE---Many of these companies have deals with the Federal Government, whereby they provide the Government with the Data they acquire. In so doing, government, which is prevented by the Constitution from directly acquiring said information without Probable Cause, is thereby provided said information through an indirect, collateral relationship with a private entity. All the Constitution does is prevent the Government from Directly Soliciting for/Acquiring it. Nothing prevents them from getting "data/information gifts" from the private sector. As of now, Ruppert Murdoch, owner of FOX NEWS, owns MYSPACE. He says he is doing this for "Consumer Profiling." (A:  To profile you, you see.)  Some of this information has already been provided to the government under the Patriot Act.


3. FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THE COMMUNITY--There are now very few town centers, where people congregate and assemble. As such, we don't really have the chance to hear what our fellow citizens think and feel, aside from what the TV and radio (all centrally organized and administered) tell us what they think and feel. The few PUBLIC FORUMS available to us are, generally, increasingly run by corporations. Shopping Malls, Strip malls, Apartment Complexes, Condominium Complexes. They all have prohibitions on "SOLICITING," and "LOITERING," but what this translates into is an end-run around the Constitution, by appeal to private property. The result is that our fellow citizens are less exposed to their community, less exposed to others' speech, and less exposed to the marketplace of ideas. (A:  I’ll continue with this actually because it’s got a lot to do with corporations and how they work and the rights that they have – incredible rights.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about basically your freedoms and rights in regards to the totalitarian system, where now corporations really have the big pull because we’re in a public/private partnership now of everything.  Of course the politician are all bought off and put in there, in fact, by the big corporations, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  It says…


Although "corporate towns" must still provide free speech, condos and apartments are different, and they are now far more common than privately owned homes. (See Marsh v. Alabama for a great example of the dangers a corporate town can pose to free speech----  (A:  See, once you’re in these gated communities and so on, they make the rules.  It’s a private organization.  They can actually oust you and grab your home – most folk don’t realize that – if you break the rules.) The result is less speech and less democracy.


(A:  Then it goes into Economic Freedom…)


4. ECONOMIC FREEDOM (positive rights) BECAUSE OF YOUR SPEECH---Another sad example of the state of free speech, is freedom of conscience in the workplace. Under the Constitution, and the freedoms afforded to employers under current employment and labor law regimes in existence in most of the 50 states, Employers are perfectly able to fire you if they don't agree with your political beliefs. They are allowed to purchase "CONSUMER INFORMATION REPORTS" which detail what various consumers have purchased with their credit cards, what magazines they subscribe to, what movies they have rented from privately-owned video stores.


(A:  …and Freedom of Movement, which is quite interesting…)


5. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT---> If highways become privatized, what role would the bill of rights have on them, particularly if you had to pay for the use of such highways, and if the party you paid was a private corporation? (A:  Well, that’s all over the place now isn’t it?)  Would the private security guards that patrolled said highways be bound by the Bill of Rights, if they are not "State Actors?" (A:  …as they call them.)  Would Miranda rights and "probable cause" still apply? What if you had to sign a waiver in order to utilize said highway? 


6. WAIVER DOCTRINE---> Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independance that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain "INALIENABLE" rights (inalienable means they can't be taken away, or given away, even if given away voluntarily). (A:  It’s amazing how these guys foresaw everything too, because they knew their histories very well; incredible education they had.)  However, this no longer applies to the Constitution. Prosecutors often make deals with Defendants, requiring them to waive certain rights. When you buy products and sign contracts, you often waive your right to a jury trial, agreeing to adjudicate your dispute in "binding arbitration." As such, even if the Supreme Court found that you still had Constitutional Rights in a certain area, what if you are compelled, by force of economic necessity, to waive these rights? What if you have to waive your miranda rights, and due process rights, in order to drive on a privately-run freeway? What if you have to waive your rights to freedom of speech, and even of religion, in order to live in a certain private apartment building? (A:  They also give you another example.  I’ll put this link up too at site at the end of the show and you can look them up for yourselves.)  (See also,, also look at--,and this, too-


Really, corporations have the right to do anything they wish because they claim that it’s their property, that’s their right of property.  It’s like going into a shopping mall and if you are barred from going in there the cops will come and actually do the job and take you away, if the security guards say so.  Private property.  Most folk now are living in someone else’s property, in the big cities.  Of course it’s to get worse as they cram us all into the big cities under sustainable development, the millennial project and Agenda 21 from the United Nations.  So I hope you understand what’s happening.


