Dec. 29, 2010 (#736)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 29, 2010:

Nation-States, Anchors Away,
Flounder Under Corporate Sway:

"The Nation-State's to Wither Away,
While Giant Corporations Rule and Sway
Total Power Over Ex-Nation-States,
Where the Weakest are Left to Fates
Of Disease and Poverty, Violence, Crime,
Depopulation, Well They say It's Time,
The Transition is Rolling Unimpeded,
Prophets' Warnings went Unheeded
By Generations, Drunk, Intoxicated,
Fun and Frolics, Minds Asphyxiated,
Choked from Knowledge, Gloom & Doom,
Denying the Negative, Birth to Tomb,
Each Hedonistic Self-Important Being,
Regardless of Class, Never Seeing,
Can Only Babble, Never Truly Talk,
On Eternal Trivia 'til Their Mind's in Shock"
© Alan Watt Dec. 29, 2010


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 29, 2010 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 29, 2010.  Newcomers to the show look into web site.  Youíll find hundreds of audios for download where I try and give you shortcuts to the big picture and give you a better painting of the real reality, not the fake one, that we are all born into which is reinforced by education and the media.  Help yourself to the audios.  The sites youíll see listed on the front page of the .com site all have the same audios for download.  If you find sticking on the .com try an alternate site because sometimes so many folk go into the .com site at once and itís heavy on the downloading side of it.  They all carry transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given in English and for transcripts in other languages go into which you will also see listed on the .com site. These are all the official sites I have. 


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Itís up to you if you want to keep me going or not because you see, eventually when people go off the air you are left with fewer and fewer people to give you their view of reality.  Then things are easier and managed, even for those who control the world state.  Most of the articles they put out there are meant to be parroted off by the general public.  We are supposed to go, oh my God, what are they going to do to us nowÖ as if we donít know, and nothing is ever done about it.  Thatís the whole problem with all of this, there is no organized movement, no organized movement with a direct philosophy to guide a movement to fight these bar stewards who are controlling the world and guiding us all along.  Not difficult to do when youíve got an organization thatís been in control of the world for centuries, with its cash system.  Every government goes cap-in-hand every year to borrow from them and everything runs on their money.  Wars, everything runs on their cash, then they go and sell off and trade the debt amongst themselves, these IOUs.  Itís a fantastic business, but until itís changed nothing could possibly change the direction of the world.  And it has been planned.  We are going through a script.  Your parents went through a script.  Your grandparents went through a script.  These guys have been at this for a long time knowing exactly where they were taking the entire planet.  And of course, they own academia.  Academia is completely on board with them in everything thatís happening today.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to give a better idea and view of reality than whatís currently going around because as I say, there are organizations that work together to create your reality.  They own your media.  They give you your movies that you just gorge, one after another.  They give you your predictive programming, preparing you for the future they are bringing in for you.  They are the guys who decide what technology you will have because itís going to benefit those who control you of course.  Not for your pleasure, in fact they donít like you very much at all.  You are necessary, and you have always been necessary as a HERD because you have kept a lot of people at the top living in luxury for an awful, awful long time.  Itís true enough that all true wealth comes from labor and these guys at the top donít do any labor.  In fact itís anathema to them to do any manual work at all.  The top guys donít even really run things, technically; they make sure everyone is working okay, they suggest things here and there and those suggestions are picked up by the guys that hover around them and immediately put it into effect and they are done very, very efficientlyÖ or heads roll.  Thatís the way the world really, really runs. 


Most folk at the bottom can never relate to these folk at the top.  Itís no wonder because they live in a completely different realm of reality than youíll ever understand.  Theyíve been brought up in it.  Theyíve been given access to true archives of histories and techniques of control and so on.  Thatís been admitted too; there are actual archives that certain ones are allowed in to, but very, very, very few.  And not everyone is allowed into the big club at the top, even the ones from Royalty and so on.  They are tested for their gullibility, for their ability to be emotional, to blab things off with a few drinks in them, or even over the telephone, they are tapped, etc, to make sure, long before they are brought up into the higher realms of reality themselves.  Thatís how you run the world. Quite simple really. 


