March 16, 2011 (#790)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 16, 2011:

Who's the Man Behind Master Plan?

"Disaster Movies, Earthquakes, Meltdowns, Trepidation,
You'd Swear Bosses Follow the Book of Revelation,
Since 2001, One Crisis After Another,
"Terrorism" Everywhere, Brother Turns in Brother,
Austere Times Ahead, Announced From on High,
Living on GM Veggies, For a Steak You'll Surely Die,
Yes Our Masters are Magicians, Luck's on Their Side,
A Hellish World They're Bringing in with Nowhere to Hide"
© Alan Watt March 16, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 16, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 16th 2011.  I couldn’t get through there at the break, there was some switch stuck somewhere, but we’re on now.  I always start off by telling folk to look into and help yourself to the hundreds of audios that are available for download.  There are transcripts too in all the sites if you want to print them up in English.  You can also go into if you want transcripts in other languages to choose from; they’re all listed on .com site so you can take your pick.  Remember too, to help me out by buying the books and disks and so on I’ve got for sale there because I don’t ask money from advertisers and I don’t bring them on, as you know. 


I try and get through what’s really happening in the world and we really are going through a Disneyland right now too.  I was thinking, and listing, so many of the disaster movies that have been churned out just prior to 9/11 2001 and just escalating up to the present time all showing this disaster scenario, and too many people, and all that kind of stuff, and starving folks everywhere.  And then you think of all the things that have happened since 2001 and it’s just astronomical all the crisis after crisis after crisis because we’re in an age of crisis creation. The rights of everyone across the planet, the whole planet, were stripped away after 9/11 under the guise of safety and security but give up your freedom.  All governments went into action at the same time with the exact same agenda.  Then we went through the West Nile virus nonsense and then it became the Avian flu nonsense, and then we had the SARS nonsense in Canada, everyone starts getting injections for regular flu shots that end up making them awfully sick generally.  Then we went into the financial meltdown, 2008, planned of course because they had deregulated the whole industry and they could create bubbles all over the place and fill their pockets and get out quickly, at least the smart ones did.  Then we had the bank bailouts of course that are still going on today across the whole world, and we get the IMF coming in as the main money lender, on behalf of the 13 banking families that finance nations, running the whole show and doing the books for all the countries, under their new dispensing rules; they dispense cash to you or loans to you, supposedly.  They had the same thing in London too, with the bombings there too.  Everything’s escalating, escalating, escalating.  Then you go through all these scanners at airports and get patted down and groped and all the rest of it by these morons that eat their lunches out of fast food restaurants, and even advertise for more of these particular characters to join the TSA on the sides of the boxes from the greasy foods that they buy. 


So we’re going through an incredible Disneyland scenario, not a dreamland either, a nightmare-land of an agenda.  And isn’t it amazing, as I said last night, how everything falls into place at the exact right time for these characters that want globalism.  Not just any globalism, not some big happy world family.  It’s to do with austerity and division of labor and a scientifically socialist system where you’re born into a system, if they allow you to be born, and your whole future will be mapped out for you, what you’ll work at.  That’s the soviet system, perfectly, right down pat actually and we’re in it today.  And bingo, right when they want to go into wind power, close all the coal plants for power and generation, and power austerity and carbon taxing.  Bingo, they get their wish and a tsunami of all things; an earthquake comes in and then a tsunami hits Japan and then reactors go down, pop-pop-pop-pop and there’s two more pops to go apparently.  So you could not get this kind of luck if you were the devil himself and these characters certainly do devilish things and I wouldn’t put anything past them, but they will use this to the hilt to push their agenda. 


Japan right now, and in one article here, they’re being shunned by the world as far as I can see because of radiation fears and they’re in dire debt now, obviously.  Japan was a holdout from The World Bank and the IMF because they sold their bonds, their debt bonds, to their own people and they owned about 97% of them, the only country in the world to do so.  And now they’re pretty well devastated and in will come, again, the IMF to that country there and start running their affairs, whatever’s left of them.  And as they’re trying to... just like 9/11, you were told to spend, spend, spend and keep the economy going; no one wants to buy, buy, buy from Japan because of the fears of radiation.  So this article says here that...


