Feb. 15, 2011 (#769)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 15, 2011:

An Individual Won't Budge
By a Prompt or a Nudge:

"Why the Long Faces, the Look Forlorn?
Get in the Swing and Learn to Conform,
Your Opinions Will Change, To Be Expected,
Black is White, But Hey! You're Accepted,
By Prompts and Nudges, Many Repetitions,
You'll Look at Trends Before Making Decisions,
Politically Correct, Learn the Topics Allowed,
Throw Away that Old Judgement, Be Part of the Crowd"
© Alan Watt Feb. 15, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 15, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 15th of February 2011.  Newcomers to the show please look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and bookmark all the sties you’ll see listed there.  If you find sticking on downloads of any of the audios – there are just hundreds of them to choose from – then try these alternate sites.  Remember too, these sites carry a lot of transcripts for print up as well, in English, and if you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu which is also listed on the site, and help yourselves; there is a whole bunch to choose from.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you.  I don’t bring on the advertisers to sell you things so it’s up to you to help me just tick over… sometimes it’s a tickle over, basically, because you hang on with the skin of your teeth sometimes and wait to see what comes in, and that’s what I’m doing at the moment.  So, you can buy the books and disks that I have for sale. 


The books are different from other books you’ll ever read because I don’t go into the usual history nonsense.  History is ‘his story’; it’s whoever wins the battles and whoever runs the money system gets the books written, by competent historians as they call them.  So I show you different techniques of understanding the conology, and it’s an art, a science, the conology of the past and present, the type that gives you your present reality and how those in the past were fooled as well.  That’s what we live through; it’s a vast amazing system we live in, under governance as they like to call it now.  So, [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, donations are definitely appreciated; sometimes I just get a few donations that get me over that cusp of the wave there into the following month.


We’re going through the biggest changes – and I’ve said this for so long now, because I remember some of the big boys like Rockefeller talking about it himself a long time ago – the biggest changes that the world has experienced since the Industrial Revolution.  And you’ve got to understand that at one time most folk lived on the rural lands basically, on farm lands.  The industrial era changed all that.  They forced the folk off the lands.  They dumped food across Europe, dirt-cheap stuff, until the peasants were moved off the land into these awful cities, like Birmingham that now still stands; it’s the old dirty town.  They had all the cheap labor that they wanted and that happened all across Europe as well.  Eventually, of course, thanks to the Great Depression they managed to get most folk of the US living in the cities as well; now of course they’re all concentrated there.  And the Industrial era is over, they’re left with a service economy and that was explained a long time ago in Britain when they were told that they had now joined the common market, or they were joining it; the common market they called it before they called it the amalgamation pact.  They said, a service economy is a like dog in a swimming pool that could only paddle for so long before it sinks; it can’t get out.  That’s what a service economy is.  That’s what we have in North America.  Because they decided a long time ago that China would be built up, with our money of course, to be the manufacturer of the world.  It was done, again, through the World Trade Organization and then followed up by the GATT treaty (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), and we helped to finance it.  We are still financing China yet.  Even though it’s raking in the cash, even though it holds America’s debt, the majority of the debt for the US, this communist country.  Amazing, communism supposedly was the opposite of capitalism, and it’s still a communist country but it’s capitalist as well.  That’s something to get your head round isn’t it?  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and Cutting Through The Matrix.  Yesterday I went on about conformity and the scientific studies that have been done, and psychology, and there is nothing really new in all this stuff because it’s repeats of repeats of repeats that have been done in previous centuries, believe it or not.  It’s just that we’re always meant to think that these things are just happening now; even that study is very, very old, the one I put up yesterday.  Conformity is behind so much.


The big merchant bankers, that were also the merchants of course, at least owned lots of merchants, knew how to introduce whole fashions in previous centuries into populations until they could even dress guys up like peacocks, in tights, and little frilly things around their necks and their arms and so on.  They can do anything, and wear wigs too of course – they should bring it all back now, it would fit in easier.  But the thing is, they’ve always known how to do this thing. And women too, with the big things in their rear ends, that looked so huge, in previous ages as well.   Anything can be done to the general public if you know how to introduce it, and get the right person at the top to first do it – whether you even pay them to do it, model it basically to the public – and the public follow suit.  It’s a well understood technique from their observations in commerce.  This evolved eventually into psychology and of course we have many books from the past that have described the conformity of the human being and how they go along with the majority to get along.  Even though what you’re hearing doesn’t go along with what you’ve experienced in your own life, even though you see something different, as long as the majority agree you will accept what they say.


