Jan. 24, 2011 (#753)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 24, 2011:

The Plan is Laid, "Be Very Afraid":

"Food Crisis, Climate Dangers, What's it For?
Just Part of the Plan for Perpetual War,
Crying Wolf can Be Very Effective
In Gaining Compliance From Collective
Who are Subject to Media's Eternal Chatter
Of Impending Doom, Our Sanity to Batter,
If it Weren't So Serious, We'd Laugh with Hilarity
At the Blatant Lies a Few See with Clarity,
Yet Others, Alas, Break Down in the Carnage
And Offer Their Minds for Experts to Manage,
No Point in Asking what They Think or "Feel",
For Victims of Mind-Control, Anything's Real"
© Alan Watt Jan. 24, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 24, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 24, 2011.  Newcomers I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and help yourself to the hundreds of audios available there.  All of the sites youíll see listed there carry the same audios; if you have a problem with the .com site Ė when a lot of people go into the .com site at the same time you might find a sticky download Ė try one of these alternate sites.  They all carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up as well.  If you want print ups in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu; youíll see that on the .com site.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you.  I donít take cash from the advertisers and bring them on.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  You can do so by buying the books and disks that I have on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations certainly would be welcome.  I donít get so many of those, believe you me, because everyone expects something for nothing, even though you give them hundreds of talks where it really does help them put the big picture together of how this world is run. 


Itís a mind-blower at first of course for a lot of people who just initially have the shock of what they think is waking up when something really serious happens, like 9/11 and then the bank crashes and the cons and all the rest of it. But thatís only the beginning.  Itís a long journey to truly wake up and eventually you have to freefall Ė I always call it freefalling Ė because you have to freefall through all the nonsense you have been indoctrinated with.  You really look at everything afresh, everything afresh again.  Even when it hurts you to throw certain values out and so on, certain beliefs out at times as well, certainly the belief in politics and the con behind that, only then do you start to truly wake up into an individual person.  Remember, part of this war Ė and itís been said at the United Nations and other organizations Ė is to destroy individualism.  Thatís why youíre all being tracked right now.  Theyíre not looking for the general mass; theyíve got all your data.  But just in case someone IS an individual, thinks differently and can use their actual brain themselves and come to conclusions themselves, without just getting lost in the piles of data thatís deliberately put out on the internet, thatís what theyíre looking for and for those whoíve got the potential to wake up as well.  They know who they are.  Just by following all their computer searches and so on, they know who they are.  They know everything about us all.  To be honest with you, they always have done, even before they gave you the computer; they used different techniques then and Jacques Ellul talked about that.  They started total observation back in the 1950s of the Western world.  So as I say, individualism is so important.  If youíre an individual you will not just fit into any group thatís around you.  Youíll feel rather alienated for a while, and then come to a kind of peace because you learn how to deal with groups and life in general.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and going through this war of perpetual change.  Thatís what itís called at the top; itís a war of perpetual change, planned change mind you and directed change.  They certainly would not allow anything that was not planned to come out and change anything.  Everything has to be their changes and itís all part of an agenda of course, a very old agenda.  They do print it up from their big think tanks and so on.  A lot of the players put out their memoirs once in a while because they just love to keep in the limelight.  Nobody reads it, or very few folk read these books, or if they can read them they canít understand the data. 


Thatís another thing I meant to mention too.  I read an article a couple of years ago from intelligence sources in the US and they said they are not really worried about the internet and so on because the people were really getting information overload and they couldnít really discern.  They didnít know how to discern data.  Thatís very, very true.  When youíre surfing away and going from link to link, then you take a tour of the universe and youíve met every alien species supposedly thatís out there, and then youíre back again reading the stuff thatís happening here on earth, youíll start blending the two together.  Some people do until they cannot tell fact from fiction, or reality and truth from disinformation.  Thatís all intentional.  Sunstein and others have talked about this technique as well. 


The books are out there by the big boys themselves.  You donít have to go and talk about conspiracies because they TELL you what they are doing.  We see the private meetings that they go to.  We know when they come out after these meetings that those who participated come out with articles in the newspaper, all at the same time, all talking about the same things.  They are telling you what the agenda is going to be.  What itís GOING to be.  Itís not going to go through parliament or government of any kind.  Itís just going to be TOLD to the governments what to put through and they do it because there certainly is a plutocracy, we might call them (to be kind). 


