Feb. 28, 2011 (#778)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 28, 2011:

Only Humanists Belong Where Nothing's Right or Wrong:

"There are Laws for the Rich, Laws for the Cattle,
Disguised Under Equality and Similar Prattle,
When the Rich Commit Crime, Why it's No Crime at All,
For Finding One Guilty Would Cause Rest to Fall,
Moral Relativity Rules the New Human Zoo,
If a Human Does an Oddball Thing, it's OK to Do,
Love Between Man and Woman was Once Praised in Song,
That's Destroyed, Now Fetishists say "Whatever Turns You On",
For This is the Age in Which Humanism Rules,
Neither Guilt Nor Conscience Surface in Doings of Fools,
We are the Human Animal, Herds All to Be Trained,
To Serve Big Brother's Fetish, Bend Over and Be Caned"
© Alan Watt Feb. 28, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Feb. 28, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 28th of February 2011.  Newcomers look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and hopefully you can help yourself to a lot of audios Iíve put up there over the years.  I try and show you this incredibly massive pyramid of structural organization which rules over every individual soul on the planet, and to show you that democracy is bogus, and that youíre under an authoritarian system, of very rich people, and theyíve got on board with them academia.  In fact they gave academia their curriculums and all the rest of it; they made sure of that.  They got the right books to always indoctrinate the next generation of management over the people.  Weíre going through a planned societal change in the system where literally they hope to bring in their wonderful utopia in the future, maybe 30 years down the road.  But donít hang on thinking, well Iím okay, it will take 30 years.  No.  Youíre going to see massive changes day by day, week by week, as we go through this massive organizational change of societal structure and youíre living right through it now.  One of the greatest events ever to happen because if they ever had a Tower of Babel it was nothing compared to whatís coming up right now.  Weíre living through these actual phases of it. 


Remember too, that youíre the audience who bring me to you, so if you want to order the disks and the books that I have for sale...  and itís up to you if you want to support me or not.  You can donate or you can purchase the books and so on.  [Order and donation options listed above.]


I donít give you the usual bunkum of history, always written by the conquerors.  Thereís only one set of conquerors across the whole planet, and thatís a fact; itís not diverse groups, believe you me.  I donít go through the times, dates and generals and all that stuff, and flag-waving and brass bands.  I just tell you and show you the cons that they pull of governance, and this is a very ancient technique of governing the minds of peoples. Thereís been many empires before us, believe you me, many empires, run by the same characters and now itís their descendants who are running the whole planet.  They know the arts of running the public mind and how to control it and how to condition every generation to serve them very, very well.  Itís a very old technique.  They are high sciences of course and itís perfected today because they have such a massive tax base across the world to draw on to ensure that those in academia have their indoctrination.  See, their first motto is youíve got to indoctrinate the manager class before you indoctrinate the people and the managers make sure that we get the right indoctrination.  Itís as simple as that.  As I say, itís NOT democratic; they love to use that banner to get us all on board with their little games across the world.  But in fact thereís no democracy at all.  They have admitted that, weíre post-democratic, weíre in an authoritarian system, because democracy is too cumbersome, too many factions fighting for power and they canít get the big agenda through fast enough.  It upsets their big business plan. 


Remember too, straight donations are certainly welcome because they just trickle in once in a while and the costs here are very, very high.† As the dollar plummets, through quantitative easing Ė which is inflation Ė then of course thereís less and less purchasing power with every dollar.† I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big picture, the big world in which we think we live and all the things we think we know about it and the nonsense weíre fed by the media to make sure they keep us in the box, inside the box.  And most folk are inside the box; theyíre thoroughly domesticated and nothing really shocks them anymore and thatís interesting in itself, that nothing does shock them anymore. 


Itís interesting to see the articles that float across my desktop everyday and I know why people send them to me, because theyíre shocking to them. But to read them on the air, it wouldnít be shocking enough because most folk are so jaded; they have adapted into the dehumanized system in which we now live.  I had one about an abortion doctor who was caught literally scissoring the heads of babies coming out of the womb, and stuff like that.  That means nothing anymore, unfortunately, to most folk out there; they are too far gone.  Weíve had a generation growing up on video games and slaughter and blood and guts, mainly to go into the military for this particular period, and thatís why they were raised like that, with the lowest possible morality.  Even though they say thereís no morality at all, itís all moral relativism, who benefits... as long as someone benefits thatís okay.  It seems the troops donít mind who ends up with oil fields across the Middle East as long as they get their little tin medals when they come home because they want to be somebody, you see. 


