March 22, 2011 (#794)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 22, 2011:

World in Chaos, Terrifying to Some,
Radiation and Wars, Order to Come:

"World's Elite are Gobbling Up Nations,
Stomachs Ravenous, Growling Sensations,
Salivating Wolves, Running as a Pack,
Their New World Order is on Fast Track,
Each Citizen Suspect, Total Info Collected
In Case Some Awake, Watched, Suspected,
For Who Knows Where Truth May Lead?
Pollination of Minds Can Produce Seed,
Those Dead in Spirit Think All is Well,
Deaf to the Roaring of Masters of Hell"
© Alan Watt March 22, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 22, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 22nd 2011.  I always start off the show by advising the newcomers to look into the web site and on there you’ll find hundreds of audios for download where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding this incredible matrix system in which you’re born into, really, and in which your parents were born into too, because we’ve been managed for an awful long time by a completely different system than something called democracy.  So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, all the sites listed on the .com site have transcripts as well which you can download of a lot of the talks I’ve given, in English.  And if you want them in other languages go into and take your pick from the choices offered.  Remember too, you’re the audience who bring me to you so you can help support me by buying the books and disks I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are certainly welcome because it’s expensive what I do.  I don’t bring on guests who will sell you things.  I try and get through the straight hour with as much information as possible and therefore I don’t ask for sponsorship or to get paid - and there’s a lot of money to get paid if you bring them on actually.  But as I say, this is more of an easy way to do it for me, and it’s the kind of right way to do it for me.  So as I say, get in touch with me and buy the books and disks, etc and support me and keep it going.


On this show... it’s not a show, again, I hate that word – I’m going to try and get out of the habit of it.  I’m not in show business because you’ll find everything becomes show business eventually out there.  This is just an educational talk where we’re given the basic nonsense by the media; we try to revise it.  That’s called revisionist history.  And revisionist history, I try to get away from that too because you end up still debating the basic facts put out as the media put it out in the first place.  So you’re arguing in circles with generally misinformation and you end up nowhere, or very confused.  What I try to do is give you the articles put out and the books put out by the big boys themselves, the ones who help design this system that you’re really going through full-steam ahead right now, into this wonderful new world order, something which has been worked at for centuries.  And you’ll find the organizations churned out books by generally retiring members who like to boast about their part in this ‘great work,’ as they call it, to bring the world under one system, one managerial system, and also one monetary system, one cultural system.  And they’re using democracy, as a strange elastic term, to bring it all about while they themselves admit they are not democratic.  And they say that, democracy could never actually work; you can’t get big plans through for the world if people are arguing and they have rights and they debate you and so on.  Therefore, they are not democratic but they do use democracy as a shield when they go off to plunder other countries and bring them under the same standardized system.  That’s what it’s really all about.  That’s what you’re living through today, as you’ve lived in perpetual war.  As I say, I put that article up many times before from the military magazine where they admit they’re in perpetual war.  That also means war on your mind, totally on your mind, 100% on your mind; you get nothing true from the media, believe you me.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s a good term really, the matrix, because just like the movie it’s got so many compartments and levels and so on.  Very much Masonic in fact, with heads of each area, strange characters who seem to rule over their particular area, but always in touch with the one above them, and above them and above them, until you go up to ‘the great architect,’ or ‘the grand architect’ of their universe.  That’s the kind of world in which we live because we are under total management. 


I remember reading Webster’s speeches in the 1800s to do with education.  He talked about the kind of education that they would give Americans.  And he said, to make them good, obedient citizens, that’s what he said, that’s what the education would be set up to do.  And of course we’ve all heard about the other books that have come out on The Dumbing Down of America [Charlotte Iserbyt] and [John Taylor] Gatto also has his books out there too on how this was done across basically the whole so-called civilized world.  The same technique working in concert and more so than ever when the United Nations was set up and they had their international educational authority basically and UNICEF to set the whole agenda for the planet, to make sure we’re all equally dumb, on board, and that way it’s much easier to give propaganda out and we all believe it, from one source really.  In days before that it would be more difficult.  They’d have to try and give separate accounts to each country, or some countries might not be in on it and give different accounts of what was happening. Now, with the standardized central command, really, of information in the world it’s much easier since they’ve trained us all to think the same way and to think that we know the same things, we’ll all come to the same conclusions we’re supposed to do.  It’s very, very simple really, set up long ago of course. 


