March 11th, 2011 (#787)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 11th, 2011:

Infection of The Body, Culture Change Lobby:

"Our World Planners are Cheerful, All Elation
Over Success of Their Plan, Public Degradation,
Nearing Goal of De-criminalizing Paedophilia
Whilst Rushing through Entertaining Necrophilia,
Frankfurt School and Others have our Thanks,
Marxists Who Lived Well on Donations from Banks,
Backed by Presidents and Each Prime Minister,
Promoting Moral Takedown by Methods Sinister"
© Alan Watt March 11th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 11th, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 11th of March, 2011.  For newcomers to the show, look into website, and bookmark the other sites you see listed there.  These are the only official sites I have.  If you see sites elsewhere on the net anywhere, thereís quite a few actually, with my name on it, theyíre not mine.  So, these are the official sites.  Remember, you can bookmark these sites for future use, because sometimes, a lot of folk go into the .com site at the same time for downloads after this broadcast, and they find that thereís maybe some sticking, because thereís so many going in.  So, try these alternate ones if you have that problem.  And remember, they all carry audios, hundreds of audios, for download.  And they all carry transcripts in English, for print up of a lot of the talks Iíve given.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, go into  Youíll find that on the .com site as well, the link to it.  And take your choice from the bunch offered there.


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What I talk about here on this educational talk I like to call it Ė rather than a show, or a program, because I donít want to program you, and itís not a show; a show is something to do with entertainment Ė is to show you basically the system in which you live, and how itís designed, and how literally youíve been trained, just like a serf in the Middle Ages, to believe that everything was quite normal.  And your education system is part of it.  Your parents are part of it.  They pass on their own indoctrination to you, their own understanding of the reality that was given to them, and then education takes over, and then, of course, the media keeps you entertained for the rest of your life, and programs you at the same time.  So, I try to burst that bubble and show you the true reality.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Tonight Iíll put up a link to a video.  Itís another John Pilger video, and itís called Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror.  And he goes into what really is going on in Afghanistan and so on, after 9/11.  And he talks about the pipelines, of course, the US pipelines, across there etc, and the building of bases, and of course, all the catastrophe.  He also goes into the New American Century group that were in charge then, with Bush, and the cohorts, who talked about pre-emptive strikes back in the 1990s.  And this is all part of their plan for basically empire building.  He doesnít mention it of course, because it was an earlier documentary, that Rumsfeld congratulated Obama recently on the fact that heís continuing the same war.  Actually expanding it.  So, itís just the same old same old thing, because there are no independent separate parties.  They have to keep everyone voting, and to keep us all at each otherís throats, and hoping and hoping for the best, for your side, for whatever side you think you belong to. 


Because thatís how the world is run.  Itís all propaganda, public relations.  Thereís only one dominant minority, and thereís always been one dominant minority.  You find people like Carroll Quigley talk about them, the Huxleys talk about them, both Huxleys, and Russell, etc.  They all mention the dominant minority.  These are the ones who create the first governments, generally by force, force of arms and slaughter, and take over.  And over time, they bring in their own, even in older times, their own form of public relations, where they train generations that this is all quite normal.  And you pay taxes to the guys who collect money.  And they make all the laws, and itís all quite natural.  After a few generations it appears to anyone that itís all quite normal.  It doesnít dawn on them that itís really a very powerful wealthy group who run, not just their country, but now itís the whole planet.  They went out to get the resources of the world, as I say, back in the days of Cecil Rhodes and before he came along, in fact.  And today, this big conglomerate, this world conglomerate are simply gathering up all the resources, including the water thatís under Iran.  No one talks about the water.  They have one of the worldís biggest aqueducts under Iran.  And believe you me, everybody around there, that region wants that water, because water is a resource, a very expensive resource in those areas.  And theyíll be using that once they take over, they want to take over Iran, obviously. 


