March 10th, 2011 (#786)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 10th, 2011:

Vulture Culture is Opposed to Nurture:

"Each U.N. Signatory has Dept. of Culture,
Unbeknownst by People, Run by a Vulture,
Ensuring Each Country is Degraded,
Arriving at Debasement Apparently Unaided,
Generations Indoctrinated Come and Go,
Perhaps One in a Thousand Fought to Know
About the Unseen Hand Behind All Change,
Guiding the Workable by Derange,
The Plan Written in Books by Men Now Dead,
Supply Experts, Celebrities, Public are Led"
© Alan Watt March 10th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 10th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 10th of March, 2011.  Newcomers should look into, and bookmark the other sites you see listed there.  If you have sticking on downloads of the audios which are available there, try these alternate sites.  These are the only official sites I have out there.  Anything else outside isnít mine, believe you me, and thereís a few of them around, too.  And remember too, you can help yourself to hundreds of audios.  And all those sites also carry transcripts as well, of a lot of the talks Iíve given which you can print up and pass around to your friends.  For transcripts in other languages, go into  Thatís also listed on the .com site.  And youíll find a whole bunch of languages to choose from for print up.  And you can pass them around to your friends as well.  And remember too, youíre the audience who bring me to you, because I donít bring on the advertisers as guests, basically.  Thatís how, and itís fair enough, thatís how most folk make their living.  And it kind of compromises you to an extent too, because then youíre kind of beholden to them to plug their products and all the rest of it.  The ads you hear on this show are paid separately by, independently by the advertisers to Republic Broadcasting Network.  And that pays for this airtime, the show time, their transmission time, and their staff. And equipment, and their bills, hopefully, if enough comes in. 


So you can help me with mine by buying the books and discs I have for sale at  And remember too, from the US you can still use a personal check.  You can use an international postal money order.  You can use PayPal to order, just use the donation button on the .com site, and follow it with an email, with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And some people just send cash.  Across the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union, for direct wire transfer.  Youíve got Money Gram, and youíve got cash you can send.  Or, you can use PayPal, again, to order.  Just use the donation button and follow it with an email, name, address, and order.  And remember too, straight donations are definitely appreciated, because everything is skyrocketing in Canada, as it is across the rest of the so-called civilized world, of course, as we go through this globalization process, where weíre to go into austerity very shortly.  And youíll have nothing left, eventually, on the internet, except those who are authorized big time.  Big, wealthy organizations, or else it will be mainstream.  And thatís what they want, of course.  Thatís what they really do want.  So, itís up to you if you want to keep it going or not. 


And I try to give you the shortcuts to understanding the big picture of what the world is all about, and how itís really been, as opposed to how itís been indoctrinated into you, into your understanding.  And I show you the powers that really arenít so fantastic after all, once you understand them at work and play, playing on your mind, all the time.  Because big academia were paid by big bankers, a long time ago, to ensure that generations of an upper middle class would always be managing their planet for them.  And that was to bypass any idea of democracy.  And it was also to use as a cover for themselves, as they push this globalization effort.  The plan was written a long time ago.  Iíve gone over it and mentioned many books before, where the big boys themselves published them, generally for themselves, but itís available to the public.  And the public donít read them much, theyíre too boring, too dry, no sex and violence and stuff like that.  So, they miss the fact that theyíre being managed, very, very well, by truly experts in behaviorism.  And you have been your whole lives.  And so were your parents before you, and your grandparents too, for that matter. 


