Feb. 14, 2011 (#768)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 14, 2011:

Elite's Hilarity at Rise of Singularity:

"We See the Eradication of Middle Classes,
Via Taxation They'll Lose Their Asses,
This New World Order is a Brand New Beast
Lording Over the Old, Almost Deceased,
Although it's Feudal, it has Reliance
On Academic Prostitutes and Those of Science,
While Entertainment's Song and Dance
Ensures Few Minds Break Free to Advance
In Understanding Techniques of Mind Control,
And the Perfectly Conditioned Forfeits the Soul
To Excess Stimuli of Sexual Drive,
Preparing Singularity of the Hive,
Conformists will Turn on the Individual
Who Craves Freedom, Memory Residual,
So Many Zombie Movies Everywhere,
Mocking Indifference in Those Who Stare,
Truth? They Mock and Yawn,
Promise of Minds' Futures Gone"
© Alan Watt Feb. 14, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 14, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 14th of February 2011.  For newcomers, I do suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, help yourself to all the free audios that are available there for download.  Remember, all of those sites youíll see listed on the .com site have the same audios; they also have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu which is also listed on the .com site.  While you are there, remember, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on the advertisers who sell you things.  So itís up to you to keep me going if you wish to.  You can do so by buying the books and disks that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, donations are really welcome as well because sometimes itís just the occasional donation that makes you tick over, and no more, and it really is no more. 


We talk on this show aboutÖ and itís not a show; I hate using the term Ďshow.í  We are not really given the term for it.  Itís more of an educational format, to explain the big system in which we live and to show people that nothing is happening by some kind of happenstance, stumbling along, evolutional idea.  Itís all planned this way, because big business plans the future, their own future, and we are living in a big business.  In fact governments are just big businesses and they have been for an awful long time.  They use the tax money to fund their big projects and itís far easier than getting the private investors to come on board with it.  Once they have done that they then do a public/private deal, sell it off to a few private partners for peanuts, and leave the taxpayers to keep maintaining it with cash; they pay for the maintenance and upkeep of things. Thatís what public/private partnership is all about. 


Professor Carroll Quigley called this a feudal system, this new system coming in. Jacques Attali whoís a big chief at the United Nations also said the same thing in one of his books Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order.  Thatís an apt title for it because you see, this system is to be a feudal system, as Quigley said, and most folk will be the losers.  Gradually they are getting rid of the middle classes as well, of course they never thought theyíd sink down to the despair depths of the poor and now it will shortly be their turn to be eradicated.  In the true feudal system of even the middle ages there was pretty well hardly any middle class whatsoever except for those who ran the merchant banking system.  There were merchants and bankers; that was the only middle class that was left.  In this new system itís very, very similar, where the big bankers are working with the higher elite, all together, to keep the system going.  They redistribute the wealth, too, of the planet, which really is just simply taking your cash to build their other big projects in other countries for their other private arms, because they have private arms, corporations in other countries as well.  Thatís how the system really works.  So welcome to the new feudal system, as they say.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the next step of the plan and there are so many areas of the next step because they are doing a public/private deal now from the big European Parliament, this super parliament, the new soviet system, which is not democratic at all.  They are doing a deal to bring in more non-governmental organizations and even combining to an extent the system of policing with NGOs and so on.  Itís just amazing whatís happening on all different levels. 


Then of course weíve got the same thing happening with Canada and the US as they merge the continent together.  Youíve got to remember, back in 2005, in Canadian news, they showed the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the US and Mexico signing the first part of a 5-year plan for integration, and that was wide open in the Canadian news.  For the first time too, the Council on Foreign Relations came forward as their own group, not just advisors to someone. They came forward as their own group with the ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Canada leading the charge.  I think it was Axworthy or one of those guys Ė they love axes and swords and things.  Anyway, he said that this was an attempt to bring another sort of bloc, trading bloc, together, like Europe, similar to Europe.  Well itís the same as Europe.  Then of course the next year they came out with Fortress America and how the whole perimeter of Canada and the US would have to be under a central authority.  Thatís been rehashed this year when Harper just went down and signed a deal with Obama.  So they want this integration to continue. 


