Feb. 16, 2011 (#770)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 16, 2011:

Level 5, Controlling the Hive:

"The Cat has Her Litter, The Mare Births a Foal,
For Science, Its Offspring is Called Control,
Big Cash from Their Funders, You Will Find,
Scientists are Busy on Controlling the Mind,
Old Standbys Still Used, Injections, Fluoride,
But Real Advances They've Learned to Hide,
Electromagnetics, Pulsing the Brain,
Put Drugs in Museums Hiding in Shame,
Technotronics Beamed Over an Entire Nation,
Keep People Placid in Content Occupation,
A Few Less Affected Due to Physiology
Won't Suffer the Symptoms of this Lobotomy,
Yes, Science is in Ascendancy, Doing Well,
Well-Paid by Masters to Bring Peace = Hell"
© Alan Watt Feb. 16, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 16, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 16th of February, 2011.  I always get this part over at the very beginning of the show and that gives you a break during the rest of the show to listen to what Iím talking about.  I advise you to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and help yourself to the audios that are provided free of charge; there are hundreds of them to choose from and you can take your time for sure, and take your pick of the ones that you think are more relevant to the area youíre investigating.  I try and give you shortcuts to understanding this big system in which you live.  Youíre born into it.  Itís a preexisting system and your schooling and everything is meant to reinforce the idea that weíre just stumbling along in time, weíre bumbling along like a drunken man down through time dealing with problems as they arise.  Nothing is further from the truth because weíre in a planned society and we have been for an awful long time.  The media and your entertainment too, work hand in hand to make sure that all of your initial indoctrination is reinforced all throughout your lives so that you never really catch on to whatís going on. 


Remember too, when youíre in there you can help donate and keep me going, hopefully, for a little bit longer.  Because I donít take on advertisers as guests, etc; the ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN to put out this show.  It pays for the air time.  It pays for their staff, equipment and their bills.  So you can help me with mine by buying the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And donate as well.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


As I say, weíre living in a fantasia, really, of incredible control and itís control of the mind.  There is nothing more important than controlling the mind to control populations.  Itís far easier actually to use psychology and behaviorism to go for the mass person rather than the individual because the individual tends to conform to what the rest are doing.  Thatís peer pressure of course.  Weíre in a time and an era where from school onwards children are taught, really, that the group is all that matters; itís all group consensus on all the questionnaires, etc.  Does the group agree?  Whoever doesnít agree is kind of ostracized; heís ridiculed by the rest and put to the side until he conforms.  Theyíre taught that from a very early age to go along with this same kind of behavior, and thatís what we have today.  Itís amazing what people will do, even denying their own senses, their own memory, their own perceptions, to go along with the group.  Thatís how all political parties work as well.  The group is set up for different types.  As I say, whatever mindset you are, there is a group out there for you; itís already made up for you.  Itís like shopping, in a shopping mall, you can go out and select the kind of suit you want to wear and there is a whole variety to wear, for your personality type, the same with politics and so on.  The group that you join will say all the correct buzzwords and triggers that get you going and youíre truly one of them, as long as you go along with everything else from then on.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the mind basically and perception and how mind control is alive and well.  The proof is all around you in fact; most folk truly, as you well know, Iím sure those who have tried to preach to the unconverted have found out that blank stare comes across their eyes, that glaze, and they start getting fidgety, and they look from side to side, because youíre talking about something that the mainstream isnít talking about generally, or at least the mainstream isnít telling them what to worry about.  You see, theyíre taught what to worry about by the mainstream media and if the mainstream media doesnít tell them to worry about it then they donít.  They believe that some benefactor above them, in their favorite television station, is looking after them.  They have been trained to believe that from childhood, that the special people take care of them.  Thatís the socialized society. That is socialism.  Itís the perfect socialist society.  Thatís how the top tyrants in the worldís history in socialism wanted the public to be, train them to believe that specialists and experts are taking care of all the big problems so all you have to do at the bottom is work, pay taxes, and play yourselves.  And thatís whatís happening today.  Itís all around you. 