I’ll put another link up tonight and it’s another one that’s been done, many times over since the 1950s, and it’s Solomon Asch Experiments.  I’ll put the link up for that as cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the show. 


Solomon Asch experiment (1958) A study of conformity Social Pressure and Perception / age-of-the-sage.org


The Asch Experiment / youtube.com


They found out the same thing.  It’s really interesting too, if you were the only real test subject you wouldn’t know it. They would bring a whole bunch in with you who were all basically actors and they would all agree that that line was bigger or smaller than that line next to it.  And you would find yourself starting to agree with them because you don’t want to have them ridicule you.  But there is more to it than that.  Even last night I think I mentioned it in the poem or I mentioned on the show – one of the two – that the public can be turned against the person who stands up and says no, the king has no clothes.  You’ll actually find that happening.  They found that too, with the Zimbardo experiments on the prison – I put links up before, in the archives section.  It was done through Stanford.  That’s where they made a sort of model prison and brought volunteers in and people quickly assumed the role of prisoner, the ones who were designated so, and the other ones became the prison guards.  Before 24 hours was out they were at each other’s throats, really taking on the roles that they were put into.  It’s just amazing.  What they found too, is when they brought in a more recent subject into it, who hadn’t been there for 2 or 3 days, he immediately saw how crazy it had become and he would just simply go on a starvation diet; it actually happened, a starvation diet.  And the rest of them, the rest of the so-called model prisoners, these volunteers, would turn on this one because, because of him their privileges were reduced because he wasn’t cooperating. They can easily make the crowd turn on you for being different.  And that’s what’s used across the board in today’s society.


You will see it in all the ads as well.  Even in Canada they use this quite a bit, in ads for flu injections, etc:  Do you know that you are endangering others if you haven’t had your flu shot?  Technically if their science is correct, all those with the flu shots should be fine and safe against the one who hasn’t had the flu shot, obviously.  But people don’t think that far, you see.  So you don’t need truth involved in it.  It’s not to do with truth.  It’s that someone wants to get their way with you, and that’s what advertising is all about, getting their way with you.  People don’t think too deeply about anything at all in fact, unfortunately.  That’s a fact.  Even more so today because in their free time they’re always listening to either audio or music or they’re watching videos. They’re losing their ability to read or even stand back and think quietly.  They’ve got to be downloaded with some noise or some external stimuli all the time.  That’s, again, a fantastic technique for controlling millions of people across the world, billions actually. 


So, the Solomon Asch experiment, 1958, I’ll put that one up. There are thousands of them out there, these experiments, and these are the low-end experiments by the way, that were done on much higher levels. What’s interesting about this one too, is the movie, I think it’s called The Game, that Michael Douglas was in, the actor – not the daddy but the son – was basically based on this kind of formula where in the game very rich people could be put into the game without their knowledge and everyone around them that they knew so well was in on the act except the subject themselves.  Very interesting movie, well worth watching because you can truly be fooled by those around you, and especially by those who control the whole situation.  So I’ll put that up tonight.


I’ve mentioned too, about this global warming nonsense and of course I’ve read the articles from Rothschild’s bank in Switzerland, their family bank who wants the rights – I think they got it actually – to put all the carbon, or energy taxes – they can call it both things now – through their bank.  That’s for the whole of Europe and the world; that’s an awful lot of cash to go through, second by second, gathering interest and getting invested all over the world before it goes to where it’s supposed to go.  But that’s total control.  One way or another, I’ve said before, they will GET what they want because they don’t make plans at that level – since money runs the world, ALL of the world, including all the military and all of the acts of the military. It’s all to do with economics and those guys at the top always get what they want, because we allow it to be so.  And your governments are just lackeys, just absolute lackeys to the monetary system, and they enable it too, and they know it darn well, the ones who are in it, by the way. 


Here’s what’s coming and I mentioned this, since 2001, that ALL of the aspects of war must come forth now.  That means food rationing eventually, gasoline, all energy, etc, a full war scenario, including people being moved from where they are to other areas.  And that’s of course the rural areas to the cities, because Agenda 21/the Millennium Project is truly rolling out all over the place now, little articles here and there.  In Britain of course, it’s the flagship for all of this to follow.  It says…


Motorists face the prospect of petrol rationing

(Alan: Gasoline, they call it petrol over there.)

express.co.uk / January 24,2011  / By Natalie Chalk


MOTORISTS face the "alarming" prospect of petrol rationing as the latest weapon in the war against drivers, it emerged yesterday.


