March 9, 2011 (#785)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 9, 2011:

Corporate Governance:
Corporations, Bankers do Love Marx,
Creating Their World from Public Tax:

"Slavery in All Ages has Existed,
In Corporate Management it has Persisted,
Using Public Relations to Cover the Deed,
Informing the Peasants to All They Need
To Know and Believe, Pretence, Illusion,
Knowledge of Reality Would Cause Confusion,
Their Conditioning of Democracy, Being Free,
Understanding Only What They're Meant to See,
To Work, Pay Taxes, Obey, Vote and Die,
Always to Dream of the American Pie,
The Fully Conditioned are Really Irrational,
Owned by Corporate Feudal International"
© Alan Watt March 9, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 9, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 9th 2011.  Newcomers should look into my web site and help yourself to the audios which are there for download for free.  Thereís hundreds of them there and I try and give you at least a grounding in the big system in which you live, to show you what runs it, and to give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture.  Because itís so incredibly, not so much complicated; itís just that over 100 years, over 100 years, big corporations and big institutions grew up which clubbed together to rule the world and of course they have no intention of giving the public what they call democracy, but by using the term democracy they push the public to actually push for more, of being ruled by the same multinational corporations, bankers and so on.  In other words democracy is a sham because the bankers love socialism. They love to run the countries through socialism because governments which they put in place can then collect the cash thatís due the big world money lenders, and itís far easier than going door to door and collecting cash from individual people.  Thatís why they love socialism so much.  And they really admired the communist system in Russia and they admired the one in Nazi, Germany; thatís why Hitler was Time-Lifeís Man of the Year twice in the í30s, because they like this militarization, this orderly society where theyíre very obedient, they obey government.  You can change society so quickly in any direction that you want because the people are trained to be obedient.  So thatís what youíre living in today.  And we also call it political correctness and the main thrust of it is through the Marxist schools on behalf of the banks who run them today. 


So when youíre in there and getting the audios remember to support me by buying the books and disks and so on that I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, donations are definitely accepted, just straightforward donations.  It doesnít matter how much it is either, by the way.  People donít think a dollar goes very far, and it doesnít on its own but if you get enough coming in it certainly gets you through the week.  And things are escalating in price like you wouldnít believe.  All the sites I have carry transcripts in English as well for print up of a lot of the talks and if you want them in other languages go into and you can take your pick from the choice offered there; thereís quite a few to choose from. 


I mean that too, we are living in a documented, a documented world system that runs covertly, behind the scenes, doesnít advertise itself too much of course, at the top.  And yet today because weíre so dumbed down and pretty well stupid, actually we are stupid and dumb, they can actually put their own web sites up there, like the Chatham House one for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations which really are the big players on behalf of the bankers who founded them.  International money lenders, not just bankers with private banks and outlets throughout the towns, these guys literally lend to nations.  Thatís who funded them. Thatís who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs to bring in, on behalf of an already established stinking rotten dirty rich elite, a system where the people would never figure out, because they still believe they have democracy, they never figure out theyíre being run behind the scenes.  And we find that the big think tanks that work for them and the United Nations, which they also set up by the way, have said that democracy is basically too slow to get anything done, they have to bypass it.  Weíre now post-democratic if you havenít noticed.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  Itís astonishing, really, how little history people know and when they get history at all itís generally from The History Channel or some fictional work like Anne of Green Gables where the past is always painted in a nice middle class way, for the few that existed back then.  You see them with horses and always clean clothes on and new clothes and so on, and itís all so daddy-daddy, and mommy-mommy and everything was so wonderful and stuff like that.  Nothing is further from the truth because history is a horror story.  Itís a horror story from its inception to the present day.  Itís always about the most brutal elite who rule either empires or now itís going into the world empire, just as brutally too.  Theyíve always used the same guises, regardless of the empire that was used before.  An empire, really, is just when an elite arise using money, wealth, slavery.  Slavery always goes along with wealth in any kind of system and even in the modern kind of slavery that you have today, which is admitted to by people like Charles Galton Darwin who says, weíre creating a more perfect form of slavery, and that was in the 20th century that he wrote that book. 


