March 24th, 2011 (#796)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 24th, 2011:

Newtonian Politics:
Def. Lies Drop Down to People from Lofty Steeple:

"Governments Usurped Long Ago by Stealth,
We've Been Controlled by Managers of Wealth
Who Rule by Proxy via President, Prime Minister,
And Hide Under Democracy Their Deeds Sinister,
Thousands of Machiavellis Advise Each Gov.
How to Run World Agenda, Keep Knowledge Above,
Then Spin the Untruths via Media to Sheeple,
Dumbed-down Descendants of Once Free People,
Bankrupted by Wars and G-20 Meetings,
Where Leaders Stuff Faces while Protesters Bleating,
Billions Spent on Leaders Who are Kingly Corrupt,
While Forcing Austerity on Slow or Abrupt,
Russell said the Ruling Class would Become a Breed,
Distanced from the Peasants Off whom They Feed"
© Alan Watt March 24th, 2011

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 24th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix on the 24th of March, 2011.  Newcomers, as always, I suggest you look into the website,, and help yourself to the audios that are there for download.  Thereís hundreds of them to choose from, and theyíre free.  And youíll see a whole bunch of sites there.  These are the official sites I have; the only official sites I have.  And they all carry transcripts as well of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages, go into, and take your pick from the choice offered.  And remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít ask for backing from people.  I expect the audience to do it, and my sign too for getting off the air eventually will be when the money just dries up completely.  I donít give you hype.  I donít flog you anything, thatís sell you, with hucksterism, which is fear and promotion and so on.  I just try and get through the hour to give you facts of whatís happening, at least the facts as weíre given, and then add a little more to them, because Iíve read a lot more from the big boys themselves, their own books, to add to what theyíre actually really saying, which often is opposite of what you think theyíre saying.  Generally, actually, thatís the case. 


So, support me with this program, and buy the books and the discs I have for sale at  And youíll find out how to do it there too, and the choice offered, and from the US to Canada, remember, you can always use a personal check or an international postal money order, from your post office.  You can send cash, and you can also use PayPal.  Use the donation button on the .com site, or any of the sites Iíve got listed there, and follow it by an email with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union.  Youíve got Money Gram, some people send cash, and you can also use PayPal, again to order. 


And believe you me, use that button as well to donate, because straight donations are really necessary now, because itís costing me, itís about $120 extra a month, since they put on the harmonized sales tax, just for postage.  Thatís what itís cost me on postage, the taxes on postage per month, no kidding.  And itís going to go up this year again.  Itís only been in about four or five months now, and theyíve jacked up twice already.  Itís a form of value added tax actually, and weíre going the same way as Britain, and all the other countries in Europe, because they have a value added tax.  Here itís simply called the GST, and itís combined now with the provincial taxes, and weíre really getting screwed, of course, thatís what itís all about.  But this global order is supposed to all eventually go into the same system of value added tax.  Now, in value added tax, technically it was supposed to be about luxury goods, but theyíre not even bothering with that in Canada.  They let all that ride, because Canadians are even more laid back than Britain, believe it or not, and in Britain they started it off on things that you really didnít need, like binoculars, and so on like that.  And then it went across the board onto everything, as it always does, because weíre played with like children from the guys at the top.  And unfortunately, weíre dumbed down and pretty stupid, and most folk are like children.  They donít even ask the questions why or anything else anymore.  They just accept it, coming down from the great king on high, and they obey.  Never mind the fact that all taxes are supposed to go back towards the people, thatís the function of them, and very little really does at all.  Even when youíve got a welfare state like Britain, a small amount goes back to the people, and most of it goes into pockets.  Thereís more corporate welfare out there than anything else, bailing out the big boys, whenever they want a handout.  It happens all the time.  And of course, for ongoing wars, for the global government.  And thatís priority right now.