Japan's neighbours monitor shipments for radiation

as nuclear crisis escalates / Christopher Bodeen, The Associated Press / 03/16/2011


BEIJING, China (Alan:  Well, they’re going to be really friendly to Japan, right?) - Japan's neighbours have ordered strengthened radiation monitoring of shipments from the earthquake-stricken country amid its frantic attempts to cool overheating reactors (A:  Well they’re melted to the cores now.)  at a damaged nuclear power plant. The U.N. health body said there was no evidence of contamination outside Japan.  (A:  Now, that’s a lie because the US fleet that sailed north said that they went through a contaminated cloud, miles out to sea, so the stuff is obviously... It doesn’t just hang over the plant, it travels with the wind.)


Regulators in China, which is Japan's largest trading partner, issued an order Wednesday calling for radiation monitoring to track any goods possibly contaminated by leaks from nuclear power reactors damaged by Friday's 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan. Several other Asian nations were taking similar precautions.


(A:  Now the World Health Organization is involved too, as the big high chutzpa.)  A statement from the World Health Organization's China representative Michael O'Leary (A:  He’s very Chinese, this guy...) said WHO "would like to assure governments and members of the public that there is no evidence at this time of any significant international spread from the nuclear site" in Japan's northeast.  (A:  If Japan can’t export it dies, you understand.)


The statement also warned against rumours falsely saying a radiation cloud was spreading across Asia.  (A:  And that’s true because it’s spreading across the Pacific towards the Americas if you follow the jet streams.)


Japan ordered emergency workers to withdraw from the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima (A:  It’s a quite interesting word, if you break it down, you know.  Shima means an island, which is Japan itself.  And you get the first 4 letters... just get the first 3 and then the next one and you’ll figure out what it means.) on Wednesday amid a surge in radiation, temporarily suspending efforts to cool the overheating reactors.


Officials in Ibaraki prefecture (state), just south of Fukushima, said radiation levels were about 300 times normal levels by late morning.


Anyway, it’s a disaster over there. And it’s terribly, terribly sad.  It was bad enough with the earthquake and then the tsunami, but now with this to happen it’s absolute disastrous.  As I say, they’ll make hay out of this to push in the new austerity where you’ll be lucky to get, with your new rolling blackouts across the world, and that will be pushed by the way, and you’ll be paying 1,000 times for your electricity – and that’s why the big boys want it – to give you less for more cash, more profit obviously.  You’ll be lucky to charge your little cell phones; maybe that’ll keep you happy as you Twitter away to each other. 


It’s an awful, awful disaster that’s happening over there and I don’t think folk have got the magnitude of it.  And remember too, whatever they’re doing there they’d have to do elsewhere; it would be the same thing.  You’d have government management managing all information, in America or Canada or anywhere else for that matter that this would happen to, and you would not be told the truth because the truth actually, there, is just too horrible to tell the people.  And that’s just the facts of it.  It can’t be done. 


Now, the Canadian government, because they’re so confident of course that the radiation is not going to come up here, put up a site for Canadians to try and calm their fears about radiation.  I’ll put that link up tonight at and you can look into the questions and answers and all the usual stuff, as they try to manage our fears here in Canada.  But looking at the jet stream this morning, it was coming right in from the Pacific, right up through San Francisco going northeast and right over the Great Lakes and into Ontario, big time.  Nothing you can do about it; that’s the way it’s going.  And with the two latest reactors melting down, 5 and 6 it seems, then that’s a lot of radiation that’s going to go somewhere obviously.   Obviously. 


What advice do we have for Canadians in Japan? /


Japanese Earthquake - A Canadian Perspective: Questions and Answers

March 15, 2011 /


And lo and behold in Disneyland here – and the world is a Disneyland now because you’re now in the age of crisis creation and amazing things to happen, because there’s a big agenda afoot you see, and you cannot discount anything.  When these guys literally plan out their agenda... one is depopulation, rapid reduction of the population of the world, was the last meeting that Rockefeller attended; I read it on the air from the articles from the mainstream.  I wondered how they would do it.  I wondered how they’d bring down the population, as they said, for their 2050 agenda according to the NATO think tank that works for the military.  They’re all saying the same things, oh it will drastically dwindle; they just somehow know that.  Well if we all get enough doses of radiation, as they have in Japan that spreads around, we certainly will dwindle even more than it’s dwindled already, as the sperm count in the male across the world, mainly in the West, has plummeted since the 1950s.   And it’s no big mystery to them. They’re not even curious enough to find out why.  The reason for that is, is because they know why.  Believe you me, if they didn’t know what was causing it, they’d have been at it long ago, if it was outside their control.  This obviously means it is under their control and it means somebody, somebody is the perpetrator of it, and they know what’s happening.  It’s the plan. 


