March 14, 2011 (#788)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 14, 2011:

And Another Winner for Global Order,
Nuclear Radiation Traverses Any Border:

"Japan's Misfortune will Cause Much Fear,
A Nail in the Coffin of Power Nuclear,
Most Big Stations Beyond Expiration,
But a Boon to Greenies Causing Excitation,
Yet Wind and Solar, Hyped PR Flattery,
Hardly Produce Enough to Power a Battery,
Good Old Coal Plants Always Hardy,
With Filters and Scrubbers Now Far Less Tardy,
But with CO2 Hype They're to Close Down,
Eventually Greenies will Force a Frown,
In Their Young Years of "Nature" Simplicity,
Find High-Tech Lives Run on Expensive Electricity"
© Alan Watt March 14, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 14, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 14th 2011.  Now, newcomers look into the site and help yourself to the audios which are there for download.  Remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you so you can also order the books and disks I have for sale there.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations would certainly be welcome because with the new taxes in Canada, this harmonized sales tax, the GST idea which they’ve got in here which is a value added tax, things are skyrocketing on everything that you purchase.  So donations are welcome. 


You know, I try in this particular talk – I hate to use the word show; there’s not really another word for it.  It’s really a talk, circuit if you like, of education where you can get ideas across to people to show them that the conditioning they’ve had since childhood is the lowest level of reality that can possibly be established, for the people at the bottom who are going to be the workers and keep this whole system going for another 100 years or more, on behalf of their betters, those above you who you’ll never even know their names of actually.  You’ll see some of the middle workers, Presidents and Prime Ministers, but you don’t see the ones way above them who really are a corporate gang, you might call it, but a corporate gang that’s very well organized and they’ve been organized for an awful long time; they ran the last couple of centuries.  They’ve run this one too, and they have plans, big plans for this century as well.  So I try to go through the documentation, the trails they leave behind them, and read from their own books if possible, because they do love to boast, especially retirees in the higher positions of management, of the big agenda, the big plan and how they’re so confident it will work. 


Most folk really are kept at the bottom level all the time because we’re dependent upon news which is simply the bottom dish-out, it’s the cattle feed for the cattle, and then you have different levels trying to analyze the cattle feed at the bottom and find holes in the gaps of their theories, as they continue down through time, when they contradict themselves.  Then you get higher into, as I say, the biographies and the books by the big associations, the big gangs that run the world.  They’re corporate gangs.  They have lots of treaties signed on their behalf. They have their various agendas all signed, and different pacts and agreements through the United Nations, which they run of course, and they know exactly where they’re going.  So I try and show you the different level, different perspective on reality and to how this whole system is really run and has been for an awful long time.  These are the guys at the top who plan wars.  They supply all the materials for wars, of course to all sides.  They profit off them mightily, but more than that they get political reasons out it too.  Political goals are gained and achieved for a form of World Empire.  As I say, it’s been like this for such an incredibly long time under the guise of Nazism, Socialism, and we’ve had the Communist regimes, Soviet Russia – soviet is really just a socialistic system – and now we have this form of socialized democracy which is the best way to keep all the people down below weighed down under a massive bureaucracy of government officialdom.  That’s really the system that we’re under today, on behalf of the big fascists at the top.  That’s all it is.  That’s all it really is.  But you have to get into their books and see where they’re going with it, and how they want you to think, and how they’ve trained you to think.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve always been astonished at how the big boys want a particular agenda to go through and when they got problems something happens; they either have wars or they have towers go down to get martial law in worldwide, to be post-democracy basically, post-democratic.  And we ARE post-democratic now if you haven’t figured that out.  I hope, I hope you have. 


They have always threats and levels of threats and all the rest of it.  Lately it’s been the environment; we must give up all our rights for the environment and so on.  And bingo, in Japan you have this earthquake under the sea, a massive tsunami, and now we have of course the triple thing – things go bad in threes they say – and now you’ve got the reactors, which are also three of them in line, melting down apparently.  This is going to be fantastic for the big boys to get their new agenda through, as, mind you, they close all the coal plants down across the world, at the same time, through the Kyoto Protocols and all the other protocols they’ve signed since their first meetings.  You’ll be left maybe getting some sort of little dynamo you can put on your bicycle and pedal once in a while I think to get some electricity, because they’re bringing in the whole thing down worldwide.  They couldn’t have hoped for something so – let’s put it this way – beautifully catastrophic as is happening right now with Japan.  And of course they’ll play it up and play it up to get global agreements signed.  In fact, they’re already talking about global agreements and a new type of order to deal with all of this. 


