March 15, 2011 (#789)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 15, 2011:

Japan, the Rising Sun Melting Down:

"It Seems All Governments Do Collude
So You'll Understand the Least You Should,
Such as Japan's Radiation Under Control,
Skin Dropping Off, But Hey! Save the Soul,
If it Happened Here, All Due Considerations,
We'd Be Soothed by Same Public Relations,
To Maintain Government, They Always Try
To Keep You Calm Knowing You'll Die"
© Alan Watt March 15, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 15, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 15th of March 2011.  I always start off the talk by advising newcomers to look into and help yourself to the hundreds of audios youíll find for download which are there for free.  Remember too, all the sites youíll see listed on that page are the major sites I have; in fact theyíre the only sites I have, anything else with my name on it isnít mine.  They all carry transcripts too of a lot of the talks for print up in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into which is also list on the .com site and help yourself to the variety offer there.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers or guests who will petrify you with scary stories and then sell you things.  Itís up to you, therefore, to keep me going.  The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers, separately, independently of me, and go directly to RBN for this broadcast, for the air time, and for their equipment, staff and their bills.  So help me with mine, buy the disks and so on that I have for sale, and the books, at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are also really, really welcome, especially with the massive inflation going on, and with no end in sight is the way itís going here, in Canada and the States. 


Weíre going through a massive change, as I say.  I said last night, Iíve been leading up to this for a while, this is the new part of the new world order.  This is their next agenda as we go into austerity.  Itís amazing how everything just falls in line with their austerity, funding and their plans and their big global meetings and so on, and the funding theyíve put off to the United Nations and to the IPCC, etc, all the big organizations that are wanting us to come down and live in the green, you might say, real austerity and where weíll have to pay massive, massive bills for the little energy weíll get in return for them.  Thatís all part of this.  And the same boys who own the big nuclear plants today, and all the other kinds of power plants, are the same boys whoíll be in charge of the new industry.  It doesnít matter if itís wind or whatever, itís the same bunch who will run it.  Because you see, power maintains power and the last thing they want is for you to have any independence at all.  You must be interdependent which means totally dependent on your bosses for everything that you need, water, food, clothing, everything, all energy. 


Whatís also astonishing too... itís not really astonishing but itís how immediate, immediate all the big organizations that are funded by foundations, the big NGOs that are funded by foundations, masses of money too, to bring about this part of the change, are out immediately after the Japan disaster to push the next step into greening.  Of course, itís so amazing too, because theyíre all yuppies, you know, and they all have every electronic gadget and gizmo there is out there, and of course they must see themselves as exempt from the kind of prices theyíre going to have to pay in the future as they bring in all of this austerity to the rest of us.  Quite something.  But mind you, the leaders know whatís going on because theyíre well paid by the foundations.  They know the real agenda and they will be immune to it because theyíre going to be living high up on the tree with you at the bottom basically.  As I say, itís amazing how everything is so predictable; itís like dťjŗ-vu isnít it?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about this incredible tragedy in Japan where the reactors are either melting down, melted down, or in the process of melting down.  Weíll never get at the true story because their government isnít used to dealing with the public.  They are used to simply dictating to them.  Theyíre very obedient people, the Japanese. And weíre getting all these conflicting stories of scientists saying the worst and then of course their own governmental officials coming on and telling you all to be calm and so on.  So itís up and down like a yo-yo and it will continue that way.  Mind you, it would simply be better run if it happened here, of course, in Canada or the States because weíve got better public relations; theyíve had so many years of having to deal with the public, and lying to them at the same time.  Itís so amazing to watch the Japanese stations as they try and tell you whatís going on and definitely heavily censored in what theyíre telling the general public.  The death toll will be staggering from this when theyíre finished and we might not get the true toll for months to come, who knows.  Itís just astonishing. 


Thereís a caller from Washington on the line.  Itís Mahara; are you there Mahara?


