Feb. 1, 2011 (#759)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 1, 2011:

Frankfurt School, One of a Kind,
Members Strove to Own Your Mind:

"The Manner Which "News" is Routinely Presented
Leaves Thinkers Cold, the Technique Resented,
For it's Geared to Children, Around 5th Grade,
With Marketers Aiding the Way it's Made,
It's an Arm of Governance for Perception Control,
And Propaganda that Deadens the Soul,
We Go Through Life, Regardless of Mentality,
With Thoughts Implanted from P.R. "Reality",
In Fact We're Products of Psychological Technique,
Very Few Hunt Old Books, Knowledge to Seek,
Contamination was Loosed Upon Each Culture,
Countries Destroyed and Looted by the Vulture"
© Alan Watt Feb. 1, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 1, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 1, 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you do look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are free there for download.  I try and give you a lot of information to tie this big picture of reality and give you shortcuts.  I try and tie it together for you; it saves you an awful lot of your lifetime going through the big maze of disinformation out there.  You can trace this world society.  You can trace the big agenda, the big plan.  Itís been published in lots of books. In fact, the best places to go really are the Marxist university libraries themselves which will give you a lot of information on how you have all become what you have become, and why you think the way that you do, and why your governments are the way they are, and the very fact that there was a 100 years war going on, on culture and everything else that we take for granted today.  We think that everything is normal because we are now what they used to call in communism, Ďcontaminated.í  The abnormal has become the normal.  Everyone has been affected by that because it was a worldwide, at least European and North American-wide agenda going on at the same time.  In some countries they fought it with weaponry, hard weaponry, and they use the soft weaponry.  That was on soft matter too; it was on our brains.  Of course, the odd thing was our own governments didnít say much about it happening at the time, which used to make me wonder about that. 


Remember, you are the listeners who bring me to you so you can help me out by buying the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I donít write the usual style of history because history means Ďhis storyí; itís whoever wins battles or serves the king who writes the memoirs and so on.  Thatís what history is all about.  I show you a lot of the cons and tricks that are used to govern people, and the coding as well because there is a language behind it.  Itís a kind of slang coding you might call it, but they use this trick even today.  I was even reading some articles this afternoon where you could see the particular wording which is used.  Itís a bit of a double meaning of course; thatís how they con the public, but the joke is always for the insiders.  We have been run this way for a long time.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


This world is quite something.  All mammals will adapt into the system into which they are born, if they are not warned by adults.  Of course if the adults didnít know themselves, that they themselves were altered from the previous generation, with their morals, beliefs, and opinions and so on, their view of life, then the child doesnít think to question it himself.  You just accept it as quite normal, especially when your own peer group is growing up with you, all with the same acceptance that obviously everything must be normal because it simply existsÖ it simply exists that way.  We donít question it from then on.  Of course then you go to school and the school is run through an international education system Ė whether the folk know that or not, or even a lot of them donít want to believe it.  It IS; itís international.  Thatís part of what UNESCO is all about at the United Nations.  They are told what kind of things to put into the curriculums, what things to push.  Itís all groupthink now anyway.  There is very little real individual instruction and they donít really want individual opinions about how the world really is or how you, or a child, or anyone else sees the world, with their own perceptions.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  The way the media presents news to us is to keep us thinking that things are just happening day by day and things come out of the blue, like this farce in Egypt that just suddenly materialized and of course theyíre all squabbling as to what to do about it; stuff like that.  Of course nothing is further from the truth because in the real world with information technology and all the rest of it, the big boys at the NSA and everywhere else that has the same organization, know exactly whatís coming up down the road.  They keep a hold of all emails, all chatter on cell phones, they know who is saying what; even the hackers of course have been into the emails as we well know.  So there is nothing secret about whatís happening so nothing takes anybody by surprise, except the general public; at least thatís how itís presented to you.  That helps those who help bring on revolutions and so on because you then wait for your government to do something about it.  It makes you kind of want them to do something, just do something about whatís happening here or there or whatever, but nothing is further from the truth. 


