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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 17, 2011:

Philanthropy -- Before the Takeover,
Scrooge Has a Makeover:

"In Popular Lore were Tales of Lycanthropy,
Modern Lore says Wolves Moved into Philanthropy,
They're Private, "Non-Profit Organizations",
Where Leaders Pull Paychecks of Vast Compensations,
Whole Communities to Borrow, Then Backs to Bend,
Paying Back with Grand Interest to Those that Lend,
Only the Basest Fool or a Very Young Whelp
Would Be Blind to Banksters Who Want to Help,
Yet the Change of a Word Blurs Meaning and Kind,
The Disguise of Philanthropy Will Rob People Blind,
When Towns or Communities Default on the Loans,
These Philanthropists Will Own Land, People, Homes,
Propaganda's Efficient, Blinding What You See,
There Ain't Nothin' for Nothin' and Kicks Ain't Free"
© Alan Watt Jan. 17, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 17, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 17, 2011.  I always start off the show for the newcomers and tell them to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com where I give them hundreds of audios for free download and hopefully, hopefully theyíll get the clue that there is a bigger game going on than that which the media presents to you.  Of course the media, in all countries, as far as Iím concerned, is just an arm of government and it doesnít really matter which left or right paradigm is being played, itís all the same thing:  propaganda and control of the people.  We are going through a transitional phase, between two ages, into the next age as they want to call it at the top, and already do in fact.  So help yourself to the audios. 


Remember, you are the audience that brings me to you because I donít bring on advertisers to sell you things Ė I try and talk through the whole hour Ė and itís up to you to keep me going.  The ads on this show are paid by the advertisers directly to RBN for this air time.  It pays for their staff and equipment and bills and all the rest of it that go on, in something of that size of organization; big cash is needed.  Of course I need cash too to keep my sites going and my life turning over, just ticking over basically.  Eventually we wonít be able to carry on like this as the laws get created to stop free speech, and to directÖ What they are really doing is directing free speech and diverting us into other areas.  Most people just go along without noticing that they have been diverted.  Itís almost like a herd thing and I try to stay out of the herd and show you whatís really going on.  So buy the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  All the sites listed there are my official sites.  They all carry the same audios.  They all have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given over the years for download and print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu Ė you will see it on the .com site Ė and there are a variety of languages to choose from.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  PayPal, I guess thatís going to be the way of the future.  It will all be some PayPal type organization because all transactions, even now, are being recorded and have been for years and years and years by the powers that be. 


We are just going through the ride of the big transition.  We are the ones who will experience the chaos as we go through it.  We already have been for a long time, but there is much more to go as we basically transform from one system into another system.  Most wonít notice.  Theyíll go to their deaths without really figuring out what happened, and believing in the media and whatever media version is presented to them.  But there are those of you around the world that have watched this their whole lives and they know itís being directed by much, much brighter people than the ones they present as Prime Ministers and Presidents.  The people behind these characters are far more important, their advisors, and itís strange all the advisors in every country have always been on the same global agenda regardless of where they reside.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big transition that we are going through and we have been our whole lives in fact.  Itís an ongoing new world order, different phases of it of course.  Itís surprising to some, or maybe most in fact, that the big plans for the last century and this century where written in the centuries previous to this.  Itís quite amazing to find out that the future is always planned, as I say, by very bright people who often let the cat out of the bag for those who are willing to think a little bit outside the mainstream.  They canít but help boast about their involvement in the planning stages of the big society as they call it now, the world agenda, the globalist agenda. 


When I was growing up, every town and every village basically had their own system to keep them going, their own gas supply for instance and water supply, etc.  We saw during the 80s and 90s the beginning of privatized, big time privatization, but theyíve been at it for a long time before that.  I grew up watching the left wing get in and then theyíd nationalize everything; what they really meant was it was so run down by the profit makers that it was time for the taxpayer to foot the bill and get it all up and running and repair everything.  Then of course in would come the other government afterwards, the right wing, and then they would privatize it again, for peanuts, and stiff it to the public.  Thatís always been the way.  Itís back and forth like a tennis game.  Every country, really, has been the same way, worked the same way, even the countries in Latin America.  I was watching some documentaries on the right wing and left wing regimes there and the same thing happens there too.  Itís a worldwide conÖ the whole idea of parties is a worldwide con.  When they have really, really screwed you enough and brought you to utter misery, they always bring in the daddy figure who says all the right things and goes around cuddling everybody he meets in the lower classes and that seems to be good enough for us.  Then you get a little bit back from your tax money that you never got before, a little bit of education or something.  Then you wait for the right wing guy to come in and then privatize everything once again.  Itís a scam after scam after scam. 


