Dec. 15, 2010 (#727)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 15, 2010:

The Wise Man Sees, System can Turn With Ease,
Before You Know It 180 Degrees:

"Authoritarianism is Bulldozing Ahead,
Will Still Be Dozing After We're Dead,
Being Trained by Media to Accept New Deal,
Where You Obey and Banksters Steal,
No Pretence of Serving the People These Days,
Governance has Its Orders and Devious Ways
Of Implementation by P.R. Arrays,
Completely Deaf to What Anyone Says,
So the Public Awaken One Day with the Sun
To Find New System Running, All Been Done,
Was it Mass Amnesia that We didn't See?
No, It was "I'm Alright Jack, it's All About Me" "
© Alan Watt Dec. 15, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 15, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 15, 2010.  Newcomers, as always, look into and help yourself to as many of the audio downloads as you wish, where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding this complex big picture of reality in which you are born into, where everything is controlled from a very high level of course and it has tentacles through all aspects of life and society, and agencies, organizations, governments and so on, and this is what you are presented with as reality.  Of course itís all micromanaged from a capstone at the top; there is no doubt about that whatsoever.  We donít stumble down through time just having crisis and panics, and sorting them out through politicians.  It doesnít happen that way at all.  Politicians are there to rubber stamp orders they are given by their bosses and we go along with all this because the media is an arm of government.  They are meant to keep you thinking that you are just stumbling down through time, willy-nilly, with accidents happening here and there.  So help yourself to those audios and remember, you can also get transcripts in English of a lot of the talks for print up from any of these sites listed on  You can also get transcripts in other languages for print up if you go into and help yourself to those ones; there is quite a variety of languages there now.  Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you because I donít bring on the advertisers as guests, and I could.  Believe you me, it would certainly help but Iíd be kind of hamstrung in a sense that I couldnít just say what I wanted to say half the time either because you are beholden to people who then become your sponsors.  The ads on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN; Iíve got nothing to do with them.  That pays for the air time and RBNís bills, for their staff, equipment and all the rest of it, which like everything else today doesnít last that long.  Youíve got to keep upgrading stuff all the time; things arenít meant to last.  Remember too, you can buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale; thatís what keeps me going.  You will see how to do it on; there are buttons there to take you to different pages.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Youíve got to be awfully quick now because Christmas is pretty well here and Iím sure the post office is backlogged with stuff, so donít hang around too long. 


Remember too, those out there who listen all the time, use the information and then even put it up on their own blogs and so on, pass a penny here once in a while because it will help to keep me going, through a donation.  It would be really appreciated, believe you me.  Thousands and thousands listen.† In fact, it was this show, when it started, that shaped the whole direction of where the patriot movement was going, which was basically navel-gazing.  It wasnít looking at the whole world scenario and realizing that, hey, someone stole our country a long time ago.  Iíve been trying to point that out and lots have taken up the gauntlet and run with it too, to let the public know whatís really been happening, behind their backs.  Thatís a great technique too, is to keep you navel-gazing when your governments for 50-60 years have been signing international agreements and signing all of your sovereignty away.  Quite something.  We live in a magic box, really, and everything is theater.  EVERYTHING is theater, with a purpose.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís a system that we are born into, as I say, a system, a complete system, not a partial system, or a system for one area of society and humanity.  Itís a complete, all-encompassing system that you are born into.  And you are being programmed for the next step, and the next step, beginning with childhood.  You donít realize thatís whatís happening to you; no one tells you.  Most folk canít even figure that out.