So weíre always in a form of slavery and the idea is, you only tell the slaves all they need to know to be a slave.  And we are.  Weíre given the right kind of education today, which is not very much at all and very misleading, more political correctness than anything, and weíre supposed to get the rest of it from Hollywood and old movies and stuff like that.  But itís astonishing to realize that, as I say, right through up until the 1800s slavery was prevalent, and always prevalent.  And it wasnít always simply from Africa, the first slaves in America were actually white slaves.  They were brought in when they changed a lot of laws in Britain because they wanted to populate America and they had to pass a lot of laws.  At the same time too they were dumping cotton from India and elsewhere, and other countries, into Britain, putting a lot of folk out of work.  They had the country in upheaval by getting the farmers off the land by dumping seed from abroad and making it impossible to compete and getting them into the big cities.  There was massive migrations of people, millions of them moving into these slum cities that were thrown up to work the factories.  And so many crimes were broken because just like today, you donít know how many laws you break every day, just walking across the street, getting up, getting outside the house and so on; saying the wrong thing now can be a crime.  And youíd be whisked off to the Americas and eventually they sometimes used Australia too; thatís how they colonized Australia.  So the more convicts the merrier.  Even Benjamin Franklin bought his first wife, who was an indentured servant, off a ship in the harbor, and that was part of the payment Ė the payment went back to even the judge who convicted her because he got a cut out of the final sale that was sold, bought and sold.  What a history we really truly have.  Itís nothing like itís portrayed by the modernists at all. 


As I say, you always get slavery, money and a wealthy elite who have time on their hands to hire good thinkers, like the Machiavelli types, who can advise them on what to do next:  to keep power, always keep the public in the dark.  And you find almost every person who was authorized to write history about the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire and other empires, writing them in such lavish terms, such glowing lavish terms, theyíre bringing civilization to the world.  And we have them even in the 20th century; we have the same thing with the Cecil Rhodes group pushing the push for British World Empire, bringing civilization to savages and all that stuff, as they looted their country of natural resources.  Nothing really has changed. 


Once you get a world empire on the go youíve got a whole world to pick your slaves from and like any good farmer youíve got to decide how many you want to keep and how many you want to cull when thereís too many of them and you donít need them anymore.  Thatís also been discussed at very high levels, a long time ago by the way, because these guys donít sit and wait for things to happen and say oh dear, we didnít realize there was so many people.  No, they always start at least 50 years to 100 years before you even hear of it in the media and they actually implement policies to bring down the populations.  Thatís why you have so many cancers and so on today. 


At the top theyíre not stupid.  Believe you me, theyíre anything but stupid.  They donít make wish lists and say, how do we cull the population?  You know, weíve already had the Fabian Socialists who were very overt in their mission at the beginning with George Bernard Shaw and others coming out and saying, weíve got to get a humane gas to gas them, all the ones who are weak, infirm, canít work anymore, the elderly, that kind of stuff for his wonderful Fabian socialist system, which really is one of the spearheads of Marxism, Fabian socialism.  And itís all over the so-called British Empire.  Remember too, the Fabianists worked hand-in-glove with the Royal Institute of International Affairs which was the culmination of the coming together of the Rhodes Foundation with Lord Rothschild and the Milner Group.  Together they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a non-governmental organization who puts their members in government, all over the world by the way.  Then the one that they sprung up in the US, they couldnít call it ĎRoyalí so they called it the Council on Foreign Relations and they both work as one for this world government as you see today. 


As I said at the start of the show, they just love Marxism. They love it. See, Marxism came out of a fanatical idea, really, during the industrial revolution too.  The whole idea of Marxism came out of a time of great upheaval, as they say, and great inequalities and so on. And you always get the ones who are fanatics coming out of any system like that where thereís turmoil. The fanatics come out and then they get their followers who are fanatics and then they push on ahead, because most folk donít want individuality, you know.  They donít want to be an individual.  Most people, even individualism itself is a fairly recent phenomenon; since about the 1700s authors were writing about the possibility of individualism.  But the big boys donít want that, and most folk donít want it.  They like to lose themselves in the masses and be accepted by a peer group of one kind or another. 