They love wars, you know, at the top, the big international bankers, because countries have to go and ask for the cash to replace these one million, two million, three million dollar and upwards missiles they keep popping off every day.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And of course, as the world is supposed to appear to go crazy, and thatís really what itís supposed to do at this time.  Order out of Chaos.  Youíve got to get the Chaos first and fear everywhere and, you know, Iíve gone through talks before from various Pentagon type psychological operations, where they talk about the average person can only handle about one, maybe two at the most, major crisis going on in their lives at the one time.  Any more than that, and they crack up.  Some crack up at two.  And what happens then is they sort of turn in themselves, almost helpless, and they either go into complete denial, which again is almost a psychotic state of going into denial, under the circumstances, or they will listen to the experts and hoping for the pacified stuff that comes out of their mouths to tell them itís all alright.  ďLeave it to us.  Weíre the government, and weíre the experts, and weíre the scientists.Ē  And thatís how it happens.  And thatís why theyíre giving you all of this at the same time.  There are still banks going down across Europe, even Portugal, and youíve got the power plants going off at Fukushima.  And we have, of course, the war on Libya, and theyíve already stirred up the one in Syria.  Now, these are all the countries, again, that were on the list, remember, of the New American Century group, with Wolfowitz, that George Bush Jr. and Rumsfeld and all these guys belonged to, and so youíre simply watching, as they said at the time, the countries they wanted to take out. 


And weíve also had articles in the past on this program, I hate to use the word even, program, it sounds like Iím brainwashing you.  This educational show, or talk.  Talk, educational talk, Alan, right, thatís it.† Anyway, about the Rothschilds, who have talked about the carbon taxes.  They wanted it all to go from the world through their family bank in Switzerland.  And their spokesman actually came out and talked about what heíd like to see about the Middle East, where theyíd bring a big conglomerate together, just like a United Europe, of all the Arab countries, and set in their fake democracy, of course, which of course will all be paid-off CFR members, under the Arabic from of CFR, because they have them in all countries, by the way.  And then everything will go smoothly, as people are conned there, under a guise of rights, freedoms, and something called democracy.  And thatís where theyíre going with all of this.  Weíre going through, and I keep repeating this, an agenda, a long-term business plan.  And thatís how big corporations do it, a long-term business plan.  And they have their investments, they have their plans, the takeovers, and these are actually aggressive takeovers of countries, you see, just like you do in business. 


And theyíre using, of course, your tax money to do it, and of course your sons and daughters.  Not that they care much about them at all.  Thatís a renewable resource.  Every year thereís more folk turning eighteen to go in, the next bunch.  So, theyíre using everybody, as they always do, to get their world agenda through.  Because remember this world agenda is not to be a democratic system.  Itís to be more of a Sovietized system.  Weíve had Soros, and many before him, from the same organizations, saying that weíre in a post-authoritarian society.  He loves China.  And China is still, technically, Communist, at least by its rulership, and its governmental structure and system.  You have to join the Politburo to get a business going over there.  You have to agree to everything that the government says that you have to do.  And you canít complain about anything.  Itís a rather dangerous thing to complain, but they get things done. So, Soros thinks itís a very efficient way of running a world system the same way, and thatís why the United Nations, again, this big front, this big farcical front we call the United Nations, uses democracy as a reason to go off and slaughter other countries, because theyíre a front themselves, set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Before that, it was the League of Nations, set up by the Milner group that blossomed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  Iíve gone through these histories so many times, but weíre going through it today, as well. 


And if youíre on the target list of the New American Century thatís been handed over to the Obama group, and theyíre carrying it on, because the 21st Century is the century theyíre really talking about, and this is the Century of Change.  Academia has been prattling on about this century for a long time, in the 20th century.  The century to come is the Century of Change, when they bring in this post-democratic system, under the cover of democracy, and they call it revolutionary democracy by the way.  If you wonít accept democracy, we simply invade you to keep the peace, you know.  Just like the Romans went in to slaughter and kill and plunder, and take over, and force taxation on people, under the guise of bringing civilization.  It doesnít matter the rubbish they give you, for the reasons.  Offence is offence.  And soldiers are soldiers.  Theyíre not peacekeepers.  Never have been, never will be.  So, letís not go into their Orwellian doublespeak.


Weíre going through as I say, the Order out of Chaos.  And Iím sure they have a lot more chaos to come, by the way, maybe even more financial meltdowns.  The States definitely will have one, because they owe so much money, they could never pay it back, never pay it back.  The way itís set down at the moment, you wouldnít pay it back in a million years, if you had a million years that is, which you donít.  Youíll never pay it back because itís all compound interest.  And when they talk about balancing their payment of debt and balancing the budget, the same in Britain and elsewhere, theyíre actually saying they managed to pay the interest to the bankers on the debt that year.  Just the interest.  Most of the time they canít meet it, they fall below that, and they donít meet their budget for the year. 


