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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 12, 2011:

Eco-Fascists Protested and Planned,
Caused Brisbane's Suburbs to Turn to Wetland:

"South East Queensland Australia Under Deluge,
Thousands of People Seeking Refuge,
Hit by the 40-Year Cycle of Flood,
Whole Urban Areas Now Water and Mud,
After the Flooding Back in '74,
Saner Minds Planned, Said No, No More,
They Got Busy with Slide Rule Making Plans
To Build Levees and Run-Off Dams,
T'was Stopped by "Warmists" Garrett and Flannery,
Who Wanted Desalination for Water in Cannery,
"The World's Warming, It Will Rain No More",
These Two Fools Made Lots of Folks Sore,
Yet They'll Justify Themselves with Ego and Swank,
As Thousands of Homeless Swim to the Bank"
© Alan Watt Jan. 12, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 12, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 12, 2011.  Newcomers to the show, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  You will find hundreds of audios for download there.  I try and show you the shortcuts to the big picture, the big system which runs the world, how it’s run, where they are going with it, and how old this agenda is.  It’s very, very old.  It’s a planned society we are going into.  A lot of it’s already accomplished in fact because generations have been trained already and they have left school thinking that privacy is a crazy thing to have.  They are addicted to all their electronic gadgetry thinking it’s all quite natural; it’s all supplied by do-gooders for them to just be happy with.  As long as they get these things supplied to them and they can go off into the Ethernet a lot can be done to them.  A lot can be taken away from them and they won’t mind so much.  So I show you the big plan towards a socialist world government run, again, by the very rich people of the planet, and how it’s done, and the big associations that work together to make it so – the parallel government, as professor Carroll Quigley called it. 


Remember too, you are the audience that brings me to you, so don’t forget to buy the books and disks I have for sale, or donate.  You’ll find out how to do so on the web site.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  You can also donate and expect nothing back, except the hundreds of audios that are already up on the site, which you can download for free, and I think everybody does. 


So that’s really the big picture.  The world we are going through right now, the big changes between two ages, as Brzezinski aptly called it, it is a change… a complete, utter change in societies, across the whole world, into a common global system, with a common agenda, and a common culture eventually, at the very, very end of it somehow working out, which of course will make it easier for those in control to manage the whole planet and everyone in it.  That’s why we are all being trained.  That’s why we were given the internet, by the way.  Not because they wanted to keep us happy and entertained, but to make sure that they know EVERY SINGLE THING about you and they update that on a daily basis.  Everyone really does; most folk put all their information up there.  It’s kind of silly when people phone in and say, could you be working for the other side collecting data on us?  How many people are they emailing to every day?  with all their ideas and thoughts and so on?  They already know everything about you; they don’t need me to do it, or anyone else for that matter.  All they need is YOU.  And people are so willing to just give up that information.  It’s astonishing to me how they have already been trained.  Of course, they think, too, well, no one’s really looking at me; I’m not so important; I’m good; I’m good, I follow the rules, whatever the rules are; and as they update the rules I follow the updates.  But that’s not the point, you see.  Anyone can be unpredictable, anybody out there, as far as they’re concerned at the top.  When you go through all the masses and piles of paper from their psychological reviews, they don’t trust anybody.  That’s why they’ve got to keep on monitoring you and everybody else on the planet.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Every once in a while I like to look at the movies I’ve seen before, the ones that have some relevant pieces in them, even though they always distort the overall picture and never give you the complete truth.  It’s a sad thing that most folk today get their history from Hollywood, which is really fictitious in many ways, it changes and spins things. 


Gangs of New York is a good movie to watch; I’ve watched it quite a few times.  It shows you, as a microcosm of society, in the movie, where gangs fight for control over a city, which in reality is the way things really do work.  Those who end up in high positions in office, believe you me, they’re just another gang.  They’re the top gang, unless they have one above them which is the federal gang.  That’s how things really are set up.  In the movie, at the end, they show you the two main gangs vying for power, over extortion and all the rest of it, all the rackets, fighting it off in the square and in comes the military.  Lincoln was in at that time and he set the military upon the different gangs who were rampaging through the streets.  They were also rampaging for different reasons.  Not just the gangs, it was because all at the same time conscription came into the United States for the Civil War, and the people didn’t want it.  You could get out of it though if you had $300, so the wealthier ones didn’t have to send their sons off, and that’s always the way of it.  But for the regular people, if your name came up, that was you off.  And you had lots of Irish immigrants coming in at the same time, which was, again, mandated by the federal government because they wanted bodies to fill the uniforms that they had made up for them.  They came right off the boats and got kitted up and then off and went onto another boat and went further south; it was like an assembly line basically.  Rival gangs in the middle of the city sparked off at the same time because one of them was the Orange Order; it doesn’t mention that in the movie of course.  The Orange Order was a Masonic order; it still is.  It gives the Queen the highest honors, the Queen of England, or whoever is the King – it’s always been that way.  That was to be the traveling lodge of the British Army, that came in even before, even during the War for Independence and they set up lodges everywhere that remained there. 


