February 25th, 2011 (#777)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt February 25th, 2011:

The Way Angels Evade Electrosmog and HAARP
Is at the Bottom of Lakes Surrounded by Carp:

"Bombardment of Electro-Magnetic Radiation
Can Make People Placid, Mental Constipation,
It's an Ideal Scientific Mind Control
Which Men Like Teller Said was the Goal,
While the Masters Work for Great Society
With New Feudal System, CEO Variety,
Austerity for All, Except the Elites
Who have Wide Chairs to House Their Seats,
Money for Extras to Be Spent on Taxes,
Their Department of Ideas Never Relaxes,
Our Lives are Pulsed with Electric Soma,
Most are Walking but Brain's in Coma,
A Scientific Dictatorship Advocated by Russell
Is Totally Ruthless, Won't Spare the Muscle,
You'd Need to Survive in Faraday Compartment
To Escape the War of Electric Bombardment"
© Alan Watt February 25th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - February 25th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 25th of February, 2011.  I always start off this show by suggesting to newcomers to look into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and youíll find hundreds of audios for download for free, where I try to show you, using the official channels, the books put out there and the articles put out there by the big foundations, the big groups who really run the world, the private companies really that advise governments or tell them what to do.  And I show you how they all link together, to bring in a world system.  And itís a new feudal system.  Itís not just happening spontaneously.  It was planned a long time ago.  And you find that in Professor Carroll Quigleyís books, from the í60s, in fact, where he talks about the new feudalistic system, and the New World society.


And help yourself to the audios as I say, and it will really help you make shortcuts to understanding this incredible system of mind control that youíve been born into.  And, of course, your parents passed it on to you.  They didnít know themselves.  And then the school gets it to you, and they take over your brain and reinforce the fallacies, really, of reality.  And then the media takes over from then.  And you work through your life never having a clue that everything is being put on for your benefit, to make sure you never really wake up to the big question.  All thatís expected of you is to be a good citizen.  A good citizen is a good producer and consumer and taxpayer, and you have certain responsibilities, apart from doing all that, to the state, such as going off and fighting wars when your bosses tell you to do it.  Thatís all they expect of you.  And of course, they donít want you to be highly educated, and certainly not thinking for yourself.  They want you to act, really, like the mass man, and most folk do, unfortunately.  We never get a clue into the realities.  However, the big boys, with their legalities, they have lots of legalities at the top, will publish their own books, their own articles, and their own websites too, to do with their future and their plans.  And once you go into those articles, youíll be stunned as to why the mainstream media doesnít pick up on that, and never tell you, until you find out the mainstream media is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the same organizations.  And everybody at the top, who owns these newspapers, is a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Thatís why they donít put anything in the paper.  Youíre not supposed to know that stuff.  Just be happy with the trivia they dish out to you like chicken feed. 


Remember too that youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can buy the books and discs that I sell at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can order using a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office.  You can send cash, or use PayPal to order.  Just use the donation button on the .com site, and follow it by an email with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Now, itís the same across the rest of the world.  PayPal is probably your best, easiest choice, the cheapest definitely.  And thereís Western Union wire transfer, or they can give you a check.  Make sure itís international.  And Money Gram is the same.  They can give you a check or wire.  If you do a check, make sure itís international.  And, as I say, PayPal to order or donate.  And donations are accepted, and just straightforward donations too, because it takes a lot of cash to do this.  I donít bring on advertisers, as youíve noticed, who really just come on as experts and scare you, and then offer you their products and so on.  So, I donít go that way at all.  The ads you hear on this show are put forth independently of me by advertisers to pay for the airtime for this show, to pay RBN and its staff and its transmission and its equipment, and pay their bills as well, and their staff.  Because itís really expensive to keep these shows on the air.  Thereís no doubt about that.  So, help me with mine, and buy the books and so on, and please donate, and hopefully, I can keep going a bit longer.  Iím not backed by any big foundation or any NGO group.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís Friday, so I let that guitar wail for a little bit there, because sometimes you feel like doing a bit of wailing yourself, sometimes even howling at the incredible work thatís been done on our heads and our minds, and itís continuously done daily on our heads by the media, the mainstream media, and the rubbish they dole out to the public.  You see, weíre under scientific socialism.  We have been our whole lives.  And itís a perfect system.  Huxley talked about it, and he said it would be a perfect system.  We find the big players who helped design this system, who were living back in the thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. They were attending think tanks designing it all for you.  And here we are now, all in it today.  And everything they planned has come to pass.  Itís just astonishing to always know whatís coming next, because youíve read all their books, you see.  And youíve read the big plans from their websites that are up for the same foundations that they work for.  Ongoing, you see. 


