March 4th, 2011 (#782)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 4th, 2011:

Unless You're a Clown, You Know We're Going Down:

"Canada and the U.S. Must Catch Up Quickly
And Plummet to the Condition of Britain, Sickly,
Rising Taxes, Gov. Borrowing, Soaring Inflation,
Redistributing Paychecks to World, No Consolation,
The War On the Mind is All Completed,
Psychologically the Public are Defeated,
No Memory of Past When Living was Good,
The Cities were Safe, We ate Better Food,
There were Few "Experts" to Muddle the Mind,
A Moral People Cognizant, Honest, More Kind,
Now Entertainment, Concerted Education,
Has Corrupted, to Depravity and Deprivation,
Hey, We're Free to Engage, In Anything Goes,
Never Shocked, Placid, Ignorant of Our Foes
© Alan Watt March 4th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 4th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March the 4th, 2011.  Newcomers, I suggest you look into the website,, and help yourself to the audios which are there for download for free.  Where I hope youíll get the impression of the shortcuts Iíve put in there to show you how the big system works, and hopefully save you years of running round in circles, and going into outer space and back again, many times over.  Because, itís hard for a lot of people to understand that people actually designed this system weíre living in, and I go through the books from the Big Boys, who took part and do take part today in World Meetings in all areas.  Theyíre specialized think tanks and so on, who deal with every facet of society and they actually put their proposals forward and the Big Boys who own the planet, and yes, there are owners of the planet, get it implemented through your governments, which they also own.  And thatís how the simple system really works. 


But for most folk, weíve been conditioned to think we have rights, we have freedoms, and we live in democracies and all the rest of it.  And itís impossible for them to understand, so oh, gee, it must be the aliens that are doing it.  It has to be something superhuman.  And thatís amazing that thatís actually happened, but not unforeseeable, because weíre trained this way, to believe the media, to believe our education, and to believe that those above us are truly there to represent us, even though none of us in our whole lifetime has ever seen a whiff or smelt a whiff of them actually doing so, actually helping us, that is.  So, help yourself to those, and remember too, youíll get transcripts of a lot of the talks on those websites as well, in English, and if you want transcripts in other languages, go into, listed on the .com site as well, and you can take your pick from a whole bunch offered there. 


And remember too, you can keep me going.  Buy the books and the discs that I sell.  From the US to Canada, you can order, and youíll see it on the .com site how to do so.  Thereís a PayPal button there.  Use that, follow it by an email with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Failing that, you can send cash.  And the US can also send an international postal money order, or a personal check.  Thatís still acceptable in Canada.  Across the rest of the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and you have PayPal again to order.  Just use the donation button, as I say, and follow it with an email, with your name, address and order.  And straight donations too, of course, are really, really not just accepted, theyíre in incredible demand, because not many come in. 


And this New World Order is so beyond most folkís ken, because theyíve been kept in utter ignorance.  And of course, your education, the media and so on, is there to ensure youíre kept in utter ignorance.  And Iíve read books by many of the players, who have published their own books in fact, outlining the whole agenda, and how they would bring this about, how theyíd bring in the conditioned society.  The Soviets knew the same thing too, and weíre all buddies together; their top scientists joined with the West a long time ago to ensure this happened.  Yuri Bezmenov, whose links are up on youtube.  I put them up on my website too, youíll find in the archives section.  He goes through the system of contamination, and what that means is a form of brainwashing of the mind into a form of liberalism where anything goes, you think.  And once youíre contaminated, he said, you canít break out of it.  Youíre thereís no point talking to people who are contaminated who truly believe theyíre living in a very liberal, happy society, and anything should go as they say.  Anything goes, as the old song says, and they didnít put that song out there by mistake, either, a long time ago, because this agenda has been around for an awful long time, and working, always working towards its goal.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about how the term contamination is so apt, because itís a form of brainwashing we all get, and eventually because everyone is brainwashed, with the same beliefs and so on, at the same time, through the same system, they think theyíre all quite sane.  And they donít realize that they could be actually, technically insane, because theyíve never really thought for themselves at all.  In fact, it becomes impossible for them to think for themselves at all.  They have their built-in defaults, as Mr.† Sunstein would call it.  They go back to default position if you mention something thatís not quite politically correct.  And these are all sciences, of course, which are used upon them, and they donít know it.  And, as I say, the Soviets understood this technique perfectly well, all through the Cold War and after the Cold War, and as I say, many of their defectors who came over from the KGB, all went through the same kind of scenario as Yuri Bezmenov did, with the techniques that they were using on the West. 


