Feb. 9, 2011 (#765)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 9, 2011:

If Only There Were a God of Thunder
Who'd Rope and Tie Cabals of Plunder:

"Power Hungry Politicos with Lobbyists Relax,
Scheming New Ways of Plundering Tax,
High-on-the-Hog, They've Good Relations,
Using Public Money to Fund Corporations
Whilst Cutting Services Under Guise "We're Broke",
Diverting Funds to Their Companies, What a Joke,
That's All it Is, This Abstract Democracy,
Channeling Funds Upward to the Plutocracy,
Charles Galton-Darwin Proposed this Knavery,
"We're Creating a More Sophisticated Slavery" "
© Alan Watt Feb. 9, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 9, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 9, 2011.  For newcomers, I advise you to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the hundreds of audios which are there for download for free.  Once you have listened to a lot of them hopefully I’ve helped you to understand the big picture of the way the world is really run and not the way it’s projected by the propaganda media and the governments themselves that work hand and hand with them.  The media is an ARM OF GOVERNMENT.  It’s an essential arm of creating a particular type of reality for what they call stable government, or governance now as it’s called.  Remember too, that you are the audience that brings me to you so you can help to keep me going by purchasing the books and the disks that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


I try to tie the ends together, because really we’re living in an amazing system of conology.  Conology is the art of fooling most of the people most of the time.  It’s been a very old art, perfected of course over centuries and centuries and more so ever since they gave us the electronic medium to convey through all the information, lots of data, generally misleading or irrelevant or trivial.  The idea is to shield themselves with an overload of data, shield themselves as to what they’re really up to; that’s those in control.  It truly is an elite.  There has always been an elite and they call themselves ‘the dominant minority.’  They believe it’s their rightful place to run the world, shape the world, tie it in knots or untie it at will, and unite it all when it suits them as well.  After all, power is a very potent force for those who crave it.  And those who get up to power truly crave it.  It’s not something they want to do to help people, believe you me; they use all the usual terms, to help the people, etc, but that does not exist in reality.  Those who seek power are generally psychopathic types in themselves.  If they go into business they’re often successful because they’re incredibly cunning and ruthless and they claw their way up to the top.  It’s the same in politics; that attracts that type into them because in politics you see, that’s the biggest bank of all.  If you get into government you have the whole honey pot of the taxpayer to play with.  That’s where the big funding for big projects comes from, tax funding.  That’s why you can’t see your politicians but there are streets of houses around all your main governmental buildings where lobbyists live and they can see them any time they want.  They all know each other on a first-name basis and that’s how it really is.  It was for their benefit in fact that government now exists; that should be evident to all.  The rest of it is just placating the public, keeping them in a constant state of anxiety through ruination of finances, poverty, war, terrorism, and all the other things they can think of that generally make the public turn towards government for protection, and under those circumstances we give up our rights and we tend to go along with the nonsense.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back, Cutting Through The Matrix and getting into some reality behind all the nonsense, and there is SO much nonsense out there, really.  There is not a spin that isn’t attached to every story that comes out from the top and it’s parroted all the way down to the bottom level.  It’s always a spin to mislead what people are really doing or what they’re really after, or who’s really behind something, what’s the ultimate goal, what’s the real reason, as they say.  It was Mandell House in fact, an advisor to President Wilson and of course a member of the group that became known as the Council on Foreign Relations eventually – before that it was called the Milner Group.  He helped push though the work for the Federal Reserve to be set up and so on.  He also said, whatever government does there is always a good reason and then there is the real reason.  That was parroted by other people after him for a long time, a very popular saying, which is true.  There is always a good reason for the public to be told and then there is the real reason. 


We live, again, run in a system by a dominant minority; the same in every country.  Really, what it boils down to, it’s the gang, the Darwinian Gang that believe they have proven their right to be up there by accumulating wealth over a few centuries, having their wives selected for them because it’s the offspring they’re after. They really do believe in Darwinistic theories and the whole idea of favored races and they believe they ARE the favored race.  They run the world basically in every country.  It’s the same old story.  Of course they’ve got Japanese ones in there too. They’ve got Chinese ones in there as well.  Anyone who has made the grade and held on to their wealth and fortune and their power for a long time, through generations, is worthy to be admitted, you see.  Those who suddenly make it rich and then it’s squandered by their offspring, they don’t make the grade.  That’s one of the testing; the litmus test for it really. 