Mahara:  Yes, hello.  Yeah, Iím here looking at some of your books.  I really appreciate your work.  Itís kind of interesting, about 10-12 years ago one day I woke up and I just starting thinking about our language and the words and how things are put together and realized there was an intelligence of something behind it.  And it meant more to me for some reason now; now I canít look at a word without numerically figuring out its value and things.  And while I was reading your book I had the same things happening and I found it interesting.  I just wanted to share a couple of things.  When you were talking about the Masons and the numerical letter X for instance, that equals sex.  And another word...  What I do, is my mind goes to other words that come up with the same numerical value.  Like the word bedded, for instance, is 24 in that word.  And X is the 24th letter.  And then if you times it by 2 it comes out to 48.  Well, the word sex comes out to 48.† You see where my mind works like that?


Alan:  Thatís right.


Mahara:  And itís interesting. So a number of things... and the word hymen, for instance, when I separate it, hy, h-y, is 33.  Well the word seed is 33.  And then Ďmení is 32 and the word Ďlifeí is 32. So itís seed life, hymen.  


Alan:  The whole thing is a language within a language.


Mahara:  Yeah, it just, it blows me away though when I start seeing these things and I appreciate everything that youíd done because it just, I kind of let these things go because I couldnít explain it to people and they thought I was absolutely nuts.


Alan:  You understand, thereís an ancient technique because even in ancient Chaldea the Chaldeans had their alphabet numerically composed as well; and the words themselves, I think the alphabet comes first and then you design all the words to get the proper numerology from the words themselves.  So it was an ancient technique.  You find that even invading armies would hire these people as scouts and carriers, messengers, when a war was going on, and they would carve out the numbers on sticks and then theyíd carry them, run with them to the next lines and then another Chaldean would decipher it for them.  So it was a code, you see.  Codes have always been used down through time.


Mahara:  Well itís just like I said, I guess when you just start discovering these things... and like I said I donít know where it came from, it came from out of nowhere. At the same time I started drawing, actually hexagons and things, and like the word Ďabbaí which comes out of the hexagon, and you know, an Ďaí and a Ďbí, everything, all the Greek language was right there, you know the beginning of the alphabet in Greek was there.  Itís just a, itís very interesting to me and once again, I appreciate your show and everything that youíve done, all the hard work.  It boggles my mind how knowledgeable youíve become and how you can articulate this so well, that so many of us get the opportunity to really grow and understand whatís been happening.  I just want to thank you once again and I encourage everyone to get your books.  Theyíre just awesome.  Thereís so much information in there and, you know, thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  I appreciate that.


And it certainly does give you a higher level of understanding when you realize the cons that are printed every day in your media and itís not difficult either when you go back into the books printed in the 1800s.  Even look at Mackeyís Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and heíll give you a couple of codes in there which are now defunct; theyíre obsolete.  Thereís codes and codes within codes.  Then you go into Cryptology; thatís a very good book put out maybe 40-50 years ago and it will show you how the founding fathers of the US used cryptology machines, very incredible intricate machines, and some of them were designed by Jefferson that are in the Jeffersonian Museum.  They literally could get the codes and the numbers and so on and work it through these little wheels with all the stamps of numbers on them.  Quite fascinating stuff.  So theyíve always done this because secrecy for any power group is important.  Theyíve always used this down through time.  And itís all around you, every day, and again, even when they created the modern English language, or what became the modern English language, in the days of James that gave us the King James Bible, he commissioned a whole bunch of scholars to bring out this bible and it coincided with the coming out of Shakespeare.  So Shakespeare introduced about 140,000, 180,000 words into the language which became the English language.  In other words, they invented a language on the spot, back then, and of course it was once again heavily encoded by people who knew the techniques to do it.  It can be proven if you go through it yourself. 


Now, getting back to whatís happening in the world today, with Japan and all the rest of it.  Thereís an article here, this is interesting, from The Mail Online and Iíll read a little bit of this and then go on to what Canada says about it.  Because weíre all being managed right now, you understand.  This is typical sort of Homeland Security management of crisis.  Now, itís interesting, even the top of the government of Japan came out and said for the people to keep calm, about the information that he was about to give them, and then he followed it with what was happening and so on.  And weíre getting told the same message everywhere in the world.  This article here is from Britain.


