February 18th, 2011 (#772)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt February 18th, 2011:

Budding Politicos:
Are You Ambitious, Oozing with Greed?
Come Run a Country for the Banking Creed:

"The Nation State has Now Been Bonkered
Culture, Cohesiveness Destroyed, Conquered,
Marxist Socialism, the Preference of Bankers,
Are on the March, Led by Wealthy Wankers,
International Moneylenders Prefer to Deal
With Governments which Pass Laws to Steal
Incomes and Homes to Pay the Debts
Incurred by Same Governments, Bankers' Pets
We Call Politicians, Rotten to Core,
Each Selected in Secret as World Bank Whore,
They'll Escape from the Hell Inflicted on Others,
The Great "Highly Degreed", Cabal of Brothers"
© Alan Watt February 18th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - February 18th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 18th of February 2011.  Newcomers, look into the main website.  Itís cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And help yourself to the audios that you can download for free.  Remember, all the sites listed there on that page carry the same audios.  They also carry transcripts in English, of a lot of the talks that Iíve given over the years for print up.  And you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, also listed on the same site, for transcripts in other languages. 


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On this particular time period, I call it the time period now.  Iím trying to evade the word show or program, because I donít want to program you either.  This is basically an educational time to try and show you how the big picture of the real world really does work, and itís so vastly different from the one that youíve been indoctrinated into believing.  And, believe you me, when you go into the history of education for instance, and you read some of the old speeches by the top people, like Webster in the 1800s, they knew exactly what education was supposed to be.  Itís to serve the state and produce the desired type of citizenry that would pay taxes and do what they were told.  And itís the same thing when you read Gattoís books on education, as well.  Itís quite fascinating to understand that we are kept literally in the first layer of the rabbit hole.  We donít even see the sky, really, except for the contrails or chemtrails.  Weíre kept in the first layer of the rabbit hole.  Weíre not allowed to know whatís really going on, because weíre children, you understand, and thatís how they see us at the top.  Weíre just unruly children, so weíve got to be kept in our places, and believe all the guff.  Guff is a very good word.  Itís not used often enough today.  Guff weíre supposed to swallow, to explain whatís happening in the higher levels of our masters and rulers under the new type of authoritarian governmental systems we all have. 


Youíll all notice, Iím sure, that very little is coming out from governments and particular members of government.  Theyíre shielding them from the public.  This is the new term that theyíre using.  Theyíre shielding them.  And, again, the new term is governmental, governmentalism and governance theyíre calling it now.  So, the lower peons just give you new laws, and it comes in the papers, and thatís that.  Back with more, after these messages.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíve talked over the last few weeks on these Color Revolutions, as they call them.  Color Revolutions run by Brzezinski and George Soros and all the big foundations.  But youíve got to understand, your governments are also in on these revolutions that are going on across the world.  Back when Bush with the neo-cons were in, they called it revolutionary democracy, by the hard method.  Thereís hard and soft power.  And these are the terms they use officially at the United Nations, by the way, and in the big foundations.  And, of course, hard power is sending military in and soft power is using students, which are trained, that you fly in, to these different countries to protest in the streets and demand the resignation and the ousting of the old governments or systems, whichever they had, to bring in the new, because it must, apparently, be democratic, where youíre given a central bank, youíre given a loan from the IMF, and then youíre in debt forever.  And then, of course, they really think theyíre going to get freedom, but in fact, theyíre going to be run by the world government.  Thatís what youíve got to be, in the world government system, or else youíll be smashed into the mud. 


And thatís the real world that you live in.  Thatís what itís all about.  Itís not about getting bad dictators out at all.  These bad dictators were the friends and chums of the World Bank and the IMF for about forty, fifty years, some of them.  They protected Israel.  But now is the time to get a change before they die off, so they are going through this farce of having them pushed out, and in will come the new Marxist Leagues, of course, because the bankers love the Marxist types.  Marxists believe, you see, that government should rule with an authoritarian hand, and make you all very, very austere, while they themselves at the top are the only ones allowed to live in a decent lifestyle at all, as you can see by the wages they end up giving themselves in all democratic countries. 