We know that now the FBI, CSIS of Canada, the RCMP and so on, are all sharing the same data on all their citizens. So they have all the data on all of us shared by both sides of the border now and thatís to get even deeper.  And they use little terms; they donít like Ďamalgamationí; thatís just too obvious to the people.  Itís just Ďcloser tiesí, the same terminology they used in Europe as they lied to the publics of all the countries year after year.   So itís being done here.  Now the police in the US apparently can come across the border and do their work in Canada and vice-versa.  Itís so far gone in fact, that high-level bureaucrats in the federal government can apply from Ottawa to Washington DC to get an equivalent job there and vice-versa.  So weíre really, for all intents and purposes, weíre already integrated, especially when weíre sharing import duties and all of that kind of stuff, from shipping from abroad.  So itís to get further and further integrated, until they have what they want, which of course is what Karl Marx said too, an integrated Europe under one parliamentary system, the same for a united Americas, and then a conglomerate of the Far Eastern countries as well.  Thatís whatís happening today.  And we are living through it.


But it isnít just that.  It isnít all to do just with cash and so on and the so-called free travel of goods and labor across borders.  Itís also to do with a planned agenda of a different kind of system, a different world culture where all the old stuff would have to be destroyed, exactly the same as Marx of course, which shouldnít surprise those who have really studied it to realize that the biggest bankers and the wealthiest people on the planet were behind Marxism from the very beginning.  And the whole Soviet era was just a necessary part, they claim, to bring a whole bunch of countries up to speed, going through an industrial revolution into the next system.  As Lenin said himself, the dictatorship period wouldnít last more than a generation and then what would emerge would be something not quite Capitalist, not quite Communist.  Thatís what weíre going into; they call it Socialism to an extent.  Itís a feudalistic type socialism where, you know, the better types, those who have proven their Darwinian worth, by getting to the top of the tree, and holding onto power and money through a few generations, these are the ones who obviously are fittest to survive and rule over all the rest.  The rest are to be managed in a scientific fashion, and that means no choices at all. 


Others, even founders of the Fabian Society talked about this in great detail where they mentioned that you will be chosen for the employment you do and that your benefactors, these benefactors, these benevolent dictators weíll have running our lives, will basically Ė Iím talking about the tops, the NGO leaders and so on Ė they will basically punish you when youíre bad and you go against the system, and reward you when you go along with it.  It reminds me kind of like ancient Egypt because you understand, in ancient Egypt you had a kind of similar system, full-blown system, where the money came in to the top of the tree, into the coffers of the high priests of the Pharaoh, and they spent it into existence by using labor and material, and also using lots of slaves too. But the slaves themselves often wouldnít see themselves, in those days, as actual slaves.  It was a socialistic type system where money was spent in to the economy and was the economy from the top down with big building projects.  Nothing has really changed.  Weíre going through a similar system now, only itís a scientific dictatorship type system weíre into, where, you know, social workers and psychologists will help manage us all and it will be a benevolent dictatorship, as they say. 


Now, many of the players Ė itís just interesting to me how the intergenerational work of some of the families goes on and on and on.   They donít leave an ideology because theyíre in on the REAL ideology.  Even though their parents might be branded as Marxist, as the following guy, as Ed Miliband, for instance who is helping to run England.  His main family is from Poland, Germany and Russia, the soviet Russia, and many of his relatives worked in it, for the soviet system, as scientists and of course his dad was a Marxist professor.  He said, in England for instanceÖ


(Ken Clarke warns middle class over cuts)

bbc.co.uk / 12 February 2011


Ed Miliband: 'The government has a plan to cut jobs but has no plan to replace those jobs'


(Alan:  Then you go into what Mr Clarke said; this is another high chutzpah, the Justice Secretary of Britain.)  The middle classes are unaware of the scale of government spending cuts that will hit them this year, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has said.


Mr Clarke said the coalition (A:  This is the combined government, the con game to make them think that something is different about it.) should be prepared for political difficulty when Middle England feels the full impact.  (A:  Thatís middle class England heís talking about.  That is on the agenda; same in the States as well.  They have to get pretty well abolished eventually.)


He told the Daily Telegraph he did not envisage a "quick rebound" for an economy in a "calamitous" state.  (A:  Itís amazing too, in a calamitous state they can be spending billions all over the place and even paying for roads to be built in Poland and elsewhere, under this wonderful European Union idea, but nothing in Britain of course.)


