Dec. 21, 2010 (#731)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 21, 2010:

Discard as Autumn Sheds the Leaf,
The Resinous Glue of Disbelief:

"It's Not Difficult to Set Up and Micromanage
A System Preventing Masses Creating Damage,
Using Neuroscience and Mind-Entrainment
Bombarding Messages via Entertainment,
Plus the Old Trick, After Birthing the Nation,
Training the Public in False Mass-Education,
Elites, Destined for Function Prior to Birth,
Have Special Schooling Suited to Worth,
Skilled in Arts of Being the Leaders,
Lord Over Eager, Servile Bottom-Feeders,
True Facts of Governance Cannot be Told,
T'would Shake the Reality which Public's Sold"
© Alan Watt Dec. 21, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 21, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 21, 2010.  As always I get it out of the way at the beginning of the show, I tell you to go into  Thatís my web site, the main web site.  Bookmark all the sites you see listed there.  If you find sticking on downloads of the audios on the .com site, try these alternate sites.  So many folk go into the .com site at the same time and that can cause a problem once in a while.  Remember, all the sites listed have audios for download, of hundreds of shows Iíve given in the past, where I try to give you shortcuts to the reality in which you are living.  They all carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks as well, for print up.  A lot of people prefer to read, and itís better too, to go over things if itís written; you remember it better, really, later on.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into and you will find a variety to choose from.  Thatís also listed on the .com site as well.  Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers to sell products and so on.  I simply depend upon you to keep me going and itís up to you if you want to. 


There are other things I could certainly do, especially in this time that we have gone through.  I came on the air because I had enough knowledge to dispel a lot of the myths that weíre going through, even in the Patriot community, and fill in the facts of the big world project that was already underway; it had been before I was born or my parents in fact were born.  I try to fill in the gaps and give you a head start, for those who are interested.  And not everyone can handle it. They refuse to go any further, even if you have the authors who took part in the big projects, writing in their own memoirs and their own biographies, about the big plans and agendas, which were already underway.  Most folk canít handle the truth and thatís a sad comment. 


If you want to buy the books, CDs and DVDs, which keeps me going, you can do so by [Order and donation options listed above.].  The mail is slow at this time of year, especially with all the supposed added security; they are checking every little thing and itís become an absolute farce, really.  Never send anything first class mail; it makes no difference what you send, it will get there at the same time.  The same with registered envelopes too; it will take sometimes longer because anything registered might be suspicious you see, and they will hold it at the border for later inspection.  We are going through the farce, I call it, of the change over from one reality into the next regimented, authoritarian reality.  Thatís whatís happening in this world. 


My books are different; the talks certainly are different.  I fill in a lot of gaps that the mainstream will keep away from you.  The mainstream isnít there to inform you.  Itís meant to really control you and keep you in the fake reality, and even give you what become your opinions as you go from one reality into the next.  They will become your opinions, designed by experts of course.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  It is astonishing how you are born into this system which is well underway.  Every generation takes the system in which they are born for granted.  They think it could only be this way, how else could it be.  Itís all they know.  If their parents donít know themselves that the whole system is rigged and you live in a more sophisticated form of slavery, as Charles Galton Darwin said, then of course they canít pass it on to the child.  Then you go into education and their first job is to make you uniform, standardize you, make you into linear thinkers, until you canít see any particular objective means to get to a problem.  You are not taught to look at things from many angles and be very critical, in your logic, and how to arrive at various conclusions until you get the proper conclusion on any topic. 


All this was known a long time ago.  Iíve gone through the histories of some of the big people involved in setting up the very system we are seeing emerge now.  Many of them lived in the early 1900s and before.  Before them too, there were other groups who went under various names and various organizations, all working together, towards bringing in the 20th century.  But as I say, this particular century was worked out long in advance and some of the higher players who attended the think tanks came out with their books, knowing that the general population would never catch on to what they are actually saying.  Most folk wonít read them of course; they are too dry and boring for them.  The ones who do catch on see the exoteric because you see, they write in an exoteric way for the public.  Itís like the Bible, it paints pictures in your head and you say, I agree with this and I agree with that and I agree with this, and you donít realize there is also another story underneath it.  You never stand back and say, well, what kind of person is actually writing this book?  They donít seem to have the kind of compassion necessary to mix even with society as you know it.  That never enters most folkís heads.  They simply become followers, so-and-so said this, Bertrand Russell said that, and they worshiped him as an actual hero.  He had lots of the working class on board with him.  They never figured out that he planned to have them working in slavery eventually; he wanted to annihilate a lot of them too, to bring down the population.  We always hear about Adolf Hitler, who is always pointed out as the only bad guy that ever existed.  Of course thatís not true at all because the boys that brought you Adolf Hitler gave you Lenin and Stalin and other ones too, up to the present time. 


