March 3rd, 2011 (#781)
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Read Bertrand Russell, You will Find

There's No "You" in Download of Your Mind:

"A Scientific Elite, All Specially Bred,
Guide the People and Ensure They're Led
In the "Proper" Direction of Blind Obedience,
To Serve the Masters Who Spare No Lenience
On Any Objector to the World Domination
Of "Science", The Creature of Desolation,
For the Psychopathy Club Swear Devotion
To Conquer Each Mind, Destroy Emotion,
This Silver-Spoon Crew, Perverted Collection
Of Motley In-Breds Escape Detection
By Public, Overdosed with Brain Entrainment,
Kaleidoscopic, Debased, Cheap Entertainment""
© Alan Watt March 3rd, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 3rd, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March the 3rd, 2011.  Newcomers I always suggest you look into the website,, and help yourself to the audios for download, and hopefully I can give you shortcuts to understanding this incredible and complex system into which youíre born, which truly is a pyramid in shape, and itís run from the top down, and weíre all at the bottom, amongst the weeds growing up around the bottom of the pyramid.  And thatís really how the system is working.  Itís worked like this for a long time, and now itís really global.  And weíre kept in the dark, as I say.  Weíre down along with the weeds there.  Weíre like mushrooms, and weíre kept in the dark and fed a lot of you know what. 


So, help yourself to the audios, as I say.  And remember too, all those sites you see listed on the .com site have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given, for print-up.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, go into  Youíll see that listed on the site too.  And you can take your pick from the ones offered.  Remember too that youíre the audience that bring me to you.  If you want to keep me going, you can buy the books and the discs that I have for sale, or you can donate.  Or preferably do both.  And a lot out there can certainly afford it, and those are the ones that generally donít part with any cash at all.  Anyway, you can order from the US to Canada, by using a personal check.  Youíll find out how to, the address and so on at  And you can use an international postal money order from the US to Canada.  You can send cash.  You can also use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button on the .com site, or any of the sites listed, and then follow it with an email, with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, same idea.  Youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and some people send cash, and once again, PayPal.  And remember too that you can simply give a straight donation, or you can donate and give me an order for what you want sent to you.  Itís up to you how you want to do it. 


And hopefully, I can go on a little bit longer, because, as I say, weíre in a battle. Weíre in a real battle.  Most folk donít realize how severe the battle is.  I do.  And Iíve mentioned many times, when you get out of this Matrix Tunnel that youíre in, youíre kept in the labyrinth down below and you get into the light and you see the field, and you see the trees, and you want to get to the trees on the other side of the field.  Thereís all these flags up saying come here, weíve got the truth here.  And for every type of personality out there, they have a little flag up for you, whether itís religion or New Age religion, or donít worry about it, we can all escape when we go through the photon field, you know the light belt thatís coming across the world, supposedly, and all that nonsense, and so on, and so on it goes.  And a lot of them mix fact with fiction, and that discredits the fact.  And of course, thatís what itís intended to do.  Thatís called counterintelligence for those who can think for themselves.


Weíre in a bad state, because weíre going into a more controlled, weíve always been in a form of slavery, whether you know it or not.  Every generation has been.  And that was confirmed by Charles Galton Darwin, who was a member of the elite and descendent of Charles Darwin, in his book, The Next Million Years.  He said, weíre now creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.  And guess what folks, youíre going through that portion now.  Weíre past the veil actually, and weíre going into the next stage of it, because most folk will never, ever realize that they are in fact dumbed-down slaves.  And thatís their only purpose, is to serve the World State, to cough up taxes, and to produce, and to behave yourself and just obey all the orders that come down the pike.  Thatís where we are today.  And for those who really, really canít see it, then I donít hold out any hope for you at all.  You have to be able to see this for yourself.  Then you look for the information to confirm and go into detail and add to your knowledge, once thatís happened.  If you canít get there, you never will.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíll take a caller right off the bat, because heís from the UK and heís been hanging on there, so itís long distance.  Is Daniel from the UK there?  Hello?


Daniel: Yeah.  Hello.  Can you hear me okay?


Alan: Yes, I can.


Daniel: Iím just wondering, with all this austerity thatís coming in, and all these problems that are going to come, civil unrest and crime, why is it that theyíre going to cut police numbers?


