March 21, 2011 (#793)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 21, 2011:

Psy-ops Have Fun with Reality U-Turn:

"Winston Said His Right was to Say 2+2=Four,
Since When is Radiation Harmless from Melted Down Core?
I Awoke on Saturday to Hear What News would Bring,
And Suddenly Japan's Plight was a Little Minor Thing,
The Lead was "Peacekeepers" in Libya, Missiles Flying,
Media in Familiar Role, Sport-Speak Hype and Lying,
Thinking I'd Been Dreaming, I Shook Off Being Formal,
We're Off to Bomb More Arabs, Things Back to Normal,
It's Good to Live in Enlightened Times, Life's a Revelation,
Peace is War, Ignorance Strength and Harmless Radiation"
© Alan Watt March 21, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 21, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 21st 2011.  Newcomers, as I say, as always, look into and help yourself to the audios and download them for free; thereís hundreds to choose from where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding this big kaleidoscopic picture, or system, or matrix in which youíre born into actually.  It preexisted you and your parents and your grandparents and weíre well, well managed.  So I try to give you a lot of the official books and articles put out by the big organizations, the big gang which runs the world.  Itís not democratic.  It uses democracy as an excuse really to go to war with countries, has done this for an awful long time.  Weíre really in a post-democratic system, according to their own think tank at the Club of Rome.  So anyway, look into the web site and buy the books and disks I have for sale.  Youíll see how to do it at  All the sites listed there are my official sites. They all carry the same audios.  They all carry transcripts in English for print up of a lot of the talks Iíve given.  You can go into for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, as I say, buy the books and so on.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are certainly welcome because this is not a business.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests who terrify you and then sell their products.  Itís okay for those who do; thatís how they make their living and thatís all fair and well.  At least this way Iíve got more of a free hand to carry a very short one-hour show right through.  I hate to even call it a show; as I say, itís more of an educational talk, hopefully, and an hour isnít very long to do it.  So Iíll get on with it as they say. 


Now ha!  I was going to tell you about a little trip I took out East once to the coast and I had to go through Montreal.  And Montreal, itís quite an experience to drive through there because if youíre not in the right lane, the proper lane, and you think you know where youíre going, regardless, you just canít get off the lane.  The drivers there, if theyíve ever heard of a speed limit simply ignore it, believe you me.  I was crossing the bridge there and suddenly I found myself at the other end, getting crushed between different cars, going around in a circle and coming back over the bridge again.  So here I was going in one direction and suddenly I was going in the other.  Well, the reason for the story is because you see, thatís what happened at the weekend to the whole world to do with Japan and the plants that melted down.  Radiation was coming in and detected on the west coast on Friday and you wake up on Saturday and lo and behold, weíre off to war with Libya, Japanís in the background Ė what are you talking about, Japan, it was just a little kitchen fire wasnít it?  And weíre off to war with Libya and I thought, thank God, things are back to normal, weíre off bombing another country.  So here we are, as I say, weíre living in true Orwellian times and people donít realize it; theyíre under crisis management, and a United Nations agreement across all countries to manage the people Ė and donít get the herd upset, obviously.  And thatís whatís happened, just like that.  Now youíve got a nice show of planes getting shot down over Libya, as soldiers now called Peacekeepers Ė because war is peace Ė go off to plunder more oil fields, and theyíll divvy them up later amongst themselves.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the sharp u-turn we took, just like I did when I went over the bridge in Montreal.  The same idea, youíre going one way, full-steam ahead, even at a speed I didnít want to go at but I had to because youíve got to keep up in Montreal, and suddenly Iím going back across the bridge in the opposite direction.  And thatís what happened over the weekend as all the countries went in together on an agreement to basically use crisis management on the general public and play everything down.  Because you see, thereís such big money at stake for all of the big atomic companies and so on across the world and thereís a big plan too, to eliminate coal fires and different methods of heating yourself, etc so theyíve got to use these nuclear energy plants to their maximum.  And eventually, theyíre still going to give you rolling blackouts down the road; theyíve all said that at their big meetings as they conserve energy.  What they mean is theyíll take more chunks of your disposable income, on basic necessities like heat and electricity and youíll be paying an awful lot more for them.  You see, thatís what it is.  Itís a big, big plan. They canít just get you all scared.  It doesnít matter, too, how many folk die along the next 25-50 years of various tumors.  Thatís, Iím sure, already factored in to this type of massive leak that happened, when little cores literally melted down in the reactors and then suddenly theyíre concentrating on one reactor, as if that was the only problem they had, beside these smoldering masses that were left behind, next to them. So thatís the kind of mind management youíre under.  Itís crisis management.