The big boys love to boast.  They love to tell you where theyíre taking the world, and they love to publish it when they retire, what theyíve been all about, for personal acclaim.  Theyíve all got big egos.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíve mentioned over the years, on and off, about the Rewilding Programs across the world.  And rewilding is a system where the big boys themselves through their various organizations, and the United Nations of course, are setting up new homes for extinct species, supposedly, mainly predators.  And theyíre putting them into areas where people already live.  You see, youíre not supposed to be living there anymore.  Thatís your message.  Youíre supposed to move into the big cities, and thatís part of the reason that theyíre really doing it this way too.  Theyíre off of the so-called animal corridors.  Theyíre right next door to people who are living in the country, rural areas.  And, I remember a few years ago in Canada, it probably happens more frequently in fact, but the ones Iíve read so far, one woman was killed, when basically a mountain lion jumped off a rock and took her off her horse and killed her in front of her children.  And another town, maybe in Alberta, I canít remember, but these particular animals were coming into the town and dragging cyclists off up into the hills to eat.  So, itís quite something whatís going on.  But theyíre not going to stop, you see.  Itís a world agenda, and the big boys have already, theyíre setting up the world if you havenít got the message yet, for a much reduced population for about thirty years hence.  And theyíre setting it up now, in preparation for that. 


Thatís what the wind farms and that are for.  Theyíre not for keeping big cities on the go.  Itís for small compact areas of vastly reduced populations.  And meanwhile, as I say, theyíre giving you the message by releasing these predators close to home.  The BBC Horizon on the 8th of March, did a documentary about this.  And it says:


Across the world, scientists are releasing predators, Natureís ultimate killers, close to where people live.  In Florida, a new population of panthers, feared as ambush predators have been released near to the busy town of Naples.  In the Italian Alps, bears have been reintroduced after they became virtually extinct, and now try to get into peopleís homes in the middle of the night.  And in Yellowstone National Park, wolves have been brought back seventy years after they were exterminated. 


This has been going on for quite some years now, as I say.  And your tax money has been funding it all too, because theyíve had even on public broadcasting various documentaries about the wolves being introduced and some of the problems theyíve been causing and so on.  But itís not going to stop.  Iíll put this link up tonight.  And those of you who can get the BBC Horizon, because I donít know if itís available outside of Britain or not, can maybe burn me a copy or something like that. 


Anyway, Iíll put up another link too.  Itís to do with the same thing, and itís to do with academia in America, and the ones who are onboard with this whole program.  And itís from The American Naturalist, November 2006. 


Pleistocene Rewilding: An Optimistic Agenda for Twenty-First Century Conservation


(Alan: Remember, these animals have more rights than you now, because, in the biodiversity treaty, they gave all the rights to animals and plants, but nothing for humans.  And this is official, folks.  Weíre living in Orwellian times.  Here are some of the departments who are working on this, and through, again your tax money.)


1. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

2. Teton Field Office, North American Program, Wildlife Conservation Society, Teton Valley, Idaho

3. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

4. Department of Biological Sciences, Fordham University, Bronx, New York, and National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kalaheo, Hawaii

5. U.S. Geological Survey, University of California, Santa Cruz, California;

6. Rewilding Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico

(A: If you want to get more information, go into that one, because they deal with a lot more of it, and give you more information.  Rewilding Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  And then thereís:)

7. Desert Laboratory, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

8. Department of Fishery


Etc, etc, etc.  Thereís a whole bunch of universities all onboard, because they all get tax grants to work on this.  And they get lots of students working on that too, in their spare time.  So, theyíre setting up their agenda, and introducing these things while youíre still the tenant, basically, in your little hut at the moment, but donít worry, you wonít have your hut for too long.  Thereís a lot more crashes to go economically, itís all planned in advance.  And thatís how it really, really does work. 


Now, again, through the United Nations and the global agenda, everything is global now, every law that gets passed comes from on high, generally through the United Nations, which is just a front, really a front.  Iíve gone through the history of the United Nations, and the League of Nations, its precursor, and who set it up, and it was the big International Money Lenders, not the guys who have little exchanges and outlets along your street, but the guys who lend to nations, like the Milner Society and so on, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations.  They all work in concert, and they get the global systems set up through NGOs and they work through the United Nations.  They then put pressure on the governments who are just waiting to hear from them, of course, itís all worked up that way.  And then, of course, they pass these laws.  And this law, apparently is going to hit Canada and its second-hand clothing shops.  It happened in the States too, already.  They already passed it.  And you have to get a permit now, and you get inspected if you have a flea market at the weekend or sell a few second-hand things off.  You might be fined for selling unsafe products.  It really is again like the same scam they did with the used cars in the US, the buyback programs where they smashed used cars, that used to get sold off in the trickle down theory to the people at the bottom, and they canít get the cars anymore.  Well, you have to go and buy, or get a loan to get a better car, same idea here, youíve got to buy new products.  Under this guise of safety, they can do whatever they want, as they rob you blind.  And this is from the Financial Post:


New legislation always has unintended consequences. Unintended, however, does not necessarily mean unforeseeable. Bill C-36, the so-called Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA), was passed by parliament in late December. It will have several consequences that are completely predictable  ó  and very detrimental.


The CCPSA was designed to replace the 40-year-old Hazardous Products Act. It will supposedly ďmodernizeĒ Canadaís regulatory regime, bring it into line with the United States and Europe, and save Canadians from death and maiming at every turn by empowering bureaucrats to more easily remove dangerous products from the marketplace.


This motherhood-type goal seems to have driven out of parliamentariansí minds the notion that they should look for some evidence as to whether the regulatory regimes weíll be mimicking have actually accomplished what they were supposed to  ó  or if not, what they have accomplished instead.


The United States enacted similar legislation in 2008; the European Union, in 2004.  (A: You see, itís all just one big global society.  And thereís a head to this society, folks.  They arenít just copying each other here.  Theyíre getting told to do this.) If those laws were really working to protect consumers, there should by now be several yearsí statistics demonstrating that American and European consumers are safer than they were before, or that they are safer than Canadians. But such evidence was conspicuously absent from the testimony delivered to the Commons and Senate committees that studied this bill.


Indeed, the latest available annual report of the EUís appropriately named RAPEX system (A: No kidding, RAPEX.  And supposedly it stands for:) (ďKeeping European Consumers SafeĒ) contains no data whatsoever regarding lives saved or injuries prevented, although it does show a marked increase in paper-shuffling and similar bureaucratic activity.


So, Canada anyway, Canada is already doubling all the staff at this to do with the new laws and so on.  And itís going to really take.  Thereís so many second-hand stores now that deal mainly with childrenís clothing and stuff having to close down and dump all their goods, because they havenít been inspected by the inspectors, no kidding.  You canít sell them now without inspection.  Absolute hogwash, as you know.  But the thing is, again, now youíll have to buy new stuff.  Or hopefully some neighbor will pass it down to you and risk getting caught.  Another great crime, you know, passing on a non-regulated second-hand clothing to the child.  This is the craziness weíre in as governments grow and expand, like the cancers they obviously are.  Quite something.


Another article here about the banks.  Do you understand, youíre not born into a natural system.  Thereís nothing natural about this system youíre born into.  It was set up and taken over in some cases, but set up generally by those who already ruled over the industrial revolutions of Europe.  And they were the moneylenders and the merchant boys too.  Merchant bankers they called them in those days, who formed their clubs and alliances, and decided upon the future of the world.  And the banks have always got their way.  Weíve been crashed so many times by banks.  They do it at least twice every century.  Thatís pretty standard, twice a century.  Sometimes they go for a third, you know.  And so far weíve been plundered twice.  Anyway, it says:


Banks Win Again: Congress Caves On Debit Card Fees


It never ends.  As part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, the Federal Reserve was tasked with capping the fees banks charge merchants for debit card transactions.  This rule on fees was supposed to be finalized by April of this year and to take effect by July, but the banks and their lobbyists have been screaming bloody murder.


They've also been throwing around lots of cash.  See here.  And it worked!


(A: And it shows you.  Thereís a link here that shows you where theyíve been throwing the cash out to.)


Call it the glory of "bi-partisanship."  According to reports, Democrat Senators, including Jon Tester of Montana, and Republic Senators, including Bob Corker of Tennessee, are now drafting legislation to block and delay the cap on fees.  All to protect consumers, of course.  Actually, banks stand to lose around $12B in annual revenue from the mandated reduction in fees.