Labour leader Ed Miliband said the coalition had not thought out the implications of its strategy.  (A:  Well thatís all nonsense; heís playing politics.  He knows exactly what the strategy is and itís to eliminate the middle classes.  They wonít need them when youíre run by scientific technocrats, the expertise in the mind basically, and the proper kind of people, not the ones weíre used to, the front men weíre used to.)


He told BBC Radio Wales: "What you see is a government which has a plan to get rid of jobs in the public sector but not enough of a plan to replace them in the private sector."


Finding the balance between warning of tough economic times ahead on the one hand, and holding out the prospect of better ones on the other, has sometimes been tricky for this government.


Ken Clarke's views, which he's expressed in similar terms before, put him in the more pessimistic camp, believing that it will be a "long haul" back to economic recovery.  (A:  Well, there is no sign of economic recovery as you well know.)


He is, of course, a former Chancellor, and describes himself in the interview as a "deficit hawk" - someone who believes the deficit must be tackled rigorously.  (A:  Well all you do is stop spending in foreign countries and stuff like that.)


He agrees with the current Chancellor and the Prime Minister that cuts need to be made. The view from Downing Street is that David Cameron has also recently warned that this would be a tough year as those cuts begin to be implemented. 


You see, all the taxation that has to come in now has to be dumped on the middle classes, and some of them are already paying well over half their wages and salaries into taxes ever year so theyíll go down the tubes.  Itís interesting to see them going down to the levels of people that they would never even look at or talk to in previous times, because of course they always thought they were cushioned and nothing would happen to them.  Everyone gets it in their own turn and itís always a big shock to them when it comes to them, when they get round to them.


In the system we are training the children into too, and Iíve mentioned this before, I knew it pretty well when they started to bring in the detection gates in schools where you walk through to see if you had anything on you, any weapons and all that nonsense, and then the raids on lockers, etc, etc.  They were training a generation then that they world that they were growing into would be one where theyíd get rigorous checks and maybe even searches, maybe even patted down.  Thatís why the youngsters who go through the airports today donít really retaliate or say much about it; theyíve already been trained through school.  This next article Iíve mentioned before.  Itís out again, in another school, because they also want to train a generation that if you want food at school youíve got to give your fingerprints because you see, thatís what theyíre going to go into, is the rationing system.  Thatís what they will see down the road.  And when it comes in theyíll think itís all quite normal.  It saysÖ



ĎBig Brotherí fears at Parliament Hill School

10 February, 2011 / camdennewjournal.com / by JOSIE HINTON


PUPILS at one of Camdenís top secondary schools may have to provide fingerprints to get their school lunches.


Scanners could be installed at Parliament Hill School in Highgate Road, Highgate, to speed up queues in the canteen.  (A:  Thatís the excuse theyíre giving but in actual fact the schools are getting kickbacks if they install these, and theyíre getting federal aid as well.)


Replacing the current swipe cards, the cashless system would use studentsí biometric data to record payments for school meals.  (A:  Well, that trains them to use the biometric data for everything of course, and they will grow up thinking this is all quite normal, whatís all the big fuss, and theyíll create no fuss in fact.  So it gives it the same PR reasons for itÖ)


Staff say it would save ďtime and moneyĒ (A:  Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da and all the usual nonsense that they go on about, and then you get the usual stuff about parents raising concerns, but nothing will happen you see, because they donít MAKE anything happen.  Youíve got to force these characters to back off.  And you can do it.  If all the people say, okay none of the children are going to school, letís see if they go in and arrest all the parents for it.  Youíve got to start doing this stuff or you get walked right into the mud, right under the boot.  And you know itís true what Iím saying.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight Iím putting up 2 or 3 videos as well for you to watch.  Theyíre quite interesting because some of itís to do with microwave and plasma weaponry which governments were testing out back in 1985, on CNN.  Itís worth looking into for those who wonder whatís being used today.  It shows you how far ahead they were even back then.† If they mentioned it in the news back in 1985 theyíd actually had it for quite some time obviously, because thatís how they really work at the top.  We are the last to know what theyíve got.  Itís not just keeping secrets from any potential enemy; theyíve got to keep it from the public.  Itís amazing to me how many of the public really read all the science magazines and they think theyíre being told the latest; they really do believe that.  They donít realize that secret services means secret, you know, and secret testing means secret and they donít publish it in Popular Mechanics or Popular Science.  Thatís what they do and often we donít hear about anything until 20 years later or something like that. 