And remember too, that the Soviet system was to blend with the Western system after about seventy years or so, according to Lenin, and you find that from the Reece Commission as well.  It was pushed out by the Congress of the US as an investigation into the tax-free foundations, that seemed to be funding all the left wing movements within the United States and Europe.  And they were told by the CEOs of the corporations, these foundations, that their job was to do that.  It was to blend a Sovietized system with the West.  And of course Khrushchev didnít call it Communist in the US; here we call it liberalism, he said.  And so, liberal attitudes were to be pushed.  And your attitudes are generally given to you.  Your morality is given to you as well.  There should be a natural morality there, thatís innate within people to survive and peace with each other.  Once you get beyond that, you end up with a form of chaos.  We have it all around us today, but people think nothing of it.  They think weíre just evolving and becoming more free, as they say.  More free is the term they actually use. 


Hereís an article here, and I said this would happen, because this is part of the agenda.  Iíve read part of Julian Huxleyís books on the air here, where he talked.  This is again, the CEO of UNESCO, the first major CEO of UNESCO for the United Nations, who was set up to set up a culture for the youth, really, and for a world educational system, to ensure they all got the same indoctrination in any country.  Theyíd all be the same.  And Huxley said, if we can make sexuality a hyper thing with children, before puberty, he said, theyíll have a neurotic desire, that means a never-ending desire for sexual activity after puberty.  And the idea he said was basically so they wouldnít bond with people and marry and bond for life.  Because, you see, a family is a basic small tribe, and a small tribe will stand up for any member whoís attacked by the system, Big Brother.  So, you eliminate all of that, and you have no problems at all.  Other big players have said the same thing.  And theyíve gone so far now, of course, theyíve pretty well achieved their goals, and weíve had fifty years of degrading, degrading, degrading movies and television to bring us down to this step.  Julian Huxley also said they would use sex education, which he knew darn well was really just a form of getting children interested in something which their hormones were not ready for yet.  It makes them hyper-excited eventually.  And eventually when you become really overdosed with something, you become perverted; you go into the jaded stuff, because youíre jaded you see.  And youíve got to have more excitement and more excitement each time. 


Hereís an article here.  And it says:


Opinion: Why Decriminalize Child Prostitution?


(Alan: This is the AOL News:)


Believe it or not, the average age for a girl entering prostitution is 13 years old, and the average age is declining as buyers want younger and younger children. Nobody knows exactly how many kids end up being sold for sexual services, (A: Oh, yeah they do.) but the number is in the multiple thousands and the problem grows bigger and expands to more cities and towns every year. But even one child victim is one too many. Decent people are appalled and want to stop this outrage.


(A: You see, the rest of them have no outrage at all, youíll notice.  No matter what happens today, most folk have no outrage.  In fact theyíre, again, theyíre neutral on everything.  Again, itís moral relativity, oh well, you know.  It says:)


However, one "good sounding" solution that many states are considering will surely produce unintended negative consequences that will make things worse.


Compassionate people are being lured into the idea of decriminalizing child prostitution. (A: Compassionate people, of course.) The argument goes that children shouldn't be arrested, because that only punishes the children twice. Instead, they should be sent to shelters. Four states -- Washington, Illinois, Connecticut and New York -- have already passed decriminalization laws. Others are considering it.


The problem with this well-intentioned change is that it won't end the exploitation but will likely make it worse, by removing the only safe and secure protection these vulnerable children have from the pimps -- being arrested and placed under the protective custody of law enforcement.


Ask rescued children -- even those who initially parrot back the "safe harbor" language that some rescue organizations are teaching them -- and many will say that their arrest is the only reason they are alive today.


It makes it possible for pimps to tell children that law enforcement can't touch them and won't help them. Sexually exploited children are victims, frequently beaten, injured and abused, neglected and in need of rescuing from pimps, (A: And Iíd say often murdered as well.)  johns and sometimes themselves. Decriminalizing child prostitution does not pave the road to rescue and rehabilitation; instead it could make that road more difficult.


