January 28th, 2011 #757
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt January 28th, 2011:

World Management & The Death of Information:

"We're Officially Under World Management,
Where Managers Spend with Such Lavishment
At International Meetings, Each Voluptuous Ball,
They Stuff Their Faces, We Pay for It All,
We're Post-Democratic, Life to Be Brutal,
Austerity Measures, We're Run by New Feudal
Overlords, Philanthropists, Corps CEO's,
Who Won't Tell the Public Where World Goes,
If You're in the Dark, Don't Get in a Stew,
Look into University Archives, Now There's a Clue"
© Alan Watt January 28th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - January 28th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and the 28th of January, 2011.  I always suggest newcomers should look into my website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and bookmark the other sites you see listed there.  These are all the official sites.  And if you have a problem downloading from the .com site, try these alternate sites.  Sometimes too many people go into the .com at the same time and that causes sticky downloads.  And remember, all those sites you'll see there carry a lot of transcripts, as well as the audios.  A lot of transcripts in English.  If you want transcripts for print-up in other languages, look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, which is listed on the .com site as well.  And take your pick from the bunch which is offered there. 


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On this show, as I say, I try, I try my best to avoid trivia, because you understand, the media's job is not there to really educate you in all the things that you should know.  It's there to inform you into the things that they want you to be formed into, basically.  And that's what happens with information.  We emulate what we see.  We think everything's fine.  We're getting Hollywood galore, but we're getting no real news, you'll notice, coming out of the mainstream.  And that's not unintentional, that's the new technique that you're going to get used to.  It's called global governance.  And it came from corporate governance.  I was looking that up today to find out how this term that's been used for the last ten, twelve years or more from the United Nations, gradually filtering into your own governments in all their official records, etc, on their own websites.  They're talking about governance, governance, and it's really a form of world management we're under.  And the whole idea is, why get the people upset about things that you want to do to change the world and make them all pay for it, of course.  If you don't tell them about it, then they won't be upset.  It's as simple as that.  Therefore you're into the New Era, where you're into information management.  And that's what's happening today.  There's a death of news out there, really, except for the trivia.  And lots and lots of that, of course.  And it's not that they don't have reporters in every country around the world, it's just that they're all on board with the same agenda.  Their bosses run the show, and they know what their bosses want.  And their bosses all belong to the same global societies you have in the US and Canada, the Council on Foreign Relations.  So, get used to it.  That's what's coming up now.  You have to really scout deep into the territories to find anything to make any sense as to what's going on in this new information-withholding society.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about, really, how the news is and has always been there to shape your mind and give you your opinions, if you have any at all, to make sure that you have the ones that you're supposed to have.  And that's really what it's all about.  And even when I was young, I used to wonder when any program came on about anything from the government, they'd have at least two experts on, one opposing the other, and the idea was take your pick of which opinion you want to have.  And people do.  They just absorb it by osmosis, and that becomes their opinion often for life.  They just get fixed into that opinion.  And they're reluctant to change their opinion down the road.  It's quite amazing.  Even though they've never really rationally thought through the very topic that supposedly helped to form the opinion at all.  And they've never done any research themselves.  That's how simple it is to be a human being, and that's how simple it is to be conned and fooled, and actually managed as a human being.  And these are all sciences, of course, well understood in psychology and behaviorism and so on, which are all in use today on whole populations. 


There's not a single government in the world that doesn't have its public relations department, that works with the script writers, to find ways of putting things across to the public, which take away all the things that might get you to worry about something or wonder about something.  They take all the bad bits out, you might say, and leave all the nicey stuff in, or very vague stuff in.  That's generally what it is, it's very vague.  And that's good enough for us.  Right down to your local town council, you'll have your public relations officers, and even police spokespersons are again, public relations officers too.  So, everything is kind of sifted through and filtered, and then dressed up to be more palatable for you to digest.  And that's how the news generally is run today.