Thatís the world we really live in.  Itís nothing to do with people in democracy.  The people are cattle. Your job is to be born, and to be indoctrinated, and to obey, and work and pay taxes, consume to an extent, and then pay up your insurance for your own funeral, before you die.  And please, donít live too long, after you retire, because the banks like to take that, and the government likes to take that cash that youíve been paying in all that time.  Theyíd prefer it if youíd just die a couple of days after retirement.  And Iím not kidding about that.  Theyíve had meetings about that as well, including the ones about extending your working life, hoping youíll die off before you hit sometimes 67, 68.  And with men, that often is the case. 


Weíre living in a financial racket.  And the racketeers run the show.  And these guys have got honorable titles, the great honorable so-and-so, or sir so-and-so, all these big, big bankers that have run the wars, over the whole twentieth century, who have plundered the planet, using again warfare, and grabbing the resources for themselves, which was one of the initial things that the group that worked with the Milner group, which was the Cecil Rhodes group, which, what they decided to do was take over the worldís resources, that it would not be left in the hands of the people anywhere across the planet.  And theyíd get it, and they would be the caretakers, the guardians of the world, as Plato said.  And itís their job, being the most, obviously, best equipped to deal with these financial types of situations and realities.  Not the people at all.  They also funded the Soviet system, and plundered that pretty well, because, I donít know if you ever read the articles at the time, how many, how many Russians, sort of Russians, ran out of that country with millions, not in rubles, but in dollars, American dollars, when the wall went down, and came over to the West, during all that Soviet era, masses of money were made.  And they did allow private banking as long as somehow you managed to get through with a good lawyer, of course, that you didnít make your profits off of labor, you see.  And thereís many ways lawyers can run around that, which they did. 


Everything is a racket in this world.  I just call it the money racket.  And thatís what they used to call it too, racketeering and the numbers game.  Thatís what itís all about.  And our job, as I say, is to pay taxes.  Pay taxes, and pay, and pay, and pay.  And now, youíre going into austerity, youíre supposed to pay all your disposable income, if itís not going off into war, through other taxes, then itís going to go into fees and fines and permits, and permits for burning or carbon or heating yourself, or whatever it happens to be.  So you will have no disposable income left.  That is the world, that is the world that they sit and talk about when they go to Copenhagen.  Of course, those characters who go to Copenhagen donít see themselves sitting, burning little bits of paper in the middle of a kitchen, trying to keep warm, as they expect you all to do if youíre stupid enough to go along with it.  And I mean stupid enough to go along with it.


You know, I used to talk about Great King Solomon.  And the Masons love to put him up there on that big throne, you see, and all these steps.  You know, youíve got to count the steps; they all mean something.  And the slave comes in to see Solomon and Solomon says, come here, and he crawls up those stairs there.  He never looks Solomon in the eye of course.  He keeps his head down, and grabs Solomonís feet to kiss them, and Solomon kicks him down the stairs. You see.  And it doesnít stop the slave.  He comes up again when heís told, and tries it three or four times, same thing, until Solomon is disgusted with the slave.  And you understand, thatís the mentality that those at the top have about the general public.  If you take it, and take it, and take it, they become disgusted with you.  Youíre less than human.  Youíre an animal.  Thatís how it works.  You become an animal. 


Thereís a little bit of dialog in the move called V for Vendetta, where the scientist whoís responsible for using prisoners to test this new drug on, this injection, talks about it later on, of course, when itís her time to get disposed of.  And she says the same thing about them.  They came in, and they were so abject.  They didnít speak up for themselves.  They looked at the floor, until she was disgusted with them.  These lab rats.  These human lab rats.  She was disgusted with them.  And thatís when the sadism comes out in people.  And they become terribly not just aggressive with the people, but arrogant, incredibly arrogant with the people that they despise.  And thatís how they talk about all of you.  Itís their common daily talk, speech, about how much theyíre disgusted with you all.  And thereís only one way it can change, isnít there?