Hereís an article here from the Euro Observer.  And itís kind of a semi-official organization for the European Union Parliament:


Amid escalating violence in Bahrain, Libya and Yemen going into the weekend, ministers might be confronted with entirely new problems by the time they sit down to dinner on Sunday. "No one could have predicted what is happening," one diplomatic (Alan: Liar, sorry...) contact said.


Zooming in on details, ministers are likely to debate how to handle the exodus of north African refugees to Europe ahead of talks on the subject at EU-leader-level in March. EU efforts to freeze the financial assets of the ousted Egyptian and Tunisian dictators will also come up.


(A: If they think these guys have been soaking their country, wait until these guys get democracy, and all their money is flowing out in a one-way direction, just like Britain and elsewhere.)


In other business, the UK is to propose further toughening of economic sanctions against Iran (A: Theyíre still going to take down Iran, because not one Muslim-run nation will be left.  Thatís on the agenda.) over its alleged nuclear weapons programme. (A: The same farce we went through with Iraq.) And Poland is to call for extra measures against Belarus after it jailed a young protester for four years.


For her part, EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton will visit Egypt on Monday.


On Wednesday, she will host an international conference in Brussels with senior officials from Maghreb and Middle East countries, the US, Japan and international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, to frame a multilateral masterplan for the region.


(A: So thatís it, get the IMF in, the World Bank and central banking, and put in your puppet governments, and then theyíll really get their freedom.  You wait and see.)


Following the EU ministers' high-minded pro-democracy declaration on Monday, EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso will host the UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, in the EU capital on Wednesday.


The atmosphere in Brussels will change on Thursday however, when Russia's hardman prime minister and likely next president brings his full suite of ministers to spend two days in meetings with Mr Barroso and his team.


And then you go into this one here, as well.  Itís to do with the IMF.  This is what happens when you have democracy now that weíre all broke and weíve given our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren over to paying off the debt.  Thatís called slavery when youíre born into a previous generationís debt, you are a defacto slave, for those who donít know it.  And thatís legal as well.  Thatís international legalism.  They all agree on that. 


IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, on Sunday welcomed a new European emergency fund to stabilize the euro zone and pledged to work with the EU on a country-by-country basis.


(A: Now, a few months back, I mentioned after the crash, and all the rest of it, when they wanted to take over the countriesí books, each country, instead of doing their own books and being their own bosses, will now be subject to the IMF doing their bookkeeping for them.  Well, thatís what this is all about.  Theyíve got their wish.)


In a statement, Strauss-Kahn said the new 500 billion-euro ($670 billion) European Stabilization Mechanism would help stabilize the global financial system and preserve the economic recovery (A: I wonder what recovery that is, eh?) underway.


EU finance ministers said that the IMF is expected to contribute 250 billion euros, taking the package to 750 billion euros, or close to $1 trillion.


(A: Thatís all from the taxpayers of this Super-Soviet system they call the European Union.  It says: )


However, Strauss-Kahn did not offer any specifics.


(A: No, he wonít, like the interest rates and how much heís scamming.)


"Our contribution will be on a country-by-country basis, (A: Thatís the bookkeeping for each country:) through the whole range of instruments we already have at our disposal."


"We expect our financial assistance to be broadly in the proportion of our recent European arrangements," Strauss-Kahn added.


(A: Itís all done in secrecy there, you see.)


During the global downturn following the collapse of the U.S. subprime mortgage market, the IMF approved emergency financial support for Hungary, Latvia, Romania and Ukraine, among others.


You know, thereís no point trying look after your own affairs anymore.  Even personally, you understand that too.  And be good as they keep telling you.  Be good.  Do the right things, because all they do is come along and loot you.  It doesnít matter if youíre an individual or a nation.  Even if youíve not sunk yourself into debt, it doesnít matter, theyíre going to come around and utterly loot you anyway.  Rob you.  Thatís the New World Order.  Thatís what itís about.  Bring you down to the pit of austerity.  And nations, individuals, itís all the same to them. 


So, itís amazing as well, theyíll never, ever, and Iíve said this for about twenty or thirty years.  Theyíll never fix a system thatís designed to bankrupt nations.  This central banking system, this corrupt central banking system, run by really relations of each other across the whole planet.  Theyíll never change it, you know.  And theyíll never plug the loopholes and the faults and the problems that cause it to get out of control in the first place, because they want depressions at least twice every century, where they can loot and rob the public, and then theyíre in charge for another fifty, sixty, or a hundred years, as you all try and pay it off.  This is power control.  Simple.


