March 29, 2011 (#799)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 29, 2011:

Reliance on Science Tends to Pervert the Expert:

"So Experts Now Run This New World Order,
Doling Information to Peasants as Cattle Fodder,
Regarding Radiation, They Shout from Their Lips,
Levels Like "Miniscule" and "Tiny Wee Bits",
Their Lofty Arrogance is Somewhat Tragic,
Thinking Explaining Science Would Appear as Magic
To the Unwashed Masses Who can't Count Toes,
What Good is Real Data to Those Picking Nose,
So Remote is Academia, Lost in Peer Reviewing
And Playing with Societies They're Renewing,
They Look at Real Workers as Colonies of Ants,
Forgetting They Too in Toilets Pull Down Their Pants"
© Alan Watt March 29, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 29, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 29th of March 2011.  For newcomers, look into the web site and you’ll see all the official sites that I have listed there and you can bookmark them for future use in case any of the other sites go down.  If you find sticking on downloads of the audios which are available for free, try these alternate sites.  These are the only ones I actually own.  You’ll find other sites out there with my name on them but they’re not actually mine; I don’t know who runs most of them.  Anyway, these are the official sites.  Remember too, they all carry transcripts too, as well as the audios, transcripts in English for print up of a lot of the talks I’ve given over the years.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into and help yourself to the variety offered there.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you so you can help to support me by buying the books and disks I have for sale on the web site.  You’ll find how to order if you go into and methods of payment too.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are certainly welcome because it gets awfully expensive keeping this whole flying kite on the go, and believe you me, it’s tied together with bits of string and wire and all the rest of it.


However, that’s the way things are as we go through these, they’re not really perilous times, it’s just a big shake-up for the world to get us used to a new form of being basically ordered around.  Before we were kept in a form of what Isaiah Berlin called a sort of negative freedom.  Negative freedom means that basically – and that was the mentor to Tony Blair.  What it means really to the philosophers, is keep the people in the dark, tell them to have a good time, leave them enough cash in their pockets to have a good time, take the rest off them of course, and don’t keep them informed on the big things that are happening across the world, keep them ignorant of the amalgamations of continents together, that kind of stuff; that’s what is called negative.  Positive freedom is when they get you all on board for a great task, like a war, or a war to save the environment or something like that.  A kind of we’re all in it together, we’re all going forward to some vague utopia; that’s called positive freedom.  They’re trying to get that up of course, with the children that are being raised right now and going through the state education systems.  They’re being taught to live in the life of a kind of sovietized system, like they had the Young Communist Leagues and so on, all going towards this vague utopia. And that’s what they want for the whole world, where we share everything across the world and basically you’ll have international corporations, through which you’ll be sharing of course and paying awfully dearly as well.  Because it’s to be a privatized world but run on the soviet scheme of things.  That’s what we’re going through right now. 


We’re watching incredible plunder across the planet.  Most folk don’t care because they’re so used to wars now, it’s one war after another.   And they say the first casualty of war is truth and that certainly is true.  You’ll never get truth about any war, ANY war whatsoever in fact; you’ll never get any truth of the real machinations behind it.  I think it was a top advisor to FDR said the same thing about politics.  He said, in politics there’s always a good reason for something and then there’s the real reason.  We’re never given the real reason.  I’ll be back with more after these messages. 


Hi folks, we’re back and Cutting Through The Matrix and of course we’ve had a couple of weeks now of the meltdown, continuing meltdown in Japan and everyone’s either worried about it or they’re totally ignorant of it in fact.  It’s amazing how many Canadians don’t even know what’s happening and have no interest whatsoever, because they’re so well conditioned by the mainstream here to just listen to experts and if experts aren’t coming on telling them what to think about things they don’t think at all.  That’s basically how it goes.  In fact, the front page, I think, of the Toronto Sun today was about Celine Dion being pestered by some doctor in Canada and a judge’s order to tell him to stop it.  That was the MAINSTREAM news, front page, on the Toronto Sun. That’s what you get, you see, at the low level, mushroom level.  Generally it’s sports, a big picture of somebody grabbing a ball, you know, an ADULT at that too; I stopped that when I was small.  Anyway, apparently it’s very, very popular.  That’s what they give you for mainstream.  It’s quite amazing how, and it’s true, what Brzezinski and others did say, that the people, the public would depend on their media for doing their reasoning for them.  In other words, if the media doesn’t tell you to worry about something you won’t worry about it, even if you should be worried about it.  And if the mainstream media ignores something then it’s obviously not important and you’ll ignore it too.  And Canadians are awfully obedient people. 


This article here is from the west coast of Canada and it says...