The reason you always know this is because you can read between the lines, as I say, the esoteric and put two and two together.  What you will find too, with the big boys, who all work together and go to global think tanks and work out and hammer out all the problems of how to implement their schemes and their agendas, into the phases Ė you will find out that they all come out with the same views on things and the same necessities on things, especially depopulation and a controlled, scientifically run society.  Thatís what you are going into now, authoritarianism.  The Club of Rome talked about this too, many, many years ago; itís a top think tank for the United Nations.  Iíve given out the membership lists before and various other things about them.  If you want to find out stuff, go into my archives and do a lot of digging.  Even if you get the wrong one at first and you listen to the audio, believe you me, you will still learn something from it before you hit the right one. 


Here is Bertrand Russell who belonged to a group, many groups actually; he belonged to the Macy Group, later on, that was authorized by the President of the US to bring in a system of total control over the population.  Because you see, they blamed the people for all the worldís ills including wars.  Now, the average person, and peasant of course, who is busy digging up potatoes, itís the last thing on his mind, going off to war.  Itís done by the very ruling class that ends up blaming you, over and over and over again.  They looked at all the different methods of controlling this public, who need diversions, through entertainment, especially when you crowd them together, and of course they said theyíd have to use entertainment as a method of controlling the public.  Thatís where you get most of your opinions and your thoughts from, is fiction, in other words.  They also talked about massive depopulation eventually and you find out, you catch on when they are writing about whatís to come, that some of the things were already established maybe 100, 200 years beforehand.  And these particular characters were products of the very eugenics program which they were promoting. 


Here is what Bertrand Russell said in The Scientific Outlook, on page 244, which was written in 1931.  Now, what he is saying here is exactly the same format that they were looking for in the Soviet Union; they wanted the Soviet Man, the perfectly-indoctrinated scientifically-created Soviet being, who would be obedient like a robot to the government.  Here is Russell talking about the same thing and then of course the Germans picked up on it too.  There is nothing that Germany picked up on that wasnít born in London; nothing.  Here is what he saysÖ


ďThose children, on the other hand, who are destined to become members of the governing class will have a very different education. (Alan:  Now listen carefully to this.)  They will be selected, some before birth, (A:  Now think about this.  For the hard of thinking Iíll repeat that last part.) They will be selected, some before birth, some during the first three years of life, and a few between the ages of three and six. All the best-known science will be applied to the simultaneous development of intelligence and will-power.


Eugenics, chemical and thermal treatment of the embryo, and diet in early years (A:  Now, think about thatÖ after all the shows Iíve given you on the junk we are all fed.) will be used with a view to the production of the highest possible ultimate ability. The scientific outlook will be instilled from the moment that a child can talk, and throughout the early impressionable years the child will be carefully guarded from contact with the ignorant and unscientific. (A:  Thatís the general public.)  From infancy up to twenty-one, scientific knowledge will be poured into him, and at any rate from the age of twelve upwards he will specialize in those sciences for which he shows the most aptitude. (A:  See, Russell was a product of this himself.  So were the Huxleyís and Iíve gone through the history of the Huxleyís and their special inbreeding programs.)  At the same time he will be taught physical toughness; he will be encouraged to roll naked in the snow (A:  They like nakedness, these guys; they have a lot in common.), to fast occasionally for twenty-four hours, to run many miles on hot days, to be bold in all physical adventures and uncomplaining when he suffers physical pain. (A:  Thatís the same thing, of course, that Germany in World War II, before World War II implemented and they got the ideas from this group.)  From the age of twelve upwards he will be taught to organize children slightly younger than himself, and will suffer severe censure if groups of such children fail to follow his lead. (A:  They are taught to be born leaders, you see, and actually Ďborn leaderí is the proper term.)  A sense of his high destiny will be constantly set before him, and loyalty towards his order will be so axiomatic that it will never occur to him to question it. Every youth will thus be subjected to a threefold training: in intelligence, in self-command, and in command over others. If he should fail in any one of these three, he will suffer the terrible penalty of degradation to the ranks of common workers, and will be condemned for the rest of his life to associate with men and women vastly inferior to himself in education and probably in intelligence. The spur of this fear will suffice to produce industry in all but a very small minority of boys and girls of the governing class. 