Perpetual war is a technique which they use.  Iíve read the articles even from the US military Ė itís in the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  The British think tank for the military and NATO put out the same one just before the US came out with theirs, projections for the next 50 years and so on.  Basically itís perpetual war.  They actually had that article on Perpetual War in a military magazine which Iíve also got in the archives, up to the next 50 years.  In other words, since 9/11 youíre not going to get a break.  You wonít get a breathing space.  You arenít going to get another 10 years of, say, 1960-1970 or 1970-1980 where they were doing things a bit more slowly.  Itís perpetual war because itís shock and awe, you see.  You can actually train people to expect crisis every day or every week and thatís what theyíve been doing with us now, getting us all unsettled with fears and coming fears, and the planet is going to freeze, no, no, noÖ itís going to warmÖ oh no, no, no itís going to freeze again.  All this stuff is all to keep you off balance while they ram laws ahead for a different agenda.  Itís for total control.  Anything will do.  Any excuse will do, you understand. 


The more you prattle about it and get into arguments on the pro and con side of it, then the more buried in the fable you become.  Thatís what they want.  They want you to argue about it rather than just toss it out the window as bunkum.  Donít get into the predesigned arguments whatever you do.  Thatís a great technique, very old technique; it works all the time.  Just like politics, left wing, right wing, which one do you want?  The same idea.  Quigley said himself, eventually the two parties would become so much the same that the public would Ė and they wouldnít notice of course, as long as theyíve got the same names that they are used to Ė they wouldnít notice that their agendas are exactly the same.  So it doesnít matter when one leaves office, the same agendas go forth.  Itís been like that my whole life long, in every country by the way that Iíve been in. 


So shock and awe is used.  Of course, shock and awe.  Weíve lived through the bank crashes, we had 9/11, then we had the mortgage failures, then we had the bank crashes, then we had to bail out the banks that crashed us supposedly, who are now making record profits, as always, and handing out billions to their top boys.  Nothing changes.  They wonít change that because theyíll use it again.  Twice a century these same guys plunder you.  Thatís tradition with the international lenders and the banks; they plunder you twice a century.  So theyíll keep that.  They wonít fix it because they donít want it fixed.  Itís working from their point of view, and no doubt in another 20 years, maybe before that, theyíll plunder you again.  Then your government, your government, you know, that your government will then bail them out, with your money, and put down your great-grandchildren as the debtors to pay it off, with compound interest. 


Part of this shock and awe and perpetual war is also to do with scare tactics.  Always put out big fears.  Iíve read all the articles and the quotes from those at the IPCC Ė youíll find that again at cuttingthroughthematrix.com in the archives section Ė where they go through them one by one, different people in the top positions, saying, we always have to give scary scenarios to the public so that they will listen to us and do what we want, and stuff like that.  They havenít stopped and they will not stop because we are now in the age of crisis creation and then crisis management.  Itís a dialectic you see.  Oh, itís a crisis, crisisÖ the public turn to them and say, help us, help us, stop this from happening and the government blows the dust off its agenda and says, oh we just happened to have this ready for this particular crisis, and away they go.  Old techniques. 


One of them now is from, again, the Royal Society Members who have a group, who get paid by the government.  Everybody gets paid by the government now, all these guys that scare you.  Itís tax funded; scientific globalists basically is what they are.  Theyíre now advising your governments, this public/private partnership deal, on behalf of the big boys, even above them the big corporations.  Iíll put that up tonight as well, a whole bunch of their stuff.  It all came out on the same day in different newspapers.  One of them is from The Telegraph. 


Food prices could double without GM foods, scientists warn

telegraph.co.uk / By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent / 24 Jan 2011


So in other words weíve got to take the modified veggies with all the frankenfood stuff or weíll starve to death.  Suddenly weíre all going to starve to death, you see.  Then the BBC did a similar one too. 


Report: Urgent action needed to avert global hunger

bbc.co.uk / 24 January 2011 / By Pallab Ghosh, Science correspondent, BBC News


Then the bis.gov.uk, Foresight, also put one out.