And control of the mind is imperative and essential if youíre going to control populations of the world, and do nasty things to them, that will appear, or will definitely be propagated to them in a different fashion.  Theyíre just there to help you.  Itís going to help improve you, or better eating through GMO food or something.  That kind of stuff.  And weíre going through it right today, as we talk.  And I know in Britain, for instance, theyíve talked about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the general population, because theyíve gone hell for water with broadbands.  Itís everywhere, and you just canít escape it across the country.  And very high levels of it too, higher than most countries.  And people are coming down with odd symptoms, and you can actually categorize the symptoms, and Iíve mentioned some of them before, on previous shows, of the wireless radiation thatís hitting you.  Weíre not meant to be bombarded with this type of spiky, microwave type radiation.  And weíre not designed for it.  Itís not there in nature at these levels.  And weíre getting bombarded from all around us, from towers, and from all the relays across cities, etc.  And some people I know, who live in big cities, are always complaining to me how sick they feel, and they have batteries of these antennas on buildings, just opposite of them, or right on top of their own roofs. 


So, weíre being affected by it.  Thereís an article here, from the Sovereign Independent.  And it says:


Electromagnetic Eugenics Ė Wireless Culling of the Population!


What follows is a shocking video, warning of the dangers of the zapping we all get from the eugenicists every day and every night. No buzzwords, no spin, just the verifiable scientific facts not running through the global propaganda engines.


Electric Genocide: the trick of the Elect


(Alan: And sheís used a term that I put out in í98, in one of my first books, and itís called the trick of the elect, and thatís what electric comes from.  Itís a trick, you see.  They love these little terms, the big boys.  And they couldnít do in this system, they couldnít bring this system in of total control of the entire world and everyoneís mind with computers and all data collection, etc, without the use of the computer.  It says:)


The Seletun Scientific Panel recommends significant reduction of EMF exposure limits because of current scientific uncertainty and to protect the health of the vulnerable in society.


In November 2009, a number of prominent scientists met at Seletun, in Norway, to discuss their concerns about the proliferation of radiation-emitting technology and the effects on health that this was believed to be having.


They concluded that public exposure levels are too high, and that this leads to significant bio-effects, such as cancer, infertility, (A: Well, that will never get canceled, because they want infertility.) DNA damage, mood changes, concentration and learning problems, Alzheimerís disease, ALS, sleep disruption and many other measures of health, disrupting the lives of millions of people. No account is taken of the synergistic effects of combinations of frequencies which could make these risks far worse.


The Seletun Scientific Panel, composed of scientific experts present at the conference, are calling for a new approach to the protection of public health, with governments taking decisive action now to protect the lives of people, especially those who are vulnerable Ė predicted to be between 40-50% of the population (the elderly, the ill, those who are genetically and/or immunologically challenged) Ė and, of course, our growing and developing children, our future. We also need to protect our economic life, which could be devastated by the ill-health of so many people of working age.


The Seletun Scientific Panel agreed on 10 proposals, including the need for government action.


The global population is at risk.

Sensitive populations are currently vulnerable.

Government actions are warranted NOW based on evidence of serious disruption to biological systems.


(A: And theyíve found, you know, it doesnít take much of this pulsing and current in the air to alter the bodyís system at all.  Itís pretty well immediate, in fact.  You get immediate alterations in the biological systems of living organisms.  And of course, long-term exposure they claim has not been tested.)


The burden of proof for the safety of radiation-emitting technologies should fall on producers and providers; NOT CONSUMERS.

EMF exposures should be reduced in advance of complete understanding of mechanisms of action.

The current accepted measure of radiation risk Ė the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Ė is inadequate and misguides on safety and risk.


(A: I think Switzerland has one of the lowest ones, because theyíre way ahead on health for the public.)


An international disease registry is needed to track time trends of illnesses to correlate illnesses with exposures.

Pre-market health testing and safety demonstration of all radiation-emitting technologies.

Parity needed for occupational exposure standards. Though workers may overall be healthier than the public in general, it also includes women of child-bearing age whose foetuses could be damaged and men whose fertility could be compromised.


(A: Thatís for what little fertility theyíve got left.)


Functional impairment designation for persons with electrohypersensitivity.


