Feb. 2, 2011 (#760)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 2, 2011:

Governments and Foundations Fund Navigators
To Penetrate Nations, Organize Agitators:

"Rule by Councils, They Cause Sedition,
It's the Meaning of Soviet, The Definition,
Also Called Soft Power By the Pentagon,
Thanks to Rand Corp. for the Lexicon,
Otherwise Called By the Term NGOs,
Foundations Fund Them, Away They Go,
Since Deception Rules, It's Not Surprising
They Instigate to Cause "Popular Uprising",
Each Well-Paid Instigator, Highly Vocalist,
Pays for Riots to Bring in the Socialist,
In Perception Game it's Called Democracy,
An Authoritarian Cover for Hypocrisy,
Sporty Joe and Soapy Jane See
"The People have Spoken", It's on TV"
© Alan Watt Feb. 2, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 2, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 2, 2011.  Newcomers, I always advise you to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and bookmark those sites you’ll see listed on the front page; these are the official sites.  If you experience sticky downloads on the audios try these alternate sites that are listed there.  They all carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks I’ve given over the years and if you want transcripts for print up in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you will see that listed on the .com site as well.  Remember too, I don’t bring on advertisers as guests so it’s up to you to support me, and hopefully donate or buy the books and so on that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com; you will find there is a donation button there.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


On this show I try and tie the big picture together, which is really complicated believe you me, because there are so many organizations to make it complicated and to appear complicated.  It’s really like a jigsaw puzzle; if you get all the pieces all scattered loosely in a box, it seems that nothing is really connected to anything else.  It isn’t until you put the thing together that you see how it all fits together.  That is the technique that has been used on the world.  A form of confusion obviously to make you think that the world, all the different organizations you hear daily in the newspapers across the planet, are all separate independent entities and nothing is really further from the truth.  It’s a massive pyramidal structure we’re under where a capstone, you might say, organizes thousands of other organizations to bring about a planned world, a vision.  They say that in their own writings too at the big companies and the big foundations; they want people ‘of vision’ and they know what their vision is.  Their vision, unfortunately, is a form of utopia which is pretty much like North Korea where you’ll be hard-pressed to get any food, but the people are awfully well behaved, believe you me, because they’re so well conditioned and brainwashed.  That really is the kind of system they want to bring in, under the guise of austerity and the con games of carbon taxing and taxing every breath you take. 


That’s an old, old vision.  You’ll find it in the writings of Marx.  You’ll find it in all the associations that Marx belonged to; the Young Hegelian Society for instance was one of them that he belonged to.  They decided at the time – groups of them living in primarily Germany and Austria and Prussia – that they would alter society by destroying everything that existed in society and rebuild it once that was done.  That meant first, attack on all the dominant cultures, the dominant religions; they had to be destroyed.  And even the politics themselves had to be destroyed to bring in a new system all together.  Ultimately, what you are going through right now is really the last part, the end of the cultural wars, and it has been very successful.  And you’re going through the war on the individual, until you’re not sure what you are anymore.  That’s where you are today.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about reality and what on earth reality is because you have to spend a long time to find out and when you do find out you have to cross-reference everything you’ve learned, again and again, and filter out all the half-truths and snuck-in lies there, because even in the best of websites or best of books you’ll find there’s always a spin put on things, depending on who’s authorized the book to be put out there.  Eventually you’re left with your own judgment and that’s what it boils down to.  It’s yourself, nobody else, no expert opinion, just yourself.  What have you experienced in life?  How does that compare to this book and the spin in the book, etc, etc.  That’s what you have to go by.  What have you noticed happening in your own lifetime?  What were the forces that made these things happen?  Who benefited?  Where is it all going?  How does it all fit together? 


That’s how the world is run today, as we see in the non-governmental organizations which the Pentagon has called ‘soft power’.  They use soft power; you’ll find it in all their writings and press releases too.  You’ll find that in the big foundations’ web sites too; soft power.  They run the NGOs that help to promote different kinds of politics or overthrows across the world.  We have had it admitted to that the Pentagon, for instance, and the foundations from the US, funded the overthrow of other countries in the past.  They tried to do it in Iran last year.  They were responsible also for the Orange Revolution, when they sent guys over with all the orange scarves and placards, and thousands more, to hand out to the people, the students, etc.  Lots of funding.  That’s what they’re doing.  That’s what they mean by change, change is coming, and they say that change is good