America on radiation alert: Japan faces world's worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl as experts warn fallout may reach U.S. / David Derbyshire, Richard Shears and Daily Mail Reporter / 15th March 2011


Fears that America could be hit by the nuclear fallout from the Japan earthquake have dramatically increased as workers prepared to abandon a reactor crippled by the earthquake and tsunami last night in the face of what is set to become the world's second worst nuclear disaster - topped only by Chernobyl.


Damage at the number two reactor at the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power complex is worse than thought, the Japanese government admitted tonight, sparking fears for human health both in Japan and the U.S.


(Alan:  Then they give you some videos and all the rest of it, just to get you going oooh and aaah.  And it says...)


The dramatic escalation in the severity of the disaster came after an explosion at the number two reactor at 6am in Japan on Tuesday morning.


Initially authorities downplayed the explosion. However industry executives told the New York Times that the explosion damaged a containment facility - and now the situation has spiralled out of control.  (A:  Well, with every one of these reactors theyíve said the same thing, thatís itís spiralled out of control.)


Japan's prime minister warned those within 19 miles of the plant to stay indoors.  (A:  Well, fat lot of good that will do you at that kind of radiation level.)  'Itís way past Three Mile Island already,' Frank von Hippel, a physicist and professor at Princeton, told the New York Times.


A fire in the plant's fourth reactor also sparked fears tonight but has since been extinguished, the AP reported.  (A:  Itís conflicting; again, theyíre back on fire again and maybe fusing together.)


Scientists in the U.S. warned yesterday of a 'worst-case scenario' in which the highly radioactive material could be blasted into the atmosphere and blown towards the West Coast.  (A:  Well, it already had because you see, the fleet, the US fleet sailed from the north of Japan and itís maybe in the same article here.  They sailed through a radioactive cloud 30 miles north of Japan, even though they told you earlier that the winds were blowing southward not northward.  So we wonít get any truth out of this as they do all their damage control, and as I say, your country will be no different whatsoever, if it happened right in the US or in Canada.)


The French Embassy in Tokyo warned tonight that a 'radioactive wind' is set to reach the city of more than 13million people by around 8amEST on Tuesday. Radiation levels are already higher than usual this morning.  (A:  And theyíre going up now, by the latest reports.)


Meanwhile meteorological agencies warned tonight that winds over the stricken plant are due to shift to the west later Tuesday.


"Right now it's quite possible that there could be some radiation floating over the United States,' said Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre. 


And it goes on and on and on.  However, as I say, you used to have The World Atomic Energy Association and they changed it a few years ago there.  And even the IMF is in charge as one big part of it too.  So youíve got this big corporate IMF on behalf of The World Banks involved now and all information coming out about radiation and itís very difficult to get any real information on radiation levels over the States and Canada.  It used to be very, very easy to get at one time because they had them all listed and you could look them up and see what the radiation over your area was at any particular time.  Even during the Chernobyl disaster they told you that the radiation levels and the concentrations in the winds were being carried over to Europe, right over to Britain even, and even they showed you the pathways of these winds and where they would be scattering all the dust.  But youíll notice in this one here theyíre keeping very, very quiet on it, because weíre all getting managed.  Weíre all in a global society with a sort of global Homeland Security and I very much doubt weíll get much truth at all.  Anyway they say itís heading towards, it could head towards America, might even be here.  And hereís Canadaís ability to pacify the people. 


Japan's radiation no threat here: PM / Mar 15, 2011


Radiation from Japan following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami is not expected to pose a safety risk to Canadians, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.


Harper said Tuesday there is no risk of radiation or nuclear fallout coming to Canada.  (A:  And Iíll read this incredible statement, from a politician mind you, when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article from Canada where the Prime Minister is reassuring Canadians that he just knows that no radiation is going to bother Canada at all, being a good politician and all.  Thatís right after reading one from Britain where it says that the US, and Canada obviously too, could very possibly get contaminated if the prevailing winds come across.  Anyway, back to the Canadian one here and it says...