Scientist confirms Barkley Sound seaweed radiation testing / By Wawmeesh G. Hamilton - Alberni Valley News / March 28, 2011


Seaweed from Barkley Sound is being tested for radiation traces resulting from Japan’s damaged (Alan:  Very polite in Canada, ‘damaged;’ I think it’s kaput.) Fukushima nuclear reactors.


Simon Fraser University nuclear researchers have detected increased levels of  iodine-131 (131-I) from rainwater and seaweed in the Lower Mainland.


Small amounts of the element have also been detected in Barkley Sound seaweed.


“We see 131-I in the Barkley Sound seaweed...I cannot quantify the activity since the sample is wet,” SFU nuclear researcher Kris Starosta said. 


“As of now, the levels we’re seeing are not harmful to humans."  (A:  I like that too.  You notice that across the whole world radiation is not harmful anymore according to, you know, the experts.  They’ve all sort of colluded together to tell us it’s not harmful.  I like this scale for measurement; you’ve got ‘miniscule,’ and ‘a million times lower,’ and ‘not harmful.’  That shows you the mushroom level we’re at, where they don’t even bother giving us a scale where we can measure things for ourselves and think about it.) 


The samples are being dried for further testing, and samples will be shipped to the university three times a week for regular testing.


Specifically, the seaweed was taken from Eagle Bay in Barkley Sound. The area was chosen for sampling because the university already networks with marine researchers there.


Researchers believe that the iodine-131 got here through the atmosphere.  (A:  That’s why they’re experts.)


“It was transported via the jet stream from Japan to the West Coast and fell down with the rain,” Starosta said.


The increased levels could only have come from the nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, which were damaged by an earthquake two weeks ago.  (A:  That’s for the Canadians who haven’t heard about it yet.  [Alan laughing.])


“But Iodine-131 is most likely anywhere since it falls down with the rain,” Starosta said.  (A:  And I’m sure it’s all across the country actually and has been for a least last Wednesday or before, when it was due to hit; in fact, it’s a week and a half now I guess. And it’s already across in Europe as well.   So that’s for Canadians anyway.  They’re not to worry because it’s miniscule, and that’s a good sliding scale to measure things by and it’s good enough for us.  So that was that one.)


Then we find too that they’ve also found it in Glasgow.  So it’s going right across the Atlantic of course; we know that, we know it hit France as well.  It says...


Fukushima Radioactive Traces Found In Glasgow / March 29, 2011  / James Matthews, Scotland correspondent


Traces of radioactive fall-out from Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant have been found in Glasgow.


They are described as "extremely low" (A:  See, we’ve got the ‘extremely low’ scale again, for mushrooms, you know.) and the Scottish Government has told Sky News there is no threat to public health.  (A:  So I feel awfully... much better now.)


Traces of radioactive iodine 131 were picked up on Friday by an air sampler which is located in the city.


The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) (A:  Everyone’s got one now, you see.) said the value of the sample is extremely low and consistent with similar reports from other European countries such as Iceland and Switzerland.


Dr James Gemmill, Sepa's radioactive substances manager, said: "The concentration of iodine detected is extremely low and is not of concern for the public or the environment.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] It’s quite amazing.  I mean generally they wouldn’t even tell you anything at all, they’re so arrogant these days aren’t they?)


"The fact that such a low concentration of this radionuclide was detected demonstrates how effective the surveillance programme for radioactive substances is in the UK.  (A:  But they won’t give us a scale, eh, just ‘very low’.  [Alan laughing.]  We truly are in mushroom-land.  So anyway, they go on about their wonderful systems for detection and so on, and the increased security, etc, or the ‘level of scrutiny’ I should say...)


"Sepa has an ongoing comprehensive monitoring programme for radioactivity in Scotland and has increased the level of scrutiny to provide ongoing public assurance during this period." 


I think they’ve got 10 new terms they use for it.  There’s ‘a million times lower than worrying about,’ and then there’s ‘miniscule’, and then there’s ‘a wee bit’ for the Scots one – they got ‘a wee bit;’ it’s ‘a wee bit radioactive’ – and ‘not to worry’ and so on.  But that’s what you get at this bottom level.  [Alan laughing.]  It really is... it really is laughable the way they look at us now.  You see, you ARE in a system of total authoritarian control now where academia as well as all the rest of them said they’re in charge of your brains, you see, and they take it for granted that you don’t use your brains for yourselves.  And they take it for granted you’re all awfully stupid and therefore they can’t explain anything in detail to you because it’s just too much for you to cope with, so they don’t bother at all.  They give you ‘small,’ ‘miniscule’ and ‘wee bits.’  So that’s where we live in this world today of academia and experts.  It’s awfully reassuring.


