March 23, 2011 (#795)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 23, 2011:

At Election Time Politicos Smother
You With "Democracy" the Liars' Cover:

"We the People have No Say,
Our Duty is to Obey and Pay
For Lavish Lifestyle of Our Betters,
Politicos, Bankers and Men of Letters
Who Talk Down to Us as Though to Fools,
The Working Stiff, Taxable Mules,
With Intent to Confuse the Dumbed-Down Herd,
Economics, Science Presented by Some Nerd,
With Confident Arrogance, Talk Not Plain,
Why Attempt with Animals to Explain
The Higher Thoughts of Lofty Mind
To Junk-Gene People Left Behind,
"For Government You'll Fight, Be Taxed, Labour"
Next Election You're Supplied with Another Saviour"
© Alan Watt March 23, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 23, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 23rd of March 2011.  I always advise newcomers right off the bat to go into and help yourself to the audios which are there for download for free.  Thereís hundreds to choose from and I hope to give you shortcuts to understanding the big system into which youíre born, the controlled system into which youíre born, and the way it operates and so on, and how it literally controls the way you think, through your education, through your indoctrination and through the media and entertainment.  Entertainment, never put it down as simply there to make you laugh or cry.  Itís there to embed certain points of view and things into your head so that youíll think things are quite normal, when they actually have come across in your own lifetime youíll think itís all quite natural.  They show you progressions of things, even in their disaster movies in fact, getting you always prepared for the next and the next thing to come and showing you how you must give up even more and more and more rights with everything they show you in fiction.  It always becomes reality.  So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, all the sites listed are the official sites, on the .com site.  They all have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given for download and print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into which has a variety to choose from.  Remember too, you are the listeners who bring me to you.  So support me by buying the books and disks that I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, that donations are certainly welcome, more than welcome because it costs a lot to do what Iím doing.  And I donít terrify you and then offer you the solutions by selling you products; thatís just the way I do things.  So hopefully itís up to you to keep me going.  Remember, the ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers directly to RBN to broadcast this show; Iíve got nothing to do with that.  That pays for their staff, equipment and the broadcast and their bills.  So you can help me with mine by helping me out too, because whatever you hear on this show is always repeated the following day on numerous other shows as well, sometimes even verbatim from the words I use.  As I say, Iím not here to make money.  Iím not here to terrify you and use it as a gimmick to sell you something thatís going to save your lives.  So itís up to you if you want to listen to me or not, and you can do so by supporting me. 


We know that, just a few minutes ago, these reactors in Japan now, supposedly 4 of them are either smoking white smoke or else itís steam.  Because everything is getting filtered through the public broadcasting station for Japan, which is government controlled, weíre getting confusing stories on whatís causing it. Regardless, theyíve not fixed the problem, obviously.  Because regardless if itís smoke or if itís steam, itís radioactive and it doesnít look so great after all, does it?  With all their high science and their wonderful terms and terminologies and their incredible vagueness about how radiation is going to affect different people, theyíve got to be vague, because really, most of them donít know.  They know itís not nice stuff; itís not nice stuff at all.  They know it harms everybody it comes in contact with, regardless of the type that hits you, basically, and itís not easy to get rid of from the soil, where you grow your vegetables and the animals graze from the grass, and itís in the sea now too.  So Iíll be back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just mentioning that Japan has 4 reactors now smoking, or steaming, who knows what.  Regardless, even if theyíre steaming it means that water is superheated and itís giving off radioactive gases.  Itís far, far from over it would seem, never mind the damage itís already caused across the world and to the people of Japan itself of course, who, really, if this had happened in any other country thereíd have been riots in the streets and they would be probably looting and God knows what else.  But itís happened in Japan where the people seem to be more obedient and they manage to keep their cool under these circumstances.  So hats off to them.  It would be terrible, really terrible to be stuck in that situation. 


And once again, like all countries, we are the same too, dependent upon government departments of information to release any news to you at all, which is generally a method of controlling you rather than really informing you.  And thatís standard procedure in crisis control, so itís the standard procedure everywhere.  So if this happens anywhere else too, it will be the same thing, donít worry, everything is alright, and go to your work and watch television and enjoy your soaps or your sports or whatever else you watch.  Thatís how weíre treated you see, at the bottom level.  Thatís the gulf really between our systems Ė itís one system worldwide really, this corporate political system, this combination with their lobbyists in between big business and the people.  Thereís a huge gulf really and they donít serve the people at all.  They talk down to the people and generally we get nothing of any truth, really, on any particular thing.  Weíre kept in the dark and those within government are perfectly aware that Iím telling the truth on this; they know this themselves.  Itís their job, really, to just manage the people at the bottom, the great unwashed masses Ė thereís all kinds of terms Iíve heard some of them actually use, about the people, amongst themselves. 