And Iíve gone through some of the other symptoms before.  You can get rashes with this, incredible rashes, even amnesia at night, and so on.  And Iíve talked to some young people before, who can actually hear these frequencies, when theyíre very young.  Itís quite something else. 


And Iíll put up too, a link, along with this one, to Olle Johansson, from the ElectromagneticHealth.Org video section.  And thereís a whole bunch of videos there on these problems, which you can look for yourself.  And what gets me too, is, Iíll read a little bit from this one too at the Electromagnetic Health:


International Scientists Recommend Global Governments Adopt New Exposure Guidelines for Electromagnetic RadiationóPointing to Biological Hazards and Risks to the Genetic Code from Unchecked Proliferation of Wireless Technologies. In this 18 minute video, Dr. Johansson, from Sweden's renowned Karolinska Institute, and Chair of the Seletun Scientific Panel, announces a consensus agreement among international scientists on the need to reduce EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures to the population. The paper has just been published in the journal, Reviews on Environmental Health. The Seletun Scientific Panel's recommendations are extremely important given the unchecked proliferation of wireless radiation over the past decade, such as from cell towers, wireless networks, wireless routers, and cell phones, as well as because of the plans by many ignorant governments (A: And boy, Iíll tell you, isnít that the term?) to blanket neighborhoods in new, radiation-emitting utility 'smart' meters.


Like the one they stuck on my wall there, that hums all the time.  And I noticed afterwards, about two or three weeks afterwards, the nearest telegraph pole, they stuck an antenna on it to pick up this thing.  So itís literally transmitting in high radiation levels, microwave.  Anyway, Iíll put these links up for you to peruse, and itís worthwhile going into, because for all you ones out there who are addicted to cell phones and so on, itís up to you.  You can either shake your heads, and say, no, I couldnít do without it, or, I canít take precautions.  Or, go ahead, and just nuke yourselves.  There have been so many articles put out on brain tumors, and the rate of brain tumors is five times more likely in the young by using cellphones than it is in adults for instance.  So, itís up to you what you want to do about it.  People get addicted to these gadgets.  And of course the big masters who rule the world want you to be addicted to these gadgets, because itís tracking you everywhere you go.  Thatís part of the reason.  And youíre also sending lots of data, that they can then use and put into your persona file, for your little remote avatar theyíve got in the Pentagon.  You know, the Ďjust youí one.  So, Iíll put these links up too, at the end of the night, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


And another article Iíd like to talk about too, is how statistics work.  Statistics, I said before the old saying that many politicians used, one of the presidents of the US said, ďThere are lies, then there are damn lies, and then there are statistics.Ē  Statistics, in other words, is coupled with a scientific quality to it, so it must be more believable, and thatís how it cons us all the more readily.  Here it says:


Google tweaks search engine to punish 'low-quality' sites


Google has tweaked the formulas steering its Internet search engine to take the rubbish out of its results. (A: Itís a form of censorship by the way.)  The overhaul is designed to lower the rankings of what Google deems ďlow-qualityĒ sites.


(A: Now, thatís quite the power to have, eh?)


That could be a veiled reference to such sites as Demand Media's eHow.com, which critics call online ďcontent farmsĒ ó that is, sites producing cheap, abundant, mostly useless content that ranks high in search results.


Sites that produce original content or information that Google considers valuable are supposed to rank higher under the new system.


(A: Now, what kind of information are they going to rank as valuable?  Hmm?  You see, weíre going into political correctness here, big time, with the big giants here.  And you can expect to start seeing sites censored eventually, or people doing searches and they donít come up with your name at all.  Thatís part of the whole idea.)


The change announced late Thursday affects about 12 percent, or nearly one in every eight, search requests in the U.S. Google Inc. said the new ranking rules eventually will be introduced in other parts of the world, too.


The company tweaks its search algorithms, or formulas, hundreds of times a year, but most of the changes are so subtle that few people notice them.


Well, weíll all notice this one.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll go to the telephones, and thereís Noah from Washington on the line, Washington DC.  Are you there, Noah?


Noah: Hey, yeah.


Alan: Go ahead.


Noah: Yes.  Iíve just been reading some Manly P. Hall, about Americaís Secret Destiny.  And I was wondering about, you know, the book is sort of coded for the profane, and then something different for the initiated.  And, I was wondering, does he actually believe that stuff, or is he really involved with these globalist people?