(A: And then it goes on about the other problems they have.  They say, oh, there arenít enough:)


Shelters or programs to handle all the victims. Removing legal barriers will not build more shelters, but it will create a great atmosphere for exploiters to coerce more victims. Without sufficient shelters to care for victims and without laws to remove children from prostitution, what will happen to these minors? Where will they go? Without legal means, will the police be more or less likely to look for them?


The children would be free to walk. Without criminal charges, participation in shelter and treatment programs would be voluntary; they are free to walk out at any time,


You understand, we shouldnít even be discussing this, because this should not even be happening.  Do you understand, this did not used to happen?  Society has been under attack for an awful long time.  A very intelligent, well-funded attack, for a long, long time.  And not from the street level either, from the top level, to put all this stuff through, to create the kind of society that you have today.  Eventually, you see, they want to decriminalize everything, even pedophilia.  Thatís part of the big agenda, if you didnít know.  Iíve read the articles on the air before from the Big Boys themselves.  Of course, they are into all that stuff.  But we shouldnít even have to discuss this stuff today. 


Do you understand, society has had it?  When a society has no morality and forget all this nonsense, ďeverything is moral relativity.Ē  When you donít have a common morality, anybody will walk over you.  Youíre done for.  You canít stand up for yourselves, as a nation, as a people, or even individually.  Itís over for you. 


Now, this article came in right after it.  It was quite something else.  You get these synchronicities.  And I talked about being jaded, of course, and how we must be avant-garde all the time when it comes to sexuality and depravity, because it goes into depravity when youíre so jaded.  And a generation has grown up already, watching nothing but porn, hard porn on computers and so on, all intentional.  You know, thatís the only thing I knew about computers, years ago, was, oh, thereís lots of porn on it, because the media kept informing you there was lots of porn on it, to try and get everybody into it. 


This article here is from the Mail Online:


Students watch a woman being pleasured by a sex toy as part of class at Northwestern University


The president of the school is now launching an investigation (A: Yeah, sure.)


A live sex act was performed in front of a group of students at a top university which involved a woman being brought to orgasm by a machine-powered saw (A: A saw.) with a phallic object instead of a blade.


(A: Iím surprised.  Maybe the next show sheíll use a blade, because theyíll be so jaded with the phallic object.  I guess they changed a jig-saw into a frig-saw.)


Northwestern University, in Chicago, which charges more than $40,000 a year in fees, held the unusual demonstration at the campus last week in which a group of students watched a naked woman being penetrated by the powerful sex toy.


The graphic act was performed in front of about 100 students in psychology professor John Michael Baileyís human sexuality class.


(A: Well, I know all about Mr. Bailey.  And then it says:)


Jim Marcus and Faith Kroll performed a live sex act on stage at the Northwestern University while more than 100 students watched. 


The demonstration occurred after class, and attendance was optional.


(A: This is in your universities theyíre doing this stuff.  It says:)


Ken Melvoin-Berg, co-owner of Weird Chicago Tours, was paid around $400 to guest lecture at the university which was organised by Professor Bailey.


His discussion on bondage, swinging and other sexual fetishes included video footage of a woman who was having an orgasm, but when it was deemed unrealistic, the idea of a live sex act was introduced.


After the initial discussion at the Ryan Family Auditorium, the class were told that a couple were going to demonstrate the use of a sex toy and the female orgasm.


The power saw-turned-sex toy used in a Psychology lecture at Northwestern University as demonstrated by Weird Chicago tour operator Ken Melvoin-Berg.


Exhibitionists: Jim Marcus and his fiancťe Faith Kroll said they enjoy people watching them have sex and thought their display was educational for students


(A: Very educational for students.  I guess this is a new handyman, with his new tools.)


After the initial discussion at the Ryan Family Auditorium, the class were told that a couple were going to demonstrate the use of a sex toy


Which they did, and so on.  This is the world youíre living in today, and your tax money is funding these universities.  And everybody is becoming jaded until they canít stand.  Perverted.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Another thing too, is people are wondering about police cutbacks.  Believe you me, theyíre not really cutting back that much at all, because they keep creating special units, and they donít call them police anymore and so on.  But, this brave new world that youíre already in, by the way, is a totalitarian system.  Itís based on perpetual debt through the IMF, and every country signed on to it.  Every department had its own department assigned to the IMF, in fact, to borrow money, to spend across the world on your behalf to helping other countries, supposedly.  And the debt is paid off by you, if you didnít know.  That makes sure that the same system will ride on in perpetuity forever with compound interest with the same guys in charge, regardless of the generation.  Thatís what itís really for. 


