December 10th, 2010 (#724)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt December 10th, 2010:

Psychological Stew Creating You:

"Propaganda's the Tool Used on the Mind,
Ensuring You Fit with Peers of Your Kind,
You Share the Knowledge with Rest of Minions,
Comforted by All Sharing Same Opinions,
Occasionally a Topic's Allowed "This Way or That",
But in Time You'll Agree Just Where it's At,
Mind-Masters Prepare You for What's Ahead,
Segmented Indoctrination to Ensure You're Led
Without Conscious Knowing of Where it Leads,
Via Bits & Bytes and Onboard News Feeds,
Until On a Topic You Will Be Adamant,
All Achieved by Psychology (Without an Implant),
Your Mind is the Battlefield, Your Defences Fell,
Ongoing Propaganda is Shaping You Well"
© Alan Watt December 10th, 2010

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - December 10th, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 10th of December, 2010.  I always suggest you go into at the beginning of the show, and you'll find hundreds of audios to download for free.  I try and give you the shortcuts to the big picture of the system you're living in.  And it is a very complex picture indeed, because there are so many organizations and incredibly wealthy foundations funding them that are guiding your life.  And they all work together from a central body, of course, because they're all on board with the same agenda.  All roads meet in the same area towards the end of their great big plan.  The Great Work as they like to call it.  And we're just going through tremendous changes right now as they upgrade the program and push on to the next phase of it.  Lots of phases to go yet.  So help yourselves to the downloads and so on.  And remember, they all carry a lot of transcripts in English too, if you want to print them up and pass them to your friends.  You can also go into and get transcripts in other languages too.  There's a whole bunch to choose from, help yourselves.  Remember too that you're the audience that bring me to you, so purchase the books and discs and so on that I have for sale at  And remember that donations too are very, very appreciated and welcome.  Remember that from the US to Canada, if you want to order anything, you can use a personal check.  You can use an international postal money order.  You can send cash.  You can also use PayPal to order or donate.  What you use is the donation button.  Send the appropriate amount, followed by an email with your name, address, and order, and I'll get it out to you as fast as I can.  Across the rest of the world, it's the same big story.  PayPal, you've got Western Union as well to choose from, they're kind of expensive to wire.  You can use Money Gram to wire or to send a check from your side to me in Canada.  That's a lot cheaper.  It might take seven days to arrive here, but they've no problem with it on the Canadian side.  And PayPal again, to order or donate; that's acceptable anywhere.


And we are going through the Great Work, as it's called, as they restructure the world.  A very old agenda.  This part of it, of course, was done a long time ago, long before we were born, and long before in fact your parents were born.  The amalgamation of countries, into big blocs, Karl Marx talked about them in the 1800s, the Trading Blocs, and they'd eventually lose their sovereignty, and then they'd come under a world type governmental system, which today we take as the United Nations.  It might not be the final name for it, but at the moment, it's called the United Nations.  It's like the hub of everything that's happening with NGOs and foundations and all government laws, etc, are coming from the United Nations, onto the table of your president or prime minister, where they just sign it into law.  It's been like that for years.  That's the purpose of it, of course.  And nothing is simply evolving by itself.  They're not behind schedule.  They've achieved a lot of their goals.  They've even bypassed any federal input.  They don't even need the federal inputs any more.  They can amalgamate energy, taxation policies, and so on, with Canada and the States for instance.  They've been doing it for a few years now.  I'm surprised how many years they were doing it, to do with their various energy and sustainability policies, with all the mayors and governors signing on with the Canadian ones too, to do cross-border, without the input of the federal government at all.  Right across the entire border region they've been doing this in different segments and areas, and they call them accords, which to them basically are legally binding.  So there's many ways to achieve their goals.  As I say, you don't need a big announcement at the time.  There won't be one until really it's evident to everyone that they have no country at all.  Technically at the moment you don't.  We haven't had for quite some time.  We're all in it together, as the propagandists say in every war.  This is a war on the world.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, where we try to make sense of this big, seemingly confused agenda.  It's not confused at all.  The whole idea is to overload you with so many different organizations that seem separate from each other, but are actually working towards the same goal.  As I say, it's always the same thing.  And they obviously do have a central head at the top guiding it all, keeping it all coordinated, in fact there are foundations out there that do nothing else but that, coordinating all the other foundations and NGOs across the world, and talking to governments too, with their private meetings, which they're allowed to have.  And that's what's really guiding your life.  You're meant to think that there are just competing parties all demanding different things, but it's not that at all.  The outcome will be a very controlled, scientifically controlled society, worldwide, and that's what it's about.  If you went into the NAFTA agreement, it's the same as every other Free Trade Agreement that's been signed in Europe and elsewhere, and it's all stemming from the Great Idea in Britain, and from the British Empire in fact, where they said they'd have the free flow of goods and services and labor across all borders.  