And countries that used to have their own banking system like Canada that worked.  And I might even put that link up to how the banking system worked, before these characters came in, because your central bank used to print its own cash and sell it to the banks, you see.  They sold it to the banks.  And you didnít have any debt at all.  No debt at all.  Amazing, even after World War II, Canada was pretty well debt-free, and then, of course, they brought in Prime Ministers who were actually Comintern members.  Thatís a fact, like Pierre Trudeau.  And now theyíre lending from the private banks.  Because everyone in this world order must be under the same system, this new freedom, you understand.  The new freedom.  Where you had no chains at all, now youíve got manacles on.  And youíve got manacles that are bugged, so they can track everything you do.  Itís just phenomenal whatís going on in the world, and the people out there, to be honest with you, most of them are gone. 


The young ones are definitely gone.  Theyíre definitely.  Iíve had too many experiences with young ones, who literally think nothing of giving their ID and information to anybody who asks for it, or having their photograph taken.  That happened to me today.  I went into a Western Union office to change a few American dollars, and I had to sign about four forms, because I refused to allow them to photograph my driving license.  And I also then refused for them to take a photograph of me, no kidding, to change a few dollars.  And the girl is standing, looking at me like itís all quite, if I just had my photograph taken it would all be quite normal, whatís your problem?  They really donít understand privacy.  They donít understand it.  They donít want it.  Theyíre happy slaves.  Russell said there would be a lot of happy slaves, you know, and they truly are.  Theyíre happy.  Theyíve got all their stuff up on facebook, for Godís sake.  So they donít have a chance in hell, a snowflakeís chance in hell of surviving.  And Iíve said that for years too, because the main indoctrination has already been on them. 


Now, back to the Color Revolutions.  I have mentioned before the incredible amount of money and financing that comes from the big foundations, and your governments, by the way, like the EU and Canada.  And so we all pay for these rioters to go over there and riot.  Theyíre well trained, at least for the leaders.  And they all are young.  They want to change the world.  The leaders know what the real motives are, but the followers donít.  And thatís what happens when you join groups.  Now, hereís part, one of the main organizations that organizes them.  Itís called movements.org.  And what is it?  Itís a non-profit organization funded by the foundations and your tax money, of course.


Movements.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, connecting, and supporting grassroots digital activists from around the world. We match members of our global network with necessary resources from the technology, media, private and public sectors as well as with each other in order to foster peer-to-peer capacity building. Movements.org hosts annual summits, regional training events, and on online hub for best practices, lessons learned, discussion and news about the use of new technologies in social movements.


The organization was formed during a December 2008 summit, the Alliance of Youth Movements, (A: By the way, that used to be the Marxist movement, the World Marxist movement.  They still call themselves that sometimes too.  If you want to find whoís members of it in your own country, find out whoís been some of the guests at the Rosa Luxemburg meetings in Germany, especially last year.  Youíd be surprised, Canada and the US, because some of these people give you some of the data that you read on your shows.  Anyway, it says: ) that brought together experts in social media with pioneering grassroots movement leaders for the first time in history.


And then it goes on to tell you who all the leaders are and the founders of movements.  Back with more, after this.


Hi, folks.  Weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading about some of the organizations that are well funded, well-trained, no doubt work with intelligence services for the world.  Thereís only one intelligence service left for the world, and all the main ones belong to it.  Actually, really, when you look at who was in the OSS, look at the names, just look at them, and they became the CIA and MI6.  It hasnít changed at all.  Itís the same ones, not working for their countries, but actually working to bring in this particular globalist system, and itís very authoritarian, as the Club of Rome said.  Itís got to be authoritarian.  Itís not a matter of you having your individual rights.  In fact, theyíve said at the top, at the United Nations, that individualism is one of their main enemies.  It has to be eradicated.  And the founders of this particular organization Iím reading about here, this movements.org, one of the ones that coordinate and fund a lot of them and train them, you know, to go over to other countries and twitter and tweet like little birdies and so on, and cause the demonstrations that you see on television, and which Mr. Mansbridge in Canada will not tell you, of course, theyíre all funded by the West and by your own Parliaments and trained as well by special agents, etc, etc.  By the way, the leaders here, it mentions some of the leaders in this who founded it:


Founders of Movements.org include Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas at Google, Jason Liebman, CEO and co-founder of Howcast, and Roman Tsunder, co-founder of Access 360 Media.