I mentioned before too, about a video and I put it up Ė the links may still be in the archives section of cuttingthroughthematrix.com Ė last year, where the US had used some superweaponry in Iraq, the great testing ground because you see, no one does any checks on anything to see why things happen, when people are slaughtered and tested on.  A busload of people were basically decimated by some superweapon, that cut them apart with precision, and did the odd phenomenon of even putting their intestines and brains on the ceiling of the bus.  Itís never been explained but we know that it was a test of the US weaponry.  Another one was that people were actually shrunken Ė in a different test Ė to about 4 Ĺ feet tall; it completely dehydrated them and utterly shrunk them.  Well, thatís like the plasma weaponry and thatís mentioned on these old CNN videos, on microwave and plasma weaponry.  If you want to see them there are two parts to it. 


Radiofrequency Weapons 1 & 2, CNN 1985 / youtube.com


US May Unleash Microwave Weapon in Afghanistan / Jun 17, 2010 / Sharon Weinberger / aolnews.com


Star Wars In Iraq / youtube.com


Another one too, that Iím putting up is one on George Bernard Shaw.  In The Soviet Story you will see him talking there in the 1930s, one of the main founders of the Fabian Society for international socialism, backed by the Astor family, very rich people, and other big foundations to bring in this world order.  He was the one who asked scientists, and youíll hear him asking on this video Ė from a different source, the same video though that Iíll put up tonight.  Youíll hear him asking scientists to create a good painless gas they could use on the unfit.  He also said, youíll hear him saying that the people would have to come to them to justify why they should be kept alive, if they are consuming and not producing.  Interesting, that, because thatís the definition from the United Nations of a good world citizen, is a good producer AND consumer.  If youíre retired youíre a consumer and I guess youíre for the old poison gas stuff down the road or some other humane way of disposing of you.  So Iíll put those ones up tonight. 


George Bernard Shaw and "the Humane Gas" / youtube.com


Also what Iíd like to put up tonight is another one because Iíve mentioned this before.  People really think theyíre in charge of their own minds.  Iíve said before that most out there are not.  Most of you out there are not in charge of your own minds.  Iíve mentioned so many studies on this show from the big high chutzpas themselves in psychology, the ones who are paid by government.  Iíve have talked about Sunstein and others, all working for years, long before you were born in fact, on creating the right kinds of society, creating the right kinds of opinions, even forming groups for you to join in fact and managing your groups for you.  This one is about conformity, how you will give up what you see yourself, what you have just witnessed.  You will give up your own opinions for the groupís opinion Ė and this does work by the way, and you will see that in this video Ė how you will change your mind on so many different things that you were adamant about because the others will too.  they canít all be wrong, is what youíll say to yourself.  The same technique is used for those who are used in big groups like the greenies and so on.  Theyíll still exclaim that itís global warming even if theyíre up to their eyeballs in snow.  Theyíre all being used.  Everyoneís being usedÖ in this wonderful scientific laboratory they call planet earth.  And it truly is a scientific laboratory. 


Conformity / Youtube.com


So Iíll put that up tonight on conformity and how you DO conform for the group.  Regardless of what your memory tells you and youíve experienced in your own life, you will give it all up to conform to the group.  These are actual tests that are done over and over and over and probably have been for the last, oh, 70-80 years, and they always show up the same. They work in every generation.  And how they can often just use one person to keep parroting the same stuff, get a few of them to parrot the same things, especially slogans.  Remember like Lenin said, we shall win by slogans Ė and they must be right, they must be rightÖ right?  Itís like when they came out of the Bushís camp, at one time, and the whole team would talk to your independent newspapers, or reporters, but they all used the same terms, weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, rraaa, rraaaÖ just like that you see.  And that works on the majority of the public, because they donít reason things out for themselves. 