Since this action has happened and this disaster in Japan, we know from day one that the whole thing is damage control.  We saw a good example of that when we had the hurricane come over New Orleans and the disaster there where FEMA and then Homeland Security took over all information coming out.  Nothing came out from any other source, that was authorized, except through them.  And they really enforced that. They enforced information at the point of a gun sometimes when reporters would try and get in somehow and be very quickly put in their place.  That’s crisis management.  More so than that, you couldn’t even help your neighbors because if you tried to help a neighbor they could actually, under their own laws that they’ve drafted up, they could actually shoot you, because you see, you’re not an expert and only experts can deal now with any kind of disaster situation.  So don’t go and help your neighbor.  The same thing happened in Australia when they had the tornadoes going through and the typhoons going through there.  When a trucker tried to bring in cattle feed in his tractor trailer to a disaster area and he was actually charged and fined for trying to break through a cordon and get food to his friends who were farmers to make sure the cattle kept living.  So this is happening worldwide and we see it more than ever in Japan.  This is a worldwide coordinated effort and we know that the big agencies at the United Nations have got all countries under the same treaty, where the UN will tell the world what’s supposed to be so and they work in concert.  There’s no real independent, I’m-going-alone-as-a-country, anymore.  They all go through the same information bodies, and, again, censorship bodies. 


From the very beginning, when they gave us the confusion... there was no confusion, believe you me, with NASA and all the other government agencies and spy satellites in the sky because those darned things are watching everything that happens, and with the gadgets and gizmos and spectrometers they have on board they can tell exactly what’s being released anywhere on the planet, by the various colors and so on and filters that they use.  It’s not difficult whatsoever.  It’s child’s play to them.  So there’s no mystery to them as to what’s really been happening from the very, very beginning.  But now they’re playing it down and some people will think we’re living in the middle of madness when they bring on a war in Libya, which they’d obviously planned a long time ago, as they take one country out after another.  And you wonder to yourself, are they crazy, are they simply mad, or is this radioactivity blown out of proportion and they’re not really concerned about it or what? 


Believe you me, when you look into high government and especially to do with the top secret services and security forces and even the various ways that governments have got to keep themselves going, continuity of government they call it.  They have meetings and they’ve had them for your whole life long, which you’ve never heard of, of course, where they bring people in, and they let them in on little secrets, and where big bunkers are, that kind of stuff, and they give them lectures, basically on a form or Darwinism of survivability of the species.  And just like the disaster movies that you’ve seen, like that crazy silly one, 2012 I think it was called, they already have the people picked that they would actually take in to any survival areas or underground bunkers or whatever – some of them are like cities actually.  They even have their DNA types and everything else just to make sure they’re going to be fit and healthy, etc, etc.  So once they’re allowed into these little in groups they tell the people nothing because you see, they’re sworn to secrecy and if they give up any information at all they might be excluded from their own survival.  So we don’t even know what the great plan is here except they’re going ahead as though nothing had happened.  Then again, you must remember that all soldiers in war are disposable because they can just as easily recruit the same amount in a few months time; there’s always guys turning 18 across the world who are just dying to be in the Xbox game that they play all the time.  And of course, if they achieve those particular goals, and you think about what’s happening in Japan, maybe it would make sense down the road to somebody. 


Tonight I’m putting up some links, some of them are to official – it doesn’t mean that they’re true – but they’re official web sites to do with the atomic agencies.  They’re supposed to be done in real time, simulation, according to all the data coming in, on the radiation coming across from Japan into the Americas.  I watched it last night and it was astonishing because they had the graphs there with the cesium coming in, different color coding you see, and the radioactive iodine and so on, all on this particular web site; whether they’ll pull it or not I don’t know.  I was trying to get in a minute ago and I can’t see an update to it.  It’s from one of their official sites that they obviously didn’t want the public to know about.  But I will put it up tonight and you can peruse it for yourselves. 