Now some people even from Japan, who really obviously trust their governments and havenít quite got it yet, have emailed me to say that, oh the public broadcasting network over there, the NHK, where all news was coming from by the way, was informing them all the time of exactly what was happening.  Well guess what?  Thatís run by the government, you see, and crisis management is part of that system.  Thatís what their whole job is, same in the West too; your public broadcasting will go into action if anything happens, and itís crisis management.  Donít panic, donít panic, everythingís fine, and thatís what theyíre supposed to tell you.  They literally will factor out how many folk will die, down the road, in the path of this massive cloud thatís coming over, still, from Japan.  Itís already crossed the Americas; itís over the Americas right now and itís into the Atlantic side heading towards Europe.  The last article Iíve seen on this in fact was this one here.  Itís from abs-cbn news, no name on it so itís a handout again, probably by the Atomic Commission, but it says...


Fukushima cloud now at the Atlantic, no risk - France / 03/20/2011


PARIS - The plume from Fukushima has now reached the western Atlantic but its radioactivity is likely to be "extremely low" (Alan: know, thereís a nice measurement for you.  Weíre getting that all the time now.  Weíre too stupid at the bottom and the children shouldnít know anything that they can measure anything by, by giving a starting point, like hereís what high means and hereís what low means.  No, Ďextremely lowí...) and have no impact on health or the environment, (A:  So the laws of physics and nuclear physics has utterly changed overnight, you see; itís quite a healthy stuff apparently.)  France's Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) said on Saturday.


"As of yesterday, the cloud (A: listen to this...) covered most of North America (A:  That was Saturday.) and northeastern Siberia. It is currently passing over the North Atlantic," it said, naming French territories in the Caribbean and off Canada's eastern coast.


The cloud has been progressively thinning as it heads eastwards around the northern hemisphere at high altitude and will reach mainland Europe on Wednesday or Thursday, it said, citing a computer model jointly compiled with the French weather service, Meteo France.


"The concentrations of caesium 137 in the air over land traversed by the plume (A: Theyíre calling it a plume, not a cloud.)  are expected to be extremely low," it said.  (A:  So everything is going to be expected to be extremely low, so you can take a measurement from that, you see. And by the way, itís the policy, and I read that last week from the United Nations which runs this new amalgamation for the whole world, the International Atomic Energy Association, itís their policy not to tell the public what radiation levels happen to be. Thatís their policy... because youíre just too stupid, youíre post-democratic, thereís no need for you to know anymore.  You see.)


Caesium 137 is a long-lasting radioactive contaminant that caused the worst environmental problems in the 1986 Chernobyl disaster(A:  But donít worry, theyíre going to be very low, you see.)


"The IRSN shares the view of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (A:  Well, you can trust these guys, right?), which judges that these levels will have no impact on health and the environment," the agency said in a press statement.  (A:  Fantastic, eh?  Isnít that amazing?  The same guys that will tell you that a little bit of carbon in the air is going to kill you all.)


"Furthermore, they will be so minimal that they will probably (A:  I love these words; this is their legal out, you see.  ĎProbablyí...) will only be detected in the environment by measuring samples carried out by specialised laboratories."


What they did is they put on their web site the simulation of where the cloud is, right now; itís still coming over from Japan right across the Pacific covering North America, Canada and itís into the Atlantic now.  So Iíll put this link up tonight at and Iíll also put up the one from France where theyíre measuring this and theyíre showing you the direction of the flow and where it is today. 


Anyway, itís a minor thing apparently.  Itís a big panic over nothing.  First time in history you get meltdowns and itís quite safe, but thatís the new reality, folks, as they manage you.  Iím sure they already have it worked out, as I say, how many deaths thereíll be over the years with different tumors, sterility, all that kind of stuff, and no doubt theyíll even know when theyíll have to import more immigrants from other countries that havenít been affected to take up the slack and do the work when weíre all dying off.  Because thatís the reality of the world youíre living in. Youíre a herd, I hope you understand... that you are nothing more or less than the herd.  And theyíre using crisis control, obviously; it works very well.  They give you a sideshow, oh bang on Saturday morning hereís Libya, weíre off to war, things are back to normal.  Ah, thank God. More bombs are falling, oh spectacular blazes of planes coming down from the sky, and thatís all you heard.  In fact, the Canadian Broadcasting group, CBC, gave 25 minutes on Libya on Saturday and literally less than 30 seconds on Japan, just plumped it right down.  Thatís by order of the high court, obviously, you know, the big boys at the top that run the world.  And weíre supposed to breathe easy and relax because as I say, the laws of physics have altered, overnight, and you donít have to worry about this stuff at all; I donít know why they havenít been melting down more reactors for goodness sake; maybe itís helping the atmosphere the way theyíre going on about it.  Quite something.