And lo and behold...


4.3-magnitude earthquake rattles western Quebec

(A:  ...and it went into Ontario, today, of all days.) / March 16, 2011


There was a minor earthquake in eastern Ontario and western Quebec on Wednesday afternoon which accounts for the tremor being felt from Ottawa to the greater Montreal region.  Natural Resources Canada says the quake was centered in Lachute, Que., between Ottawa and Montreal. It struck at about 1:36 p.m. ET and lasted about 10 seconds.


There were no reports so far of any damage.


The strength of the quake isn’t yet clear. NRC says it had a magnitude of 4.3. But the U.S. Geological Survey says it was only a 3.7.  (A:  So it’s a toss-up between the two to the get the mean average.)


Viewers from across the region have been emailing to say they felt the earth shake beneath their feet. One reader sent an email to CTV News saying she felt a tremor in Ste-Adele, Ste-Anne de Lacs in the Laurentians. Another said she felt a “deep rumble” around 1:35 p.m. in Orleans, Ont., that lasted a “full minute.”


Last summer, a 5.0-magnitude quake rattled Ontario, Quebec, and parts of the northeastern United States, sending some residents running into the streets.


So we do get these ones every so often.  But it’s it amazing, it’s just like, as I say, these big disaster movies that they’re churning out, one thing after another, isn’t it?  You think that’s odd, you know.  I used to say that they use the Book of Revelations as the big business plan and I’m beginning to solidify that thought in my head because they’re certainly following some kind of plan.  They could not get this kind of luck to go around the world at the same time.  We also had from the Pickering Nuclear Plant in Ontario, just in time again, for these big world meetings that are suddenly coming on about austerity and energy and all the rest of it. 


Pickering nuclear plant reports water leak (A:  ...on lake Ontario.)

Risk to public is 'negligible,' says Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

CBC News Posted: Mar 16, 2011 /


Ontario Power Generation has notified Canada's federal nuclear regulator about the release of 73,000 litres of demineralized water into Lake Ontario at the Pickering, a nuclear generating station.  (A:  Now that’s not too uncommon actually because they’ve done it so many times over the years.)  Ontario Power Generation has notified Canada's federal nuclear regulator about the release of 73,000 litres.  (A:  ...73,000 liters, eh.)


The leak occurred at 11:30 p.m. ET on Monday (A:  On Monday, they’re only telling us now.) at the plant located about 35 kilometres east of Toronto and was caused by a pump seal failure.  (A:  ...they say.)


“The radiological risk to the environment and people's health is negligible,” the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission said in a statement.  (A:  Well that’s what they tell the Japanese too.  Do you realize that’s how we’re all managed though, all the little cattle at the bottom... ah, it’s negligible, it won’t harm you.  Well I know for a fact, as I say, I’ve talked to the engineer, one of the chief engineers quite a few years ago from the plant there and he told me that they have an acceptable death risk wherever they put these things.  They actually do a sort of chart and a graph and all the rest of it, and work it out, if it’s an acceptable death rate for the benefit of giving power to that area plus the work in factories which will spring up in its wake with all the power and so on.  And that’s how they work out what we’re worth basically.  They do have a high incidence of various cancers, testicular cancers of males and they also have a lot of neurological cancers too, brain cancers and so on.)


Andrew Nichols of CBC News reported about the leak on Wednesday afternoon and said he spoke to an Ontario Power Generation spokesperson who told him the risk is minimal but that such leaks are not supposed to occur.  (A:  Well, I’d hope they were not supposed to occur, because you see, people drink out of that lake as well; that’s where their drinking water comes from for the main city, Toronto.)


Nichols also spoke to Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition of Nuclear Responsibility.


"In his words, 'What the hell is considered negligible?'" Nichols reported. "[Edwards] is concerned that it’s the nuclear industry that is telling you and I and telling the public what is considered to be negligible but he’s concerned that we don’t have a proper sense of what negligible is," reported Nichols.