So it’s interesting to see it worked out in a movie version where they managed to cut out the Masonic part of it of course.  Otherwise they do show you how the gangs work, together or against each other, with different factions, sometimes with, sometimes against, depending on their interests.  And how the mayor himself, Boss Tweed, who was the real mayor at the time, who really was, you might say, the CEO over so many different corporations in the city it was incredible.  The guy had millions and millions of dollars in the bank when he was eventually put in prison for scamming and skimming off the top of everything, even the Erie Canal project.  He also ran the gangs; he had them working for him too.  There are so many really true quips that come out of his mouth, in the movie, it’s astonishing because nothing has really changed, except the propaganda, and the media being on board with the propaganda, or even owned by those who are in power.  It’s better today, much, much better, and continuous; we get it on a daily basis.  So the propaganda overcomes what people see themselves.  You dismiss your own perceptions, your own experiences, and a lot of folk will just believe the propaganda and go against themselves.  Boss Tweed also is the guy who said, we can always hire half the poor to kill the other half, in case of riots and so on.  He had so many things that he said that were so true, and it’s still the same today.  It’s still the same today.


When you look at the news, and believe you me, there’s almost a scarcity of news right now, especially from the US.  They go on and on about the shooting, of course, of the government official, but they’re not talking about anything else, pretty well.  And yet there is so much going on across the rest of the world as well and even that is a lot of recycled news.  So you have to dig in to find what’s going on, because there are meetings all over the world right now with different big international organizations, that do work with government and they are set to push their climate change – now that they’ve changed it from global warming to climate change; you can’t lose can you?  So they’re going to push the climate change even further because, really, it’s not just an ecological, it’s an economic change, it’s a social change, and it’s a eugenical change as well.  The fact that man must reduce his numbers drastically, be put into the crowded cities, for the next 40 years, and just bring down the population, which won’t be a hard since most people in the Western world, the youngsters, have opted not to have children now.  You know, you can’t get out and party when you’ve got children and responsibilities; and that’s what they’ve chosen. 


At the same time too, to bring on all the different agendas, parts of the agendas – there are sub-agendas and so on – and to bring it into fruition, you must create crisis after crisis after crisis.  That’s what we’ve been hit with since 2001, ongoing war.  I read an article from the military called, Perpetual War; I read it on the air.  It’s in the archives section; it’s well worth the read.  That’s what we’re in now, perpetual war… from economics and all kinds of crisis, real or unreal.  It doesn’t matter as long as the government takes action and social action to prevent things from happening; that’s the excuse for it all.  And they are rampaging ahead, and I mean rampaging, in unison with the rest of the world, through the United Nations. 


IF you had even an economic crisis, and massive unemployment, why would you hit people harder and harder and harder, unless you want to bring it to literally the breaking point? – true crisis situations.  Well, they want to do that because then they can bring in all the next bunch of rules, laws, and more communitarianism where you’ll end up being packed into houses like the Russians did in the Soviet era, where 20 families would share a small building for instance.  That is coming, by the way, and I’ll be touching on that later.  Here is what’s happened in Britain. 


Families hit as fuel and food costs soar

 (... and energy bill could DOUBLE every five years)

By Sean Poulter / dailymail.co.uk / 12th January 2011


Millions of hard-pressed families are being further squeezed by punishing rises in fuel bills (Alan:  …for their heating.) and food prices.  (A:  Their electricity in Britain now is owned by a German company thanks to the EU; it’s fantastic, all this.  How wonderful it was going to be, this EU, this Economic Union, wonderful for everybody.  It’s just amazing to me that everybody is now bankrupt and suffering – isn’t it? –  in every nation.)


Energy giant E.ON (A:  …E.ON… eon.) yesterday announced a price increase as experts warned that bills are set to double every five years.


The German-owned supplier will put up electricity tariffs by 9 per cent and gas by 3 per cent – adding an average of £62 to annual dual fuel bills for 4.3million customers.


