February 17th, 2011 #771
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt February 17th, 2011:

Internationalists Hate the Nation-State:

"What's the New World Order Agenda For?
It Enables an Elite to Rule Using War,
War On the Family, and All Decency Must
Be Ground Up and Degraded, Turned to Dust,
A Workable Society of the Past is Longed For,
But Those in Control are Hell-Bent to Conquer
And Eradicate Memories of What has Been,
As a Generation Dies Off with the Dream
Of Freedom and Justice and Paid Occupation,
Where the Average Joe was Proud of His Nation,
Before the Military Industrialists Got in Bed,
Their Prize is the World, Nation-State Dead"
© Alan Watt February 17th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - February 17th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 17th of February 2011.  Newcomers, look into my site, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and bookmark all the other sites youíll see listed there.  These are the only official sites I have.  And, if you find sticking on downloads of the audios, just try these alternate sites, because a lot of folk go into the .com at the same time, and that causes some problems. 


And while youíre there too, remember that you are the audience that bring me to you.  I think of this more as an educational show.  Itís not a show.  I even hate the word show, because itís like show business.  This is not a business and itís not show.  Itís basically life or death for most people, and they donít even know it yet, because we go into topics here which are avoided by most, and then copied by others, but, itís essential to understand the system in which you live, and to deprogram yourself from the incredible indoctrination youíve had from birth right through schooling, and then augmented by the media, entertainment industry, and so on.  Because thatís what it is; itís a fake reality.  Youíre not living in any kind of republic in the US.  Youíre not living in any kind of democracy elsewhere.  Youíre living under a system, a system that has long-range business plans, and knows exactly where itís taking the entire planet.  And when they mean austerity is coming, they really do mean it, right to the bare bones, basically.  Iíll be talking about that tonight.


So, buy the books and the disks that I have for sale, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, because that helps me to just scrape by here.  Itís very expensive.  As I say I donít take on advertisers and bring them on as guests, and thatís what most folk do.  Thatís how they make their living, and thatís okay, but then youíre sort of beholden to their particular products, etc.  So, you can support me by buying the discs and so on.  From the US to Canada, you can use a personal check.  Remember, you can also use an international postal money order from the US to Canada.  Some people send cash.  You can use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button youíll see there.  And follow it with an email, with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, Western Union for straight wire transfer.  They can also write you a check, I found out too, and you can post that.  Itís a lot cheaper.  And Money Gram, too, just the same thing.  Itís a bit cheaper still.  And you can send cash, or use PayPal to order or donate, from across the world. 


Weíre living in a big Alice in Wonderland kaleidoscopic reality.  And itís augmented, as I say.  Your indoctrination is continuous throughout your life.  And years ago, I used to read how the British Communists, and some of them were even in the Church of England, one especially, he was called the Red Bishop; he used to write about perpetual, continuing education.  He meant continual indoctrination in a scientific manner, through using the media, and radio, and then eventually television, which would update you, much like a computer is updated with your programs, to make sure that you would always accept the next step that was being planned for you, without you even knowing it.  And of course, Iíve gone through a lot of the information from even mainstream media, where they admit that governments have hired on whole teams and teams and teams of psychologists and behaviorists and so on, and neuroscientists, and neuro-economists, to prepare you to go into this world of austerity, and willingly and happily pay your taxes, without knowing that your subconscious and unconscious, in fact, is being stimulated by buzzwords, and terms, and repetition.  And the very same techniques that Bernays used on the public, to create the consumer society, is now being used on you all, to create the new socialized, Socialist, World Socialist, but run by the big banking boys, the big moneyed elite, on top.  Thatís the society theyíre bringing in.  And Iíll be touching on that tonight, because they never give up on their big plans.  Why would they spend so much time and money planning a future fifty years ago that weíre going through now, and then step back?  They donít step back.  And when things donít make sense to you, because the facts donít jive, you know thereís a big con going on, an ulterior motive.  Just like the Soviets used to use.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about things that used to come out from the Soviet Union that made no sense at all to anyone.  And what you realize, there was simply an agenda.  They had an agenda, which they were proud of, and often did publish, but they would never back off from anything.  Theyíd come out with crazy things, and theyíd call everyone else a liar if you disagreed with them.  And we see the same technique used, of course, in the environmental movement, and those who fund them, and those who own them basically, because all big movements are funded and owned by much higher powers and much more posh, and you know, very rich people.  Thatís what runs the world, the rich men of the world, who have their own clubs, and they have their own associations.  They have their own think tanks working for them.  They have circles within circles where circles meet other ones, overlap, and not everyone in a particular circle has to know the whole agenda.  But those who lead them will actually overlap into the next circle.  And thatís how it was described by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner, and they came up, of course, even with the Round Table Societies too, which they have across the whole planet.  And they hammer out the details after all the big meetings for the global agenda, and come up with the different solutions that may work, and then itís handed to the think tanks that go to work to find ways to promote it to the public, without the public really knowing what the big boys are after.