And communism of course, was another form of the same thing.  You literally suborn yourself to and subject yourself to the authority of the master at the top.  And all your comrades round about you, are your friends, your family; theyíre everything to you.  Itís like a religious fervor that goes along and thatís what drives things.  So big banks love this kind of system to use, as I say.  It was the same with the Nazi movement as well.  They really admired the fast way society could be changed, very rapidly by authority and high bureaucracies, layer upon layer of bureaucracies working hard to change society, and the way it was implemented at the bottom so quickly too.  And getting the whole public to be excited about it and go along with it; quite fascinating when you see it.  So once you get your individuality thereís always somebody right away trying to pull you into a crowd or a group or something else to join, so you can submerge your individuality and lose it all again, because it feels safer when youíre in amongst the same people.  You have less responsibility, less choices to make for yourself; itís all done for you; others take responsibility and so on. 


The big system today is so huge.  Itís got all the big international corporations coming together.  Iíve always said if you want to see who runs the world just look at the big IBM international meetings because everyone whoís anyone attends it.  And these are the guys who have and own the worldís resources, they own all the means of production, they own your governments, literally, and often in fact your government leaders go in and out of these organizations as CEOs or directors and then back into politics again.  But they love the illusion of democracy.  And they even use democracy today, still, to ravish more countries, and standardize more countries under their control, because thatís what everythingís about, standardization across the world; one system everywhere.  You know, one Reich basically, thatís it, it never changes.  Unfortunately folk get caught up in the dialectic process the media spins out to you, because they always give you one side to join or the other side to oppose.  Regardless, they want you to join back into a mass somewhere so that you can be led back around into the pig sty.  Thatís how it works.


And a long time ago too, youíll find, and in the 1800s even, there were big writers belonging to these big institutions, these private organizations that run your governments, that arenít answerable to the general public, as Carroll Quigley said.  In fact, he said, the technocrats who run across the world Ė you know the Kissingerís, Brzezinskiís and all of these characters Ė theyíre immune to the public; theyíre not responsible to the public or answerable to the public; they can get so much done so quickly without public criticism or obstacles of any way at all.  So thatís really what he meant by the world is run by a new feudalistic system.  Itís a feudal system. 


In the late 1800s they talked about the coming populations.  Before World War I the Royal family and Prime Ministers even were putting their names to books to tell the public in Britain for instance and elsewhere in the British Commonwealth, to start having less children.  They were rebutted immediately by other books put out by mainly ministers and preachers to say that, weíll do that when you do the same, because at that time these big families made sure they had at least 10-12 children, at the top.  And in reality the people at the bottom were not having as many children as the ones at the top because they couldnít afford it anyway.  Then when they started to really get along, get trained to have less children and to try and go for goods, material goods and bypass the need for children Ė after all, if youíre going to buy a car you might not be able to afford another child, because things get so expensive with children too. 


That was all talked about in The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin, how to entice the women into the workplace too Ė which would double the tax base for governmentís real plans, their real agendas Ė and it would also help destroy the family unit.  Because as I say, they used the Marxist philosophy, and a prime tenet of Marxism is the destruction and abolition of the family unit.  Thatís why you see all kinds of people up there, again, the fanatical ones who are dissatisfied with the group Ė actually theyíd be dissatisfied with anything, Iím talking about the ones who are of a different kind of sexual persuasion.  They always pick the radicals to advance the radical causes and utterly abolish and demolish society.  The Frankfort School was big in this too, still is by the way, ongoing under different names.  The whole idea was to annihilate all that was Ė all culture, all ways of life Ė and build anew.  Thatís what youíre living in today.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I saw a little clip yesterday of a BBC documentary about slavery.  It was interesting; theyíd found one of the old ledgers in, I think itís the Bristol dock perhaps, in Britain Ė or England Ė where the slaves came in, and they passed through London as well, through the London docks too.  They found that the biggest purchaser of that time was NM Rothschild.  Of course that was immediately countered by the family; they said they had no personal records of this, and look at all the great work theyíd done for emancipation afterwards.  Anyway, they were the biggest importers for the Americas, via Britain, of slavery.  Itís just astonishing that slaveryís always been with us in one form or another.  Now youíre wage slaves, tax slaves and so on, and you get told what to do.


