March 8, 2011 (#784)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 8, 2011:

Corporate Feudalism:

"Corporate Feudalism's Running the Planet,
Guzzling Resources Like a Starving Gannet,
Owning the Soil, Water, Minerals, Food,
Training Populations "It's for Their Own Good",
These Wonderful Corporate "Benefactors"
Via Teams of P.R. Journalists and T.V. Actors,
Are Really Not Plunderers, Bloated on Greed,
They'll Distribute Necessities "According to Need,"
Perhaps There'll Be Lottos, "Come Try Your Luck",
The Rest Will Be Sold for the Highest Buck"
© Alan Watt March 8, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 8, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 8th of March 2011.  I always start off the show by advising newcomers to look into the web site and you’ll see a whole bunch of sites listed there.  You should bookmark them for future use because sometimes the main sites get sticky on downloads if there’s too many folk go in at the same time; this way hopefully you get a clean, quick download.  Remember, all those sites listed, too, are the only official sites I have, anything outside of there is not mine, and there are a few out there with my name on them.  Remember too, they all carry a lot of transcripts as well as audios of the shows I’ve done in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into, which is also listed on the .com site, and you’ll find a bunch to choose from there. 


On this show... and it’s not a show.  It’s not even a program; programs tend to program you, that’s why it’s called programming.  It’s more of an educational talk really, where I try to show you the big picture of the system you’re actually in.  Not the one that you’ve been trained to believe in from childhood and reinforced through education and then backed up by the media; it keeps you in the dark forever.  I try to show you how things are run to the big business plan.  That’s how corporations run their companies.  That’s how the multiple corporations that are really the capstone on this big building here run the world and they have their 50 and 100 year projections and plans to implement, just the same way as the United Nations.  Look at the United Nations and look at the communist system too, the soviet system, they have their 5, 10, 15 and 50 year plans.  It’s exactly the same as that, including the wars they’re going to have in the future, never mind the ones they’ve had in the past, even the recent past.  These were all planned long in advance, the takedown of the world to standardize the one big system.  The global economy, the global society, it all has to be the same, with the same central banking system, which is always bankrupt, and the IMF under The World Bank running the show for the world, and perpetual debt forever.  That keeps you in line; it also ensures generations and generations of politicians to come, that will always be on board with the big boys who pay their checks for them.  I’m not talking about the taxpayers.  I’m talking about their bosses.  That’s really how it’s run.  Perpetual debt ensures the same system continues forever. 


Remember too, you can keep me going by buying the books and disks I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember straight donations too are really, really in demand, believe you me.  This new world order is not really new so much as the parts that we’re seeing develop, are new to us at the bottom.  If you haven’t been in on the big plan, you haven’t read the books by the big boys for the last 100 years or more, it’s all a shock to you.  You think things are just happening and we’re stumbling along day to day, uprisings happen across the Middle East or Egypt, all by themselves, all by their little old selves, no help at all, it just happens spontaneously, and in come The World Bank and the IMF and the big boys to help them out, and the big foundations of course have got a big hand in that too, along with the Brzezinski’s and Kissinger’s, right to this very day.  Interesting to see the same characters for about half a century, pretty well, involved in soft power uprisings and hard power uprisings as they call it in their own lingo.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’m going to put up some links tonight; I always do after the show.  Not the show, the educational talk, put it that way.  I have to decondition myself to keep... I have to program myself – how is that – to keep saying that.  I’ll put up the links to some of the articles I’m going to read tonight.  One was about some protesters who ended up in Birkenhead and they tried to arrest a judge there because of a bankruptcy hearing and it was a bankruptcy court.  This is from the official BBC of course, which is the British Broadcasting Corporation, which is owned by the government, and probably Her Majesty the Queen I should say, paid for by the taxpayers of course because the taxpayers pay for everything over there.  It says here...


Judge arrest attempt by protesters in Birkenhead

Police arrested six people at the court /  March 7, 2011


Intruders have tried to arrest a judge after storming into a courtroom on Merseyside.


The activists went into the room at Birkenhead County Court while about 300 protesters gathered outside the building.


The incident is believed to be related to a bankruptcy hearing at the court.  (Alan:  It’s much more than that.)


A Ministry of Justice spokesman said police were called to deal with the incident and the intruders had since left the building.


Streets surrounding the courtroom have been closed.