Nichols also reported that the leak could be a concern because Lake Ontario is the main source of drinking water for millions of people who live along the lake.  (A:  Well that’s depopulation right there over the years isn’t it?)


The leak comes as the world is watching Japan's unfolding nuclear crisis, as multiple reactors face cooling system failures (A:  Well they’re meltdowns, that’s what you got.  And it’s not ‘possible’ meltdowns; these are meltdowns that are happening right now.) and possible meltdowns in the wake of Friday's earthquake and tsunami.


Pickering A is the first of four reactors at the nuclear plant just east of Toronto. It went into service in 1971 and continued to operate safely until 1997, when it was placed in voluntary lay-up as part of what was then Ontario Hydro's nuclear improvement program.  (A:  That’s when they privatized the system and Maurice Strong was in charge of that very project back then too.  He doesn’t like people either, very much.)


So as I say, things are really escalating as this goes on.  And just to follow that too, even though they’re going to have all their global meetings, which I’m sure they just blow off the dust off these scrolls that have been written for years for the next part of the script and to go into the next part of the phase too, they’ll have these global meetings about, oh austerity and you can’t supply power to you all, and it’s going to be awfully expensive, and they’ll give you less and less and less for more and more cash, which is the goal by the way.  They won’t go into talking...   They’ll divert you from thinking about this one.


TSA Admits Bungling of Airport Body-Scanner Radiation Tests

By David Kravets / March 15, 2011 /


The Transportation Security Administration (A:  You know those guys that have trained you to be dehumanized, and who bully you, grope you and then x-ray you, and laugh at the body images and all the rest of it.) is re-analyzing the radiation levels of X-ray body scanners installed in airports nationwide, after testing produced dramatically higher-than-expected results(A:  And what’s the dramatically higher?  It’s about 10 times more than they told the public.  Remember it was going to be all so safe; oh my God, it’s only skin deep and harmless, ya-da, ya-da, ya.)


The TSA, which has deployed at least 500 body scanners to at least 78 airports, said Tuesday the machines meet all safety standards and would remain in operation despite a “calculation error” in safety studies. The flawed results showed radiation levels 10 times higher than expected.  (A:  The link’s on here too to take you to the actual study site.)


At least one flier group, the Association for Airline Passenger Rights, is urging the government to stop using the $180,000 machines that produce a virtual-nude image of the body until new tests are concluded in May.  (A:  They shouldn’t be using them at all.  In fact they should never have got to the stage of even starting to use them.  BUT the big boy who was in charge of Homeland Security at the time is the same guy that’s pushing these things.  He’s flogging them and pocketing the cash, who treated the whole government of the US like a big business that he ran at the time.  And that’s how most of them up there actually do it; they run it like a business for themselves, and pass laws to make it easier to sell their products.)


The Electronic Privacy Information Center has been a loud voice opposing the machines. Last week, it urged a federal appeals court to stop using them until further health studies were conducted. Marc Rotenberg, EPIC’s (A:  They love these names, eh?) executive director, is expected to tell the same thing to a congressional panel Wednesday.


“The agency should have conducted a public rule-making so that these risks could have been more carefully assessed” . . . 


As I say, I disagree.  I think we should just say no to them all.  All of them.  Radiation is not good for you, folks.  And there’s no safe level of radiation AT ALL.  And you can’t trust these liars, on anything.  They were telling you they’re safe and now they’re telling you it’s 10 times higher than they thought.  Is it 10 or is it more?  You know?  They say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  When are you going to wisen up to these characters? as they manage us like a big bloody herd, you know.


Now, I’m putting up a link tonight too about the big corporations that are going after the internet and getting laws passed so as that they’ll monopolize it basically.  This one here is from and it’s from Al Franken.  It’s not a bad article and you can read this for yourselves; I won’t bother reading it on the air.