In the old days they used to throw you the occasional rag to wear, you see, and youíd wear that rag till it fell apart and they gave you another rag.  And you had to be transported here, there, or driven here or there to workplaces, by your slave masters with their whips and all that. And then youíd need all the guys to do the whipping too, that cost cash as well.  Far better to give you democracy and tell you that youíre free, and then they leave you enough of your wages to feed and clothe yourself and get to work by yourself, you know, one way or another. So really, itís all in how you perceive things, how things really are. 


Talking about, too, depopulation which is one of their big, big things, even from the days of Thomas Malthus who was a big advisor to the British government and an economist, talked to European groups, the East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, and other ones. These were all big corporations that were given chunks of land across the world.  In fact, the first ones in Canada and in the Americas really were corporations; they werenít countries really. These corporations were given ownership of the land and you had the Hudson Bay Company, which people knew what that meant; they didnít know what Canada meant back then.  Massive power of course, private corporations, and now theyíre all international. 


Now, they talked about depopulation and so on. They didnít want too many of the inferior types outbreeding the superior types and bringing down the whole of society.  Very much like Hinduism, as I say, because in Hinduism they believe not in the Platonic great cycle of the zodiac that lasts thousands of years, but in a zodiac that lasts millions of years in its cycles.  And they say too, in Hinduism, those of the inferior type must all perish; if they come through theyíll cause disruption in the new, the new age.  Thatís a very prevalent belief amongst those who now run...  And of course now itís all done under the guise of science, you know.  Science is very persuasive, especially when theyíre trained in a different lexicon than you and it sounds very impressive.  But itís just the same old thing over and over again, who should live and who should die, who should own and who should be poor; nothing really changes. 


Tonight Iím putting up a link too, that Iíve put up in the past, and itís about the vaccines. Well, the vaccines are one of the prime ways to kill off people, you see, in a slow kill.  They had meetings a long time ago about how they would take down countries quickly and the ones that would go down more slowly.  Iíve mentioned before about the Kissinger document that was put out where he basically said, the greatest threat to the state was overpopulation, but he meant at that time also overseas overpopulation that would then cause a problem migrating to the West, if you wonder why all the diseases have broken out.  And then we send out the World Health Organization, part of the United Nations, set up by the bankers too, to give them all inoculations, etc, etc. 


Now, most vaccines were really put out by the guy who headed a lot of these schemes, Dr Maurice Hilleman.  We have different ones too who created the polio vaccine, who was actually a member of the World Eugenics Society and the British Eugenics Society and the American Eugenics Society, for depopulation, who gave us the polio vaccine. Dr Maurice Hilleman was also important.  He says...


60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link

to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child

 Posted By Dr. Mercola | February 18 2011 |


Just Who is Dr. Maurice Hilleman?


Now, for those of you who may think Dr. Hilleman was just another crackpot (he passed away in 2005), think again. He was, and still is, the leading vaccine pioneer in the history of vaccines. He developed more than three dozen vaccinesómore than any other scientist in historyóand was the developer of Merckís vaccine program.


He was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society, and received a special lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization.  (Alan:  So he was really doing the job, Iím sure, of depopulation.  Anyway...)


When he was chief of the Department of Respiratory Diseases with whatís now the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, he discovered the genetic changes that occur when the influenza virus mutates, known as shift and drift. He was also one of the early vaccine pioneers to warn about the possibility that simian viruses (A:  Thatís the monkey viruses that they were using.) might contaminate vaccines.  So Dr. Hilleman knew what he was talking about. And in his own words, ďvaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th Century.Ē  (A:  And itís now into the 21st century.)


Vaccines Can Cause the Very Disease Theyíre Meant to Prevent, and Worse


For years, researchers suggested that millions of vials of polio vaccine, contaminated with SV40 (A:  Thatís Simian Virus 40.), infected individuals between 1953 and 1963 and caused human tumors (A:  The only function this virus seems to have is to cause human tumors.), and by 1999, molecular evidence of SV40 infections were showing up in children born after 1982. Some experts now suggest the virus may have remained in the polio vaccine until as late as 1999.


