March 31st, 2011 (#801)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 31st, 2011:

NATO's Plan for Bio or Radioactive Contamination,
Is to Contain Communities for Extermination:

"In Times of Emergency Use Your Own Head
Or Government via Media Will Ensure You're Led
Into Cotton-Wool Fantasy to Stay Where You Are,
They Will Take Care of You, Don't Stray Far,
The NATO Booklet on Radiological Contamination
Is Binding for Members of that Organization,
Military to Surround Each City or Town,
Individuals Escaping to Be Shot Down,
CS Gas if Large Groups Attempt to Run,
Choppers with Weaponry Will Have Fun,
Yes, Big Brother Loves You if Fit to Produce,
If You're Sick or Contaminated, You're of No Use"
© Alan Watt March 31st, 2011

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 31st, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 31st of March, 2011.  Newcomers, look into website and help yourself to the audios which are available for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from, and hopefully, I give you shortcuts to understanding this big picture of what appears to be confusion sometimes, but itís not really.  Itís just that weíre kept in the dark at the bottom as mushrooms, and fed a lot of nonsense they call the news.  Itís been like that your whole lives. And really, we never get the truth about anything, coming out of government.  Thatís really governmentís job, to obfuscate everything, make it very muddy, you see, and make sure we get the wrong opinion about things.  So, hopefully I can show you the big organizations and foundations and the NGOs, and thereís thousands of them out there, all working towards this global Socialist type system of governance as they like to call it, where thereís interdependence, which means thereís no independence whatsoever, right down to the personal level.  And youíll be basically going to private corporations in the future, who will dole out your food.  Theyíll charge you masses amount of money for your little bit of power youíre going to get that week, and, in other words, theyíre bringing you back to a form of serfdom worldwide.  And thatís really what the big plan is.  And it was started a long time ago by literally international bankers that formed eventually what they called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They had names before that for previous centuries, such as the Milner group and so on, but itís the same bunch down through the centuries working towards a particular goal. 


And remember too, if you want transcripts, theyíre all available at all the sites youíll see at, for download and print-up as well.  And if you want transcripts of some of the talks in other languages, go into, and help yourself from the choice offered.


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We just burn up cash as we go through these days, donít we, as inflation comes in all the time; the creeping inflation.  Sometimes its in leaps and bounds, but itís coming in all the time, and everyone is going to get used to it.  Thereís some articles Iíll even read tonight about that too, because big CEOs of stores are now warning about inflation, and even some of them calling it hyperinflation, is due to come, because of the massive debt incurred by the US bankers and stock brokers and so on, and the bailout to the banks, plus the ongoing wars.  Thereís so many wars America is involved in right now, itís just astonishing.  And to the average American and person of the world, that is, too, itís like Disneyland.  Itís like a bad dream, because we canít really separate fact from fiction now.  Weíve seen so much horror and slaughter in the movies that itís just the same when you see a little bit on the screen.  We canít really tell fact from fiction, and thatís all deliberate too, because weíre desensitized to the realities of real people really getting slaughtered by your tax money.  And of course, you have no say in where your tax money goes either.  Again, thatís all part of the real system in which youíre born.  Itís not a democratic system at all.  Itís an authoritarian system.  And, as I say, the job of the government is to make sure that you never understand whatís really going on.  That truly is its job.  And they have massive panels.  Every government has this, massive panels of specialists in psychology, mass psychology, to make sure that you donít really ever know whatís really going on.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I really mean it when I say we live in Disneyland because thatís what weíve been brought up with really, is just mainly fiction.  And when it comes to the main problem, we get it on the news where two experts supposedly debate it for us, and depending on your personality type, youíll take either one or the otherís answer, and that will become your opinion.  And this is well understood in psychology, of course.  And Brzezinski has gone through all this in his own books, in fact, how the masses work.  And it does work very well.  When you take on these opinions that are given to you, then youíll actually get angry when someone challenges them.  They know that too.  And you might even turn on people with a different opinion that hasnít been on the mainstream media, and youíll turn on them too.  And that happens all the time.  You have to be really, really careful where you really are, or how youíre forming your opinions.  Most people donít really form them, as Jacques Ellul says, they take them by osmosis.  It almost soaks into them, as theyíre hypnotized, watching television, and thatís where their behavior is modified too.  They emulate what they see.  When new words, terms are brought into the vocabulary, generally swear words and so on, they start using them as well.  So do the children.  But the behavior too is copied, and itís a very effective tool for mind control.  Really, they created, actually, the Sexual Revolution, the Feminist Revolution, all the other Revolutions weíve gone through, which are fairly bloodless revolutions, as most are, to totally change the culture of society, ala Karl Marx, has been very successful, and the TV was essential in doing it, because people never associated entertainment, of course, with Marxism.  And we watch one comedy after another, and we watch the family values literally get trampled into the mud.  Thatís whatís happened.