And of course that was taken up by other authors, like Jacques Attali, who wrote about that too, and how there would be a whole class that would be on the move across the world.  And they will be the high bureaucrats in the age of world managers.  We're in the age of world managers already.  We don't have national governments anymore at all.  And they're all on board together to get us going into Communitarianism, as they like to call it, which is the supposed (and I mean supposed) decentralization of governments, where you'll live in your little community area, you'll have to grow your own food basically, eventually.  Anything extra you borrow, you'll have to have a representative going to the World Bank for loans, and then you'll all have to somehow pay those loans off.  It's the global village idea too.  Same old thing.  Many different terms for the same thing, and they like to change the terms just to keep you in the dark, which it does a good job of doing with most people.  That is the idea, putting you into Communitarianism and Volunteerism as they call it in America.  They don't want to use the term Communitarianism, it's still got connotations of Communism, you see.  So they're using Volunteerism for your area, your little area.  It's all under the habitat idea, sustainability, and Agenda 21, if you want to find more about it, and why it's rampaging ahead, across the world, at the same time. 


Last night, someone asked me too about National Public Radio and how they get their funding and so on, and what they're really there for.  Well, they're there to propagandize you.  That's what anything that puts itself down as a charitable organization, it has an agenda to fulfill.  You also have Public Broadcasting Networks for television too.  And we get the same ones in Canada that they do in the States.  It's the same programs.  And every so often they come out with these awful drives with their tin can rattling, and they don't even really need that money.  That's a show, folks.  That's a show.  Because these guys are all paid for and funded by the big foundations.  And they do, as long as they put out the same stuff, which is propaganda for a form of Socialistic world system, where we all comply.  It's meant to prepare your minds for compliance.  That's how propaganda works. 


They don't just come out and say be a new person tomorrow.  They work on you until you're ready to be a new person tomorrow.  Remember all these articles I've read to you about mind control groups being used by governments?  And I've read some of them for you that officially work with different governments.  And what they said is if we can't change society, we'll change society to suit the government, if we can't change government to suit the people.  So that's what they've done.  They'll change you.  Very old idea. Bernays knew all about it.  And even, as I say, Gramsci and others knew about it long, long before Bernays came along.  Very old understanding of the science of the manipulation of the mind of billions of people.  It's been a very old science, obviously kept by all governments of all kinds for thousands of years. 


And National Public Radio as I say, is really supported by big foundations.  I'll put up a bunch of them tonight.  It's only a handful, really, out of the hundreds that fund them, with incredible amounts of money, by the way, and it says here, at the top you've got:


John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation  (Alan: They've been on the go since 1897-1978, money from insurance and Florida real estate.  The foundation fathered by son, John. R McArthur.)


The Pew Charitable Trusts (A: And the Pew Charitable Trusts started by the sons and daughters of Joseph M Pew, founder of Sunoco Oil.  That's the oil company.  For many years funded primarily, initially they were into Conservative organizations, because they work both sides of it now they're all liberal.)


The Annenberg Foundation (A: Major funder of education and media programs.  Also established the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.  That's to make sure they put out all the left wingers out there that really are all Socialists for world government and so on.  They're really, you see, there's no sides really.  It's all going towards the same system.  Because you become what the information that's downloaded into you, you become that information.  It works on you, just like a virus in a computer.  It works on you.  Prepares you for the next step.  And you say, well, I guess it had to go this way, what else could they do.  And you know.) 