Alan: Well, what youíve got now is a different kind of police to begin with.  Theyíre going to use a lot more high-tech equipment, and of course, crowd control weaponry.  They already have individual kind of pulsars you might call them.  These are little devices that can literally inactivate a whole crowd, and one policeman can carry that on his belt.  So, theyíve got all the high-tech stuff necessary to deal with it.  And what they want to be left with too is a hard core of militarized police.  They want to get rid of, theyíre already doing that, getting rid of the softer cops that used to be the old beat cops.  Thereís very few of those left in fact.  They want the real hardened type that will obey any command.  Plus, I just read today too, theyíre putting in incredible drone systems for facial recognition that are going to be flying all over you now too.  They already have some working, but they want full-time ones across the whole darn country.  So, high-tech is the way theyíre going with everything.  And believe you me, whenever they give you anything in one of the science magazines, itís old stuff that theyíve had for a long time.  We havenít seen the real stuff that theyíre going to use when they really need it, and of course thatís the secret of it all.  Folk will behave as though they know whatís out there, and theyíll come in their crowds and mobs, as always, and then theyíll be absolutely knocked out, literally, whole crowds of them just by maybe one single person, or someone in a helicopter that turns on a switch.  So, this is where theyíre going with policing now.


Daniel: Yeah, I know.  I agree.  That makes sense.  Is that also because the people at the top will always see a police force as a threat to them as well?


Alan: It could be partially that too.  Youíve got to understand in history, even today, when it happens sometimes, the police will sometimes, when things get really bad, and bankruptcies really come in big time, or thereís famine for instance, or anything like that that comes along because of bank collapses or massive debt, then sometimes the police will eventually be won over by the crowds.  They have family who come from the crowds you might say, regardless of their conditioning.  And sometimes theyíll side with the people.  We saw some of that happening in countries like Greece and so on.  So they are worried about that.  But believe you me, they have psychological tests now that are so darn perfect, they know the ones who will turn against them, and theyíre getting rid of them, big time. 


Daniel: Yeah.  Okay, thanks for that.  And also, just one quick question.  This, all these looks like coup díetats that are being orchestrated in the North of Africa, looks like US, Anglo-US coups.  Is this all in preparation for going into Syria and Iran, because I take it the Mediterranean is obviously a strategic corridor, isnít it, because all the supplies will come through the Med?


Alan: Itís that too.  Itís also the Council on Foreign Relations a long time ago published reports on a unified Africa, and they want an African Bloc, just like a European Bloc.  And the United Nations has websites up on that too, that whole aspect of it.  And, of course, these occasional people that stand up and have taken over their countries and ruled those countries are impediments to them to get this national, big huge massive bloc, which will end up being as corrupt as Europe is already, the European Bloc.  So, they have to get rid of them now.  And youíre right though, theyíre going to go through that.  Syria is on the target list.  Even the Conservative bunch under Bush were all for that too.  And Libya was also listed, I think.  And of course, Iran must go as well.  And thatís the unification.  Theyíll step in for the unification of Africa then.


Daniel: Yeah.  Because they tolerated him for a while, Gaddafi, because he was no threat, but now that heís a thorn in their side, they just need him out of the way. 


Alan: Heís a thorn in their side, but you see, Gaddafi, you see, also pretty well nationalized a lot of the industry over there.  And whenever they nationalize a country and the big oil boys donít like that at all, theyíre always terrified of their oil systems being nationalized and the money going back to the people, and Gaddafi actually was sharing the cash with the people.  A lot more than any other North African country, in fact their poverty rate was below any other country in North Africa, and their education rate was the highest in Africa.  So, they want to get rid of him, for sure.  And heís not really the boss.  Heís sort of a figurehead.  They actually have a different kind of system over there, with a form of a Prime Minister, whoís actually the boss, but Gaddafi steps in to be the strong man when required.  But he did fight long and hard to stop what he called imperialism, which is just globalism and corporate takeovers of his country.   And theyíve got to get rid of him now to get their plan through.  Remember too, the Royal Institute of International Affairs has had a hundred year plan for the plans for Africa.  A hundred years to unify Africa. 


Daniel: Yeah.  Same with North Korea, because theyíre independent and they donít like it.  They need every country to be dependent on their system, donít they?


Alan: Well, they canít have any alternate type of system.  At one time they encouraged split countries.  Thatís why in Britain they gave you Northern Ireland.  And they can always get them rattled up once in a while, and say, oh, terrorism is everywhere, and then they clamp down on the people.  The money really goes to research and development for weaponry.  In Canada, they stood up the Quťbťcois in Quebec once in a while, when nothing much is happening.  And the same thing happens there, you know, more cash flows into different agencies and so on, and they expand.  So they like that.  The same thing with Korea.  They like that, having the North and the South idea, and they can shake up the North when required.  However, for the new system now, itís time, theyíve served their purposes.  Theyíve done very well, and now itís time to amalgamate them all into the one global system and the same central banking system: money, debt, all that kind of stuff, and the World Bank. 