Tonight I was thinking about Japan, because Japan is no different from any other country in the way that itís ruled.  And I remember putting up the link from the Frenchman in Tokyo, who was stuck inside his apartment, with the tape on the windows and doors, really having what weíd all have, I suppose, a kind of tizzy fit, knowing darn well that the governments were lying to the people, and he demanded to know the truth, because, after all, you see, if you know the truth than you have to make a decision whether to expose yourself to the radiation that was in the air at that time and run for it rather than wait there.  And if they wait there now, of course, itís going to be much, much higher than it was at the beginning, because all the reactors have melted down basically.  And thereís still smoke, and theyíve gone through the earth and into the groundwater too.  And itís the first time in history that they havenít just gone in like they did at Chernobyl, second day there I think, and they started to bulldoze in earth, and then they concreted it in too, and used different layers of stuff to try and keep the radiation limited to that particular area.  And that hasnít happened here.  Weíve watched this go on for about two weeks now, as this stuff goes round the globe, and goes up through San Francisco into the States, covers all the States, even branches off into Alaska, and then it comes across Lake Ontario, circles about there for a little while, and then goes over to the East Coast, and then it goes into the Atlantic, and then over to Europe. 


So, we watch this every day, and you wonder why on earth this has been allowed to continue so long.  Is it just a private firmís decisions?  Really, is that what it is?  Is that really the power that they have, or are they under some United Nations Atomic Energy Commission orders or whatever.  But something is very, very wrong with it to last this long, especially with the damage itís obviously going to do, and has done already.  This article here goes on about the same thing from The Mail.  It says:


Police, rescue workers and family members could be exposed to radiation

Up to 1000 bodies of victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami have not been collected because of high levels of radiation


Police sources said bodies within the 12-mile evacuation zone around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant had been 'exposed to high levels of radiation after death'.


(Alan: And so has every other creature, living or otherwise.)


It follows the discovery of a body on Sunday in Okuma, just three miles from the power plant, which revealed elevated levels of radiation.


Itís too dangerousÖ


(A: And they show you a photograph of it and so on.)


Fears have been raised that police officers, doctors and bereaved family members may be exposed to radiation as they go to retrieve the bodies.


(A: Thatís how bad this stuff is.  Youíre scared to go anywhere near them.)


Japan Today said authorities initially planned to inspect the bodies after transporting them outside the evacuation zone, but that is now being reconsidered.


(A: And what theyíll end up doing, probably, is bring in the heavy machinery, eventually, and theyíll bury the bodies, along with the plants.  Thatís what they should be doing anyway.  Thatís what they did elsewhere, when this sort of thing happens.  And it says:)


Thousands of people have been forced to leave the area around the plant, which is leaking radioactive materials as its cooling systems failed.


(A: Failed.  They were absolutely kaput from the beginning.  And then it says:)


Cremating the bodies could spread radiation further, while burying the victims could also cause contamination in the soil.


And it goes on and on and on.  However, this is what would happen in any other country.  Youíd be managed in the same way, because initially your government would come out to try and soothe you, because, you see, they talk to us as though weíre children.  They believe we are children.  And if you were up there with them, you would believe the same thing, because youíre taught to perceive reality in a different way up there, you see.  And they know darn well that what they give us as reality down there makes us children.  And their job then is to always soothe you, generally as they plunder and rob you with taxation and stuff, and put high prices on things.  Itís just keep soothing you and soothing you, and then when a catastrophe happens, their job is still to soothe you, because they donít know what else to do.  Thatís what they normally do with everything is to soothe you, and say, there, there, itís all right.


