January 27th, 2011 #756
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt January 27th, 2011:

World Empire's Not Near, it's Already Here:

"Feudalism, Under Democracy Disguised,
Should Leave No History Scholar Surprised,
For Why Would an Elite, However Pleasant,
Hand Over His Power to the Peasant?
The City of London, with Accounting Pranks,
Is Doing very Nicely, Quite Healthy Thanks,
And the Old Dream of a Ruling Empire
Was Never Dimmed, Just Shielded Fire,
Through Rhodes and Milner, to This Day
Push Round Tables, C.F.R. and R.I.I.A.,
An Air of Caring and Democratic Facades
Hide Empirical Expansion of These Cads,
In a Perfected World, You Know Your Place,
On Knees, Looking up at Educated Grace"
© Alan Watt January 27th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - January 27th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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We have to do what we have to do at this time, as we're going through the biggest transformation of society, a real coup that's been pulled off, a coup that was designed a long time ago, an awful long time ago, in fact, in England and London.  And the idea of the British Commonwealth, that would be expanded, and it would submerge itself apparently into a League of Nations, and then a United Nations.  And of course, the same people who ruled England and the Commonwealth Countries, a good chunk of the planet, then would rule the whole planet.  And they have the United Nations today as a front for what they do.  That's why the Queen goes off and speaks at all these big international meetings.  They try and say that she's only a titular head with no power, which is absolute rot.  She owns millions of acres across the planet.  In fact, one-sixth of the earth she owns of habitable area.  And that's not a bad little do, for a little old lady that just inherited some wealth because she's in the lucky gene club.  That's what we're told, as she goes around the world, telling people, really, what to do by opening all the big international meetings.  When she advises them to go along with it, that's an order.  And they do, because she's up to her neck with the City, the Banks of London and the City there, who really run the globe and the economics of the planet, and all of the other countries across the world.  Very important person.  That's the way it really is. 


We're still in a feudal system, for those who haven't figured that out.  And Carroll Quigley also talked about it in his book, that they're going into a better, a better, a new feudal system.  Well, we're in it folks.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, we're back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the old feudal system, which is the same old feudal system that's always been the feudal system, of what was called at one time the British Empire.  The people in Britain didn't profit from this empire.  The ones who owned Britain profited off it, of course.  And they used the cattle, the soldiers, to go across the world for a few pennies a day, and slaughter other peoples to make sure that they behaved themselves, and subdued them, so that big business could move in.  And the big businesses and corporations were owned really from the Crown all the way down, through all the relatives.  And there's nothing actually changed today in fact, from that aspect.


I mentioned a video that's worth trying to get a hold of, on Rosie, they called her Rose or Rosie Newman, who was the daughter of one of the wealthiest bankers of the twenties and thirties.  And she came from Germany over to London, stinking rich of course, lived on dad's pocket change, and got her own Rolls Royce, lived in an apartment block that she hired actually or rented, which is about the size of a New York City block.  They had tremendous money in those days, and this was the days of the British Empire, when she moved over to London.  They still had India and different countries.  They hadn't gone through the con game of pretending to give them independence, as long as they wrapped themselves into the Untied Nations.  That was part of the deal.  Because they owned the United Nations you see at the top.  And it's staggering to see the wealth displayed on the video, as she did her little tours of the British Raj and different places.  And of course, she lived with the big appointees, that were all cousins of the Queen generally, the governor-generals for these places.  That's a feudal system, you understand.  We still have governor-generals yet in Canada and in Australia and elsewhere, that must sign every law passed by your supposedly elected government.  Even the provinces in Canada have Lieutenant Governors, it's like a sub-one, all again reporting back daily to the Queen.  And they sign off on all laws.  And they pretend you've got some kind of democracy. 


The elite back in Rosie's day had no idea of giving up their power.  Never.  And of course, they're not stupid people.  The people who got an empire together and controlled it for such an awful long time were not stupid people.  Never, ever think that for a second, as they looted the planet and built the biggest corporations that are still in existence today, their own corporations.  As I say, look at this video, and just have a look at the extravagance of how this little rich girl that went around living in these big palaces, etc, having all these parades and shows put on for her, traveling on the golf courses across the British Empire that were all owned again by the Crown, since the Crown owned everything, and watching all the big parades, put on for her delight.  You know, it gets very boring at her level of society, nothing to do. 