Amazing isn’t it?  I mean, these guys could go to any casino and win on every table.  Obviously.  Under the laws of chance, 50 different experiments, basically you’d find 50% of all experiments done in a particular manner should turn up half one way and half the other.  Nothing ever turns up on half of the people, the general populations of the world; it doesn’t happen that way.  It’s always in the agenda’s favor.  Always.  Amazing.  So people like the Chinese, they say they’ve got all the luck, and maybe they do but maybe they help it along sometimes as well.  And I’m sure there’s all kinds of theories emerging right now because even after the last tsunami a whole bunch of stuff had just been released prior to that from the Official Secrets Act to do with underwater bombs which they could put in the fault lines and blow them up and cause tsunamis and stuff like that.  But really you’ll never know. And that’s the beauty of conspiracy theories, you can’t prove them.  The preponderance of evidence can always be weighed towards the guilty but without an admission nothing happens.  You see.  That’s why it stays as a conspiracy theory.


Right now you’ve got all this panic in Japan, as the second nuclear reactor apparently is popping, or has popped, but the rods have definitely been exposed again to the air and for some reason they’ve got three different explanations as to why water isn’t getting pumped in.  None of it makes much sense to us, but it’s a panic situation, and to be honest with you I think they’re past the last post of doing much about it at all.  We’ll have to see what happens there because once these things melt all together and the bottom drops out of that reactor, and especially if there’s water underneath there, after that massive tidal wave came in there, then you’ll definitely have masses of steam going up, radioactive steam, never mind the steam that’s already been released into the atmosphere.  And we’ll see all the problems later, down the road, as it emerges which way the wind’s carried it.  I can remember even the Chernobyl one, which was a different type of reactor, wasn’t water-cooled.  It was a lithium reactor I think and it was lined that way, so it was mainly a powder that was released into the atmosphere, fine dust particles that traveled a long ways, even across Britain.  They told the people not to drink milk from the cows that had been on the certain pastures and certain areas where the winds had traveled across. 


All that is still to come out yet as they keep the world fairly calm.  But I’m sure the big boys themselves have all their emergency responses, under readiness, for all of the elite, to save themselves should anything happen to blow their way.  That is the reality of this world.  We exist, really, to serve a dominant minority – that’s what they’re called.  That’s what many have called them, like the Huxley’s called them a dominant minority.  They basically hire a dominant hierarchy of scientists to work on their behalf and to direct the policies of universities across the world, the teaching curriculums and so on, to make sure that everyone’s trained, including the managerial class, into the fake realties to manage the populations. 


Now, I just got an email there.  It says, 8,387 microSv of this and the readings on the scopes now are detecting the radiation. So it’s 8,387, so I’d say one of them’s just gone off; before it was about 1,000 or so.  So it’s gone up way above yonder, so I guess it’s a triple reaction we’re seeing as to what’s happening there.  The US is also reacting to this as well because they’re pulling some of their ships out of different harbors and way offshore to get out of the range of radiation.  And they’ve already detected radiation in 3 of their sailors apparently.  They’re even evacuating all the staff and have been for the last few hours I think from the reactor sites themselves.  So we shall see what comes out of that because they’ll cap it.  They’ve capped the news in Japan and they’ll cap it over our way too, until it literally, literally, I mean literally blows over, over your heads that is.  And we’ll see what comes out of this. 


As I say, you couldn’t get this kind of luck happening.  It just wouldn’t happen to you. When you’ve got all these different projects planned for the future and bingo, here’s the very thing that you need to happen, does happen.  And we’ll be getting windmills in our backyards shortly to pipe electricity to somebody else’s area no doubt, although you’ll pay for them dearly to be built, over and over again because they don’t last too long and their maintenance actually is more than what they’re worth.  So that’s that for Japan until we find out what else is going to happen on it. 


Now, George Soros is one of the big players.  He’s above Presidents and Prime Ministers.  He works directly for the big banking families who lend to countries.  On March the 9th he came out with an article called...


‘World Does Need Order,’ Soros Says

By CHRIS V. NICHOLSON / / March 9, 2011


(Alan:  It goes on about him here.)

The last time George Soros gave a talk at the Traveller’s Club in Paris, it was just days after Lehman Brothers had collapsed into bankruptcy.  (A:  The last time he did this talk.)


