February 3rd, 2011 #761
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt February 3rd, 2011:

Propaganda's Dark Humour Creates a Stupor:

"Communism, Capitalism, One Conglomerate
Over the World, We're All Subordinate
To "Scientific Rationalism" and Expert Rule,
'Cause They're More Evolved, We're The Fool,
Marxist is Marxist Under Any Guise,
Greening, Austerity, Communitarian Lies,
But it Sure Suits the Cabal of Banksters,
B.I.S, I.M.F. and World Bank Gangsters
Who Rake in the Cash From the Collective
While Pretending to Help, Bending Perspective
For Understanding the UN from One Who Sees,
Turn the Meanings of Agencies 180 Degrees"
© Alan Watt February 3rd, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - February 3rd, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 3rd of February, 2011.  For newcomers, I advise you to look into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and help yourself to the audios that are there for download, all for free.  And remember too, you're the audience who bring me to you, so if you donate or purchase the books and discs that I have for sale, that will help me keep going.  I don't bring on advertisers who sell things after scaring you.  I just try and get some news out there and explain what's really in the news, because it's always slanted.  I show you and I fill in little blank spots too, which they tend to omit, obviously on purpose.  So, if you want to keep this going you can buy the books and discs that I have for sale, or donate to me, and help me just struggle along here.  It costs a lot of cash to keep this going.  Remember, all the sites you see listed on the .com site are the official sites.  They all carry the audios.  They all carry transcripts in English for a lot of the talks I've given for print up as well.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, which is also listed on the .com site.  And you can take your pick from the choice offered there. 


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On this show, as I've said so many times, I try and connect the dots really, to show you that you're living in a pre-planned system, a system that knows where it's going.  It's known that for quite a few hundred years for sure, at least a few hundred years.  You have all the philosophers from the 1800s and the clubs and the Marxist Clubs that they belonged to.  And how they all got together, worked together on different areas of society, and how the big money boys, of all people, the biggest money boys on the planet, actually funded Communism, playing the dialectic.  They believe in constant conflict and that's how we evolve and that's how we progress.  That's what they say.  Very old theory, of course, and it predates Hegel by an awful long shot.  And it goes back into the old ancient religions of ancient days, as I say, where they believe that, even in Egypt, the conflict, the sun was in conflict with the darkness of night, and that's why you have the story of course, of Osiris and his brother Set.  Set is the sun set.  After the set you get the darkness and all that kind of stuff.  So they're always in conflict. 


And that was further evolved, to go to all animal life competing with each other, and then into humans competing with each other.  And that's where the whole Darwin philosophy came from as well, and the survival of the fittest.  The Super Man, or the Soviet Man, as they like to call it in the Communist countries.  And we're still going through it, because nothing died.  They just changed their format.  They're very good at being chameleons.  And the same rich people are funding the merger of the two systems to standardize the same system across the world, and bring in what you call the global plantation for a while.  And they obviously have a use for us, at least up to 2030.  Then after that, of course, we're not supposed to be around anymore, and they bring in their wonderful Utopia, no doubt high-tech, and more efficient types of humans to serve them.  That really is what they're talking about.  After all, you see, they've proven they're the fittest to survive.  They own everything already.  I'll be back with more, after these messages.


Hi folks, we're back and Cutting Through the Matrix.  I mentioned a video, some time ago, called The Soviet Story, and it's an excellent exposé of another side of Sovietism, which of course wasn't put across to the West.  It was carefully shielded, of course, from the general public, because eventually they were to become our pals, as we merged together and the wall was to go down.  They said that the dictatorship would only last for about seventy years or so, or a generation.  And pretty well, that's what happened.  Then it was to merge with the West and bring in a system not quite capitalist, not quite communist.  That was the idea, and that's what Lenin talked about too, and that's what we have.  That's what we found out at the Reece Commission, from the US, from the commission, the inquiry into the tax-free foundations, Congressional inquiry.  And they were told that by the CEOs of Ford Foundation and others, their job was to change the culture so that eventually, down the road, it would merge; the West would merge with that of the Soviet system.  And that's what's happened today. 