What’s interesting too, is when you go into what’s happening, now we know in Japan too, they keep increasing the safe doses of radiation, all kinds of radiation you see.  And I was thinking about that.  I mean, the reason they put out legal, safe doses before is because with all their experimentation on animals and so on, they knew the effects if they went above certain limits.  But it’s okay now when it comes to humans, because we are a renewable resource it appears to be, and they can up the limits, you see.  It’s almost like, it’s okay, it’s okay, we have officially decreed this is now safe, this thousand times more is now safe.  It’s kind of like changing gravity.  It’s like saying, okay, they’ve just declared a new law that if you fall out of a plane at 10,000 feet you’ll fall at half the speed that you used to.  I mean, this is how stupid and crazy this is, but this is the guff that they feed the general public.  It truly is.  It’s just amazing, but I guess it will reassure a lot of people out there who watch sports and soaps and things like that. 


It says here,



March 28, 2011


The EPA is preparing to dramatically increase permissible radioactive releases in drinking water, (A:  This is for us now.) food and soil after “radiological incidents,” according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.


What is termed a guidance that EPA is considering - as opposed to a regulation - does not require public airing before it’s decided upon.  (A:  Isn’t that nice?)


EPA officials contacted today in the Atlanta and D.C. offices had no response on the issue as of 6 p.m.


The radiation guides called Protective Action Guides or PAGs are protocols for responding to radiological events ranging from nuclear power-plant accidents to dirty bombs.


Drinking water, for example, would have a huge increase in allowable public exposure to radioactivity, the group says, that would include:


A nearly 1000-fold increase in strontium-90 (A:  That’s a really nasty one, that one.)


A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for iodine-131


An almost 25,000 rise for nickel-63


The new radiation guidance would also allow long-term cleanup standards thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted, permitting doses to the public that EPA itself estimates would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person exposed, the group says.


These relaxed standards are opposed by public health professionals inside EPA, according to documents PEER said it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.


PEER is a national alliance of local state and federal resource professionals.


So anyway, you can all be assured that if it gets worse than it is – not that we’d know what’s bigger than ‘miniscule’ and ‘a thousand times smaller’ and ‘wee,’ – if we ever get up to ‘it’s a wee bit high’ then I guess we start worrying and they’ll up the standards until the new high is ‘wee’ again.  And that’s how they’ll do it to us.  Wonderful isn’t it?  We live in Disneyland you see, at the bottom here. 


And it goes on and on really, even the farce too, when they went and invaded Libya, it was on the books for years.  Remember too, all of the New American Century’s plans for invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, and they wanted Egypt and Syria and all the rest of those countries to fall one after another.  And it takes years of planning, especially training the groups that are sent in, years of how to go in there, infiltrate, get into universities, start teaching the students, agitate, form cells and all the rest of it, and then come out with the final plan.  It takes years and years of planning.  And that’s the speciality of Brzezinski who said he was involved in the demonstrations, for instance, in Iran last year.  So they’re doing the same thing in these countries; we know that too.  And they back it up too, with professional mercenaries too, who are sent in.  Now, these supposed rebels, you know, guys waving their rifles and all that, the farce is they’ve already formed the company basically to funnel the oil through to the big boys who want it, for themselves of course, and they even got the bank set up to do it.  I mean, it’s just so amazing.  You didn’t think they were so efficient did you?  Neither did I.  Anyway it says here...


Libyan Rebel Council Forms Oil Company to Replace Qaddafi’s / Bill Varner - Mar 22, 2011


Jason Gammel, an analyst at Macquarie Capital, discusses the outlook for Libya's oil production and crude prices. Gammel speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


Libyan rebels in Benghazi said they have created a new national oil company to replace the corporation controlled by leader Muammar Qaddafi whose assets were frozen by the United Nations Security Council.  (A:  See how it was all worked out way in advance, eh, way in advance, even, you know, taking over the oil, making sure it keeps flowing and all the rest of it.)


The Transitional National Council released a statement announcing the decision made at a March 19 meeting (A:  It was made long before that, folks, believe you me.) to establish the “Libyan Oil Company as supervisory authority on oil production and policies in the country . . .  (A:  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and reading about Libya too, and how they’ve already set up this, how they’re going to funnel the oil through and the banks it’s to go through and all the rest of it.  That takes time but it’s already done, just like that.  Magic, you see, and of course you know there’s bigger hands in this pie there, this oil field pie called Libya, because it’s one of the biggest producers in North Africa there.  So anyway, I’ll put these links up too, at at the end of this particular broadcast. 


