Feb. 7, 2011 (#763)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 7, 2011:

New World Order, Change is Good,
Shortly World to be Rationing Food:

"Popular Uprisings, Colour Revolutions,
Heavily Funded by Institutions,
Varied "Charitable" Trusts and Foundations,
Aided by Societies, Council on Foreign Relations,
Of Course to the Masses it Seems Spontaneous,
While Youngsters of Mass-Mind are Gregarious,
They Tweet and Twitter, All Repetition,
Aiding CIA, MI6, in their Sedition,
All for Some Vague Democratic Ideal,
Enabling Monopolies to Enter and Steal,
Install Central Bank to Bankrupt All
Except for the Elite, Got Lots of Gall,
This Democratic Front's a Hell of a Ride,
Bringing Totalitarianism, Nowhere to Hide"
© Alan Watt Feb. 7, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 7, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 7, 2011.  I always suggest at the very beginning so that I wonít pester you all the way through, to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and help yourself to the audios that Iíve put up there.  There are hundreds to choose from and hopefully it will help to fill in a lot of blank spots of history, and why things are happening now, and why things happened in the past, and show you that the techniques have never really changed, neither have the goals actually.  Help yourself to them and while you are there remember too that you are the audience that bring me to you, so kindly buy the books and disks and so on that I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, donations would certainly be acceptable as well Ė just straight donations Ė because it takes a lot of cash to keep this going.  And this isnít a job, believe you me; itís not one hour a night that I come on here and thatís it.  It takes hours and hours 7 days a week to try and keep ahead of whatís really going on, and to even maintain the computers and all the rest of it too.  Itís all time, time, time; there is never enough time in the world to do all the things that you want to.  So donations by themselves too will be certainly appreciated.  This site and this show has helped to change even the whole Patriot outlook on whatís happening in the world, instead of just navel-gazing into America itself, the Americas as they call it now in fact. 


I show you why itís all happening and how itís global, and how they hooked a whole global agenda underway.  Literally, you havenít had governments that really were there to serve the public for an awful long time, and that is backed up by the Council on Foreign Relationsí own historian, Professor Carroll Quigley who verified that in his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  He said, every Prime Minister of Canada and every President of the United States have been members, pre-chosen for their roles as Prime Ministers and Presidents, since the late 1800s, when they were called a different name at that time.  Now itís the CFR for the Americas, the Royal Institute of International Affairs for Britain, the same organization.  Theyíve got a whole European bloc now in with them as well, so all the politicians in Europe are also members of this ONE organization running the world. This organization too, the CFR, is comprised as well of lots of politicians too, bureaucrats, special envoys, that kind of class, and a lot of them too have been in MI6 in Britain, the CIA, CSIS Canada.  Itís all one big happy family that runs what you think is your country.  They certainly do have their plans because itís a hierarchical structure.  They do NOT believe in democracy; even in their own books they will tell you, they are non-political Ė they donít play politics.  They simply run agendas, you see.  Thatís why they can say they donít play politics; they run agendas.  The whole American agreement for integration was drafted up by the Council on Foreign Relations and they came out openly on Canadian television at the time and admitted it as such, under their own banner for the first time, that they drafted up the Free Trade Negotiations and the NAFTA negotiations for further integration and some of their members, a few years ago in 2005, thought it was a great idea to join completely, just like Europe, and then compete with Europe.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Back in the 1980s they were going on about the Free Trade Negotiations and Free Trade Association as they called it at the time Ė again, a Council on Foreign Relations draft Ė that the politicians were promoting for the same idea of a European-type American continent, basically run by a central government; and they talked about Montreal at the time even being picked for a new capital for the Americas.  Then that was quietened down because of a little uproar that happened here and there and they went ahead regardless with it.  Then they had the NAFTA agreements and how wonderful that would be for everyone; jobs, jobs, jobs, etc.  The same idea as they played out in Europe to join the European Union; jobs, jobs, jobs and youíll be left behind if you donít join and all that stuff.  I mean, weíre so much better off today, as weíre being bankrupted and plundered and your tax money is not only getting taken away from your essential services, itís going across the seas and everywhere else to help other countries apparently. 


So you are lied to at every single turn; just constant lies, because they have to lie to you, at the top.  They call it Ďthe noble lie.í  Thatís the official term they use.  The sheeple canít manage the truth, you see, youíd stand up and say wait a minute here, how will we fare if all these things go through, how will we personally fare?  And if you will notice too, all of your news now is international; itís meant to keep your mind off yourselves and even trying to get you all hot and bothered about other countries and whatís happening thereÖ while they rush ahead at home with the same old agendas of integration, making you poorer, etc, etc.