You're under a form of Sovietization, and you don't even know it.  Most folk don't even know it.  That's what the indoctrination in school is about, the Greening, and all the rest of it.  That's what the whole idea of Agenda 21, Communitarianism is all about.  They're living in it, and they don't know it, because different terms are being used, but it's the same M.O..  If you see a disease, you learn the symptoms of the disease, and that's how you track and name the disease.  It's always the same disease, with the same techniques.  Rather astonishing for most folk.  They can't believe this can actually happen.  But organization, and there was nothing more organized than the Communist system, organization can make it happen.  And we know that the foundations, they run on a pyramid style, so they can certainly run the whole darn show, and they certainly do.  They're a parallel government.  They also put their own guys into government, of course.  They have their presidents and prime ministers, who have be members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and its previous names the Milner Society and so on, from the late 1800s, to the present time.  So, it's no surprise to me, and those who've studied it, as to why we've gone the path we've gone on, and how things are happening the way they're happening.


And another side of the Communist Era, as I say, it's a disease, it never changes its form and its belief system, because, it's a belief system, remember, based on dialectical materialism.  And everyone gets reduced down to an animal, because they incorporated into it Darwinism.  Very important part, of course.  That's strange of course that Darwin just happened to be there at the same time as Marx, London, and all the rest of it, and they got together and combined the two.  It's very fortunate all these coincidences down through time.  The right people are in the right place at the right time to form a whole new way of living, or dying depending on how you look at how the Communists progressed with it.  There's another side of the story, too, because a lot of the people in what became the Soviet Union were Muslim as well.  And from a Muslim perspective, with a lot of excellent footage, you'll get a good rundown of Communism, and how they ran their system according to rational materialism, or idealism, I would say.  Rational reason and so on. 


They believed that scientists should run this show.  Even when the scientists were crazy, and their theories were crazy, for sometimes forty, fifty years, ideas or theories, like Lysenko's theory that they could freeze seeds in cold water and make them evolve, so they could plant them up in Siberia, although it never worked for the whole period.  Anyone who objected to this theory literally lost their jobs, and at the worst they got killed.  And that's how they dealt with any of them.  It's the same thing with Global Warming today.  Every scientist is on board.  They're on board too with Darwinism, of course, and all the rest of it, and that again is all Communism.  Same techniques are used.  You're ostracized if you don't agree.


So tonight I'm putting up a link on cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and it's called the Bloody History of Communism.  It's fourteen parts, and in one of the links I'll give you in three parts, and another link as well.  And it's well worth watching, because it's excellent footage.  It's got a deeper insight into a lot of signs of Communism, that people didn't suspect. It goes through some of the History of Communism, and how they blended the Hegelian Dialectic along with the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, and Marxist as well, the Marxist idea.  Supposedly Marx had created a science that was infallible.  And as I've said before, when they couldn't find the working class would support them, in the West, they created minority groups and led them instead.  And then they split up.  They actually created them by even splitting up male and female and then getting the Feminist Revolution going too. That was part of it.  So now you've got another group who will come out under your banner and so on.


These were all techniques that were planned, and in the West, a lot of it was to do with the Frankfurt School, of course, that had to flee from Germany when Hitler came in.  They had two strikes against them, these people.  And they were Marxists.  And they also came across to the US, and some of them got jobs as professors in universities, and continued from there, with the knowledge of the President and the CIA, and everybody else, and right through to the 70s some of them had been publishing their books to keep promoting this.  Marxism has never died.  It's an essential part of this dialectic progress we're going through.  This forced progress.  Change, change is good, that's another term they use of course, as well.  So, I'll put up The Bloody History of Communism, and you can watch that tonight.


And I'll also put a link up to a CBC radio show from Canada, where they go through the effects of the radiation that comes off, the electromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation that comes off the cellphone towers by people who live in high rises, and who had all these antennas planted right above their heads on the roof, and what happened to them.  And you can listen to that for yourself.  At the end of the audio, of course, CBC brings on this scientist, who waffles around, trying to justify it, and saying it's harmless, and at the same time he's telling you it can be deadly.  So, it's up to you how you want to think about that, but think about it you should.