This is whatís going on.  Youíre all being used.  Youíre given your opinions and unfortunately most out there conform.  You know, even the ones who are waking up, the first thing they do is they want to join a group.   What they do is they go hunting for forums and Iíve mentioned before how Sunstein, who is helping manage all of the changes within the US and elsewhere, has actually said that, they either set up forums for these people to join, they know your psychological type, they have your M.O., they have YOU, all of you because they are monitoring everything that you do, and then they manage you from within the forums.  Everyone wants to belong to a group; they just canít stand thinking for themselves.  Isnít that a shame.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about conformity and how people conform all the time for the group.  It can be the mass group when the flag goes up because youíre all trained to weep and cry and go into an emotional state because of it.  Or even the groups that are trying to get back to a previous time in history where they thought they had some rights.  Everyone joins a group of some kind or another.  Youíve got to be so careful if you do join it, but keep your mind.  Donít hang up your brain when you walk in the door.  Donít leave it at the door.  Take your brain in with you because youíll be surprised how much distortion goes on and manipulation when you join groups.  Often theyíll start off with one particular topic and thatís their main topic, this is their tenet, this is why they exist.  And if they start veering off into some other weird avenue you know there is something else up.  Theyíve got a different agenda on the go and they want to take you with them.  And you might want to go with them because now youíre kind of bonded with those in the group; itís all psychology you see.


Last week I mentioned and I read from the UK Column on governments now that are employing these boys mightily, these brain manipulators you might call them, your mind manipulators, to use prompts and different things to guide whole societies along, you know, the proper road, the one thatís designed for them to go along by their masters. 


British Cabinet Office Collaborates With French Brainwashing Guru To Change The Way We Think

UK Column / Mon, 14/02/2011


Iíll put the link up to that tonight; I might backdate it too to Fridayís show so itíll be with the actual talk that I gave and itíll be up on my site at cuttingthroughthematrix.com so you can actually read it for yourself online.  Because the paper I got was the actual paper paper; the real stuff, the stuff that doesnít hurt your eyes or manipulate your brain through various patterns that come through the internet, which actually the Pentagon has admitted to.  And Iíve gone through the articles from them too. 


Alan:  There are a couple of callers on the line. There is Andy from Oregon, are you there Andy?


Andy:  Hey, itís an honor to talk to you my friend.  I actually just got your book in the mail today.  It looks awesome.  I canít wait to read it. 


Alan:  Itís different, yeah.


Andy:  Yeah, I also was just calling, I just had a chance last night to watch The Soviet Story.  It blew me away that weíve got people in this world now still wearing their little star, Che Guevara t-shirts and trying to promote communism when they have no idea what youíre talking about. 


Alan:  They have no idea but Iíll tell you those who are up in your government and the descendants of the ones that were doing it in the í40s, in your government by the way, still in your government, they know darn well what theyíre doing because that was always the plan to use a Marxist philosophy to bring about this wonderful scientific socialism, of the whole world, which is a feudalistic system.  And even the founders, as I say, in the Fabian Society talked about it.  It would be a socialistic system for those on the bottom run by massive bureaucracies and now itís going into NGOs in Britain; it will be the same in the States. But really itís a hyper-elite at the top, very rich people who will be the overlords.  This is what they designed all that time ago. So youíre right; theyíre wearing these little symbols as though itís all past and gone but itís alive and well.  You canít eradicate a memory of something which had such impact on society. And even today, in some countries they are still using the same formula, fascism versus communism.  So itís one or the other; youíre given left or right, take your pick. There is nothing else given to you and so you bounce between the two, hoping to get saved in the end, but in reality they both end up on the same road; thatís how theyíre designed.


Andy:  You know, itís interesting, I work at a factory and I work with about 3 different guys who came from the former Soviet Union and talking to them, itís kind of refreshing because they are kind of squirming there.  They see whatís going on in this country and they are getting nervous.  And all the American guys that I work with are, you know, worrying about Super Bowl and all these dumb fashion and red carpet clothes and just mindless zombie stuff.


Alan:  Thatís true.  Iíve talked to quite a few from the soviet bloc countries, and itís true, theyíre all aware; they see the symptoms of the same thing here.  Youíre right.


Andy:  Yeah, well you know Alan, I really appreciate your show, man.  Keep up the great work.  I just wanted to call and say I appreciate your show and share that about the guys I work with.  So thanks a lot. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Bye now.  And thereís Alex from British Columbia.  Are you there Alex?


Alex:  Hello.  How are ya? 


Alan:  Not too bad.


Alex:  Thatís good.  Are you fairing well with all the attacks of the intelligence community, etc?