So we’re conned at the very bottom level because you see, we are just the workers.  Even between parties, political parties, they are allowed a certain amount of competition, as Carroll Quigley said, but as long as the leaders are always members of this same organization, which is the Council on Foreign Relations according to Quigley, it doesn’t really matter what the rest of them do.  They’re allowed competition in the lower ranks, to get up there, and of course they’re pretty vicious with each other on the way up.  But all they’re really doing is fighting over who owns the right to tax the public and meet the lobbyists and make the acquaintances of lobbyists.  Then once they leave politics they work on the lobbyists’ behalf and they rake in millions and millions for themselves.  That’s the reality of the world we truly live in. 


I’ve often mention about groups and committees and how this whole idea of committees and groups came out of the British Foreign Office as they called it, or the Home Office they called it at one time, where diplomats were trained and sent abroad for their empire.  Then they set up the Milner Group which joined with the Rhodes Foundation and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Council on Foreign Relations.  They were the ones famous for setting up committees.  And they used to just have a Committee of 10 or a Committee of 12, or 20; how many were on it was the committee.  They knew what it was really all about, the inside story; they’d know what it was really all about.  No one else would really know what they were there for, or they’d be given a lie in fact.  The G20 is such a committee in fact.  Of course, the G20, no one, no country was asked by any Prime Minister or President if they wanted their so-called elected leaders to help, or join, or form a committee where you have an international gang of people deciding what happens to you at home and your laws and your tax cash.  No one.  That’s not democratic of course by any means at all, but these committees are not democratic and we’re not run by any form of true democracy, anywhere. 


One of the committees that does this is now called the European Council of 14, I think they call it; it’s either 13 or 14.  They used to call it the Council of 12 Wise Men; this is the official name that they had.  I’ll put 3 links up tonight on them. This secretive committee are the ones who supposedly help shape the whole policies for the next 30-40 years for the whole of Europe, via this super soviet parliament that they have there that runs all of the ex-European nation states.  So I’ll put those up for you to peruse and you can see how these committees actually work.  Remember too, there is always an outer one for the public to be given, and the reports, and there is an inner one for the inner party members, just exactly as George Orwell talked about. 


EU Reflection Group delivered report: Project Europe 2030 - grahnlaw.blogspot.com /




I mentioned yesterday how the American Constitution is pulled out and dusted off when politicians want to use it for globalism, or whatever, and then of course it’s trashed when the public try to use it on their behalf, their own behalf, how it’s trashed and rings are run around it by politicians and lawyers because they’re all lawyers now of course.  And how it’s useful when they want it, as I say.  They always use this term of democracy too – Wilson started that up in America.  He was told to start using America as a democracy, not a republic, and you’ll find that in all of his old speeches that were written for him by Mandell House and others.  They copy Britain. Britain of course is supposed to be the home of democracy where the great con game was born, and because of that they claimed they had less revolutions afterwards because the public think that the government is actually theirs.  They’re actually misled into thinking it’s theirs, instead of the government being there to make sure that those elite who own everything will own more during their terms in office as governments.  Here’s an example of how the class system is so perfectly still up there and doing very well.  Actually more so than ever because they’re on a roll now; they truly feel there is nothing to lose by going back to their old pomposity and arrogance.  This article says…


Bus drivers and waitresses?

Those sorts of people aren't important claims Tory peer

By Jason Groves / dailymail.co.uk / 9th February 2011


(Alan:  [Tory peer] The conservative LORD; he’s a Lord I think.  A Lord is basically a Senator in the British government, although the government now is a province of the European supergovernment.)


Bus drivers, waitresses and other people in ‘unimportant’ jobs are not fit to sit in judgement on the business interests of former ministers (A:  That’s politicians.), a senior Government adviser said yesterday.


Tory peer (A:  That’s a conservative.) Lord Lang said ordinary people were not qualified to judge whether former ministers such as Lord Mandelson (A:  Mandelson really occupied the same position that his father did and actually they’ve got a lot in common with other ones there too and across the Russian area as well. However, it says…) should be allowed to take well-paid jobs in the private sector.


Lord Lang, chairman of the Advisory Committee (A:  Another committee.) on Business Appointments (A:  That’s another kind of lobbying thing; they take cash for getting lobbyists in to see the right people.), which vets the jobs of former ministers, defended the ‘Establishment’ make-up of his committee, which comprises four peers (A:  That’s somebody who’s knighted.), two knights and a dame.  (A:  Nothing like a dame, eh?)