And itís true.  It works very well.  Theyíve managed us awfully well for a hundred years.  And we go off to war.  We fight for powers we never understand or even hear about.  We donít ask whoís going to benefit from the wars, whoís plundering the countries youíve invaded and taken over.  And no one asks any questions.  Theyíre proud to get little tin things they stick on their chests called medals.  And thatís all they know.  And thatís how the average person really is.  We live in a very low-level form of reality.  And most people never question it.  They never question it at all.  They hear the statements on the news. 


And by the way, Iíd like to say at this time too, Iíve mentioned it before, that a big change has come over all the news.  Weíre getting nothing but trivia and trash at the bottom.  And what theyíre doing is theyíre keeping the politicians protected from criticism by not telling you what theyíre up to.  Have you noticed that?  Everything is so quiet on the political front.  Theyíll give you the occasional PR shot of a Prime Minister or President at some function, and thatís about it.  But, as far as being able to criticize any policy, itís a no-go.  Because, you see, theyíre not telling us the policies anymore.  Weíre in a big time of change, and folk donít know it. 


And the environment too, the environmental movement was one big part of it.  You donít know that the environmental movement was joined to the eugenics movement and the cultural change movement.  I should say cultural control movement from the Frankfurt School.  They were the ones who brought in the Greenies and promoted them up to the top, to help get their agenda through for the entire global society, this Marxist world that youíre all going to be run under, where multi-billionaires rule over the top of you, which is already here, by the way. 


Going back to an older article, which I read at the time.  It was sent to me by Wise Up Journal, and it was first published I think in the Register, the Register newspaper, by Fae Ozimik.  And I read this at the time.  Itís still the same.  They actually get more money today.


Gov pays Greens (Alan: All the Green Movements, the NGOs) to lobby it, (A: So the government is paying to be lobbied.  Theyíre paying the groups to lobby the government.  Because then they say, ďoh well.  We wanted to hear that, yep.  Youíre doing a good job.  We want to hear that.  Weíll pass laws.Ē)


Government is handing over far too much of our hard-earned dosh to environmental campaigners, who then use the money to further distort government policy in favour of the interests and ideological preoccupations of narrow political elites.


That is the conclusion of a report Ė Taxpayer Funded Environmentalism (pdf) Ė (A: The PDF Iíll put up tonight too, the link to it, you can download it for yourself.  Itís worth keeping.)  published this week by the Taxpayersí Alliance. The report includes information gleaned from Freedom of Information requests, scrutiny of environmental organisationsí annual accounts in the UK, and from a summary of requests for environmental funding compiled by the EU.  (A: Economic Union Parliament, this big Soviet that runs over all their little provinces, like places like Britain is now a province.)


The report suggests a total of £10.1m was given in 2009-10 to environmental groups whose principal aim was lobbying (A: the government) for further change.


(A: Paid by the government.  Thatís your tax money.  And this is just one country Iím talking about, right?)


This total breaks down into £2.5m from various UK councils, departments and quangos, and a further £7.6m in European Commission grants (A: So they also get ones from the European Parliament) to environmental NGOs.


While this may seem to be exceedingly small beer when compared to total government spending, the Taxpayersí Alliance are keen to point out that the central issue here is one of principle.


Organisations such as Greenpeace, for example, are careful not to take government money in order to prevent any conflict of interest. But those named in this report Ė groups such as Avalon and Brighton Peace and Environment Centre, through to bigger fish like the WWF and Friends of the Earth, Global Action Plan and the Green Alliance Ė are less scrupulous.


Besides, the true comparison ought not to be government spending, but the sums of money raised by comparable politically motivated pressure groups. On that basis, money passed to lobbyists is highly significant, representing a level of funding that many groups would be unable to raise on their own  (A: They couldnít fill a tin can on their own) Ė and without which they would be unable to continue to function.


The Taxpayersí Alliance also argues that the sums highlighted are under-estimates in two ways. First, it has omitted study groups and organisations that actually appear to deliver some tangible output for government sums received. However, some of these organisations may also be using some of this money for lobbying purposes. The estimates are therefore on the conservative side.


Second, the Alliance points out that some of the policies lobbied for are several orders of magnitude more expensive than the money dished out in the first instance. As example of this last tendency, they cite the Climate Change Act 2008, which was heavily lobbied for by environmental groups and which government expects to cost between £324bn and £404bn.