Of course we live at the bottom reality, the one that the television gives us and the one that your educational system gave you too, with all its fake histories because histories are completely faked.  That came up from The Anglo-American Establishment by Professor Carroll Quigley when he actually gives you and he cites the records of the British parliament when even Winston Churchill who thought he was up in the big know, realized there was a group higher up than him, that left him out of the loop, and he said itís incredible that a group of men have been writing our histories, for the school children to learn, for over 70 years, and that was back in World War II.   That ties in with his other book Tragedy and Hope where he says a secretive group have been running the country and giving you your Presidents and Prime Ministers since the late 1800s.  Very, very rich powerful people, who didnít just get rich quick either, by the way, they belong to organizations that had been very, very old indeed.


What Iím going to read tonight ties in, again, with what I was talking about last night, to show you that we are going through a script.  Iíve already given you the projections for the next 50 years or so from the think tanks that worked for the military of the US and for Britain and NATO.  They all agree with the same items, the time tables, depopulation, and the elimination of nations, and then the rise of a few, a few very powerful, high tech, super city states for the future, where the rich men of the world of course will be in control, as the rest of the world goes down the tubes. They wonít need you anymore, you see.  We have been an awfully productive herd until now and the time for big trading and big working in factories, in a time of austerity, as they call it, and post-consumerism, is to be over.  And they believe the technology, etc will take over from humanity as such.  They will clone workers, more efficient types.  Iíve gone through some of that too from their own writings in the past; just go through the archives at to find out the various things Iíve read, from their own books. 


This ties in with what also NATO think tanks and the United States military think tanks talked about and that would be basically the corruption that would obviously happen at this time that we are living through. But itís corruption run by the same boys who own the legal system; in other words, the legal overview of reality, the world as such.  They already own that. They owned that a long time ago in fact.  They bought off the resources and bought them up through wars and grabbing the land and the gold and silver and all the minerals and everything else they needed a long time ago using empires and they funded those empires into existence. When they moved out, which they did, theyíd move into the next country that was going to get built up into an empire, and they hop-scotched down through history doing the same old thing. 


Here is an article and itís calledÖ


Europol Arrests More Than 100 In Carbon Trading Fraud

Written by P Gosselin, NoTricksZone | 28 December 2010 /


(Alan:  Now, I touched on that a couple of days ago or so.  It saysÖ)


- Estimated 5 billion euros in damage for European taxpayers 

(A:  In other words, it means the taxpayers have to always make good on the criminals who are robbing us all and playing these con games with this fake CO2 taxation, which their own boys, like Al Gore, dreamed up, and Lord Rothschild because all the CO2 money, taxes for the world, has to go through the Rothschild private bank in Switzerland.)


Hereís more proof that trading of CO2 emission certificates is fraught with fraud and attracts seedy criminal organizations (A:  They are not so seedy, believe you me. They are more like the old James Bond movies.  James Bond movies werenít so much into Russia when it was the Soviet Union, or China, the communist organizations.  It was always about groups of rich powerful people that really were the biggest threat on the planet.)Ė all costing the consumers and taxpayers billions.  (A:  Because we make good on all the money thatís stolen, even though nobody should be paying it in the first place because itís such a con.)


The Austrian online Kleine Zeitung here reports that Europol (A:  A private police force, by the way, owned by the Rothschilds, so Iím sure they wonít catch the ones they donít want to catch, meaning their own guys.) have raided an elaborate CO2 emissions scam in Italy and have arrested more than 100 persons. The Kleine Zeitung writes: ďThe damage runs in the billions of eurosĒ.


According to Europol, the Italian tax authorities, directed by the Milan Prosecutorís Office, have raided 150 companies in Italy. The fraud involves evasion of value added tax with CO2 emission certificates. (A:  They are actually scamming it and claiming the taxes, selling them on, and getting the taxes all for free and pocketing it.)  More than 100 have been arrested and are suspected of being involved in organised crime.  (A:  What they do is eliminate the competition; thatís why Rothschild boys, Europol, is on the job here.)


The Kleiner Zeitung reports that the Italian Electric Utilities trading markets had earlier suspended entire trading with emissions certificates ďbecause a high number of suspicious transactionsĒ. The loss in tax revenue just from VAT (A:  Which youíve all to go on by the way; theyíve got it in Canada called the GST and itís the same thing.  It will be eventually introduced into the US for the global society; thatís on the books, has been on the books for 50 years; it must be that way.) (MTIC (Missing Trader IntraCommunity Fraud) alone is estimated to be 500 million euros, the online Kleine Zeitung writes.