And what Iíll mention tonight, too, and Iíve mentioned this before when I went through the military, the US and the British militariesí think tanks projections for the next thirty to fifty years.  They were both identical, actually, and theyíre in my archives section at  And they mentioned about eventually the world order would come to pass.  There would be a form of world government for a while, but not forever, even.  And eventually you would have some major city-states that would run the parts of the regions, the regions of the world they happen to live in, major city-states, well armed, high tech, and I presume there would be barbarians around them, the way that they want it to go. 


And if you look at whatís happening for instance in Britain and other countries of Europe now that theyíre under this new Soviet, which again, remember, the Soviet was for World Communism, and Lenin himself had said that the dictatorship wouldnít last forever.  Eventually Communism would blend with Capitalism and a middle way would be found.  They call it the Middle Way, and that is a form of Socialism that runs the greater masses of the people for the fascists at the top, the same dominant minority.  And Socialism is far better to work the people because it creates such a massive bureaucracy and government agency apparatus over the public that their lives are run by them eventually.  And then you become dependent upon them as they take away all your work to other countries and so on, and you are more and more dependent on your own governments.  The very people who abuse you, you turn to for help.  Thatís standard with all abuse systems. 


Getting back to this idea of Communitarianism, it was first mentioned by Bush Sr.  Communitarianism is a form of again, this Soviet-style Socialized system, where youíll live in your own area, down the road.  Youíre supposed to be self-sufficient as much as possible down the road.  And youíll all be delegated to your work.  The division of labor is all part of this, and theyíre doing it already in England, as they decentralize authority.  Theyíre also selling off chunks of the country.  And that will happen across the whole of Europe.  And eventually, once the job is done in the Middle East, then the US and Canada as well, and probably Australia and elsewhere.  And itís going to go further than that.  And Iíll read a little bit of this article here, that doesnít mention.  It tells you part, like all articles, they tell you a partial truth but they donít tell you the rest of the story.  Thatís intentional.


The Mayor of London meanwhile led a party of three delegates from the Greater London Authority. 


Nice work if you can get it.  Local Budgets are cut and Boris Johnson and 100 councillors head off to the Riviera.


(Alan: Now, theyíre slashing everything in the UK, including whatís left of the National Health Service, and it says:)


ē Mayor of London leads party to Cannes conference costing £1,300 per person


ē Manchester spends £60,000 to send 13 officials... as it cuts £26million to libraries and swimming pools


(A: And a lot more too.  Then:)


ē Newham sends 13 as it cuts £100m from budget


(A: And then it says:)


Manchester Council is paying about £60,000 to send 13 officials to the Mipim event in Cannes which is billed as one of the property industryís biggest trade shows.


(A: So, itís really for massive real estate.  Iím talking about massive real estate.  Because this Mipim is across the whole world, including Asia, and they sell off chunks of countries, sometimes whole countries.  This is literally the big boys taking over, completely, on behalf of the big bankers, of course, who end up owning the show.  So, here you are in austerity, and these guys are off to one of these very expensive shows.  It says:)


Around seventy people from local councils and municipal bodies will attend the conference, plus about forty from urban regeneration agencies.  But with local authorities implementing millions of  pounds worth of cuts, news of the trip will anger many. 


It has emerged that Manchester Council has laid on a free private bar for delegates, and set up several themed areas, just weeks after it announced that libraries and swimming pools would be closed and garbage collections are cut in a money saving effort.


The Mayor London meanwhile led a party of three delegates from the Greater London Authority.


Thatís only part of the story.  And they spent a lot more than just that.  They get a lot more expenses on top of what theyíre telling you here.  But, thatís not the thing.  Hereís the thing here, because, hereís a speech that Boris gave.  It says:


The world's big cities are already bursting at the seams (A: Now this Agenda 21 for those who donít know what heís talking about here.  He wonít mention it.  He wonít mention the Millennium Project or Communitarianism) but are set to grow even larger, with experts predicting that some 70 per cent of the world's population will be urban by 2050.


(A: Actually, itís to be more than that, according to the UN.)