Still, the FDA and health authorities turned a blind eye.  (A:  Then Iíll go into some of the other stuff to do with this.  You should know this because you see, weíre all dying of tumors and so on, and if youíre not yet you will be.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about depopulation under a different guise because thatís what really a lot of the vaccines are for.  You donít inject people for 50, 60 years with something thatís giving them tumors, and you donít notice it until 40-odd years later, and even then you do nothing about it, you just continue with it.  So theyíre not stupid at the top.  They know whatís going on because itís designed to go on.  As I say, Dr Salk was a member of the Eugenics Society.  Most of his papers before he came out with the vaccine for polio were actually about depopulation of the unfit and all that kind of stuff too, the usual eugenical stuff.  And suddenly he became the great savior, he had just a massive change of heart, you see, and decided to save the world instead of kill it.  So itís up to you which way you want to go with that.  Personally I know where I stand on it. 


Theyíve also set off, through the World Health Organization, live strains of polio in some countries, in Africa and elsewhere, because they were giving them the live strain, and the oral strain is a live virus, created in the lab though.  They can tell itís a lab-created virus, and these strains have actually mutated into a virulent type that they canít stop now and theyíre spreading like wildfire.  Again, thatís all part of the Kissinger plan as well.  So Iíll put this link up tonight on this at the end of the show Ė itís not Ďthe show;í again, educational talk, I have to remember to say educational talk; itís not show business; I donít have an agent like most of them do Ė and you can look them up for yourself.  Thereís a video on this too where youíll hear this particular head, Dr Hilleman, talk about these cancer viruses and the fact that they already knew they were in them, many, many years ago, and that they were infecting humans as well. 


Tonight too, Iíll put up a link to Mr Chertoff.  Amazing, you understand, you know there are certain individuals who are raised in a different way.  Theyíre raised in a way of competitiveness, even within their own families and their own peoples, and they rise to the top with an incredible vitality, you might say, and aggressiveness too, to get to the very, very top. And they use governments like a private company, and they really do blatantly use them like a private company.  Michael Chertoff of course was one who was busy getting ready for this selling off of all these x-ray machines in airports before anything happened.  In fact he was already negotiating and forming companies and stuff while he was in the US government at the same time.  So Iíll put up a link to this exposure as well, if anybody really cares anymore.  I often wonder how much folk care or are they simply overloaded on data?  ...thatís part of it.  The other boys who run the whole system know that we get overloaded with data, and you canít cry for the whole world all the time can you?  So Iíll put it up regardless and you can look at it for yourselves.  And try and sort them out in some sort of organized method so that you can always have certain ones on your computer here and certain ones there, so if you ever want to do anything down the road with them you know where to find them, and to put them into an order rather than just saving everything that comes past you, past your eyeballs. 


Exposed: Michael Chertoff's junk


Now, Iíve talked too about the rising of this upper middle class now who are the new bureaucrats who run the world on behalf of the corporations that own them basically.  The perks they get... Iím going to put up a link too, about the European politicians, the new soviet, the new Marxist politicians for the whole of Europe, this great non-democratic institution.  And as theyíre telling everyone to be austere, I mentioned yesterday about the massive museum theyíre building to acclaim themselves as masters of the universe.  Hereís another article about the money theyíre squandering on themselves and the perks they get as these grandiose European Members of Parliament. 


SCANDAL OF EU MEDICAL PERKS / Monday March 7 2011 / Martyn Brown Political Correspondent


GRASPING Euro MPs squander millions of pounds of British taxpayersí money every year on cosmetic perks including anti-ageing therapy and facial hair removal, it emerged last night.  (A:  This is at the same time as theyíve slashed the British National Health Service down to... theyíre going through the bone.  Theyíre not down to the bone; theyíre going through the bone now and into the marrow, believe you me.)


In yet another scandalous example of the European gravy train, MEPs (A:  Members of European Parliament.) can also have IVF treatments.  (A:  So if theyíre getting a bit aged or whatever they can get the treatments too.)


They can stay at thermal health spas, have breast reductions (A:  I guess for the guys too.) and buy slimming products and Viagra pills.