Itís a big business plan in the world.  The one thing that you always find with dictators, who are chosen or created to be dictators by the Western agencies or powers, you always find itís always a dodgy step to go because you are their best pal as long as you have a function for them, but they will dispose of you so quickly if they have no more purpose for you in the world.  Thatís what weíre seeing it seems to be in Egypt.  Iíve already mentioned yesterday that the institute for the Crisis Resolution and so on, to which Brzezinski and others belong to, also have the guy they are pushing to take over, it seems, in Egypt, this Mohamed ElBaradei involved.  So they are both members of the same organization.  They donít just go into resolve crisis.  It seems to be, like doublespeak as always, they go in there and they actually help to get the crisis going with SOFT POWER.  Iíve been through articles a year ago on what soft power is from the United Nations and from the reports put out by the US military and the reports put out by the Council on Foreign Relations.  They actually refer to the armies, the massive armies of non-governmental organizations as soft power.  They fund them to take off to different countries to help start off what appears to be a popular uprising, a revolution, to get a new system in. And why anybody would want democracy I donít know.  Look at Britain, itís the home of democracy and they are dividing it up piecemeal right now and selling parts of it all off. 


Everything is a con, you see, because we live under a bigger plan than all that, obviously.  Here is the typical nonsensical news handout you get.  It saysÖ


US scrambles to size up ElBaradei

ndtv.com / Helene Cooper and Scott Shane, New York Times, February 01, 2011


Washington:  When President Obama unexpectedly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 (Alan:  You get that for blowing up people to pieces.  Thatís why you get the Nobel Peace Prize.), one predecessor was quick to applaud his selection for the award.


"I could not have thought of any other person that is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than Barack Obama," Mohamed ElBaradei, then the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said in a videotaped statement. He went on to praise Mr. Obama's commitment "to restore moral decency" to the lives of people around the world.  (A:   I wonder what he meantÖ Iíd like to see the definition of Ďmoral decency.í)


But on Sunday, Mr. ElBaradei, now a prominent face of the opposition on the streets of Cairo (A:   Actually heís only one of many guys who are vying for power, but itís the only one the media has been told to concentrate on, so that it will be no shock when we find out he ends up being the boss.), was sounding a different tune. "The American government cannot ask the Egyptian people to believe that a dictator who has been in power for 30 years will be the one to implement democracy," Mr. ElBaradei told CBS's "Face the Nation." He called the United States' refusal to openly abandon President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt "a farce."


Mr. ElBaradei, 68, had a fractious relationship with the Bush administration (A:  This is to make you think that if Obama likes him, heís left wing so heís okay.  This is all written this way, actually; thatís how they do it.), one so hostile that Bush officials tried to get him removed from his post at the atomic watchdog agency. But as Egypt's powerful Muslim Brotherhood and the secular opposition on the streets of Cairo have increasingly coalesced around Mr. ElBaradei to negotiate on their behalf, the Obama administration is scrambling to figure out whether he is someone with whom the United States can deal.  (A:   Now, if anyone canít see itís already a done dealÖ you know, well, I canít help you.  This has been planned for probably a few years.  They already had, Iím sure, their NGO agents in there, lots of cash behind them, getting the students ready and all the rest of them to start to protest.)


Since the protests in Egypt erupted, Obama administration officials have been trying to reach Mr. ElBaradei, but they had not made contact as of Monday afternoon, a White House official said. "I think that outreach is ongoing," said Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary.


Besides both winning Nobel prizes (Mr. ElBaradei won his Peace Prize in 2005), Mr. Obama and Mr. ElBaradei both opposed the war in Iraq (A:   Well they always do until they get into power, eh.), a position that tainted Mr. ElBaradei's relations with the Bush administration. Mr. Obama and Mr. ElBaradei spoke by telephone three times in the fall of 2009, as the nuclear agency director was finishing up his term, and the two men met in September 2009 at the United Nations, where Mr. Obama was hosting a nuclear security summit meeting. They talked about Iran's nuclear ambitions, a White House official said.


(A:   It says theyíre all enthusiastic about him and all the rest of it, and he seems to be the right kind of guy, and can they deal with him, and all that kind of stuff.  It says the only contention, and whether itís real or not weíll never know until that guy is actually in, and Iíll bet you anything heíll change his tune, but it saysÖ)


But in an interview last June with the London-based Al Quds Al-Arabi, Mr. ElBaradei called the Gaza blockade "a brand of shame on the forehead of every Arab, every Egyptian and every human being." He called on his government, and on Israel, to end the blockade, which Israeli and Egyptian officials argue is needed to ensure security.


During an I.A.E.A. board of governors meeting in June 2009, Mr. ElBaradei clashed sharply with Israel's representative over a Syrian reactor destroyed in an Israeli airstrike in 2007. An American cable from Vienna said that Israel had ignored advice not to criticize Mr. ElBaradei publicly, and he responded in kind, accusing Israel of violating international law.  (A:   So theyíre all playing diplomatic games it seems.)