So weíre going through this chaos, as I say, and I wonít even go into this farce, again, in Libya, as they invade another country.  And thatís what it is; itís an invasion of another country, to grab the oil and the water.  The aqueducts under Libya and massive water supplies under there that everybody wants to get a hold of because water is going to be as expensive, under the United Nations of course that farms out the contracts to the big companies that want to own them, and water is going to be as expensive, or even more so, than oil in the future.  I read that article last night where they talked about Canada selling off water.  Well, it wonít be Canada; itís going to be corporations that are selling off water across the world.  Everything you need to survive, as an individual, forget this collective stuff, this collective stuff weíre always getting fed:  Canada has declared, or the US has declared...  The people are never actually asked about anything, but theyíre certainly used collectively all the time by their politicians.  No.  This is a corporate method of going ahead in the future and finding other ways to get your cash off you and to make you subservient to the only guys who can supply something which is vital to life.  Whether it be your heat, your electricity, your fuel, but mainly your food and water, heat and clothing, thatís what you need to survive.  And in a world of interdependence, the one that they claim theyíre bringing in at the United Nations, you will be utterly dependent, for all your needs, ALL your needs, every single need, not your desires but your basic needs, from big corporations.  And thatís the way they plan and theyíve been planning and actually doing it for many years now via the United Nations. 


So really Iím disgusted when they use our countries as the reasons for going off to war and plunder, never mind the victims either that theyíre going over there supposedly to save and then end up blowing them up.  Because war is not about saving anybody.  War is not peacekeeping.  War is war.  A soldier is a soldier, heís not a peacekeeper.  Thatís very Orwellian language, and itís deliberately so to make you think theyíre over there to hand candies out to children.  No, no, no.  They certainly blow them away with the machine guns but they donít hand out the candies.  They just take disgusting shots of their victims, half naked and riddled with bullets, for souvenirs; thatís what soldiers do.  Thatís the reality of the world we live in.  And by the way, those are the trophies of your sons; you bred them.  You bred them but you let the State rear them.  The state gave them their new morality which is disgusting for this particular time.  Thatís why you have disgusting soldiers, across the world. 


Now, as I say, all this is going on and Iíll put up these links tonight.  All the talks I have I put up links for you to look up for yourself and keep them or just peruse them if you want to.  One of them of course is what I knew would happen.  They had to have this thing happen in Japan.  As I say, they had to have it happen, otherwise they couldnít have had their wish fulfillment agreements at the Copenhagen meetings to do with austerity and basically bringing the people down to a medieval level of survival, with carbon taxes and all the rest of it, and energy taxes, without something nasty happening.  And bingo!  They get exactly what they need and theyíre into action right away because now of course, theyíve got their NGO groups out demanding that places like Canada review its nuclear policies and all the rest of it.  So itís quite wonderful when these NGOs are funded by places like the Rockefeller guys and all the rest of it, who have massive shares also in the nuclear industry, and in the wind and solar and everything else.  Because you see, when they move from one theyíve already got the dibs on the other for themselves.  But they always use people in groups to get what they want and they demand, supposedly, on behalf of the people, while youíre not even consulted.  An NGO group is nothing but a pressure group, another form of lobbying group really, well funded, well paid to make sure the big business that already controls you stays in power regardless of whatever theyíre flogging to you; flogging means selling to you. 


And in Australia we see, it says...


Thousands of angry ordinary Australians turn up

 and alarmist smears begin / March 24, 2011


(Alan:  See, when real people turn up to protest about getting taxed to death under this new Roman Empire basically... thatís what itís like, all these guys, these Caesars all stuffing their faces with their gold and silver plates and $1200 a bottle champagne and $820 wine apparently.  Thatís what they had at the last United Nations meeting when all the so-called leaders met.  But of course theyíre not leaders at all; theyíre all told what to do and theyíre put in there. Never the less though, just dress them up in togas, like I say, and watch their antics because theyíre just as disgusting as the psychopaths of ancient times, and thatís basically why theyíre picked by their bosses, not the people of course.  In Australia ordinary folk are out and complaining about this carbon tax because they have a Fabian socialist now, who took over from the last Fabian socialist in the Australian government, as Prime Minister, and sheís pushing through the carbon tax.  Although she said she probably wouldnít, before she got elected.  But whatís new with these characters, eh?  It says...)