The events in Japan aren't expected to expose people in Canada to any more radiation than they would normally receive from natural sources, medical tests and transoceanic travel, Dr. Paul Gully, Health Canada's senior medical adviser, said on CBC's Power & Politics.  (A:  So you can trust the guys that work for government.)


"We're monitoring the information from across Canada, working with other agencies, other governments to collect information, analyze it," Gully said. (A:  I wish theyíd show us the figures for the radiation across Canada.  I mean, why should they be the only ones with access to it.  I know when something goes up and when it goes down; Iím not stupid.)  "We've come to the conclusion there's no health risk to Canadians in Canada."


Canadians in Japan should listen to government and emergency officials there, he recommended.  (A:  Like they canít think.  See, you canít think for yourself anymore.  You need these experts to tell you what to do, you see.  Weíve been trained that way.  They donít like you thinking for yourself, you might get the right idea.)


Gully strongly discouraged (A:  Now listen to this, they strongly discourage...) Canadians from buying potassium iodide tablets from domestic pharmacies, which are often given to people at risk of contamination or who have been exposed to radiation. The compound prevents or reduces absorption of radioactive iodine through the thyroid.  (A:  Well, actually it goes to the thyroid eventually.)


On Tuesday, B.C.'s government told all pharmacies that potassium iodide should not be "dispensed in relation to the radiological situation" in Japan. (A:  So British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, has decided to tell the pharmacists not to dispense it to anybody whoís asking from the public.  And this goes on, it gets even better.)  The Public Health Agency of Canada said it has a stockpile of thyroid-protecting iodide pills, but would not reveal where because of security concerns (A:  Like the public might want them, eh, and you know who gets first dibs on those things.), CBC's Hannah Thibedeau reported.


Some Canadians have been buying pills in bulk, but that's not necessary in this country because "there is no current risk of radiological Ö exposure," B.C. Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall said.


Public demand for potassium iodide has surged but Canadian health officials say bulk purchases aren't needed. (CBC)


"I think people are concerned and anxious about radioactive exposure," Kendall said (A: Heís a bright guy, this.  You can tell, right.) on CBC News Network Tuesday, noting health officials along the U.S. West Coast are coping with similar concerns. 


Like Harper and Gully, Kendall said there is no current risk, adding he doesn't see any predictable or foreseeable risk.


Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are assessing the source of food imports from Japan to see if any are from an area close to the nuclear plant. If it appears that food might have come from such an area, then they'll decide if it should be checked for radiation. (A:  Theyíre really bright and thorough, theyíll decide then if it should be checked for radiation.  [Alan laughing.] This is your tax money at work, folks.)  So far, no food has been checked.  (A:  Iím not surprised.)


Four nuclear plants in northeastern Japan have reported damage following Friday's natural disaster. Federal and provincial health and environmental officials continue to monitor events in Japan.  (A:  In other words, the experts are dealing with it folks; go back to sleep and watch your sitcoms, you know.  Then it goes back to say...)


The National Emergency Stockpile also includes supplies for emergency field hospitals, trauma kits, quarantine units for up to 300 people, and a "push pack" for terrorist incidents that includes potassium iodide (A:  Ho, really?), the antibiotic ciprofloxacin, and nerve gas antidote sets (A: well.  Nerve gas, I guess theyíre going to nerve gas the public if you get panicked.), according to the Ontario Health Ministry's website.  (A:  [Alan laughing.]  ...and you think Iím kidding too.)


The province's chief medical officer could decide to distribute the iodide tablets to evacuees following a nuclear emergency in Ontario or a bordering area, a spokesperson said.


Now, why would they be stockpiling it in BC and so on to distribute in Ontario, if they see fit.  I guess they already have their population reduction counts down and their prime targets and all the rest of it. This is quite something else.  Yeah, theyíre telling them not to sell it to the public.  Mind you, these guys will be guzzling them, every five minutes, I guarantee that, at the bureaucratic governmental level. 


Alan:  Now, weíll go to Willis from Idaho if heís there.  Is Willis there?