That was never really given up in a sense.  The feudal system, where you appoint military personnel, or give them military titles, is still in existence today.  You'll see the same military titles by the way, used in the League of Nations, which they set up too, through the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which they own.  And you'll see it too through the United Nations, Lieutenant Governors, Governors, Generals.  This is all the same system that was going on way back before even Rosie was born.  Because if you go into the writings of Carroll Quigley, as I say, who was the historian for the big group that was to do a lot of the work for this and still is doing most of the work, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, today they call it.  In those days it was the Cecil Rhodes group, coupled with the Lord Milner group, who was brought in from Germany, by the way.  And in fact, most of the guys who worked with Milner were Germanic in origin.  And their sons came in on the business too.  And they helped to take over South Africa.  They caused a war there, and it was done by intrigue and lies, and they even put a reporter from the Times over with them, I think it was, which they owned as well, by the way, who said that the Boers had attacked British settlers.  And of course, the British government came in, which they wanted to do, to save the settlers that were not being harmed at all, and took over the area for the flag, you see, for the Crown. 


Anyway, Quigley, as I said, did document this in The Anglo-American Establishment.  And if you don't understand history, or you wonder where all the blank bits go, read his book because he fills in the blank bits and all the different players involved, and why the wars are caused, who's behind it, who wants them, and it's always the same group.  Because, through conflict they decided they would speed up the evolutionary process of society, and bring in this world society, this global society. 


Now remember, in the 1800s, they already, as I say, owned a good chunk of the world, and they had boards and committees and various groups working in special areas over this vast territory.  And what they did too, is no different today.  Just like the military now sends anthropologists in with them when they go into other countries, to study the people, find their weak links, how to use them, how to con them.  That's exactly what the British did, or at least the English.  I don't even want to call them English or British because it's really the London crew, with people who don't even belong in the country to be honest with you.  The royalty doesn't belong there.  And they were brought in from Germany as well.  Anyway, they run the system by using groups and committees that employ what are, really, big think tanks.  And they plan their specific areas, specialized areas of all kind of commerce, trade, right down to societal structure and so on, and they vary it from country to country, but they're still doing it today. 


It's fascinating to read some of the old books, when they talked about this silly democracy.  Winston Churchill in the early days was dead-set against it.  And he also knew that they'd have to con the public by letting them, let the little fools believe they've got a democracy.  Learn their language.  What do they talk about in democracy?  Learn their language.  And then use it for our, our agenda.  Do you understand?  And that's what they do now.  They're still doing the same thing now, because the Royal Institute for International Affairs is still going.  The Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch, is still going, very strong.  And they use the terminology, "to help people."  They want to help people across the world.  They want to stop global warming.  They've got their billions from the last global climate summit that they wanted, that won't go towards that.  It's going to go to setting up the infrastructure of massive bureaucracy across the whole planet.  The same con as they used to get the European Union going, supposedly for Free Trade.  They set up the structure to actually build the Parliament and all of the structures within the Parliament.  That's the working structures, the people and so on.  That's what to happen.  And of course, the world's resources will stay in the hands of the same people.  It's a fascinating world we live in. 


And the media is never going to tell you this, because every major newspaper is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Every TV anchorman.  Every media mogul is a member of this same group.  And I've gone through some of the histories of when they formed these groups, just for the media itself, and how back in the early 20s, I think it was Morgan or Morgenthau and Rockefeller got together and found out how many papers they would have to own to influence all the rest of the papers, because the smaller papers follow the big ones, and create public opinion.  And it was quite easy to do, and I think they settled on seventeen major ones.  Now it's all of them.  And that's why you have press barons that eventually go over to London to get knighted by the Queen.  That's why it happens that way.  That's what happened to Conrad Black who owned Hollinger Corporation, along with Barbara Walters and Kissinger.  They were all big shareholders in that corporation.  So, the people who are giving you the news are also owners of the news, and they make sure that you get exactly what you need to know, which is never the truth. 


