December 9th, 2010 (#723)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt December 9th, 2010:

Peace is the Absence of All Opposition:

"You'll Eventually Volunteer for Local Agrarian,
Showing You're a Good Citizen and Communitarian,
Strange How the Similarities of Soviet Ideal,
Which Never Materialized Since it was Unreal,
Are Introduced World-Wide as The Final Solution
To Claimed Overpopulation and People Pollution,
Could Those Same Families with Historical Mission
Who Created Foundations, Gave Us Nuclear Fission
And Directed Great Wars While Profiting Well
Be Still Striving to Bring in Their Utopian Hell
Upon the Whole Earth with People Modified,
Public Unsuspecting Their Masters Lied,
Yes, The Goal of These Families won't Cease or Desist
Till Their Dark World is Manifest, No Thoughts Exist"
© Alan Watt December 9th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - December 9th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 9th of December, 2010.  Now newcomers, look into and bookmark the sites listed there.  These are the official sites I have.  If you find problems downloading, then try these alternate sites and you might find a cleaner download.  So many folk go into the .com site at once sometimes, it gets kind of sticky on the download.  So, try that.  Now, they all carry hundreds of audios of the talks I've given over the years, and they all carry transcripts of a lot of the talks I've given in English for print up.  And if you want transcripts in other languages go into and you'll find that you've got a variety to choose from.  And that's also listed on the .com site.  Now, remember too that you bring me to you.  Keep me going by buying the books and the discs that I have on my site for sale.  That's the only income I have here.  I don't bring on guests to sell you items or anything like that.  So, you can buy these books from the US to Canada, by using personal check. You can use an international postal money order from your post office.  Some people just send cash.  You can also use PayPal to order or donate.  To order any of the items that I've got listed there on the website, just send a separate email after the donation, the PayPal donation, with your name, address, and order, on it, and I'll get it out to you.  And it's the same across the rest of this big wide world here, which is getting awfully small it seems.  And PayPal of course is the dominant method.  Western Union can be used as well to wire transfer.  It's a bit more expensive, of course, than some other ones.  I think Money Gram is cheaper perhaps.  And you can also get Money Gram to write a check up for postage to Canada, which is a lot cheaper still, if you can afford to wait seven days until I receive it.  Some folk don't have the patience for that anymore either.  It's quite amazing.  So, that's the way to order the various items.  Plus too, as I say, PayPal can be used for ordering as well, just send a donation, followed by an email with your name, address, and order, and then I'll get that out to you.


On this show, I don't get sidetracked often by what the major mainstream news tries to give you as news, because we're living in a big fantasy here, where you don't know who the heroes and the zeros really are.  And the more you understand history, especially the 1800s, 1900s, the present time, you'll find there's way more behind the big players that come forth in history to do the big changes, whether it be Communism, Nazism, or any other 'ism.  And they're well funded by the same people it seems all the time, over and over again.  It's astonishing.  And, of course, the best way to give someone a cover is to come out as a hero who's been persecuted too.  So, I even stay away from the whole idea of Wikileaks and so on.  Some of it just doesn't strike me as right.  So, I don't fall for what I perceive to be a possible counter-intelligence program on the go.  Especially when mainstream takes the data and runs with it.  Most of it is gossip.  Most of it is gossip.  But the relevant parts are that Iran is bad and so on, and these countries we want to attack are simply bad, which falls right in with the whole agenda for the New American Century, published to do with the countries they wanted to take out, and the lists in fact that they want to take them out into, which was of course to start with Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, and then Syria.  And, I can't see why they'd change their minds.  These guys don't sit for a hundred years to plan part of their future and then backtrack on it because of public opinion.  Public opinion really doesn't count for much, to be honest with you, and that's the reality too of the history and the times in which we live.  Most folk are the way that Albert Pike described them.  Not very pleasant, but very, very truthful.  If you won't use your own brain, you're meat on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  Back after this.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And the Matrix movie I often refer to because there's so much in it to do with our reality, and then another reality hidden within the movie itself, that most folk miss all the time, because there's many messages there.  And there's messages for the ones who actually control the world in there as well of course.  They do like to put in their little jokes on the public, who always miss it, and blow the bubblegum and chew their popcorn, and they walk away thinking they've been entertained.  That's how culture creators really work on your mind.  They program you for things to come, and often get you to even rebel about things which you don't even know about, really.  Universities are famous for getting rebellions started by indoctrinating the students with a new idea of freedom, and bolstering their egos, thinking they're the cutting edge, it's all up to you, and they never know they're being used for another part in the big plan.  It doesn't matter if their side wins or loses because the plan depends on having opposing forces, and it's the synthesis that comes out of it that's important.  It leads to the new thesis.  That's what they call really managing evolution by forcing its hand, speeding it up.  And thousands and millions have been murdered and slaughtered in revolutions down through the ages, especially in the Soviet Union.  And now and then, just to keep my hand in, and my head in to reality, I do watch some of these documentaries, which are pretty horrific.  Most folk don't want to see them, when you see bodies getting dug up from mass graves and people trying to identify people that were relatives and so on.  Most avoid that like the plague, because we seek pleasure, and we avoid pain.  That's what they count on at the top.  But until you understand that, unless you really look at the horrors of the world, then you're simply biding your time until the next horror occurs, and it'll generally involve you.  That's how it's done.