Brzezinski said the same thing in his book.  He talked about the public giving over their ability to reason to the media; theyíll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And it never occurs to them that the media is allowed to lieÖ all the time.  Iíve mentioned the article before, I even put it up, I think, the link, a couple of years ago, in fact maybe 3 years ago even, of a group within Fox News, a group of reporters that was given a contract to do investigative reporting.  They looked into Monsanto or something; they were told to back off by their bosses.  Eventually their show was pulled so they tried to sue the television company.  It went all the way to the Supreme Court and they were told there that the news, there was nothing in the law that says that news must tell you the truth.  Itís news, right, just data.  Itís just data and they give you lots of irrelevant data and misleading data and a lot of predictive programming in their data as well, because you are always being upgraded, like a computer, into the next stage of what youíre supposed to expect and how youíre supposed to behave. 


Iíve talked about conformity these last few nights as well, touched on it, just scratched the surface because itís much, much deeper.  Even the studies that Iím giving out are the ones that are given out to the public.  And the studies that are done on a much higher level are not available to the public because theyíre used for military purposes.  Believe it or not, the military actually does use a lot of the techniques on YOU and the whole society and population.   Thatís what departments of propaganda are for as well.  So itís interesting to me to see even the lowest form of explanation given out to the public at all in fact, because of the internet.  As I say, the internet itself is a tool given out by the Military-Industrial Complex who were using it years and years before we heard the term computer.  Then Iíve gone through the little group that were chosen, from the military by the way, to go out into the world and bring the computer Ė the personal computer, and who named the personal computer, the guy was one of them Ė to the rest of the society because they were trying to get the whole world into this electronic surveillance system.  The computer is absolutely essential for it to happen.  Itís also the way to train you and update you daily pretty well.  Most folk get their news now from the computer and the mainstream of course are all over the place on the computer so thatís no coincidence either. 


Weíre given little tidbits here and there where much, much bigger things are always happening.  We are on the road to a different kind of society, as Iíve mentioned many times before.  Itís a planned society.  Itís the whole ultra-modern, more perfected socialist system that Russia didnít achieve itself, because Russia had to depend upon fear keeping everyone in line.  They certainly did have a lot of the public brainwashed, eventually, to turn in different people who were politically incorrect.  Even the term Ďpolitical correctnessí and Ďpolitical incorrectnessí comes from the direct translation from the soviet.  Weíre using it here now.  There are topics we canít touch.  A child canít ask certain questions.  Because asking the questions will get you whisked off to see why you asked that question; there is something wrong with youÖ and youíll be reconditioned. 


When you live in a society, when you cannot express a point of view, even if youíre crazy, or if you donít believe that someoneís got the right to throw their particular sexual fantasies or fetishes in your face on the street, there is something wrong with that society, because itís their right to do so apparently.  And there is no right at all to condemn them for doing it.  This has all been discussed at high-level meetings, years ago, by all the top governments of the world, because theyíre all in it together.  There is only one agenda.  There are not two agendas; there is ONE agenda on the go, with just compartments beneath it, level one, two, three, four, five and so on.  However, when you cannot think about something or express your thoughts, openly, especially if you are asked about something, and express them honestly, and you end up getting pulled in front of a judge for saying something or asking something or replying to something, then there is something far, far wrong with that society that you are living in. 


Whatís happening today, even society, where itís got to today, even starting back in the old Fabian system that was just one branch of the same group that gave you the Royal Institute of International Affairs or the Council on Foreign Relations, a specialized branch for its own area, and you look on who was on the board of that, the founding fathers you might say, and mothers as well, because they had the top theosophist lady on it as well.  Her job was to start off the whole suffragette movement and create a new group, remember, a new group and convince them that they were victimized.  They were very successful at that.  Then they had to go onto other groups, the same thing as the Frankfort School decided themselves that they couldnít get the working people to stand up and fight, to change the system, to bring in this ultra-socialist system, so they had to create specialized groups.  Then they would get the different groups to all turn up at the same rallies or protests, that would swell their numbers when they all participated, and thatís still going on today.  The same technique, it hasnít changed.  Itís on the go strong and itís very, very well indeed.  And most folk are oblivious of it all because there is an end goal there.


If you want to understand whatís happening even with the destruction of the family, Iíve gone through that with so many different books and read parts of them on the air, from the founders of some of these strategies themselves.  We know that Marx was part of it too and itís skyrocketed from there.  The destruction of the family unit which would lead to the destruction of basically, at least the old form of the nation-state, and that had to be done. 