A leaflet handed out by the demonstrators said they were trying to seize the building "in defence of our freedoms and liberties as provided for under section 61 of Magna Carta".


(A:  So they arrested a few of course and so on and so on and didn’t make much of a to-do about it.  However, when you read this article here from The Sovereign Independent, it says...)


Birkenhead – Judge Arrested and Lawful Building Seizure

 From Sovereign Independent Eyewitness.  (A:  A guy who was there.) / By Sally Exoudhu /  March 8, 2011


(A:  He goes on to talk about, he says...)

A throng of about 600 supporters arrived at the LAWFUL PEACEFUL REBELLION at Birkenhead UK gathering on Monday 7th March 2011 not knowing what to expect. This was the estimated number attending according to the Wirral Globe. (A:  That’s one of the newspapers I guess.)  The rebels were supporters of Roger Hayes who, on behalf of all council taxpayers in the UK, has withheld payment of said tax for three years or so until proof of requirement to pay is demonstrated. If proof is not forthcoming, the council tax then is presumably fraudulent. The lawful peaceful rebels managed to turn up in spite of family and work commitments, the incredibly awkward timing of 1pm on a Monday, in spite of forced austerity, and in spite of the police state which we all now live under, which includes phone tapping, e-mail snooping, supermarket staff spies and even children paid to spy Soviet-style on ordinary people.  (A:  And that’s a fact now, the state pays children to spy; it’s just astonishing, how they’ll put up with this I really don’t know.)


The supporters gathered before 1pm at local pubs and met at Hamilton Square, a once beautiful setting, but now a sea of taxpayer-bought CCTV behaviour modification equipment. (A:  That’s your cameras and so on.)  The gathering consisted of rebels of all ages and races, and with an even proportion of men and women. There were various orchestrated movements from pillar to post culminating in the peaceful and lawful seizure of the building known as the Birkenhead County Court – situated on the corner of Hinson Street and Hamilton Street in Birkenhead in the Borough of the Wirral.


This was not a protest, nor was it a demonstration. This was a Lawful Peaceful Rebellion, which is a Common Law right under article 61 of the Magna Carta of 1215. It appears that judges who do not act on their oath are not judges, they are masquerading as judges and guilty of the crime of treason, and all so-called police officers who are or have become aware of this are guilty of the crime of misprision of treason.


Supporters of the incredibly brave Roger Hayes, who were well versed in the law and dressed in smart suits entered the courtroom and demanded their right to a hearing under Common Law it would appear, thus turning the court into a Common Law Court. (A:  It’s true enough, it’s either a maritime court or it’s a common law court.)  It was difficult to follow exactly what was going on, as The British Constitution Group organisers had to hold their cards very close to their chests thanks to the coalition three-in-one Communist government that now dominates the Western World. (A:  ...which is true enough, although they’re actually acting for the fascists at the top.  See, they’re both one anyway, as George Orwell knew in Animal Farm.)  The supporters however, were well rewarded for trusting the BC Group. The true magnitude of the events unfolded only as the events were happening in real time.


Roger Hayes was removed shouting to the crowd that the judge must be arrested immediately for treason, to which the crowd broke into chanting ‘arrest the judge, arrest the judge’. At a later stage a convoy of police vans arrived containing the corporate bankster property in black and yellow masquerading as police officers (wittingly or unwittingly). They ran into the building against the choral chanting of ‘do your job, and, arrest the judge’, ‘treason’, ‘treason’ What do we want, Freedom! When do we want it, now!”  (A:  It’s a pity there’s not an awful lot more that going on, isn’t there... all over the place.  People always wait until it’s too late, you see, and they’re starving before they do that kind of stuff.)


The event wasn’t without its humour. The Liverpool Love Police Academy were out in full force. For those unaware of The Love Police they are a cuddly/nice police force. They try to gain hugs from police officers.  (A:  So they masquerade and they go up and they hug the police officers, it makes them kind of hard to smash you in the face with their batons and tazer you when you look like a cuddy little, I don’t know, bee or something.)


Some of the burly muscular Liverpool Love Police Academy were like incredible hulks in stature compared to the bankster revenue collecting bailiffs dressed in yellow stripes like worker bees answerable to the Queen’s drones against a backdrop of chanters . . . .