And theyíre bringing in a hell on earth, and you donít know it, because youíre getting used to it already.  Youíre already acclimatized to being searched going through airports, and now they want to do the same thing in buses and railways and so on, and X-ray you, and probably grope people along the way.  And probably while waiting to get on the bus.  Theyíll grope you along the way, until they put the darn machines in the bus, as you walk up the steps and theyíll scan you too.  Thatís coming folks. 


And for countries that are supposedly broke, thereís just no end to the military toys theyíre churning out.  And again, youíre paying for your own chains, once again, for every drone thatís made, for instance.


Drones Set to Invade National, State Parks


When I was a kid going to summer camp in New Yorkís Adirondack Mountains, I counted myself lucky if I saw a black bear once or twice in a season. But campers may soon be able to regularly see something bigger and badder when climbing the High Peaks: Reaper drones flown by the New York Air National Guardís 174th Fighter Wing based in Syracuse, New York.


And drones arenít just buzzing over the Adirondacks. The proposal to begin training missions there is part of a bigger push to build a drone infrastructure for flying missions throughout the United States.


(A: By the way, theyíre already doing it, because, as I say, Iíve got photographs of them launching some of these things on the Great Lakes, with Special Forces on a boat.  A very, long, long telescopic camera took it, and did a darn good job, too.  It says:)


So new drone bases are being built. The FAA is setting aside airspace for drone flights. And you can even get an accredited college degree in roboplane repair or operations.


Today, most U.S. drones operate overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, with rumors of drone use in Yemen, Somalia, and other regions around the Horn of Africa. Most of these are flown by the military ó and a few by the CIA. But because of United States law and regulation, neither of these groups can easily fly drones within the United States.


However, Iíve heard and Iíve read recently too, theyíre already changing the laws to allow them to buy them all.  And all the cops in the country are in on it.  They want their own toys, you see, to go around snooping on the general public.  Do you understand this is a totalitarian system youíre already living in?  And thereís hardly any response out there, as you well know, if you go out there and try and tell people.  Thereís no response from the people.  Itís oh, oh well.  Do you understand youíre talking to damaged people?  Contaminated people?  They can still go out and do their usual things.  They can get into their internet.  They can have cheap entertainment of the most debased kind, and theyíll continue to the bitter end with all of this stuff, right down to having drones flitted in and out of their houses probably.  They wonít mind at all.  They really wonít mind.  They donít mind the internet is monitoring every darn thing that you do, under the guise of terrorism. 


Most of them, and Iíve warned so many people about Facebook, I mean, hereís a guy who comes out and tells the public theyíre a bunch of you-know-whats.  You know.  Stupid, you know.  And he sells all their information, and the people still use it.  Thereís no hope for people like that, you understand, when the owner calls them stupid effers, and they continue to use the site.  And he sells it all.  Itís just astonishing.  But I cannot help people like that at all.  And to be honest with you, Iím almost at the stage of saying itís time to go, and I mean go from the country too, because Iím seeing all of the same things introduced into Canada, with its value added tax, which is called general sales tax here, being increased again this month, over everything.  And that puts an incredible amount of taxes into the governmentís hands, because at every stage of a product that tax is charged, right down to the consumer when he buys it too.  Then itís on there again.  It can go through twenty different charges, collecting cash, cash, cash, the whole way, and the government is rolling in your tax money.  And you arenít going to see a penny of it.  And thereís just, oh well, what can you do?  What can you do?  The usual.  Theyíre gone. 


Anyway, thereís Varton in Toronto on the telephone there.  Iíll see if youíre there Varton.  Hello.


Varton: Hello.  Hi Mr. Watt.† Itís an honor to talk to you.  I have a couple of questions, if you want to give me your opinion.  The first one is, I have a son, and do I have to push him somehow to get the George Orwell books to read, or let him go on with his friends?  Iím first-generation Canadian.  He is born here.  What do you think?


