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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 18, 2011:

Corporate Socialism -- Control Freak over Meek:

"With "Green" World Socialism, It's Only Fittin',
The World's Flagship Be Socialist Britain,
Its Elite Swallowed Nations Like a Gannet,
Now it's Pushing "Democracy" Across the Planet,
Socialism it Seems is in its Best Interest,
They Own the Money, Power, Banks to Invest,
And Every Single Lesser Peon cannot Relax,
For His Only Purpose is as Source of Tax,
Tradable Energy Quotas, Owning, Renting or Leasing,
To Decide if You're Warm or Decidedly Freezing,
The Greatest Con that's Ever Devised,
Will Decide Who's Left Living, How Many Died,
War Rationing They say is Good for People,
Fleeced 'til They're Frozen and Skinny Sheeple"
© Alan Watt Jan. 18, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 18, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 18, 2011.  I always start off the first few minutes by advising people to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, especially the newcomers, and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download; there are hundreds of them.  I try to give you what’s happening behind the scenes, what’s always happened behind the scenes because real government is behind the scenes and it’s above the governments that you think that you elect.  We are directed like a big business plan towards a particular goal and of course, they’ve got goals to reach after that, once they’ve changed society enough; they’ll go into the next level of changing it again for the next society.  That’s how they run the world.  So help yourself to the audios.  All the sites you’ll see listed on the front page of the .com site have the audios for download; if you find sticking, try these alternate sites.  You can also get transcripts in English of a lot of the talks on all of the sites for print up.  If you want them in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu which is also listed on the .com site and take your pick of the variety offered. 


Remember too that you are the audience who brings me to you.  Unlike all the other hosts, I don’t bring on the guests who sell you products, after terrifying you.  I just try and get a lot of information out in one single hour.  So it’s up to you to keep me going.  The ads you hear on the show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN.  I don’t know who they are; I’ve got nothing to do with them.  They pay for the air time for this show, and for RBN’s staff and equipment and the broadcast and the bills of RBN, which are quite substantial.  So it’s up to you to help me keep going by buying the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, donations would be appreciated really.  Believe you me, they’d be appreciated; thousands and thousands listen.  Everyone follows but no one gets back to you with a few pennies, or very few do; it’s always the same few.  So help me out and believe you me, I’ll help out your understanding of this big new world order.  I’ve been following for a long, long time.  I don’t spin anything for you.  I don’t blame any particular front group that’s out there to take the heat, and there are some put out there to take the heat because the world is run by fronts.  So purchase the books and disks and donate and hopefully I can keep ticking over for a little while longer – as we go into the greatest transformation for the whole planet that’s ever been seen before. 


It truly is a new thing altogether.  It isn’t just a rehash of ancient systems.  It’s a worldwide socialist system that’s being rammed down everyone’s throats right now.  Talked about in the 1700s with a lot of books that came out and then again capped by Karl Marx who talked about trading blocs, with free trade and so on and a socialistic way of ruling over the people, with you know, the better types ruling them.   That’s what socialism is, those who decide that they are better than everyone else and democracy can be used by them, the term can be used by them as a front because they don’t believe in democracy.  They believe they must run the weak and the lesser and the dim-witted with an authoritarian type of system.  That’s exactly what’s coming in right now, as people have never been entertained as they are today, with so much to entertain them, like going down this Disneyland into horror.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I said before, we are going through the greatest changes of all, changes that were talked about thousands of years ago even by Plato and he tried to think about how they’d devise, you know, the superior type would devise the perfect society, and give it this proper strata of intellect at the top and a descending scale to the workers at the bottom, which they would breed and interbreed for the perfect size and shape for the particular job they’d actually do.  So this has been the ongoing thing for thousands of years and it’s had many, many names down through the centuries.  We tend to refer to them as totalitarian regimes, but this one is much slicker, you see, because it disguises itself with so many different titles and names, and it’s got a better propaganda mechanism in place to help disguise them, as to what they are really up to.  But it’s the same old thing of those who believe that the world was left imperfect and it’s their job to perfect it.  And if that means, you know, bashing in square pegs into a round hole they are going to do it one way or another.   I mean that too; it’s going to be brutal. 


Above this are the scientific elite because as Russell and others, who belonged to the different groups at the top, mentioned, a scientific dictatorship was preferable, he said, to any other type of dictatorship.  Of course, we have the Club of Rome that’s the big think tank for the United Nations, and the United Nations is simply a front, too, to push through this global socialist type of agenda, and it’s not democratic by any means at all.  The beauty of it is, though, it can confuse people by pretending that it is democratic; they use the terms willy-nilly.  They don’t believe in democracy and yet they use it when they are talking to the public, because the people have been brainwashed to believe in democracy.  So whenever they say that this is to spread democracy, just like George Bush when he went into the Middle East and he called it ‘revolutionary democracy’ – that was one term he used – to force people to be democratic by blowing them up and stuff like that.  Again, back to the square pegs and round holes. 