Daniel: Standardization isnít it, of the whole world.


Alan: Yeah.  Gaddafi actually softened in the í90s under pressure from the IMF to start to democratize as they say.  What they mean by that was, allow more foreign investment coming in, and that kind of stuff, but itís not fast enough for the big boys.  Remember, Iraq was the same idea.  Eventually in Iraq, and I said at the very beginning, the big boys will have a meeting there, theyíll divvy up the oil fields amongst Shell and Mobile and Gulf and all the rest of them, and they did exactly that.  They were given them as presents, and the taxpayers are paying for it all, but they were given them as presents.  They want to do the same thing of course with Libya.


Daniel: Now theyíre investigating Libya, investigating Gaddafi for human rights crimes and all this nonsense that they cooked up.  They did the same thing about Saddam, didnít they?


Alan: Well, George Orwell put it all in Nineteen Eighty-Four, when he gave you Goldstein to hate, you know.  And they always give you a figure to hate.  I can remember when Ronald Reagan turned his sights on the Soviet Union, and he called it the Evil Empire.  And thatís an old statement thatís been used many times with politicians, because one in the 18th Century used it, so they keep rehashing it.  And then he turned his sights on Gaddafi, and he said he was the Great Satan.  So they keep turning their sights.  Who are we fighting today, East Asia or West Asia?  Thatís Orwellian.  And they can demonize anybody.  And unfortunately, it isnít until long after theyíve got what they wanted, slaughtered a whole bunch of people and plundered the place that we ever find any little bits of truth coming out.  By then it doesnít matter.  They donít care if it comes out afterwards, as long as they get what they want at the time.  This is massive; you understand, it took years of preparation to get all of the NGOs with the trained activists, trained for this domino system to fall across Northern Africa.


Daniel: They have sleepers, what they call sleeper cells, they planted them in there decades ago, until theyíre ready to activate them sort of thing, is that what it is?


Alan: They activate them.  Theyíve been working through universities again.  And youíve always got to get the students on your side and promise them a utopia, and so you need lots of followers who will activate and go into the streets.  And George Soros is involved.  Brzezinski discussed this technique to be used.  They call it soft power.  And all the followers are disposable, because the boys at the top donít care who follows, because they know theyíre not going to give them what they promised them.  When youíre young, youíre idealistic.  Youíre easily fooled and conned.  Thereís also professional troops in there too.  Thereís been talk of Special Forces being put in there too, in some of those countries. 


Daniel: Alan, no one in the media seems to feel itís a bit more of a coincidence that every single country in North Africa is all rebelling at the same time.


Alan: Thatís right.  Again too, the Bush regime, under Cheney and Wolfowitz and so on, in the New American Century, and I put a video up a while back, where you hear guys who were in the regime at the top saying they were pushing what they called Revolutionary Democracy, by force in other words.  They were causing revolutions to break out and force this thing called democracy upon them.  And of course, the soft technique is the one being used now, but it took about ten years to prepare.  And weíre seeing it in action today.  And Brzezinski is involved in that.  He admitted heís involved in these agitative things happening in North Africa.


Daniel: And itís always for their own good, isnít it.  They always say itís for the peopleís own good.


Alan: Oh, yeah, itís always for their own good.  Because you see, the people according to those at the top are just too dumb and stupid to know whatís good for them in the first place.  So, you always promise them a utopia, then, of course, you bring in a central banking system, and thatís key, they must bring.  You see, a lot of those countries did not have any debt to any country.  And a lot of the Moslem countries did not believe in Central Banking or usury.  Youíve got to bring in the Central Banking, borrowing from the World Bank and IMF and so on, to keep you in perpetual slavery or it wonít work.  This is what weíre seeing.  Itís a standardization of the planet now.  This is the Century of Change, as I say, and theyíve talked about this through universities, all given grants by the Rockefeller foundation.  They all live on these foundation grants.  Thatís why universities are always on board with the latest UN agenda.  And they talk about the Century of Change was to be the 21st Century.  And this is to bring in a standardized system across the world.  And the redistribution of wealth is simply robbing whoís left with a paycheck in the West, and giving it to their corporations abroad.


Daniel: All right, Alan.  Thanks very much.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And even though, as I say, Gaddafi had to deal more fairly with most of his people, he was still the hard man on top, as well.  And of course he allowed terrorists to train there and so on.  But, then again, what country didnít?  What country didnít?  And itís an odd thing too, what is a terrorist, when you have governments sending Special Forces into countries to upset them from within as well?  Theyíre not called terrorists.  Or where air forces take off to bomb citizens.  Theyíre not called terrorists either.  So, itís all plays on words and so on.  The fact is that force, brutal force often is the way that countries and masses of people are brought under order.  Thatís always been the way.  Thatís always been the way, you know. 