In Canberra today over 3,000 people went out of their way, coming in on 30 buses from more than 1000 km away, to let Julia Gillard know that Australians do not want her Carbon Tax. The news made every major broadcast for several minutes. Protesters were referred to as ďclimate skepticsĒ (mostly).  (A:  See, smear campaign right away.  Itís all arranged in advance of course, because they actually, they know everything youíre going to do. They even know if ordinary folk have had enough and are going to protest without an NGOís leadership.  And they already have their articles ready to hand out to the media.)


Other rallies around Australia got hundreds of people even though they were organized in a hurry, with no advertising, and with no pre-formed coalition of networked groups. There was a very good crowd at the Perth rally on a hot day during business hours, and one heckler (John Brookes). The mood was striking.


This is random shoe-string grassroots action at the last minute and look what it can achieve. Itís just beginning.  (A:  And I hope they donít stop.  Because you see, they canít allow Australia to do it because if they do then other countries will say, well Australia is doing it, you know; or theyíre still chopping folksí heads off in this other country, why donít we do it?  Because thatís what they use, isnít it?  Itís always that excuse that someone else is doing it. Well so what.  Look what theyíre claiming Kaddafi was doing; should we copy him?)


This is mainstream Australia rising up, yet already the Big-Green-PR machine is at work, doing all it can to deny the undeniable. As I drove home in Perth after our rally, ABC news-radio didnít mention that 3,000 people had gathered, nor that protests had happened all over the country, they may have said that earlier, but all I heard was how Tony Abbot was under a ďcloudĒ for having spoken at a rally with ďextremistsĒ (A:  So youíre labeled as extremists.) ó The Telegraph headlined it too. Labor MP Nick Champion, Labor Party backbencher, gets press time for his free shot at calling them ďextremistsď.  (A:  So thatís what you expect, you see, if youíre not an authorized, directed, managed NGO.  Youíre an extremist and youíre a skeptic for climate and all the rest of it.)


Australia carbon tax plans spark protests

By Phil Mercer / / 23 March 2011


Carbon tax protesters labelled extremists as they rally in Canberra

Ben Packham and Joe Kelly / March 23, 2011 /


Now you understand too, the agenda thatís well set out here, in a post-consumerist society, and thatís what theyíve told us we have to be, is that your expendable income, disposable income that you spend on other things apart from necessities, will have to be spent on higher fees, taxes and all the rest of it. So this is really a form of head tax, a living tax you might call it, because you see, you are carbon-based life and you breathe out carbon dioxide.  And then they want to tax you energy taxes on top of that for the cost of every item that you buy, how much it took in energywise to make that thing and then factor that through their wonderful mathematical machines to figure out a way to tax you on that too, through a percentage quota, etc.  So we canít let these things go on because weíre getting put into utter servitude, more than we are already, and we ARE really in servitude.  Weíre under this new, as I say, corporate, governmental and lobbyist system which is a medieval form of feudalism, dressed in business suits for the times.  Thatís all it is.  And really, it truly is.  I hope you understand that.


Itís so sickening, as I say, to hear them using countries and the coalitions of governments or countries, going off to war, or ďpeacekeepĒ in other Arab countries.  Weíve seen what theyíve done already in Iraq. They demolished all of its infrastructure.  That was its water supplies, pumping houses, the food, even the baby food factories and everything.  They demolished everything so the people could not survive on their own anymore.  Totally dependent... bombed into the Stone Age... and thatís what they want to do to Libya, and then take the oil.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, just venting off steam, not radioactive, but venting off steam about how weíre used as countries.  You know, the people of Canada, the people of the US, the people of Britain, France and all, are on board in a coalition to peacekeep, you know, in this country or that country or wherever it happens to be.  And no oneís asked of their consent on this at all.  In fact, how they take it is, if you bother voting at all then whoever is up there in the party, you know the party, like Orwellís party they kept talking about, and they certainly can party with your cash. Anyway, whoever is on board with them up there will be on board with the Prime Minister, who obviously is put in place by his boss as well, not the people.  So itís just disgusting how they use countries as some kind of legitimate reason to go to war with other countries when it suits them, and then hand over oil fields to the big corporations once theyíve plundered the land.  And thatís exactly what happened.  Itís been in the major media when they actually divvied up and gave you the quotas, how much oil they were giving to each one of the big usual corporations of oil, all the corporate characters.  So itís the same deal here. 


It doesnít matter about rebels or anything else because this whole thing was planned years ago about Libya.  They call them normally Ďinsurgentsí but now theyíre Ďfreedom fightersí when itís their boys that are in there.  Theyíre trying to save them supposedly, and yesterday a bunch of them were cheering a jet passing by there, these ones who are fighting Kaddafi, and a missile landed amongst them from the friendly, you know, the friendly allies and blew them all up, on the spot.  So war doesnít really care who it kills, especially when theyíre just using people, saving people, as an excuse to plunder.  And thatís what it is, as I say.  Quite something else. 