“It was one of the most tense days of my life,” Mr. Soros (A:  ...lied... sorry...) said on Wednesday while at the club for a talk on global financial regulation sponsored by the French-American Foundation. “The market was on the verge of collapsing. It was touch and go.”


Mr. Soros said he drew several lessons from those turbulent months.  (A:  ...he says, and...)


“The world does need order,” he said, “and that order needs maintenance. The idea that markets can correct their excesses turned out to be false.” (A:  It’s quite interesting because as the big bankers have pushed for the markets to be unregulated, and let the bankers go to town and the stock market go to town, and somehow it’s supposed to magically balance itself out, while they created bubbles all over the place, and filled their pockets, and lots of them retired on it.  And new ones came in, worked a little while and retired too.  Anyway, it says...)


He continued: “Perfect order and global governance are not realistic expectations. However, it is a sad fact that Western democracies provide less successful leadership than China.”  (A:  He always puts China up on the pedestal because China was made, by the way.  They didn’t create their own revolutions themselves and all the rest of it, and come up to a financial power and an industrial power by themselves. They were financed and funded and even their engineers were trained in all the Western universities.  And through GATT and NAFTA your own leaders sold out your own factories to move over to China. The same happened of course in the Soviet Union too, long before.  So it’s being held up as the perfect system because it’s not democratic.  It’s still communistic, or socialist.  You have a big totalitarian club at the top and the public are very obedient.  They’re trained obedience in school, in scientific socialism basically, and it works very well on them.  They are very, very obedient.  And that’s what they like about China, its obedience to authority, ultimate, total obedience to authority.  Anyway, he says...)


Mr. Soros warned that China’s model of state capitalism, in which the interests of the individual are subordinated to those of the government, (A:  I’ll repeat that part because they’re all talking about this right now at the top level.)  Mr. Soros warned that China’s model of state capitalism, in which the interests of the individual are subordinated to those of the government, posed a danger if its example became “the envy of the world.”  (A:  They’d all want to emulate this, you know.)


“I’m more relaxed, now that I’m retired,” he said. Mr. Soros stepped down from daily management of his funds in 2000, re-emerging briefly in 2008 to steer them through the financial crisis.  (A:  That means to make sure that all the loans and that were given to the right cronies.)


For a man of Mr. Soros’s varied interests, his so-called retirement doesn’t mean rest.


On his present grand tour, he is busy urging the European Union to clean up its financial house. (A:  Now, this man has no official position.  He’s never been elected by anybody!  But he’s got more power to dictate what’s to be done.  He’s a technocrat.  Professor Carroll Quigley described these characters, technocrats. They go around the world, they’re often the heads of big agencies and these private foundations and so on, and they get things done. They’re movers and shakers.  They get things done, very quickly, very efficiently, because they’re not responsible to any government or any population.  They’re not responsible to voters in any way whatsoever.)  And he is promoting a research group he co-founded, the European Council on Foreign Relations (A:  That’s just the European branch.  Rather than have them all in individual countries, for the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR, they have one for the European Council of Foreign Relations...), which advocates a more coordinated foreign policy for the European Union. 


It’s just astonishing.  It reminds me, of which Armand Hammer was up to a long time ago when he had houses next to presidents in the US and he had houses, in fact apartments next to Lenin and then Stalin during the whole Soviet Union, as they helped to pull the con game of the Cold War and so on and make sure that Russia was brought up to a high industrial position; again, with all foreign companies helping building them, their plants for them and foreigners being put over there too, as engineers, to train them too. The same thing happened with China of course.  I’ll touch on this again when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article by George Soros who climbed to the top through shady means of course.  He sunk economies across the world by getting a couple of his pals together and making certain kinds of investments, betting on countries going down.  He did that in Britain too.  He pulled the economy at one point, broke the Bank of England as they say, and then he raked in billions in profits.  And he boasted about it in the newspapers afterwards, in half a page in one, I think it was The London Times how he did it; he was so proud of himself. So this is the kind of character, a gangster of course, who’s up there on behalf of his masters above him, who are far richer than him and have, believe you me, an awful lot of power too, more power. Here he is giving his diktats on behalf of his masters and criticizing countries that don’t go along with what they want them to do with the International Monetary Fund and so on.  So he says here...