They say it’s a more perfected form of communism, where the people are actually involved.  The biggest problem with Marxism is they could never get the working class of the Western countries to be involved in revolting; they were too happy at least getting the few things that were allowed to dribble down to them from those above.  Of course the trickle down theory technically worked to an extent.  It was still hard at the bottom, but they weren’t so hard up that they would revolt.  So they decided then to create special interest groups to take the place of the working class.  That’s what they did.  That’s why they created minority groups, where there were none before – I’m talking about organized minority groups.  That’s really what started the NGOs up, sponsored and funded, again, by the big foundations.  We still have them today.  You have all different kinds of spokespeople for all kinds of groups that you can possibly imagine. 


I sat today, this morning and went through a whole list of possible ones they haven’t done yet.  I thought, if I was to write out a whole bunch, and put up a whole bunch of web sites, I could probably create a few dozen, in a day, of groups that didn’t exist before, by wording it properly and appealing to the person themselves, the personality types and so on.  I’ll guarantee you before the week is out I’d have thousands of people all joining these different groups.  Because people, being social creatures, and really going through the big changes in the society where all the meanings for living itself have been stripped away from you – and this was predicted too by the big writers, Will Durant and others, that was their job, in giving you versions of history – where they try to really defame all religions, basically, things that gave people meaning in their lives, would have to be stripped away.  And they did a darn good job of it.  So you’re left in this sort of meaningless, existential system now and you’re not sure where you’re going and what’s the point of everything.  Well I guarantee you, what takes its place is you’ve got to get other new religions – earth worship, environmentalism, that’s just one of them, the whole movement towards CO2 reduction; that’s a religion.  They’re using religious terminology and religions fervor to create these movements.  So you can do it with any kind of movement that you plan to bring up there.  If you can get the funding for them it’s no problem at all, and the funding is the key to it all. 


The parallel government, remember, is run by the foundations and the non-governmental organizations – as I say, SOFT POWER – to put pressure, or student revolts, in different countries.  I just noticed today, and I’ll try and find the site again and put the links up.  I noticed that the Polish Prime Minister and the heads of the European Union Parliament – this big new soviet they have over there, the perfected soviet that runs all of Europe now – have said that the man in charge of Belarus has to go.  He hasn’t been playing ball with them apparently. 


Donors pledge $120 million aid for Belarus opposition

By Mary Sibierski (AFP) / February 2, 2011


EU, U.S. Coordinate New Round Of Sanctions Against Belarus

by Rikard Jozwiak / rferl.org / January 31, 2011


They’re going to use NGOs to help do it.  So the EU and Poland and other countries are matching euro for euro, or dollar for dollar, each other to heavily fund these NGOs to cause the problems from within, to force the overthrow, under the guise of change is good.  And that’s the buzz term they are using by the way.  Change is good – it’s the buzz term they are using.  We have seen that with this sudden, what appears to be sudden overthrow they’re trying to do in Egypt.  We certainly have heard Obama using ‘change is good.’  They have these buzz words in the Socialist Internationale.  Here’s an article here, if you think this is spontaneous in Saudi Arabia, this is from July 15, 2010 about Egypt.  So it’s not spontaneous after all. 


For good or ill, change is coming to Egypt and Saudi Arabia soon

economist.com / Jul 15th 2010


(Alan:  “…soon”… and here you are, thinking it’s all spontaneous.)


THE fate of the Arab world’s two most important states lies in the hands of ageing autocrats. Hosni Mubarak, an 82-year-old air-force general who has ruled Egypt since 1981, is widely reported to be grievously ill. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who assumed the throne of the Arabs’ richest country five years. . .


(A:  So the whole spin on the story is that these guys are basically dictators, but they’ve been awfully friendly dictators to the West and they’ve helped out, and they’ve helped Egypt and all the rest of it, being friends, and they’ve helped Israel too – and that’s the main thing they’ve got to do – and they’re aging.  So the problem is now, will they put in one of their sons who will be just as friendly, or will they be able to hold onto power because there is also the Muslim Brotherhood, as they’re calling it, too.  Of course the spin now is they’re trying to say this Muslim Brotherhood is also part of Al-Qaida – you know, that made-up thing that the CIA ran.  So this is the spin.  This is from July 15, 2010, that basically change is coming… the exact same term they used a few days ago when the students started to riot in Egypt.  And I guarantee the funding is coming in there from the big foundations and the governments to fund these NGO groups as they’ve done elsewhere and as they’re going to do now in Belarus.  So it’s the same technique that’s been used all over the place.  All the media obviously knows it but they’re playing the game to keep you in the dark as to what’s really happening.  This article goes on to say…)


The fate of these two countries matters to the West for two big reasons: energy and security. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been reliable, if flawed, allies. Should they stumble, the West’s interests in the region will be imperilled. That is why those regimes need to be encouraged to liberalise their countries’ economic and political systems further and turn them into places where change brings hope not fear. 