And it could be anywhere in the world this happened and the same scenario would happen.  And Iíve always said that when the government tells you everything is fine, itís time to run for it.  Itís time to run for it when the government tells you something like this is fine.  Youíve got to use your own common sense, and donít wait to be told by government what to do.  By the time they come round and admit anything, itís way too late.  That will be standard everywhere.  Believe you me.  And they have found this elsewhere in the world too, with radiation leaks from big plants.  And then it goes on to the Wall Street Journal.  It says:


The Environmental Protection Agency said a March 25 sample of milk produced in the Spokane, Wash., area contained a 0.8 pico curies per literlevel of iodine-131, which it said was less than one five-thousandth of the safety safety guideline set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


(A: Well, we know they upped the safety level just the other day, so they donít tell you if itís the new level or the old level, you see.  And it says:)


The EPA said it increased monitoring after radiation leaked from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. It expects more such findings in coming days, but in amounts "far below levels of public-health concern,


(A: Well, I donít believe them about that too, because there is no safe level of this stuff.  Thereís no safe level of it.  They all know this too at the top.  Thereís no safe level of this kind of radiation.  It doesnít matter what kind it is, by the way, thatís been released from this plant, whether itís Cesium or the Iodine or whatever, it doesnít matter.  Theyíre all pretty deadly, as it accumulates in your body rather quickly, and does the damage rather quickly too.  Anyway it says:)


Iodine-131 has a half-life of about eight days, meaning levels should fade quickly.


(A: Actually, itís more than 8 days.  It depends on how much there is per liter at the time.  It says:)


"These findings are a minuscule amount compared to what people experience every day,"


(A: Again, weíre back to miniscule and tiny and all that kind of stuff, you see.  Because they donít want to give you how itís been tested in the past.  Believe you me, and I put articles up here to show you when the government was using secret testing of radiation on patients, whom they lied to.  They told them, they actually diagnosed them back in the 50s and 60s in the US, told them they had cancers, and they were going to treat them with special radioactive injections.  And Iíve got the links up there where you see these guys in the suits, the full hazmat suits, giving injections to these people who were lied to.  They were disposable, of course.  And they know exactly how much of every kind.  Theyíve tested these over many, many years on people, to find out how much it takes to kill you, or alter your cellular structure through mutation.  They know all this stuff, all of it.  Anyways, it says:)


For example, a person would be exposed to low levels of radiation on a round trip...


Here they go again with their nonsense about flying and watching television and la de la, so thatís back to be happy children, you see.  Thatís what you get, you see, nonsense like that as they try and keep you all happy.  After all, the economy comes first, you know.  They donít want you saying, well, I guess the gameís up, Iíll just stay home, or take a month off and enjoy life for a change while Iíve still got some.  And then of course, Japan too, it says:


Tainted-seafood fears spread as Japan plant leaks


Fears about contaminated seafood spread Wednesday despite reassurances that radiation in the waters off Japanís troubled atomic plant pose no health risk, (A: Well, whoís kidding who?  Huh?) as the countryís respected emperor consoled evacuees from the tsunami and nuclear emergency zone.


While experts say (A: Experts, eh?  Iíll tell you one thing, they wonít be eating any of these fish, that theyíre telling you are safe to eat.) say radioactive particles are unlikely to build up significantly in fish, (A: Well, unlikely is not a guarantee.) the seafood concerns in the country that gave the world sushi are yet another blemish for Brand Japan. (A: By the way, theyíve already found it in seaweed off of British Columbia, the West Coast of Canada, a few days ago there.  And it was radioactive iodine, once again.) It has already been hit by the contamination of milk, vegetables and water, plus shortages of auto and tech parts after a massive earthquake and tsunami disabled a coastal nuclear power plant.


(A: And then they go on about what happened and so on.  Then theyíre talking too about the president that they think has had a nervous breakdown.  Youíd never get that in the West either.  You see thereís a sort of national conscience there in Japan, and such a thing as shame, it makes them break down if theyíre in a high position.  Even managers of auto plants.  But youíd never get that in the West.  They would just give big smiles and go off and take more bribes.  Anyway, it says:)


The problems at the nuclear plant have taken center stage, but the tsunami also created another disaster: Hundreds of thousands of people were forced from their homes after the wave drove (A: Blah, blah, blah, blah.)  The official death toll stood at 11,362 late Wednesday, with the final toll likely surpassing 18,000.


Itís going to be a lot more than 18,000, because they now have people with radiation poisoning, and theyíre coming in with bleeding gums and the usual symptoms, diarrhea, etc, in different parts now, of Japan.  And thatís what Iím saying.  When the government soothes you initially on anything at all, itís time to head for the hills, or somewhere else.  Anywhere else, except where you are, if thatís in the danger zone, or anywhere near it.  Believe you me.  Thatís what you should do. Run for the hills.  Anybodyís hills.  Get in a boat, a fishing boat, and just keep rowing, whatever. 