Well they had another meeting again Ė they have these meetings every year with the politicians, the heads of state as they call it, of the US, Canada, and Mexico; they didnít mention Mexico this time but Iím sure it was involved too because itís an official NAFTA meeting, with Obama and Harper from Canada.  This saysÖ


Harper, Obama agree to integrate border,

creating security and trade perimeter

montrealgazette.com / By Sheldon Alberts, Washington Correspondent, Postmedia News / February 5, 2011


(Alan:  Now thatís not new news; they already did that already.  So whatever they were really up to is something far beyond that.)


President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper attend a joint news conference in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, Feb. 4, 2011.


WASHINGTON ó Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama are seeking a sweeping deal to establish a North American security and trade perimeter, opening talks Friday that could lead to jointly operated Canada-U.S. border facilities (A:  Well, they already have that; they have even integrated taxation and stuff, and they are sharing customs duties, etc.), an integrated entry-exit system to track travellers and the deployment of "cross-designated" law enforcement officers to intercept terrorists and criminals.  (A:  It means literally that the US can send their boys up into Canada, after whomever they wish I suppose.  Thatís what that means, ďdeployment of "cross-designated" law enforcement officers to intercept terrorists and criminals.Ē  And you should be very, very careful when governments go ahead with any big martial law plan, which theyíve already done since 9/11 of course.  They needed this plan. They needed this to happen; they couldnít have done all of this without that plan.  In fact I watched something about Germany and the Reichstag fire Ė and the Reichstag fire was the reason that they clamped down on Germany.  In the documentary, the narrator is obviously trying to get you really angry about Germany, and how they listened to and wiretapped everyone, and opened everyoneís mail and watched everybody.  We are WAY BEYOND that levelÖ way beyond that level, since 9/11, and given up all of your rights too; the same thing.  And people donít see the similarities in anything at all.  They just donít see it because the same excuse was used in Germany.  And we know what happened there, donít we?)


Harper touted the plan as vital to both the safety and prosperity of Canadians (A:  Haaa.), even as critics expressed concerns a future agreement with the U.S. could compromise the nation's sovereignty.  (A:  This is the same stuff I read for years as they integrated Europe together, from the British side, the same stuff.)


"This declaration is not about sovereignty. We are sovereign countries who have the capacity to act as we choose to act," Harper told reporters following an hour-long White House meeting with Obama.


"It is in Canada's interests to work with our partners in the United States to ensure that our borders are secure and ensure that we can trade and travel across them as safely and as openly as possible, within the context of our different laws. And that is what we're trying to achieve here."  (A:  Well, they were crossing fine going back and forth, and trade was just booming before 9/11 happened and they clamped down on everything.)


The ambitious border declaration ó the product of several months of behind-the-scenes preliminary work (A:  Itís all done by bureaucrats; these guys get together and sign it.)  ó foresees the most significant changes in the Canada-U.S. border relationship since the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Obama hailed the plan as a logical step for two countries (A:  Theyíre not telling you what itís really, really, all the nitty-gritty, what itís about do they?  They just hail it as wonderful and itís marvelous and all that.) who share the world's largest trading relationship and "are woven together like perhaps no other two countries in the world."


The U.S. president said he expected Harper to be "very protective" of Canadian values (A:  I wonder what they are now.), just "as I would be very protective of the core values of the United States" throughout the upcoming negotiations.


"Obviously Canada and the United States are not going to match up perfectly on every measure with respect to how we balance security issues, privacy issues, openness issues, but we match up more than probably any country on Earth," Obama said.  (A:  By the way, I mean, weíve been sharing each otherís bank account records with the Secret Services for years now.  Weíre all integrated that way as well.  I mean, all this stuff here is pabulum.  Iíd like to know the real stuff, what they are really signing into.)


The declaration issued by Harper and Obama said the two countries "intend to pursue a perimeter approach to security" by tracking potential threats before they reach North America while eliminating many of the hurdles that currently slow the flow of people and goods at the Canada-U.S. border itself.  (A:  Thatís all the x-raying of your cars and groping of people, stuff like that I guess.  But theyíre still trying to get this sort of Clear Pass type idea through.  That came out in 1998 Ė before 9/11 happened Ė where you would be an authorized goody-two-shoes citizen and cleared on every level and then you could pass.  Do you understand that this is really a class system now?  Thatís what weíre going into, of passes, who can travel and who canít travel, whoís going to get a hassle trying to travel and so on.  Thatís really whatís it about.  In this new world order you have to be politically correct on every single level, a TEAM player, etc, etc, the type of bureaucrat that would survive in Orwellís 1984, where they can give you new meanings for things and you immediately parrot them, because youíre GOOD, youíre a good citizen, you see.)