And we also know too, one little one too that’s interesting, I think.  It’s synchronicities that always interest me because this article is from the 24th of March and it was about research done in Japan where it says...


Breakthrough: Researchers Grow Sperm in Lab

Japanese Scientists Grow Functioning Mouse Sperm in a Culture Dish; Hope for Infertility / by BRIAN BRAIKER / March 24, 2011


Researcher Takehiko Ogawa of Yokohama City University not only grew healthy mouse sperm in the laboratory, but also used them to produce fertile offspring, according to the study.  (A:  They’re grown outside the body.)


The sperm were produced in a test tube from the cells taken from newborn mouse testicles, and then injected into eggs to produce to twelve healthy babies, four male and eight female, which were all fertile and able to have their own babies in adulthood.


"It's really exciting," said Mary Ann Handel (A:  Who’s got a handle on things obviously.), a reproductive genetics research scientist at Maine's Jackson Laboratory. "I really do think that he's really achieved a goal that a lot of people have tried over the years." 


No kidding.  Well, they’ll really need it in Japan and elsewhere across the world after this meltdown because this is going to affect people all over the globe here, but especially in the northern hemisphere it would seem.  So it’s amazing that that came out about the same time as the nuclear reactors going down and melting.  It’s just astonishing to me how these synchronicities just appear out of the blue, as they try to destroy one type of thing called humanity, they’re also trying to find ways to breed them artificially, and create them artificially.  And we know too that last year there were articles coming out too where, I think in Britain or somewhere, they’d already taken female stem cells and turned them into spermatozoa.  So it’s amazing what they can do these days and they seem to all know why they’re doing it now.  Maybe it’s all becoming clear; who knows, eh.


Now, I’ve talked about Common Purpose, for instance, in Britain and it’s really a Council on Foreign Relations branch it would seem because they go by all the Chatham House rules, as they call it, of what to say to the public, what not to say, and the way that they recruit their people.  Part of their job is to recruit youngsters, spot them very young, train them to be future world leaders.  In America, in Canada and elsewhere across the globe they have the same system under different names.  One of them is mentioned in the BBC News.  It says...


How do you spot a future world leader?

By Jon Kelly / / 29 March 2011


(A:  It gives you a list of the well known ones who belong to this particular group:  Margaret Thatcher, Nicolas Sarkozy, Gordon Brown, Julia Gillard, Ted Heath, Morgan Tsvangirai, it says, and Tony Blair.  It says...)


A US scheme to pinpoint future VIPs has spent 70 years (A:  ...70 years...) introducing power-brokers-to-be to the American way. So how can you tell who will one day be a head of state?  (A:  I’ve said this for years, they know years ahead who they’re putting in.)


They're out there, somewhere, embarking on their relentless climb to the top.


The next generation of politicians, cultural pioneers (A:  Nice term, that, cultural pioneers.), business executives and media voices are starting their first jobs, desperate to escape obscurity, determined to make a name for themselves.


All you have to do is find them.


Predicting who will one day run our lives might not be an easy task, but a little-known scheme run by the US State Department (A:  That was the first department, by the way, that the communists took over, and the CFR took over many, many moons ago.) has demonstrated an uncanny capacity to pinpoint these leaders-in-waiting.


It has received little attention during its history (A:  Because they want to keep themselves obscure.), but since 1940 the International Visitor Leader Program (IVLP) (A:  Sounds rather innocuous too...) has proved remarkably prescient when it comes to guessing who might one day govern the planet.


A history of talent-spotting:

1940 - US begins cultural exchanges for the first time under the guidance of (A:  ...guess who...) Nelson Rockefeller

1948: Smith-Mundt Act creates agency to "promote a better understanding of the United States in other countries, and to increase mutual understanding"  (A:  It sounds very benign; it doesn’t sound like picking leaders does it, but it is, you know.)

1950: Foreign Leader Program established, later renamed International Visitor Program

2004: name changed to International Visitor Leadership Program (A:  It’s always been a leadership program.)


As part of the highly prestigious - and expensive - programme, participants are hand-picked to spend typically three weeks visiting Washington DC and three additional towns or cities, meeting their counterparts and other VIPs and experts - all highly valuable networking experience for any ambitious young man or woman on the climb.


Of the current cabinet, some 11 members are alumni of the scheme, according to the US Embassy in London.


Former prime ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher and Edward Heath were all participants early in their careers.  (A:  They’re picked at college and university.)


Nor are British heads of government the only ones to have been talent-spotted. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Zimbabwean premier Morgan Tsvangirai are among serving leaders who have passed through the project's ranks.