Now, as I say, that was already on the go and he was a product of this. The Huxleyís were too, in fact. Julian Huxley talked about the same thing and they were the end product of inbreeding with initially two families, constantly inbreeding for generations, and then a third one, the Galtonís added to it.  The Darwinís, Galtonís, and of course they brought in a couple of other ones later on as well, for fresh blood, since to many morons were born out of them. But for all the morons that were born, they also had the occasional, supposed genius.  They had special education and kept apart from the average person, the commoners, to the age of 21 or so.  This has been on the go for a LONG time.  Plato talked about it in The Republic, and they all quote Plato, all of them.


In The Scientific Outlook on page 252, which is under ĎOn Breeding of the Governing Class,í he also saysÖ


If we were right in supposing that the scientific society will have different social grades according to the kind of work to be performed, we may assume also that it will have uses for human beings who are not of the highest grade of intelligence. Öthat manual workers in general will be bred for patience and muscle rather than for brains. (A:  Thatís where Aldous Huxley got his idea from. They were all communicating with each other and attending the same think tanks.)  The governors and experts, on the contrary, will be bred chiefly for their intellectual powers and their strength of character. Assuming that both kinds of breeding are scientifically carried out, there will come to be an increasing divergence between the two types, making them in the end almost different species


A lot of thatís already happened, as I say.  Have you ever wondered about these guys, that they are suddenly, supposedly, instant wiz kids with the computers, who just get banged up there; never heard of them before of course.  You will never get their schooling records from them, never mind the school they went to.  Iím sure some of these, really, are specially coached and trained for their actual role, as he says here; they are given their role in what will be expect of them and what they will actually do.  Itís all laid out for them and the doors open for them too.  Thatís already happened.  Weíre there.  We are there and itís been on the go for a long time, not just in one country or so, but in all the main countries across the world. 


Thatís also why, of course, in this system, as they go through the next phase of bringing you down, you donít need all these students anymore in schools getting a better education, even though itís not the top education.  They donít need that.  So Iíll read this article about students and cutbacks after this because it ties in together.  Back in a moment.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going over some of the writings of those who have written this part that we are going through now, the agenda for this part.  They partook in the various high level meetings, knowing exactly where they were going with the world, being absolutely confident they could pull it off, because you see, they were backed by the wealthiest people on the planet.  And those wealthiest people were the ones who owned all the resources of those things which are called wealth.  They owned all the gold mines, all the diamond mines and everything else, that they gave us to call wealth.  It works very well, especially this time of year when everybody is going crazy buying gold and diamond presents and all that nonsense, to make the same characters who helped sink you before with the banks even richer again.  But then again, you canít stop a lifetime of training, eh, and everyone has been trained to spend, spend, spend.  The world must be okay if we can still spend and buy the same junk.


Anyway, here are students in the UKÖ You know, in Britain theyíve had riots with the students who are getting massive cutbacks in their funding and all the rest of it. Because they donít need them anymore, you see.  Itís time now to really bring in the two types of classes that Russell was talking about, the one who were specially bred, special educated and all the rest of it, to run the world; they will need fewer from the lower universities. They used to call them Ďthe red brick universitiesí, the ones they built for the commoners after World War II to make them happy.  Theyíll keep a few of those around too, to be the bureaucrats and so on, but not the leaders.  In Britain here is whatís happening now and the students of course are rioting because once you get something from the government, which is all from your taxes anyway, we always think it should always be that way.  It says hereÖ


Student fee 'savings' will fund windmills in Africa

(A:  Thatís where the money is to go, for those.  Now, back in the 70s the students would have been all for that, if it didnít come from their savings of course, the money.  But theyíd think, yeah, we should build windmills in Africa and all that kind of stuff, as they were all being taught to be awfully global.)