All are funded by the public as part of their controversial medical cover. This yearís £3million budget for Euro MPsí medical expenses also covers alternative therapies like lymphatic drainage, a delicate massage that helps the body eliminate toxins.  (A:  ...and probably turns on their very pudgy bodies as well.)


The taxpayer funds at least two-thirds of the cost of all treatments, and many are 100 per cent covered.


Details of the appalling waste on personal vanity indicates the juggernaut of EU excess shows no signs of slowing and comes as Britons brace themselves for a year of soaring food and fuel bills, wage freezes and cuts in council services.


So as I say, slavery is always with you in one form or another.  Itís all on how you perceive it.  While just like Rome too had, masses of its population were actually slaves, the big boys were in their health spas all, you know, admiring each otherís bodies and stuff like that.  So Iíll put that up as well tonight. 


Ha!  Iíve got to laugh at, again, the great Marxist idea.  You understand too, people who are very disaffected and who donít go along with any kind of natural system or even a natural culture, become the greatest advocates of change and theyíre always spearheading changes that the rest have to follow, the one who are fairly content.  So you get the radicals, and that was already said by the Marxist writers, theyíd always pick those with the big chips on their shoulders to spearhead the movements.  So it says here... and Iíve mentioned this before, from the United Nations because the United Nations is behind this really, to change, to utterly destroy all that was to bring in that which is new.  And I mean UTTERLY destroy.  The Frankfort School said the same.  In fact, we find Theo Adorno at the Frankfort School who said that they wouldnít be happy, he says, the group wouldnít be happy until literally they created necrophilia in society.  A society of necrophiliacs, literally, until nothing was disgusting anymore, or nothing was beyond baseness.  In fact there would be no baseness in order to UTTERLY destroy all that worked before, you see, to build a new society. 


"Schools need to teach about orgasms" (A:  I guess thereís a shortage of orgasms in schools; it must be due to austerity or something.)

says NEA to United Nations  (A:  Which is like a sister talking to her twin because the United Nations is just happy to hear this since theyíre pushing it in the first place.  So this is a handout, you understand?)

By Lauren Funk / March 3, 2011 / - Volume 14, Number 12


NEW YORK, March 3 (C-FAM) Graphic sex education for youth is the new battleground at the United Nations (A:  Theyíve got so much on their plate at the United Nations, eh, handing out candy bars across the world and stuff like that, and pocketing money and making sure that weíre all going to pay environmental taxes, to them, you know, and stuff like that.), as evidenced by side events during the past week at the Commission on the Status of Women.   (A:  Here we go.  I mean, can any woman actually say a group stands for her?  If you do youíre not an individual.  And youíd better check out what these groups actually are.)


The theme of this yearís CSW is the ďaccess and participation of women and girls to education, training, science and technology.Ē  While delegates are busy negotiating resolutions and outcome documents, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (A:  Again, here they go, the ones paid by the big foundations...) and UN organizations campaign for the installation of socially radical curriculums in Africa and America alike.  


ďOral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education,Ē Diane Schneider told the audience at a panel on combating homophobia and transphobia.  (A:  I guess thatís when youíre changing from one phobia to the other; youíre in between them... transphobia...) Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated for more ďinclusiveĒ sex education in US schools, with curricula based on liberal hetero and homosexual expression.  She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out.  (A:  See, they want to contaminate everybodyís mind, you understand.  So they want to take out the opt-out of the classes, for everybody.  They want everyone to get their, THEIR incredible obsession, because theyíre obsessed with sex all the time, these particular characters, obsessed from morning till night.)


Comprehensive sex education is ďthe only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,Ē (A:  Straight out of the soviet system isnít it? ...all the terminology, all the Frankfort terminology too, and they were the guys who came up with all the terminology.)  Schneider proclaimed, ďand we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school studentís agenda.Ē  ďGender identity expression and sexual orientation are a spectrum,Ē she explained, and said that those opposed to homosexuality ďare stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.Ē  (A:  So family is bad, religion is bad... typical standard Marxism, you understand.  Theyíd rather have you stuck into some other kind of box which might not be so clean.  But anyway, Iíll put this up tonight as well and you can have a look at that for yourselves.)