In the UK alone, over 2,500 citizens have travelled to the US as part of the IVLP. (A:  That’ll be a lot of the Common Purpose bunch and so on.)  But for those hoping to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, admission is strictly invitation-only(A:  Exactly the same as the CFR, you see.)


Conspiracy theorists warn the scheme is all about an imperial power meddling in the affairs of sovereign regimes, seducing their future political leaders and moulding them into Washington-approved candidates.  (A:  Well, that’s exactly what it is, you know.  Now, I’ll be back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the International Visitor Leadership Program where future leaders are picked, and it isn’t just in politics too. They also pick novelists, you see, and people who change your culture, and they like people who are involved in social activities to change... well, I should say just socialism period basically.  And it goes on and on about different people and how they picked them and so on. And they also pick world leaders in other countries too.  It really is just another branch, again as I say, of the Chatham House/ Royal Institute of International Affairs obviously, and it’s also related to the Cecil Rhodes Foundation as well because that’s what their job was too, to create future world leaders.  It’s all this ongoing same thing under different names and different countries.  I’ll also put up their main site there too, from the actual site, Leadership Program site, and you can look down at all the different contributors they get from the big corporations and foundations and endowments and all the rest of it. 


International Visitor Leadership Program


It’s quite amazing all this massive, massive amount of money they get thrown their way and they’re into every nation across the planet training future leaders, as I say, picking them from college, novelists and people like that, people who change the culture and change your way of thinking.  It’s awfully important to control the world by changing the way the people think. 


Alan:  Now, there’s callers on the line there.  Is Bob from Texas there?  Hello?


Bob:  Yes, Alan, thank you for taking my call.  I wanted, I’ll be real quick here.  Yesterday I was once again going to work and listening to NPR, that’s kind of my routine.  They had mentioned, and I thought about you, I thought you’d be interested in this.  It mentioned Brzezinski, and I can’t pronounce his first name. 


Alan:  Zig-new.


Bob:  Anyway, they happened to mention that it was his birthday, March 28th, and I thought that was odd because, you know, they didn’t mention anybody else’s birthday.  But, you know, they mentioned his birthday.  And then that was it and then they broke and went to something else.  I just thought that you would find that kind of interesting that they would just kind of single his birthday out, and you know, among so many people.  I’m also finding that it’s hard to find books.  I’m kind of in a rural area in Texas and I’ve hit a couple of the local libraries and it’s really hard to find any writings from them.  And if you go online their books, you know, they’re pretty expensive, like Quigley and Brzezinski.


Alan:  When I started off I used to give out the names of the books and I would mention at the start, I’d say you can get Brzezinski there for 5 bucks here and there.  And after a couple of times I did that it shot up to about $80 and then $100, and I realized people were making money off it.  [Alan laughing.]  But you can also try interlibrary loans, if your local library does that.  They generally do and they can go all over the state looking for that and they send it to you.


Bob:  Okay.  Yeah, I’d still like to paint your dog if you’re interested; I dropped you an email on that.


Alan:  Yes! 


Bob:  Okay.  Alright.  Hey, thanks a lot.


Alan:  Thank you. 


Bob:  B’bye.


Alan:  Bye now. 


Now, it’s interesting too, that the Agenda 21... Everything’s getting rammed down our throats right now, while most folk are distracted with Libya and that kind of stuff, and the meltdowns.  Most in Canada don’t even know there’s a meltdown going on I think.  Anyway, the usual things that occupy their minds, like as I say, Celine Dion being pestered by some doctor, that’s front page news and that’s good enough for the people in mushroom-world I suppose.  However, the local Agenda 21, also called The Millennium Project by the way, from the United Nations, and it really is based on the Communist Manifesto, because Karl Marx talked about a united Americas and then a united Europe and a united Far Eastern conglomerate too.  He touched on even Africa possibly, which might be even amalgamated, eventually, into the greater mainland, and stuff like that.  So we’re living through all this happening as they amalgamate all their plundered countries, in the Middle East as well, and they’ll keep them all fighting each other, internally, for a while too while the big monopolies go in with their private mercenary troops and just plunder the oil, no taxes to pay, nothing, like they’re doing with Iraq.  Agenda 21 goes on and you’ve got to understand the Communist Manifesto as I’ve mentioned many, many times before, to do with the end of marriage. That’s almost here now; I think it’s pretty well here for most people.  Again too, no private property was to be another one down the road; they’d tax you out of it.  It also eventually touches on transportation.  Understand, in all sovietized countries you needed a special permit to leave those countries, even if you were in a higher occupation in the Politburo you had to have a pass to come and go across borders – they love borders actually, even though they called it one big USSR bloc at that time during the Cold War.  So the restriction of travel is really important for a controlled society.  And this article here is from The Sovereign Independent and it talks about what they’re doing now.  It says...