As I say, the whole thing is, it seems to be this is the guy that the powers-that-be want in.  Heíll change his tune on some things, no doubt, once he is in.  Thatís how they get in, of course, like any other kind of politician.  Now, Zbigniew Brzezinski belongs to the same Crisis Resolution group, which is a misnomer because they foment crisis.  Zbigniew Brzezinski has already said that he was involved with the demonstrations that occurred in Iran last year and of course they used their soft power NGOs, flew them in, financed them, and he said he was involved Ė I put up the link at the time where you hear him saying it himself.  He was involved in that; so heís no doubt involved in this too.  It says here about BrzezinskiÖ


 ĎEgypt Is Seethingí

John Barry / January 30, 2011 / newsweek.com


As President Jimmy Carterís national-security adviser during the 1979 fall of the shah in Iran, Zbigniew Brzezinski has dealt intimately with history-bending revolutions. (A:   Heís been behind some actually.)  After mass protests deposed a regime in Tunisia and later spread to the streets of Egypt and Yemen last week, NEWSWEEKís John Barry talked to the Johns Hopkins professor about the way young people across the Arab worldómany of them disaffected and disenchantedóare now connecting on the circuits of a new revolutionary age.  (A:  God help them because Iíll tell you, if they get democracy theyíll be in the same boat as Britain and elsewhere, where theyíre looted, plundered, and then sold off to the private sector.  They always fight for dreams, eh; and thatís all they get, is dreams.) 


Itís interesting too, that Brzezinski also was the guy who helped foment the revolution, the first revolution against the Russians in Afghanistan.  I put the link up before Ė Iíll try and drag it up tonight Ė where you actually hear him meeting with some of these people and saying, your war will be a holy war, a Jihad.  And sure enough it was; they kicked out the Russians in order for America to invade. 


Zbigniew Brzezinski to Jihadists: Your cause is right!



Itís quite a world we live in, the games these guys play, Zbigniew Brzezinski and others, because no wonder they come out with books called, you know, The Grand Chessboard, and all that kind of stuff.  These guys play chess with the world, but for geopolitics.  And theyíre all Marxists, by the way, to boot as well.  If you donít know what kind of system youíre really in, itís Fascio-Marxism.  Marxism grew and got backing from the very beginning from the richest people on the planet.  Thatís what the system is that theyíve brought in elsewhere across the world. 


ĎEgypt Is Seethingí [continued]


A few years back you said a ďdemographic revolutionĒ awaited the Middle East like a ďpolitical time bomb.Ē Has that moment come?


[Brzezinskiís response:]† Today we have somewhere between 80 million and 130 million young people around the world who come from the socially insecure lower middle class and constitute a community of mutual infection with angers, passions, frustrations, and hatreds. These students are revolutionaries-in-waiting (A:   Öhe says.). When they erupt at volatile moments, they become very contagious. And whereas Marxís industrial proletariat more than a century ago was fragmented in local groups, today these young people are interacting via the Internet.  (A:   That means there are higher forces controlling them.  Thatís what that means.)


Theyíre actually transmitting techniques, as major social movements long have. Think back to the upheavals in Central Europe a generation ago. Solidarity used slogans and colors. (A:   Solidarity, by the way, was actually a Marxist thing too, that came out of I think it was the University of Aberdeen way back in the 60s by the Marxists there.)  The more recent uprisings in Central Europe followed suit: the Velvet Revolution, the Orange Revolution. (A:   Again, the Velvet and the Orange Revolutions were put, again, these NGOs that were sent in with all the Orange scarves and hats and placards and so on, by the WEST.)  Everybody is imitating everybody. And today we see that young people in Cairo have clearly been watching what is happening in Tunis and have been energized to action. 


It was interesting too, I read that article where the wife of the President of Tunis had flown off with one-and-a-half tons of gold, and it turns out theyíre in Montreal.  Thatís what happened too, when the NAFTA deal was going on and Brian Mulroney and the President of the US had said that, it was Salinas I think he name was, President of Mexico at the time, was the man to lead this unification of the Americas and they were right behind him.  Then the next week he ran off with the treasury of Mexico. By the way, he ended up in Montreal as well for quite some time and then he went to Dublin.  Then the US and Canada had to spend about $50 billion to bail out Mexico; he wasnít touched of course.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím going to put up a link tonight too on the underwear bomber.  There was a hearing apparently that took place and it wasnít what was said at the hearing that was important.  It was the fact that 2 lawyers I think who were on the aircraft came forward and said that the CIA put the guy on the aircraft in the first place Ė which we all pretty well knew at the time Ė and the guy was nothing but a patsy. 