This group, the greenies and all that, were pushed and promoted and funded and created by the big foundations from the beginning.  You have to go into even the history of the Green Party to see where a lot of the socialists came from.  Madeline Albright, I think it was her father or her grandfather was the best pal of Stalin and he was the one who came out and eventually created the Green Party to take over the systems of the West when they amalgamated, which they knew they were going to do, and so did a lot of the US Senators and Congressmen, because they had the Reece Commission where they were told that’s exactly what would happen down the road, a world socialist system. 


Again, people at the bottom who follow socialism, really think it’s going to be a nice thing.  A very vague idea of it; most of what they think at the bottom really is vague.  They walk around semi-hypnotized all day long.  Very few people are ever really aware of what’s ever really going on and they don’t even think to question the mainstream news.  It’s good enough for them and as long as no one’s sticking a pin in them and getting them to howl, they are quite happy as the changes are made.  They’re not howling yet.  They are in some places, mind you, but elsewhere they’re not… so far. 


It’s to go into every area of your life, your very existence.  It isn’t just a matter of being forced into the socialist schools and going through it and getting your little quality approval stamp; that’s your leaving certificate.  That means you’re dumb enough now to work in their system and pay them taxes.  It’s beyond that.  It’s an ongoing, right-through-your-whole-life system of inspections for everything, and tests for everything, to make sure that you’re okay, as far as you fit all the criteria of the perfect citizen.  If not, you’ll go off for reconditioning.  That is all going to come, with communitarianism being pushed as the worldwide way to go. 


In the US they are slicker still of course because they’ve got an even better and more perfected propaganda arm.  They stick it in there under different guises, different names again, and then they have a vast following of course, on the west coast.  It’s strange that in North America, when you look at Canada and the US, all the greenies and the new agers and the socialists all head for where it’s warmer.  I think they learned from Hitler.  Remember, Hitler too was a socialist.  He made the mistake going into Russia and getting frozen to death.  So I think the greenies learned their lesson and so they always head for where it’s warmer, and they can get lots of dope, so that they can channel their power spirits and stuff, that give them authority over the lesser types – and that’s all of you out there.


Anyway, getting back to tonight, to the west coast, this is happening in Canada now.  Canada is really slick at what they do.  They announce very little to the public; they just go ahead and do things and you find out from local newspapers as to what’s going on.  They are doing this same kind of thing in Britain.  It’s hard to get. You’ll notice as they decentralize power, as they call it, all they’re really doing is not telling you what they’re up to, unless you get it stuck into a local paper when your local communitarian thing actually works, or your cops smash down your door.  It’s a wonderful world we’re going into now.  There’s a place in B.C. called Mission.  It says…


Mission homeowner fined $5,200 for growing cucumbers

(Alan:  No kidding, for growing cucumbers.)

Citizens planning class-action suit over municipal grow-op inspections

By Sam Cooper / theprovince.com/ January 10, 2011


(A:  Of course, this guy is planning a class action law suit…)

Len Gratto is ready to join an "imminent class action" law suit against Mission, for hitting him with a 5,200 grow op inspection fee.


(A:  They are doing GROW OPERATION INSPECTIONS to see now if you are growing marijuana in your basement, which is such a joke because they’ve got Vancouver there and they’ve got a port and everything comes through there.  It was the same with Edinburgh in Scotland when it became the AIDS capital of the world because they were all using dirty needles.  All the heroin was coming in through the port system because there were so many people from India now living there.  They arranged all the importations of this stuff.  And the big boys know what they’re doing; that’s why they bring them in, en mass.  This is all the takedown agenda.)


Len Gratto on his property in Mission on Saturday, January 08, 2011. Len Gratto is ready to join an "imminent class action" law suit against Mission (A:  That’s the township.), for hitting him with a 5,200 grow op inspection fee. (A:  So even when they find nothing you’ve still got to pay.  This is an INSPECTION fee; $5,200, right.)  The 67 year old says he and his wife were growing cucumbers in the basement, he never grew pot, and he and many other Mission residents are being unfairly searched and fined.


Gratto — a 67-year-old who has lived for 30 years with his wife in their Mission home — says he’s raring to join an imminent class-action lawsuit attacking the municipality’s grow-op bylaw inspections.