LOCAL AGENDA 21 / The Communist Manifesto:

No private transport No private property. / by Sally Exoudhu / March 29, 2011


In the usual BBC fashion the BBC are getting us used to the idea of cars being a thing of the past.  (A:  And I said that on one of the first shows I was on back in the 90s.  As I said, for some reason they’ve never ever upgraded the internal combustion engine; everything else has gone up exponentially and advanced, electronics and so on, but no, the same old engine.  So they don’t plan to have us driving in the future; I knew that then, when I was a small boy.)  Of course they say they reject the idea of banning cars in Central London, but of course they have to plant the idea of no cars into our skulls, so that at a later stage they can take it to the next stage in the usual incremental way. We wouldn’t even consider the ludicrous idea otherwise, but we have to be trained like Pavlovian dogs or Skinnerian pigeons to accept this nonsense, and it has to start somewhere. The internal combustion engine is carbon-bad, unless you are one of the inbred psychopathic elites of course. We are to be herded off the rural areas and stuffed into the already overcrowded cities so we can be exterminated in the H.G. Wellsian fashion. 


(A:  That’s true.  I’ve mentioned... and it’s good that even this paper’s picked up on that, the books I’ve mentioned about Wells and so on.  Because Wells was a front man for the group that eventually was called the Royal Institute of International Affairs and he also belonged to another branch of that group called the Fabian Society.  We know that the cofounders, his other cofounders, George Bernard Shaw for instance –  and it’s up on YouTube, that I’ve given over a few times – where you can hear him and see him, Mr Shaw, talking about bringing out a nice GAS, that the scientists would create a nice gas, humane gas of course, to kill off the public, the ones who were unfit to live and stuff like that.  Lovely, lovely bunch of people, but when you see who their masters are you’re not surprised about the incredible arrogance of them and they truly do believe they are the most evolved species on the planet.  What Wells actually said in A Modern Utopia was...)


‘The true objection to slavery is not that it is unjust to the inferior. (A:  That’s their point of view.)  There is only one sane and logical thing to be done with an inferior race, and that is to exterminate it. Now there are various ways of exterminating a race, and most of them are cruel. You may end it with fire and sword after the old Hebrew fashion; you may enslave it and work it to death, as the Spaniards did with the Caribs; you may set its boundaries and then poison it slowly with deleterious commodities, as the Americans do with most of their Indians; you may incite it to wear clothing to which it is not accustomed and to live under new and strange conditions that will expose it to infectious diseases to which you yourself are immune, as the missionaries do with the Polynesians; you may resort to honest simple murder, as we English did with the Tasmanians; or you can maintain such conditions as conduce to ‘race suicide’, as the British administration does in Fiji. Suppose, then, for a moment, that there is an all-round inferior race; a Modern Utopia is under the hard logic of life, and it would have to exterminate such a race as quickly as it could’.  -  H.G. Wells, A Modern Utopia, 1905, Page 119.


So for all you in Britain and elsewhere who are now in the lower classes, including the middle ones who’ve fallen down the bottom through the holes in the mortgages and through the houses, he’s talking about YOU.  You see.  And it says here, it goes on to talk about, the internal combustion engine is to be phased out.  Now, that is true; there are other articles out on it too, about the phasing out of the internal combustion engine.  And the United Nations has also put out articles on it, about it as well.  It’s definitely going to come about, because in Agenda 21 it says, there will be no private, privately owned vehicles, it will be essential vehicles only.  That’s VIPs, again, very important people, and police, military, ambulance maybe, and that will be it pretty well I think.  ....pretty well.  So I’ll put up these links as well. 


EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe

under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years. / By Bruno Waterfield / 28 Mar 2011


Now, ha!  This is an article here.  It says...


The water that we drink.  (A:  And I’ve mentioned it before...)

Canada's water could be answer for anticipated global water shortages

Published 8 March 2011 / / 30 March 2011


(A:  What it is, you see, they’re privatizing everything across the world.  By the time we get to hear about anything they give you, it’s almost like a preamble that embeds itself in your head as to why they’re doing it.  In reality they’ve already set up the corporations that are going to take the water out of counties; it’s all been decided with governments about it too.  And it’s also going to mean that you’ll be paying even more in your own country for the water which the big boys are shipping abroad to others, and selling it; they’re not giving it away to poor people in third world countries.   Water, literally, is to be one of the major currencies of the future.  So is food, obviously.  Food, water, shelter, heat, clothing, that’s what you need to live, right, and these guys are going after everything that you need to live.  So I’ll put this article up and it says...)