Flight 253 The US Government Escorted Abumutallab Through Security Without A Passport



That was on the other side before he came into the States.  That all came out at the time, mind you, but youíve got people coming out with some credence behind them saying it.  When they were asked, these lawyers, why they think the US government did this, they said, part of it could to be a test Ė which they were, they were testing this kind of stuff before, putting stuff through Ė and also to get their x-ray machines and so on sold, because there is big, big business you see, and also no doubt to terrify the public for the necessity of them.  This is definitely a set-up job.  Iím glad somebody came out and actually said something who was on the plane.  So you can watch the YouTube video link that Iíll put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the show.  Last year I mentioned one, too, where I think it was in Germany that they put 5 explosives on different aircraft using passengersí luggage Ė the passengers didnít know.  The idea was to have them recover this stuff before they were actually put on the plane.  One got through; a guy carried it to his home in Ireland and he ended up getting surrounded by SWAT teams Ė he had no idea what was happening Ė and they found the stuff there.  So they are doing these kinds of things all the time.  We are just the sheep.  It doesnít matter about what the sheep do; the sheep donít think too much these days, thatís for sure. 


Now, Britain is putting in a bill for national service, for the military I guess it is.  Itís from the parliamentís web site.  It saysÖ



National Service Bill 2010-11


Type of Bill:  Private Members' Bill (Presentation Bill)

Sponsor:  Mr Philip Hollobone


(A:  Itís got the progress of the bill, how many readings itís had and the stages itís got to so far.)


This Bill was presented to Parliament on 5 July 2010. This is known as First Reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage.


The Bill is a Private Member's Bill which are often not printed until close to a Second Reading debate.  If the text of the Bill is not available on these pages and you want information about the text, then you would need to contact the Member sponsoring the Bill.


This Bill will be on the Order Paper for a Second Reading debate on 16 March 2012, although the House is not expected to sit on this day.  (A:  Thatís the sort of day they ram things through, you understand; two or three turn up then they ram things through.  So it probably will get rammed through, Iíd imagine.)


Summary of the Bill

A Bill to provide a system of national service for young persons; and for connected purposes. 


You can keep your eyes on this because itís definitely designed to go somewhere folks and it doesnít look too good, for this system of perpetual war.  Thatís what they are calling this big change, the radical change, change is good.  Itís perpetual war; Iíve read the articles from the militaryís own magazines.  They actually call it perpetual warÖ until they have their whole world system worked out and working, or in some dysfunctional manner somehow.  Thatís what theyíre after. 


Now, Monsanto, again, itís a big player.  This world system, you see, is to eventually control all food Ė all food Ė and all youíll be left with in a vegetarian society, which they say it must become, will be Monsantoís and all the big boysí genetically modified food, which actually genetically modifies you too.  The farmers are completely dependent, like serfs, on these companies once they start using it because you canít reuse the seed.  They also put terminator genes in the seeds so that they wonít sprout next year when you plant them, so you have to go back to the boss man every year to collect seed.  And you also must use their chemicals on these particular crops as well.  So itís very lucrative for Monsanto; they become king of the world by owning the food.  They are doing the same with water too, as you well know. 


The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now?

By Ronnie Cummins / Organic Consumers Association, Jan 27, 2011 / organiccomsumers.org


In the wake of a 12-year battle to keep Monsanto's Genetically Engineered (GE) crops from contaminating the nation's 25,000 organic farms and ranches, America's organic consumers and producers are facing betrayal. A self-appointed cabal of the Organic Elite, spearheaded by Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield Farm, (A:  Must be a huge franchise set up or something.) has decided it's time to surrender to Monsanto. Top executives from these companies have publicly admitted that they no longer oppose the mass commercialization of GE crops, such as Monsanto's controversial Roundup Ready alfalfa (A:  Thatís just been passed too by the way in the US.), and are prepared to sit down and cut a deal for "coexistence" with Monsanto and USDA biotech cheerleader Tom Vilsack.