The proposal has been made by an influential group of MPs (A:  Members of Parliament, that’s prostitutes.) which claims there is an urgent need for fuel-use to be slashed to meet green targets.  (A:  You see, ‘green’ targets.  Well, these politicians all will be on the green board, you see, and they’ll get backhanders.  It’s amazing how the money goes round in circles in those organizations.)


The scandal came as experts warned (A:  Who is an expert in fuel?) fuel could hit £8 a gallon due to increased taxes and rising crude oil prices. Under the move, all adults would be given a set number of free energy “tokens” (A:  Now, that’s how they kicked off the carbon market in Europe.) which would be offset against any fuel burnt in a vehicle or at home. (A:  …OR AT HOME… remember that part, you know, “or at home.”)


But critics slammed the plans (A:  And this is just the usual dialectic they give you in these stories.  “But critics”… you always get ‘critics’, slammed the plan…) as “absolute lunacy” and said the controversial proposals would hit already-stretched drivers’ pockets.  (A:  So they always tell you the truth, but nothing happens.)


The RAC (A:  The Royal Automobile Club, that’s the RAC over there, the foundation, it’s a big foundation.) Foundation has warned that fuel could hit £8 a gallon – £1.75 a litre – in parts of the country after it emerged some petrol stations in the Orkney Isles are charging £1.50 a litre.


The All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil made the bid for weekly fuel quotas.  (A:  …already.)


The group of 20 parliamentarians from the main parties argue that limiting what drivers consume would deal with global energy shortages and the climate crisis. 


(A:  Now, number one, we’re back again to, should we feed the world, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  How come we suddenly stopped feeding ourselves, we’ve got to feed the world, and we’ve got to make sure that CHINA gets enough gasoline since they have set it up to be the manufacturer for the planet, right.  I can remember, I used to travel across the North Sea, in the ships to Norway and Denmark and different places, and I used to meet people, executives who were working for British Petroleum and Shell, and as they were drilling all over the North Sea and they were just putting these things up everywhere.  In the late 70s I was told by about 3 or 4 of them on separate occasions that they had found enough oil there to keep Britain going for a couple of hundred years.  And they were still going like crazy finding new pockets all the time.  That was still the early days.  But reality doesn’t matter because you see there is a different agenda behind all the rationing stuff.  It’s to bring in the new society, the big society, where… well you can walk to where you want to go because you won’t be allowed to walk much further outside your little area, and anything else you’ll be using, under Agenda 21, public transportation because that’s already been decided.  Anyway, it says…)


The committee has proposed a weekly “electronic energy rationing system” called TEQs  (Tradable Energy Quotas) that would be distributed for free to all adults.  (A:  That’s how you kick it off, you see.)


Any extra units can be bought while surplus units can be sold. They claim the system would work like a credit card and be as “easy as topping up an Oyster card or mobile phone”.  (A:  No kidding, eh?)


One unit represents one kilogram of carbon dioxide (A:  What a joke, eh, what a joke!) so the amount of emissions produced by petrol would be deducted from a TEQ account.  (A:  And of course then you could sell your excess, which you won’t have, and then they’ll reduce the quota every year.  God, we’re just like animals getting trained, isn’t it?  Trained step by step… into the abyss.  They’re such LIARS, but again, they’re using psychology, again, and they’ve got lots of psychologists and teams all working with their prompts and so on, and their little buzzwords and catchphrases and slogans to get us to where they want us to be… in a straightjacket basically… starving to death.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  We’re back and Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the coming energy taxes basically.  If you don’t like ‘carbon’ they’ll give you ‘energy’ taxes instead, you see.  Whatever they call it, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s all the same con game and no doubt from the same author in fact, and they do have authors who come up with all this stuff and whole think tanks that come up with terms, etc, to get the agendas through.  They go into the usual dialectic, as I say, and even the Automobile Association goes into, oh it’s ridiculous, an “academic’s brainwave typically out of touch with reality” and so on, and all that stuff, the usual stuff.  But what choice to the public get when it comes to it?  Well the choice is to stop driving all together and watch the stations close and bring the country to a halt.  That’s a choice you do have.  At one time they would have actually; even during the miners’ strike there was far more support for what was going on.  There is nothing left in them today.  There is nothing; they can take anything that’s dished out to them.  Then they go into, and say…


“People will be allowed to trade units they don’t use, which as usual will hit the lower-income driver who becomes priced off the road.   (A:  And you will get these silly little fools that do scratch-and-win tickets, that think they can save them up.  You know, I’ll get wealthy on this, I’ll get wealthy on this.  Silly little idiots that they are; there’s always, you know, a few on the lower end of the IQ level, that jump in on this kind of stuff.  And really that’s what it’s designed for, the whole idea of it… well, maybe I can save them up and get cash back, by trading them, like football cards.  Then it says…)


“It would be open for abuse by greedy individuals and politicians.”  (A:  Well, no, no… greedy individuals and politicians?  What a thought, eh?)


