Dec. 14, 2010 (#726)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 14, 2010:

Animated Dreamers, Electronic Lotus-Eaters:

"In the Land of the Dead Your Life is a Ball
Of Perpetual Childhood Where You Have it All,
The Peter Pan Syndrome's Highly Elevated,
Growing Older with Wisdom is Utterly Hated,
Anthropologists and Behaviourists Set the Structure,
Working with Hollywood to Upgrade the Culture,
So All Avoid Pain, Constantly Seek Pleasure,
The Dream of Governments, Controlling at Leisure,
With Such a Society Where Experts Made 'em,
To Be Groped, Strip-Searched, Can't Degrade Them,
Enough That Is, These Adult Children of Majority,
Perfectly Indoctrinated for Obedience to Authority"
© Alan Watt Dec. 14, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 14, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 14, 2010.  Newcomers to the show should always go into; that’s the official web site.  You will see a whole bunch of the other official web sites I’ve got listed there, bookmark them for future use in case you get problems with the .com site.  All of these sites carry the same audios for download.  They carry a lot of transcripts in English, all of them, for print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into, which is listed on the .com site, and you can get transcripts from quite a few different languages of the world, for print up and pass them around to your friends; it’s a good idea.  Remember too, you are the audience that brings me to you.  As you notice I don’t sell anything on this particular show.  All I have to sell is the few books and so on that I had time to put out there, in these amazing times that we are going through.  It’s up to you to keep me going, if you want to hear this kind of stuff.  I take a different perspective on history.  I take what’s happening, to put it into perspective for you, to help you understand the big movements that are afoot today, where it’s going and how it’s got here in fact, and why it’s to go this way.  You are living through the greatest time in history for change across the entire planet, much much bigger than the industrial era where millions of peasants were kicked off their land and put into the cities because of the Corn Laws, which Mr Rothschild by the way put through, when he became Lord.  They dumped all the cheap corn in Britain and elsewhere and the farmers went under so they all moved to the cities to start of as the labor force for the industrial revolution, and you could buy them for 10 a penny; that’s how cheap life was back then.  It’s not much different today folks.  Remember, you can order the books and disks that I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Things will be slow of course, as we go up to this silly Christmas rush of mass consumerism, and probably one of the last ones of mass consumerism as things go up in price and our lifestyle is changed along with it too.  Things will be slower in the post so if you get it in now hopefully you will get it in time, or at least quicker than it will be because they are always backlogged this time of year for a few weeks, even after Christmas. 


On this show I talk about the systems in which you live, the techniques which control your minds.  I’ve tried in the past to give you many examples, from the experts themselves, the Skinner group and so on, the Skinnerians who were into behaviorism and into the neuroscientists and neuroeconomists they call them too, who deal with using economic factors to alter you behavior, or ‘the power of the purse’ as others call it, as we go through these amazing times.  It’s astounding how fast it’s gone.  Not really astounding when you think about all the foundations and the grants to universities to study people for the last, oh, 100 years or so, massive grants they put into it; lots of testing on an unaware public to see how they’d react in certain situations, all to do with what we are going through today.  We are very predictable.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  The Matrix is very appropriate, the movie itself, to do with the system in which we live, where there are so many levels of this other reality that the people tend to get stuck in the one that they are in, or they move into the one next door, and think again, that’s all there is to it:  I have found it all out…  and they are only starting the journey; there are so many levels above you.  That’s what we are in.  It’s levels of entrapment you might say.  It starts off at a very early age and with indoctrination from your parents who tell you their reality, which of course was given to them by their parents and their cultural system and their news media. 


All mammals are taught by the parents very early on what is dangerous to them and what is not.  If the mammal doesn’t do that then you will find young bear cubs and so on wandering up to you followed by mamma of course, who is aware of what’s going on and doesn’t like it at all.  But the cub is quite innocent.  It doesn’t know, hasn’t been told yet that you have to stay away from human beings.  It’s the same with any mammal.  Therefore, we adapt and we adopt the parental attitude and then we become a good citizen by doing so.  Of course the school reinforces that reality, of fiction really, because we live in fiction. 