If you look into The Legendary Sin Cities series put out by the CBC Canada Ė thatís our tax money at work again Ė and youíll hear these liberals, authors that make their money off rehashing all the sexual stuff that was going on, youíll see what happened.  They tried all this before.  Where we are today was tried and tested in places like Berlin and in Paris and then in Shanghai.  When economies crashed people would prostitute themselves and do incredible thingsÖ to survive.  Of course the usual suspects were at the top there running all the culture industry and bringing in young women all over the place to be strippers and participate in massive orgies in massive halls.  And this was called Ďthe good lifeí.  Youíll hear these Ďliberalí Ė oh! I canít really stand them myself! Ė but the ones that make money off rehashing that wonderful time when Ďart and culture was expressing itselfí and people were into bisexuality.  Theyíre trying everything and have their own heroes and heroines involved in this particular era.  Then they go on weeping as though theyíd lost something when all that came to an end.  They didnít go into the fact that you could choose out of pregnant women for prostitutes, from 2 months, 3 months on, right up the whole ladder!... because they were starving.  They didnít talk about all the children that were raped too, with all the perverts coming into the cities, never mind trying to bring up children amongst all that squalor.  And how the cocaine and heroin was flooded in too, along with the booze.  And the magazines, as usual, were saying how wonderful all this was because all the top artists in the world were coming in, and the authorized authors, that were to change your minds on things, were also flooding in to participate in their own particular perversions.  And itís called a celebration of life.  Never mind the venereal disease and massive abortion industry. 


You look at the Berlin one as well; itís fantastic.  Because you see, you think everything happens once and thatís it, done.  You think that Kinsey was put out there, for instance, to change the morals by saying, my God everybodyís doing that, everyone is screwing babies, like he and his pals were, with stopwatches by the way.  Iíve gone through all of that in the past too; go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com archive section and listen to the audios and look at the links I give you.  You can see the exposťs on them for yourselves.  Then you find out that doctor, I think it was, Hirschfeld in Berlin in the 1920s had his own museum of perversion, long before Kinsey. They tried everything that they tried in the world elsewhere beforehand in Berlin.  And Hirschfeld operated too, to change people from one sex to the other, and all that stuff, doing all that stuff way back then.  And churning out books like crazy.  Itís amazing he could churn out all those books between operating on people and doing his pedophile thing on little boys.  But somehow he managed.  OR, as always, is there a team behind the one they put out in front? 


All that came to an end of course, when Adolf Hitler came in and they all flooded out very, very quickly, and ended up, a lot of them, in New York.  And most of them went to Hollywood, to carry on the same stuff, in a more watered-down version that would simply get stronger and stronger till they could put the same kind of stuff out on the stage of the American public.  And you think you are stumbling down through time, and that thereís no big hands behind this and big money and big plans?  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíre going through some past history to show you that thereís an agenda and they test things out and then they bring it back in a more perfected manner, for the whole population, especially with television now and the internet and so on.  Itís all out there for everyone and theyíre into the schools of course, getting into the childrenís minds very early to tell them how to be, and not to be inhibited about anything, and to just go along with the flow, you see.  Weíre watching this play out in society as they putÖ  the last nails in the coffin are actually in as far as Iím concerned.  Theyíve been in for quite some time, because itís called contamination.  Thatís what the communists used, this term.  They were the first to use it, contamination, when their ideologies and the symptoms would show up in society, of deviancies and so on being promoted, via the media, and actually celebrated by the media at times.  Itís called contamination under the guise of liberalism.  Weíre all there now.  Everyoneís been contaminated to some extent, for a long time.


I also touched on The Brain series to show youÖ itís quite interesting too, the BBC series.  Iíve mentioned that a week or two ago.  Itís presented by a lifer, I call them lifers at the BBC; thatís a job for life.  Mr Moselyís life is to be a rah-rah cheerleader for all scientific exploration, into people, the brain and all the rest of it.  I think he started studying psychology; I donít know if he dropped out.  But then he went to workÖ Strangely enough, these careers, these guys like Mr Mosely, he went off to work as a banker in The City of London then stopped that and came back to work for the BBC.  So heís got a mission there obviously.  Youíll hear him look at some of these experiments Ė and these are just little clips by the way, unfortunately, from the series, not the whole series; I think each one was an hour long Ė but little clips to show you what he was into and how he presents things to the public. 