(A: These are some of them.  It says:)


Through the use of new technologies, grassroots activists have more capacity than ever to make change in their communities. Movements.org is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping grassroots activists to build their capacity and make a greater impact on the world.


How do we do this? We support technology driven grassroots activism campaign by striving to acheive three main goals:


Identify:  digital activists and developments in digital activism through our website, blog, social media presence, and outreach trips;


(A: I guess thatís where they all get together)


Connect digital activists to each other, to technology experts, and to more traditional civil society organizations by facilitating year-round online collaboration, an annual conference and regional training events;


(A: Do you think this is just a tin can organization here, chapping at your door, asking for a few pennies?  So, they go on about their annual summits:)


Movements.org holds annual summits, events and trainings that link influential leaders in technology, (A: Thatís your Gates boys and so on.) media, private and public sectors with some of the world's most promising digital activists. Since our first summit in 2008 in New York City we have held two more, in Mexico City and in London. 


Again, these little tin can guys have meetings across the world.  And of course, if you belong to them, you can actually travel, because your government will help fund you over.  This is how it is really.  Do you understand, if youíre young, youíre so easily sucked into these organizations never realizing that your parents were led by false ones as well, and they were all followers.  The leaders are the only ones that know where itís all supposed to go.  And itís never to where you believed it was all going to go.  Why do you think weíre still in an awful mess, hundreds and hundreds of years down the road?  Hmm?  Why do you think that?  Itís not because they want to make a nice happy planet for you all.  Far, far from it. 


Youíve got to look at again the Fabian Society, the founders.  Iíll put up that link again, where youíll hear one of the founders of their society, George Bernard Shaw, talk about the ultimate world of Socialism, and how they want to kill off the useless eaters by getting a good humane gas on the go, for instance, he suggests.  Itís a video.  You hear him talking himself, long before Hitler was accused of doing the same thing.  And of course, Hitler got all the ideas from the British Socialists.  Thatís where it was all based, basically.  It was in London.  And youíll find too, that youíd have to go to them to justify why they should keep you alive, if you were just a consumer, but not a producer.  You better understand Marxism and what itís all about.  Itís all to do with materialism.  What do you think is running the world today?  Itís all materialist movements to do with the distribution of wealth and goods and all the rest of it, and less consumption of goods.  Thatís called austerity, and those who have the right to impose it upon you, either by allowing you to get it or denying you it.  George Orwell warned us about these people.  And youíve all been fooled again.  And, of course, your media makes sure youíre kept fooled. 


What is Commutarianism?  Itís so close to Communism, isnít it?  Itís a mixture between collectivism and Communism. Thatís why they chose it.  And George Bush Sr., the good conservative guy in the States, Republican, was the first guy to use it openly and say thatís the way for the future.  People canít connect the dots unless someone tells them.  Are we all so brain damaged, eh? 


Now, thereís Scott on the line from Wisconsin.  Weíll talk to him, if heís still there.  Are you still there, Scott?


Scott: Alan, can you hear me?


Alan: Yes.  I can.


Scott: Iím glad you mentioned.  First of all, itís a pleasure to talk to you.  Iím just simultaneously finishing up Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, and Jacques Attali, A Brief History of the Future.  And when you talk about the surveillance society, I mean, he talks about it in the book, where he says, you know, weíll first enter, you know, basically a Big Brother surveillance phase at the behest of the mercantile order, then weíll go into a self-surveillance phase.  And I can really see that transition now.  When youíre talking about the facebook.  I mean, people, stuff that intelligence agencies and insurance companies and marketing agencies couldnít dream of getting if they asked, people are putting up on their own. 


Alan: Well, I tell you, hold on, and weíll come back to that, when you come back, after this break.


Hi, folks.  Weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Scott from Wisconsin.  Are you still there, Scott?