In a cleverly worded, but profoundly misleading email sent to its customers last week, Whole Foods Market, while proclaiming their support for organics and "seed purity," gave the green light to USDA bureaucrats to approve the "conditional deregulation" of Monsanto's genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant alfalfa.  Beyond the regulatory euphemism of "conditional deregulation," this means that WFM and their colleagues are willing to go along with the massive planting of a chemical and energy-intensive GE perennial crop, alfalfa; guaranteed to spread its mutant genes and seeds across the nation; guaranteed to contaminate the alfalfa fed to organic animals; guaranteed to lead to massive poisoning of farm workers and destruction of the essential soil food web by the toxic herbicide, Roundup; and guaranteed to produce Roundup-resistant superweeds that will require even more deadly herbicides such as 2,4 D to be sprayed on millions of acres of alfalfa across the U.S.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  It says in the same article, concerning the GMO alfalfa and whatís happening in the StatesÖ


According to informed sources, the CEOs of WFM and Stonyfield are personal friends of former Iowa governor, now USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack, and in fact made financial contributions to Vilsack's previous electoral campaigns. Vilsack was hailed as "Governor of the Year" in 2001 by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, and traveled in a Monsanto corporate jet on the campaign trail. Perhaps even more fundamental to Organic Inc.'s abject surrender is the fact that the organic elite has become more and more isolated from the concerns and passions of organic consumers and locavores. The Organic Inc. CEOs are tired of activist pressure, boycotts, and petitions. Several of them have told me this to my face. They apparently believe that the battle against GMOs has been lost, and that it's time to reach for the consolation prize.  The consolation prize they seek is a so-called "coexistence" between the biotech Behemoth and the organic community that will lull the public to sleep and greenwash the unpleasant fact that Monsanto's unlabeled and unregulated genetically engineered crops are now spreading their toxic genes on 1/3 of U.S. (and 1/10 of global) crop land.  (A:  And ainít that the truth, eh?  But see, you canít stop them because itís a big cabal at the top, that run the world, that run the Marxist side, every other side, all the sides for the big guys who basically run the countries, and thatís the top money lenders, not just little banking boys, not those guys.)


Also Iíll put a link up tonight on Hillary Clinton.  Something is going on here.


Clinton Ambassador Meeting:

Unprecedented Mass Meeting Of Top Envoys

01/31/11 / huffingtonpost.com


WASHINGTON ó Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors.


The top envoys from nearly all of America's 260 embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries will be gathering at the State Department beginning on Monday. Officials say it's the first such global conference.


The gathering comes at a time of crisis in Egypt that could reshape dynamics in the Middle East, fallout from leaked diplomatic documents and congressional calls for sweeping cuts in foreign aid.  (A:  Well, itís really about Israel.  Itís to make sure they all get their stories straight when they are asked by the press what they think and so on.  Thatís really what it is; they must always be on board, in consensus, with the little buzzwords they are being taught to say.  The same thing that happened with Ďweapons of mass destruction;í the PR guys dreamed it up and of course they all had to sit in a room and all parrot it together, each time they were asked questions, until they do the same with the press.  It will be the same thing thatís going on here.)


Although the meeting has been called to discuss U.S. foreign policy priorities for 2011, officials say Clinton plans to meet personally with ambassadors from front-line states to hear about developments on the ground. Officials also expect that specific concerns about the WikiLeaks revelations will be raised.  (A:  I donít think they are really bothered about that to be honest with you, about the WikiLeaks at all.)


Thereís an article here to do with China.  China, again, is the model state.  The United Nations says that over and over; itís the model state for the world to emulate.  Itís a perfect system where itís still technically communist; itís an authoritarian governmental regime that runs everything in a pyramidal structure and everyone is very obedient underneath it Ė very, very obedient indeed.  Of course theyíre also the largest manufacturer on the planet right now; thatís how they were set up to be.  So communism became the greatest capitalism, but still calling it communism.  In other words, itís capitalist but theyíre keeping the fascist element and theyíre still calling it communist, on top.  Because itís an authoritarian society; they donít want this idea of this kind of democracy.  Even that character Hansen, at NASA, whoís the big greenie of course, heís also said itís the model that we should all follow for the whole world.  He praises them to the hilt.  But listen to thisÖ


Emissions limit freezes residents

By Yan Jie (China Daily) / chinadaily.com.cn /† 2011-01-13


(A:  This is how itís worded here, from a Chinese newspaper.)


BEIJING - Thousands of people in a Central China city may have to endure freezing weather for the rest of this winter after part of the city's heating service was stopped due to the enforced closure of a major local power plant to meet energy-saving goals.  (A:  Theyíre pretending itís under the Kyoto Protocols and all that.)


Fu Zaocheng, manager of Bikun Heating Company in Linzhou city of Central China's Henan province told China Daily on Wednesday that one of the city's two heating providers had stopped its service on Jan 5.


The heating problem came after the Linzhou Youchuang Power Co, a local coal-fired power plant (A:  Theyíre allowed to use coal there you see; they donít have to pay any carbon taxes.), which also supplies power for the city's two heating providers, was ordered to cease operations at the end of last year. The decision was made to meet the city government's rules on energy saving.


