March 7, 2011 (#783)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 7, 2011:

Globalistic Pranksters, the International Banksters:

"We Had the Towers, War of Terror,
The Script is Followed to the Letter,
Banking Swindle, Public Tax Looting,
No One Dared to Do the Booting,
We're Now in Globalism and Austerity,
Riots to Be Dealt with Much Severity,
Predicted by the Big Boys at C.F.R.,
Whose Mission is to Push "Big" Society Far,
A Hundred Years to Bring World to Knees,
Intelligentsia and Bankers Do as They Please"
© Alan Watt March 7, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 7, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 7th of March 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into; thatís the main web site where youíll see a bunch of other sites listed there.  These are the only official sites I have and anything else isnít mine, that youíll see out there and thereís lots of stuff out there by other people with my name on it.  So go into the web site there, help yourself to the audios; thereís hundreds to choose from.  I go over the big picture of this world system and give you shortcuts, hopefully, to understanding how itís run and it takes a bit of a stretch of your credulity to start with because youíve been conditioned into thinking, via the media, in fact the media does your thinking for you and your reasoning for you, it even gives you the sides to choose from in any argument.  Itís a scientifically controlled system.  Weíve all been born into it and you have to crash out of it and accept the fact that youíre run by a completely different system than the one youíve been taught to believe, a sort of democratic governmental system.  Itís way above that of course.  Anyway, help yourself to the audios and remember you can buy the books and the disks I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Hopefully that will keep me creeping along.  Believe you me, everythingís shot up in prices here in Canada too.  Even though they claim we werenít hit so bad by the big con game of the bank crashes as the rest of the US was and Latin America, but everythingís tied to the US.  Foodís gone up about 35% in the last 6 months alone; itís still going up today in fact.  In fact, theyíre telling us to expect another 35-40% increase this year alone. 


So the big agenda is on target, to austerity, as they want to train us all across the world in a globalized system of consuming less.  Iíve said for years this really means that your disposable income, those things you would purchase that were outside the necessities, will be gone.  Youíll be paying everything on fees and taxes for the bare necessities and that is the world thatís planned to come in. 


Remember too, thereís donations, you can actually donate, just straight donations to and thereís not enough of those, believe you me.  The more I get of those the better because as I say, this isnít a job.  Itís not coming on the air for one hour.  This is more than a full-time job and itís 7 days a week, and I wouldnít wish it on anybody, believe you me.  The only reason I came out in the first place was to start swaying the Patriot Movement into understanding the even bigger picture instead of the usual navel-gazing that they were doing for so long, and show them the big agenda, worldwide, and how it was to be implemented, and how already, parts of it had been implemented, and the big organizations, and big clubs you might say, that controlled their system.  Itís happened to work, which is awfully good because now more and more folk are understanding that we truly are under a global tyranny of international corporations with the CEOs, as Carroll Quigley said, acting in concert with governments, governments are puppets to the CEOs of the big corporations and this is the new feudal system, he talked about, bringing in.  And he should certainly know since he was the historian, official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations and he taught lots of the diplomats that are now in the US government.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight Iíll put links up, and I put links up, remember, on all the topics I mention here so you can look them up for yourselves and maybe copy them for posterity, who knows what.  Tonight Iíll put a link up to Michael Mooreís talk in Wisconsin where he stood up with the protesters there, who are really threatened to lose their jobs and their pensions and all the rest of it. 


Michael Moore: America Is Not Broke Video

March 07, 2011 / / by David Green


Now, Michael Moore is a bit of an enigma as always.  We always get the heroes given to us who say all the right things.  And he does go through the formula and he does go through the fact that the city isnít broke and so on, and the state isnít broke, basically itís the biggest con of the age because, he says, itís the heist of the century where the bankers basically had set up together to plunder the country and get the taxpayers to bail them all out, with their plunder as extra on top of course Ė they always have a gravy on top.  He said too, Wall Street threatened to collapse the economy all together, and just lose everyoneís pensions, close all the workers down, all the factories down, unless the government bailed them out and then months later theyíre giving themselves billions of dollars in bonuses, which is all true.  Itís happened worldwide, you understand; this didnít happen by itself.  It was worldwide.  It wasnít some chain reaction either.  It was worldwide.  It was planned this way.  You donít have massive think tanks working with the top economists that didnít see this coming. 