The fraud is widespread


According to reports, itís been known since June of last year that criminal organizations have been using CO2-emissions trading for defrauding governments of value added tax.  (A:  Now mind you, the EU super government handed out all these free carbon credits to get them to start carbon trading in the first place, to these big international corporations.)


This is not the first time that police raids of this scale have taken place. Itís the latest in a series of raids that have been carried out all over Europe this year, all involving the trading of CO2 emission certificates. It seems the authorities just canít keep up with the swindlers out there.  (A:  As I say, itís a joke because itís the EU that hands out the credits for them to sell.)


(A: So it goes through all the countries that have had trouble with this group, which they are TRYING to identify it says.)  Norway, Switzerland and the EU countries Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovak Republic and Portugal are all among the countries trying to identify the network of criminals behind this massive fraud Ė a fraud with links to criminal networks operating outside the EU and in other continents, like the Middle East.  (A:  And thatís obvious to everyone, when theyíre talking about the Middle East.)


And you jump from there and then you go into this one hereÖ


Rothschild lined to take over at Yukos

By James Rossiter, Evening Standard / / 15.07.03


RUSSIAN tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, under threat of arrest as a result of a widening probe into the country's flagship oil major Yukos, has named Lord (Jacob) Rothschild as a possible successor at the helm of the company.


The fraud and tax investigations could draw in a tranche of top Yukos executives, and in these circumstances the group would approach the London banker, a company official told Russia's Kommersant newspaper.


Lord Rothschild, 66, has a host of high-profile international corporate, political and banking contacts in keeping with his position as a member of the influential Rothschild banking dynasty.


The obvious successor to Khodorkovsky would be the group's chief financier Platon Lebedev, but he is in jail facing fraud charges.


While refusing to comment on any potential role for him at Yukos, Lord Rothschild defended the oil baron. 'Khodorkovsky is a progressive businessman (A:  Heís a PROGRESSIVE businessman; you see, if you defraud folk youíre progressive.) who is devoted to Russia,' (A:  Thatís a joke.) his office was quoted as saying. The spokesman said Lord Rothschild had no business relationship with Menatep, a Khodorkovsky company that owns 61% of Yukos.


Lord Rothschild still heads J Rothschild Capital Management, the fund management business he set up nearly 20 years ago. That business is now part of the larger St James's Place Capital wealth management group chaired by Sir Mark Weinberg, a long-time friend and business associate.


He is also co-founder with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger of Khodorkovsky's Yukos-financed Open Russia Foundation, established in December 2001 to develop relations between Russia and the West. In March last year Khodorkovsky appointed former British Foreign Secretary Lord (David) Owen as chairman of Yukos International UK in London.  (A:  Theyíre all tied in it together.)


Lord Rothschild split from his cousin Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, chairman of English investment bank NM Rothschild, to set up his own investment bank J Rothschild Assurance in the 1980s. He still runs it from the basement of a house in St James's.  (A:  I guess he canít afford a big house to put it in so he has it in his little basement, which is probably the size of a palace.)


He quickly made a name for himself, (A:  These guys, rags to riches, itís just amazing.  Itís always astounded me.) joining forces with the late Sir James Goldsmith and Australia's Kerry Packer for an assault on BAT Industries via Anglo Leasing, one of a number of holdings in financial services companies.  (A:  I tell you, they go through all kinds of weird countries and lose all the cash behind them; no one can investigate what theyíre up to, and theyíve always done this, because you see, they own the countries.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and this actual charge against the Russian tycoon, Khodorkovsky, has gone back to 2003.  Thatís how long they can stall things too, right up to the present.  This article is from the BBC News.


Russian tycoon 'names successor'

Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky has named Jacob Rothschild as a possible successor to take over his Yukos oil company if he goes to prison on fraud charges, according to reports. / 14 July, 2003


The Rothschilds have financed oil exploration in Russia since the Tsarist period, while Lord Rothschild has close connections with Yukos.  (A:  In other words, they went right through the communist period as well, Ďsince the Tsarist periodí obviously means all through the communist period [Alan laughing.] because you see, they ran both side of it, these characters.  They always profited too, off all the chaos. And they upped the price of oil when they want to and justÖ you know. And they love this whole thing about failing oil and thereís not enough oil and then just jacking up the prices.) 