We're going through the greatest changes, as I've mentioned for years, that have happened since the industrial era, when they dumped all the foreign foodstuffs on the market in Britain, thanks to the corn repeal act, Corn Laws, put through by Rothschild by the way, Lord Rothschild.  And all the farmers went out of business, because most folk at that time lived on the land.  And they wanted them all into these new cities they were building, that they were throwing up, so that they could work the big factories for the industrial era.  And that worked awfully well, so other countries emulated the same idea, too.


We're managed along by big business and money, always, always.  And since governments always, again, run on money, then it's obvious that those who lend the money have a big, big say in the direction that the governments are going to take.  Nothing has happened, and even through the whole era, where they pretended there was a democracy of some sort, the big boys were having their committees and associations and clubs, etc; first they started very informally, very quietly for sure, and then they became bigger and then they had to give themselves new names, which once again hid often what they were really up to.  They sounded altruistic and philanthropic in their outlooks in the names that they gave themselves, but it was all to do with bringing in a particular world society, not based on the old-fashioned models, of religion for instance, that helped to give people some sort of culture.  They always give you some kind of religion for a culture.  Also, the whole idea of having rights had to go as well, because Darwin was there and science was there, and everything was changing.  Therefore the scientists and the elite in the educated classes should really run the world and the people the way that they should be run, scientifically, instead of this wishy-washy way, where people really thought – which they did at one time, not so long ago, actually – that human life was kind of sacred.  So, we've really gone a long ways from there in a short period of time, and we're getting trained into the new society.  It's been very effective with most people already.  They're trained into it, and they don't even know it.


And along with managing the world, of course, while these same people who are intellectuals coupled with the economic classes, the high economic classes work out their mandates for the world, of course population comes up all the time.  Population control.  And that's a big, big part of it, because in their ideal society in all their forward-looking surveys that they do, they decide how many people would be the ideal amount to work their future society.  And they don't want useless eaters, many of them have said that, like Bertrand Russell, who worked in these societies, and took part in global think tanks, etc.  Therefore, they had to find ways of reducing populations.  Of course, science itself went into play, into action, heavily funded.  And out came of course, the first birth control pill; now they also have a form of chemical temporary castration for males, and they also have permanent ones as well. So, birth control became a big, big part of it. 


We've talked on this show about the global meetings they've had with the big high internationalists.  And we've read from their own websites, from the United Nations and elsewhere, and also from what I call the lucky gene club – they call it that themselves, the lucky gene club – the big philanthropic groups, which have their meetings with Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, all the people who become multi-billionaires suddenly decide that they want to reduce the population.  It's a born-again thing.  And they've talked about the need now to rapidly depopulate.  But it's been going on for quite a long time, and people really didn't realize it, because after all, if you go back to this idea of governance, and where the term comes from.  It's got an old history, governance, and it's an idea, really again, that science would use science to govern the people, including psychology, so therefore, if they, at the top, need to reduce the population what's the point in saying, look, we have to reduce your population, can we have volunteers please.  It obviously would not work.  Obviously.  So they had to find other ways, covert ways of doing it, and always whistling in the wind when they were asked questions, as to what was happening, why were these things happening.  Well, it would be a big mystery.  They wouldn't know, you see. 


And yet, in my lifetime alone, I've watched things like autism skyrocket, absolutely skyrocket from being very rare.  Same with diabetes and other things too.  Diabetes one, being very, very rare things, with a distinct MO, in other words, you understood when the onset would come on.  It was generally a fairly typical age.  And with autism, as it used to be, you could always tell when a baby was born, in the first month or so, if it was actually progressing along, they call them milestones.  And by the time they hit two, they're often saying words, like da-da, ma-ma, the usual kind of stuff, they're recognizing people and they can make eye contact.  With autism as it used to be, it didn't happen that way, from birth.  The new autism, that's standard autism now, happens after the MMR injections, within about a couple of weeks of it, often within a week, they have a fever, and they're told it's okay by the doc.  And of course a fever, when a baby's head is hot, and there's something hot inside its head, well its brain is inside its head, you see.  And when you get inflammation anywhere, you get death of tissue.  That's standard again, but we're taught this is all quite normal. 