And we all wish it could be different too, but then again, the corruption within man can never allow it to be different, because, I was thinking yesterday too, someone called about Socialism, and the Communists had the wrong kind of Socialism, or the Bolshevik Party.  And itís true that the Bolsheviks took, it was a coup, it was a takeover really of the other Socialist parties and they became the top honchos.  Really, it wouldnít matter because Socialism is Socialism is Socialism.  It can only go in one direction, which again, is the belief in Evolution and Science being the Master, and Specialists running the public and every aspect of their lives, right down to depopulation, according to the founder of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw.  And Iíve put that link up to the video, where you can actually see him and hear him talking about that, in fact. See, Socialism and Communism is fine; itís not meant for humans to live in.  Thatís the thing that Iím trying to say to you.  We are humans.  Weíre not just little robots, and thereís a lot more to a human being, as those who give us all the prompts and the neuroscientists up there know.  Thereís a lot more to being a human being, than simply retraining us to think one way or another.  We have emotions and all the rest of it; mind you, those at the top understand all this perfectly, and thatís why they manage us as a crowd, so easily too, because they use our emotional content of our minds against us, and keep us happy, dumb, and stupid.


Iíve talked about Bertrand Russell so many times, because he was a key player.  He belonged to the group that actually gave you your present-day culture.  He sat on the boards of these world groups as they talked about what kind of society they were getting paid to bring in.  They werenít guessing at it and playing at it.  They were getting paid to do it.  And they got authorization from FDR, when the Frankfurt School joined, and he was part of the Frankfurt School, by the way, and they joined with the Macy Group, and FDR gave them permission, and then Truman took over and gave them more permission, more cash, to create a culture for America.  And it was to be an entertainment culture, keep them dumb, stupid.  They called it negative freedom, and thatís the term they use for it in psychology and philosophy.  So, what youíre living through is a made-up system to serve the elite so well.  Hereís what Bertrand Russell said, and Iíve read this so many times, itís good to see that other people are picking up on it.  Iíve read parts of his book, many of his books, but one was called the Scientific Outlook.  And he said, Education in a Scientific Society, which youíre under now, by the way, youíve been under it your whole lives.


Education has two purposes: on the one hand to form the mind, on the other hand to train the citizen. The Athenians concentrated on the former, the Spartans on the latter. The Spartans won, (Alan: Meaning brute force.)  but the Athenians were remembered.  (A: For intellect, you see.)


Education in a scientific society may, I think, be best conceived after the analogy of the education provided by the Jesuits.


(A: And Iíll stop right there, because, you see, Cecil Rhodes formed along with the Milner group the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, and he said it would have to be based with Jesuit techniques, and this is exactly what heís talking about.  He says:)


The Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world, (A: The workers)  and another for those who were to become members of the Society of Jesus. In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented.


(A: Look around you.  Do you understand that under the present circumstances and whatís happened to countries, theyíre still fairly contented.  They can turn on that television, get lost in nonsense, etc.  It says:)


Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play. (A: Interesting, eh.)  Children will be educated from their earliest years in the manner which is found least likely to produce complexes.


(A: What he means by that is like individualism.  You see, individualism is the enemy of the system.  He says:)


Almost all will be normal, happy, healthy boys or girls. Their diet will not be left to the caprices of parents, but will be such as the best biochemists recommend.


(A: Have you looked at what your children eat?  Huh? This guy knew what he was talking about, because you see, they planned and were implementing all that stuff in his lifetime.)


They will spend much time in the open air, (A: That was the original thought) and will be given no more book-learning than is absolutely necessary. (A: They can hardly read at all now.) Upon the temperament so formed, docility will be imposed by the methods of the drill-sergeant, (A: Which they used up until the í60s, early í70s in Britain, and then they went on to the next technique.) or perhaps by the softer methods employed upon Boy Scouts. All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ďco-operative,Ē (A: They all have group meetings in classroom.) i.e. to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just reading a little bit from The Scientific Outlook by the guy who help set up the system under which youíve been trained actually.  Thatís the proper term for it, trained.  And they had other specialists working alongside of him, like Theo Adorno and other ones giving you your music and your movie industry culture, to destroy the culture, and bring it down to the most basic level, so that youíre even more easily controlled.  Youíre actually addicted, you see, to entertainment, addicted is the word, and like all addictions, it has its problems, for a healthy psyche cannot develop.  And he goes on to say here, too.  He says:


The giving of these lessons (A: to the masses) will, of course, be recognized as a highly skilled undertaking, reserved for the members of the governing class. All that will be required locally to replace the present-day school teacher will be a lady to keep order, though it is hoped that the children will be so well-behaved that they will seldom require this estimable personís services.