I've talked about the Soviet Story.  I also put links up to a story about Bulgaria.  It was also under the Soviet Dominion, and the big monsters who ran the same system there.  And people don't realize that the Soviet system was run on slavery, really from its beginning to its end, with massive concentration camps.  Lenin himself said, and Trotsky actually embellished on it, and he said that he didn't see why, it used to be thought of that forced labor would never be very efficient, and he said he didn't see why it couldn't be made efficient.  And they were out to prove by imprisoning millions and millions and millions of people and working them to death basically for big, big projects, to prove that it could be done by forcing them to work.  And of course, Nazi Germany, that was also Socialist, picked up on that thread.  And in The Soviet Story, you actually see the teams that were sent out by Hitler to meet the Russians, who were already expert at the disposal of vast amounts of bodies.  Incredibly efficient, they were.  And you must watch these once in a while if you can stomach it, to bring you back to a reality, because otherwise you're sitting ducks for what's coming down right now. 


And you've got to tie in your history to it as well.  I also watched one, I think it was called In the Shadow of Hermes, which touched on the Masonic, Freemasonic links too, and Revolutionary Freemasonry.  It also had a lot of good footage in it too, of the big monsters who slaughtered and some rather awful pictures of them digging up corpses and so on.  The same thing that we saw in Argentina and elsewhere, under the dictatorships, where the grandmothers protested, and eventually they managed to get some of their relatives dug up in bits and pieces.  Awful stuff to watch, but it's something you've got to see.  Because if you're unaware of these things, and you prefer to hide your head in the sand, like the ostrich, you're sitting waiting for it happening again. 


Going back to what I've already learned, down through history, is that there definitely is an organization.  It's been here for an awful long time, run by the richest people on the planet.  There's no doubt about it.  Who do still sit, abide it all, and above it all, and they run it all very efficiently by controlling money.  They run the money, they run the foundations, and they're going strong today by pushing the envelope to the next step of what they want for a society.  And you've got to understand too, that some people like Gramsci it was, that came up with a lot of the Communist ideas and plans, he, like Bernays, because it was taught long before Bernays, said that if you can't get society to accept what you want them to do, then you have to alter the culture of society.  And that's what they did, of course.  They do it all the time, in fact.  You've gone through the cultural changes.  Your parents did too.  None of them knew that they were being guided by the big money powers towards a certain ending, a certain goal.  And few will ever catch on to that in their lifetimes.  I think it was in '98, I was on the radio, and I talked about images you'd have sometimes in dreams, and images that would come to you in daydreams, when you're concentrating and thinking about something, and I thought of mountains, pyramids in fact, of dead bodies, just pyramids for the generations of dead bodies, who lived their lives, slaved for the system, whatever system it was down through the centuries, had their beliefs of their reality they lived in, and fought wars for their masters and died, never, ever knowing, never ever knowing there was a much bigger game at hand, and running it all.  Never, never knowing a darn thing of true reality.  Never knowing.  Never catching on.  And I thought, it's bad enough, you know, when you hear of rapings and murders and so on, but when your mind has been stolen, your right to know has been stolen and kept from you, and a fiat put in its place, that's the worst rape of all.  And that goes for most folk on the world today, who are under a scientific Socialism, and they don't even know that yet. 