The European Union, in this next article here, kind of goes into that, touches a little bit on that.  The European Union now, this super soviet system that everyone must send politicians to, to pretend that you actually have this super government going…


EU blows staggering £230m sending MEPs (A:  Members of the European Parliament.) and bureaucrats to Seychelles and other paradise destinations (A:  Well, that’s not corruption; they probably just needed a break from all the hard work that they do, you know, scamming the public.)

dailymail.co.uk / By Daniel Martin / 12th February 2011


The EU blew £230million last year on junkets to exotic locations including the Seychelles, it emerged last night.


MEPs and bureaucrats enjoyed dozens of taxpayer-funded trips and fact-finding missions in 2010, research reveals.  (A:  They even go to see the red light districts in Amsterdam and stuff like that, you know, just to get tips on how to run their own countries, and maybe to be pimps as well.)


A visit for seven MEPs to the Seychelles cost £50,000 in hotel and travel expenses, while £77,000 was spent on a trip for 45 to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Both trips put climate change high up on the agenda (A:  …climate change… no kidding, the fact that they’re jetting all over the planet.) – despite the fact the flights generated more than 90 tons of carbon dioxide.  (A:  Well, I wonder if it really did, with that, too.)


The cost of the trips was revealed by Open Europe, a think-tank that campaigns for greater transparency in Brussels.  (A:  Well, they give you a frosted glass transparency and that’s as much as you’re going to get folks, because this is just scratching the surface of the incredible corruption that goes on in EVERY government across the planet.  Toronto even, I remember they sent a bunch of their own councilors off to do the same thing.  The mayor took them a few years back, over, and he went to Amsterdam too; he thought it was a great idea, bringing a red light district to Toronto.  No doubt he would be quite happy being the pimp; he was into everything else at the same time so why not.)


Alan:  There is a caller, Daniel from the UK.  Are you there Daniel?


Daniel:  Yes.  Okay, I just wondered if you saw that, article, I know you can’t read everything, but I think it was in The Express from England, the other day, about Prince Charles and his comments on climate change.  I just thought to read you a small section.


Alan:  Yeah, go ahead.


Daniel:  It says…



Thursday February 10,2011 / By Richard Palmer, Royal Correspondent / express.co.uk


The Prince suggested climate change sceptics were having a “corrosive effect” on public opinion by saying that hundreds of scientists around the world were somehow conspiring to present a false image of man-made global warming in an attempt to destroy the world economy.


I thought that was quite interesting because I’ve never heard any of them actually come out with that before.


Alan:  Well, as you know, he’s a front man too, and he’s the Prince with no function, as they said years ago; they had to find him a function so they gave him a front story for it too. This is a guy who’s living on the public purse, mind you, the taxpayers.  There’s the mother dipping into money designated for the poor folk in Britain to heat her palaces while she’s a multi-trillionairess.  I mean, you’ve got to understand what we’re dealing with here.  We’re dealing with utter liars and cheats that will take the last penny off you to get what they want.  And they WANT this big thing to go through because it’s a global agenda.  That’s why they got him; look at all the associations his daddy’s into.  The guy that was thrown out of Greece; they didn’t want him either, even though he’s really Austrian.  It’s astonishing.  You’ve got to remember too, his daddy and his daddy were Nazis during World War II; they had uniforms given by Adolf Hitler to them.  I mean, this is the same world socialist agenda on the go, by the same characters, using a lot of con games to get us to buckle under into this new well-behaved society.


Daniel:  Yeah.  I’m just surprised because I never heard any of them actually come out with how it actually is.  Because there is no explanation as to how he came to that conclusion, you know, he didn’t mention any instances of which members of the public suggested this was fabricated in order to destroy the world economy.  Which is what it is actually supposed to do, I suppose.  You know, that’s what we think it is.  I’ve just never heard… What I’m trying to say is I’ve never heard them actually come out with it as it actually is.  That’s what I’m trying to say. 