(A: And of course, now too, they shun you if you donít go along with the group when you put your hand up and vote.  Yeah, weíre all right, and so on.)


Those children, on the other hand, who are destined to become members of the governing class will have a very different education. They will be selected, some before birth,


(A: You see, they were already doing and already had been long before Russell wrote this, special selection for mating and offspring.  Long time before. Go back to Charles Darwinís family, and see how they simply interbred with the one other family, the Wedgwoods.)


some during the first three years of life, and a few between the ages of three and six. All the best-known science will be applied to the simultaneous development of intelligence and will-power.


Eugenics, chemical and thermal treatment of the embryo, and diet in early years will be used with a view to the production of the highest possible ultimate ability. The scientific outlook will be instilled from the moment that a child can talk, and throughout the early impressionable years the child will be carefully guarded from contact with the ignorant and unscientific. (A: Thatís the masses.) From infancy up to twenty-one, scientific knowledge will be poured into him, and at any rate from the age of twelve upwards he will specialize on those sciences for which he shows the most aptitude. At the same time he will be taught physical toughness ; he will be encouraged to roll naked in the snow, (A: Some of the modern ones would probably enjoy that, with each other.) to fast occasionally for twenty-four hours, to run many miles on hot days, to be bold...


(A: Itís exactly the same thing as you find in Wellsí A Modern Utopia.  He called them the Samurai Class.  Anyway, he says:)


A sense of his high destiny will be constantly set before him, and loyalty towards his order (A: His own peer group.) will be so axiomatic that it will never occur to him to question it. Every youth will thus be subjected to a threefold training: in intelligence, in self-command, and in command over others.


If he should fail in any one of these three, he will suffer the terrible penalty of degradation to the ranks of common workers, and will be condemned for the rest of his life to associate with men and women vastly inferior to himself in education and probably in intelligence. The spur of this fear will suffice to produce industry in all but a very small minority of boys and girls of the governing class.


(A: I should also mention, this would make them utterly ruthless, you understand, and he said that too, that a Scientific Dictatorship would be utterly ruthless.  It would be uncaring, because emotions are simply nonsense when it comes to pure, cold, hard logic, according to Russell.)


Except for the one matter of loyalty to the World State and to their own order, (A: And he says here, the World State, folks.  Youíre hearing all about it now.) members of the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous and full of initiative. It will be recognized that it is their business to improve scientific technique, and to keep the manual workers contented by means of continual new amusements. (A: Are you amused these days, folks, are you?) As those upon whom all progress depends, they must not be unduly tame, nor so drilled as to be incapable of new ideas. Unlike the children destined to be manual workers, they will have personal contact with their teacher, and will be encouraged to argue with him. It will be his business to prove himself in the right if he can, and, if not, to acknowledge his error gracefully. There will, however, be limits to intellectual freedom, even among the children of the governing class. (A: You see, theyíre not the bosses.) They will not be allowed to question the value of science, or the division of the population into manual workers and experts. They will not be allowed to coquette with the idea that perhaps poetry is as valuable as machinery, or love as good a thing as scientific research. If such ideas do occur to any venturesome spirit, they will be received in a pained silence, and there will be a pretence that they have not been heard.


(A: So they must not be emotional.  And that goes the same too with culling the herd and stuff.  There will be no emotions involved.)


A profound sense of public duty will be instilled into boys and girls of the governing class as soon as they are able to understand such an idea. They will be taught to feel that mankind depends upon them, (A: And itís true, oh, thereís panic coming.  Oh, climate change.  Oh, global warming.  Oh, global cooling.  And we all say, save us, save us.) and that they owe benevolent service especially to the less fortunate classes beneath them. But let it not be supposed that they will be prigsófar from it.


(A: In other words, they wonít be soft touches.)


They will turn off with a deprecating laugh any too portentous remark that puts into explicit words what they will all believe in their hearts. Their manners will be easy and pleasant, and their sense of humour unfailing.


The latest stage in the education of the most intellectual of the governing class will consist of training for research. Research will be highly organized, and young people will not be allowed to choose what particular piece of research they shall do. (A: Thatís already in effect.) They will, of course, be directed to research in those subjects for which they have shown special ability. A great deal of scientific knowledge will be concealed from all but a few.