This is standard, standard Marxism!  And folk canít recognize it as such anymore because weíve been dumbed down to stupidity.  Folk canít recognize where these folk are coming from.  They canít recognize the terms theyíre using; they donít recognize them at all.  And itís happening every day, and to their children, to make sure that these ones at the top have your children at odds with you.  You have to look into how much comes from UNESCO, from the United Nations, because all of this does.  Itís a global society; everyone must get the same conditioning.  And weíre just little machines, little animals that can be retrained into anything, according to them at the top, you see.  Right.   So Iíll put that up for you too. 


Another thing too I was going to say about the masses and the mob, when people canít handle individuality, because you have to think for yourself and take chances; itís easier when you belong to a crowd.  And the reason they pick a lot of women for the advanced guard is if they donít want family, you see.  Family was the mainstay for women.  Thatís why women know all their relatives and their offspringís relatives and everybodyís birthdays and so on, and it keeps them healthy and they live to a good old age.  That was always taught in psychology up until politics changed all the findings.  And when they find a calling, you see, for their frustration, if they deny themselves anything else, you see, they become really radically involved for, again, the Marxist change.  And they have to always be more so than anybody else, and the men included. 


This is Australia...


Labor MP Carryn Sullivan calls for

environmentally friendly burials and cremations

Des Houghton / March 09, 2011 /


(A:  And again, all news is good news to politicians; you get your name in the paper, right.  I read the articles before about the chemical stuff they want to use in America; I read that last year, where, they said, they could pour granny into the garden after sheís been dissolved.  Yeah.  No kidding.  Again, weíre all dehumanized now too.  They have worked very well, these Marxists, to dehumanize us down to just less than an animal.  We like animals better actually; arenít we, weíre taught that.  Anyway it says...)


Cardboard coffins are a growing trend. (A:  Thatís part of it too.  And of course they can pop you in these tanks and liquefy you.)


In an extraordinary statement today she (A:  Labor MLA Carryn Sullivan.) said: "Almost all of the 27,000 people who died in Queensland in 2010 were laid to rest in conventional burials or cremations.


"Both practices involve the release of toxins and carcinogens with significant impacts on the environment."


Mrs Sullivan was speaking in her capacity as chairwoman of the Queensland Parliament's Environment and Resources Committee.


She called for an investigation into "green" burials that minimise pollution.  (A:  Theyíll also get lobbyists too, mind you, from the big chemical companies pushing this; itís going to be big, big business you understand.  I mean, burials are big business, you know; the guys who put you under really rise to the top.)


"The funeral industry, like other service, producer and manufacturing industries, has a vital role to play in minimising pollution. Burials and cremations are big business in Australia and have changed little in my lifetime. Our inquiry will have a fresh look at the industry's practices and how they can be improved.


"I'm keen to discover why cheaper, greener choices to conventional burials and cremations are not readily available."


More environmentally friendly methods of burial include using simple wooden or biodegradable cardboard coffins, liquefying a corpse through chemical treatment or even freezing and "shattering" it into a fine powder using vibrations.  (A:  Oh, sheís really up on her technology isnít she?  So I guess once they put you into a fine powder theyíll have you buying it from some of the big cosmetic companies as some, I donít know, anti-aging stuff or something like that.)


Anyway, there you go and they must be radical you see, to get their name in the paper.  No one wants to hear the same old, same old, everybodyís fairly happy, content, etc, you know.  See, this is the Century of Change, you understand, been taught in universities for 50-100 years in the last century, and weíre in it now, for those who havenít quite figured it out.  Iíll also put up an article Iíve put up before, the Miami Herald.  Itís to do with the past medical testing on humans.  There are two articles actually. 