The two leaders envision the creation of an "integrated Canada-United States entry-exit system" that would allow border agents in both countries to exchange information (A:  Theyíre already doing that; they said that last year.  So whatís this nonsense?  They didnít even draft up a new spiel for the public here; they just used last yearís script.)  "so that documented entry into one country serves to verify exit from the other country." 


What a load of nonsense. What have they really signed, I wonder, and will we even get access to seeing it?  Do you know that the last negotiation, the Free Trade Negotiations actually, are sealed for the next 30 years?  They only put a 600-page report out, out of thousands of pages; the rest of them went underground outside of Ottawa, in a vault, sealed.  Well that means, you see, if you saw what was in it you would not be happy; thatís why they hide these things and seal them under the Official Secrets Act.  Of course we have democracy here, while they sign everything in secret and bury the real stuff for 30-40-50 years, and they tell you to be supportive of Egyptís Ďpopularí uprising, by all the color NGOs Ė thatís what you call them now, color NGOs Ė that are funded by the big foundations, professional agitators and so on, and to be all concerned about Egypt all of a sudden.  People werenít even thinking of Egypt.  People only think about what theyíre told to think about.  And when they go overboard about it you know darn well they want you to be concerned.  Why should you be concerned about whatís happening in Egypt when you canít even have a say in your own country as to whatís happening?  The price of food is escalating.  The dollar is being devalued; they call it of course, quantitative easing rather than inflation; sounds better.  And weíre getting integrated into one big plantation, really, for the Americas, as they say themselves, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Thatís whatís happening.  But no, be concerned about Egypt.  Egypt is a setup; itís been set up for ages to fall now.  To fall nowÖ they sent envoys from the US to Egypt, to Mubarak, AGES ago, years ago asking him if he would leave.


Now, talking about food too, even that front group the United Nations, this very politically correct organization, again a front for the very institution that Iím talking about, the CFR, and the guys behind it, the Rockefellers and foundations that set it up.  This saysÖ


Food costs at records, U.N. warns of volatile era

February 3, 2011 /  Svetlana Kovalyova and John Mair / uk.news.yahoo.com


(A:  Well they want rationing to come in; thatís why itís going up.  Why, when one country, when you canít protect your own food supply, because they have taken all the laws to restrict foreign imports from dumping cheap stuff on you, when you canít even guarantee your farmers the right wages and so on Ė the small guys all go under and youíre left with the big agri farmers, and they will export your food out of the country, much like what happened in the soviet era when they took down the Ukraine, when they exported the food abroad for sale and let the Ukrainians die.  All part of a plan of course.  You must always protect your own domestic food supply.  Itís essentialÖ air, water, food, shelter, clothing, heat.)


Up for the seventh month in a row, the closely watched U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation Food Price Index on Thursday touched its highest since records began in 1990, and topped the peak of 224.1 in June 2008, during the food crisis of 2007/08.


"The new figures clearly show that the upward pressure on world food prices is not abating. These high prices are likely to persist in the months to come," FAO economist and grains expert Abdolreza Abbassian said in a statement.


Hammering home the point the U.N. World Food Programme's executive director Josette Sheeran said weather related problems and a backdrop of rising prices were ominous.  (A:  So itís going to skyrocket.  As I say, itís because theyíve put your food up on this big bubble stock exchange thing, where the highest bidder get it.  And of course they can hold it back too to get the price up and then dump it again.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back, this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  In Canada theyíre introducing pay-as-you-go meters for your internet use.  So this is the start of it here in Canada.  This is really the trial balloon to see how people react, I suppose, and how Canadians will react to it; if they act in the proper way, of course, theyíll introduce it elsewhere too.  This saysÖ


Pay-as-you go meters will see internet users charged PER GIGABYTE

By Daily Mail Reporter / dailymail.co.uk / 2nd February 2011


We have become accustomed to receiving unlimited access to the internet for a set monthly payment.


But all that is to change in Canada next month when people will have to pay for what they use with a new metering system.


The go-ahead for pay-as-you-go came last September when Canada's Radio-Telecommunications Commission ruled Bell Canada could implement the new system.  (A:  So they gave them the go-ahead to do it.)


Bell, the country's largest telecommunications company, has now decided to take advantage of the decision which means that instead of a flat fee, subscribers will pay for content per gigabyte. Furthermore, there will be a limit to how much data can be downloaded.