One line of argument the banks and their lobbyists are using is that consumers will just have to pay more for other bank services, like checking, or may not have access to debit cards at all.  Or banks say they will have to cut jobs.  In other words, the banks plan to get their hands on $12B of your money - one way or another.  The unspoken argument here is that they're entitled to it.


Technically they are, because theyíre private institutions that can do whatever they want.  And since theyíve only mandated one form of getting money, then theyíve got the whole field to themselves.  Government is awfully handy when itís working hand in glove with the big bankers.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Tonight, Iíll also put up at the end of this show Ė itís not a show, again; educational talk, I suppose Ė an article from Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, although the CFR has their American Office in the Harold Pratt Building in New York.  And they put out their magazines every month.  And whatever they say in there will come to pass, because thatís the agenda, and they all attend their big meetings.  They put out one on rethinking the dollar, of course, and Iíve had this for some time.  Iíll put this link up, and you can look at it yourself.  Theyíre talking about a global currency, again, and all that kind of stuff, which they will get and special drawing rights, where every country will have to go to the International Monetary Fund, cap in hand, to borrow the excess.  Personally, Iíve never understood why a country has to go to private banks to borrow money in the first place.  If they canít manage their own bookkeeping from all the masses and masses of taxes they get, then we need something else.  We need some other kind of government, obviously.  Because, when you canít manage your own debt, youíre on the street.  But we keep voting the same system in, over and over again, donít we.  Always.  It doesnít work. 


And the whole idea is to keep you in perpetual slavery, because the governments donít even pay off the debt they owe.  Theyíre lucky to pay off the interest for that year.  And thatís what they call balancing the budget, paying off the interest for the year.  So, itís great, every generation is born into financial slavery, paying off previous generationsí debt, supposedly.  And Jefferson said that is slavery, which of course it is.  And you canít pay it off because of compound interest anyway, so itís all rigged in the bankersí favor.


Now, thereís a caller from Winnipeg there, Darlene.  Are you there, Darlene?


Darlene: Yeah, hi, Alan.


Alan: Hello. 


Darlene: How are you?


Alan: Not too bad.


Darlene: Well, okay.  Yeah, I appreciate what youíre talking about tonight.  I actually just watched a movie last night, Inside Job, about those sorts of things.  First of all, I wanted to say that Iíve listened to you for several years, and youíre a massive treasure trove of information.  Youíve probably saved me hours and hours of having to go find books, and read, and news articles.  And I do go check them out for myself too, because, yes, we should engage in also using our own mind.


Alan: Itís essential.† You have to always check it out for yourself.  Donít take anybodyís word on it.  And even remember, the books that you read will often have a spin on it too, depending on whoís financing it, and most books unfortunately are financed by those who run the world.


Darlene: Yes.  Everyone has their own agenda.† Iíve learned that in personal experiences as well.  I donít want to take up too much of your time, but I know that youíre halfway through the show.  But I was wondering, did you at all pick up on this little girl in Winnipeg, who put a YouTube out of Lady Gagaís song. 


Alan: I didnít see that, no; what happened?


Darlene: This is a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe three weeks ago now, a little ten year old girl videotaped, Iím assuming by a family member went out on YouTube with Lady Gagaís latest song, ďBorn This Way.Ē  And I guess that Lady Gaga saw it, and contacted her through the internet, and I guess the last thing that happened was she actually went on stage with Lady Gaga this past Friday.  So, you know, I try not to pay attention to a lot of these things.  But I figured Iíd.  Something wasnít tweaking with me, a ten year old girl.  I know that Lady Gaga, what her music is like.  Iíve seen her videos.  I know the lyrics.  Iím just thinking to myself, so, I took a look at it, and you know, looking at the lyrics of her song, ďBorn This WayĒ most of the lyrics are pretty tame, except for you get to a verse where the words are lesbian.  Itís a song about you should appreciate who you are.  You know, ďBorn This Way,Ē sounds harmless.