People don’t realize that the bailiff is the most important guy there because under maritime law, you see, he is responsible for collecting all property and all exchanges of property, or stealing of property, under bankruptcy courts.  And everyone must answer to him; he can actually override the judge on occasion.  So I’ll put this link up too and you can go through it for yourselves.  As I say, it’s a pity people generally leave it till it’s too late to do anything at all, and they’re starving to death.  Once you’re starving, folks, you’ve seen them in Africa.  People walk into silent villages, where there’s people just hardly moving, on the streets lying down and so on.  That’s what happens with it. And these bar stewards at the top here would like to have you like that, they might eventually do it in fact if you don’t start being very, very active now because the big boys plan, literally, to take all your food rights away from you and bring in massive rationing.  And most of your food will be exported abroad for the big boys to bounce on their futures market as they call it.  It’s quite something to see that some people are doing something at least, and risking it.  And you’ve got to risk it to get anything gained.  You’ll get no pain no gain, and that’s the old story.  People leave things until way, way too late generally. 


It’s amazing, as I say, how people don’t even know what the courts are. They have no idea of this strange Freemasonic institution with all its little gestures of the magistrate and the judges and so on, all these little symbols they give themselves and they flash to each other, as the court progresses, and what the dock even means and why he’s wearing a wig and all this kind of nonsense.  It’s just astonishing that folk haven’t got a clue.  Why have you got a guy called a sheriff that comes from the word ‘sharif’?  Is that a Templars’ thing they brought back with them?  Anyway, folk have no idea, but it’s all to do with property and stealing property from those who are not in the brotherhood.  And that’s how it goes. 


Now, we are in a new feudal system.  This is exactly what Carroll Quigley said was planned.  He said that back in the 1960s and he had read the reports and the histories of the plan, the big plan, for the Council on Foreign Relations which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs that really is chartered by the Queen of England.  If you get a charter that means you’re very special bunch indeed, you report directly to the bunch of multi-trillionaires.  And we’re seeing signs of it everywhere, with the lavish parties and so on that the new politicians are all, you know, bestowing upon themselves.  Here’s an article here, as you’re being told to go into austerity and all the rest of it, and I read the article yesterday about that idiot Rompuy who’s the head of the new soviet of the EU, the European Union parliament.  He’s the guy who said that the nation state is dead and how he prattled on the other day too about, we’ve got to keep this together otherwise we’ll all be fighting again, oh nationalism is terrible, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  So you’re supposed to all starve together as these, this massive bureaucracy of politicians and bureaucrats stuff themselves with the tax money of the whole of Europe.  It’s just incredible. 


£51M (A:  ...being put aside...) TO BUILD EU (A:  Economic Union.) HOUSE OF HORRORS (A:’s called, and it’s from The Euro News.) / March 6, 2011 / By Kirsty Buchanan


EURO MEPs (A:  That’s the Members of Parliament.) have approved a £51million project to create a museum in Brussels to celebrate themselves.  (A:  Human nature never changes you know, never changes.)


The massive cost of the House Of European History, dubbed the “House of Horrors” by critics, was revealed last week as Britons bunkered down for a year of soaring food and fuel bills, wage freezes and cuts in council services.  (A:  But at least their tax money’s paying for hospitals to be built in China and elsewhere in the world – isn’t that nice – under globalism.)


The age of austerity is even used as an excuse for splashing taxpayers’ cash on a museum that will ignore most of Europe’s past and start its timeline with the Union’s creation.  (A:  It’s interesting too, when they took over Cambodia, the reds that were there, they created year ZERO.  All history started from that point; everything before it was scrubbed. Well here you go, and it’s just the same kind of thing here, it’s to celebrate the European Union’s parliament, its founding.  And they’re already eradicating the history by the way.  They’re already saying they will teach no European history and national history in the schools; that’s to come.)


“Especially in difficult times there is a need to be reminded of how the European integration developed and how many other crises during the years have been overcome,” said an official document.


“The HEH (A:  It’s like someone laughing, ‘heh’... isn’t it?) is dedicated to focus on political, economic and social history of European and of European integration (A: they call it...), including its background and its achievements, from a European, not a purely national perspective, also emphasising the roots of common European values.”  (A:  I wonder what the common European values are?  And I’ll read more of this when I come back after this break.)


Hi folks, we're back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading this article here about the new kings and queens; we’ve got billions of them now it appears, all these bureaucrats and politicians and this new massive sovietized system that they’ve built up, where they’ve amalgamated countries together, whether they liked it or not of course because the public didn’t want them and the corporations did.  So did the IMF, mind you, because they run all the bookkeeping for it.  It says here...