This will put great strains on infrastructure and the environment, and presents a major challenge to city planners, developers and mayors who gathered here this week at MIPIM, the world's leading annual real estate event, to look for the best way forward.


"The future of the world lies in cities," London's mayor Boris Johnson told a packed auditorium at the opening day of MIPIM Monday.


(A: Now, Iíve told you, that is the agenda, to get you all off the rural areas, under Agenda 21.  And the only farms in the world that will be left will be the big international corporational farms that they have by the big five agribusinesses.)


He was among leaders taking part in a "mayor's think-tank" here, who say they are increasingly starting to work together in looking for urban development initiatives to improve the quality of life for their citizens.


(A: What liars.  What liars.  Because, Iíll tell you whatís going to happen down the road, you see.  Once you have Communitarianism in the big cities, and so on, or your region within the city, because youíll all have zones, theyíre going to sell these cities off.  Theyíve already basically taken away any country called a nation, a sovereign nation, under this big new Sovietized Economic Union, with its own super parliament.  And they will, down the road, sell off the cities.  As I said before, the militaryís report said in about 2050 or maybe before, after World Government, there will be a few major megacities that are high tech and so on, across the world.  It didnít mention nations at all.  Post-national, basically.  Anyway it says:)


"We have to keep putting the village back into the city (A: We have to keep putting the village back into the city, he says.  Right?) because that is fundamentally what human beings want


(A: Well, no itís not.  They never did want it in the first place.  Even when they brought in the corn laws and taxed all the little farmers out of existence, and dumped foreign grain on them, to get them into the places like Manchester and Birmingham to work the factories for the big capitalist boys.  So heís telling a lie here, this is what folk want.  Isnít it amazing, one of the definitions, you see, the scientific definition of government is really a legislator which legislates the will of the people.  Have you ever, ever known of anyone whoís been consulted on any plans that are ever made and any laws that are passed?  Never.  It doesnít happen, because, you see, itís all a con.  It doesnít exist.  Never did exist.  The dominant minority exist.  You find it when they all turn round and bail out bankers and casino gamblers basically on the stock market who didnít lose a darn thing, of your money, using your money that they borrowed from the same big bankers at the top, the International Money Lenders, and put your next ten generations down of children to pay it off, which will never happen.  You canít pay it off.  So, yeah, itís the will of the people, all these laws.  So:)


"We have to keep putting the village back into the city because is fundamentally what human beings want and aspire to," (A: He says.  What a liar.)


"Cities are where people live longer, (A: Really?) have better education (A: Really?) outcomes, are more productive," (A: In what sense?  They canít even grow a carrot.) Johnson noted, adding that cities are also where people emit less polluting carbon dioxide per capita.


What a bullís hitter.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the bullís hitters, just in case anyone wants to complain, because no doubt some loony out there will, even though theyíre watching it all the time in all the movies from Hollywood.  Anyway, it says here:


In 1900, around 14 percent of the world's population lived in cities, (A: And then they had of course, The Great Depression, and they got them in North America that way into the cities too) by 1950 this had risen to 30 percent (A: And thatís because they brought them in during the War to work the factories for a lot of the war machinery.)  and today is 50 percent. Currently, there are more than 400 cities with a population over a million, 19 of which have over 10 million inhabitants, Robert Peto, president of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), told a conference here.


Much of this surge in the next 40 years will occur in cities in emerging countries such as China, India, Asia, Latin America and Africa, all of which are growing very fast, Tony Lloyd-Jones, Reader in International Planning and Sustainable Development (A: Thatís another term for Agenda 21 and so on and so on) at the University of Westminster in London, told AFP.


A recent study by Citigroup published in Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper forecast that mega-cities expected to have the fastest growing economies by the middle of the next decade include London, Chicago, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Mumbai and Moscow.