(A: So, here they are, paying for these guys to lobby the government, so the government can then, you know, suck you dry for more cash.  Itís just amazing.  But, again, itís the agenda.  Thereís only one agenda in the world, folks.)


As argument goes, this issue is up there with funding for political parties. A great deal of the lobbying that goes on in the UK today would not go on if the government did not pay for it.


Government funding of lobby groups, according to the Taxpayersí Alliance, ďslows adjustments in the direction of policy in reaction to new evidence or circumstancesĒ, ďincreases political apathy among the publicĒ and ďforces taxpayers to fund views they may seriously disagree withĒ.


(A: Well, Iím sure theyíll seriously disagree with that, because itís all a big, political agenda, a socio-political agenda.  Actually, itís beyond politics, because I like the books put out by the Council on Foreign Relations, who, the average person reading them will think, itís nothing but politics, politics and agendas.  Which it is.  But they always put a disclaimer at the beginning of their books, saying, weíre a nonpolitical organization.  You see, they donít play politics; they make politics.  They put their own boys in.  They put the agenda through.  They donít play politics.  So theyíre quite honest with that.  It says here: )


The sums are dwarfed by the Ä66 million the EU pays out to green groups to lobby itself. An NGO can have 70 per cent of its income paid for by the EU.


Nine out of 10 Green NGOs take the cash, and FoE Europe increased its funding by 325 per cent over a decade, thanks to European taxpayers.


Well, thatís your democracy, you see, in action.  And itís just a big racket.  The government is only too happy to pay these characters, whose leaders guide all the little sheep that follow them, to protest, and then they come out with the answer.  Yes, okay, weíll tax the hell out of all the taxpayers, and bring them into austerity.  Itís a great big con, but itís a very important con to the masters who run the world.  Theyíre going to tax you for every little bit of energy that you consume, or how much energy was made making that tin of beans there.  Youíre going to pay for that too.  Energy taxes.  And they mean it about bringing you down to austerity. 


This ties right in with the same cabal at the top, you know.


Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world


(A: Iíve read articles like this before, because they came up with an idea, and I read the first article, put out by a woman in Britain, who said, if we can get a World War II scenario, where they were doing rationing, the people all pull together for the common good.)


Global warming is now such a serious threat to mankind (A: Global warming.  I havenít had so much snow for years.) that climate change experts (A: People who are better at forecasting, should they carry an umbrella that day or just put on a T-shirt.  You know, thatís what climate change expert is.) are calling for Second World War-style rationing in rich countries to bring down carbon emissions.


(A: And they want Second World War type rationing.  It says:)


In a series of papers published by (A: Guess who?) the Royal Society, (A: Who also get all their funding, again, from governments and so on, and the big institutions and foundations.  And itís a Masonic group too, by the way.  Look at the history of it; itís quite fascinating.  Francis Bacon joined it too, as well.  You had to put your wife away and children away, because you were not allowed to have a mate during that.  It was a men-only thing, too, almost like priests, in fact.  And if youíve got to be a scientist today, youíve just got to be a member of it.  You canít join it.  Theyíve got to ask you.  You have to wait to get asked to join it, to make sure you have the right stuff.  You know, youíll lie your face off for their big agendas.  Anyway, it says.) physicists and chemists from some of worldís most respected scientific institutions, including Oxford University and the Met Office, (A: You know, the ones that put out false emails and all that to lie about global warming:) agreed that current plans to tackle global warming are not enough.


Unless emissions are reduced dramatically in the next ten years the world is set to see temperatures rise (A: Hereís the old scary stuff again, and Iíve read the articles from these characters before, their heads, whoíve said, ďWe always give the public scary scenarios, before these meetings come up.  Itís the only way we can get them to listen to us.Ē  Thatís what they said.  So:) by more than 4C (7.2F) by as early as the 2060s, causing floods, droughts and mass migration.


As the world meets in Cancun, Mexico for the latest round of United Nations talks on climate change, the influential academics called for much tougher measures to cut carbon emissions.


In one paper Professor Kevin Anderson, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, (A: A guy who lives on grants and climate change.) said the only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing the poor nations to continue to grow, is (A: Listen to this.) to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the nonsense to do with climate change, the big agenda, because itís nothing to do with what theyíre telling you about.  Itís a reason to change things, and even politicians in Canada at the time, I think McClellan was one of them, said this is a great opportunity, even if the science is all bogus, to bring equality across the world.  And you better understand what they mean by equality.  Itís a total Marxist concept that theyíre bringing down.  We all have to plummet down to the same level.  But these people themselves that are pushing all this, they wonít have to turn down their heating, like you will, including this nutty Professor Anderson, who gets an awful lot of money, from again, various sources and foundations, to push this agenda.  He belongs to the right Associations and Clubs.  So:


He said politicians should consider a rationing system similar to the one introduced during the last ďtime of crisisĒ in the 1930s and 40s.