Gramsci and others talked about the ways to take down other countries, and they thought about Russia too, where they could do a fast takedown, mass slaughter, get the slavery system working fast to bring in canals, to bring in roads, and literally go through these people like they were all units of machines, and so many machines per day, like 60,000 could die on this project, 60 or 100,000 on that project, as they ran out of calories and so on and strength.  That was quite acceptable, and I.G. Farben used the same techniques for the German camps in World War II, which were primarily set up and privately owned, most folk don't realize that, by I.G. Farben, the camps the Germans had, to work the people to death.  And they worked out how much time and labor they could get out of each unit or person, just like a machine, you see.  So, living in this world today, it's interesting to see the same names that helped fund for instance, the Communist Revolution, like the Rockefellers, and how they even hired the biggest Madison Avenue PR or propaganda company, we call it marketing today, in New York, to write up glowing reports on these heroes, these champions of the people, like Lenin and Trotsky and all the rest of them, who all, by the way had private bank accounts with millions of dollars, eventually, you know, robbed from Russia, and put into Switzerland, for the folk who thought they were all altruistic people.  And these Rockefellers still run things today.  There's articles up today about them bringing in the new system of Communitarianism for America, for the U.S.  They're funding it now.  They're putting money out there, big money.   And they all have their NGO front groups to help guide society into the same system that Britain is rapidly going into.  It's quite something that's happening, and the public know nothing about it, because, like in all ages, they go along adapting and adapting through things in a semi-conscious state, almost somnambulistic state, really.  The public have no idea what's really going on.  Now there's an article here, it's:


10 New Cities Picked to Receive Service Leadership Grants


In a second round of awards, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (Alan: I think he's an awfully rich character too, according to Wikipedia) and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s bipartisan coalition of mayors — Cities of Service (A: Cities of Service they're calling them) — will award grants of $200,000 to 10 new cities. The money, paid over two years, will enable the cities to hire chief service officers, whose jobs will be to help increase volunteerism and help the cities respond to critical local problems.


Do you understand, the same technique in Russia is being used here, adapted slightly different from say England, to the US.  They don't use Communitarianism so much in the U.S. because some people, a few in the US still remember what the word Communism meant, you see.  So they use service.  And I told you years ago too, under the Council on Foreign Relations Agenda, they were going to bring the whole world into service to the World State, and this is part of the road to service to the World State.  That will be your function in the world eventually, if they allow you to be born, is to be born to serve the World State.  And now they're training a generation into Communitarianism under different guises, under Volunteerism, you see, as they withdraw essential services, etc.  And you'll deal with things locally, supposedly, and they bring you down to a bare subsistence level.  Again, going back to the Soviet Union, they had to adapt their techniques in Communism to different countries, even then.  And they slaughtered millions and millions.  In the first year alone there was over 1.5 million people who were slaughtered, and they rapidly stepped that up.  And then they killed about 160 million altogether with different famines and slaughters, because depopulation has always been part of this same agenda, by the same people.  And the same people are running the world today, and you should be absolutely terrified.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  I'll also put up the link tonight, it says Rockefeller Foundation funding Communitarian Volunteerism for the US.  I'll put a link up to the Rockefeller site itself, and you can see them dishing out millions towards this as well.  And they also, mind you, don't forget, the Rockefeller foundation has many front foundations which take the heat off the Rockefeller foundations who also chip in lots of money, and it all comes from the Rockefeller foundation, of course.  So, they're so misleading, these people, and remember too, as I say, these are the same families that ran and helped finance the Soviet Union, and then the Nazi state under the I.G. Farben group.  They're in charge of you now.  And, getting back to what I was also saying, they had different ways of bringing down countries.  Some by fast mass slaughters and starvation.  It was the fastest way to do it, kill off millions.  And the other way was to, in the Western World, take over your food supply.  Alter your food supply.  Bring in certain diseases that were not known before, especially crippling agencies that would put you out of the mating business.  No one wants to mate with someone who's always sickly, you see.  Many ways to do the same thing, by the same people, of course, who've always had at the top of their list to drastically depopulate the world from the useless eaters as they call them.  And some people like Brzezinski actually called them the cattle in his own book.  Interesting terminology that they have, and how they perceive, and how they've been taught to perceive since birth, these particular characters, the rest of the general population.