Back after these messages with more of the news.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about Japan, and this massive tragedy theyíve got over there, and the cost in human life and all the rest of it too, and the life to come as well, as people come down sick with radiation poisoning.  And it goes on to talk about the levels theyíve found in the land outside the plant.  And it says that:


...tests Wednesday showed that waters 300 yards (meters) outside the plant contained 3,355 times the legal limit for the amount of radioactive iodine.


Now, they upped the safe limit by 1000%, so if itís up to 3,355 times the new legal limit, well, itís awfully, awfully bad, isnít it?  And then it said, well, again, they play it down and say itís only got a half-life of eight days or so.  And yadda, yah, the usual stuff.  Well, how long does it take to get into your system and finish you off?  Eh?  Thatís quite the techniques theyíre using here.  But it really has hit all their exports, absolutely.  And itís affected even their own seafood industry within Japan, because people are scared to eat the food.  And theyíre already in a bad enough state, economic wise.  Itís going to cost a fortune to get out of this mess.  And itís not even over yet, because, as I say, some of these plants are still melting into the ground here, and fissioning off the stuff into the air.  And itís just not the end of the story yet.  Itís been left way too late.  They should have just bulldozed them in right away, and then get in the concrete and all the usual stuff, and try to localize it, and keep it out of the air too.  Thatís vital. 


Now, thereís another article too about Japan, Canada and the States.  It says:


Rainwater and air across U.S. contaminated with nuclear radiation is linked to Japan


(A: Theyíre awfully good, these experts.  It says, so:)


Low levels of radioactive iodine believed to be from Japan's disaster-stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant have been detected in the atmosphere in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, environmental officials said today.


(A: Well, as I say, yesterday they already found it in Glasgow in Scotland and other places too, and theyíve found them across Canada.  It says:)


There is no current threat to public safety, said Progress Energy spokesman Drew Elliot.


(A: This is the happy guy who does behavior modification, you know these power talks, be happy type of thing.)


Monitors at Progress Energy's nuclear plants in Hartsville, South Carolina, and Crystal River, Florida, picked up low levels of radioactive iodine-131. So did Duke Energy's monitors at its two nuclear facilities in South Carolina and the plant in Huntersville, North Carolina.


Mr. Elliot said: 'If there were radiation coming from one our own sites, we would be seeing other types of radiation than iodine-131.


(A: Well, guess what.  You actually find that on the European sites, where theyíve shown you the Cesium coming over the Pacific, into Canada and the States.  Theyíve been actually monitoring that, showing you on the colors on their maps.  Theyíve also shown you the iodine as well, and various other products too.  Thereís hundreds of products that come out of radiation from uranium and plutonium, and you donít just mention two of them, because theyíre all lethal in the doses that theyíre pretty well in.  So, theyíre all coming across here, not just the iodine.  Theyíre playing it down to the iodine.  Theyíve been told obviously to do this, across the media.  It says:)


'The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency both say it poses no threat to public safety.'


(A: And again, the EPA also gave us a new safety limit, which was again, a massive increase in what it was before.  So, it says:)


Trace amounts of radioactive iodine have also turned up in rainwater samples in Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania and Washington state.


And itís obviously in the milk as well, because they cows eat the grass.  Thatís what happened with Chernobyl too.  The cows ate the grass, even as far away as Britain, where the path came over at one point, and they were told not to drink the milk for a while.  And otherwise, they were taking in various radiation chemicals and so on.  But thatís what you live in.  You live in a world where theyíre not used to having to tell us any kind of truth.  They will not, therefore, get used to telling us any kind of truth.  And theyíll tell us baby stories, until literally you drop.  And thatís the purpose of government.  Well, actually the purpose of government is to make sure the banks get what they want, because thatís who owns them.


Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon expects inflation


(A: This is quite interesting.  This is USA Today. Theyíre bringing out Wal-Mart people, CEOs, to tell us about inflation.)


U.S. consumers face "serious" inflation in the months ahead for clothing, food and other products, the head of Wal-Mart's U.S. operations warned Wednesday.


The nation's largest retailer needs to get back to its roots as the lowest priced one-stop shop...


(A: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Theyíre part of the big New World Order too, Wal-Mart too.  These are the guys who put these little ID threads in the clothing that you buy there, and youíre tracked all over the planet with them.  Anyway, it says here:)


The world's largest retailer is working with suppliers to minimize the effect of cost increases and believes its low-cost business model will position it better than its competitors.


Still, inflation is "going to be serious," Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said during a meeting with USA TODAY's editorial board. "We're seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate."