A well thought out plan.  These guys at the top don’t just sit by the day and make it up for tomorrow.  These guys work 50-100 years down the road.  They also look at every possible backlash that the public will have, from different sectors, and they work out too how to handle the backlashes before they move the first piece on the chessboard.  It’s all done beforehand.  All done beforehand. 


Now, in Canada they arrest you now in school if you won’t take your inoculations.  Here is an article.  It came out first in The National Post – I’ll put the links up for them at 


Boy didn’t want needle, throws tantrum, charged with threatening

Tamsin McMahon / November 25, 2010 /


Police say they take school threats seriously — so seriously they charged a 12-year-old boy who threw a tantrum in his elementary school because he didn’t want to take a vaccination needle.


Durham Regional Police said officials from Ross Tilley Public School in Bowmanville, an hour east of Toronto, called them around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The school had been administering vaccinations for hepatitis B and a boy had become upset at the prospect of a needle.  (A:  Well, that’s still called, by the way, that’s still called invasive surgery. I hope you realize you are supposed to give your consent.  Anything that’s stuck into you and pierces your tissue is invasive surgery.)


While talking to school staff he “threatened to cause damage to the school,” (A:  This is what they are saying, eh.) police said in a news release.  (A:  Probably they had locked him in with the door, or something.)


Officers consulted with the Crown attorney’s office and charged the boy with threatening, a criminal charge police said was justified: “due to the age of the child and concerns over public safety.”  (A:  See, we’ve had it folks.  They can do with you as they wish.  And if you don’t comply they’ll say you’re a danger to the public safety and that’s it, you’re arrested.)


The boy, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, made a verbal threat against the school, police spokesman Dave Selby told CTV.  (A:  Supposing he said he was going to sue them, maybe that was a verbal threat.  Wouldn’t it? That’s all it would take.)


There is another site on the same topic about this boy.  I’ll put that up too.  It says…



Dec 03, 2010 By Day Star /


The National Post said:


"Officers consulted with the Crown attorney's office and charged the boy with threatening, a criminal charge police said was justified: "due to the age of the child and concerns over public safety."


This may or may not be true; however, at no time did there appear to be any concern for this child's welfare. (A:  Not in these days there’s not.)  There may have been many reasons why the twelve year old did not want to be vaccinated. (A:  Well I don’t want to be vaccinated.)  These range from being afraid of the needle to being worried about the possible side effects. It could be that Hepatitis B is in fact a disease that is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse or sharing dirty drug needles!  (A:  Which of course it is.  Then it gives you the link on this site…)


For the side effects for more information on the Hep B vaccine please read - Drugs.Com, Side Effects of Hepatitis B vaccine - for the Consumer (A:  And the side effects are pretty drastic, really nasty stuff.)


It appears from the report that it is perfectly OK to give this vaccine to the children at school but it is clearly not an option for any child to refuse to have it. Having the police brought into the school sends out the message to the other children (A:  And that’s VERY important folks; that’s the truth here.) that they must not refuse the vaccine. Clearly this child did not want to have the vaccine and was subsequently treated like a criminal/animal as a result.


But is it perfectly OK to force vaccinate a child if that child refuses the vaccine?


Hospitals and schools are supposed to use a law called the Gillick law to establish whether a child is competent enough to decide whether they want/do not want a medical procedure.