A number of citizens, led by Mission man Stacy Gowanlock, will allege their homes were illegally searched for pot grow-ops and they were slapped with fees and repair orders costing upward of $10,000 — all on questionable evidence. (A:  And what are they using?  It’s what they were using years ago, everybody with a uniform now or a little badge is a spy, and they’re supposed to spy on people’s electrical use, you see.  Now with Smart Meters it’s easier too.  If they claim you are using too much, aah, in come the guys, they smash your doors and windows in and then they hand you a bill, for their having to come in and smash down your doors and windows and ransack your place.  There’s democracy for you.)


Gowanlock said he was searched in 2009 and hit with thousands in fees and repair orders despite never growing pot in his home. A lawyer could be filing his civil suit within days, he said. 


I hope he gets off with it because this is disgusting! …when you have Stasi police smashing down your doors.  You know, the sad thing is too, there is no shortage of these Stasi police.  A whole generation has grown up who have seen that power resides in the black uniforms with the big guns and people cowering on the floor with their hands on their heads.  That’s what you have.  They were created for this purpose, by the way, because these games were meant for the military only.  Why do you think they gave them to young children?  Because they wanted a generation that would go off to wars and smash in the homes of people around them and do what they were told, with GLEE, with absolute glee.  Astonishing… you’ve got to pay for it all and you’ve got to pay for their so-called, so-called inspection, which is more of a demolition job.  And then they test it for mold to see if you’ve been… well, if you’re growing cucumbers or anything in your basement, and even without growing anything you’re going to have mold anyway; that’s just the way it is.  So that’s what’s happening in the great freedom of Canada – I’ve always said there is a lot of dirt under that pristine snow, an awful lot more than the public will ever know in fact.


Back in 1998, I was on a radio show and I talked about, rationing will come.  And I said the same thing again on the night of September 11, 2001.  I said that you will see wartime rationing, the whole bit.  I even when through the fact that when I was young, and just studying motor cars, automobiles, growing up, I thought, you know they haven’t improved this darned machine at all, apart from the styles and all the rest of it – it’s the same engine.  It struck me that with everything else leaping ahead, exponentially, why didn’t the car?  I knew that eventually the cars would be phased off the road.  You got a temporary reprieve after World War II up until the 70s and the 80s and then they started jacking up the prices for gas and so on.  Now you are heading towards the clean energy act and all that stuff, and of course Agenda 21 where only essential vehicles only will be on the roads.  It also ties in with what’s to happen with those living in rural areas; heavy, heavy fees.  If you can manage them you might last a bit longer in the country.  If not, you have to pack up and move into the overcrowded cities.  So this article here says…


Report calls for energy rationing within the decade

Emily Smoucha / greenwisebusiness.co.uk / 18th January 2011


(A:  So it’s like all wartime stuff, they give you rationing.)

Fuel and energy rationing will be needed before 2020, according to a new parliamentary report that is proposing a system to make sure people have fair and equal access (A:  I love how they whitewash it over by ‘fair and equal’ as they are going to hammer the poor even now.  Hackney in England, outside of London, 1/3rd of their residents, they can’t afford to heat themselves this winter.  So they are going to get hit with this stuff.  And by the way, this is just the carbon tax, under this guise of energy.) to energy while helping the Government meet its 80 per cent carbon emission reduction by 2050.  (A:  Have any of you ever been given a form or a questionnaire to fill in and asked what you think of this, should they go ahead, or not?  Of course you weren’t.  It was only the non-governmental organizations funded by the foundations that get to go to these world meetings, where they stamp this nonsense upon your forehead.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just going through this wonderful disguised horror that’s set for the whole world using Britain of course as the flagship; it’s always been flagged and flogged to death, long before the rest get it.  But it will come everybody’s way because they want personal carbon credits, you see, and carbon bills and all the rest of it.  It’s to make sure that you live the proper way, the way that your masters – you know, the control freak socialists – decide you should live.  It says here…


The Lean Economy Connection report, entitled 'Tradable Energy Quotas’ was commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group (A:  It sounds like some sort of minstrel show doesn’t it?) on Peak Oil and concludes that the value of carbon savings now warrants the use of Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs). It proposes that all adults should receive energy credits in the rationing system.  (A:  See, they’ve all got you trained with your little cards for your stores and everything, getting point systems and all that.  This is all part of it, getting you trained in advance and people will think they’re getting something for nothing, until they’re in debt and of course they’ll get hammered with carbon bills, etc.)


The UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security has already said peak oil may be reached by 2015. (A:  I can remember when they said in about 1970 that it was peaked by that time and caused a big panic.)  Peak oil is the point when global oil production is at its highest and future production will have to plateau or reduce.


How the rationing system would work

Using the TEQs system (A:  Listen how they word this…) would guarantee people had equal access to energy, (A:  You’re all dependent; it gets piped in.) and they would be able to sell additional credits if they had more than necessary. (A:  That means if you put 10,000 pullovers on and pretend that you’re living in the Bahamas, in the wintertime.)  Businesses would bid weekly for energy units, which would also generate money to fund the system.