Along with steep increases in raw material costs, John Long, a retail strategist (A: Retail strategist.  Itís like a war, isnít it?) at Kurt Salmon, says labor costs in China and fuel costs for transportation are weighing heavily on retailers.  (A: I donít know how labor costs in China, because all the documentaries coming out of China show them getting paid peanuts down there.  And the price for a pair of jeans to get made is about two bucks, or one fifty even, some of them.) He predicts prices will start increasing at all retailers in June.


"Every single retailer has and is paying more for the items they sell, and retailers will be passing some of these costs along," (A: Well, theyíll be passing them all along.) Long says. "Except for fuel costs, U.S. consumers haven't seen much in the way of inflation for almost a decade, (A: Thatís nonsense.) so a broad-based increase in prices will be unprecedented in recent memory."


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, we know that the G20, this private club that really is in nobodyís constitution to even have the right to exist, never mind deal with all our lives, is all part of this big new global system.  And that, again, was a brainstorm thing that came out of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a long time ago, back in the 40s, they decided to set up systems which would bring in a new financial oligarchy across the planet.  At least the power of the same and existing oligarchy would be cemented into a stranglehold, eventually, through the IMF, and thatís why the IMF was created, a private organization again, under the United Nations.  And they work with the World Trade Organization, and they also come in when theyíve managed to bankrupt a country; in comes to the IMF on behalf of the World Bank, which is just a collection of private bankers, and then they run your economy, and they take massive profits or interest rates, I should say, same thing, off the country they come into.  Itís so interesting to see when they make their big moves to change the system, because all this was planned.  And youíll find it in the old books of the Royal Institute of International Affairs from the 1930s that this was the plan for the late 20th Century, early 21st Century, to bring in a consolidation of the money supply under one major organization, under the United Nations.  And now they call it the G20 as one part of it, you see.  They started with the G8, it was a different sort of thing, and then the G20.


Now, everybody knows that their presidents are no financial geniuses.  We all know that. Theyíre just front men and so on.  So itís not the G20 thatís really behind this.  It says:


G20 considers wider role for China's yuan


(A: Thatís their currency.  Well, theyíre not, because, as I say, none of them are financial geniuses.  Itís the bankers who put them in, who are telling them to basically go through and sign the forms to agree to all this new legislation for the world currency.  It says here:)


G20 leaders have moved towards agreeing that China's currency should have a wider role in global finance.


The G20 is to study (A: Theyíre too busy eating their faces off when you see them with the red carpets and all that stuff and getting drunk, arenít they?) whether to include the Chinese yuan within the basket of currencies that make up the IMF's Special Drawing Right.


(A: Now, the Special Drawing Right is a recent innovation from the IMF, because, as I say, theyíre set up eventually to dole out the cash to each country.  They also want the right to come into each countryís financial account records, their own personal ones, and go over the bookkeeping for every country, and set you straight if they claim that itís not quite right.  Theyíre already doing that with Europe, after the collapse of the countries over there, the banks, and so on.  So, weíll all go cap in hand to the IMF, this front group for the World Bankers.  It says:)


The Special Drawing Right, or SDR, is a quasi currency (A: Whatís a quasi currency, eh?) used within the IMF by its member countries.


Some economists believe the SDR could one day become a global reserve currency alongside the US dollar.


Speaking at the G20 summit in Nanjing, French President Nicolas Sarkozy suggested that given the importance of emerging economies such as China to global growth, their currencies should be added to the SDR basket.


"Without rules and supervision, the world runs the risk of being condemned to increasingly serious and severe crises," said President Sarkozy.


(A: Isnít it amazing.  Itís like the European Union, everybody ends up in this great European Union, and they said itís going to be wonderful for everybody, and donít be left behind.  If you donít join, youíll be left.  The only ones who havenít suffered are the ones who didnít join it, because they havenít been bankrupted by being in it.  Itís astonishing the lies they tell them, you know, at the time, to get in, and then what they do to them afterwards.  Itís just astonishing.  And here they go again with special drawing rights, trying to get everybody to go along with it, and how wonderful it will be for you.  Meanwhile, youíre paying off other countriesí debts and bankrupting yourself in the process, if you belong to this great Soviet Union.  It says:)


"It is clear that we must evolve toward a more flexible exchange rate system that will allow us to withstand shocks," he added.


(A: Utter rot, because weíve been plundered by the banks, and it will continue at least twice a century, thatís the norm.  Thatís what they do.)


His comments were backed by US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who said he supported a change to SDR composition.