Thereís no better example, really, than the flagship for the whole new world order, from the very place it was born, and thatís London, England and what they are doing with the whole of the British Empire, as they called it, as they privatize everything into the communitarian system.  This is a transitory phase as well, as the people who are alive today eventually stop breeding or have very few children and dwindle away over the next 40-50 years, and in comes the next type of system.  Because they believe that science will be so far advanced then Ė and I believe it is already Ė they can breed the types of peasants they want to do essential work, but not too many of them.  This is where they come in with sustainability and all of that stuff. 


Itís just so amazing to find that communitarianism where basically the government is pretending to decentralize all the power down to the local communities.  I said years ago, eventually youíll have to turn up when thereís a local parade or town parade or something, or theyíll ask why you werenít there, are you anti-social?  This is all part of it.  Itís based on the Soviet model.  Of course itís the same scam as you had in the Soviet model because they really did have classes in the Soviet system.  Believe you me, they had very, very rich people at the top.  200 families moved in to take over the Soviet Union and they stayed there all through it.  They reaped a hefty reward and then they fled out of course when it was time to move in the 90s.  However, itís the same system all over the world and Britain is leading the way for us all to go for the next 50 years or so as we dwindle down. 


Itís hard for people to believe that when they signed the charter for the United Nations at the end of World War II Ė I think it was 1946 they signed the one in San Francisco Ė they signed away the sovereignty of the countries.  Now, everybody who was up, really in the upper classes then, everybody who was already multi-millionaires or billionaires, knew that this present phase would have to come.  They already had swallowed it wholesale, quite naturally being egotistical people, that they were a special breed, a class apart Ė and that was a worldwide class by the way.  They would have to go through the motions and lead countries down the garden path, as they themselves were investing abroad and so on through the United Nations organizations of loan management, etc.  They had this vague picture of themselves with many palaces across the world for the wealthy elite to go to.  It wouldnít matter if you were Chinese or from India or from Britain, it was a different breed that had made it up the genetic ladder and proven their superiority. These were the ones that would come through.  And they wrote a lot about this back then. 


They also signed in the charter too Ė and in sub-charters because there are sub-charters to this Ė that Britain and other countries would start to deindustrialize and it would speed up, they said, in about 20 years.  Well sure enough, 20-30 years later Britain was heavily deindustrialized.  No excuse was given to the general public as factory after factory was closed.  They didnít tell them, either, that they were opening up overseas where the cheap labor was and nothing was going to replace it, except a service economy; you know, I buy pancakes from you and then I sell them for a profit to somebody else, etc, etc. Ė you pass things around.  A service economy is only meant to last so long.  Itís the same in the United States too.  When the treaty was signed through the World Trade Organization by all your aristocracy of America and Canada Ė and truly, they ARE an aristocracy amongst themselves, intergenerational Ė they also decided to give away all your factories and send them overseas.  In fact, no one could really stay and make a profit when competing factories were already setting up in China.  So they moved lock, stock and barrel, and your tax money paid for their moving and their set up.  They signed it into that agreement too, under the GATT agreement, that you would pay for the next 10 years for the set up of the factory and any loses incurred against projected profits; if they had fallen below them then you would pay the difference and that could be renewed for another 10 years or more.  What a deal, eh?  20 years basicallyÖ as you pretend youíre making very little profit, youíre raking it in and the taxpayer is still paying for your fudged figures. 