He told MPs he might be prepared to accept a ‘lay member’ on to his committee.


But he added: ‘I would hope, however, it would be a lay member who had experience and proven success in a relatively important profession or trade – somebody who had achieved distinction – rather than a waitress or a bus driver.’


His comments angered members of the Commons Public Administration Committee which is investigating the ‘revolving door’ between Whitehall and big business.  (A:  It’s always been that way.  The whole empire was about that.)


Labour MP Paul Flynn revealed that he had worked as a bus driver in the past and said to Lord Lang: ‘Speaking as a bus driver of long-standing who married a waitress could you explain why neither I nor my wife have any contribution to make to your committee?’


Lord Lang, a former trade secretary who now has extensive business interests (A:  See, they go in there to fill their pockets with the taxpayers money.), said a committee of people who ‘knew nothing at all about the issues involved’ would produce the wrong results.  (A:  The right results are called graft, you know, depending on who you pay off.)


He also warned that ordinary people might be ‘cowed’ (A:  You know, being little, you know, servile types.  They might be cowed…) by the prospect of dealing with the former ministers and senior civil servants whose job applications the committee considers.


But Tory MP Robert Halfon suggested the existing arrangement was too ‘cosy’.


He told Lord Lang: ‘It does look like the Establishment running your committee.  (A:  Well of course it’s The Establishment; the whole British system is run on The Establishment, or the Dominant Minority.)


Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland said: ‘There is a fundamental problem with the whole business of how the committee is appointed which means that as things stand there is little chance of getting public confidence in the system.’  (A:  Well you just need more propaganda – that’s my advice to them – and give them the big lie about it and tell them how wonderful it will be for the country, for the greater good and all that stuff, the usual propaganda.  Generally it works and the public go back to sleep, if they ever wake up at all.)


But there is how the world really is. That’s how it really is.  And that’s how they really talk amongst each other at the top.  It’s the same in the US, same in Canada, the same everywhere else.  Because you went to the wrong schools, you didn’t get brought up with families in the know, and you were not told how things really do work. 


I mentioned about the kind of sums that are given out by governments to the elite and corporations yesterday.  It’s called corporate welfare; big cash grants are given out all the time – it happens in Canada too – to big companies especially involved with the military contracts.  They always claim that they’re failing and in goes a big cash injection and everything is quiet for another 2 or 3 years.  Here’s one here, and I’ve mentioned the Queen before, how her advisors and her money men – and she does have her own particular accountants – try to get money for heating the palaces by using money that was designated for the poor people of Britain, who are freezing to death right now.  Under the poverty law she tried to use that to get cash back. These people don’t like spending their own cash, you understand.  That’s how you get poor is by spending your own cash.  They like taking cash in from the public but they don’t like putting cash out.  This article here goes back to 2005 and no doubt it’s been ongoing ever since.  You see, they love this European Union, this monstrosity that collects taxes from billions of people across the whole of Europe – what a cash cow that one is, isn’t it?  Then they go on about cash grants being given back out.  Let’s see where the cash grants go after I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back, Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the Queen’s subsidies that she gets from the European Union, this new superparliament that taxes all the countries and then hands money out, supposedly back to the public, but in actuality it goes back to big corporations and people like the Queen.  The Queen, you see, has lots and lots, hundreds of little farms across the countries including Britain too.  Then they have tenant farmers that are hereditary basically, these farmers; been there since about the 1700s – as was Prince Charles – and they get paid peanuts.  They’ve even had scandals on how much they pay them, 1930s wages, so that the Queen and Charles and all the rest of them at the top there – all their hundreds of cousins and that – can have good food, organically grown food and so on.  It says here, here is the handout that the Queen got in 2005; it’s ongoing, this thing, mind you, probably more now. 


The Queen's [pounds sterling] 750,000 EU farming handout.

techradar.com / March 23, 2005


THE QUEEN has received more than [pounds sterling] 750,000 in farming subsidies funded by taxpayers over the past two years, it emerged yesterday.


Prince Charles has been given nearly [pounds sterling] 215,000.  (A:  That’s not bad, eh, just for having a few farms and stuff, and fields to grow the organic stuff for the cattle to eat.)


The revelations came in new figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, on EU handouts to some of Britain's wealthiest landowners.


