March 17th, 2011 (#791)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 17th, 2011:

High Price Amperes after Fallout Clears:

"The Masters of the Sun are Masters of the Air,
Whether Nuclear or Wind, They've Controlling Share,
And They're Driving the World Using T.V. Fear,
Into Feudal System, High Price per Ampere,
The News from Japan with Many a Contradiction,
Rods Melting - No They're Not - is Like Godzilla Fiction,
World Monitors Always Show a Release of Fusion,
Why aren't They Reading Hot in All this Confusion?
Well, Whatever the Official Version, Life won't Be the Same,
Disasters Help the Masters Direct Outcome of the Game"
© Alan Watt March 17th, 2011

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 17th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 17th of March, 2011.  Sorry for the delay there, but there was a mix up at the other end.  And thereís too many switches to get used to I guess for a new operator, but they get into the hang of it, eventually, pretty quickly.  And remember too, that you can go to my website, and help yourself to the audios, which are there for download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from.  And they all carry, all those sites listed on the .com site, are the official sites, they all carry transcripts too, of a lot of the talks Iíve given over the years for print up.  And it you want print ups in other languages, go into, and youíll find a variety offered there.  And remember too, to order the books and discs I have for sale, that keeps me going, and you can also give straight donations.  Youíll find out how to do the ordering at  and remember too from the US, you can still use a personal check to Canada, or an international postal money order, from the US to Canada.  Elsewhere itís always Western Union or Money Gram or cash.  People just send straight cash.  And you can also use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button that youíll see on and follow it with an email, with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And remember, straight donations are definitely welcome, because I donít bring on advertisers who will scare the bejesus out of you, and then offer you the solutions, because that kind of detracts from what Iím trying to do here, which is really to educate you into the big system of the world, the Platoís Cave that youíre born into, and how youíre controlled, how your mind is controlled, always is, always has been. 


Itís being controlled right now with this whole thing in Japan, even, for a much bigger purpose, because it all falls along the agenda, of Agenda 21, and the Millennium Project, and the rewilding, all that stuff, getting the folk into the cities, austerity, itís all coming down at the same time. And, as Iíve said so many times, if Old Nick himself was in charge of this, I wouldnít be surprised, because you canít get this kind of luck, when you plan all this stuff in advance, you have world meetings about bringing people down into basically very austere levels, with very little energy, which youíll pay a lot of money for, an awful lot of money.  Big profits off giving out very little, and thatís what theyíre going to do in the future.  And theyíre going to use this happening in Japan to bring down basically your plants across the world.  Theyíve already banned coal, thatís to be phased out, so what are you left with, if you donít have coal, and you donít have nuclear energy?  What are you faced with really?  They wonít allow you, remember, the same boys who own the big, private, nuclear facilities across the world are the same Big Boys who own the oil industry.  They own the industries that are setting up the windmills everywhere, which theyíll be in charge of too, and alternate power.  Same boys, who are moving into a different arena with their money, and they want you to go for higher priced electricity, vastly higher priced electricity, and they want you to get a lot less per week of electricity for an awful lot more money.  Thatís not a bad deal for them, too.  And remember too that your nice, pretty lifestyles right now are going to plummet.  Theyíre going to plummet folks, if you all panic right now, as youíre supposed to do, and start crying out for these plants across the world to be taken down.  Number one, thereís only one gone down, and thatís in Japan, who have been hit with a massive, incredible earthquake, and a tsunami on top of it, and then, these reactors, of course were taken down, one after another, in quick succession. 