Britain is going even further now.  Iíve watched the United Nations for years and what they do there is they have world meetings every so often and all the big non-governmental organizations go.  They are told where to invest their money.  Most of them represent groups, trading groups and investment groups across the world and thatís how they get in to these meetings and thatís why they get the invites.  Again too, theyíll often say itís for women in third world countries, micro loans, micro projects, that kind of stuff Ė that again was to separate the family.  They had to bring down the population and if women didnít mate for life then they wouldnít have any children; thatís what they hoped for.  Then of course, the other UN-sponsored NGOs would go across the world using your tax money again, from your governments, to sterilize them and have abortions and so on.


Micro loans are a big, big thing and this is part of communitarianism.  So tonight on my site Iím going to put up a bunch of what America is going to see soon.  Actually theyíve got some of them already, they just donít know it, most of them.  Itís micro loans to little areas that are run-down and devoid of a lot of the population because the factories moved out.  But also, if you look into these sites I give you, it will show you the profits, incredible profits these supposed public/private partnerships have.  Itís just amazing how many big organizations are out there doing this micro loan stuff.  And every shark, every big shark is in on the project; incredible rewards.  So Iíll put a bunch of them up tonight.  Iíll also mention this one in Britain.  Itís run by Sir Ronald Cohen, and it says hereÖ


Sir Ronald Cohen in Personal Stories



(Alan:  Now, you can go back to even the days of Weishaupt who talked about using philanthropy to run the world, charitable organizations that would be a cover for those who would be reaping in the profits.  And he really made no bones about the fact that the vast majority of the public were absolute idiots.  He despised the public, the great illuminatist as they call him today, although he was just one little character of many, many above him.)


Social Capitalist

Sir Ronald Cohen wants to achieve a "radical improvement in the UK's capacity to create wealth, economic growth and employment". However, he is not speaking of the growth potential of the venture capital industry, which he helped found 30 years ago, (A:  Heís made an incredible killing.  Thatís loan sharking, if youíd like to call it that.) but, rather, of an emerging approach to social investment - community development finance.


In 2000 HM Treasury (A:  Her Majestyís Treasury. They donít have a government; theyíve got a Her Majesty at the top.) invited Sir Ronald to head up the Social Investment Task Force, a new initiative with a remit to explore ways to create a system of sustainable investment in economically deprived areas in the UK. (A:  So here is the year 2000, right, they set this up FOR today, for communitarianism, before anybody out there, at least very few, had heard the term communitarianism.)  Five years on, the Task Force's recommendations are bearing fruit: today the community development finance sector (A:  Now listen to thisÖ) is worth £400 million (A:  ÖrightÖ), has financed over 9,000 businesses (A:  Theyíll be tiny little things.), created 10,000 jobs (A:  If we take their word for it.), and levered £160 million in additional funding to underinvested communities. The formation of the Community Development Finance Association, of which Sir Ronald is honorary president, (A:  I guess he turns up once a year, you know.) has further strengthened the capacity of the sector.


Itís quite amazing.  Here is a company, created by people who are nobles; theyíve all been knighted by Her Majesty, you see.  They start with £20 million, and they were given by the taxpayers another £20 million, and now theyíre worth £400 million.  Thatís nice for charity isnít it?  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about communitarianism because this is the way we have to go for the future, as we donít have any factories and any real jobs to do, and there are only so computer programmers even needed anymore, and everyone is using computers.  But what do you do with the computers?  Everybody is competing.  Everyone is competing with everyone else doing the same darn thing and getting nowhere.  So this is whatís called this paddling phase; like a dog in a swimming pool; it can only paddle so long before it sinks.  Thatís what a service economy is. 


Only the manufacturing industry is the one who creates an actual object and sells it.  Thatís why China is just skyrocketing with profits and multi-millionaires and billionaires right now.  But the old man from the West is supposed to just go down and die off.  They really have it worked out where they want to be in 50 years time and what kind of society will be created for that period as the old ones die off.  They have a total, total faith in science.  I donít blame them because, you see, what we are given as science is obsolete, on every single level, at the bottom, including health.  Every science at the bottom is absolutely obsolete.  Theyíre way ahead of anything you can imagine; thatís why theyíre so confident of all this.  And itís always been that way. 