Well, I wonder if they’ll bring the same kind of change that they brought into Iraq eventually, with their wonderful utopias, and smash all the infrastructure and make it safe for certain other places.  That’s really what it’s all about.  Nothing happens spontaneously; I’ve kept saying that for years.  World wars were designed long before Hitler got to power.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs was really squaring off for a war coming up, to finish World War I basically, much the same as The Gulf War was the Gulf War 1 and the second invasion was Gulf War 2, finishing it off, finishing the job.  That’s how the thing is really run. 


So you have these kind of socialist international types that normally were called the left wing, agitating across the world to bring in the same system. What amazed me too, is when I looked up Poland and European NGOs, you would not believe the kind of money that’s being dished out to those guys to run the same communitarian projects across the whole of Europe as they’re doing in Britain.  Now, these are basically going concerns, these NGOs, because once they get the massive grants, in the millions, sometimes per NGO, given to them, per annum, they can set their own wages and pension plans, etc.  They’ll be your new strutting Kommissars for your local community area.  That’s the new system that’s to be brought in across the whole world eventually.  Under the guise of environmentalism and pollution and carbon and all the rest of it, as I say, you’ll be eventually much the same state as they’re living in now in North Korea. 


I watched a documentary on North Korea recently, a man managed to get in – it’s very hard to get in there.  You’re escorted everywhere by the guide who is also like your prison attendant who makes sure you go to the right places and don’t say anything or see anything you shouldn’t see.  It was astonishing.  They go into a hotel and there is no one else at the table except the one guy who had gone into North Korea to film it, and there is nobody else there, only him eating.  He said the food was terrible – they’ve had terrible food shortages.  Then they stopped off at a roadside café along the way, in between miles of nothingness, and he said I don’t think this waitress has seen a person for 6 months – because people can’t afford gasoline or cars or anything to travel – and you didn’t pass any cars on the road.  So that’s the wonderful utopia. But as I say, they’re so well behaved and they all, in a very Orwellian fashion, always talk about their Great Leader; it’s almost like a God to them, just like Stalin was, if you see the old funerals of Stalin and see how the people came out and wept by the thousands and thousands, for the Great Leader. 


It’s a sad thing that people want to worship people as Gods.  It really is sad to me and as long as that is the way, we don’t have a chance in hell, a snowflake’s chance in hell.  It won’t happen because people, most folk really do want a human God… to strut around and be big daddy, and do all and say all the right things to make them happy and feel secure, and fix all the problems for them.  That’s what they want.  Sad, that… because that’s the end of it all if you really believe that.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to finish up with North Korea, you won’t find obese people there, so I’m sure that the United Nations is just overwhelmed with the wonder of it all, because they’re on food rationing it would seem.  That’s what they want to bring across the world. 


You see, this is perpetual war.  Under the old, old system that’s been on the go, under many names, for centuries actually, as it went through its Marxist terms and names and so on and different organizations – it’s the same agenda, same people running the whole show, knowing exactly where they’re heading with it. They want this wonderful utopia, but they need perpetual war and conflict to bring it around.  That’s what you’re going through today.  And they might keep this conflict going even after they unify the world, with terrorism from within, just like they did within the Soviet Union.  Once they secured their borders, they have to find terror within to keep the military up on top, and keep everybody scared and subservient to the government.  That’s how they do it.  The abused always turn to the abuser for safety – isn’t that amazing, eh?  It always works though. 


The EU is doing a deal now with Israel on data transfers of all people.  It’s actually more than just travelers.  It’s also personal details, financial details.  Basically they’re sharing all their computers, with all data, all the countries together – it doesn’t say that all in this article but I’ve read other ones where it does.  This is the BBC, which is of course the British government’s arm for propaganda really. 