When a parent does not want their child to have a vaccine a child has the right to decide that they want the vaccine and overrule their parents wishes by using the Gillick law. A recent document entitled The Royal College of Nursing - Signpost Guide: Nurse-led Immunisation of School Aged Children explains the Gillick law as follows:


"...even if a child is under 16, she or he might be able to give consent to medical treatment providing that they have sufficient understanding of the proposed procedure."  (A:  Well, what’s the proposed procedure? we’re going to stick this in you, this mush in you, and inject it into your system.  That’s the procedure.)


However, a child may also refuse medical treatment even if the treatment is life-saving.


Although the Gillick law originally was approved for use in England it is now used worldwide.  (A:  I’ll give you a link to that as well.)

The following article explains how this law has been applied to cases in Canada:


Chapter 7



When children refuse medical treatment: role of government and assessments; a standardized test to assess a child's maturity and understanding would help judges in their Solomonic roles to render more uniform decisions.  (Canada)


So there you go.  I mean, if any child who’s been on the internet and saw how they made this stuff, and the bloody mush that it all comes from – and it is a bloody mush, by the way – should be shaking in their boots… that stuff is getting injected into you.  They always have on these things too, and I read them last week, on some of them: They can’t guarantee that it won’t kill you.  They can’t guarantee that it will even help you.  It’s all, we don’t know, it might and it might not, and so on.  All these legalistic ways out in case anything happens to you.  But that’s your rights nowadays, if you’re a child you must do what the State tells you.  You’re owned by the State now; that’s what they’re telling you.  You’re owned by the State.  In the schools too, with their zero tolerance policies, won’t take any back-mouthing from any child who stands up for their rights and says no.  They won’t take that. That’s taken as aggression.  There’s another term for it now – it’s in the famous psychiatric book of mental illnesses – if you stand up and talk back.  It’s ridiculous what we’re in.  We’re into this scientific age now, where we’re nothing more, as I say, than Pavlovian dogs being conditioned to be shocked or to be patted on the head, if we’re awfully good and do what we’re told.  THAT’S where we are today.  That’s really where we are. 


Interesting too, how the big agenda said a long, long, long time ago they’d have to destroy all the cultures of Europe and forced immigration was to be a big part of it.  Tony Blair’s Assistant Prime Minister, whatever you call them over there, wrote an article in the paper a few months back, and I did read it on the air here.  He said he was told by Blair that they’d open the floodgates even wider to immigration, to a country already sinking under the weight, I think, of 30-40 years of it.  Basically it was from the most diverse cultures, in order to destroy what Blair wanted to destroy and that was the English culture.  He said it must never arise again; they must be destroyed forever.  Here’s an article here…


Revealed: The schools where English is a foreign language for 80% of pupils

By Kate Loveys  / / 28th November 2010


Children who speak English as their first language are in a minority in a rapidly growing number of schools, figures reveal.


The surge has been most pronounced in London, where in some boroughs youngsters with a different mother tongue make up nearly 80 per cent of primary pupils.


However it is not confined to the capital. In Birmingham, Bradford and Leicester more than 40 per cent of pupils across all primary schools do not count English as their first language. Nationally, English is a foreign tongue to nearly one in six youngsters in primary schools.


The figures, to be published this week, have almost doubled during the past decade (A:  So Blair did his job well, but that’s why he was put in, by his masters of course.) and are projected to increase to 23 per cent (A:  …more…) – 830,000 out of 3.5million – by 2018.


There are concerns that the increases will place school finances under strain (A:  They already do that because they have to bring in interpreters to teach and so on, and even bring in teachers from other countries who speak English but also speak those national languages from the other countries too.) as a growing number of youngsters require help with English.


But that’s what they wanted because they must create a new culture, which will be NOT a mixture of the cultures.  It’s to be a brand new culture eventually, and they’ll get through the hard times of conflict between different cultures, by the use of force and threats, coercion and fines and all the rest of it. That’s on the books.  That’s how you train the public, in every country.  That’s how it’s done. 