Alan: Oh, heís absolutely involved with them.  In fact, I think about a year ago, I put up a link to one of the last talks he gave at their philosophical association in Pennsylvania, I think it is, where they churn out a lot of their books and doublespeak.  And he really, if you could listen to what he was saying, he was really warning of overpopulation and overpopulation with the wrong people.  Thatís what he was getting at.  Because, within Masonry, as you go up the ranks in Masonry, those down below at the third degree donít go up much, they donít get this kind of stuff, really.  Theyíre the outer portico, so theyíre kept in ignorance.  However, at the higher degrees they start to bring you into, basically, eugenics.  In fact, the higher Masons are generally introduced to their future wives by a Grand Master, and theyíre preselected for them.  And to get into the very high degrees in Freemasonry, you have to be a third generation Mason.  In other words, your dad was introduced to his wife, who was an Eastern Star, and then youíre the third generation offspring, and of course, if thatís the case you can shoot up the degrees at the age of eighteen actually.  They make an exception for you, and you get into the higher truths. 


The higher truths are absolutely all centered around breeding.  And they talk about the head above and the head below, and that confuses folk.  Theyíre talking about the head above and the penis below.  Thatís what theyíre telling you.  They say the base people use the head below in their marriage, in other words for lust, etc; whereas the Wise Man uses the head above, and he can only marry an equal person, financially, from a good family, families that have held on their money, cash, power, etc, etc, to have the right offspring, because they donít believe in democracy, you understand, although theyíll often use the term, just like our countries still use the term democracy, even though weíre obviously not democratic at all.  Theyíll use that term, but they really do believe in a superior being type idea of them ruling the world. 


Actually, you get a lot of hints too with the founders of America, the US, the founding fathers, because they themselves in their quotes, if you read their quotes and their letters and their diaries and so on, youíll see that they did not believe that full power could ever be given to the general population, unless theyíd been brought up from the baseness that they lived in, basically.  And only then could they handle it.  But until then, they would have to appoint people to rule over them.  Thatís what they really believed.  And that was a very prominent part of Freemasonry, and put out publicly in a lot of their books in the 1800s.  So, definitely, Manly P. Hall was a true believer in Eugenics, and again, eradiating the gene pool. 


Freemasonry is completely tied up with Darwinism as well, of course.  Everybody is at the top.  And Darwinism also went on about, it wasnít just evolution.  It was also to do with the favored races for survival in the future.  Thatís what he was getting at.  So they had it all worked out back then, really, who they wanted to survive.  And it wasnít the general populations of the countries they lived in.  It was a particular class that they wanted to survive, that held on to money, gained power and held onto it, and married the offspring of power and money as well.  That was the proving point, as far as they were concerned, of Darwinism.  So, yeah, he was definitely, heavily involved in it.


You understand that their books are written to bring in newcomers, new members, and so they give a lot of fascinating stuff out there, intrigue.  Remember too, what Adam Weishaupt said, when he was getting together the illumined lodges, also the beehive lodges they called them of Germany.  And he said that the best way to get them in, especially the younger ones, is to give them a good mystery.  And so they bring in the occultic stuff and the Egyptian stuff and so on, Atlantis, and that drags them in, because theyíre so curious, theyíre dying to know the secrets.  And once theyíre in, they start to get brainwashed into their true mission, at least for those who are picked out to go higher, to be used in society to go higher.  Theyíre completely into eugenics, and thereís no problem at all with that. 


And we know too that the Georgia Guide Stones were put up by the Rosicrucian branch, which is a high lodge.  In fact, the lodge at Pennsylvania that Pike was speaking at was the Rosicrucian lodge there.  Itís not to be confused with the one in California, which is really a joke.  The real one is the one that Clymer had.  And these guys are dedicated.  In their inaugural speech, when they built the place, back in the early 1900s, and youíll find it out there somewhere.  I had it here.  I had the actual written copy here of their booklet they put out to all the other lodges.  They summoned the Blue Lodge, the Orange Lodge, and all the other Lodges, and the Eastern Star too at the meetings.  That tells you the power that they had.  And they said their duty down the road would be to amalgamate the Americas and join the eagle of Mexico with the eagle of the United States, and bring in another Americas, complete Americas with South America too. 


So, theyíve all got political agendas.  Itís always the same political agenda, thatís been carried on by your own politicians, and the big corporations.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll take Alex from British Columbia, now, if heís there.  Hello, Alex.


Alex: Yes.  Hello.† How are you?


Alan: Not too bad.