Global Food and Farming Futures



Then they go into, thereís going to be a global food shortage and weíll have trouble feeding the world.  Now, number one, thereís the premise thatís just altered.   You understand?  Since when is it our job to feed the world?  Do you understand how they can shape a whole country, a world in fact, into an agenda without saying, wait a minute, you donít have nations anymore, you donít have your own farms anymore, your government doesnít just look after you and your food and all the rest of it.  They have to look after the whole world now.  Weíre responsible for feeding the world, you see.  Since when did that happen?  Was I sleeping that night or something and missed it?  Because why do we have to feed the rest of the world?  And you know darn well that every scam that they come out with to do with food or anything else is nothing to do with helping anybody.  You take the IMF and all that, The World Bank, they have driven countries into the dust with all their help and their aid.  In utter poverty theyíve driven them into, with giving them the GM foods to plant and all the rest of it, then all the herbicides and pesticides, and theyíve destroyed countries.  But theyíve made themselves awful rich in the meantime as well along the way.  Thatís what itís about. 


Really, you know darn well that the food, etc, does not get to where itís supposed to go.  I read an article a week or two ago about Haiti.  Haiti has hundreds of these non-governmental organizations, all getting your tax money, and foundationsí money, by the millions.  No one is taking account of what they do with it.  Except we know that nothing gets to Haiti.  Nothing gets there.  Theyíre still begging for water in Haiti.  Nothingís happening.  And these NGOs end up as big corporations.  We are the professionals in disaster reliefÖ all that nonsense.  Everything is an incredible racket.  They donít want to bring up what they call the third world countries.  Iíve read the articles from the big boys themselves and Kissinger too with the bill he put forth to do with, their biggest threat to the state was overpopulation, primarily in third world countries; then they listed them all.  That went into action, by the way, to try and depopulate those countries. Thatís what Ďfamily aidí is all about and Ďfamily planningí across the world, to bring down their populations.  Iíll put these links up tonight and you can peruse them at your leisure, if you want to.  The other links to the articles that Iíll mention tonight Iíll put the links up for those. 


Iíve talked before about how this whole plan was to be with the unification of nations.  Remember, communism is so vital, if you understand it.  Communism JOINED with capitalism; you might call it capitalism.  In reality they joined their masters because communism was created by private, private international money lenders.  Communism in the Soviet Union, they were fed through their entire reign by the West.  Why would you feed supposedly your greatest enemy that was going to nuke you?  Why would you feed your greatest enemy that promised across the world, overturning every other forms of government, culture, systems, the whole lot; everything had to be completely demolished.  Then of course the Reece Commission did come out in the 1950s, as far back as the 50s, and the top guys in the foundations, these private philanthropic organizations, said their job was to change the culture in the US and the rest of the Western hemisphere so that they could blend seamlessly, down the road, with that of the Soviet system, a socialist type system. 


Ben Gurion of Israel also talked about this.  He got it right on.  He says it will be the late 80s that this will happen.  And he was pretty well right.  He said a socialist system would come out of it under a European government or parliament.  Of course he wasnít just talking off the top of his head like some Nostradamus.  He was really basically following Karl Marx because Ben Gurion was a communist.  Thatís where he came from, the Soviet system, but he was a communist.  Of course Karl Marx also talked about the unification and the withering away of the nation-state.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about a very old plan first mentioned by Karl Marx in the 1800s and then espoused by and promoted by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs based in London.  The CFR of course is based in the States and in Canada too.  The Canadian Institute of International Affairs changed its name last year I think to something else, to disguise itself.  Australia has them and New Zealand has them.  They have them in India and elsewhere too. 


Itís all for world government basically and, again, the withering away of the nation-state and the privatization of everything. Thatís what the devolution of centralization is in Britain Ė Britain is the test case as they basically bring downÖ The idea is eventually they bring down the central government into smaller and smaller units.  Then youíre living in your little commune.  Then Europe itself, the European government is in charge of your little area.  You will also go to them and then The World Bank for your little loans and when you default theyíll sell it off to some private overlord.  Iím not kidding about that.  Thatís whatís coming down the pike. 