As I say, they're giving leadership grants to bring in Communitarianism and Volunteerism under different guises, different names, all the same thing, and you will get appointed your local Commissar, of course, and you'll have your little NGO group running over you, and they'll try and get you to participate in the decision making.  Not that they'll listen to you, but it's good to make you think that you are participating.  That's how they run these things, exactly the same as the Soviet Union.  And remember, the Soviet system was blended with the West, years ago, in fact, exactly as the Reece Commission came out with its findings.  That was the 83rd Congressional Congress that authorized that investigation into the tax-free foundations, that was listed in the other book, Foundations: Their Power and Influence.  It's an excellent read on what they were up to.  And they told the people quite clearly what they were up to, and that was to blend the Soviet system with that of the West.  You know, through cultural changes and so on, quietly, easily, until folk would adapt without even knowing, into Socialism.  And it's happened.  It happened long ago.  And they did attack the family unit, all the things that Karl Marx said they'd have to do, to eradicate it, and religion, of course, as well.  Because religion was the old way of basically keeping a society intact, under one system or another.  They've all been used, but this is a more scientifically efficient way, they call it, to do the same thing. 


Now, I'll read this article to you too, and I'll also put the link up for it at the end of this show.  It's called:


Atheist Psychology in a Scientifically Rational World


Professor Richard Dawkins is a huge star in Britain. He has sold millions of books and presented various television series promoting atheism and extolling the virtues of science. (A: And of course he's paid and pushed by the big boys, that's why he's made a star, you see.  Everybody who's up there is always paid and pushed to get up there.  You don't make yourself a star.  And he's also a head member I think of the Humanist Society.)

His recent global bestseller was ‘The God Delusion.’


(A: And of course they're putting posters, this organization is funding posters to be put on buses, saying 'God is Dead' and all that kind of stuff, all the Nietzsche clichés.  It says:)


Being a Darwinist he promotes a purely materialist view of the world as the best way forward for mankind.


(A: I wonder who he means by man.  When they use 'mankind' they're not referring to themselves, by the way; and sometimes they are referring to themselves, but themselves only.)


I remember reading Dawkins’ ‘The Selfish Gene’ when I was an impressionable teenager.


The message of the book is that all animals, including us, are gene machines, meaning we are designed with the sole intention of passing on our genetic material (i.e. a virus).


(A: That was also in The Matrix, by the way, as the virus itself in the Matrix told Morpheus what he thought of humanity.)


All moral and spiritual capacities are the design of our gene’s blind desire for success.


(A: This is what this character says, eh.  And they actually teach this now, in biological classes, that you are just a simple, everything that comes into your head, your outcome, whatever you do, your personality, is all the culmination of all these genes competing inside you for supremacy.  This is what they tell them.  This is a belief system, folks.  Humanism is a belief system.  Anyway, it says:)


This message had a profound effect on me. I felt like a self-aware android, perceiving my cold mechanical nature.


In this world view, all the human qualities that we find life affirming: kindness, laughter, creativity etc, are the extravagant disguise of the virus deep in the core of ourselves.


Dawkins also referred to memes, (A: I prefer me-me's, that's how it's spelled.  Because you see the Me-Me generation is really every generation, and that's why they don't listen.  Anyways it says:) the hypothesis that ideas act like genes: they are separate and distinct entities that act in their own selfish interest to reproduce.