The £2.9 billion the Government will save by increasing tuition fees matches the amount earmarked for a global warming project, finds Christopher Booker. / Christopher Booker  / 11 Dec 2010


(A:  By the way, theyíve got the army out in Britain now, to try to rescue people and clear the streets of snow; itís one of the largest snows theyíve had in an awful long time.  They have run out of grit because they were all counting on global warming and it hasnít happened, except in some peopleís imaginations.)


The cause of the major political story of last week Ė the row over tuition fees, students rioting and all Ė was, as we all know, ďpublic spending cutsĒ. But how much money does the Government actually hope to save on tuition fees? If the immediate problem is our massive state deficit, it seems odd that the Government should risk such unpopularity, not for any immediate saving, but in the hope that it will get the money back over the next 30 years, as students can afford to repay it.


In the short term, the Governmentís own projection as to how much it will save is that the funding of university tuition will be cut by £2.9 billion by 2014. As it happens, £2.9 billion is the sum ring-fenced, by the same public spending review, to be given to developing countries to help them fight global warming with windmills and solar panels. It is also slightly less than the £3 billion by which our public debt is rising every week. These much-vaunted ďcutsĒ are not all we are led to believe.


So itís quite something, as I say, as we go into this particular phase.  All you have to do now is get over the riots and get trained to fight with people over flipping burgers and stocking Wal-Mart shelves and stuff like that because thatís all thatís going to be left, as we get crowded into the cities and taken down through various means, which are all on the go. 


Christmas cheer is amazing too.  I love how they change society so easily.  Bernays was awfully correct when he said that there is nothing that you canít doÖ there is nothing you canít do with the general public.  There is nothing you canít make them do, believe or whatever.  He was a master of it.  He got the US to go off and have a war, to save a private corporation in Latin America that was one of his biggest money incomes for advertising.  Iíve gone through that too before and that was in The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis.  He goes through that, if you can find it still up on YouTube.  They are yanking so much off YouTube now, as we go into the new laws; itís just so darned quick so if you donít have copies of things or whatever, youíre out of luck.


I went through this too, watching them going to Ďhappy holidays.í  ĎHappy holidaysí instead of ĎMerry Christmasí.  It was so strange, after youíre thinking of a country that had centuries and centuries of ĎMerry Christmasí being told to say ĎHappy Holidaysí.  And they used the celebrities to do it all for them because the public always follow the stars. Thatís what you are given, you know.  The same in the military, if you get shot or something, you get a little star, a little tin star, because we follow stars.  So they give us celebrities as stars and we mimic what they do and say because then you want to be cool and in with the crowd, you see.  It saysÖ


Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree / Dec. 02, 2010 / By Terry Evans


SOUTHLAKE -- Chase Bank told a Texas businessman to remove the Christmas tree he donated to a local branch because it could offend people. 


Oh, everybody is offended today.  You know that?  Everybody is offendedÖ unless you talk politically correct speech all the time, which is hard to do.  There is a technique to it.  Itís almost like you have to never answer something directly or quickly.  Always slow down and play it through your mind what you are going to say, analyze it, reformulate it, edit it, and then say something.  Or just nod your head.  Thatís how bad itís getting now.  You actually get fined for things today just by making a comment.  Itís quite something.  Iíll read the rest of this and youíll get a chuckle, or dismay, depending on how you see it when we come back from this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about a bank which was given a Christmas tree and it was decorated and all the rest of it.  Then the man who did it all and gave them the tree was told to take it down because people objected and they were offended by it apparently.  Imagine getting offended by a tree, eh?  AnywayÖ  anything goes these days.  It says hereÖ


The bank referred questions to corporate offices.


Greg Hassell, a JPMorgan Chase spokesman, said that the company's policy isn't anti-Christmas. (A:  Of course not; they want your dough, right.)  "People wish their customers merry Christmas when it's appropriate," he said.  (A:  Well, this is the time when itís appropriate I would think.  The rest of the time weíre all happy whatever else, happy holidays.)