Iíll also put up a link up tonight, because the United Nations is trying to keep this coalition of the gangsters in place.  All the countries are on board, who want to divvy up the oil fields for themselves; thatís why theyíre all there.  And I think Germanyís pulled out of it.  Now theyíre pulling their ships out and others may follow.  Some havenít agreed to send anything after saying they were on board with it.  So weíll see how this goes.  It wonít matter; the US will do most of the work because they have the biggest tax base to replace all those missiles and all the rest of it thatís getting used over there.  Thatís what the US is used for, has been for an awful long time.  Itís a big engine for demolishing countries as they get demolished back home as well, and into austerity with everything closing down, and higher taxes, massive taxes coming on the way. So Iíll put this link up and youíll hear the guys at the United Nations trying to keep them together.  Apparently too, Hillary Clintonís been one of the main agitators for these kinds of wars Ė I guess thatís her calling I suppose; just like Madeline Albright Ė and sheís on board with it all, and she helped set a lot of this dťtente up, to get it all going, amongst all the characters who are involved.  Anyway, thatís that.


Germany Pulls Out of NATO No-Fly Zone Operations in Libya / David Hope / Mar 23, 2011


And also, itís interesting too, that as the people... ha!  The people in the US have no idea how much theyíre going to get taxed.  They have no idea.  Even though they hear it, you can hear things so many times and kind of imagine you understand it but you donít until you experience it for yourself.  And thatís true of all things.  They have no idea how people in Britain are taxed, or Canada for that matter, for so many, many things.  In this new world order, you see, they have to bring in a General Sales Tax or a Value Added Tax; itís the same thing.  Thatís been agreed at the United Nations, a World Value Added Tax on everything that you purchase, and they havenít got it in the US yet.  And theyíve got the most massive debt of any nation on the planet, that itís supposed to pay off, which is a joke.  You could never pay it off.  Regardless of that, theyíre building all these new fighter bombers that have now already gone over by half of the stated price of what I read a couple of days ago.  And all these great big plans for the future Ė because their gangster bosses are very ambitious, for themselves that is, their own careers; I guess they all see themselves as Caesars or something. 


Anyway, Bill Clinton now has come forward.  You know, this is called a parallel government, by the way.  Carroll Quigley talked about it.  Margaret Thatcher talked about it.  She said when she retired from politics, or from the Prime Ministership, she says, I now belong to the parallel government.  She says, we consist of ex Presidents and Prime Ministers and top bureaucrats who all know each other across the world and we can get the jobs done which governments canít because weíre not responsible to the people.  That fits right in with the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs, same thing.  And thatís what it is.  And Bill Clintonís doing the same thing you see.  It says...


Clinton Argues for 'Consumption Tax' on E-Commerce / 03.17.11 / By  Mark Hachman


On the issue of taxes applied to Internet retailers, President Bill Clinton appeared to more fully shift away from the laissez-faire stance he struck while in office, arguing that a "consumption tax" (A:  Now, if itís a consumption tax, youíve got to be very careful with the words they use, it wonít just be on e-commerce.) should be placed on e-commerce.  (A:  Because once youíve got it on the books it will be on everything, eventually.)


Clinton spoke Wednesday night at the 40th public meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) (A:  They should really put the ĎIí in a different place and youíve got CAINN there.), the body that oversees the Domain Name System (DNS) at the heart of the Internet.  (A:  Itís the big controlling thing for the world society, for the United Nations.  Itís a private corporation though.)


Clinton signed the Internet Freedom Tax Act in 1998, whose chief effect was the de-facto elimination of sales tax for e-tailers who did not have a physical presence in the state in which a purchase was made. Clinton said then that he did so to prevent stifling the emerging 'Net economy, although he did believe in funding state and local governments.


Since then, however, companies like Amazon have used the act's provisions to undercut local retailers, while cutting ties with affiliates in states that consider those affiliates a physical presence, and thus justification to charge taxes. (A:  In other words, theyíre going ahead with it anyway and youíre going to find youíre going to pay through the nose, just the same as the retailers do in the stores for the same things.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and I saw a video the other day there called Erasing David.  And it was about a guy, I guess heís a writer who decided to go, disappear basically, to see if he could.  And he also hired 2 detectives to find him and it took them about a month or so to find him.  However, this guy was amazed at how much data that even private detectives could gather on a person from all the information thatís out there about you, from all the various sources which you use.  And itís low-level stuff, but itís pretty well all of you available to people who are pretty low level and governments of course.  It didnít take into it the fact that youíve got instant IDs from digital photographs in cameras, at railway stations, airports or anywhere else you happen to go; of course thatís left for the government agencies to do; they know where you are at all times.  So they used low-level tactics, he made every mistake in the book of course, but at the end they showed him a wall, plastered with even a copy of his birth certificate, they had everything on him there, all his childrenís stuff too.  It was quite fascinating. 