You have been led for an awful long time by people of the old Bernays school and the people who took over after him and added all the new data to their science with behaviorism and so on; now they call it neuroscience and neuroeconomics and all the rest of it.  Itís all how things affect you, how you will react to things.  But they know where they want to take you so theyíve got to change YOU.  Thatís the beauty of this science because in the old days politicians used to think that they would just give a reason out to the public, give them facts and be reasonable, and their logic would make them see your point of view.  Then they understood that people donít really work that way because people run on emotions. They run on various factors and various impulses and things running through their mind and so on; these are unconscious, or subconscious desires, etc.  Bernays was the guy who first publicly came out and used this science.  I say publicly came out because before that there were many people before Bernays who understood this very old, old science.  Bernays was given the accolades for transforming America into a consumer society.  There is the key right there:  If you canít get the public to do what we want, then you alter the public so that they will do what you want.  You alter the public.  No one had thought of that, at least in the 20th century.   It had been done before in previous centuries, but thatís the trick of it all:  alter the public and train them.  Thatís what government is into now in a big heavy, heavy way.  You have been all your life, being trained for the next step of whatís to come, the next part of society including the communitarian society.  There are many names for it now too.  Thatís whatís happened. 


The general public are oblivious to it.  They always have been.  They are kept oblivious by the media.  The mediaís job is not to tell you the truth; thatís come out at actual court trials, that the mediaís job is not to tell the public the truth.  There is nothing in any law that says news must tell you the truth, on anything.  Itís an arm of government.  Of course, accompanying that too, you have the entertainment industry, the vast incredibly well organized Entertainment IndustryÖ that can make you laugh and cry, and make you angry, and implant many things in your head.  Thatís how you do it too, you embed something you want the public to think about and be this way, and that will be their opinion.  You embed it all along with an emotion.  So itís emotive embedding, they call it.  Thatís really what the movies and so on are all about. 


They can also through the cultural industry debase you to such an extent that just like in ancient times, the truly, truly pagan people, that were into a lot of debauched culture, were easily ruled over by their masters; whether foreign masters or their own masters, it didnít matter.  They were easily managed.  Thatís what you want to do if you want to bring down a society, at a certain time too, you give them quite a few years of this preparation and you alter them in such a way so that they will behave the way that you want them to, exactly as Bernays talked about in a few of his talks.  Itís an ongoing procedure, as we see, ongoing all the time. 


The mind-job thatís been done on the whole worldís population since 9/11 is nothing short of fantastic.  The guys involved should really get all the Oscars and all the big awards from the United Nations as well, for doing such a fantastic job and brainwashing the public into a such a state that they canít remember where Bin Laden was supposed to even be living, if he was indeed even living and if he had anything to do with 9/11 at all.  I can remember at the time, Afghanistan was the country they wanted to attack. Theyíd already said that 10 years previously with the New American Century group that was in government when Bush was there.  They wanted to attack Afghanistan and then Iraq, then Iran, and then Syria.  Israel actually wanted them to continue, right down through the whole lot of them without stopping in fact.  That was in the papers at the time, for those who have memory.  Itís astonishing that they actually did polls in Canada to see if the American public thought that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11, because the United States swung its guns, once it was into Afghanistan it swung its guns on Iraq.  The next thing you knew, the Americans really started to believe, again through nothing but media propaganda, that it had always been Iraq who was behind it, and it had always been Saddam Hussein.  They did polls and they published them in the Canadian mainstream papers and said within a few months the American media had been able to convince most Americans that it had nothing to do with Afghanistan.  They had forgotten all about Afghanistan; it was Iraq that was the problem all the time.  Thatís the power of propaganda and repetition.  Itís really astonishing. 


Now itís so easy, with the internet too, to constantly have the pulse on the public and what they are twittering and tweeting to each other; like little birds in a tree, they have a lot of chatter but no power whatsoever, they just donít know it.  But they know exactly what you are talking about and complaining about.  They know when to switch their gun sights on any other country, like Iran for instance, when you are ready for it and when you are not.  And they always do it when you are up to your eyes in new taxes and big regulations coming down the pike.  To be honest with you, most people Ė and Iíve got to say this Ė most people really donít care about those people abroad getting blown up and killed. They really, really donít care. They really donít care at all.  Most folk donít. 


Of course because they have been basically defused, you might say, no one will care when they get slaughtered too.  I used to think of the Soviet Union, and Iíve seen enough of the horror films that have come out of there, the documentaries, of miles of bodies and the incredible efficiency of which they killed people and disposed of them.  It was incredible, like factory work almost the way they did it.  Of course we know that the Germans copied the Soviet system.  Germany sent teams, Nazi Germany sent teams to the Soviet Union to learn how to do it.  But they never got all of it; they were never anywhere near as efficient.  That continued after World War II as well.  I have never forgotten these scenes.  I never will forget these scenes because there are certain things you must remember or it will definitely happen again.  I honestly think we are all being led by the debauched society they have created, we are being led into the very same kind of system and scenario where mass culls could very well be done, by governments, on their own people.  I really, really do believe that. 