Reading this particular article about Sir Ronald Cohen, who made basically billions as a lender to different countries and so on, and now heís one of the big boys to do it for your community area.  You see, whatís going to happen in your community is that of course your ready supplied leaders, and theyíre all NGOs and members of legitimate organizations Ė that means that theyíre just given a stamp of approval by the government, like Common Purpose for instance.  Your suddenly, instantly-created community leaders who will run your whole life for you from cradle to grave, will put you down, your whole area will be put down as basically collateral.  Whatís going to happen is you supposedly give your go-ahead for them to get loans from these sharks, like Mr Cohen here, and eventually theyíll privatize that whole area because it will be bankrupt.  You understand that?  You can be bought and sold in this system thatís being introduced right now. That IS the plan.  I guarantee you, that is the plan.  Your whole township can be bought and sold and privately owned.  Because you will never pay off these loans; it cannot be done.  Who are you going to compete with, whatever you do?  Look around the world.  Look around the world; you canít compete and you cannot compete with compound interest.  And yet this shark here started this one on the side, because heís got friends in government and no doubt relatives too.  He starts off this organization, after really being a big money baron across the planet, a lender, and he gets £20 million given to match the private sectorís £20 million and then a few years later itís worth £400 million.  And heís going to be one of the guys who lends money to your community.  Of course heíll send in the guy with the black hood probably to take your land off you or your house off you and just say, sorryÖ it was bought over by Mr Wee in China there last week because you defaulted on your community loan.  Thatís coming your way. 


As I say, these same characters were involved their whole lives in United Nations operations.  Same thing giving micro loans, it sounds wonderfulÖ helping the poor come out of the mud.  It sounds so darned wonderful to the gullible out there, and there are a lot of gullible people out there, who believe everything that they read.  And this is his own web site, for this organization, Iíll put this up too, this Philanthropy UK organization, one of quite a few.  Theyíre all more related than youíll imagine; you might figure that out for yourself.  This is the way the world is to go in the Western world primarily, maybe Australia too and New Zealand, as they just steamroll ahead with this between the two ages idea, and we all go down the tube. 


I tell you, I can see it one day.  They have already sold parts of England off you know, already Ė Iíve read the articles on the air here Ė to big private corporations.  Well, eventually this is the way the world is to go.  Thereíll be no nations at all.  Thereíll just be regions, and regions can be bought and sold by private investors and entrepreneurs.  You wait and see.  And that means everybody in it, all their houses, ya-da, ya-da, ya, the whole kit-and-caboodle.  Thatís agreed upon by everybody at the top.  And they have no option but to agree upon it.  As long as they can get a foot in the door, and profit off it, everyone at the top is in, on board.  They didnít come up with the idea; itís above them.  Thatís the way the world is really run.  You will see one day different parts, of maybe even London itself, getting sold off.  The City is all already really privately owned, but all the rest of Greater London, youíll hear one day, yep, we just sold it off to so-and-so from wherever and for so much, and thatís the way it goes. 


I remember years ago when Margaret Thatcher was in and she sold off Ė I couldnít believe this Ė the island of Skye in Scotland.  Now, the Island of Skye had people on it, who lived there for generations and hundreds of years.  She sold the title off to a Dutch multi-millionaire.  So it changed ownership basically from one feudal lord to the other.  People really have been sold a bill of goods called history, through their indoctrination through schooling.  Thatís all it is.  All schooling in every country is nonsense.  Itís utter nonsense, to give you a fake view, so that they can use you in wars and things, and youíll feel awfully proud as you get your legs blown off.  But thatís the reality of the world.   Itís a harsh reality to come to for a lot of people.  A lot of people canít come to it; they must believe in the songs and the flag and that.  But thatís tough.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  That was my little rant about Sir Cohen.  Heís only one of many.  I was reading an article recently where the US is doing exactly the same thing, using your tax money to give to a private company, matching it dollar for dollar, so that they can invest in, again, communities in the US that are devastated when the factories just pull up and go.  They are talking about Detroit and the Chicago area and so on and other areas throughout the US.  Itís the same kind of scam deal there.  Eventually the whole world will be just made up of privatized areas belonging to a few individuals; thatís really whatís going to happen, because you canít make up these loans.  You cannot compete in a global economy making beads at the side of the road and selling beads to tourists.  It canít be done.  You understand that, thatís not intended to be done; thatís the bottom line. 