Panel told no guarantee against unethical research

By Mike Stobbe - AP Medical Writer / / Mar. 1, 2011


Past medical testing on humans revealed

By Mike Stobbe - AP Medical Writer / / Feb. 27, 2011


Itís a bit misleading in one way.  What they say is true, but they really look at Guatemala where syphilis was put into people 65 years ago.  They were doing far worse things than that, putting plutonium into people in the US proper, even less years ago than that in fact, by the way.  And many other tests too, with viruses on the general population in San Francisco Harbor, for instance, where the ships let loose particular specialized flues, back in the 70s I believe it was, to see what would happen.  They were doing the same thing in Britain too, and these are things that are all documented; theyíve even made videos and released them now, of course.  Under the Freedom of Information Act, you see, they still wonít release whatís happened in the last 50 years, until weíre all dead, you understand; thatís why they do it this way.  This is still ongoing.  And of course basically these articles come down to the fact that the inquiries show that this same kind of testing on humans is probably still going on.  Thereís nothing to stop it really; it can be done in secrecy, etc.  And youíll even see one professor who was involved and studying the people that they were infecting, and saying, we canít do it just like we did in the good old days, when they just grabbed a bunch of blacks from wherever, you know, and injected them, or told them they had cancers and then put plutonium into them, even when they didnít have a cancer, and then calmly observed the effects.  Itís a disgusting...  Science is merciless, believe you me, merciless and itís backed, again, by the big boys who are controlling the world, because science is supposed to take the place of any deity.  It is to be the deity in fact... of course under their auspices.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíve seen the kafuffle in Wisconsin to do with the big boys fleeing the state rather than answer to the people why they cut back all their pensions and all the rest of it, for the government type workers.  And we see the same thing happening in Kansas now.  It says...


Kan. House panel endorses cut in public pensions / 9 Mar 2011


TOPEKA, Kan. - A Kansas House committee endorsed a bill Wednesday that would cut future retirement benefits for current teachers and government workers to help solve the long-term funding woes of their pension system.


The measure that cleared the Pensions and Benefits Committee on a voice vote also would increase the state's annual contributions to the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System and increase the age at which many teachers and government workers could start drawing full retirement benefits.  (A:  Theyíre doing this across the world.  Donít you realize youíre under a world system?  Or are they just copying each other?...  Oh, theyíve got a good idea, letís do that immediately.  It takes time to implement all this stuff and draft it up, especially with bureaucrats and Marxists running your governments.  It takes a lot of time and committees and meetings and stuff like that.  So it all happens at the same time; that means itís planned worldwide at the same time.)


The bill goes against a longstanding assumption that's governed past debates over pension legislation, that the state constitution and Kansas law prevent the state from altering its public pension plans by forcing lower benefits on current participants. But committee members said they're compelled to act because of the projected $7.7 billion gap between anticipated KPERS revenues and promised benefits over the next few decades.


Itís astonishing, though, eh, they can bankrupt the country and bail the banks out, which are private, remember, theyíre private banks, and mainly the stock guys, the guys who are into the stock market that were all gambling in this big casino.  We bailed them all out and saved the banks, you see, from going under and then in Britain they immediately pulled out £900 Billion or something like that, out of nowhere.  They were utterly broke apparently and they pulled that out and they couldnít afford a National Health Service but they pulled £900 billion out to bolster the bankers and save them.  America did the same thing, Canada, all the countries joined in and got into this frenzy of finding money and borrowing money to save the bankers.  And hereís the expense of it supposedly, is that now everyone is to start to suffer, for those who donít work for government, the rest of them that are not government employees, the rest of us are all to go into just bare austerity...  Austerity, that means that you wonít have extra money to pay for this or that.  You will simply be paying for your food, your rent or your mortgage, until they outlaw private property all together, as it will come eventually Ė that means youíve got another crash to come down the road by the way.  So once your food and your clothing and so on is done, youíll have no money to spend on extras, in this post-consumerist, post-democratic society.


And the bankers just love it.  Why is that?  Itís because you see, they can up their prices too, and make it so expensive...  Theyíll still be selling to you, and you will save and save and save to get that gizmo or that gadget, and so they will lose nothing out of it in the long run at all.  And the big corporations, as I say, are not as independent of each other as you might have been taught to believe.  They all work together.  In fact, many of the CEOs simply go around revolving chairs from one big international corporation to the next.  If they were separate competitive organizations you couldnít; youíd have to assassinate the guy if heís going off with all your ideas for takeovers and so on for the next 50 years.  Wouldnít you?  But they donít mind, which means itís all a big con isnít it?  They all work together.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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