Germany and the Scandinavian countries are moving ahead even as fellow members of the euro zone, including Greece and Ireland, slip further behind, crushed by debt and crippled by budget cuts.


That divided Europe, he said, is due to policies “dictated by creditors like Germany.” These creditors have made every effort to avert bank failures and postpone financial restructuring, he said, because they fear a domino effect throughout Europe.


“They are pushing out restructuring for fear of another Lehman (A:  Brothers.),” Mr. Soros said, “by insisting that outstanding debt is sacrosanct.”


Bad private sector debt — for example, that held by Irish banks — was guaranteed by Dublin in 2008 and became a sovereign debt problem. In other words, the Irish taxpayer has been asked to pay bondholders who bet on reckless financial institutions.  (A:  And that part is true.  We shouldn’t be paying off any of the debt to any of these gamblers, should we?)


“The bondholders are protected because the authorities are worried that the banks can’t take the loss,” Mr. Soros said, but he noted it was “unfair that the taxpayer should be absorbing those losses.”  (A:  He really cares about the taxpayer, believe you me, this character, the guy who jacked up the taxes, as I say, in Britain alone, massively because the British government had to go and borrow cash when he helped sink the economy.)


Instead, he said, Europe should reorganize its rescue mechanism to supervise and protect the banking system across borders.  (A:  So he wants this international rescue mission where we all pay off everyone else’s debts, to his masters.)   “It should be available also to guarantee banks that become insolvent,” he said. 


He goes on and on and on about all his various criticisms, etc, and praises China again and hopes we all become like China.  I guess that’s what they really do want, you see.  There’s something in the Western culture, an individual problem, and that’s what it’s called.  The last enemy is called ‘the individual problem,’ the occasional individual that still believes in personal rights, privacy, freedom, and that kind of stuff.  That’s the problem.  The United Nations has said it too, many times over.  So they’ve got to get rid of the individual in life and make you comply and go under even extra surveillance than everyone else, because they can’t trust you, being an individual you see, you’ll never know what you’ll really do next.  You might say something that’ll change the world, who knows.


The Activist Post has a good article too about the Universal Solution to the Globalist Problem.  I think it’s a bit naïve because I know the guys at the top would never let it happen.  But they go into what Thailand has done of course; it’s gone against all the policies of the world – it’s a very nationalistic country – and they want to be self-sufficient.  It says they’ve tried to keep the IMF out of their hair all together.  They encourage everyone to grow food and so on, because if you can’t feed yourself, as they say, you’re a goner; you’re under someone else’s authority for your food rations.  They really are pushing for their own survival and that’s what every country should be doing.  It says...


Self-Sufficiency: Universal Solution to the Globalist Problem

The Globalists' Worst Nightmare

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer / / March 11, 2011


Thailand's answer to the IMF, and globalization in general was profound in both implications as well as in its understanding of globalization's end game. Fiercely independent and nationalistic, and being the only nation in Southeast Asia to avoid colonization, Thailand's sovereignty has been protected for over 800 years by its revered monarchy. (A:  And it still goes under a monarchy today.) 


The answer of course is self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency as a nation, as a province, as a community and as a household. This concept is enshrined in the Thai King's "New Theory" or "self-sufficiency economy" and mirrors similar efforts found throughout the world to break the back of the oppression and exploitation that results from dependence on the globalist system.  (A:  Now, in globalist systems, when you hear the term ‘interdependence,’ that’s part of it, that means you’re taken over for everything that you need to survive as a people and personally, you have to get it from outside, and that’s what they’re against in Thailand.)


The foundation of the self-sufficiency economy is simply growing your own garden and providing yourself with your own food. This is portrayed on the back right-hand side of every 1,000 baht (A:  That’s their bills there.) Thai banknote as a picture of a woman tending her garden. The next step is producing surplus that can be traded for income, which in turn can be used to purchase technology to further enhance your ability to sustain yourself and improve your life-style. 


As I say, it’s very naïve in some ways because the big boys would never allow it.  You’re not dealing with people who sit and have debates about taking out countries here.   It’s nothing, a snap to take out a country, as far as morality goes with these characters.  They see everything as necessity for themselves and it’s immediate and there’s no remorse whatsoever.  And they’d never allow it to happen.  And no doubt they’ll bring Thailand down one way or another.  One way or another.