Part of the process is to sell of everything that the public supposedly thought was theirs.  They were a bunch of idiots really because they never owned anything to be honest with you.  They never had democracy Ė itís a great term for monsters to use; Iím talking about the politicians Ė because it always fools the public.  You used to get a show of, we care, we care and of course they never did, but it was good enough to keep voting people in.  Now in their arrogance they donít bother so much about, you know, just humoring you so much.  Now they are selling off, apart from the roads Ė it was Rothschild again, Lord Rothschild brought forth the proposal, and I mentioned that again last year Ė of selling off Britainís private roads, auctioning them off.  I guess heís the big auctioneer, and no doubt it will go to one of his relatives. 


Huge majority oppose England forest sell-off, poll finds

YouGov poll finds 84% of British public agree that woods and forests should be kept in public ownership for future generations

guardian.co.uk / Damian Carrington guardian.co.uk, 22 January 2011


(Alan:  So they are selling off the forests across England.  It says,) The pine forest at Bedgebury is owned by the Forestry Commission (Then it shows you the trees and all the rest of it, a nice picture, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  The Forestry Commission, remember too, is supposed to be a public institution, which means it should be owned by the public.)


The vast majority of the public oppose the government's plan to sell off all or part of the publicly owned forests and woodland in England.


A YouGov poll found that 84% of (A:  ÖserfsÖ oh sorryÖ) people agreed the woods and forests should be kept in public ownership for future generations, while only 2% disagreed.


The plan has already prompted a mass demonstration in the ancient Forest of Dean, and an online petition organised by the campaign group 38 Degrees has attracted more than 164,000 names so far.  (A:  Which is what they are supposed to do in democracy, is collect names; when there is more than a certain number itís supposed to get addressed in parliament, but I donít think theyíve got a parliament left there.  I think itís probably going to go to Brussels, and tossed in the bin somewhere.)


"Most British people want our woodlands protected for future generations and for wildlife. Yet right now the government is pushing through plans to privatise them," said David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees, whose members paid for the poll. "The government consultation looks like it will ask the wrong question. They are asking us how the forests should be privatised. (A:  How could you ask them how they should be privatized?)  But most of us don't want our forests privatised at all."  (A:  Itís true; they set the premise for the argument.  How would you like it; weíre going to sell off the forest, how would you like it sold off?  You know.  Branch by branch maybe?)


Caroline Spelman, the secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs, will be given the powers to sell land currently run by the Forestry Commission under the Public Bodies bill. In November, her minister (A:  Thatís a politician.), Jim Paice, told a House of Lords select committee: "We wish to proceed with very substantial disposal of public forest estate, which could go to the extent of all of it."


Responding to the poll, a Defra spokesman said: "The interest this [issue] has generated clearly shows that the public care about the country's forests. We do too (A:  Oh, we do tooÖ) and that is why protection will be in place. (A:  Öand so on and so on and so on.) 


Others argue that privatisation of English woodland could cost the government millions of pounds in lost tax revenues (A:  No they wonít.  Theyíll just get it off the serfs again in some other way.) and cancel out most of the money raised from its sale, as private owners enjoy exemption from capital gains tax, income tax and inheritance tax.  (A:  Well you know who the big boys are that will be buying all that, donít you?)


So thatís the kind of thing thatís going on across there.  Iím sure itís going on in other countries too that have joined the European Union because as the guy in charge of, supposedly, the head of the European Union parliament said, itís the end of the nation-state; I read that article too when he came out and said it.  So itís the end of the nation-state and thatís what they want eventually, no memory of a place called England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, or whatever.  Thatís to go down the memory hole, for future generations of children who wonít know anything about the past.  So thatís whatís happening. 


Again, back to shock and awe and perpetual war and crisis and all the rest of it, they are going to useÖ


Wartime posters to fight climate change

(A:  I donít know if you ever saw the wartime posters. There are sites up there with a lot of the World War II ones on it.  You will see the nasty looking Japanese guy; he always had thick glasses on and big teeth, you know, coming at you with a gun.  Or the Germans were the same, and so on.  They always made their enemies look like primal animals of some kind.  Thatís what you do in war; you must dehumanize the enemy so that itís easier to kill them.  Well theyíre using the same techniques now and the same kind of posters to fight climate change, to change the weather.)