At the same time, figures from the British Retail Consortium show that food prices are continuing to rise at double the pace of wages.  (A:  And that’s because the big boys now are manipulating all the food prices across the world.  They are competing with each other, or putting on the appearance of competition, to drive up prices.  All our food, you see, is in the stock market; that’s where it goes… to the highest bidder.  That’s part of the agenda too because they want to bring in rationing.  There’s nothing they can’t make happen, you understand, when there are about 12 MAIN families and maybe 50 others that throw BILLIONS across the world every single day, in the stock market.  They control it.)


This means a family spending £100 a week on food a year ago will have to find an extra £208 a year to put meals on the table.  (A:  It’s going to be a lot more than that.)


The increases in the cost of living come as the country struggles to emerge from recession.  (A:  What a joke.  It’s like the US trying to get out from its incredible trillions and trillions of dollars of debt.  It’s impossible.  This in Britain here, it’s like someone trying to come out of a lake and he’s been drowning and then the heavens open up and a downpour comes down on you.  You can’t get out.  So “as the country struggles to emerge from recession”… that’s a joke.)


Petrol (A:  Gasoline…) prices are also running around 20 per cent higher than a year ago, while rail fares leapt this month.


The pain is further compounded by the Government’s VAT increase to 20 per cent.  (A:  That’s on everything you buy, 20% on top in tax.)


Consumers have been warned by City analysts that the energy price increases are just a taste of things to come.  (A:  That’s to make you feel better.)


Experts at Unicredit banks (A:  How can you have experts when they always bankrupt you and they can’t get their books straight, supposedly?) said the switch to green generation (A:  …ha!), the building of wind farms and nuclear power stations, as well as the installation of smart meters in every home, will send bills rocketing.  (A:  I thought all this was going to make things cheaper?  Of course it wasn’t.)


Recovery? The British economy may be growing again (A:  I don’t know where.) but people are facing a living standards squeeze fuelled by price rises and the increase in VAT to 20 per cent.


So they aren’t going to get out of this, and it’s not meant to get out.  It’s meant to cause crisis in every single nation.  It’s meant to bring the International Monetary Fund in to every single nation, and then The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will give – and they have already said this – they are going to give special – they already are, already – giving special drawing rights.  You borrow from them now, directly.  Rather than going to different private bankers, you go to them directly to get your dole money, the money that you’re going to owe forever and ever, with compound interest.  And they run your countries. 


At the same time they’re doing this, we’re seeing the environmentalist organizations, the big foundations, push and push with their usual junk of nonsense and lies and deceit because they can’t let up now, you see.  This is a vital part to bring in this new world order, this new socialist world order, where we’re going to be taught from cradle to grave how to live, what to do, what shoe to put on first, and all the rest of it, right through our entire life.  That’s what it’s all about, under the guise of saving the planet.  We’ve seen Australia, for instance, being absolutely screwed, and I mean screwed by the environmentalists.  Now they’ve got floods there and I’ll read this little item here.  It explains what happened in Queensland, Australia. 


Queensland floods:

but at least the 'endangered' Mary River cod is safe, eh?

By James Delingpole / January 11th, 2011 / telegraph.co.uk


This is the endangered cod fish.  I’ll tell you why the city is flooding and it’s because of environmentalists.  I’ll read this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, Britain cut back on its gravel and sanding operations because they were told by the environmentalists and all the experts, again, that last winter was a freak winter – like a real winter – and it wouldn’t happen again because the Earth is warming up and warming up.  So they didn’t bother getting prepared, and then they had to get the Army in to dig towns and villages out.  What a mess that was.  The same thing happened in Australia because every 30-40 years they always have flood in this area and that’s just the cycle it goes through.  But the environmentalists said, no, that’s not going to happen again because you see, we have global warming, global warming, climate change.  This article here is from a blogger that put it on James Delingpole’s blog at The Telegraph. 


This is a guest post from one of our regular commenters, Memory Vault. He’s understandably upset about the Australian floods, which may have claimed more than 70 lives. But what really upsets him is that this disaster could have been prevented. He blames green campaigners so wedded to their ideology they never stop to consider the human consequences. It is to them his bitter letter is addressed.


Andrew Bolt (A:  …another fella…) has similarly harsh words for Australia’s eco nuts. Were it not for the actions of Environment Minister Peter Garrett, for example, the Queensland town of Gympie would not now be underwater. Unfortunately, Garrett took it upon himself to block the proposed dam that would have prevented it.


Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett on Wednesday said he made the interim decision to reject the controversial $1.8 billion plan to dam the Mary River because evidence showed it could kill off endangered species.