Alan: What was the point with your son now?  What is it?


Varton: If I should push him, give him books to read, read books by George Orwell.


Alan: Yes, you certainly can.  You can also get, if heís even modern and canít read, like most of them that wonít read, you can get the movie version, and Iíll put the links up for that tonight.  Hold on, and weíll talk when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking to Varton from Toronto, whoís inquiring about George Orwellís Nineteen Eighty-Four book.  Thereís also film versions of the same thing, and each version has a little bit that the other ones would miss, so you have to watch them all, really.  The unfortunate thing today is getting the young ones to read at all, because most of them have gone through school, you know, and theyíve never really finished any book theyíve ever, ever looked at.  They donít have to anymore. 


Varton: And something, he does understand the system, the totalitarian system that he lives in.  And what is there for me to protect him, and let him not to go too much ahead with himself Ė to me, and everybody who listens as well Ė and keep him safe until he matures and matures more, without being carried away?


Alan: Well, the hardest thing as you know is peer pressure from his own age group.  And he does have a whole system determined to get into his mind, basically, itís designed that way, through school, and again, through peer pressure from his friends, and heíll want to conform with their ideas too, just to be accepted.  But you can still be accepted by people and express your own opinions.  Sometimes, if you can do that, theyíll actually admire you because youíre thinking outside the box, and youíre showing them other views of things.  So, if he has that ability, he can certainly survive it.  But yes, you should be educating him as much as you can with these books and so on.


Varton: I have something else.  I have another question to ask.  This doublespeak or language, is this a chance to reverse or reprogram or reverse is the word that I wanted to use.


Alan: Itís used everywhere.  All the systems now in politics use it.  Academia uses it all the time.  And of course, all the big systems which are there to do you detriment are using them. Itís like Family Planning.  It sounds nice.  Family sounds nice.  Planning sounds nice.  We all like plans.  But family planning is about abortion.  And rather than just say abortion clinic, they call it family planning clinics, and stuff like that.  So, doublespeak truly is used by politicians, more so amongst their own kind and the bureaucrats above them, who immediately adopt the newspeak of the day, whatever it happens to be.  If itís suddenly global warming, theyíll all parrot global warming.  If they were told to change tomorrow, itís global cooling, itís always been global cooling, theyíll all say the same thing, and look you straight in the eye and say itís always.  Thatís how they are.  They themselves are brainwashed, and trained into bureaucratize and bureaucratic type of thinking.


Varton: Yes.  And I want to say one thing.  Can I say hello to my friends, Bob in Western Toronto.


Alan: Yeah, sure.


Varton: Bob, please call.  This is great.  And I was a first-time caller, and thank you.  Thank you very much for all the work that you do for us.  Thanks.


Alan: Well, thanks for calling.  And donít give up on your son.  Get the books, and even sit and discuss little parts of it with him.  And get him interested into it.


Varton: It can be done.  Thank you. 


Alan: Bye now.  And weíll go to Heather from Montreal now.  Is Heather there?  Hello, Heather, is that Montreal?  Hello?


Heather: Hello.


Alan: Yes, Heather.


Heather: Hi, how are you?


Alan: Not too bad.  How are you doing?


Heather: I sent you another donation.


Alan: Oh, great, great. 


Heather: More people should do this.


Alan: I know.  My computer actually, it gets a fright when it gets one coming in.


Heather: (Giggle) I just want to discuss with you The Scientific Outlook by Bertrand Russell.  You had discussed it on your other show, and I think people should really read this because itís really all in there. 


Alan: Itís all in there.


Heather: I mean, itís really just, I was overwhelmed.  I was actually quite shocked when I was reading parts of it, because, you know, there really are two tiers in this society and they really do look at us as if weíre cattle or a herd, and I really compared it to Plato, The Republic, and I also found that he sounded like Aldous Huxley.  I was just overwhelmed, because I could see it in my own life, how Iíd been guided into my lore, my job.  Iím a nurse, and I basically remember this being kind of suggested to me when I was quite small.  I guess it was the school system.  And he discusses all of this.  Itís there in black and white.  If anyone wants to see, itís there.