You’re finding too, what’s happening in Japan is causing a big shock on the stock market – they should call it the shock market actually – but it’s causing them to plummet as well.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and apparently, as I say, the radiation leak over that reactor plant, it’s now 8,387 microSv/hr detected and, apparently, over 5 is the unsafe level, not to go outside, so this is way, way beyond that.  And it doesn’t look too great at all.  They can’t get enough water pumped in and so on, the rods were exposed and I think one of them’s melted down, as we speak another one is melting down.  So we’ll see what happens, as it gradually leaks into the newspapers.  And we’ll see how they deal with it over here.  Getting back to my stories, and remember I’ll put these articles up on tonight once I’m getting uploaded and you can read them for yourselves. 


Now, in the investment news to do with this particular incident here too, it says...


Nuclear-power stocks suffer meltdown in wake of Japan quake

But alternative-energy shares getting a boost from renewed fears about atomic energy / By Jessica Toonkel / March 14, 2011


Mounting fears about the safety of nuclear power in the wake of the natural disaster in Japan is causing a sell-off in nuclear-power stocks. Conversely, alternative-energy stocks and exchange-traded funds have been boosted — a trend that experts predict will continue over the coming months.  (A:  And of course it will, because as I say, it couldn’t have happened at a better time for them; they needed this to happen.  They needed it to happen.)


The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated parts of Japan have caused power failures in three nuclear plants, prompting worldwide concerns about the safety of nuclear energy.


“The tragic events now unfolding in Japan could very easily occur in the United States,” said Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass. in a statement.  (A:  So he says...)


As a result of the growing concerns . . . funds that invest in nuclear energy have been hammered. Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF Ticker:(NLR) was down nearly 13% in afternoon trading on Monday. Likewise, iShares S&P Global Nuclear Energy Portfolio ETF Ticker:(NUCL) was off more than 11% from its opening price Monday. The Global X Uranium EFT Ticker:(URA) plunged 18% on Monday.


At the same time, alternative-energy ETFs and stocks saw a big run-up in price.


For example, Guggenheim Partners LLC's Solar ETF Ticker:(TAN) was up 6.11% and the Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF Ticker:(KWT) was up 6.46% in late afternoon trading yesterday. 


So this is going to be used for political hay and for changing, again, into this all kinds of natural ways as they call it.  Natural, which means plundering your pocketbooks and your bank accounts and everything to pay, for get a few volts of electricity from these awful wind machines and so on.  Much bigger things than that will come out this too, obviously.  Much, much bigger things than that will come out of this, because they’re not going to supply the whole area, a place like Canada, with windmills, unless you want to move somewhere where they will.  All this stuff will be discussed, and it will be discussed right now in fact, in higher places than my little place here.


Now, it’s interesting too that Germany also is talking about this right now.  They’re saying that what’s happened in Fukushima...


Nuclear Disaster 'Will Have Political Impact as Great as 9/11' / 03/14/2011


The nuclear disaster in Fukushima makes it hard to ignore the vulnerabilities of the technology. It could spell the end of nuclear power, German commentators argue on Monday. The government in Berlin may now cave in to mounting pressure to suspend its 12-year extension of reactor lifetimes, they say.  (A:  See, all these reactors, too, have only got a set lifetime and then they’re supposed to be scrapped, dismantled and all the cores taken out of them and put elsewhere.  But they haven’t been doing it because big business wants big profits, always, and you always find that safety lags way behind them.  And we’ll see what comes out of this.  It says...)


The nuclear accident at Japan's Fukushima plant following Friday's earthquake and tsunami has led to anxious questions in Germany about the safety of its own nuclear reactors and is putting the government under intense pressure to rethink its decision to extend plant lifetimes by an average of 12 years.


German media commentators across the political spectrum are saying the accident in a highly developed nation such as Japan is further evidence that nuclear power isn't safe. One commentator in the conservative Die Welt went as far as to liken the global impact of the Fukushima explosions to that of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  (A:  And they actually say, in other articles too that I’ve read, that they’re going to get the same political hay out of this as they did from the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  And that will definitely happen, by the way.  Definitely happen.)


Now, to show you who are above the bottom level of understanding things, and the ones who know, who built up the Soviet system, if you’ve read enough books and to see the big corporations that funded and the banks that funded the rising up of the Soviet system, and the big corporations in America itself who even supplied parts for their Mig jets and so on, your standard well-known aircraft manufacturers.  Then you know that they have no fear of any enemy whatsoever.  It’s the dialectic approach.  You’ve got to have an enemy to get more money from the taxpayer, to keep you safe, and invest in research and development in high weaponry and all that kind of nonsense, which they immediately share with whatever opponent they claim that they have.  And that happened all through the Cold War too.  I used to be amazed as a child when you’d hear about the scientists from Britain, the top scientists, going over to the Soviet Union and having 2 weeks to a month with them, in conversations, meeting them all as they exchanged information, even when they were telling you that this war would be won by those with the highest and most advanced technologies.  I made no sense to me. 