They prefer to do it the slow way Ė they have been doing it for ages Ė vaccinate the West to kill them slowly.  Not all at once, for instance with vaccines, and change their food, until they all have cancers of the stomach and so on, with GMO food.  But they really donít get the big picture at the bottom at all.  They still think thingsÖ because they have been trained into this new, this new form of paternalism:  You are being well taken care of; Big Brother really is here, you think, and youíve got rights and so on and so on and so on.  Even though, if you simply watch and scan the occasional piece of news, with riots in different countries, more in Greece, Britain is going through its riots with students whoíve got massive cutbacks in their funding to get to university.  You see the brutality of the police now.  Since the 80s the police have changed drastically in Britain and elsewhere, all at the same time.  They changed from being Ďpeace officersí to Ďenforcement officers,í and that was no mistake.  That was to get the message out to you that the guy who wears black is the executioner; they changed from blue to black uniforms Ė black has always been the executioner.  You are being trained towards something.


Going back even further, the wonderful great front group the United Nations with its statistics, etc, have been churning out statistics from the 60s saying that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, and with this new system that was coming in.  Of course what they really meant was, to replace all the industry that you would have once it had gone to China, which is electronics or computerization, service industries, they knew that eventually it would only last for so long and then the riots would start.  The boys at the top are not stupid.  Never, ever think for a second they are stupid.  Iím not talking about the politicians, by the way.  But never, ever think they are stupid and they donít know what they are doing, that they are just handling things as it comes along and dealing with the crisis as they come along.  Never make the mistake of thinking they are stupid.  There are very, very clever people who are hired.  They scour the world, for the think tanks, the guys who work for the think tanks.  They scour the whole planet to find the right personalities; you know, the cold-blooded psychopathic types who can dissect society or an insect Ė itís all the same to them Ė and decide what kind of way to handle the public, to get them to this stage, to the next stage, to that stageÖ and to accept this, that or whatever.  What you have to do, of course, as I say, is create the debauched society, where there is no morality anymore. 


You know, the old way of giving morality was through churches.  You can say what you want about churches; they certainly were not saints believe you me, that were in the churches.  But at least it gave the people some moral compass of what was socially acceptable, so that their society could maintain itself intact, in some kind of semblance of peace, without killing each other or robbing each other blind, or diddling each others children.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how the big boys knew, and they wrote about it too, when they destroyed religion to replace it with a form of moral relativity, where in reality the ideas would be given to you through the media, again, the entertainment industries, of how the new culture should be.  Science of course would also be heavily involved.  As I say, we have neuroscience now and neuroeconomics to make sure that punishment and reward, the power of the purse, is used in the last phases of this particular system, which it is.  If they want to stop you smoking, they just up all the taxes, which they have done, with the 5 year signatories that they have done.  5 years theyíve signed on, every country signed on to ban smoking, for 5 years in a row; Obama signed it this year again.  Thatís why everything jacked up.  The next one is the War on Obesity, so fatty foods will go up in your restaurants and so on, all the fast foods.  Then of course it will go on from there using the power of the purse.  Weíll get you off the roads, until only the rich ones can afford the high taxes, to drive on the roads.  This is how they can do it, by simple law.  It works very, very well.


Talking about even incest as well, because incest has popped up again down through the ages.


Switzerland considers repealing incest laws

(Alan:  These are what you expect to see when all religion has gone out the window, because religion itself had to adapt itself to existing common law, of all peoples, and these things were all taboo, even before Christianity came along, except in certain places that were often in the Middle East.)

Switzerland is considering repealing its incest laws because they are "obsolete".

By Allan Hall in Berlin / 13 Dec 2010 /


The Swiss Parliament is considering a law decriminalising sex between consenting family members.  (A:  How can a child consent? when they arenít even mature?)