It even goes into schools where theyíre thumb-printing children for their food and so on, and teaching them to get ready for a cashless society.  Thatís how you do it, you see, generation by generation.  You train them in school that, you know, totalitarianism is normal and the previous generation got taught to go through the metal detectors in schools, at the gates there going through, under the pretense of carrying guns and knives, or scissors or nail clippers or anything else, maybe even a fork to eat your dinner.  However, thatís what theyíve done.  Theyíve trained a generation.  Now theyíre after the really young children, who go through the same thing of course, to give their fingerprints for their food.  Isnít that nice?  Fingerprinting for food.  Thatís very, very advanced civilization indeed.  It reminds me of something that the ancient Romans would have done too if they had fingerprint testing.  But thatís how it goes. 


Ancient Rome actually, and Greece, they used to give you, the slave, it was like a seal, a clay seal, stamped by the owner.  The owner had half of it; they broke it in half.  The slave wore it around his neck and he had to show that seal wherever he went and if there was any questions about it heíd have to be taken to the owner and then match the two parts together.  Thatís how they survived of course and got their little bit of grain thrown towards them too, and a chicken leg once in a blue moon.  So weíre training the children the way theyíre supposed to be trained in this post-democratic (as the Club of Rome said) system, this world system.


Hereís another article that ties in with Erasing David because itís a police web site and they buy products too and software and all the rest of it.  And your local police have this.  Itís put out by Thomson Reuters, your great news givers of course, the ones who want to inform you that youíre really slaves.  Anyway, itís called CLEAR and Iíve mentioned this one before.


CLEAR is an online investigative platform for law enforcement and government users. It offers access to a vast collection of public and proprietary records to help you find out about people and their connections Ė and close cases faster. 


(A:  And they go through the different things you can do with it...)

Powered with innovative, easy-to-use tools, CLEAR helps you:


Locate people, assets, businesses, affiliations, and other critical facts.  (A:  You see, they have all that data gathered about you, just from the corporate level pretty well.)  Make connections among individuals, incidents, activities, and locations.  Visualize, detect, and analyze patterns and trends in offenses and offenders. 


Iíll put this, pretty well an ad for them, up for you to look at too.  You see, we have no privacy at all anymore and all the lowlife can get a hold of this stuff too, if they can bribe the cops, which they actually do, all the private detectives do it too, and theyíre not adverse either to taking bribes to give to other corporations that might not have as much as some of the other big corporations.  And people are giving out information ALL the time... all the time about themselves.  And theyíre so stupid now they donít even know it.  Everything to them is normal, even giving it out, to anybody that asks for it, or even a computer asking for it, or a site asking for it, or whatever.  And they donít even think twice about it.  Thatís a good happy slave.  Thatís a good happy slave.  It truly is. 


I can remember Rockefeller giving a talk once about the people and he said, theyíll come to us with perfect docility... docility... and say help us.   Well, thatís where we are as a people today.  Weíre the most domesticated species on the planet.  That makes it very, very easy for tyrants and psychopaths to rule you under any guise they wish to.  You know, Presidents and Prime Ministers or whatever, theyíre very ambitious people for power.  They crave power.  And theyíre right into politics of course and they all know what the people want to hear.  You know, brass bands, flag waving, and statements and quotes from past founding fathers, etc, it just flows off their tongue as they think something else and scheme away about their new plans, because they all retire, if you havenít noticed, awfully awfully richer than when they went in.  Awfully richer. 


Now, the plants, these big nuclear plants in Japan were made by General Electric a long time ago.  I think it was Schenectady they came out of to go over and set them up at the time.  And Iíve mentioned before that GEís head is called Mr I Melt.  Isnít that nice, Immelt?  Would you buy one from him?  And where is their help to the guys in Japan, by the way?  Anyway...


Obama Asks GE's Immelt to Head Economic Advisory Panel, Replacing Volcker

(A:  So I guess youíre going to get another financial meltdown too, from this character.) / By Julianna Goldman and Rachel Layne - Jan 21, 2011


Frederick Waddell, chief executive officer of Northern Trust Corp., talks about U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to name General Electric Co. Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt to replace Paul Volcker as head of the president's outside panel of economic advisers. 