Now, I mentioned too, about the carbon taxes in Australia, how the prime minister there, this woman has obviously got the job to bring it in, and Iíll talk more about this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the carbon taxes.  And, of course, theyíve chosen Australia to kick it in.  And remember too that Australia and New Zealand and other countries, including Canada, are part of the British Commonwealth as they call it, or Commonwealth of Nations, thatís where the elite take the wealth of the commoners for themselves.  And Milner himself came up with that term, by the way, Commonwealth of Nations.  Anyway, it sounded better than the Dominions, which they called them all before.  But theyíve given this woman, whoís a radical Fabian, to bring in this agenda.  She wants the honors to do it for her betters, the ones above her, the ones who put her in place and trained her.  And you must go into the Fabian Society.  Iíve got a lot of stuff in my archives too, you should check out there, because I do go into the Fabian History, their founders, what their Socialist Agenda was, who funded them, the big multi-millionaires, like the Astor family was one, and all the big foundations, other foundations fund them, and they work as one of the arms of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, because International Affairs also makes sure that the left wing is supplied with their leaders too, to make sure theyíre on the right track, that is, same track as the other side are on in actuality.  This came from a writer to me.  It says:


ďI was so pleased to hear your show, where you were talking about whatís going on here at the moment in Australia, regarding the protests about the carbon tax.  Iíve been so angered and saddened by the way the media have misrepresented and fabricated lies about the protest held yesterday.  Many people traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles to attend the protest at their own expense.  A lot of people were older Australians who had never protested anything in their livesĒ


Thatís a lesson for everyone else out there, by the way. 


ďThat is how passionate this issue has become.  The media focused on a few rogue placards in the crowd.  One of which was unfortunately behind the leader of the opposition, as he spoke to the crowd.  The illustrious leader, the prime minister, stayed away from the protest and made her comments in Parliament.  Julia Gillard is most competent and comfortable within the walls of Parliament, but proved useless during the devastation of cyclone Yassi, and she proved she is totally inept in front of the Australian public.  She has personally called the protesting people extremists.Ē


So, there you go.  Do you understand?  This is the nearest term to terrorist, you understand, is what theyíre getting at here.  And of course, all their media there is owned by the same CFR bunch as Canada and elsewhere, you see.  Theyíre painting them as extremists, and as I say, thatís the closest you can get to the next step of terrorism, you see.


ďOnly to go on later in Parliament, stating that she had not attacked the Australian public, who were at the protest.Ē


Doublespeak.  It says:


ďThis particular protest began impromptu by a caller to a radio talk-back show, saying we should take to the streets and protest, and before the fellow knew it, he started a rally that grew and grew.  One broadcaster at the radio station decided to support the rally and promoted it.  It was completely grassroots with no funding from any organization.  The people paid their own way, and the only major help they received was continual promotion of the rally on one radio station.Ē


Thousands of them went.  It shows you the control in Australia too, you know.


ďIím so proud of all those people.  Australians are an apathetic lot, so you have to know they are fired up if they hit the streets in protest.  It was a huge regret of mine, that I was unable to attend.Ē


And it says:


ďOf course, all the global warming enthusiasts believe this tax will be solution to the warming problems they believe we have.Ē


And, of course they will, because theyíre paid to.  They do get funding, of course, the ones who are promoting all the cutbacks and the taxes. Weíll just throw money at the sky, like we throw money at wars, I suppose, and the brilliant scientists that give us meltdowns and stuff like that.† Theyíll bring us all the solutions.  What a stupid, stupid belief that is, isnít it?  Stupid belief for stupid people.  And thereís lots out there, but again, their leaders are always funded.  But hereís a real grass movement you see, that didnít have time to get infiltrated, and got on the streets, and the older guys were out there too, as they should be in every darn country.  Because the big boys promote all the youngsters to riot on their own behalf, because they want them to belong to NGOs.  They donít want the older ones with a bit more commonsense coming on their own and just speaking the blatant truth.  So that should be a lesson to everybody, I hope.  I hope.  Because, Iím telling you, itís going down everywhere.  And when it goes into one country, and they get away with it, youíve heard it all before, well, Australia is doing it, why donít we?  And again, who put the bill forth for all this?  Rothschild.  Rothschild was the guy who put the bill forth again to the Ďworld community,í this strange term, this world community, and they want it all through their bank, of course, in Switzerland, where theyíll accumulate incredible interest overnight from trillions of dollars going through.  And itís also to bring you to your knees in austerity.  In fact the representative from NM Rothschild actually talked about that.  This is the new market, that carbon and energy is the new market, that theyíve planned it all in advance, so we cannot let them get away with it, unless you truly want poverty.  Truly.  Itís as simple as that.  Simple as that.  And anyone who just goes along with the crowd to get along with the crowd, or even go along to get through life, really, they donít deserve freedom or anything else, and itís true enough what the founding fathers said many times about that very topic.  You donít deserve it if youíre not willing to stand up for it. 