The upper house of the Swiss parliament has drafted a law decriminalising sex between consenting family members which must now be considered by the government.  (A:  Imagine even getting this far, this particular law.)


There have been only three cases of incest since 1984.  (A:  Well, maybe the law has been working.)


Switzerland, which recently held a referendum passing a draconian law that will boot out foreigners convicted of committing the smallest of crimes, insists that children within families will continue to be protected by laws governing abuse and paedophilia.  (A:  Well, if you are taking away this particular law, will you still call it pedophilia? if youíve got consenting children?  Hmm?)


So, you can see where the whole world is going.  I was waiting for this one to come up since 2001 when the international meeting was held for all the countriesí cultural censor bureaus, including the ones from Britain, the BBC, and Canada and so on; they all went to it.  It was agreed there and then, and it came out in the newspapers, by professors who attended, that now they had won the war on homosexuality and so on, then the next step would be bestiality and intergenerational sex.  They donít like to call it pedophilia; they have their own terminology for it, for those who are members of that particular club.  So thatís what happens when we are going between two ages and theyíve got their big plans of course for the next stage.  They want to drastically reduce the population but in the mean time they are ready to take it down in every way they can. When you have a debauched society, no one stands together and no one will stand up for anyone else either for that matter. 


There are callers on the phone and weíll take Marianna from Mexico if sheís there.  Are you there Marianna?


Marianna:  Hi, nice to meet you. 


Alan:  Yes.  Hello.


Marianna:  Hi.  Well, first I want to thank you for all your wonderful work and all this information that you are sharing with us.  So thank you, thank you first of all. Second, I have a comment.  I was thinking, we live in a psychopathic system and it seems to me that everyone or almost everyone down below the big guys, as you say, are becoming or we are becoming kind of like them, if you know what I mean.  Am I correct on my perception?


Alan:  You are correct.  In fact, in the studies that have been done on psychopathy, the most intelligent psychopaths always gravitate towards governmental positions, banking too, regulations, anywhere they can dominate others and reap the rewards of the high life.  Years ago they didnít do studies on that; they always classified them as the low street guys that would smash the jewelerís store window and steal the jewelry.  It wasnít until Henderson and Gillespie published studies on higher level psychopaths and they found out there are far more that went into governmental positions, even to your local level, because they donít see life as you do. But what they do, when you have a psychopathic system, and a monetary system especially, is what they really bring into effectÖ What they do is give the culture to the people, of a psychopathic culture, which we are all taught to emulate.  So even though you are not necessarily a psychopath, most people will emulate the psychopathic culture, such as get ahead by any means possible, one-upmanship, get above the guy next door, by any means possible.  That is psychopathic.


Marianna:  Yeah, thatís what I was thinking about.  Basically thatís it.  I just wanted to say hi, thank you, and make that comment.  Again, thank you very much for all of your wonderful workÖ and sharing most of all.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Marianna:  You are welcome.  Bye-bye.   Thank you.


Alan:  Bye now.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíve got David from England on the line.  Are you there David?


David:  Hello.  Iíll just start out by saying what everybody else says, itís an honor to speak to you.  I canít add to what youíve said already.  What I will say is there was program on the TV last night in England called The War You Donít See


Alan:  Yes.  Pilger, wasnít it?


David:  Yes.  John Pilger.  He basicallyÖ  You know, donít take your word for it, anybody can just sit and watch that.  Itís as simple as that.  I would like to move on to, if people are under any illusions of socialized medicine, I will explain what they have done to my mother. † She had cataracts in both eyes.  She had to go to the opticians and I quote the optician, ďWhat do you expect me to do about that?  Do you want me to refer you or not?Ē  We went to George Elliot Hospital in Nuneaton.  She had the first eye operated on.  When we went back for the [second] visit, they got right and left mixed up.  They didnít even know which one they had done.  She then proceeded to have the second eye done.  A junior doctor was to be in on the operation, because they failed to open the lid four times.  Both eyes now got blepharitis, which is a chronic condition for life.  The other day we laughed about because she said to me, ďIs this a sign, because I can see a question mark in front of my eye;Ē itís moving about literally.  We looked into it. They are basically called Ďfloatersí.  So we went to Wallsgrave [?] hospital which is the hospital which is the eye [?] unit.  After we waited 4 hours, we seen the doctor and Iíll quote him as well,  ďAlthough this is technically possible, I have never seen it.  What they have basically done is left a foreign object in her eye during the operation.Ē  And heís referred us to somebody called Mr Hero.