So, here we are today.  If you've noticed, it's a real, almost a blackout on news.  We're getting thrown the bottom of the sack, the feeding sack, where you feed the chickens.  There's not much left in it, and what we're getting is GM food anyway, so we're getting rubbish in other words for news today.  We're being taught that we're living in a system where it's authoritarian.   We'll just get decrees passed from above somewhere.  It might just get passed in your local area as policies, as they like to call them now, are introduced by your councils and so on, that just happen to be in line, if you check them up, with every other policy across the world, a counterpart across the world.  And that's how they're doing things.  And they're also going into a new technique of shielding the politicians away from the public.  At one time, they'd tell the politicians, your job is to fool the public and to spin things off to them, but appear to them at least, make them believe they have some kind of representation and government.  Now they're not bothering to do that.  We get little press releases, which are staged, of course, and photo-ops of ribbon cuttings, but the big things that are really happening across the world are being shielded from the public, and we get the news either from a UN agency or something like that.  That's how it's being introduced.


Now, all academia is on this.  All of it.  They brought academia on board in the very early phases of this.  It started out with the grants that were put out by the foundations too, the academies and universities, and then, gradually, in came the demands.  "We'd like you to push this, not to push that, and not even discuss this."  Etc, etc.  And that's how it's been for a hundred years now, across the whole of the Americas, and the same in Britain and elsewhere.  You must, to control people and give them their thoughts, you must make sure that the thoughts that they get are the correct thoughts that you want them to have.  Doesn't have to be truth, just the correct ones, the ones you've decided upon.  It's astonishing that nothing really has changed as I say. 


Now, Carroll Quigley also did say that we're going into a new feudal system.  And it will be disguised, it's the same old system, but disguised by CEOs of corporations who will be the new feudal overlords.  Really, they're like the lieutenant governors for Canada or the provinces.  It's the same thing.  That's what they are.  The Queen and all the rest of those at the top of the pyramid are still in command, with the Gnomes of Zürich, as we call them as well.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we're back and Cutting Through the Matrix. And it is a matrix indeed.  You've got to go through all these different levels and layers to try and find any glimpse of reality.  And even then, when you think you've found it, you'll find that you've got to go through another wall to get to another layer, or a level of it too.  And that's how this system is worked.  Because we are really treated like children, and we always have been.  And we're kept like children, so much so, that even the major news admit that the most they give you in their writing columns and so on, is about the fifth-grade level maximum.  Anything more than that and it confuses a lot of people now because everyone is so dumbed down.  And even more so since they're all watching videos, etc.  They don't read anymore at all.  So you've got minimalistic language being used, and people who have minimalistic language cannot explain anything in any depth to anyone.  They can't convey the meanings they're trying to get across to them.  The other ones cannot understand.  Kind of like Idiocracy, the movie.  And that's actually here. 


And that was discussed they would bring society to this stage, back in the 1930s, because they were worried about folk reading so much, especially at that time, it was left wing, and there were so many different unions on the go and starting up.  They were worried about them getting good orators, etc, and putting out good literature, and they decided to bring out penny books, instead.  It was a lot cheaper for people.  They bought them up, novels, and all that kind of stuff.  However, Orwell talked about that in his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and he said the dictionary would get thinner and thinner every year, and that's what's happened.  It's very thin today.


If you watch the average Hollywood movie, apart from the F word and the FM word and a whole bunch of these kinds of things, there's not much really left in it at all that you can make much sense of or use.  That's how simplistic things are today.  There's no plots in anything.  There's just chases, slaughters, and sex and so on.  And that's what they feed the public.  Because, you see, people who are utterly debased are easy to control.  Plus they emulate what they see in one way or another, and it's good for business.  It's good for the legal business, when they start to emulate their superheroes.  And it's good for destroying the family unit, which of course these guys knew a long time ago they'd have to do, because even the British, the British Raj, as I say, and the British Commonwealth countries, they knew that their biggest problem was getting people, especially families, which were basically the remnants of clans, tribes, that's what they represent in a sense, they had to get rid of them, because government would never be omnipotent until they got that out of the way.  And that's been done very successfully today. 