The Queen's money, paid through the Common Agricultural Policy, went to Sandringham Farms on her privately owned Norfolk estate. Charles's cash went to the Duchy of Cornwall, which made a profit of almost [pounds sterling] 10million in 2003.  (A:  You see, they really need these handouts, you understand.  It’s vital they get these handouts because otherwise they might have to spend their own cash.)


This is the corruption we live in.  We take it for granted and we’re supposed to be proud and be nationalistic about the place you’re born, as they globalize it all, and it’s for their own good they’re globalizing it because, as I say, they don’t have to just tax the people of Britain, they’re getting tax money back, much more tax money back from the whole of the EU system.  That’s what it’s for.  The same with these Lords who push through all the bills for the taxpayers to fund the big wind farms and solar farms, and then they get the contracts put on their own lands and they rake in all the cash just for them sitting there.  It’s a great deal, I tell you; it’s a win-win situation.  But for the general public of course, we’re supposed to sit at the bottom and moo, just moo and bay away there.  That’s what we do. 


The virtual world is of course getting pushed on the youngsters.  I used to wonder really, why is this getting pushed so much, where you live inside a cartoon basically, and how they try to make it exciting to the children, who technically are powerless and that’s why they give them all these choices of bodies and what they want to be in a virtual world, which they’ll never be in the real world where they have no power at all in actual fact.  I also thought too, this is the next step in controlling the general public because when they’re in virtual world – and they’ve already proven this in some countries like South Korea – eventually the real world gets mixed up with the virtual world, but they’re more apt to accept more heavy taxation, more corruption at the top, as long as they can escape into their fantasy world.  And I think that’s all part of it.  I remember on the THX 1138 movie that was put out years ago, the big blockbuster that was about the future where people were raised as slaves basically, in a class type system and programmed for your job, they even had virtual priests to take confessions on televisions. Well, here is the Catholic Church in the paper, Tech Radar:


Catholic Church approves iPhone virtual confession app

'Personalised examination of conscience for each user'

By Chris Smith / techradar.com / 2-8-2011


The Catholic Church is edging further into the 21st century after giving a nod of approval to an iPhone app which guides its followers through confessing their sins.


A Roman Catholic App is designed to help users understand their earthly sins and offers a personal conscience profile based on their age, sex, job and marital status.


The app, which costs £1.19, is particularly aimed at those who've not confessed to a priest in a while and hopes to prepare them to once again enter the box again.


When partaking in the virtual confession, believers can choose from a list of sins or add their own  (A:  I wonder if you can make up ones as well.), while choosing from seven different acts of contrition. More importantly it supports the iPhone's Retina Display.  (A:  So you can guarantee the NSA is going to be in there too, to listen to all the confessions.)


A spokesperson from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales told BBC News the app was a "useful tool to help people prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation".


"The Church believes in embracing new technology and this creative app will hopefully help people to make a good confession."  (A:  The cops will be using it too, won’t they?)


It is thought to be the first time the church has approved an app, which is part of the Pope's drive for catholics to "make good use of their presence in the digital world."


Whatever future-thinking concepts might be next? Approval for contraception? Embracing same sex relationships? The sky's the limit.


I think they’ve already done the latter, pretty well, and contraception too – this Pope has given the go-ahead, so he’s a trendy Pope indeed it seems, and he’s trying to keep up with the times.  He’s more of a politician mind you, as many others have said before he was elected.  But that’s the world they’re going into.  It’s quite amazing how, as I say, the virtual world affects people.  They forget… they forget they’re giving out data.  We’ve already been told through every medium possible that the NSA and all government agencies have access to this stuff and are using it and are collecting it.  They forget about all that once they’re inside it.  Quite something eh?


There is an article here.  It says…


Generation net:

 The youngsters who prefer their virtual lives to the real world

By Liz Thomas / dailymail.co.uk / 8th February 2011


That’s exactly what I’m saying.  See, the more tough you make it to be, when the prospects of work or at least any meaningful work are being diminished, they want to escape into a virtual world.  It’s great for politicians for control.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the virtual world and how they’re doing these studies, which they already have done before and they know darn well what’s going on.  It says…


Children are often happier with their online lives than they are with reality, a survey has revealed.  (A:  As I say, the worse things get too, the more that’s going to be true – pure escapism.  Before it was just plain drugs, you saw people zonked out on drugs when things were really bad and they felt that they were living in a nihilistic system, which is nihilistic if you’re at the bottom of the heap.  Now of course you can just escape and dress up and be who you want to be; and lots of them do… all kinds of creatures.)