What they give to you as reality is actually fiction because governments have never, ever, ever been in the business of informing the people on anything, truly and completely.  Never ever has it happened.  It’s never happened in the whole of history.  Their job is to deceive and make things palatable to the general public, by, today, using public relations companies and marketing companies to use certain psychologies, again, with psycholinguistic words, which make you feel nice and warm and fuzzy, for the most horrible things really.  It’s kind of like saying, ‘for peace and safety, are you willing to give up your security?’  So ‘peace’ sounds pretty good; we all like to be safe.  And they are telling you to give up all your rights actually, for security.  If you don’t have rights, you understand, you have no security.  It’s an oxymoron.  The test they did after 9/11, that was suddenly rolled out by all the media, all their polls that they took, all on cue, on board at the same time, not with ‘what do you think happened at 9/11,’ it was all, ‘will you give up your rights for security?’  They all went on board with that, talking to men on the street and women on the street and getting all their answers.  It was quite interesting to see the data too, which I’m sure you can go back and find. 


You see, we are run by illusion and conology, as I call it.  Conology, the Machiavelli techniques of controlling the public, without them even knowing they are being controlled, their thoughts are controlled.  And we are definitely born into this system.  There are those who know, who go to a different kind of special schooling, and the rest of the population who go to the ordinary schools, they are not taught what the realities of life are whatsoever, into what really rules them.  There has never been a government with a true democracy; it has never existed.  NEVER existed.  The beautiful trick was to make you believe it did and that’s why you’re all in disbelief as you’re going down the tubes, into a global system of hell – and I mean hell – because what you’re going into is the most controlled, scientifically controlled, and followed by brutal force if necessary, system that’s ever been devised, across the whole world.  All the warning signals that we saw before the Bolsheviks took over in Russia, with their incredible slaughters, leading up to the slaughters starting off with coercion and then force and then slaughters.  All of that you are seeing implemented in your own countries under the guise of giving up your rights and your freedoms for security.  And folk can’t see it for what it is.  They cannot see it. 


We have all these different agendas on the go at the same time, which is part of this technique to keep you bewildered at the variety of them all rushing ahead at the same time.  It’s not logical you see, if you’ve got a logical mind, to distribute the wealth of your countries when you have already been bankrupted and you are continuing to be bankrupted, to distribute your wealth across the world, to supposedly go to third world countries.  And it’s not.  Last night I went through the article that dealt with that, where the money that’s to come out of this treaty at Cancun is going to be earmarked for masses of bureaucracies to be built up in all these different areas or regions as they like to call them now.  Mr Lord Monckton did a good job in telling you it’s exactly the same technique that they used with the European Union.  Exactly the same technique. 


So we’re going into an organized, planned, created hell.  But it won’t last forever of course, because as we go through hell and the children are born, and get their indoctrinations, they will come in to a different world of a vastly reduced population, around the year 2050 or so.  That’s what all the big reports say, suddenly it’s going to drop from this peak and massively decline, for some strange reason, which they have not disclosed yet and no doubt never will.  But it won’t be pleasant for whatever it is.  They have the supply of all the money.  The 5 agri-food businesses have total control of the world’s food supply.  And the food supply they are dishing out to the public is GMO, which is not good for your health.  It will sterilize you.  It will also give you cancers and so on, and lots more folk will die much younger and so on with it too, which goes along with the agenda.


I’ve gone through – for those who are still stuck in disbelief, and most are actually – the reports put out by those from ‘the lucky gene club’ as they call them, the Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and so on, that all get together to decide to rapidly reduce the world’s population.  Of course Rockefeller is in there too, with all the other big foundations.  Rapidly reduce the world’s population.  What do you mean rapidly?  Well naturally, the way that you have been taught here, is that you are egosyntonic, and you can’t believe anything nasty would be done to you because you are so special.  You are so special, no one is after you.  You see, you’re so special, and you’ll be fine.  It’s true too, when you’re young you can’t imagine dying.  You truly believe you’re a separate species from the elderly.  It’s very difficult to say, one day I’ll be like that.  No, it never occurs to you. 