Other countries, of course, they can still allow them to have families.  The Chinese aren't bad; they still don't rebel.  The British people, of course, that was their big thing.  They'd stand up for each other.  And families tend to talk to other families, because they've got so much in common, and before you know it, you've got a big crowd ready to say no, we won't do this, or won't have that.  So, that's gone now.  That is gone now.  So, there's not much problems really coming from Britain.  The students get up once and a while.  Generally students in the past got up, because they were angry about something that the professors were drumming into them, one way or another, because the professors were the ones who wanted them to push for certain things across the world.  The very things that the Royal Institute of International Affairs wanted them to push for.  And that's still being used today, that technique for the globalization.  When a lot of these students get into these meetings, and some of the NGOs are allowed in now, because they're all getting paid by the foundations that run them, then their first question is: are you going to pay the Chinese workers more?  Well, listen, if you can't take care of your own house first, and get any power in your own house, which is your home, then why on earth are you trying to get power for people across the world?  If you can't feed yourself at home for instance and you're dependent on food being brought in, there's something far wrong with you, if you're worried about folk feeding themselves across the world.  And then ask yourselves, why can't they feed themselves across the world, because at one time they could.  And you'd be shocked to find a lot of the answers about it.  We're conned so many ways that people never stop and think.  They'll never go into the old books to find out why.  They won't read the old policy reports from the big think tanks and all the rest of it.  They don't do that.  Of course, their professors won't tell them, since the professors all belong to the CFR as well.


Now, the students in Britain were all rioting because their grants are getting cut back, quite heftily too.  And they don't know where the money is going, of course.  And we know it's going elsewhere, but you see, the European Union, this big monolithic non-democratic structure, this new Soviet really system, which is ideal for those, the bigwigs, the moneybags to run and own.  Because you see, at the top you've got a fascist system, and then you've got this intermediate layer of the pretense of democracy called governments.  And the governments now run on a Soviet type system where they just dictate down to the public, and they're into every area of your life.  Every single area of your life.  That's the Communistic style for the masses.  And of course, you have the fascist style for the ones at the top.  That's really why it's designed that way. 


Here's an article here, and it's from the European Management Institute.  Again, one of these fuzzy things that comes out of nowhere.  You think they do, anyway, at least.  And you check who's on the board of it, and all the big academia is on the board of it, actually.  And where the campuses are and so on.  And they're training foreign students, you see, and giving them grants, and scholarships, and all the rest of it, to open up their own countries, so you're paying for them.  That's where a lot of your cash is going.  Anyway, it says:



- To recognize and admit the high-caliber work of university students in developing countries, through award of credits and degrees, in order to ensure that their latent talent is brought to center space of the global world;


Everything is global.  There's no point bitching about it now, folks.  We've been global for a while.  And I'll read the rest of this article when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, I'm back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article about European Management Institute, which is setting up a system, again, using the taxpayer from Britain and elsewhere to fund different students across China, India, and so on.  That's where the money is going that used to go to students in their own countries.  Anyway, it says here:


- To provide Asian students and executives with the experience of leadership and innovative programs in a European environment, facilitating their greater exposure and hence better integration into the global environment;

- To provide quality executive education programs for senior management in Europe with a focus on Asia (China, India etc. ) with a focus on markets, financial systems, opportunities and culture.