Weíve watched so many scary, end of the world movies that theyíve churned out in the last ten or twelve years, that most folk really think itís the end of the world.  Itís astonishing.  And you can truly have your perceptions distorted by being fixated on television.  There was a BBC documentary series put out a while back, on that very topic, on how it distorts your mind and how fear itself is something that you will pay attention to, when itís fear-based propaganda thatís being thrown out at you.  And the amygdala of the brain, basically is your survival part for very primitive instincts, but survival is part of it.  And it gets hyper-sensitized to any warnings of danger, and thatís why you canít take your eyes away from it.  Thatís why the Big Boys, like Sunstein and so on, know to give you psychic driving, the same images over and over and over again.  Same as they did with 9/11, with the towers, ad nauseam for weeks and weeks and weeks, until it was literally burned into your brain, into your mind, and whenever you see that again, the same fear dwells up inside of you, itís embedded in your mind.  So, remember, letís not lose our heads over this, and letís not go along with the Big Agenda, because theyíre bringing in a New Feudal System theyíve written about for many times, in all their big publications.  Professor Carroll Quigley talked about it too, and they want you to be all on board, demanding, and thatís how they do things, they get you to demand the very things they want to happen.  Itís not a bad idea, but itís a terrific system.  It always works, never fails. 


And right now, from the Council on Foreign Relations, of course, the big, big player for the globalists is:


Japan's Impact on U.S. Nuclear Power


(Alan: And I said this the very first day, this would happen, because you see, theyíve had all the World Meetings, and theyíre trying to convince the public to go along with rolling blackouts and austerity, etc, etc, etc.  Remember, youíre post-consumer now.  Theyíve said that too, which means that your disposable income will not go towards little goodies and trinklets and all the cheap junk from China you keep buying to reward yourselves for working.  It will go instead to fees and taxes and higher payments for so-called services like electricity.  Thatís where itís all to go.  And your tax money will be used to fund all these new projects for the Big Boys, who will then be handed it as a private gift, basically, from the government to them, once itís all up and running.  And then theyíll really gage you, and gouge you I should say, for every penny youíve got, for every little volt and amp of electricity you consume.  And thatís just the facts of it, folks.  And itís not to downplay the catastrophe in Japan whatsoever, but who has been hit with three things like that in a row, all at the same time?  Nobody.  Now, the CFR says:)


by Michael A. Levi, David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment and Director of the Program on Energy Security and Climate Change


(A: Do you notice, every country now, itís not Energy and so on, itís Energy and Climate Change.  Itís all tacked on to it, now.)


The Japanese nuclear crisis continues to unfold, with the ultimate outcome still unknown, but observers have already turned to the "Day Two" question: What does this disaster mean for the future of U.S. nuclear power? There is no doubt that, on the margin, this will hurt it. How much so remains to be seen.


(A: And then they go on and on, and talk about all the other catastrophes theyíve had with the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, and all that kind of stuff.  And then they go into the evolution of public opinion.  Nice term there, isnít it:)


The evolution of public opinion is still far from over, though. The ultimate policy consequences of the Japanese crisis will depend on precisely how the situation on the ground develops over the coming weeks, just as it did over the oil spill's many months. Those details are impossible to predict right now: (A: And donít you kid yourself.  These guys are monitoring everything as it happens, and big world meetings are taking place to see if they can get their agenda through.) Much depends on technical matters that are not known to the public, and on exactly how the stricken reactors respond to the stresses that they are now under.


Nuclear power provides about 20 percent of U.S. electricity, but new construction has been stalled for decades by a mix of high costs and public apprehension dating back to the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island. Opposition to nuclear power has softened slightly in recent years, but the old patterns of debate remain largely intact.


So theyíre bringing up all the old accidents too.† Now remember again, these same boys, as I say, at the top that own basically the worldís energy supplies, who will also be charging you for carbon taxes or energy taxes and all the rest of it, are the same boys who own, privately own, they own the majority shares in all these big corporations, be it at home or abroad.  Theyíre internationalists.  They have no nation, as far as theyíre concerned.  They own the transition into so-called sustainable energy, and these awful windmills that have to get shut down during a kind of high breeze, itís just too much for them to take before they fall apart.  And, of course, they can hardly churn enough out, and they definitely even canít pay for their own manufacture or keep or maintenance.  And thatís what they want to bring you back to.  But, the big boys will own them for sure, which means, if youíre going to pay for them, youíll pay an awful, awful, awful lot of money.  And it will be funded by the taxpayer for private business, again.  Donít forget that. 