This could mean a limit on electricity so people are forced to turn the heating down, turn off the lights and replace old electrical goods like huge fridges with more efficient (A: Crappy models from China.  I added the last part.) models.† Food that has traveled from abroad may be limited and goods that require a lot of energy to manufacture.


ďThe Second World War and the concept of rationing is something we need to seriously consider if we are to address the scale of the problemÖ


(A: And then he says:)


that halting growth in the rich world does not necessarily mean a recession (A: Really?  What are we in now, eh?) or a worse lifestyle, it just means making adjustments in everyday life such as using public transport (A: And getting smaller waist-size pants, I guess, as we get down into the skinny area.) and wearing a sweater rather than turning on the heating.


(A: He should really say, you lot will have to do that, because these guys wonít.)


ďI am not saying we have to go back to living in caves(A: But you probably will.  I added that part too.  This is how it should be written, you see.) ďOur emissions were a lot less ten years ago (A: Thatís a lie.) and we got by ok then.Ē 


Because theyíve been cutting back and cutting back for years on their emissions.  Thereís hardly any factories left either.  And the electricity, theyíre bringing it in from France.  Because you see, theyíve got one conglomerate running all energy across Europe.  Thatís the big plan.  Marx talked about that.  He said, eventually youíll have one organization selling shoes for the whole world.  One covering energy.  One covering this, one covering that.  Thatís what weíve got folks.  You see, the bankers created Marxism.  Itís a great thing for them to do.  All they have to do then is to get governments to pass laws, instead of having to go from the bottom up, talking to people, and getting them to protest.  No, they get the governments to do it instead.  Just pass laws and get what they want.  And then you have to pay up.  Anyway, it goes on and on and on about carbon dioxide and all the rest of it, even though itís all bunkum, because it goes up and down all the time.  And thereís too many other scientists from the same universities who have come out and disagreed with all the ballyhoo, and the shystering that goes on amongst these characters, who are getting awfully big paychecks to keep their farce going. 


You know, your problem in society isnít just the big guys with the agenda.  Itís the people within your own groups, in every level, in every class system, who will sit and rat on the rest, and do the dirty deed on the rest, for cash.  Youíll find them everywhere.  Everywhere.  The sneaks, you know, and the thieves, and the ones who will join any invading army to survive and put the boot to all their fellow citizenry.  Youíll find it everywhere in every society.  But thereís certainly an awful lot of them at the top, who are awfully well rewarded for what they do. 


Weíre so used to seeing the tyrants of the past, and I think thatís why they keep putting on little videos here and there on television, of Hitler, Mussolini, and Castro, all wearing uniforms.  Thatís what a tyrant is.  Thatís what youíre taught.  Tyrants today wear business suits.  They wear business suits.  Thatís how they dress today.  And they come in clusters of them, not individually; itís clusters of them.  And they work in academia as well and in the science laboratories with their white coats on, your priesthood.  Thatís your Scientific Socialism theyíve been pushing for a hundred years or more.  And as theyíre doing that too, there are articles in the Canadian papers today, of how food is skyrocketing and so on, all the usual stuff that we know about.  It ties in with that last article, because they said weíd have to start reducing our consumption.  Thatís all-around consumption.  Hereís an article in the US papers too. 


US inflation is building; core CPI doesnít tell the story


(A: This is from the International Business Times.  It says: )


Core inflation, considered the key measure of US inflation, remains tame. Indeed, since May 2009, month-to-month increases have registered 0.2 percent or less. For January 2011, it was 0.2 percent month-to-month and 1.0 percent year-over-year.


However, core inflation, which takes out the impact of energy and food prices, is the incorrect measure to look at in this time period and doesn't tell the whole story.


In normal times, food and energy prices are excluded because theyíre so volatile.  When their prices are trending in one direction over a sustained period of time, though, it no longer makes sense to exclude them.


For January 2011, overall inflation was 0.4 percent month-to-month and 1.6 percent year-over-year.


Of course, inflation of 1.6 percent is tame (even below-target). However, itís still outpacing wage growth, occurring in the midst of a tough labor market, and perhaps the direct result of loose monetary policy.  Therefore, even this modest acceleration in inflation matters.


Moreover, as with many economic malaises, food and energy inflation disproportionately impacts the poor.


The US poor spend a sizable portion of their income on the necessity of energy for heating and food; if prices for these two expenses go up, these people will be put in a very tough spot.


(A: Well, theyíre already in it.)