So Iíll put that link up too for those who care to force their way through it because we hate reading about these things, even though weíre supposed to watch these guys like a hawk.  Most folk donít, unfortunately. 


And since weíre in a totalitarian regime, openly obviously...  We were in it before, we just didnít know it, but before 9/11 it was done a bit more subtly.  They already had all the surveillance stuff set up and their plans 20 years before that, 30 years before that.  Since 9/11 that gave them their excuse to put it all into action.  As they go into more post-democratic systems and techniques and ways, this is whatís coming out now.  Because under the Constitution even, this vague Constitution of Britain, where itís supposed to be an oral tradition that keeps getting very elasticated to put it mildly, you canít talk to your Member of Parliament anymore, even though thatís your right to do so.  And it doesnít really matter to be honest with you because weíve talked to them in the past and they just go back and say, Iím sorry, I have to vote with the party on this.  And theyíre just trained seals that clap for the guy whoís at the top, thatís all.  This says...


'Hyper-injunction' stops you talking to MP (A:  Members of Parliament.)

Voters are being barred from speaking to their MPs under a new generation of gagging orders known as hyper-injunctions, the House of Commons has been told. 

(A:  Thatís for the commoners.) / By Steven Swinford / 21 Mar 2011


This month, John Hemming used parliamentary privilege to disclose that Sir Fred Goodwin, above, had taken out a super-injunction.


Politicians criticised the injunctions as an "affront to democracy" (A:  Well, shhh... no one bothered before.) after John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP, disclosed details of one on the floor of the Commons last week.


His comments are protected by parliamentary privilege, which means he cannot face court proceedings for revealing the injunction's existence. (A:  Theyíve got it all tied up havenít they?)  This month, Mr Hemming also used parliamentary privilege to disclose that Sir Fred Goodwin, the former chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, had taken out a super-injunction. (A:  Thatís the guy that left with, oh, was it 9 million or something; it was a terrific payoff anyway.)


The hyper-injunction goes a step further. Mr Hemming told the Commons that the order, which was obtained at the High Court in 2006, prevents an individual from saying that paint used in water tanks on passenger ships could break down and release potentially toxic chemicals.  (A:  I guess you would say the same if you had a leak at one of the power plants too and just donít bother telling the people.)


It specifically bars the person from discussing the case with "members of Parliament, journalists and lawyers", along with the US coastguard and any ship owners, and also forbids any speculation linking chemicals in the paint with the illness of any individuals.  (A:  Itís amazing, really, but this will spread to other things too.  And to be honest with you, the politicians are seldom in your area, unless itís near voting time and thatís the last you see of them anyway.  And when you do see them theyíre just listening to you with half an ear because theyíre supposed to be there.  Itís been like that for as long as Iíve been walking this little ball of mud called the earth.)


Hereís another article too, about, again, the breed, the breed thatís grown up watching grotesque movies, playing games to do with killing all the time, the guys who have itchy fingers who get their dream wish of becoming cops or in the military, and actually dress up like the guys in the movies or the cartoons that they watch or whatever it happens to be today.  Hereís an article about stupid parents, very stupid parents, who obviously live in a different world, an Andy-of-Mayberry type of scenario.  It says here...


Shot to Death for Nothing, Family Says / By JONNY BONNER


    SALT LAKE CITY (CN) - Police officers responded to a family's complaint that their diabetic son may have been in danger from driving without taking his medicine (A:  MAY have been in danger, right?) by running him off the road into an interstate highway median and shooting him to death, the family says.


     Joey Tucker's father, Perry Tucker, and his fiancťe Brieanne Matson say they were "concerned about his health" (A:  Thereís stupid parents for you, calling the cops, eh.) when they called Salt Lake City Police. Joey Tucker had not taken his diabetes medication and "had possibly taken a sleeping pill,Ē (A:  ...possibly... they really knew what they were talking about, eh.) according to the federal complaint.


     The family claims a Highway Patrol trooper rammed Tucker's pickup into a concrete barrier as Tucker drove on Interstate 80, then Salt Lake Police Officer Louis "Law" Jones shot him to death while he "was simply sitting," (A: the wheel.) all of which was recorded on officers' dashboard cameras.


     Officers Jones and Lisa Pascaldo and Highway Patrol Trooper Lawrence Hopper trailed Tucker on city streets and the freeway, according to the complaint.