Really theyíre going into pro-nuclear forces and anti-nuclear forces, and all the rest of it.  And remember too, these Big Boys with their foundations, their front organizations and NGOs also control the environmental societies and agencies and NGOs.  In fact, theyíve used them in the past to stop the Hydro-Electric dams.  And Canada could certainly put up quite enough of those if they wanted to.  But they didnít do it, because the Big Boys at that time wanted their nuclear.  Now they want something else, you see, a new system.  And, again, youíll pay for it all.  So, if they bring down the coal plants, which theyíve already signed agreements to do so.  And the coal, basically, modern coal plants pollute very little, because they have scrubbers in them, massive filters and all the rest of them, and theyíre great work engines.  They just keep going and going and going, and put out a lot of electricity.  And youíre living in a first world nation, most of you out there, and you need that kind of power to keep things going.  You definitely need it.  You wonít get that on your little windmills.  Thatís for sure. 


So, keep your own head too, as we go through all of this.  Thereís no doubt about it, weíre all worried about the radiation floating over Canada, the US.  Itís supposed to hit now, and itís probably been hitting already, Iím sure.  Everyone is praying to have no rain to bring it down, and bingo, just when the show started, a thunderstorm started, and down came the rain.  Well, thatís the way it goes, eh?  They say that God doesnít like trailer sites, and things like that, but heís certainly got a strange sense of humor.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about not to lose our heads while this is happening, and of course, the hype in the media is intended to make you all lose your heads, and to make you stampede along in a direction which the Big Boys, who own the big nuclear plants, want you to go because theyíre the same massive shareholders who own the majority shares of all the other alternate energy systems theyíre bringing out now through all these meetings.  Look who attends these big meetings worldwide.  And look at all the NGOs they fund, as well.  Thatís no coincidence.  Theyíre all in bed together.  And it would be very nice if we lived in a real system, with nice real people and all the rest of it, but we donít.  We live in a very devious world with devious people running our countries.  Thatís the only kind who can actually get up into power, in fact, and itís the same with all these various groups, these power groups.  Theyíre all sociopolitical power groups, with their own top leaders, all vying for power amongst themselves, but definitely always trying to fool you, and sway what they call public opinion.  Itís not hard to create any kind of public opinion in any direction at all.  Itís very simple to do. 


They used to say too, that I noticed with the stock market in New York and elsewhere, they actually had articles about the Greatest Yard Sale, the Greatest Fire Sale Ever, as the sharks, once again, try to buy up the Yen, and buy up factories that are abroad from Japan and so on, a great big Fire Sale, as they say, because, and I said before, the night before, that Rothschild said, you make your money when the blood is running in the streets.  So the sharks, the crooks, the evil characters of the world are right in on this, on top of this, to grab what they can.  And they always say that one manís misfortune is another manís fortune, and they really believe in that.  They have no qualms about it, whatsoever.  And theyíre going at it, big time.  However, weíve got to, as I say, keep our heads as they go through all of this, and not to get carried away to give the Big Boys what they want. 


We are not in a world where free power of any kind, free energy of any kind will be available to the public, because it will never be allowed.  The whole system weíre going into is where you are interdependent, that means youíre totally dependent on the system, and for all your needs that will come from the system.  Theyíll be dished out by the system.  And thatís why there are so many sciences which definitely have been suppressed, because you canít give power to the people, literally, in any shape or form, if you want to hold power over the people.  And those with common sense know that, and understand that.  And certainly those who have read their histories, and read the articles, and even from the websites of the big corporations that run the world.  Itís not going to happen.  Weíre dealing with very devious people.  Very devious people.  And suddenly everyone has forgot about the Kyoto conferences theyíve had, the many ones where theyíve signed away all your rights to do with power and so on.  Youíve forgotten about all the environmental movements, meetings theyíve had at Copenhagen, etc, and youíve forgotten that your own governments, right at this time, are in the process of closing down the coal-fired plants.  So, you better start thinking if you want to go back to reading by candles and begging for a charge to have your little iphone charged up for you, so you can yap away for hours on end, and tweet away and twitter to all your supposed friends.  You better think very hard and carefully about it, and donít be stampeded by the power of television.  Itís changed the world, the television, completely.