Itís planned this way to bring us into this stage which they call austerity.  So many people talked about this coming age of austerity back in the early 90s in fact, at the CFR level, and how theyíd have to make it happen.  Look at all the speeches Mr Rockefellerís been giving for the last 30 years on this very thing, how theyíd bring the world down and massively cut consumption.  Youíre living through it all happening today under the guise of, oh this is all separate from that, everythingís separate from each other.  No.  These are all connected because the money boys at the top all know each other, they know where theyíre going, they know the big agenda. As I say, youíve got to read Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment by Professor Carroll Quigley to understand any of this.  He taught at Georgetown University and he was the guy who put forth guys like Bill Clinton for Rhodes Scholarships, that end up working towards the global government.† If you donít understand Rhodes Scholarships and you canít be bothered looking into them, then tune off and go to somewhere else and listen to some alien stuff or whatever; itís up to you. 


This stuff if well documented and itís historical fact that these clubs exist to bring in global governance in a socialistic type fashion.  By that I mean itís going to be run by a fascist group at the top, which it already is, of extremely wealthy people.  Thatís why Rockefeller is on board.  Thatís why Rockefeller himself said when he thanked the press for never leaking out the information to the public about the various Bilderberger meetings and the CFR meetings.  He said, itís far better that an elite group of bankers and intellectuals run the countries than leaving it to the auto-determination of sovereign nations.  Old, old plan and weíre going through it.  So Michael Moore doesnít mention that of course.  He just mentions the banking plunder which is all true and so on and so on, but heís not ignorant of the CFR.  Heís not ignorant of who runs the country.  He bumped shoulders with a lot these characters and the guy he works with in Hollywood is the brother of Emmanuel, the famous [Rahm] Emanuel that went back to Chicago there. So they know exactly whatís going on. At the end of his speech, the whole thing was about vote, when it comes to election time weíll vote.  Well, we know from Quigleyís work that he said, over time it wouldnít matter which party you voted for because they were all from the same, you might as well say, class.  Theyíre from the same class of people, which they are.  And theyíre all pre-vetted before they get into government, not by the public, but by the pre-vetting societies that run them basically.  So they donít serve the people.  Theyíre all on board with the global agenda and they get massive perks and payoffs for going along with it. 


It reminds me too, I remember reading Peter Newmanís book on the Bronfmanís; it was quite a good book.  It was an authorized version of the Bronfmanís.  He tells you, he gives you little warnings.  And this is how you read books; he gives you little warnings by giving you the history of his predecessor who was called in to do a biography for the Bronfmanís.  And this guy was given access to a lot of their information and personal letters and communications and so on, in one of Bronfmanís apartments.  He did one on Rockefeller too but this one was on the Bronfmanís.  It turns out he read something he shouldnít and he went through a window from a very high-rise building and that was the end of him. So Newman was warning you at the beginning of the book that he couldnít tell you all the truth, or maybe not even a lot of it, when heís telling you what happened to the predecessor.  But he did say that when old Sam Bronfman was doing the whiskey rackets during prohibition, and by the way these guys helped to fund the politicians to pass prohibition because they already had the system set up where theyíd run it and make billions out of it, which they did.  Samís brother I think it was, shot a cop out in Alberta way during prohibition, because they were running the booze down to the States, and Sam boasted, well, heíll get off with it.  And he was asked why he knew that heíd get off with it and he says, well, every politician thatís in the Canadian parliament, he says, I put íem there.  And nothingís changed.  Nothingís changed.  Theyíre all bought and paid for. 


So we can talk all we want.  We can use banners all we want to try and change the system.  It isnít going to work, you see.  Itís a system that youíre used to using which is totally corrupt.  And its election system is totally corrupt.  If an honest man got in there heíd be killed so fast.  If by chance, somehow, by a miracle, he was just beamed into government heíd be dead before he could utter a few words.  Thatís how bad things really are in this day and age.  Itís utterly, utterly corrupt at the top. 