The paper suggests the new museum, due to open in 2014, will draw 500,000 visitors annually. (A:  I wonder why?  Maybe from China, maybe the tourists will be coming from China.)  This, it argues, will “substantially increase” the “communication and dialogue between Parliament, its members and citizens”.   (A:  Oh, what rubbish, what rubbish.  The citizens have said enough, enough, enough.  Anyway...)


It also argues the new centre will allow visitors to “spend a full day in parliament’s premises without the work of the institution and its members being affected”.  (A:  It’s true, you can’t affect them because you see, the parliament there, the politicians have no right to make a law or change a law.  It’s all done in secret, way above them.  Apart from that you’d have to put a firecracker off in the place to get them to wake up; they just sit and snore all day.)


UKIP MEP (A:  Member of the European Parliament.) Marta Andreasen said: “Before the House of European History even starts operating European taxpayers will have to foot a bill of £51million just for its refurbishment. 


So, that’s not too bad is it?  And the people will take it. They’ll take it and they’ll take it and they’ll take it.  They’re already taking their austerity and their fuel hikes and all the rest of it.  And there’s folk starving to death in some countries, like Britain.  Actually, it’s not starving, they’re freezing to death because they can’t get the heating, they can’t afford the fuel. But that’s okay.  That’s depopulation of the elderly and that way of course the government can grab the pensions rather than the old folk living and actually using their pension money.  That’s all factored into it too, for those who don’t really know or are so naïve they’d never think of it. 


Warning Of 'Food Price Riots In The UK'

Yahoo news - / March 9, 2011  / Peter Hoskins, senior business producer


Speaking on Jeff Randall Live, senior global economist Karen Ward cautioned that the UK could experience the kind of food riots seen in other countries.


"Even in the developed world I think we have very, very low wage growth (A:  No kidding.), so people aren't getting more in their pay packet to compensate them for food and energy, and I think we could see social unrest certainly in parts of the developed world and the UK as well."  (A:  Well the IMF already said that, remember last year, they were already ready for that.  And so is the Council on Foreign Relations; they’ve got that in their own web sites too.  They work on these... they actually worked on all this exportation of your domestic food.)


She went on to highlight the link between high food prices and the escalating cost of crude oil.  (A:  It’s not this that’s causing it at all.  It was happening before they stuck up the price of crude oil, because as I say, food is now to be exported to the highest bidder and to hell with the domestic market or the domestic need.  That’s what it is too.  See, you’ve either got a nation and some protectionism, which is essential to keep your own people alive, or you do not.  And if you do not then believe you me, it goes out to that big casino there, that stock market, and it goes into the futures game, and they’re actually betting on crop failure and all the rest of it across the world.  You know the guys I mean, the same guys that sunk you and sunk all the banks before with all their incredible schemes that they get into on the stock market.)


"More and more we are seeing that some of these foodstuffs are actually substitutes for energy itself (A:  And that’s of course what George Soros and his boys are saying, that everything is really energy and therefore they want to tax it all and price it out of your reach.  Believe you me, they’re doing it.), particularly biofuels. So I think the energy markets are a significant contributor to these food price gains."


The comments come as the United Nations warned the cost of food is now at the highest level for 21 years and set to rise further.


Food costs have gone up for eight months in a row, with the National Farmers Union forecasting the trend will continue for the rest of 2011.


The cost of basic foodstuffs has been caused by increasing demand (A:  It’s not that.  It’s the big casino, as I say.) and extreme weather destroying crops and has been partly to blame for the unrest sweeping the arabic world.  (A:  Nonsense again, believe you me, if you can’t take care of your own you shouldn’t be taking care of others.  Hmm?  Isn’t that an old saying?   Same with charity, charity begins at home.  If you can’t feed your own, you don’t get robbed by your governments to feed people elsewhere, and then you all go down.)


Rising prices contributed to riots across North Africa and the Middle East in the past several months that have toppled leaders (A:  No, that wasn’t why they were toppled at all.  That’s nonsense so I won’t read the rest of this story.)