Alan:  Ah-ha.  Yeah.


David:  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Iíll tell you, it will be good luck in them ever admitting what exactly they have done, because these guys have to cover each other up, you know.


David:  Oh, yeah.  We are almost laughing about it, to be honest, if you are going to see somebody called ĎMr Hero.í


Alan:  Oh, yeah.   I remember, I knew a surgeon who worked on chests and so on, and cardiac, and his name was Mr. Lung.


David:  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Seriously. 


David:  I mean, the nurses we were speaking to at that hospital, they said, ďWhere did you have it done?Ē  We said, ďGeorge Elliot HospitalĒ and they just laughed.  They said, ďWhy did you have it done there?Ē


Alan:  Iíve got a whole bunch of articles over the last few weeks actually, where the hospitals in Britain, they have put out a list of the best and worst ones and the ones to avoid now; itís that bad.  Itís that bad you have to do your homework.


David:  Yeah, youíll have to look down at the bottom to find George Elliot.  Also, my friendís wife, his fiancťe, was pregnant and she went into the birth.  Basically the cord got wrapped around the babyís neck and 45 minute later somebody came in to sort them out.  And they lost the baby. 


Alan:  Yeah, well 45 minutesÖ 


David:  He was told by the solicitor, you are basically going to have to remortgage your house to sort this out. 


Alan:  Yeah, and they are so powerful now youíd probably lose anyway, even if it is their fault, which is was obviously. 


David:  Yeah.  Thatís what it comes down to.  Everybody in Britain knows what the old boys network is.† If you mention it to people, they know because they start looking at the floor.  So people have got to stand up and take it on.  I am prepared to take it on.  I wonít back down to anybody; itís as simple as that.  Iím prepared to speak out about everything that Iíve seen.  Because if we donít do it now, what is the point in waiting?


Alan:  Well you know something too?  The government have cut back so many times over so many years, down to almost a third world status Ė and thatís what itís going to get brought down to, by the way.  That is the intention. The UN said, under their treaty, every country will get the minimal medical care.  That includes the US and everywhere else too, for those listening.  Britain is a great example of where they have tried it. 


David:  Well, I would like to say Iím not one of these who say, you know, England is the worst place in the world.  Iíd rather go to a hospital there than in Fallujah. 


Alan:  But they are cutting it back, because you see, everything is changed now.  You are under an authoritarian regime. They knew theyíd bring the medical system down to half-trained people; a lot of them wouldnít have got jobs before but they are getting in now.  They knew thereíd be fallouts with the patients, lots of misdiagnosis and botched-up jobs and so on.  So they have given total power to protect the medical fraternity. 


David:  What I will say is, I believe that they will come to a point where the country will stand up because there are a lot of strong families here.  I mean, I live in the area of basically The Blitz.  I know my grandparents would not let me sleep at night unless I put it right, whatís happening now, because Nazi Germany is alive in Britain today.  And itís as simple as that.


Alan:  It is.  It is, absolutely. 


David:  My grandmother died worshiping the Queen Mother, for not leaving London during the bombing.  Now, I donít even know whether thatís true anymore, when youíve got the likes of Winston Churchill bayoneting people.


Alan:  Itís not quite true, because I tell you, the Queen Mother and the royal family had RAF long-range bombers going 24 hours a day, in shifts, in case they ever had to fly to America.


David:  Yeah.  I said that to my grandÖ I mean, sheís not with us anymore; none of my grandparents are with us anymore.  They would be proud of me for what Iím doing today because I will stand up to anybody.