Accident in the Japanese NPP Fukushima: Spread of Radioactivity/weather currently not favourable/low level radioactivity meanwhile observed over Canada and Alaska

Update: 21 March 2011 /

Unfall im japanischen Kernkraftwerk Fukushima (Update: 21. März 2011 11:00)

Simulations de la dispersion atmosphérique du panache radioactif formé par les rejets de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima Daiichi, entre le 12 mars et le 20 mars 2011


You will see this stuff coming from Japan in great bursts and as it goes up into the colors from purple all the way up.  It was reaching orange and a little red in fact, from Japan.  You’ll see it coming into the west coast of America and it’s astonishing.  It came in in bursts and it was hitting the San Francisco area, LA area, and going right up, swirling, to Alaska – that was getting really dosed – and the rest of it is going across into Canada and the Great Lakes and then out across the east coast, continuously.  And that’s been happening for days and days now, by the way, as they try to tell us there’s nothing to worry about.  I thought to myself, you know, now that there’s articles in the paper about – what was obvious – that there’s radioactive fears of the food now in Japan.  And I thought to myself, after I read this upcoming article, I thought to myself, now if all these areas across the States, Canada and Alaska and so on are being whacked with this and it’s heading over the Atlantic to Europe – and it’s actually hit the countries in Europe now, Scotland and England were being dosed in it too, according to this official map – I thought, is this going to destroy the food for the whole darn planet? And maybe the only safe place to be down the road would be the Middle East, if you grab the Nile, the Euphrates and all the rest of it.  It would kind of make sense that way. But that is just something I tossed around in my head because that’s what they do at the top in these scenarios.  They take all survivability studies for themselves and the elite, and they always project ahead.  So who knows how anything ties in together, if at all, or if it all ties in together with what’s happening now. 


Here’s an article here from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and it says...


Radioactive food fears grow in Japan

By Hayden Cooper and wires / / Mar 22, 2011


(Alan: In the same article too, it’s got that the plant has been evacuated in Japan, as smoke rises again from the reactors.  Then they go into this crazy thing about The World Bank say it will cost $235billion, as though they know.  It will be a lot more than that but they want to get them on the debt tab of the International Monetary Fund; they’ve been trying to get Japan on that for a long time.  Now they’ve found that there’s radioactive substances found in the seas off Japan. Well when you see these maps, these live charts as I say, in real time, you’ll see why.)


Japan is continuing to deal with a nuclear emergency as fears of food contamination grow and high levels of radioactive substances are found in seawater near the crippled Fukushima plant.


The news comes amid another setback in efforts to cool the earthquake-crippled nuclear plant, with officials spotting grey smoke coming from the roof of the No. 3 reactor.


Some workers were temporarily evacuated from the nuclear plant, 250km north-east of Tokyo, but there are reports smoke can no longer be seen rising from that reactor.  (A:   Really, we’re going to be told no real news at all.  I wonder if it’s just shells that are left there, to be honest with you myself, and the rest of it’s maybe just a show.)


The World Health Organisation says the detection of radiation in food is a more serious problem than first expected (A:   And that was not for the rest of us that can think; it was rather obvious at the time.) and food contamination is not a localised problem.  (A: says.)


Four prefectures have been singled out, but it says there is no evidence of contaminated food from Fukushima reaching other countries.  (A:   Now, other articles I’ve read have said it’s already IN other countries in low doses, which it has to be since this wind basically carries it right across, in the stream.  It carries it right across, as I say, round the whole world.  I’ll go into this more when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix reading an article about the state in Japan of the food.  They’re trying to play it down there again too and say they’ve tried 4 prefectures and they are contaminated for sure but they’re not worried about the rest of the country or anywhere else, it seems to be, which is nonsensical; I’m sure they are.  It contradicts it here.  It says...


The World Health Organisation says the detection of radiation in food is a more serious problem than first expected and food contamination is not a localised problem.  (A:   ...right.  Then it says...)


Shipments of spinach and similar vegetables will be banned and exports of milk from Fukushima prefecture will also be curtailed.  (A:   It will be a lot more than just that area.  Then, ha!  Then you get the usual.  Now remember, what you’re reading here is what you’ll get from your own... you ARE actually getting it from your own governments.)


Speaking through a translator, chief government spokesman Yukio Edano maintained there was no health threat.  (A:   You see.)


"For a precautionary measure we are taking these actions. Please don't panic," he said.


Tap water with increased radiation levels has also been detected in some towns, which WHO says is a serious concern.  (A:   See all the contradictions here?)