Ireland delays EU deal with Israel on data transfers

By Laurence Peter / bbc.co.uk / 3 September 2010


Irish objections have delayed an EU deal to allow the transfer to Israel of personal data on EU citizens.


The Republic of Ireland linked its move to its concerns about the use of forged Irish passports (A:  And that’s a change because generally they use Canadian ones.) in the killing of a top Hamas militant in Dubai in January - allegedly by Israeli agents.


A European Commission official told the BBC that objections to the proposed data deal had only come from Ireland.  (A:  No one else objected.  No one bothers anymore when they use different passports to go off and kill someone.)


Dublin says Israel must now tighten up its data protection laws.


The deal under consideration is known as a "data adequacy" agreement, intended to facilitate commerce between the EU and Israel.


The EU justice commissioner's spokesman, Matthew Newman, said the commission would seek further clarification on the points raised by Ireland and he insisted that the proposal was "not blocked".


The commission has not yet decided on the next step, he said, adding that a new approach to Israel might not be necessary as "we might already have this information at our disposal".  (A:  So they’re already sharing it, he means.)


(A:  It’s amazing now how we’re all getting into this data sharing stuff, because we’re GLOBAL you see.  We’re not citizens of the world, we’re actually subjects of the world you see… a big, big difference.  Only a FEW folk get to be citizens of the world and it’s quite stunning that The Rockefeller Foundation hands out Citizenship Awards, Citizens of the World Awards, to all the top people, including all your anchormen and television people that you are used to seeing.  They’re all internationalists, and always have been.)


The EU already has data adequacy agreements with several countries outside the EU, including Argentina, Canada, Switzerland and the US.  (A:  So Ireland has put a little spoke in the wheel there to find out if they will stop using Irish passports and go and use someone else’s passports to go and assassinate people when they take off.)


Now… ha!  I laugh at this too because it says here…


Obama admin. threatens climate veto

By: Robin Bravender / dyn.politico.com / February 2, 2011


(A:  Like climate is the big thing.  It’s an essential part, this carbon taxation, one way or another, to get power, and the money that it will rake in of course, to bring in the massive superstructure of world bureaucracy that is necessary for a world governance, as they call it.  It’s essential they bring all this in.  It’s essential to use it to keep us all pretty poor and to manage us through God knows how many laws that will be about pollution and heating and curbing back, just like China’s doing letting cities freeze to death because they’ve cut down on electricity.  Of course they’re the model state for the world.)


“What has been said from the White House is that the president’s advisers would advise him to veto any legislation that passed that would take away EPA’s greenhouse gas authority,” Jackson told reporters on Capitol Hill. “Nothing has changed.”


EPA’s climate policies came under attack this week when Sens. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and John Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) — backed by a host of co-sponsors — rolled out bills Monday to hamstring EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.  (A:  Probably Rockefeller is doing it because he wants even tougher ones.  That’s what it will be.)


A separate bill will come Wednesday afternoon from House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and the Senate’s top climate skeptic, Republican Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma.


Barrasso and Inhofe used the Senate hearing on drinking water today to blast EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations.


“EPA has continued to move forward with job-crushing greenhouse gas regulations for greenhouse gases,” (A:  And they have of course; you are losing your jobs and everything over it.) Barrasso said, adding that his bill “establishes that Congress shall set the nation’s energy and climate policy and eliminate these job-crushing regulations.”


But despite the increasingly vocal calls from the GOP and some Democrats to scale back EPA’s authority to clamp down on heat-trapping emissions, Jackson pledged to defend her agency’s rules.  (A:  So it’s like internal squabbles.  It’s going to build her up of course, as the real champion for the environment, and all the followers and all the greenies out there that are already brainwashed.)


“These efforts would halt EPA’s common-sense steps under the Clean Air Act to protect Americans from harmful air pollution that until now has not been regulated at all from any sources in this country,” Jackson told reporters today after an appearance before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.


“I anticipate that we are going to have a discussion with the American people over the next weeks and months that make it clear that there are alternatives to draconian measures such that I hope it never comes to [Obama’s] desk at all,” she added.