Iíve mentioned the arrogance and the contempt that the leaders have for you.  That spreads all the way down to the cop on the street.  Do you understand?  They take all their cues from those above them.  And youíre allowing it all to happen, by gazing at that darn television, and watching your sports and your comedies and your porn and all the rest of it. You make me ashamed sometimes to belong to this thing called the human race.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and thereís a couple of callers on the phone, so Iíll go to David from Montana, if heís there.


David: Mr. Watt, I just want to confirm what youíre talking about.  This is the first time I have called any radio station or anything, but I went through quite an ordeal and didnít know what I was going through, until I listened to quite a few stations, and I got to listening to you, and I went through sheer tyranny for a while.  And they tried to drive me crazy, and it was just incredible.  I went through it, you know.  I was completely dumbed down; I was surrounded by people that kept me dumbed down.  And then my wife asked for a divorce.  And hell just broke out.  It was just, you talk about being overwhelmed by things, you know that, like you said, they just kept coming at me with so much stuff that it was just overwhelming.  And I went into the justice system, and they just about did whatever they wanted to me in there, and I got out of that.  And so then I went into the churches.  They were there.  And then I went into like AA.  Everywhere you go, like you were talking about, theyíre there, to kind of move you around.


Alan: Itís kind of like moving in a circle back to where you started, which is a good happy, contented citizen.


David: Yeah, well.  And it got to be to the point where Iíve had to isolate myself, because, everywhere I go, there seems to be a big grid out there of people that are bought and paid for.


Alan: Well, there are actually, and Iíll tell you.  Iíve talked about the system in Britain for instance, Common Purpose, where literally thousands of officials of all kinds, right down to even AA are put in place, and even police chiefs and so on, even though itís against the law to have them involved in a so-called NGO and in an official capacity at the same time.  They do these things, councilors, mayors, everything.  Even military officers.  Well, itís the same thing in the US, in Canada and elsewhere too.  You have the same system there, and these people are paid extra to turn people back in, to the loop again, if they happen to approach them and try to get in and they have different ideas.  They try and first of all straighten you out and then flatten you out.  If the straightening out doesnít work, they flatten you, and hopefully, theyíll get you back into the loop again as a happy, contented moron, basically. Thatís what it is.


David: Well, thatís kind of what Iím going through right now, and even my family members were involved in this.  My kids were.† My cousins.  Everybody.  I was worth, you know, a little bit of money.  There might even be life insurance.  Iím not too sure.  But Iím in a local union too, and I went back to work.  I got out of jail, went back to work.  And I thought I was over with it, and then I started getting sheer tyranny at work too.† I had to even record people, you know, to prove, for my unemployment or whatever.  So, Iím kind of getting through that right now, and then finally Iíve got, you know, an attorney, and theyíre starting to talk about, finally heís starting to talk about maybe getting this through with.  Iím not too sure, but you know, people have been trying to get me to break restraining orders, and Iíve just had to pull myself.  Iím in Montana, Iím from California.  I own a big, beautiful home there, and Iíve been just kind of wandering job to job.  And people, you know, once I start, you know, like working out at a health club, you know, Iíll bump into people that I know that are part of it, and itís wherever you go.  You start going somewhere repeatedly, theyíll send somebody there to interfere with you. 


Alan: Thatís right, because the people themselves, you see, they are dumbed down.  Theyíre told to not think for themselves, just be happy.  You know, just be happy.  And they hate anyone coming into their little world whoís telling them something thatís uncomfortable to their happiness.  And they react against it.  Theyíve chosen not to know.  What scares them is the fact that whatever youíre saying they suspect might just be right and true.  And if that is the case, then they have to start making decisions about themselves and what to do, but theyíre so comfortable in their present routines and so on, they donít want to break it, so theyíd rather just turn on you.  Thatís a technique which governments will use on the public, they have used for a long time.  They get the mob, the general population to turn on those who know too much, or are trying to wake them up.  They can actually use the mob against you.