And what are the Big Boys doing themselves?  Well, Iíll tell you, the Big Boys, the real Big Boys, and what theyíre doing as they tell you to give you almost the placebo medications to take care of yourself and taping yourself in from fallout, etc.  Theyíre not taking little potassium iodide pills; theyíre taking the latest stuff, stuff that youíve never even heard of, and stuff thatís not really new at all.  Theyíve had different versions of it in the past, only for the elite of the world to take, just in case anything happens.  And their drugs are not based, basically, on preventing you absorbing radiation.  Thatís impossible.  What theyíre meant to do is literally stop the damage to your DNA system.  But you paid for it all, by the way, and Iíll give you the articles to show that you paid for it all, but youíre not going to get it, because the Pentagon put out the contracts for this stuff, years ago.  And one of them, of course, is called:


Ex-Rad, the U.S. Military's Radiation Wonder Drug


(A: This was an article that was put on the Fox News on March 16.)


The immense loss of life and absolute devastation caused by last weekís earthquake and tsunami is heartbreaking Ė and serve as the culprits in this unimaginable tragedy. The tension, felt by its citizens (A: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and so on, and so on.  Anyway it says:)


Thanks to the advanced work of the men and women who develop our nationís military medicine, the answer is yes Ė (A: That means your tax money, folks.) but only if the government now takes the necessary steps.


In what has to be one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of military medicine, the U. S. military has developed a radiation protection drug known as Ex-Rad that can give protection through DNA repair against otherwise lethal dosages of radiation. Ex-Rad, which is administered as an injection or orally, can be given either before or after exposure. While Ex-Rad officials are continuing to work with the FDA, it has successfully cleared two clinical studies showing it is safe.


(A: Well, I guarantee you, this stuff is already in production, has been in production for these events, so that the elite, as always, the dominant minority, must survive.  You think they sit for years and years and years, waiting for something to happen, then say, oh dear, weíre not prepared?  No, no, no.  Your tax money is at work to make sure that in a Darwinian sense, the fittest will go on into the future, while you all die off and know nothing about it.)


Ex-Radís life-saving utility isnít limited to countering radiation exposure near a compromised nuclear facility. From potentially enabling cancer patients to withstand greater levels of radiation to protecting soldiers deployed into radioactive ďhot zones,Ē


And so on, and so on.  It repairs your DNA.  Not bad, eh?  But not for you folks, from your pharmacy.  Back after this break.


HI folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And this article from Fox News about this wonder drug as they say, that stops you glowing in the dark, I suppose.  Anyway, it mentions here, in the usual PR format that itís written in, it says here that itís developed for the Pentagon, for the military and for the high chutzpahs.  It says:


The challenge for the Obama administration is to ensure that these various efforts are well coordinated and communicated throughout the government Ė and that the American taxpayers are ultimately provided the return they deserve on their hefty investment.


Thatís to develop the drug and pay for it all.  You see, we pay for everything that the elite get, you see.  We wonít see this stuff for you.  That will never be turned loose for the people, down the road.  Just wonít happen.  So, thatís the usual PR that they give out.  Yeah, one day youíll get it back, all that hard-earned cash that you paid into your taxes will come back to you, to save you.  Thatís what government is in the business of doing, saving you from yourselves, I guess. 