JP Morgan reports 47% profit jump

bbc.co.uk / 14 January 2011


(A:  Not bad, eh?  You sink the country.  You get bailed out, by the taxpayer, and to whom you donít even have to apologize and say weíre terribly sorry.  Or thank, either, when they are used to bail you out.  That money didnít just go to money heaven remember; it went somewhereÖ certainly the real goods did.  Here they are, 47% profit.  Itís not bad; they donít have to give anything back, eh?  I mean, what happens when you borrow money with one of your micro loans there to sell beads at the side of the road and you default on it, you canít make enough sales?  Do they come out and bail you out and help you?  NO.)


JP Morgan did not make a loss even during the depths of the financial crisis.  (A:  There are a lot of them actually that claimed they did, but did not at all, to get the extra cash.)


Profit in the last three months of 2010 came in at $4.8bn (£3bn), marking a rise of 47% on a year earlier. Revenue increased 6% to $26.7bn.


For the full-year, the bank made a record profit of $17.4bn, ahead of analysts' forecasts of $16.7bn.


JP Morgan is the first of the big Wall Street banks to report.  (A:  Theyíre all waiting for the rest of them to come in, as they fudge their books and hide this and hide that and all the rest of it.)


We live through a divine comedy; it truly is a divine comedy.  It is once you get to a certain level of understanding.  You canít let it get to you, at least not all the time, or you wonít survive too long.  On the other hand too, you can sit above it because nothing should ever, ever, ever surprise you.  NothingÖ and I mean nothing should ever surprise you; youíre ready for the next phase and the next phase. 


Now, the biggest people who are with cash moving in to Europe and Paris and London and so on, are from China naturally because theyíre the only producers, really, in the world.  In fact, they are the manufacturer for the whole planet; that was decided upon a long time ago, through the Council on Foreign Relations and the Asia-Pacific Rim group Ė thatís part of the CFR for that area.  They helped bring upon us all thatís happened there in fact.  They used our tax money to train all the engineers from the 70s onwards, before they had any factories to go back home to.  They knew the World Trade Organization was going to supply them from America and Britain and elsewhere across the planet, which they did.  Thatís how the world is really run.  It says hereÖ


Shanghai rollers! From £33m houses to £11m Warhols (A:  I donít know why theyíd want Andy Warhol stuff.),
suddenly it's China's new millionaires who are spending eye-watering sums and buying up Britain

By Simon Mills / dailymail.co.uk / 17th January 2011


Talk to any upscale, London-based wine merchant and heíll tell you two very important things about his rich Chinese clientele.


First, money is no object. Sothebyís recently reported, for instance, that a vintage bottle of 1869 Chateau Lafite sold for more than £130,000 to a Chinese buyer.  (A:  Well, so what?)


And thatís for drinking now by the way: not to lay down in a cellar. ĎWhat weíve seen emerging in the past year are people paying virtually any price for wine,í said David Elswood, Christieís head of wine. ĎThat is not investment: that is just uncontrolled spending.í  (A:  And apparently they donít sip their wine either; they down the whole lot in one go.  Well, thatís just their way of doing it, isnít it?  I guess it shows you that you can afford it, in their own culture.  They are really going to town as they quaff down this old vino, which is a bit overpriced anyway to be honest with you.)


No slow and tentative sipping or deferentially swishing around on the palette for them. Even with a £6,000 bottle of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild, the Chinese tilt the glass and knock it back. 


A friend recently came back from Las Vegas and he told me that thatís all he saw there at the gambling tables were Chinese people.  So it shows you that the same crooks exist in every country, as they compete to get to the top.  Itís a sad thing about life you see, because it doesnít matter which group you help.  Itís always the ones who are bit more psychopathic than the rest, who can see the angles, know how to use the system, and use everybody else around them, and they get to the top.  Theyíre even building castles in China.  I saw a magazine where theyíre building castles with Greek statues on the top, all over the place; it looks rather silly.  But thatís money to burn really, isnít it?  That was thanks to the World Trade Organization at the United Nations and The World Bank and the cooperation of all your Prime Ministers and Presidents for giving them this nice lifestyle, thank you very much. 