Controversial: Canadian Internet subscribers are to be charged by the gigabyte for content, meaning prices will rise while data download limits are reduced.  (A:  Interesting eh?)


Advocates of the new system argue the measures are unlikely to affect most people (A:  Well thatís nonsense because eventually you know darn well they always lower their standards, lower their standards, to make sure once you get a few megabytes that will be enough to kick it off.), only those who constantly stream video and music.  (A:  Öat the moment, supposedly.)


The system will mean higher bills for both Bell subscribers and those using other internet service providers.  (A:  Thatís democracy; you get really freedom of choice in Canada, and thatís really what democracy is all about.  Itís about eliminating all competition, for monopolization.  Thatís really the definition, and I hope the Egyptians are listening to this too because we have never had democracy in the West.  Itís a big conÖ and thatís why the rich are getting richer and the masses of poor are getting poorer all the time.)


This is because although the ISPs provide the 'last mile of access' for customers they too will have to shoulder a higher burden by linking to the Bell network.


Internet service providers have been publishing their new data plans, and the revised charges have met with a barrage of criticism.  (A:  Well they can criticize all they want but we have no alternative here.  Bell pretty well is the monopoly for Canada.  Of course there are other companies which buy off Bell to put out their own different services but really Bell is at the top and thatís just the way it is.  It mentions a couple of other ones too.)


On March 1, TekSavvy members face a new monthly usage cap of 25GB - substantially down from the 200GB or unlimited deals it could offer before usage-based billing.  (A:  Thatís what they do as I say, they keep going down and down and down until you are paying for everything.  And Canadians are very good; thatís why theyíve kicked it off here, because Canadians are very passive.  They donít look up from eating the grass much, except to watch sports, then back down again, and thatís why theyíve chosen Canadians to try this trial balloon, this red balloon and see how it flies.  And I canít see any problem with it to be honest with you; it will go quite easily.)


Now, the EU Commission in Britain Ė well, itís the whole of Europe now; this big new sovietÖ and thatís what ex-members of the soviet are calling it, by the way, The New Soviet.


Oettinger on the Energy Summit

EU Commissioner Wants to Fund Super Grid with Euro Bonds

spiegel.de / 02/04/2011


(A:  They want to get one massive electrical supply across the whole continent and it will be owned, of course, eventually by one big company; thatís the way things go in democracy.)


EU leaders meeting in Brussels are discussing the conditions for expanding Europe's internal electricity market. In an interview, European Energy Commissioner GŁnther Oettinger of Germany discusses his vision for Europe and proposes what might be a surprising method for financing the ambitious project.  (A:  Theyíre going to sell off bonds for it apparently.  That no doubt will be bought up, most of the stock will be bought up by one person probably; itís happened in the past, like the Rothschilds, for instance, and over the years the rest of them will sell off their stock and he will buy the rest and that will be that, a good monopoly on all the electrical supply.  Power is going to be incredible in the future for those guys who own it, the FEW, the very few who actually own it.)


Itís interesting, at the same timeÖ


German ministries debate further solar power cuts

reuters.com / BERLIN | Fri Jan 28, 2011


BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's Economy Ministry wants to see a further tightening of the Environment Ministry's plans to cut solar power incentives, sources in the government told Reuters on Friday.


But there was no agreement in talks on Friday between senior officials from the Economy Ministry and Environment Ministry.  (A:  It sounds exactly like the Soviet system, eh? And thatís how Britain is too, itself; you have economy MINISTERS and the Ministry of this and the Ministry of that.  Itís like Kommissars.)


"The Economy Ministry wants to have solar power production switched off when the grid is overloaded on sunny days," a government official said. The ministry would also like to see a greater July 1, 2011 reduction in incentives.  (A:  There is an incredible rip-off going on because there is so much money being thrown at it, tax money being thrown at it that anyone can apply basically for these grants and go ahead pretending to create solar power or wind power or whatever else you want to do.  Itís just a great racket right now. Anything green is a fantastic racket; they throw cash at you and there you go.)


Now, Germany already complained about this massive road they want to link across the whole of Europe, right through Germany. So the latest plan is this, to get past all the protesting. 