They say they can be exactly who they want to be – and as soon as something is no longer fun they can simply hit the quit button.  (A:  …and that’s them out of it.)


The study also shows that, despite concerns about online safety, one in eight young people is in contact with strangers when on the web and often lies about their appearance, age and background.  (A:  Well so does pretty well all the rest of them too, I imagine.)


Researchers for children’s charity Kidscape assessed the online activities of 2,300 11- to 18-year-olds from across the UK and found that 45 per cent said they were sometimes happier online than in their real lives.  (A:  So that’s why it’s called Kidscape I guess; it’s an escape.)


And where else can they go, eh.  Either that or they become more nihilistic in real life.  Again, it trains them too, to blur the distinctions between their virtual cartoon existence – that’s what I call it, cartoon existence – and their real life too.  In South Korea some games got so bad there that the youngsters were using their game names and going onto the streets in gangs and fighting with other gangs that they were fighting in this virtual world, with real knives, actually doing it.  So it does have an effect and I’m sure that will be put to good use by the authorities, at the right time, because everything is used. 


I’ve mentioned before how nothing happens spontaneously on the world stage and how the big color organizations, as they call these NGOs by the big foundations funding – George Soros and all these boys, Rockefellers who fund them – to go over to countries and cause riots.  They’ve already got all their countries listed as to who they want to overthrow.  And you must go back even to the New American Century group who said they wanted to take out Afghanistan, Iraq, and then Iran and then Syria and it was the same one of course that Israel wanted; the same list is identical with Israel’s.  Here’s an article and it goes back some time. 


Positive change is coming

What should civil society do to meet it?

forwardsyria.com / 03/03/2010 - Issue 38 / by Nader Kabbani


The First International Development Conference of Syria 2010, organized by the Syria Trust for Development in January 2010, included open and engaging discussions about the role of civil society in development. Important announcements were made suggesting that positive change  (A:  Again, that’s what they’re calling it, ‘positive change’…) is on the way for the NGO sector in Syria.


The First Lady of Syria Asma al-Assad, indicated that a new NGO law is nearing completion which will represent a fundamental change in the way the sector is regulated and pave the way for a more enabling environment for civil society organizations; Abdullah Dardari, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, suggested that civil society will fill a vital space in the new social market economy as the public sector retracts from some domains that are not easily occupied by the private sector . . .


So in other words, NGOs, the same communitarianism idea is really what’s to come out of all this; the same in Egypt too by the way.  Democracy is a sham; it’s just a pure sham for the big boys who already rule most of the world.  That’s all it is.  And I hope folk really do understand that.  We find too, that the US is going to stay in Iraq; I mentioned this a few nights ago but I didn’t read it to you.  It says…


US may extend stay in Iraq

Sat Feb 5, 2011 / presstv.ir


US Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey said on Friday that more US military forces may be needed to counter what he called “threats to Iraq's stability, [and they] will remain in 2012."


The prospects of a longer US military stay in Iraq contradict the clauses of a 2008 agreement between Baghdad and Washington.


The agreement established that US combat forces would withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009, and that all US forces would be completely out of Iraq by December 31, 2011.


The Iraqi government (A:  …that’s the puppet government of course…) initially intended to hold a popular vote on the agreement but later succumbed to US bully-tactics and accepted the agreement.  (A:  It’s not really bully tactics; that’s their way of saving face rather than say that they have no popular backing from the public; they know they’re a puppet government really.  That’s really what it is.)


Since the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, more than 1,300,000 people have been killed in Iraq, 4.7 million displaced, 5 million children orphaned -- nearly half of the country's children -- and the health status has deteriorated to a level not seen since the 1950s.


That’s what plunder and looting is all about really.  We also have Donald Rumsfeld who of course had a book ghostwritten for him – they all have ghostwriters; hard to catch these guys, they’re kind of wispy.  They basically take little statements from these people’s past and little statements from the present and then they write a book about them, and it’s got to be in a glowing manner in some way or another.  It’s the same as old Kings did; they would hire the historians to write glowing reports about how wonderful their reign had been… or off with your head. 


Donald Rumsfeld: Former U.S. Defence Secretary has no regrets about Iraq and Afghanistan

By Daily Mail Reporter / dailymail.co.uk /  8th February 2011


(A:  Exactly the same thing that Blair said when he was on.  I read that article from the media from Britain before.)