And this Ex-Rad here is also made by Onconova Therapeutics.  Iíll put an article up from their site, where they go through it more detail, and for those in pharmacology out there too, and biology, you might get something more out of it too than the average person.  Itís quite detailed in some of the articles, on how itís supposed to work, and literally repair DNA, so that it will reproduce itself perfectly, as opposed to being a mutation that the rest of us will get, obviously with this stuff.


Thereís so much happening, right now too, while all this is going on and youíre diverted to Japan.  And Iíll read some of these articles about the diversions and whatís really happening when I get back from the callers here.  Thereís Joe from Iowa on the line.  Are you there, Joe?  Hello, Joe.


Joe: Yes, I just wanted to ask you quick, have you had any other complaints that on your archives, itís unlistenable to.  The last week Iíve tried a lot of things, and I just canít get it to work. 


Alan: I havenít.  Someone else did mention a couple, but I didnít have any problem this side downloading and listening.  It could be, if youíve updated your player or something, that often will happen.


Joe: Okay.  So, it could be my problem.  Okay, well, thanks for your time.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Now, thereís Alma from Nebraska there too.  Are you there Alma?  Hello, is Alma there?


Alma: Yes.  Thank you for your show.  Thank you for your time and all the effort you put in to inform us.  I appreciate it.  I guess, you know, thereís no reason for me to worry about where to go, where to hide, how to get away from it.  Thereís just no getting away.  I heard yesterday somebody trying to figure out where to go.  I canít see after studying everything theyíre doing to us where you could possibly go to hide, especially since they can see so far underground too. 


Alan: Itís a World Order.


Alma: So, since Iím being harassed, 24-7, just about, with radiation, you know from satellites and whatever else equipment theyíre using.  You know, Iíve researched to try to find out where itís coming from.  Of course, they make sure, you know, everything you could use to detect where itís coming from costs so much you couldnít, you couldnít afford it.  I keep thinking maybe thereís some hope somewhere, but I canít see it.


Alan: Iíll tell you, some countries like Holland, if you go into Holland, the government pays to microwave-proof your rooms or your home.  They pay for that, because they do accept itís a legitimate problem.  And some people are more sensitive than others. 


Alma: You think itís just sensitivity then?


Alan: The sensitivity, thereís no doubt about it.  Canada too have doctors here who have really, for quite a few years in fact, theyíve woken up to the fact that some people are ultra-sensitive to it.  They get it first.  It means everybody else is getting dosed, itís just that they donít notice it yet.  Other people notice it very quickly, with lethargy, ringing of the ears, all that kind of stuff.  A few weeks ago I did a program about it from the CBC Radio, and a whole top apartment building, basically they cleared out, because all these antennas were on top and so on, and were giving them all the same symptoms.  These tenants didnít know that each person next to them was getting the same symptoms, until one woman was moving out, and she mentioned why.  And they all realized that they were all getting the same symptoms.  So, it definitely happens.  Weíre not meant in nature to be dosed by the high frequencies of these particular radiations.  These are radiations too, remember and they definitely affect the public as everybody goes wi-fi, and they have these communication towers and basically relays across the whole cities.


Alma: Okay.  So, basically I have to go way out in the woods some place. 


Alan: Even then, youíve got to be away from towers, because the towers transmit, if you can see a tower anywhere, line of sight, then you can be pretty well bombarded with them.  But there are areas in the US where they donít have the towers.


Alma: Okay.  So, basically, youíre expecting us to just stay aware of whatís going on, even though thereís nothing we can do about generally the whole big mess thatís going on.  We just go into our little man-made, their little prisons theyíve made for us, our little concentration camps, because I figure thatís the next thing around the corner.