Walter H. Annenberg (A: Publisher.  Nixon appointed him diplomat to the UK, where he was made honorary knight of the Order of the British Empire.  Friend to Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, Margaret Thatcher, and so on.  And he created TV guide.  He also was part of the Annenberg Foundation.  And of course:)


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (A: See, once you get up, see you've got to understand, these people don't come up by being self-made men.  There's an order out there that picks you up, tells you what you're going to do, and what you'll be, and you just stand in the limelight as the frontman and take all the glory.  And it's essential with Bill Gates, of course, they had to get one main system in across the whole world.  It's far easier to monitor one system than a whole bunch or a variety of systems for the security agencies, to make sure everything is formulated along the same track together and monitored and so on.  That's what you've got the computer for.  And once you get to a certain stage, and all these billions have accumulated, the agreement is that you have to donate X amount of bucks, back into the group that basically pulled you up, like Neo getting pulled up out of the pool of water once he was reborn, if you remember the first movie.  You've got to kick the money back, and that's why they do it.  Not because they're charitable people.  They're anything but charitable people.) 


The Ford Foundation


Which I think now is run by the Rockefeller Group as well. Same board of directors.  They also fund it, a major fund of education and media.  The Ford Foundation contributes to NPR as well as other public media.  Over the past fifty-five years the foundation alone has invested over $440 million in global public media.  And then it's got the Beta Ford Foundation.  That's the actual link.  I'll put these links up for you to have a look at.  And the NPR financial statement too, has got a PDF for that.  I'll put that up as well.  And the board of directors appointed by the President of the United States.  I'll also put that one up as well, because you also have public taxpayer money going into it as well, to make sure that America produces the right kind of people that the overlords want.  That's what it's all about.  So, I never watch these things.  They're so transparent to me when you start watching.  A couple of minutes, even shorter time in fact, you know exactly where they're going and how they intend to twist your mind into one area or another. 


Now, we're watching them have their big meal fest, you know, their big fest in Cancun to do with massive taxation across the planet under the guise of carbon taxes.  That's what it is.  It's an economic meeting more than anything else.  And nothing is decided there, because the ones who all go have their meals, they listen to a few people talk, and they have meals after that, and more brandy and so on, and then partying all night.  And then they get in their private Lear jets, etc, and go back home.  And these are, again, charitable organizations, you understand.  The parallel government.  The whole thing is, all the drafting up of all the agreements was done probably a year ago, at the end of the last meeting they had.  And all they go there is sign them and this is what they're told to push, and what their mantra will be for this year and so on.  That's all it's about really.  Big, big party.  And again, the redistribution of wealth.  That ties right in with what's happening now, because we are putting out billions and trillions of dollars across the planet to the international corporations' other facilities in other countries.  That's what it's all about.  It won't go to the people at the bottom. 


At the same time as this is happening, Britain is snowed under.  They're using troops and everything to try to clear the snow, mainly because they've cut back on snow clearing for the last twenty years.  But they want to make a big show of it.  Oh, it's getting bad now, it's terrible.  Everything is a crisis now.  And then in Canada too, with its great computers that are signed on to the global warming stuff, it says:


Enviro Canada admits it 'underforecasted' - by 1,000 per cent - year's 1st storm (A: Snow storm.  It says:)


Environment Canada's predictions for the year's first snowstorm appear to have been off, in Quebec, by roughly 1,000 per cent.


The national office had warned Montrealers on Monday morning that they should expect a light sprinkling of two to four centimetres of snow.


But it's kept falling, and falling — and, by Tuesday afternoon, it had buried cars and fire hydrants as 25 centimetres blanketed the city and the weather system was still going strong.


(A: More snow was still coming down.  So it says:)


Environment Canada meteorologist Rene Heroux admits the department's computers didn't do a very good job figuring out how bad the storm would be.


(A: The solution, obviously, is to get more expensive Cray computers, you know, Super-Cray computers, because last year's is probably the last model they had, you know.  And they love to keep buying computers to put in their predictions, which are always wrong.)


"When you forecast two to four centimetres and you end up with 25, there's something wrong going on," he said.


(A: Well, I love geniuses.  That's why these guys are made the top experts in the country.)


"Blame us. I mean, we're the ones who are issuing the forecast so obviously we are the ones who didn't see it coming."


Amazing that with all these supercomputers, eh, they didn't see it coming, and satellites and everything.  That's the garbage we're supposed to swallow, as your leaders are signing on to massive taxation, under global warming.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the nonsense we live through, which they call life.  And of course, propaganda, amazingly often works and it succeeds.  It has victory over commonsense and reality and memory even, for most people.  They can't believe so many experts would be up there telling them how bad things are across the world, as they get snowed under and they're freezing, and all the rest of it.  I've gone through how many folk died in Britain in the last year because of the cold, mainly pensioners too, who can't afford the fuel.  You see, it's a big excuse to make a big, incredible money grab from the general public, under any guise.  And that's what McClellan too, up there in the federal government of Canada said a few years ago.  She said, it doesn't matter if all the climate science is all bogus or phony, she says, we can use this for global equality; meaning redistribution of wealth, if you didn't know.  Communists will all know that.  Anyway, it says, this is Britain, again. 