He loved Pavlov, like they all do.  Iíve mentioned before how Pavlov experimented not just on dogs, by shocking them and being cruel and then destroying them of course, without passion of course, no passion whatsoever, just clinical interest like a lizard staring at you.  And he wanted to be very famous of course, like they all do.  But youíll hear this Mr Mosely justify after saying oh itís terrible what happened in some of the experiments Ė and believe you me, the experiments heís touching on are just a few of the tamer types, believe it or not Ė he says, but itís good for medical science, we achieved so much knowledge from these experiments, even the ones with depriving monkeys from their mothers, etc, put them in a hole for a year, and then watching to see what kind of neurotic they had created.  He thought it was all worth it in the long run.  He also himself goes through Ė on the series, the whole series Ė youíll see him going into an MRI machine in Holland, where obviously something for the government is at play there from one of the higher services because you donít get an MRI machine to test the occasional person for psychology; itís awfully expensive.  Anyway, he gets tested in there and asked certain questions and so on, and he actually scores within the psychopathic range himself.  So heís ideally suited for his job and the BBC, Mr Mosely. 


So Iíll put the clip on and one of them is Pavlovís Children because I mentioned before that Pavlov actually didnít use simply dogs.  He also did the same experiments by putting holes in the necks of children to collect their saliva, tying them down, strapping them down and then training them to open their mouths when a little bell would ring and out would pop a little biscuit into their mouth.  A very nice character he was; he ranks alongside Mengele and many others, and the psychologists just love him for his dedication to his work.  So Iíll put that up and a few other ones, a few other clips from the main series tonight and grab them because theyíll probably get pulled pretty quickly no doubt. 


The Brain: A Secret History - Mind Control  01 Ė 11 parts / youtube.com


Pavlov's Children / youtube.com


So thatís what weíre living through.  As I say, weíre living through a hell in a sense.  Itís a planned hell with the use of psychology and very high sciences and also engineering is going on with it too, electrical engineering.  Iíve gone through the HAARP technology, the frequencies, etc.  I was listening to them today again on the short wave and theyíre still booming out.  They called it the woodpecker sound.  I put up the links to the 1985 CNN series on this technology; youíll hear the HAARP there and you can actually still hear the exact same thing going on all throughout the day on different bands, or different frequencies within the short wave radio.  Thatís where they first picked it up in the West was on short wave radio.  Still going strong, been going strong since 2001, 24 hours around the clock, the very technique that Brzezinski was touching on in his book Between Two Ages when he said, this technology could be used across whole continents either to make the people aggressive or quieten them down and make them placid, and they can actually make you very stupid as well.  So theyíre using this technology today and I donít need someone to tell me theyíre not because I know what the HAARP sound sounds like.  Iíve got the evidence of the old recordings put out by governments and Iíve got the identical thing showing up on short wave today.  Itís the same thing. 


I mentioned yesterday too, about the Solomon Asch studies in conformity.  Itís so interesting too.  Again, this is very low-level stuff that they were doing in the 1950s.  The whole point, it wasnít just to find out how people conform.  Itís that they WANT people to conform, you understand, so that they can update you all at the same time.  Thatís why they give you celebrities and stars to follow, because you see, they found in these experiments, in Aschís experiments, they found that the one person who didnít know there was a scam going on would go along with the group, maybe 4 or 5, maybe 14 people who were all in on the scam.  He was the only real test subject there and he would conform to the bizarreness of the answers that they went along with.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about mind control tonight, just a little bit and touching on it; itís only scraping the surface.  You canít do much in an hour, certainly not in any depth and certainly not in any educational capacity.  All you can do is give out stuff thatís already out there of course.  Whatís out to the public is always low-level and generally obsolete; theyíre way beyond whatever they tell you, even when they expose it on the news. 