Alan:  And that is your right.  I mean, there is justice and injustice and you cannot let injustice carry on because believe you me, you end up with the same brutality and slaughter from the government that you saw in the totalitarian regimes of the 40s and even prior to that with the Soviet system.  THATíS all ready to go now. When I see all these guys, big beefy, you know, fat guys on steroids, wearing black and theyíve got shaven heads, all set to go at the public, youíre in trouble.  Theyíre just waiting, chomping at the bit, for their final command to go at the public and believe you me, itís going to happen. 


David:  Iíve seen it already.  Iíve worked 24 hour shifts, looking after a man in a wheelchair.  Iíve had security staff in restaurants ask us to leave because somebodyís complained that they donít want to look at him eating.† And now, the council have prepared to throw this man out on the street because they are cutting all funding for his council house; heís got to move back into an institution.


Alan:  Iíve read that too.


David:  I tell you now, if they try and do that, the police are going to have toÖ I donít know what they are going to do to get through the crowd that will stop them doing it.


Alan:  Meanwhile, Britain, through the EU, is building roads in Poland and giving medical aid to build hospitals in China, but you canít look after your own people.


David:  Exactly.  I could go on.  Iíve got a lot more to say but Iíll let other people get on.  Iíll just thank you for everything you do.  Iíve tried to support you when I can.  Iíve bought your books; youíve told me you appreciate that.  So Iíd just like to say thank you for all that.  And Iíve looked into everything that youíve said and nobody can deny any of it. 


Alan:  Thatís right. 


David:  Iíll bid you a good night; itís quite late here. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Just to show you whatís happening even in the US with medical care, because theyíve been cutting it back for a few years.  Iím in touch with a lot of people in hospitals who fill me in on whatís actually happening.  Before this socialization of medicine, they were already working it in, gradually, through different hospitals.† Here is what itís coming to there too.  This happened to a guy who was in a car smashÖ


Detaining patients against wishes carries legal risks In the Courts.

Amy Lynn Sorrel, amednews contributor / / Nov. 8, 2010.


A man who was injured in a car crash and later misidentified as a cancer patient due for surgery alleged that he was roughed up and illegally detained when he tried to leave the Maryland hospital where he was being treated.


Though the case details (A:  Listen to what happenedÖ) what legal observers agree are some unusual circumstances, it opens up a more common question of how far physicians and hospitals can go to hold patients against their wishes.


Joseph L. Wheeler, whose case awaits a possible jury trial, claims Prince George's Hospital Center in Cheverly, Md., crossed the line.


Wheeler landed by helicopter at Prince George's Hospital on June 23 and was treated for blunt torso trauma after a car crash. When he woke up hungry the next morning, he said he was told by a nurse that he could not eat because he was having surgery that day. After checking Wheeler's hospital IDbracelet, the nurse told him the surgery was "to have a potentially cancerous mass removed from his chest," according to the complaint filed Aug. 17 in Prince George's County Circuit Court.


Wheeler then told the nurse he was at the hospital for injuries from a car crash, not cancer treatment. When he checked his ID bracelet, (A:  Listen to thisÖ) he discovered it contained the name of what appeared to be a woman 13 years older than he was. (A:  So theyíd even got his gender mixed up.)  Fearing for his safety and that he was being prepped for a surgery (A: Öwhich he wasÖ) he knew nothing about, Wheeler and his wife gathered their belongings and tried to leave the hospital to seek treatment elsewhere, court records show.


Following an argument with hospital nurses who would not let him leave, the couple were then stopped by two hospital security guards, who were "immediately hostile," Wheeler alleges. The guards shouted profanities at Wheeler, and one of the men is accused of shoving him against a wall and beating him when he fell on the floor(A:  This is America.  Then he was held captive, but he managed to get out eventually.  How lucky; heíd have had organs removed that were okay. They had him mixed up with some female.  And of course the computer canít lie, regardless of what you look like and there is hair growing out of your chin.  It doesnít matter, the computer is always right.)


This is the system we are living in.  Itís happening more and more often.  When you get to the state of Britain Ė and the American donít know whatís designed for them.  I do know whatís designed for them because you see, Iíve got the report here from the RAND Corporation.  The US government asked the RAND Corporation to look to find the best National Health Service type of system, to save them money, that they could possibly find, and RAND copied, pretty well verbatim, that of Britain.  So thatís what you are going to get for your great health care system. Again, itís under the United Nations charter, under the World Health Organization, you have to get the MINIMAL of care possible because weíre all interdependent, you see, across the whole world now, for those who havenít quite figured it out.


