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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 22, 2011:

Perception Management  You'll Be Finding,
Is Data-Mining for Data-Minding:

"Guided by Pros for Congress or Parliament,
Continuing Indoctrination, Perception Management,
People Start Arguing, Giving Heated Retorts,
Unaware They're Responding to News Distorts,
As We Go Down the Tubes with No Resolution,
Watching Democracy Shredded, No Constitution,
We're Supposed to Be Happy for "Popular Uprising"
In Various Nations, While We are Downsizing,
Media Churns Out Propaganda, Never Relaxes,
Down on Our Knees, We've to Pay More Taxes
Which are Used Across World, But You Be Austere
And Vote for "Democracy"? Ain't Seen it Here"
© Alan Watt Feb. 22, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 22, 2011
(Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on 22nd February 2011.


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A lot of work goes into it. It’s seven days a week, believe you me there’re no breaks here, but we’re going through the most extraordinary times in history as we go into the ‘new’ system, a completely brand new system where you’ll be monitored and basically worked by experts from even pre-birth to conception to death ultimately in the eugenical society which they hope to bring in.


You’re going to live; most of you will live through seeing all this come to pass. And of course it’s a global agenda. It’s for the entire planet, that’s the prize, and of course we’re being discarded along the way as the last tax bucks are sucked out of us to pay for it all.


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And we are going through the greatest changes; amazing planned changes. You can get the hints of it going back to the 1700’s as the philosophers were thrown forward really into the public light, always backed by big groups and very wealthy people who had an agenda already planned.

But they needed the writers and authors to come forth and start the revolutions going, into creating a new thing which eventually today is called ‘democracy’; something which is very elastic. It keeps changing its meaning and you have to remember that the first ‘democracy’ was only for the wealthy people, the landed gentry, the aristocracy and eventually it was about World War I, I think that people in Britain got the vote even if they just rented their accommodation.

That was part of their payback for getting slaughtered for the bankers. That’s what we are, really, peasants in a big, global plantation and believe you me, your masters are internationalists. They’re also Darwinists. They believe in survival of the fittest and they’ve teamed up with all the other top families across the planet and they’re all on board.

The ones who have collected the wealth and sucked it from billions of people through centuries, that’s the big club that runs the world today. Now they’re going for all the resources. They own most of it. A handful of companies really own it all; really a handful of people if you look into the major shareholders of energy and so on across the world. It’s quite amazing to see the same names crop up over and over and over. Other ones are done through proxies and frontmen.


Now that’s the music coming in so I’ll come back with tonight’s talk after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through The Matrix. I’ve gone on about the techniques that are used on our minds basically because everything is perception and perception management and some of the higher universities, the Ivy League ones, are way ahead in teaching to the future helpers, to the rulers, those ones who end up in high bureaucratic positions and the CIA and so on, they’re to teach them perception management; it’s very, very important to realise that pretty well everything that’s fed to you by mainstream is all part of creating certain perceptions on things.


It’s interesting to even look at pharmacology for instance. You’d never think of pharmacology as having teams of journalists on board, permanently, to hand out ‘positive information’ as they call it, to the public. What they do is they hand it to the newspapers who quite happily print them in their papers and give glowing reports on their drugs and so on, or inoculations. It’s the same thing too. They do that with them too. They employ hundreds of journalists to do this kind of stuff and that’s to alter your perception because after all there’s no independent enquiry to find if this stuff really works or if it’s harmful or whatever.

I’ve gone through some of the talks before where they’ve released some information on this and the investigations into these companies to find out that they literally pay people to lie, quite blatantly too, to con the public.


Remember too that the media is not bound by any law to tell you the truth and that was something that came out of the high court in the US, the Supreme Court, when someone took something to the top over a news series that was getting done. These journalists took it to the top because their bosses had basically banned them from going any further on a particular topic because it involved some big heavyweights like Monsanto. And the Judge said that the ‘news’ does not have to tell you any truth. There’s nothing in law to say so.