Al Franken: ‘They're coming after the Internet’

Net neutrality is 'the First Amendment issue of our time,' Franken said. / By MIKE ZAPLER | 3/14/11


They definitely are pushing now, until, and I said this years ago, they’ll give you lots of porn stuff to get you all into it and then of course they’ll get you hooked on it with alternative media and then they’ll start bringing on the big boys with the usual mainstream media, and that’s what’s happening.  Then they’re going to give extra high speed and boosts and so on to the big pros out there that no one else can compete with.  And this is how it’s going to be done.  The internet was given out to the public to get them hooked so that you would give up your personality profiles and all your information quite voluntarily, quite happily, until a young generation comes along who actually think that it’s quite natural to have no privacy at all.  They think you’re odd if you do because they were trained in the new schooling system, the socialist system, to think that way.  They’ll just wait ’til the older folk die off, which might not be too long the way it’s going with all the clouds that are coming over, and the young ones will grow up thinking that all this is natural.  If fact, they’re actually getting taught in school to be suspicious of people who won’t give their information out.  That’s what they’re being taught.  Quite something isn’t it?  Isn’t that amazing.  But then you can do anything you want with people if you know how to train them properly. 


Another article here during this time of austerity, and I’ve read all the articles about the incredible salaries they’re giving themselves in the high bureaucratic positions across the world including Britain, as the families collapse.  This article here is about retirement dreams in tatters for 15 million families.  The governments are going after everyone’s pensions.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and just reading one article from Britain, I could pick from a whole bunch of countries including Canada, the US, and elsewhere. The governments now are going after people’s pensions.  We see the same thing in Wisconsin. We see it elsewhere too.  This is from Britain.  It says here...


'Retirement dreams in tatters for 15 million families’

By Becky Barrow / / 10th March 2011


Experts warn that unless families start saving more (A:  This is for a country that’s been broke and kicked in the teeth so many times by its own socialist governments, regardless of the names they’ve had over the years.  They’ve been absolutely broke, and massive welfare state too.), many will have to choose between retiring in poverty or working into their 70s or even 80s.


Around 15million middle-class families face an acute financial squeeze when they retire, with the worst-hit reduced to poverty, according to a report.


Their income will plunge by up to 60 per cent when they stop work – if they ever do.


Experts warn that unless they start to save more money, many will have to choose between retiring in poverty or working into their 70s or even 80s.


The report raises fears about those currently enjoying a household income before tax of between £22,000 and £56,000, who have been dubbed the ‘squeezed middle’.


It says that while they will not be living off a ‘cat food diet’ in their old age, they will be ‘disappointed, discontented and disgruntled’ by the amount on which they have to live.


The report, from the think-tank Chatham House (A:  The CFR, Council on Foreign Relations / Royal Institute of International Affairs), warns: ‘Many middle-class households look set to experience a considerable drop in their retirement income.  (A:  This is the very organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that planned the whole last century and are planning this one by the way, this whole global system of austerity where you’ll be born to serve the world state.  So everything’s going according to their big plan, you see, very, very well indeed.  It’s just astonishing how it’s going to their plan so well indeed.  Isn’t it?)


Before I go onto the callers I’d like to mention too, that these same organizations are the ones, and with their front foundations, that funded the environmental movements, that funded and put forth bills in parliaments and governments and congresses to bring in the welfare states, long ago; they admit that themselves.  They brought in the income tax laws; they admit that themselves too.  And they also brought in the property taxes as well and inheritance taxes.  Because they already had the whole century, and this century, mapped out long in advance.  And remember too, this organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, are the same boys who helped bring on wars.  They funded all sides because they were started off by big international bankers.  And they profited from all wars.  And they use wars to change society, as Carroll Quigley said.  It’s not just to win and to grab someone else’s good, to loot another country, it’s also to change society, because they come in and reconstruct, reconstruction goes on at the end of wars, on all sides.  So here they are, it’s going exactly where they want it to go, to austerity, communitarianism, which is collectivism.  They were the guys that came up with that because one of their sects – I call them sects – is the Fabian Society, and they also own the right wing societies as well.  They play all sides of it.  And they’re getting exactly what they want. 


So now folk have been told it’s really their fault they’re not saving enough, even though most of their money and income is already going off in taxes, to pay off everyone else’s debt, all these big boys that play the stock market casinos.  So that’s the world you’re supposed to keep going and voting for, the same darned rigged system... where the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs always make sure that the leaders of every side happens to be a member.  Since the 1880s they’ve been doing this, before they even gave themselves that name; at that time they had other names.  It’s the same group though, the same group.  And Professor Carroll Quigley said that too in his book Tragedy and Hope: There hasn’t been a Prime Minister or President elected that wasn’t a member, since the late 1800s... to make sure that their agenda, only their agenda obviously, will go forth. And that’s why when a new bunch come in they don’t say, okay we don’t agree with the last lot, we’ll scrap all the bills and laws they made.  No.  They carry on with them even though they objected to them at the time.  Once they’re in power, they just carry on with them and sign more bills into the United Nations and agreements and all the rest of it.  There are no separate political parties.