Now, in the early í90s Maurice Strong, whoís a big player with the United Nations, heís been head of The World Bank before and a few other divisions, he was sent over to China to set up the office to help get the World Trade Organization, using your tax money, to get the factories, the physical factories all set up all over China, and to get all the Western countries to fund all of that, which we did.  We funded for the transfer of your own factories abroad.  They pulled him out of there and brought him to Canada for a couple of years to privatize the electrical systems for Ontario, and made him chairman of the board.  In the Toronto Sun he said back then, there will be coming power shortages.  And of course he said, main factories that are left or very important government offices and so on will all have diesel energy backups etc, to ensure they continue. But he says, this is definitely coming, these power shortages. They already had it planned, this austerity, remember, idea from before even he came along and said that in the early í90s.  So with that in mind, hereís an article today, BBC News. 


2011 'crucial year for UK energy'


(Alan:  Itís a video.  Iíll put this link up for you to watch.)


The UK is about to embark on a huge process of change in the way it produces, transports and uses energy. Steve Holliday, chief executive of National Grid, explains how 2011 is the crucial decision point for investment decisions that will have huge long-term implications for the UK's energy policies.


Now, Maurice Strong talked in the í90s about rationing it, you see, and thatís what of course is coming.  And John OíSullivan also has this article here on the same thing. 


John O'Sullivan: Power Supplier Admits Going Green Will Put the Lights Out in Britain / March 5th 2011


British families have been told the shocking truth about the price of green energy. They must prepare to go without electricity for extended periods, warns UKís top electricity boss.


Steve Holliday, National Gridís chief executive issued a stark warning over the consequences of the UK Ďgoing greení speaking to listeners to Radio 4ís Today program.  (A:  The linkís there if you want to listen to it.)


The shock admission was immediately picked up in the Daily Telegraph (March 2, 2011) in the article, ĎEra of constant electricity at home is ending, says power chief.í


Britainís largest energy supplier, National Grid is one of the most lucrative privatised monopolies in the world. It dealt the cold realities to a nation already committed to spending £18 billion per year on unnecessary and unpopular Ďgreení taxes.  (A:  Youíre going to be taxed into the ground.  Are you getting it?  Are you beginning to see why this massive build-up of internal militarized police has been going on for years?  You know whatís coming down the pike... and they know whatís coming down the pike. And theyíve got a lot more to push on you, an awful lot more to push on you, and theyíre all ready for it too, because this was planned a long, long time ago.)


Brits told - Wind Turbines Whether You Like it or Not


The colossal company is hell bent in pursuing an ill conceived agenda to make itís energy policy more Ďenvironmentally friendlyí by focusing on wind power.


Well, Iíll jump from there and Iíll put another article up and this is from The Mail Online.


Why the £250bn

(A:  Pounds... 250 billions... this is for a country thatís been ransacked, plundered, raped by the banks, raped by the governments, raped by the European Union and here they go. Itís like sticking the bayonet in at the end after youíve shot someone, sticking the bayonet in and twisting it as much as you can, to get the last grunt out of them.)

wind power industry could be the greatest scam of our age - and here are the three 'lies' that prove it

By Christopher Booker / / 28th February 2011


Scarcely a day goes by without more evidence to show why the Government's obsession with wind turbines, now at the centre of our national energy policy, is one of the greatest political blunders of our time.


Under a target agreed with the EU, Britain is committed within ten years ó at astronomic expense ó to generating nearly a third of its electricity from renewable sources, mainly through building thousands more wind turbines.


But the penny is finally dropping for almost everyone ó except our politicians ó that to rely on windmills to keep our lights on is a colossal and very dangerous act of self-deception.  (A:  And weíll go in and explain why that is, this big massive con thatís coming to a place near you, across the world.  Back after this.)


Hi folks, we're back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the inefficiency of the wind turbines and this article goes on to say...


Take, for example, the 350ft monstrosity familiar to millions of motorists who drive past as it sluggishly revolves above the M4 outside Reading.


This wind turbine performed so poorly (working at only 15 per cent of its capacity) that the £130,000 government subsidy given to its owners was more than the £100,000 worth of electricity it produced last year.


Meanwhile, official figures have confirmed that during those freezing, windless weeks around Christmas, when electricity demand was at record levels, the contribution made by Britainís 3,500 turbines was minuscule.


To keep our homes warm we were having to import vast amounts of power from nuclear reactors in France.  (A:  Thatís because they wonít let them have them in Britain.)


Wind turbines are so expensive that Holland recently became the first country in Europe to abandon its EU renewable energy target, announcing that it is to slash its annual subsidy by billions of euros. 