Again, the big con tricks of the world that we're run in, because nothing you're presented with is real.  As I say, they were intent in removing the guy in Egypt, the head of Egypt for a few years in fact.  If you go back to the New American Century group, that was the bunch that Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and all the rest of them, Rumsfeld belonged to.  They had a list out of the countries they wanted to take down.  Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, and then Syria.  And you find out, and of course, they went on about Egypt as well was iffy.  So here they are in Egypt.  We find that they planned these NGOs.  They've been funded from Europe.  I'll be going into that tonight, as well.  In fact, our tax money is funding them right now, these NGOs.  These are veteran Marxists, by the way, and some of them are also mercenaries that are being sent over there to makes sure it goes the way it's supposed to go.  It's all planned.  And then, the IMF, of course, has said they'll pop in afterwards and take the country over, just to get them into eternal debt, as they've done everywhere else.  This is how the game is played, for those who don't know it. 


Also they play on our ignorance in other ways too.  Most folk don't know that we don't go around the sun in a perfect circle.  They really don't know.  So, you know they think that somehow the seasons are supposed to be classical in some way, in some novel fashion, classical, and that it's always the same, and here's the right month and out come the buds and the leaves and so on, and trees, etc.  And that's how things happen, supposedly.  And the weather is never, ever the same, really from one year to the next.  And every so often you have these mini-cycles of hot and then cold, and sometimes you have a really bad snowstorm, and you might have it fairly easy for the next few years.  That's how it normally is.  If you listen to the headlines today, everything is a crisis, isn't it?  It's a massive crisis. 


Here's an article from the Mail Online.


America braces for NEW snowstorms as country digs out from 'bomb scene' blizzard (Alan: "Bomb scene blizzard" it says) of ice and snow that crushed buildings and killed 12.


(A: If you haven't had one of these storms for twenty years, or even less sometimes, the rafters in the attic, and support systems in old roofs, can't handle the snow.  And they fall, you see.  They crush, they fall in.  In Canada, where you get a lot of snow all the time, in the wintertime, then you have to go up there and scrape off the excess snow, because there's an awful lot of weight in that snow there.  Awful lot of weight.  And if you don't maintain your roof, then it will cave in.  So, anyway, it's a bomb scene blizzard of course of ice and snow, and everything is worded to be crisis, crisis, crisis.  It says:)


· Snow and ice predicted across much of the country for Saturday

· At least 12 dead as most recent storm causes chaos in 30 states (A: That's not a lot for a storm, believe you me.  There's more folk killed on the roads leading up to storms than actually die going through them, because of the ice and so on, and they drive as they normally drive.)

· Temperatures plunge to 30 below (A: I guess that's Centigrade, since it's a British paper) as last storm passes

· Hundreds of thousands of people without power (A: And then they canceled air flights and so on.)


Storm was 'worst in 50 years' (A: They're touting it.  Most folk can't remember two or three years ago, never mind fifty years.  So, that's a good lead-up to it.  And it says:)


As the deadly two-day blizzard finally passes, huge swathes of America must now brace for more snow and ice over the next three days as a storm brewing in the South and Texas is projected to move north by Saturday, dumping even more snow on top of already record-setting accumulation totals.


And it won't be record setting at all.  But how are you to know, you see?  They tell you what they want to.  And as I mentioned the other night too, ever since they created the weather station for 24-hour neurotics to sit there and shiver in front of, where a couple of millimeters of rain ends up being a flood, you know, according to them.  And they tell you what to wear that day and all the rest of it.  I knew that they were going to use the weather as a big crisis thing, which of course they are.  Well, guess what?  How it ties into that:


E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP


E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, (A: That's the same ones that bought all the farms in India after they bankrupted the farmers and they couldn't grow their own stuff anymore.  Now, they're putting all their GMO stuff in there, because they also own the big GMO company.  Anyway.  It says:) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in (A: This company.) Weather Central, LP.  The world's leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile, Weather Central's highly accurate... (A: Blah, blah, blah.  For Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.)