Unlike a carbon taxing system, people would not charged for their emissions, so would not have to pay more money in an economy that is already strained.  (A:  What they do is give you wee points, you see, if you buy green and all that rubbish, which I’ve gone through the articles where all the stuff that even the EPA go through; they test nothing.  They just pass it for their buddies because it’s all done by lobbyists.   And they’re no better of items than the standard ones; you just pay for cash for it.  It’s a racket, you see, and its real intent is to do what socialists have always wanted to do, is bring down the population and create rationing on every front; that’s food, that’s everything, and now down to your heating itself.  One day you’ll live just like the West coast Indians lived, in big lodges and you’ll have communal eating areas where you all go in and eat together, because it will save energy, you understand.  You see?  They’ll cram maybe 20 of you to a big 30-foot room and that will be where you’ll live and sleep, just like they did in the Soviet Union.  It’s a wonderful system, of economy.  Of course, the ones who are running your lives won’t live like that; they can’t live like that.  They’ve got people to see and important people to see, and they’ve got to entertain them, in the proper environment, you understand.  It’s got to be warm too.  So anyway…)


Emissions reduction goals

It is unlikely that emissions reduction goals will be met if TEQs aren’t used, according to the report.


"TEQs is the kind of approach we will need if we are to mobilise the infrastructure of a zero-carbon future fast, (A:  Zero carbon… we’d all be dead.  So would all the life on the planet; it would be dead.  You understand, ZERO carbon…) under pressure. It would increase the chances of working our way through the grim times to renaissance-through-resilience," Jeremy Leggett, chairman of Solarcentury added.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] I bet he’s got lots of government funds going into his private businesses.)


Anyway, that’s part of it there and again, from the government too, and in The Times as well, the same thing.  And here’s how they word it for the public, you know, the half-conscious public.  


Brits Ponder Fuel Rationing

Posted by Eben Harrell / Tuesday, January 18, 2011 / ecocentric.blogs.time.com


(A:  Like the Brits are really, right this minute the people in Britain are pondering the thought of fuel rationing, you see.  Yeah.  You know something, it’ll be the last thing on their mind because very few of them will even know it’s going on, with all the entertainment and everything.  Now, this is how they are really going to introduce it, and I said they would, under a wartime scenario.)


London during WWII

The last time the British government instituted a substantial rationing program was 1940—the Nazis had spread out across Europe and the continent was mobilizing for all-out war. The rationing program, which lasted until 1954, had a profound effect on the collective consciousness (A:  I should just stop at ‘collective’, because that’s what we are, right?) of the British public (A:  What collective consciousness?), and is largely remembered not as a time of deprivation but of plucky courage, solidarity and fortitude in the face of a dangerous adversary. So could rationing work again?  (A:  So here we are, waving the flag, this tattered old flag you know, that doesn’t even stand for what people think it stands for.  Anyway…)


Today I attended the launch of a report commissioned by the British parliament that called for the rationing of fuel to help meet the government's carbon emission targets and prepare for future fossil fuel scarcity.  (A:  They keep calling it fossil fuel.)  The report called for an electronic trading system for energy quotas. Such a system is a long way from becoming law, but it raises an interesting debate about how to mobilize a population around the fight to slow climate change.  (A:  What do they want, static weather or something?  I mean, how do you get static weather?  We used to get weather reports because the weather is always changing.  But it’s a con of course, as we all know.  It’s a con and an excuse.)


Here's how a fuel rationing program in Britain could work. Under the system, energy credits called TEQs ("Tradeable Energy Quotas") would be distributed free to citizens.  (A:  That’s what they did to get it started amongst big businesses and corporations.)  Citizens could then buy electricity and fuel as normal, but each time they would see their TEQ account discounted. Each TEQ credit would be worth 1 kg of CO2 (A:  How the heck do you get 1 KG of CO2?); so energy bought from renewable sources would discount very few TEQ credits, because such energy would have a low amount of emissions associated with it; fossil fuel-based energy, of course (A:  Do you understand this?  It’s very simple isn’t it?), would deplete TEQs very quickly.  (A:  It means you’re going to get hammered with taxes.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We are back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about Tradable Energy Quotas.  It says…


Once their TEQ allotment was depleted, citizens who still wished to use fuel or electricity would have to buy surplus (A:  I guess if you’re out you can’t get any fuel or electricity; you have to buy surplus.) TEQs from people who had TEQs left over (A:  Guess what? A whole new banking industry, with the same characters, running your TEQs.  You know that don’t you?), perhaps because they had more energy efficient homes, or had invested in micro-renewables such as solar power panes for their home, or simply because they chose to live a low-carbon life-style. (A:  Which means you’re dirt poor.)  The scheme would probably involve credit cards having two numbers — one linked to the customer's bank account (A:  That’s awful handy, eh.) and another to their energy TEQs account.  (A:  I bet it’s all built into your ID card already.)   Business and governments would bid for energy units at a weekly tender.  (A:  It’s a lot of hot air.  It’s a lot of nonsense.  It’s the greatest scam every dreamed up by, you know, the little old gremlins that run the system.)


