March 25th, 2011 (#797)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 25th, 2011:

"What is Truth?"  -- Pontius Pilate:

"Middle-East "Popular Uprisings" a Very Old Plan
Designed by World Owners, the Moneybags Clan,
Who Run Trilaterals, CFR and United Nations,
World Bank, IMF, NGOs and Foundations,
Bush Sr., New American Century, Minds Twisted,
Had Countries to Be Conquered Already Listed,
Now Obama Continues 'tween Fearful Disasters,
To Plunder Nations, Pleasing His Masters,
The U.N. Found Breaking Non-Intervention Rules,
Treating Members as Lackeys and Tools,
World's Been Corrupt Since Money's Invention,
Giving Truth to Public is Never an Intention"
© Alan Watt March 25th, 2011

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 25th of March, 2011.  Iíll get it out of the way, as I always do, for newcomers, look into website, and help yourself to the audios, which are all available for free download.  And remember, too, all those sites too listed on the .com page there are the official sites.  They all carry the transcripts, as well, in English, of a lot of the talks Iíve given.  Not all of them, but a lot of them.  And you can download those for print up too.  If you want ones in other languages, go into, which is also on the .com site there on the front page.  And youíll find a variety to choose from, a variety of other languages to choose from for print up.  So, help yourselves.  And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, because I donít bring on sponsors, and I donít bring on guests who sell, because thatís how hosts generally make their money, from these people.  Iím going a different road, of course.  Itís a suicide road, really, but again, as I say, I belong to Scotland, thatís the champion of lost causes.  And you always have a bit of faith in humanity, hopefully, that theyíll listen to something which doesnít go through the usual sales pitch, after terrifying people.  Thatís a sad truth, in business, but thatís how itís done.  And I prefer not to do it. 


The ads you hear on this show are paid by advertisers, directly to RBN for this show, this program I should say.  And it pays for the broadcast time, and their staff and equipment and their bills.  So, help me out with mine.  You can buy the books and the discs I have for sale, at  From the US to Canada, you can also use a personal check or international postal money order, or you can use PayPal, and youíll see the button on the .com site.  If you do an order, just use the button and follow it with and email and your address and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And some people just send cash.  Across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and then again, PayPal to order through the donation button.  And also, straight donations, believe you me, are certainly, certainly welcome, because this is expensive, and itís not a one hour.  People think I do nothing but a one-hour show every day.  Itís not a one-hour show, or even talk, an educational talk, itís an all-day effort, and itís seven days a week, as you keep up on everything thatís happening, and go beyond it even.  Because, more important, you realize what the big picture happens to be, not the little bits you get out of news that try to keep it all unrelated.  So, help me out, as I say, and hopefully we can go on for a bit longer. 


We talk about this, itís not just an emerging World Order, that George Bush Sr. talked about, and lots have talked about it since, heads of state and so on, itís a completely new way of living, a restructuring of the whole world systems into one system, under the guise of democracy.  Although, theyíre telling us, the same guys are telling us in Orwellian terminology, that weíre post-democratic, and that the system theyíre bringing in now is authoritarian.  It actually already is authoritarian, and has been openly since 9/11 happened in most countries across the world.  And they have a lot more plans to bring about, because this is a very old agenda.  It took centuries in the making.  Youíll find hints of it in the old philosophers that existed around the 1700s, 1800s, into the 20th Century, who liked to scribble about their big plans for the future, and how theyíd bring out a practical way that everyone should live, run by experts and scientists, as they destroyed the old religions that had to go.  They usually called them superstitions.  And they said that scientists would take over, the proper way, that we should be ruled, basically, with also the basic understanding that the common people were simply too ignorant to rule their own lives in peace and quiet, or safety.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about this world thatís not just coming into view, as Papa Bush said, but itís actually here, and weíve been living through the new authoritarian system, with so many laws getting pushed from a federal level, right down to the local levels, just one after another, you canít keep up with it.  And I mean that literally.  Thereís so many, you canít keep up with, when you see whatís happening across the board, and I mean in any country either.  Theyíre all happening in sequence across the world, these same laws come out.  And of course, thereís obviously an operating head that thinks it all out, and panels that meet together internationally to decide to go ahead with the same system in every level of government, or governance, as they like to call it these days.  And there is, of course.  Thereís no doubt about it.  And we know weíre under a system that comes through something called the United Nations, that was set up really at the end of World War II, and itís now taken over pretty well all lawmaking abilities, and through treaties, binding treaties they call them, and the politicians that you elect have been signing agreements with more and more treaties for years to implement them, all the way from building codes to water runoffs, to all kinds of things, and even putting down the set fines that we should get across the whole world if we donít comply.  They can actually fine whole countries, even through various trade organizations, like the World Trade Organization, if your country or private corporation fails to let another country come in and pay below the minimum wage rates for your people.  If you say, well, you canít come in here because of that, they can actually fine you, and itís happened already.  And our countries are using our tax money to pay the massive fines.  Britain especially has been hit with one after another, because they have the World Trade Organization, and they have the EU Super Parliament on top of them too. 