On Jan 5, two cooling towers were dismantled at the power plant, causing the loss of power supply for both Fu's company and Liyuan Heating Company, the city's other heating provider.  (A:  So in other words, what theyíre telling us under the guise of saving pollution and emissions and all the rest of it, and of course being cost effective with fuel consumption, that the residents have to freeze to death for the rest of the winter.  Now this is the model state for the worldÖ I hope you understand what Iím saying here.  Itís obviously also some goof-up because they should have another power plant on line and that never came, it failed to materialize; and the Chinese hate to lose face so theyíll use something like this to tell you that theyíre trying to save emissions, etc, etc.)


So itís going to be quite something for the residents there as they freeze, to show theyíre good citizens, good global citizens, and doing what theyíre told by their government, and suffering.  And thatís the model state for the world to follow.  Iím not kidding about that, folks. Thatís going to happen elsewhere, very, very, very shortly as they gear this whole global system together.  Thatís what theyíre doing right now.  As I say, Britain is the flagship for the whole of Europe to follow as well, and itís a basket case over there, an absolute basket case.


Hereís an article to do with the super tank ammo, the depleted uranium.  Iíll put this link up too.  Itís from the Courier Mail, Australia. 


Tank super ammo ragets Diggers

Carly Hennessy From: The Sunday Mail (Qld) / couriermail.com.au /January 30, 2011


FSDSAP shell tipped with depleted tungsten, which is similar to a shell tipped with depleted uranium, is seen here at the General Direction of Armament in Bourges, France.


GRAEME Seale didn't know any of this when he went to Somalia with the Australian Army as a repair and maintenance officer in 1993.


He told the Repatriation Medical Authority he worked at a US-Australian shared wash-down yard where he would clean vehicles.  (A:  I think they even did a documentary on television, maybe the BBC did that one, because all the guys who worked on those vehicles, that were covered with a white powder from these exploding shells, came down with cancers.)


He said he was exposed to dust and debris blown from tanks used in live fire and would splash around in shared water from the same area.


A few years after returning, he reported kidney problems which he told the authority was a sign of radiation exposure and developed a brain tumour, a malignant neoplasm of the brain. He died in 2009 aged 56.


Depleted uranium is used by a handful of countries in their armoury as it is almost twice as strong as lead and makes an effective casing as well as protection in some types of tanks.  (A:  It actually punches right through the tanks; itís amazing.)


Australia does not use depleted uranium. The official line is Australian troops can only come into contact with DU if they serve alongside NATO forces, such as the US, which use it extensively.  (A:  They left a lot of that stuff in Bosnia and theyíve got a lot of birth problems there now, genetic problems, malformations and so on, and tumors; the same thing of course in Iraq.  This is the cost of war they tell us.)


But it took only a dozen calls to veterans and their advocates by The Sunday Mail to dig up a handful who had come into close contact with DU, with some concerned for their health.


According to a question and answer session in 2006 in the Senate, the Australian Navy did use DU munitions after buying the fully loaded Phalanx Close-In Weapons System from the US in the 1980s.


It took the navy 10 years to phase out the munitions, which have been replaced with tungsten penetrators.


Late last year, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Australia ruled there was "no evidence which points to a connection between Seale's service in Somalia and his malignant neoplasm of the brain", adding: At the highest is a mere possibility only."  (A:  Oh, they always say that, donít they, these guys?)


Seale's widow, Lynette, and his veteran's advocate who prepared the case, Helena Smith, always knew it was going to be an uphill battle.


They were trying to set a precedent.


The first step was to have the Repatriation Medical Authority accept there was enough exposure to DU to cause his brain tumour. 


We had the same in Canadian troops as well.  I remember the CBC did a documentary and there were female soldiers that came back and their hair fell out, their teeth fell out.  It was quite a good documentary.  You saw these poor souls, and that was after serving over there as well.  So they are using it and the military always denies because they are privately owned, you understand, like your governmentís a private corporation, and when you join the military you become a Ďprivate;í you are taken out of the public and you are now owned privately.  You see.  And they can do with you as they wish, by the way, once that happens Ė for those who didnít understand that.


Britain right now, they are selling off the forests of Britain to private guys who will then use them supposedly, I have no doubt, to offset their taxes by calling them carbon sinks. 


Protest over Grizedale Forest sell-off plan

More than 1,000 people have attended a rally in Cumbria in protest against Government plans to sell off woodland.