News is news; it’s just info, it’s data, and you’re controlled by the data too and what kind of data they scatter at you. They have lots of terms in psychology and behaviourism and all the different sciences that are involved in neuroscience and neuroeconomics etc., that are all working together, with governments, to make sure that everyone’s trained, generation by generation into believing the proper things you see, the ‘proper things’.


Technically we really are all insane, prattling nonsense to eachother thinking we’re all quite normal because we’re all prattling the same bits and bytes of data to eachother and nodding our heads solemnly because some famous person said it on the news show; must be true. That’s how you judge your sanity.

There’s nothing given to the public today, there hasn’t been for an awful long time because these sciences were really well evolved in the late 1800’s and into the 20th century you’ll find they were racing ahead on control of the minds of millions of people via the media.

The media is an essential part; an ESSENTIAL part and arm of government. And those who own the big money supply own the governments. That’s what Rothschild said, ‘I don’t care, give me control of the money supply and I don’t care who you get in to rule’ because obviously whoever came in to rule would have to obey the bankers he borrows from.

It’s like the International Monetary fund. When they come in to give you ‘special drawing rights’ (by the way they’re doing that to all the countries now, every country. This is where they’re heading, where you’ll have to go to them for your ‘special drawing rights’) they also have a say in what laws you will put through in your government and force the people under. That’s standard with the IMF. It’s not a straight bank loan. There are many conditions to it and part of it is to make sure that they control your country once they’ve done it, once they’re in.


I’ve talked too, ad nauseam about the Council on Foreign Relations, this private organisation that’s just the American counterpart, it’s a branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a system set up by big international moneylenders again, in London, starting off with Cecil Rhodes who joined with Rothschild to form the Rhodes Foundation, then they merged with the Alfred Milner Foundation. Alfred Milner was actually eventually elevated to a ‘Lord’ but he was a banker really from Germany, and they formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Round Table societies and they used the British Empire as the nucleus for setting up a world system under the con of democracy.

That was also used to set up the League of Nations; they funded that into existence and they still control it today. It’s now called the United Nations and the United Nations is the big hub where all the laws are passed from and your presidents and prime ministers sign them without asking you your permission to go ahead with it, whatever it happens to be.

The Council on Foreign Relations are also the guys who are behind the amalgamation of Europe into one system. They were working on that before WW II ended; in fact some of their writers, according to Professor Carroll Quigley, were already writing about it before WW II. They wanted a united Europe under a singular, powerful government. It’s astonishing that Karl Marx talked about the same thing in the 1800’s. That was to be followed by an amalgamated Americas. Well they’re using this nonsense of the ‘War on Terror’ to make it happen for North America and they’re also going ahead full-steam with the amalgamation of the Far East and Pacific Rim areas.


It’s all done under guise and again perception management. It’s amazing how many people die every day in car accidents in the US but one guy supposedly, supposedly, and it was a fake of course with the underwear bomb he had on, supposedly, who was photographed and filmed for his whole journey and he was even allowed on a plane without a passport and helped on by a CIA fella; well that got the message through and they got what they wanted. But the fact is, that had more publicity than anything else that was happening at that particular time with folk dying of other things; as I say, even the traffic accidents.


So they can bend your mind, sway your mind and get the whole country changed until literally you’re living in a system of institutionalised ‘terror control’ or ‘propagation’. That’s what we’re in today and the Council on Foreign Relations is a big, big part of this because every president and prime minister, since the late 1800’s according to Carroll Quigley, has been a member of this ‘society’ even before it was called the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s had many names down through centuries.


From their own website they’re giving a sort of ‘cheer, cheer, ra, ra’ on the extension of the Patriot Act powers. And who writes it up? Well it’s the senior fellow for law and foreign policy at the CFR. It says his name is Waxman. I don’t know if he’s related to Al Waxman or not, but anyway it says:


“In an effort to allow further debate, Congress recently voted to push back by ninety days the February 28 expiration date of three controversial provisions of the Patriot Act. The provisions, which critics say create civil liberty concerns,…”


(Alan: I wonder who the critics are.)