I mentioned the CNN program and I put the links up last night too, from 1985, on advanced weaponry.  They talk about Tesla technology, stuff that was produced at the beginning of the 20th century, and how that could affect peopleís minds too.  Then I went through the whole thing to do with the Riga antennas they put up, the Soviets put up; they were putting up the woodpecker technology, and so on and so on.  And in America too, they were doing the same thing actually because they shared the secrets, because every year I used to wonder why, if you were such enemies with your enemy over there, why would you send all your top scientists across there, every year, for international science meetings, especially when they kept saying that those with the best science would win this Cold War.  I made no sense to me and then I knew, well theyíre all in on it together, theyíre sharing their data.  Thatís really what was happening.  The Cold War was literally the excuse to tax the people into research and to find all the technology thatís now being used against you today.  Again, the Reece Commission in the 1950s talked about blending the Soviet system with that of the West; that was the job of the big foundations.  That came out in the official inquiry that was signed off by the Congress.  Weíre experiencing it now. 


Now, in the 1985 series from CNN on all of this experimentation of microwave radiation and different kinds of pulsating radiation, magnetic radiation, and so on, it says this.  And the interviewer is talking to Delgado, who was involved in MK ULTRA, he worked for the Pentagon, he did work with the FBI and CIA.  Heís the guy who famously put in the implant in the bullís head, had it charge him and then switched on his little remote and had the thing stop in its tracks.  This is what he says here, because he was a real fanatic into this area of controlling the human populations and mind control.  The interviewer saysÖ


DeCaro:  By connecting a radio antenna to electrodes inserted into the bull's brain, Delgado proved that the animal's aggressive impulses could be thwarted by electronically manipulating the bull's muscle reflexes. 


(Alan:  This is the text from the actual show.)


Delgado:  Do you realize the fantastic possibilities if from the outside we could modify the inside; could we give messages to the inside?  (A:  Thatís inside the brain.)  But the beauty is that now we are not using electrodes. 


(A:  They already had the techniques back then and Iíve gone through the Koren Helmet that was used in Canadian universities here in psychology experiments, and they can actually stroke the brain with very low level magnetic pulses.  You see, your electric pulses in the body donít work on high electricity, high voltage or high amperage; itís TINY, itís minute and when you get the right frequencies and itís minute enough you can actually effect the way the brain works.  And they found out they could stimulate Ė and Iíve got that in the archives section too Ė they could stimulate the feelings and experiences you would have from LSD for instance; you would have the same kind of trip.  It was done by stroking the brain.  Isnít it interesting, it ties in with the article I read about a year ago where Google was talking about their experimental departments working on a helmet that stroked the brain; it could literally read your brain, for you personally, find out how you reacted to games, just to get the children involved of course, and itís so innocent too, the parents donít get involved, itís just the children playing, meanwhile their brains are being mapped, and then the thing adapts to the brain of that child.  It can also, conversely, start manipulating parts of the brain where it knows things will certainly happen and manipulate the behavior of that child.  Donít forget, itís a two-way street hereÖ donít forget that for a minute.  And at the same time they also talked about, there is another department in Microsoft working on one that didnít need a helmet.  They would build the antenna basically into the frame of the screen of the computer and that would be able to hit you from quite a few feet away, maybe across the room for all I know.  The same technology.  So itís out there folks.  Remember, as I keep telling you, the computerís put out there by the Military-Industrial Complex.  Itís an ESSENTIAL if not the KEY, the key essential to this whole, what we know call, the new world order.  Itís essential.  You couldnít get this whole world under surveillance and everything else without it. This article goes on to sayÖ and this is back in the í80s.)


DeCaro:  In recent years Delgado has shown that the behavior of monkeys can be altered using low-power pulsing magnetic fields. But in these experiments, there were no antenna implants.


Delgado:  Any function in the brain -- emotions, intellect, personality -- could we perhaps modify by this non-invasive technology.


DeCaro:  Delgado's research has so far been limited to animals.  (A:  Thatís not true because they always give you this guff when they give something out to the public, as they did with Pavlov.  As I say, this link Iíll put up tonight, have a look at Pavlovís Children and see what you think of that, because they said the same thing about him for 70 yearsÖ oh he just experimented on animalsÖ you know.)


But in the Soviet Union a radio frequency, or RF, device has been used for over 30 years to manipulate the moods of mental patients. It's called a Lida machine. It radiates pulses of radio frequency energy as well as light, sound, and heat. The pulse rate is in the extremely low-frequency range between 0 and 100 pulses per second.