However, to ensure that everyone who visits Chase branches feels welcome and comfortable, the bank's policy is to use only decorations supplied by the company.  (A:  I wonder what they are?)


"We appreciate the thoughtful gesture from Mr. Morales," Hassell said. "Unfortunately, we're unable to keep it [the tree] on display for the remainder of the holiday season."  (A:  The Ďholidayí season, not the Christmas season.)  JPMorgan Chase ensures that decorations are "something everyone is comfortable with, regardless of how they celebrate the season," Hassell said.


(A:  Then they go throughÖ) But others see the tree as a symbol of the season. (A:  Öwhich of course it is.  It doesnít matter how far back it goes.  Youíve even got Christian bunches too, that say, oh thatís a pagan symbol and all the rest of it.)


You canít please people anymore today.  They are so incredibly diverse in their craziness that they are all fighting each other over a Christmas tree.  See, tradition has to go, you understand.  All tradition has to be destroyed to bring in the new sterile type where youíve got Ďhappy holidaysí that means nothing at all, really, doesnít it?  A lot of folk arenít even on holiday so what does it mean, happy holidays? 


Itís quite something as they go through all this political correctness and people go along with it. Theyíre all scared.  Someone in fact was going to send me a cigar from the States, and by regular post, and the woman at the post office wouldnít put her name on it and pass it because she was unsure about the tobacco laws, as she sent this one cigar.  They have so many laws on everything now that theyíre simply terrified of losing their jobs and all that kind of stuff.  Things are getting nuts, really nuts, but thatís what itís supposed to be at this time, as we go through the big changeover.  It keeps us all of guard too, the madness of it all.  Thatís part of the technique that theyíre using. 


Iím also putting up tonight a link, and all these articles I give links to at the end of the show on  A link, itís quite a good site as far as I can see here; I havenít gone through it all.  It does have some of the history of biological warfare, the different countries involved and so on, and human experimentation.  So others might have time to go through it in more depth than I have.  I really just glanced at it.  There is a lot missing as well, I see, from here but they have done a good enough job of getting the basic things in. 


The history of biological warfare

Human experimentation, modern nightmares and lone madmen in the twentieth century

Friedrich Frischknecht  /


Also, Iíll put up a link to YouTube.  Itís quite interesting too, how the Obama administration has given the go-ahead for Latin American countries to come together in an effort and to try and I guess maybe sue Arizona for their anti-illegal-immigration laws, which is a first for the American history where your own government has given the okay for other governments and nations to try and stop you from what you are doing within your own state and country. 




Quite interesting indeed because you see, weíre all global now.  They did sign the NAFTA agreement, and the free flow of goods and labor and all that kind of stuff, which they try and keep under wraps.  But weíre all to be merged, as you all well know from this show, into a continent, just like Europe.  All these trading blocs, these three big trading blocs will be under the United Nations, initially at least, until they dream up some other wonderful name for the same organization, which is just a front for those who already run the world with money and so on and bring in the scientifically controlled society, or dictatorship, as Russell preferred to call it.


Iím also putting up a link to New Blood Screening.  For years people with the Epstein-Barr syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a whole bunch of these syndromes that broke out in the 70sÖ I was thinking of biological warfare there too, mind you, but I think most of the warfare comes through the inoculations and itís deliberate warfare.  It saysÖ


New Blood-Screening Advised

Advisory Panel Says Victims of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Be Barred From Donating (A:  Öblood.) / DECEMBER 15, 2010


An advisory committee to the federal Food and Drug Administration is recommending that people with chronic fatigue syndrome be barred from donating blood, amid concerns a retrovirus may be linked to the disease.  (A:  Well, they have always known what caused it because it was introduced into it, into the inoculations.)


The panel voted Tuesday 9 to 4 that the FDA should require a screening question to ask potential donors if they have a medical history of chronic fatigue syndrome and, if so, exclude them from donating.


The recommendation by the panel must now be reviewed by the FDA, which typically follows the advice of such panels but is not required to do so. An FDA spokeswoman said there was no timetable yet on a final decision.


The panel's recommendation is a significant milestone for patients, who have often felt maligned by the medical community.