Tunnel Trumps Bridge

Denmark to Build Underwater Link to Germany

By Sven BŲll / spiegel.de / 02/02/2011


Denmark wants to build a tunnel under the Fehmarn Belt, the 18-kilometer strait between Germany and Denmark, at a cost of over 5 billion euros. The project took a big step forward on Tuesday when the Danish parliament agreed to move ahead with the plans. (A:  So theyíre going to link everybody by tunnels and roads and all the rest of it.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Remember, all the articles I mention, all of the topics I cover, I put the links up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of every night so you can always look them up for yourself.  There is an article Iím going to read here, and I will leave it to you to spot whatís missing from it. 


Twenty reasons why it's kicking off everywhere

Paul Mason | bbc.co.uk / 5 February 2011


(A: ďItís kicking off everywhereÖĒ heís talking about all the protesting.† This is from BBC.)


We've had revolution in Tunisia, Egypt's Mubarak is teetering; in Yemen, Jordan and Syria suddenly protests have appeared. In Ireland young techno-savvy professionals are agitating for a "Second Republic"; in France the youth from Banlieues battled police on the streets to defend the retirement rights of 60-year olds; in Greece striking and rioting have become a national pastime. And in Britain we've had riots and student occupations that changed the political mood.


What's going on? What's the wider social dynamic?  (A:  Now he doesnít mention economic crashes and government cutbacks or any of that, and actually the bankruptcies of nations.  He doesnít mention this at all.  But he says his editors asked him to find out and to do a little study on it so he met with some different ones, academics, who studied this and also he talked to them to find out what else is happening.  So here is the spin they put on it.)


At the heart of it all are young people, obviously; students; westernised; secularised. They use social media - as the mainstream media has now woken up to - but this obsession with reporting "they use twitter" is missing the point of what they use it for.


In so far as there are common threads to be found in these different situation, here's 20 things I have spotted:


1. At the heart if it all is a new sociological type: the graduate with no future.


2. ...with access to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and eg Yfrog (A:  Öwhatever that is.) so they can express themselves in a variety of situations ranging from parliamentary democracy to tyranny.


3. Therefore truth moves faster than lies, and propaganda becomes flammable.  (A:  Well, who is to say what are the lies and what is the truth, because Iíve read reports in the past from the Pentagon where they said theyíd set up the trends and the memes and get the people to follow; thatís happening.  It doesnít mention this at all, of course, in this article.)


4. They are not prone to traditional and endemic ideologies: Labourism, Islamism, Fianna Fail Catholicism etc... in fact hermetic ideologies of all forms are rejected.


5. Women very numerous as the backbone of movements. (A:  Thatís true because they run most of the big Ė they are the fronts Ė of the NGOs for the big foundations, that agitate.  And theyíre well trained and theyíre well educated. AnywayÖ)  Women very numerous as the backbone of movements. After twenty years of modernised labour markets and higher-education access the "archetypal" protest leader, organizer, facilitator, spokesperson now is an educated young woman.  (A:  Who is incredibly well paid, mind you, by the foundations; I added the last part because he missed it.)


6. Horizontalism has become endemic because technology makes it easy: it kills vertical hierarchies spontaneously, whereas before - and the quintessential experience of the 20th century - was the killing of dissent within movements, the channeling of movements and their bureaucratisaton.


7. Memes: "A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Supporters of the concept regard memes (A:  I call it me-meís because itís the me generation that generally pushes it Ė certainly invented it.)  as cultural analogues to genes, in that they self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures." (Wikipedia).


8. They all seem to know each other: (A:  On these networks. And they do because the leaders certainly are all well organized. These are the same leaders of course that were getting pushed through the communist era as well and trained by the same people who trained them, because they all work for the foundations too, especially in the West.) They all seem to know each other:  not only is the network more powerful than the hierarchy - but the ad-hoc network has become easier to form. So if you "follow" somebody from the UCL occupation on Twitter, as I have done, you can easily run into a radical blogger from Egypt, or a lecturer in peaceful resistance in California who mainly does work on Burma so then there are the Burmese tweets to follow. During the early 20th century people would ride hanging on the undersides of train carriages across borders just to make links like these.  (A:  Now itís so easy, right.)


9. The specifics of economic failure: the rise of mass access to university-level education is a given. (A: Ömass access to university-level education is a givenÖwhere?  Where?)  Maybe soon even 50% in higher education will be not enough. In most of the world this is being funded by personal indebtedess - (A: Ölisten to thisÖ) so people are making a rational judgement to go into debt so they will be better paid later.  (A: Is that rational?) However the prospect of ten years of fiscal retrenchment in some countries means they now know they will be poorer than their parents. And the effect has been like throwing a light switch; the prosperity story is replaced with the doom story, even if for individuals reality will be more complex, and not as bad as they expect.