Alan:  Well, you kind of get by.  Iím really ticked off with that smart meter they put on the wall outside because afterwards, about a month later they put up a little gadget on the nearest telegraph pole and then I found out afterwards that this meter on the wall is using microwave information technology, and itís bouncing it to that pole.  Itís giving off a hell of a microwave energy and you can actually measure it with a meter.  What they do with it apparently is they can use your home in an area and actually put all the other smart meters through your particular meter Ė I donít know how much juice itís costing me to do all that Ė and that really intensifies the frequency.  So Iím going to put a complaint in about this because they didnít ask permission or anything else and I really object to being bombarded with this; I can hear the meter humming all the time, inside here. 


Alex:  Yeah.  We are having the same thing out here but it seems that there are several different sources.  Oneís definitely the plasma shield, like the HAARP shield.† And it almost seems as if they can scan parts of your brain and just neutralize them. 


Alan:  Well actually, Iíll tell you one thing.  Those links Iím putting up tonight, from 1985, go into that technology and how it was designed also to manipulate the human brain Ė this is in 1985, CNN Ė and how some folk at that time were complaining about it.  They did admit it could affect, it DID affect the human brain and different frequencies could affect you in other ways as well.  So they have been at this for such a long time, again to pacify the public.  If you wonder why theyíre dumb, stupid and quite happy, and the Super Bowl is going on and theyíre talking trivia and mind you, theyíre immersed in 100 different TV stations to goggle at, but the fact is they are being dumbed down and manipulated by these particular waves.  Youíll also hear, which is interesting, on these documentaries, the woodpecker effect.   You see, Russia was the first Ė it was the Soviet system.  They were the first ones to use the HAARP technology.  They had, back in the í80s, a big tower put up in I think it was Latvia and they broadcast what they called the woodpecker effect.  It was picked up in Canada first of all; that was in the Montreal Gazette back then.  Youíll hear how it sounds.  Now, I can still pick it up 24 hours a day now on my shortwave radio here, the exact same sound.  And since 2001 itís been a constant 24 hours a day because itís coming from Alaska now. 


Alex:  Like a continuous mass mind control system. 


Alan:  Itís control and they tested it out on the people of Maine, by the way, a few years back, and all the social services, the police, the hospitals were in on the big act.  They were told to keep record of anything unusual.  One frequency they used, they found domestic animals started biting their masters; the cattle in fields were running like crazy all over the place.  There were fights galore, domestic disturbances that didnít happen before.  Then when they tried a different frequency it pacified them all.  So they know exactly what works and how it works.


Alex:  Itís like what happened to me back on November the 19th when we had to move out of our apartment we had been in for 4 Ĺ years.  We had this woodpecker sound; in fact the manager said, oh are you sure itís not just woodpeckers people have been complaining about hearing?  The guy above us went just bananas on us; he kept us awake, 20 times a night for 6 months.


Alan:  Actually, that CBC documentary that I also put up last week, a recent documentary, was on radio.  I put the link up; you can listen to the effects of even the microwave towers that they put on top of buildings and the effects itís had on a lot of the people living right underneath them, headaches, skin rashes, all kinds of bizarre symptoms.  And of course, it has to happen. 


Cellphone Radiation Ė In our Middle Hour; a documentary called A Precautionary Tale.



This stuff is not there in nature, certainly not at these frequencies and they know what theyíre doing.  They do know what theyíre doing.  But theyíre not going to back off; they want more and more stuff to be wireless.  I guess weíre all disposable, really, at this level. 


Alex:  Yeah, weíre like livestock.  Hey, you did such a good job on your health care and the experimentation they did through the psyche ward and the hospitals and how they desensitized the doctors.  It was so good, last week.


Alan:  Thatís how it is.  Thatís how it is though, and itís happened.  Psychiatric hospitals, thereís, again, a good video up on YouTube.  Youíll hear one of the top ex-CIA directors talk about that era.  He said there were hundreds of universities involved, professors involved in the MK ULTRA experiments.  It wasnít just into the one area of Cameron, with ECT, shock treatment and so on, and then LSD.  It went far, far beyond that and theyíre still at it today under different names and guises.  Thatís where the guys like Sunstein today get all their data from, ongoing experimentations upon the populations, who are unwitting.  You canít notify a subject that youíre experimenting on them or they get false results; youíd be aware of them experimenting on you.  So itís people in society who get the experiments done on them and this is ongoing.