Second, inflation for US producers is greater than it is for their finished items that are sold to US consumers.


The latest Philadelphia region manufacturing survey, for example, revealed the index for input prices rose 13 points in February 2011, while the index for prices received for final goods rose just 4 points.


So, itís going up, and theyíre calling it inflation, of course.  Thereís many words for the same thing.  Back with more, after this. 


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Another thing to talk about tonight, itís pretty important too, is the fact that the big boys, when they passed the GATT Treaty, even when they created the World Trade Organization, this big star chamber that decides who trades with whom, and whoís excluded from trading, and so on.  You see, Free Trade is not free at all.  Itís really a monopolization of trade by a few.  And itís interesting to understand that they knew they were going to take the jobs away from the Western World, definitely from America and Canada, and set it up in China.  Thatís what enabled it to happen.  We funded it.  The taxpayers funded the factories to move to China under that agreement, under the GATT Treaty.  And weíre still paying for any losses they claim they incurred on the way, before they get up to full production capacity.  So, weíve been really suckered all along by this big private, the private company that owns the planet.  And governments are simply employed by them, to do what theyíre told to do.  Hereís an article here, that tells you that they didnít sit back and say, well, all our businesses will crash, once manufacturing is gone.  Theyíve found ways to save the main ones, their own ones, you see. 


Theyíre not stupid at the top.  I keep saying that, and people canít really believe it.  Theyíre not stupid people at the top.  They hire think tanks to look at the future and trends and all the rest of it, and even trends to do with the things they do themselves.  They make the first move on the chessboard, what will happen?  They go through the whole scenario before the first piece is even moved, all the what-ifs.  It says:


Business Is Booming

America's leading corporations have found a way to thrive even if the American economy doesn't recover. This is very, very bad news. 


When he was CEO of General Electric, in 1998, Jack Welch pithily summarized his vision for corporate America: "Ideally, you'd have every plant you own on a barge to move with currencies and changes in the economy."


Since then, corporations have discovered that they don't need barges in order to unmoor themselves from the American economy. As corporate profits skyrocket, even as the economy remains stalled in a deep recession, Americans confront a grim new reality: Our corporations don't need us anymore. (A: Iíve been saying that for years.  They donít need us anymore.)  Half their revenues come from abroad. Their products, increasingly, come from abroad as well.


Consider, for example, the crucial role that a company called Foxconn plays in the American economy. Scarcely any Americans had heard of Foxconn until a wave of worker suicides shook its immense factory complex in China's city of Shenzhen last spring. Within the space of a few months, 10 workers inside the company's walled-off Longhua industrial village, a 1.2-square-mile development where 400,000 employees live and work, killed themselves.


What made the stories particularly troubling, though, were the revelations about Foxconn's place in the American industrial system. It's at Longhua that Apple's iPhones and iPods are manufactured (which is why Longhua is also referred to as "iPod City"). At Longhua and Foxconn's other Chinese factory complexes, 937,000 employees also make computers for Dell, games for Nintendo, and several products for Hewlett-Packard. Indeed, the number of Foxconn employees who assemble these companies' products often exceeds by a wide margin the number of workers these companies employ directly in the United States. At Apple, the ratio of Foxconn employees at work on Apple products to U.S.-based Apple employees is 10-to-1: 250,000 Foxconn workers to 25,000 Apple workers. The same ratio exists at Dell.


The role that even the most widely admired American companies, such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and General Electric, have played in offshoring American jobs has long been a subject of controversy. Their zeal for offshoring has lowered the prices of the goods Americans buy while increasing our trade deficit, shrinking our manufacturing sector, and flattening our wages. But to look at the employment numbers at Foxconn, Apple, Dell, or IBM -- whose total worldwide workforce expanded from 329,000 employees in 2005 to almost 400,000 in 2009, while its U.S. workforce shrank from 134,000 employees to 105,000 -- is to come away with an even more disquieting thought: With each passing year, and even more so during the recession, America's leading corporations grow more and more decoupled from the American economy. Their interests grow increasingly detached from those of our workers, our consumers -- and our economic future.


This growing detachment is certainly reflected in their revenues. In 2001, 32 percent of the income of the firms on Standard & Poor's index of the 500 largest publicly traded U.S. companies came from abroad. By 2008, that figure had grown to 48 percent. Although precise figures on offshoring are unavailable from either companies or governmental bodies, the evidence of the growth of offshoring is overwhelming. A 2008 survey of 1,600 companies conducted by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and the Conference Board (a group of leading corporations) found that 53 percent had an offshoring strategy -- up from just 22 percent in 2005. "Very few" companies, the survey concluded, "plan to relocate activities back to the United States."