“The project would have serious and irreversible effects on national listed species such as the Australian lungfish, the Mary River turtle and the Mary River cod – both of those endangered.


Here is Memory Vault’s post. It is addressed to the climate trolls who haunt this blog, forever assuring us with their characteristic shrill certainty, that the “science” is now settled and that we sceptics are greedy, selfish fools. 


(A:  So here is the blogger.)

I am sitting here in my home in South East Queensland, watching the news come in about the flooding everywhere. Entire suburbs around Brisbane and several smaller towns are either isolated by flood-waters or have been evacuated. Highways are cut everywhere.


People have been dying. So far about 20 people have died in the past week – nine just this morning when a deluge went through the Lockyer Valley. Most of them children. Another 70 are missing. One could put it all down to “just” weather.


Except EXACTLY the same floods occurred in EXACTLY the same places back in 1974, with much the same tragic loss of life and destruction of property.


Back then we weren’t nearly as clever and learned as you think yourselves to be today. Back then we had this silly notion that climate was cyclical, and if we didn’t prepare for it, we would have a repeat of the same tragedies to deal with in “about thirty years”. That was the thinking of the scientists back then – that climate went in roughly thirty year cycles.


Flood mitigation programs were planned. A series of levee banks and diversionary dams would be built. Brisbane and SE QLD (A:  South East Queensland.) would NEVER suffer such devastation again. After all, we had thirty years to plan and build and improve.


And that’s what we did – or at least started. Wivenhoe Dam got built as the first step, but by the time it was finished clever people like you lot who “knew” that such things were never going to happen again had taken over. (A:  That’s the environmentalists.)  CO2 AGW (A:  Anthropogenic Global Warming – man-made global warming.) madness had already taken hold.


Instead we had “post modern” minds like Tim Flannery “advising” the government that because of Anthropogenic Global Warming, SE QLD would be perpetually in drought from then on. “Forget dams and flood mitigation programs”, intoned the wise Dr Tim – “build desalination plants instead”.  (A:  Because obviously they wouldn’t have any water to drink.)


So that’s what our government did. And that is why thirty five years later, we are once again suffering exactly the SAME tragic loss of life and destruction of property, pretty-much exactly where, and when, and how, those stupid scientists who foolishly believed climate was cyclical had predicted.


Meanwhile our billion dollar desalination plant is quietly being mothballed, (A:  And that’s what they do.  They just pull things off quietly when they are wrong, and that goes for everything.) and emergency crews are frantically trying to work out how they might be able to save nineteen thousand homes from destruction in the next couple of days, as the Lockyer deluge hits Brisbane. Wise Dr Tim Flannery has been made ‘Australian of the Year” for his contributions.  (A:  What an asshole, eh?)


I google on the internet for climate extremes and climate-related disasters in the 1972 – 1979 period – the period of the last transition in the natural weather cycle, and I find that it wasn’t a good period in many places around the world. Record and near record high – and low temperatures, record and near-record precipitation, and so on. Floods and droughts pretty-much mimicking what is happening now, and in pretty-much the same places.


I also noted that the indicators of the “silly” theory of the cyclical nature, ocean and atmospheric, are pretty much exactly as they are now.


I have to admit it could all get a bit depressing. But then I remember that the world is in the capable hands of much cleverer people than those silly scientists back in the Seventies who believed climate was cyclical. Now the decisions are being made by clever people like Dr Tim Flannery


That is when I weep for my fellow Man.  (A:  ...because it could all have been prevented.)


But you see, we’re never going to get any rain anymore; it’s global warming.  We’re going to be frying by now.  Maybe we are frying and our perceptions have been all screwed up, eh?  Maybe it’s our fault. 


Then Delingpole goes on in The Telegraph too, with his own blog and he says…


'Everything dead by tomorrow!' warns Zoological Society of London

By James Delingpole Environment / January 11th, 2011 / telegraph.co.uk


(A:  … the guys who make their money and living, and their contributions FLOOD in through all these climate disasters, and vanishing species.  Now it’s the coral.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  According to the Zoological Society of London, all the coral is going to die, you see.  Everything is suddenly going to die… because they count on the people who weep easily when they see panda bears, just throwing money at them you see, stuff like that.  That’s how they get their cash, and they live very well, these characters. 


The Zoological Society of London has drawn up a hit list of the 10 attractive coral species most likely to die quite soon. Well, of course it has. Nothing suits the ZSL’s spirit of misanthropy and catastrophism better than another mournful litany of all the species loss which is bound to occur as a result of mankind’s ongoing crime of having the temerity to exist.  (A:  Isn’t that true.)