So unpopular are wind turbines (A:  Except for the guys that are making them, getting the government contracts, eh.) that our own Government has just offered 'bribes' to local communities, in the form of lower council tax and electricity bills.  (A:  Well donít take the bribe because once youíre all on it theyíll jack up the price again.)


In Scotland, the 800 residents of the beautiful island of Tiree are desperately trying to resist Alex Salmond's plans to railroad through what will be the largest offshore windfarm in the world, covering 139 square miles off their coast, which they say will destroy their community by driving away the tourists who provide much of their living.


So riddled with environmental hypocrisy is the lobbying for wind energy that a recent newspaper report exposed the immense human and ecological catastrophe being inflicted on northern China by the extraction of the rare earth minerals needed to make the giant magnets that every turbine in the West uses to generate its power.  (A:  Theyíre always fixing them too; it cost more to maintain them than what it produces.)


Here in a nutshell are some of the reasons why people are beginning to wake up to the horrific downside of the wind business. And since I began writing about wind turbines nine years ago, I have come to see how the case for them rests on three great lies.  (A:  By the way, the big CFR boys and the Fabians were talking about wind turbines back in the 1920s, to come, and HG Wells wrote about them, if you think this is just happening by chance.)


The first is the pretence that turbines are anything other than ludicrously inefficient.


The most glaring dishonesty peddled by the wind industry ó and echoed by gullible politicians ó is vastly to exaggerate the output of turbines by deliberately talking about them only in terms of their 'capacity', as if this was what they actually produce. Rather, it is the total amount of power they have the capability of producing.


The point about wind, of course, is that it is constantly varying in speed, so that the output of turbines averages out at barely a quarter of their capacity.  (A: any one time.)


This means that the 1,000 megawatts all those 3,500 turbines sited around the country feed on average into the grid is derisory: no more than the output of a single, medium-sized conventional power station.


Furthermore, as they increase in number (the Government wants to see 10,000 more in the next few years) it will, quite farcically, become necessary to build a dozen or more gas-fired power stations, running all the time and emitting CO2, simply to provide instant back-up for when the wind drops.  (A:  Itís true, isnít it?  Itís so crazy.)


The second great lie about wind power is the pretence that it is not a preposterously expensive way to produce electricity. No one would dream of building wind turbines unless they were guaranteed a huge government subsidy.


This comes in the form of the Renewables Obligation Certificate subsidy scheme, paid for through household bills, whereby owners of wind turbines earn an additional £49 for every 'megawatt hour' they produce, and twice that sum for offshore turbines.


This is why so many people are now realising that the wind bonanza ó almost entirely dominated in Britain by French, German, Spanish and other foreign-owned firms ó is one of the greatest scams of our age.


The third great lie is that this industry is somehow making a vital contribution to 'saving the planet' by cutting our emissions of CO2 - it is not.  What other industry gets a public subsidy equivalent to 100 or even 200 per cent of the value of what it produces?  (A:  See, itís corporate welfare, itís corporate.  Thatís where the REAL welfare is, the BIG bucks.  Not the people at the bottom who lose their jobs.)


We may not be aware of just how much we are pouring into the pockets of the wind developers, because our bills hide this from us ó but as ever more turbines are built, this could soon be adding hundreds of pounds a year to our bills.


When a Swedish firm recently opened what is now the world's largest offshore windfarm off the coast of Kent, at a cost of £800million, we were told that its 'capacity' was 300 megawatts, enough to provide 'green' power for tens of thousands of homes.


What we were not told was that its actual output will average only a mere 80 megawatts, a tenth of that supplied by a gas-fired power station ó for which we will all be paying a subsidy of £60million a year, or £1.5billion over the 25-year lifespan of the turbines. 