Anyway, here they go with China. They have no fear of China whatsoever. 


New cyber attack fears over the Chinese ‘Red Army lab’

being used for BT (A:  That’s British Telecom, a massive corporation.)

broadband tests

Simon Parry and Robert Verkaik / / 13th March 2011


A controversial Chinese telecoms company with close links to the Red Army is developing equipment to be used in millions of British homes.


The new technology is to be rolled out as part of BT’s £2.5 billion plan for super-fast broadband to reach two-thirds of UK homes and offices by 2015.


But the testing of internet and telecoms equipment in Chinese laboratories 7,000 miles away has raised security fears over the sharing of technology between Britain and China.  (A:  Well, this is contradictory, obviously.  They’re already doing it.)


Telecoms giant Huawei, which has a turnover of £17 billion and employs 110,000 staff around the world, has strong ties to the Chinese military which security experts warn could make Britain vulnerable to cyber attack.


Dr Kim Howells, the former chair of Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, described the shared operation between BT and Huawei as ‘very worrying’.


He said: ‘I would urge caution here because I know the intelligence agencies are very wary about sharing technology with the Chinese.


‘The truth is that no matter how a Chinese company presents itself it is never really separate from the state or free from Chinese government diktats.  (A:  Because you see, they are; this is a so-called communist society and you must even join the local bosses of communism to get your business license, so you’re in on the inside and you must go along by their policies.  You’re not allowed to do what you want as a business over there.)


'It gives the Chinese a key component at the heart of British communications.’


An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has located the testing centre at the headquarters of Huawei in the city of Shenzhen, province of Guandong.


Here, Chinese technicians have built exact copies of the computers and telecoms systems used by BT to serve its customers in the UK.  (A:  There’s no patent problems with them either when they do things like that, you know.)


There are no enemies, you understand, except when they want to hype it up in your conscious mind so that you’ll give up more rights and let them tax you even more, just like another Cold War standoff, and build all their super stuff that they eventually use to enslave YOU.   That’s what the Cold War really did; it brought all the technology out, developed it all, with your taxes, not to fight the Soviet Union but to control all of you once all that Cold War was over. Because governments can only exist, technically, under the pretense of keeping the people safe, and if they have no enemy they’ve got to invent one, or create one, at least the impression of one.  And that’s how it’s done; it’s a very simple technique.  It’s always worked before.


And even when you’re going down the tubes financially – all the countries are going down the tubes; they had the bank failures – except for the bankers themselves of course, as their employees, as they give themselves, you know, billions in bonuses, thanks to you again, you the taxpayer, and your children to come forevermore, with compound interest, it says...


Billionaires List Growing Despite Downturn

(A:  They’re not calling it a depression.  It’s a downturn, you understand.) / March 10, 2011


The number of billionaires in the UK has increased to 32, with the Duke of Westminster Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor again named the country's richest man.  (A:  The Grosvenor family are ancient, as far as I know.)


Despite the property slump, the 59-year-old landowner increased his worth to £8bn ($13bn) - but still only managed 57th on the Forbes global rich list.


Despite the global economic downturn, the Forbes 25th list of the richest people on the planet saw the number of billionaires increase by 214 to a record 1,210.  (A:  And believe you me, that’s only one level of them.  You know, above them all, you have the Rothschild’s and other ones, way, way above that, never mind the Queen of England.)


The world's richest man was Mexican Telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim Helu, who topped the list for a second year and increased his wealth by $20.5bn to $74bn.


Microsoft boss Bill Gates was second with $56bn and investor Warren Buffett was third with $50bn dollars.


Also on the list are the six Facebook billionaires, including founders Mark Zuckerberg (A:  You know, the guy who said you’re a bunch of silly, you know, f’ers.) and Eduardo Saverin, as well as the world's youngest billionaire, Dustin Moskovitz, who is just 26.  (A:  They get their money by working with intelligence agencies and selling them information, folks, if you didn’t know what they actually do, and why they’re allowed to do it, and who sets them up in the first place.)