I’ll go to the phones now and there’s Bill from Idaho there.  Are you there Bill? 


Bill:  Yes, sir.  Good afternoon.  Truly an honor, as usual.  Excellent observations.  You know, your discussion in regard to the seamless nature of this beast that we have encompassing, the grand soviet, just absolutely amazing.  Mr Beck is on AM radio here proudly proclaiming, you know, his earlier prior discussion of Bonhoeffer; I’m absolutely, you know, incensed.  Considering we presently here have Mr Luna, the school board, or state education director, as well as Mr Getty and [inaudible], that are pushing at a local level, right here in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, full socialization project and program through the school board and the International Baccalaureate program.  And yet at the same time, your observation that in order to be the opposition you become the opposition, Citizens For Better Education is right there leading the poor parents in this community right into another trap.  You know.  They’re pushing of course the discussion in regard to the charter schools, all the while knowing that it’s their entire curriculum and program that’s to be pushed.  Yet Beck is on the radio announcing to the world that he is the true, you know, teller of all truths in regard to Bonhoeffer, tragic history that went on prior, you know, in such areas.  It’s truly amazing that you would hit the International Royal Institute and the other entities that are truly in charge of this whole entire equation.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely.  I know Charlotte Iserbyt did a lot on the socialization of the American school system.  She talked about that too, there are no parties, no separate parties, there’s one agenda.  And she did a darn good job of explaining what had happened.  As the United Nations brought in its humanistic agenda and how they had to train the children, and starting off with training in courses in death, by the way; that was the first thing on their curriculum, courses in death. Now, that was straight out of Brave New World in 1933, where the children had to go around to the ones who were dying and be very happy that they were all dying and that was the natural way to go.  And they said they hoped this would work the same way to change the morality of the children as it had worked so well in the sexual revolution as well, which they also were behind, the same boys.  So this is an agenda we’re living through and it’s never, ever faltered in its steps.  It’s always conned the public.  Whenever you think you’ve got an opposition to fight it, you’ll find out it’s one of theirs bringing you back into the same loop again, sometimes even faster, at a faster pace.  So you’ve got to be SO careful with what they offer you out there as an alternative.  Again, it’s a thesis and an antithesis and then the synthesis; same idea.  Create the problem, point to it, get an opposition, get them agreeing, and then you have a synthesis comes out of it, and you’re bang on target again.


Bill:  Well Citizens For Better Education has a web site.  I was hoping that I could give it so that the people that are really awake and that are really opposing the grand soviet, as it’s being imposed by of course, you know, Mr Luna.  He’s state level.  He’s down there in Boise everyday taking a Federal Reserve note to make sure that this grand soviet is imposed as quickly as possible, being supported by Mr Getty as well as, you know.  Understand and appreciate how very serious the parents are, considering that within the last week a little boy who had been harassed in the school by, you know, a big bully basically, ended up, you know, assaulting the other kid with a knife; I don’t know the exact details of it.  But it took 8 police officers in that school, with automatic weapons apparently, to track down this 8th grader or 9th grader that had committed such a crime.  But of course the school board, and I guess they’re the ones that are directing this whole entire operation, had told the Principal and the others not to intervene or do anything about the situation, the bully.  So now all of a sudden, according to Mr Beck, the schools in the nation are going to be sued if they do not in some way or another monitor the texting of the students whether they’re on school property or not.  They cannot miss an opportunity; they surely can’t. 


Alan:  And it will lead to, again, total information network, which is what it’s all about.  Where you can’t go and complain to a person anymore.  You’ll have another layer of bureaucracy watching all the students at all times, which is what they’re after actually.


Bill:  Exactly.  So that email address, if it would be okay, is  And I’m hoping that the citizens, those poor intended victims, the parentage of these children that are being locked down and locked up in their own schools, with police officers running around with automatic weapons, actually get a clue and actually get control of their local education school boards again, because apparently it’s totally out of control as of yet.