Alan: Apparently in her last video, what Iíve heard, is she has naked women breastfeeding cows.  And she has sex with a rabbi and different people in the same bed.  And on and on it goes, as they bring in this androgynous system.  And theyíve always planned to bring in androgyny.  And one day actually it will be illegal to say that youíre Ďstraightí.  It will be illegal.  Iím not kidding you.  That will come.  That is part of the agenda.  And it will be illegal too to get married without permission, or at least to have an offspring without permission.  Thatís also part of the agenda.  And this is all part of training a generation that everything is normal.  Everything is normal, and thereís something wrong with you if you havenít tried all of it.  And children are actually getting pulled out of class, to go to councilors now, if they seem to have a Ďhang upí about not liking certain things.  And theyíre told, well, you canít make an opinion unless youíve tried it.  So, the culture industry, remember, is the biggest part of training every generation into the new system.  Itís always going into the next phase and the next phase and the next phase.  And it hasnít stopped.  It doesnít intend to stop.  And I know exactly where itís going.  Hold on, and Iíll come back after this break.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking to Darlene from Winnipeg.  Are you still there, Darlene? 


Darlene: Yes, I am.


Alan: Yes, itís so interesting, because until you go into the history of the main organization that presidents authorized to create the culture industry, and that was the Frankfurt School that was kicked out of Germany.  They flew from Germany when the Nazis came in.  And their whole idea in Germany was to break down the entire structure of society, especially the family unit, and it was a university basically.  And they ran from there into the US for safe harbor, and immediately went to work on the US culture.  After WWII, presidents gave them permission to join with the Macy group, and members of the Vienna School as they called them too, who were all Marxists, all of them, including Frankfurt School.  And your tax money has been funding this ongoing program into disintegration, to bring out the new that will come out after itís all gone into mayhem, the new, like the phoenix arises from the ashes.  And this is all part of it. 


Now, part of it too is training generations over time to worship celebrities.  And so, celebrities are called soft power by the United Nations.  And, it doesnít matter what they do, if itís a stripper or whatever she happens to be, as long as sheís doing her job and sheís well known by the public, and the public give their children to them, thatís a common thing too, then theyíre used for political purposes and psycho-social alterations as well.  This is an ongoing agenda, well funded, incredibly well funded, and even the censor bureau of Canada attends the international censors meetings every year.  And they admitted in 2001 that their job was to test the pulse of the public, always, to find out if theyíre ready to accept the next push of the envelope as they go into more and more debasement of the culture.  Thatís what your censor departments are for, to find out if youíre ready to be debased even further, and ready to accept even more new ideas. 


Now, tonight, Iíll also put up a link, it will go very quickly off YouTube, to a program Iíve mentioned on using celebrities, and to show you how gullible and stupid, stupid, the public are, where theyíll give their children over to total strangers, if they think those children could be put into the movies, or ads for television or whatever, and itís called Star Suckers.  It wonít be up there for long, I guarantee you.  It will be pulled if you donít grab it right away.  It also shows you the scams of using celebrities as well for the big charities and where the money really goes, billions of dollars go.  Itís never to the desired target.  As I say, the Frankfurt School is something youíve got to study.  And youíve got to study the Macy Group as well, and the music, right up into the present day is ongoing, Frankfurt type psychology based.  And so of course is all the messages you get in the music videos, of what you should be like, and how youíre supposed to emulate and copy, because people, children especially, copy what they see.  And theyíre too young to make their decisions themselves.  And they have no idea of the repercussions of what they will do at that age on their own future.  They have no idea how itís going to affect them.  This is the target; itís the minds of the very young, just like the Soviet system had, and just like the Nazis had, itís the same system.  Get them young, and you can make them into anything you want them to be.


Darlene: Right, and I think as well, the parents have had to have been also brainwashed along the way in order to allow this.


Alan: Itís incremental, thatís right.  Itís intergenerational.  If you put four generations together on the same couch watching TV, Iíd blush for the eldest lady there, if it was your great-grandmother for instance, because thatís how rapidly, really, since the í60s, theyíve brought down society.