Now the Army moves in to clear away snow in coldest December for 100 years as fuel runs out at petrol stations in Scotland and East Anglia


The Army was called in today to help clear away ice and snow as Britain headed towards its coldest December for 100 years.


As temperatures plunged to -15c (5f) David Cameron ordered the military to step in and help the UK's beleaguered local councils.


(A: See, they've all been pocketing the money, a lot of these councils, they're so darn corrupt, and not putting the money out for gravel and sanding and so on, or even the equipment to clear the roads.  It says:)


The Prime Minister also revealed Cobra-style emergency meetings (A: Cobra style, oh, they love that.  It's the cops.) of senior officials and Ministers had been held to discuss the Government’s response to the big freeze.


(A: What are they going to do, just blow out that hot air out of Parliament, maybe, and melt it all?)


Edinburgh City Council was the first local authority to ask for help. Officials have held talks with the Ministry of Defence and the Scottish government to allow soldiers to remove built up snow and ice from roads and pavements.


The Scottish capital has seen the worst snowfall since 1963, leaving some of its most vulnerable residents unable to leave their homes. Up to 30ins of snow has fallen in parts of the city.


(A: That was in a very short time, too.)


Under the plans, soldiers will be helping residents from the hardest hit areas of Edinburgh, as well as those who need to get access to medical help.


Maybe when they stop spraying the skies, we'll get more sunlight through, and it will warm up a little bit, and it will stop all these bad temperatures, you know the negative temperature from falling so low.  But that will be the day, as I say, because they won't even talk about that, at all.  They keep talking about geo-engineering, as though it was something that's going to come, eventually, when we've had it since 1998, pretty well daily.  That's the reality you live through.  Now, back to Communitarianism, and so on, and how you're all to get moved off the rural areas and into the crowded cities.  They're having their international meeting right now, in Chile, Smarter Cities Forum, and they talk about:


These collective realizations have reminded us that we are all now connected—economically, technically and socially.


(A: You see, there are no countries anymore, we're all connected, and IBM, of course, kicks this whole thing off, just to let you know that they're in charge of it.  The IBM guys that were in charge of a lot of the camps in the Soviet Union, and in the German camps as well, keeping track on, you know, numbers.  They weren't people, of course.  Bureaucrats like numbers, they don't like people.  It helps to disassociate the fact they're killing people, by giving them a number.  And IBM was the big honcho on that one.  But they've always been up there in guiding this whole world towards where it's supposed to go.  And they talk about the planet's infrastructure and all this kind of stuff, and it says that:)


That urgency has increased over the past decade, and I believe we can identify its source. The start of the 21st century has constituted a series of wake-up calls on a single subject: the reality of global integration.


(A: For those who think they've still got a country.  It was all signed away this year.)


In the last few years, our eyes have been opened to global climate change, and to the environmental and geopolitical issues surrounding energy.

We have been made aware of the vulnerabilities of global supply chains for food and medicine.  (A: That's because a handful of pharmas own all the medicine and five agribusinesses own all the food, across the world.)

We entered the new century with the shock to our sense of security delivered by the attacks on 9/11.

And much of the world is still recovering from a global financial crisis. (A: I wonder who's recovered from it.  I haven't heard about anybody recovering from it, so far.  So:)


Yes, the world continues to get "flatter." And yes, it is getting smaller and more interconnected. But something is happening that holds even greater potential—and it arrives not a moment too soon.


In a word, our planet is becoming smarter.  (A: The planet is becoming smarter.  There you go.)


In building this exciting future, collaboration is key. This isn't just a metaphor—but, then, you know that. You are here because you understand that new intelligence is being infused into the way the world literally works—the systems and processes that enable physical goods to be developed, manufactured, bought and sold... services to be delivered... everything from people and money to oil, water and electrons to move... and billions of people to work and live.