So you've got a lot more scary stories coming up, folk, when you get a drizzle.  It's all going to be crisis.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who've bought over 70% of this weather information provider that supplies all news for TV, radio and so on, especially North America, but the whole world.  North America they concentrate on.  And, isn't it astonishing too, as I say, that these same guys are the ones who came forward, over in Britain, and announced the setting up of their bank, their private bank in Switzerland, their personal family bank, to be the place that all carbon trading had to go through for all this saving of CO2 and so on.  It's amazing how they wrap it all together, and here they are now, going to give you your weather, which will always be crisis from now on, I can guarantee you.  It's already in that phase, but it's going to get stepped up a few paces as well, to convince the people at the bottom who just watch television with their mouths open, convince them, that, oh, we've got to cut back and do without heat and food and all that kind of stuff.  Your standard Communist stuff that they bring in across the world. See that other video as I'm mentioning tonight, too, that I'm putting up, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, from the Muslim point of view.  Great footage, and it explains too, in a little better detail what Communism is based upon.  You'll see the MOs, the theories behind it.  And you'll see that we're under the darn thing today.  We're really under it today.  Different terminology for the same things.


And by the way, in that video, they also show you how they brought in mass famine twice.  Famine is always used, always used, to justify what they do.  And Lenin actually used that, the famine, he thought it was a great thing, a great thing that had happened, the famine, because, he said, it would turn the people, who were all starving, and millions died, it will turn them to us for help, you see, give them more power.  That's how much Lenin really thought of the ordinary people.  He actually despised them.  You'll see that in the video, too. 


We're living in such deception today, and most folk, unfortunately, have been trained to be ignorant.  And the media has kept you in a state of ignorance.  As I say, even growing up in Britain during the supposed Cold War, I never heard any school go through what Communism really was all about.  And I didn't hear any exposé of it on any of the media, as though it didn't exist.  It was a strange thing to happen.  I thought, well, if this is the worst enemy, supposedly, that's faced us, we should know all we can about them.  There was nothing.  There was nothing at all really, because it was meant to merge, as I say.  And it has merged.  And when the wall went down, the same guys who were in office in the Soviet regions and the different countries, ended up joining different parties, calling them something else, and now they're running the Economic Union, the Parliament for the whole of Europe.  Amazing.  They all know that, though.  Everyone knows it.  All the multi-trillionaires that run the world know that.  Because they want them in, to bring in this new more efficient society with their big plans.


Last night I mentioned too, how the soft power, the NGOs are funded with their mercenaries, professional mercenaries, and agitators.  They fly them in from all over the globe, really.  And they organize the students to retaliate and agitate from within.  They've used them in Iran and elsewhere.  Brzezinski has mentioned them as a great technique to use, and that he's involved in the use of them, especially in Iran.  And no doubt in here, too, in what's happening in Egypt.  Yesterday I mentioned a link.  I put it up last night, to what the Polish Prime Minister said.  And it says, from this article here:


Belarussian opposition groups won pledges of 87 million euros ($120 million) from donor nations (A: That's tax money from Europeans, the tax money.) Wednesday at a conference organised amid moves to put the squeeze on President Alexander Lukashenko.


(A: He's next-door to the Polish government, you see, the Polish people.)


Poland, the host of the conference (A: You see, they have conferences now for NGOs) and which neighbors Belarus, said that Lukashenko should expect to face the kind of popular uprising (A: Should expect to face the kind of popular uprising.  Right?  That's a paid uprising.  Popular uprising they call it.) that has swept the Arab world as he announced the figure to journalists.


"Summing up, I can say there will be 87 million euros in aid, and most of these are new resources," Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told reporters at the gathering.


"Perhaps the examples of Mr Ben Ali, Mr Mubarak and others will make President Lukashenko reflect that the path he has chosen is not the best one for himself personally," Sikorski said, referring to the ousted Tunisian leader and Egypt's embattled president.


(A: So they're using these professional agitators that they fly in, and the professional organizers that they fly in as well, to get the students all going.  Always promising them freedom, mind you.  Always promising them freedom, so that the IMF can come in afterwards and basically keep them in perpetual slavery, as they've done elsewhere.  So, it says:)


The 36-nation "Solidarity with Belarus" was the first of its kind to focus on bolstering financial support for Belarussian NGOs, the independent media, students and others who have fallen foul of the regime.