Now, some people have a habit of putting their foot in it, in their mouth.  This is an article from the Daily Mail.  It saysÖ


Libraries are just for the privileged white middle class... says white middle-class Quango chief

Daily Mail / 15 January 2011


A quango chief has enraged campaigners fighting to stop the mass closure of public libraries by claiming they are the preserve of Ďthe privileged, mainly white, middle classí.  (A:  I donít know who this joker is because I think most of the middle class in Britain are not white anyway.)


Roy Clare, chief executive of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (A:  Maybe he never comes out of his little museum there.), suggested dozens of local protest groups were out of date, commenting: ĎPublic libraries will not be preserved by wishful thinking and aspic.í


They are closing 400 libraries nationwide shortly and Iím surprised they have any left at all.  Most folk, mind you, probably donít use them now anyway; theyíre all on the internet.  They think what they see on the internet must be true.  They donít realize a lot of the stuff thatís been put up there from old books has been heavily changed and heavily censored.  I read an article here, it was actually from one of the big playerís books, and 30 pages were missing from it.  Actually it was from one of the Club of Rome members; 30 pages were missing in the eBook version.  So it doesnít matter.  Itís George Orwellís memory hole and thatís what weíre watching today; weíre living through it.  Most folk will never question if stuff is being removed, and whatever they say is the gospel truth.  Even in Canada, back in the early 90s onwards, I used to go to the garbage dump Ė because I lived in the country and you have to take your own stuff there; thatís what you pay taxes for Ė and you would see thousands of books from libraries just getting dumped all the time.  Incredible, as they got rid of all the old histories and that kind of stuff, down the memory hole. 


Itís quite amazing too, to show you the doublespeak and the doublethink.  It doesnít matter, you know, how much you read on the air about different arguments and different items coming from the United Nations or the World Health Organization, and you show them all the cons and tricks they play year after year with the flu shot.  It doesnít matter because they keep at it with their massive propaganda to overcome any dissent.  It doesnít take a lot with most folk.  It doesnít take much persuasion for them to eventually go along and get it anyway.  There is aÖ


Grandmother dies from swine flu (A:  Theyíre calling it swine flu because they added it to it, but itís basically a flu shot.) AFTER she has the jab

By Daily Mail Reporter / dailymail.co.uk / 14th January 2011


A grandmother-of-three thought she was safe from swine flu after she had the vaccine months ago.  (A:  This is not the main part of the story for me.)


But Eleanor Carruthers, 68, from Merseyside became the latest victim of the outbreak on Saturday.


Mrs Carruthers was seriously ill with emphysema and lung cancer (A:  But it was controlled.), but had had the flu vaccination in October to protect her from the illness.


Despite the step, she was rushed to the Royal Liverpool Hospital last week and later died. H1N1 (swine flu) was recorded as one of the main causes of her death. 


(A:  Then they go through her daughter and so on who said, well she had the flu shot months ago, she should have been protected and so on.  But then you get the robotic answer from the National Health Service.  You know, the robot that comes on.)


A spokeswoman (A:  Öwhich is Public Relations, which is propaganda.) for Liverpool PCT said: 'Although we can't comment on individual cases, this is obviously a very sad time for the family of the person concerned and our hearts go out to them.


'Expert advice from the World Health Organisation, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and the Department of Health is that the flu vaccine is a highly effective vaccination and the best way for people in 'at risk' groups to protect themselves from the virus.'  (A:  So this is what they tell the daughter after her mumís dead after getting the shot.)


It comes as latest official figures reveal flu has now claimed 112 lives since October (A:  Now, have they really tested for it or not?  I mean, they just throw these figures around.) - more than double the number reported last week. 