The whole future is already planned out, and youíre just being played along with it all.  Because you have to go into the United Nations, and look at the sustainable development, the Millennium Project, Agenda 21, or Agenda for the 21st Century.  Thatís what that is.  And itís your whole future, and your childrenís future is already decided for them, in more ways than just that.  Weíre already at school-to-work.  Theyíre using the Soviet style of tuition and so on, and government.


Thatís really what weíre living through, and plus, as I say, yesterday we were talking about rewilding, the rewilding project, where theyíre bringing in panthers and mountain lions and wolves and all the rest of it, into places where they were long gone, because people live there.  And theyíre already wilding the place in preparation for all you lot getting shoved into the big cities.  Where, to be honest with you, Iíd rather go off to another planet than live in a big city.  To me itís just madness.  Unless youíre eighteen, and your hormones are jumping, you see, and youíre absolutely dumb, stupid, then you donít really want to go and live in a city.  You really donít want to go and live in a city.  Not in this day and age, believe you me, because you canít get away from the indoctrination, even in all the ads that are flashing everywhere as you walk down the streets, as youíre totally degraded and society with it. 


Now, thereís Zachary from New England hanging on.  Iíll talk to Zachary, if heís there.  Hello, is Zachary there?


Zachary: Hello.† Well, since you were just talking about the rewilding, a thought occurred about the big tsunami, the earthquake today.  I can see how theyíll use that as part of their agenda too, to move people away from the coast, you know. 


Alan: They will.  Theyíre also playing up the one nuclear reactor that they say is damaged.  And they might do a big play on that to do with nuclear reactors as well.  So, who knows.


Zachary: But, anyways, the real reason why I called in is the disturbing topic that you brought up a week ago, and then again, the day before yesterday, I think it was when you approached necrophilia, and it seemed almost incomprehensible.  Iíve been listing to your show for a while, and I understand how far people have been degraded, but I was hoping that that was more of an esoteric viewpoint that you were making, and then, just randomly, I think it was the same day you mentioned it, I listened to the show afterwards from your post and your website.  But, anyway, I was at a bar, with some random people I just happened to be invited out with for a trivia night, but anyway, this one woman that I was with at the table was discussing with her friend, I caught the tail end of the conversation, about how she saw, I assume it was on TV, about how they could put this electronic device or something in this dead body, and actually give the corpse an orgasm.  And it was bizarre that she would be talking about that.  I donít know, it matched what you were saying there, and itís like, I donít know.


Alan: What youíve got to understand, is that science, especially neuroscience, the purpose of neuroscience isnít just to understand how the brain works.  Itís also for total control of humanity.  Thatís the purpose behind neuroscience.  Itís coupled now with behaviorism, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics.  Itís all come together now.  Itís all heavily funded by the Pentagon and so on, for total control of the human mind.  The scientists, I always get a chuckle when they give out their talks from universities.  They always come out, and the first thing they grab is a brain.  A real human brain.  And I immediately see them naked, with a bone through their nose, like a witch doctor in Africa, you know, thatís how I picture them, because thatís what impressed the people down below, you see.  And itís supposed to shock you the same way.  This guy is so used to just handling this squashy, spongy looking thing there, dripping with viscous fluid, and itís the same impact that theyíre using upon you.  Because all they do is cut out brains and chop them up, and that is necrophilia, you understand.  Someone who spends their life in chopping up dead things, is a necrophiliac.  You see.  And the thing is theyíre trying to prove too, that thatís all you are as a person.  Youíre just a bunch of neurons, firing off, and everything that happens in your life happens to rattle around inside your brain; thereís nothing outside of you at all.  Hold on, and weíll come back to this topic when you get back from the break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Zach, from New England, about necrophilia.  And it isnít just to do with the guys who love to chop things up.  These are scientists, as they like to think of themselves, who are determined to give the new theories on what makes you tick, because science is to be raised up to be the New God.  That is the rule of it all.  And you must accept it as such, that you must accept that thatís all you are is this lump of jelly in the head, and everything that you think, feel, and experience, all happens within that thing they call the skull.  And thatís all that you are.  Itís to dehumanize you, too.  And these guys, I think eventually begin to despise humanity, the more they work on their strange, this strange, if you call it work at all.  Anyway the whole thing is to do with control, as I say. 