Darlene: Yeah, itís quite astonishing.  I mean, Iím closing on 60 years old, and I have a teenage daughter, well, close to her twenties.  I had my daughter a little older in life.  But Iíd say the generation gap between her and I, yeah, is more like about four generations.  And I think a lot of people donít pay attention enough.  I donít know, if again, to maybe get a little off the track of this Lady Gaga, but you know, I say to myself, who are these parents.  I mean, you know that they won, because if your parents arenít censoring, then who is. 


Alan: And also too, Bertrand Russell said in the 1920s, he says, eventually the state will be giving the new morality to the children, and theyíve been doing it steadily since about the í50s onwards.  Yuri Bezmenov, who was a KGB agent, who came over and worked in the CBC in Canada, and whoís got links up on YouTube and so on, gave very good talks on what he called the liberalization or the contamination of the West.  It was a Soviet Technique, where, mainly through universities, they would promote through university professors and various college courses, all these new ideas to contaminate the minds.  And thatís what itís called.  Itís called contamination.  And then for generation by generation, you could actually up the level of contamination, because each generation before them is already contaminated.  So now youíre dealing with parents now, with young children, whoíve been through the anything goes routine, and they donít see anything really wrong with continuing it to the next phase.  And they laugh and they giggle as their children emulate strippers.  And these children are under ten.  Theyíre maybe five, six, seven, emulating Gaga.  Before that it was the Spice Girls.  Same thing.  They would come on naked on their videos and sit with kitchen chairs between their legs.  Thatís all they had on.  And young children were mimicking them, and wearing high heels and so on.  This is the sexualization of children, because the censors bureau said theyíve already won the wars for homosexual rights and lesbian rights and so on, and put more and more on television, but the next step would be bestiality and intergenerational sex.


Darlene: Awful. 


Alan: And thatís what itís about.


Darlene: I donít want to keep you much longer, but Iím just curious and I went to school in the í60s, and I mean, Iím not a big fan of the public school system, but I mean, when I was in school, in elementary school, and even I think through junior high and high school, you literally were not allowed to wear makeup.  I seem to remember, you werenít even allowed to wear panty hose.  Girls werenít.  You know, what happened, Alan?  What exactly has happened?  And Iím not saying that that wasnít a time either that wasnít, you know, this has been going on a long time.  Whatís happened between then and now?† I guess itís just the culture.  The culture.


Alan: It was those in charge of the culture.  People donít realize, there are folk who give you the culture, reinforce it, and theyíre in charge of it.  Thatís why every nation that signed on to the United Nations has a Department of Culture.  Weíve got one for Canada.  And they decide when itís time to push the next part of the so-called cultural revolution, because Revolution is the Frankfurt idea, again, too, of intergenerational training, and the sexualization of everyone in society, basically.  Theo Adorno was one of the main characters who came over from Germany, and he said that we must split off Eros from actual Love and Bonding, to break the bonding, and so, you could have multiple partners but never bond with them.  Then there would be no family.  Thatís where we are today.  Itís been very successful.  Itís been a planned thing.  Well financed.  Every department of culture in every UN country knows this.  And itís been awfully successful.  Vast promiscuity was to be promoted, again to the very young.  And thatís what the so-called pop revolution, and then the rock revolution was put out to do.  Again, by the Frankfurt School, as well.† People donít know that many of their top music stars in the sixties and seventies were multi-generational military offspring, high military offspring, even Madonna is.


Darlene: Jim Morrison.


Alan: Morrison as well.  Frank Zappa.   All these guys.  And they were put up there, on purpose to lead, again, like the pied piper, lead the children along into the new anything-goes society, multi-partnered, sexual society, and itís still ongoing. Now theyíre going for the very, very, very young.  Eventually there will be no word for pedophilia because it will be outlawed.  It wonít exist.  You see. 


Darlene: Well, thatís right.  You see that through a lot of the entire system, where you know, words are going to be extinct, because exactly.