And if youíre not a manufacturer, youíre just a consumer.  And what are you being told now?  Youíve got to stop consuming so much.  Youíve got to be austere, etc, etc, etc.  Now, these articles too, remember, I put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the night.  And it takes a while to put it all up there, but itís worth looking into all this for yourself for the future.  And also to understand whatís really happening, because weíre being taken right down.  Right, right down.  And theyíve just started, really, folks.  And how do you say that?  Itís not that I want to bring doom and glom.  Iím just telling you the agenda, because Iíve read their agenda at the top.  Iíve read all the top characters and how much they hate the American system.  These same characters thrived off the American system for long enough, but they donít like it anymore, you see.  They want this global Marxist type system to run the entire planet, with themselves being the natural Darwinian benefactors.  Thatís how they see themselves, sort of Darwinian benefactors.  You know, a benevolent dictatorship running the world.  Theyíre better suited than these awful democratic governments that bicker all the time about rights and stuff like that.  That came out, remember, from the Club of Rome, when they said democracy is too cumbersome with too many conflicting parties to get anything done, meaning the agenda.  They couldnít get the agenda through.  So, weíre now post-democratic they said.  I hope you realize we are. 


We really are post-democratic.  All we get now is dictates from the top, coming down, just like the old Soviet Union and just like Britain used to be, as well.  The Department of so-and-so has decided, yadda, yah, then the other Department has decided, yadda, yadda, yah.  And thatís how itís announced to the public, today.  This is the new form of governance, you see.


Now, thereís a caller hanging on the line there.  Itís Patrick from Ontario.  Are you there Patrick?


Patrick: Hello, Mr. Watt.† How are you doing?


Alan: Not too bad.


Patrick: Still hanging on by the skin of your teeth?


Alan: Skin of the teeth is the word.  Thatís for sure, yeah.


Patrick: I was calling tonight actually to discuss the nature of this war that weíre born into, as opposed to just the news, which I find, just like youíre saying, really is just the agenda dished out in doses of mind control, you know, that they determine, the sheep, will be edible to them.  You know.  More people are getting sick.  The experts say itís a big mystery.  Everyone is poor.  The experts say itís a big mystery.  Etc, etc, etc.  Which leads to data overload, of course.  So, one of the things Iím thinking of, is the fact that most of my generation is, is gone, mentally.  Itís like Iím living in a zombie movie.  Iím 21, and far too much time and energy has gone into domesticating these people.  And to them, the preservation of their perception of reality is the greatest priority; greater than their survival, their family, anything.  And you canít really help these people, because they canít help themselves.  And itís interesting, I know, I think I heard you once talking about a study somewhere saying that less educated people are less brainwashed, are less propagandized.  And well, I guess thatís the logical conclusion.  Iíve noticed working, when Iíve worked like construction with people that havenít gone to university or who are from a different country, even if theyíre not thinking, or even if theyíre not researching, they have a much easier time seeing through all the lies that everyone else has such a hard time seeing through. 


But, one of the things I was thinking about is this aerial spraying that is going on.  While it in itself is horrifying, what I find truly horrifying is that no one, no one can see it.  They cannot see it.  They will not see it.  And that, that is what terrifies me.  And you know, Iíve gotten over the initial shock of that, because when youíre dealing with an emergency, which is what we are doing, you can do nothing, which is bad.  You can panic, which is bad.  Or you can try to stay calm, understand the situation, and then take action. 


Another idea is, like youíve been talking recently about the horror stories of all these scientists and their experiments, and all the atrocities that they have no problem admitting.  Well, what weíre living through is these people using the whole world as their lab, for their GMOs, for their spraying, their nano-technology, their HAARP, and of course the Greenies are nowhere to be seen on this, because the professors havenít told them to get upset about it. 


Alan: Thatís right.