This is only one of many of them that they've set up to do this very thing.  And as I say, it's global, global, global.  And global has been taught, and globalism has been taught in universities now for years and years and years, so it's a done deal.  It's a done, done deal.  It's gone, you see.  And you still have this pretense, only at election times, that you actually have a country, or when they want you to go off and fight wars for them, they'll still pull it out.  It's amazing they can even do that.  You'd think the folks would say, because before 9/11 happened, the cry for ten years solid from the newscasters was globalism this, globalism that, and suddenly again, we're all national again, to get the armies up.  Once the armies are over and done their job, we're back to globalism again.  It's like changing hats and they don't notice.  It's just astonishing to me that folk don't notice this.  But they don't, do they?  And again, don't ever think the ones at the top are stupid.  They notice all this stuff.  They've got the pulse of the public all the time.  And they know exactly what we're thinking because they tell us what to think through their media corporations and their entertainment industries.  That's really what's going on, all these different think tanks working. 


And they have levels of them too, working for the banks, etc.  They call them circles.  Cecil Rhodes called them circles, where maybe one or two on each board would interlap with another circle, and they call them their circle of friends, of course, and that's how the term was used and started up.  It hasn't changed today.  It goes all the way up to this giant pyramid at the top, and we're just the peasants down below.  And everything you're going through today and the heartaches you're going through, folks losing their homes.  Watching the big banks getting bailed out after plundering the planet.  And then your great-grandchildren, if you even bother having any, will have to pay off the debt forever and ever Amen, which is impossible.  In other words, perpetual slavery is what they want for every generation that comes along.  And all generations and all cultures will do.  All nations will do.  They don't care.  Because those at the top don't see any difference whatsoever, between the peasant of Britain, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, Canada, or anywhere else, or China.  They're all just peasants to them.  That's what they are. 


And again, going back to the so-called British Commonwealth country days, when it was blatant for those who could travel in those circles.  It wasn't blatant to the people back home.  They never saw the kind of things that Rosie Newman put out for the elite to watch on her travels with her camera.  They had no idea, for instance in Britain, they were building 40,000 miles of rails to loot the country (India) of all its natural resources for the corporations that were owned by the Crown and all the relatives.  They had no idea they paid for all that.  They had no idea the massive palaces these governor-generals were living in, and their polo matches every day and the cost of everything.  They had no idea they were paying for all of that, at all.  And they got nothing out of it.  They were told back home to tighten their belts, tighten their belts all the time, as they got taxed and taxed and taxed.  Well it hasn't changed.  It hasn't changed.  We're paying for the global plantation.  Remember this whole idea of globalism started in London, a long, long time ago.  Long time ago. 


As I say, Cecil Rhodes definitely was a front man, no doubt about it, and he was in partnership with Lord Rothschild.  You can get the Rhodes diaries and so on.  They're widely available.  You'll find them in universities too, in their libraries, and elsewhere.  And the idea was to unite all the British Commonwealth countries into a system which would eventually become a worldwide system.  And also to bring America back into the fold, with representation on the board.  And they set up their Round Table Societies that are still on the go today, by the way, in every area.  And they set up, eventually, the Milner Group with the Rhodes Society, and formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations in the USA, and across the rest of the world too.  And now, of course, every member of Parliament at the top in the European Parliament is a member of the European Institute for International Affairs, still taking their orders from London.  It's a worldwide agenda.  They've run Australia for the last hundred and twenty years, and New Zealand too.  Every prime minister they've had has been a member of this group.  And the folk don't know it.  Every president of the United States since the late 1800s has been a member of this group.  And again, Carroll Quigley documented that in his book, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  Must-reads.


Now, as we go through this big shake-up, like Rockefeller says, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.  So, what you're seeing is they get you taught.  They're teaching you to not be consumers.  We're post-consumerist now, apparently, and we're into austerity.  We'll start to pay big taxes to help the rest of the world to get on its feet, supposedly, which is all nonsense, by the way.  It won't get to the people; any cash that they do tax off you is to get big institutions and the ruling structures set up across the world.  The same ruling structures of governance as it's called.  That's what the money is to go for.  All this con about global warming and all the money that they've raked in for saving the environment, that's where that's all going to.  And as they make this omelet, and we're all the broken eggs – we're all the eggshells and bits and pieces here and there, you know – that's just too sad, too bad, and all that kind of stuff.  I'm sure they weep for us at the top.  I'm sure they feel our pain. 