This is whatís called the just, fair society, where the big rod just hits the guy at the bottom, and you just pay up.  And thatís what government really is.  Government is force, of course.  And so is law.  They run through what they call law, or they pretend to run through law, and they use force.  First itís intimidation to comply, and then force is applied if you donít, if intimidation doesnít make you go along.  Thatís what itís always been about.  And weíre trained like animals, really, with lots of neuroscientists, working along with governments today.  Theyíve been working along with them for years, before they called them neuroscientists, and the big marketing companies have been working hand in glove, prior to that, because theyíre the experts on human behavior and mass psychology, and itís worked very well for them, in fact.  Thatís why all your government propaganda comes through these expert companies.


Now, Japan, of course, we know has been an absolute horror there.  And we know itís going to unfold as time goes on to be a much bigger horror, as they stated at first, and damage control is always that way.  They minimize the damage, and they minimize the human collateral as we beings are now called, and they try and cover it up as much as they can.  You know, they do that in every country, because all these countries are signed under the international treaty organization at the United Nations that really is in charge of all propaganda and what leaks out to the public, and whatís kept back from them.  It would be no different if these things went off in your own backyard, in any country.  It would be the same sort of way of controlling the crisis.  You never tell the public the truth.  Actually, weíre so far removed from any kind of government, even your federal governments, they canít tell us the truth now on anything.  They donít even expect to.  In fact, thatís why they hire the marketers to make sure they change their wording and so on, to get the public to go along with any new thing thatís rammed down your way.  And also in times of disaster, they bring in these same guys who, like Wag the Dog, excellent movie to see, will find new ways to put things across to the public, to deceive them, keep them working, as always, even though, technically, you know theyíre going to die shortly.  This article came in today, and it says:


Japanese officials have expressed alarm over a possible fracture of a reactor core at one unit of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.


Japanese nuclear safety officials raised the possibility of more severe environmental contamination on Friday with their latest announcement on the country's nuclear crisis.


ďIt is possible that somewhere at the reactor may have been damaged,''


(Alan: Well, whoís kidding who? The roofs blew off the things, ages ago.  Anyway it says:)


He added, however, ďOur data suggest the reactor retains certain containment functions,''


(A: So, a little bit is working, he says.  Meaning, maybe not all the rods are spent up, or maybe the basin that holds them is still intact, or whatever, but really, I donít think any of these things are safe at all, after these explosions, etc.  You cannot stand that kind of heat from cores going into fusion, once theyíre uncovered with water.  Because, I donít care what they make their surrounding shell out of, itís going to crack or melt or whatever.  Anyway, it says that:)


Damage could have been done to the core when a March 14 hydrogen explosion blew up Unit 3's outer containment building.


This reactor, perhaps the most troubled at the six-unit site, holds 170 tons of radioactive fuel in its core. Previous radioactive emissions have come from intentional efforts to vent small amounts of steam through valves to prevent the core from bursting.


(A: And the steam, of course, is radioactive in itself.)


However, releases from a breach could allow uncontrolled quantities of radioactive contaminants to escape into the surrounding ground or air.


Reports indicate that a number of Japanese people (A: Now, listen to this, remember that silly 30 kilometer border that they told folk to get behind.) Reports indicate that a number of Japanese people who lived between 200 and 350 kilometers away from the plant have been hospitalized for exposure to radioactive materials.