And on and on and on it goes.  Because again, like everything else in this world itís a big scam... a big scam, folks.  You see, again too, it would only work too if they did cull off an awful lot of the population and have a smaller population down the road.  And even that smaller population would have to earn so much to pay off in taxes to keep these darn things going in the first place.  It wouldnít be feasible.  But this is the nonsense weíre fed because science rules today, you see, and of course the big sharks, the big psychopathic sharks who own industries and investments, they smell it coming and theyíre in like a shot to make sure they get their fair share of all the blood thatís spilt from the taxpayer.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, Europe has already done what they hoped to do with the Americas, the integration, you see.  During the Free Trade negotiations a long time ago before they did the NAFTA deal, they actually talked about setting up a new parliament for the Americas.  They even buzzed around Montreal to be the new place for it to be and theyíd set all the big banks there and so on.  They are integrating, year by year, more integration, and they actually said too, the CFR, they would use this terrorism thing to get Ďcloser ties,í which means integration with the US, and theyíll use that to their advantage, which they have been doing of course, under the guise of security and all the rest of it.  They are sharing their customs duties together. Theyíre sharing their computers on all citizens, the US and Canada, with the RCMP, CSIS, and the CIA, FBI, and all the rest of them. So there are no real nations.  Weíve just got this pretense as we go down the tubes under austerity and the banking plunders and so on, which again are all used to their advantage because they were engineered to do so. 


Now, in Europe theyíre trying to keep this massive new soviet together and Mr Van Rompuy, Herman, they call him, Van Rompuy Ė they should just call him Herr Rompuy, you know, weíve had a Herr before who had big ideas too. 


Herman Van Rompuy: 'Euroscepticism leads to war'

(A:  Theyíre trying to keep this mammoth together, this big corrupt mammoth, this anti-democratic system that just plunders every country for the big fat cats on top who run it.)

Euroscepticism leads to war (A:  This is what he says.) and a rising tide of nationalism is the European Union's "biggest enemy", Herman Van Rompuy, the president of Europe has told a Berlin audience.  (A:  This is the same guy that said, the last time he opened his mouth, that the nation state is dead, and he was awfully pleased with that.) / By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels / 10 Nov 2010


EU Council President Van Rompuy delivers his State of Europe speech at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.


Mr Van Rompuy linked hostility to the EU, and the idea that countries could leave the Union, to a revival of aggressive nationalism.  (A:  No.  I think itíll be self-preservation, the way theyíre getting plundered and taxed to keep this behemoth going.)


"We have together to fight the danger of a new Euroscepticism. This is no longer the monopoly of a few countries," he said. "In every member state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world. It is more than an illusion: it is a lie."


The controversial comments made on Tuesday come less than a fortnight after David Cameron, the Prime Minister (A:  ...the Prime Minister of Britain at the moment, at least heís the puppet...), declared that he was a Eurosceptic after his gruelling Brussels summit battle to block a sharp increase in the EU budget (A:  Thatís more tax money from Britain to the EU.) at a time of national austerity. (A:  ...austerity, again, meaning poverty, belt-tightening.)


Bill Cash, the Conservative chairman of the House of Commons European scrutiny committee, "entirely repudiated" a link between Euroscepticism and the rise of nationalism.


"It is not anti-European to be pro-democracy. (A:  See, the EU is not a democratic institution; it wasnít designed to be.)  The problem is that the democratic base for the EU is wanting. The solution to the rise of the far-Right is proper democracy exercised through national parliaments," he said. 


Clarifying the remarks, a spokesman for Mr Van Rompuy, stressed that he was not talking about Mr Cameron's brand of Euroscepticism but about those people who want to leave the EU.


"It is nothing to do with what Mr Cameron thinks. It is a point that Britain or other countries are not able to survive on their own. I am sure Mr Cameron would agree with that," he said.


Downing Street declined to comment.


Dan Hannan, a Tory MEP (A:  Member of the European Parliament.) opposed to EU membership, dismissed the idea that countries cannot go it alone. "Norway and Switzerland seem to be scraping by somehow, with higher living standards than anyone else in the EU. Neither seem to have been involved in a war in recent years," he said.  (A:  And theyíre not getting taxed into the ground to keep this mammoth going.)


So theyíre determined to keep this massive thing.  See, they planned it 100 years ago, this amalgamation, with the Milner Group which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They planned it.  They set up the machinery to integrate Europe into this big mammoth, again, non-democratic system, and the US is supposed to copy it with Canada, Mexico, Chile and a few other countries in Latin America, eventually all of Latin America, and the Caribbean I should mention that too.  And itís not democratic.  Itís not set up to be democratic.  But this is the farce weíre given, as they try to basically label folk who want to leave it as NATIONALIST, almost like NAZIS, you see. 