(A: You see, thatís why they choose, and I know people who have gone into different, bio-chemists and so on, and done this research, and itís the same research that everyone has done before them.  And if they come up with anything new or a new idea on something, itís tabooed by the head guy, the head honcho. )


Discoveries which upset the official view of fundamentals, if they are made by young men, will incur disfavour, and if rashly published will lead to degradation. Young men to whom any fundamental innovation occurs will make cautious attempts to persuade their professors to view the new ideas with favour, but if these attempts fail they will conceal their new ideas until they themselves have acquired positions of authority, by which time they will probably have forgotten them.


In other words, theyíre not the top class, you understand.  Thereís a bunch above them, but they have to really believe in what theyíre doing.  So, itís quite interesting to see that youíre actually living through a system, well established.  Itís been on the go for an awful long time, right down to giving you, like Orwell said, itís like computers churning out porno books.  He had that in it.  Machines turned out porno books to keep the masses happy, and theyíd even put them on the shelves there in brown packets to make them think they were illegal.  Because, if itís illegal, youíll want them, you see.  That was the idea.  It was all done by the guys at the top.  Keep you happy, dumbed down, stupid.  And they even had, of course, not just machines to make the porno books and their awful novels like these Harlequin Romances, which are just soft porn, really, they also churn out your music too.  Itís like machines churning out music today.  And Orwell knew it all too, because he was destined to be part of that group.  Quite something, eh, when you think about it. 


Now, thereís Patrick from Ontario on the line.  Are you there, Patrick?  Hello?


Patrick: Hello?


Alan: Yes, Patrick.


Patrick: Howís life in the New Soviet treating you, comrade?


Alan: Oh, well, itís going to get a lot worse, shortly, I think.  Weíre just getting trained into it.  Itís a soft time for the Soviet, you know, but itís going to get harder as time goes on.  And I just noticed today for instance that Sudbury, just Sudbury in Ontario here, the YMCA was part of the Northern YMCA groups that are funding schools across North Africa, and itís matched by, it used to be called the Overseas Economic Development Corporation.  Itís a UN group, working for your government, taking your tax money, matching it dollar for dollar for charity.  And then they give it to the corporations abroad, to make sure they get the same indoctrination.  So itís amazing, weíre building schools and stuff abroad, but in the same paper, thereís pensioners complaining they canít live on the money theyíre getting.  But whatís new, eh?


Patrick: I was calling in tonight to talk about how successful counter-intelligence has been at negating the effect of people gaining different degrees of awareness.  And so, just like you touched on earlier, you know, it really is, it really, really is like emerging from Platoís Cave, and then thereís all the landmines, all the traps out there, right.  All the New Age, the 2012, the aliens, all this nonsense, and itís all basically, the end purpose of it all is just to get you out of the way.  Right?


Alan: And not only get you out of the way, a lot of folk are actually getting addicted, they get addicted to the entertaining side of whatís now called Conspiracy Theory.  They chat about it at parties to hold peopleís attention, center of attraction, that kind of stuff.  So, itís almost trendy to be part of a Conspiracy Theory.  (Chuckle)


Patrick: And yeah, and just like I was going to say, even people who arenít necessarily, you know, chasing lizard men, thereís people that are just surfing.  You know what I mean.  And it really is like a hobby or entertainment, right?  And one thing I was thinking about is, people gain, for the most part, like in my experience, anyways, I know a lot of people gain some degree of awareness through the internet, but then they stay there.  You know what I mean?  What if they didnít have an internet?  And another thing Iím thinking of is this internet freedom as we know it, like as we hear Cyber Security and all this stuff coming down.  The way I look at it, is I can see internet freedom as we know it is going to remain while this physical Police State Infrastructure comes in.  Because, itís just like people with their TV.  Like that was the only time people got upset, when they messed with their TV.  Well, itís the same kind of thing, right?  And interesting, like youíve talked about how they gave us the computer.  And like many, many things you say, it takes a while for it to set in and to connect all the dots, and for the wisdom of what youíre saying really to click.  And it reminded me of, this was probably like more than fifteen years ago, before high school, I was at a school, called the Institute of Child Study, and they did behavioral studies on us, to help us, Iím sure.  And this was, like, yeah, when we were only a few years old, and we had computers back then, and not only did we have computers, but we had like a forum.  Not an internet forum, but a local network forum, with a message board for us to talk to each other.  And why would we need to do that when weíre right there beside each other, unless it was to prepare us, right? 


But anyways, the reason why I was calling was like yeah, all these distractions and people who are just surfing, but I mean, letís just think about this for a second.  What do you need for survival?  Well, water.  Well, thatís poisoned, and they want to monopolize that.  Food.  Thatís poisoned.  They donít want you to be able to grow it.  Air.  Just take a look outside.  You know, what I mean?   I can go on and on.  The immune system, brain, family, community, nation, identity, everything.  You know, this is really.