     Hopper "attempted a pit maneuver while Joey was traveling below the speed limit," the complaint states. A pit maneuver (A:  This is what they do, a pit maneuver, when they try to turn it sideways.) involves forcing a pursued vehicle to turn sideways to its direction of travel, immobilizing it.  (A:  Well, they turned him from his direction of travel and put him into the concrete median.)


     Hopper's first attempt was unsuccessful, but on his second try he made Joey Tucker's vehicle "spin (A:  Thatís really being safe isnít it?) and collide with a cement barrier as he was traveling on I-80," the complaint states.


     "Immediately after Joey's vehicle came to a stop with the vehicle in reverse with Joey sitting there with his hands on the steering wheel surrounded by Officer Jones, Officer Pascadlo, and Trooper Hopper, Officer Jones fired three shots, killing Joey," the complaint states.


     "Joey was surrounded and there was nowhere for him to go. According to the dash cam video, it did not show Joey accelerating or putting his vehicle in drive to move his vehicle in an area toward the officers. (A:  In other words, he wasnít trying to move away at all; the thing was dead stopped.)  At no time did any of the other officers or Trooper Hopper shoot out Joey's tires or spike the tires."  (A:  No, heís better to kill folk today, theyíve seen so many movies about it and theyíve seen so many cops now getting away with killing folk that the cops all got the message, youíre allowed to kill civilians now.)


     The complaint states: "Immediately after hearing Officer Jones discharge his gun in a careless, reckless manner, the only thing you can hear on the dash cam video was Trooper Hopper exclaiming, 'Oh, no! Oh, shit!'  (A:  ...he says here.  So I guess thatís his whole vocabulary of this particular officer, because thatís what heís got in his head.)


     "After the use of unreasonable excessive deadly force, Officer Jones was not terminated (A:  See thereís another message to the cops, he was not terminated...) or reprimanded by Salt Lake City Corporation.  (A:  See, thatís a message the police know today, theyíre allowed to kill with impunity.  And itís the same in other countries too, by the way, since 9/11.  And the governments have made SURE that theyíve got that message.  So if youíre stupid enough to call the cops to help someone, well... what would Darwin say about your brain?  Anyway, thatís all I can say about that.)


Now, ha!  The FBI is unveiling its next generation of ID system, which is going to replace the older system, itís probably about a year old or something, because theyíre just like the military, they go through this stuff like crazy. 



FBI center takes on $1 billion ID project

By Eric Eyre / The Charleston Gazette / / March 21, 2011


The NGI system, built by Lockheed Martin (A:  See how the big Military-Industrial Complex, like Eisenhower said, are ruling you, you know.  These guys make all the weaponry, missiles and everything, and aircraft, the fighter planes.), allows FBI employees to conduct automated fingerprint searches and exchange information with more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies.  (A:  On the spot, you see, so they can take your fingerprint on the spot.  And itís... ) "advanced technology workstations" (A:  ...and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  So itís just more of your tax money going down that big hole, you know, that supposedly your great, great, great, great, great grandchildren are supposed to try and pay off, which could never happen.) 


And, weíre all in step with China.  China is the model state for the world, according to the United Nations and even Mr Soros says the same thing too.  He loves the way that China runs its people.  And China now has even more censorship.  This is in The Times. 


If You Say "Protest" On A Phone In China, It Cuts Off Automatically

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry | Mar. 22, 2011 /


The story recounts an eye-opening anecdote: a Chinese entrepreneur was on the phone with his girlfriend, and quipped, quoting Shakespeare: "The lady doth protest too much." Upon the word "protest," the phonecall cut off. He was speaking in English, but this has also happened to people speaking in Mandarin, so it's not just a one-off. 


So theyíre actually cutting off your phone calls if you use certain words now too, which they consider to be anti-government, regardless of the format in which youíre using it.  So weíll be there shortly too.  We know weíre all being monitored.  Most folk donít mind. As I say, weíre the most domesticated generation on the planet.  And theyíre making sure that the young children in Kindergarten onwards are going to be even more domesticated and think itís all quite right getting x-rayed on the streets and everywhere else, or getting on a bus and stuff like that.  And no one, no one really bothers now.  Itís hard to get the public indignant about anything, even the mass pillaging theyíve got done to them by the banks and then the banks get rewarded for it and no one goes to jail except Madoff, even though theyíre all in on it too.  Iíll put up an article too tonight by the Rolling Stone Magazine on that very topic as well, how they all got off with it and then they got rewarded.  And how we just go, at the bottom, ah well, you know... ah well, whatís next, whatís on television eh?


Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? / By Matt Taibbi / February 16, 2011


Alan:  Thereís some callers on the line. Thereís Shawn from California.  Is Shawn there?