And to show you this new system thatís coming in too, weíve already seen all the bankers getting their billions of pounds and dollars bonuses for the year, you know.  Itís just incredible as it goes on, after all the bilking of the public... this public rape really, carried out publicly... a public mass raping of the public and here they are just dishing out billions to each other, and congratulating, slapping themselves on the back at Wall Street saying well we pulled that off again, eh, and it worked again just like the last time.  And itís still ongoing yet, of course.  And weíre all put down as collateral to pay off the money that was borrowed to bail them out, from another group of bankers.  And your childrenís children and your childrenís childrenís children and so on it goes down the line.  THATíS SLAVERY, if you donít know what that means.  If youíre born into paying off a previous generationís debt, youíre born into slavery.  And Jefferson said that too. 


Now, British Petroleum that made the massive mess in the Gulf of Mexico, are giving themselves massive bonuses too.  Thereís no doubt the taxpayer helped to bail them out there as well and paid a lot of the cost for the cleanup. 


BP directors take bonuses for year of Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Two of BPís most senior directors have taken bonus payments for their work in the year of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, although new chief executive Bob Dudley waived his reward.  (A:  Heíll get paid later.) / By Rowena Mason / 03 Mar 2011


Byron Grote, finance director, and Iain Conn, head of downstream, had their £800,000 and £724,000 salaries and benefits topped up with rewards of £380,000 and £310,500 respectively. The bonuses amounted to 30pc of the full potential payout.


BPís annual report also revealed that Tony Hayward, the former chief executive who left the company after the worst of the crisis, will get almost £100,000 a year for his work as a non-executive of BPís Russian joint venture TNK-BP (A: they call it.). He left the board in October with £2m in salary and severance payments, plus a £600,000-a-year pension. (A:  I wonder how heíll manage on that, that paltry sum, eh.  That £600,000-a-year pension and £100,000 as a little gift and so on.  And hereís these people in Wisconsin trying to keep their pensions and their jobs going and the whole thing, eh.† And you wonder why youíve got a police state formed around you, built-up militarized police, for years and years, under the guise of terrorism, folks.  You know what itís really all about, whatís coming down the pike donít you?  Donít you?  Do you?  Have you caught on to that?  Anyway, it says...)


According to the report, Mr Dudley denied himself a bonus in what was a ďpainful yearĒ for BP. In October, Mr Dudley insisted that incentive payments would in future be linked to safety performance. (A:  Oh, what a joke!)


Anyway, thereís your rubbish about that, as the media doles the rubbish out to us, and weíre supposed to be obsessed with it. But thereís no point in even going on with it.  Itís just the same old, same old, same old... as all the other years weíve talked on the air. 


Iíve talked many times about the big agenda to sterilize males.  Thereís many ways to do it.  Chemicals are the easiest.  They do it on dogs in fact.  They knew that in the late 1800s what bisphenol A and other chemicals did to the male fetus in the womb.  Between the age of 8 and 12 weeks is crucial for normal development of testes, testosterone and all the rest of it.  So they managed to put bisphenol A and so on into womenís cosmetics, which goes through the skin; insufflation they call it. 


Cancer rise and sperm quality fall 'due to chemicals'

The researchers looked at sperm quality / 4 March 2011


(A:  And Iíve also put up links before, in the archives section from different shows and articles, a very good one is the CBC and I might put it up again tonight, if I can find it, if itís still up there; they pulled it off the first time I mentioned it.  But it says...)


Sperm quality significantly deteriorated and testicular cancers increased over recent years, a Finnish study says.  (A:  A new Finnish study.)


The study in the International Journal of Andrology looked at men born between 1979 and 1987.


The University of Turku research suggests environmental reasons, particularly exposure to industrial chemicals, may be behind both trends.  (A:  Itís also, by the way, in the food; the chemicals are in your food.  I hope you understand that.)


A UK expert said chemicals may affect the development of male babies.


Finnish men were studied as they have previously been shown to have some of the highest sperm counts in the world.  (A:  And they did.  I knew theyíd get around to them eventually.)


But scientists were never sure if this was because of their genetics or because they were exposed to fewer harmful chemicals.  (A:  I would also add inoculations to the list as well.)


'Danger chemicals'


The researchers looked at three groups of men who reached the age 19 between 1998 and 2006.


Men who were born in the late 1980s had lower sperm counts than those who were born in the beginning of the decade.


Total sperm counts were 227m for men born in 1979-81, 202m for those born in 1982-83 and 165m for men born in 1987, respectively.