So it’s a show for the public.  All media is a show for the public, I hope you understand that.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Australia of course, is getting hammered right now with the cyclone, the northeastern coastline anyway, and they have downgraded it to a force 2 or something.  However, it’s done enough damage, but they do get these cyclones every so often.  It’s amazing too, the people in Australia have been emailing me, before this happened, with the massive trailing of chemtrails across the skies they’ve had for weeks.  It’s the same thing that happened off Louisiana and New Orleans before they had their big flood there as well.  It can be done, because if you go into the records of the treaties at the United Nations to do with weather warfare, and all the signatories they’ve got on it, admitting to the fact that obviously they can cause these things to occur.  They can actually guide them, in fact, to where they want them to go.  They certainly do use the chemtrails to charge the air and alter the atmosphere, to really charge it with electricity for the HAARP technology which they use alongside of it.  It certainly can be done. 


However, it won’t matter saying this to most folk if you know them because they won’t want to believe you.  They will only believe what comes across the mainstream, again, from one of these Council on Foreign Relations world citizen anchormen that they’ve grown up with.  That’s unfortunately the way it is.  That’s who they’re taught to believe.  They’ll say to you, who are you to say this; are you an expert for something?  You say, no, I use my head, I read, and I see things, I look at the sky.  But that’s not good enough I’m afraid.  You need experts today to convince them of anything, even if it’s utterly bogus.  That’s how they do it with the climate change stuff too.  Most folk have no memory, you understand.  They can’t really remember weather when they were young.  They certainly, coming out of their climate-controlled homes to their climate-controlled work, don’t really notice the weather year after year at all.  So it’s an easy target to take and tell them it’s all changed, and they’ll believe it if an expert keeps telling them that. 


I can remember when they brought the Weather Channel in and I thought, what nutcase would want to watch the weather 24 hours a day?  What kind of hyperneurotic phobic person is so determined to know what the weather is 24 hours a day?  And sure enough, within a few months you didn’t get rain anymore, everything was a storm.  Then they changed it of course, in most of the countries, into the metric system, so you didn’t get inches anymore, you got millimeters.  And you know, a few millimeters sounds like quite a lot but it’s just a little drizzle.  Same thing with snow, you didn’t get snow anymore coming down, you had blizzards, whiteouts, and all the rest of it.  It really creates a different perception all together and that’s what it’s all about is perception, that rules your mind, on behalf of the masters who want to rule your mind.  It does an awfully good job and you will not believe yourself.  You won’t believe your own memory of the weather in the past.  You’ll simply succumb to them and bow and take their point of view; after all, they are paid for this and they must be very intelligent people.  It never occurs to most folk there is a political agenda, a socio-political agenda behind all of this stuff that you are taught and brainwashed with, and all these experts that live on grants from the same organizations, foundations, and so on.  It’s a political agenda. 


Some of the characters involved have already said that, like McClellan when she was in the parliament of Canada, in the Federal Parliament.  She said the same thing, it doesn’t matter if climate science is all bogus and wrong, she says, we will bring equality across the world with it.  It was to get big, big cash coming in to create a superstructure, as I say.  The same thing they did with the EU; it was supposed to be a trading agreement, not a parliament to rule them all as a new soviet, a new Kremlin and that’s what it’s turned out to be.  But they set up the massive superstructure of massive bureaucracy and organizations to form their parliament, to get them all working on it, before they even set up the structure of the parliament itself.  That’s what they’re doing now across the world with all this carbon taxes and so on that they hope to scrape in from all of you, who are scraped near to death, some of you. 


A big part of this organization that runs the world, always has done, is to run it on what they call reasonreason and practicality.  It’s utilitarian in a sense.  That’s why they had to knock religion and all kinds of dominant forces out there, things that give people some kind of meaning, whether they were false or not it didn’t matter.  Because you see, we’re human beings and human beings are not machines.  We’re not automatons – at least hopefully we’re not; some might be; I wonder at some people I see.  However, the fact is we’re not.  We need a different kind of thing.  We need imagination at times.  It’s an imagination that leads to inventions and so on.  We do daydream once in a while, which is good for us as well.  That’s your mind relaxing, going off in different areas that it has to explore.  So we’re not based purely on reason like these guys would like to make you. They want to make you into creatures that really do resemble robots.  That was the whole Hegelian School again too, to make you into that kind of reason. 


So anything that didn’t measure up to reason, you see, and couldn’t be tested in a test tube, or weighed or measured, had to be false – that was the premise – and therefore would have to be eradicated to bring in what they called liberation and equality, etc; that’s what they mean by that.  In other words, they take everything that gives you meaning in life, gets you through life, even through the hard times, they take it from underneath your feet.  Like a carpet, they pull it away from you, leave you nothing to fall back on, except a bunch of experts prattling rubbish in your ear.  That’s what they substitute for meaning in life basically.  Of course, they’ll tell you what your new meaning is, much like North Korea.   It’s to serve the Great Leader and the State.  That is coming. 