Alan:  Oh, there’s no doubt about it.  As I say, it’s a BIG agenda. They’re not going to back off on this agenda; I don’t care what they call it. They’ll keep at it until they get what they want. And they must introduce it first in Britain, and then the rest of the world, as you know.  Thanks for calling.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back and Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, I’ve been saying for years, to do with conformity and the military and so on, how people will do what they’re told.  People do what they’re told in uniform; that’s a whole TRICK of training them in uni-form.  If they all dressed in different clothing they wouldn’t go quite so smoothly, but you get them all to really identify with each other, AS each other, protections of each other in a sense, and you build the TEAM, the teamwork thing that was pushed in the ’60s and ’70s, the company man type thing, to a far greater degree for the military. And these guys, as it’s been shown in the Soviet system and in the Nazi Germany system, all totalitarian systems, they will turn on their own people and kill them if they’re told to.  It’s the same as the experiment on the prison I was talking about earlier, with the Zimbardo experiments, and it will always work that way.  And they have been building up internal armies to do this very thing for years.  In fact, they have raised a generation on video games and killing, and moral relativity and so on, to do just that and that’s who’s in the uniforms today. 


Here’s an article here, for the US.


Wisconsin National Guard Preps For Worker Unrest After Governor Unveils Emergency Budget

businessinsider.com / Grace Wyler | Feb. 14, 2011


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, unveiled an emergency budget proposal Friday to deal with the state's growing budget woes. Wisconsin has a $137 million deficit this year, and faces a projected $2.9 billion budget shortfall for 2012 and 2013.


Under Walker's plan, public employees would lose all of their collective bargain rights, except a limited negotiation of wages. State workers would also have to contribute more to their pension and health care benefit plans.


Unions erupted in outrage as they learned about Walker's proposal. The Governor told Milwaukee Public Radio that he has briefed the Wisconsin National Guard to prepare them for any worker unrest today.


So this kind of stuff, definitely, they’re all ready for it.  And you know it too.  Everyone who is listening here knows what’s coming.  We all know what’s coming down the pike.  A lot of places too, there will be no riots at all until they bring in the food shortages, or rationing, and rationing will one day be used just like they’re going to ration gasoline.  It will be used too, for food.  Guys like Bertrand Russell talked about that in his books in the 1930s and 40s, big planner for this big part of the agenda that we’re going through now.  He was on the board planning the future with the big think tanks, and they do plan it.   It’s not “we’d like to get this through.”  No, they plan to get it through and they make it happen.  So we’ll see what happens in that and other areas too.  OR the public might be so contented with their entertainment and mind-bombed and injected with so many drugs from their happy flu shots, etc, that they won’t respond, or they’ll be HAARPed to death as well. 


Yesterday I mentioned the CNN videos – I put the links up on my web site – from 1985, on HAARP technologies, scalar weaponry technologies that they were practicing with back then.  They give you the sound; they actually showed you in the actual video, in 1985, what’s called the woodpecker sound of the HAARP project, what it sounded like on a shortwave radio.  And at that time it was coming from Riga, the Soviets had it, and that was based in Latvia.  You can hear it quite plainly.  Now, the same sound, as I say, has been used continuously, 24 hours a day, since the year 2000 and then 2001 it really stepped up till it’s perpetual now.  You will hear the same frequencies, and remember, for those who have the ham radios, short wave radios, you can tune into these particular frequencies that I’m going to read out.  See the video first, listen to it, record the sound of the HAARP and you’ll hear the identical sound.  It’s the loudest sound you’ll come across 0n the short wave now.  8.545 megahertz is one.  8.570 …this is before 12:00 noon.  12.815 and 12.850, 17.110, 18.370 MHz.  Then in the afternoon and sometimes after 6:00 PM you will hear it on 17.110 and other frequencies as well.  So we’re getting really blasted with this thing. They do talk about it in the 1985 video as altering the mind, by the way.  It can make you very placid or it can make you very aggressive depending on the particular frequency they decide to blast out.  We’re all being soothed; that ties in with the technotronic warfare that Brzezinski talked about in his book Between Two Ages.  He said this would be used across whole continents.  Well guess what folks?  It has been and it IS being used right now. 