So we are living in this system now where folk are jaded.  Contamination is the term the communists used to do with Ďliberalismí and itís been very, very effective.  Yuri Bezmenov talked about that too and Iíve put his links up on my archives section, where you can hear him talking about this system and how the US public were being dumbed down from academia on down.  Certain selected professors were embedded in the universities to make sure that they pushed this particular form of degeneracy and thatís what we are in todayÖ degeneracy.  Nothing shocks us anymore. Everything is okay, and as long as IíM okay then everything is okay.  Again, that ties in with Lord Bertrand Russell who said, we shall create an egosyntonic and egocentric, narcissistic society Ė everyone in love with themselves and no one else.  You see.  And that works so beautifully when you want to conquer whole nations.  No one stands up with anyone else or for anyone else because you see, you feel youíve got nothing in common with them.  Iím okayÖ Iím okayÖ so why worry about them


Weíve also been fed so much war stuff from media, even from the Viet Nam era onwards, until people got jaded with that too. They got fed up watching the napalm bombs raining down on people and burning them when they were eating their dinners.  It was another yawn and theyíd turn the television to some other station and watch some other bit of fiction, because everything became fictional to them and that was part of the dehumanization process on the publicís mind.  It gives them a dissociative feeling, theyíre not really part of reality anymore.  Everything is blurred in a kaleidoscope of kind of entertaining horror. 


Iíve gone through too, about the big meetings theyíve had with the G20 and so on and talking about how the Royal Institute of International Affairs were the ones who dreamed up the idea of creating these big organizations, that are again non-democratic because the public of the countries these Prime Ministers and Presidents represent are never asked their opinion or even given a vote, to see if these organizations, which are supra national, should even existÖ even though the treaties they end up binding themselves with effect us all, are never mentioned, like the G20. So they came up with these committees and groups of 20s and groups of 8 and so on, the standard method of the Milner/Rhodes Society that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís quite amazing to watch how they do it all so tonight Iím putting up a link where youíll hear the Prime Minister of Canada, and Iíve mentioned this before from a different documentary that was done on the G20 that they had in Toronto.  Youíll hear him saying that people wonít like losing their sovereignty but we need a form of world government, and he says, thatís what this is all basically about.  So from the horseís mouth, there you go.  Not that it will matter to most folk, they sort of yawn, ah, okay, because theyíre not involved in any reality anymore themselves, except the pressure groups which are generally funded; the NGOs, theyíre funded by the big boys themselves. They are told what to protest.  As I say, Iíll put that link up tonight and you can have a look at it for yourselves and see what you think of it. 


(2010 MOVIE) Toronto G20 EXPOSED - Original Full-Length / youtube.com


Iím also putting up another one that Iíve also put up before.  Itís calledÖ

Human Resources - Social Engineering in the 20th Century / youtube.com


It goes through a lot of the early experimentation up to more recent experimentation on babies right up to adults in the general public for psychology and control and conditioning Ė itís interesting to watch it Ė to create the perfectly dumbed-down domesticated society that we have today.  Because you see, once you understand how things work, and triggers work and so on, you can then direct society; itís very easy to direct the mass man as opposed to the distinct individual.  The distinct self-aware individual is very difficult to control and guide and prompt, as Mr Sunstein would say.  So Iíll put those links up after tonightís show.  And itís quite fascinating, as I say.


Australia too, is really spearheading in the Far East, the movement towards sustainable development, which is Agenda 21, also called the Millennium Project, for the United Nations.  Itís under the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development; 2005 it started big time to 2014. By 2014 they hope to have a whole, pretty well upcoming generation brainwashed to be little greenies and to believe that the green world should rule their livesÖ the whole green agenda should rule their lives, and theyíll be little Nazis and so on.  Itís got a lot of links to what itís all about for Australia, New Zealandís the same, but all the British Commonwealth countries are the same too, the same agenda. They all have their members of the CFR, RIIA in all of these countries. 