Look: those of us on the other side of the argument like corals too. The difference is, we see them as something to celebrate and enjoy rather than things to be regarded solely through a prism of guilt, self-hatred and apocalyptic despair. Naturalists never used to talk this way. Until the Nazis – and, before them, the German romantics – started poisoning the wells, nature was something we could all happily appreciate without being made to feel by yet another eco-fascist that we were personally going to be the cause of its imminent demise.


If the ZSL wants to make a list of pretty corals, why can’t it just distribute it with facts about their habitats and their formation, maybe with lots of nice shiny pictures for us all to wonder at? Why must they lace their message with doom and misanthropy?


I suppose their excuse will be that these corals ARE endangered and that something must be done by YESTERDAY at the latest. But is this another of those overblown eco-panics in the manner of the floating island of plastic bags twice the size of Texas which in fact turned out to be 1/100th the size of Texas?


At Watts Up With That there’s the most brilliant new guest post by David Middleton which describes in much learned and carefully referenced detail why  “ocean acidification” is just another exercise in green junk science, and why corals actually thrive with more CO2. (A:  So do vegetables and plants and trees.)  And Watts-y has run stories before about how surprisingly quickly coral reliefs recover from another deadly menace, bleaching. This is the problem with so many green scare stories. On closer examination they turn out to be bunk and I don’t think it does the environmental cause any favour. The inevitable result is the Boy Who Cried Wolf effect. We just think the eco-nuts are a bunch of  hysterics which, frankly, a lot of them are.


Lest you think I’m having a gratuitous dig at a perfectly decent, political neutral organisation that just runs London and Whipsnade zoo, have a look at their website. The ZSL is in it up to the neck in the field of deep green propaganda. (A:  And he gives you their web site to ponder.)  Here, for example, is its heavily politicised junk-science in action on coral reefs:  (A:  He gives you examples too of what they say, with precision, like this for instance; this is from their site.) 


Coral reefs first appeared more than 400 million years ago. (A:  And I tell you, it was at half past four in the afternoon, on a Friday, in September, the 27th.  Just joking.)  We could wipe them out in a comparative heartbeat. This film shows the devastating effect of climate change on the world’s incredible, diverse coral reefs. It paints a disturbing picture of a world that has lost its reefs forever – our world in 2065. 


I mean, it’s so brilliant giving these predictions of WAY into the future, and by that time no one is going to remember what they said.  But it has an impact now, you see.  As I say, we’re in an age now of crisis creation, perpetual crisis, one after another. EVERYTHING is falling down, apparently, supposedly… because they’ve got to get us all ready for the big, big change.  It’s already drafted up and they’ll unroll the screeds of papers and laws and all the rest of it, and plans, when it’s time to do so.  And we’ll say, save us, save us master, save us; we’ll be your slaves… just feed us.  That’s what will come.  You wait and see.  And you’ll be amazed at all the people around you who will be on their knees, saying just that. 


And now of course they are saying too, after talking about running out of water…


Lakes a big source of climate-warming gas: study

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent / reuters.com / Jan 6, 2011


(A:  That’s a new study.  I’m not kidding.  Canada, you know, Canada thought it was going to have a walk through all this stuff because of all the water we have here.  There is nothing but water wherever you go.  It’s forests and water.  Lakes and water and forest everywhere, and billions of mosquitoes.  We thought we were going to have a great time of it with the CO2 offsets, they call them.  Then the UN told us we’ve got bad trees; our trees are not good trees, they’re bad trees.  So we have to pay not only the CO2 stuff but pay for having bad trees as well.  No kidding.  And now we’ve got all this water and they went and told us, oh, that’s giving off all this gas, climate warming gas study.)


OSLO (Reuters) - Lakes and rivers emit far more of a powerful greenhouse gas than previously thought, counteracting the overall role of nature in soaking up climate-warming gases, a study showed on Thursday.  (A:  No kidding, eh.  Suddenly it’s reversed, eh.  Just like that.  Isn’t it amazing how they reverse everything in our day and age.  Just suddenly, all of a sudden one day everything is 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  Just like that.  And they never mention that all the scientists, up until that day saying the opposite, are now telling you the 180° reversal. They never say they must have been wrong.  They never say that, do they? these same characters.)


A review of 474 freshwater systems indicated they emitted methane equivalent to 25 percent of all carbon dioxide -- the main greenhouse gas blamed for stoking climate change (A:  Which is nonsense because the biggest thing in so-called greenhouse gas, which you must have for life on the planet by the way, is WATER VAPOR, evaporation.  But they don’t mention that here.) -- absorbed by the world's land areas every year.


Trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide as they grow.


"Methane emissions from freshwater sources were greater than expected," David Bastviken, lead author of the study at Linkoping University in Sweden, told Reuters.  (A:  And he’s got to do this now because now he’s on a roll.  He’s going to get grants for saying this, for more studies you see.)


"Some of the carbon that is being captured and stored by the Earth will be counteracted by methane from these freshwater sources," according to the study by experts . . .  (A:  What are we going to do, you know?  I mean, they wanted lots and lots of water.  They’re telling us the world is running out of water, as Brisbane goes under water and drowns.  They’re still harping on, we’re going to run out of water.  Then they’re telling us that all the water, the fresh water we have is bad water, just like we’ve got bad trees in Canada; the wrong kind of trees, you see.  We’ve got the wrong kind of water I guess.  That’s going to cost us a fortune in personal taxes, you understand that?  That’s what it’s all about.)


Emissions of methane, released by decaying vegetation (A:  I thought vegetation was good, eh?  But it decays and people forget it gives off methane, eh.) and other organic matter in rivers, reservoirs, lakes and streams, have not previously been properly built into models (A:  For the computers of course, the special ones they use.) used to understand global warming, Bastviken said.


The findings indicate that other parts of the landscape, led by forests, should be prized more as the most robust natural stores of greenhouse gases, he said.


"This means that forests and other local environments, being carbon sinks, are even more important" in helping offset global warming, he said. Land-based stores "may be more rare than expected."


So at the end of it all it tells you that forests are even more important, after telling you that they rot and they give off this stuff, methane.  They are even more important than ever, to help offset global warming, he says.  So there’s your doublespeak.  Maybe the guy will get two grants for giving doublespeak; I don’t know.  Who knows?  In this day and age anything can happen, as we’re experiencing.


The next part, too, I’ve mentioned before how they select little countries, sometimes islands, to do tests for the rest of the world.  Sometimes they’ll use part of your own country to do a test, for various things, for this new world order as they call it, this smarter new world order where experts can manage us from the cradle to the grave.  It says here…


South Korea promotes credit cards to go greener

Tue, Jan 11 2011 / reuters.com / By Ju-min Park


(A:  We’re all animals you understand, and we like rewards, we don’t like getting punished.  So they’re going to reward you if you use your credit card to buy smart green stuff.)


SEOUL (Reuters) - Kim Yong-sook is an idealist who longs for a greener lifestyle, which means walking more and wasting less. But she never dreamed that her credit card could help save the planet.  (A:  No kidding, eh?)


The 59-year-old stay-at-home mother (A:  I thought she walked everywhere; she stays at home.) is one of many set to take advantage of a new program in South Korea that will offer "green credits" for consumers who embrace a low-carbon lifestyle. Credit cards have become more than a purchasing tool in South Korea, offering discounts on movies or food and freebies. Now a new government program will add energy consumption incentives to that list.  (A:  You understand, everything out there, everything they give you, including your credit cards, can be weaponized against you?  And of course, that’s just coincidental isn’t it?)


Indeed, according to a new 2011 policy plan announced by the Ministry of Environment, buying eco-friendly products or living green (A:  You know, at one time if you turned green you were going to throw up.) in ways such as taking public transit by using a so-called green credit card, will be good both for the environment and your wallet. (A:  And they’ve just said that they are doubling the cost of traveling by train and bus in Britain.)  The credits can be redeemed for cash or be used to lower utility bills.


"Accumulating green credits does not sound bothersome at all," said Kim.


So there you go.  You know, with simple little incentives like that… it worked with the stores, grocery stores and department stores.  Do you have our friendly customer card, sir?  You know.  Do you have our air miles card?  That’s also, by the way, the Air Mile card in Canada, which they use in grocery stores and they use in the liquor store, is also half-owned by the government, so they track EVERY purchase that you make.  Again, that’s coincidental though isn’t it?  But folk pull them out all the time; I’m the odd person there.  What they’re really doing is punishing you if you use cash, making you pay the full price for something. 


And if you think things are bad, there is a lot worse to come.  They’ve already announced, for instance, that phthalates and the bisphenol A, and all the things that sterilize primarily males, are in your foods, in so many different ways.  It’s also in that clear wrapping they use for meats, etc, for those who still eat meat.  It soaks through into the meat as well, just to make sure you get a good dose of it.  They know all this – they knew this stuff back in the 1800s – what it did to males, by the way.  They’re going further.  Never mind the fact what it’s doing to us... edible packaging is coming on the way, right.