David: Well, thatís what it seems to be.  It seems to be people that are actually working for the government, the state or whatever, the state is god or whatever.


Alan: Well, Iíll tell you a little thing about that, because it was Jacques Ellul, who wrote about the total surveillance system in the 1950s, which was set up for all Americans, Canadians, British and so on.  And at that time, he said, they used a Cardex system, the old card system on a wheel, to put all the data in about every citizen around.  And he said, they would not let the public know how the information on them was gathered at that time.  A lot of it was actually from spies.  For every couple of hundred people they had a spy in every street.  No kidding.  And they were there to record gossip and have you chat in the street, and what youíre up to, and just turning this kind of stuff in to the police forces, who also kept their databases on the people.  And this was across Canada, as I say, in the States and Europe, and then eventually, of course, they got the computers, where itís much, much easier, but they still have their spies out there. 


That also came in during the interview in Britain in the 80s, when they had the big nuclear threat, and made the movie Threads.  They talked to the big police chief of the whole of Britain, who wanted a totalitarian system by the way.  He was quite blatant on about it, when he was interviewed.  And it came out then too that they had, he was asked, we hear you have spies on every street.  And the man kind of hummed and he hawed, and he said, well, it would be perfect if we did; and in fact they actually did.  You have them in every community.  You also have retired civil servants, both from your state and your federal government, who get early retirement but theyíre given their full wages.  And theyíre also funded to move off into the country, different areas, towns and so on, settle down, set up little NGOs, and actually collect data on all the people living in the towns.  Thatís still happening today. 


David: Well, it seems like a lot of businesses are involved in this.  You know your hotels, motels, I donít care what, you know, businesses seem to be involved in this grid.  And the surveillance that Iíve gone through has been incredible and also my phone being, if I called somebody, and then theyíll call them, and pretty soon theyíre screwing with me.  Itís been, and all Iíve had to do was just say, you know, just release myself from people, you know, and just not be scared.† They try and scare the hell out of you, and you know, with the sheriff and all of that, and youíve just got to stick out your chest and go, you ainít scaring me.


Alan: They do use intimidation, and thatís also been part of this Homeland Security and Terrorism everywhere, they have given out so many ads on television to people to turn folk in.  Anything suspicious, anybody whoís behaving suspiciously, saying odd things, and they are doing it like the good little robots that they are.


David: And one last thing.  And the only thing thatís really gotten me through this is that Iíve had to become a just straight and narrow person.  I mean, my morals and everything.  Iíve had to just take them to the top.


Alan: You have to start with yourself, because youíre the only material that you can be sure of changing.  Thatís yourself, absolutely.


David: Yeah, thatís the only control that youíve got.  Youíve got to keep yourself clean and clear, and the rest will take care of itself.  And itís been an incredible, and Iím not through yet.


Alan: No, I know exactly what you mean, because everyone will go through the same process, and you do.  You analyze yourself, your whole history, everything youíve done.  And whether you like it or not, it will come back to you, everything youíve done.  And then youíve got to change yourself, because as I say, basically, everyone is contaminated in this system, by the indoctrination, and weíve got to clean ourselves up.  And as I say, the only person that you can be sure of altering is yourself.  You are basically in charge of your own, building yourself.  And thatís how youíve got to start.


David: Yeah, thatís about the only control that you have.  And thatís the truth out there.  Well, thank you Mr. Watt.  This is the first time Iíve been able to even talk about, you know, without kind of sounding crazy.


Alan: Believe you me, Iíve got lots of people Iím in touch with that go through these processes, and itís always the same, especially with family.  One wakes up, one doesnít.  And they canít live together then, because the one who still likes to live in the old, fake belief system will turn on the one whoís woken up.


David: Yeah, absolutely.  All right, thank you for everything youíre doing.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


David: Thank you.


Alan: And weíve got Tom from Wisconsin.  Hello.