Patrick: And one thing, another thing I was thinking about, is that we truly are living through the final stages of this plan that was come up a long, long time ago.  But it is the final stages.  Itís not the end.  And this is the time, when the people who do understand whatís going on, and who do value life and freedom, this is the time when we need to act.  Not when we have a goon at our door, saying, ďOh, thereís a pandemic, take this injection.Ē You know what I mean.  This is the time.  Thereís that quote, ďHow we burned in the Gulags, that we didnít meet them at our doors.  Etc.Ē  And one, a video on youtube, itís about two minutes.  I donít know if youíve had a chance to see this, Mr. Watt.  Itís from We Are Change.  And I know how you feel about groups, and I agree with you.  Itís very smart.  But, if you go to youtube, and you type in, We Are Change, Dick Cheney.  Itís like a two-minute video and itís a perfect synopsis of society.  Just as you were describing earlier how tyrants today wear suits.  And I remember you once before talking about that chipmunk grin that the psychopaths with no empathy have, and that is the perfect, perfect way to describe it.  And in this video, thereís Dick Cheney and this guy, I think his name is Luke.  I forget his last name, approaches him, and he asks him, he asks him about on September 11th, when he issued the order to stand down.  And that was testified at the 9/11 Commission.  Thatís in the video.  You can see the testimony of this.  And while heís asking him this question, thereís the masses around him, who generally donít have an idea whatís going on.  Thereís the goon security guard, pushing the kid out of the way, feeling like a big man.  And then thereís the propagandized sheep, as this guy is asking him, ďWhat were you doing on 9/11, when you issued your stand-down report,Ē saying that heís a terrorist, essentially.  Thereís this woman saying, ďThank you, Mr. Cheney.  Thank you for all youíve done.  Thank you.  Thank you.Ē  Fighting to keep this illusion real.  And the door closes as you see the chipmunk grin on this psychopath.  And that is the problem, that these psychopaths wear their chipmunk grins.  Because they are safe.  They are secure.  While weíre worrying about, oh, theyíre doing this, theyíre doing that, theyíre watching us.  These people are perfectly secure and happy, and thatís the problem, because these people, you know, that man should be afraid that one of the victims of the murders that he was complicit in, should go into that elevator while the door closes, and remove the smile from his face.  So, yeah, thatís really, thatís really where we are.


Alan: And thatís when they should have taken action, itís true, as Solzhenitsyn said it.  He said, that when the NKVD, the precursor of the KGB, used to come in at night, and grab people, in their homes, and from their homes, and turn out the whole street to witness it.  That was part of their plan, to terrify everyone else.  He says, thatís when we should have grabbed the pickaxes and the shovels and hit them right then.  He says, once you allow it happen, in no time at all, we adapt to it so quickly.  And thatís what happened with 9/11 too.  The whole Patriot Act, and the whole Congress was told, donít read it.  Anyone who reads this Patriot Act, before agreeing with it, and signing on to it, is basically a traitor.  Thatís what they were telling them.


Patrick: Itís as though weíre being walked right into the mud.


Alan: Yeah.  And, unfortunately, they have unraveled the whole kit and caboodle of anti-terrorism laws across the whole planet.  That tells you the coordination across the world.  And that never happened in any previous war.  The whole world unfurled the same laws.  They must have been planning these for fifty years, between different governments.  And everyone is under observation, under the spy program.  Weíre all watching the last remnants of whatever was called democracy being stripped away.  Itís actually gone.  Itís actually gone already.  And itís not going to come back now by being nice and saying please give it back to us.  Itís not going to happen.


Patrick: They donít play fair.


Alan: No.


Patrick: Youíre going to vote someone in.  Heís going to bring you change.  Heís going to bring you hope.  Yeah, how did that work out?


Alan: Well, the only change you get now, is a few cents out of the dollar in your pocket, after buying something.  I mean, thatís it.


Patrick: Before tax.


Alan: Thatís before tax.  Youíre right on with this.  Theyíre dead serious about this.  This is a war on the public; and the public havenít figured that out yet.  This is a real war, and these guys are utterly ruthless.  And whatever it takes, theyíve said before, whatever it takes, to get it through, they will do it.


Patrick: And itís important that you touch on that, because thereís many people, even who are, letís say theyíre asleep, but if theyíre open to the possibility when presented with sourced information, they will make the conscious choice that, no, Iím not going to open that Pandoraís box.  And when youíre faced with these ruthless psychopaths, that needs to harden your resolve, if you want to survive.  If you want free humanity to survive.  That cannot break you, because then thereís no hope for any of us.  I know that every second on this show is precious.  Thank you for taking my call, Mr. Watt.  God bless you, and hopefully Iíll talk to you soon, again.


Alan: Sure enough.  Thanks for calling. 


And chemtrails.  Tonight Iíll put up too a list of the patents that have gone through over the last oh, I donít know, fifty, sixty, seventy years, for stratospheric aerial spraying programs, and itís from the Sovereign Independent and it was first published I think in 2010.  You can go through all the patents for yourself that theyíve put up there.  Iím also putting up another link to the symptoms that have been reported over the years with chemtrails, and terrible, terrible symptoms.  No doubt, lots of deaths too.  Iím going to put up too, an article about the chemtrail testing, which they were doing back in the 1960s.  And this was to do with the government inquiry into it, afterwards, in the 1990s, where they admitted, and this is a video.  You can watch it for yourself.  They actually admitted spraying the people with cadmium sulfate from the air.  They actually released canisters off the sea, as well, and let it blow into the coastline, across the land.  And they had vans, driving through laneways and streets with this stuff coming out of the top, this invisible gas, coming out of the top.  And they went on and on and on for a few years with this stuff, watching the health of the public, and testing it. 