Dawkins stated that religious beliefs are ‘viruses of the mind’. They debilitate the infected host by making them delusional and wasting their time and money. They spread using threats and tricks.


He says.  I'll be back with more of this, after these messages.  Hi folks.  We're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article here which I'll put up at the end of this show, I'll put the link up for it, on Dawkins, really, and his secular humanism idea.  And of course, the whole idea is to once again destroy any thoughts of independence, individuality from you.  That's the whole idea of Dawkin's mission, which he's well, well paid for by the big foundations, and all the usual players, of course.  The same names crop up all the time, across the world, don't they? and down through history I should say too.  It says here:


Religions and belief systems have been used to control societies. The idea that atheistic scientific rationalism will create a utopia on earth is itself a belief system.


(A: And we saw that as I say with the Soviet Union, as they slaughtered their way through, I think it was 300-odd million people eventually by their grand total, when the walls came down.)


What are the political and psychological connotations of the scientific utopia idea?


(A: Well, this is what they're after.)


Atheism removes the spirit, knocking man down to the level of basic animals. (A: That's exactly what Julian Huxley said had to be done.) Leaving individuals to know they are, and will remain, nothing more than an underdog with no inner meaning to his life. Conquering modern-man by ripping out his spirit simply by altering his perceptions.


(A: And remember, he's going to quote Carl Jung here, and I remember reading that in the late '90s on the air, this very part, because he put it right in perspective:)


In his book ‘The Undiscovered Self’ (1958) he wrote:


One of the chief factors responsible for psychological mass-mindedness is scientific rationalism, which robs the individual of his foundations and his dignity.”


(A: Isn't that the truth, eh?  Just think of all the airports and how you're being humiliated and dehumanized today as you go through all the process of groping and so on.  It's scientific, you see, it's to save you.  Keep you all safe.)


Jung gave the example in education to show how this process works:


Scientific education is based in the main on statistical truths and abstract knowledge and therefore imparts an unrealistic, rational picture of the world, in which the individual, as a merely marginal phenomenon, plays no role.”


(A: That's exactly what came out of Communism.  You're a cog in the wheel, in the machine.)


Scientific education is based in the main on statistical truths and abstract knowledge and therefore imparts an unrealistic, rational picture of the world, in which the individual, as a merely marginal phenomenon, plays no role.”


(A: You're nothing.  You're just one of billions, and you really, your life is worth nothing.  That's the message that's meant to get through to you.)


The idea is to create an easily controlled conformist mass, and to crush the spiritual individual who may question power. Remove spirituality and the state along with malleable public opinion becomes the supreme moral authority.


(A: Now, Wells and all that said they'd all have to do it.  All these characters in the past have said these same things.)


Jung writes that in an atheist society the state uses the same psychological techniques as a Church to replace it:


(A: How to replace the church.)


The State, like the Church, demands enthusiasm, self-sacrifice and love, and if religion requires or presupposes the ‘fear of God,’ then the dictator State takes good care to provide the necessary terror.”


(A: For the hard of thinking, I'll repeat that one.)


The State, like the Church, demands enthusiasm, self-sacrifice and love, and if religion requires or presupposes the ‘fear of God,’ then the dictator State takes good care to provide the necessary terror.”


(A: A lot worse terror too, I should add to it.)


The state teaches us our values (political correctness), (A: Your updates) and our purpose in life (to be a good citizen/tax-payer).


The church leads societies to consensus through scripture; the state leads by the atheistic worship of rationality.  (A: It must be true, you see, it's scientific.  It's statistics, you see.) The belief is that a perfectly rational mind will logically reach the best answer to a problem. However, numerous factors can make a logical conclusion incorrect.


Globalization and the UN’s educational department (UNESCO) (A: That's where your children are all getting brainwashed from) are helping create a scientific rational world populace.