The report, written by the London-based thinktank The Lean Economy Connection on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil, said that, by placing an artificial constraint on demand, TEQs would help keep fuel prices low even in times of scarcity. (A:  Utter rubbish!)  It would also guarantee an allotment of fuel to all citizens--even the poor (A:  I just mentioned here if you ‘chose to live a low-carbon lifestyle,’ that means poverty.  It means you can’t afford to heat yourself.  So I won’t go through the rest of the doublespeak and the rubbish that I’m reading here.  There are links from this page and from the government one too, and you can go into that.)


America is going to get hit with the same thing.  The British Commonwealth countries like Canada will follow very, very quickly on its heels.  They always do, you see, because we’ve never had real independence, and most independence is a joke anyway, in this day and age, there’s no doubt about it.  And Utah, interestingly enough.  Utah, I love this little article here, the way it’s written.  I call it the eye-in-the sky, the all-seeing-eye of course.


Utah city may use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky

Sun, Jan 16 2011 / reuters.com / By James Nelson


(A:  It goes through the PR about it.)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Reuters) - A proposed unmanned floating airship surveillance system is being hailed by city officials in Ogden, Utah as one way to fight crime in its neighborhoods.  (A:  …sure.)


"We believe it will be a deterrent to crime when it is out and about (A:  … and blah, blah-blah, blah, blah, says all the guys involved because they’re all going to get kickbacks off this actually, you see. That’s how the real world works.  The biggest banker is your government; they dish out, they tender all the cash out to big businesses.  A lot of them are cash grants and gifts!  And they get kickbacks for doing it.  It’s always been this way, folks.  It’s always been this way, right down to your local council.) and will help us solve crimes more quickly when they do occur," Ogden City Mayor Matthew Godfrey told Reuters.


The airship entails military technology now available to local law enforcement, he said.  (A:  You know, the biggest purchasers of military equipment IS the law enforcement agency, today, the world… I call it the world law enforcement agency because they’re all the same.)


Godfrey floated the idea of a dirigible in the skies above Ogden for his city council members last week. The council is expected to vote on the measure in coming weeks.


He says the cost of the blimp is being negotiated but said it is more "cost effective" to operate than helicopters (A:  That means it’s awfully, awfully expensive, because they won’t tell you the price.) or fixed winged aircraft.


"We anticipate using it mainly at night. The cameras have incredible night vision to see with tremendous clarity daytime and nighttime. It will be used like a patrol car. It will be used to go and check things out and keep things safe," said Godfrey.


One person will be able to operate the system but Godfrey says it will also function on its own with programing directives.


The blimp is 52 feet long, will be outfitted with two cameras, and is capable of flying up to 40 miles per hour at 400 feet above the city.


(A:  Then it says here, after all the PR for it – everything you read today in the mainstream is Public Relations, it’s propaganda, by guys who are making a few coins here or there, you understand.  It says…)


The blimp is being developed by the Utah Center for Aeronautical Innovation and Design at Weber State University. Researchers say the blimp is a helium filled balloon with a special coating of fabric developed at their center.


The blimp has almost no operational costs and minimal maintenance expenses, he said. Ogden city officials say it will cost about $100 a month to operate (A:  So they’re giving you all the wonderful PR nonsense to make you think this is just another… go back to sleep… as this thing looks through your ceiling basically, to see what you’re doing and who’s doing what.) but would not comment specifically on the cost of the blimp. 


(A:  Basically, the state is giving them the cash, to the company, to make the darn things, in a partnership deal.  It says…) "The very lightweight fabric was developed in partnership with the Utah State Legislature who gave us a grant... (A:  So your tax money is making it and that’s why they won’t tell you the cost of the thing, because when the tax is footing the bill, believe you me, they go deep, deep, deep into that honey pot.  That’s how it really works in this wonderful free corrupt system.)


Then you go into this one here too…


All-Seeing Blimp Could Be Afghanistan’s Biggest Brain

By Noah Shachtman / January 18, 2011  |  wired.com


(A:  This one, too, is out.  It’s a HUGE thing.)