Then too, in the US with Christmas coming up, and of course we’ve had all the massive propaganda for 20 years now, to change the term ‘Christmas’ to ‘holidays’ and so on.  But there were some holdouts in the US.  This one is…


Let's call it the German 'Holiday' Village

By CATHERINE LUCEY / Philadelphia Daily News / / Nov. 30, 2010


It's that season again, which means that for the third year in a row, the German Christmas Village has set up a cozy collection of wooden booths and tree vendors in Dilworth Plaza on the west side of City Hall.


But a few shoppers noticed something amiss yesterday on the tall metal archways signaling the entrances to the shops. The archways had just one word on top - "Village."  (A:  So the ‘Christmas’ part had disappeared.  [Alan chuckles.])


Sounds festive, eh?


It turns out that the letters spelling "Christmas" were removed yesterday afternoon from the archways on the north and west sides of the plaza, at the request of Managing Director Richard Negrin. They will be replaced with the word "Holiday."  (A:  What does holiday mean?  ‘Happy holiday’… it’s like ‘how’s your wellness?  It’s the same nonsense, eh?)


City spokesman Mark McDonald said Negrin asked for the change after the city received complaints from workers and residents.  (A:  Really?  Really?  Well, they can tell you that anyway can’t they?  Most folk don’t really care.)


It’s just furthermore the destruction of the old cultures, which must be done.  They said in all their articles and all their books that are published, from the top level, that they’d have to destroy all existing religions, and then bring in the new religion.  Remember too, that Gorbachev said in one of his books, we are bringing in a new world religion and it must be based on a form of earth worship.  He’s talking about sustainability, the greening agenda, and all of that.  And of course your carbon taxes, and your nutrient taxes, and all the other taxes, that they’ll dream up out of thin air will be added on to it, to make sure you all comply.  There’ll be fines too, galore, if you don’t comply. 


This is the brave new world you are already in to.  You are IN to it… and most folk out there don’t realize too, that their behavior, their present behavior, has all been modified from the previous generations to allow them to merge into this new system.  We have been degraded in many ways without even knowing it.  We’ve been taught to be perpetual children… just stay a child forever, never grow up.  It’s a youth culture, you see; we want a youth culture.  We don’t need wisdom and maturity, just go out and rut like bunnies – that’s the message we’ve had for years and years.  Since the 60s, just rut like bunnies, if there are any consequences the state will take care of it for you; don’t worry about it.  That was all to destroy the family unit because the family unit, really, and the culture all go together.  And they tend to be disobedient to government at times because the family is just a small tribe.  Then when other families all having things in common get together, they’re a bigger tribe, and government had to make sure that they destroy all their opposition and all their potential enemies.  That’s why they did it. They discussed this.  Julian Huxley discussed all this stuff.  Aldous Huxley discussed it as well.  All those who brought in the family planning, Margaret Sanger who called children weeds, they’re weeds she said.  They all said the same thing; they had to destroy the family unit.  So did Karl Marx, Lenin, and all the rest of them.  On and on it goes. 


Do you think it’s a different agenda?  It’s the SAME agenda because communism blended with the corporate world.  The last thing the average person on the street ever imagined was that the communists, like in China – and they’re still basically called communist, by the way; look at the flag if you haven’t noticed – have become the richest people on the planet.  You never thought that the big ones, like Armand Hammer, the big communist, would be multi-billionaires, and all their offspring.  It never dawned on you they would become the top capitalists.  It reminds me too, that Albert Pike said in his Morals and Dogma, that we, by thrift and even using the stock market, he said – the stock market.  What he meant by this, was using surreptitious ways of dealing with the stock market; in other words, not quite what you would say were… they might be legal in some ways but not really moral, because they don’t believe in morality, in Pike’s particular group.  He said, we shall become masters over the masters of the world, by accumulating wealth, incredible wealth.  It’s all been done.  