Willis:  Yes I am.  I just want to echo some of the other listeners.  You are a brilliant researcher. Youíre an amazing man to listen to.  I donít want to pump your head all up but we sure appreciate you.  Iím getting to the place where Iím going to get some of your books and whatnot.  Actually, I donít like PayPal and I worry about sending cash through the mail, although thatís probably what Iíll do.  But Iím just in northern Idaho; I donít know how far away you are but if you just brought your books down here Iíd be happy to set you up with a few pints, for the trouble, and buy all the books that you have.  Just an idea.  One of the things that Iíve run into in my research, I wondered if youíd ever heard of a man named Dr Rudolf Steiner?


Alan:  Yeah, I have.


Willis:  Whatís your thoughts on him?


Alan:  Youíll find most of these people put out a lot of truth but at the same time too theyíve got a lot of strange ideas.  I think Steiner also came out with some sort of idea, which became sort of pedophiliac, basically a pedophilia idea of intergenerational sex; it was a strange part of his ideas all together.  They all tell you parts of the truth and theyíre all into some branch or other of Freemasonry.  Hold on and weíll come back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Willis from Idaho about basically Rudolf Steiner who came out with the Steiner schools, and I think even the Waldorf Schools was a spin-off from them as well.  A lot of the ideas in training children or helping to teach them in their own pace at school was a really good idea, as opposed to the indoctrination of the grades that you get here, youíre forced through them.  So everyone would learn at their own level.  What I did find too, was the people who were in these particular schools, and Iíve talked to some of them by the way, they didnít even have to go into university; they often got plunked off into top governmental jobs, regardless of the country they were in. So thereís a kind of Masonic association there, definitely involved in it. 


Willis:  Thatís interesting.  Did you say pedophilia?  Is that what... intergenerational sex?


Alan:  He had a little sect to do with that too.   He formed anthroposophy and if you really read their writings in detail, and thereís a lot of writings out there on them, they put out there, that was part of it.  And itís quite surprising to a lot of people who kind of follow this stuff; they preach the good stuff.  Remember too that Steiner was into Theosophy and the usual.† Remember, Theosophy really was a kind of religion for the new century that was to come and it was to be coupled with politics and social movements for bringing in world socialism.


Willis:  Yeah.  He broke apart from Theosophy and disavowed it and had nothing to do with it. 


Alan:  Yeah, but what they do is they take their ideas from it.  And Iíve seen this happen so many times.


Willis:  Madame Blavatsky was using his... they liked him because he was obviously tapped into something that would get people thinking, and had a, you know, flavor of mysticism to it.† He was just looking to be published.  He just wanted his words out there.  He also did biodynamics; I donít know if youíre familiar with that. 


Alan:  Yeah.


Willis:  But thatís a real... thatís working.  Iím a biodynamic farmer and thatís amazing stuff.  And I had not ever heard of the pedophilia.  I do some studies.  I read, well, a lot of his books and I havenít seen any...


Alan:  Youíll find that; if you keep searching youíll find it.  Thatís really why a lot of people left the movement, is when it got a bad rap because things were happening and being promoted from the inner circles that the rest of them in the outer circles didnít know about. 


Willis:  Well, thatís interesting.  Iíll look into that and Iíll see what I canít come up with because I havenít seen anything that...


Alan:  Itís out there.  The stuff is out there.


Willis:  Okay.  Well, thank you then. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


And this is the problem too, when you follow the gurus that are sent out to the public, again, with Masonic ties.  These characters donít just move out from a socialist world movement and forget all that theyíve learned too.  Osmotically they learn from each other as well.  They know the agenda and theyíre also taught how to bring people IN to it.  They tell you a lot of truth as well about, mainly about people themselves; thereís a lot of psychology about people and philosophy involved in it too.  Thatís really the hook that brings people in. But donít leave your hat at the doorway when you walk into these things.  You must bring your brain in with you and decide whatís right and wrong for you and so on, and think for yourself.  Never get lost in the group.  It doesnít matter what group it is, donít get lost in it.  Youíve got to be an individual and always remain an individual, and donít get used for the wrong causes.  But thereís no doubt about it too, Iíve seen some of the farmers use certain of these techniques to grow incredible vegetables and so on and it really does work for them, with some of the various sciences that were involved.  Basically they are that too, they are sciences. 