And itís no coincidence too, that Lady Gaga comes out, and sheís got the corpses, made a deal to do the TV show with those corpses that are plasticized from China.  And hanging in all weird positions, etc, and pretending sheís making love to them.  This is the pure necrophilia.  And itís right in exactly with what Theo Adorno said.  Adorno said we shall bring the state of America and the West down to a state of necrophilia; then we shall rebuild it once weíve destroyed all that was.  Weíre going through it today. 


And this is an organized movement, of course, and itís pushed primarily through academia, and through the scientists, the ones that are raised up to be the leaders.  You donít become a top professor by your own hard work, believe you me.  Everything else in this world is the same way too.  You donít just become president because people happen to vote for you.  Thereís a lot more to it than that.  Youíre picked and selected and groomed, because you know who your masters already are.  And of course, even professors live on the grants, and most of the people who push out this stuff to do with the brain and neuroscience have all had contracts with the Pentagon, even the ones in Canada, by the way.  Thereí s one living not too far from me.


Zachary: Yeah.  You bring that up.  There was a video that you posted on your site, a couple of weeks ago, about behaviorism and social engineering in the 21st Century.  And I was reading a book for a class that I had that went into depth about behaviorism.  And one of the guys there that worked, a doctor, I guess I should say, at McGill University, at the Allen Memorial Institute, where they did all those experiments on people.  Anyway, one of the books, that this guy wrote, The Organization of Behavior, Dr. Donald Hebb, they when some people were commenting, they said that that was right up there with Darwinís Origin of Species, as you know, of the utmost importance.


Alan: Dr. Hebb in fact, heís the one who used the forms of sensory deprivation.  When you see those people who are accused of being terrorists, being rounded up in market squares for numbers, thatís all they are; just get a bunch in and interrogate them.  They put hoods over their heads, and put the gloves on them, so as they have no tactile feelings around them, and theyíre cut off, and then theyíre made to crouch and so on.  It was Dr. Hebb who came up with that whole agenda, many years ago.


Zachary: And it was funded by the CIA too, when you were talking about integration by the Americas.  According to the book that I read, between 1957 and 1963, I took notes here, it said that the CIA funneled $20,000 to that institute.  And it all goes along with the integration and what you were saying.  But there was another doctor that I thought was kind of amusing too, this Henry Beecher.  An American, but he had ties there to Montreal.  And apparently, he was really outspoken against the Nuremberg Code for Secret Research, and like said that it was really hampering their ability to really understand human nature by, you know, having these set rules and human rights, you know, what they couldnít do.  And then he turned around, like ten years later, and took a complete opposite stance.  And now, heís like given this prestigious award annually in his name.  Itís the Henry K Beecher Prize in Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School.


Alan: Thatís right.  Bioethics.


Zachary: Yeah, itís ridiculous.  Like, they took somebody who did all this work, you know, and now heís a hero?


Alan: Well, who better than a guy you can count on, as a true eugenicist and make him appear to be the one who champions the poor downtrodden?  You know, itís the perfect method.  It was the same as I say with Dr. Salk who was the top guy, the top writer for the American and British Eugenics Society.  Youíll see his writings still up there yet, on depopulation by any means possible, who gave you the polio vaccine to give us all the cancers.  I mean, who better to bring forth as a savior, but a true believer in his cause, you know, under a new guise.  And then, I put a link up too, last night or the night before, I think it was last night, on something similar.  It was to do with the testing that the US military were doing on people, prisoners and so on.  And youíll hear another professor there talking.  It was so much easier in the good old days, he said, when we could get all this done in secret and no one knew what we were doing, when they were infecting folk with syphilis and so on.  It was just so much easier he says, in the good old days.  These are the psychopaths they hire. 