First, our world is becoming instrumented:


Then they go through about the history of the transistor and so on, and all the inventions that came up, and how every invention gets us more and more integrated and interconnected.  But in reality, we're all being guided by guys like these guys, IBM, you see.  And then it goes on to this other one.  IBM again for food technology.  It says:


Food is as fundamental as it gets.  (A: Well, I love their straight-forwardness, and again, the genius behind it.)  And our relationship with it has changed with every year. Just ten years ago, most consumers were focused on eating a diet low in fat. Biotechnology was extremely limited in its application and considered somewhat dangerous. And few people knew what organic meant or why it mattered.


Today, the picture is one of heightened challenges.


Oh, the music is coming in, so I'll continue with this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going through an article on food by IBM.  It's got its fingers into everything.  And basically the article goes on to talk about how they're tracking all food.  They get the job of tracking food worldwide.  And how much is that going to increase your food price, by the way, I wonder.  They've got the job for doing that.  I don't know who gave it to them, but it's all to do with the smarter planet idea.  And every big organization, every other big corporation is on board with them in whatever they do.  They're the flagship for the New World Order integration, the internet of things, all of that stuff, so we're all tracked and traced as well as the food we eat.  Probably it will trace us, know exactly who you are and what you ate that day too, as you pass by different little scanners.


I'm also putting up tonight, at, two links to videos.  One is one of the gurus for depopulation, who's got an easy lifestyle.  These guys have great lifestyles.  They live very well, get massive grants thrown at them, and they go around giving lectures, waving their hands in the air to make it very exciting, and how we must depopulate as fast as we can.  And they use flow charts.  They're great for flow charts.  Flow charts are like statistics, you know, where they try to pretend they know how it's going to be in fifty years time, even though what they're telling you contradicts their flow charts, such as, we're at static growth, or we're at zero growth, or we're actually falling behind zero growth in most Western countries.  It's just not enough for them.  So, I'll put this one on depopulation up for you to look at in your spare time. 


And then there's another one too, public/private, because I touched on corporations a couple of days ago, and how they're really immune, they're impervious to the regular laws of the land.  And your government itself is a corporation.  Your local government is a corporation.  Your cops in your local town come under a corporation.  They are a corporation themselves.  And it's interesting to watch.  And, by the way, big corporations, like the federal government, are allowed to take gifts from other corporations.  They do that all the time.  That's why they go into politics and so on.  Anyway, the one I generally call Napoleon, Napolitano, as you all know, I'm sure, have a Walmart video up with her in it, of course.  I wonder how much she gets paid for that, where she's telling the citizens and all the store shoppers, that they must be suspicious of each other, and report anything weird or different, or suspicious.  And you can imagine how many poor sods are going to get picked up and searched and all this stuff, and their hands, you know, flattened on a wall, with their face and the whole thing, as these goons check them out, because someone with a cell phone, or someone reported them, because they didn't like the kind of beard they had.  Maybe they had a day's growth on them or something.  This has happened already, when they brought this in, right after 9/11, telling people to report anybody suspicious.  So they don't like the look of your face, or you're not their type, they'll report you, you see.  So, it's to get the public paranoid and reporting each other.  That's not what you want to live in, folks.  That's Totalitarianism.  That's the most dangerous of societies you could possibly have.  And here's Napolitano.  And no one is really talking about it.  It's like, well, so what, you know, because we're so conditioned to the next step of Totalitarianism.  When you really see, they'll come for you.  They will come for you eventually.  They know who you are.  They've got your whole personality profile.  Every link you've ever looked up on the net has been monitored, watched, they have a whole profile on you, and what you do, and what you talk about, and what you text each other about.  They know all about you.  They know more about you than you do yourself. 


So, I'll put these links up tonight, as well.  And it's just astonishing how fast it's all going; not really, I suppose, for the ones that are watching it.  But to the general public, they never realize anything until it's over and done with.  They simply drift into the new system, and ask no questions.  Another one too that I'm putting up is the "Race Is On to 'Fingerprint' Phones and PCs".  Now, I already talked about this a few weeks back, and this article here goes on about, it's the same article in fact, but I want to mention it.  They're working on technology to actually get the plastic working, kind of a live plastic, you might call it, which will be able to fingerprint you each time you use a computer or a cellphone or any kind of phone for that matter.  And they'll know exactly who's using what, where and why and when and all the rest of it.  It will be instantaneous retrieval of information, including your conversation.  I'll put that up again, as well. 