Alan: Itís there.  And he did belong to the top think tanks, his whole life long, by the way.  He belonged to the think tanks at the Tavistock Institute that helped work with the culture.  He worked with the Frankfurt Group.  He worked with the Macy Group that were brought over from Vienna, the part, the Vienna School.  And he worked with all of these guys to bring in this common culture for the cattle you might say, the people at the bottom.  And thatís how he saw the people at the bottom.  He actually said, that eventually under this totalitarian system, with the intense psychological indoctrination, it will be impossible for the people to rebel or even think about rebelling, as impossible as sheep complaining about the price of mutton, thatís how he likened it. 


Heather: Well, itís only from just like studying all this and I guess gradually just becoming more aware, and, you realize how your own mind, how you, how youíre not really, youíre in a reality that, I donít even know how to express this, but itís just that you start to realize that thereís other ways, higher ways of thinking, and that we have no access to this.  Weíve never been allowed it.  Weíve never been allowed even the opportunity to even go as high as we could go. 


Alan: Never, oh, no.  Never.


Heather: Iím not coming across very well, but Iím just appalled, and you can really see, this has been going on a long, long time.


Alan: Yes, it has. 


Heather: This is not a new thing.  I mean, population control, all of it, they decide what population is.  He writes it.  And heís only one example.  I was just appalled.


Alan: Well, he was best friends, again, he knew H.G. Wells, who also worked for the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, as a propagandist.  And he knew George Bernard Shaw, again, another founder of the Fabian Society.  Russell also worked with the other groups, the big groups, who worked about bringing about the present culture that weíre living under today, with its music, by the way, the type of music theyíd bring about, and with Theo Adorno from the Frankfurt School, and with all the ones from the Vienna School, who literally were into creating a new type of totally obedient, brainwashed society for so-called World Peace.  And he worked his whole life with these people.  And he attended all the top think tanks.  He helped form the strategies at the United Nations, and through UNESCO and for national educational systems and international education systems.  He said, it was through the children, he said, weíll bypass the older ones and weíll go right for the children.  And thatís what theyíve done.  And weíve grown up right through their whole system, never knowing that everything that comes along, every new fashion that comes along, the mini-skirt came along, the pill came out at the same time, drugs came in at the same time.  That was all discussed at the Frankfurt School, thatís what they would do to destroy what they called the old morality, and bring in the new type of relativity, moral relativity.  And there would be no bonding between people.  Thereíd be lots of single people, and Julian Huxley said, they can have lots and lots and lots of all kinds of sex he said, as long as they donít have children.  He says, thatís all they care about.  So, weíre happy fools at the bottom, all rutting like bunnies, but at the same time, weíre not having children, and so, theyíve achieved their goal, actually.


Heather: Yeah.  I feel the bars of the cage all around me.  And itís really hard, itís really, really hard watching it happen.  And you know, you just want to, you just want to slap people.  I mean, just hypothetically, but you just sort of watch it all collapse around you, seeing it all happening.  And Iím totally disgusted by society right now. 


Alan: Actually, you will get to that stage.  Youíll get to that stage.  You see, everyone is looking for someone to stand up and lead them into some kind of rebellion.  And even people Iíve met in stores will say, ďoh, the people wonít stand for it.Ē  Oh, yes, the people will stand for anything.  You see, they tested all this out on the early Soviet system, when people were being starved to death, even, and Brzezinski and other ones said, do they fight?  Do they rebel?  No, he says, they just turn round and eat their dead.  Thatís what they think of the people.  And unfortunately, theyíve studied humanity so long they know thatís true.  Because the last thing folk will do.† Thereís no common; for any successful opposition, and this is what the Soviets knew of course, you have to have a philosophy.  The founding fathers of the US also had a common philosophy and a common culture.  Without that, you have nothing to stand together for.  And thatís the problem.  They have successfully destroyed everything that held people together, right down to their cultural or moral roots.  Itís all gone.


Heather: Yeah, I see it.  And I realize myself, they can make people do anything.


Alan: Anything they want.


Heather: Really, anything.  And thatís whatís really scary to me.


Alan: Thatís what Iím saying.  And really, Canada is going to race ahead now.  Canada, in a few years time will be the same cesspit, cesspit as Britain.  And thatís what Britain has turned into, an absolute welfare state cesspool with massive taxes, massive cost of living, and complete dysfunction between the families, anything left of family.