Thatís total management control.  And anyone who thinks the government whoís in charge of giving out information in public broadcasting networks, anywhere in the world, really hasnít got a clue of reality at all.  And I hate to say that but itís true.  Because Iíve had people email me from Japan thinking things are quite normal, in other places outside that area, and people are shopping, etc.  Well, thatís what they told them to do in American and Canada.  Allan Rock came out in Canada, and I think it was either Cheney or Rumsfeld came on in the States, right after 9/11 and says, go out and get your credit cards and spend, spend, spend and keep the economy going, donít be afraid.  And that was an order.  And thatís the same thing thatís happening in Japan; theyíve got to keep the economy going.  Thatís the reality of it folks.  Weíre all basically disposable.


And with this farce and this fracas, as I say, Orwell had it down pat because he knew this system, he knew what was coming.  He knew what was planned right into the 21st century because heíd been groomed to take part in it and he did to an extent in the early days and even during World War II.  He became a propagandist on the BBC; he admits that in his own biography.  His job at the BBC was to convince the ordinary British people that the slop they were getting as food, since everything was rationed, and to show them how to cook this awful stuff that was left, and how wonderful and nutritious it was; the stuff that they used to throw away.  It was sort of nutritious for you, etc, etc.  He admitted that it was just a pure con.  Weíre always being conned and fooled by those who own us Ė I hate to say this truth, but weíre owned, you see.


It says here, this article here about Libya...


Sarkozy election campaign was funded by Libya Ė Gaddafi son /  The Guardian, 16 Mar 2011 / Ian Black in Tripoli and Kim Willsher in Paris


Muammar Gaddafi's son has claimed that Libya helped finance Nicolas Sarkozy's successful election campaign in 2007, and demanded that the French president return the money to "the Libyan people".


In an interview with the Euronews TV channel, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi said Libya had details of bank transfers and was ready to make them public in a move designed to punish Sarkozy for throwing his weight behind opposition forces.  (A:  Well, thereís the guy, you see, bites the hand that feeds him.  Thatís his nature, just like the scorpion in the old tale of hitching a ride over the water; eventually he stings the guy thatís rowing him over, on his back basically.  Heís asked, why did you do that?  He said, itís my nature. Well, thatís Mr Sarkozyís nature, you see.)


Last week, the Libyan government threatened to reveal a "grave secret" that would bring down Sarkozy, with Saif al-Islam calling him "a clown".  (A:  Well, thereís more names to him than that.)


The regime is furious at Sarkozy's efforts to galvanise international action to impose a "no-fly zone"... (A:  Itís not a no-fly zone; itís a bombing mission.  Itís so Orwellian all the doublespeak that theyíre giving us to parrot isnít it? And weíre supposed to parrot it, you see, because when you speak it, it speaks it into reality for you.  You start to believe it, like Ďpeacekeepersí.  I see soldiers going off as soldiers; I donít see peacekeepers. Thatís the invading armies, as always.  Thatís what they are.  Donít use the doublespeak they give you.  And Ďpeace missionsí: the only peace mission there is, is when they blow folk to pieces.  Thatís about it.)


So Iíll put this article up too, on Sarkozy, the guy who bit the hand that fed him.  And Iím not surprised with that at all.  Meanwhile, the US of course, is in trouble again.  It was in one of the German newspapers, Der Spiegel, putting out 4,000 photographs on US troops, doing strange things with corpses, and generally naked or semi-naked corpses, because thereís a lot of homoerotic stuff that goes on in the Army and to do with killing.  Itís a very primitive affair.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I touch on this story Iíd like to mention too, that anyone who saw Obama and the various Prime Ministers and so on all meeting at the United Nations, their big massive table with the gold and silver plates, and they actually had massive, incredibly expensive dinners of course, as they all laughed and slapped each other on the back for the United Nations meeting.  Apparently their champagne was over $1200 a bottle and the wine was over $800 a bottle. These are the guys bringing you into poverty, which they call austerity, for your own good you understand. And when I saw that table and these clownish faces all grinning it reminded me, I thought, dress them up in Roman togas, with a Caesar at the end there, because nothing changes.  Youíre seeing the same darn thing again, because thatís what post-democratic means, thatís what it brings to you.  And just like the ancient days too, you would never be concerned at what these characters were up to, at the top.  The Caesar could do whatever he wanted to do, and even things that you couldnít do of course.  Of course they have their prostitutes laid on for them too, just like the G20; all age groups, all preferences.  Theyíre all brought in by the police for them to have their fun with and weíre seeing ancient Rome, right now, for those who donít quite get it.  Only itís much, much worse.  Itís a TRUE global empire, truly global.  And when theyíre out getting these hookers and all the rest of it too, remember, thereís a lot of guys on the street getting picked up by women police officers dressed as hookers and getting taken off to the can for it, for trying to pick them up.  And you think youíve got some kind of democracy where the same laws apply to everybody?  WHERE are you living?  What planet are you on?   Huh?  Itís astonishing.  But nothing really is astonishing and nothing really is unpredictable either.