Alan:  Now thereís Jeff from Ontario on the line.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff:  Hello.  Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you about a few things, but then a lot of other things came up there about Kingston too.  I was going to say about the armed forces in Canada, right in Canada, yeah, in Kingston.  My father was a Mason, 33į and he worked at the base there, and I would say Queens University, and the armed forces there, and Canada is all controlled by the same force.


Alan:  Oh it is.  Thereís no doubt on it.  And so are your secret services for every country.  Peter Wright who was the head eventually of MI5 and then MI6 in Britain, wrote in his memoirs, he said, when he arrived to join, he was asked to come in as an expert advisor initially, and the woman who took all the data on him said, youíre a Mason of course?  He says, no.  She says, oh youíve got to be a Mason, everybody here is a Mason.  And itís the same of course with the CIA and so on. Secret societies draw from people whoíve already sworn allegiance in Freemasonry, and theyíve been watched for years before theyíre brought in.  In other words, they can keep secrets and thatís why they like them, you know.


Jeff:  Well, exactly.  Well I was at Woodstock, okay, so Iím in a little bit older than... it doesnít matter.  But then in the next two months, in February 11th of 1970, I joined, or 1969 I joined the Navy.  And I went through the Submariner and I went through this, and Iíve retired now from SIS, okay.And so I do know a lot of different things going on.


Alan:  Well, thereís always things going on.  Believe you me, thereís always things going on.  And the last folk to ever know are the public because thereís a shield between the public and the military and the government of course that runs the military, because the military is not there for the publicís protection, as theyíve been trained to think. 


Jeff:  Exactly.  Yeah.  Well, totally, exactly.† Because what Iíve always told everybody, look, if you listen to the news then youíre not getting anything, or youíre looking at the newspaper or whatever.  Just the other day, I live in, well, weíll call it the Niagara region okay, and blue sky at 9 oíclock.  By 11 oíclock 56 jets went by. I took pictures of every jet that went by, and actually they were going back across the same area.  And then Iíve got Xíes.  Iíve got...  Itís amazing.  And I show people and they say, oh, oh... I was trying to phone the radio station and they didnít want to hear it.


Alan:  No they donít.  No.  Actually, theyíve been told not to talk about it.  So have the police by the way.


Jeff:  What is it?  Obviously I know, well Iíve heard thereís aluminum and barium and all that. 


Alan:  That is in it for sure, Iíve tested it myself.  Theyíve been doing it since 1998, solid, 1998 solid.  And no one will tell us why itís done.  And itís happening across the world.  Heavily populated areas are getting really sprayed big time.  Iím sure itís to do with HAARP as one reason and no doubt to do with the pacifying of the public mind.  Personally I think theyíre going down like a stone in water, and you can see it in the public; theyíre almost tranquilized some of the time.  Because weíre going through massive changes and they want to pacify the public.  And that all came out with Brzezinski in his own book, Between Two Ages, where these techniques would be used across who continents with pulsating, electromagnetic pulsing of the right frequencies.  It ties in with Tellerís technology; heís the guy who invented the H-bomb for the Pentagon and he also worked with the Pentagon on dosing the atmosphere with metallic particles, barium, etc, and aluminum, which would make it easier for EMP type, or HAARP type technology to be spread across the air.  It literally creates a better circuit and it makes it more effective.  So Iím sure itís got a whole bunch of reasons for working.  What we do know is itís taking a lot of people down with bronchial problems.  Itís also got something to do with the massive allergy syndromes; everyoneís got autoimmune deficiencies now.  But theyíre not going to tell us.  And I know for a fact, from Britain, Canada and elsewhere, the police have been told if they were ever questioned never to discuss it, to walk away, literally, if you bring up the topic. 


Jeff:  Well, thatís exactly what the radio station says.  They didnít... they didnít... I said, go outside and take a look up in the sky right now and tell me whatís going on.