Alan: It will no longer be a crime, thereís no crime involved, therefore itís no crime.  And as the child at four or five says, okay, sex for a lollipop or something, then that was a legal deal that was made, and what they say at the top, the pedophiles say, no one was actually hurt in the process, so they claim.  If youíve gone through my archives section, go into the section to do with the sexual revolution and the ones that they promoted to the public to promote the whole sexual idea of revolution.  The Kinsey Report for instance.  Thereís excellent YouTubes up there on the real Kinsey.  And his stuff is used today in schools in fact, and he wasnít using normal people at all.  He was using prostitutes male and female.  He was sending pedophiles out, that worked for the government by the way, to bugger little boys at the age of two, and used stopwatches during the thing to see how much they screamed and so on.  All very clinically, all for the scientific testing, so they say.  These are the monsters that are financed, and still financed today.  Their institutes are still here, helping promote all of this.  And their books, unfortunately, this book of Kinsey, affected every judge in the land.  That started to be taught in law.  It changed the way we thought about rape and victimization and all the rest of it, and it was all planned, again, by higher powers, to bring in this new society. 


Darlene: Yes, from the so-called experts.  Yeah.  And, well, Iíll let you go on, but I would say to anybody, Iím a parent.  I guess Iím a past parent now.  My kids are now older, but, youíve got to get your kids out of the school.


Alan: Itís the only way.  Scientific indoctrination is what Bertrand Russell called it.  He used the first experimental schools to try this out on the children.  He got them into pre-pubertal sex, before they were in puberty, to try to break bonding between them. And this is what has been promoted in schools.  Iíve got so much stuff on whatís been promoted in schools that Iíd have to be on for a week just reading it all.  Even just the stuff from the United Nations.  Theyíre promoting all of this.


Darlene: Yeah, itís scary.† I could see it happening, even myself, when I was in school.  You know, I guess I was maybe a freak of nature, but I always sensed that there was something wrong, even when I went to school, where it appeared to me, and I was a good student, but it appeared to me that I was to just be refeeding back to my teachers what they wanted to hear. 


Alan: Thatís right.


Darlene: And when I figured that out, I got good grades.† But if I went on my own, to put my own thoughts out, I didnít do as well.  Because they were my own thoughts, and things that I worked hard to assimilate into an essay or story or a report, and I said, well, why am I bothering to do this.  Iíll just give them what they want, and I always got better marks.


Alan: Charlotte Iserbyt wrote about the dumbing down of America, and thereís another guy called Gatto, who also wrote about the system here for America and Canada, same as Britain, and what the authorities were looking for, what they wanted, an obedient indoctrinated society that would not think for themselves.  Russell went even further, that thinking for themselves would be actively discouraged in schools.  And that has been very successful up to the present time.


Darlene: Yes, and including how they gave children drugs if they speak out.


Alan: Oh, I know, I know.


Darlene: Theyíll get, you know, the parent has the teacher telling them, little Johnny is asking too many questions in class.  Heís disruptive.


Alan: Thatís right. Iíll tell you, I donít know anybody in my class at school that would not be on drugs today, because we were all little boys, and little boys are awfully restless and active, and they donít like to sit still and listen to boring stuff.  They want to be active and moving around, and all the rest of it.  But, of course, theyíve changed all that.  And of course, itís also to do with those who are more inquisitive are the ones who could be future leaders, and if you destroy their brains early enough, then youíll have no problem down the road with leaders.


Darlene: Yeah, it seems so obvious unfortunately that that appears to be the case.


Alan: It is an agenda.


Darlene: Well, thank you very much, Alan, and Iíll try to send you some money when I can.  My budget is tight, but I do appreciate what you do, and Iíll be sending along some money for you too. 


Alan: Iíd appreciate that.  Thanks for calling.


Darlene: Okay, thanks a lot.


Alan: Bye, now.  And is Deborah there from Washington?


Deborah: Yes, hello.


Alan: Yes.