What they're not mentioning is that they fly them in, because they've flown them in already into Iran and elsewhere.  It was even in the paper at the time, and I read it on the air, mainstream I'm talking about too, that the CIA had brought in the NGOs and trained them and put them into Iran to start the demonstrations there.  Well, the same thing has happened, of course, for Egypt and the other countries that are going down right now.  And here's a prime minister threatening to use them, using tax, folks' money, but it's not to bring in peace and harmony and all the rest of it.  What country ever has been given that after these characters come in?  It's never happened.  It's never happened.  They'll give them some cheap manufacturing, grab all the resources, because all the big boys come in.  The international bankers are the IMF.  The international money lenders are the IMF, folks.  The same guys that are giving you the news.  Back with more, after this break.  I'm talking about the weather news.


Hi folks, we're back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  You know, is it any reason at all why we're so dumbed down today?  I've gone through before that the food we're fed now really isn't food.  And the inoculations we're getting have had so much of an incredible, detrimental effect on us, that people really are sluggish and slow, and never mind all the problems they end up with, with their allergies and their arthritis and asthmas, which has skyrocketed too, and autism, etc, etc, etc.  This is warfare.  This is warfare.  This is what you do, when you don't want a population to think clearly and rationalize things for themselves and reason things out for themselves, and take action, as to what to do about things.  If you want to dumb down people to make them obedient, that's what you do, then you can do anything with them at all.  You can demolish them.  And you can rob them blind through taxes, until they're like Britain, where a lot of folk are dying as we speak, because they can't afford to heat their homes anymore, because laws are being passed, of course, to cut down on CO2 etc, supposedly.  We can afford to bail out bankers, but we can't afford to dish out fuel vouchers to these poor old folk.  After all, they're old, you know. They should really get euthanized, shouldn't they, under, you know, this proper Communistic system now of rational reasoning, and they don't produce anymore.  So, bump them off.  That's just the rational, Commie way to do things, isn't it?


Swine flu vaccine likely causes child narcolepsy (A: New study finds.  That's wonderful.)


HELSINKI – Children injected with the Pandemrix swine flu vaccine were nine times more likely to contract narcolepsy than those who were not vaccinated, a preliminary study by Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare, THL, showed Tuesday.


(A: Well, that will get snuffed quite fast, believe you me.)


"Currently, the most likely explanation is that the increase in narcolepsy is by joint effect of the vaccine and some other factor(s)," THL said.


The institute stressed in its preliminary study that more investigation was needed, but said young people aged four to 19 had a "manifold increased risk of falling ill with narcolepsy" if they had been inoculated against swine flu with Pandemrix.


Finland launched an aggressive inoculation programme against the H1N1 virus in 2009, but last August THL recommended discontinuing the use of Pandemrix until it could study whether it was connected to a sharp rise in the instance of narcolepsy cases in the country, especially among children.


(A: No, it was just one of these things they catch from each other.  It had nothing to do with the inoculations, you know.)


The European Medicines Agency also launched a probe into the suspected connection.


Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder which causes extreme fatigue and often results in the patient falling soundly asleep without warning, even in the middle of an activity.


(A: I tell you, in older folk they just come down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.)


Doctors in Finland reported a more than trippling of narcolepsy cases during the swine flue pandemic, and THL said "the risk of falling ill with narcolepsy among those vaccinated in the 4-19 years age group was nine-fold in comparison to those unvaccinated in the same age group."


So, I'll put this link up as well.  All these links I'll put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, at the end of this show.  And another little bit of good news, because we're all international and global now and owned by the big bankers, is that they're finding so many ways to end what was called the nation state.  We already heard the little dictator of the European Parliament say that it was the end of the Nation State.  I read that on the air, at the time, from the European papers.  And they're doing it also by, guess what?  Cyber war rules of engagement.  And this article came out from the BBC.


Proposal for cyber war rules of engagement


(A: And you scroll down, and their usual stuff.  How they're going to keep us safe, and safe, and safe, peace, security, safety, etc, etc.  Then it says:)


The draft document also calls for a fresh definition of "nation state", (A: Let's redefine what a nation state is.) with new "territories" and players in cyberspace beyond government - such as multinationals, NGOs and citizens.


The proposal also says that ambiguity about what constitutes cyber conflict is delaying international policy to deal with it, and that perhaps the idea of "peace" or "war" is too simple in the internet age when the world could find itself in a third, "other than war", mode.