There’s always a spin on what they tell you, you see, and this is the agenda folks.  All your disposable income eventually is to go to pay energy taxes, all kinds of taxes, and fees and all the rest of it, and basic essentials, and then you’ll have nothing left to buy all the little toys and stuff that you used to spoil yourself with and reward yourself with for working.  That’s to go in this new wonderful global society.  And of course they can build their big museums with your tax money; they’ve got lots more plans like that on the drawing board for you to pay, you see, for the future, lots and lots and lots of things for you to pay, down the future.  You’ll be kept in austerity all right, unless you do something about it.


I’ve said for years, I can remember back in the ’80s, the late ’80s, I started to see, when you took your... When you live in the country you take your garbage, or rubbish as we call it over in different countries, you take it over to the garbage dump yourself, even though you’re already paying for it through your taxes.  Then they started the rackets, too, of paying per bag and all the rest of it.  You’ve all see it.  You’ve all been through the same nonsense, of greed.  I started to see library books, by the thousands, going in there.  I will touch on that and what’s happening when I come back after this break.


Hi folks, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the books that are going down the memory hole, because that’s what Orwell called information; anything that government didn’t want simply went down this fiery hole and was turned to ashes.  They were starting this across the Western world, back in the late ’80s I noticed it, and in Canada too they were doing it.  Massive, thousands of books would end up on top of garbage dumps, right from the libraries.  It says in this article here; this is from Australia.  Same thing is happening everywhere, you see, because we’re all one world now, you see, we’re global, with one system running the whole show.


Books get the shove as university students prefer to do research online

(A:  It says.  So there’s your spin given to you immediately off the bat, you see; there’s your premise.)

Yuko Narushima / March 8, 2011 /


THE University of NSW (A:  New South Wales.) is throwing away thousands of books and scholarly journals as part of a policy that critics say is turning its library into a Starbucks.


Academics say complete journal collections, valuable books and newspapers dating to the 19th century are being thrown out to clear space for cafe-style lounges.


The Herald has obtained an internal document listing thousands of titles due to be pulled from shelves. The 138-page ''weeding'' list (A:  They call it ‘weeding list’; not reading list, weeding list...) includes encyclopaedias, dictionaries, books in foreign languages and texts on psychology, politics and morality.  (A:  Well they don’t need the morality part anymore.  I’d throw the politics out too.)


The policy, which until recently required librarians to remove 50,000 volumes each year, does not allow the last Australian copy of any book to be discarded. But it has opened an ideological row about the function of modern libraries as more research material becomes accessible online.  (A:  Great online too because I’ve looked at some books and compared them with the hardbacks, and even the soft-covers, and there’s whole chunks missing from them, whole chucks missing on eBooks.  Because you see, censorship is on the go, you know, and they must alter and eradicate history.  John Dewey said that when he came over from the Frankfort School and he said, that eventually we’ll train the children and gradually alter their history so that there’s nothing left in history that would cause any conflict down the road. They’d simply eradicate it, just like the European Union is doing, and this is all part of it.  And you know darn well how many times stuff goes, your computer crashes and so on, or government can simply eradicate stuff from online service, if they want to.)


Already, thousands of books have been dumped in skips in the library basement and staff in various disciplines say they have not been given the opportunity to salvage them.


''This is a scandal. It's outrageous on a whole number of different levels,'' said Peter Slezak, an associate professor in the school of history and philosophy. ''Anyone that has anything to do with books is distressed at this. They are extremely good books.''  (A:  And you need these things because one day they’ll turn off the juice, you know, under austerity and rolling blackouts, like they’ve already warned us for Britain and elsewhere.  Canada is to get them too.)


The cleanout has so upset some that library staff have rescued books destined for the bin. One former library assistant said he had taken more than 200 books. ''If the book's not borrowed in the last couple of years, they throw it out,'' he said. ''Most libraries see their function as an archive but these guys see it almost like a video store. After you've had the book five years, why keep it?'' 


(A:  So it’s...) . . . to make space for students to sit around, have lunch and plug their laptops in. Bizarrely, they've turned the library into a kind of a Starbucks,'' Professor Slezak said. 


So, it’s quite something.  It’s happening all across of course, but they must eradicate the history.  And I’ve gone into some of the histories of the big supplier of schoolbooks and university books and you’ll find these guys are not what they appear to be.  Even Carroll Quigley talked about it, that they set up their own institutions under the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations for the States, they set up the book companies that would supply the reading material, give you your reality and update the new generations into a new type of reality. Well they’ve always been doing it.  And they have incredible staff to do this too; they even have their own reporters, these so-called book creators and sellers, whole staffs of them that do nothing but put out propaganda to newspapers and tell how wonderful that they are giving you the latest details, the latest information and the latest facts. 