30 January 2011 / bbc.co.uk


Ministers want to transfer power from the Forestry Commission, which owns 18% of woodlands, to the private sector which they say will aid public control.  (A:  That means we will not get into it.)


But campaigners fear private owners could ban horses, cycles, or even dogs.  (A:  Well, they will definitely ban humans.)


Speakers at the event, near the Grizedale Visitor Centre, included Lord Clark of Windermere, a former Forestry Commission chairman.


Lord Clark said: "If this sell-off goes ahead, whether it is leasehold or freehold, it will actually cost us more money.  (A:  Öwhich Iíve no doubt it will.)


"The government is proposing some of our forests to be given away to charities (A:  Given away to these NGOs that are backed by the big foundations, like theyíre not stinking rich enough, right.) and then provide them with an annual subsidy to run the forests.  (A:  So, again, public/private.  They GIVE them to charities Ė and believe you me, the CEOs of these charities earn some incredible buckaroos Ė and then the public support them and pay all their upkeep.  Itís just an amazing con.)


"We give £26 million a year to private forestry. That will probably double if we have to subsidise the charities."


Also addressing the crowd was Cumbria Tourism and Wainwright Society chairman, Eric Robson, who described the Grizedale forest estate as absolutely crucial to tourism in the county.


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (A:  Itís amazing too how theyíve expanded that, the Department for ENVIRONMENT, you see, FOOD, and RURAL AFFAIRS.  Itís all combined now.)  has said it envisaged "a managed programme of reform to further develop a competitive, thriving and resilient forestry sector that includes many sustainably-managed woods", and was committed to biodiversity and other public benefits(A:  That means more ants and bugs and stuff like that.)


So itís just amazing, as they divide what was once a country up piecemeal.  You canít believe how bad itís actually getting. 


Authoritarian governments start stockpiling food to fight public anger

(A:  Obviously these popular uprisings that are awfully spontaneous, apparently, are to go on elsewhere and all the characters, who have always been backed by the US and even put in power by the US, are ready for the same thing happening to them as has happened in Egypt.)

Authoritarian governments across the world are aggressively stockpiling food as a buffer against soaring food costs which they fear may stoke popular discontent. 

Ben Farmer in Islamabad / 28 Jan 2011 / telegraph.co.uk


(A:  You canít win, can you, because you see, the big banking boys also own the majority shares in the stock markets of all the big things, including the food thatís put up there.  Imagine putting your food up there, on this big casino, eh, for the highest bidder to grab.  You see, you cannot put your foodÖ you must have protectionism to some extent.  And food is an essential part of life, obviously, for those in countries; your government should be out of that all together and your food shouldnít be up on a market for anyone across the planet to grab.  But this is how theyíre doing it, the big boys.)


Riots started in Tunisia initially over the price of staple food like sugar, salt and grain.  (A:  No it didnít.  It was much more to it than that.)


Commodities traders have warned they are seeing the first signs of panic buying from states concerned about the political implications of rising prices for staple crops.  (A:  They had that last year too in parts of Europe too and even in Greece, when they shot up their food prices.)


However, the tactic risks simply further pushing up prices, analysts have warned, pushing a spiral of food inflation.  (A:  Itís amazing how you can take these Marxist ideas, and thatís really a Marxist idea, where you take something thatís not a crisis and then you create it into a crisis.  You cause it to be a crisis.  So now youíve got food inflation because they should not have put your food up on the market in the first place for internationalism.)


Governments in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa have recently made large food purchases on the open market in the wake of unrest in Tunisia which deposed president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.


Resentment at food shortages and high prices, as well as repression and corruption, drove the popular uprising which swept away his government.  (A:  It was more to it than that obviously.)


Youths reportedly chanted "bring us sugar!" (A:  Really!?!  Thatís all they are living on is sugar?  Do you really want to just live on sugar?) in the demonstrations which toppled his regime.  (A:  So this is a handout, nonsensical article, obviously, and thatís the rubbish that they give to us.)


Also in the National Health Service in Britain, that Obamaís wanting to copy Ė mind you it wonít last forever, just like the National Health Service in Britain didnít last forever either.  But you have to go through this phase first before they then take it down even further. 


NHS shakeup could set patients against their GPs, warns report

Bonuses for doctors may alienate public says thinktank while Nuffield Trust also voices fears over hospital choice

Denis Campbell, health correspondent / guardian.co.uk / Wednesday 19 January 2011


(A:  Because what theyíre doing is instead of giving the cash out to these trusts that were looking after the hospitals supposedly, and filling their own pockets, they are going to give the cash, to run the National Health Service, directly to your local doctors, who will then get paid cash not to put you into hospital and stuff like that.  And Iím not kidding about that.)