I was talking to a reporter who had been at the G20 meetings before in London and elsewhere and he said he couldnít believe what they did.  He passed the rows of hookers in fact, who were being interviewed at the time.  As a reporter, he kind of snuck in under a different guise of course; they actually thought he was a dignitary.  In the bedrooms they brought in special heart-shaped beds in and everything for these characters, these wonderful guys who have so much respect theyíre called Ďhonorableí people, theyíre honorable people, honorable so-and-so, sir honorable so-and-so.  Isnít that wonderful?  And they have integrity and so on.  All the things that you canít have as a peasant, you see, and our tax money pays for all this, including the hookers.   That even came out in Canada at the meeting out on the west coast a few years ago too, and it was okay.  Thatís what the normal custom is, apparently, red carpet treatment, millions of bucks worth of food and booze, and all the prostitutes you want, of any preference or age or anything else. See, all the rules are broken for them because they have no rules at the top.  Theyíre above it, you see. 


Now, back to this story here, about the US troops doing their dirty stuff.  And itís because of the situation now weíve got, theyíre hiring people whoíve been brought up in really a post-religious world, of course, an atheistic society where, as Bertrand Russell said, the state would give them the new morality.  Well, youíre seeing the new morality all around you if you havenít noticed.  Theyíre really being groomed; theyíve been groomed their whole lives to fight and slaughter, and enjoy it, just like a video game.  This article here is from The Mail Online. 


'Repugnant': U.S. army apologises for graphic photos of soldiers with civilian corpses as violence is feared in Afghanistan

By Daily Mail Reporter / 22nd March 2011 /


The U.S. Army has been forced to apologise over what they have deemed as 'repugnant' photographs of grinning American soldiers standing over bloodied and partially-naked Afghan bodies they had allegedly killed.  (A:  You notice thereís more and more of this Ďallegedlyí stuff coming in now?)


The pictures were published by German news organisation Der Spiegel and were among 4,000 they have obtained.


Meanwhile, commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for a public backlash and possible riots over the 'trophy' photographs (A:  Thatís what they call them in the Army.), especially since it has been alleged that the Afghan civilians were unarmed and innocent.  (A:  Well that doesnít make any difference.  Theyíre trying to blame it on, again, a small team.  Thatís again, crisis control, crisis management.)


It is feared that these pictures - which show the aftermath of the murders at the hands of a rogue U.S. Stryker 'kill team' - could be even more damaging as the trials of the 12 accused men are currently under way in Seattle. 


US Army 'kill team' in Afghanistan posed for photos of murdered civilians / Jon Boone / 21 March 2011


Thereís a lot more than that because you understand, EVERYBODY in the military gets these photographs taken; itís become the normal.  They put them up on their Facebooks apparently.  And of course the ones who get into the really naked stuff, the really homoerotic weirdo stuff with their corpses, keep their little photographs and show their pals.  Iíve seen some show me some when theyíre really piss drunk.  These are their guilty little secrets you see, which they hang on to, and they try and rationalize to themselves Ė I donít know how they do it but they somehow do manage to do it.  You know, they were off serving their country, and keeping the world safe for something or another.  But thatís the reality of the world in which we live.


Iím also putting up a link tonight at; itís a good spoof actually on Facebook and the CIA.  Itís a kind of comedy and yet what it says is pretty well true.  Itís quite a good chuckle; itís kind of professionally done.  So Iíll put it up there for you to have a laugh, and maybe a think as well, hopefully, at the same time. 


CIA's "Facebook" Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs


Now, when all this is going on, itís just astonishing.  For instance, hereís an article about a weapon that costs more than the whole of Australia.  It says here...