Alan: We have to literally stop following people and start standing up for ourselves as individuals.  Theyíve said before, they prefer crowds.  They prefer crowds to follow.  They supply the leaders, and itís so easy to do.  And they despise the individual.  The United Nations has said the enemy of freedom on the planet, meaning their agenda, when they say freedom, is the individual.  And itís hard to get the individual to go along with the crowd.  The individual tends to think more.  He generally investigates more.  And heís not generally carried away with emotion so much, either.  So we have to be very practical and so on.  And we do have to look at the whole system, and letís not go into emotion either and look at old flags and what they used to stand for.  We do have to either retake something, thatís the rights of the individual back for sure, and get governments.  And I donít know what it would take for that.  It would probably take either a war or a civil war for that to happen.  Thatís been well talked about, even in mainstream, because theyíre not going to give up their power and their big plans.  Theyíre bringing in Scientific Socialism across the whole world.  Thatís a world youíre born into if they need you to be born to serve the World State and to serve this massive bureaucracy above you, and above them will be the elite as always, who are living a nice lifestyle.  They want to literally program you and have you work from birth to death to serve the World State, run in a scientific fashion with professionals and experts and all that to guide you.  Thatís the whole system, in a nutshell.


Alma: It is a system.  Thereís nothing I can do to help anyone.  Iím just trying to figure out what can I do besides working?


Alan: You can also put up your own website.  And just give your own points of view, opinions.  Everyone will see it slightly differently.  They might have a different approach.  And youíll find people will come in and communicate to you, and thatís the way you start to find likeminded people.  And at the same time, be aware that when you do, youíll also have fake ones coming in, from the government agencies, who are meant to disrupt anything youíre trying to do.  So, youíve got to be awfully careful.  Just keep putting out your own point of view and educating those who want to get educated.  The rest of them will watch television and theyíre goners.  People who watch television wonít have a chance.  Itís the greatest mind control tool ever devised.


Alma: One last quick question, giving out nutriments for people that are being specifically direct hit with directed energy and all that sort of thing, and Iím just wondering what you thought about that?


Alan: Anything at all, I mean, anything at all that would boost your immune system.  Everyone today, by the way, itís taught in medical school now, and doctors come out thinking itís always been this way, but itís not.  Theyíre telling them that everyone has a compromised immune system in this day and age, and everyone does.  Allergies too are going through the roof, and they just say, itís a big mystery.  Weíre not really concerned about it.  Itís a mystery though.  Thatís what they tell us.  But, anything which, and again, organic foods, if you get organic foods, if you can afford them, stuff like that.


Alma: God bless you, thank you very much Sir.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Alma: Okay, thank you.  Bye.


Alan: As I say too, when blood is running in the streets, you get Wall Street making their killing.  Youíve got all kind of gimmickry getting sold all over the place too, because again, there are sharks in every area, making fortunes off the terrified, and we have to be very practical and realistic about what works and what doesnít work, whatís placebo and so on and so on, and just take basic precautions for the radiation thatís coming in.  And beyond that, believe you me, there are no miracle cures, except for maybe the few things at the high levels.  Do you understand, there are three levels of science.  The one that you come out and you get your degrees at university, and then thereís another level of science for the high inner members of the CIA, which they use.  Theyíre always fifty, sixty, seventy years ahead of us.  And then thereís a higher bunch above them, because you never give all that you have out to those who work for you.  And thatís how itís always been.  And thatís in physics and biology, medicine, everything.  Thatís how it really is, folks.


Now, as all this is happening here, weíve got scientists here who now want an animal, a debate on animals with human genes.  And science fiction writers that are picked, of course, from the Futurist Society and funded by people like Rothschild and Rockefeller, who set that Society up by the way, use these writers to give predictive programming and get us ready for the next phase and the next phase and the next phase.  Itís done mainly through fiction.  And then, when the real things come along, our minds are already made up, because we read the books and the fiction, and itís all become awfully real to you.  It says:


A mouse that can speak? A monkey with Down's Syndrome? Dogs with human hands or feet? British scientists want to know if such experiments are acceptable, or if they go too far in the name of medical research.