“…include roving wiretaps, increased access to business records, and so-called "lone wolf" tracking capabilities. They represent some of the enhanced surveillance powers established after 9/11 to help law enforcement conduct counterterrorism…”


(Alan: BS, I put that in there because that’s what it is. You get so fed up reading this rubbish. It says:)


Matthew Waxman, a CFR expert on law and foreign policy,…”


(Alan: From this private organisation that runs your country.)


“…expects all three provisions to be extended into the near future, but suggests there remains "a major question concerning the adequacy of oversight for these powers." He explains the expirations built into these types of laws help keep government "in check" by triggering renewed debate based on experience. In supporting these extensions, he adds, the Obama White House is seeking "continuity" with much of the counterterrorism policies advocated by the Bush administration.”


(Alan: Actually they’ve gone a little bit further; they’re putting this onto every person in the US and Canada now that we’re all merged really, because they’re using the same databases as we are; they share their computers with Canada. Anyway it says:)


[Waxman:]  “In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Congress overwhelmingly passed the first Patriot Act,…”


(Alan: Actually they said it was unpatriotic if you read it and all the prostitutes, you know, just went along with it, all bar three I think)


“…which did a few things: It gave national security investigators more powers to collect information inside the United States; it also reduced restrictions on the sharing of that information within the government, for example, between law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies. These reforms were seen as important to remedy pre-September 11 deficiencies or obstacles that may have prevented the government from connecting the dots necessary to prevent terrorist attacks.”


(Alan: Well they’re not in the business of preventing them, they wanted them and I’m sure they had a lot to do with setting them up in the first place because they could not have brought in this stage of their New World Order, as Bush Pappa said so (he called it that,) without it.

Everything was ready to go except there was no terror going on. How do you get it through? You’ve got to cause something to happen and Bingo! These are the luckiest guys on the planet; they always get what they want.)


“Some of the provisions in the Patriot Act are set to expire unless Congress passes a bill to renew them. One of those provisions, for example, gives government national security investigators greater powers to obtain business records in the course of investigations.”


(Alan: It’s actually to make sure that they get every last cent of tax from everybody.)


“Another gives the government the authority to obtain roving wiretaps. Roving wiretaps are seen as necessary to keep up with changing technology--as a way to avoid having to get a new warrant each time a suspect changes his communication device.”


(Alan: It’s absolute rubbish that because you see they have voice decoders for everybody on the planet. If you’ve used a phone they have your voice print and it’s automatic who you are. It says:)


“And then the final one, which is complicated and was actually added a few years after the first Patriot Act, is the so-called "lone wolf" provision.”


“There are basically two tiers of legal restrictions on government surveillance powers inside the United States. There's one set of rules for fighting crime, where the restrictions on government surveillance are quite high: The government, in order to monitor communications of a suspect, has to go to a judge…”


(Alan: Etc. Etc. Etc. You all know that story)


“For that kind of surveillance, the government goes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and only has to meet a lower standard in order to get a warrant to monitor communications.”


(Alan: It’s all rubbish that because the NSA doesn’t ask anybody to monitor them and they monitor everybody across the world. This is the rubbish that we’re fed, you see? You’ve got to understand; George Orwell put it very well when he said: “There’s always an inner Party and an outer Party” and this rubbish here is meant for the outer Party and the cattle down beneath them. We all know what’s going on.)


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.


Last night I talked about the techniques used where they can use computers and software to make you think you’re being bombarded by emails and messages from lots and lots of people, but in actual fact they’re used by intelligence agencies and in a sense we’re all getting the same stuff. But this is more personalised, the stuff I’m talking about and how they target people.


Now, there are individuals who make the software and are well rewarded under this present system of ‘terror, terror everywhere and not a drop to be seen’. Anyway, they make their living off this stuff and I’m putting up links tonight. One is called ‘Swarming’ about a guy who’s into ‘stigmergic systems’ they call it. It’s like someone with bad eyesight, you know, but it says:


“Using object oriented programming techniques, multiple copies of software agents can be created. These agents - with independent means of communication, recognition and processing abilities - can be programmed to work as a group to collectively perform a complex task.”