Meanwhile, abnormally high levels of radioactive substances have been detected in seawater near the Fukushima plant.


TEPCO says the level of iodine-131 (A:   That’s the stuff that’s floating over Canada right now actually, along with the cesium.) is 126.7 times higher and caesium-134 is 24.8 times higher than government-set standards.  (A:   Well why do you think they have standards, eh? That’s your first question you ask.  And if it’s much higher, than nothing’s safe.)


The company has confirmed power cables have been connected to all six nuclear reactors at the stricken power plant. 


So that’s the way they manage countries including where you’re living today of course.  As I say, the link I’ll put up tonight will show you these massive trails coming in with clouds; it’s not just a plume.  It’s following the wind and it’s right over the Americas, right over North America.  I’d love to know where all the bigwigs are right now, eh.  Wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you like to know too?


And, as I say, through all of this we have the stuff on Libya, which I won’t even bother going into.  I’m sure you’ve had your fills of it.  I personally have been avoiding it because I know the agenda, I know the big plan, I know everything is managed to help these poor rebels, etc, etc.  And you’ve heard Hillary’s speeches and all that kind of stuff, that America must show its power and all the rest of it, to the world, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da, ya.  So we’ll skip that.  We’ll never get the truth on that actually, just like we never got the TRUE truth on that, or the full truth on even Iraq for that matter.  Except all we did know is who benefits and we saw them divvy up the oil fields to the usual suspects, for free you know.  After the taxpayers of Britain, Canada, the US and others had built brand new refineries for them; then they were giving them for presents. 


Here’s what’s happening too, to those folk who use cell phones.  And it’s so comical because this is from Homeland Security.  And what they’re telling you they’re doing in Beijing to track individuals, they’ve been doing here forever.   So it’s the kettle calling the pot black really; that’s what this is.  It says...


Beijing to track individual movement through cell phones

Published 14 March 2011 /


Beijing could soon track the daily movements of seventeen million residents by tapping into their cell phones; authorities have proposed a program designed to help ease traffic congestion by providing up to the minute data on an individual's movements; critics say that this is an attempt by authorities to prevent large crowds from forming; the proposed plan comes as Chinese officials have grown increasingly worried about domestic unrest in light of the mass protests sweeping across the Middle East; Chinese police forces turned out in full force after anonymous calls for mass protests were posted online; the government has also placed more than eighty activists under house arrest while others (A:   The Chinese way...)  have gone missing.  (A:   [Alan laughing.])


Beijing could soon track the daily movements of seventeen million residents by tapping into their cell phones. (A:   And that’s really what it’s all about.) 


The project, dubbed the “Information Platform of Realtime Citizen Movement,” (A:   That’s what it’s called.) would use a person’s cell phone, local cell stations, and GPS technology to send data to powerful computers that will give government officials unprecedented amounts of information on any individual’s current location and trajectory within Beijing. Critics of the program say that this is a thinly disguised attempt by authorities to restrict personal movement and to prevent large crowds from forming.  (A:   They’re just worried about you... don’t you understand that?  They’re just worried about... they want to keep you safe, just like they’re doing with us.  You’ll soon be as safe as we are.  [Alan laughing.])


You know, years ago I talked about the fact... and I got this actually from a professor who knew a lot of important people.  He was one of these guys who had archives access, true archives access, and he said that, you know, they don’t even – because at that time we were talking about the fact that years ago, and probably forever, the authorities have been able to listen in on your regular LINE telephone.  And it doesn’t have to be on while they do it; it’s already got a built-in microphone and all the rest of it.  And he explained the different techniques that they used to do it, to make it work.  I’ve even had the experience of having it work that way on me, when you hear the one ring go off, you’re supposed to lift it up and say hello and then you put it down; you’ve actually activated your phone.  They’ve been doing that since about the 1940s I believe.  Anyway he also mentioned something I’d been thinking about because you see, all materials vibrate.  You’ve all heard about broadband and all the rest of it.  You know that your Smart Meter for instance is a bit smarter than they’re telling you, and it can actually record what you’re talking about by vibrations on the plate of the input sockets on the wall... all the time.  And I’ll be back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article, again from Homeland Security, as though, my, they didn’t know this themselves, as they themselves have special phones and all the rest of it.  However, it says here, in fact, they get a particular phone called “TSG-6 phones with special vibration dampening circuitry and materials that render them impervious to these types of listening devices.”  However, here’s an interesting part that confirmed what I’d already known all along. 