(A: Remember, re-search means youíre doing it again.  Itís not a search.)


To find out, Britain's Academy of Medical Sciences launched a study Tuesday to look at the use of animals containing human material in scientific research.


The work is expected to take at least a year, but its leaders hope it will help establish guidelines for scientists in Britain and around the world on how far the public is prepared to see them go in mixing human genes into animals to discover ways to fight human diseases.


(A: What a lie.  They always use that last part to go into their Frankensteinian direction that theyíre into.  They always say itís to help.  Oh, we want to help folk who are sick.  Always, for everything.  Everything.  Even DARPA used that for getting a brain chip into a paraplegic.  DARPA is not in the business of helping the sick.  Anyway it says.)


"Do these constructs challenge our idea of what it is to be human?"


(A: And thatís what it is.  What is it to be human?  You see, thatís the big question.  What is a human being anyway?  We had the same thing too when it came to immigration.  Whatís an American?  Whatís a Canadian?  Whatís a Briton?  We had twenty years of that.  Well, what is a British person anyway?  Weíre all immigrants and so on.  Well, itís the same technique theyíre using here, because they always use the same techniques.  What is it to be human anyway?  You see.  And weíve seen all kinds of stuff over the last few years, transgenders and so on and so on, getting you all used to transhumanism.  So, this is said by:)


Martin Bobrow, a professor of medical genetics at Cambridge University and chair of a 14-member group looking into the issue.


"It is important that we consider these questions now so that appropriate boundaries are recognized and research is able to fulfill its potential."


(A: They call this progress, by the way.  Progress.  Science is always progressive, even when youíre being nuked.)


Using human material in animals is not new. Scientists have already created rhesus macaque monkeys that have a human form of the Huntingdon's gene so they can investigate how the disease develops;


(A: They know how it develops.  They donít need animals for that.)


But scientists say the technology to put ever greater amounts of human genetic material into animals is spreading quickly around the world -- raising the possibility that some scientists in some places may want to push boundaries.


By the way, you see, Iíve got old books here from a lot of the big science fraternities who talked about creating new kinds of humans for specific work functions.  Plato talked about it, by special breeding.  The scientists in the last hundred years have talked about bringing in guys even with gills that would work under water and weld, do welding on the oil rigs and stuff like that, under the water.  You know, nice, cute things like that.  Anyway, they certainly are on a roll.  And science, of course, is the new god.  You see, theyíve replaced all other gods.  They said theyíd have to do it, and thatís why they attacked anybody with any kind of belief system across the planet.  If you donít give in, they simply bomb you out of existence and put in some system called democracy.  And at the end they bring in the scientists to tell you, well, this is how the world really is, and they give you lots and lots of theories. 


And, by the way, speaking about theories, look into Wikipedia and their definition on what exactly these microsieverts are for measuring radiation, and itís nothing more than somebodyís theory, not based on fact, by the way, but on a little, numerical calculation, but nothing to do with actual, factual exposure to anything.  In other words, itís useless.  But it sounds nice.  Oh, youíve only had 1000 microsieverts, you see.  This is the rubbish theyíre giving you.  They used to use rems, and thatís far more explicit, what rems are, and some countries still use it today.  And that will tell you more, really what, how hot the radiation is, and how much exposure youíve had and so on.  Really, that in itself is so misleading, giving us these microsieverts, this new method of conning the public, because, they say themselves, thereís no safe dosage of radiation.  And all this guessing at how long you have it, is absolute bunkum.  Itís just a numerical theory.  Iím not kidding.  Look up Wikipedia, yourself. 