Alex: Well, Iím listening very closely to what youíre saying about these people that are behind our worst nightmare.  Here in Victoria, BC, weíve got sometimes as low as -15 degree weather right now.


Alan: For the West Coast.


Alex: And weíre getting allergies, like allergic reactions after drinking water, when having like, in conjunction with medicine, like antibiotics.  It seems to be part of a population reduction puzzle, which is really complex.


Alan: Well, thereís no doubt about it.  Remember I did the talks before on the history of aerial spraying, from their own official literature at the Pentagon and elsewhere.  And they admitted that it goes back to the days of Teller who was the guy who invented the H-Bomb, who first brought it forth to the Pentagon that they could spray the skies, with various aluminum oxides, and barium, etc, metallic salts and so on, which would make it more conducive to putting out electromagnetic pulse across the planet.  And using this, it would carry it a much further distance and so on.  And part of it too was, the more a person would ingest of these particles, the more youíd become literally a walking antenna.  Itís amazing, this was back in the 1950s this stuff was published, and itís all out there on the Official Secrets Act.  That timeís up, so they can actually broadcast it now.  I think weíre so dumbed down no one really cares anymore.  But when they were doing it very, very heavily here, one February, into early March, I was getting yellow rain, and that was the cadmium that was in it too.  The puddles were all yellow.  And then I noticed in the US, I think one of the big major television stations, and I put the link up there too for that one, they interviewed guys in a town who had the same puddles there with testing, and they got it tested as well, and sure it was proven to be cadmium.  So, weíve got a lot of dirty stuff done on us, of course.  The big boys at the top will never admit theyíre doing it.  They canít admit theyíre doing it because they know darn well how many deaths itís caused already.  I mean, especially in Canada, every doctorís clinic, every walk-in clinic, every hospital is linked to central computers in Ottawa for real-time data of all stuff happening.  And they know what itís doing to the young too.  They know that allergies, Iíve done whole series and talks on allergies, and how the whole World Health Organization even admits itís up about 80 percent.  Theyíre calling it allergies. Well, these allergies are simply reactions to all this rubbish weíre breathing in.  Itís highly toxic, highly poisonous.  They know this stuff, but theyíre going ahead with it, and theyíre bombarding us with the HAARP technologies too.  As I say, on the short wave radio, and I put the link up a week or so ago, from the articles from CNN, years ago, í85 it was, when you hear the HAARP pulsing out there, when the Russians were using it, they called it the Woodpecker Effect.  And youíll find the same frequencies being used today, but itís twenty-four hours a day now, around the clock, across Canada, and itís the identical sound.  And I pick it up every single day, and I have since the year 2001. 


Alex: Do you remember the frequencies?  I know you mentioned them last week on the radio.  I could always get them from the archives, but do you have them offhand on the broadband? 


Alan: Iíve got the list through in the kitchen, and I canít really run through for it.  They actually change during the day, and in the afternoon they change to another bunch of bands.  And theyíre just as strong and potent as ever.  Itís incredible in the mornings to listen to them in the higher frequencies, and itís all within, of course, the HAARP frequencies by the way, itís a specific band they can actually do it in.  Itís unmistakable.  Itís the loudest sound you get on the short wave, the loudest pulses out there. 


Alex: Yeah, itís really, really, really high pitched.  And we notice the most at about 2am until maybe 7:30am, and when weíre doing activism, it just seems to pulse on us.  So it seems to be what theyíre doing to shut up, you know, whistleblowers, activists, dissidents, and investigative journalists, and even, I donít know about you.


Alan: I think, to be honest, theyíre using it on the entire population.  Remember too, the article that I read as well, they said that it could be used, what theyíd found already from the Pentagon, it could be used to calm people down into lethargy even.  If they went further in those frequencies, they could actually cause depression and suicide.  And if they upped the frequencies, they could cause hyperactivity and aggression.  Hyper-aggression, even in domesticated animals. 


Alex: When, on November 11th, we were supposed to be, I use that day if I could, for major activism.  I was going to go out and do some things we had planned.  I ended up after 11/11 at 11:00am, I was incapacitated with frequency, and it felt as if the central fissure of my brain was being pushed in separate directions.  And itís actually been quite bad.  So, Iím thinking theyíre trying to target people.  But, if we let them do this to us, weíre doomed.