Now, in this world of global integration, as the countries are to follow the tradition of Britain.  Remember, that Cecil Rhodes and then we find the same thing with Lord Milner, Alfred Milner, a big banking boy, who set up the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs, and World Wars, by the way too, to achieve their goal, because you always get forward with your agenda in times of crisis, as they like to say in the CFR.  Part of the idea was eventually they'd copy the British idea of politics, because in Britain they call it parachuting in a politician.  He doesn't have to be living in an area to represent that area, they parachute him in.  And it's the same thing now, once you're into the bloc, under a European government for instance, like Europe, and the coming North American one.  I think it will be the whole of the American one, actually, they can then parachute their leaders in.  Kind of like what they did with putting Sarkozy into France. So they're changing Constitutions now in the European, they can't call them nations anymore, they're not nations, because the top honcho said that in an article a couple of weeks back, there are no more nations, into what were once called states.  They'll have to call them states.  So,


The Swedish constitution will be changed next year. The final decision in the Riksdag will be made on Wednesday, but since almost 95 percent of the MPs will vote yes, it is only a formality.


To change the Swedish constitution you need two separate decisions in the Riksdag. Between the two decisions there need to be an election. However, since changes in the constitutions normally are the result of cross block border negotiations, it is difficult for the voters who are against the changes to do anything about it at the election that separates the two parliamentary votings.


Anyway, when you scroll down this article, I've put all these links up, remember at the end of the show, you'll see that it will allow foreigners to come in and be prime ministers for instance.  And it will change all the requirements for Swedish citizenship and so on, and so on.  Because before they had to have Swedish citizenship to run for political positions.  So, that's going to be out, and they'll get somebody from who knows where.  The UN will probably decide who to give them as the next prime minister.  And that will be the same across the whole of Europe, of course. 


Now, Volunteerism, again, is the same term that they're using as Communitarianism.  In Britain they're using both now.  What I'm telling you this for, is Americans have to know what's coming their way and what's already in process, in America.  It's already in process.  I read yesterday some articles to do with the foundations funding Volunteerism in America.  And I've talked about different articles prior to that too.  It's already here.  And it says, the middle class don't give enough to charity, and should volunteer more, it says.  Guess who?  It's the politician in charge of the culture for the nation of Britain.  Because every country has a culture secretary, for those who don't know that.  They change and help plan the future cultures, do you understand?  That's their job.  So, the culture secretary in Britain, Jeremy Hunt, is saying now that the middle classes don't give enough to charity and should volunteer more.  He's lambasted the middle classes for not donating enough of their hard-earned money to charity.  Why should you when you have all these foundations running everything?  Anyway, it says:


Most controversially, Mr Hunt wants it to become the norm to leave 10 per cent of an estate (A: That's their money, I guess) to good causes when a person dies.


(A: So the government wants to take it from you, when you die.  They already take a massive chunk off in death duties and taxes so that you can't pass it on.  See, they don't want you working your way up and becoming part of them.  And by the way, the Council on Foreign Relations brought in the idea of death duties, death taxes, and income taxes.  They boast about that themselves in their archives.  Anyway, they want to take 10% more after they've left you with whatever, after you're dead and you leave it to your relatives.  And:)


Matthew Hughes, eight, who raided his piggy bank to save Turner painting.


(A: That's true.  They had some little child, they put out in the media, who was asked to go into his piggy bank to save Turner painting.  Anyway.)


In his speech, the prime-minister praised Matthew Hughes, eight, who raided his piggy bank to help the nation acquire a Turner watercolor. 


(A: That's awfully nice of him, wasn't it?  And they really need a Turner watercolor when you're starving to death and can't afford your fuel for the winter, because of all the laws they've created in Britain.)


By encouraging a rise in charitable donations to US levels he risks angering millions of people who are having to tighten their belts as result of the


(A: I won't call it "recession."  It's a depression. It's a man-made depression.  It was deliberately created to be a depression.  Because, you see, what did they say at the CFR?  They can get a lot of their agenda pushed through under crisis.  So many statements, even recently, more statements recently, about that very thing.  It says, he:)


also leaves himself open to the charge that he wants to see charities moving in to fill the funding gap after the Coalition ordered massive cuts.


Mr. Hunt hit the headlines this week when two BBC Radio Four presenters mistakenly pronounced his name with a C at the beginning.


(A: Chuckle)


In a speech to the Association of Philanthropy (A: You see, you've got an Association of Philanthropy, big foundations, you see.) Philanthropy and Giving, Mr. Hunt today said that it was disappointing that the well off do not give more to charity.