Come this fall, there will be a new and extremely powerful supercomputer in Afghanistan. But it won’t be in Dave Petraeus’ headquarters in Kabul or at some three-letter agency’s operations center in Kandahar. It’ll be floating 20,000 feet above the warzone, aboard a giant spy blimp that watches and listens to everything for miles around.  (A:  Isn’t it wonderful…  You’re watched, every thing you do. This is the world they are bringing in and folk don’t care because they are so happy with their entertainment.  [Alan chuckles.] They really are.  Most of them out there are quite happy… ahh, it won’t affect me, nah, who cares if I’m getting photographed, it doesn’t matter.  That’s how they are out there, you know.)


That is, if an ambitious, $211 million crash program called “Blue Devil” works out as planned. As of now, the airship’s “freakishly large” hull — seven times the size of the Goodyear Blimp’s — has yet to be put together.  (A:  So they’ve got links on that to their drawings and all their wonderful gadgets that will be on it and so on.  It will probably have a good kill rate as well, no doubt, because they’ll put lots of kind of special stuff to vaporize people from it, no doubt… if they decide to do so.)


Then you find…


Berkeley set to offer sex-change employee benefit

Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer / Tuesday, January 18, 2011 / sfgate.com


(A:  It’s great how politically correct we are these days, eh?  We’re broke in so many different ways, supposedly, as they make big blimps and all that, and greater weaponry, and then start taxing the folk more with carbon taxes, under a bunch of guises and wonderful-sounding names.  But they can still give you sex changes.  It says…)


While other cities are slashing employee benefits, Berkeley is slated to add one more: paying for sex-change operations.


The City Council is poised to vote tonight to set aside $20,000 annually for city workers' gender-reassignment surgery. (A:  So now you get reassigned to a different gender. It sounds very sci-fi doesn’t it?)  The procedure is not covered by the city's two health insurance providers, Kaiser and Health Net.


"We offer all kinds of benefits to our employees. This brings our benefits in line with what's just and fair for the transgender community," said City Councilman Darryl Moore, who originally proposed the idea in 2007.  (A:  I wonder if he’ll be the first person to volunteer for it; maybe that’s why he put it through. Who knows?  Anyway…)


THAT’S the world we’re living in today, with this madness and craziness, as they destroy all that was to bring in all that will be new, you see, the proper way.  God left it all imperfect, they say in Freemasonry, and their job is to perfect all that that was left imperfect.  The main thing of course, is to perfect the, you know, little monkeys themselves – that’s us lot at the bottom.  It’s a very elitist organization if you understand what it’s really all about.  It’s not a self-help club at all, except for the little idiots at the bottom.  As they go up the ladder they get taught the little cons and they start to laugh at getting away with the cons, and the public never suspecting what they’re into.  Then they get into the higher clubs, and higher clubs, and higher clubs… and then of course they’re raking in carbon credits from the schmucks.  It says…


Fighting pirates with laser cannons

By John Herrman | Jan 13, 2011 | smartplanet.com


(A:  That’s what they’re going to use now against some of the pirates supposedly.  I never understood this pirate thing.  You have one sub sitting there, they’ve got the GPS satellites there, they know every little boat that’s leaving Somalia from its coast. They know where they’re coming out from and what they’re going to do.  And they can’t stop them, they’re telling us?  Why not?  Why not stop them?  I mean, it’s a law of the sea; if someone tries to rob you or steal your ship or your cargo, they’re fair game for what you want to do to them.  Why don’t they do that?  Why not?)


 “Non-Lethal Laser to Defend Against Pirate Attacks” is a phrase you’d expect to find atop a GI-Joe cartoon script, or in a pitch for a video game. This week, however, it cropped up in a significantly less fictional context: in an announcement from British defense firm BAE Systems.


The company has successfully tested a “bespoke Neodymium Yttrium Aluminium Garnet laser” (A:  There’s a mouthful.) with an accompanying targeting system, which it claims could be used as a non-lethal deterrent against pirates, particularly in the treacherous waters off the coast of Somalia. The laser is a non-lethal device, aimed at distracting or temporarily disabling pirates if they sail too close to a ship, or temporarily blinding them in the case of armed threat. 


I don’t know why they have to remake this thing because you know, in the 80s, I can remember, the US Coast Guard in fact were going around a troller from the then-Soviet Union, and the troller aimed a laser at them and both of them were permanently blinded.  Permanently blinded.  It depends on the strength and the frequency and so on that you put out there; you can either disable temporarily, but mainly it’s used for permanent blinding.  So here’s a company remaking it again, reinventing it, I guess, as they call it.  This stuff eventually will be used on people in the street, because you can change the settings, as they have done in Afghanistan. 