Alan: We are doomed.  And some people are definitely hypersensitive.  Thereís a doctor in Toronto who came out on CBC a few years ago, going around the city with a very expensive frequency meter, showing you these spiked signals that come out from microwave towers.  And she says, this is way over any acceptable dose, whatsoever.  Wherever you went, you were getting bombarded with these sharp spiky bursts really, and pulses of microwave radiation.  And our bodies are not designed for it.  And some people, that other article I put out a week or two ago too, from CBC radio, had people living in the top of an apartment building.  They all had strange symptoms.  And because they didnít talk to each other, they didnít know they were all getting the same symptoms of rashes, headaches were very common, and insomnia, all kinds of symptoms, and they eventually all moved out of there.  They had antennas right on top, these big antennas on top, and the cables as well, right on top of their roof.  They were on the top apartments.  So, this stuff is accepted, they know itís happening.  We have a high allowable frequency range in Canada.  As I say, Switzerland is much lower to do with it.  They know what it does, and Sweden as well.  Some countries, like Holland, actually, if you claim that youíre sensitive to this stuff, the government will use the tax money, and come in, and they will fix your room to try and proof it against being bombarded by microwave.  But we donít have that in Canada. 


Alex: Yeah, theyíd probably put me in a padded one if they could, Iím sure. 


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Theyíd pad us as well, Iím sure, with some toxic material. 


Alex: Yeah, they use it to shut everybody up when theyíre starting to become effective and prolific, I notice they always use the mental health act against them.† Iím very interested, did you receive the photograph of the black in the sky that I sent this morning.


Alan: Yes.


Alex: Is this appropriate.  I donít know?


Alan: Yes, I got it.


Alex: Yeah.  It was pretty dark.  That was sunrise.  That should have been all peach and pink and white, you know.


Alan: Well, thatís the old days.  Youíre thinking of the old days, you know.  The old days, when we remember when.  You know, most folk canít even remember what a proper blue sky looks like anymore.  Youngsters think itís normal, all these trails in the sky.  Theyíre actually taught that, because NASA put out a video a few years ago, for five to eight year olds to watch to show them that all these trails in the sky were just contrails, and itís all quite natural, all these checkerboard patterns were quite natural.  And they grow up believing it.


Alex: Yeah, and other publications, like prolific publications and periodicals like National Geographic and I know thereís a few other magazines where Iíve seen this stuff.  The kids actually bring me textbooks now from school, and whatever else they got, and they try and show it to me.† So, I donít want to take up too much of your time.  I just wanted to say thank you very much for being there, and what youíre doing.  And I think itís really obvious that they do plan on killing off the food and the water supply.  Looking out my window right now, it looks very untypical.  And weíre seeing so much ice and snow here, and itís so cold.


Alan: Well, itís the global warming, you understand.  Itís global warming.


Alex: Yeah, thatís right.  And you were mentioning that the Rothschild bank is the one that gets all the carbon credits, theyíre controlled. 


Alan: Their family bank in Switzerland is the one.  And it was the Rothschild, Lord Rothschild, who put the bill into Britain to make it so, so that they would put it through their private bank in Switzerland.


Alex: Itís crazy, isnít it?


Alan: Well, itís just gangsters at the top.  Thatís what youíve got, you know.  Gangsters, and beneath them they have all the academia working for them.  And then they have the politicians who are ten a penny really.  I mean, psychopaths are pretty common, actually.  Thereís no doubt about it, just read Carroll Quigleyís books.  Heíll go into the banking system and how the big gang got together, basically, with centralized banking.  It was an essential part.  Back in the 1700s, this group, this cartel knew they wanted to bring in a world society.  And remember, Quigley was no simple professor.  He taught god knows how many diplomats and presidents and so on, and spoke at the diplomatic corps around the world.  He was highly skilled.  And he said their goal was a world government, run with a conglomeration of central banks, all working in concert with the Bank for International Settlements, which is part of the IMF and World Bank.  And he said basically, itís a new feudal system.  He said it would be a feudalistic system, and thatís what weíre in today.  Itís a feudalistic system.  And then you have the other corporations working with them.  They are the new feudal overlords.  They even have think tanks attached to these corporations that advise governments.  Weíre in a feudal system and the public havenít caught up to it.  I donít think personally most of them can or will, because theyíre watching mainstream television and entertainment, so theyíre out of the picture, and theyíre probably unable to understand whatís actually happening.  Thatís what I believe.  


Alex: Yeah, and theyíre pretty comfortable sitting on their lazy boys and watching.