And he goes on and on and on and on.  You see, that's what it's to go under now.  It's Volunteerism, Sustainability, your Communitarianism in your little community area, and where they've already selected organizations that are to run you like the New Soviet system, are in place, ready to take over the chairs, as they'll have chairs and little presidents and so on, for your little area.  And you'll have to attend all these Communitarian shows that they put on, and you've got to attend.  They'll say, "where are you, where are you?  Are you anti-social or something?  You didn't attend the show."  This is all coming, folks.  This is the new Soviet.  We've blended with the Soviet system, it didn't disappear.  This was its next phase.  It was to blend with the West.  Who set up the Soviet?  The bankers set up the Soviet system.  The same bankers that run both sides of things, set up the Soviet system.  They designed it through the big foundations that they'd merge eventually and run the world.  The parallel government, it was called, and Professor Carroll Quigley also called it that too.  He should know; he was their historian for a while.  So, you're not run by your governments.  And everybody at the top of government is a member of this organization, this private organization, the CFR. 


How far does Socialism go?  Well, it's all the way.  You see, science dictates how it's to be for the future, how you'll behave, what you'll think, what will be normal for you.  Think of Brave New World, and think of the scenes where the so-called Savage comes in to visit their wonderful world.  He seems quite quaint to them, of course.  And he can't believe they're all basically rutting each other like bunnies, as they exchange partners, and they don't get attached to anybody.  He can't imagine they're all born in bottles or tubes, you see.  And they don't mate up with someone for a partner for life.  He can't do that.  Well, that's the world they're bringing in, you see.  That's why they had to destroy the family unit as it was, with the male there.  Because the male is less likely to change his views as the female.  And of course, they've always known this in psychology.  I've even read the articles on this program here, live, from the big psychological foundations and the marketers too, that are a big part of it, that give you your present state of mind, by the way.  That's who you are.  You are what they made you.  That's where your tastes, dislikes, and likes come from.  Not from yourself.  Anyway, government has done that so well in Britain, you don't need dads anymore.


Sex texts for teens: Controversy as NHS (A: National Health Service.  It's shortly to be introduced in America too, by the way) promotes mobile advice line for children as young as 13


Children as young as 13 are able to contact the TXTM8 service to receive advice about sex and relationships. 


They are being encouraged to send in questions about losing their virginity (A: To the government.  That's not bad, isn't it?), where to get the morning-after pill (A: In case they want to abort.) and how to get tested for infections.


Within minutes they receive a detailed reply from a specially-trained advisor, paid for by councils and local health trusts.


The scheme is targeted towards those aged 13 to 25 to increase awareness about issues such as contraception and teenage pregnancy.


(A: How are they going to tell the difference between a 13 year old and an 11 year old on the phone?  They don't care, because they know darn well, it's to get much younger.)


But those who text in are not asked their age (A: There you go.) – so there are fears that much younger children could be receiving detailed sexual advice.


(A: Well, they'll get a lot of pervs to answer them, I'm sure.)


The advisors are also texting girls that it is ‘safe’ to take the morning-after pill more than once, even though there are concerns that frequent use encourages the risk of sexually transmitted infections.


The service is funded by health trusts and councils (A: There you go, councils again, you see.) is being run in the London boroughs of Enfield, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham.


Youngsters are not charged and they can send texts any day of the week, between the hours of 8am and 2am. They receive a response from one of 100 health advisors who work in shifts from a call centre in London.


The scheme was introduced last year amid concerns that teenagers were having sex without being fully aware of the consequences.


Listen, by the time they hit twelve at school, they know more about sex than their parents do.  They know all the kinky stuff too, and all the deviant stuff, because it's all taught to them by the guys who come in as deviants and explain it to them.  That's the law.  They've got to bring all kinds in there.  The only ones they're not allowed to bring in so far, which won't last long, that will be on the books too that they must bring them in, are pedophiles, because everything else, if you want to have sex with a dog it will shortly be taught in school.  They're already, they're allowed to have sex with animals in, I think it's Norway.  Big business over there, bringing all their European and American clientèle in.  That's the world they're bringing in, folks.  It's here, actually.  It's already here.  When the older folk are just waking up to something, in amongst all the crisis that they're involved in through all their lives, financially and job-wise and price-wise and economy-wise, and so on, between all the crisis, sometimes they get a little brief space there, where it pops in their head what's happening to the young ones.  It's intentional.  Keep you off balance, perpetual war, war is all of the things I just mentioned, if you didn't know.  Keeps you off balance, all the time.  Many kinds of warfare in war.