Scott: Yes, Alan, Iím here.  And Iím actually from New York City.  They must have got it wrong, but thatís okay.† I was just talking about, Iím reading through these books, and you know, they can be very dry, like you say, but you get to these gems in there, that I mean, itís worth, itís worth the dryness, you know, because you find out exactly whatís going on and whatís going to go on.  And like I was saying, Jacques Attali, he talks about the surveillance society, and he talks about how governments will be bankrupt, and end up giving their authority unto private insurance companies and private organizations.  And our rights, for a private organization, youíre not protected under the Constitution from a private organization running your life. 


Alan: Thatís right.  In fact, itís already happening by the way, because, even in Canada, if you have a wood stove, the insurance company will not generally insure you, unless you get rid of it, or change it altogether or something.  Generally they want rid of it, so itís a form of blackmail.  And of course, who do you complain to, to heat yourself?  The government will say, well, itís not our business, you know.  Itís not our business how you heat yourself.  If you try to get oil and heat yourself by oil in Canada, since for the last two or three years, youíve got to get government inspectors in every year to check your furnace for you.  You pay them to come in.  And then they say it needs an upgrade, or whatever, and then you do that, and then you pay the engineer to come back and have another little quick look at it, and a cup of tea, and jack up the price again, and then, maybe then, heíll give you a certificate so that youíre allowed to buy heating oil.  Thatís how bad it is already.  Your alternate is a wood stove.  And the other companies, the private ones, the insurance companies will just say no to you, until you go on what the government wants you on.  Then of course they can bring you down to austerity levels by making sure you freeze most of the winters by refusing you oil.  Itís amazing whatís already going on, and the public canít put two and two together.  They think itís all just basically economics.  They really do.


Scott: I agree, Alan.  And I like how you talk about different forms of warfare because I see it.  I just recently flew with my girlfriend on vacation to Florida.  And on the way home, you know, the body scanner was of course there.  And I was shocked how my brethren and my countrymen are just walking through this thing, getting radiated, just like in Nazi Germany people would be put in the cattle cars.  And I, of course, opted out, and people looked at me with wide eyes and couldnít believe what was going on, that I was actually facing down authority, and actually talking back to them and explaining how wrong their actions were, you know.  And all the people, itís just mind control.  They just, whenever you challenge, itís this obsession with security and this obsession with, you know, being afraid of a terrorist, which, I mean, as you and I know, the chances of you encountering a terrorist, or being hurt by a terrorist are essentially zero compared to every day, driving an automobile, you know.  Taking a bath. 


Alan: Sure it is.  Youíve got more chance of getting tazered by an unruly guard at one of these places than a terrorist hitting you, just for looking at the guy wrongly, or looking him in the eyes, perhaps.  Thatís really intimidating to them.  Youíve got to look at their shoes when you walk through.† Just like the old days when you were ruled by lords, you looked at their silver buckles and their silk stockings, but donít look them in the eye.  I mean, thatís true, but I read an article the other night about psychology and how they know that once theyíve trained the general public they can count on the public to turn on you when you will not go along and conform, like youíre a bad guy.  Theyíll turn on you.  Itís all psychology.  And itís been learned down through centuries of observation on the general public.  Youíll see the same thing on a checkout counter.  If you make a fuss about something, the rest of them in the line will tit-tit and complain, like whoís causing the trouble.  And thatís how they turn on you. Thatís the general population, who are already conditioned into whatever the new system happens to be. 


Scott: Oh, yeah.  And very quickly, Alan, I donít want to take too much of your time up.  But, itís just as I read more and more things, as I read some Manley P Hall stuff and I read, you read this information, the true history as you say, you know, you see stuff everywhere.  I mean, even the ads.  I mean, I live in the City, and Iím going to try and get out of here as soon as I can, but I donít know how people raise kids.  Thereís these MTV ads with young kids engaged in sexual activity just everywhere.  I just donít understand.  Weíre just such a demoralized culture.  We really, really have become one.  So, when the breakdown does occur, I mean, thereís going to be, I mean, you talk about moral relativity, there is no morals left.