Are your phones really secure?

Published 25 February 2011 /


Eavesdroppers have circumvented encrypted audio channels (A:  Because your own governments have been doing this to you your whole life long.) by relying on a relatively simple principle in physics — resonance.


By tapping into an object’s natural resonance, spies have turned phones and phone cables into listening devices even when they are not in use. These objects vibrate at low frequencies in the course of normal conversation (A:  It’s just like putting your hand on a window, your fingertips on a window panel and someone outside talking.  You’ll feel it.  And so does plastic and so does the little plates you have on the wall, for instance, to plug your electrical things into.)  and can actually transmit electrical signals. Wiretapping technology has taken advantage of this and used every possible vibrating object including wires and circuit boards to listen in on conversations(A:  So think about your laptops as well, even if you’ve turned off the microphone.)


In tests Teo researchers were able to capture human voices using standard phones, unplugged category five (Cat 5) Ethernet cables, or even a rock(A:  A rock is all they need to do it with too.)


“In the lab we can actually take a rock and connect it to a Cat-5 cable and there will be enough microphonic oscillation that you can pick up intelligible speech,” he said.


So this is again from Homeland Security who have been using this technique on you and your parents and your grandparents actually because they’ve always done this, they’ve always known this.  The world that you’re born into has always been about total information control, knowing what everyone’s up to.  And when they find you’re up to sort of no good, if it’s low-level stuff they won’t come out and tell you because it gives the show away of what they’re actually doing, you see, and so they let you do your little petty things and turn a blind eye.  They never blow their cover of just how much data they’re collecting.


We find too, during all this nonsense that’s going on, they’re talking about selling off Canada’s water.  Now, they’ve been talking about that for years and it’s going through the United Nations of course. It says in this article here...


Canada's water could be answer for anticipated global water shortages

Published 8 March 2011 /


Global demand for water is projected to exceed supplies by 40 percent in 2030, (A:  That’s an amazing year for them, eh, 2030, for all these big think tanks.) and Canada may be the answer to minimizing water shortages; it is estimated that in the next twenty years, one third of the world will only have half the water it needs to cover daily needs; to prevent these shortages, (A:  This is what they’re saying is going to rob your water off you, and sell it actually, for big corporations because that’s what it’s about.) researchers are scrambling to develop technologies and practices to reduce water consumption (A:  That’s called rationing folks.), discover new re-processing techniques, and improve infrastructure;  (A:  It sounds awful... even proactive I bet you too.) 


(A:  Anyway, they’ve got all the big NGOs and foundations working on this; they have all along.)  Zafar Adeel, the chair of United Nations (UN) Water (A:  I guess that’s one of their agencies.), which leads the water-related efforts of twenty-eight UN organizations, says, “Climate change (A:  Oh you know, that climate change stuff, even though we’re cooling, get more rain and all that, especially with the spraying that’s going on in the skies all the time.) will affect all societies and ecosystems most profoundly through the medium of water but there is no other way to generalize the crises ahead. At unpredictable times, too much water will arrive in some places and too little in others.”  (A:  Well that’s unfair!  I mean, that’s just not communistic is it?  It’s supposed to be equality and all that isn’t it?  Anyway...)


To prevent these shortages, researchers are scrambling to develop technologies and practices to reduce water consumption, discover new re-processing techniques, and improve infrastructure.


Canada’s water experts (A:  We’ve got experts for everything, you know.  I think we’ve even got nose-picking ones too in Canada.) are well-suited to assist in this effort as they have gained valuable experience from managing 9 percent of the world’s fresh water supplies. Canada has abundant supplies of freshwater in its lakes and rivers which cover an area roughly the size of Spain, Germany, and Belgium put together.  (A:  But I’ll just add in, it’s all radioactive now, eh?  [Alan chuckles.])


“We need to brace for what could easily be humanity’s greatest short-term challenges,” says Margaret Catley-Carlson (A:  That’s another double-barreled name; they do like these double-barreled names.), one of the directors of Canadian Water Network (CWN).