Global demand for water is projected to exceed supplies by 40 percent in 2030, and Canada may be the answer to minimizing water shortages; it is estimated that in the next twenty years, one third of the world will only have half the water it needs to cover daily needs (A:  That’s because they can’t afford it anymore.); to prevent these shortages, researchers are scrambling to develop technologies and practices to reduce water consumption, discover new re-processing techniques, and improve infrastructure; Canada's water experts  (A:  We’ve got water experts here too.) are well-suited to assist in this effort as they have gained valuable experience from managing 9 percent of the world's fresh water supplies. 


It’s to be privatized, you see.  Everything in this new fascist/communist/global system, with the fascists on top, and the masses of bureaucrats running us all in a communized/socialist/collectivist fashion, that’s how it’s to be run, you see.  And it’s interesting that came out because across Ontario you’ve got articles being put out by the governments, for different provinces as well apart from Ontario, about the way we should now look at water.  And we can’t see it the same way we used to see it; we’ve got to see it in a completely different light all together.  And it’s again, the Sunstein way of bringing up a topic, using a trial balloon, and getting you to gradually change the way that you think about water.  They’re even suggesting to Ontarians that we can learn a lot from third world countries, where one bucket of water will do a family all day long, you know.  I mean, the reason they’re coming into Canada from these third world countries is because they’re sick of trying to live on one bucket of water all day darn long. But this is the stuff they’re telling us in Canada now; we should take some of the tips from these countries.  No kidding.  This is the absurdity of it all.  One of the links I’m putting up, it’s called The Future of Water, and they give you nice pictures because they like to give you pictures and stuff.  There’s the three little children, and you’ve got a white one, and a black one, and a Chinese one, all smiling happily and their feet in a lake obviously.  It says...


The Future of Water.

Our Water Future




(A:  You see.  It’s not for ordinary folk, who are not passionate about it.  It’s for these kinds of future leader types who must be involved in some social change in their communities.  Then it goes on...)



Water has fast become one of the hottest topics of the 21st century with water-related news, studies and publications receiving regular media attention. Mostly we hear about global issues, with scarcity as the focus and crisis as the driver of discussion and innovation.  (A:   And then, I’m sorry I don’t have the music here because in Canada whenever they’re trying to brainwash you, it’s generally a woman who speaks by the way, with a kind of low voice and then they have this music behind her, but I don’t have that so...  It says...)


Although we have had our times of drought and floods, most Canadians have a different experience with water. If anything, the Canadian perspective has been one of abundance. After all, our wealth of lakes and rivers forms a key part of our national identity. Yet as Oliver Brandes, Associate Director at the University of Victoria’s POLIS Project on Ecological Governance (A:   ...ecological governance... did you vote these guys in?  No.)  and Water Sustainability, points out, “even Canada, with its apparent water wealth is increasingly facing the prospects of a water-scarce future (A:   Really!), a result of relying too heavily on large-scale build infrastructure and the mentality of limitless supply.”  


(A:   And when you really go through it all, what they’re trying to tell you, and it fits in with Agenda 21, it’s just too expensive to have all these pipes going out to all these homes and everything.  We’ve got to RETHINK, and you all have to rethink how you are going to use water, until you start to take something that was for granted and it’s going to be in your mind every single day.  Because mind you, these same private corporations will be running your systems as well; after all, they’ve sold off every other kind of power you’ve got to these big boys and they’re all international corporations.  One day you’ll be shot for going up to a lake and having a sip of water, when you live in Canada. I’m not kidding.  I’m not kidding about that.  That will happen.  You’ll live to see that day.  It will happen.  Anyway, it goes into...)


As Ontario’s Green Energy and Economy Act (A:   Doesn’t that sound nice, GREEN Energy and Economy Act?  Don’t you know when you burn green wood it gives off a lot of smoke?  Anyway...) gains traction and The Water Opportunities Act comes into being, . . .


The Water Opportunities Act is for the big international boys to make their bids to see who’s going to get the dibs on owning Canada’s water supply.  And no doubt too, like everything else that the public build up, because your tax money built all that infrastructure for the water supplies.  Did the same with your electricity supplies, they handed that over to different power companies.  They will do the same with your water too.  And you don’t get a darn thing back, you know.  They might give you a chitty for maybe a day’s water supply, being awful nice these new masters, and then you’ll be paying through the nose for it, when you go up for your little bucket, you know, for the whole family, of water, taking tips from the third world.  Because they want you to live in UTTER AUSTERITY and you’d better understand, they’re going to bring you down to a primitive state.  And people really don’t get that at all.  They don’t get it.  The TV goes on when you switch it on; it’s still working.  The same comedies are playing; the same trivia is shown in your face about celebrities.  They can’t imagine this, but it’s all being done right now as we live.  That’s the beauty of it.  It’s all being done now, as they’re all entranced with well, it’s normal, my favorite soap came on, you know... and stuff like that.  So I’ll put that link up too and you can peruse that. 