(Alan: That’s bombarding you)


“This activity often resembles the swarming activities of insect colonies and can be used in association with stigmergic systems.”


(Alan: And then he prattles on about it more and more and then he says:)


“A typical use of swarming agents is: Swarming agents for pattern recognition - a proposed application for the surveillance of real time data to detect possible terrorist activity.”


(Alan: And they use algorithms and so on and it’s actually so realistic you’ll think you’re communicating with actual people and you can ask them questions and it’ll send answers back to you and so on. In fact it’ll even read your own persona and know exactly how you are and what’ll appeal to you because they’ve monitored you for long enough. You put all your data out there and you use the internet every day and they have your personal database just on you, on your whole persona, so they can actually target it right at you and say nice things and things that’ll interest you; stuff like that. That’s how far ahead it all is and you think they gave you the computer so that you could just enjoy yourself and become ‘enlightened’?


I’ll put another link up too from the same character where he goes into the stigmergic systems and the web in more detail and how they work together, and different systems can work together with other systems and all bombard you. The same stuff is being used for bombarding people too who believe they’re bringing democracy to the world, with these colour revolutions and stuff like that too. They’re all being guided by just a few people—that appear to be hundreds. They’re all being guided by ‘agents’ in other words, so I’ll put these links up for you to let you know what’s going on.

You’ve got to be so careful now. You don’t know if it’s a real person or not that’s communicating to you and sending you little ‘tweets’ etc.


Now there’s Tom from Wisconsin on the line. Are you there Tom? We’ll take you now.


Tom: Yeah I’m here Alan. I was calling tonight because I’m always interested in trying to find the highest reality that’s in existence and I understand just conceptually here that the highest reality dictates what the lower realities are ultimately and the lower realities that exist and the sort of side issues that people get stuck on and things like that, they’re always a means to an end and the end is the higher reality. And lately I’ve come to the understanding that it is the trans-humanist, eugenics system that is ultimately the higher reality and what is being done with genetic manipulation all over the world now being financed by the banking elite. I realise I’m thinking this is the higher reality and I wanted to get your opinion on that idea.


Alan: Well, you’re right on with that because you have to go into the writings of players and front-men again. You understand that just like today governments hire hundreds and thousands of novelists for instance. Governments pay for lots and lots of movies to get put out there because, you see, your culture and what’s drummed into you, even through fictional form, will actually shake your reality and change it. And it’s always been that way. H.G. Wells was a big player in his time for the same group I mentioned at the beginning of the show and he wrote about the perfect utopia that would come out of this for them of course, for an elite. He hated the lower classes in an awful way, even though technically his mother was one step from the door of joining them at one point. She was actually a housemaid for an aristocratic family.

He had a terror all his life of actually ending up on the street or working in a factory. So he ended up hating factory people and ordinary folk. So he was an ideal candidate to pick. They always pick the disaffected to really push it; someone with a chip on their shoulder. It could be sexual, it could be whatever it is, to push their agenda. That’s what they do.

Wells wrote ‘A Modern Utopia’ on how this system would be set up after they eliminated all the wrong kinds of people, gradually over maybe a century or more and how they’d sterilise them in fact. Well, they’re not just sterilising you through the usual methods of blatant surgery. We’ve been sterilising dogs and so on and cats for years now with chemicals, chemical sterilisation. They’re doing the same with humans as well and that’s why the sperm count is plummeting.

You see, they don’t need all the labourers across the world anymore; the semi-skilled people that used to work the factories. They’ve got China set up to do all that, and they set up China, and so they plan to basically bump off all the lower ones that are left. You’ve got to understand this is a science and it’s a religion they believe in. Evolution and Darwinism is a religion. It’s completely intertwined with Marxism and it joins in with the big bankers’ philosophies of economics perfectly. There’s no conflict there at all. Hang on and I’ll talk about this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and this is Cutting through the Matrix, talking to Tom from Wisconsin about eugenics and the big plan.