We can see, as I said last night too, about how even the police are treating the public differently now.  And they've got a different education in the police forces.  They're using military education, where they're apart from the public.  They're not part of the public anymore, they're apart from the public.  They're a brotherhood unto themselves.  They are a fraternity of police, a brotherhood.  And they're made paranoid by the lectures they get against the citizenry.  Really paranoid.  And of course, these are the biggest consumers of all these crazy movies that are out there with the black uniforms and SWAT teams.  These guys chomp these things up.  That's why they recruit that type that watch all the movies too.  Something bad is coming, as we well know.  And it's got to happen, as they bring us all down further and further into this so-called, planned austerity, and into the greening projects, because they're going to under the Agenda 21, Millennium Goals and sustainable development, we've all to go off the land, etc, get crammed out of the urban areas even, and then crammed into the existing cities.  And it won't be forever.  We'll die off.  We won't have children anyway.  Most folk don't.  And about the year 2050, they hope to restructure the world, for a new type of society to come.  This is all written about, documented from the sources themselves.


And out of Britain comes this article on the police and how they're going to use different tactics now.


Police might have to adopt more "extreme" tactics to deal with the new breed of protesters who took part in riots in London last month, one of the country's most senior officers has said.


Students staged four protests late last year against government plans to raise university tuition fees, each being marred by violence.


The final demonstration on December 9 led to the worst riots in the capital for years, with protesters attacking the car of Prince Charles.


Hugh Orde, the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said the speed with which new protest groups had organised demonstrations and their lack of willingness to cooperate had created a "whole new dimension to public order".


In an interview with Prospect magazine published today, he said there had to be a realization that a lack of communication from protesters would prompt a different police response.


"The public do understand far better why police tactics do have to be seen as slightly more extreme if they are fully appreciative of the fact that the only reason we're doing this is that these people will not engage with us pre-event," he said.


(Alan: Well, if they do engage with them pre-event, they put them in these kettling situations, where they kettle them into a part of the city, and that's where they end up killing folks sometimes, you know.  Not the protesters, but the police.  This is the new type of demonstrations, you see, that you've got to get permission, they wire off a whole area, especially when the elite come in, and you're half a mile away from anybody who's going to see your flag or your protest banner waving, so, what's the point in going? Anyway, it says:)


More demonstrations are expected as the impact of the government's austerity measures to reduce the country's budget deficit begin to bite.


And you will see more trouble, because there's no doubt about it, they're taking down the system.  And they don't want an educated system from Britain, really, anyway.  They prefer taking people from the Ivy League Schools, from Oxford, Cambridge, as they always have done.  They don't need all the lesser ones from the Red Brick Universities, as Oxford used to call them.  And that's why they're doing this too.  Plus, they've got to fund all these students abroad, in Asia, in China, and India, because they can really use them to help loot their own countries, on the behalf of the same guys that looted Britain.  That's what it's all really all about. 


And in Britain too, they're training the children now to photograph what they call speeders.  This is what they give you.  And I'll tell you, there's another reason behind this, speeders on the road.  It says:


Volunteers to be given speed cameras to help clock repeat offenders


SPEEDING motorists will soon be facing the short arm of the law as primary school (A: That's five and six years of age) pupils prepare to sign up for their own handheld speed cameras.


The Community Road Watch scheme, which is designed to put the skids on inconsiderate drivers in speeding hot-spots around the town, is being rolled out by Humberside Police next month (A: This is a test, you see, for the rest of the country.) and residents ranging from children to pensioners will be asked to take part to help clock repeat offenders in their neighbourhood.


Now, remember these same children have been.  Forget these children.  Once they're seven years of age with indoctrination in Greening and all the rest of it, and we're all one and all this kind of stuff, you'll never get through to them.  I'm sorry, but the scientific indoctrination is too perfected.  It was perfected, as Bertrand Russell said, in the 40s and 50s.  And with these children, they don't have a chance of communicating to you on any level that they understand, when you're telling them it's a con or whatever. 