Heather: England has really changed, because I was over there in the 70s when I was quite young, and I remember the police being bobbies, and not carrying guns.  And itís changed so much, itís incredible. 


Alan: It was a complete, literally, it was a psychological, well-financed and well thought out war on the public to destroy, and Tony Blair told his assistant Prime Minister, he told him, he says, weíre going to destroy the face of Britain.  And all of its culture forever, he said.  And he says, weíll bring in massive immigration from the most diverse peoples.  Well, that seems to be new, and heíll take the heat for that.  However, thatís what the Royal Institute for International Affairs had been talking about for the last hundred years, because I have their old books, and they said, eventually they would do that very, very thing.  And theyíve achieved their goal.  And thatís why I left Britain.  I saw this coming, years ago, the Socialist overwhelming governmental Big Brother state, and itís coming to Canada here now.  I can see all the same policies being introduced very quickly now, and with the Value Added Tax, which is their GST, thatís going to race up until it will match Britain at 25%, maybe 28% on every item that you buy, on top of all the other taxes theyíre putting out there.  So, itís going to plunge to the bottom very quickly.  Once they put taxes on your heat and on your energy, and consumption and all the rest of it, youíll be in a poverty state very quickly.  Honestly.


Heather: Itís incredible though, how people adapt, Alan.  


Alan: They adapt.


Heather: All around me theyíre adapting to the prices.  Nobody complains.  Itís just incredible to me.


Alan: I can remember, and you probably remember too, whenever the gasoline went up two or three cents theyíd mumble about it, at least.  But you donít even hear that anymore, do you?


Heather: No, they just endlessly adapt.  And they just endlessly, endlessly adapt.  And I just donít even bother.  I try to sort of talk to people I know, but I canít seem to get anywhere with most people.  I donít know.  Or I get told, just come on, youíre really negative about all this. 


Alan: Thatís right, donít be so negative.  Lighten up.  Get a life.  Yeah.


Heather.  Anyway, I want to thank you for what do Alan, and more people should support you.  Truly, youíre really an educator.


Alan: Well, weíll see how long I last, because I think I can see the end coming, I think.  Thanks for calling. 


Heather: Thank you.  Bye.


Alan: And yeah, Canada truly is, we are merging with the States as we know.  Weíve gone through the NAFTA and the Free Trade Negotiations, and all the different charters they signed amongst them.  The last people to know, of course, are to be the public.  Weíve already amalgamated so much with the US.  If it was old US, I wouldnít mind so much.  Not so much.  But this is not the Old US, itís the same darn system, of this World Global Agenda, and itís not a pleasant US thatís coming down.  When you see the armaments that the cops have there, with armored vehicles and all their riot gear and bulletproof Kevlar this and Kevlar that, and machine guns, and so on, and drones all over the place.  That is because they know that eventually folk will not be organized, but you will have riots out of poverty.  What they call the mob.  Thatís what they call them in all the books at the top.  When the mob riots, theyíre easily dealt with.  And theyíre making sure that theyíre going to contain any problem, and eradicate it very swiftly when riots and stuff break out.  Because, weíre all in massive debt, to the World Bank, the IMF and so on.  And we canít get out of it with compound interest.  Itís impossible.  Thatís what compound interest is for.  And they want to tax more and more and more, as weíre giving money to China and other countries, these emerging countries, that theyíre actually closing down schools and hospitals, etc, around us.  So, the people will adapt into utter poverty, most of them, unfortunately.  And theyíll go out like The Hollow Men, The Hollow Men as they call it, with a whimper, not with a bang.  And thatís what the big boys are hoping to do, for this global society.


Youíve got to understand too, in the writings of years ago, the liberals in the West, in the Soviets and the Communists and so on, and the Marxists, and the Marxists by the way are still very high on the totem pole, working with the big world bankers.  They love, the bankers love the Marxist system to manage people.  And the Marxists talked about this particular phase as well, of demoralization.  Weíve been through that.  Weíve been through the demoralization process, and now weíre into basically the debauchery process.  People even in their personal lives are becoming debauched, and theyíre addicted to cheap, dirty predictive programming, entertainment, so that they start to emulate the stuff they see on television, and technically theyíre goners.  Those people are goners, and thereís no, you cannot rescue people that are so contaminated.  It cannot be done.  You can only hope to get through to the occasional person here or there, and just like Orwellís Eighty-Four, maybe something you say to someone that passes down through generations and takes root, maybe even a hundred years, maybe longer from now, because thatís how intense this programming system is. 