Dr. Ross Adey is the top researcher at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Loma Linda, California. He has been investigating the effects of the Lida machine.  (A:  There, on the vets; thatís what they do.  They use these vets at hospitals for practicing and experimenting on.)


Unidentified:  Now what do the Soviets use this machine for?


Adey:  Well, they don't use it any more. We should be very clear that this is a machine that is regarded by them as somewhat obsolete technologically.  (A:  Isnít that amazing, eh; it made the children very placid, you see.  They didnít give them amphetamine like they do here if theyíre a bit active like boys always are. They used the machines on them.)


DeCaro:  This scientist, who did not want his identity revealed, is employed by the U.S. Government and has done secret RF weapons research. He believes that tests done with the Lida and similar machines prove that humans are susceptible to remote alterations of mood and awareness.  (A:  The same stuff that Brzezinski was talking about, it could be used across whole continents.  Remember thatÖ always remember.)


Actor as Scientist:  (A:  Again, itís a CNN series that they had on in the í80s on television.) 

Certain kinds of weak electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs, and so the promise is that anything you can do with drugs you could do with the right electromagnetic signal. (A:  And thatís been rehashed and brought out recently again.)


Apparently, there are specific sites involved, specific functions involved. It's a matter of matching up, just like it is with a pill or a drug, to cause an effect. You could have a cause and effect relationship between a magnetic field and a biological function.  (A:  Of course they can because theyíre already doing it with the brain.  Itís quite interesting too, it saysÖ)


DeCaro:  CNN enlisted the help of noted physicist Dr. Elizabeth Rausher and electrical engineer Bill VanBise to build and test an RF mind-interference machine from data found in Soviet scientific literature.


The machine itself was inexpensive and easy to construct using parts from a consumer electronics store. (A:  That was Radio Shack at the time.  Itís interesting, theyíve changed it in Canada; you canít buy the parts anymore.)  It emits a weak magnetic field pulsed at extremely low frequency.


As the subject of the test I was blindfolded and my ears were blocked to prevent inadvertent clues as to what was happening. A magnetic probe was placed about 18 inches from my head.


As the experiment began, two signal generators produced waveform patterns that were transmitted by the magnetic probe at about one one-thousandth of the Earth's magnetic field strength.  (A:  Then they go through the experiment, describing anything that you see and feel and so on.)


VanBise -- watching a chart recorder. 

Describe anything that you see, if any.



In the control room VanBise varied the waveforms being generated.


In another room I could see waveforms changing shape in my mind.  (A:  So as they changed this on the machine, on the oscilloscope, he would actually see the same thing in this head, IN his head folks.  And you think this whole idea of interfacing your brain, so you can watch your beautiful games, and be IN the game IN your head is kind of sci-fi?  No.  Itís old stuff.)


DeCaro during experiment

A parabola just went by.  (A:  Thatís what they call it when these images appear in your head.  And he goes through the whole test here.  This is the text from the actual show that they put on for the general population.  They can also create different kinds of visual disturbances and so on.  And it was also going to be used as weaponry against fighter pilots and so on, and ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, ya, which has all been done a long time ago.


If you wonder why folk are kind of dumb and stupid Ė actually theyíre perpetual children now really; it doesnít matter about their age Ė well maybe youíre starting to catch on whatís going on. 


Itís interesting to me too, that the broadband that theyíre really putting across Britain, at very powerful rates too, even beyond Switzerland and other countries, is to be expanded further and further so no one can escape these particular frequencies that are pervasive, all over the place there and they want to do it elsewhere as well.  Quite something.† As I say, the public will never catch on, because you see, the media will never tell them ďoh be very, very scared of this, folks,Ē like they do with so many other things, impending gloom and doom, and oh global warming is going to kill you, and all the movies they churn out.  Thatís them telling you to be very, very afraid, but the other things that are going on, no, no, no, itís fine, itís good, itís so convenient, blasting your temporal lobe with the cell phone and so on.  Thatís how the real world really does work.