As I say, you are the herd and you must keep these guys in a very powerful position so that they can get the next part of their agenda through.  They literally have the world marked out in order, on how theyíd like to take us all and how they are taking us all.  They pat themselves on the back at their big think tank meetings, which they publish, of how well the world is progressing into communitarianism, and internationalism, and where PRIVATE corporations run the world and not governments anymore.  Thatís really the way that it truly is.  Now, when you go into The Anglo-American Establishment by Professor Carroll Quigley, in the footnotes at the back, he goes into how this particular foundation, this organization weíll call it, changed its name again, because they had been operating for a long time before this.  Cecil Rhodes comes into mind of course, when they popped up again with the next part of their course which was to take over the wealth of the world, all the natural resources.  That was food and everything, minerals, diamonds, oil, food, and eventually waterÖ in the 1800s.  They used what they had created already which was the British Empire to do so.  This is what Quigley says here, and itís taken from the writings of WT Stead, who was one of the big members of it.  It was the last will and testament of Cecil John Rhodes; he left his will to Lord Rothschild by the way, who was cofounder with him, in this enterprise.  It saysÖ


The statement of 1896 to Brett is in Journals and Letters of Reginald, Viscount Esher

(A:  That was Lord Esher.)

(4 vols., London, 1934-1938), 1, 197.


Dr. Aydelotte quotes at length from a letter which Rhodes sent to Stead in 1891, but he does not quote the statements which Stead made about it when he published it in 1902. In this letter he spoke about the project of federal union with the United States (A:  They were definitely planning on that you see.) and said, "The only feasible [way] to carry this idea out is a secret one (society) gradually absorbing the wealth of the world to be devoted to such an object." At the end of this document Stead wrote: "Mr. Rhodes has never to my knowledge said a word nor has he ever written a syllable, that justifies the suggestion that he surrendered the aspirations which were expressed in this letter of 1891. So far from this being the case, in the long discussions which took place between us in the last years of his life, he reaffirmed as emphatically as at first his unshaken conviction as to the dreamóif you like to call it soóa vision, which had ever been the guiding star of his life."

See W. T. Stead, The Last Will and Testament of Cecil John Rhodes (London, 1902), 73-77.


Itís a well documented book, The Anglo-American Establishment, and of course Carroll Quigley was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.  In this book he says that Winston Churchill didnít even know the name of it at the time, of this particular organization, because it used different names:  the Milner Group, the Rhodes Society, The Roundtable Society.  Of course it all came together, eventually called the Royal Institute of International Affairs and itís called the Council on Foreign Relations in other countries.  Every member of the top Ė Iíd call it the politburo of the EU parliament now Ė is a member of this society.  Everyone who has been a Prime Minister or a President, as I have said before, since the late 1800s, has been a member. Thatís also in Quigleyís book here.  So you have got to read that one if you want to know whatís really happening. These are the guys, and Quigley talks about it, who planned world wars, and brought them into being.  Not only did they bring on the Boer War to take over South Africa and its minerals and its gold and diamonds and so on, it also was agitating, at the same time in the late 1800s, to wipe out what they saw as a possible future empire of Germany and so they agitated to get a war going with Germany for a world war.  Out of the world war they brought in and they financed the League of Nations which became the United Nations.  When they didnít get all the powers they wanted they were all for a World War II.


These are the sort of guys who run the world, the very, very rich men of the world and nothing has been there to ever stop them in the past, and there is nothing there to stop them today because no one has come up with an alternative to their money system.  Or put it this way, no one has been allowed to come out with an alternative, and implement it, to their money system, or theyíd lose all power.  Itís all done with lending and governments owing them, and then they mark it down on the heads of the taxpayers, the slaves. 


Iíve also gone into Jacques Attali; heís a big player in this as wellÖ  Iíll go back into his writings when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just doing a few books here, going over a few books and showing you how the things connect together.  Jacques Attali at one time was the top guy in France.  The number one guy is never the boss; itís the top advisor thatís the boss; they can get any puppet for the front man.  When Mitterrand was there, people came to see Attali more than Mitterrand.  He was running the ship of state you might say.  He eventually went off to the United Nations.  Heís been involved in the same scams as well; heís up on some arms smuggling charges along with a bunch of very rich men.  Nothing will happen with it because they never get charged, at the top, because they like little wars started here and there because at the moment, remember, the big money is in the takeover, and still is, with the Rothschild group, of all resources of the world.  And the big money of the future is water, as they will eventually dish it out drop by drop and make you pay an incredible price for it.  And food of course too, as they bring on the food shortages. 