See, the medical community, like all professions, is run like a pyramid structure.  Their big magazines that publish papers, you know, papers Ė thatís very important, these papers Ė the papers become the new law and the new truth, the new fact, the new reality for all those down below in the pyramid structure.  If those at the top say itís all in their heads, then they will all parrot that, even if your arms and that are rotting off your body, itís all in your mind.  These people have been diagnosed for years with mental problems, meanwhile they donít have the energy to get up and even move, some of them.  Some of them are in awful pain as well.  This is the first time they have admitted that it could be due to a retrovirus and the first thing they do is ban them from giving blood.  I think we should ban all these inoculations they are trying to make mandatory that end up putting all these things in our bloodstreams to begin with.  That would make more sense to me. 


Now, ha!  I laugh too because years ago I talked about computer games, even 10 years or more ago.  I was talking about computer games are made Ė I went through the history of them Ė for the military, to get them to not be emotional about killing.  It was to make them kill without thought, just immediately, like a Pavlovian response.  They were given human targets initially, human-shaped targets instead of the old round target style.  Then they went into computer games of course. They even had the ones during World War II that were run by very fast moving film, for training those as tail gunners in the bombers; they were fast enough, at that time, those particular training techniques.† The computer games really went overboard with the military, because most folk donít normally kill people, you see, and the militaryís job is to stop you from thinking about NOT killing people and to get you automatically to kill them without any thought at all. 


Itís only now that the mainstream are putting out this stuff.  Why?  Because most of the world is hooked on computer games and it wonít matter that I even read this. But, it simply gives you an added strength to what you already knew.  It saysÖ


Computer games are addictive and use psychological ploys

 first tested on lab rats

By Liz Thomas / / 6th December 2010


Computer games are dangerously addictive and contain powerful psychological devices designed to make some fans play compulsively, a Panorama investigation will reveal tonight.  (A:  I guess itís been revealed already; this was December 6th.)


A simple technique based on a 1950s study of rats feeding themselves by pressing a lever (A:  Iíve mentioned that before.), which encourages repeat behaviour by rewarding it at random, has effectively been adapted for use in gaming and is feared to encourage addiction.  (A:  I know in Korea theyíve got an awful problem with it and they have special schools they send them to when they are really found to be holed up in their room just playing the same games over and over and over.)


The situation is so serious that the industry body United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment is now calling for more research on the issue and promising to publish advice for parents helping them to look out for excessive and problem gaming traits in their children. 


(A:  What they do is give you aÖ)  Random reward: (A:  Just like the rats.)  The psychology behind successful computer games in the same used in studies on lab rats in the 1950s.  (A:  This is how far back theyíve known all this stuff.)


The programme, Panorama: Addicted to Games?, quotes award-winning computer games designer Adrian Hon, chief creative officer of SixToStart, who admitted that that the technique once used on rats was now common place in computer games.


He told the BBC: ĎIn the 1950s scientists discovered that rats which had been trained to feed themselves by pressing a lever, would press it obsessively if the food was delivered randomly.


ĎPeople have discovered that this works on humans as well.  If you give people a lever or a button to press and give them random rewards, they will press it all the timeí.  (A:  Itís the same with Scratch-and-Win tickets and stuff.  Youíll see them standing at counters, youíre trying to get served, and theyíve got handfuls of this stuff and they just drop them all on the floor as they scratch them off and, oh, itís another dud.)


Obsessive: The rats would press the lever constantly to get their reward: food. It's the same principle with computer games, according to BBC's Panorama.


In computer games, instead of food, players are randomly rewarded with extra lives or extra in-game features. The idea is to create a compulsion loop that keeps them wanting to play on. 


The technique, called the variable ratio of reinforcement (or operant conditioning) (A:  They use that in kindergarten, by the way.)  is simple but powerful and is thought to be one of the reasons people become addicted to slot machines.


Mr Hon added: ĎI think people donít necessarily understand how powerful some game mechanics can be. 