It’s quite something.  Winston Churchill even brought that up, because you see everything is a con out there.  HAS TO BE, mind you, because Bertrand Russell said the same thing.  He says, there will be one education for the elite and one for the rest... and that you’ll be taught all you need to know at the bottom level, which will keep you in the dark of course – you’ll never figure it out – where those who are the elite are taught the true reality at a very early age... very early age.  This is all herd management, you understand.  And that’s what they call it too, “herd management”.  Even the medical associations call us ‘herds’ now.  We got that in Canada; that first came out from the medical authorities, the crisis medical authorities who were based in Toronto at the time, when they said it was to do with “herd management” and looking for inoculations for the SARS and all that; SARS that didn’t exist, eh.


Now, I’ve talked about charities too, and foundations.  I’m going to put a link up tonight to a site which says this...


Is Your Favorite Charity Infiltrated?

By Cassandra Anderson / March 8, 2011 /


Before you write a check, sign a petition or declare your unwavering support for foundations or "nonprofit" organizations (NPOs), you may wish to investigate their agendas by using this step-by-step guide. Many large foundations and nonprofit organizations have destructive agendas in opposition to public interest or they receive funding from dubious sources and may be unduly influenced.


Lawyer and former tax expert, Michael Shaw now President of says, "Foundations, Non Governmental Organizations and non-profits are generally exempt from income taxes. They have been arranged from the beginning to promote globalism and today this is accomplished through the implementation of Agenda 21. (A:  ...which is also called The Millennium Project.)  The creation of the Federal Reserve coupled with the adoption of the income tax in 1913 provided the one world elite opportunity to avoid taxes through the formation of Foundations and other tax exempts.  (A:  By the way, the big boys wanted this particular thing pushed through government in the United States, because it already controlled the government in the US, the Rockefellers and so on.  If you go back far enough you’ll find even Adam Weishaupt talking about using philanthropists to shape and guide the direction of the world and this is what these foundations do, they pretend they’re philanthropists, you know, beneficent benefactors.  And the United Nations now admit, under this new world order, they’re bringing in these philanthropists to help guide social problems and socials areas.  The same thing with communitarianism in Britain – that’s all part of it too. They’ve got a big say in how your little community is to be run, these non-elected bodies.  So it’s really a parallel government, as Carroll Quigley talked about.  And that’s how it is, it’s a parallel government.)   This was key to creating the financing system that has promoted globalism and which now threatens us all with world tyranny."


There are 1.6 million so-called nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations in the US. Nonprofits are misnamed and are anything but not-for-profit; a more accurate description is that they are TAX EXEMPT organizations. This article will explore two major types of tax exempt organizations:


• Foundations- these are the grantors and they are required to donate 5% (A:  ... only, 5%...) of their assets each year to charitable organizations. (A:  And it’s always along a political agenda which they’re pushing, you see.)  They enjoy enormous tax breaks from the federal government and pay no income tax, no corporate tax and no capital gains tax. States and local governments may also exempt them from property and sales taxation. Some powerful foundations are extremely influential in setting political policies and making laws that benefit their enterprises and pass the cost onto taxpayers.  (A:  And ain’t that a fact, if you go into the Rockefellers for an example.)


• Nonprofit Organizations (A:  They’re the other ones.) or NPOs also enjoy the same tax exemptions as foundations (no income, corporate or capital gains taxes). NPOs are structured like a business and seek grants from foundations, government subsidies and corporate and private donations. They do pursue profits.


For instance, Planned Parenthood is a NPO with deep roots in eugenics and they seek to have employees promote abortions to boost profits, according to a former employee whistleblower.  (A:  There are the links on the site here.)  Planned Parenthood showed a $112 million profit in 2006 (A:  As a profit, $122 million eh.) and received over $300 million in tax funded support.   (A:  See, amazing isn’t it, eh?)  Whether someone is pro-life or pro-choice, most would agree that pursuing abortion for profit and population control is very negative.


Because tax exempt 501(c)3 organizations get a free ride on taxes but enjoy publicly funded benefits, they should be required to make their full financial documents available to the public. Furthermore, tax exempt organizations may also receive tax funded government subsidies, so it is simply wrong that there is little or no transparency.  This is important because many organizations that receive tax exempt status influence political policy that works against the public. 