Some people along the way, some doctors and specialists have done their surveys and so on, and they've found out, and I spoke about this back in '98 or '99 on the radio show when someone asked me about autism, and I mentioned.  I said, you know, the viruses that they use for vaccines, are not the normal viruses.  They'll tell you it's for this or that, or even the flu shot.  These are generic viruses, they're altered.  They're like a virus, like a flu virus, or like a measles or mumps, you see.  And that's how they really are.  And you can actually tell where these viruses come from, because just like viral warfare, you can tell which lab made them.  They had their little marker on it, literally.  They're altered. And they can be identified.  Well, some brave souls along the way, like Dr. Wakefield in the 90s, and I spoke about this a few days ago, a man who was vilified by his own profession, because they're all on the take from big pharma, especially the big journals of course, that run, say, the medical establishment in Britain and elsewhere, most of their funding comes from Big Pharma.  And Big Pharma puts a lot of lot of dough into these companies.  Pharma has got a lot to lose, if they were to lose their clientèle, where they tell governments, you know, we want everyone that's born to have these shots that we make.  I mean, that's a great deal for anybody who's making something, isn't it?  If everybody who was born had to wear a particular baby outfit, made by this company, there'd be an uproar about it.  But here you are, seeing big business, telling them, oh yeah, we'll get the government to mandate by law, everybody must use our product, our injections.  Well, anyway, it's been found out. 


And Wakefield said this.  And this was before even he said this, I think.  He said that in intestines of autistic children, they'd found particular viruses.  And they call them enteroviruses.  That was part of the findings.  He wasn't the first to discover this, but he was the first to really bring this to the limelight.  And I said on the shows, I said, you know, these viruses, according to your physiology, because we're all a little bit different.  No one is going to get a blood test and it will come up exactly the same as everybody else's blood test.  It doesn't happen that way. We're all a little bit different with our genetic makeup.  And sometimes the viruses, for instance, the virus will settle in the brain.  It can go into the lungs.  It can settle into the intestines or elsewhere.  And that will depend on your physiology. Well, they found these autistic children had this embedded basically in their gut tissue.  It didn't mean that's the only place that it was, but it's certainly there. 


Well, recently again, a few days ago, I mentioned that this latest study by more scientists had found that Wakefield was correct, and that they did have these lab viruses, they found, in the lining, basically, of the intestines of autistic children.  And when you go through that, and remember I said it can go there or somewhere else, or whatever, but here's an article out today, and it's from Reuters, and it says:


Two studies published on Thursday provide evidence that common viruses may cause childhood diabetes, (Alan: Right) paving the way for potential vaccines against the life-threatening condition


Interesting way, eh?  Right away into the vaccines, again.  I'll read this, because it ties in with what I'm talking about, because it could very well be the cause, the vaccines themselves, of the diabetes.  Back after this.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the connection between viruses, autism, and now diabetes.  And, as I say, people have come out in the past with their findings, and different scientists, who have been lambasted with the various medical establishments who have got too much to lose, and certainly pharma would not be happy if people were to really look critically into all the jabs their children are getting.  I'm tying it into the fact that autism and diabetes used to be pretty rare when I was young.  Believe you me, very rare.  And now it's very common.  And something has happened in the meantime.  And we've got to look at what's happened.  Like any detective story, you say, well, what's changed, what's happened?  Well, all the inoculations that came out, that's what's happened.  That's the biggest change, apart from the food and all the rest of it.  But young babies for instance are not on the adult food for instance.  You've got to tie all this in together and check it like a detective would look at a murder case, basically, and see what happened up until then, to find out what's happened.  And it says here, and it's very carefully worded, this too, and it's almost slanted, this article; however, it says here:


This suggests a virus could trigger the disease in children genetically predisposed (A: Now that's what they're telling folks now, it's been used in lawsuits, which have been very successful on autism, connecting it with the jabs, especially the measles, mumps and rubella injection.  And they always word it in the lawsuit as genetically predisposed to the condition, which is nonsense.  In other words, if you didn't get the jabs, you wouldn't have got autism.  So you weren't disposed to get the disease at all. The jabs caused the disease, but they're saying your genetic make-up was different, a little bit different from the common variety.  That's what they're saying.  And so you're genetically predisposed:) to the condition, which affects an estimated 440,000 people worldwide, said Alan Foulis of the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow, who worked on one of the studies.