(A: So, this stuff, really, it doesnít respect manmade little imaginary lines anywhere.  It goes which way the wind blows, and thatís obviously whatís been happening.  And we know that too, because last week on Friday, the radiation hit the Americas and Canada, and then of course, by the Sunday, it was moving, reported from the French monitoring agencies, that this radioactive cloud had then moved across Canada, and it was also into the Atlantic, on its way to Europe.  So itís been going in this constant band, and it still is going on right now, it hasnít stopped, all the way from Japan.  And some reports have actually said it might cover the whole Northern hemisphere eventually.  And itís probably true.  It says:)


March 11 witnessed an extremely fatal earthquake


Etc, etc, and it goes through the history of it.  Whatís happening now is much, much worse, as I say, because the ones with Plutonium in them, the so-called spent rods, are highly, highly dangerous, because they had been recharged, you might say.  These are spent rods that had been used before, then recharged back up again.  These are the ones that produce plutonium, and then you end up with those things going up, and you get strontium-90, and a whole bunch of awfully, even worse, nasty things, if you can imagine it, worse than that.  And a lot of folk, over the years are going to die with this, and they know it too.  And there have been a lot of genetic malformations coming out as time goes on too.  Itís absolutely disastrous.  And it was an accident waiting to happen, because they know, never mind the fault lines, and all the rest of it, they also know that this particular type, of General Electric Mark 1, is very unsafe.  And itís a very thin shell.  Both the container and outer shell are far too thin in structure to contain anything that happens.  It tends, once it shuts down, due to a quake or any other reason, theyíve got a hard time getting the water restarted, because of various valves blocking and so on.  And theyíve known this for years and years and years.  But theyíre privately owned, and today corporations rule the world, through governments that they put in there, so itís pretty well the same, all over.


And, as I say, the Greenies will make a beauty of this one, because theyíll demand the reactors across the world get closed down, and that ties right in with the austerity plan.  Because, youíve got to understand, especially in people who think theyíre in first world countries, who just turn on the lights, and there they are, the way that they want to take you is down to these rolling blackout type services across the whole planet, where, what little electricity youíll have, on and off, will cost you about a thousand times what youíre paying now, through these silly windmill gizmos they have up there, which maybe can supply one-third of the countryís needs, if you put enough of many, many thousands of them up.  But their maintenance also takes away from their profit, so theyíd have to jack up the profits an awful lot, to make it worth their while, which they will, of course. 


So, itís amazing, as I say.  The Copenhagen meeting, really, they needed something like this to happen.† You understand too, the public is going to finance these windmills; we already are financing them for private companies.  And itís the same big boys who own the nuclear reactors, all energy.  You see, companies are energy companies.  They own reactors.  They see the wind changing.  They know when itís time to go into wind power, especially when government literally is giving out massive grants or gifts to them.  And theyíre already changing over into their new way, as they let the old ones eventually go.  But itís going to be quite the transformation, as folk start panicking.  Theyíve been living next to reactors their whole lives, and never really noticed them, until now, but never the less, a picture is worth a thousand words in terror and fear.  It will certainly augment that, and they will demand the dismantling of the current nuclear stations, without our thinking of the consequences down the road, the transition period, etc, into new systems, what sacrifices are you willing to make, as these transitions occur, and never mind looking into the cost of what their electricity will be down the road, when theyíre allowed to get it. 


Everything is politics and pressure groups, isnít it?  And corporations as I say, this is the new corporate world, and Professor Quigley and others talked about this new feudal system, where the CEOs of corporations will be the new feudal overlords.  They already are.  Theyíre the only ones, really, who have access to governments, apart from the big foundations and bankersí NGOs.  We have a hard time getting to talk to a member of parliament.  And weíre just the little people now, really little people.  Thereís no pretence about that anymore.  And they used to call this fascism when you had government in bed with corporations.  Well, yes, itís fascism.  It doesnít matter what else they want to call it, itís fascism.  And technically, all systems are fascist, even when the Soviets had their one in, it was still technically run in a fascist system.  Whenever you get a massive class at the top of intergenerational bureaucrats, youíve got it there in big business.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  People, some people think the world is just going mad, but thereís nothing mad about all of this really, because, everything always fits in with the big agenda, to the big plan, thatís already been made of how the world is supposed to live.  As I say, Copenhagen couldnít have wished for something better than this to happen, to get their massive agreements through, and all the funding they want to get through.  And of course, theyíre pushing through their carbon taxes system too.  Australia has started that off already, although thereís people protesting in Australia, grassroots organizations that literally came out at the last minute, just ordinary folk, who have been really protesting this farce of being forced to pay just because you exist.  And thatís what it really boils down too, this new economy that the Rothschildís front man, I donít know if it was Rifflin, talked about that they wanted, this would be the next market for the stock market.  And theyíre looking forward and rubbing their hands to raking in trillions of dollars every year, over the fact that, well, you just purchase things, and energy taxes, and how much does it cost to make that item.  How much CO2 was created.  And all these silly mathematical equations, which means sweet damned all, that they work out the price to be that you have to pay.