Then they give out the usual stuff from the World Health Organization about 80% chance of protection and blah, blah, blahÖ which is based on nothing.  Iíve even read the articles after every flu season that tells you just as many folk get the flu with the shot as those who didnít take the shot.  And that never changes.  But PR wins out in the end doesnít it?  It always wins out at the end.  I trust none of these organizations at all.  I really donít think that what they stick into you does you any good; it certainly will do you a lot of harm.  Plus, by the way, they have put the thimerosal back in all of these flu shots because the government decided it was safe after all.  Mercury is good for you Ė just donít breathe the stuff in from your lovely little light bulb there, your little eco-friendly light bulb, because apparently itís highly dangerous to you, but itís okay to inject it into you.  It keeps you pretty dumb and stupid and you might be happy throughout your life; and maybe happiness is more important, according to some of the big players who run this world system. 


In 1998 in Canada in Ontario here, they started spraying the skies in a serious manner.  I remember the day when it started because I walked outside and I couldnít believe - I thought I was in some kind of movie shot Ė that it really was a checkerboard pattern; really tight together, like a fishing net above you, a white fishing net, it was that precise.  They were at least half the height spraying it than they are today.  I couldnít believe that folk didnít look up and see it!  From then on itís been of course a roller coaster of spraying and spraying and spraying.  We all have read the different articles about, oh they are thinking about spraying the atmosphere to stop global warming, etc.  In reality theyíve been doing something with it since at least 1998 on a serious, continuous basis.  They were doing it long before that for years, testing it on and off and Iíve read the articles where theyíd test things on and off over different countries.  But this is for serious.  Of course too, Iíve talked about the aluminum oxide and the barium which has been found in it.  Iíve gone into the writings of Teller who was the inventor or the H bomb, who worked for the Pentagon and who came up with the idea of flooding the air with metallic particles and using whatís now called HAARP, HAARP technology, and electromagnetic pulsing across the atmosphereÖ the very thing that Brzezinski talked about in Between Two Ages where he said that techniques of weather control/manipulation would come into being.  Then he also touched on, too, how certain things could affect the MINDS of people, make them tranquil or aggressive depending on the frequency.  This stuff literally makes the atmosphere itself like chemical conductor, much more agreeable to electrical variations and transmission.  This article here isÖ


Levitating nanoparticles may make for better geoengineering

By Christopher Dombrowski / arstechnica.com


(A:  So itís bad enough when theyíre already dosing you with stuff Ė and itís definitely affecting peopleís lungs and sinuses, etc, ongoing infections, since 1998.  Now they want to go into the nanoparticles, if they havenít already.  Now, nanoparticles of, say, barium and aluminum oxide and so on, this stuff literally, apart from making you rather senile, is highly carcinogenic as well.  But that doesnít matter; that would all tie in with the big plan Ė wouldnít it Ė especially over areas where they want to bring down the populations.  And if you donít have the right kind of chelation therapies, etc Ė which Iím sure the bigwigs get Ė then this stuff is going to stay in your system.)


A recent analysis of geoengineering options indicated that, while pumping chemicals into the upper atmosphere would work (A:  Well they know it would work because theyíve been doing it.), the approach comes with significant risks. Since the chemicals would gradually come back out of the atmosphere, these schemes would require constant input to remain effective. (A:  Thatís why they do it every day.)  A paper released in PNAS this week suggests there might be a lower-effort alternative: nanoparticles that are structured in a way that helps them control their altitude.


Even if CO2 emissions (A:  OhÖ here we go.) are eventually reduced (A:  Itís got nothing to do with that.), we may have put enough in the atmosphere by then to ensure that some form of geoengineering may be needed to lower the global temperature. (A:  If they lower the global temperature any more Iíll be sitting on an ice flow.† It was 20 below zero Fahrenheit last night here, which is, you know, a bit chilly.)  Aerosols in the upper atmosphere increase the Earthís albedo (the overall reflectivity of the planet), reducing global temperatures by reflecting more sunlight back into space. Chemical aerosols are popular geoengineering candidates, but they have their own problems; for example, sulfates in the lower stratosphere can accelerate removal of ozone, and weíd have to constantly pump more into the upper atmosphere.  (A:  Thatís a great business for somebody, eh?  And believe you me, big chemical companies are obviously involved in this, making an awful lot of money.)