Zachary: Since you brought it up, I know, I have no way to prove this, but I joined the guard to be in one of the brass bands that you talk about all the time.  Iím in the Army Guard Band.  And when you go through, you know, you have to go through all the inoculations and everything, a whole big barrage of them.  And when I got those shots, I got really, really sick, and like almost hallucinating, and I didnít go to their little facility, because I wanted to ship out with the rest of us, and we move from our reception to basic training.  But my nose just peeled right away.  And the bottom of my lip.  And like the drill sergeant was yelling, asking me if Iíd gotten into a fight, but I hadnít.  And Iíve since had like issues, where I get really sick.  My nose starts to peel away again, and itís never happened before I went to basic.  And it makes me wonder, gees, could I have been given something there?  And I have no way of knowing, but I have never had that response until I went to basic.


Alan: Well, you see, all these inoculations and so on, what they do to you Ė and itís so simple too, itís like any detective story, youíre fine before it, and youíre not fine afterwards Ė it goes for your immune system.  It works on your immune system.  And what you end up getting are autoimmune problems.  And thereís damage to your immune system in other words.  And what happens then is your immune system sees enemies everywhere.  Sometimes it will attack the epithelial tissue in your gut.  Thatís a favorite place.  Youíll get it in your lips too, by the way, or inside your mouth.  And different places where itís soft tissue.  And epithelial tissue, especially.  So, they know exactly.  They know all this.  And you see, you are a causality, but you are an acceptable causality, because what they do, itís just like mass weaponry.  It gets most of the people, and you know, thereís a few unfortunates that are left behind.  Itís the same thing when they put a nuclear reactor near or into a city.  They already have a worked out acceptable death rate for that particular reactor.  And Iíve talked to engineers in some of the reactors in Canada here, and theyíve told me the same thing over and over.  Itís the same with vaccines.  If it works for most folk, or at least not works for them, it doesnít kill them immediately, and thereís very few side effects, itís just too bad about the poor unfortunates.  Thatís an acceptable level.


Zachary: They never tell you about the risk before you go in.  I hadnít heard until after listening to your show and others about that.  And it just, you know, itís the last thing on your mind, really.


Alan: Yes.  Definitely.  Thatís why they always go for the young too, in the military.  The military is a great testing base for young people, because when you join the military youíre now a private.  Youíre privately owned, if you donít understand that.  Your government is a corporation.  Itís signed into law as a corporation.  And you become a private soldier.  Youíre owned privately.  Youíre not a member of the public anymore.  And your job is to be used as a weapon for your country, or be used with weapons on you for your country.  In other words, die for your country.  It doesnít matter if youíre killed by an enemy, or youíre of use to them to test on to kill other enemies.  Then you die regardless.  So, this has been going on for an awful long time.  Weíve already had lots of data come out on this in Canada, but itís only gone up until about 1960 or so.  The rest are still classified, and itís the same in the States too.  We know the horrible things theyíve done to their own troops.  Same in Britain, by the way.  And the general public too get tested.  Iíve put so many links up in the archives section at, to do with the spraying across England, and one a few weeks back there.  Excellent video to watch, how a massive campaign that lasted a few years was done over populations of the east coast of England, and then, of course, the authorities monitored their declining health and kept it all quiet.  So, we are disposable at the bottom level, you understand that.  I knew that very early on in life.  Weíre disposable.


Zachary: Yeah, itís pretty wild.  Well, thanks for all you put out to the public, and youíve helped bring me to a higher understanding that I wouldnít have otherwise been able to achieve had it not been for all your talks, and I encourage anybody listening to purchase your books too, as well, because theyíre a blessing too.  You can really see a bigger picture, and it will help you think in a different way for sure.  Itís helped me. 


Alan: Well, thanks for calling.


Zachary: Yep, have a good weekend.


Alan: And, you too.  Take care.


Zachary: All right.


Alan: And then weíve got Jane in Canada.  Are you there, Jane?  Hello, Jane?