Alan: Thatís right.  Absolutely.  That was always the intention of the Frankfurt School, one of the main arms of the Marxist teams.  And they have been in control of the US and the Western, especially the US and Canadian cultures since the 1940s, 50s.  They gave you whatís now called culture.  They said, and this is the word by the way of Adorno, who was one of their main writers for their team, for music and for entertainment and so on, for Hollywood.  He said, we shall know that we have won when we have brought in a culture of, he called it, not just pedophilia, but necrophilia.  Necrophilia was his term, where they have demolished all values whatsoever in order to rebuild the new culture.  That was the term they used, necrophilia.


Scott: And itís funny, you look at Ru Paul, I saw a Ru Paul ad for the transvestite Ru Paul, and behind Ru Paul was the black and white checkerboard of Freemasonry, just telling you who itís from.  Itís, you know, incredible. 


Alan: Sure. 


Scott: And very quickly.  I do have a question for you.  Iíve noticed that, you know, ďPatriot IssuesĒ have seeped onto television.  You know, I watch very little television, but I listen to other Patriot radio shows, and I noticed that, you know, thereís been conspiracy shows, and I donít know if my analysis is correct.  My brother and I are both ďawakeĒ as they say, but the only reason I can think of that this stuff would be allowed to be on is because itís being #1, sensationalist, to the point where, when the public sees it, it almost...


Alan: You see, the government, Sunstein and these boys came up with the idea.  These are the guys who run the psychology departments for altering behavior of the public for the US government.  They work for the government.  And they came up with the idea of conspiracy theories.  They put the term conspiracy theories for all alternate forms of news, except for the ones, like the one I read, the last one, the one who forms the groups for the radicals, etc.  Theyíre not a conspiracy group, you see.  Those who actually just stick to the news and so on, of whatís happening, theyíre conspiracy theorists.  Itís like itís a new club of oddballs.  And thatís the impression they want to give the general public, and theyíve already been successful, as far as Iím concerned.


Scott: And it seems that, you know, when the public sees this stuff, the people that just sit there and watch TV, theyíll see it, and then if they ever hear it, if anybody ever talks to them about it, theyíll say, oh, I saw that on television, and that was debunked.  You know.


Alan: Yeah.  And they bring in the UFOs and the aliens and reptiles and all that stuff, and that makes it all the more stupid and crazy, and thatís how itís intended to be.  And when you stick to the facts it doesnít matter.  Theyíre going to lump you in with the rest of them, even if youíre quoting the guys in government at the time, or even Sunstein himself.  Youíre a crazy conspiracy theorist, and you probably believe that aliens are running the planet and stuff like that. 


Scott: Well, thank you so much, Alan.  Keep up the good work, man.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Yeah, weíre run on all levels.  Iíve turned shows down, and TV shows as well, that were doing conspiracy theories.  And I wonít go on them, because all youíre going on to is a circus.  And I call it the circus.  Some radio shows too, itís a circus.  They bring on the guys who promote the walking alligator bags, and they bring on the guys who have taken trips off on UFOs and visited the planets, and stuff like that.  And youíre just one guy amongst all that lot.  This is a circus and this is intentional.  Itís intentional and itís funded.  Thereís intelligence services behind it.  Whenever you see that, you know whatís working it, because we donítí need to get wrapped up in all the nonsense that they have handed to us to get wrapped up in.  Stick to the basic facts.  Stick to the history.  Stick to the official documentation, and you canít go wrong. But even now, youíll still get put into a conspiracy theorist camp, because the mainstream media must have access, total access to the minds of the general viewing population to brainwash them, and they will never tell you the truth.  Theyíll never.  Weíre being lullabied to sleep, basically with what we call, what we think of as news.  Weíre always given alternate reasons for things happening, even in Egypt and so on, and thatís the way itís supposed to be.  Propaganda is put out there by two or three main news wires.  And everyone copies it. These are the official ones that they all must copy.  Anything else is obviously crazy as they say.  Everything else is obviously crazy. 


Itís a battle for the minds, and thatís what weíre in now.  Propaganda wars they called it years ago, before they gave you the internet.  They talked about mind wars and information wars.  Thatís what youíre going through today.  And they didnít sit back waiting for its opposition, they made sure they already had the groups set up who would go into action, unfortunately sometimes even on behalf of Patriots in the early days, and folk did come out of nowhere and suddenly, and they would hang an audience for a while.  Theyíd carry them.  And then, maybe, once youíre hooked on them, in would come the aliens.  In would come all the weird stuff, until it got too bizarre, and thatís how they do it.  Youíve got to understand, at the top there, the funding for intelligence agencies, and especially counterintelligence. 