"The story that is emerging is there is a virus infection that precedes the onset of autoimmunity," he told a news conference. (A: Now, what virus infection could precede the onset of auto-immunity, when your immune system kicks in when you're really young?  What could it be?  What's the only things that you're getting to do with your immune system, before your immune system kicks in?  I wonder what it could be.  Can you guess out there? I'll leave it to you.  He says:)  "There is a thought that we are looking at the culprit."


Type 1 diabetes is caused by the destruction of beta cells of the pancreas that produce the insulin necessary to regulate blood sugar levels. The autoimmune disease is different from the far more common type 2 diabetes, which is strongly associated with obesity.


Genetics play a role in diabetes but researchers know other factors such as diet are also important, with viruses long suspected as a possible trigger, (A: It could be the possible cause, couldn't it?) researchers said.


Foulis and colleagues examined 73 pancreas samples of young people who had died from diabetes and found that 60 percent of the donated organs contained evidence of enteroviral infection of beta cells.


By contrast, the researchers hardly ever saw infected beta cells in tissue samples taken from 50 children without diabetes, they reported in the journal Diabetologia.


They also found a large proportion of these infected cells in adults with the more common type 2 diabetes, suggesting that viruses may also trigger this form of the disease in some people.


A second study from Cambridge University researchers found that rare genetic mutations in a gene involved with the body's response to viruses reduce the risk of juvenile diabetes.


What's interesting here, it says they're looking into other types of viruses that might cause it, that might actually cause it.  Now, I wonder if they'll dare, ever dare to go anywhere near the one source that these mutated viruses come from, and that's the early vaccinations that they're getting.  I wonder if they'll dare go that far; or are they all too scared of losing their jobs?  Which of course, the latter is the case.  And I'll bet you that's what will happen with this.  But it's interesting news for those who suffer from these awful diseases.


As I say, in a global management system, and I've read the articles too, of where they call it the age of global management and global managers from different articles from foundations, from the United Nations, etc, and big players from this world system.  And we are definitely under the age of global management.  Here we are for instance, we get a brought-on depression, that was contrived, obviously, just like 9/11 was definitely contrived.  You couldn't have all these meetings to bring in a particular world order with a time table, without actually the towers coming down on time.  How else could you have put in a Martial Law type system, and across the whole world by the way?  Every country on board at the same time, with the same laws, rules, regulations.  And then bringing all the new technology to monitor everybody, give themselves the rights to do that.  And actually getting the public to give up their rights in the meantime too.  You couldn't have done it without that happening.  And yet they wanted this system to steamroll ahead, because this is the century of change.  It was called the century of change for years before the year 2000 came along, or 2001, by Academia.  This is when the whole planet was to go global, you see.  A new kind of governance, again, that term kept coming up.  And we're in it today.  And when your banks go down too, they tell you, oh, well, you see, you're now responsible for the whole world.  Even if you're fairly okay and stable, economically, you've got to bail out all the other countries.  We're all in it together, they tell us.  You see?  And no one has been asked about this.  There's no citizen of any country, I understand, that's been asked, is it okay if we use your cash to bail out other countries and give them cash gifts.  Or even give out cash and bail out banks in the first place.  No one was asked.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about some global management, as it's now called, with a class of global managers.  And that's what we have.  We've got CEOs basically, and captains of industries, etc, all working together as a new managerial class.  They've been there for a long time, actually, and they've been telling government what to do, and government really is changing drastically.  The biggest change you'll see, of course, is in what used to be called the different countries that comprised Europe.  And they've all ceded their sovereignty.  And they're all basically little provinces of an empire, a European empire.  And the European Union is even putting out its own embassies across the world, instead of each country doing it themselves.  They've taken over that part too.  Academia has played a big part in this.  Because remember, I said at the start of the program, that part of this global society, this post-democratic society, as the Club of Rome calls it, is that a lot of the work is farmed out, again, to professional, again, non-governmental organizations.  Sometimes called philanthropic organizations.  Big foundations with billions, sometimes trillions of dollars.  And every year they give out a little report.  And some of them, they're so secretive throughout the year, it's quite amazing.  Here's one of them. And I've mentioned this group before, that works for the European Union Parliament.  And they actually call them the Wise Men, by the way.  That's their name.  The Wise Men.  I think there were twelve of them.  And this just came out today, and it says:


Details emerge of EU’s ‘wise men’ group report


With a 9 May deadline fast approaching for the EU's 'group of wise men' to submit its report on the challenges facing Europe until 2030, EurActiv has gained an insight into the team's secretive work over the past 18 months.


(A: It goes on and on, but it doesn't really tell you anything.  It just tells you that:)


After an initial period of hesitation over how to communicate, Felipe González, chair of the 'wise men group', told his team that he had chosen "privacy, not secrecy" as a working method, insiders told EurActiv.


(A: You can tell they're lawyers, right, because they just call secrecy "privacy".  It's the same darn thing.)


In practice, little information – if any – has emerged from the 15 meetings the group has held since its launch in October 2008. In the meantime, González himself has made very few comments and rejected all interview requests.


So, the deadlines are going to approach, and maybe they'll come out and tell us some words of wisdom as to how the future is to go.  I wonder if they'll even have the usual stuff, which is version for the public and a version for the inner party, as George Orwell called it, because we're run that way.  We have an inner party in everything.  And that's again, just the way it's been given to us. 


Now, nothing, as I say, I've said this before, nothing is made in the countries anymore, pretty well.  Very few things actually made are manufactured.  And I can remember the debates they had in UK and elsewhere in Europe, before they became service economies, about service economies.  And what they said was a service economy just passes things around, which they generally import to begin with; whereas the manufacturing nations that produce the product, always have the higher standards of living or income or so on.  And they certainly have less unemployment.  And they have moved everything to China, thanks to the World Trade Organization, another supranational organization, international organization that no one voted on, once again.  It was set up just like the G20 was set up.  And never mention of course, when you go to voting for your local elections or your national, I call your national elections local elections now, because that's really what they are.  We're little provinces or regions.  So, they're the only ones manufacturing.  And remember too, after 9/11, you had all the flag-waving, everyone was told to wave flags at all these parades, and so on, and they're all made in China.  It was astonishing.  It was like one of the Canada Days, a few years back, in Canada.  And they found out that all the thousands of flags that they were giving out at Canada Day, were all made in China as well.  Well, it says here:


China cashes in on the royal wedding


(A: In Britain.  It's a bit of trivia, really. They show you the Chinese women, of course, making these plates for the commemoration plates, they call them.  And it says:)


Under bright lights they are fixing ready-made designs onto the plates by hand.


The lettering reads: "To Commemorate the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William to Catherine Middleton, 29th April 2011."


At one time all that stuff was made back in their own country too, where the weddings were held, but now everything is made in China.  Everything is made in China, isn't it?  As I say, even your flags and so on.  Everything is made in China.  And the astonishing thing was, through the '90s, I was so surprised that very few folk even noticed that things had 'Made in China' stamped.  Everything you started buying was made in China.  And all your companies, even the brand names, were still saying Made in China.  Most shoppers never even noticed.  It was astonishing to me.  The transfer had gone on so smoothly and so easily, the transfer of factories and jobs had gone so easily, they didn't even notice, never mind care. 