I used to go around to graveyards when I was small – it was the most peaceful place there was – and read the different inscriptions.  One of the most popular ones that you would see then was ‘as I am now, so you shall be.’  We all get there eventually.  The problem is today you are living in a youth culture that’s been going on since about the 60s, where they tried to make everyone stay a perpetual teenager, forever.  That’s why elderly folk have no more wisdom to pass on to you than anyone else, of your own young age.  They have watched the TV programs, the movies, their whole life long; that’s all they know.  And they have never matured.  They have been taught to be terrified of getting old as well.  And if they do speak anyway, they are taught to be ignored by the young generation who get all that at school. 


I’ve talked about the amalgamation of the Americas.  It’s well underway.  There have been so many treaties signed.  They haven’t disclosed the vast bulk of data that has been signed into the agreements yet to the general public.  They won’t bother until you’re under a new flag of some kind.  No doubt they’ve already got it ready to go, just like the EU flag was set up to go, because they spend years in advance on the smallest detail, those organizers at the top.  Part of the amalgamation too, is to do with pollution as they call it, and carbon initiatives and all that kind of stuff. Stuff that Prime Ministers and Presidents would have taken the heat if they come out openly and simply signed them, so they left it to the areas, or regions, within their countries to do it all cross-border.  Canada has done it with the US and the US has done it with Mexico.  Here is an article on it.  I mentioned this before; it’s called the Western Climate Initiative.  There’s a very good write-up in one of the magazines out there so I’ll read it off to you.


Welcome to the Western Climate Initiative (WCI). The WCI is a collaboration of independent jurisdictions working together to identify, evaluate, and implement policies to tackle climate change at a regional level. (Alan:  The UN, you see, set up everything in regions, not countries anymore.)  This is a comprehensive effort to reduce greenhouse gas pollution (A:  Remember, most of that is water vapor; steam, you might say.), spur investment in clean-energy technologies that create green jobs (A:  I guess that’s fungus… you know.) and reduce dependence on imported oil.  (A:  So that’s the spiel that they give out.)


For an overview of the WCI, download our brochure.


I’ll put up the links at the end of the night so you can read them through for yourself.  It’s quite interesting what they’ve got proposed for the whole of the US and the Canadian integration into this whole scheme.  It involves all energy use too, sharing all energy, electricity, which means bills and all the rest of it, and taxations.  And taxations… that’s integration, folks, for those who can’t think very quickly.  This other article here, which I’ll also put the link up for, says…


Cap and Trade by Stealth:

 U.S. States Partner With Foreign Governments

Written by Alex Newman / / 10 December 2010


While Americans were battling cap-and-trade legislation (A:  Which is carbon taxes.) at the national and international levels, global-warming alarmists were quietly building regional systems between state and local governments, private industry, and even foreign governments that basically achieve the same effect — higher energy prices for consumers and more money for governments.


The first and most prominent of these U.S. cap-and-trade systems is known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). It was created not by the people through their legislatures, but by a so-called “Memorandum of Understanding” between state governors.  (A:  An ‘accord’ they call them.)


Consisting so far of 10 Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states — Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont — the scheme is described on the RGGI website as “the first mandatory, market-based effort in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” Its board of directors consists primarily of each participating state’s top environmental bureaucrats.  (A:  So that’s who runs it, non-governmental organizations.  I’ll read the rest of this when I come back because it’s very interesting because it pertains to all of you.  This is only ONE of these ones; the rest of them are amalgamating too, as we speak.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the con game of carbon emissions and how they sell it to each other, bags of nothing really, and how it all gets put down to you, the taxpayer at the bottom where you have to pick up the tab for all of this incredible plundering of nothingness, except your money.  This article goes on to say…


The “Initiative” works by having each state cap its carbon dioxide emissions at a certain level, then auctioning off emissions permits to the highest bidder. Eventually, the CO2 limits will be reduced, causing increased energy prices as companies pass along the added costs to consumers. By 2018, the RGGI plans to reduce energy-sector emissions by 10 percent.  (A:  It will be a lot more than that because every year they have their meetings and they up it, you see, at the world events.)