In Afghanistan a lot of stuff has been tested out there because no one cares.  There is no tally of the deaths and slaughters and there are no public inquiries about anything.  I’ve watched videos where a SCHOOL BUS had something turned on it and it just demolished those inside of it.  It was just like a laser whipping across them.  They even said intestines and brains were slapped on the roof of the bus.  Incredible.  Then in another one too, there were bodies left that were only about 4 ½ feet long; totally dehydrated and shrunk.  I’ve got it on my web site somewhere in the archives; I might hunt it up for you to see. 


Star Wars In Iraq / youtube.com / September 1, 2006


US May Unleash Microwave Weapon in Afghanistan / Jun 17, 2010 / Sharon Weinberger / aolnews.com


This stuff will eventually be used on the general populations, and they don’t want you to know how far ahead they are with all this wonderful science.  See, science is wonderful, they say, it’s progress.  Of course, they don’t want you to show you how far they’ve progressed, because one day they might have to turn it all on you, and they probably will, when you’ve run out of carbon credits and you’re freezing to death and you’re on food rationing too.  By the way, in this article to do with fuel rationing and using the wartime we’re all in it together, let’s stand together, this spokeswoman also says, it worked during wartime and they were far healthier then too when they were also on food rationing, so they could bring that in too; well of course they’re going to bring that in too.  Amazing eh?  CONOLOGY.  They use con games to fool the public, whip up hysteria, and then tell you, we’re all in it together.  Isn’t that something?


And for communitarianism, and this was sent by a guy in one of the local councils in Britain.  I’ll put up this link to…


Communities and Local Government

A plain English guide to the Localism Bill



They’re calling it ‘localism’.  Wonderful names to throw people who are searching off communitarianism.  So localism is another term they are using for it.  I’ll put that up; it’s a PDF and you can peruse that at your leisure as well.  It’s got a lot of links coming off of it; it’s from the government in the UK.  It’s got a lot of links coming off it to other government sites too, with other parts.  They can’t put it all out on this darned PDF because they don’t want folks searching the other links.  Most folk won’t bother, you see, to find out what else is in the nitty-gritty, in the small print you might say.  I’ll put it up to show you what you’re in for, when you get your new greenies who are all going to be your new Stasi, your unelected little Stasi leaders.  I wonder if they’ll give them green swastikas to wear on their armbands like they did in Germany?  I can see them now.  They’ll be a lot heavier than you, mind you, you’ll be on your rationing and they’ll be going around door to door to weigh you and measure you and all the rest of it.  And interrogate you to see if you’ve eaten an extra carrot that week, or maybe grown a cucumber in your basement like they did in BC, and then in come the cops.  Who knows?  This is like a comedy because that’s what we’re IN today folks.  That’s what we’re in today, because it’s all lies.  Everything they tell you about is a lie.  Global warming is a lie.  All these things are lies… for a different agenda.  Don’t fall into arguing the agenda; get above it to see what the real target is, the real goals and why it’s being used.  Not too hard to do. 


Now, out there you’ve probably heard about, and maybe even seen on the television ads when they come on, and the shyster will come on and he says, for those out there who’ve got, you know, old and dusty and broken jewelry – then they flash signs of the dollar – just send it to them and they’ll give you a couple of bucks in return.  You know, that old kind of tarnished looking gold, and stuff like that, that you’re not using and it’s maybe got a broken glass on it.  And of course it’s all melted down because the price of gold is the price of gold, it doesn’t matter if it’s tarnished or not.  A lot of the idiots don’t realize that and they see the dollar signs and send off their old, worn, tired, broken jewelry.  Well, here’s a woman who ran off with her old broken jewelry, I guess; her junk jewelry, they call it. 


Wife of Tunisian president fled riot-torn country with 1.5 TONNES of gold (A:  She must have some arms on her, eh? 1.5 tonnes of gold…)

(that should help feed the son-in-law's pet tiger)

By David Williams / dailymail.co.uk / January 11, 2011


The wife of Tunisia’s ousted president fled the chaos-stricken country with one-and-a-half tons of gold worth more than £35million, it emerged yesterday.


Dubbed ‘the Imelda Marcos of the Arab world’ because of her lavish lifestyle and love of designer clothes, Leila Trabelsi is said to have demanded the gold last week as President Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali’s regime collapsed.


The chief of Tunisia’s central bank initially refused but Ben Ali, 74, personally intervened, and she flew out with the bullion as she joined him in exile in Saudi Arabia.


The source of the claim, leading Tunisian economist Moncef Cheikhrouhou, said militia men had tried to take more gold.


The clan of the former first lady is widely despised as the ultimate ­symbol of corruption and excess.  (A:  They’ll just get another one in with more corruption and excess.)


A former hairdresser, Mrs Ben Ali, 53, is known for her love of fast cars – the family had more than 50 – luxury homes and frequent shopping trips to Dubai, during which she is said to have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds.