Well, here they go again, redefining regions and doing away with nation states, and eventually you'll have an international police for this.  And again, as they say themselves it's all very ambiguous, then they'll also go for what they're really after, and that's the sites they don't want up there at all.  They'll get pulled off, obviously.  That's what all this kafuffle is about, all this deception is about. 


And I also want to touch on, I mentioned before how the IMF always goes into the countries after they send in the NGOs, or actually get a Civil War going.  And it's so amazing here:


IMF raises spectre of civil wars (A: These are the guys that cause it.) as global inequalities worsen


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that "dangerous" imbalances have emerged that threaten to derail global recovery (A: What recovery are they talking about?) and stoke tensions that may ultimately set off civil wars in deeply unequal countries.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF's chief, (A: The guy who was also head of the CFR for a while, I think.) said the economic rebound across the world is built on unstable foundations, with many rich nations (A: I wonder who's rich now, eh?  Maybe it's China they're talking about.) still strapped in job slumps while the rising powers of China, India and Brazil already facing the threat of overheating. "It is not the recovery we wanted. It is a recovery beset by tensions and strain, which could even sow the seeds of the next crisis," he said.


(A: Well, you're darn sure it will, because these guys help plan it all.)


"Global unemployment remains at record highs, with widening income inequality adding to social strains," he said, citing turmoil in North Africa as a prelude to what may happen as 400m youths join the workforce over the next decade.  (A: That's his little dig at overpopulation.) "We could see rising social and political instability within nations – even war," he said.


The IMF has published a paper entitled Inequality, Leverage and Crisis arguing that the extreme gap between rich and poor – with echoes of the US in the late 1920s – was an underlying cause of the Great Recession from 2008-2009.


They're such hypocrites, these guys.  Again, it's doublespeak, isn't it?  We live in doublespeak.  Nothing is what it seems to be.  Most of the things that come out of the United Nations are 180 degrees from what the title would suggest to you.  These are the guys, as I say, who have put dictators in across the world in the past, the IMF.  This is a Cabal of global, international lenders.  And once they get in to take over a country, they never let it go.  And if they do ever let it go, or are forced to, or pretend they're letting it go, they leave an incredible massive debt to themselves, which are the banks that they own.  So, they're quite the hypocrites these, but the IMF is quite the bank too, banking system, along with the World Bank.  And they work with the Bank for International Settlements.  They're all part of the same group.  And the Bank of International Settlements is the way that Carroll Quigley, who was the CFR's historian, said they would bring in this global society with one banking system across the world.  They're already doing the books for the European countries.  They don't care about nations anymore.  This is what they want, this global system of peasantry.  And they've certainly helped keep peasants in line and lots of them for generations and generations now, across all the countries in the world, Third World countries where they get slave labor.  It's just amazing the hypocrites that they are, how they get away with it. Just astonishing.  But they do, don't they?  They get away with it. 


Now, in Britain, there's a bill before Parliament.  And it's so interesting, because I mentioned before, how Britain is selling off its forests.  I'll put that link up again, tonight.  They're going to privatize and sell off all the forests to the highest bidders.  It doesn't matter where they live, across the planet.  And they're also cutting back on all the foot pathways, except that the public were supposed to use for ever and ever and ever, the commons etc.  They're doing away with all of that.  So, this bill has been put in, now that they're selling off all the forests.  Just coincidentally, of course.  And it says:


A Bill to empower the Secretary of State to abolish National Park Authorities; and for connected purposes.


You see, when the private boys take over, which they're doing, then of course they won't be subject to all the laws and rules that you have to be subject to, when you live near these forests, or you had access to these forests and all the rest of it.  In other words, they can do what they want with them, except you won't be allowed to go through them at all.  I'll put this link up tonight as well.  And I'll also put a link back up again, that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, where they started protesting when Grizedale Forest's sell-off plan was announced.  And that was from the BBC News as well.  When people were demonstrating, having a rally, to protest against the government's plans to sell off the woodland.  Everything is being privatized.  You know, the Rothschilds were the ones too, by the way, Lord Rothschild, who brought forth the bill in Parliament, the British Parliament, to privatize the roads, and of course he gets first dibs at buying them.  I think the M6 now, it's just announced too, they have their first toll road in Britain.  Only the rich will be able to drive in the future, and that's what they want.  Their CO2 is different from yours, you understand.  And it's much, much different.  And when they want to burn part of a forest down to actually help nature, that's holy smoke going up.  That's not CO2 and carbon.  Oh, no, that's holy smoke.  Big difference, you see.  Some people just have a different touch to it. They're closer to God, it would seem.  Now, there's Jay from Ohio on the line.  Are you still there, Jay?  Hello?  Hello, Jay?