The real reason behind this, is also, you see, when they grow up, they will have no cars.  It's training them to dislike, and perhaps even hate, I hate to use the word, but that was true, motorists.  You see.  How is a child going to tell who is speeding and who is not speeding?  They're going to start with all the cars, of course.  And this is training them that cars are bad.  Of course they won't be photographing buses, you see, because that's public transportation.  And this is the real reason behind it.  Get them started young.  Get them against cars, anti-car.  And they're all ready for their habitat areas, where they'll need a special pass even to get the public transport to move out of it, to visit their granny in the next area, and stuff.  Well, they won't have a granny I suppose.  Maybe they'll be born in a test tube by then.  I don't know.  Anyway, that's the way it's going to be folks.  And there's always another reason behind what they do to the children, always another reason for it.


Now, Smart Meters.  This is an interesting article, because, you see, Smart Meters are going across the world, again under global agenda.  They never mention the global part of it.  And they never ask the consumers about it.  You just get a notification, we're putting one in.  And that's it, you see.  They're private companies now, that used to belong to the taxpayers, because we built up the power stations and all that.  We maintained them.  And then our own politicians, who were never ours, of course, in reality, sold them off to themselves and their buddies for peanuts and then jacked all the prices up.  Anyway, in come the Smart Meters.  And these Smart Meters, apparently, and even the little thing I got slipped under the door said that they transmit your usage right to the station wherever, it could be in a different country for all I know, seriously.  And it also uses FM and other radio transmission signals.  It's got at least two systems it uses.  What they didn't mention is that the radio signal actually is microwave.  And this article here is from Canada.  It says:


Smart Meters far more dangerous / How ‘Smart’ is Brain Cancer?


Recently, near Stratford, Ontario, I came across my first 'smart meter'.  With my radio frequency meter, (A: These are the testing meters you can get to pick up the frequencies on these things which they're transmitting.) I found that the meter was sending out very strong pulses of microwave radiation every few seconds.  This puzzled me, as to why so much radiation was being emitted.  When I received the message below and also the story below that, I understood why this was happening.  Hydro One (A: That's the company that bought over for peanuts) meters throughout Ontario are repeating wireless information from each other (A: So the ones in your neighborhood are all passing information to each other.  And they can use one in an area for them all to communicate to, so that one is getting bombarded with microwave radiation.  Anyway, it says here.) and causing far more radiation than one could ever have imagined!


This means that these particular smart meters are far more dangerous and are likely to harm even more people than anticipated.  There is a great need to stop this harmful microwave wireless system and use safe wired technology.


(A: And I'll put this article up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, with the links on it, at the end of the show.  Because you can go into the spiel they give from the Hydro One, the power company, and other articles on this particular problem.  It says:)


Hydro-One uses the Trilliant Networks smart meters.  The information states that the transmitter is also a repeater which they call a 'mesh network', which relays not only your information but up to 500 other homes if they need to get to a access point through your house.


(A: So they can use your house.  They're all coming through your house.)


It states a worst-case scenario that the meter is communicating 3.3% of the time.  (A: This is what they state, of course, from the Hydro One company.) What of this percentage is your data transmission?  (A: How much of that is your actual data transmission?) Does it account for your box transmitting the data from the other 500 homes? 


The 'repeater' could account for a Chatham-Kent smart meter that is only supposed to 'send' every 15 minutes, was actually sending microwave signals over 100 times a minute. 


And then they give you the maths to work this out too.  It's just amazing, what they do to us.  Again, we're all disposable in this era.  I hope you understood that.  The Queen won't have one at Buckingham Palace, I'll guarantee you that.  I know when they put this meter on here, I could hear the darn thing through the wall.  It's on the outside.  And the old one you couldn't, but you hear this one all the time, this hum, this steady hum that it gives off.  So, I'm going to have to probably put something down inside the house, along the wall there to try and get some shielding from it.  This is the stuff that they're up to.  And they don't tell you anything, except what you would tell a child if you want to lie to them.  That's what they do to the people.  That's how they treat the public.  That's how we're all treated today. 