They show you some links on this article too, where you can check out the incomes that a lot of these characters get, the incredible incomes that they get.  I’m just looking for one too where it will show you their wages as well.  They have their own massive bureaucracies and pensions funds and all the rest of it, and they pay nothing in taxes, eh.  But they’ve got more than a passing say in how the world is to be directed, and your life as well.  And you don’t elect them, remember.  This is the parallel government.  And I’ve gone into that in quite good detail in the past.


One article, too, I’m putting up tonight, is to do with Libya and how the US is talking about bombing it and so on.  This is from the AFP.


Libya no-fly zone would require bombing raids: US

Top US commander General James Mattis / March 1, 2011 / AFP Chris Kleponis


WASHINGTON (AFP) - Enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya would first require bombing the north African nation's air defense systems, top US commander General James Mattis warned Tuesday.


A no-fly zone would require removing "the air defense capability first," Mattis, the head of Central Command, told a Senate hearing.


"It would be a military operation," the general said.


The United States and its allies are weighing possible military action, including a no-fly zone, to stop Libya's Moamer Kadhafi from using his forces to crush mounting opposition.


Although Kadhafi's military is badly outgunned by US and NATO aircraft, the regime has dozens of (A:  I won’t even read the rest of this rubbish because it’s a propaganda handout you see.  They did the same thing with Iraq, you know, oh he’s got dozens of...) surface-to-air missiles that could shoot down allied warplanes.  (A:  Ah, dah-dah-dah... you know.  They get you into the tailspin before you even know and that’s why it’s written this way.)


So really what it is, is the big boys want to simply grab, just like they did in Iraq, a whole country, and its oil wells, and then they’ll have their raffle at the end and divvy it up amongst them as they did with Iraq.  They got them free... they got it ‘gratis’, handed to them.  The taxpayers of the world paid for these wars and then they handed the oil fields over, after they refurbished them and fixed them and gave them brand new spanking ones, courtesy of the taxpayers again.  They handed them over to the big oil companies, you know, the ones that you’re so familiar with.   That’s the real world, folks, and killing people is nothing to them, nothing at all.  They’re just in the way, that’s all. 


Another link I’m putting up too, is to do with Blackwater.  I’ve talked about Blackwater quite a few times before.  They’ve changed their name of course.  This article here talks about all the other divisions that they have; it’s just astonishing. 


Blackwater's Black Ops / Jeremy Scahill | September 15, 2010


Over the past several years, entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto (A:  They actually guard them and they actually have deals with them to go in and harass people who are standing up against Monsanto.  No kidding.  Like thugs.  But they’re allowed to do it, you see.  See, you have authorized thugs in the world and then you have non-authorized ones.), Chevron, the Walt Disney Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays, according to documents obtained by The Nation. Blackwater's work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies owned by Blackwater's owner and founder, Erik Prince: Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center (TRC). Prince is listed as the chairman of both companies in internal company documents, which show how the web of companies functions as a highly coordinated operation. Officials from Total Intelligence, TRC and Blackwater (which now calls itself Xe Services) did not respond to numerous requests for comment for this article.


One of the most incendiary details in the documents is that Blackwater, through Total Intelligence, sought to become the "intel arm" of Monsanto, offering to provide operatives to infiltrate activist groups organizing against the multinational biotech firm.


Governmental recipients of intelligence services and counterterrorism training from Prince's companies include the Kingdom of Jordan, the Canadian military (A:  No kidding, a private organization is training the Canadian military, the special forces.) and the Netherlands police, as well as several US military bases, including Fort Bragg, home of the elite Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), and Fort Huachuca, where military interrogators are trained, according to the documents. In addition, Blackwater worked through the companies for the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the US European Command.  (A:  Do you understand, this is a private company or organization with all of these specialized areas, right down to domestic spying by the way, and they’re not responsible to you, the supposed citizen, at all.  You’ll just pay the money, the taxes, that the government has funneled down to them, to do the dirty work.  So who do you complain to?  The government will say, well they’re not ours you know, they’re private, you see.  It’s a different thing altogether; the government loves this stuff.)