Alan: Well, thatís it.  Youíre right on.  Theyíve targeted everything that you need for personal survival.  Your food, your water.  Theyíre talking about food rationing coming down.  Youíve also got heating.  You need heating, and theyíre coming in with the carbon taxes, and they probably wonít allow you to heat yourself with a wood stove, shortly.  All this stuff is coming in.  You will literally serve Big Brother.  And he will be the boss.  And youíll praise him for allowing you to get so much heat per day eventually.  This is what itís coming down to. 


Patrick: Yep.  And weíve touched on this before, but itís worth repeating, the masses really, really are gone.  And itís not just that theyíre gone, but when itís time for them to be steered in the direction, they will turn on you.  Just like in China, how, if you have a child, they say youíre taking our food.  And that was done by guys that werenít even from China.  I think you talked about that before.  And thatís really the truth of it.  The herd will be taken wherever, wherever they are taken to go.  And another thing, itís like that G20 documentary about the G20 here in Toronto.  Like, I respect anyone who chooses to become a police officer, because thatís a sacrifice, you risk your life, you donít make much money.  But, the reality is, they demonstrated that day where their allegiance lies.† And when theyíre ordered to beat innocent people, or, you know, when they get a chance to rip the fake, the prosthetic legs off an amputee, you know, theyíll have their fun, and theyíll do it, right?  And itís interesting, interesting to know that before that happened, because I live in Toronto, before that happened, when they were setting up everything for that event, they actually brought the police by my work, and they were training the horses, they were conditioning them with someone in an anarchistís suit, like straight out of a movie, a full outfit, full everything, right.  Conditioning not just the horses, but the police officers as well, right.  So, yeah, and like you said before, you know, whenever itís time for the next event, theyíll do it.  And they donít do it until theyíre ready.  But theyíre getting ready for everything they do every day, you know.


Alan: And the techniques are so perfect.  I mean, if you ever read the book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, actually the book itself by George Orwell, thereís a glossary of terms he uses in there, like doublethink (and so on), the ability to get a new reality given the next day if youíre a bureaucrat or a policeman or whatever, and to say it off, as though it had always been that way.† And when those guys, when those cops in Toronto said, oh, you canít go past or anywhere near this fence, this is now not part of Canada.  Thatís on a video.  Itís not part of Canada.  Well, for a cop to literally go into an insane statement like that, and saying it like a bureaucrat from George Orwellís Nineteen Eighty-Four, thatís scary.  Thatís scary, because those guys, too, can be taught that anyone walking across here, is now, not a potential, but a terrorist, just kill them.  And theyíll do that. 


Patrick: And if they donít, theyíll just bring in someone from another country.  Thatís what globalism is all about.† Right?


Alan: Thatís what globalism is all about.  And they signed that document recently, when Harper went down to meet with Obama, and of course, it was drafted up over the last year or so, with the bureaucrats, but they signed it, and now they can bring American troops into Canada officially, and vice versa in times of crisis.


Patrick: All right.  Well, itís good to talk to you, Mr. Watt, and Iím waiting on getting paid at the moment, so Iíll get some cash out to you when it gets here.  So, talk to you soon.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Bye now.


Thatís the world weíre living in.  And bureaucrats are exactly the same.  When theyíre told global warming, oh, they all parrot it like parrots suddenly.  They never thought of it in their life before, but now they parrot it, oh, itís global warming.  And now itís climate change, and they wonít question why they were calling it global warming and now itís climate change, even though all the figures show itís been cooling.  It doesnít matter.  You see, they immediately adapt to the new doublethink, and hold two opposing opinions in their head at the same time, and theyíll put you to death, while they hold those two opinions in their head at the same time, because youíre saying the right thing.  Itís just incredible.  Thatís the scary thing about the techniques they use today.  Those who lust for power and go into politics, and all the bureaucrats, only respect the ones in higher power than themselves.  Thatís what a typical psychopath does. 


And you know, people who go into the military or the police, unfortunately again, like Russell talks about, theyíre not members of the governing class.  Theyíre not even members of the scientific class.  Theyíre members of the Ďkeep the herd in lineí class.  And hereís an article here to prove this.  And Iíve talked before about the experimentation done on prisoners, and done on soldiers too, by their own countries, and how youíre thrown off when things happen.  I mentioned a few years back, and thereís one of the magazines here in Canada, where it was a woman who served overseas, and she came back.  Her teeth fell out, her hair fell out, all the signs of radiation poisoning.  Well, hereís another one here.  And this is how they treat you when theyíve washed you out, rung you out, got the last bit of blood out of you, and they toss you away.