The other three Facebook rich are Sean Parker, Peter Thiel and Russian investor Yuri Milner.


Property tycoons David and Simon Reuben were second on the UK rich list with $8bn, followed by high street mogul Sir Philip Green with $7.2bn.


And other UK billionaires included Harry Potter author JK Rowling (A:  She’s rolling in money all right...) who is worth $1bn and has been on the list for a number of years.


The richest UK resident was Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who was sixth richest in the world, with a £19.1bn ($31.1bn) fortune.


So the rich get richer because like Rothschild said, you make your money when the blood is running in the street; that’s when you can demand the highest prices for everything, during times of financial catastrophe, downturns, depressions, and all the rest of it.   And you can just buy land up like crazy, especially if you help put folk out from the land itself and stuff like that.  Quite something, eh.


And then, slavery again, we always get back to slavery in prison.  And the prisons, they are building the private prisons.  Some folk used to think, some terribly naïve... and I’ve spoken to some very naïve people.  And you talk about the privatization of prisons and they say, oh that’s nice that people want to take them over and look after the prisoners. They haven’t got a clue of reality.  The taxpayer will fund these companies and the maintenance of these companies, and these companies use the prisoners as slave labor. 


Army Recruits Prisoners to Make Body Armor

Noah Shachtman / March 10, 2011  /


Building parts for Patriot missile systems was just a warm-up, apparently, for a government-owned company that relies on federal inmates making as little as 23 cents an hour. On Wednesday, the U.S. Army announced that it handed Federal Prison Industries a no-bid, nearly $20 million contract to build body armor.


It’s the latest in a decades-long string of military deals for FPI, also known as Unicor (A:  ...a private corporation.). Over the years, the company has supplied parts for F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, the Cobra attack helicopter, and the iconic Patriot interceptor system.


But this deal is particularly odd, because FPI’s track record with protective equipment is, to put it generously, uneven. In May of last year, the Army recalled 44,000 FPI-made protective helmets after they failed ballistic testing. FPI then promptly got out of the helmet business.


That rather serious blemish on FPI’s record hasn’t stopped the Army from going back to the firm for $19,767,468’s (A:  ...almost $20 million...) worth of bulletproof “Outer Tactical Vests.” According to the Army’s contract announcement, the gear is supposed to be “for Pakistan” — presumably, for the Pakistani military. (Although a State Department told suppliers Wednesday that it wants 1,000 vests in Pakistan, too.)


The vest-making will be done at the federal correctional facility in Yazoo City, Mississippi — one of 70 prisons where inmates make anywhere from $0.23 to $1.15 per hour building everything from clothing to office furniture to solar panels to military electronics.


Exactly which military electronics FPI’s nearly 20,000 prisoners build is a matter of some dispute, however. According to FPI’s website, the company “supplies numerous electronic components and services for guided missiles, including the Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-3) missile.” 


So once again, slave labor goes on.  Nothing really changes, you know, down through history, it’s just your perception changes of it because they’ll call it something else.  But slavery is slavery is slavery.  Technically we’re all slaves to the system; we are wage slaves to the system and our purpose is to be good consumers and producers and taxpayers, and go off to war when we’re told to go to war and do stuff like that, just to obey.  That’s your purpose as a citizen. 


Now, the eugenics studies that they’re doing are astonishing right now because they really give you an insight into what’s to come down the road, as they know that the lifespans are going to get shorter in people.  Here’s a country that supposedly bankrupt a thousand times over, Britain again...


Taxpayers to pay for £33.5m Government study of children's life chances... as it CUTS child benefits and school funding

By Gerri Peev / / 2nd March 2011


Ninety thousand babies and their families will be studied from the cradle to the grave (A:  This is not the first time they’ve done this, by the way.) in a landmark research project to measure health and happiness.  (A: and happiness... I bet they’d be happy if they had more money in their pocket instead of going to a study like this.)


Pregnant mothers will be approached next year to enter their unborn babies in the study, which will also track ‘social mobility’ in later life.


Researchers will probe a child’s sleeping and feeding patterns (A:  In other words, what kind of food you eat and so on, what can you afford.) as well as trying to assess how happy their families seem.


The lives of 90,000 babies will be tracked up until their first birthday.