These are designed by behaviorists and all these other control freaks who use incredible sciences of studying the mind; itís not just to sell the games, itís to program generations of children.  See, the only reason they gave them out in America, in a big, big way, and in Britain and elsewhere, was really for the upcoming generation they needed to be the most debased generation, in a long time, with the least education, and the most violentÖ training them to be violent, by bringing them up with nothing but games, games, games.  They were already trained for the military.  They were already trained; once they get to these weapons and so on they will just go killing without ever thinking about it.  Iíve even read the articles here where there is a wing now in the American Air Force where they bring youngsters straight in, computer addicts straight in; they donít even have to learn to fly or do any of the usual stuff.  They are given their wings and they sit and fly the drones, because itís just another computer game to them.  And those little dots on the screen, that are really people, are just little images generated by the computer.  So they are awfully good at killing.  Nothing happens by chance.  Nothing at all.  Nothing whatsoever happens by chance.  Nothing.  It all works together.  And we are used, whole generations are used for one thing or anotherÖ in the proper way, for those who rule the world. 


Now, there is an article about the National Health Service thatís coming to America. 


Hospital wards to shut in secret NHS cuts

Tens of thousands of NHS workers would be sacked, hospital units closed and patients denied treatments under secret plans for £20 billion of health cuts. / By Jon Swaine and Holly Watt / 26 Mar 2010


(A:  £20 billion, theyíve had nothing but cuts for years and years and years.)


The sick would be urged to stay at home and email doctors (A:  Thatís if youíve got a computer, I guess.) rather than visit surgeries, while procedures such as hip replacements could be scrapped.


The plans have emerged as health chiefs draw up emergency budgets that cast doubt on pledges by Gordon Brown to protect ďfront line servicesĒ in the NHS.


Documents show that health chiefs are considering plans to begin sacking workers, cutting treatments and shutting wards across the country.


Then Iíll go on to this other one on the same theme. 


Patients denied treatment as NHS makes cutbacks,

Telegraph can disclose

(A:  In other words, they have been told to disclose that, to get us used to the idea of it.)

Hundreds of thousands of NHS patients are being denied routine procedures as dozens of trusts cut back on surgery, scans and other treatments in order to save money, a Daily Telegraph investigation has found. / By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor Jasmine Malone 17 Dec 2010


Trusts around the country (A:  Theyíve put a lot of these hospitals into what they call trusts now.) are refusing to pay for operations ranging from hip replacements, to cataract removal and wisdom tooth extraction.


The health service is also tightening restrictions that prevent patients undergoing procedures for lifestyle reasons.  (A:  Now, that was something that came out from the United Nations as they bring in the minimal care across the world.  They said everyone across the world is entitled to the basic MINIMAL care, but in it too, they went through the fact that those who they claim brought on the problem by themselves should be the last to have treatment at all.  And you know where that can go.  It can go into anything at all.)


Smokers and obese patients are being denied operations until they change their habits and trusts are delaying surgery and non-emergency treatments, the Telegraph has found in the most comprehensive snapshot of NHS cuts yet. (A:  They will keep giving treatment and all these therapy rehabilitation places for booze because itís a big income for the government, and also for cocaine and heroin because thatís another big boon for the banks and the governments as well.  They have always been dealing with this stuff.  In fact, the RCMP in Canada said years ago, if they stopped the illegal drugs money being laundered through the main banks theyíd all be bankrupt; I guess bankrupt again is what I should really say.)


The cuts - which include the cancelling of MRI scans and x-rays - are taking place in defiance of the Coalition.  (A:  This is what they are calling the new government in Britain, this coalition of the two left wing parties; one is called conservative, the other one is called liberal.)


Ministers are determined that front line services should be protected and the savings needed can be found from management costs and efficiencies.  (A:  But they are definitely going all the way with it now.  This is the UN agenda, by the way.  It will also be the part of the faster kill.  Iíve read articles from the Rockefeller group that talked in their last big major meeting where theyíve said theyíve already helped toÖ basically they were inferring theyíve sterilized a lot of the population Ė they are not having children or canít have children Ė but it wasnít fast enough; now they wanted to go into RAPID depopulation.  Well, this is the stage now where we are at.  You are going into RAPID depopulation as treatments are refused.  Of course if you eat too many Mars bars and even if youíre not overweight, theyíll say youíve taken in too much sugar and thatís what caused your problem.  You can assign it to whatever, as published in The Lancet Journal, in a paper, by some bigwig, and thatís good enough.  It also says here.)


But there is growing evidence that NHS managers are sacrificing patient care instead.  (A:  Ö of what they are being told to do.)