Thus far, the scheme has netted close to a billion dollars by selling “carbon credits” (A:  Bags of nothing…) to utility companies and other firms in participating states, earning about $50 million through an auction held on December 1. The first auction was actually held in 2008, and there have been nine since then. Spoils from the emissions permits are then handed out by state governments to companies, environmental groups, and others.


Incredibly, the RGGI has managed to avoid public scrutiny of its operations by incorporating as a non-profit organization (A:  See, you are back to the new feudal system.  What was is Brzezinski said?  He said the technocrats can move and get things done behind the scenes because they are not responsible to the public, as a government workers are.  So they create non-profit organizations, run by foundations of course, the parallel government.) and leaving enforcement and regulation to the individual states. The corporation claims it does not have to respond to public requests for information since, technically, it is not actually a government entity.  (A:  So your laws and your taxations are being proposed and then implemented by non-governmental agencies.)


But the corruption is already coming out in the open. “New Hampshire conservationists had high hopes for how $18 million in funding generated by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) might advance energy efficiency projects,” wrote columnist Fergus Cullen in the New Hampshire Union Leader earlier this year. “Unfortunately, cronyism and corporate welfare hallmark too many grants awarded by the Public Utilities Commission so far.”  (A:  I mean, it’s a great boon to get into because you can’t fail.  Your output is nothing and you just buy and sell these carbon credits, just like the stock market.  In the European Union they handed out millions of dollars worth, or Euros worth, of these ones FREE to the big CEOs of the big corporations.  And they made profits off them, without it costing them anything at all.)


Cullen’s piece details, among other things, the outrageous handouts to “environmental” front groups and big businesses that helped push the scheme through. For example, an activist group in New Hampshire called “Clean Air Cool Planet” was incorporated by out-of-state bigwigs to promote global-warming alarmism — including Al Gore’s discredited “documentary,” An Inconvenient (A:  Spoof.) Truth.  (A:  Oh, truth it says here; it’s a spoof actually.)


“Having helped create this pot of money, Clean Air was one of the first in line with its hand out so it can do more alarmist advocacy, paid for with public resources awarded by friends,” Cullen explains. The group has already received almost half of a million dollars. Another example cited by the columnist: “Yogurt on a mission” producer Stonyfield Farm, with $300 million in yearly sales, received nearly $150,000 to upgrade its air-conditioning system. 


Money was basically shoveled out, “creating opportunities for the well-connected and the in-the-know” while “millions of dollars have gone out the window, wasted like heat leaking out of an uncaulked pane (A:  …of glass.),” Cullen concludes.   


But RGGI boss Jonathan Schrage — who after intense public pressure recently disclosed his salary of almost $170,000 per year (A:  Not bad being in the advocacy business, you know, getting paid as well by the big foundations, on top of all of that.) — thinks the scheme is great. “I look forward to building RGGI Inc. into a dependable administrative ally of each state’s RGGI program,” Schrag said in a press release when he was appointed executive director. “The states have done tremendous work to develop the first CO2 cap-and-trade system in the U.S.”


Not everyone thinks so, though. And in an e-mail to supporters, the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise warned of even bigger problems to come. “RGGI is the prototype for more regional cap & tax entities,” wrote the organization’s executive vice president Ron Arnold. “Soon RGGI will expand to every state and stick you with astronomical energy prices.”  (A:  … as they laugh up their sleeves and funnel the money into their pockets and into their friends’ pockets and Swiss bank accounts They also have a bigger deal on the go...)


An even bigger and more ambitious effort that includes Canadian provinces — and even Mexican states — as “observers” is set to go into effect in 2012. Known as the Western Climate Initiative, the scheme is described on its official website as “a collaboration of independent jurisdictions working together to identify, evaluate, and implement policies to tackle climate change at a regional level.”  (A:  That’s how it sounds but it’s really a money grabber and you are going to pay for it all.)