The youngsters think itís all quite normal. They were born into this system of technology, cheap entertainment and so on.  And they have no knowledge of previous ways of living.  They have no knowledge, most of them today, of having two parents in a family that stayed together.  And they have no knowledge of people actually talking in the home at the dinner table and chatting to each other, and really bonding with each other.  They have no knowledge of that today.  Everyone is living separately, watching their own little ipod, or whatever else theyíre watching and listening to, or blackberry.  And that was all intentional as well, disrupt the family unit, separate everyone into their own little cubicle, and then, the government is in charge of everyone.  And thatís what itís come down to.  Terrible, drastic, sick, but a fantastic plan.  Itís diabolical obviously, but itís a fantastic plan.  Youíve got to admit, itís worked, so, so well in this system, as they go out, as I say, with a whimper, not with a bang.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís true, you know, Britain at one time was a pretty safe place to live in.  And people knew the basic rules of the culture.  There were not a lot of policemen around, certainly in a lot of towns and so on.  And you could go anywhere, unmolested, and then it started changing and changing and changing with massive unemployment.  At the same time, the ads on TV was all about boozing and boozing, and youngsters going around drinking like crazy until the stalkings started and the gangs started and the muggings started and so on.  All from television, by the way.  I can even remember when Starsky and Hutch was controversial because every scene started to show you them pulling guns out and aiming at someoneís head, holding them to the head.  And that was banned for a while in Britain.  And then after, that was all relaxed.  Anything goes.  Anything at all, until itís just debauched.  The BBC turns out all the predictive programming, and truly the people copy what the actors do in certain situations.  They do it in real life, and the whole place is a shambles now, absolute shambles with drugs and poverty and hopelessness. 


Thatís the key, is hopelessness.  Itís built into it now as the new normal, as these guys at the top constantly rip off everyone, and the scandals every week.  Nothing ever happens as the politicians fill their pockets and their private corporations on the side and so on.  Itís disgusting.  That is the new feudal system that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about.  Weíre in it.  Weíre already in it, and under it.  And hereís an article here too.


Ministers signaled that advances in technology meant there was nothing to stop such controversial surveillance measures becoming commonplace.


(A: Now.  Because the unmanned spy drones in Britain are being released upon the general public in massive quantities.)


CCTV that recognises faces and cameras in the back of taxis could soon be the norm on the streets of Britain, (A: What do you think thatís all for?  Eh?  And it says:)


Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, said last year that Britain is heading towards becoming a surveillance state of unmanned spy drones, (A: It already is a surveillance state.)  GPS tracking of employees and profiling through social networking sites.


(A: And the idiots use them, the Facebooks and all.  You canít stop idiots can you?  You canít.)


He said the relentless march of surveillance had seen snooping techniques "intensify and expand" at such a pace that regulators were struggling to keep up.


The Coalition Government has pledged to row back the surveillance state and restore civil liberties.


(A: Which is a lie.)


Proposals contained in the Protection of Freedoms Bill last month included giving the public the power to take councils to court if they can argue CCTV is being abused or is intrusive.


(A: When youíre being watched all the time, thatís called intrusive.  If youíre guilty of nothing and youíre being watched, thatís intrusive, folks.)


A consultation on plans for a code of conduct for those using CCTV was published yesterday which will be monitored by a new Security Camera Commissioner.


(A: So, another new level of bureaucrats, you see, and lawyers will make their cash off of the cattle at the bottom, and theyíll go on with their little inquiries for years as they always do, even though they admit that these cameras are:)


Of ďlimited valueĒ to police investigations


And so on.  But you see, itís big, big cash, and itís also to train the public, youíre being trained that youíre under surveillance.  Thatís the most important part of all of this, training you to behave differently.  You cannot be spontaneous.  You canít be natural; because now you know youíre being watched all the time.  Youíre being trained just as Orwell talked about too, in Nineteen Eighty-Four, where Big Brother had cameras everywhere, watching you.  But hey, thereís lots of good entertainment, cheap on the television, isnít there?  When I get off the air, why donít you go and watch it?  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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