Nothing, as I say, is really mad in this system, because if it was truly mad, the big agenda would not be going on.  Now, we know in the New American Century, for instance that was in the 90s, they published on their own site that they wanted to take out a whole bunch of countries, starting with Afghanistan, and then Iraq.  They talked about Libya, and Syria, as well, and Iran, and they of course followed pretty well the order they went through so far when Mr. Bush was in, and Obama has taken over the exact same schedule, and thatís why Rumsfeld thanked him a few weeks ago for not changing the schedule and the countries that would be taken down.  And, itís astonishing, really to live through this, watching the blatant plans being made in the 90s.  Israel agreed with the same, the exact same planned agenda.  They also mentioned Syria too, and now youíre finding agitation in Syria, and itís taken years to plan all this from within and to get it all rolling.  But itís astonishing, as I say.  And General Wesley Clark was giving an interview with I think Democracy Now.  I think that gets funded by the Rockefeller foundation.  Anyway, he does admit in 2007, about the same list and the same agenda, and heís up on youtube, and Iíll put the link up tonight for that, where youíll hear him talking in his own words about this particular agenda, including Syria, and Libya, and all the rest of it.  And that they were simply carrying on, really. 


And I might try and dig out the New American Century list from the 90s, I think it was 1997 was the last one they drew up, to show you that weíre living through a big business plan, and all the slaughter thatís going on was preplanned, collateral damage and all that.  The fighters on the ground, regardless of sides, are incidental to these boys.  They donít really care.  They have their eyes set on oil and water.  Water is going to be massively expensive when the private corporations take over the water in Libya for sure, with its underwater springs, aqueducts, massive thing.  So, thatís going to be again, part of the future.  All resources will be taken over by big corporations, right on track again.  And no one really cares, as theyíre watching Japan.  So many laws are being rammed through.  I couldnít believe, just today, looking at different laws being rammed through Canada and different countries, all at the same time, right down to your local level, while everyone is distracted with whatís going on.  Itís just amazing, truly amazing. 


And also, with the Al Qaeda stuff, we know darn well, it came out at the time, after 9/11, that some experts from the CIA came out and said, Al Qaeda was actually like a code term they used for communicating to each other, all the forces that the CIA had set up to fight the Soviet Union.  And it wasnít an organization as such.  It was many different groups, all involved, and they used Al Qaeda as a sort of, I mean, itís a calling signal you might say, through the various communication devices they had to communicate with each other.  And Brzezinski, of course, I might even put that up again too, where youíll see him talking back in the 80s or 70s, I think it was the 80s, where he was talking to Afghanistanis, telling them to go and fight against the Soviets.  It would be a Holy War, he called it, a Holy Jihad, in his own words, and heís a geo-politician.  They work out their plan, like a chessboard, and get country to fight country to take all their, supposedly, enemies down, and clear the way for their big business to follow in and to grab all the resources.  And we also find confirmation of this whole Al Qaeda CIA thing, of course.  The CIA did start up so many of the jihadi groups, and they actually hyper-Islamized them too, you might say.  They had special tracts printed up, and kept focusing on them, and teaching groups out there, to make them really radical Muslims, to fight the Soviets.  Well, now youíre left with the problem afterwards, when theyíre still rather radical.  And it says here.


Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links


(A: So these wonderful freedom fighters, that are not insurgents, of course, because the UN wants to protect these guys, otherwise theyíd call them insurgents, and you know, theyíre freedom fighters, you understand.  It says:)


In an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Mr al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited "around 25" men from the Derna area in eastern Libya to fight against coalition troops in Iraq. Some of them, he said, are "today are on the front lines in Adjabiya".


Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters "are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists," but added that the "members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader".


Hereís a guy who works with the CIA in the past, and youíll find out why, after we come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and reading an article, where a particular Mr. al-Hasidi, talks about Al Qaeda working alongside the so-called freedom fighters for Libya.  I guess the Muslim Brotherhood and so on, and theyíre all in it together, but theyíve got a sort of cordial relationship right now with the Pentagon and the CIA.  It just shows you itís all farce, isnít it?  It says here that he:


Mr al-Hasidi was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG, which killed dozens of Libyan troops in guerrilla attacks around Derna and Benghazi in 1995 and 1996.


Even though the LIFG is not part of the al-Qaeda organisation, the United States military's West Point academy has said the two share an "increasingly co-operative relationship". In 2007, documents captured by allied forces from the town of Sinjar, showed LIFG members made up the second-largest cohort of foreign fighters in Iraq, after Saudi Arabia.


Earlier this month, al-Qaeda issued a call for supporters to back the Libyan rebellion, which it said would lead to the imposition of "the stage of Islam" in the country.


(A: Now, who do you think set up the Islamic Brotherhood Organization?  A lot of the followers wonít know it themselves.  And youíll find that of course, itís the usual, again, MI6 boys and so on, CIA, who start up these fraternities, promise them the world, use them, and then they do the nasty on them.  But those followers always get technically what they deserve, unfortunately.  Itís the same all through the system of life.  If you donít really know what youíre being guided into, and whoís going to benefit from it, and whoís really communicating with outside foreigners, like CIA, MI6, then you better bet your bottom dollar that itís going to be a dirty deal.)


British Islamists have also backed the rebellion, with the former head of the banned al-Muhajiroun proclaiming that the call for "Islam, the Shariah and jihad from Libya" had "shaken the enemies of Islam and the Muslims more than the tsunami that Allah sent against their friends, the Japanese". 


So, itís quite something else.  You know, the spook world of spies, the spook world of spies is so full of deceit and stings and counterstings, and all the rest of it, and things going on, that youíre hard-pressed to follow what really is going on. And even when the mainstream media present you with an Al Qaeda front nasty group and all the rest of it, the very front group that was set up by them in the first place, against the Soviets, I donít think they ever really break the bonds at all.  And theyíll use anybody they can use, and they do love groups, pre-existing groups too, and they certainly do love fraternities.  Every nation has its fraternities, all with the same symbology, signals and all the rest of it.  And thatís quite something. 


I remember reading about the British army going into India, and they were astounded in the 1700s, the traveling Masonic Lodges, to find out that every major town in India had Masonic Lodges there already.  They had no clue that this was across the world.  And, again, thatís how people are kept in the dark.  Quite something, isnít it. 


And an article here too, is about Gaddafi himself, and a speech he made at the United Nations in 2009.  And it says here:


The address was mad by Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi, Leader of the Revolution of the Socialist Peopleís Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


The Assembly will now hear an address by the Leader of the Revolution of the Socialist Peopleís Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.


Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi, Leader of the Revolution of the Socialist Peopleís Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, was escorted into the General Assembly Hall.


(A: And then, they spoke with a translator, and this is what Qadhafi says.  He says:)


In the name of the General Assembly at its sixty-fourth session, presided over by Libya, of the African Union,


(A: Remember too, this global system, they want Unions.  Theyíve got an African Union, European Union, American Union, and Far Eastern-Pacific Union, set up long ago, in Karl Marxís day, by the way, and again, you see it reemerging with the Milner group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which still runs the show yet, through the CFR.  Anyway, thatís what they wanted, and weíre almost there.  This is the last part of it to be done, really.  It says here:)


Öof one thousand traditional African kingdoms and in my own name, I would like to take this opportunity, as President of the African Union, to congratulate our son Obama because he is attending the General Assembly, and we welcome him as his country is hosting this meeting.


This session is taking place in the midst of so many challenges facing us, and the whole world should come together and unite its efforts to defeat the challenges that are our principal common enemy ó those of climate change (A: Heís very politically correct now, Muammar.  He thought he was playing the game.) and international crises such as the capitalist economic decline, the food and water crises, desertification, terrorism, immigration, piracy, man-made and natural epidemics and nuclear proliferation. Perhaps influenza H1N1 was a virus created in a laboratory that got out of control, originally being meant as a military weapon. Such challenges also include hypocrisy, poverty, fear, materialism and immorality.