And many of the articles I get across here, as I say, the trivia that they throw out to the public, it reminds me of seed that you take out of a bag and throw at the chickens.  Thatís all we get at this level is chicken feed.  Itís distractions, irrelevancies, and so on because itís always after the fact, in any particular area, unless theyíre promoting some new thing with Lady Gaga, how she ate a heart to get rid of her auntís possession in her own body, of the auntís spirit apparently, and tell you that she believes in God and all that rubbish Ė she doesnít tell you what God it was of course.  However, weíre fed trivia at this level, absolute trivia.   Hereís an article here, and itís quite safe to tell the public this now because nobody cares, you see.  After the fact no one cares.  Itís the same thing when they tell you, oh 30 years ago we tried this on your own troops or we tested this stuff and sprayed an area, like Saskatoon with this particular viral stuff to see what would happen to the public.  Later on folk donít careÖ well it wasnít me it happened to; Iím okay.  You know. 


Defector admits to WMD [weapons of mass destruction] lies that triggered Iraq war

(A:  What rubbish.  He didnít trigger the Iraq war.)

ē Man codenamed Curveball 'invented' tales of bioweapons

(A:  This guy has been told to take the can for it.  Heís been well paid obviously.)

guardian.co.uk / Martin Chulov and Helen Pidd in Karlsruhe guardian.co.uk, 15 February 2011


Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi: 'I had the chance to fabricate something.í


The defector who convinced the White House (A:  ÖHE convinced the White HouseÖ they already had the plans made up 10 years before.  This is why I hate reading this rubbish for.   Theyíre trying to say here that this guy told themÖ) that Iraq had a secret biological weapons programme (A:  Öeven though all the weapons inspectors had been going on for years saying it had all been dismantled.)


And this is rubbish theyíre putting out for the public, to believe that one guy misled the whole White House and all the staff, so I wonít bother reading it but you can read it if you do want to.  It just shows you, you canít believe a darn thing they put out there for you.  Not a DARN THINGÖ because the whole article is a whitewash, itís rubbish.  Rubbish. Theyíve already done interviews of people who were involved in the White House, who admitted that, that they were told at the top, we only want to hear the stuff that helps our case, we donít want to hear stuff thatís negative to the case for war.  Well what does that mean, eh?  Iím surprised thereís not a hundred people that came forward for the cash and say, oh yeah I saw them myself, all these weapons everywhere of mass destruction. 


And through this wonder World Trade Organization that was set up with nobodyís consent, for the IMF, The World Bank and the United Nations, they gave us China as the main manufacturer of the world, and we financed it up to be so.  We paid for their factories and everything.  We paid for your own factories leaving your own shores to go over there and get reset up.  We pay for their losses for 10 years until they say they start making profits.  Weíre awfully good to big business. 


China enters Europe through Poland

(A:  Amazing now, eh?  So now the Poles canít get work.)

The Chinese company Covec, currently constructing Polish motorways, might not be distorting the market, as its competitors claim

ceskapozice.cz / Aureliusz M. Pędziwol | 13.12.2010


Polish firms have expressed concern over the low prices that China-based construction firm Covec offered in its winning bid to build sections of a motorway. But not everyone sees the prices as being so far out of line, and some sources even say the Chinese bid may bring the market back to normality. For its part, the European Commission can find no cause for action under the current guidelines.  (A:  Theyíre hamstrung by the EU guidelines, this super sovietized parliament of Europe.  As I say, itís going to give the people there no work at all.  Theyíre bringing them in from China, and putting them up in big camps.)


Isnít that wonderful?  Isnít globalism just wonderful?  And what is it each country is telling you, all your top ministers as they say in Britain, and politicians and congressmen in the United States?  Globalism is going to bring equality across the world.  Really?  Well how far are we supposed to plummet?  Well guess what?  You better hang on to your hat because youíre going to lose it on the way downÖ and everything else, I might add to that. 


Australia, thatís totally socialist now, has gone even further with giving teachersÖ See, anybody who works for the government now, even gets a salary from the government, or even partially through the government, is now basically working for the government.  Kind of like Canada; I canít remember how many, maybe 1 in 4 at one point in the í80s worked for the government at the time.  I think itís gone way up.  Or gets a wage check from the government; itís way beyond that now. 


Teachers may be able to search parents' cars

(A:  See, step by step.)

By Simon Lauder / abc.net.au / Feb 9, 2011


The change would give principals and teachers powers usually reserved for police (ABC TV News)


School principals and teachers in Victoria may be given the power to search parents' cars if the State Government changes school safety laws.