Among the participating “jurisdictions”: California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, and four Canadian provinces. So-called observers, “jurisdictions” that are likely to join soon, include six Mexican states, an additional six U.S. states, and another three Canadian provinces. The Western Climate Initiative, like the RGGI, was also created by an agreement between state governors — not legislatures.    (A:  That’s your democracy folks.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Another article that is out today too, it’s just another nail in the coffin, for those who can’t quite get they are living under a new totalitarian regime.  It’s all around you.  It’s been around you for quite some time.  People and forces are moving forward all the time in this battle; it doesn’t have any opposition really because most folk are stuck in disbelief.  They are still stuck and they can’t believe it’s happening, so it’s not happening.  That’s how they rationalize it.  This article here is…


The New York Police Department Starts Using Iris Scans on Suspects / December 11, 2010


In a move questioned by the New York Civil Liberties Union and some of New York's top lawyers, the New York Police Department is now using machines to photograph and scan the irises of prisoners as they pass through New York Central Booking. (A:  This is not for people who are necessarily charged, by the way.)  The department claims that this new high-tech identification program is part of a failsafe measure meant to prevent escapes as suspects move through New York's complex and winding court system.


"The NYPD can now photograph the irises of suspects arrested for any reason and they implemented this without any legislative oversight or public discourse," said David Perecman. "There are also no reports on how authorities plan to protect this collected biometric data from misuse."


News of the initiative was first released late last week. Civil libertarians and privacy advocates (A:  …of course…) say the collecting and storing of this data could "put innocent people under permanent suspicion."


A legal review by the NYPD had determined that legislative authorization was not necessary despite the fact that the department's collection of electronic data has been tainted with controversy as recently as this summer. The department was forced to stop electronic storage of names and addresses of people stopped under the stop-and-frisk program but not charged or arrested.  (A:  Well, you know too well, that this iris scanning will go nationwide, for everything too, including frisking on the street with their portable iris scans and all the rest of it.  It’s obvious.  For those who can’t see what’s coming down the road… that’s tough cheese.)


Just to tell you too, I’ve said democracy has never existed.  Up until I’d say really the late 90s you were given the illusion of freedom.  Just don’t worry, just be happy:  was the mantra then.  Use the credit cards:  The credit cards really kept people going for the last 15 years before 2001 came along.  They kept them as perpetual teenagers:  Don’t worry about things, you have a government, you have your own country:  You were meant to believe in this illusion.  In reality you had none at all.  They were keeping you quiet until they could kick off the 21st century and put it all into full bloom, all their old plans.  By goodness me, did they not do so across the entire planet at the same time. That takes coordination, preplanning, lots of agreements over many, many, many years, maybe 20-30 years of bureaucrats crossing oceans and making deals to make sure they are all on board, as they like to call it, and consensus, ‘on track’ with the plan.  Then they implemented it and folk still can’t understand what’s happening.  But they are adapting very quickly to getting frisked and groped and all the rest of it, x-rayed and now it will be iris scanned as well.  Why not, you know?  Why not go the whole way with it since the public are meek and mild.  And well conditioned.


To show you the point that you have never had democracy… and I mentioned before too, Jacques Ellul who talked about the fact that every Western country since World War II has had files on every single citizen.  From your childhood reports, from the National Health Services for those who had it, from doctors’ reports, from your school, on all your examinations – and they were doing psychological testing back then too, including your examinations.  If you had any multiple choice questions they were figuring out why you took this one to answer, not that one, etc… and building personality profiles.  They have been doing this kind of stuff since then, long before they brought in the computers, at least as far as we are told because I’m sure the computers are far older than they tell us too. 


But we have never had democracy at all.  We have all been taught that rather quickly, after 9/11.  Here is an article from Britain that ties in with this.


Schoolboy warned by police over picket plan at (A:  the prime minister)David Cameron's office

Nicky Wishart, 12, told he faced arrest if public disorder ensued and armed officers would be present

Shiv Malik, Friday 10 December 2010 /


Police told schoolboy Nicky Wishart he would be arrested if his picket at David Cameron's office sparked unrest.


The mother of a 12-year-old boy has criticised Thames Valley police for taking her son out of lessons (A:  They came to his school.) because he was planning to picket David Cameron's constituency office today.   (A:  I thought that was all democratic, your right to picket, you see, and protest.)