Thereís Robert from Arizona.  Are you there Robert?


Robert:  I am, Alan, and thank you for taking my call.  Iím a first-time caller but I have been following your work for quite a long time.  I definitely, from everybodyís work that I have been following for quite a long time, I see the convergence of this tyrannical system really coming into play now.  Itís more than evident.  I was listening to Alex Jones today; I donít know if you got a chance to listen in at all.  He had Pastor Williams on today, he had some quite revealing news, which I already knew was in the playbook but he just brought it forward, about how they are going to collapse the Euro.  I think itís going to happen very quickly and I believe, in my point of view, from what Iíve been reading, I think itís going to happen within the next month, but thatís my opinion.  I could be wrong but thatís the way Iím seeing it.  But whether itís the Euro that falls or collapses, or the United States collapses, itís hand in hand.  Itís more than evident; the handwriting is on the wall my friend. 


Alan:  Well, thereís no doubt about it, the next crash has to be global, again, to get this idea weíre all in it together now, weíre all interdependent.  Thatís the way they will play the next one out; Iíve no doubt about that at all. All you are doing is going through a script, you understand.  The people at the top are not stupid.  They plan, sometimes 50 years ahead for different parts of the agenda.


Robert:  Definitely.  I would say well over 100 years.  I would say this goes back at least 250 years.


Alan:  Oh, they wrote about it 250 years ago, the kind of system and society they wanted to bring in.  And it was not to be what you thought was a democratic system as such.  In fact, they even believed Ė in fact even Washington believed it Ė that the public would get a form of democracy if they could ever prove that they could use it responsibly.  And up until that time, they would have to have basically Ďthe wise mení guiding them, meaning high Masons. 


Robert:  Absolutely.  But democracy has always been the disguise.


Alan:  Itís a great disguise.  Isnít it a beautiful disguise though, isnít it?


Robert:  Incredible.  Incredible. Itís an incredible disguiseÖ Oh, we are giving you democracy, we are going to free countries from tyrannyÖ when they are using the exact opposite strategy and itís always the same strategy.


Alan:  Itís always the same.  And then again too, youíre taxed to the limit because, youíve got to help your fellow manÖ and maybe 2% of what they tax, from everything, all the thousands of taxes out there, actually goes to what they claim it goes to; the rest goes into their pockets and into their big businesses and so on, and their Swiss bank accounts. 


Robert:  Absolutely, Alan.  The one thing I would love to interject here is this.  Everybody Ė well, not everybody, but a good majority of us have already figured out Ė that if we simply stop playing their game, there is no more game to be had.  If we just simplyÖ I look at Gandhi, the man was a true leader of peace; a true leader of peace.  He was able to do something that no one had done on the planet.  If we just simply say, we are not going to play your game anymore, it all ends for them. 


Alan:  Hereís the problem today, everyoneÖ and this was carefully prepared for this time too by the way, again, using the Bernays type strategies.  They have divided and conquered everyone into a hedonistic society where everyone is out for themselves.  They have tried to destroy, very well, the whole culture of each nation, so you wonít even stand together, as a people, for yourselves to save yourselves.  That was all designed for whatís coming up today. 


Robert:  Well, thatís correct, always divide and conquer.


Alan:  And also, in India, remember too, you still had the division of basically Hindu and Moslems, so they worked that out together okay.  And again, they played on the conscience of the world watching the British regime in India and elsewhere.  Today, in a global society, no one across the world has a country to compare to, again, weíre all in it together, and itís so what, you see.


Robert:  You know Alan, I always have an optimistic point of view, that no matter what they can try and do to us, as weíre all in it together, we can simply do that to them by stepping away, you know. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Itís true enough, you could stop all traffic tomorrow if everyone simply agreed, Iím not driving to work; Iím not going to buy that high-priced gasoline; Iím not going to take any more aircraft trips and go through this humiliating experience at airports.  It certainly would work but you will not get the people, enough people to do it in todayís society.  But even so, you should still do it for yourself.