Former U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has given his first television interview since leaving office, defiantly stating he has no regrets about his leadership of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  (A:  You will never meet a psychopath who ever has a qualm or regret about anything; they just don’t exist.  They must always justify and rationalize their ego.)


However, he did use the opportunity to criticise former colleagues -  notably national security advisor Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell - who worked alongside him following the terror attacks of 9/11. 


In other words, I know with Powell, Powell looked like and absolute sap when he sat and lied and lied about the weapons of mass destruction with these fuzzy photographs.  He knew darn well he was lying to the public and it showed.  So if he was really a good guy he would not have let it show like that; it wouldn’t have happened.  So anyway, here is the book out and he’s glad to see too, that Obama is using the exact same policy as was drafted up by the Bush administration, because you see, there are no differences.  The establishment rules regardless of the puppet they put in front of the public.  And that’s just the way it is… just the way it is. 


Now, ha!  And Israel, I’ve got to laugh at Israel because… and that’s a hard thing to do, believe me, sometimes dangerous.  The Army Chief, and he’s been in the paper so many times to do with the Gaza Strip and so on.  It says…


Army Chief Ashkenazi: (A:  I mean, how could you get a name like Ashkenazi…. Ashkenazi is the Ashkenazi Jew, the term supposedly for the European, Polish and Russian Jews.  Ashkenazi.  It’s the last part that gets me, the ‘-nazi’ part.  I mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up.  And this guy was the leader for the army there.  And no one bothers to explain it.  It kind of means ‘the head;’ that’s what it really means, the head, the nazi.  The same with a new moon; it’s the nazi, they call it too.  But you can’t make this stuff up. What a coincidence all down through history and then their biggest foe in World War II were the Nazis.  I mean, I think I’d change the name or something. But anyway…)

Army Chief Ashkenazi: Prepare for all-out war

Boaz Fyler / ynetnews.com / 02.07.11 / Israel News


(A:  He’s doing a rah-rah, you know, leaving job as he quits, you see.)


Given recent changes in the Middle East, Israel must prepare for a battle in several theaters, outgoing IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said Monday at the Herzliya Conference.


"The connection between the different players requires us to contend with more than one theater," he said.


 The radical camp in the Middle East is gaining strength, (A:  This is a rah-rah champion thing, as I say.) Ashkenazi warned, adding that "the moderate camp among the traditional Arab leadership is weakening." He also made note of what he characterized as the "fascinating phenomenon" whereby power is shifting to the people of the region thanks to online social networks.  (A:  That’s these NGOs and foundations.)


The army chief said that in the wake of the growing threat of radical Islam among Israel's neighbors, the defense budget would have to be boosted in the coming years. (A:  So he’s giving the bad news as well.)  The main change faced by the army is the widening spectrum of threats, he said.


"Because of this spectrum, we must prepare for a conventional war…it would be a mistake to prepare for non-conventional war or limited conflicts and then expect that overnight the forces will operate in an all-out-war," he said.


However, Ashkenazi said that both Hamas and Hezbollah pose only a limited threat to Israel at this time.


"I do not underestimate Hamas or Hezbollah, but they cannot take over the Negev or Galilee," he said.  (A:  So, it’s an outgoing thing.)


Ashkenazi also praised Israel's youths (A:  They all do that, in all countries and nations; they always praise the youth because they’re going to be the next generation to keep the wars going and so on.  And that’s him out, probably into some big business somewhere, as they do across the whole world, all these outgoing army generals, probably in the weapons industry, no doubt.)


Now there is also a good article here about food and food riots, because it isn’t just the stock market that the food is on. It’s really on something else; it’s called the Futures Market.  The same guys that caused all the bubbles with speculation are the guys who deal with the futures markets.  This article here says…


Food Speculation Behind Food Riots in North Africa

networkedblogs.com / February 9, 2011


That all began to change in the aftermath of the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000 (A:  This is when they changed the whole thing about food.), another legacy of the Clinton/Rubin/Summers regime. Of course, the whole basis of the arguments for commodities as a "defensive hedge" (A:  You know, you’ve heard of hedge funds and so on.) non-correlated to financial asset went out the window the minute this legislation was passed. By definition, when managed money flows into an asset class that had previously been uncorrelated with other assets, that asset will naturally become correlated. Hence, by opening up the commodity complex to Wall Street via this legislation, Congress found another potential bubble for Wall Street. Naturally, this garnered huge profits for the investment banks, but ultimately collapsed along with everything else (leaving your average American poorer in the process as usual).