Sustainability education / environment.gov.au


Iíve known this before, that certain politicians are immune to charges that would affect everyone else, legal charges.  I remember in Britain there was a Lord, a British Lord, he smashed his car into a lamppost I believe one night in London, just sozzled out of his head.  Absolutely, completelyÖ he couldnít articulate his name; he was gone.  And his secretary was in the passenger side at the time.  He was charged with drunk driving.  Once he sobered up the next day, he was in the newspapers saying, Iíll get off with this.  And sure enough, about a week later he was on the front page of the newspapers with his big cigar saying, I told you so, they canít touch us.  Itís a different set of laws for these characters. And the US pretty well has copied after the British system; if it didnít originally start that way it certainly caught up very quickly to exactly the same as the British system because they have their House of the Senate, and itís the same as the House of the Lords.  Hereís an article here to show you how this is done.


Ariz. Senate leader avoids arrest after fight with girlfriend

azfamily.com / Alicia E. Barrůn / February 26, 2011 / Updated Feb 27


PHOENIX Ė Arizona Senate majority leader Scott Bundgaard (R-LD4) was involved in an apparent scuffle with his girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, Friday night as the couple returned from a local charity  event. (Alan:  Itís great what charity does to you, you end up fighting like cats and dogs, eh.)


Phoenix police say they responded to a call of a man pulling a woman out of a car next to the median northbound on State Route 51 south of Cactus Road on Friday just after 11 p.m.


When officers responded to the scene they determined the individuals involved were Sen. Scott Bundgaard, 43, and his girlfriend Aubrey Michelle Ballard, 34.


Officers who arrived on the scene found that both Bundgaard and Ballard had marks suggesting a physical altercation, according to Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson.


Bundgaard was not detained because he has immunity from arrest while the legislature is in session, however prosecutors will review the case and could file charges at a later date, Thompson said.  (A:  But that wonít happen, as you know. So while the legislature is in session they canít prosecute any of these characters, for whatever they do.  However, the girlfriendÖ)


Ballard was booked into a Maricopa County jail. She faces one count of domestic violence assault.  (A:  So sheís charged and she was in jail for 17 days, but as I say, a Senator isnít bound by the same laws that affect everyone else.)


It must be quite something for that to happen.  But you understand, itís a Masonic institution; I donít think people really realize this.  Under the law you must be tried by a jury of your peers and thatís why none of these characters end up in a normal court because ordinary people, the public as they call them Ė they have a lot of worse names for them but they call them Ďthe publicí just to be polite, and thatís not very polite either, the world Ďpublicí Ė they cannot try and convict someone of a higher rank.  So their own peer group obviously would not find them guilty; thatís why they donít end up being guilty in anything.  Same in Britain as well, they can do whatever they want. And this character and his girlfriend had a real fracas; the clothes were thrown out of the car and the whole bit and I think they were both punching each other.  And there you go.  But you and I, that would be on your record forever and it would be quite something else.  And the feminists would have a great time at this too; I wonder if theyíll even bother with this one.  It will depend what their chiefs Ė who are paid of course by the big boys Ė say.  Itís quite something, as I say, this world that we live in today.


And corruption, you see, will become more and more blatant as this crew at the top are so into their new feudal system.  You understand, it is a feudal system just like it was in the Middle Ages.  In the Middle Ages you could take any wench that you wanted if you were a Baron or a King or a Lord and you could kill anybody too, any serf, and there were no laws whatsoever about doing so.  It was quite alright.  They used to have various laws about first knight and all that, and Iíll go into that when I come back from this break because it ties in with something thatís happened recently.


Hi folks, weíre back, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about feudalism.  In feudalism it was a great old time for those in power because they had unlimited power, they were the law basically, and the morality that they practiced themselves was totally different from that of the public who were kept in line by the big church and so on.  Itís interesting to see, as I say, feudalism, how the baron could grab women and so on, children too, didnít make any difference, rape them, have sex with them, kill them, if they needed to or wanted to, or it turned them on, whatever.  This has really been the history of those up at the top.  They get very bored, you see, and when they get bored it does deviant things to their minds, or maybe theyíre just deviant to begin with and too inbred with their deviancies.  Personally I think itís the latter and I think that will always be the case. 