Well after that little rant I’ll go to this next story.  Part of it too was to do away with all those ‘useless eaters’ as they keep referring to them.  Bertrand Russell put that in one of his books in fact, the useless eaters would have to go.  That’s anyone who’s not producing in a society.  They don’t want just consumers.  They want people to produce AND consume.  That is the definition given out by the United Nations of the perfect world citizen, a consumer AND producer.  Once you retire of course, you have no more function; in fact, if you’re old you have no function at all.  They don’t want old people around to be honest with you, unless they’re very special people who help run this system.  As I say, they’ve destroyed the family, the extended family, the grandmothers, grandfathers, all that stuff, people who used to pass on information and help the family out.  The government set up agencies to take all of that over for you.  Now you just put older folk in hospitals and you think they’re stupid or senile even, when they’re not.  It’s in all the movies you’ve had your whole life long; anyone who is elderly is dotery, as they say, they’re living in dote land, they can’t remember anything and they have no wisdom to pass on, they’re just silly people, irrelevant really.  That was all discussed in the 1800s, again, at some of these organizations that I’ve been talking about. 


So to get rid of the useless eaters you have to GET the public to accept that you euthanize them.  There are big advocates for this.  They’ll always start off with the terminally ill and then they’ll work their way from there.  Actually in some countries they already say, you’re just fed up with living, okay, that’s good enough, and they’ll kill you, like Holland.  Years and years and years ago I said they will start with the very young, which is abortion.  And they did.  Once we accepted that and then life became dehumanized to an extent.  We weren’t so important.  We were off the pedestal.  The next step was to go for the other age group, the other end of the scale, and that’s the elderly.  Here’s what they’re doing now in Scotland, because Scotland is incredibly socialistic, a very high Masonic country that is; that’s why it’s so socialist.  Of course Masonic is a front for something else, as I think a lot of you already know. 


Death row drug fed to dying Scottish pensioners

dailyrecord.co.uk / Feb 1 2011 Lachlan Mackinnon


A DRUG given to US Death Row prisoners is now being used on dying old folk in Scotland's hospitals.


Medics use the sedative midazolam as part of a highly controversial "pathway to death" care plan for people judged by doctors to be in the last hours of their lives.


(A:  The Pathway to Death was set up in England initially, Liverpool Care Pathway they called it.  Again, it was pushed forward by communists who have a different thing in mind.  See, they’ll get you arguing about, well you know, I don’t want to die like that; yeah, I’d rather just die quick.  You fall into the traps they set for you, on every topic.  You do.  You really, honestly, everybody out there does.  They don’t realize, no, they just want this on the books you see, and the right to do it, and then they extend it and extend it and extend it; that’s what they’ve done with everything else that’s been put on the books in law.  So don’t fall into the emotional tangles they’ll give you to argue over.)


But patients' leaders warned yesterday that the widespread use of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) in Scotland's NHS (A:  And the National Health Service is coming, courtesy of Obama, because change is good, as you snuff out your old folk.)  is robbing pensioners of the chance of life. 


They claim that, for some old folk, being put on the LCP is effectively a death sentence.


And research has found that many doctors decided to put patients on the pathway WITHOUT the consent of their loved-ones.


Margaret Watt, chairwoman of the Scotland Patients Association, told the Record: "The LCP can be used to bring patients' lives to a premature end.


"We have patients on our records who should be dead but are not. Their families had to fight to get them appropriate treatment.  (A:  See, they’re killing everybody now.  well you see, you know you don’t really need that pension; the government needs that pension to hand out to non-governmental organizations who will run your communities for you; I mean, here you are, you’re not producing anything, you’re just eating; why don’t you just die?) 


"If the relatives had not had power of attorney, it would have been 'ta ta' (A:  …bye-bye…) to the patients. And we're convinced this is only the tip of the iceberg.


"How many people's lives have been taken that should have been here today?"


"We're concerned to hear about cases where patients have been given drugs used on Death Row without properly consulting the patient or their family.  (A:  Oh, by the way, under National Health Service like Canada too and Britain and elsewhere, if you have property and you don’t have the living will up-to-date, they grab your property as well and that’s supposedly to help augment the cost of keeping you in, as they kill you, in the hospital.  I hope you know that too, folks.  It’s socialism to the extreme.)