Edible Packaging Materials


Annual Review of Food Science and Technology - Vol. 1: 415-448 (Volume publication date April 2010)

First published online as a Review in Advance on January 12, 2010

Theeranun Janjarasskul and John M. Krochta

Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis, California 95616-8686


Research groups and the food and pharmaceutical industries recognize edible packaging as a useful alternative or addition to conventional packaging to reduce waste (A:  …of course.  I guess we just eat it when we’re finished.) and to create novel applications for improving product stability, quality, safety, variety, and convenience for consumers. (A:  That’s what we’ve all been craving, is to eat the packaging, isn’t it?)  Recent studies have explored the ability of biopolymer-based food packaging materials to carry and control-release active compounds. (A:  Do you want that in your food?  It sounds awfully scientific; science is good.  Maybe we’ll all want it, hmm?)  As diverse edible packaging materials derived from various by-products or waste from food industry are being developed (A:  In other words, nothing is going to waste, including the packaging; you’re going to eat it.), the dry thermoplastic process is advancing rapidly as a feasible commercial edible packaging manufacturing process. The employment of nanocomposite concepts to edible packaging materials promises to improve barrier and mechanical properties and facilitate effective incorporation of bioactive ingredients and other designed functions. (A:  Boy, that’s a mouthful, eh?  It sounds awfully scientific; it must be… we should leave that decision up to specialists, eh?  It’s just too highfalutin for me to understand here –  and that’s how it works for most folk –  Oh, I can’t understand it; it must be right though.In addition to the need for a more fundamental understanding to enable design to desired specifications, edible packaging has to overcome challenges such as regulatory requirements, consumer acceptance (A:  They’ll get the consumers to eat it quite easily.  It’ll be on all the fast food ads and everything, and little Johnny grabs it and guzzles it down, and chomps away at the packaging.), and scaling-up research concepts to commercial applications. 


I’m not kidding you, folks.  You know, anything goes now as they go on a roll.  And science is used for everything, as an excuse for everything.  You know, experts say it, it must be true. 


The World Bank, now people don’t know that most cities belong to an organization that’s worldwide, and pretty well all the staff in the cities belongs to it as well.  At the head of it is The World Bank.  Local Governments for Sustainability, it’s called. 





ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is an association of over 1200 local government Members who are committed to sustainable development.  Our Members come from 70 different countries and represent more than 569,885,000 people.


It comes under the United Nations but The World Bank is at the top of it.  It says here…


The World Bank: Cities crucial to climate change action

December 7, 2010 / iclei.org


A report just released by The World Bank supports rapid, unified action from cities to counter the effects of climate change.  (A:  I love how they changed it from global warming to climate change, which just means changes in the weather, which happens all the time, but it covers all bases doesn’t it?)  It also indicates that cities are not waiting for action from national governments and fully appreciate the urgency of the world's climate change predicament.  (A:  And it’s true.  You know, they don’t bother about governments; they just bypass them.  The governments know it’s happening and they’re quite happy because that’s the agenda.  The mayors and councilors all join this group and sign their name to it, and go ahead regardless.  The World Bank gives you their web site to download a pdf and so on, of their new report.)


• Visit The World Bank website to download a brief or full version pdf of the new report, Cities and Climate Change: An Urgent Agenda(A:  It’s amazing too, they want us all crammed into these falling apart cities, for the next 50 years, as we party away, we’re into the old age home or euthanasia home, and then they won’t have any problem with us because, as I say, we don’t have children anymore.)


“Many world cities, such as New York , Mexico City, Amman, or Sao Paulo are not waiting for a comprehensive and global climate deal to emerge, they are already acting on climate change,” says Andrew Steer, World Bank Special Envoy for Climate Change, in an article on The World Bank website.


The report calls for collaborative action by cities and local government organizations such as ICLEI:  (A:  That’s the name for this, the proper name for this organization.)


"New partnerships are emerging: (A:  Amazing how everything is done through partnerships and charitable organizations and foundations, isn’t it?)  United Nations Environment Programme, UN-Habitat, and the World Bank have developed a joint work plan expressly to provide faster and more coordinated assistance to cities.  (A:  And here are the guys who are now in charge.  They’ve already got charge of dishing out the lending to every country, with their other little organization, their brother there the IMF, or their gopher it might be called, and The World Bank.  So they run your economy, and whether you’ll have money to purchase food for instance, or not, or starve to death.  And here they are, also running the environmental program.  Do you think that stinks somehow, eh?  Too much power in one little area here?)  . . .