The F-35: A Weapon That Costs More Than Australia


(A:  Itís written by...) Dominic Tierney - Dominic Tierney is assistant professor of political science at Swarthmore College. He is the author of How We Fight: Crusades, Quagmires, and the American Way of War.  Dominic Tierney is assistant professor of political science at Swarthmore College, and a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  (A: ...etc, etc.   And he writes whatís to come up, and Iíll mention it after this break, see what they are going to cost for these new fighters.  Incredible.)


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I read this article, remember too, this is the first time the UN has declared war on any nation.  Generally countries go to it to ask permission, but the UN being the front that it is Ė itís just a front of course Ė is now rising up as the beast that it truly is. Thatís its job of course, in many areas including The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, as they bring in the Bancor world currency, etc.   But now theyíre the ones who are going to decide who is going to get hammered next, you see.  That takes the heat off the politicians, well we canít do anything about it, we just signed the agreements and we have to go to war when they say so, and all that nonsense, you see.  And they get big dinners and all that.  Anyway, hereís...


The F-35: A Weapon That Costs More Than Australia

The U.S. will ultimately spend $1 trillion for these fighter planes. Where's the outrage over Washington's culture of waste?

By Dominic Tierney /


The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is an impressive aircraft: a fifth generation multirole fighter plane with stealth technology. (A:  Sounds wonderful eh, stealth?)  It's also a symbol of everything that's wrong with defense spending in America.


In a rational world, U.S. military expenditure would focus on the likely threats that the United States faces today and in the future. And at a time of mounting national debt, the Tea Party would be knocking down the Pentagon's door to cut waste.


But the only tea party in sight is the one overseen by the Mad Hatter, as we head down the rabbit hole into the military industrial wonderland.


The F-35 is designed to be the core tactical fighter aircraft for the U.S. military, with three versions for the Air Force, Navy, and the Marine Corps. Each plane clocks in at around $90 million.  (A:  ...each... $90 million each, right.)


In a decade's time, the United States plans to have 15 times as many modern fighters as China, and 20 times as many as Russia.


Washington intends to buy 2,443 (A: $90 million each...), at a price tag of $382 billion.


Add in the $650 billion that the Government Accountability Office estimates is needed to operate and maintain the aircraft, and the total cost reaches a staggering $1 trillion.


In other words, we're spending more on this plane than Australia's entire GDP ($924 billion).


The F-35 is the most expensive defense program in history, and reveals massive cost overruns, a lack of clear strategic thought, and a culture in Washington that encourages incredible waste.  (A: of course you go into austerity, folks, and hyperinflation.)


Money is pouring into the F-35 vortex. In 2010, Pentagon officials found that the cost of each plane had soared by over 50 percent above the original projections. The program has fallen years behind schedule, causing billions of dollars of additional expense, and won't be ready until 2016. An internal Pentagon report concluded that: "affordability is no longer embraced as a core pillar."  (A:  In other words, it doesnít matter what cost, theyíre going to get it anyway.)


In January 2011, even Defense Secretary Robert Gates, a champion of the aircraft, voiced his frustration: "The culture of endless money that has taken hold must be replaced by a culture of restraint."  (A:  I guess that was just a legalism; they always give you legalistic phrases, which they totally ignore.)


The F-35 is meant to be the future of U.S. tactical airpower, but the program harks back to the Cold War, when we faced an aggressive great power rival.


The world has changed. The odds of great power war have declined dramatically. We still need a deterrent capacity against China and Russia (A:  You canít go against China because youíd have nothing left to buy because everything is made there.), but how much is enough? (A:  Apart from that, it holds the whole of the US debt; you canít blow it up.)  In a decade's time, the United States plans to have 15 times as many modern fighters as China, and 20 times as many as Russia.


Meanwhile, new challenges and threats have emerged. We should be focusing our military spending on the types of campaigns that we're actually likely to face: complex asymmetric wars against weaker opponents, where manpower and intelligence are critical.


And it's hard to square the military largesse with our rampant debt. Republicans want to slash billions from programs like early education, in Representative Jeb Hensarling's words, to "save our children from bankruptcy."


So where is the outrage at the F-35's outlandish cost? 


But there are no parties, folks; I hope you realize that.  In fact, Rumsfeld congratulated Obama for carrying on the same policy as they had, you know, revolutionary democracy.  In other words, we will force countries to take democracy, this farce thing that they put up once in a while to make us think that weíve got it too, which of course we donít.  Weíre post-democratic, if you havenít noticed, especially since 9/11.  Youíre under a form of total information awareness network, thatís TOTAL information. Thatís everything about you on a daily basis, folks.  And itís to be that FOREVER.  And the only right you have... you can have lots of various rights, to go to the shops and so on, but the right you donít have is to even disappear.  No privacy whatsoever; thatís basically it, folks. 