While many Tunisians faced unemployment, poor living conditions and oppression from Ben Ali’s brutal regime, his family – known as ‘The Mafia’ in the North African country’s capital Tunis – is said to have amassed a £3.5billion fortune. Much of it is kept in France, where some members of the family were still holed up last night. 


Why didn’t the US invade them, eh?  And bring their DEMOCRACY, just like they did to Iraq, that’s in absolute shambles now, and of course that’s what Brzezinski wanted.  He said, if we can get Iraq into a state of constant conflict with different parties fighting forever, that’s what we want.  That’s what they’ve got.  But why didn’t they attack this character?  Why not?  There’s a reason for it.  I’ll let you figure that out.


Now here’s an article here.  I don’t generally read these articles, and I’m reading it not for the reason that’s purported in the paper. 


Lobbyist Ashley Turton found dead at home

By Paul Duggan and Theola Labb –DeBose / washingtonpost.com / January 11, 2011


A lobbyist married to a key White House aide was found dead early Monday in her sport-utility vehicle, which was heavily damaged by fire in the garage of the couple's Capitol Hill home, authorities said. The cause of her death was unknown.


Ashley W. Turton, 37, an energy company lobbyist (A:  Because that’s what your government really is.  America is just these prunes at the top, who are all interrelated to these lobbyists, raking in the cash, and keeping all the schmucks paying taxes – that’s what all countries happen to be folks, under the propaganda.   And I’m going to read this when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about a lobbyist married to a White House aide, a very important one. 


A lobbyist married to a key White House aide was found dead early Monday in her sport-utility vehicle, which was heavily damaged by fire in the garage of the couple's Capitol Hill home, authorities said. The cause of her death was unknown.


Ashley W. Turton, 37, an energy company lobbyist and former chief of staff to Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-Conn.), was found dead shortly before 5 a.m. in the SUV.   (A:  Then it goes into what they found in the garage.) 


Turton, a mother of three children, was the wife of Daniel A. Turton, 43, the White House's deputy director of legislative affairs for the House of Representatives. He is President Obama's point man on legislation moving through that body.   (A:  See, how they're all intermarried; the lobbyists on the one side and here’s the guy in the government on the other.  This is how all governments really, really work.  It’s nothing to do with democracy or you voting them in.  And when it comes to America’s interest, it’s THEIR interest, believe you me, across the world that matter.)


Investigators on Monday were trying to determine what happened. . .


The incident apparently occurred as Turton was leaving home earlier than usual for work, anticipating a busy day in her downtown office. Her employer, Progress Energy, and another North Carolina utilities giant, Duke Energy, announced Monday that Duke is buying Progress for $13 billion in stock. (A:  That might be a reason there somewhere involved.  Who knows?  I mean, these things happen at that level of cash, believe you me.)


"We were getting ready to deal with a lot of merger communications issues," said fellow Progress lobbyist Michael Sewell, (A:  I mean, there are stacks of them. They all live there and often married to congressmen and stuff.) with whom Turton shared a three-person office at 801 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. "I was in the office very early, too."


Ashley Turton was an aide to former congressman Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) before serving as DeLauro's top staffer and joining Progress. (A:  Do you understand, it doesn’t matter what party they are, they’re all in the same big multinational corporate businesses, getting handouts from the governments in contracts, with your tax money of course.  And war is a great thing for them.  And ENERGY is at the top of the list now for massive profits.  Massive profits.)  Daniel Turton worked for Gephardt and the House Rules Committee before moving to the White House. The Turtons were a Washington power couple well known in Democratic circles. (A:  And there are a lot of them well known in the circles of both parties.)


"Many of you have worked with both of them during their careers on Capitol Hill," Pete Rouse, the interim White House chief of staff, said in an e-mail notifying staff members of Turton's death. "They exemplify the definition of public servants. (A:  Isn’t that wonderful?  Public servants, as you rake in the cash from the taxpayer and private deals, eh.)  We are making every resource available to Dan and his family in his moment of need."


So THAT’S what really comprises government.  That’s why you go into all these different countries for these big corporations, and of course they’re all raking it in.  We saw what happened in Afghanistan; eventually they divvied up the oil fields between BP and a few other oil companies, the big top oil companies, using, again, the gullible people at the bottom to wear the uniforms and do all the fighting and slaughtering.  It’s always been that way.  Britain’s had a massive history of that, beautiful history of that, and a great propaganda arm to indoctrinate the children into a completely fake history of how they were going off to, you know, bring civilization to the natives and stuff like that.  It’s always been this con game.  That’s what capital cities are, those that you think that you elect, which you don’t really, and the lobbyists that are often married to them, working together.  That’s what governments are all about.  And they have massive PR systems to make sure that you get a completely different teary-eyed vision of flag-waving and national anthems. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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