Alan:  Yeah, I know.  I know. 


Bill:  I can’t thank you enough.  Bless you.  G’bye.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Thanks for calling. 


It is amazing, as I say, and Charlotte Iserbyt, she has a web site up too [Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt -] where she goes through the whole socialization process of blending of the soviet system with the West.  That came out during the Reece Commission when the Congress put out investigators to find out why the big foundations in America were funding what seems to be a socialist system and socialist NGOs all pushing for world socialism.  And they were told from leaders of the Carnegie Foundation, Ford and others, their job was to so alter the culture in America, so alter it through education that eventually they could blend the system of the soviet system entirely with that of the west.  Well that has happened.  And again, you have these big players behind it because Carroll Quigley talked about that too.  He was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations and he said that’s who was behind it. He said, they were often mistaken for the communists because the agenda IS THE SAME.  They were all for communism.  They funded, the big banks funded communism from its inception.  And they have blended it together. 


When Gorbachev met with Reagan, Gorbachev said it’s the new super soviet we’re bringing into existence. The new super soviet, that’s what you’re living in today, under the guise of terrorism everywhere, the same thing they used inside the Soviet Union.  To keep a system like that going that lives in fear, you must keep the public in constant fear, and create bogus enemies, and take all their rights from them, and monitor all of them.  That’s what it’s all about and we’re living through it and the folk haven’t got a clue, because for the first time in history it’s being done with incredible technology.  People have never had so much access to... not information but access to entertainment.  They’re lulled to death with entertainment as all these things are happening.  It’s just astonishing. 


Alan:  There’s Anthony from New York there.  Are you there Anthony?


Anthony:  Hello.  Yes.  You mentioned Professor Carroll Quigley and he stated how no President has not been a part of the Council on Foreign Relations since the 1800s.  I was wondering about the interesting time period between JFK, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and how JFK was a problem.  Why is it that he was assassinated?  As well as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X? 


Alan:  There’s a link I put up last year, maybe 2 or maybe even 3 years ago, my time – I live in the clouds as far as time goes.  It was to do with a speech that Kennedy gave to the American Press Association.  You’ve got to listen to this speech because he talks about, he says we’ve got to stop the Congress and the Senate being run by SECRET SOCIETIES.  And what he was meaning by that, really, was the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and so on.  And that was the last major speech that he ever gave.  To even touch, to the American public, on secret societies running, really running the Congress, really running the direction of America, the big plan, that was awfully risky and I think that’s really what did it eventually.  I’ll try and find that link and maybe put it up tonight for you to see.  You can actually hear him talking yourself. 





Anthony:  Thank you.  And how did Martin Luther King and Malcolm X become a problem for that same society?


Alan:  I think part of it was to make him a martyr.  Because it’s well known if you make someone a martyr the cause is even more solidified, and the public feel ashamed, even the ones who were against it, they feel, technically, ashamed.  It’s been used by other peoples too, I should say, that same idea; people make hay off other people dying, you might say.  Martyrs are awfully important in history for getting an agenda through.


Anthony:  All right.  Thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And when you do join these organizations, you’ve got to remember too, that you do swear to uphold their regulations and all their laws and if necessary you will be sacrificed for the greater cause IF need be.  Most folk never are sacrificed so they think I’ll be okay, but unfortunately it might be your turn and you are sacrificed and that’s how it’s done. 


We’ll go to Aaron in Canada if he’s there.  Is Aaron there?


Aaron:  Hi Alan.  Thanks for the work that you’re doing.  I live here in Calgary and I don’t know... I just have a bad feeling about what’s happening here in Canada recently, like very recently.  It’s like a quickening, the laws are coming down faster than even Americans can keep up with.  And the cost of living is shooting through the roof.   Like, it’s almost impossible with a full-time job and everybody working, to stay above water here. 


Alan:  Yes.  And they’ve told us just today that food is to go up another 40-50% over the next few months. 


Aaron:  And they’re building this police grid around us, like the security perimeter and open borders.  It’s almost like this security perimeter is intended to keep us in versus keeping people out.


Alan:  You’ve got it.  That’s why they put all those gunboats on the Great Lakes two years ago.  Same thing.  It’s to contain people in case of big emergencies and so on.