Do you understand that a population that is so dead, and questions nothing, doesn't have much of a chance in survival even?  Because if you don't notice what's happening in your immediate surroundings, your immediate circumstances, what chance do you have on any level at all for survival?  Any wild animal on its rounds, the foxes do it here, even rabbits do it on their runs.  If anything is different on that run, on that trail, that night, they won't carry on.  They'll go back and say, what's that tree doing down there, and they'll check it from a hundred angles before they cross it.  We're too well understood.  We've been too well conditioned.  Too well dumbed down, and we have been trained from birth that we are managed.  And that's really the problem.  That really is the problem.  We've never had to take part in any big decisions on any level, any really big decisions on any level at all.  We've been omitted from the decision making process altogether, in fact, and we've been trained, subconsciously, to leave it to those above to make all the big plans for us, and make all the big decisions.  Just let them do it.  They're experts. 


And again too, don't forget what Russell said, and all the big guys in think tanks said years ago, back in the fifties and forties and thirties.  They said that they'd bring forth an army of experts, until one day a mother wouldn't even know how to change the diaper on her own child without consulting an expert.  Well, that's all happened today.


Well, I'll go back to the phones now.  Now there's Steven from New York.  Hello, Steven.


Steven: Hello, Alan.  How you doing?


Alan: Not too bad.


Steven: Hey, I bought your books, Cutting Through 1, 2, & 3.  I watched Reality Check 1 & 2 DVD.  It's frightening, but necessary in my development.  The info is out there.  It's really too late for me to go back to sleep, and I thank you for your works.  Just a quick question.  I've been involved in listening to kind of esoteric music.  I spent a lot of time on my stereo equipment, getting it up, the high-end stuff.  I listened to about, you know, this music comes out at about a hundred copies at the max.  Sometimes a thousand copies on vinyl.  It's not available anywhere online for free.  It's deep underground music.  And I've just been critical of it, as I've been getting older.  It's kind of like an isolationist subculture.  Since you have a background in music, I was going to ask you about if you're familiar with it, the Norwegian black metal, the fascination with the trees and the forest.  Thoughts on the runes symbolism. Thoughts on the rune in general.  What does that mean?


Alan: Yeah, the old Norwegian wood stuff.  The Beatles wrote about it too.  They just touched on it, mind you, but they didn't go into any depth at all.  I know what you're talking about.


Steven: Yeah, and there's some more music I've been getting into.  It's kind of like it's experimental, like feedback noise, power electronics, and they have heavy use of Masonic symbolism, like in your books, the checkerboard floor, pyramids all over the place, skulls, the number 33 I guess, from the 33rd degree Mason.  I just wanted to get your idea.  Is there some sort of isolationist subculture that they're trying to kind of create?  Some sort of leaders for the New World, or something like that.  I'm just kind of confused.


Alan: Well, it started off that way.  You find that most groups were taken over.  Their managers were definitely always into the various Masonic groups and so on, especially the OTO.  That was the main one for sixty, seventy years, was the Order Templi Orientis.  That's why they gave so much credence to the founder of it, Aleister Crowley.  And the Beatles put his face, of course, on one of their albums too.  Everybody was into that stuff back then too.  They were pushing all of that.  Today, it's gone from that to creating the advanced arm of the culture of change.  And that's what it was for.  It was to change society along a specific path, and once again, to bring in a new type of morality, which everyone else, the older folk, thought was immorality, but it was to do that.  It was to destroy all that was, to bring in that which is new.  And we're there today with it all, with trans-gender singers and all the rest of it.


Steven: Actually, I see this all as like a fascination with the boot stomping on the head.  You know what I mean, sort of like a bring back, of, if I can even call it, Nazi symbolism and pagan roots and stuff.  And I had a question about that too, because I was thinking about that. You know, I'm a tobacco smoker.  I smoke cigarettes.  And I live in New York, so I'm spending tons of money for tobacco cigarettes.  And you know, I think about Hitler's campaign against tobacco.  And I thought about it like coinciding suddenly this anti-tobacco campaign, with the aerosol spraying.  And I just wanted to know if there was any sort of correlation that you had come through thinking about, like the anti-tobacco campaign, and also the sudden emergence of this aerosol spray.