As is known, the United Nations was founded by three or four countries against Germany at the time. The United Nations was formed by the nations that joined together against Germany in the Second World War. Those countries formed a body called the Security Council, made its own countries permanent members and granted them the power of veto.


We were not present at that time. The United Nations was shaped in line with those three countries and wanted us to step into shoes originally designed against Germany. That is the real substance of the United Nations when it was founded over 60 years ago.


That happened in the absence of some 165 countries, at a ratio of one to eight; that is, one was present and eight were absent. They created the Charter, of which I have a copy. If one reads the Charter of the United Nations, one finds that the Preamble of the Charter differs from its Articles.  (A: Now, thatís very, very, very essentially important, because your preamble is setting down the tones and definitions of the words to be used in the coming articles, the legal articles.  He says:) How did it come into existence? All those who attended the San Francisco Conference in 1945 participated in creating the Preamble, but they left the Articles and internal rules of procedures of the so-called Security Council to experts, specialists and interested countries, which were those countries that had established the Security Council and had united against Germany.


(A: So, Britain, France, Germany, the US and so on.)


The Preamble is very appealing, and no one objects to it, but all the provisions that follow it completely contradict the Preamble. We reject such provisions, and we will never uphold them; they ended with the Second World War. The Preamble says that all nations, small or large, are equal. Are we equal when it comes to the permanent seats? No, we are not equal.


The Preamble states in writing that all nations are equal whether they are small or large. Do we have the right of veto? Are we equal? The Preamble says that we have equal rights, whether we are large or small.


That is what is stated and what we agreed in the Preamble. So the veto contradicts the Charter. The permanent seats contradict the Charter. We neither accept nor recognize the veto.


The Preamble of the Charter states that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest. That is the Preamble that we agreed to and signed, and we joined the United Nations because we wanted the Charter to reflect that. It says that armed force shall only be used in the common interest of all nations, but what has happened since then? Sixty-five wars have broken out since the establishment of the United Nations and the Security Council ó 65 since their creation, with millions more victims than in the Second World War. Are those wars, and the aggression and force that were used in those 65 wars, in the common interest of us all? No, they were in the interest of one or three or four countries, but not of all nations.


(A: And then he goes on::)


We will talk about whether those wars were in the interest of one country or of all nations. That flagrantly contradicts the Charter of the United Nations that we signed, and unless we act in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations to which we agreed, we will reject it and not be afraid not to speak diplomatically to anyone. Now we are talking about the future of the United Nations. There should be no hypocrisy or diplomacy because it concerns the important and vital issue of the future of the world. It was hypocrisy that brought about the 65 wars since the establishment of the United Nations.


The Preamble also states that if armed force is used, it must be a United Nations force ó thus, military intervention by the United Nations, with the joint agreement of the United Nations, not one or two or three countries using armed force. (A: In other words, they all have to agree.) The entire United Nations will decide to go to war to maintain international peace and security. Since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, if there is an act of aggression by one country against another, the entire United Nations should deter and stop that act.


If a country, Libya for instance, were to exhibit aggression against France, then the entire Organization would respond because France is a sovereign State Member of the United Nations and we all share the collective responsibility to protect the sovereignty of all nations. However, 65 aggressive wars have taken place without any United Nations action to prevent them. Eight other massive, fierce wars, whose victims number some 2 million, have been waged by Member States that enjoy veto powers. Those countries that would have us believe they seek to maintain the sovereignty and independence of peoples actually use aggressive force against peoples. While we would like to believe that these countries want to work for peace and security in the world and protect peoples, they have instead resorted to aggressive wars and hostile behaviour. Enjoying the veto they granted themselves as permanent members of the Security Council, they have initiated wars that have claimed millions of victims.


(A: Itís interesting too, eh, they used to ridicule the old Bible thumpers, and they always said that by peace he shall destroy many.  Thatís why they call themselves peacekeepers, eh?)


The principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. No country, therefore, has the right to interfere in the affairs of any Government, be it democratic or dictatorial, socialist or capitalist, reactionary or progressive. (A: And that is a fact.  Thatís in the charter.  He says:) This is the responsibility of each society; it is an internal matter for the people of the country concerned. The senators of Rome once appointed their leader, Julius Caesar, as dictator because it was good for Rome at that time. No one can say of Rome at that time that it gave Caesar the veto.