According to Nicholas Parker, chairman of the Cleantech group, “Canada’s relatively abundant water supply will surely be an asset in future as precious as oil was in the 20th Century. (A:  Well you know something folks, you see, you’re just the cattle on the land and the big corporations are the boys that are going to take the water and sell it at exorbitant prices and profits to other countries that are a bit dry.  That’s the big agenda.  All the world’s resources have to be managed through these corporations, you understand, and that’s just another resource.)  It must be managed carefully to ensure it can be harvested sustainably in perpetuity, supporting the well-being of all members of the world community.”  (A:  So there you are, the redistribution of wealth, redistribution of your water, your food, everything, even if you’re all on rations back home.  That’s what’s really coming down the pike, for those who don’t understand what’s happening.  [Alan chuckles.])


Alan:  There’s Bob from California hanging on the line.  I’ll talk to Bob if he’s there.


Bob:  Hey, Alan.  Hi, hey, I appreciate you taking my call.  Yeah, the planet’s covered three-quarters with water.  Where, where are we going to find any?  I don’t know, probably run out soon. 


Alan:  That’s right, especially with all this warming, global warming and everything.


Bob:  Well yeah, right, it could freeze and then melt and then, who knows.  So, I recently read a book that I wanted to bounce off you.  I’m sure you’ve read it.  It’s Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.  And there’s amazing facts in there.  But after reading that and looking at what’s going on today, it’s almost an exact repeat of the early 1915, 16, 17 era when the Bolsheviks were stirring stuff up to try and get a revolt of the people so that they could take over, which they did.  Only this time with Libya and Egypt and Afghanistan and everyone else, they’re trying to do the global thing, which is what Trotsky was trying to do.  Does that sound accurate? 


Alan:  Don’t forget too, that that was to be an international revolution and that’s why it was funded by the big bankers.


Bob:  Exactly.  Well, of course, Lenin thought he could do it in one country but he was proven wrong.  So they decided, well let’s try the other one... I’m guessing here. 


Alan:  Well, basically, basically they gave the job, Trotsky eventually took over, with the Trotskyist version of Marxism, which the big bankers really wanted – perpetual revolution it was called – across the world.  The big bankers like socialism because to control the whole planet they need a form of massive bureaucracy, government agency spying on the people and making sure that they’ve got what they want.  Remember, communism is not democratic and neither is the system in which we live today, so we are in this particular system.  Some great authors and professors have written books on who funded them into existence, the bankers involved, and they were all the big usual suspects that literally funded the whole Communist Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution and now you’re into the new post Cold War era where we’ve come together with them.  That, again, is what Lenin said would happen, they would merge with the West, and that also was admitted at the Reece Commission in the US for Congress.


Bob:  So you do you think that the Bolsheviks, the same people are still behind the scenes?


Alan:  I’m sure, and in fact many of their offsprings are still working along with it too.  I mean, Madeline Albright now is on the board at NATO for bombing all these countries. She’s the one that wanted to starve all the Iraqis, which she actually did through an embargo.  She’s a wonderful woman, you know; she’s got this maternal instinct for maybe a few but not everybody else.  Anyway, her father and grandfather were closest friends of Lenin and then Stalin; they were right-hand men of Stalin.  And they actually formed the Green Party to take over from communism, by the way. 


Bob:  Well, what a coincidence.  Well, okay, so I’m right on, right on there.


Alan:  You’ll find there’s a professor that wrote the books who funded Hitler and who funded the Bolsheviks, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Professor Anthony Sutton.  In fact, he’s got some YouTube talks up there, but he wrote the books on it.  And he is well documented.  He was allowed in eventually to the post-Soviet system, got their records too, and it’s all factual stuff.  The bankers’ names are all there, how much money they funded, how much money they got out of it, and the people involved in it.


Bob:  Okay.  Well thank you very much, Alan.  I really appreciate what you’re doing and sometimes I think you’re the last sane person on the planet that I can talk to, so thank you.


Alan:  Thanks very much for calling.  Now there’s Chris in British Columbia there. Are you there Chris?


Chris:  Hello Alan.  First of all I wanted to say I enjoyed your cameo in Order of Chaos, the film you have available on your web page.  Wonderful work, thank you very much.  I wondered if you could take a moment to explain the mind control to the listeners, of the... this weekend they’re having this thing called Earth Hour where you’re supposed to turn your lights off for an hour on the 26th.  And I’ll take your answer offline. Thank you.