Alex:  Kind of like Monsanto did on us with the GMO.


Alan:  This is one of the biggest crimes of the century.  The fact that the Canadian government could literally make secret deals, and admit it when they were caught out, but by then weíd been eating this stuff wide-scale across Canada for 10 years.  I mean, come on, people still vote for your government and here they are making secret deals to see the cancer rate shoot up, and the stomach cancers go way up, and intestinal problems go way up, and the immune system break down even further, and they KNOW all this stuff but they want to see it actually happen.  We are literally disposable because those who run our countries are put in there by internationalists for international purposes for their great society they are bringing in, in the future.  We are literally at the moment going through an era where weíre disposable along the way.


Alex:  Absolutely.  Well the microwave plasma weaponry youíre going to put up, itíll be something Iíll look very much forward to seeing.  I saw one myself on YouTube; itís a 3-part one called Secret Particle Weapons.  Itís in my directed weaponry playlist on my YouTube channel.


Alan:  Youíll find even CBC did a documentary, actually it was on the CBC National one night, about 1998, and you saw these big pineapple things going up.  They tried to tell us it was all to do with radar, and they were putting them all along the coastline in different areas.  In actual fact itís actually HAARP technology that works together; it causes a grid across the country.  Other later videos exposed that and actually said what they were.


Alex:  Yeah, weíve got links for that as well. There is some really good stuff on YouTube that shows the HAARP bases and then the reflector shields up in the sky, and then they use plasma screen as a transmitter and of course, weíre all the antenna. 


Alan:  As I say though, what you are living through, see, we are not in reality.  You understand?  People are not living in reality because they are not given reality.  We are given a fake reality.  We are given a mush reality.  The true reality is way above us controlling in so many different ways, and testing and experimenting on us, and we are never given a true reality.  They CANíT tell you what they are doing or weíd have to do something about it, you know.  And they know that too; they are well aware of it.  But the problem is too, once you expose something, people, especially Canadians, they are so complacent, they simply say, oh well, you know, it looks like a carrot to me, you know, it looks fine, Iíll eat it anyway.  And there wasnít a big fuss about it in Canada even with the food.  Unfortunately, simply exposing it, it doesnít really work, when you are looking around at damaged people.† Remember, the end product of mind control is the fact that the subjects donít know theyíre under it.  And once theyíre under it, itís very difficult to deprogram anybody.  You donít have the time or the lifespan to deprogram people, even on an individual level.  It works so incredibly well.  All you can truly do is look for the occasional person who is asking the right questions, and has some life in them, and some indignation in them.   Thatís all you can do.  And there are very few out there; but one person can write an awful lot of stuff in their lifetime if they want to. 


Thanks for calling, Alex, and Iíll go on to Sid in Indiana I think it is. 


Sid:  Good evening.  I was listening to your show on the telephone and missed a lot of it but I wanted to know if you broached the subject of scalar weaponry?


Alan:  I havenít mentioned that tonight but that is also touched on in those videos that Iím putting up tonight, the links up, from 1985, CNN, when they go into this technology that was being experimented with back then, on a big scale.  I know what you mean though, with scalar weaponry and what it does and so on.  They havenít stopped that with Star Wars; they kept going and theyíre way beyond that now too.  Theyíve really refined everything to an incredible level.


Sid:  I understand that those in power have said Ė and donít get me wrong because I am not anti-Israel at all, not one bit.  But I understand that the President of Israel has said that heíd rather lose a city than reveal his scalar weaponry.  Thatís how bad that power is. 


Alan:  Itís incredibly potent.  I mean, youíve got to understand that even the inventors of it, going way, way back to the í20s talked about using that to wipe out entire cities, back then. 


Sid:  With one button. 


Alan:  One button, yeah.  And you can also direct it as well from a vehicle for instance, an army vehicle quite simply.  This stuff is lethal.  And thatís why they mean too that theyíre not worried about any revolution, as Bertrand Russell said, from the public because theyíll be so overwhelmingly met with weaponry they hadnít even heard of, never mind imagined.  And so thatís where we are today. 


Sid:  I wanted to get your feelings on, I donít know if you know the news today, but our 112th Congress, today, extended for the, I think itís for the 7th or 8th time, the Patriot Act.  Did you know that?