Wartime-style posters are to be used in a new campaign against climate change following a hard-hitting report that compares the current environmental crisis to World War II.

telegraph.co.uk /  By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent / 21 Jan 2011


(A:  These guys donít go away do they?  This is an agenda, you understand; they must ram this all through.  Iíve said many times, if God came down and says itís all bunkum theyíd have to nuke him.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the propaganda posters they are coming out with now.  No doubt theyíll have them on television; they already have different articles on television ads and all the rest of it.  They want posters, based on wartime propaganda, to bring us back into austerity, you see.  Because they have decided in their lofty positions that we down below are just living too well, you see, and weíve been spoiled and we have to return to a different era, where we all pull together, weíre all in it together Ė that was the slogan in World War II.  Weíre all in it togetherÖ as they made you live in hovels and under the ground, when youíre getting bombed to blazes, while they had their own personal private underground bunkers in the country, on their country estates and stuff like that.  Anyway, thatís got nothing to do with reality does it? 


The New Home Front Initiative (A:  Ö is what theyíre calling it.)  Caroline Lucas, the leader of the Green Party (A:  I love these parties, itís so mystery religionish isnít it? Öwith their red for labor, their blue for conservative and green of course for the final party thatís to take the world, and that was set up by the communists too.  Madeline Albrightís father or grandfather set it up actually, a great pal of Stalin he was.) . . .


The New Home Front Initiative will look to the war time generation for inspiration and advice on how to stop waste and make resources go further. For example by teaching grandchildren how to grow vegetables or repair clothes.  (A:  Looks like weíre in for a hard time ahead folks.)


Artists and even the public are being asked to design a poster inspired by wartime propaganda, such as the campaign to reduce petrol use with the slogan ĎDonít be Fuelishí.


British institutions that led the war effort, such as the Womenís Institute, are already part of the push by teaching women how to cook with leftovers and make preserves.  (A:  Remember, George Orwell talked about propaganda because he was employed AS a propagandist during World War II for the BBC.  His job was to bring on this exact same kind of thing, an hour every day where they taught women how to use junk Ďfoodí that was left over, and stuff that they used to throw away actually, for meats, etc, and to tell them how far healthier this was, and how much better is was.  They would bring on scientists who would give them a lot of nonsense and tell them this bit of gristle, it gives you far more energy, etc, than that bit of steak there.  Stuff like that, thatís what propaganda is all about isnít it?  Iíll put this up as well.)


Ms Lucas (A:  Of course.), the first Green MP voted into Parliament, will present her findings to the House of Commons later in the year.


She said MPs may have to look at a system of rationing (A:  I told you at 9/11 the very night it happened, thatís what would happen, youíll see a whole wartime scenario, from now on, including rationing.) in order to make the division of a limited amount of precious resources fair.


She pointed out that in the 1940s nine out of ten people supported rationing because it was more fair than letting only rich people enjoy limited resources. 


(A:  You know, there is a documentary out there on Rosie Newman who was a wealthy banker from Germany who came over to Britain.  Weíll call her a princess because she literally was, you know, upper crust, incredibly rich and lived on daddyís pocket change.  They actually owned estates all over the world and they also rented like a block, of cities, just for themselves here and there which they used once in a blue moon.  She traveled the world to the British Raj and places like that where the upper class had already, by using the commoners to fight their wars, taken over places like India.  Youíd have to see the kind of lifestyle they lived; it was meant to be shown only to her own class, all her movies that she made.  Have a search on the internet and try and find it.  Itís just absolutely stunning to see how these people lived.  And of course, it mentions in it that she and her own class were completely untouched by the depression of the 20s and 30s that went right into World War II.  Then she moved into one of the biggest hotels in London during World War II and got the same kind of service as she always had, so SHE was not on the rationing and neither were any of the rest of them, that the rest of the public were getting, as weíre ALL in it together.)


ďIf we are to overcome the threat of climate change (A:  What threat of climate change?), our country will need to move onto the equivalent of a war footing (A:  Öso there you goÖ), where the efforts of individuals, organisations and government are harnessed together and directed to a common goal. Only this will provide the urgency, energy and creativity we need to avert disaster,Ē she said.


Because you see, now itís redistribution of your wealth across the world and of course we have global hunger and you donít have a country anymore, where you can demand your government looks after your own farmers instead of putting them out of business.  Of course itís all designed this way because eventually the United Nations is supposed to dish out, or dole out the food of the world to each region, as they call it; that was written back at the end of World War II.  So you are going to see that introduced eventually and along with that comes a bunch of stipulations that you must bring down your populations in your little area, and itís your problem as to how you bring them down folks.