Alan:  Okay.  It’s astonishing.  I mean, isn’t it amazing how it all ties in together too.  They’ve tried this before, though.  I think they started with cities in the States and tried to turn it off for an hour.  And again, it’s to start conditioning you to think about the things they want you to think about.  It’s so important that you start thinking about what they have programmed you to think about, not what you want to think about.  And it’s all utter nonsense because at the moment there’s no real power shortage at all. It’s a power shortage that’s going to come because they’ve told us that they’re going to bring us down to energy rationing, before this Japanese thing happened.   And they mean what they say.  Many of the people at the top of this particular movement have actually said that there must never be another America; they must dismantle all the technology of America, the factories and so on, and turn it into a kind of wilderness area and get us all greenies and living in little camps or mud huts or something; I don’t know, they’ve never been very specific about it.  But the fact is, they do not want this kind of system ever to rise across the planet anywhere else again.  And these people are advising Presidents and Prime Ministers across the world, the same people who wrote these various books and articles, like Ehrlich and all the rest of them, and you’ve got Holdren in the States.  So they mean what they say. 


They’re going to bring us down to a more primitive way of living – and I mean primitive because there will be food shortages, there will be rationing, eventually, now that the big 5 agri-businesses have got the food supply under their control across the whole world.  As I say, they’re selling off Canada’s water, for big bucks to people who are already, you know, dying of thirst. So this is massive profit.  It also ties in with Darwinism too.  But they must always get the cattle used to the new field.  These are the terms, by the way, they use.  I’ve talked to some people in some big institutions, well known institutions that work for governments, and they’ll joke about it and actually say that, they must train the cattle, or the sheep sometimes they’ll say, for the new field. The new field is going to have a lot shorter grass in it, and a lot of thorns as well, and weeds.  And they’re training us.  And we must go along with it.  You see, if people are aware and cognizant of what’s happening they tend to rebel.  We’re like that.  Even moving cattle out of a field, they don’t like to move if it’s a nice field.  And you kind of rebel.  What you want to do is make them want to go along with your agenda, and they do that through their propaganda, the massive indoctrination through schooling from Kindergarten even onwards, and especially aim at the young.  Because you see, the young are born to be led for revolutions.  They’re born for it.  And if your parents don’t have an idea of what your country is all about, the state will make sure that they will give the new morality and the new ideas of what their country’s all about to the child, until you can’t recognize that child anymore.  What I’m talking about is past tense because it’s been happening for the last 30-odd years at least, 40 years.  So that’s been accomplished. 


Then again, you fund the NGOs, very well.  They’re living a better lifestyle than the average person is out there because they get masses of money from the foundations; that’s their master.  They have full pensions and all the rest of it. They don’t go around with charity cups, rattling tin cans at doors.  They’re incredibly well funded, have massive buildings with computers and staff and all the rest of it.  And this is the new form of what they call democracy.  Democracy happens to be their NGOs.  It is a replication of the Soviet system worldwide because the Soviet system – ‘soviet’ means run by councils, or rule by councils – and it’s supposed to be where there are people who represent the people in every area of living.  And these are NGOs on this side of the world.  It’s the exact same copy.  They tell you what to think, what’s good for you all. They get the followers, the willing followers who are told scary stories and want to do something about it.  They’re never told any other side of any story, just the scary stories to motivate them into action.  So it’s far easier to get the cattle to move into the field when you treat them in such a way, train them so that they want to move into the new field.  Then there’s no problem at all.  And that’s the simple technique that they’re using. 


With all the money in the world behind them, massive think tanks on how to do it, guys like Sunstein and many, many others using their neuroscience techniques on the public.  Remember what they already said, that they’re treating, they’re even putting articles out now to train the public to want to pay more taxes. They can do anything with you if they want to, with the techniques in psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics too.  They can do anything.  If you don’t have your own mind then someone else will dominate it for you.  And it’s been done, unfortunately, for most people.  We’re post-democratic. We’re not democratic, and the Club of Rome, the major think tank for the United Nations, has said that over and over and over.  And they’re quite happy with that; that’s the way it’s supposed to be they claim. 