So anyway, thatís the world weíre living in, as they go into the Frankensteinian future that they hope to bring in, and many big science fiction writers talked about it.  The Island of Dr. Moreau, H.G. Wells, all these guys, who were also put out by and funded by the big boys to do their, you know, predictive programming for the future, for the public to say, ďWow.  That was a great book.Ē  And now youíve been downloaded with a whole bunch of ideas, and youíve swallowed their premises all along the way, without ever reasoning them out for yourself.  And thatís why they use fiction and television and all the rest of it to such a great extent.  It works so great.  And, as I say, now weíre finding out why theyíve been churning out all these massive disaster movies that get you going.  Because, as I say, the limbic system, really is addicted to fear.  Once itís switched on, theyíll watch and watch these movies, because you canít switch it off.  Itís against your conditioning.  Itís against the nature of these particular brain systems.  When they see fear, theyíve got to watch it all to try and survive.  And thatís why horrors and horror movies and disaster movies will actually work.  Science does rule us.  It rules our minds. 


And a beautiful character here.  Hereís an article about a lawmaker, who also believes in eugenics to the nth degree.  And no kidding.  Itís so amazing:


A 91-year-old state representative told a constituent that he believes in eugenics and that the world would be better off without "defective people."


Barrington Republican Martin Harty told Sharon Omand, a Strafford resident who manages a community mental health program, that "the world is too populated" and there are "too many defective people," according to an e-mail account of the conversation by Omand. Asked what he meant, she said Harty clarified, "You know the mentally ill, the retarded, people with physical disabilities and drug addictions - the defective people society would be better off without."


Not a bad state representative, eh?  Thereís lots of them out there folks.  Theyíre running your system.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through the Matrix.  Gloria from New York is on the line.  Are you there, Gloria?  Hello, Gloria?


Gloria: Good Evening.  Well, it sounds very gloomy, all what you say, most of the things that you say.  And I want to ask you, if youíre familiar about the fight at Waterloo, one of the generals, I canít pronounce his name correctly, he says, to the other person, ďThey are small.Ē  About the soldier, the battle, the general said, ďYeah, they are small, but they are not running away.Ē  So, this is a good analogy to us.


Alan: Oh, we are, we are simply the cattle at the bottom.  Weíve always been that, the masses.


Gloria: Yeah, but we are not running.  And we can bring, if we can mobilize ourselves, bring us to unite, either on the planet.


Alan: That wonít happen.  Iíll tell you what will happen.  If the people ever unite on the planet, itís because theyíve put out all the leaders to make them unite, and theyíll be controlled by the other side.  Thatís what theyíve done in the past in what they call popular movements.


Gloria: I mean, if I am on this program, it means that I recognize.  Itís true, I mean, I understand that there is plenty out there who are asleep, but the ones who recognize each other, we are actually aware and listening to each other all over the planet.  People from Australia listen to you.


Alan: Thatís right.


Gloria: I mean, I believe there is a solution.  There is.


Alan: The solution has to be when people who retain their individuality, can communicate to each other, without losing their head in some political agenda.  Because, as soon as you bring in the politics, the political agenda, youíll be supplied with the leaders in the upper strata, to guide you off in a round circle that leads you back to where you started.  And it will be exactly where they want you to be.  Youíve got to retain, always retain, and this is the key to any movement out there.  They have their tenets of belief and they generally make the followers swear to them.  The ones at the top always swear to their tenets.  In fact, the ones at the top generally say the rest donít have to know what itís really all about.  They must think that they know what itís really all about.  Thatís important.  And so, you be very careful of mass groups, because weíre dealing with guys at the top here, who have had centuries of manipulating the public.  Centuries and centuries.  They donít throw away knowledge.  Every little thing thatís worked before is noted, dissected, and taught at a very high level.  And itís also taught in all top security services, like MI6 and CIA and so on, who supply you generally with big leaders.  So, never leave your brain outside the door when you go into a meeting hall, with people who are going to try and get you to all work together towards the path.  Whenever they deviate, you know itís been taken over.  But itís true, we must communicate individually with each other, and keep our minds straight and narrow when weíre doing it too.  But donít lose ourselves to the group, because the group mind, thereís actually an art to it for those who control.  Itís quite easy to do.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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