And a lot of you will be quite content as you get your minds bent back and forth with crisis management and crisis creation.  Crisis creation is quite something else.  You see, they give you the crisis about CO2 being bad, although itís an essential part of the atmosphere and life on the planet Ė you need CO2.  So they use rubbish like that to basically bring you down into austerity and tax the blazes out of you, and when something real happens, oh radiation is suddenly good and no big deal at all.  And you want to continue to believe these characters?  I hope you people out there, I hope you people out there, who have forgotten, you were managed before 9/11 and managed after it, with your minds, have got a good example here of this sudden turn-around of crisis management and how ALL media will LIE through their teeth to you.  This is not unusual.  THIS IS THE NORMAL.  This IS your daily normal; donít ever forget that.  Donít ever think that suddenly theyíve become truthful again.  They never become truthful.  The media is there to control you. 


And while the US is just going out on this massive spending spree, and putting you down on the tab as they borrow the money for these planes from the International Monetary Fund, and your great, great, great grandchildren, if youíre not sterile by then and you still have them, it says here...


Unemployment rises in nearly all metro areas / 3/20/2011 / By Damian Dovarganes, Associated Press



WASHINGTON (AP) ó Unemployment rose in nearly all of the 372 largest U.S. cities in January compared to the previous month, mostly because of seasonal changes such as the layoff of temporary retail employees hired for the holidays.  (A:  And it gives you examples and so on.)


The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate rose in 351 metro areas, fell in only 16, and was unchanged in 5. Thatís worse than December, when the rate fell in 207 areas and increased in 122.


Other seasonal trends, such as the layoff of construction workers due to winter weather, also contributed to the widespread increase.


Nationwide, the unemployment rate dropped to 9% in January from 9.4% the previous month. It ticked down to 8.9% in February. But the national data is seasonally adjusted, while the metro data isnít, which makes it more volatile. The metro data also lags the national report by one month.


It shows you the areas that are hardest hit and so on.† Remember too, even this stuffís managed by the governments.  Itís far, far worse than theyíre telling you because see, I get a lot of people getting in touch with me, all over the world and all over the States, especially the ones who travel from city to city, and they see more and more and more shops closing up, boarded up and going out of business.  Itís just incredible whatís happening, as the US...  Mind you, I donít know how long theyíll need the US.  Iíve said before, the USís job is to create the new world order; thatís its main function.  Supply the material, the taxation, and the manpower, and so on, and pay for it all of course, through the taxpayer, and once itís all over, Iíve said this for years, once they finish off the last few countries into the standardized world system, and Iíve read the articles from the military called Perpetual Warfare; I might put it up again tonight. 


Constant Conflict

RALPH PETERS / From Parameters, Summer 1997, pp. 4-14.


This is perpetual warfare.  I canít remember a time now where you havenít had war going on.  Weíre used to it. Weíve adapted to it.  And we think nothing of it, actually, as we go off to enforce democracy, you know, revolutionary democracy.  Give them peace by slaughtering them.  You know, war is peace, again.  Freedom is slavery.  Just astonishing.  And once itís finished, though, you see, theyíll bring the US down SO fast, thatís the plan, and theyíll pull the rug from under your feet at home.  Theyíre already doing it with the massive increases in prices just for food and various other things alone.  So get ready folks.  Thatís your only function.  The chattel at the bottom are always the chattel.  Always the chattel.  And itís very, very evident today.  And itís time, if anyoneís at all got a chance whatsoever to do anything about it, theyíll have to really start the protests very quickly.  Mind you, asking these guys nicely isnít going to be easy because they wonít listen to you; I think everyone knows that.


Tonight too, Iím also putting a link up and youíll hear Hillary Clinton talking to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC and she admits that the Ďmotherí, the mother lodge basically, the mother of the CFR for the US, is in New York which it is.  Itís the Harold Pratt Building which is in constant daily communication with its parent of course, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.  She says in this video, the Council on Foreign Relations runs the nation, as theyíve always said and Carroll Quigley said too.  Said it very casually of course because sheís talking to her peers, the ones in the know. 


Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR runs this nation. Wow.


And you can watch this for yourselves, not that many will retain it because most folk today are so overloaded with data.  Thatís part of the warfare upon your mind via the computer; you donít have very long attention spans.  Thatís why you keep falling for the same things over and over again.  You canít tell what the trivia is between the things you must note and remember.  And the big boys have even written articles on this type of warfare... overloading with data, data which you canít interpret even.  They donít know how to read it.  Iíve read the articles from them on the air, again. 