A little while back of course we had Prince Andrew and his various fracases with Fergie, his ex-wife I think it is.  She was saying that £500,000 would get you an interview with Prince Andrew who at that time was Ambassador to Britain for big, big contracts for the British government.  So thereís backhanders and under-the-table cash and all of the rest of it going on; thatís normal business for those near the top.  Itís interesting here, this latest nonsense thatís happened.  I was thinking of Roman Polanski because Roman Polanski skipped the US when young girls were being procured for him to have sex with.  I think Jack Nicholson was even mentioned in it, in an interview with one of the women who have now grown up, she was about 12 when it happened, and Nicolson took her from a set and took her all the way to Polanskiís home so that he could have sex with her.  Well that thing is quite normal as I say, down through the feudal age system, and itís still normal today. 


Prince Andrew risks losing ambassador job as girl in underage sex case reveals meeting him

By Tom Leonard / dailymail.co.uk / 28th February 2011


(A:  It wonít happen actually because you see, the old laws are all back in place for these guys, the old rights of imperialism.  It says hereÖ)


The Duke of York, 51, pictured with his arm around the bare midriff of Virginia Roberts

Mother-of-three spent four years as millionaire's personal masseuse. 


Epstein trained her 'as a prostitute for him and his friends'.


Serious doubts are being cast on Prince Andrewís suitability to represent Britain (A:  I would say it should have been pretty doubtful when his wife was asking £500,000 for interviews with himÖ pounds it was actually.) following revelations that he spent time with a girl of 17 while she was being sexually exploited by one of his billionaire friends.  (A:  Who obviously started her much younger than 17.)


The Duke of York, 51, was pictured with his arm around the bare midriff of Virginia Roberts, a vulnerable teenager hired to work as an Ďerotic masseuseí and perform sexual favours for American businessman Jeffrey Epstein and his friends.


Later, she claims, Epsteinís friend Ghislaine Maxwell told her: ĎYou did well. He had fun.í  (A:  As heís pimping her, right.)


Andrew, who works for the Government as an ambassador for foreign trade (A:  Thatís BIG backhanders for that, big money, you know, for every contract; it gets kicked back to you.), remains close to Epstein, 58, and stayed at his New York mansion as recently as December Ė despite the financier admitting to child sex crimes in 2008 and being placed on the US sex offender register.  (A:  Quite the club they have, isnít it?)


But the full extent of the princeís proximity to Epsteinís offences was not known until Miss Roberts broke her silence this weekend. In a civil writ against the businessman, she alleged that her duties included being Ďsexually exploited by Epsteinís adult male peers including royaltyí.  (A:  Itís quite, quite something.)


Even by the rags-to-riches-to-rags mythology of New York (A:  They always love these rags-to-riches stories.), Jeffrey Epsteinís ascent and subsequent humbling has been breathtaking.


The son of a parks department employee, he was plucked from obscurity as a Manhattan private school maths teacher by a pupilís father who got him a job on Wall Street in 1976. (A:  Thatís called, you know, Ďcertain connectionsí you might say, to put it mildly.)


He rose rapidly at the investment bank Bear Stearns but left in 1981 to set up on his own, managing the fortunes of clients with $1billion or more.


Enigmatic and mysterious about his business activities, (some compare him to the fictional millionaire The Great Gatsby) he has only ever identified one of his clients Ė his mentor and main patron Leslie Wexner, whose business empire includes the upmarket Victoriaís Secret lingerie chain.  (A:  Anyway, this is really going nowhere.  Iím just mentioning that this is the sort of stuff they actually do, and a lot worse than that too.  Iíve mentioned the British Lord that was caught, and thereís a documentary, I put it in the archives section too.  A British Lord who loved what they called Ďthe rough tradeí; thatís the poor boys, the guys down from the east end of London.  They love to have tumbles with these guys and he loved to have them defecate on top of a glass plate above his head; that was his way of being turned on.)