Tom: Well, Iíve been on a kick of watching movies put out by Hollywood that depict government and its role.  I just watched Mercury Rising, with Bruce Willis, from í98, and I have to tell you that from the moment go, it starts out with a militia group, that is saying they are a part of the Republican United States of American, and not the Republican Party, but the actual Republic.  In the dialog of the film, the storyline, it starts out with this group, saying that theyíre a part of the Republic, and theyíre there to take back, what was, you know, ill gotten gains they even said in the film.  But I just wanted to call and share that with people.   They should watch that film, because this whole film literally just lays out the overall agenda and lays out really the propaganda, that the government is actually here to help us, when in fact, itís the opposite.  And you know, Iím wondering Alan, is this Republic of the United States of America, a group that has formed, and apparently handed the fifty governors of the fifty sovereign states, well, actually the corporate states.  You notice that they have to swear their oaths or theyíre removed.  And so by law, Alan, is there now a de jour Republican form of government that is now taking shape?  And I donít know if youíre heard about this.  Iíve read up a little bit, Iíve been to the websites, and I havenít heard from anybody yet, but Iím just wondering, do you think this is for real?


Alan: No, I donít, to be honest with you.  It would be nice if it was, because everyone in the States has been taught since President Wilson, more so and more so after the 1950s, actually, that the US is a democracy.  Itís not.  Itís supposed to be a Republic, so that they could not end up with a socialized system, where minority groups could eventually rule over the majority.  And that also goes for the guys in government, theyíre a minority remember, and they couldnít go outside the parameters of the constitution, but since then, youíve seen the propaganda yourself, for your whole life, Iím sure, where they come along and tell you, and itís taught in school now too, that itís an outdated document, itís no good for this day and age, etc, etc.  And in reality, itís good for every era, because, they basically, they were far better educated, the founding fathers, than anyone today in the US.  Some of them spoke Greek, Latin, and so on, and they knew all their histories, and they knew about the previous Empires and so on.  And they modeled it to some degree after ancient Rome.  They decided a Republic was far better.  And they did try to keep the divisions of government apart, the executive and so on.  But in reality, as Carroll Quigley said, since about the late 1800s, the 1890s, when the group that was formed in Britain set up the one in the United States that eventually was called the Council on Foreign Relations, he says, thereís not a single president that actually did not belong to this group, regardless of the part he lords over.  He said, itís not necessary that all the lesser politicians are members; itís only important that we get our man in on all sides.  And thatís been like that for a hundred years now.  And itís the same in Britain.  The British system has the same groups by the way, in India.  They put up the leaders for India, and Australia, and Canada.  And they rotate their annual meetings around all these countries.  And they have New Zealand and Australia as well. 


This group has been running the world for a hundred years, thatís why youíve had all these wars.  They said it was necessary to have world wars to bring the worldís population to their knees.  And to rule over them, both financially, and use that as a weapon by the way, economic warfare and debt, and also to give up this dangerous idea of national sovereignty.  Itís far better, as Rockefeller says, to have intellectuals and bankers, he said, ruling the world, than having countries going off in their autonomous directions by themselves.  And they really mean this.  That is a tenet of their reason for being, and weíre living through it now.  But the US is supposed to be a Republic, and unfortunately, regardless of all the warnings that the founding fathers and so on gave to the public, regardless of all that, when he said that youíre supposed to even overthrow them when you see that theyíre treasonous and theyíre not serving the public, the public have become so docile, fat and lazy and happy, and never ever in history given to so much entertainment, theyíre adapting through all the changes without a care.  And they wonít care until they squeal at the end, you know, like stuck pigs, thatís what folk do.  They donít care about what happens to anyone else, but when the gun sight is turned on them, and this big eating machine of war is not finished yet.  Once it finishes off the Middle East, and the New American Century, it comes back and it turns on its own people.  Believe you me, itís going to do that. 


And, you know, how you get back to a Republic, youíre not going to get it by being nice. 


Tom: Yeah, well, the thing that I was thinking is that there has to be an alternative organizational structure that people can turn to as a support mechanism, and I mean, I realize that in the end youíre saying that everybody for themselves has to say, I donít want this, I want something else.  At a minimum.  What Iím also trying to get at, is it possible that there is this group of people that have self-organized and have decided that when this empire collapses, that the alternative will be there for people.  Or, I mean, are you just saying that it most likely is already a diversion for those who are trying?