Alan: At the moment they are, but Iím telling you, you probably noticed that gasoline went up today, enormously.  Itís about $1.28 a liter here in Canada in Ontario.  And again, the excuse they use now is, oh, itís because of the crisis in the Middle East and the Oil.  Well, Iíll tell you, itís just another part of getting higher prices for gasoline as they start cutting you back on the roads, etc.  Itís all to do with getting you off the roads. And only the wealthy, eventually, under Agenda 21, will be allowed to drive at all.  And thatís part; itís great how it all works together, isnít it?  And of course, theyíll tell you too, oh, we didnít realize with all these color revolutions that just happened spontaneously across the Middle East, with a lot of help from the Pentagon and elsewhere, that we never noticed, we didnít think it would affect the oil industry.  Come on.  These guys work every part of the chess game, before they even make the first move.


Alex: You made a very good point when you said all these young women that are leading this revolutionary movement and all the activism sort of pointed towards supporting the revolutions there, all spoke perfect Oxford English.


Alan: Thatís right, because theyíre from wealthy people who were kicked out of those countries, who have gone to the best universities in Britain.  Yeah, absolutely.  Then theyíre sent back to cause the mayhem.


Alex: Yeah.  Well, thank you very much for your time, and we really appreciate everything you do.  And weíre going to get rid of our Cadillac and buy three motorcycles, and weíll send you the difference.


Alan: There you go.  That would do.  Yeah.  That would certainly help.  (Chuckle)


Alex: We think everybody should support you.  Youíre the best person on radio.


Alan: Well, I think they should; I donít give them any spin on things.  I donít give them false hope either.  Hope can only come when you know the absolute truth on things.  And if you study philosophy and history, you know you can never go back to something.  But what you have to do is figure out the best way to have a system for yourselves today, from where you go from here.  And not the way that the big boys have planned, obviously.  And you donít want to go Marxist, either, and you donít want to go into the capitalist feudalistic system.  Weíve got to get a middle way here, where people can get some power after all, and have a more peaceful life.  This redistribution of the wealth scenario weíre under now, along with being taxed heavily, is going to do us all in, until weíre basically down to a third world status, and thatís inevitable, the way theyíre going at it now.  Itís part of the agenda, of course.


Alex: Yeah.  And we also donít want George Orwellís Animal Farm over again, either.


Alan: No, we donít need that.  We donít need that.  We donít want a Nineteen Eighty-Four, either, even a kinder Nineteen Eighty-Four where they use psychology, rather than just the torture rack, to treat you into your ďproperĒ way of behavior.  We need something else, and we donít want any of those.  Actually, you see, the people really donít have any say in anything, and only the big authorized NGOs have any say and clout with government at all.  Grassroots, no, theyíll just turn their back on you.  They donít even hear you. They donít even acknowledge you.  But, if youíre a proper NGO thatís under the United Nations, youíll get a voice.  Without that, thereís no voice at all.


Alex: Right.  And have you heard the term Astroturf routes?


Alan: Yes.  Thanks for calling, Alex.


Alex: Yeah.  I donít see anything funny about any of it by the way, Iím just trying to be upbeat.  Thank you very much for everything you do. 


Alan: Thanks for calling.† And weíll go from Mark from Massachusetts if heís there. Is Mark there?


Mark: Hello, Alan.  Can you hear me?


Alan: I can, yeah. 


Mark: Alan, itís good to talk to you.  Listen, Iím calling, I live about a half mile from the Atlantic, and I tell you what, I see spraying everywhere.  And Iíve seen direct spraying over the ocean.  What Iíve noticed is that a lot of people have flu-like symptoms all the time, and allergies.  For myself, I went to have my allergies checked.  I had never had, you know, Iím twenty nine and had my allergies checked and they came up with nothing, but he said more and more people are doing this.  And I just have a quick question for you.  What is your take on the story about the little Jack Russell Terrier, that thank God he had a chip in his ear, walked twelve-hundred miles up the Pacific and was found.  Did you hear about that one?


Alan: Didnít hear about that one, no.  But I knew about dogs who did that thing before they got chipped.  (Chuckle)


Mark: Right.  You know, Iím a dog lover and I heard the story, but they said, thank God the Jack had the chip in his ear.  He made it back to Seattle from Sacramento.  But anyways, thatís all I had to add.  And the show is great and keep it going.  Thank you very much.