These are the characters who rule above you and are sitting on the boards as directors of these big organizations that are running and planning your lives, and taxing the blazes out of you, these are the characters, folks; thereís just too many of them today to be honest with you.  In past ages not so many would have survived because tribes at one time you see, could get rid of the psychopaths that ended up dominating or trying to dominate them. And that was before they had standing armies.  Standing armies is a problem because these characters then are in charge of standing armies and they can keep their positions and all the weird stuff they get into, to your detriment.  Tribalism was the only way.  And even then, and every chief knew it, not to get too big for his boots... or it was over the old cliff top.  Back with more after this break.


Alan:  Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Thereís callers on the line and Iíll see about Carlo from Atlanta if heís there.  Are you there Carlo?


Carlo:  Yes, hello.  Iím just calling in to share a little bit of a personal story of mine. I had quite an interesting time right before and right after the Super Bowl because over the last couple of months Iíve kept a distance from my friends and my girlfriend because I really donít know what [inaudible] about anymore.  They donít see the things I see.  So I thought it would be a great idea to go to the Super Bowl party and socialize, you know.  I only made it halfway through and I had to leave.  Then I came back to work and my boss and my supervisor are both really good friends of mine, so they sat me down and they tried really hard to get me to come to their reality, you know, back to happy-land almost.  I said I did not feel bad like [inaudible].  So that conversation helped me to come back out of my hermit state of mind, kind of, and socialize.  Itís still difficult because I still donít know what to talk to the people about.


Alan:  Yes.  Itís incredibly hard... well, actually itís impossible for me but I know how to say hello and goodbye [Alan laughing.] when I meet people in public and thatís about it.


Carlo:  Yeah.  And also [inaudible] how very few people actually look each other in the eye and have some sort of, really, interaction.  Everyone is in their own little world.  Theyíre all rushed.


Alan:  They are all rushed, but Iíll tell you, theyíve actually admitted, under their studies because we are always getting studied by the big boys who give us cell phones and things.  They have found that the youngsters, with their Blackberries and all the rest of it, are using less and less eye contact now.  In fact, they donít know how to socialize in person with other people.  And thatís spreading into the older population too as they get more and more into electronics.


Carlo:  Yes.  And when we go inside and we cook the dinners, and we have a quick smoke, most of them step aside and have a quick smoke.  And while weíre having a smoke everyone whips out their cell phones and are just texting and emailing [inaudible].


Alan:  And even when nothing is happening on their cell phone, theyíre standing with it in their hand just staring at it.† Itís just astonishing.  [Alan laughing.]


Carlo:  Yes.  Yes.  And I really had to force myself to speak with a phone that actually just makes phone calls and sends text messaging. † You know, because thereís no need for all this techno crap. But thatís all.  I just wanted to [inaudible] and Iím going to hang up now and continue listening to you, sir.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling.  And thereís Steve from Cincinnati there.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  Yes, Alan, I was raised a Catholic and I had become disgruntled during the period of time when it became obvious that there were so many pedophilic Catholic priests and that the Catholic Church was trying to cover it up. So a friend of mine introduced me to, told me that I should become a member of her Lutheran Protestant Church and I attended her church with her.  And it became clear to me that the pastor of this church was a homosexual.  And, I was wondering, I was listening to a program on RBN just a few days ago called Freedom Frenzy Radio, in which a caller called in and said that, he alleged that King James was a homosexual and that the Christian Church has basically been a homosexual movement.  And the host of the show asked, well where are you getting this crazy information?  And the caller says, well are you familiar with Alan Watt, basically getting it from him.  And Iím wondering, was he misrepresenting you or is that basically your view?


Alan:  Well, what we do know is King James of Scotland, of the King James Bible, he gave the cash for it to a whole bunch of people.  He was called in Scotland, itís in the history books, he was called Shamey Jamey because he loved to chase the page boys around and he was interested in boys. Thereís no doubt about it, he was homosexual, in the history books.  We do know in the Catholic Church...  Anywhere where thereís a lot of men and no women, or few women, youíll find, even in an army by the way, youíll get a lot of homosexuals going into it, in all ages.  However, we do know even from the testimony of one of the main people who came forward, representing the American Communist Party, she was a recruiter, and this was in the congressional records.  She was a recruiter for young communists and she helped to decide where to put them into government, bureaucracy, whatever.  And she said she sent hundreds of the ones who were homosexual, and encouraged them to go into the Catholic Church.  That was during the 20s and 30s and 40s right up to the present, you know.  So they were encouraged to go into the Catholic Church; thereís no doubt about that.  And thatís why they became ultimately a majority at the high ends of the Catholic Church. 