This particular book is called, A Brief History of the Future.  Itís headed off by Henry Kissinger, of course, and who calls it ďbrilliant and provocative.Ē  Jacques Attali sits in on all the world meetings.  He also sits at the clubs of the super rich, because heís one of them, and heís in-on-the-know.  So he tells you hereÖ


Infranomads: Victims of Super-Empire

(A:  And this is the world they are bringing on within the next few yearsÖ very few years.) 


Super-empire will in fact raise the market in triumph on a global scale. But it will not bring about the disappearance of poverty, which will afflict a disconcerting share of the planet's population. (A:  You see, NOW is the time, after building up a massive welfare population, they are going to turn their fingers and say, oh look at the mess of all that, my God.  And this was all planned as well, for those who donít know. There is a site where a professor has done writings.  Heís a eugenicist.  He taught at many universities in the United States.  Itís called WhatWeMayBe.Org.  Go into that and you will find out what they are going to do with all those useless eaters, and thatís what basically he is referring to them as, all those on welfare, the single mums, the low IQ ones that keep getting married and so on and producing more, he claims, have to be eliminated.  Back to this book hereÖ)  In 2015, the number of those I call infranomads, who live below the poverty threshold, in other words on less than $1.25 a day, will still be roughly a billion as against 1.4 billion in 2006 and 1.9 billion in 1980. (A:  Going backwards.)  Increasing, yes, but not enough.


Weakened states will no longer be able to finance decent assistance incomes. (A:  Thatís what we are getting told now, cutbacks, austerity; right.  This guy is amazing, having sat in on all these world meetings where they go along with the plan that was written long ago, and patting each other on the backs for being right on schedule with everything.)  Attempts to reduce the number of poorest through the working of market forces alone will end in failure. Growth will not supply enough jobs (A:  As you have seen in America of course; they knew this.); production of specific goods intended for this category will not suffice to give it access to basic goods; on its own, the market will be unable to equip the megalopolises with the infrastructures made necessary by the increased numbers of the citizenry.  (A:  In other words, see, they have deindustrialized all of you and they knew when they signed the World Trade Organization and the GATT treaty that eventually you can only paddle in the water in a service economy for so long before you start to lose strength and drown.)


From then on, infranomads will be more and more vulnerable to epidemics, to lack of water (A:  Because they are taking it all over.), to desertification, to climate warming.   (A:  Of course, thatís a big part of it, this joke with climate warming. But they will use it until they got the last drop of water under their greedy little grubby hands.)  More and more, they will be forced to move from countryside to cities (A:  Well, thatís Agenda 21 which Mr Attali sat in on so he knows darn well what itís all about.), then from city to city, to flee indigence and drought, to look for a job and a roof.


They will be increasingly available for every kind of revolt and will feed the pirate economy. They will also be the chief targets for vendors of Utopias, (A:  All those who promise you utopias.) and will become the leading players and the first victims of hyper-conflict (if it takes place).  (A:  Now, yesterday I read another article from an official source where they talked about cramming us all into cities would bring out all kinds of deviant behavior, etc, etc, and discontent, because we are not meant to live all crammed together.  But the big boys want their lovely countryside all to themselves, for the future you see.)  But they will also be the principal stakes and the great victors of hyper democracy (if it ever materializes).


Meanwhile (and this is the worst defeat), no one will be able to organize the governance of super-empire anymore. The market will be a golem (A:  Thatís actually a Hebrew word meaning artificial slave.) without a brain, a plane without a pilot.