And what can you do?  Most people, again, have a choice because when they’re presented with scary scenarios over and over and over and over again... and I’ve read all these articles from the big greenie sites, the NGOs, that get to talk with governments and advise governments and they say that:  We always give them scary scenarios to make them listen, to make them afraid, so that they’ll follow us.  And it works every time.  And the media is completely on board with it; they love scary stories.  And yet the media can clam up when they’re told to shut up, like what’s happening in Japan, the true massive catastrophe and the long-lasting effects of it all; they’ll shut up then.  The media belongs to the same guys who own the banks and the stock market; they own the stock market, they don’t play with a few pennies here.  These are the guys who move millions and millions across the world maybe 2-3 times a day to different places.  That’s the reality of the world in which we live. 


That’s the music coming in so I’ll come back with more after this break and see if the fella from Maryland is still on the phone.   Back after this.


Hi folks, this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we’re on the phones and we’ll talk to Brian from Maryland.  Are you there Brian?


Brian:  Yes I am.  First of all I want to thank you for what you do and Alex Jones and everybody else who’s in the anti new world order movement.  What you all are doing, you all are doing some great and wonderful things.  You guys don’t get enough... you guys don’t get enough thanks as far as I’m concerned. 


Alan:  We may be the last of our kind.  [Alan chuckles.]


Brian:  I think so.  I don’t even watch TV.  I, myself, right along with you, I’m trying to tell people that thing’s a tool of programming.  It’s nothing but brainwashing coming out of that thing.


Alan:  As I told you before, I think I’ve mentioned before, there’s a fellow who writes me whose brother’s got CIA clearance, he’s up in the Pentagon and he comes home. They never talk about what he works at but all his brother would advise him to do was NEVER WATCH TELEVISION.


Brian:  Yeah.  I actually work on the secured compound on Ft Mead; I’ll let you figure out where I work at.  And that’s all they do; a lot of them just watch TV, and they focus on CNN and Fox News.  I’ve been mainly plugging, you know, hey what about alternative news, what about alternative news, and these people look at me like I’m growing two heads out of my neck, out of my head.  I’m thinking, these people are turbo nerds, with like 10 pound brains and they can’t look beyond a certain spectrum, you know.


Alan:  That’s right. 


Brian:  I guess that goes into the part of compartmentalization.


Alan:  It’s also, you’re looking at completely conditioned people.  Their conditioning has taken perfectly on them.  And that’s why they can be dangerous when they’re let loose on the public, because they’ll believe what they’re told.


Brian:  I kind of, I’ve very much broken out of that conditioning thanks to yourself and Alex Jones and I also dabble a little bit and listen to William Cooper as well.  There’s just a lot out there that people just aren’t getting. 


Alan:  It’s a choice eventually that they don’t want to get.  A lot of people are pretty happy slaves you know. 


Brian:  I know.  I see it. 


Alan:  They’re happy slaves and they will actually fight to retain, even though they’re losing, the system and the way they live.  They don’t know it yet but they’re losing it.  They’ll fight to try and keep that which is a hopeless thing, but they’ll kill many others in it in the process, trying to keep that way of living, because they are conditioned and they will obey their masters.  So they’re scary people.  It’s like in The Matrix movie, you had the practice matrix where Neo’s taken into and he’s told to be on alert and he falls for the red headed woman who walked past him, red dress woman, and it turns into agent Smith.  And he says, you understand everyone around here is an enemy unless they’ve come out of the matrix.  In other words, everyone out there with their perfect conditioning is really a tool of the services and systems that run the world, and they don’t know it.  They don’t know it at all.  They haven’t got a clue.


Brian:  You’re absolutely right. 


Alan:  And they will shop on each other.  They’ll inform on each other, often innocently in fact because they don’t know what’s going on and they don’t think what they’re saying could harm anyone else.  They’re dangerous people.  And they will.... understand too, people have a mob mentality, and that’s what’s used in the military of course.  You bond them together, as a gang, with the same uniform, with lots in common, and you make sure you reinforce that impression that they’ve got lots in common.  And it’s the same with society in general.  Society doesn’t like something that’s different from themselves.  They want you to conform to them, even if they’re all wrong.  So this technique is used on the public in general.   They’re given their thoughts, their beliefs, their way of acting, their way of behaving, and if someone else is different they’ll turn on you too.  And that’s an unfortunate thing, which is used by, again, the Sunstein type characters out there.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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