Nicky Wishart, a pupil at Bartholomew School, Eynsham, Oxfordshire, organised the event on Facebook to highlight the plight of his youth centre (A:  These youth centers is where you go and they have games for the youngsters and so on.  It keeps them off the street, keeps them out of trouble.), which is due to close in March next year due to budget cuts.


The protest, which was due to take place today, has attracted over 130 people on Facebook, most of whom are children who use youth centres in Cameron's constituency, Witney.


Wishart said that after the school was contacted by anti-terrorist officers (A:  This is for 12-year-old children.  Anti-terrorist officers, who got in touch with the school…), he was taken out of his English class on Tuesday afternoon and interviewed by a Thames Valley officer at the school in the presence of his head of year. During the interview, Wishart says that the officer told him that if any public disorder took place at the event he would be held responsible and arrested.


Speaking to the Guardian (A:  It’s a terrible paper that gives it, but that’s where the story is…), Nicky Wishart said: "In my lesson, [a school secretary] came and said my head of year wanted to talk to me. She was in her office with a police officer who wanted to talk to me about the protest. He said, 'if a riot breaks out we will arrest people and if anything happens you will get arrested because you are the organiser'.


"He said even if I didn't turn up I would be arrested and he also said that if David Cameron was in, his armed officers will be there 'so if anything out of line happens ...' and then he stopped."  (A:  In other words, first the guy says there are going to be armed officers there and if anything out of line happens…  What do you expect he’s going to say, he’s going to mow them down?  Huh?  This is the reality we are living in today.  It’s permeated every facet of society, every age group.)


Wishart, who describes himself as a "maths geek" said he was frightened by the encounter. "I was really scared. (A:  I would be too if someone threatened to machine gun me down if I turned up at a little rally to save my little place, little club.)  Normally I'm a confident speaker but I lost all my confidence. My mum was worried, and I was worried and I didn't know what to do."  (A:  Can you imagine? this guy was probably wondering if they were going to raid his home and kill him.)


So that’s your democracy for you who still go by illusion.  I don’t tend to speak to people who are still stuck in any kind of illusion, or delusion.  There is a call from Toronto from Robert.  Are you there Robert?


Robert:  Hi Alan.   I’m sure you’re like me, thanking the heavens that global warming exists right now, because I’m sure as hell pretty hot down here in Toronto.  In Estaire I’m sure it’s just the same.


Alan:  That’s right.  I got 15 below last night.  An arctic wind came down and when I opened my door I had about 4 ½ feet of a wall there to shovel out. 


Robert:  Yeah, I know.  Absolutely.  I’m thinking about going outside in my tee-shirt.  Anyway, I just wanted to get your thoughts on just the whole patriotic movement here and how people… I know a lot of radio hosts out there who just have this idea that if we can just, you know, simply get rid of the Federal Reserve, or get rid of the banks, and just basically all the big shots out there who are running the show, if we can get rid of these people, okay, but we can keep our rap, and we can keep our heavy metal and we can keep our, you know, the immoral dress and everything like that, that’s going rampant these days… we will be just fine.  They just have this idea that we just got to get rid of… I don’t know… let’s just get our country back, let’s get our freedom back, but you know, let’s keep all the immorality, let’s keep all of the disgusting music and everything, but maybe, you know, just get rid of the music that’s just a little bit too disgusting, you know what I mean, it has a little bit too much perversion, or too much swearing in them or something, but keep the good heavy metal let’s say, or something like that.  I’m just finding this whole mentality, it really disgusts me because they just want to have their little, you know, let’s just get our freedoms back so that we can be FREE to do whatever the hell we want and let everyone else be free to do whatever they want, and it’s really disgusting me to be honest with you.