10. This evaporation of a promise is compounded in the more repressive societies and emerging markets because - even where you get rapid economic growth - it cannot absorb the demographic bulge of young people fast enough to deliver rising living standards for enough of them.  (A:  And itís not that at all, by the way.  Itís because everything has become so highly tech, etc, that fewer and fewer folk are needed in the high-tech industry, to run things, and to run countries even, and organizations.  Thatís a big part of it too; plus there are no factory jobs, etc.  Theyíre all in China, thanks to the NAFTA and the World Trade Organization and the GATT Treaty.)


11. To amplify: I can't find the quote but one of the historians of the French Revolution of 1789 wrote that it was not the product of poor people but of poor lawyers (A: Öthat caused the revolution, ehÖ).  You can have political/economic setups that disappoint the poor for generations (A: Thatís true, the poor will just carry on as always.) - but if lawyers, teachers and doctors are sitting in their garrets freezing and starving you get revolution. Now, in their garrets, they have a laptop and broadband connection.


12. The weakness of organised labour means there's a changed relationship between the radicalized middle class, the poor and the organised workforce. The world looks more like 19th century Paris - heavy predomination of the "progressive" intelligentsia, intermixing with the slum-dwellers at numerous social interfaces (cabarets in the 19C, raves now); huge social fear of the excluded poor but also many rags to riches stories celebrated in the media (Fifty Cent etc); meanwhile the solidaristic culture and respectability of organized labour is still there but, as in Egypt, they find themselves a "stage army" to be marched on and off the scene of history.


13. This leads to a loss of fear among the young radicals of any movement: they can pick and choose; there is no confrontation they can't retreat from. (A: So itís armchair warriors, if you like.)  They can "have a day off" from protesting, occupying: whereas with he old working-class based movements, their place in the ranks of battle was determined and they couldn't retreat once things started. You couldn't "have a day off" from the miners' strike if you lived in a pit village.  (A:  Ö in a mining village.)


14. In addition to a day off, you can "mix and match": I have met people who do community organizing one day, and the next are on a flotilla to Gaza; then they pop up working for a think tank on sustainable energy; then they're writing a book about something completely different. I was astonished to find people I had interviewed inside the UCL occupation blogging from Tahrir Square this week.  (A:  Theyíre all over the place, these poor people, students with no cash, eh.  They get around.)


15. People just know more than they used to. Dictatorships rely not just on the suppression of news but on the suppression of narratives and truth. More or less everything you need to know to make sense of the world is available as freely downloadable content on the internet: (A: Öexcept for Canada, I should addÖ) and it's not pre-digested for you by your teachers, parents, priests, imams. (A: Do you think thatís all true, the stuff that you get off the internet as well?  If most of it came from books that were already censored and put out there with the censored bits excluded from them, then what makes you think when they put them onto eBooks that itís any different?) 


Anyway, this is the spin on it.  Of course they donít mention the facts that the big foundations fund the agitators, and Iím talking about well trained armies of them.  They give them the cash to go to all these places and organize. Organization was the key of the communist movement, the socialist movement, and itís the same thing with this international socialist movement where they get people to think theyíve got democracy.  Of course with a bit of luck theyíll end up getting taxed like the rest of us, so that money can get taken from them to go and build big systems of power, etc, so that the boys can sell them off for peanuts to their private buddies down the road.  Thatís democracy.  And then they can help share the wealth that theyíve created in their country across the rest of the world as weíre doing now as well, as we all go down the tubes.  Thatís democracy for you.  And of course, the Pentagon, as I say, has released many documents on it and Sunstein and others also talked about this, how they would create the memes for the rest of the rabble to follow.  It works like a charm doesnít it?  It works like a charm.  Thatís the masses for you. 


Why on earth are we suddenly directed to Egypt?  The one thing about Egypt is itís got the Suez Canal.  Look at the history of the Suez Canal.  Itís astonishing.  Israel depends on it; itís the lifeline for Israelís shipping and trade.  Essential.  When they started it up the French, of course, were the ones who helped to start it up with the help of Egypt.  The Rothschild family was heavily involved in it, the French side getting the shares. Then when Benjamin Disraeli was the Prime Minister of Britain he single-handedly put through the bill that they were going to help to put their shares up for sale as well; it was bought by the Rothschilds, solely Ė and thatís in Wikipedia by the way.  So the Rothschild family ended up owning it for 99 years; for all the commerce that went through it, it got taxed heavily.  Amazing.  The great thing about it too was that the British Army was used to protect it at certain times, courtesy of the taxpayers of Britain; not bad buying something and then using a nation and their army and the taxpayers to look after it for you.  Of course when they werenít looking after it the French did the same thing; their taxpayers paid for it.  So itís quite the scams that go on in the world, and the public canít figure anything out.  Theyíre just told that a popular uprising suddenly started in Egypt.  What a lot of collybobbles, as they say. 