The main advantage of the proposed nano-structures over chemical aerosols is their ability to control their altitude. The proposed nano-structures do this by taking advantage of what are called photophoretic forces. Photophoretic forces arise from a temperature difference between the nano-structure and the surrounding atmosphere. If a cold gas particle strikes a warmer nano-structure, then the gas particle will recoil off with more energy. (A:  At least thatís the PR for the salesmen.)  That results in a force on the particle. The amount of energy transferred in this process is a property of the material and a function of the temperature, and is described by something called the accommodation coefficient (α). (A:  Sounds very impressive, eh?)  By constructing nanostructures with different values of α, one can change the net force on the nanostructure. (A:  So, what are they going to use for it?  Well, goodness me, theyíre back to aluminum and barium again.)


The authors propose constructing a disk five microns in diameter and 50 nanometers thick. The disk is primarily made up of two layers, metallic aluminum and barium titanate.† The aluminum layer reflects sunlight, but is transparent to thermal infrared. The barium titanate layer has a higher density than the aluminum layer and interacts with the atmosphereís electric field to orient the disk with the reflective side up. The difference in α between aluminum and barium titanate also produces a net photophoretic force, levitating the disk with a force up to three times its weight. (A:  Öthey say.  Weíll be breathing all this stuff in; thatíll go right into your bloodstream through the alveolar tissue in the lungs.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and weíve got Tom on the line from Wisconsin.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  Hi.  Iím here Alan.  I want to thank you for everything that you do, as usual.  I had an interesting conversation with a coworker today.  For over the past 6 months Iíve been talking to him about this material, about the global power structure, about the events of the current time, and how it relates to the overall big picture Ė because everything is guided by the big picture, any other interpretation doesnít make any sense.  He agreed that there is this potential that what Iím describing actually does exist and the horror of it is actually true and it will come to pass.  But what he basically told me is that heís going up to the very end, as far as I can tell now, just deny that itís going to have any impact and that because of that denial he doesnít have to actually take action against it.  I just wanted to know what, in the few minutes that you have now at the end of the show, what would you say to somebody whoís already been warned and they are still not willing to bend their behavior to the real reality as opposed to their own false reality?


Alan:  I would just leave them the way they are.  Itís a particular phenomenon that sets in.  Itís the same phenomenon, by the way, that kicks in under torture and when people are going to be executed.  You find that their mind is grasping all over the place for self-survival.  Others will jump into the new age or something to believe in, that they themselves are going to get saved, that type of thing.  Itís a form of preserving whatís left of their sanity and thatís all they have because they canít face the true reality.  They would just melt down, and they wouldnít be able to feed themselves or do anything; they would just collapse.  So theyíre not ready for it.  You just leave them with their little escape hatch, however metaphysical it may be.  Thatís all they can handle.  They canít do anything beyond it.  It seems so overwhelming to them and no way out to them, especially if they feel themselves that theyíre powerless.  They withdraw into somehow Iíll come through this and Iíll be okayÖ Iím okay.  Everybody who got shot in an execution during World War II or even in Stalinís Russia, executed on mass, everyone who jumped into the trench, watching the people before running into the trench and getting shot, every one of them couldnít believe it was actually happening to them.  But they obey and they run and they jump into the trench and they get shot just like the last bunch.  Itís a particular human thing we have, we donít want to believe it, to the bitter endÖ something must save me at the last second.  Unfortunately it doesnít happen, as millions of bodies across the world and in Latin America have already shown.  This is well understood in psychology.  Itís well understood in torture.  You canít hit people with the bad news who are not going to stand up and have their voices heard and take some pride in themselves, and yes, stick your head up if necessary and be a target.  You canít help those people.  They are the majority, but the world has never been changed by the majority, remember.  You have to really just let them go on their own way, with their own little fantasy that keeps them partially sane, as they go through stuff which they canít really absorb or relate to.  Itís a sad thing to say but thatís the truth. 


Tom:  Yeah.  It is very sad actually, very sad.  


Alan:  And mind you, one day they might get to a stage where they can handle more and come and ask you more questions.  Thatís okay.  Donít feed them too much at once or you can crack them; they can buckle and go under.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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