They will also collect blood samples to examine levels of vitamins and minerals.  (A:  Because you see, they know we’re getting fed... we’re being undernourished now because of the lack of various minerals and vitamins in the food we’re eating today.  Because the earth’s so depleted, they keep using the same fields over and over.  They don’t rotate them like they used to do and they supply, what’s supposed to be taken out of the soil, by stuff from the chemical factories, and then of course they soak it with pesticides to kill you off.  So all that will be studied along with this too; it’s probably the real reason for it.)


A new giant research centre will be established to hold the data and study educational and career achievements, as well as monitor health developments.  (A:  They know what kind of health problems they’re looking for because they know what’s happening to society, and especially when they bump up the inoculations too in younger and younger children.)


Science David Willetts Minister announced the funding for the 2012 Birth Cohort Study.  (A:  Interesting name, eh, Birth Cohort Study.)


(A:  Here’s the excuse for it...) Scientists also hope the data will help them make medical breakthroughs about long term diseases.  (A:  Oh, what a joke, eh?  It’s to make sure that their takedown of us all, with fertility going down the tubes and so on, is on track.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s interesting that every country has people that are awfully supportive, people who support the Prime Ministers or Presidents.  It doesn’t matter what they do, the big boys are always behind them, because they know too much you see.  In Canada there was an Ethics Czar, they call it an Ethics Czar.  Do you believe this?  We have ‘ethics’ czars here now.  And the Prime Minister Stephen Harper...


Harper Says Half Million Dollar "Hush Money" Paid to Ethics Czar Worth Every Penny / March 10, 2011


Stephen Harper is defending the $500,000 tax dollars (A:  Tax dollars of course...) paid as "hush money" to the woman who apparently swept (A:  on his behalf) roughly 50 fraud allegations against his government, under the rug.  (A:  So that’s her job.  Under the guise of Ethics Czar she managed to throw them all under the rug so that they’re not noticed and doesn’t come back on whoever’s in government at the moment; it just happens to be Harper and it doesn’t matter who get in next either, by the way.)


That is pretty reasonable. Only $10,000 each. Maybe we should give her Charlie Sheen's phone number.


An alliance of more than 30 advocacy groups, from labour unions to animal-welfare associations, has asked the government to cancel the severance package worth more than $500,000 that was paid to disgraced integrity commissioner Christiane Ouimet.


The alliance, which calls itself the Government Ethics Coalition, points out that severance is normally given to people who are laid off or fired – not those who voluntarily retire – and it is usually paid out at a rate of one to two weeks’ pay for every year served.


And of course the woman who made a fortune protecting the big guy, (A:  That’s the Prime Minister.)  is crying foul.  Thick as thieves.


But they have to do this because as I say, she knows so much, you see.  They always get a good payoff when they leave in case they say anything else that they shouldn’t say.  And of course they always threatened to do that too, to up the ante and see if they can get a better deal offered to them.  That’s the real world we live in, you know.  It’s just gangs at the top and the middle class gangs, the upper middle class gangs, the Harper’s and so on, belong to, are really not even halfway up the totem pole to those that run the world. They are just the little front people told years before when it’s their turn to be Prime Minister because they’re groomed for it and selected for it way in advance, before the public even know their names, and that’s how it’s been for an awful long time.  And they’re all members of the same associations, Council on Foreign Relations.  And Professor Carroll Quigley stated that in his own book, being the historian for that group.  He said, every Prime Minister and President since the late 1800s has worked for this group and been a member of them even before they were called the CFR; they were already in existence... to make sure that they always get their man in, or woman in, it doesn’t matter, because they have them selected for both sides, all parties basically. 


That’s how they keep control of the world and keep us taxed to death and bring in new and new taxes, and more and more and more all the time, until we’re going into austerity.  As I’ve said before, austerity means poverty, really, and you’re now in this age of austerity where the money you’d have in your pocket to spend on extras and things you want to replace or fix or whatever, you won’t be able to do anymore because it will be taken off you in services, fees and taxes until you can just barely survive.  That’s the plan for the Americas and for a good chunk of the world as well, by the way.  That’s what austerity is all about.  The big bar stewards – I’ll say bar stewards – who melted down the economy the last time, on purpose, by design, on queue, and on the right date of course because they always pick their dates for things, whether it’s towers or banks, also decided to bring in the next phase of austerity where they’d plunder you even more to the grave.  And then turn you into a mushy liquid soup, which is enviro-friendly, which of course their companies will sell to you, and pour you into the back garden to help the fertilizer. 


Anyway, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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