The governance of super-empire

This victory of market over democracy (A:  We are post-democratic now, we are told by the Club of Rome.) will create an utterly novel situation, a market without a state.  (A:  Thatís what youíve got now.)  All the theoreticians recognize that such markets give rise to the appearance of cartels (A:  Thatís all your con men and the gangsters.) underuses productive forces, encourages financial speculation, (A:  Thatís where you get bubbles and they crash you when they want to.) fosters joblessness, wastes natural resources, liberates the criminal economy, and empowers pirates.  (A:  Well, thatís what we have and Iíve been reading about them.)  Such was the fate in particular of China in 1912, of Somalia in 1990, of Afghanistan in 2002, of Iraq in 2006.  Such will be the fate of super-empire.  States or what remains of them (A:  Theyíre all run now, you see, by private corporations, including the troops that they hire, or mercenaries.), around the year 2050, will no longer be viewed as anything but the successors of businesses.  (A:  Because you see, thatís what your corporate world and your corporate country is, itís a business, and youíre all workers in the big business.)  No one will any longer be capable of guaranteeing equality of treatment of citizens, (A:  And thatís what weíre getting told now.  The cops are going around with impunity killing folk when they want to.) impartial elections, or freedom of information.  (A:  Well, theyíre cramming down on that now.)  The market itself will not be satisfied with this situation.  Wherever it has taken up residence, it has always needed a strong state to exist.  On the global scale it will need respect for a few rules, so that dishonest players (A:  Thatís so the guys who shared the loot that they steal from you can have the whole field to themselves, as opposed to the little guys who come in and only steal a few billions.  Thatís why Europol is crushing them at the moment.)  will not distort competition, so that the arms of war do not displace the laws of trading, so the property of law is not infringed (A:  Now itís corporate law.), so that consumers will remain solvent and so that violence may be socially mastered.  (A:  Now, how are they going to socially master violence?  Well, I mentioned it yesterday; drugs will be a key factor, and Ďthe needleí as Bertrand Russell said too, and so on, will make a nice docile population.  And spraying you from the air with all that mush.) 

Insurance and distraction businesses, (A:  The distraction business of course, is also your entertainment.) the marketís principle strengths, will try to play these roles.  They will produce norms allowing everyone to take his place in the super-empire and offer shows making it possible to escape it.  To succeed they will have to lean on specialists, corporate organizations, offering a kind of self proclaimed governance (A:  And thatís what youíre hearing today.  There is no more government, itís goverNANCE.  Thatís through all the books of the Council on Foreign Relations, all the writings, all through the United Nations, as it was intended to do when they set up the League of Nations in World War I.)  Banks and financial institutions will endow themselves, as they are already doing so, with global prudential bodies.  (A:  Thatís what you saw at Cancun; these are all private organizations.)  These organized monthly meetings of the Presidents of the worldís leading central banks in Basel, this committee has already decreed, under the names Basel 1 and Basel 2, applicable accounting in financial rules without the prior acquiescence of any global law  (A:  They make up the law as they go along.) to every bank on the planet.  (A:  Have you ever been asked what your opinion is, and would you vote for this or that?  Of course not.)

Such a coordinating body of all central banks will one day attempt on its own authority to fix a stable parity amongst all the worldís major currencies.  (A:  Thatís what they did with the currencies of Britain and other countries as they tried to merge it together.  If you noticed, the dollar of Canada and the United States has been quite the same for years now; just a cent or two difference.)  Then it will create a global quasi currency in an attempt to counter private currencies.  (A:  Itís all to be one currency eventually, of course, for their global system.)  Other organizations will define rules for checking on the origins of capital in order to combat the pirate economy.  Initially public and later private ones, these bodies will complete (A:  And see, the public finance it up Ė he says, Ďand later privateí Ė and then they turn it over to the private bodies.)  These bodies will complete and then replace police action by turning to mercenaries.  (A:  Weíre already there.)  Very many other professions, accountants, lawyers, advertising personnel, information specialists, doctors, pharmacists, architects, teachers, engineers, themselves hard pressed by the insurance companies, will decree normals.  They will create special organizations financed by quasi taxes to monitor their members and avoid scandals.  To do so they will use all the technologies of hyper-surveillance.  (A:  Thatís what youíre under now. You see, weíre already here.  Do you understand that?  Do you think Google is just a private company?  A private company that can work with the NSA?  Is it the boss of the NSA?) 