Jane: You were talking about necrophilia, and it made me think of a TV show.  One of the reasons I donít watch TV at all anymore.  I happened to watch an episode of Nip and Tuck, and there was a man who had a furniture fetish.  Like, he fell in love with furniture.  And, I donít know, he had sex with furniture.  It actually, I donít know, it actually portrayed him like having, sorry, itís not really funny, but having sex, like with a, he was applying for a job at the surgery thing, and he liked the, I donít know, the operating table or something.  But itís just so sick, you know.


Alan: Well, itís done to completely degrade society.  Completely, and dehumanize society.  Again, that is the Frankfurt policy, total degradation of the human being, until you have no respect for others, and then you have no respect for yourself.  And when that happens, youíre conquered, because then governments can do with you as they wish.  And youíll say, well, I guess theyíve got the right to, Iím nothing anyway.  Itís a very simple technique. 


Jane: His mother, the characterís mother was an interior designer, or interior decorator.  Itís ridiculous, but anyway. 


Alan: As I say, thereís necrophilia.  I mean, look at the amount of movies theyíve churned out over the many, many years, and youíll always get hints of that in a lot of horror movies.  Itís sex with the dead and all that kind of stuff.


Jane: Yeah.  Like, I always avoided that stuff.  And you know, I just couldnít believe that they were making movies like that.


Alan: Thereís lots and lots of them.  Do you understand, theyíll admit once in a while when people find out how much the military or the Pentagon has paid to Hollywood to put out certain movies, all the war movies for instance with the bad, real bad Arabs, like that video link I put up, ďReel Bad Arabs,Ē to really make you hate the Arab cultures, and itís paid for by the Pentagon, generally.  And itís the same thing with a lot of the stuff for degradation that youíre seeing too.  Itís a war on the publicís mind, as I say of dehumanization.  Itís a dehumanization process.  And every generation, since about the í50s has had their dose of it, getting worse and worse.  And thatís why you let your children watch stuff that you might not have watched so much when you were young, but itís still familiar to you in its degradation, so you let them watch it, and weíre getting brought down to a state where weíre worth nothing.  We will believe eventually that we are worth nothing, and that weíre just another, again, brain, another animal.  Just a brain.  Nothing happens outside you.  All that you are is that little bit between your ears, and thereís no more to you than that.  Thatís what they want you to believe.  And because of that, they want you to think that youíre nothing special at all and that you have no rights.  And that will be when you love Big Brother.  And that is the system.


Jane: Like, to sort of go off on a different topic.  You know when you mentioned Arabs.† You know how youíll hear sometimes people fearful that sharia law is going to be brought to North America.  And then I hear other people saying, thatís ridiculous.  Theyíre not talking about bringing it to North America, theyíre talking about something else.  Do you know anything about that?


Alan: I wouldnít even bother with it, because, you see, thereís so much propaganda being put out right now, deliberately by your government agencies.  I donít even like to call them your government agencies.  Theyíre actually a supra-government now, bringing you into a new system.  The reason that they brought in so many Muslims was in preparation for 2001.  They were all set up with their families.  They would be the new target.  And now they give you a fear amongst yourselves.  You couldnít bring out a war on terror where everyone must give up their rights unless you bring in people that youíre going to blame for it.  And that was the whole idea.  People who are Muslims now are terrified of the paranoia thatís been built up within their own countries by the media and by their own governments.  Itís all propaganda.


Jane: I mean, like, I donít have a problem with Muslims.  All the people Iíve met from the Middle East, all the Muslim people that Iíve personally met have been very, very nice.  I donít have a problem with it.  But I just didnít understand why some people were saying itís an issue.


Alan: Itís because the media has been bringing little blurbs out here and there for them to swallow, and to get them angry about the Muslim culture.  You understand too that weíre in the process of demolishing Muslim culture across the world.  Thatís what the US, Britain, and a few other countries are doing right now.  They cannot have an independent religion with its own culture and morality and laws, including their financial laws, operating side by side with a totalitarian global system, so they must be stamped out.  And they must be degraded as we are degraded already.  Whether we know it or not, we are degraded.  Weíve had it as a culture now, personally, thatís what I think.  We lap up stuff from Hollywood, and itís pure poison, but we lap the stuff up thinking, oh, wow, thatís great, and then your head is full of more pornography or degradation, and blood and guts and all the rest of it.  So, theyíre demolishing the last few countries that still have a workable culture. 