(A: Well, of course he does, because all Central Banking systems were set up and owned initially by the Rothschild brothers.  They still are.  The only countries that are not under a Central Banking system, that borrows money from private banks, the other Rothschild special banks, you see.  Itís like the Rothschilds borrowing from themselves in a sense, putting you down as collateral though.  The only countries that havenít done it are the ones who are getting bombed right now in the Middle East.  Thatís the only countries that didnít belong to the World Bank and the IMF.)


"Over time, we believe that currencies of large economies heavily used in international trade and financial transactions should become a part of the SDR basket," he said.


(A: That must mean weíll all be basket-cases.)


However, Mr Geithner said that for this to happen, governments would have to loosen their control of currencies.


(A: Again, loss of sovereignty is a vital part of every step they take, these guys, to bring in this world which they run and own, under the guise of interdependence, meaning youíre dependent on everyone else for anything you need to survive personally.  Thatís what that means.)


"To achieve this objective, the concerned countries should have flexible exchange rate systems, independent central banks (A: That means private, again.) and permit the free movement of capital flows," he said.


Mr Geithner said tight control of currency pricing by some countries was hurting the global economy.


French finance minister Christine Lagarde also suggested that any move to include the yuan within the SDR basket would involve conditions being placed upon the Chinese authorities.


Now, again, if you look at the books by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, some of them, by the way, they snuck under the title of the British Commonwealth, but when you open it up, it was funded and paid for it says by the Rockefeller Foundation and it consists of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And in the thirties they were talking, before World War II started, of bringing China up to a very high standard eventually, again, near the end of the 20th Century, and even making a giant of commerce and a giant of production.  Well, in other words theyíve decided to give it all, be the only producer on the planet for real items that you buy.  They actually make them there.  We just buy them in.


So, thereís nothing happening thatís not in the script, you see.  Nothing at all happening.  And they love these things happening with reactors and so on, because when the blood is flowing in the street as Rothschild said, thatís when they make their killing, their money, the biggest money.  And these guys are the same too.  When weíre all distracted with wars in Libya and all the rest of it, inflation coming down the pike like crazy, and every thing going up in the stores, including your food, and radiation floating over you, here they are, ramming all these things through.  Itís the greatest time, because weíre too preoccupied with fear.  Thatís what weíre supposed to be, fearful, you see, right now, as they go through all this strategy.  Because, you see, theyíre ticking off all their plans on the list there: tick, tick, tick.  Oh, yeah, okay.  Weíre doing that.  Oh, they havenít noticed this one yet: tick, tick, tick.  And thatís how they do it.  Big business plan, long term. 


And remember under the United Nations charter, it says that every nation, every people will get the minimum of healthcare, right?  And Iíve said for years, when they mean minimum, they mean minimum.  This is part of the depopulation program.  Anything that comes out of the United Nations is to do with population control and World Government.  It says, this new health bill that theyíre putting out in England will abolish the English National Health Service.  Thereís hardly anything left of it, as it is.  It says:


The Health Bill amounts to the 'abolition of the English NHS' as a universal and publicly accountable service, academics have warned.


Professor Allyson Pollock, of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, argued in the BMJ that the Bill means providers are free to charge for some elements of care that are currently NHS services.


(A: In other words, if you arenít stinking rich now, you ainít going to get much of a service at all.)


'Providers will have extraordinary discretionary powers to define entitlement to NHS provision and charge patients,' she wrote.


So thatís one of them.  And then it goes on in another article here to say:


Rationing of health services across Europe


(A: The whole of Europe.  You know, this wonderful giant you join.  You wonít be left behind, and all that stuff.  And it will be so wonderful for you.  Theyíre bankrupt now, and now theyíre slashing their health services.  Theyíre going to ration it out.)


The cost of healthcare across Europe is rising faster than governments' ability to fund it, (A: Utter rubbish, because you can fund everything else.) according to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.


Europe: report shows that health costs are rising faster than funding (A: They say.)


Health spending will continue to rise due to inflation, but also because governments realise better public health boosts economic growth.


(A: Well, thatís an oxymoron, isnít it?  Theyíre going to cut all your health care, but they realize that better public health boosts economic growth.)


Countries with universal healthcare models, however, will be forced to ration care and 'consolidate healthcare facilities', the report predicts.


(A: That means into long private chains.  Thatís where itís all to go, like chain stores, only it will be chain hospitals for the highest buck, and the poor are dying, and all the rest of it, and the elderly will probably be given euthanasia.)


It predicts that GPs will become ever more important as gatekeepers to the wider health systems in European countries and as 'co-ordinators' of treatment for patients with multiple long-term conditions.