The veto is not mentioned in the Charter.


We joined the United Nations because we thought we were equals, only to find that one country can object to all the decisions we make. Who gave the permanent members their status in the Security Council? Four of them granted this status to themselves. (A: And itís the big four, eh?) The only country that we in this Assembly elected to permanent member status in the Security Council is China. This was done democratically, but the other seats were imposed upon us undemocratically through a dictatorial procedure carried out against our will, and we should not accept it.


Well, I guess that was the last major speech he made at the United Nations, and thatís why they got the UN to supposedly try, and implement this war, against his country, as almost a slap in the face, of course, although it is definitely the US and Britain and so on, who wanted the war regardless, but the UN went along and says, well, weíre declaring war for the first time, and bypassing Congress and Parliaments and so on, just to mock Gaddafi, obviously.  And itís still failing, because at home, people are complaining that it didnít go through Congress, etc, and so, theyíre calling it now a NATO action.  The NATO by the way is just the armed wing of the United Nations.  So, itís all really just plays on words, isnít it?  Itís really plays on words. And Madeline Albright is giving speeches about it, because she loves, and sheís got a seat on that Council at NATO, and sheís been well involved for many, many years in having Arabs decimated by either starving them or setting soldiers upon them, or whatever.  It seems to be her lifelong calling.  Anyway, thatís what weíve got running the world. 


Everything is hypocrisy and lies though, isnít it, until you look into charters for yourself.  And you realize, itís just like your own government, with its constitutions.  No one follows it.  They make it up as they go along and bypass it, etc.  And youíve got to understand, under the guise of law, if they break their own laws, or simply go around their own laws, then they are lawless, you understand.  Theyíre now lawless.  And when you have lawless organizations or governments, just making things up as they go along, youíre in big, big trouble.  And we actually have that.  We have private enterprises working with governments as well, and no one elects these private enterprises, or the private scientific associations, or the big leaders of foundations, or the George Soros types, the new philanthropists, who the United Nations says should help to rule the world.  We donít elect any of these characters.  And also, by the way, none of us get a chance, and none of your parents or grandparents had a chance, either, to vote about the United Nations.  It was simply implemented. 


And I remember Bill Cooper saying at the time, years ago, that United Nations is not a democratic institution, and he said, everyone who signed that charter, every leader of every country, had broken their own Constitutions and Charters, therefore they were traitors to their country, because they never asked the people permission.  How can you sign your countries over and give ultimate authority in certain areas, especially war making, or even defending yourself, to an external organization?  Hmm?  But thatís the stuff weíre given today to look at.  And another aside to this too is, of course, you all saw the farce as the US Army was told when they went into Iraq to stay a certain distance from the museum. 


Meanwhile, somebody obviously went in, very high, high clearance, with the army and plundered its artifacts in Iraq.  And before that all happened, before the war even started, weeks before, documentaries came out in Canada, on mainstream television, where big, you know, movers and shakers were taking orders for these artifacts, while they were still in the Baghdad Museum.  And they showed, they talked to some private collectors across the world, who had already booked what they wanted out of the plunder.  That means that thereís a very high organization here that can actually work with the Pentagon and the CIA and take orders, and make sure these right guys get it.  Well, the same thing has happened with Egypt.  And, of course, it didnít surprise me at all.


Egyptian officials said on Friday that 800 priceless artefacts were still missing after armed robbers raided a warehouse near the canal city of Ismailiya in the unrest following a popular revolt.


(A: A Popular Revolt.  Iíve got to stop using the propaganda they give us.)


"An inventory of the East Qantara warehouse which houses antiquities from the provinces on the Suez Canal and Sinai has revealed the theft and damage of a large number of artifacts," said Mohamed Abdel Maqsood, an official with Supreme Council of Antiquities for northeast Egypt.


"We found that 800 antiquities-- which go back to the Pharaonic, Roman and Islamic periods-- are still missing from the warehouse after 293 items were recovered," he said.


Abdel Maqsood said the survey also revealed that "several" artifacts unearthed by French, American and Polish archaeological teams had also been stolen.