Jane: Okay.  Thank you.


Alan: Thanks for calling.† And weíll go on to Mike from Chicago.  Are you there, Mike?


Mike: Hello.  Alan Watt, I have a few questions for you.  I remember on one of your shows, you were talking about like the very few, the 2% that make it through each generation.  What makes those people, who get the same indoctrination from the general public, just like the general public gets it, what makes them so special?  What makes them able to see through all the deception?


Alan: Part of it could be that youíre born that way, literally it could be.  Hold on, and weíll go into that when we come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Mike from Chicago, whoís asking why some people have an ability, a small percentage have an ability to see things as they are, even from an early age and so on.  And I think youíre either born that way, but I also think that perhaps some of your early shots simply didnít work the way they were supposed to work on you, because the United Nations has admitted in the last few years that the same tests for IQ have dropped quite a few percentage in children.  Well, that doesnít happen by itself, if itís the same test going on.  It means something has happened, I think, to the brains of the children.  And I do think, personally, it might sound paranoid to people, but I do think personally, after reading the books of the big boys, reading the letters and published papers to the Eugenics Society by Dr. Salk and others, that they wanted to use these particular programs, to literally lower the IQ of the general public.  Itís much easier to control a people who are dumbed down and stupid.  But it doesnít get everyone the same way, you know.


Mike: Itís like how in Nineteen Eighty-Four it said Ignorance is Power.


Alan: Ignorance is Strength.


Mike: Yeah, Ignorance is Strength.  Thatís what I meant.  And I also have one more question.  Do you think 9/11, where the two towers fell, on 1/11, they had the Haitian Earthquake, 3/11, today, you had the tsunami.  Do you think the so-called New World Order are involved in these three incidents?


Alan: Thereís no doubt, even Brzezinski in his book, Between Two Ages, talked about the New Weaponry and Weather Warfare.  That was the ideal weapon, because no one could prove it had been used.  And it was very effective.  And, of course, if you go into the United Nations treaties, theyíve been signing on it.  Every country has signed on it since the 70s, the early 70s, they said at the time, they can create tsunamis, earthquakes, tidal waves, tornados, hurricanes, with weather warfare.  Floods, droughts, whatever they wanted to.  That was the perfect weapon.  And who knows.  I know when they hit Iraq in one of the lower areas, it was called Bam, the City of Bam, and remember that had an earthquake there.  I mean, did someone simply pick that little place because it was called Bam, and here they are going to hit it with an earthquake in the middle of a war?  I wonder, you know.  And letís be honest, every weapon thatís ever been made has been eventually used.  They donít make them just to keep them shiny and to admire them. 


Mike: Man, people are blind.  I also have one more question.  Like, in the Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, when I read that book, it kind of seemed almost ironic that we have a culture of rap, and in the book, everything rhymed, like promiscuity is a citizenís duty and so on.  You have constant phrases in that book that are similar to rap.  Do you think theyíre using rap to bring in a similar world, like Brave New World?


Alan: No doubt.  Absolutely.  They could certainly do it.  Brave New World didnít just come out of a manís head out of nowhere.  It came out of a man who belonged to a very old family, who are related to the Darwins through marriage and so on, again, through special selection, very special selection of their mates.  You have to go into his father, too, and his brother as well, Julian, who at UNESCO, the first CEO of UNESCO, Julian Huxley talked about this whole agenda, including creating massive promiscuity, and starting at a very early age to destroy the family unit, as long as they didnít have any offspring, this would be advocated.  And itís here.  Weíve lived through it.  Weíve been living through it our whole lives now.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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