So I’ll put this up, and it explains what these futures markets and commodity markets actually are.  They hedge on the future prices of things and they watch to see if there has been a bad crop in some country and so on, and it’s all a betting game that they make money off of.  So that’s what’s happening to the food prices, as they skyrocket, and of course they rake in the cash as well at very high levels.  Quite something really. 


Also, for Australia, this says…


Agenda for the 21st Century (A:  That’s the United Nations’ Agenda 21.)  Invades Australia

By Diane Ross / 07 January 2008 / freedomadvocates.org


Australian leaders enforce Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by restricting private property use through policies like the "Native Vegetation Act." Public-private partnerships with willing corporations, councils, developers and others are used to advance the agenda. As a result, Australian businesses are becoming nationalized and private property is being abolished.


The vanguard implementation of Agenda 21 policies will pummel the Australian landscape. Leaders eager to enforce Agenda 21 encourage Public-Private Partnerships with willing corporations, developers and others. These alliances create nationalized businesses and erode private property ownership.


I’ll put this link up tonight as well and you can have a gander at that as well.   It’s happening all over the world, the same con game.  What public/private means is you see, generally the public have built up something through nationalized services, all your tax money built up your essential infrastructure, your fuel systems, your gas system, all that kind of stuff that you use, roads and so on.  Then they privatize it; they give it to their pals for peanuts.  Under the public/private deal the private sector can take all the profits and the public are left to maintain it and pay for the cost of maintenance and all the rest of it.  That’s really what this con game is all really about, under Agenda 21.  But they’re also getting folk off the land because we have to live in these corridors alongside these main roads apparently, you see.  That’s the way they want it. They want to end the urban sprawl. They want to get everyone into cities. And they want the major cities to be alongside these big 4-10 lane highways basically.  The rest will be corridors for the animals and for the wealthy elite to trot around and do their hunting, and for the big corporations to go in and look for mineral rights or oil or anything else that they happen to find there.  That’s what it’s really all about in a nutshell. 


Now, I’ll also put up tonight the remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper when they went to sign that latest agreement for the integration of the border between Canada and the US.  Again, it’s been written obviously by their… maybe they had the same speech writer. Since we’re all sharing things, I’m sure one speech writer wrote the blurb that Obama gave and the blurb that Harper gave; it saves cash doesn’t it?  Anyway, Obama goes on…

The White House



Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 04, 2011 Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada in Joint Press Availability

South Court Auditorium


     PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Good afternoon, everyone.  Please be seated.


I am very pleased to be welcoming my great friend and partner, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, (A:  At least he remembered his name, because George Bush used to forget.) back to the White House to reaffirm our extraordinary friendship and cooperation between the United States and Canada.  I’d like to talk a bit about what we accomplished today, and then address the situation unfolding in Egypt.


The United States and Canada are not simply allies, not simply neighbors; we are woven together like perhaps no other two countries in the world.  We’re bound together by our societies, by our economies, by our families (A:  That’s true; they have families and relatives on both sides.) -- which reminds me my brother-in-law’s birthday is today and I have to call him.  (Laughter.) 


And in our many meetings together I’ve come to value Stephen’s candor and his focus on getting results, both when it comes to our two countries and to meeting global challenges. 


Remember too, I’ve already put up, and I’ve even played on the air the first major meeting in 2005, where the Council on Foreign Relations hosted a show on CBC here, on national television, and on Global TV as well here, and said that they drafted up the whole thing for the integration scheme for the US, Canada and Mexico. The CFR admitted THEY had drafted it up and presented it to parliament to sign.  So really it’s the CFR that’s behind all of this.  And these guys don’t go down and discuss anything; they might have a game of golf or something or whatever else they do, but they actually just sign something that the bureaucrats have been working on for the last few years.  That’s how they always do it.  Anyway they go on, the PR stuff for the public, again, with their inner party stuff and their outer party stuff.  We get the outer party stuff here.  So they want to increase trade, improve competitiveness, and create jobs… ya-da, ya-da, ya and all that nonsense.