Tonight too, I am putting up articles to go with this integration of the borders for Canada and America, and to give you a link to The Council of the Americas; itís one of the names they have.  There is also another name for it as well, for Canada, and rather well known newscasters, members of the CFR, run it for Canada in fact. 


Council of the Americas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia / wikipedia.org


The "Council of the Americas" is an American business organization whose stated goal is promoting free trade, democracy and open markets throughout the Americas. This includes Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as South America.


The group was founded in 1965 by David Rockefeller (A:  These are the guys, for the CFR, who gave you NAFTA, Free Trade, and all the rest of it.)  and a group of like-minded business people (A:  Now listen to thisÖ) and was made up of some of the richest and most powerful men in the United States of America which included some of Richard Nixonís biggest supporters and personal friends. It was a secretive group initially called Business Group for Latin America (A:  Now listen to thisÖ) with strong ties with the CIA and since then have exercised great influence on USA foreign policy. Some of the CIA directors used to turn (A:  Öthatís changeÖ) positions between the CIA and member companies of the group. (A:  Öand then go back into the CIA.  Itís all one big happy family.  You think youíve got private business; I donít think at that level there is such a thing.)  Allen Dulles, CIA top director, for instance, was a lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell and member of the board of directors of the United Fruit Company; John McCone, CIA director too, was a member in International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) board of directors. Harold Geneen, president and chairman of the board of ITT, led the Council and had a defining role in the coup against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile, which has spread doubts about its mentioned intentions of promoting democracy.  (A:  These are the guys who are pushing this fallacy of democracy across the Americas.)


The Council of the Americas is now the US section of the 1948-founded "North American Business Committee" and its membership has grown to over two-hundred corporations, including some of the largest US blue-chip companies (see below), which the Council claims represents the majority of those US corporations that have private investments in Latin America.  (A:  It encompasses too, the free trade of the Americas.  They, with the Council on Foreign Relations, drafted up the Free Trade Area for the Americas; itís got all of their different documentation on here. There are links to it.  And it gives you all theÖ)


Notable and Historic corporate members


Sullivan & Cromwell LLP††††††††††††† ITT†††††††† Ford††††††† Exxon Mobil††††††††† Standard Oil (Rockefeller Family)††††† American International Group†††††††††† Chevron†††††††††††††††† Citigroup†††††††††††††† Coca-Cola††††††††††††† GE†††††††††† General Motors †† ††††††††† IBM††††††† Johnson & Johnson †††††††††† JP Morgan Chase†††††††††††††††† Kissinger McLarty Associates††††††††† McDonalds ††††††††† Microsoft †††††††††††† Pfizer †††††††††††††††††††† Philip Morris ††††††† Shell International †††††††††††††† Time Warner ††††††† ††††††††† Toyota ††††††††††††††††† Wal-Mart


Then itís got all the current Ďeliteí corporate members; so there is even a hierarchy above all them.  Itís got all of these big, big groups who are the elite members of it all, for this wonderful integration for the Americas, even including Wal-Mart too.  Itís all in there and all the big oil companies are there too.  Iíll put this link up tonight as well for you to peruse, and throw rotten eggs at, if you so desireÖ and then clean it off your computer after youíve finished.  But watch these eggs you get now, theyíre so darned runny; theyíre all these factory coops they have for the chickens, theyíre just runny as can be. So be very careful throwing the eggs at your screen tonight.


In the UK, they are privatizing everything there.  Except the only thing they donít privatize is misery; they donít privatize that yet.


Minister confronted by protesters as tempers flare over forest sell-off

A junior minister (A:  A Minister, really, is a politician; elected or put in there otherwise.) had to be given police protection after being confronted by angry protesters over Coalition plans to privatise publicly-owned forests.

telegraph.co.uk / By Robert Mendick and Rebecca Lefort


Commercial forests, currently run by the Forestry Commission, could be sold to private companies such as logging and energy businesses.


Mark Harper, the Conservative MP for The Forest of Dean, was attacked by protesters as he exited a public meeting where he had been defending the Government's plans for a forestry sell-off. 


He was pelted with eggs by protesters who also attacked the police van to try to prevent him leaving.