The biggest shakeup of the NHS since its creation could turn patients against GPs because doctors are likely to start receiving "unpalatable" cash bonuses, an influential health thinktank warns today.


Giving income incentives to GPs, whose average salary is already £105,300, runs the risk of a backlash from patients, who may perceive that money meant for healthcare is enriching doctors at the expense of the treatment that sick people need, according to the Nuffield Trust.


The new consortiums Ė groups of GPs who will commission healthcare Ė could also end up alienating people if they offer doctors financial incentives not to send too many patients to hospital, it adds.


The warning comes in a new report by the thinktank, which raises concerns about potential tensions emerging in family doctors' relationships with their patients once the new era of GP-led commissioning starts in England in 2013, handing GPs £80bn to spend on treatment. 


By the way, Iíll put up a PDF too today on this system where the government is decentralizing its services down to the local level. 


Modernising Commissioning:

Increasing the role of charities, social enterprises, mutuals and cooperatives in public service delivery



But itís, again, going to be a fantastic windfall for private companies, small private companies, who then will use volunteers to treat people in their homes and stuff like that.  You know, take away the bloody bandages, go and wash them, under austerity measures, and bring them back nice and clean; you know what Iím saying?  Ölike it was in the 1800s.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iím putting up tonight too a couple of PDFs and one is to show you, again, whatís to happen across the world, including Canada and the States and elsewhere.  As I say, Britain is the flagship for this new system of utter austerity and decentralization.  Mind you, big corporations will run every facet of your life via all of their helpers and volunteers down below. 



The New Home Front


The Green Party has put out its PDF; it called The New Home Front.  Theyíre using warfare techniques; they go into, oh, in World War II, we all pulled together, people were healthier and all this kind of stuff.  Theyíve got their report out now so Iíll put that up for anyone who wants to have a look at the Green Partyís recommendations and how they are going to change normal fairness, etc, and what they really mean by Ďthe big societyí and all that stuff. 


Another one Iíll put up too is from Lambeth; itís called The Co-operative Council.  This is what they are calling it across the countries, Cooperative Councils now, your co-ops.  Every council now is a co-op, you see, and Lambeth is one of their flagships for that. 


The Co-operative Council

Sharing power: A new settlement between citizens and the state



And they give you nice big pictures there of people all happy and smiling and stuff.  Itís written by such awful public relations; I hate this stuff, they way they put it out for the public.  That means you are getting CONNED when they put all thatÖ it sounds so wonderful, they are just so great and wonderful, as they go through all these governmental cuts and funding for local services and all that.  And how you will all have this wonderful, you know, basically volunteerism on the go.  People coming around doing things that they used to do, and youíre paying all your big taxes.  Itís amazing; they wonít be cutting your taxes, mind you, but somebodyís going to pocket it of course.  Maybe they have better things to do with your taxes, like give themselves pay raises at the top, like they just did in fact.† Anyway, volunteerism will be around your way too, looking after the elderly and the sick and the dying and all that stuff.  As I say, maybe the woman who does wash the bandages, rewash them and reuse them, will get extra credits to keep her washing machine on the go, because sheíll have to use more electricity just to recycle the stuff. 


Itís such a farce thatís going on that the folk canít see it and the folk, mind you, have been given no choice in this matter.  This came from the government down, not from the public upward.  Itís a big plan.  The government made sure they had all their NGOs ready and their different leaders, community leaders that theyíve been planting in there for the last 30 years, most of them of course are retired civil servants who are put in these areas to take over these power structures and get extra cash into their pockets of course; they wonít be volunteering, but theyíll find lots of schmucks to do it for them.  There is always a lot of people willing to be martyrs and so on and do good.  What you are going to also get is an awful lot of fighting amongst these little small corporations that are going to get handed millions of pounds each.  Theyíll be fighting over these contracts to see who can get the contracts.  Theyíll have no problem getting the volunteers to do it because there is always a lot of people who fall into these traps of being busybodies too, small control freaks as well; theyíll tell you how to live and what you should be eating as well Ė thatís all part of the big society. 


Iíll put this PDF up there as well if you can possibly wade through this terrible public relations propaganda; itís so wonderful.  Mr Steve Reed put this one out.  Heís from the Co-operative Council Citizensí Commission.  Thereís his public relations photo there, his special little photo-op.  Heís wearing a bluish shirt so he looks more like a working type character; he doesnít have a jacket on, you know, just to make you think, well heís not a bad guy.  Heíll probably run for politics after this. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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