The Economist put out a little article here on Ďinfluential people meet and talk,í meaning a wealthy elite.  They go into the Bilderbergs and so on and then they mention even the ones for Indians of the world; thatís from India.  They have their own club as well.  Of course theyíre all related together and how the different big banks come in together with the oil companies.  All economics really are run by these big people.  Nothing goes through governments unless they tell it to go through government, like put a bill through for this or that.  Thatís how the world has really always been.  As I say, the US itselfÖ when I said last week or so that the US was going, the establishment of the US, which IS the US, was going off to China to do a big deal.  Thatís what the US is, US Inc, you know, corporation; thatís what the United States is.  Itís always been that way, massive business.  The rest of this stuff is just propaganda for the public. 


The world's water-coolers

Where the influential people meet and talk / A special report on global leaders

economist.com / Jan 20th 2011


Iíll put this link up as well and you can some of the big organizations that all work together to bring in this global society.  As Quigley said, itís a new feudal system with the top CEOs and so on being feudal overlords, but even they wonít be the kings.  Remember, overlords are not the king; they need someone above them and of course there are people above them, which the public will never hear of, at all, ever. 


Alan:  Iíll go to the phones and there is John from Canada on the line.  Are you there John?


John:  Hello Alan.  I wanted to chorus what you were saying in respect to politicians and these so-called aid groups, or charity groups like The World Bank or the IMF and the UN, claiming that they serve the publicís interests, but top secretly, very often discovered factually, to be doing nothing of the sort, cheating us at this game thatís been played on us forever.  We are always fighting the same battle I believe, very similar to what you were just saying; I think in some respects we would find common ground there.  I wanted to bring up this documentary that CBC produced called, The Damned.  It was about The World Bank building a dam in India.  The World Bank, they have a declaration or a constitution like America has also, that says we will do no harm, we are here to serve you, we are all in this together, that sort of thing.  Part of the provision of this constitution that they so-called operate under, was that they have to decide whether the projects that they are investing in is a good thing or a bad thing.  So one of the positions that they had was to investigate what benefits this would bring to India, to build this multibillion-dollar dam.  Their report was just DAMNING, it said this serves no interest, no positive outlook for the people of India; itís got to do with their energy interests and the fact that they burn coal and a bunch of other things.  But there just will be no positive to this, you will displace easily a million people, and they are going to have no place to live, and many of them will die from dysentery or different kinds of diseases, more than likely be left to live in a garbage dump.  In the documentary they showed these towns that are full towns, paved roads, stores, businessesÖ that were all flooded.  Because The World Bank decided it doesnít matter what you say. Even as employees of The World Bank because it was discovered in this documentary, which was just incredible, that The World Banker, the specific banker who had forced this through, had bought up all this land in India and had contractual arrangements for a sugarcane factory for himself and to employ 14 people.  So displace a million people in India for his greed and hatred ofÖ these horrible human conditions here.  So that was just a perfect example of what you are talking about, where as we see throughout history, we never get national accountability on any of these demons, who we believe falsely.  Well, of course a police officer would be investigating Goldman Sachs if they were committing criminal fraud, but they are not.  And like Elizabeth Warren whoís the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, the top cop, hired independent auditors to come in and they concluded that yes, there was criminal fraud transpiring but it didnít go anywhere from that moment because there is no real cops there to form the warrants and make the proper arrests.  As we had with BP too, the same nature where in congressional testimony it was discovered that BP had the orders of Halliburton, ordered to remove the safety fluid and when the professionals were asked what would happen, if you did that well the rig blows up.  And what happened?  It blew up.  Thatís the cause of the effect of the oil spill, a conscious willful attack against the great America whoís left without proper leadership because you have to sell your soul practically to get any political ground.