Even Malachi Martin came out and talked about that. He wrote about it in his book, Windswept House, of how there were these organized, literally organized group of homosexuals, and Freemasons too by the way, who had their own little things going on and so on.  So itís not just my word for it, itís people who were in the Catholic Church.  And I get letters from guys who have gone into seminaries and they literally get vetted to see what their impression or their opinion is on homosexuality.  Even the questionnaires are so worded that if you put the wrong one down youíre not accepted.  You must be almost all pro homosexual, in other words a homosexual yourself now to pretty well get into it.  Now, the Protestant Churches are a different kind of prostitute Iíd say, because the Protestant Churches, in America especially, are all on board with the American Zionist movement.  George Bush used them to the fullest extent, with Rumsfeld.  They funded a lot of their pastors to be on board with their wars, ongoing wars, and to save Israel and so on, and it was really a front to get them all to back, to get their congregations to back them and send their sons off for more wars and that kind of stuff.  Youíll find itís through, you understand, anywhere where thereís robes to be put on, for instance, and dressing up, whether itís in entertainment or the theater or whatever, youíll always find itís always been kind of heavy with homosexuality; an audience, where you can perform, and so itís always been a thing, in entertainment for sure as well.  And to an extent itís always the same in these higher churches.  That doesnít say that all churches are the same, definitely not, but thereís no doubt about it, in the 20th century there was a big infiltration on purpose by what was called at that time the communist society, the communist party, to put more and more people into the church.  And down the road they could then point the finger, when a scandal would break out, and say my God hereís another scandal, hereís another scandal, hereís another scandal.  So they were actually putting them into the church and causing the problems. 


Steve:  And Alan, can I ask you, I have also heard this, people say that this Mohammed who is the great saint of the Muslims was in fact a pedophile.


Alan:  Iíve never seen the evidence of it.  We know he liked women and he did marry one.  I havenít seen the evidence of pedophilia there.  In fact, if anything it would be against all his teachings because in the Koran itís blasphemous to go into homosexuality of any kind whatsoever, or child molestation.


Steve:  But Iíve heard evidence that in fact in his real life he took some sort of 8 year old, maybe for that, he was a pedophile, he was taking 8 year old girls and consummating relations with 8 year old girls. 


Alan:  I havenít seen the evidence of that.  Thereís a lot of stuff, remember, put out by people, especially nowadays, who are really whacking at Islam because Islam must be destroyed for this new world order and I havenít seen evidence of that in anything Iíve read. 


Steve:  Well, if youíre living, donít you feel that Islam is a threat when all the immigration that is coming in with the Islamists, into Canada for example?


Alan:  No.  Not at all.  Islam is coming into the countries because they are being encouraged into the countries, by those who own your countries and you donít own the country.  Thatís what they did with Britain too.  They set up the chessboard back in the 70s to bring the culture of, say, Britain down by flooding them in with cultures that obviously could not adapt in such numbers.  People, if they come in, they trickle in, they always adapt to the prevailing culture.  So if you want to destroy the culture at home you flood them into the country, and thatís what they did with Britain. And thatís what the assistant Prime Minister to Britain of Tony Blair SAID; I read the article from the paper here.  He says, we must destroy every last part of the British culture forever.  So theyíre encouraged in.  Then of course, once theyíve been in the country, even if they become predominant in the country, you canít stand up against the kind of entertainment society and education, eventually their religion falls to dust.  And thatís understood as well.


Steve:  Do you agree, though, that those in Europe were saying that this influx of Arabs and Muslims into our country, do you agree with those who say that this is not good for European civilizations, to allow this large influx of Muslims and Arabs into their countries?