Alan:  No, they wonít tell you.  They donít know themselves and thatís good enough for them because even in a Freemasonic society, remember, you obey a superior without question and put all your observations and moral reservations to the side.  In other words, you donít ask why, you just obey.  And thatís how the whole thing is run.


Now thereís Dan from Kentucky on the line.  Are you there Dan?  Hello?  Is Dan there?


Dan:  Until recently I thought potassium iodide was a good thing, but Iím not a chemist, and I recently learned that when Mount St Helenís erupted it produced a lot more dangerous radiation than in a normal nuclear power plant.  The Hanford nuclear plant in Washington released potassium iodide so they could track and measure the radiation that had built up in people from Mount St Helenís.† Also, in Dormanís Illustrated Medical Dictionary, page 1245, it says that potassium iodide is used in hyperthyroidism as an expectorate to reduce iodine levels in hyperthyroidism.  So I think this is in the class like trying to make the flu vaccines hard to get, so that itís a red herring and you know, the government tells you that this is desirable and take it, when it blocks your bodyís natural ability to use iodine which occurs not only in your thyroid but in all the cells of your body to build up your resistance against radiation.


Alan:  The whole idea, the theory behind it, the whole theory behind it is that the iodide, really, comes into your body naturally through, if you had a decent diet for instance you would get it from your food, your vegetables and so on, and definitely from fish, sea fish.  And it goes to the thyroid gland and then it produces thyroxine, you see, and thyroxine is the basis for all your metabolism for your whole body, every cell depends on thyroxine to function.  And if you donít have enough of course, you get hypothyroidism and your skin thickens, your hair thickens, you slow down in speech and movements and so on.  And if itís hyper then you become different, you become very skinny quickly because youíll burn off the energy like crazy and your hair becomes thin, falls out and so on.  The idea of giving it in advance of radioactive iodide coming is that if your thyroid is stocked up, itís got a loading dose you see, and once itís stocked up with its quota for the day, it wonít absorb any more of the radioactive stuff coming in.  So thatís really the theory behind why you take it, before.  Thereís no point in taking it after the event; youíve got to take it before the event.


Dan:  I think seaweed is a good alternative.† And also, chemically, potassium iodide is KI, and I think, isnít that a Sumerian demon name?† So, anyway...


Alan:  Youíre right though, even seaweed, kelp and so on is high in it.


Dan:  Okay, well I just wanted to warn people.  I think itís like the flu thing, make it sound hard to get and then it causes the problems itís supposed to prevent. 


Alan:  As I say, if you load your body up in advance of the radioactive stuff coming in, your body technically wonít absorb, but thatís only one type of the radiation.  Youíre getting dust on everything; itís getting in your lungs; itís getting all over your body.  So itís a bit of a placebo to an extent because as I say, youíve got it elsewhere in your body.  Once itís in your lungs itís going to stay there too, you know. 


Dan:  Okay.  Well thanks and good luck.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And thereís Gloria from New York.  Are you there Gloria?


Gloria:  Hi, good evening Alan.  Iím calling to say that, yes, people do listen to you and are very open-minded in a lot of information, good information.  And I see now on Al Jazeera, they say that theyíre calling for a Marshall Plan in the Arab world.† What do you think of it?  What do you think of this?


Alan:  Of whatís happening in the Arab world?


Gloria:  Theyíre calling for a Marshall plan in the Arab world.