And they’re further integrating all the security systems.  We’re already sharing the computers now with the FBI.  For every citizen in Canada, the FBI of course can look into any citizen in Canada.  They can look at your bank accounts too by the way, and vice-versa for CSIS and the RCMP.  They’re already using the same characters at the border.  They’re integrating the border staff actually, that’s what they want to do too.  It also means that the US police can come into Canada and go after anybody that they want, and supposedly vice-versa but I don’t think Canada will bother but the US probably will.  So we ARE integrating.  I lived through the integration of the European countries with Prime Ministers going over every year and signing further integration, as they called it, and closer ties.  The same terminology was used, and here we are living through the same darned thing here.  It’s so that you don’t get all spooked and say, my God we’re losing our countries.  That’s how they did it in Europe folks, because this is the agenda.  As Karl Marx even brought it up in the 1840s, first a European Union, then a North American Union.  By the way, Obama’s going off next month to get the rest of them in South America to sign as well.  That’s why the Mexican president wasn’t at this one; they wanted to give us a bit of a show and pretend they’re not really doing the same thing as they’ve always done.  So he’s off to see the rest of them next month and they’ll sign it too.  Quite something eh, trying to make sense.  You have to really think through the rubbish they’re giving you as news.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and this last article here is about the stock exchange.  It says…


London Stock Exchange, Canada’s TMX Gain on Takeover

By Nandini Sukumar - Feb 9, 2011 / bloomberg.com


London Stock Exchange Group Plc and TMX Group Inc. rallied after LSE agreed to buy the owner of the Toronto Stock Exchange for about $3.2 billion in stock. The shares pared gains after NYSE Euronext said it’s in merger talks with Deutsche Boerse AG. 


So they’re all merging, the ownership of these stock exchanges are all merging, so that when they collapse it the next time they can even screw us better than the last time, no doubt.  More perfected, it will take us all by surprise; they’ll all work together you see.  Quite amazing how all these stock exchanges are merging right now.


Alan:  There is a caller there. There is Justin from Ontario.  Are you there Justin?


Justin:  Funny that you mention the Ashkenazi Jews.  It reminded me of McClain’s magazine here in Canada; I actually have a copy of it from 2005. They go into the next 100 years because it’s the centennial of the magazine, for the last 100 years.  They go into the next 100 years in which they mention the transhumanist agenda and all this and such.  Towards the end of the article, or the whole magazine, the guy who wrote the article, he talks about how the Ashkenazi Jews are the smartest people on the earth and blah, blah, blah, and it seems like a whole bunch of propaganda. 


Alan:  Well that came out with the Bell Curve and Watson and so on.  And you’ve got to realize who Watson was because Watson also was a descendant of the man who gave the Americans their education system; you’ve got to look at his middle name, Dewey.  They were trying to promote the whole thing of hereditary superiority and genetics and eugenics.  That’s really why they put the Bell Curve out and it really upset a lot of people because they had a descending order of lesser types, or lesser IQs.  That’s right, they did put that out in that magazine back in 2005.


Justin:  Yes.  I would like to ask you about… I picked up a book out of a second-hand store called The New Unhappy Lords by A K Chesterton.  It’s a pretty old book; I think it’s from ’65.  He goes into the one world government agenda, human atrocities in the Congo, destruction of the British, or the Brytish Empire.  But then I did a little bit of research on the internet and [inaudible] painted as this anti-Semite, fascist, sort of Hitler sympathizer.  I’m just wondering if it’s even worth reading this, the rest of it.  Or you know, just take it with a grain of salt.


Alan:  I’d take it with a grain of salt. There is so much put out there to be misleading.  I mean, the British Empire isn’t lost.  Those who already owned the British Empire have simply moved on to their global agenda of global empire.  Don’t forget it was Britain that set up the United Nations; they funded the League of Nations because Britain has been run by one tiny group, according to Carroll Quigley, the Royal Institute of International Affairs since the late 1800s when it was called the Milner and Rhodes Group.  So they’ve run the system. They’ve run the CFR in America and Canada and that’s why we’re merging too.  The CFR were the ones who drafted up the merger for Canada.  So this is a global agenda for the whole world.  The best empire obviously is a global one; that’s what they want.  And it looks to me like they’ve got their wish.  There is no opposition really to it, of any power means that is.  And I can’t see anything that’s going to stop them. But they also want to bring in their modern utopia, once they have it in place, and dissuade us all from breeding, all the lesser types, the ones that don’t quite fit the Bell Curve, and that’s really what they’re about too.  They’re dead serious about this.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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