(A:  You understand, the big revolution didn’t happen from the public.  The big revolution came from the big corporations at the top; this is their revolution.  Revolutions in the past used to be middle class led.  And the middle classes of course were always stymied; they couldn’t get higher up on the totem pole, they couldn’t get advancement and they would have revolutions. But when they saw the systems coming out in the early 20th century to do with unions, etc, and rights for the people, they determined right there and then that they would have their own corporate, they’d pull together their corporations under big organizations and they’d work together to rule and bring in this new world order, you understand, which they would command, and they’ve had a hundred years to work on it, nonstop.  Easy when you have all the bucks though, and think tanks that you can afford to buy and purchase, and generations of guys you hire, train, work, retire, and then in come the new ones.  You get the job done.  It says here...)


On September 3 the New York Times reported that Blackwater had "created a web of more than 30 shell companies or subsidiaries in part to obtain millions of dollars in American government contracts after the security company came under intense criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq." (A:  I don’t know how you can get more reckless because the forces over there are allowed to slaughter anybody they want to.)  The documents obtained by The Nation reveal previously unreported details of several such companies and open a rare window into the sensitive intelligence and security operations Blackwater performs for a range of powerful corporations and government agencies. The new evidence also sheds light on the key roles of several former top CIA officials who went on to work for Blackwater.  (A:  That means that all the secrets they bring with them too, goes along with them.)


The coordinator of Blackwater's covert CIA business, former CIA paramilitary officer Enrique "Ric" Prado, set up a global network of foreign operatives, offering their "deniability" as a "big plus" for potential Blackwater customers, according to company documents. The CIA has long used proxy forces to carry out extralegal actions or to shield US government involvement in unsavory operations from scrutiny.  (A:  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article here about Blackwater which has got its fingers in so many pies since it’s got front organizations involved with even civil disobedience and disruption, of people who protest GM food for instance, the modified food, stuff like that.  It says here...


While the network was originally established for use in CIA operations, documents show that Prado viewed it as potentially valuable to other government agencies. In an e-mail in October 2007 with the subject line "Possible Opportunity in DEA—Read and Delete," Prado wrote to a Total Intelligence executive with a pitch for the Drug Enforcement Administration. That executive was an eighteen-year DEA veteran with extensive government connections who had recently joined the firm. Prado explained that Blackwater had developed "a rapidly growing, worldwide network of folks that can do everything from surveillance to ground truth to disruption operations." He added, "These are all foreign nationals (except for a few cases where US persons are the conduit but no longer 'play' on the street) (A:  So they can actually use foreign nationals too, and give you a complete false story on your news, when it comes on the news, as to who’s causing what seems to be disruption.), so deniability is built in and should be a big plus."  (A:  That was his sales pitch.)


The executive wrote back and suggested there "may be an interest" in those services. The executive suggested that "one of the best places to start may be the Special Operations Division, (SOD) which is located in Chantilly, VA," telling Prado the name of the special agent in charge. The SOD is a secretive joint command within the Justice Department, run by the DEA. It serves as the command-and-control center for some of the most sensitive counternarcotics and law enforcement operations conducted by federal forces. The executive also told Prado that US attachés in Mexico; Bogotá, Colombia; and Bangkok, Thailand, would potentially be interested in Prado's network. Whether this network was activated, and for what customers, cannot be confirmed. A former Blackwater employee who worked on the company's CIA program declined to comment on Prado's work for the company, citing its classified status.  (A:  So here you have, again, this public/private type deal on the go here, where governments are hiring and using mercenaries, right down to even the street level to disrupt various protesters in different countries – we’ve seen that going on at G20 meetings, stuff like that.  And they fly them in, foreign nationals, so some other country gets the blame of course, stuff like that.  You can’t believe anything that you see across the news media today on television because so much of it is staged by characters like this, by the big corporations that can get the DIRTY work done for governments and therefore keeps the governments’ hands clean.  This goes on to say...)


In November 2007 officials from Prince's companies developed a pricing structure for security and intelligence services for private companies and wealthy individuals. One official wrote that Prado had the capacity to "develop infrastructures" and "conduct ground-truth and security activities."


As I say, they already work for Monsanto and a whole bunch of other organizations, and they do smear campaigns as well.  They have, just like intelligence services, they do smear campaigns on people who are trying to get the truth out on what the new biofood is all about, the modified food, what it’s doing to humans.  They’ll smash those groups up, smear them, smear campaigns and so on, and threaten folk directly too of course.  And get away with it, you see, because you’re under the new feudal system, folks, and that’s how feudalism is run. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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