And even when they disclosed this, under the freedom of information act, only because of one guy, who was like a terrier at it, trying to get the information, even when they disclosed information, they lied too, and said they didnít think it was harmful at that time to the public.  Even though, in their own governmental records, back in the 1930s, they knew that it was highly carcinogenic.  So, theyíre utter liars at the top.  And they tried to use the Cold War as an excuse for testing this stuff over a big chunk of England.  They did it in Scotland too, by the way, and other places as well.  Youíre worried about the Chinese?  Youíre worried about the Soviets in that time?  Nonsense.  Hereís your government spraying you with poisons, and because youíve got a National Health Service, they can check on the symptoms as people die off.  They get mutations, they get leukemias, they get cancers of all kinds, and they know exactly what theyíre doing.  This is no mistake.  So, Iíll put this link up tonight, from the chemtrail tests in the 1960s, and it was a BBC report, by the way, a documentary that was done on it.  And Iíll put that up.  So, patents and the effects, and what they did in the 1960s onwards.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi, folks.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I say, tonight, Iím also putting up the links to the chemtrails and the patents.  Thereís dozens and dozens of patents, that the big, you know, psychopathic scientists are only too happy to get their grants for, and make their name in history, by finding ways, to, you know, sterilize, kill, and maim populations like yours, for instance.  And Iíll also put up the symptoms that have been reported from many of the chemtrails spraying thatís gone on over the years and also the documentary from the BBC.  And Iíve read the article before, many times, on here, about Norwich getting sprayed over the years, but this is the first time Iíve seen the dvd on it.  And Iíll put that up too.  And itís from the BBC.  And it says:


A BBC Inside Out special, documenting the spraying of zinc cadmium sulphide (A: And thatís all theyíve admitted to.  They were doing other stuff with it too.  Thatís the only chemical though that theyíve admitted to.) on Norwich during the 60s.  (A: It was also East Anglia too.  A big chunk of England.  It says:)


1)† Although it was not tested for toxicity by the British Ministry of Defence, zinc cadmium sulphide was already known to be poisonous and carcinogenic at the time, as is admitted in the documentary. There's no way how Porton Down bioweapons experts would not have known that;


(A: And by the way, they were using it in the US too.  Youíll see a US officer who kind of blew the whistle on it.  And they found they were using it in the US as well, but at least he came out and asked the right questions as to why are we poisoning our own people.  So, it says: )


2)† So, why was cadmium chosen for the tests? (A: When they knew what it really did.)† Wasn't there any harmless substance these boys could use for their so called bioweapons simulation trials?


3)† And, more relevantly, why was cadmium also being used by other governments, in their own tests? After all, that is the excuse given by the British government, to justify their own usage of cadmium;


(A: Well, theyíre using it in the States and theyíre using it here, so why canít we use it.  You know.  Thatís how they justify everything now, you know.  Oh, theyíre raising taxes in Greece, so we should do the same.  Yadda, yadda, ya.)


4)† These questions are made even more relevant when taking the more recent chemtrailing into account. The fact is, if you were actually planning to poison a public en masse, for accelerated population reduction in the post-industrial, mass deficit/unemployment age, you would need to take longitudinal testing on the health impacts of your bioweapons. So, you'd conduct hundreds of tests, decades prior to the real operation (and, during those decades, you'd collect data on the health effects of the spraying). Using cadmium, and probably all of the other chemicals that are being used today, such as aluminum or barium.


Which theyíre using now, steadily since 1998 on most of us.  Definitely, Iíd say, definitely on a daily basis, in fact.  I see storm clouds, and when they disappear, thereís all the trails above them, still there, still lingering there.  Itís just amazing.  And, so Iíll put that up.  And Iíll also put a link up to familiesagainstcancer.org, because they also touch on the Norwich tests.  A lot of the people came down with cancers in the area.  And you are taught to vote for your government.  You donít even know what your governments are.  You really, really donít.  Youíve been taught an utter lie, as to what governments are all about.  An absolute lie.  And then the media doesnít help you much either.  Mind you, with data overload today, most folk canít retain what they hear about anyway, and the government is pretty confident on that, with all the studies theyíve done, to see how data overload affects the average personís memory.  Never mind the chemtrailing.  Never mind the massive broadband and microwave interference youíre getting in your skulls all the time, as well.  And Iíve got a lot of data about that, that I havenít touched on, lots of data, from the laboratories themselves.


From Hamish Ė whoís the dog, by the way; people keep asking whoís Hamish; heís my pooch Ė and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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