Robbers raided several warehouses around the country, including the one in Cairo's world-renowned Egyptian Museum, after an uprising that toppled longtime leader Hosni Mubarak gave way to looting and insecurity.


No, these are trained people, and it would be Special Forces in there too, folks, because someone at high level in the West gave permission.  The last lot of the follow-up to the documentary, as they showed in Canada, showed you that most of the stuff was being fenced through Israel, actually, to private collectors.  This will no doubt be the same.  Ah, this is the normal world, eh. This is the normal world. 


Now, thereís Bill from Canada on the line.  Are you there, Bill?  Hello?


Bill: Hello.


Alan: Yes, who is this?


Bill: Alan, this is Bill from Canada.


Alan: Okay, hold on, and Iíll come back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Bill from Canada.  Are you there, Bill?


Bill: Hi, Alan, Iím here.  How are you?


Alan: Not too bad.


Bill: Good.  Appreciate your research and all the work youíve done.  Iíve learned a lot from you.  Weíve got the elections coming up now, in Canada, and I thought it would be a good time, because they have to come down and touch our hands.  And so, I was just thinking that it would be a good time to be able to get some information out and perhaps rout out some of these secret society people who are, you know, sort of in their conflicting oaths situations, where they canít.


Alan: Thatís right.† If these characters, which they are, of course, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, if theyíve already sworn oaths to uphold another charter, another organization, a fraternity, that supersedes any secondary obligation, then theyíre of no use to the people of Canada.


Bill: Well, exactly.  So, we should, now is a good time to hassle them, because they all have to come out.  So, I encourage all your listeners in Canada to get out and do the same.  Put some pressure on them, you know.  Like they always put the pressure on us. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And if you get to meet them personally, you ask them if theyíre a member of fraternities and ask them, politely, which ones they are members of.  And technically they should answer you.  Sometimes you can find it too, if you look over different articles in the newspapers, and you can find out what they belong to.


Bill: Oh, indeed, yes, thereís pictures of these guys with their aprons on all over the place around this town.


Alan: Yes.  And itís got to be done, because, as Quigley said, itís the same in Canada, remember he was referring to Canada too, Britain as well, that theyíve always put their own presidents and prime ministers in, since the late 1800s, and that is true.  That is a fact.  Of all parties, that is.  So weíve got to stop this.


Bill: So if we put a bit of pressure on them, maybe theyíll make a mistake or two, and show their hand.  Like theyíve had us.  My whole life has been a lie.† You know, Iím furious about that.


Alan: Absolutely.


Bill: And what can we do?  Well, hassle them back.  Put a bit of pressure back on them.


Alan: And also too, the other thing to do, is donít vote for anybody.


Bill: Well, thatís just it.


Alan: I mean, really, the only way youíll see the teeth of the real master coming forward, is when youíll find that business will go on as usual and thereís some new system, without a pause in fact, but we simply wonít have the nonsense in the papers about prime ministers walking across the planet making speeches written by advisors.  So, it will still go on.


Bill: These corporations now, these political parties, theyíre just corporations, arenít they?


Alan: They are corporations.


Bill: We vote for the corporate policy.


Alan: The country is a corporation.  Every country is one; overall, collectively, itís one big business.  And everyone works for the government, you know.  Everyone.  It was someone from the government that told me that, from the Feds.  And itís literally a registered business. Thatís all it is.  Thatís what your country happens to be.  And your job in it is to be like a worker bee, and obey, and produce/consume and pay taxes and go off to war if they order you to, and so on.  Thatís your job.  You donít have any other function.


Bill: Okay.  Well, letís, well, anyways.  Weíll just see if we canít just start giving them a bit of a hard time, as theyíve been giving us our whole lives.


Alan: Well, Britain tried that you know, and for a while they were making some headway, where they had to start publishing the names, even of judges who were Masons and so on, and for two or three years it was making headway and eventually the Masonic societies hit back, and since they already ran the legal system, they got something in there so they wouldnít have to disclose their identities anymore.  But thereís a lot of folk kept the names of who they all happened to be, so that was quite good.


Bill: Well, I guess thatís all weíve got right now, so, okay.  Well, thanks a lot, Alan. 


Alan: Thanks for calling.† From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  And James from New York, maybe call back Monday, will you?  Thank you.



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