In other words, the general practitioners, youíll have to bribe them.  Thatís how you got through in the Soviet countries.  You had to bribe them to get anything done.  And thatís exactly whatís coming down the pike here.


Now, thereís a caller on, a couple of callers.  Thereís Darlene from Colorado.  I should take them now, if Darleneís there.  Are you there, Darlene?  Hello?


Darlene: Hi.  Iím glad that youíre talking about health care right now, because the first thing that you were talking about was the radiation from the nuclear reactors.  I think it was the day that we heard about it, there was a person from the CFR that was on the radio, literally yelling at people saying, ďYou people are stupid if you think that youíre going to be protected by taking potassium iodide.  And because of you, buying it all up, thereís none left for the people in Japan.Ē 


Alan: Yeah, I know. 


Darlene: I couldnít believe it.


Alan: Thatís their attitude, isnít it?  Itís so disgusting.  Mind you, they have plenty for government emergency services and so on to keep them all going.  And the Tavistock Institute, believe me has made sure theyíve got theirs and so has the CFR, and so has the United Nations.  Again, another body thatís supposed to have abundant stocks to spread out across the world, if they need it.  Canada has too, but they havenít given any out to the public.  You can bet your bottom dollar the top politicians are on something better than potassium iodide.  Believe you me.  Because they have drugs way above that are meant to stop your genes from mutating, when it comes in contact with radiation.  And these kind of things are kind of hush-hush, but they do exist on high levels, and they certainly have them for themselves. 


Darlene: Well, the other thing I wanted to mention is the health care. I really feel that health care isnít really caring for anybody.  Itís just that theyíve invested so much in invasive procedures and pharmaceuticals.  Itís like theyíre actually making people sick. 


Alan: Well, they are.  They are.  For everything that you take, any medication you take, thereís always some kind of side effect, thereís not doubt.  Thereís always a price that you pay.  You pay a price for everything that gives you any kind of relief. 


Darlene: Well, in a sense, thatís why I decided to study homeopathy because it makes sense.  You know, that which wounds will cure. 


Alan: Of course, under the Hippocratic Oath, they used to say, do know harm.  And of course, these characters today are so well paid, and they see the effects, and the side effects of their medications all the time, but theyíre quite content, being the financial prostitutes that they are, that they grab the cash and keep quiet about it.  Itís a totally corrupt system.  Thereís a YouTube video up there somewhere with Eustace Mullins and he goes through the history of the American Medical system, the allopathic medical system.  And he goes through the history of the Rockefeller Foundation, which really they were the guys who started up this whole idea of how medicine is today, and pharmacology, and how pharmacology would basically rule.  He does it in a very precise manner.  It isnít guessing at anything.  He brings out the facts and so on, dates, times, people, and so on, that helped create this system on behalf of the Rockefellers, that now is taught in universities across the world, this particular type of medical care.


Darlene: Well, the Flexner Report is what created the standard, so to speak, for what a doctor had to do, or would qualify a doctor, that was commissioned by the Rockefellers in 1910.  And that made it impossible for anybody to be licensed or to practice medicine therefore they would be arrested for fraud.


Alan: Do you understand in any big business and youíll see this with Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and all the rest of it, you must corner the market.  That means making sure that no one else can come in with any competition or competing system.  And thatís exactly what they did, is to make sure they cornered the market, got the legislation through.  Easy enough to buy off the politicians that already put them in there.  Thatís what they did.  And all kinds of alternative medicines were pushed out the window, immediately.  And then, Rockefeller too, I donít know if you heard the story, and Eustace Mullins goes through it for the first cancer hospital that was created by the Rockefellers in New York, and the guy they chose for it, literally, in the 1800s, the late 1800s, he first practiced on his black slave.  He bought her in order to do operations on her.  Thatís the reason he bought her and he killed her.  And he killed a couple of people after that too, and this guy killed everybody he touched.  And thatís who Rockefeller put in charge as a cancer specialist, the first cancer specialist for New York, and America. 


Darlene: One other thing that I wanted to mention was the vaccination thing.  In order to even be a certified nurseís assistant, you have to get a streptococcus B vaccination.  But in order to go it into nursing, thereís a whole list of vaccinations you have to get.  And I almost feel like itís so, I donít know.  I donít know if itís possible, but to be able to control the people that are supposedly hoping to save peopleís lives. 