Alan:  Itís not good if you bring too many at one time into the country.  Absolutely.  They canít adapt to the society; thereís too many of them.  They donít have to.  You had the same problem in America when they brought too many, at one point, of certain countries in, and theyíre still speaking their own language today.  So itís the same thing with all big groups who are encouraged in.  Donít forget, even in Europe, if you go into Germany and other countries, their governments were bringing them in and paying them to come in and giving them jobs, and most of them sent money back home as well.


Steve:  Can I ask you a question?  I am a Scandinavian person in America, my grandparents moved, immigrated to America 100 years ago.  If I were to go to try to live or get citizenship in a Scandinavian country today I would not be allowed in. But I would ask you, why are they allowing all these Muslims in and Arab people into Scandinavian countries when they would deny me, a Scandinavian person, to become one?


Alan:  Youíd have to ask those who own Scandinavian countries because they are owned, and not by the people.  You see, theyíre owned by the same people who own the world today and they get their orders via the United Nations on the distribution of peoples from other countries.  Theyíre given quotas to fulfill.  When Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada, and Pierre Trudeau by the way, was a Young Communist.  He, in 1952, led the Comintern Association of Canada, thatís the Young Communists meeting, over to Moscow and he became eventually the Prime Minister of Canada.  A millionaire of course; they have millionaire communist leaders.  When he was in office he changed the immigration to Canada.  The Toronto Sun published, in about 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993, the immigration quotas for Canada, and then they stopped publishing it because the government complained.† 97% of all immigrants into Canada, at that time, were to be non-white, by the law of the land.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now thereís Dan from California.  Are you there Dan?


Dan:  Yeah, Iím here Alan and itís good to talk to you again.  After everything you said, Iím always so blown away by what you say.  I was just going to, you know I have to resist the temptation not to call in every day because itís just so great to have a conversation with you.  But you mentioned Polanski, and I just watched The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp and just did a little research on good old Roman Polanski, you know, and all the Manson family, and you know all of the stuff that these people are into.  You know what I mean?


Alan:  Yes. 


Dan:  I donít know if you remember me, my nameís Dan.  Iím from Los Angeles.  Iíve worked in television and video games.†† My mother was an Eastern Star and I went to all those Jesuit schools, that alternate education that you speak of.  And you know, the best way I can describe it from the inside out is cruel and merciless; thatís just the way they teach.   Itís just like a paradigm.† And itís essentially Satanic although they donít see it as Satanic; itís just natural. Thereís no right or wrong; this isnít really evil.† Itís just weíre humans and weíre part of nature, and we just kind of hack people up.


Alan:  Actually what it is, itís Cabalism.  In Cabalism thereís no such thing as right or wrong.† And I remember watching a documentary, at a party, it was a party in Los Angeles with producers; all the top ones were there by the way, all the big ones.  And each one was asked the same question, it was a Canadian documentary.  They asked if they believed in right and wrong or good and evil. And every one of them gave the exact same answer, that thereís no right nor wrong, no good nor evil, itís just Ďthe balance,í as they called it, which is Cabalism Ėtheyíre all into the Cabalistic magic stuff.  And, somebody always benefits, to the detriment of others, and thatís just nature, as they call it.  And again, morals come down to moral relativity with them as well; everythingís relative, no right nor wrong. Anything which a human being is capable of doing is therefore natural, is how they explained it.


Dan:  Yeah, itís not the message of Jesus, although thatís how itís packaged. 


Alan:  Oh yeah, itís packaged that way.  You know, I met a Jesuit once and I was up, I had a rock group on the go at the time and I was visiting someone.  And this Jesuit came up with just a polo sweater and the whole thing, to visit a friend of mine across the street, and that night Barry, who did the jackets for Led Zeppelin and so on, he was an artist, he says, heíll be in bed with this guyís wife tonight.  I says, how do you know. He says, he always does that.  This guy was a Jesuit.  And I talked to him a couple of days later; he was into moral relativity, no right nor wrong.  It just blew me away. 


Dan:  Yeah.  I hear the music coming in and oooohh, thereís just a hundred different things I want to say but I guess what Iíll just say is thanks.  You know, you say what, you know, is not supposed to be said.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Dan:  You know, weíre not supposed to say these things.


Alan:  Not supposed to say them, nor even think them these days.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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