Jay: Yeah, I'm here.  I had a question.  Somewhere I heard Karl Marx, he was financed by the big boys, so to speak, that's true, right?


Alan: Yeah, it was true, although they always give you a mystique about their founders.  You always get foundation myths, they call them, for any movement, or even the birth of countries.  They give you a founding myth.  And it's very typical with Karl Marx, for instance, they'd say he was poor and all that kind of nonsense.  Utter rubbish.  I mean, his best pal was one of the richest guys in Europe, who owned factories all over the countries, Engels, so he was anything but poor.  It's kind of like the Rothschild's stories, where they start off that they collected rags and stuff in the ghettos.  This is the official story they give you.  And that's where the rags-to-riches story comes from, that rubbish like that.


Jay: Yeah, yeah, the deception is just like extremely sick.  I would never have known that, you know. 


Alan: Well, Marx also belonged to the young Hegelians, and you have to look into the other members of the young Hegelians and what proceeded them, because Moses Hess was part of that too.  Initially it was actually started by Moses Hess who came to the conclusion that certain groups or even races or even religions, had the duty to force a Messianic movement, and bring in this New Order.  And he tried to tie it in with their history.  And this group, along with different schools it formed, like the Frankfurt School, and the Vienna Circle and School as well, all worked towards this Marxist theology.  They all got together and backed up Marx eventually.


Jay: It's amazing how this small clique.  It seems like they all come from the same area like this.


Alan: Well, they did all come out of Prussia and Germany, the German areas, Germanic areas.  And even when they first took over Russia, they were not called Communists, because all the leaders who came in to take over, the Bolshevik Party, they all spoke German.  And they called it the German Movement.  And even when they sent Trotsky over to New York, and he lived, because he was born there, right.  They sent him back there to try and get more people to join up and go over and fight in Russia.  They still called often it the Germanic Movement.


Jay: Wow, just amazing.  And one other thing.  I think a lot about shedding the Matrix.  You had mentioned that in a reply email one time.  It's amazing, you know, when, I think that we're trained to watch the expert, listen to the expert, and it's like the attempt is being made to force us to lose our instincts, you know.  You know, we have the answers within ourselves.  It's amazing though, how easy it is to, or at least for some people, it's easy to force them to give that up.  And I think that when you shed, I still consider myself to be pretty novice, but I'm absorbing tons of information.  It's amazing what you can do when you turn and look to yourself for the answers.  I mean, the right teachers will come to you, you know, and you'll know who they are, when they show up, but it's amazing.


Alan: It is amazing once you understand a certain amount, and suddenly you'll find, or eventually, one day you'll find your mind is working for itself, again, as it should be.  And you can draw your own conclusions by your own experiences, because that's all you can go by.  Never mind what experts say, or any groups say or try to get you to say.  You must go by your own experiences, and your own memory of what's happening, and the outcomes of the cons that have been pulled in the past, as opposed to what they told you they were fighting for or pushing for.  You see who benefits.  And it's the same trick over and over and over again.  And, as I say, collectivism and Communitarianism.  How close to Communism can you get when you call it Communitarianism?  And it was George Bush Sr, who first publicly used that as a President to the general public.  He called it Communitarianism.  And the public couldn't connect that and Communism?


Jay: Right, right.  I don't know.  I think, sometimes, I see how, you know, I had a decent education, you know, but I'm amazed when I hear you and Alex and others who are able to critical think.  And I'm like wow, I don't know why I never could.  I'm learning how to do it.  I'm finally figuring it out.


Alan: Well, remember, Brzezinski said that the public were being trained not to think for themselves.  And he said the time was coming, and that was in the 70s, so it's already come, but the time is coming when they'll be unable to reason for themselves.  He said, they will expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And the media will not do.  If the media wants you to be Green and all that, they'll push and push, so you'll be green.  But anything else that they should be telling you, no, they won't tell you at all.  In other words, we do leave it to the media to tell us, be upset about this, or don't be upset about that.  You know, we leave it to them, and that's the trick that they've pulled already.  Most folk expect the media to tell them when to be upset, or to be worried. 