Other institutions of governance of the same kind will emerge on the national or continental scale particularly in the fields of energy, telecommunications, health and education.  Finally, impartial agencies will establish norms for financial, social, ecological, and ethical orthodoxies.  (A:  Thatís a whole new culture.)  They will influence the behavior of businesses and states anxious to present a clean image to the markets.  In the environmental field in particular, the insurance companies will insist that businesses comply with the norms decreed by such agencies in order to reduce climatic disturbances and the damage caused by natural disasters that might follow in their wake.  Governance will thus itself become a particularly profitable sector.  (A:  It already is.  Because itís all private businesses, governance, governing you, with of course the front philanthropists with their charitable NGOs on board with the government telling governments what to do.  So it will be a very profitable sector.)  Businesses will specialize in it in order to support the insurance companies that gave birth to them.  They will little by little take over from national regulators at the planetary level.  The ones who carry the day will be those able to acquire private police forces to palliate the weakness of armies and the public police and to verify application of norms and truthfulness.  Governance companies will also disappear supplying businesses with competent members for their administrative boards.  These surveillance organisms will first be dominated by the American Empire (A:  ICANN, which today runs the internet.  Itís again a charitable organization, which has all your internet names; you have to go through them to get an internet name, and it can close you down as well, by the way.  But itís a charitable, philanthropic organization, that just sprung out of nowhere, with these very rich guys behind it, eh.)  constitutes a good example of a self proclaimed international authority, but in fact a mask for the American government.  These organizations will extend American law to the rest of the world before creating their own.  (A:  Itís not American law anyway because the Americans havenít had their own law society for an awful long time; itís run by a power above them.)  Regulators and insurance will thus be the fragile masters of the governance of super-empire.  They will encounter competition and threats, paid for by criminal organizations, that will try to eliminate them, as well as threats from other relational bodies which they themselves will try to eliminate.


So thatís pretty well here.  Heís going into some of this from 2015 onwards up to 2050.  All of this pretty well will be done; a lot of it is already done but you will see it more in force in the next couple of years or so.  As I say, we are pretty well there, for folk who still think that they have countries of their own, even though their countries are always signing international deals.  You are paying for roads to be built all over the planet; you are paying for hospitals to be built in China.  Even though China is one of the richest countries on the planet right now, they are still classed as a third world nation, thanks to the agreement that was signed through the World Trade Organization.  We can finance their schools, and their hospitals, and all that kind of stuff, as we go down the tubes.  Thatís how the world is really, really run right now, for those who are not sure.  But most folk donít notice because there is SO much entertainment there and there is SO much going on in Hollywood and in the starletís lives, apparently everyone is just utterly fascinated by it.  And there is so much movies and music television, and the fashion industry, and lots and lots of sex, like never before, to keep everyone quite happy and distracted as they lose the shirts off their backs; they just donít know it yet.  Thatís how you fight a war, a true war.  First you must conquer the mind, and then you do whatever you want; they wonít notice with no mind of their own.  That has already happened. 


Tying in with this, we have the incredible army of guys leaving the Pentagon going right into the private sector, for these big international corporations. 


From the Pentagon to the private sector

In large numbers, and with few rules, (A:  And thereís FEW RULES in this new global society.) retiring generals are taking lucrative defense-firm jobs (A:  Öfor private corporations.)

By Bryan Bender / Globe Staff / December 26, 2010 /


WASHINGTON ó An hour after the official ceremony marking the end of his 35-year career in the Air Force, General Gregory ďSpeedyíí Martin returned to his quarters to swap his dress uniform for golf attire. He was ready for his first tee time as a retired four-star general.


But almost as soon as he closed the door that day in 2005 his phone rang. It was an executive at Northrop Grumman, asking if he was interested in working for the manufacturer of the B-2 stealth bomber as a paid consultant. A few weeks later, Martin received another call. This time it was the Pentagon, asking him to join a top-secret Air Force panel studying the future of stealth aircraft technology.  (A:  A lot of them also are working for the United Nations through non-governmental organizations and some Canadian generals are already in on that, in fact.)


Martin was understandably in demand, having been the general in charge of all Air Force weapons programs, including the B-2, for the previous four years.


He said yes to both offers.


In almost any other realm it would seem a clear conflict of interest ó pitting his duty to the US military against the interests of his employer ó not to mention a revolving-door sprint from uniformed responsibilities to private paid advocacy.  (A:  Now, when youíre in private paid advocacy, you understand, youíre up for hire across the planet, to whatever big international corporation demands you.)