Talking about propaganda and so on, everything is propaganda.  Even secret releases are often propaganda, you see.  And you can't even take releases for what they claim to be, because there's always intelligence, counter-intelligence and so on and so on and so on.  There's a whole bunch of different areas and levels of them.  And here's one on, for an example here, the


Office of Strategic Information (A: Strategic information, it's called:) 


The following article about Strategic Information, the OSI was written by Lou Morano for United Press International (February 26, 2002). It is hereby reprinted in the spirit of fair use.


The Pentagon's publicized plans to create the propaganda bureau sparked a hailstorm of debate. A few days later, a two-sentence article in the Financial Times (London) reported that the Pentagon planned to close the OSI.


But did they?  Well of course not.  Back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, I'm back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Going through an article on the Office of Strategic Information, which is actually about disinformation, from the OSI as they call it, from the Pentagon.  It says:


If you liked the lie about the murder of Kuwaiti babies after Iraq's invasion of the oil-rich emirate in 1990, you'll love the Office of Strategic Information.


That is, if the Pentagon's new office of shadow plays survives in the form it had been envisioned.


Last week The New York Times reported that the Defense Department is paying the Rendon Group, (A: A private organization of marketers, you see, guys that make you buy things as well, but also cause wars and make you hate folk.)  a Washington-based international consulting firm, $100,000 per month to help the OSI with a broad campaign that would include "black" propaganda, or disinformation -- commonly known as lies.


This brought to mind one of the most notorious pieces of disinformation promulgated the last time the government wanted to build public support for a war against Iraq. It was fabricated by Hill and Knowlton, one of the world's largest public relations firms. (A: They love public relations, eh, propaganda.  That's what Bernays called it.)  This is the story that in 1990 invading Iraqi soldiers pulled Kuwaiti premature babies from their incubators and left them to die on the cold floor. The Bush administration has scrambled away from the storm of criticism sparked by the Times' report, and the president promised Monday that his government would not lie about defense policy. (A: Oh, ho-ho-ho.) On Sunday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on NBC's "Meet the Press": "The person in charge is debating whether it should even exist in its current form, (A: This is the OSI) given all the misinformation and adverse publicity it has received."


And then I'll also put up this article here:


Report reveals military experts pushing Pentagon propaganda, but where's the outrage?


(A: But there's no outrage here at all about it, it says here.)


Then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, at a news briefing (A: It shows you the photographs here and so on, who's all involved.  It says:)


Since before the start of the Iraq war you've seen these former generals and colonels, dubbed "military experts or analysts," on the network television and cable news shows...


(A: You've all seen them on television, they bring them on as experts and military experts and analysts.)


Turns out many apparently had a specific agenda to support the administration laid out in "talking points" by Pentagon public relations folks. And they had a business conflict of interest as well, scurrying for billions of dollars in Pentagon contracts for Iraq and Afghanistan.


(A: In other words, they're on television to tell you nothing but lies, and say it in such a way as to make you believe it, you see, to lie to you.  You're the target.  Propaganda isn't just aimed at what they see as the enemy.  It's always aimed at the people at home, as well.)


The disclosures in an extraordinary investigative report by David Barstow on the front page of Sunday's New York Times have raised a number of questions: about how independent these experts really were;  about the role of the Pentagon in providing background information vs. propaganda; about the failure of the news media to ask for financial disclosure from the experts, and about the networks' refusal even now to respond adequately to the allegations in the Times' report.


But first the heart of Barstow's story, which depended in part on some 8,000 Pentagon documents, including e-mails, which the Times went to federal court to obtain:


"To the public, these men are members of a familiar fraternity, presented tens of thousands of times on television and radio as 'military analysts' whose long service has equipped them to give authoritative and unfettered judgments about the most pressing issues of the post-Sept. 11 world. Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration's wartime performance...


Well, it's still there folks.  And private marketing companies that specialize in making war through propaganda on other countries and you, are getting paid millions of dollars per month, per week some of them, to keep it all going.  To keep you in the dark and make you believe what they tell you.  Big bucks.  The battle for the mind, that's what the last part is. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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