Alan:  Oh, you have to. You have to.  You know, these guys are just patsies in the front there.  They get well rewarded.  Tony Blair was exactly the same in Britain.  And weíve got them in Canada as well.  Remember, theyíre all picked by the Council on Foreign Relations to become Prime Minister or Presidents.  Every single one of them is vetted for years before we hear their names, and groomed for their position.  Theyíre actually told when theyíll get in:  youíll get in, in 19-so-and-so, or the year 20-whatever.   Thatís how it really, really works.  Itís a con game.  The World Bank, weíve got to remember, is not some kind of super-governmental with an oversight system.  Itís a PRIVATE collection of international money lenders.  So is the International Monetary Fund and they do charge compound interest.  They put countries under.  They actually do their studies, just like youíre talking about with India, and they know how much, as they call it, collateral damage there will be.  But thatís just too bad, itís so sad; thereís a war on for the world and those folk are just disposable.  And they do this in every single country.  So youíve got to understand, the public hear the terms like The World Bank and they think itís some kind of super-governmental system.  No, itís not governmental at all.  These are all private institutions.  We are run by private institutions.  We truly are.  Governments now are in public/private partnerships in every single level and whenever they want something done or they are told to get something done by their bosses, and itís not the public, they bring in one of the big think tanks to do their studies, and feasibility studies for them.  Of course, those guys who do all the studies have ulterior goals of course for themselves.  So we live in an incredibly controlled system that knows exactly where itís going.  The ordinary folk never benefit from this in any way whatsoever.  Wherever The World Bank has been, and the IMF has been, you will find millions sometimes of people, making their living on garbage dumps after theyíve been through the country and raped it and pillaged it. 


John:  Well Alan, they interviewed the families, actually in the documentary, who were living in a garbage dump, people who had farms actually, for sure, you know, dying in the garbage dump, little children screaming in agony even, suffering from some form of illness.  But listen, itís not impossible for us to defeat these demons because itís television thatís supposed to be expressing our interests.  They too, like Fox News, we represent Americaís interests.  But I argue very successfully that Beck is a true communist because you have a program like the FEHBP, which is the congressional health care plan, and in their case, they donít demand Ron Paul and all his crew, donít demand half of their health care fund, that they have to pay their salary into, go thoughtlessly to a banker. But they do insist that the American sucker suffer that way.  I say that thatís what communism is, where youíre not treated fairly, only the global elite get specialÖ


Alan:  Thatís exactly whatÖ all this stuff, all this stuff about a global elite, and no middle class, and a peasant classÖ See, the middle class is to get replaced by technocrats and thatís what we have now is technocracy, a form of technocracy; where we donít have a middle class so much anymore.  They want to eradicate that.  Theyíre always on about, oh the gulf between the rich and poor is getting wider.  Theyíve been saying that since the 1960s, because that is the agenda. 


John:  The attack right now with the austerity measures, thereís nothing more despicable than to know that for sure the Federal Reserve with the Treasury has committed massive criminal fraud.  As according to the FCC by formal criminal complaints filed by the Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank, they wanted their money back because they were defrauded.  They got their cash back, and that because Goldman Sachs was facing a prison term.  You as the American sucker, you donít get at least your 14 trillion back.  No, instead youíve got to go after welfare mothers and social security and medicare and medicaid.


Alan:  Meanwhile, there is Goldman Sachs over in China right now, they went over to China to do the biggest deals for the big boys on behalf of the President and so on, using the American tax money, again of course, which will fund everything, and there they are.  Yes, you are living inÖ itís just a big gang.  See, thereís no such thing as democracy.  Itís the biggest gang, and this gang has been here for at least a couple of hundred years running this system, in this fashion. 


John:  Yeah.  Mike Rivero gives an argument talking about how when Bush came in to power he provided tax incentives for American corporations to leave the country and go elsewhere, and punish those who donít. 


Alan:  Well actually, Canada did exactly the same thing, because they all signed the World Trade Organization through the GATT treaty, and they prepared 15 years ahead, to start moving the factories out of the West.  That was done, again, through the United Nations and The World Bank.


John:  But it was interesting, when Obama took power I thought for sure this is going to be reversed, and they put in a bill to try to reverse it to say, we are going to reward corporations from foreign nations to come into America and we will punish American companies who decide to leave.  Russia Today covered this, 42,000 factories have left America; thatís a lot of jobs. 


Alan:  Thatís right. 


John:  Thatís when Bush took power.  But guess what?  They tried to pass the bill and guess what republicans said?  Öthat would hurt the US economy.† They are con men because the TV should have defeated them and demanded prison terms for treason.