Organized religion has been a wonderfully effective form of control for the elite for thousands of years. Certainly Christians will agree to this when it comes to Hindus, and Hindus when it comes to Christians. But now established religions are on the chopping board as they are a hindrance for a global society, a standardized society. (A: This is all stuff I've said.)  The unquestionable belief in all scientific rational, true and false alike, is filling the ever weakening religion gap with the belief of progress to a science utopia becoming dominant.


At the same time light “New Age” religions are promoted that are global in character. These tend to use the phrases “we are all one”, “nature, animals, and humanity have an interconnected consciousness”.  (A: It's all one global consciousness.  It's like Buddhism, you know.)


UN award winner lord Bertrand Russell, who is from the dominant minority class, wrote in his book, ‘The Impact of Science on Society’, that science is used to strengthen elite control (1952):


The effect of the telegraph was to increase the power of the central government and diminish the initiative of distant subordinates. This applied not only to the State, but to every geographically extensive organization. We shall find a great deal of scientific technique has a similar effect. The result is that fewer men have executive power, but those few had more power than such men had formerly.”


We are ruled by science so we are required to faithfully believe in it. Flawed scientific studies and theories go down the memory hole to join the Royal College of Surgeons’ Piltdown man.


(A: And the Piltdown man if you know was taught as fact.   You know, this was one of the Neanderthals that they'd found supposedly, and it was shown in Museums and taught in school.  Folk passed their degrees on writing their thesis on it.  And then it was found that someone stuck the jaw of a pig on that of a human skull, and no one had bothered to test it.  Anyway:)


Richard Dawkins, (A: This guy who's pushing all this, who is well funded to push it of course.  He's playing his part.  He's an actor on the stage.  He's now called:) ‘Darwin’s Rottweiler’, is a preacher of our new religious belief.


And then there's a bunch of links on this site too, to go to different university sites and so on to give you more on all of these things that are mentioned in this particular article.  So, I'll put this up at the end of the night, and you can read it for yourselves. 


Now there's callers on the line.  There's Tom from Albion there.  Are you there Tom?


Tom: Yes, Alan.  Today I had a flashback.  I was watching the Film from London, and of course it reminded me of that Peterloo Massacre, when the Limeys brought in the Cavalry, you know, after they worked them over with the 6 pound cannons, and then they killed hundreds of people and gave their heads to the Manchester United as soccer balls.  Also, it reminded me of Tonypandy when Churchill in 1910 called in the troops, after they blew up the mine.  You know there were miners there and they had, they were working like these 12-hour days, you know, and they wanted better working conditions, they blew up the entrance to the mine.  The people rioted.  It reminded me of the Highland clearances.  Are you Scottish?


Alan: Yeah.


Tom: You know what I'm saying.


Alan: Oh yeah, I know the whole agenda. 


Tom: The rifle-butting them out, bayonet in the gut, and get rid of them.  And also, the Boiler Plug Riots and Duke Wellington.  I'll let you handle that.


Alan: As I say, the key is to this, even the players you're mentioning there had more in common with each other than they had over the people that they ruled.  Winston Churchill's mom was from New York for instance, with quite a colorful history, and related to more people who you could ever imagine, who are still main players today.  And in fact, his mother as well became the mistress of the King for years, so it's an interesting movement of certain people breeding into other nations, and then taking them over, and then becoming the epitome of that nation by draping themself in the flag.  It's quite an interesting history in every single country that this has been done in.  And really, the technique is no different, really, because, whenever I see armies, people should shudder.  They should shudder when they see armies of any kind, even what you think is your own.  Because armies are always used eventually upon their own people.  And believe you me, the military mindset does not impress me at all, any more than the guys who obey orders and slaughter people they don't know.  They don't know about geopolitics.  They don't care to know about geopolitics.  They don't know why they're there.  The basic propaganda is enough for them.  They want to go off and kill.  And they don't hire the brightest and the best for the military at all.  The brightest and the best are really psychopathic types who are carefully selected, who get up into the higher officer class.  That's always been the way.  And even the US founding fathers said the same thing.  There was a massive debate about having a standing army, and I think it was Jefferson and a few other ones who got around that by creating the Marines.  Technically they're an army, but technically they're not an army.  They're supposedly naval, you see.  So, it's a clever alteration with these guys, who are awful good at wording and perception, to get an army on the go.