As I say, you’ll find in H. G. Wells’ ‘A Modern Utopia’ how they would sterilise folk down through the ages until they were at their perfect society. But what they were also after for the guys who already ruled them and you’ve got to understand their religion. Their religion is eugenics. It’s Eugenics, Darwinism and Marxism all combined. They all stem from the same route with the belief that, and this was already established as I say in the 19th century, they already believed that those who had attained wealth, great wealth and power and intermarried through selection, not just any sort of natural means, but selection.


Natural selection to them is different. Natural selection is marrying your own kind, say the daughter of a wealthy banker who’s been inbred for generations. They’ve held onto their wealth and their power for generations. It hasn’t been squandered by some wayward son along the way. That’s how they decide who’s fit to join the big world club. They also believe that science should rule on their behalf, not over them but for them on their behalf, beneath them. It ties in with the philosophy of Plato and ‘The Republic’ with his ‘guardian’ class and then those who would help the ‘guardian’ class then the military class beneath that; all specially bred for their tasks and that’s almost where we are today.


When you look at Washington DC, if you look at Ottawa for Canada and you look at London, England, in ‘The City’, you’ll find that the bureaucracies there are basically interbred. They’ve been interbred for years. All they mix with is their own kind. That was already happening when the US constitution was first set up. They said there’d be no nepotism and in no time at all Franklin and others were trying to get their sons into government, for hereditary classes, so this is a standard thing that’s happened. However, at the top of this belief is that they are the natural inheritors of the world since they’ve held onto power. Everyone runs beneath them, running after cash which they dole out to them one way or another because they’re in charge of the distribution. Remember the distribution of wealth also comes from the top. They’re the ones who decide and get your governments to decide what wealth is, number one, and once they decide what it is then obviously the guys at the top already own it; and they will allow no other competitors, you see. It could be rice. It could be anything at all. It could be seashells, it doesn’t matter as long as they have the right to rule over it.


Then they set up their central banking system, which is a cabal again, all inter-related with other countries, the World Bank and the IMF to control the whole world.


This is what they call their ‘natural evolution’ for themselves and they believe they will be the victors eventually but they are concerned, that we, the rest of the public, the lesser people who are left behind, in other words, the gene pool at present. If you haven’t made it to the top, they claim, then you will never get anybody coming out of that gene pool getting to the top. They’re not worthy anymore. It’s the junk genes. We’re all junk genes at the bottom if you haven’t got there already.

They truly believe this nonsense. I’ve heard some of them talking about it and they plan to go off into the future; I was reading some of this stuff from Darwin and he talked about how to get an oak tree to grow, there’s a bit of soil there and different bacterium come in and different bugs will come in, aerate the soil, worms come in, then another mould will come in then more bugs will come in and bacterium and work the soil and then that has a chance, that little germinating seed has a chance to grow and that’s what they call evolution. Each thing dies off in its turn; the insects die off, the bacterium dies off; everything dies off and that’s the sacrifice that’s made for the great tree to grow. That’s how they word this kind of stuff. We are all expendable.


We have brought society up to this level through thousands of years; through conflict and all the rest of it. We’ve fought all their wars for them. We’ve worked their factories during an industrial era; they’ve moved everything offshore so we’re left behind basically without much of a function, except to pay taxes and fight the last of their wars for them, but then we must die off in turn.


Really, it’s when you compare it, this whole eugenics idea, with Hinduism, you get a jolt because it’s identical, pretty well, to Hinduism; compare the two.

The belief in Hinduism is that we all start off as sort of ‘primeval’ whatever, in some muddy swamp and then you evolve from there through incarnations etc. etc..


It’s so similar that you can’t simply dismiss the two at all and I think a lot was borrowed through Freemasonry for instance (and there’s no doubt about that, even according to Albert Pike) into the particular religion of the elitists at the top, and that’s how they validate what they do.


And they do believe, just like any farmer, if the price of pork goes up and there’re too many pigs, they’ll cull off the pigs you see, rather than sell them; it’s not worth keeping them and keeping them fed because the price might not go up for a long time, so you simply kill them off.