Doctors and nurses said the 'grim' results undermine the 'myth' that front line services are being protected and warned they were just the 'tip of the iceberg'.


The situation is predicted to get worse as the NHS struggles to save £20bn over the next four years.


Meanwhile Britain is building roads in other countries, even in Poland, under the EU and getting massive fines from the EU if they donít go along with ALL the agendas that they are supposed to go along with now too.  What a wonderful world weíre in, isnít it?  Free trade was going to bring everyone such freedom and a variety of things to buy and purchase.  Of course itís gone the way it was supposed to go.  It was all done in secrecy and lies and deception until they created the parliament itself for Europe.  Whatís new, eh?  Whatís new? 


Now, for America too, itís interesting. See, they already knew this phase was coming upon us.  When Bush was in, he started off what was called Faith-Based Social Services.  Iíll put the link up for that too.  Itís where supposedly any kind of organization, civil organization will take over where government cash used to employ government people, right down to social workers or nurses and so on, to take care of those who couldnít afford it.  Iíll read some of this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about what is really communitarianism, under many different names, as we go down the tubes, basically, into the scientifically controlled society and austerity measures and all the rest of it.  Of course itís the excuse given as well.  Really this was designed a long, long, long time ago, all this stuff to come up and be introduced right now and we are living through it.  This part of it is called Faith-Based Social Services.  People heard about the Faith-Based initiatives and thought, oh, I guess thatís something to do with religion and thatís all it is.  No.  Itís to do with also that the community takes care of those within the community with charitable associations and all the rest of it.  On this particular link Iíll put up, you can look through it. 


Rockefeller Institute of Government


Faith-Based Social Services

--Taking Stock: The Bush Faith-Based Initiative and What Lies Ahead   [PDF] 

(A:  Of course it goes into what changes Obama, or what will Obama ADD to it in fact, what they will keep and what they will change.  Thatís all done as well here.  There are PDFs here.) 


--American Congregations and Social Service Programs   [PDF]


--Comparative Views on the Role and Effect of Faith in Social Services   [PDF]


--The State of the Law 2008: Legal Developments Affecting Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations   [PDF]


--Getting a Piece of the Pie: Federal Grants to Faith-Based Social Service Organizations   [PDF]


--The Policy Environment for Faith-Based Social Services in the United States: What has Changed Since 2002? Results of a 50-State Study   [PDF]  (A:  See, they were getting us ready YEARS ago, before the supposed bank crash when they pulled the plug, at the right time of course.)


Eventually itís all tying in with the new social health care system thatís being introduced into the United States, where folk think they are going to get something for nothing.  [Alan laughing.]  Barnum says, there is one born every minute, eh.  But thatís the way it really is.  Thatís the real world, folks.  We are under incredible micro-management in every sector.  But itís not difficult to do when the guys at the top are the guys who lend, supposedly, money to other nations and own so much of the worldís resources; pretty well all of it in fact, in reality.  Itís nothing for them to have cash printed up or just move blips off a computer, add a few to it, and give it to this bunch of think tanks to deal with one aspect of controlling and manipulating and upgrading YOU.  Thatís what itís all about isnít it? 


Iíll also put up a link to do with the insurance business.  It ties in with the Wall Street movie, if you ever saw the Wall Street movie and the newer Wall Street movie that took over from it, taking over from the last one, showing you all the cons and how even the big bankers were starting up businesses, or investments, and betting against their own investment, and reaping even more money from it.  I mean, these guys, you just canít keep up.  There is not a fly on these guys, as they say.  You canít; you just canít keep up with their lovely crooked thinking, as they go around in circles.  And weíre all linear, we canít imagine how this is possibly done, as the wise guys just pull it off, one thing after another.  This one here is about insurance policies and how they are selling the policies to other investors betting on you dying so that they can claim the cash after a certain period.  Itís quite an interesting one.  These companies are based in the US, again.  It saysÖ


Odds Skew Against Investors in Bets on Strangers' Lives



It gives you the names of the companies, Life Partners Holdings Inc., that have been doing it and literally selling it off, just like stock to other guys, hoping youíll die within a certain time, and collecting lots of cash for doing so.  There is not a fly on these guys.  Itís amazing isnít it?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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