But this is the Pentagon where, a Globe review has found, such apparent conflicts are a routine fact of life at the lucrative nexus between the defense procurement system, which spends hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and the industry that feasts on those riches. And almost nothing is ever done about it.


The Globe analyzed the career paths of 750 of the highest ranking generals and admirals who retired during the last two decades and found that, for most, (A:  Moving that way is basically whatís itís all about; itís irresistible.) moving into what many in Washington call the ďrent-a-generalíí business is all but irresistible.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíll also just mention one last article, Nicolas Sarkozy, heís got his own private army to go after anyone whoís downloading illegal downloads from the internetÖ his own private army.


Nicolas Sarkozy's internet police warn 100,000 illegal downloaders

Surveillance body dubbed Big Brother aims to stop France's huge culture of illegally accessing films and music online / Angelique Chrisafis in Paris, 29 December 2010


Well, weíre in private enterprise now and governance and all that.  And since you have Interpol, which is private, now you have their own internet police.  These philanthropists just have so much in common with each other. They want to help humanity so much that theyíve decided to police the planet for themselves. 


There is Daniel from the UK; I will try and squeeze him in. Are you there Daniel?


Daniel:  Just a couple of quick questions.  Whatís your opinion of that book by Dr John Coleman, Conspiratorís Hierarchy Ė The Story of the Committee of 300? 


Alan:  He is right on some things and heís wrong in a lot of other things too.  Thatís the most I can say about it.  He understands that there is a group, definitely, and a hierarchy to the group. But thatís no secret.  As I say, itís far more detailed in Professor Carroll Quigleyís book because he was the historian for this group.  [Alan chuckles.]


Daniel:  Okay.  And also, whatís stopping these groups from actually fighting amongst themselves?


Alan:  Because they allÖ  Understand, they do have their own private police force for themselves.  And they understand the rules.  They understand the rules are very severe and the penalties are very severe.  If you step out, and once in a while one of them is hung, or found hanging in the toilet, like one of the Rothschilds was once, and stuff like that, if they happen to hold out on the rest.


Daniel:  So it does happen then?  Iíve never realized.  It does happen?


Alan:  It happens once in a while, very, very rarely though.  They have a saying that Ďthe workman deserves his wagesí Ė itís all kind of Masonic based too Ė and you must pay off the guy who helped you up to the position you are in, and you must kick money upstairs.


Daniel:  Right.  Itís a mafia, like you say.  Itís a mafia setup isnít it?


Alan:  Absolutely.


Daniel:  I just wanted to let you know about a very interesting article, you might not be aware of, that came out today.  Itís from Reuters and itís titled ĎBritons Urged to Give Charity by ATMs.í  Have you seen it?


Alan:  Thatís right.  Iíve got it right here on my desktop and youíre quite right.  [Philanthropy plan: donate to charity every time you pay by bank card / / 28 Dec 2010]† They said that; about 10 years ago I read an article about that and here it comes in.  The charity of course, are their charities, to teach you all to be charitable, and give to these big foundations that are already raking in billions of bucks, because theyíre owned by the bankers.  [Alan laughing.]  Theyíre all fronts for the bankers. 


Daniel:  Yeah, I mean, what was of interest to me, Alan, was more the emphasis on volunteering. I thought that was very significant because it conjures up these ideas of you hearing a siren in the street and everybody jumps up and puts their uniform on and then runs out to the assembly point to get their orders.  Do you know what I mean?


Alan:  Thatís communitarianism; in America they have it under Homeland Security.  There are a lot of private organizations now in Homeland Security, and yet you are supposed to jump up and help out.  You are given your orders.  Itís this communitarianism, and volunteerism, thatís the system they are bringing in for you.  As youíre broken down into your new little areas, as your country goes down you will just have little areas you belong to and you wonít be able to live and move out of those areas either.  Youíre stuck in a commune and thatís why they want cars and vehicles off the road; you wonít have to drive, under Agenda 21.


Daniel:  Itís just incredible, they actually tell you everything.  Itís almostÖ I always liken it to a hunter giving its prey a sporting chance.  Do you see what I mean?


Alan:  Well, what it is, itís predictive programming, getting you ready for it.  It overwhelms you because you donít get an answer to fight it, you see.  Thanks for calling in.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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