That’s how dispassionately they look at the general population of the world right now. And they have all these scientists, as I say, now that they’ve super-ceded all religions, that science was to rise to the top as Aldous Huxley said and Bertrand Russell said. Bertrand Russell said ‘this will be a scientific form of dictatorship’ and he says it will be absolutely terrible in the way it works and processes itself and society. It will be ruthless he said. There's no mercy in science, there’s no such thing as personal soul or speciality of a human being at all in science; you’re another animal and now you’re a lower animal because you’re at the bottom of the gene pool; but he said at the same time, ‘if there is to be a dictatorship I’d rather it be a scientific one’.


Well that’s what they’ve got in store and that’s why Marxism, which brings in socialism, which brings in massive government intrusion into the system that was the family life, the community life, the national life and it grows like a cancer with bureaucrats and agencies. That’s why it was so essential and that’s why the bankers pushed that whole system because you see, not so long ago, the government could not come into the home. What families did was their own business. That was it, period. Governments couldn’t just pick off somebody off the street as they used to do in the feudal days and hang them from a tree if you were called a ‘villein’ (villain).

A villein was anybody who was a serf. They called you a villein and there were no laws against them grabbing you and hanging you for whatever; if he felt like doing it, the lord would do it.


Christianity in its later phases for the first time gave some respectability to every person and they had to go through at least a formula of a court hearing or something and give you some respect before they’d find you guilty and then go out and hang you, but when that’s gone there’s nothing left.


You’re just an animal according to all the textbooks. It’s been reinforced through every generation now, that you’re just an animal; and animals can be disposed of. And of course when they bring in economics with it and their various ways of explaining economics, which suits them of course, which is a way to bend the mind to do with natural resources, they’re really talking about the resources they want for themselves to go off into the future because in Darwinism, they believe that the lesser evolved must be destroyed if the higher evolved have to go on; exactly the same as Hinduism.

If you come through into their system with them, you will then bring them down; that’s what Charles Galton Darwin was talking about in his book ‘The Next Million Years’ published in 1952. That was their biggest fear. They’re really serious about this and that’s why, as I say, the great ‘coincidence’, as it’s called, of sterility just sweeping across the western world since the 1950’s and the first polio vaccines happened, it’s just amazing that they can’t find out why and there’s no curiosity either at the top to find out why; well it’s because it’s planned that way. Believe you me, if they didn’t plan it they’d find out damn quick what was causing it all because they must be in control all the time, of everything you see.


So eugenics is a big, big part of it and they did talk for a long time in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s in some of their books that they could have special selection for the peasant class and mate them up; the better ones they said, with more skills and so on, with the better women who also had similar skills, breeding us like animals, again exactly as Plato talked about in ‘The Republic’.

Then they started to lose faith in this particular method and so they’ve decided basically that we’re ‘written off’. It’ll take us maybe 60 years to be at that level; it’ll be continuous, high cancer rates and mass sterility on the way down and we’ve already got that by the way.


The average doctor today is taught in college and in university, a new reality. They’re always giving them new realities in every generation and the new reality is that cancers for everybody is normal. There’s no curiosity to find out why it’s suddenly normal and why it was not normal 50 years ago to have the plethora of cancers we have today. That also tells me that it’s planned.


Alan: Hello?


Tom: Hi, I’ve got two more questions then I’ll get off the line and take your responses. I’ve also come to believe that if I don’t have children, they win, and also too, I wondering, what do you think about their messing with the genetic pool and what that could end up causing even in their own destruction. I mean they obviously have the hubris to think that they’ll come through with all their bunkers and their storage of food and their supposed seed banks, you know, where it’s very cold. I really question their sanity in thinking that they could seriously alter the genetic pool of the planet and not end up being affected by it, being of the ‘old type’, even though they think that they’re more evolved than we are.


Alan: Well, they’re not dumb, again. They have literally thousands of think tanks working on all these areas. They have laboratories all over the place; they have all universities working for them. All your universities work for them through minor grants matched about tenfold by the public taxpayer. So we do all the work for them really but the data gets fed upwards again in a pyramid structure and they truly believe that they can overcome any problems in the foreseeable future and they’re definitely prepared for it; every problem that could possibly emerge.