The Government says it is part of a crackdown on weapons in schools, but parents, civil libertarians and principals are warning against the proposed laws.


The change would give principals powers usually reserved for police.  (A:  Öto the teachers.)


Education Minister Martin Dixon says changes to the state's school safety laws will ensure principals and teachers have the authority to maintain order and safety.


"If, for example, a parent's car was being used for an excursion and a principal had a reasonable belief there might be a hidden weapon or a dangerous item in that car that would put the students in that car at danger, then the principal has got the right, therefore, and the back-up to search that car for that weapon," he said.


The idea was not well received by talkback callers on Melbourne ABC radio today.  (A:  Then they go through what the callers said about it, which you can imagine what they did say.  But it wonít matter because you see, the total communistic, socialized EQUALITY society is on a roll.  I'll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  Weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve talked before about how theyíre selling off parts of Britain and so on and different parts of Europe.  Thatís the whole idea, privatization for big corporations for the new feudal state and system, as we find from Carroll Quigley and others.  Thatís what he talked about, a new feudal society where feudalism rules and the new CEOs of big corporations will be the feudal overlords and thatís what we have.  Hereís Greece here, where they want to sell off the stateís assets, and I guess that means the Parthenon and everything I guess.  Itís up for sale, you see.  And who is telling them to do this?  Well, itís the International Monetary Fund, this big, strange organization that works with The World Bank with the big international money lenders behind it; thatís who comprise it.  And it saysÖ


Greece Slams EU-International Monetary Fund Asset Sale Call

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has accused EU and IMF officials of "unacceptable behaviour" over demands for a 50 billion euro ($A67.74 billion) asset sale to ease Greece's crushing debts.

finance.ninemsn.com.au / Reported by AAP, February 13, 2011


Papandreou's office said on Saturday he has personally complained to International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn over the "unacceptable behaviour" of European Union (A:  Thatís the big new soviet.), IMF and European Central Bank experts monitoring Greece's economic reforms.


Papandreou also called EU economic affairs commissioner Olli Rehn, the prime minister's office said, and is also reportedly planning similar protests to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet.


(A:  They were toldÖ)† After a quarterly audit found a revenue shortfall and reforms at risk of slowing down, the EU, IMF and ECB on Friday told Athens to start selling state assets and speed up reforms to keep its tortuous recovery on track.  (A:  Recovery? Theyíll never get out of this debt, neither will any other country by the way, not with compound interest.  Itís not meant to get out of; itís meant to control you all and own you all.  Thatís what itís all about.)


"It is well known that there is huge potential for privatisation," European Commission representative Servaas Deroose told a news conference.


"A comprehensive plan through 2015 will be finalised... aiming at proceeds of 50 billion euros between 2011 and 2015," he said.


Out of that total, to be used for debt reduction, 15 billion euros ($A20.32 billion) is to come in the next two years, the EU official said.


"The behaviour of the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank representatives... (A:  Central banks, thatís a big part of this, the centralized banking system, the big cabal that runs the world, eh.) was unacceptable," government spokesman George Petalotis said in an earlier statement.


"We asked them to help and are fully meeting our obligations. But we did not ask anybody to meddle in the internal matters of the country," he said.  (A:  Well now theyíre getting taught that theyíre going to get meddled with or not.  The big boys want their swag, their pound of flesh, you see.)


Greek newspapers and opposition parties were equally scathing but many also took a swipe at the ruling Socialists for bargaining with the EU, the IMF and the ECB, the 'troika' supervising Greece's recovery from near bankruptcy.  (A:  And sure enough, theyíve been socialists for years.)


See, in socialism youíve got to have a massive welfare state to create the debt in the first place.  Thatís why the bankers want it. Thatís why they push nothing but socialism.  Youíve got to always keep a massive welfare state there and then you bring in the world equality stuff.  So not only are you feeding your own people, that you canít find work for because you made sure your factories and workís all gone elsewhere.  Youíve got to feed the rest of the world, as we go down into this big global plantationÖ back to the feudal system, eh.  It never left us in reality.  I heard too that the Prime Minister of Britain, under his austerity plan, when he was announcing it there, he had his £200,000 Jaguar outsideÖ just to show you how to be austere.  Not that anyone was really bothered about it, you know, thereís too much on the telly, isnít there? 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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