That’s where your Al Gore and all these boys are from.  To be a CEO today you must be on board with them.  They’re all part of the Council on Foreign Relations. They’re all part of the same agenda.  It’s a world agenda.  They have countless think tanks working on every facet of culture, society and change and all oppositions that will come up in the future – as I say – before they even set the first chess piece into motion on the board. They’ve run through it all, in a rigorous, rigorous fashion.  As generals do, when they talk about a war, upcoming wars, they work all the different moves out in advance and all the opposition to those moves in advance, before a single soldier steps foot on the soil that they’re going to invade.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Britain is taking the lead of course, in all of this; always does since the whole idea of a world government was born in London.  They are into communitarianism as they pretend to decentralize power down to the local level.  Communitarianism is a form of communism, really.  They already have their Common Purpose Gestapo ready to lead the people and decide how they are going to live and so on.  Here’s an article I’ll also put up tonight. 


Councils set to start lecturing us (A:  The people.) on losing weight

By Sophie Borland/ 1st December 2010 /


(A:  This is where it’s all going.  So your local council will be given powers…)


Councils will be given powers to encourage residents to lose weight, cut back on alcohol and give up smoking, as part of the Government’s proposals.


Ministers are to appoint more than 150 directors who will be in charge of helping local authorities draw up plans to help residents lead healthier lifestyles.  (A:  That’s eating and everything…  That’s coming into your homes folks.)


They will report back to the quango Public Health England, which is being set up by the Government to deal with pandemics, such as the swine flu outbreak last year.  (A:  …which was nonexistent.)


The plan comes months after the Coalition promised to cut back on ‘unnecessary’ public bodies and bureaucracy to save money.


As part of the proposals, councils will be allocated a slice of a national public health budget worth £4billion to help tackle problems such as obesity, smoking and excessive drinking, starting in 2013.  


There will be no peace, no privacy, nothing.  You’ll be regulated from birth to death… that’s what I’ve told you for years, because I’ve read all their books.  And they mean what they say.  They do it and they’ve got the money to do it, with power.  The public don’t know they’re all manipulated with psychology through their lives. They’re in a half-dreamlike state most of the time, never truly conscious.


This other link I’ll put up from The Guardian. 


Residents in nine areas to help determine local spending'

Participatory budgeting' experiment aims to broaden local decision-making

Share   David Brindle, Wednesday 24 November 2010 /


I said that would happen too, where you’ll be allocated so much of a budget for your local area and they’ll appoint someone, some NGO leader, to go off to The World Bank and borrow for your particular area.  They’ll decide how much health care you get and so on and so on.  I’ll put that up as well. 


As I say, here is how your governments are controlling you.  It’s to come to America too, by the way.  If you don’t think it’s happening, it’s a big push on what they’re calling ‘volunteerism’.  It’s the same in Canada.  There are magazines put out by your local authorities now on volunteering.  This is all to replace all the so-called public services that you are paying for. They won’t reduce your taxes of course, that will go elsewhere, probably sent off abroad somewhere, to some corporation, and you will be down to preventative medicine, as they say.  Or they’ll say to you, well, in your area we can’t send you off for this operation because we’ve run out of cash from the budget and The World Bank won’t give us any more.  THIS is the system of the planned society that the Huxley’s, both of them, talked about. 


And these guys are on a roll, and they are laughing, and they are cheering. They are cheering like crazy.  It’s just astonishing what’s happening.  Absolutely astonishing.  …ONLY if you live in disbelief all the time.  Oh, I can’t believe that… and you’re always in shock.  That’s most people.  You’ve got to get over that hurdle and start studying and knowing.  Then at least if nothing else you are STRONGER to handle it.  That’s what’s going to be awfully important as we go through the incredible changes at an incredible speed that we are now going in to. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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