Robert:  Absolutely.  Youíre absolutely right.


Alan:  Because youíve got to be true to yourself before you can be true to others, you see. 


Robert:  I agree.  I agree, Alan.  Thank you for taking my call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Robert:  Bye-bye. 


Alan:  Bye, now. 


Thatís the dilemmas we are in today.  We have this split, divided society.  Itís also apathetic in some ways and of course the big players who designed this part of the system, maybe 50-60 years ago, like Bertrand Russell and others, actually wrote about it, that they will create apathy and narcissism and hedonism, until no one cares about anyone else; they will be after pleasure for themselves only.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll also put a link up tonight to show you Britainís finest, you know the policemen, dragging a young fella with cerebral palsy out of his wheelchair at a demonstration; TWICE they did it in fact, and they dragged him across the concrete and all the rest of it and dumped him like a bag of garbage.  Thatís what youíve got dealing with now with law enforcement.  Theyíve watched, what, 20-30 years of blood-and-guts movies, you see, and SWAT teams in the movies, and the guys in black, and these particular creeps wanted to be that because theyíre the bullies at school.  Theyíre not so much bullies at school because they need a gang; theyíre not loners, these cops.  They need a gang to be with, where theyíre all uniform, Ďone formí you see, weíre all one, one fraternity, to back each other up.  But theyíre very brave, and youíll see them dragging this cerebral palsy fella in a wheelchair.  [BBC Jody McIntyre interview /]

The cops of course are trying to say that he was charging them with a wheelchair; the guy canít even push it himself, he canít even turn the wheels on it.  But this is the society we are living in today.  When the last, the last right you have in this supposed, supposed, fictitious democracy, is the right to protest, if you donít have that you have nothing.  You have nothing.  Always remember that too.  And the message is loud and clear, they donít want protests anymore.  You are under an authoritarian system, as the Club of Rome said theyíd bring in, years ago.  Back in the 70s they said, democracy doesnít work, there are too many conflicting parities, we canít get our agendas through, so therefore we are bringing in authoritarianism.  And you are all being trained, by so many numerous news reports, into apathy Ė as Russell said they would create, and he wanted that of course, as part of the system Ė and to simply go along with an authoritarian structure.  Thatís the system you are in.  And they need an authoritarian system for the new communitarian living that they are bringing into countries like Britain and across Europe AND the US and Canada, where little officials, appointed officials will be your new commissars over you.  And everything eventually will be rationed under austerity, you see, except for all the greenies who brought all this in, who live high on the hog, because they are special people and they canít live like you; theyíve got important people to meet and dignitaries to meet, and theyíve got to have a lot of cash and big houses and so on, maintained by your tax money.  Just like Plato said in The Republic, Far better to have the public pay for your palaces, maintain your horses, replace broken items, pay for all your food, than you actually own it yourself.  Thatís what youíre in.  Amazing isnít it?  Amazing. 


Then you have the new House financial chairman in the United StatesÖ


Regulators exist to Ďserve the banks,í

 next House finance chairman declares

By Sahil Kapur / / December 13th, 2010


(A:  Great name this guyís got; Iíve mentioned him beforeÖ) Alabama Republican Spencer Bachus (A:  After the Bacchanalian festival, for those who know what that is.), the incoming chairman of the House banking committee, suggested Congress and federal regulators should play a subservient role with banks.


"In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks," Bachus told The Birmingham News in an interview.


Thatís the world youíre in today.  And these guysí egos today are sky high, you see, because theyíre on a roll.  They feel thereís nothing to stop them now. Technically there isnít, unless the public all just says, to hell with ya; weíre not going to use your cash anymoreÖ and bring the whole place to a standstill.  But again, thatís a bit of fantasy there because you will always get the ones, the scabs they used to call them, that cross the line: well Iím okay, I want to carry on like this.  Unfortunately most folk do as well, having fun, too much fun you seeÖ until itís their turn and then theyíre screaming like stuck pigs. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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