Aaron:  I remember a couple of years ago you were talking about fleeing the cities and going out to the country and trying to live a sustainable life out there.  But I don’t even think that that’s sufficient anymore.  Like, I’m thinking seriously of getting out of Canada before the crash comes, which is, it could be any day now the rate that we’re going here.


Alan:  I know quite a few who already have done that, who are traveling the world right now, from Canada, and elsewhere too, other countries as well.  Because it’s true enough.  When you know what’s coming down, and when you know the schedule of things, and you also know what’s to come next, then sometimes it’s wise to get ready for it all and leave if you have the cash and ability to do so.  Hold on, we’ll come back after this break.


Hi folks, we're back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Aaron from Canada who’s talking about maybe it’s best to skip the country before the lot comes down.  Technically it’s kind of wise if you know what the whole schedule because things are going to go along in this schedule; it’s a schedule.  It’s a script we’re going through, planned a long time ago.


Aaron:  Canada’s next on the list, like it almost seems like it.  They’re passing laws here in Alberta that the police can pull you over on the road, for any reason now.


Alan:  I read about that.  That’s right.  And elsewhere too, they’re doing the same thing in Canada.  And it’s turned into a police state too; there’s no doubt about it.


Aaron:  Now they’re debating laws to stop you on the street to find out if you’re drunk or not.  On the street and just as you’re walking.


Alan:  And that’s going to be used as an excuse to pull anybody off the street and demand... They’re training the public now you’re under a police state.  There’s Harper too, apparently, the Prime Minister, trying to justify all the cash they’re sinking in to all these privatized jails they’re building, obviously for all the dissidents coming down the pike.  Because we’re really in the same state as the US; they won’t have us different.  We are on board with the US. We’re integrating with the US actually, have been steadily since 2005, signing the annual integration steps.  And Obama’s off after seeing Harper down to Latin America to bring in the rest of Latin America into the great new sovietized Americas, just like they did with the sovietized Europe.  And it’s not going to be a pleasant place to live.  And there’s no doubt about it, the police are not the old police anymore; they’re militarized. They’re part of the military.  Some of them have even trained with the military abroad, then come back for the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces and they’ve told us, as I say, today, today’s paper, that the prices here are going to escalate to an incredible amount of money.  Because you see, the big boys that run the Council on Foreign Relations, the big bankers, are juggling the world’s food supply in the stock market – it’s actually in the future’s market – and they’re betting on crops failing next year and stuff like that. That’s how they’re doing their funds now, all their hedge funds and so on; they’re betting on actual crops failing.  So we’re not allowed even to feed ourselves as a nation now.  We must export our stuff regardless if folk are starving at home. So shortly we’ll feel exactly how Ireland felt during their big famine too; it was caused by Britain taking all of their food to feed their armed forces across the British Empire, not because they couldn’t grow it.


Aaron:  Yeah.  I was always hoping at the very least, that when things got so bad here the last stand could be made in the States. But I even look at that and think it’s too late there.  They’ve built an army specifically designed against us. 


Alan:  They built the army starting 20 years ago in preparation for this particular time.  Absolutely.


Aaron:  You came over from the Isles, I don’t know when but you came to a freer place in Canada, decades ago.  Is there any place left on this planet?


Alan:  There’s a couple of places, they might get round to them yet.  Remember, this is to be a new WORLD order.  It’s a world order and they’re standardizing the world.  The last place too, I know some people in places like Thailand, but Thailand itself is pretty self-sufficient.  They, again, the Thai people hold their own bonds for debt.  The bankers won’t like that; they could start some kind of civil war up there, quite easily.  Parts of India are relatively unpopulated because the people like to work in the big cities, they like to live in big cities.  There’s a few places left but for how long I don’t know.


Aaron:  What about Russia?


Alan:  Alaska, they’ll get around to Alaska as well.  Again, it’s a world order.  It might take a bit longer to get there.  But eventually... they’re militarizing every country; they have been for years, including Alaska.


Aaron:  Well, thank you for your time. 


Alan:  And there’s some Latin American countries they haven’t got around to yet.  It will take them another 10 years to bring other ones into the NAFTA agreement for the new sovietized Americas.  Thanks for calling. 


And also, I couldn’t get around to Alma from Nebraska and Rob from Kansas, so maybe call in tomorrow.  Thanks for holding anyway.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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