In addition, the researchers observed that there was a higher incidence of testicular cancer in men born around 1980 compared with men born around 1950.


Writing in the journal, the researchers led by Professor Jorma Toppari, said: "These simultaneous and rapidly occurring adverse trends (A:  ...meaning plummets.) suggest that the underlying causes are environmental and, as such, preventable.  (A:  They wonít prevent it, folks, because itís the agenda... depopulation.  And the last Rockefeller group meeting that they had says, we must go into RAPID DEPOPULATION.)


"Our findings further necessitate the efforts to identify reasons for the adverse trends in reproductive health to make preventive measures possible."  (A:  So, they go on to the usual things but they donít go into where itís coming from. They know where itís coming from, at the very top of course, but they wonít mention it here Iím sure.)


Anyway, thereís another study just to bolster up the fact theyíre taking countries down one after another and I think Britain was the first one to plummet after the polio inoculation and then the chemicalized food, and now itís the GM food.  Canada has plummeted there too.  And one of the fastest growing businesses happens to be infertility clinics.  And thatís no coincidence either, obviously. 


The Disappearing Male


See, war has been declared upon the public for an awful long time.  And the only enemy those at the top have ever really had are the general public.  Thatís why they put so much effort to make sure youíre entertained, youíre given fake misleading news, youíve been brainwashed to believe that you vote people in who represent you, and you never learn.† Itís quite amazing how repetition will make you never learn that something stinks with the whole system... all through your life.  People keep voting for the same parties and same people.  We wouldnít be in this mess weíre in today if it worked 100 years ago.  It didnít then either.  It wasnít meant to work.  Itís the people who select politicians thatís important.  Itís also like Stalin said, I donít care about the votes and who votes for whom, I only care about the ones who count them.  Thatís how it really is.


Now, Prince Andrew, who has his pervy pals Ė I donít know if this is just a sideline too to distract us; nothing will ever come out of it.  It says...


Andy brazens it out: Prince visits school as David Cameron (A:  The Prime Minister.) pledges full support in row over paedophile pal

By Fay Schlesinger and James Chapman / 7th March 2011 /


(A:  So this big pedophile pal is a big player, you see, trains children from a very young age, male and female, to even be ones in-between if they want to, to satisfy his customers and his big pals.)


Prince Andrew today received the full backing of David Cameron after Downing Street said he was doing an 'important job' as a UK trade envoy.  (A:  Remember, his wife came out, Fergie, and says that for meeting him, and getting a chance to meet him, to get some trade off him, you have to pay £500,000, and sheíd arrange a meeting with Andy.  Itís all corrupt, but thatís normal business for them.)


The Prime Minister's spokesman issued the backing following a series of allegations against the Duke of York centred on his relationship with billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  (A:  Amazing, eh, a pedophile billionaire.)


The Prince today visited an east London school and the headquarters of Crossrail where he appeared unaffected by the row in which he is embroiled. 


You know what this is all about though.  You see, this is the time now to NORMALIZE pedophilia until itís no longer a deviancy.  Remember as I said before, every few years they lower the national censor boards for movies, television and so on, and Iíve read some of the articles from the papers where in 2001 they said theyíd won the rights for homosexuals and they put more homosexual programs on television.  Recently they said theyíre going to put more bare asses on the television, by the way; they lowered their standards again.  They also said, in the first one in 2001, that they would next push for bestiality and intergenerational sex.  So this is what this is all about, folks.  Youíre so jaded and corrupted yourselves by watching endless television, not knowing youíre becoming corrupted, but you are, that youíre not outraged by anything anymore and itís time now to put more and more of this into the limelight and say, my God whatís your problem; if a child agrees whatís the problem with it?  And youíll hear all these arguments coming out in the near future, to make up your mind for YOU, via the media. 