Shawn:  Hello.  Yeah, thanks Alan for your antiwar stance; I appreciate that.  I just wanted to ask you, what do you think about this, these Illuminati cards.  I noticed that one here, they got like, itís a nuclear monster and a few others that really pinpoint a lot of what happened in Japan.  Is this anything you know or have you researched at all?


Alan:  What is it youíre calling them?


Shawn:  Illuminati card game; thereís 330 cards.


Alan:  Iíve heard of it.  I havenít looked into it actually though, but I have heard of it. 


Shawn:  Okay.  Yeah, maybe you want to look into it.  Itís interesting.  They got this one thatís a nuclear monster and it talks about Japan and California being affected by, you know, problems. And thereís another one thatís like a mixture of cataclysmic events. And then thereís also a nuclear one too, itís quite interesting how they correlate with Japan and everything.


Alan:  It is.  Someone told me, too, there was a video game out, years ago, that had the same kind of thing happening in Japan and a meltdown as well. 


Shawn:  I believe it.  Wow.


Alan:  So, you always get a sort of word of that too.  It will probably come out afterwards that the insurance and so on probably changed the day before or something like that, and weíll all say, well thatís too much of a coincidence; it has to be a coincidence.  Just like the towers being reinsured, on a down payment only by the way, about a week before the towers went down. 


Shawn:  Yeah, 9/11, yeah.  Exactly. 


Alan:  Itís the same old story.  Absolutely.  Somebody always knows.


Shawn:  Yeah.  Thatís true.


Alan:  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Bob from Texas.  Are you there Bob?


Bob:  Hello Alan.  This is great, man.  Okay, thanks for taking my call, because this is number 3 and Iím loviní this.  Okay.  Iím with you with your stance on the so-called war.  I heard an Obama quote today on NPR going to work.  He said, and Iím paraphrasing, support the mission but weíre not going to take a leading role.  Well whoís taking a leading role?  Okay. Heís going to support the mission, whatever this is, and well itís obvious whoís taking the leading role, the United Nations.


Alan:  Thatís right.  The UN, itís the first time, as I said last week or so, itís the first time the UN has declared war, as an institution.


Bob:  Unbelievable!  There is no one thatís actually, thereís no one saying anything about this; this is whatís blowing my mind.  I mean, this is so unconstitutional, according to the American Constitution.


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  It hasnít been discussed in any governmentís parliament or congress.  No. 


Bob:  And what I thought was interesting, on the rebound, right after that on NPR, they interviewed the President of the Council on Foreign Relations!† And I canít remember the guyís name, but I just remember... anyway.  And he was criticizing Obama for doing this.  And if you listen close to their speech, theyíre criticizing to give the illusion that thereís a criticism.  Okay.  But he says, itís beyond me.  Okay.  When he says, itís beyond me, well what is the President of the CFR saying, itís beyond me.  Heís saying, itís somebody else.† I mean, like when youíre in tune with whatís going on, you can read through and it was like it was a canned, like it was scripted.


Alan:  Itís always scripted for the public, regardless of whoís talking, these big institutions, because I read that article the other day there where Hillary Clinton spoke at the CFR club and she referred back to the Ďmotherí club in New York City and she said the same thing.  Because pretty well all of your congressmen and so on belong to it.  They are members of this private organization.


Bob:  Thatís why theyíre not saying anything.


Alan:  And itís a private organization.


Bob:  What I think is interesting is how they all protested against George Bush when he did this, but even that, they got paid protesters.  Okay.  And itís to give the illusion, the illusion that thereís some sort of difference going on.


Alan:  Even though Rumsfeld himself congratulated Obama for continuing the same policy as Bush, because thatís what heís doing.  But theyíre trying to bring him through all this slaughter with a nice clean face, thatís all. 


Bob:  Right.  And give it that patriotic look, you know.† And you know, and then to comment real quick because I know weíre closing here.  Erasing David, on your comments on that, you know I worked here a couple of years ago, I went and worked for the Hyatt Regency, okay, took a, had to take a DNA test, you know, before going through that.  You know and itís just like you say, the sheeple just sitting there.  These people have my DNA.  Do you see what Iím saying?  Itís like, can I have your DNA? 


Alan:  Thatís right.


Bob:  How about you giving me your social security number?  Do you know what Iím saying?


Alan:  And itís a one-way street, absolutely.  Itís authoritarianism and thatís exactly what it is.  Itís a one-way street.


Bob:  Hey, man, God bless you, you know.  Thanks a lot Alan. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And maybe Stu from Texas can call back tomorrow, hopefully. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where the radiation is still flowing over us here, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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