"Doctors are meant to save lives, not take them. If they do, that's murder."  (A:  Well, it used to be, for sure.  The leader of that is a namesake of mine, but no relative.)


Watt's fears were echoed by angry daughter Patricia MacGillivray, who believes she and her family saved her dad John's life in 2009 by insisting that he be taken off midazolam.  (A:  …mi-daz-olam... it will dazzle you alright.)


Patricia, 44, said she was told by staff at Perth Royal Infirmary that John, now 80, was at death's door after a suspected stroke.


But she claims her dad started to improve after he accidentally knocked the line out of his arm that was pumping the drugs into his body.  (A:  They were killing him.  They were killing him in the hospital, and accidentally he got the drip knocked out of his arm and he recovered.)


And she says he recovered and went home after the family ordered doctors to stop giving him the sedatives.


John is still alive and well nearly two years later.  (A:  Well, he’s still collecting his pension; I told you they need that for the government you see, for their NGOs and stuff for goodness sake; aren’t you patriotic?And Patricia said: "What's happening in our hospitals. is euthanasia by the back door, and society needs to wake up to it.  (A:  That’s what it is.  This is where it’s going to go in America too and elsewhere.  This is a WORLD agenda, folks.  And unfortunately, you see, because you don’t have anything to relate to, that gave you a reason for things, explain things in some way, in a HUMAN way to you, outside of science you see.  Science is not the new God; they’ve tried to replace it as the new God, but it’s not.  If you have nothing which gives you meaning to life and something to fight for, you’ve had it.  It’s been a great war, this long, long war… hasn’t it?   Very successful, thanks to the Frankfort School and many others.)


"People must ask questions when their loved-one is in hospital. They must ask, 'What's that you're giving them? Is there any alternative?' "This issue affects every single household in the land.  (A:  For everyone they snuff out you see, you can’t collect your pension.  That’s it.  The government has snafued the whole lot then, because you won’t need it.)


"My dad is lovely and enjoys life with his family. It terrifies him to think about what happened to him.  (A:  Well the next time he’s ill, don’t take him to hospital.  That’s what you have to do.)


"He was horrified when we told him about it and insists he's never going back in to hospital."  (A:  So, that’s what it takes to give people another perspective on reality, is you went into hospital before and they tried to kill you.)


MSP (A:  Member of the Scottish Parliament.) Margo Macdonald, who has fought for the rights of terminally ill patients, is also deeply concerned about the use of LCP.


She said: "People haven't got a clue about it.  (A:  Well they don’t bother to tell you in authoritarian societies, and socialist authoritarian societies.)


"There's a suspicion, among a lot of elderly people in particular, that they lose control over their own wellbeing if they go into care."  (A:  Well that’s true.  If you go into care, into a hospital here in Canada, in Ontario, you are automatically put down as a donor.  I hope you understand that.  So you are wondering, is this guy or this surgeon going to help you and fix you, or is he eyeing up all the bucks they’re going to make off the organs they’re going to sell.  You’d better start looking at things in a different fashion, folks, because you have had so much propaganda through movies and fiction about what things are supposed to be, from law enforcement, all the detective stories, and hospitals and wonderful doctors, that you don’t even know what reality is anymore.)


The LCP was designed by Marie Curie Cancer Care to help hospice staff make the deaths of patients as comfortable as possible. It got its name because it was developed at a hospice in Liverpool.


The LCP can involve a decision to stop giving the patient food and fluids. (A:  They starve you to death.) And many patients are continuously sedated, with drugs including midazolam, until they die.  (A:  They use that for snuffing out prisoners in some US prisons.)


Midazolam also goes by the brand names (A:  You’d better learn these names very shortly because you might go into hospital yourself.) Versed, Dormicum and Hypnovel.  (A:  That’s very novel indeed.)  It's given to US Death Row inmates half an hour before execution in a bid to calm them down, and vets also use it to knock out animals.  (A:  Of course if you overdose them you kill them.)


Crisis Ministers (A:  Now, what’s a Crisis Minister?  What new post is this, Crisis Minister?  They keep putting these things up all the time, these new things.  A Crisis Minister…) told all Scotland's health boards in 2008 that use of LCP was "good practice".  (A:  Well I guess they must be the experts, eh, it’s good to kill the folk.  So that’s okay then isn’t it?)