Alan:  I read it was coming up.


Sid:  Well, you know they voted on it earlier in the week and it failed.  It did not pass.  And then of course they vote on it again, 3 days later, and theyíve got the votes to pass it. 


Alan:  Well, you know how that happens though, donít you?


Sid:  Oh yeah. 


Alan:  They simply go into the ones who hold out.  The ones who hold out are holding out for cash, folks, if you donít know that.  Thatís how itís done, power and cash and up the ladder and thatís what they do.  Itís a common thing.   Itís not because they want to stand up for the public.


Sid:  I spent the last 4 days on the telephone to different representatives, and I donít have any faith in the system anymore, at all.  I just do it because it needs to be said. 


Alan:  It needs to be said, and youíre right on there. 


Sid:  And I talked to Michele Bachmannís office, who is, you know, the head, sheís the heart and soul of the Tea Party.  Her office said today that, on the second timeÖ  Do you want me to hold?


Alan:  Yeah, hold and weíll come back with you after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back and Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Sid from Indiana.  Are you still there Sid?


Sid:  Yes I am.  I just wanted to say, in finishing up because I know you are short on time, that when I spoke to Michele Bachmannís office today I was polite and I was kind and considerate of her staff, but under no circumstances was I not going to be heard.  And I told them that I was ashamed of her and that she voted just the way Nancy Pelosi would have voted.  Iím trying to dig, trying to dig at some kind of conscience.  And talking about a group of people that are subject to groupthink, oh my God!


Alan:  Oh, Iím telling you, if you join any group itís at the risk of losing your own identity.


Sid:  When you become a Senator or a Representative in the United States the power that you wield should make you understand that you donít have any allegiance to the group.  You have an allegiance to the people that put you into power and if we donít call and tell these people that we are watching íem, weíre watching íem real close, and that weíre ashamed of the way they are voting, theyíre going to just keep doiní it. 


Alan:  I know.


Sid:  Hey, I wonít hold you any longer.  Thank you so much for a good show tonight.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Thatís true, as I say, youíve got to watch the groups and the fronts that are put out there.  Even if you start off as a true group, I tell you, before a weekís out itís taken over by someone else and itís off in a different directionÖ and the funding comes in from elsewhere.  Thatís standard procedure.  You know something?  The government doesnít even allow a poetry group to exist in a library without knowing who all the members are, and Iím not kidding about that either.  You know, you just canít form a grass roots without them infiltrating immediately to find out what youíre up to, and then steering you off in, you know, the proper direction so youíre harmless.  Or actually, youíll end up on the opposite side, in a full circle, without even knowing it and opposing the wrong thing.  But thatís the way it is. 


Also, Nikola Tesla was the guy, he was actually paid to design a weapon that would take out an entire city.  And that was his great ambition, not just giving us all electricity and stuff like they try to tell you.  He was actually paid to find high-tech weaponry and he came up with this idea of using the scalar weaponry and it could work in his day, he said, to knock out an entire city if need be.  That means knock out everyone who lived in the city, or kill them.  You can actually turn off the impulses that affect your brain, that make your heart beat for instance.  And even the FBI were using this stuff, at the high levels, and the CIA, the high levels, back in the í50s, in portable models they could put in their pocket, by the way.  That came out with Nick Begich a long time ago before he joined the UN.  And he showed some of this stuff in a documentary on the Canadian Broadcasting television a while ago. 


Thereís also Michael from Pennsylvania.  Are you there Michael?


Michael:  Hi.  I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the situation in Egypt and Iran now?  It seems like the powers-that-be are ramping up the Middle East and shaking the hornetís nest, and trying to bring the war to end all wars, if you will.


Alan:  Well they are and tomorrow Iím going to go into that in more depth.† Iíve gone into the Color Revolutions, Brzezinski behind them, George Soros funding them as well, the NGOs all getting flown in there of course to stir up trouble.  Theyíve got a whole shopping list of countries they want to bring into a new socialist system but ultimately they want to destroy whatís left of Islam.  Islam will not be allowed to be Islam anymore.  Theyíve got to come into the new system where moral relativity will guide you, but the masters above you will tell you what the new rights are, you see.  And of course you can do anything you want to when thereís no wrong or bad or evil.  Thatís what our masters do to us here. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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