Counterintelligence is something put out to counter real intelligence, real facts, and so the guys they put out there in the field will come out with the real facts until they have the audience, and then they sway them off in 180 degrees.  And the rest just follow along because now theyíre used to the leader that theyíve decided to follow.  I have always told people, donít follow leaders.  And when you smell something coming in, itís up to you, but turn away.  I do.  Iíve always done that.  When someone takes the wrong track, I know something is going on.  And you stop, you stop viewing or listening or whatever.  You have to do it that way.  You have to think for yourself and stop being followers.  Youíve got to think for yourself.


As I say, in this day and age, especially the young ones and even they created the whole New Age movement.  And it was like a shopping mall.  You couldnít go into the traditional religions, but you could go into all the new ones they were putting out there.  Hinduism was fine.  You could mediate forever and take dope.  Governments love that, because it really spun the brains of millions of youth.  It helped to promote the sexual promiscuity that they wanted to foster, so they wouldnít bind for life.  And, again, youíll find the Frankfurt school was behind that.  They wanted that.  They said that would work and it did work.  The multiple partners; they will not stay with one partner for any length of time. 


And then they gave them Buddhism.  Buddhism is fantastic too, because, again, thereís no rules.  You do what you want.  Thereís no rules.  Thereís no laws of cause and effect.  You know, if you do this, this will happen to you.  You can always postpone it until another life and pay it off in an afterlife, like a credit card.  I mean, this is the stuff that they were promoting then, and its main objective, as the Frankfurt School said, was to destroy Christianity.  Thatís the only one they were after, Christianity.  Now, of course, itís the Moslemsí turn.  And thatís what all this is about too.  They will not allow a Moslem Ė in the Moslem culture, you see, itís not just a religion, itís a whole culture and a governmental system.  It is not democratic.  It was never meant to be democratic.  We donít have democracy.  Democracy is a front.  As much of a front as the great cries that they gave the Communists for the Revolutions.  Youíll all be free and working together for a wonderful Utopia.  The workers paradise they called it.  Itís always a big lie, and so is democracy.  Democracy is central banking, the monopolization of all governmental departments by a plutocracy that are often intermarried and know each other, very well, and massive, massive debt.  You, all you are, at the bottom level is a producer and consumer and tax payer.  Thatís your duty, under citizenship.  Under international law and citizenship, thatís your duty.  Thatís all your function is. 


There was in Canada, in a microcosm in Sudbury, where they voted in the local council.  And then they found out the Council Members were all liars and were helping themselves, as they always do.  Theyíre all corrupt.  Because thatís the only type who go for power, you see, in politics and so on.  And one guy took it up to the Supreme Court trying to get rid of this bunch.  And he was told by the Supreme Court of Canada, no, under democracy the only right you have is to vote someone in.  What they do when theyíre in is up to them.  They can do whatever, whatever they want.  Thatís it.  Thatís what democracy is.  Itís a top-down dictate to the public of what you do next and how you behave next and what youíll pay next and so on.  Thatís what democracy is.  And again, in democracy you always find and always recognizing minority groups. 


Well, minority groups, again, were fostered by the Comintern and the Frankfurt School that also got your governmentís tax money to help fund the Frankfurt School that mixed with the Macy group, to create this particular culture and society, and with its massive debt and all the rest of it.  And they couldnít get enough working people who were disaffected to go along with this Marxist idea, so they created minority groups.  Thatís what they said, we must create minority groups and get them all working together along our agenda.  The followers donít have to really know what theyíre really after.  Only the leaders will know.  Thereís never any shortage of followers amongst the youth.  All the professors who agitated through the í60s and í70s were placed there by the CIA.  And the CIA was never there to defend the American people, any more than MI6 was there to defend the British people.  Thatís the truth of it.  Hereís an article here:


FBI urges Congress to expand Internet wiretapping


The FBI urged members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security on Thursday to update the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and make it easier for authorities to eavesdrop on Internet.


The act was passed in 1994 and requires telecommunication companies to design their equipment and services to ensure that law enforcement and national security officials can monitor telephone and other communications whenever necessary.