Alan:  It is.  I was thinking about that too and you’ve got to understand that everyone has gone through their incredible conditioning systems, from birth.  Incredible transformations have happened and the youngsters know nothing about it. Even the ones in their 20s who are off partying and listening to what they call music now, have no idea that psychologists and behaviorists are on board with the culture creating industry, the magazine editors and all the rest of it.  It’s all part of the culture industry that promotes whatever they are promoting.  You are quite right.  They have been taught to… they are the end product of what Wells dreamed of, where they’d destroy marriage, incredible promiscuity was okay, and don’t worry the state will take care of any problems or outcomes from the promiscuity.  You are seeing them, where they want that lifestyle, and they want what they think is freedom. They have never defined freedom, you understand?  Because freedom in all ages takes responsibility, with it.  You’ve got to have responsibility with freedom, otherwise your neighbor can say, I’m free to take what you’ve got in your front yard there, or whatever, or take your wife or your children.  That would be his freedom.  I’ve heard the same argument used, on web sites, where you’ve now got pedophiles who are saying, “well every thing else is okay now, homosexuality is okay, the lesbian is fine, and they’ve got special status, it’s almost a special status above everyone else, so that’s fine, so why can’t I go after what I like and my sexual preference which is children.” That’s what they are using as an argument.   And they will eventually get it, by the way, because I’ve seen the agenda.  I know this is on the agenda.


Robert:  Absolutely.  Absolutely and it’s just like I was saying to you. They’ll come out with…. I don’t know. They will come out with some revolted music, some revolted song.  Okay, so maybe it’s heavy metal or whatever, but because it’s talking about freedom, because the lyrics are, you know, going against ‘the big boys’ and the people who are in charge of the show, because these lyrics are countering the revolution that’s happening in our day, THAT by itself, by virtue of these lyrics, makes the revolutionary music, itself, justified. And this is the kind of thing, this music, this synthetic scientifically created just disgusting stuff is really what inspires, in my opinion and I’m sure it’s yours as well, the immorality, or rather the mentality towards the promiscuity, towards you basically doing things contrary to the natural order of things.  I’m not sure if you understand?


Alan:  Oh, I understand perfectly.  What you’ve got, you see, the culture creators also give you the revolutionary music.  Initially they’ll always say it’s ‘underground’; as soon as you say it’s underground they all go for it:  Oh, it’s underground; it’s the new in-thing and they don’t like it at the top; it’s anti-establishment.  Eventually when you see that same kind of music appear in movies and in commercials you know it’s become mainstream and normal and acceptable music now, as it was intended to do all along.  I can remember Sid Vicious starting off his stuff.  Initially it was supposed to be anti-establishment and so on and eventually it was in umpteen different movies, the same kind of music, and in commercials, etc.  So it does foster the whole lifestyle.  It’s nihilistic, number one.  Everything in it is to do with, again, this vague thing called freedom.  Freedom to them, as you say, at that age group, with everything they have watched, their programming at school, through all the movies that they’ve got for their age group, and so on is incredible. They think freedom is literally having a lifelong party and never growing up.  That’s what they think freedom is… and to be unhindered doing all that, even having orgies if need be, without any state intervention or even neighbors complaining.  That’s a loss of freedom to them.  So you are looking at the defunct society, the end product of a long continuous war, which they didn’t even know has happened.  And of course youngsters will never know it’s happened because they don’t realize what’s happened before, for the last 50-60 years, and they are the end product of it.  They are exactly what HG Wells, Bertrand Russell, Julian Huxley the first CEO of UNESCO, wanted them to be because they will do anything at all they are told to preserve the fun they can already have.  So it’s the fun they are trying to preserve and nothing beyond that.  That’s complete immaturity and that’s what’s been given to them by their masters.  They don’t even know that they have masters.  They don’t know that no one becomes a star unless the big boys have decided to make you a star.  It doesn’t matter what you sound like or look like or anything else.  It takes incredible money, organization, marketing and so on to make someone a star.  And the stars are all produced for them to follow.  That’s why they say, the big boys said this over 100 years ago, we give them the stars, the guiding lights, and they follow the stars.  It’s a simple technique.  They emulate and mimic what they see.  I watched one documentary, it’s called We Live in Public.  I don’t know if you’ve seen this movie.  It’s well worth seeing.  It’s definitely a CIA experiment, by the way.  I have mentioned the actual movie, The Experiment, based on the Stanford research teams that did the prison experiment where they came in and they’d advocate some people to be prisoners and other ones to be police officers, within a week you had the police officers believing in their roles, these civilian volunteers, and beating up the prisoners. 