Anything that happens from now on, they’re claiming, when they’re giving out the forecast for the next 50 years, through think tanks that work with the military and think tanks that work for NATO and they publish 90 pages, as I say, 2 or 3 years ago which I put up in my archive section, what they see happening in the next 50 years, anything that will happen in that report means they will make it happen; not because it’s going to happen by itself. They will make it happen. If you’re in control, you don’t wait for something to happen, you make it happen instead and that way you’re in control of it, you can lead it in the proper direction and that’s how they work. We’re not dealing with people who are simply sitting around and sipping brandy and making the odd suggestion to eachother. Everything is tried and tested in the microcosmic level before it’s put into the macrocosmic level and they’re dead serious in what they can achieve and accomplish.

Even China is now set up to be the manufacturer for the whole planet; something by the way that Marx touched on in a way, one manufacturer for the world is really what they were after. When you really look at it, China itself will eventually have to bring down in its own policies very harshly as we are dying off and we’re not allowed to consume; we’re down to austerity levels, that’s where it’s going, then they’ll have to start cutting back on their own working staff and even they expect riots there with massive layoffs and so on as they stop producing so much for us to consume.


They’ve worked all this stuff out on strategy boards, only it’s all done with computers now and it’s pretty well perfect as long as they stay in charge of it all.

You’re dealing with the ultimate arrogance of an elite, who’ve been an elite for an awful long time, whose children are brought up with a totally different reality than anything you’d ever imagine. It’s beyond science fiction and even the children are not allowed into the higher realms of understanding until they’re well tested over the years to know if they can keep their mouths shut in public.

So this is where they’re going with it all.


All the rest of it at this level, that I’m even reading here tonight, is just for the general mass down below. Most of what we’re getting today, as you can see on the news, is trivia and recycled news. The new technique is to shield politicians from having tomatoes thrown at them even psychologically or metaphorically speaking, and so we’re hearing nothing from the politicians in most of the countries and we simply get little releases from on-high down to below of laws getting passed etcetera and nothing else.


This is the new form of governance as they call it; the politicians are allowed to get on with signing our lives away in secrecy and not making public appeals or speeches to the public so much anymore. This is the new form of governance if people haven’t noticed. It’s been happening for months now and all we’re getting fed at the bottom is just utter, dire trivia, but thanks for calling.


There’s another caller on the line there but I don’t see his name. Are you still there? Hello, is it Cedric from Illinois?


Cedric: I’m calling from Chicago. Right now they have the Rahm Emmanuel elections and it’s a joke. This guy came in, he walked through a black community, took a few pictures, went on the el, shook a few hands, then he put all the commercials on TV to make it look like he was really for the people, you know what I’m saying? And now they got a lot of black people wanting to vote for him and it’s funny how the democrat X’d out and they were saying how they X’d out the other black candidate so that he could be the ‘consensus’ one and now they’ve got all the black people voting for him, you know what I’m saying? But it’s funny how my people don’t really see what’s going on.


Alan: No, everyone’s trained into their camp. It doesn’t matter what country you go into either, they’re all trained into their camp. Supposedly democracy, supposedly and especially the American constitution which is a Republican form of government, it meant that you selected someone from your area that you knew; someone whose door you could go to and knock on it and talk to him, selecting him to go off and represent your area. It’s all changed and they bring them in from outside now. They don’t have to even live in the state anymore.


Cedric: Yeah, you know what, because they did that with that dude Alan Keyes to run against somebody they brought in from Maryland, to Illinois to run for, I forgot what office it was, but you’re definitely right.


I wanted to make another point. You clued me up on when they dropped the Dengue Fever on the population of Oakland, they also did one up here where they gave people some type of stuff for their lawn, they told them it was for their lawn, and it ended up being something else. They had an article on it and I noticed the media did not want to play it and they did it to the people on the Southside in a real poor section of East St. Louis Lincoln in Illinois and it never got any play.