Alan:  But you canít.  You cannot do it with this system the way it is because the public donít have a system to represent themselves.  Itís completely bogus.  Itís just a bogus in Canada, just as bogus in Canada.  Quigley went through the whole history of Canada and the Royal Institute of International Affairs setting it up and so on.  Believe you me, every Prime Minister weíve had has been a member of the same organization for a global society.  That came out, absolutely openly with Trudeau when he changed the system upside down and again, opened the door to massive immigration, the same thing as Blair did.  He said it has to be diverse until literally, and he said too, and even the Toronto Sun used to publish it up until the 90s, it was mandated that all immigration must be 97% non-white, every year.  It was like that for 20 years; I donít know what it is today.  To destroy any culture that remained over from say Britain, the old system.  That was what Blair said as well to his second in command who disclosed it in the newspapers.  This was an old agenda to eradicate all histories of the world that was, to bring in the new world that will be.  And itís not going to be some happy, happy world family, believe you me, because weíve already seen the peopleÖ people always club together with their own.  We have that in Canada all over the place.  Itís just other gangs competing with other gangs; thatís what theyíre bringing in.  And then theyíll deal with the fallout as it goes along as well.  Thanks for calling.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  People havenít a clue really whatís been done.  And again, Marxism was the key to it.  Karl Marx was just a tool of the big boys for this one global system, how he was to play the dialectic part and he certainly did.  He said the same thing, that eventually the nation-states would wither away, but it was also, remember, to destroy all history, and memory of any kind of culture, under the guise if there is no culture left no one would fight each other.  But you actually do get fighting.  When groups come in from the new countries that are more prosperous, nowadays theyíre more prosperous, and they form their own areas, and their own little groups and elite groups and financial groups, and they only work amongst themselves.  So we havenít got this wonderful utopia after all because utopias donít exist, folks. 


Weíll go to Tom from Wisconsin now.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  Iím here.  How are you doing tonight Alan?


Alan:  Oh, hanginí in.  We had 33į below last night, Fahrenheit. 


Tom:  Wow.  Pretty cold.  Itís cold here as well in Wisconsin.  I just finished watching Soylent Green with Charlton Heston.  I have to say that itís starting to become clear to me that all of the potential futures that humanity as a whole faces are really spelled out in some of these seminal films that have been released over the last 50 years.  If people would accept that these things are actually possible, you know, we might have a shot.  But you know, if they canít even accept that what they see portrayed on the movie screens, as this is what exists in peopleís minds, this reality actually does exist in peopleís minds. 


Alan:  Did you know that Soylent Green was actually funded by, again, the same groups?  The actual name of the book was Make Room, Make Room; there are going to be too many people if we donít do something.  It was actually put out to scare people into depopulation.  That was its function. 


Tom:  The most incredible part of it was when the trucks come down, the scoopers... That was definitely shocking to me.  I mean, Iíve seen horror films, Alan, but that was truly one of the most shocking things Iíve ever seen in a film, without question. 


Alan:  And what they are getting through to you too, is that with so many people than life is devalued, youíre not an endangered species, youíre just superfluous.  Yeah, they can literally just scoop you up with big bulldozer fronts and dump you, you know.


Tom:  Yeah.  So I just wanted to share that with everybody.  If you havenít seen Soylent Green I would highly recommend it because it tells you what the elite have as a plan for the future.  [Caller laughing] Ö oh, wow.


Alan:  These writers actually are brought in to specific organizations, told what to write, just like HG Wells was.  He worked with professors from Oxford and Cambridge and they gave him the ideas.  He had to write the stories but he had to embed things in the stories to change the culture, change the way we thought about things so that we would be prepared, unbeknownst to ourselves, for the next step and the next step.  Of course, the Futurist Society is a big organization that all the big sci-fi writers belong to and if youíre lucky and good enough youíll get picked to put out another predictive programming movie out there that the youngsters will gobble up, never knowing they are getting brainwashed into seeing things the way that the elite want you to see them.


Tom:  One of the things that I did notice, and this is my last point that Iíd like to make, is that it seems these propaganda films, they sort of pass through the time, they leave the future generations that donít ever see the film, and they fit so well when they come out because the culture that they reflect of the future is so similar to the one that they are in at the moment.


Alan:  Exactly.  Iíve mentioned the one, Idiocracy, about the future, but itís actually here.  And the guys who wrote it know it too but they present it in the future, but itís actually here and theyíre having a good laugh at the general population, that theyíve brought us to that level.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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