Robert:  That one I saw, which was absolutely incredible.


Alan:  This one goes even further because it ties in with the modern culture.  They set it in New York.  It was held over a long extended period of time. They’ve got this sort of 20-30 age group there.  They gave up all their rights and freedoms to get in to what they thought was this incredible new age upscale club, a cutting edge thing, and told them their whole life histories, gave over their social insurance numbers, voluntarily – that was part of the test too, to see if they’d give up all their information – because they are so used to doing it on Facebook and so on – gave them massive bars, free booze, drugs, the whole lot.  They even had an area where they could blast off machine guns – now this is in New York State, in New York City; you are caught with a gun there and… So it tells you the police were told to stay away.  It was definitely a CIA-sponsored event and over a long period of time; they got probably miles and miles of footage.  Everyone was photographed at all times, and having sex and so on, even in the toilet, the bathroom.  These people are goners.  That generation are goners, those who participated in that, they have no minds of their own.  They are a collage of indoctrinations.  Back after these messages. 


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Is Robert gone, is he? 


Robert:  I just wanted to also comment, just on that whole scene from The Matrix when I guess he was walking through with Morpheus, through a part of the matrix, and Morpheus was explaining to him that this system is your enemy and the people who are of this system and still basically abide by this system likewise are your enemy.  I think sort of this was a great line, or rather a great lesson from the movie, in our day and age especially, because people seem to want to convert all these people to the truth when the fact of the matter is that the majority of the people that we come in contact with really are not going to get it.  They are not going to wake up; they don’t want to wake up, at all.  And if you sort of keep with these people, you are also, I believe, you are probably going to basically degrade yourself down to a lower level.  You know, not considering that these people really are enemies.  They are promoting, they are keeping with the system that really is the enemy of humanity.  I think that’s what a lot of people really don’t get.  They don’t want to be radical in this movement at all. They don’t want to distinguish what’s dark and what’s light.  They just simply want to have this mish-mash of feely goody and whatever, all… it’s horrible that things are the way they are, but let’s not offend anybody.  Do you know what I mean?


Alan:  That’s right.


Robert:  We really have to be more radical in this and if you have to, I’m sorry.  Like, if you have to live your whole life alone, for Christ sakes, I mean… This is what you have to do.  This is…  If you want to be a true revolutionary, you are going to have to be almost a martyr, and if martyrdom means that the rest of the world is going to hate you, well then so be it.  Right?   That’s what you are going to have to stand up for.  I mean I’m not sure what your take on that is?


Alan:  Well, there is no doubt, every change in society down through the ages has been led by someone who did suffer for it.  There is no doubt about that.  Initially folk stand around like cattle basically, and moo, and not quite sure what to say about it, and you need more and more and more of them until so many folk are locked up for expressing their views – and people are being locked up today, by the way, for expressing their views – until they can’t keep everybody in prison.  You would need more people in prison than are out on the streets partying and having fun.  And that’s the state we are at because you’ve got to understand behaviorism and psychology has been used to the nth degree in our society.  It’s been on the go that way I’d say since they brought in The Macy Group and the Frankfort School, and they were given authorization by Presidents and Prime Ministers and the United Nations to create a new culture that would keep everybody in the dark but fairly happy.  That was their job, and also to change the lifestyle, again, destroy marriage and all the rest of it, and keep them in a juvenile state forever regardless of their age.  That’s been successful.  That was massive, well funded.  You’ve got to understand, the billions of dollars that are used not only to collect personality profiles, but to see if their agendas are working on every individual.  And if it’s not working on you, they know that already and they try to find ways to make it work on you.  But you are right, until you wake up you are like those in the practice matrix; everyone who’s still in the land of the dead, technically, is an enemy because when the government eventually tells them to turn in people who have said this, that, or whatever, they will do so. They will do so. 


Robert:  Absolutely.  Thank you, Alan. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And sorry Marianna from Mexico, please try again, maybe tomorrow.



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