And from the Millennium Project, which is part of Agenda 21, Iíll put a link up too, and itís called...


Global Challenges for Humanity 

-excerpt from 2010 State of the Future-


(A:  They have 15 main ones listed here.)

The 15 Global Challenges provide a framework to assess the global and local prospects for humanity.  (A:  See, youíre not nations anymore; youíre Ďregions,í youíre Ďlocal.í)  Their description, with a range of views and actions to addressed each, enriched with regional views (A:  Thereís your Ďregionalí again.) and progress assessments are updated each year since 1996 and published in the annual State of the Future.  (A:  ...itís called.  The linkís on here and you can download it yourself.)  The short description of the challenges appears in the print version of the report, while a detailed, more complex one is on the CD that accompanies the report. The detailed version of the Global Challenges available in the CD's Chapter 1 are totaling over 1,300 pages. (A:  ...of something thatís very worth reading, for those who can get through 1,300 pages these days.  Thereís not too many who can.)  For each Challenge, there is a more comprehensive overview, alternative views or additional comments from participants on the overview, regional perspectives and relevant information from recent literature, a set of actions with a range of views from interviews with decisionmakers (A:  You see, you donít have politicians now, youíve got Ďdecisionmakersí that are above the politicians.) to address the challenge, additional actions and views on those actions, and suggested indicators to measure progress or lack thereof.


(A:  Then they talk about how the new system really, is really government and institutions working with...) . . . collaborative action among governments, international organizations, corporations (A:  I told you that before.), universities (A:  ...on board with them.), NGOs (A:  non-governmental organizations), and creative individuals. (A:  Creative individuals are actually called philanthropists, by the way, who run the foundations and fund the NGOs, for those who donít know what they mean by that. Thatís what they mean by that.  Theyíve actually written about that at the United Nations, that the new system will have philanthropists at the top, amongst the decisionmakers you see, those like George Soros whoíve, you know, gained lots of money by ripping off whole nations.)  Although listed in sequence, Challenge 1 on sustainable development and climate change is no more or less important than Challenge 15 on global ethics. (A:  You understand, a new way of running the public they are calling Ďethicsí.  How far they can go with you, what theyíre allowed to do TO you, to make you go along, etc, is called Ďglobal ethics.í)  There is greater consensus about the global situation as expressed in these Challenges and the actions to address them than is evident in the news media.  (A:  Youíre darn right there; youíll get nothing in the news media.)


So Iíll put this link up too.  And for those who can be bothered, who can tear their eyes away from the Xbox game youíre getting called Libya right now, youíll learn something.  And thereís not too many folk, honestly, out there who have the ability to retain what is important, as I say.  And thatís why, because theyíre not really in reality at all.  If youíre in reality youíre always in reality, and your mind is always functioning as it should be.  But when you fall back into believing in the mainstream media again, and believing that your governmentís there to somehow serve you, and to tell you the truth, NO Iím sorry, youíre not in reality whatsoever.  Weíre being managed; global management is what they call it.  And youíve been managed your whole lives long.  Youíve even been trained through school to be managed, without you knowing it too. 


Iíll also put up a link too, itís interesting because itís about how pharmacies now are going into medications to aim at men, to even further bring down their sperm count, deliberately, by hitting the mitochondria during the RNA processing of their genes.  Itís a great breakthrough, that theyíre saying oh itís a wonderful thing, for those men who still have sperm left that is, who havenít been totally destroyed by all the other warfare thatís been put upon them.  It says...


SBU Pharmacology Researchers Uncover New Role For Mitochondria During RNA Processing

Reported in Developmental Cell, the Findings May Provide Clues to Male Infertility

Mar 15, 2011 /

Contact: Media Relations ∑ 631.444.7880 ∑ FAX: 631.444.8852

Stony Brook University Medical Center∑ Stony Brook, NY 11794-7755


STONY BROOK, N.Y., March 15, 2011 Ė Michael Frohman, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Pharmacological Sciences at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, and colleagues, have discovered a new role for mitochondria during ribonucleic acid (RNA) processing. This latest finding, reported in Developmental Cell, may hold clues to some causes of male infertility.  (A:  And as you scroll down youíll find that it says itís going to be a very good medication for men as a birth control type scenario; so thatís the real reason for it.  No doubt theyíll add it to other medications that have nothing to do with it, at least on the surface, and help bring more and more of us down into the dust.)


Egypt meanwhile, is protesting of course,


Egypt protests:

America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning ďregime changeĒ for the past three years,

 The Daily Telegraph has learned.