Alan: They did coincide.  There's no doubt about it.  We do know too, I don't know if you know that, if you go into the United Nations World Health Organization site, they'll tell you that every country that signed on the anti-tobacco and it's literally ban the smoking campaign, and the President of the US and the Prime Minister of Canada, just signed the fifth annual agreement, to up the taxes again, every year, until it's impossible to purchase it.  I wondered about that, because, obviously, it's good business for them to let us die off and all the rest of it.  And since 1998, since they did steady spraying in the skies, and weather modification too, thousands of folk have got problems with their lungs now.  They just can't shake off the different infections that set in.  Sometimes it doesn't appear as an infection.  It's more like an inflammation.  And they come and go.  And a lot of the elderly and the young of course are heavily affected by this, and it's definitely killing people off.  This is understood.  These guys at the top, keep the stats on our health all the time.  And they know what they're doing.  They know what the fallout is.  Even the guys who pretend they're just going to start geo-engineering when they get the right remedies for it, you know, even they admit that what they intend to put into the air will cause problems and probably deaths as well.  So, the fact is, they have been doing it. And I often wondered.  I says, is it because that when you smoke that the alveoli in your lung tissue, that are like millions of little tiny hairs that waft the phlegm up your throat, basically which you swallow, it gets tarred to an extent, and it traps a lot of micro-organisms from going through these tissue into the bloodstream.  And so technically...


Steven: The metals and whatever else they're spraying.  I thought about that too.  That's kind of what, I wanted to ask you any thoughts about that.


Alan: Well, some of these things have been discussed in warfare, the memos, etc, to do with viral and chemical warfares, that smokers...


Steven: Right.  Because I noticed smokers, during (say) work, they're more aware.  They're kind of more alert.  And, you know, we have our smoke breaks or whatever, and we kind of talk, and things about, you know, what's going on today.  And then you go back to work, and it's football and you know the celebrity of the day and stuff.  So, I kind of wondered about that.


Alan:  And I do, I do wonder about that too, because it's a big mystery as to why, you'd think they'd be encouraging more and more folk to smoke, especially when they want the taxes too, and they want you dying off, but it actually seems to be the other way around.  There's a war on smoking.  And they call it at the United Nations World Health Organization, the War on Smoking.  And then they followed it up with a War on Obesity as well.  What you were mentioning too was interesting, that Hitler was the first guy to put the ban on smoking.  Hitler also was a vegetarian.  And I don't know how many people realize that in the old mystery religions, and even Benjamin Franklin became a vegetarian for that reason too, when he joined the higher Masonic Lodges.  And he says that in his own diaries.  This is a tradition down through time with a particular group.  So, it's quite fascinating to see that. 


Now, getting back to the music industry.  Once they started to catch on that there was a lot of occultic symbolism on the sleeves and within the music and so on, the big guys who run the industry really caught on to it, and started using it.  And the more occultic messaging they put in there, the better it is for sales, they find.  So it's getting used for both reasons now.  It's like Lady Gaga.  There's sites galore up there on all the occultic stuff.  Now she doesn't sit and dream this stuff up.  She's too dumb and stupid and raking in the cash to be thinking about that.  It's the guys that manage her that set her up in the Masonic Temples and put all the occultic mysticism around them.  Again, it ties in with this back-to-nature society, the pantheism society.  Gorbachev himself said, now that we've pretty well destroyed the basic religions, we'll have to form a new kind of religion of Earth Worship he said, based around Earth Worship.  Well, that ties in with Environmentalism. 


Steven: Right.  So they kill us all off, and they have their Garden of Eden, basically. 


Alan: That's basically it.  And that's what they're going down too.  There's ancient, of course, there's legends to do with all this occultic stuff, going back to the groves, the ancient groves as well.  Even in Jewish folklores, a lot of Jewish folklore surrounding Judaism itself; it's like fairy tales; they even mention that Moses' staff was placed in a grove at one point.  If you look at the Cathedrals in the Catholic Churches, what you're actually looking at, when you look up towards the ceiling, you're looking at perfected trees all branching together and melding together in the perfected grove, done by the stone masons.  And people go in there all the time and don't even notice.  That's what it's actually representing.  Thanks for calling. 