Alan: Well, they have done studies on medical staff.  I know in Britain they did that, and they found the nursing staff had a much lower life expectancy, because they had all kinds of degenerative diseases would hit them around their forties and fifties.  And itís true enough, a lot of them do, and I think it is from all the inoculations that theyíve had ongoing, but even the general population will have a lesser, they still have the same risk of especially degenerative conditions, and allergic conditions, because their immune systems have been, not just compromised, theyíve been destroyed. 


Darlene: Well, Iím treating somebody whoís been a maternity nurse for twenty-six years, and sheís casting about everywhere for why she has all these phantom pains and these crazy mood problems, and collapse, and you know, sheís looking for a disease.  You know.  Like do I have Hashimotoís? Do I have Fibromyalgia?  You know what I mean?  It doesnít conform to any of those ďdiseasesĒ. 


Alan: Thatís what happens.  You understand, weíre all different, weíre all genetically a bit different from each other, and thatís what makes us human, being different.  And physiologically too, some people have certain more of this and less of that.  So, the inoculations are meant for a standard group.  Well, nobody fits into the standard group, so therefore thereís always a big bunch who get the side effects in later life, and theyíre generally permanent too.  Thanks for calling.  Iíll be back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to Bob, Iíll put up a link.  All these links Iíll put up too at Cutting Through the Matrix at the end of this particular broadcast, and Iím putting one up too on the BBC.  The BBC, they call Aunt Beeb, of course.  The greatest brainwashing tool, I think run by MI5 and MI6 for years, run by again, the taxpayer, through the government, is now, after years of basically being in bed with the US State Department and the Pentagon, now theyíve married them, actually, because the US has actually put cash into the BBC.  Theyíre becoming partners in propaganda.  So, thatís more efficient.  I guess weíll get World Propaganda News, not just about the US and whoís going to conquer on behalf of Britain, or London.  Weíll get the whole kit and caboodle wrapped up into one now.  So, itís awful nice to see them getting married after being in bed all these years.  At least theyíll be very legitimate now, and more respectable.  And weíll go to Bob from Texas, if heís on the line.  Are you there, Bob?


Bob: Yes, Iím here, Alan.† Hey, I wanted to touch on, youíve got so many topics, itís just not enough time to go into all this, and anyway, theyíve been spraying heavy today.


Alan: Same here.


Bob: You know, in reference to your Wal-Mart comment, I saw that on the Drudge Report earlier this morning.  And I thought that was interesting that the CEO of Wal-mart would be calling economic shots here, you know.


Alan: Isnít it though?


Bob: Yeah.  Itís amazing, but when you think about it, think how they have lined up with the Department of Homeland Security.  And you know, then you start thinking about this lawsuit theyíve got.  I heard arguments on it on NPR, going to work today.  And now theyíre trying to degrade this lawsuit thatís been going on for ten years.  It kind of sounds like there might be some hey, you know, good old boysí stuff going on with that.


Alan: Oh, definitely.  Wal-Mart has got a charmed life, believe you me. 


Bob: And Iíve been doing a lot of reading here, you know, youíve encouraged me here, you know.  Fascism, isnít that like corporate working with government?


Alan: With government, thatís right. 


Bob: Thatís kind of the definition of it.  And you know, another thing, this is kind of going off on another thing that Iíve observed going into stores and so forth and seeing, and watching people come into the store where I work.  You know, their heads are buried into their blackberries and their cell phones.  Itís like people are looking down. 


Alan: They are, they are.  I know.


Bob: Theyíre looking down.  Theyíre not looking around.  Theyíre not looking up, but theyíre looking down and theyíve got their little thumbs, you know, with their little thumb war thing going on, click, click, click, click, click.  You try to wait on people, and theyíre in a conversation with something stuck in their ear.  Theyíre in another world.


Alan: They are in another world, and that was predicted back in the 1960s, by a professor from Canada, who talked about this ether world theyíd bring in of communication, where people would forget how to talk to each other in person.  And how the ether world would be more real to them than the real world.  Itís already here.


Bob: And weíve actually had to put signs up in the store to say, please, have courtesy, and finish your cell phone conversation before checking out.  I mean, you canít even check people out, theyíre so involved in what theyíre doing.  Iíve actually had people passing me on the highway, Iíve observed them pressing, texting.  Unbelievable. 


Alan: Oh, itís even in the movies that they get shown, people in cars doing the same thing, so they copy that too, and they think itís all normal.


Bob: So many distractions. 


Alan: Yes. Well, theyíre gone.  Theyíre gone.  Those people are actually gone.  You know that.


Bob: Thatís it. 


Alan: Thatís the end of this show. Thanks for calling in there. 


Bob: You bet.


Alan: From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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