It’s just astonishing, as I say, that these guys write the agendas maybe 50 years, sometimes 70 years in advance, and we live through it because they never change their plans, you understand, for this world society of theirs.  They have never ever changed their plans or altered their plans.   Just look at the New American Century, look at the countries they wanted to invade one after another, in the 90s.  And here you are living through the last of them going down.  The last of them. 


Well, how bad does it really get? How bad’s it really get?  And... ho!  Radar’s across the border of Canada and the States, military ones, to stop the drugs going across, they say.  The new soviet indeed.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and from Washington, it says...


U.S.-Canadian border to get military-grade radar / By MARC HELLER / MARCH 10, 2011


WASHINGTON — The federal Department of Homeland Security will deploy military-grade radar on the northern border, which officials say will help stop airborne drug smuggling.


Homeland Security Secretary Janet (A:   Napoleon.  Sorry, that’s a Freudian slip again.) Napolitano announced the decision in response to a request from Sen. Charles E. Schumer, the senator's office said Wednesday.


Mr. Schumer, D-N.Y., had outlined his request in a conference call with reporters, saying drug smugglers elude capture by flying aircraft below where typical radar can detect them. Military-type radar will detect those aircraft, he said. Mr. Schumer was responding to a U.S. Government Accountability Office report detailing that weakness along the U.S.-Canadian border.  (A:   That exist.)


Only 32 of more than 4,000 miles of the border are secure, the GAO found.  (A:   So, it’s always been that way and there were no problems before.)


"These recent shocking (A:  “...shocking...” oh, that’s definitely Homeland Security.  These shocking...) GAO reports make it clear that we have a long way to go when it comes to securing our northern border and keeping drugs out of bordering states, and fortunately deploying this military-grade radar technology on the front lines has already proven effective in detecting low-flying planes that can be chock full of illegal drugs," Mr. Schumer said in a press release.


So here you are, the new soviet indeed, and that’s why they keep putting out newer and newer cards, special permits to travel into the US, Clear Pass and then a Clear Pass 2 and 3 and all the rest of it, until the general population won’t be able to move out at all.  You see, that’s how they do it.  Even if it’s going to be a world system, it says free flow of labor, under their most favored nation trading status and all that stuff, across the world.  It’s selected and approved labor only; that’s the point, you see; you won’t be just able to go anywhere you want anymore. 


I’ve mentioned too, about how they have pretty well put the beekeeping business out in Canada.  Most beekeepers are small guys, small-time beekeepers.  Even though they might supply lots of honey, they’re not a full-time business for most of them.  They regulated them to death from the federal government, made them get stainless steel spinners and special buildings built for the inspectors to come and suddenly inspect the honey that had never caused any problems before.  Well, they’ve done the same with free-range eggs.  See, anything where you are independent of the system, and not interdependent, means that you’re going to get shut down. 


Free-range egg ban shuts bed and breakfast / Mar 18, 2011


(A:   This started off on the east coast of Canada.  Then it says...)


Paul Offer gathers eggs from his 75 hens twice a day, but he won't be able to serve them at his bed and breakfast any longer.


A P.E.I. bed and breakfast that has been operating for decades has decided to close down next year rather than stop serving eggs from its own hens because of a government order.


The Doctor's Inn in Tyne Valley, northwest of Summerside, also operates an organic farm. Paul and Jean Offer sell their organic vegetables and free-range eggs at the Charlottetown Farmers Market, and offer the produce to customers at the Doctor's Inn at breakfast and dinner time.


But after years of serving their own eggs, the provincial Department of Health has told them they have to stop. The department said it's a long-standing policy that food service operations can only use federally inspected eggs.  (A:   That means bought from the big boys, the big international corporations, where you crack the egg open and this watery stuff, I think it’s thinner than water, just flows out of it.  That’s what they call an egg, from these big farm type systems they’ve got, these factory farms.)


So they’re putting everybody out of business and you won’t be able to feed yourself eventually; that will be verboten in this new world order of course.  We know that, the listeners to this particular program.  We all know that too.  Interdependency means you must be completely dependent for everything you need, from those that own them, the big system.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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