Apart from that the food we’re getting too, right, it’s so amazing.  You read article after article about the big… You understand, these big food companies are part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  You’ve got to read the history of Monsanto.  Better still, read the history of the Monsanto family; there is actually a Monsanto family believe it or not.  Read the history of the chemical engineering and warfare and so on to get an understanding of who’s making your food.  And if you feel comfortable with that, then don’t bother listening to me anymore and please don’t email me because I don’t have anything to say to you.  [Alan laughing.]  It says…


No seeds, no independent research

Companies that genetically engineer crops have a lock on what we know about their safety and benefits.

latimes.com / February 13, 2011 | By Doug Gurian-Sherman


Soybeans, corn, cotton and canola -- most of the acres planted in these crops in the United States are genetically altered. "Transgenic" seeds reduce the use of some insecticides. But herbicide use is higher, and respected experts argue that some genetically engineered crops may also pose serious health and environmental risks. The benefits of genetically engineered crops may be overstated.  (A:  Well, I’ve read articles before where other independent studies on it, like watching… because you’re not allowed to test it in the lab, by the way; they’ve actually got it sewn up that you can’t test it independently.  There’s freedom for you.  When something is done in secrecy like this, with this kind of power of law behind it, it’s not for the good of your health.  Do you understand that?  And they’ve found that crops in different countries haven’t taken off at all; if something attacks the crop the whole crop goes because they’re all identical. Generally in a crop of whatever you’ve got a whole mixed variety of strains and so many will survive.  But with this stuff here, when something attacks the crop it all goes.  Anyway…)


We don't have the complete picture. That's no accident. Multibillion-dollar agricultural corporations, including Monsanto and Syngenta, have restricted independent research on their genetically engineered crops. They have often refused to provide independent scientists with seeds, or they've set restrictive conditions that severely limit research options.  (A:  I mean, can you imagine the power, when you can tell governments to outlaw anybody testing your product?  This is FOOD we’re talking about here.  We LIVE ON IT, folks.  Not on electricity and the internet.  We live on food.)


This is legal. Under U.S. law, genetically engineered crops are patentable inventions. Companies have broad power over the use of any patented product, including who can study it and how.  (A:  So we can all die because they patent it.  That’s okay, right?)


Agricultural companies defend their stonewalling by saying that unrestricted research could make them vulnerable to lawsuits (A:  No kidding.) if an experiment somehow leads to harm, or that it could give competitors unfair insight into their products. But it's likely that the companies fear something else as well: An experiment could reveal that a genetically engineered product is hazardous or doesn't perform as promised.  (A:  I’ve gone through the articles here where those who worked on them in past times have said that every mammal that they tested this stuff on, especially potatoes and so on, ended up having cancers of the stomach and intestines, just like it’s skyrocketing today, but it must be a coincidence, right?  Right?)


Whatever the reasons, the results are clear: Public sector research has been blocked. In 2009, 26 university entomologists -- bug scientists -- wrote a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency protesting restricted access to seeds. "No truly independent research can be legally conducted on many critical questions involving these crops," they wrote.  (A:  So you can’t test them; it’s illegal.  But you’ve got to eat this stuff because your government is going to make darn sure that’s all you have.  And they’ve gone soaring ahead, altering pretty well everything that’s going into your mouth right now.  DEFINITELY in Canada, eh So that’s where we are folks.)


This is a WAR against the public.  What do you think they’re talking about when they keep going on about overpopulation?  Hmm?  You think they’re just wailing there and gnashing their teeth, sackcloth and ashes and wish lists that the people would just stop breeding?  NO, they DO something about it, folks.  They do something about it.  It’s warfare.  I’ve read the articles here when even the Rockefeller company made special rice; I think it was Golden Rice or something.  Then the UN declared it was very good because it also decreased the sperm count in the males; it’s very good for sterilization… to help the poor folk across the world, you understand.  Aaaarrrrgh… but anyway.


I’m putting up a link tonight too, to do with…


America’s Legacy of Mutagenic War

Gar Smith, Environmentalists Against War / uruknet.info / The Planet, February 10, 2011


It shows you how the mutagenic war, this weaponry that they’re using now across the world, how they’ve affected other countries.  You’ll see videos on children being born with 2 heads, the typical stuff that you’ll see after Hiroshima or Nagasaki, where they’ve been exposed to high doses of radiation from the depleted uranium.  Now, depleted doesn’t mean it’s gone; this stuff has got a half-life of about a half-million years or something.  This means that whole area is contaminated, and it’s a great way too, to sterilize folk because when you’re contaminated you’re generally sterile as well.  So I’ll put this link up and you will see the different ones from Viet Nam all through to the wars they’ve had so far.  It says here…


In Iraq, Baghdad’s hospitals are filled with grieving families of children born with deformities and cancers. In Fallujah (the site of two devastating US attacks in 2004), children now suffer from cancer at rates greater than those experienced by the survivors of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima. In November 2004, Operation Phantom Fury destroyed 70 percent of the homes and shops in "the City of Mosques." An Iraq Health Ministry official charged that US used "internationally banned weapons" in the assault — including napalm, phosphorous bombs, chemical weapons and shells containing depleted uranium.