Deborah: Hi, there.  Yeah, my name is Deborah, and Iíve been listening only a month or so, but I canít get enough.  Itís where Iím at every day.  And anyway, I want to thank you for your labor of love.  I appreciate it very much, what youíre doing.  I have just a couple of questions.  Thinking about the debt we have, and all the nations have, did that start with like the usury, the acceptance of usury and specific religions?


Alan: Well, actually, unfortunately, the Catholic Church was the one who allowed usury only for Jews and that went on for almost 800 years and then they allowed the Knights Templars who were a monastic knightly group to start using usury as well.  In fact, the Knights Templars brought out the first checks, back in the 11th Century or 12th Century, and they did lots of money scams as well.  Eventually, after the Enlightenment and all the rest of it, they brought out the private bankers.  The private bankers came out from being merchants into bankers.  And they were the ones who helped to finance the schools, especially the schools for the upper class who would then rule over the public.  And that hasnít stopped even until today.  They still get grants from these foundations that the banks set up.  Hold on, and weíll go into that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíre talking to Deborah from Washington, whoís talking about money and debt and usury as well.  And really, once the Industrial Revolution took over, the Merchant Bankers were allowed to expand and expand and expand.  There were countries, mind you, like Canada, up until the 1940s and 50s, Canada, even during the Great Depression, had no debt at all.  Because the Canadian government had the Bank of Canada, and they printed their own bills, and they didnít borrow from anybody else.  They sold the dollars to the banks.  And they also spent it into circulation through big projects and so on.  And they came from all over, including the US.  The President came up from the US to find out how Canada was the only country that wasnít suffering from the Great Depression.  The big bankers kept pushing and pushing, got their own boys in, through the Council on Foreign Relations, of course, and then they did away with the system that worked in Canada, until we started borrowing too, especially during Pierre Trudeauís time, from private banks, and then youíre paying back with compound interest.  So, what you have and Carroll Quigley, in Tragedy and Hope, and the Anglo-American Establishment book, he did mention that there would be a world Central Bank, set up eventually, where the central banks that will be established by then, and almost every country has got a central bank now, that basically brokers the cash between the IMF and the nation, and the IMF and the World Bank are just the same International Money Lenders.  Thereís about thirteen families that lend to nations, with all the interest.  So, itís literally a takeover by a banking system thatís taken over a couple of hundred years to do.


Deborah: Well, I believe, is it still forbidden in Islam to have usury or interest?† Are those the countries?


Alan: Well, they started to, some of the Islamic countries began to allow usury, after the 1800s and their contact with Britain and the different countries they were into and the French too, in Algeria.  But sure, most of them did not believe in usury and they didnít have a central banking system.  In fact, I think even Libya today is the only country that really is debt-free.  And that wonít be for very long, as you well know.  Theyíre standardizing the world now, under the one system, where central banks really will have more power, along with the IMF than the governments.  And thatís how itís really set up to work, in fact.


Deborah: Well, I have to tell you, sometimes I do believe ignorance is bliss.  Because once you know things you canít go backwards, and sometimes I have difficulties knowing what to do with this.  You know.


Alan: Thatís the biggest problem, is trying to reconcile it with what you thought before, and how do you use it, and what you find out, the more you understand, the more peace of mind you personally should get out of it, because youíre becoming sane.  And youíve got the privilege of becoming sane, amongst a sea of people who are still living in their total conditioning. 


Deborah: But itís isolationist almost.  I spent twenty-three years as a solo musician, guitarist/vocalist traveling the world.  Not aspiring to be famous or anything like that, but just wanting to see the world and meet people, and of course, spiritual quest was part of that.  And I donít know if there is anything that has not been distorted so much that itís very difficult in written word to know what is true and what is not, and I guess I live by my conscience, but thatís the only true thing I know.


Alan: Youíve got to maintain your individuality Ė thatís the key to everything Ė because this is a war to get everyone to conform into the masses.  Individuality is, the United Nations has said that, the individual is the main enemy that they have.  Everyone must conform and thereís no problem from the masses who are easily manipulated.  Hang on to your self, thatís the main thing that youíve got, and your soul, and your mind.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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