You know, I used to wonder at these old science fiction movies.  To be a science fiction writer of any merit you have to attend The Futurist Club.  Youíll find that it was set up by people like Rothschild and Rockefeller; they funded it into existence by the way.  And like all the other novels and so on that you read, like HG Wells said, itís very important to write novels, he says, because it alters peopleís opinions on things.  Fiction is the best method and thatís why itís used primarily now in the visual arena.  And itís still used in novels today; I think most novelists in Canada live on government grants, as long as they write in all the politically correct new ideas.  They all mentioned the coming scenarios of a police state, in every movie, for many, many, many decades now.  And thatís to get you used to the idea that itís coming, you see, so that you will not react too much in horror when itís fully in your face, you simply obey.  Weíve all seen the folk, too, getting scanned at airports; thatís getting shown ad nauseam to make sure that you know what to do, and you will do that rather than say, wait a minute, this is disgusting.  You see.  No.  Youíll behave the way the other passengers did, and thatís really to condition you that this is inevitable. 


Hereís the latest con to get cash in. 


Roadblocks set up to catch drivers smoking (A: their cars.)

Police roadblocks are being set up to catch drivers who are breaking the law

(A:  ...BREAKING THE LAW... do you understand they can make ANYTHING a law?  They could make rapid breathing a law if they want to.  Do you understand?  Thatís a fact.) Ė by smoking at the wheel of their company vehicle. / By Martin Evans / 02 Mar 2011


(A:  So they set up roadblocks to catch the drivers who are breaking the law.)


The law made it illegal to smoke in all vehicles used primarily for business purposes by more than one person.  (A:  And Iíll read some of this when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, this constant training of the public, this scientific indoctrination and training of the public for behavior modification has no bounds, you understand.  They will not stop at any level.  And eventually theyíll be in your homes to tell you how to live.  And youíll have cameras up in your home, and theyíve already got them in a lot of homes in Britain and they actually watch the families.  People whoíve been, oh, suspected of possible, maybe, hearsay type child abuse, or something like that, they put cameras up and watch their every move.  This is the wonderful brave new world youíre in.  Back to this smoking hunt, the witch hunt for smokers in their cars.  It says...


They will even hunt for cigarette butts in the ashtrays and smell the air inside the vehicles in order to clamp down on the outlawed practice.  (A:  ...of having illicit cigarettes...  illicit cigarette use!)


Workers were banned from smoking in their company cars as part of the Health Act introduced in 2006.


The law made it illegal in all vehicles used primarily for business purposes by more than one person.


Anyone caught breaking the law faces a £50 fixed penalty fine or a possible court conviction, which carries a £200 fine.


As I say, this is behavior modification.  Is that what you vote people in for, so that they can get their little psychologists together and alter all of your behavior?  Is that what government is for?  Is it?  When was that put out there as some official part of its purpose?  Hmm? When?  I guess I must have blinked there.


And, the EU parliament, again, this massive sovietized conglomerate thatís soaking, like a sponge, all the tax money from all the countries round about it, to feed its stinking people who run it.  And I say stinking because theyíre fat, ugly, arrogant, and theyíre gangsters actually.  Thatís what they are.  Theyíre gangsters!  That money is just a black hole going into... the only places it goes into, funnels which they understand because theyíve got the keys to them; no one else knows where it goes. 


EU lifts ban on GM feed

(A:  So theyíre getting into the food chain, into the humans now, because every country voted against it; so theyíve been overruled.  Put it into the animals first and then it comes into the humans.)

22 February 2011 / | By Jack Davies


BRITISH farmers could soon be given access to GM animal feed after the EU voted to relax its zero-tolerance policy to contaminated feed being imported into Europe.  (A:  ...CONTAMINATED feed, so thatís okay.)


It marks a step-change in the EUís approach to GM, and comes following warnings of feed shortages and inflated prices, with importers increasingly wary of shipments being turned away from ports in the EU.


Europe currently imports around 80 per cent of its animal feed, much of it from GM growing countries in North and South America.  (A:  See, the corporations run the world, and they just get what they want, you see.)


At a meeting this week, the EUís Standing Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) agreed to allow up to 0.1 per cent of non-EU approved GM in feed imports.  (A:  Well, it will skyrocket; they wonít go along with that.)


That will get eaten by the people and that will make you further sick, earlier deaths, lots more cancers, and more sterility.  I just though Iíd just throw that fact in there because it happens to be a fact, for those who havenít been following it, for maybe the last 20-odd years.  Because it is.  And then, again too, since America is trying to copy the National Health Service system of bare bones minimum, just look at Britain. 


NHS cuts are managers' top priority for the year ahead

By Tom Ireland , 7 March 2011 /


Theyíre going to slash it to the bone.  Thatís what youíve got in store for the US too, if you go that way. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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