Now, what gets me too is, the U.S. is still allowed a bit of the Wild West rip-off merchant type, the old snake oil salesman that gets up into politics and fills his pockets and all the rest of it, and the con man.  The U.S. still does that more openly than any other country, and gets away with it.  I'm going to put up from the judicial watch website, a list of the ten most wanted corrupt politicians for 2010.  They put this out every year; at the end of the year they put this out.  Actually it starts at fifty and works its way down.  I'll go through some of these after I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just before I read this article on the corrupt politicians, I meant to add this too, that people don't even know, we've been global so long, that the U.S. tax forms that you fill out, and the same in Canada, by the way, for ten years or more, is dealt with by India.  Did you know that?  That all your data has been sent for the last ten years to India, and they do all your tax receipts, and everything else and so on, for your annual tax reports, your personal tax reports.  Just if you didn't know that, now you do.


And back to the corrupt politicians.  It says here Senator Barbara Boxer is there.  Rahm Emanuel of course, Senator John Ensign, Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of course, Barack Obama of course, and as well, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Hal Rogers, and Maxine Waters.  And then it goes on to give you what they've really been up to, and the fact that they get little slaps on the wrist for having, they have lapses in memory, you understand, when they do these things, when they fail to disclose things and mention things.  They have lapses.  A little apoplectic moment, and a little dizziness, and they forget, where of course you'd be in the slammer.  Boxer, it says:


is Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. (A: So she's your ideal person, isn't she?) But it appears she still needs an ethics lesson. Boxer presided over a year-long investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee into whether two of her Senate colleagues, Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and Kent Conrad (D-ND), received preferential treatment from Countrywide Financial as part of the company’s “VIP” program. (Senate ethics rules prohibit members from receiving loan terms not available to the general public.) In fact, according to The Associated Press, during an Ethics Committee hearing Boxer asked “the bulk of the questions.”


However, Boxer failed to mention (or disclose on her official Senate Financial Disclosure documents) that she and her husband have signed no less than seven mortgages with Countrywide! (A: Herself!  There you go.  It was a little lapse, you understand.  She couldn't connect it, you see, to what was going on.) At the time of the hearing, Boxer reportedly indicated she had paid off two Countrywide mortgages, but did not mention the others.


(A: It goes on and on and on.  And then there's Rahm Emanuel.  You could write books on Rahm Emanuel, of course, and his contacts, and what he was up to before he was pushed up, and where he is now, and of course, he's in the ideal place, in Chicago, where he'll be into the contracts.  That's where you get all the kickbacks.)


Former Obama White House Chief of Staff didn’t earn the nickname “Rahmbo” for being a mild-mannered shrinking violet. He served as Bill Clinton’s chief money-man at a time when the Clinton campaign was corrupted by foreign money.  (A: It was all coming from China) He defended the “worst of the worst” Clinton scandals, and, in fact, earned his reputation as a ruthless political combatant by fiercely defending President Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky investigation. (A: That was a sideline, that.  I mean, here's Clinton finding novel ways to blow smoke rings with his cigar.  Anyway, it says:) Emanuel also served on the board of Freddie Mac when the company was involved in fraudulent activity.  (A: Well, he's an ideal man for that, isn't he?)


The bottom line is that when the Clintons’ dirty work needed to be done, Emanuel did it and apparently without question. That didn’t change under Obama. Remember when the Obama White House wanted to manipulate Democratic primaries in 2010?


Emanuel teamed with his then-Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina to allegedly interfere with Senate elections in Pennsylvania and Colorado by offering federal appointments to Rep. Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff. Sestak and Romanoff were not Obama’s favored candidates, so Emanuel and Messina apparently attempted to unlawfully persuade them to abandon their campaigns.


That's pretty typical in the US system.  The public have no idea what really goes on, but it goes on and on and on, through all these characters' particular involvements.  Memory lapses and stuff, and the little slaps on the wrists they get, like oh, don't do that again now.  And they wink at each other, and say, okay.  And that's how it is with them, isn't it?  They're untouchable. 


I'll put all these links up, remember, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, right after the show.  Give me an hour or so to start to get the loading showing on the webpage.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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