Steven Dornan served two terms in Bosnia while in the Canadian military, but is now fighting a different kind of battle on two fronts.


Dornan, 45, is battling cancer that doctors say resulted from exposure to uranium while he served as a weapons inspector in the former war-torn Yugoslavia in 1996.


(A: And by the way, thereís a lot of amazing deformations, just like they have across Iraq now with this stuff in newborn babies.)


The Kingston, Kings County, resident is also battling with Veterans Affairs Canada for a pension that he and veterans groups say he is entitled to because of his illness.


"Itís just atrocious," Dornan said in an interview Tuesday as his wife, Roseann, entered the second day of a sit-in at the Wilmot, Annapolis County, office of West Nova MP (A: Thatís Member of Parliament) Greg Kerr.


And Iíll go back on this story when I come back, because itís quite an interesting way that they use you and toss you away.  Back after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article about how the Canadian government treats their troops once theyíve used them to do the dirty work for the big corporations to grab a hold of oil fields and stuff like that.  And this particular 25-year veteran of the Canadian forces has now got leukemia.  Itís brought on by exposure to depleted uranium that they use on the artillery shells and various shells from tanks and so on.  It says:


Dornan, who also served in Afghanistan (A: He was in Bosnia as well, of course, before that)  in 2002 while undergoing cancer treatment, is being treated with drugs and chemotherapy. But doctors say the treatments will eventually stop working.


(A: They said he had fifteen years to live.)


But the Veterans Affairs Review and Appeal Board has repeatedly denied him a disability pension, even though the Federal Court, along with five doctors and two scientists, has upheld his claim.


The review board ruled that the evidence presented by the doctors and scientists is not credible, even though the Federal Court has ruled that the board has no authority to rule on the credibility of expert witnesses.


"It is shameful behaviour and incredibly unjust," Roseann Dornan said in an email.


"Their inability to do what is right has personally cost us much precious time, energy, frustration, and major financial strain.


"Most important of these is time, as my husband will only become more ill as his disease progresses."


Dornan said she is staging the sit-in out of "profound frustration and desperation."


Steven Dornan said the only option left is to take his battle public.


You see, thatís how youíre treated.  You see, youíre nothing at the bottom.  Youíre just a henchman.  I hate to say it, but youíre a henchman, really, for the big bosses, and they take guys who are really nobodies and, as the ads say, youíll be somebody.  You put a uniform on, you get instant respect, and you can go off and kill people and stuff abroad.  And you get little medals for doing so.  But they donít give you a pension when you end up with uranium poisoning, because they donít want to admit thatís whatís causing it.  This is your real government.  These are the governments that give handouts of billions to the banks, remember.  And Canada has even given billions out to foreign banks that collapsed, even though we werenít collapsing in Canada, supposedly.  Itís just astonishing. 


All this nonsense about serving your country, when theyíre telling you on the one hand youíre global at the same time.  Well, do you even have a country anymore?  And what are you fighting for?  As I say, they divvied up the oil fields in Iraq, and they want to do the same with Iran and elsewhere, to the big corporations.  They gave them presents of them.  And they use the taxpayerís money to fund the militaries as they go out and take over on their behalf, and this is how they treat you when you come back.  Youíre completely disposable.  Every generation, every year, someone is hitting seventeen, eighteen, or nineteen, ready to join the military.  So, you really donít count at all.  Youíre completely disposable.  And this is what they do.  They dispose of you. 


And of course, they donít want to give this guy his pension, because then legally theyíd have to admit that this is causing cancers amongst other troops as well.  So, heís just a fall guy for it.  And they donít care about it at all.  They know this has been going on for years now, with other members of the military, but theyíre not going to admit it.  Theyíll wait until that bunch dies off, just like they did with most of them that died off after World War II.  They were tested in Canada with various chemicals.  They were told they were harmless.  They were sprayed from aircraft and everything, and most of them came down with cancers.  Two survived into the í90s, took it to court, and then when they were waiting for the answer I think one of them died.  So, I donít know what happened to the other one.  This is their standard technique.  Just keep postponing it, postponing it, until theyíre dead.  The same with the tainted blood scandal, and they gave tainted blood to all the hemophiliacs in Canada, and most of them all died off before they came to their final conclusions.  This is how they play the game.  Thatís the reality of the life we live in, in these wonderful systems folks.  And you think youíve got freedom, eh?


Well, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.




Canadian 25-yr. Veteran with Depleted Uranium-Induced Cancer Battles for Pension



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