Oooohhhh….  I’ll tell ya.  I saw that coming when I was growing up in Britain. I saw all that stuff coming.  It was the most socialist country of all and you would not believe the job they did on generations of young people there. Generations, they destroyed their culture, as I say, anything that would help them get through the society that they were deemed to go through, through all the cutbacks and jobs going abroad, never told them why, all the agreements that they had signed to deindustrialize the entire nation, and the youngsters growing up in utter poverty, in these massive cities and so on, with nothing to believe in, nothing to give them any hope whatsoever, except the drugs coming in that the government made sure flowed in, regularly too, the very, very dangerous; heroin and all that kind of stuff was just flooding into the country.  And you wonder what happened?  And you don’t think that was all intentional?  I can remember Margaret Thatcher opening all the bar hours because she said, it’s better having them all drunk inside the bars, all the unemployed people, the youngsters, than marching and demonstrating in the streets.  Well, all you do is take it from the booze, you see, and put it onto the drugs and that’s why, that’s why they dosed it all into those areas, where the massive unemployment was.  There is always a reason for things.  They’re not stupid at the top.  They’re not stupid.  Don’t ever, ever think they’re stupid at the top. 


I’ll talk about the NAFTA Agreement because there is more getting done right now apparently and it’s all being kept secret from the US.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I take a caller, just to mention that the Prime Minister of Canada is off to see Obama.  Of course it’s definitely… what they even tell you here is superficial as to why he’s going down.  He’s not even telling his own parliament what he’s up to.  But it’s to do, again, with I think further integration under the US/Canada act.  There is no doubt about it, they’re talking about ‘closer ties’ basically and collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security; that means integration, folks, further integration, as they did with the European Union.  I lived through that whole set-up as they integrated Europe.  They used the same terminology as they integrated everything. That’s what Harper is really off to do. 


Alan:  I’ll take Carlo from Georgia if he’s on the phone.  Hello Carlo, are you there?


Carlo:  Yes, hello.  It’s good to talk to you.  Since there is not much time left I’m going to ask one question and then I’ll get off the phone.  I’m about to be finished with your book and I went to my local bookstore, browsed around, and the thing that intrigued me the most, or one of the things that popped out really, was the codes embedded in the language.  So by pure accident I saw a book published in 1870 and the title is, Lectures on the Science of Language Delivered at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in February, March, April, May 1868 by Max Muller.  I just wanted to know if you heard about this book.


Alan:  I have.  There are also other books out there on cryptology as well.  You’ll find all the revolutionaries in fact, even the designed machines for cryptology, including some of the founders of America – there are ones in museums in fact that some of them made themselves, intricate stuff – but they were definitely into the coding of words, and the terms they use, phrases.  If they were caught of course no one would know what it meant.  You would think one thing but amongst themselves they would know another thing.  Even the structure of the letters themselves they used because each letter is an actual symbol, of course not just of what it means, but it’s a symbol.  It’s like a building block actually.  Of course, the ‘A’ always was the compass for instance, that you saw in the Masonic language.  One of the Masonic codes they had was Browne’s Code; it’s B-r-o-w-n-e.  There were many other codes they used down through the years up to the present day and they’re taught them in the higher degrees, of course.  The Browne’s Code you can actually look that up for yourself and go through that.  It’s obsolete now, but it’s fascinating to see how they’ve used that and of course we find that some of the big players, like the author of Morals and Dogma, said, we never speak more openly about what we are about than when we are in public, because the public hear one thing but amongst the members they actually hear another.  There is always a double meaning in everything they say.  That’s the technique that they use.  There is definitely coding and they also use numbers as well.  The numbers thing goes back to ancient times, even the Chaldeans used them, even in Hebrew every letter is also a number as well, and they were used as runners for the Roman army at one point because they could put the numbers on sticks and then carry them off as runners to the next general and another one would decipher it on the other end.  So this has been used for thousands of years, these techniques, and it’s still used today of course, as we know.


Carlo:  Yes, and while I was on hold I was just flipping through the book and on page 271 there is one sentence, which sums it up pretty well, and there it says, There is a background to almost every word which we are using, only darkened by ages and requires to be lighted up.


Alan:  Yes.  That’s right.


Carlo:  Thank you very much.  I’m going to get off the phone now.  Your book was great, fantastic and I can’t wait to talk to you again.  Have a good night.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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