It’s got quite a few videos here that you can go into and see.  That’s the agenda folks.  And after all, you know, there’s just too many folk over there that’s going to cause trouble in the future, for certain peoples, and we’ve got to get rid of them.  That’s really what’s happening at the moment.  What a great way to do it because this will now be intergenerational mutations you’re going to find there and lots of problems.  It’s quite something.  And all the big boys, of course, in Britain, in politics and the US, all have massive shares.  They actually get shares in all this weaponry when they go into it.  I can remember too, the officers going off to Viet Nam, they were getting offered shares in the weaponry that they were using over there, by the big companies like Monsanto, including Agent Orange that they sprayed everybody with, and lots of guys came down with cancers from that too, terrible, terrible problems afterwards. 


Now, another article I’m putting up too, is…


Anglosphere Plots Color Revolutions Around the World?

thedailybell.com / Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hosni Mubarak has resigned. The Egyptian "color" revolution (ie: a peaceable one), carried out by heroic people risking life and limb, has been apparently been a success. I only wish it were that simple. But there is ample evidence the revolution has been manipulated and that the Anglo-American elite plans to replicate the Egyptian revolution not just in the Middle East but worldwide via the use of the Internet and swelling youth demographics.


(A:  By the way, remember, we’re under a form of system where the elite are really fascists at the top, but they use a massive socialist agenda for the publics. You can’t beat socialism for controlling the public; ask the Soviet system or the new Economic Union of Europe; it’s the same thing.)


The latest and most astonishing global gambit is called AYM (A:  And they have the young youth leagues, young communist leagues as well across the world and the Comintern too, of which Pierre Trudeau was a member and he became Prime Minister of Canada a while back.) and Wikipedia provides us some information about the group, as follows: "The Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) began with a December 2008 summit in New York City to identify, convene, and engage 21st century movements online for the first time in history. (A:  So it’s a form of online battle.)  The United States Department of State partnered with Facebook, Howcast, MTV, Google, YouTube, AT&T, JetBlue, Gen-Next, Access 360 Media, and Columbia Law School (A:  They were all there, at this meeting.) to launch a global network and empower young people mobilizing against violence and oppression."  (A:  But it was actually funded by the State Department.)


According to Wikipedia, "Founders of AYM include Jared Cohen, former advisor to both Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton and now Director of Google Ideas at Google (A:  That’s handy, isn’t it, since it really is a department of the NSA and MI-6.), Jason Liebman, CEO and co-founder of Howcast and Roman Tsunder, co-founder of Access 360 Media. Speakers at the 2008 summit included actress Whoopi Goldberg (A:  Well no kidding, eh?), Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz, The Obama Campaign's New Media Team, and then-current Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs of the United States James K. Glassman."


A 2010 article at Wired.com covers a recent AYM summit in breathless detail, as follows: "I'm at the Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) summit in London, at the Intercontinental Hotel. (A:  They fly them all over the place, these wonderful charitable groups.)  The two-day summit, which ends tomorrow, is an impressive gathering of youth activists from more than 18 countries, NGOs and tech giants, here to learn more about using online tools to promote their extraordinary range of social movements and promote non-violent change."


The Wired article, entitled "AYM summit: A meetup for the world's youth activists," then further explains the transformative changes that the "world's youth" are capable of making:  (A:  And this is what they say…)


At the opening reception last night, hosted at Google's headquarters, I met a smart bunch of people from organizations such as Blue State Digital (which ran Obama's online campaign), Howcast, Middle East peace activists One Voice, and the East London-based Young Foundation. (A:  They dropped the Marxist part from it but they’re still Marxist.)  But the highlight is an A-list bunch of conference speakers at the conference today and tomorrow – including Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP, Scott Heiferman of MeetUp, as well as top people from Google, YouTube and the World Bank. (A:  No  kidding.)  Other keynote speakers include Jeremy Gilley, the former actor who founded Peace One Day, and Joe Rospars, who was the new-media director for Obama for America.