Alan:  The Marshall Plan of course is the same scenario they used after World War II with the countries they supposedly defeated.  Itís the IMF coming in to basically run the affairs of the new governments, or puppet governments or whatever, when they come in.  And it literally deals with all your finances, does all your bookkeeping, and arranges the taxes to be brought in from the people.  And it can run you for 20, 50, or more years if need be.  See, the whole idea of the Middle East, what they wanted to do was bring in a complete Arab bloc and a North African bloc, and theyíre trying to unite the whole of Africa right now in fact; have been for quite a few years, just like they have the European bloc and North American bloc.  This is the big plan for bringing people together. I noticed the United Arab Emirates are coming together under the same plan too, to create an Arab bloc.  Before they were independent as far as money came to, they didnít really owe money outside of their countries, but they must get The World Bank in to make this same system global, and they must bring in the same front of democracy to bring it in with their own governments.  So theyíll bring in a puppet regime, call them democratic, but these are young people trained in this new democracy.  They will be the new managerial class for managing the general population for the future.  The old system has to be destroyed completely, thatís what they claim at the top.  They will not have competing systems.  They say itís time for the old religions to just die off fast and science to rule, and itís this thing called democracy thatís really a rubber band because none of us have ever really seen much of it in their lifetimes.  Democracy is supposed to be the will of the people and legislation is supposed to be the will of the people and we have laws legislated all the time but the public are never, ever asked what they want at all in any specific thing.  So we have a farce of democracy.† The IMF is a big tool of The World Bank and eventually the IMF have already said in their own web site by the way, and the Council on Foreign Relations has said that works with them, that they want to distribute a world currency to all countries and you will send your Prime Ministers or leaders off to arrange the debts from the IMF and theyíll give you special drawing rights from them.  So the whole future is unfortunately all set up.  Weíre living through a business plan, a big business plan.  Thanks for calling.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back.  We're back Cutting Through The Matrix  and thereís Bob on the line from Texas there.  Are you there Bob?


Bob:  Ah, yes, hello Alan.


Alan:  Yes, hello.


Bob:  Ah, good to hear from you.  I sent you a thank you note for the literature that you sent and I appreciate that.  I wanted to, I was interested in the caller, last caller that was talking about the chemtrails.  And you know, I get the same response from people, and you know, this code of silence thatís out there about this thing is incredible.  In relation to this, I was wondering, you know, what your thoughts would be concerning, you know Iíve read something from The Sovereign Independent, which I really am glad you have put up links on this.  I think they give you a lot of information.† Thereís something here by David Noble and he had written something about HAARP and there was a quote, it says, ďPrecautions against unconventional arms must be intensified as potential terrorists develop chemical and biological weapons and electromagnetic methods that could create holes in the ozone layer or trigger earthquakes or volcanoes.Ē


Alan:  Thatís right.


Bob:  You know, this is back in 1997.  This was the Secretary of Defense of the United States here.   And you know, when I see all these earthquakes, in New Zealand, Haiti, Chile, you know the list goes on and on, and you see the dead fish and things that happened before these things.†† And you look up and you see the HAARP effects, of the clouds, with the scattered clouds and this sort of thing, it looks like thereís pulsing going on in the sky.


Alan:  There is pulsing going on in the sky.  Two or three years ago I sat outside one night and watched, it was like someone playing piano keys from one end to the other across the sky.


Bob:  And I see that here.  Iíve photographed it.  And you know the strange thing is, people think this is regular cloud formation.† You know, I canít help but think, and you know I donít want to sound like, I hear so many people use... and I think the term paranoid is overused, just like conspiracy theory and so forth.† But you know, you see all this stuff and you think my gosh, could this sort of thing be used...  I see Japan going through this thing and I go, you know, to eliminate a country.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  Thatís what it was designed to do.  In fact, I put up the links before to the governmental sites Ė itís in my archives section Ė and to the United Nations.


Bob:  How do you access your archives section on your web site?


Alan:  Just go into and punch up audio archives, talks, and youíll find them in there.  The treaties that theyíve signed at the United Nations under Weather Warfare techniques, admit in there theyíve got HAARP technology; they all signed on to it in the early 70s.  They sign on again every year, so that youíll get 70, 71, 72, onwards right there from them.  All the countries that signed it, they say we have this technology, it can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, itís the perfect weapon.  And itís so perfect because you can never prove that itís been used on you.  And technically they were not supposed to use it on opposing countries or any enemy countries, but they ARE allowed to use it upon their own people.  Now, Brzezinski talked about using technotronic warfare Ė this is the same warfare techniques Ė and using it across all of America and Canada and elsewhere to pacify the people. 


Bob:  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And put your prayers out for those folk in Japan and the hell theyíre going through.



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