That's the problem with today.  Power, itself, is always used on behalf of the people.  Even today we see it.  We're living through it.  We've got all our rights stripped off us.  They're taking more all the time.  They're going to ensure that we're monitored 24 hours per day, every single individual on the planet.  And this is all to supposedly keep us safe.  And it's also to see if you're politically correct, and if you're going to continue with your upgrades, and agreeing that things that used to disgust you are now okay with you.  If not, you'll get pulled in for reconditioning.  This is what's coming down today.  And really, when they organize, when you see the organization of the biggest capitalists on the planet, the ones, the sixty families that throw around billions of dollars every day on the stock market.  They raise countries up and sink others when they want to.  When you see them and their predecessors in the same family lineages, setting up Nazism, setting up Communism, funding it to the hilt, and still running what's to be happening in your own countries, you should be shuddering.  Don't fall for the left/right paradigm, because these characters control both sides.  They are the body of the bird.  What you see and vote for are the wings. 


Tom: And that Cameron, the Prime Minister, he's Jewish and he's under the control of the Rothschilds.


Alan: Well, there's no doubt he's under the control of the Rothschilds.  I haven't gone into his.  I know that they're stinking rich and attached to one of the biggest banking families in Britain.  And of course that's why he's there.  These guys know why they're put in.  These guys are picked years in advance of becoming Prime Ministers, and they're even told when it's their turn to be Prime Minister, probably about ten years ago or more.  And it's the same in America.  And it's the same in Canada too.  And Carroll Quigley said the same darn thing.  He says, there hasn't been a Prime Minister or a President of the United States that has got into their country that was not a member of this particular secretive group, which eventually was called the CFR.  He says since the late 1800s.  Every one on all sides must be a member of the CFR or they don't even get to run. 


Tom: What about the Bullingdon Club, that's another one, that Cameron is in it?


Alan: His whole job too is to play his role.  Forget Conservative and Labor and all that nonsense, because that's why I left Britain.  I couldn't believe the people were swallowing all this stuff.  There's a huge agenda.  Cameron is put in to supposedly decentralize government, which is bringing it down into Communitarianism level, in the local area, where the average person is going to be left to wangle and plead for cash, to have a hospital bed for maybe 500 people in his little area.  They'll be running off to the World Bank, these NGO leaders.  That's how the Soviet Union was actually run too.  Technically, it was supposed to be run that way by their NGOs.  They called them the little soviets, rule by councils.  And that's the system they're bringing in here, more improved to fool the people, under the guise that we're all broke.  Meanwhile, they're giving out billions abroad to buy.  Britain's paying China to build hospitals for Chinese because they're still classed as a Third World country.  So is America.  America is putting, as they bring in the new pretense of healthcare for everyone in the US.  And it's a pretense only.  You're going to be in one hell of a shock when you realize what it is.  You're also paying for the building of hospitals across China, and India now that's an up-and-coming country.  And when you see who put the money into Brazil, Rothschild was in there, just like he was into India.  These new emerging nations, as they say, they have to skyrocket to the top.  The Rothschilds, I gave the links up when it happened.  And they bought all the farmland from all the farmers they put under in India.  Same thing in Brazil.  They bought up thousands and thousands of acres.  And when they pumped the money in, that's why these countries rise to the top.  That's why they rise up.  Not because they did it by their bootstraps.  Neither did China, as you well know.  So, it's an amazing world that we're living through.  A few people run this planet here.  They have an agenda.  They know exactly where they're going.  They've got thousands of think tanks working on it.  They've got thinktanks working on the 22nd century right now, and all the objections it will receive from what they want to introduce into society then, and how to overcome those objections, before we even hit it.  That's what they did with the 20th Century and the 21st Century as well.  Now, we'll also go to Tom from Wisconsin, are you there Tom?