Jay: You're right, you're right.  And there's a lot of things I see through.  It's fun to do it.  Well, it shouldn't be fun to do it, but it feels good to.


Alan: It feels good to be able to, yeah, to discern what's happening in your own lifetime, and the whys that the things are happening.  Otherwise, you understand, if you could only see Britain, how dejected the country is now, totally denationalized.  They don't know what they are anymore.  Right down to the individuals, who are now being told not to even know what kind of gender you are.  That's the latest part.  Make you totally.  They've destroyed the family, the nation, your community, the family, now they're after the individual.  That was all part of the Communist strategy too, of creating the chaos, and then bringing out the New Order.  You must eventually destroy the individual.  Individualism they said was anathema to their system; the collective mind is what they're after.  Thanks for calling and call again.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I was saying earlier too, divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer, all the way from the nation state down to the community, destroy it.  Things they used to do for each other and help each other out, no, the State takes over.  And then, once they've destroyed that all the way, they bring in, again, the privatization of the system, and then volunteerism.  And the volunteerism is managed of course by the NGOs.  And the NGOs are the New Soviet.  The New Soviet means rule by councils, folks.  Supposedly, ideally, from civilian society.  It's a more perfected Soviet.  As I say, divide/conquer, right down to destroying the family unit, one of the planks of the Manifesto.  And we've had years and years of that.  Years of that.  Well, here they go further, to make sure they eradicate the last vestige of it, because anyone who can escape this, they must be mute.


British High Court Expands ‘Domestic Violence’ to Include Shouting and Criticizing

It’s hard to overstate the reach of the British Supreme Court’s ruling in this case (Daily Mail, 1/27/11).  It was decided on Thursday and from that date all aspects of domestic violence law have been completely changed.

Prior to the court’s ruling, the word “violence” in British law relating to domestic violence had been interpreted to mean physical assault.  Thursday’s decision expands the definition of “violence” to include an astonishing and entirely unprecedented range of behaviors.

Raising your voice at a husband or wife, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, now counts as domestic violence under the landmark Supreme Court judgment.

(A: See, France already did it, and everything that happens now in Europe gets across the board to every country)

The decision also means that denying money to a partner or criticising them can count as violence (A: How about taking too much money off the partner?) and bring down draconian domestic violence penalties from the courts.

The case arose when a woman applied to a local council for housing separate from that of her husband.  She did so based solely on her claim that he was violent toward her.  But when the council learned that he had never been physically violent, it turned her down and she appealed.

(A: So she went to the Supreme Court.)

The Supreme Court’s ruling means that British taxpayers will get to provide housing for the woman, not because she’s in any physical danger; no one, not even she, claims that.  No, the reason she gets a new place to live is that she says her husband shouted at her, a claim he denies.  She also said he didn’t give her money for household expenses.


So, that's another nail in the coffin, because as I say, it's the first thing that they teach you in psychology and the higher psychiatric, psycho-dynamic courses, you can't put two people together without the occasional tiff.  It just doesn't happen.  So it's guaranteed to go a lot further.  And of course, the big foundations and the NGOs and the various groups that have formed will push for it and enforce this too.  So you'll be stuck on your own for life. And that's what they want, because then the State is in charge of you, you see.  And then your local community commissar will be in charge of you for other aspects of your life, too. 

Tonight I'll try and put up another little video.  It's called Birthright.  It's worth watching, for your little Communitarian area, and what it will come down to in the future.  You can see it in the US.  It streams on one of the streamers.  I can't get it in Canada.  I don't know about elsewhere.  Anyway, I'll put the link up for those in the US to watch it.  It's a little reminder of what's coming down the pike.  Because, as I say, the leopard never really changes its spots.  It can camouflage them, but the MO of the disease is always the same.  Marxism is Marxism, and the big IMF boys and the money boys just love it.  After all, they funded it from its very inception.  In fact, they were the creators of it, in fact.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it's good night, and may your God or Gods go with you.



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