Alan: Itís been a diversion, because you see, when it collapses, the big boys donít allow things to happen that they donít want.  They come out like the Phoenix from the Ashes, you understand.  Thatís one of their symbols in fact.  And they believe, theyíve already set up that theyíd take over and continue ruling.  In fact, thereís no lull at all in a sense.  They come out with their new system over the people.  And itís not generally until about twenty, fifty years down the road, you realize youíve been had again.  So, to have a grassroots organization, you must have something to go on, to start with.  Even the Marxists had it too, with their planks for their manifesto.  Youíve got to have some kind of manifesto of your own.  Even the Constitution was a manifesto.  And youíve got to have the tenets to believe in.  It must be stuck to, rigorously. They cannot be altered or bent.  They must be stuck to.  And I donít think thereís an organization that literally has that set up.  And you need devoted people, who can recognize when theyíve been infiltrated, and by whom, and get them out right away. And constantly do it, because youíll constantly be infiltrated if you try and set something up. 


Tom: Well, I would encourage you to take a look at it.  Itís the Republic of the United States of America.  Theyíve got a website and everything.  I think it would be beneficial if people investigated that.


Alan: Iíll have a look and see.  Thanks for calling.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll go to Richard from Alberta.  Are you there Richard?  Hello Richard?


Richard: Hello.  Hey, Alan, how are you doing tonight, man?


Alan: Not too bad.  Iím hanging on with my fingernails. 


Richard: Oh, cool, cool.  Yeah, Iíve been fighting the New World Order, I just kind of woke up when I was a kid, so I donít know, itís kind of weird thing.  But I was just curious, what do you think we can do, because, you always kind of sound like youíre saying like that people, that everything is controlled, and everything kind of paints an ugly picture.  I was just wondering, what do you think we can do to beat these guys?


Alan: The people have to start to demand what they want themselves, not from their politicians, because their politicians never listen to them.  Theyíve got to start having street rallies.† You know the big rallies they had to ban the bomb, all that stuff, even though they were led by the big NGOs, thousands of ordinary people turned in to join with their children and all the rest of it.  And simply say no to things.  And just like theyíre doing in Australia now with the carbon taxes, theyíve got to make a presence for themselves, and continue and continue until the people get what they want for a change, because theyíve never had it before. 


Richard: Well, youíve got a lot of groups like that.  Are you familiar, Iím sure youíre familiar with We are Change.  You have a lot of groups, and they have chapters all over the world, and theyíre really starting to push back on the whole global warming lie.


Alan: But it isnít just the global warming lie.  Weíve got to come, you see, weíve got to change our whole way of looking at everything here, and stop allowing. Our politicians are living like kings now with their massive dining, and their multi-billion dollar security and food systems and all the rest of it for their lovely little meetings.  And you know, this has gone way too far, and weíre watching the Caesars of Ancient Rome just plunder the planet, and scoff at the public. Thatís how bad it is, and weíve got to do a lot more than that.  And itís going to take continued protesting, massive protesting to stop this darn system going the way that non-elected people by the way, Iím talking about the systems that run the government, over the government, like the Council on Foreign Relations for instance, stop them from running our lives, because they plan the future for us.  The politicians just do what theyíre told.  And thatís all they are, a bunch of lackeys, you know.


Richard: Well, if you read any of the reports from like Chatham House or the CFR, the policy is handed to them.


Alan: Oh, itís handed to them.  And remember too, like Orwell said, thereís an inner party too, where they go along their own way, and they donít publish that to the public.  You can get into the CFR site and Chatham House, but you canít get into the inner party.  They actually say that too.  They have special passwords for those in the inner party, and thatís where the real decisions are made.  Now, all Rhodes Scholars are the same.  Theyíre in on this.  Theyíre part of it.  Like Bill Clinton.  You have academia, with their professors, picking the special candidates that become Rhodes Scholars to go into world government.  Thatís what theyíre all picked for, set up for, world government leaders.  And theyíre lifelong members of All Souls College, and thatís where the big plans are made, and if you again go into Quigleyís stuff, heíll tell you the history of them, and how they even set up from the Boer War, they set up that, they set up the South African War, and they set up World War I.  They used fifteen years of propaganda to get them ready to go into war against Germany for World War I, and then after that, they said the public still had not got to their knees to give up their rights and sovereignty, we need another World War, and they gave us one.


Richard: Well, I just started reading Tragedy and Hope.  A thick book, but I want to ask you, you said...


Alan: Well, actually, itís the end of the show, and weíre kind of running out of time.  But read that, and youíve got to read the Anglo-American Establishment by the same author.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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