It's been an amazing ancient sort of mystic religion all down through the ages.  They also call it the perennial religion, because it keeps cropping up every so often down through time, with the same thing of reincarnation, Mother Earth, etc.  Quite, quite fascinating to go into.  As I say too, occultism now is just like any other business.  Especially in the music business.  It gets sold.  It's a selling point.  Although the bigger stars definitely will get into the higher orders.  There's no doubt about that.  And we'll go to Luke in Vermont.  Are you there Luke?  Hello?


Luke: Yes.  Speaking on the music industry, I was wondering what your opinion is on people who claim to be Socialists, who are speaking out against the New World Order.  I'm not sure what to make of that.


Alan: It's quite easy.  It's simple, really.  Socialism used to be basically concerned with what they thought was left wing, and of course, they were misinformed at the bottom.  And I'll explain that when I get back from this break.


Alan: Hi folks, we're back, and Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking to Luke from Vermont, who's talking about Socialism.  You've got to understand, when an army has to be created, an army of people to push towards something, those who formed it are always up, high up in academia.  They're not from the working classes for instance.  However, they need the working class movements to help them along on their way.  So they always give them a different story at the bottom of what Socialism is.  Which is the taxes, if you're going to pay taxes at all then the money should come back to the people, which sounds all very fair, you know.  And that's what they've been pushing for, for years.  However, the higher level of Socialists believe in scientific Socialism, which is a planned society.  And part of the answer to unemployment is they look at the problem, and say, well, there's just too many people to be employed, so we'll get rid of too many people and prevent the births.  George Bernard Shaw, who was a founder of scientific socialism for the Fabian Society, along with H.G. Wells, gave out that kind of information on the higher level to his own class.  While, as I say, down in the working class level, they literally thought, they were taught that it was going to benefit the people.  And, unfortunately today, it hasn't changed.  There's two levels, two understandings of it, for the working class, as opposed to the academic class, higher up.  To the academic class, it's a form of controlling the population, the planned society.  And of course, along with that in this wonderful utopia, they also see themselves as living far higher up on the tree than you will be at the bottom, because, after all, they're important people.  And that's what George Orwell was trying to tell us in Nineteen Eighty-Four, when he said that some people are more equal than others in such utopias.  We see it here today even, with the salaries they give them in the different parties and all that kind of stuff, as opposed to the ordinary people.  So it's a con game.  The whole idea of politics as we've been presented with it is the dialectic.  It's the right wing or the left wing and you ping-pong from one to the other throughout your life.  That's what they want you to do, without ever figuring out the game.  But they all work together on the same path.  You'll always get to the planned society at the end.  And that's really how it works.


Now, we'll go to Mark from Boston.  Are you there Mark?


Mark: Alan, hi.  Yes.  It's good to talk to you, man.  I wanted to circle back, really quickly if you could, in the minutes that you have left.  If you could talk about, you know, our dependence on experts that you mentioned.  You know, every day, it seems another study gets published that contradicts the study from the day before.  That tells us we should be, you know, that women should breast-feed their children, or they shouldn't breast-feed their children.  Or, that they should be vaccinated or not.  That organic foods are better or they're you know, nutritionally equivalent to non-organic foods.  And I'm a science journalist, you know.  And I find it very vexing that studies get published so reflexively by reporters who have no understanding.  You know, we're completely dependent on scientists presumably telling us the truth.


Alan: That's hitting the nail on the head.  That's the key, and that was the whole point.  As Russell said, we'll create a society that is dependent on scientists for everything that they have to do.  It's training the public they cannot think for themselves, they can't trust themselves, and they have no authority, never mind expertise in judging anything.  That's part of the whole technique, so you're quite right.  And again, you get this big media hype and so many grants getting thrown out there for groups to publish their findings. Red wine is good for you.  Red wine is bad for you.  I've heard that a thousand times.  It's the same con games.  It's training everyone that they can't trust themselves.  So you're quite right.


Mark: Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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