The report pinpoints the recent signing of the Mexico City Pact - which includes a mayoral agreement (A:  Your majors all signed it… that’s Canada and the States.)  to report climate data through the carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR) - as a smart way forward for cities and "highlight how, by working together, cities are able to move more quickly and more comprehensively as they address (A:  …changes in the weather.)  climate change."  (A:  Quite something... quite something…)


To do with communitarianism, as I say, people say, well how can they introduce it?  They’d have to go to work for years to work out all the things they’d have to do.  All the problems that it would cause as you’re crammed together and maybe sharing a few apartments, and one toilet, and one kitchen, with maybe 20 families.  They’ve already suggested this happen, by the way, in Britain when Blair was in.  He cut back on different benefits for peoples and so on and advocated the sharing of these apartments.  Well you see, they had already done it, since 1919 in the Soviet Union.  I’ll read how they did it there and what’s coming your way.  Maybe the youngsters won’t mind, with their little tweeters and so on going all the time; they’ll be too occupied.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about communitarianism and how everything has been done already.  All the problems that will happen along the way, with personality conflicts, over who’s going to use the bathroom at the right time, same time, or the kitchen and so on, or whose day it is to scrub the floors in the corridors... that’s all been done.  They’ve figured out all these ways, over many, many years, in the Soviet Union.  Remember, it’s a soviet socialist system we’re in now.  Socialism. 


Communal living in Russia



This article was written by Sandra Evans, who holds a Masters in Russian Studies from The European University of St Petersburg, Russia.  It’s a social science paper that she put out there.  She gave it out at a school, under UNESCO and the International Social Sciences Council.  It says here…



sras.org / 17.06.2005


Sandra Evens holds a Masters in Russian Studies from The European University of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The following was originally presented at the International Summer School “Comparative Research in the Social Sciences: Operationalizations” in Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2004, organized by UNESCO and the International Social Sciences Council.

Variations of Community:  The Kommunalka and Gated Communities / by Sandra Evans, 2004


(A:  She compares this, interestingly enough, with one of the privileged systems in the States.  Remember, it’s to be a system based on privilege; if you’re more essential to the community, meaning a worker for the government or whatever, you get special privileges.  She compares these living quarters with the gated communities of the US primarily.  There are some similarities in some ways, although one is higher class for, again, wealthier people.  It says…)


For presenting two variations of community, I would like to use asynchronous comparative analysis in order to highlight similarities, differences and ambivalences within the context of (post)modernity. The two types of living arrangements in question here are: 1) the Kommunalka, (A:  This is the term they use in the soviet system.) or communal apartment  (A:  They are still using them a lot in China.) (in Russian kommunalnaja kvartira, short Kommunalka), which was the prevalent living arrangement in the urban spaces of the Soviet Union, where a number of families lived together in common living quarters sharing a kitchen, toilet and bathroom (A:  Eventually they got bathrooms in the 50s I think.) and 2) gated communities, a widespread phenomenon on the current American real estate landscape, where groups of homeowners share common facilities and are subject to stringent rules and regulations behind walls often protected by security guards. (A:  That’s the gated communities.)  While these two variations of community on different continents, in different cultures, at different times in history with different backgrounds and reasons for existing might at first seem unrelated and thus, unfit for comparison, they do have some common denominators that make comparison a nonetheless interesting and valuable exercise. 


(A:  Then she goes through some of them too, because it’s to do with duties, you see.  Both of them have duties.  In these gated communities for instance, if the order is that all doors must be painted green, and not just any green but this green, then you get fined massive amounts of money if they are not.  And it might be your turn, in some of them, to mow the grass, the lawn.  Stuff like that.  It’s to do with duties.  She goes through more to do with even moral codes that come down with it.  It’s quite a nice little study she did here because it changes your behavior when you are crammed together with people.  You have a common code so that you can all coexist together, and different living arrangements.)


Based on these commonalities, I will briefly introduce both types of communities within their historical setting and in conclusion will analyze them considering their present-day implications.


And the implications are: communitarianism.  She doesn’t mention it here but that’s why the study is done obviously.  I’m sure there are hundreds of others doing and have been doing for many, many years the same studies for what’s to come in this wonderful new communal living system of interdependency that we’ve all to go through, very shortly, because of all the incredible crisis we are having, one after another for goodness sake.  But there’s no time to read it all.  I’ll put these links up on my site, cuttingthroughthematrix.com tonight, so have a look at them.  Give me an hour or so to start uploading, or to get the first one up there.  I’ll see you tomorrow.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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