There's strong representation here from Washington DC. This morning, Jared Cohen, of the US State Department, moderated a session titled Seizing the Moment: Responding to Crises and Mobilizing Around Key Events. That had speakers from Mobile Accord, Ushahidi, Mazahery Law, AccessNow and the Censorship Research Center. I'm now sitting in a session called Turning Video into Tangible Action, featuring experts such as Ramya Raghaven of YouTube, Levi Felix of Causecast, and Chris Sarette, Invisible Children ...

It's an inspiring event, geared towards helping activists share top-level information and making connections... (A:  It’s not.  It’s for the State Department and the big boys that run the world to stir up trouble wherever they go, destroy the old cultures, bring in the new, and of course, it’s all for a wonderful utopia, according to these young idiots that do the following, and it will be a hell for all the rest of us, and them too when they grow up, if they even get to grow up.)


The above was a report on the third AYM Summit in 2010. Online you can find a transcription of Hillary Clinton's "Video Message for Alliance of Youth Movements Summit" that was apparently a keynote for the second AYM Summit in Mexico City, October 16, 2009.  (A:  I’ll read an excerpt when I come back, from dear old Hilary.  Back after this.)


Hi folks.  I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ll put this link up too, as I say, and you can read Hilary’s rousing speech to the youngsters telling them that they are the ones who are the cutting edge of progress and so on, exactly what they want to hear before they put on their black uniforms, because that’s really what people… When you’re young you really want these kind of speeches when you belong to the crowd.  You know, your generation, ‘talking about MY GENERATION,’ remember the song?  And everyone’s used in turn and this bunch here are getting used too, except for the higher leaders in them because they know exactly what their function is supposed to be, as they bring down country after country. 


Alan:  Now there’s Paul from Florida on the line.  Are you there Paul?


Paul:  Yes, I’m here Alan.  I was wondering, I heard last week you mention Hollywood and their standardization of stars.  I’m 50 years old and lived through a lot of what you said.  Do you know anything about stars being replaced, or celebrities being replaced?  I know it’s been rumored, Doris Day, about a substitute, or some of these stars as they get older perhaps, clever look-alikes….  or anything about that? 


Alan:  Not really.  I mean, there are a lot of stars that go on into older age as well.  Although mind you, you can watch most movies today with all the stunts in them and half of the movie, really, they’re always using stunt people who look like the star and that’s very, very common.  You know, you don’t get bounced off buildings and all that kind of stuff and get up and run away, even in reality.  They use stunt people for a lot of these shots.  A lot of the sex scenes too, they will actually substitute other people who probably they take out of a brothel somewhere, you know, although I don’t think they have much of a problem with today’s society.


Paul:  I see.  How about with, have you ever heard about like cloning of Presidents or important people?


Alan:  No, they don’t have to clone them because they’re born prostitutes to start with, and they’re picked years in advance and they’re told what they’re going to be.  They’re told, oh you’re going to be president in 15 years, son, that kind of stuff. 


Paul:  Okay, thank you.


Alan:  There’s a whole waiting list for them.  I mean, it’s been like that for over 100 years.  Thanks for calling. 


Yeah, they’re actually told in advance and they’re vetted by all the ones who vet them to make sure that they’ll keep their mouth shut, stick to their scripts, and they’ll be fine, they’ll be well paid, like Tony Blair, once they leave office; they all get ghostwritten books for them; they just sit there and rake in the cash. They’re told where to invest their money, it’s done for them, and then they end up with millions and millions of pounds and dollars, and that’s the standard.  Quigley, again, goes through that whole process and says that since the late 1800s the United States hasn’t had a President that’s has not been a member of this particular group that he was the historian for.  So it doesn’t matter who you vote for.  They’re just front men; they’re stooges.  As you can well see with Obama… look at the changes Obama’s brought in.  You’ve been bankrupted, he went along with it.  He’s bailed them out again umpteen times, because he knows who his masters happen to be.  Of course they go along with it.  And even Rumsfeld’s praised him for carrying on with all the war and the agenda for the same war, different country after country.  Nothing changes. 


I’ve lived long enough to see this happening my whole life in other countries as well.  And so, it’s just a charade for the public to make them think they actually have some kind of voice.  Then of course you vote your local rep in and if you ever get to see them they’ll say they’ll bring something up in parliament or the government and then they tell you they can’t really bring it up because it goes against their party policy, and he has to be on board… CONFORMITY, again, with the party policy.  All these guys are is trained seals hoping to get further up into the higher lies that run the world if they can keep their mouth shut, and that’s what they’re tested on. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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