Alan: Well, thanks for calling.  Yeah, itís amazing how theyíll credit the chip with everything.  Of course, everyone must have one, especially your children, etc, etc.  And then it would be so much handier for ID'ing you, because people can steal cards and all that.  And theyíve already talked about this kind of stuff.  Weíve been trained step by step to the chip.  That was planned before they gave us, Iím sure, even the credit cards.  Iím not kidding about that.  Because whatever weíre told at the time, like now, was planned at least fifty years ago in a technological sense.  Absolutely, at least fifty years ago.  Itís amazing what they put out there back in the fifties and sixties on this present time of where weíd be, and theyíre quite right.  But folk now, I think are getting trained so easily, updated like computers, that theyíll accept the chip without any comment whatsoever.  Theyíll actually like it probably, and it will be geared towards children.  And then theyíll give it snob appeal when they can put a credit card charge in the chip itself, and thereíll be silver, bronze, and the usual stuff of snob appeal.  And youíve got to be somebody.  Youíve got to get the proper, platinum will be the best one no doubt.  No doubt.  Thatís where weíre going with all of this stuff.  Itís funny that, I had a dog who found me from a few hundred miles away, quite a few years back.  This dog wasnít chipped.  Right into a city, too.  I donít know how she didnít get knocked down.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís Nick from Canada there.  Are you there, Nick?  Hello?  Is Nick there?


Nick: Hi there, Alan.† Hey, how are you?


Alan: Not too bad.


Nick: Good.  So I just wanted to ask a question about aerial spraying, because Iíve been watching this stuff for about five years now.  And unfortunately Iím completely obsessed with it, because itís there every day.  You know, you walk around and you think about it.  And you know, you think about all these questions about how itís actually done, and whoís funding it, and how long itís going to go on, and all that kind of stuff.  And I had actually called in a couple of months ago, but it was right at the end of the show, and Iíd asked the question, the people who are behind this.  And Iím not talking, military, Iím talking about people who are at the top who are funding it, who are higher than military.  How do they ensure their health and safety, because, if you think about it, you know, okay, you could say they have, you know, advanced medical technology, that, you know, they only get from high-up military and stuff like that. 


Alan: Well, you know in Canada when President Manning was in?


Nick: Iím not sure.


Alan: That was a long time ago.  In Canada, a law was passed that all politicians and their families would be treated from then on, at top military bases.  They passed the same law in the States at the same time.  They passed the same law in Britain at the same time.  And it was after that that the spraying started, about í98, and like daily.  And they do have forms of really hyper chelation at the top.  Someone even sent me, I didnít know they had them, I wondered if they had them.  Thereís portable ones, very expensive units, but youíve got to know how to insert it into a vein, basically.  It can be put in your arm, and you can walk around with this thing all day, and thereís a cartridge in there, which is replaceable.  Thereís some method theyíve got for getting this out for themselves.  Remember too, wherever these guys go, theyíre in air-conditioned and filtered, special bulletproof limos, number one, so theyíre not breathing the same stuff as you are.  They go into their meeting places and so on, again, filtered meeting halls, etc, basically they use the same stuff as they do for atomic warfare with the filters, very expensive filters for air-conditioning and multi-layered stuff.  And so theyíre not getting nearly the same exposure as you or I are getting on a daily basis.  And they also get the high chelation from the military, some of the top military hospitals.


Nick: Right, because if you think about it, even with that, that high technology, there is only a certain number of people who really know that this thing is going on, who are behind it, who would receive this special treatment, because, if you look around there are people who are even high up in government who are used as puppets to further agendas, who, they might not even get it.  And if you think about this stuff, this is like a worldwide thing.  They spray areas where thereís no population whatsoever.  You know, theyíre covering the Earth in a plasma, essentially. You can see it at night, if you look at streetlights.  You can see this.  You know, when you look at a stove, and you can kind of see gas coming up from it.


Alan: Well, Iíll tell you, one of my hobbies has always been astronomy.  And once they started the heavy spraying in í98 onwards, come the year 2000, 2001, you donít see half the stars you used to see, because of the mush thatís always in the air.  Even when it appears fairly clear, this stuff is never gone from the atmosphere.  Youíre quite right.† Itís suspended; itís suspended in the atmosphere. 


Nick: Right.  Well, thanks a lot for taking my call, Alan, and I appreciate everything you do.  So, have a great night.


Alan: You too.  Thanks for calling.  And when they first started spraying, they sprayed it off of the cities and let the wind blow it in, so sometimes you donít see it, except you might see parts of the trails coming in with the wind.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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