Tom: I'm here Alan.  I thank you for the work that you do.  And what I've noticed is in my trying to track all the movements on this giant geopolitical checkerboard, which is black and white, of course, I notice that NPR, when I listen to that in the mornings on the way into work, when they have BBC on there, they're really lining up in about a six month window from the time that there's some kind of crisis to the propaganda to get us to go in the direction that they want us to go.  And I notice it specifically on NPR.  They keep running, as an example, a sort of news story presentation of how in one of the Norwegian countries they're actually charging citizens to cross bridges.  They, you know, like a travel tax, they don't call it a carbon emission tax.  They call it a congestion tax.  And it just seems to line up so well the propaganda with what's going on with Mexico right now, and all the things that I have heard so far up to this point.  And I just wanted to get your comments on NPR and the state-run media, and how you see that working right now.


Alan: Well, the state-run media, there's no doubt about it, all you're going to get is propaganda.  There's no doubt whatsoever.  And they will train your mind in preparation, because they know how you think and work through things.  You work through things by the way they feed the information to you.  And I'll go into that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we're talking to Tom in Wisconsin.  Are you still there, Tom?


Tom: Yeah, I'm still here.  I was mentioning NPR and I just wanted to get your analysis of what the state-run media's function is, and kind of get a basic understanding of it, but go into some detail if you could about how NPR actually itself is tied into this New World Order control system.


Alan: It's all your thoughts.  You must be given your reality from the State.  And the State itself has funneled, they funnel millions of dollars every year into culture creation they call it.  The Department of Culture.  Every country has got a Department of Culture.  And you think, well, we are the culture, why would we need a Department of Culture?  Well, its whole point and purpose is to change culture in a guided direction.  And so they give out your reality to you via what they call news.  And they actually program you step by step, alter your way of thinking towards something which you should be wary of, and get you to accept it.  And it's all done in a subconscious way.  It's a psychological technique.  They have experts working, preparing this stuff.  And it's marketed actually into your mind, through marketing techniques, in fact, using psychology.  And one book to read on the culture creators is the CIA's Cold War, The Cultural Cold War it's called.  ["The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters".]  The CIA's involvement in the culture creation business.  And they haven't stopped today.  It's still on the go, ongoing.  Not just in the US.  The CIA have offices all across Europe, where they are also involved in giving you culture.  These are the guys who helped once again promote humanism by bringing out the art that was surrealistic.  It wasn't even surrealistic, it was nihilistic.  And they promoted this kind of stuff as the in-thing, because they knew they had to make us depressed, in a sense, and take us from the values of life that we used to have and bring it into this new kind of machine type of system of distortion where nothing makes sense.  We're nothing at all.  We are just amoebas, and bring down us, by taking all beauty out of art.  And they've been awfully good at doing it.  They also, the State also funds all groups for radical change.  I was astonished in Canada, when I went into a club.  When I was asked to sing at the club in fact, when someone recognized me, and I sang a song.  And they said, can you sing something more radical?  And I says, why?  They said, well, we get funded by the government for radical change, we want stuff for radical change.  So, I looked it up, and sure enough, the Canadian government, the US government, every government in Europe has a Department of Culture, and they give grants out to all authors, novelists, even children's authors to promote ideas of radical, it's got to be radical change.  That's turning society upside down.  And when you follow it all, it's exactly the same as Karl Marx wanted with the destruction of the male from the family unit, get him out of it, bring in the women, because they said it was easier to control society through the female.  And eventually alter and distort all their ways of thinking.  That's what every government is on board with this.  You've never had, you've never ever had, anybody out there, any country listening, you've never had your own government serving you.  Never been.  Definitely not since World War II for sure.  Hasn't happened.


Tom: Well it seems that this information is really like a soft-kill operation, much like the chemtrails and the GMO.


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely. It's perfected propaganda, under the guise of news and exposés.  You see, you can alter the mind by just withholding half of the rest of the truth about any one topic, and you'll come to the desired conclusions.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, that's the music coming in, so it's Good Night, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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