By Tim Ross, Matthew Moore and Steven Swinford 28 Jan 2011


The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.  (A:  And CIA is recruiting them, you see, when theyíre at university and sending them back over there after getting trained, you see, to agitate.)


On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.


(A:  Thereís a link as well to the whole document.)


He has already been arrested by Egyptian security in connection with the demonstrations and his identity is being protected by The Daily Telegraph.  (A:  So we know who it is.)


The crisis in Egypt follows the toppling of Tunisian president Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, who fled the country after widespread protests forced him from office.


The disclosures, contained in previously secret US diplomatic dispatches released by the WikiLeaks website, show American officials pressed the Egyptian government to release other dissidents who had been detained by the police.


Mr Mubarak, facing the biggest challenge to his authority in his 31 years in power, ordered the army on to the streets of Cairo yesterday as rioting erupted across Egypt.  (A:  Well we all know what happened there, and this goes back to January, but they knew about it then.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and I hope all those in the US will listen to this article because this is austerity and they want to do this across the US and Obama of course is going full-steam ahead for it too.  This article is from the UK News, Express.  It says...



(A:  This is austerity.  This is where theyíve brought them down to in this terrible sewer now called Britain.)

A 10-year-old boy was arrested for stealing food to feed his younger sisters / March 20,2011 / Lucy Johnston


THE desperate plight of children in Britain being forced to rely on food parcels to survive is today revealed by the Sunday Express.


Government cutbacks, rising unemployment and soaring food prices are forcing a growing number of families to miss meals, eat badly or go hungry. In one heartbreaking case a 10-year-old boy was arrested for stealing food to feed his two younger sisters.


While some children are short of food, far more are severely deprived of essential nutrients because they are relying on cheap junk food.  (A:  Itís actually cheaper than buying anything else, is junk food.  And thatís what they want you to do in the States too.  Some people already do that in the States.)


Nutrition expert Professor Philip James said: ďThe rate of malnutrition is reaching astonishing levels. Children are being denied fresh foods because families cannot afford to buy them.  (A:  I hope youíre all listening.)


ďOn their poor diets, by early adolescence these malnourished youngsters will be affected by premature diabetes and early signs of underlying heart disease.


ďThe bone health of these youngsters is under threat and doctors are seeing increasing cases of rickets.Ē  (A:  Thatís something you saw in third world countries.  Britain is now a third world country, with a very small, very rich class at the top.)


On Friday the Sunday Express joined volunteers offering food packages to families in some of the most deprived parts of the country.  (A:  Meanwhile Britainís off to war, where their whole military again, for a good old bang, you know, are smashing more Arabs and plundering.  And of course then theyíll divvy up the oil fields like they did with Iraq, presents to the usual big companies where they wonít have to pay taxes anymore and so on, and they can demand their own cost of labor.)


Food Bank outlets across Britain offer a lifeline for many, with some of the parcels being handed out originally intended for the poor of Romania and Bulgaria.  (A:  Now they have to hand them out in Britain.)


Food Bank manager Marla Naiker said: ďWe have people who will walk miles to pick up a parcel. They are desperate.Ē


Our special report follows the publication of a study last week which revealed England has higher child poverty rates than other developed European countries. (A:  Can you believe that?  Thatís ĎGreatí Britain, ĎGreatí Britain, hmm.  Great for some, eh.)  Seven of the top 10 most deprived areas are in London.  (A:  And they give you a list there.)


One mother from Tower Hamlets in east London was recently given money by the charity School Home Support as she had no money to feed her six-year-old son. Judith Sabah, who helps run the charity, said: ďWe gave £150 Ė otherwise the child would have had nothing to eat.Ē  (A:  They have no health service pretty well to speak of left either, the way theyíre slashing it to the bone again.  See, itís served its purpose.  You understand, each nation serves its purpose, for another people who rise above them and run the world.)


Last month a 10-year-old boy was arrested for stealing food in Newton Heath, Manchester. Police discovered he had been forced into crime to get food for his sisters aged three and five.


Our inquiries found many of the parents who qualified for food rations had been forced to skip meals. Jacqueline Robinson, 40, a mother of four from Cardiff, said: ďIím struggling now. Iím robbing Peter to pay Paul with these increases that are going to happen, and Iím really scared.Ē  (A:  Because theyíre jacking everything up with higher taxes to pay for all their wars, and to redistribute the wealth across the world, ala Karl Marx.)


I hope you really understand whatís going on.  And for those who havenít had it yet, itís coming your way.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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