(A: Thatís faxes, phones, everything has a back door on it and a chip that can be activated to allow them to come in.  All your computers too.  All your spyware, etc, must have back doors built into them, by law, since 1994.)


"Over the years, through interpretation of the statute by the Federal Communications Commission, the reach of CALEA has been expanded to include facilities-based broadband internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that are fully inter-connected with the public switched telephone network," FBI General Counsel Valeria Caproni told the subcommittee.


"Although that expansion of coverage has been extremely helpful, CALEA does not cover popular Internet-based communications modalities such as webmail, social networking sites or peer-to-peer services."


(A: Which is not true at all.)


"As a result, although the government may obtain a court order authorizing the collection of certain communications, it often serves that order on a provider who does not have an obligation under CALEA to be prepared to execute it," she explained. "Such providers may not have intercept capabilities in place at the time that they receive the order."


What they want now is to put it in all software as well, by the way.  And by the way, they can get what they want through the NSA.  Theyíre just a bit ticked if they ask the NSA.  Thatís what this is all about.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, what I mean about the Frankfurt School, you have no idea the incredible influence that that had.  Look at the websites for Laurel Canyon, where a lot of these characters started too in the music industry.  They already had Hollywood on the go for years, long before that, bringing you down step by step.  And Adorno, Theodor Adorno was one of their main architects of this plan, and it was all backed by the US government, by the way, your whole cultural shift.  ďEros was precisely the weapon that the Frankfurt School and their fellow-travellers employed,Ē eros was sex and exotica and so on,  ďover the next 50 years, to create a cultural paradigm shift away from the so-called ďauthoritarianĒ matrix of man in the living image of God, the sanctity of the nuclear family, and the superiority of the republican form of nation-state over all other forms of political organization. They transformed American culture toward an erotic, perverse matrix, associated with the present ďpolitically correctĒ tyranny.Ē  They brought in the whole terms of political correctness.  Thereís words you canít use now.  Terms you canít use.  It was them.  Youíve got them to thank for it.  Itís still on the go today, by the way, at the top of governments.  So, a ďďpolitically correctĒ tyranny of tolerance for dehumanizing drug abuse, sexual perversion, and the glorification of violence.Ē  Thatís all that youíve been fed.  ďFor the Marxist/Freudian revolutionaries of the Frankfurt School, the ultimate antidote to the hated Western Judeo-Christian civilization was to tear that civilization down, from the inside, by turning out generations of necrophiliacs.Ē  And that was the term that Theodor Adorno from the Frankfurt School called it.  A system of necrophilia, where literally anything will go.


And now we have bodies hanging on wires that have been plasticized on display at museums.  We have even pregnant ones, ones they killed when they were pregnant and thereís the fetus in the womb, hanging on wires, on skateboards, sitting at bars.  Ha, ha, ha.  Etc, etc.  Weíre already there.  Thereís your culture industry at work in Hollywood and in Music Television with Lady Gaga covered in blood, artificial blood and all the rest of it, going through her whole act.  Theyíre wanting to do an act with these hanging body-wired characters too, and make it ďsexy.Ē 


You think this is all coincidence?  Iím reading stuff from years ago, from their own books to you.  And itís all here.  And everyone whistles, they donít even whistle anymore, they just kind of hum along to what they call tunes now, these tuneless songs that are out there, no melodies whatsoever, and of course, lots of the sexual beat and the sexual ones where everyone wants to be a whore, apparently, right up until theyíre about fifty or sixty.  They canít age anymore.  Theyíre terrified to age and stop wearing miniskirts and high heels.  Itís amazing.  Itís all worked.  You never had anything to do with creating a culture, but professionals did.  And these professionals had created cultures long before yours.  Thatís why they have so much information on the abilities and the sciences of actually introducing it and planning it and running it for you.  And here you are today. 


And no one thinks anymore when the American and the British Airforce takes off and bombs the hell out of countries.  No one cares when you see bodies all over the place.  Itís not you thatís getting blown up.  Youíre too busy with Much Music and all the rest of it, all your perversions.  They make sure thereís lots of that on the internet for you too, donít they?  Iím surprised, Iím surprised, and not, Iím just disgusted often at how easy it was for them to do with society.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your God or your Gods go with you. 



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