Mr Harper accused a number of objectors of being "bent on violence" and likened them to a "baying mob".  (A:  I donít know if youíve ever heard the politicians in parliament, across the two sides, left wing and right wing, yelling at each other.  If you want to hear a baying mob listen to this lot; itís quite comical; itís quite something else.)


The public meeting, which took place in Coleford in Gloucestershire on Friday night, will have given the Coalition a worrying insight into the growing anger its forest consultation has provoked.


One Tory MP has already warned the sell-off could be the Government's 'poll tax moment'.  (A:  Thatís when Thatcher came under fire for the poll taxes, the head taxes.)


Under government proposals, heritage forests such as The Forest of Dean, England's largest oak forest, face being transferred out of public ownership (A:  And listen to this nowÖ) and placed in the hands of a charitable trust.  (A:  Öa foundation, right, another CHARITABLE trust foundation, tax-free.  But then they can sell it off, from the charitable trust, it says.)


Commercial forests, currently run by the Forestry Commission, could be sold to private companies such as logging and energy businesses.  (A:  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go to the caller, Iíll just mention that James Jeffrey who was the US Ambassador to Iraq just announced thatÖ


US may extend stay in Iraq

Feb 5, 2011 / presstv.ir


American officials suggest that tens of thousands of US troops in Iraq may extend their stay in the country well beyond the 2011 withdrawal deadline.


US Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey said on Friday that more US military forces may be needed to counter what he called ďthreats to Iraq's stability, [and they] will remain in 2012."  (A:  Öand probably a few years down the road too.  So thatís been announced once again.)


Alan:  Miguel in New York, are you there Miguel?


Miguel:  How are you doing, Alan?†


Alan:  Not so bad.† How are you doing?


Miguel:  Iím 27 and I live here in New York, the propaganda city of the world.  Iíve noticed that Iíve pretty much become a loner in life.† No one seems to understand what Iím trying to tell them.  Everyone is, oh my heart goes out to the revolt in Egypt.  And Iím trying to tell them, like, did you hear what Henry Kissinger said the other day on Bloomberg TV Ė which actually is not a coincidence, seeing the fact that Bloomberg is a Bilderberg member.


Alan:  Sure.


Miguel:  Theyíre all in the sameÖ  Heís just telling the people whatís going on.† When he said, this is the first scene of an act of a dramatic play, it pretty much hit me because thatís when I realized, I was like wow, they had their hands in this too. 


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Miguel:  You know, you said it a lot, but itís actually when you start realizing yourself that youíre all alone, and itís getting to the point that I pretty much have to watch what I say around people.† I even try to tell people.  Everyone believes the same thing, oh the news tells you whatís going on.† No matter how many times I try to tell people...  The only thing people want to care about is, look at the commercials from the Superbowl, look at this, look at that.  Even though the game was riggedÖ all those games are.


Alan:  The mass man unfortunately wants to get back to being the complete mass man.  They have only had individuality for a couple of hundred years.  People donít realize that.  Most of them donít want it. They seem to be happy in crowds or all pushing some cause for some other thing they donít even understand when they donít even have rights at home.  I mean, itís just astonishing how you can lead the mob and the masses into getting the agenda through for the big boys at the top, who plan Ė they call this Ďpositive changeí; thatís what they call it in academia.  And you can read the plans for that whole region, Yemen and everything, that they printed up years ago; they would bring in this push for change, using soft power, they call it.  Thatís the NGOs they fly in.  Thatís what weíre living through now.  And these idiots that help them, on Twitter and so on, yapping about democracy, better get it in their own countries and find out what it really means before you push it on someone else. 


Miguel:  Here in America, everyone wants to talk about, oh the democratic this, the democratic that, but then when I tell people, you know that this dictator was put in power by America, nobody wants to believe me. 


Alan:  And itís there.  Itís in all the books and all the history books.  They put him in power.  Israel signed all the deals with him.  Israel loves him; Mubarakís wife is Jewish; so they have no qualms with him at all.  One of the top leaders from the US was sent out, an envoy over on behalf of Obama anyway, and he met with Mubarak to try to dissuade him and say, just step down quietly Ė that was months ago.  He wouldnít do it so this envoy came back and he actually agreed with the guy, that he should stay in power because there would be chaos otherwise if he doesnít.  Itís all a stage play weíre going through, with the color revolutions, and now youíve got Yemen and all the other countries that are going to split in two and so on; itís all arranged.  These strange, poor students that get flown in, that canít afford their tuition apparently, have no problems getting across the world to all these sites for their demonstrations.  People should just think about the simple obviousness of such things. 


Miguel:  Thank you, Alan.  Take care. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling in.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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