Alan: I’ve got some YouTube videos where they were even taking people in that area in the 40’s and telling them they had cancers, which they did not have by the way, and you’ll see guys injecting radioactive material into their bloodstreams directly and observing them casually to see what would happen to them. They lied from the beginning. They did not have cancers and the doctors were all in on it. Do you understand the level of deception and liars you have in society all working for government agencies?


Cedric: I’m starting to notice that now because I was one of the ones that was into HipPop. It was sort of like brainwashed. I was brought up in the gang and drug culture you know and it kind of like brainwashed me, but I was able to also always want to seek the truth so I really never fell like everybody else, but now I’m beginning to see what’s really going on.


Alan: Hold on and we’ll come back after this break.... Hi folks we’re back and we’re Cutting through the Matrix. I was talking to Cedric from Chicago. Are you still there Cedric?


Cedric: Yes sir, I’m still here. Yeah I was saying that I understand the connection from the gangs, but now that you see like the gangster disciple symbol is the same symbol as the Israeli symbol; isn’t that ironic and another gang symbol is the same 5-pointed star that’s on the Islam flag and they use Islam literature.


Alan: Yes and I’ll tell you an amazing thing too. Someone I know whose brother worked in the FBI college did a survey on gang symbols and he was astonished to find how many, most of them, in fact all of them, were high freemasonic. They didn’t make them themselves. Someone made these slogans for them and the symbols for them because they would never have known the ancient, occultic meanings of these symbols, but somebody did it for them.


Cedric: That’s what I noticed because they’re not smart. The gangs are not real smart. You could tell they just… like to me I think they use them just to funnel the drugs to the streets and that’s what they’re used for.


Alan: Sure, and it’s well known too that they always used the Hell’s Angels in Canada for the distribution of the drugs that were flown in of course by the big intelligence services and so they’re all involved together believe you me; and when they want to destroy a community they just make sure the drugs flow freely and the proper drugs are delivered to bring them down fast and then they point at all the chaos in that society and then the public get all worried about it and then laws are passed and so on.

I mean, everybody is used and very few know it; very few know it.


Cedric: Before you go, they had an article, one weekend we had 40 people got shot; they got shot. I saw one where there were 41 or 39. They did an article where they found that 99% of the people charged did not go to jail. No, you know what, they didn’t even get charged for the crime. So with all those shootings no-one even got arrested or charged for the crime. That’s how you know too that they’re allowing that to happen.


Alan: You’re right on. They want it to happen. There was a gang in Toronto, they were all illegal immigrants, mainly from Jamaica, and they were dropped places, caught, let go, caught, let go, caught, let go and eventually they shot someone and I think that’s what they were waiting for; for them to shoot someone. It was a young white female. It looked great in the newspapers of course and it was all used to get the next bunch of laws against the gun confiscations on the go. So you’re darn right. These guys were caught so many times and let go. They weren’t even put in prison when they were caught maybe 4 or 5 times prior to that. So they let them loose until they did what they were there to do and they’re used, yeah.

It’s amazing, it truly is amazing. It works every time and the media gets in on the act and then you find the real agenda, and the real agenda is to try and get every hunter’s rifle registered in Canada and that’s what they used it for.


Cedric: Ok, ok.


Alan: It’s amazing isn’t it?


Cedric: Yeah, thanks Alan, I’ve learned a lot from you and I’ll be talking to you later too.


Alan: Sure enough, thanks for calling.


Cedric: Take it easy.


Alan: Bye now…Is Werner from Canada there? Might just get you in for a minute


Werner: Good evening. I just wanted to make one comment here to the previous caller Cedric. Basically, create always chaos and with the gangs it keeps them occupied. And look at all the economic spinoff.


Alan: Oh massive.


Werner: And how many jobs it creates in the public service sector and with the jobs that are being created, how many lawyer subjects that will vote for the ones that are in power.


Alan: That’s right and again they’ll put themselves up and say, “We’ll protect you from all this violence” which they help to bring on. It’s just like terrorism. You can’t have terrorism without creating the terrorists; the same thing, they’ve used the gangs before for the same thing. More ‘law and order’, yeah.

Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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