April 1st, 2011 (#802)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 1st, 2011:

World Domination Dreams, End Justifies Means:

"A Society with Secrets, Long-Term Planning,
Guiding, Shaping Society, Evidence Damning,
With a Myriad of Branches, Each Specialized
In Cultures, Economics for World Standardized,
Down Through Time It has had Many Names,
Meddling in Geo-Politics and Empire Games,
Gaining Vast Wealth, Using Each Generation
To Empire Build while Destroying the Nation,
In Achieving Goals, Billions to Perish it Seems,
Wars, Disasters, End Justifies the MeansĒ
© Alan Watt April 1st, 2011

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 1st, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April the 1st 2011.  Newcomers, I suggest you look into my website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for download for free.  Thereís hundreds to choose from, and hopefully it will give you shortcuts to understanding this big, complex picture, the system into which youíve been born, and how it interweaves with private organizations, incredibly rich organizations, foundations, and private clubs, and clubs too of CEOs of international corporations and how they basically run the world, where youíre being taken, how academia of course is all part of it too.  Theyíre onboard with these boys who really pay their way, and how they brainwash everyone in every generation along this path, which is to be a non-democratic system of any kind, where experts will simply be chosen from amongst themselves and put in place over you to dominate you.  And you have to be taught to accept this.  And people I think, unfortunately, will be trained quite easily to accept this kind of system.  All you need is enough crisis in the making, and actual crisis to make it happen, and they take advantage, of course, of any natural crisis that comes along.  Thatís part of pretty well their tenet of the future.  So, hopefully, as I say, Iíll give you shortcuts. 


And remember too, that youíre the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on guests who sell products.  And the ads you hear on this show, the ads are paid by advertisers straight to RBN for the broadcasts and I could bring them on as guests, absolutely, but it kind of compromises you to an extent, so, the money that they take in through advertising goes straight to RBN to pay for this airtime and staff and equipment at RBN, and for their bills too, because we all get massive bills.  And itís expensive, certainly to run a broadcast station.  So, help me with my bills, and you can buy the books and discs I have for sale, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  From the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check, or an international postal money order from your post office.  You can send cash, or you can use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button youíll see on the .com site, and follow it with an email, with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you, as fast as I can.  In other countries, of course, you can use PayPal again, to order, and straight donations believe you me are also welcome for those who want to do that.  Literally, you spend thousands of hours giving out free broadcasts to people with lots of information, which is copied by everyone, really, and very few ever donate.  And thatís a sad thing; a statement really on todayís society.  But as I say, you can do straight donations, you can also order through PayPal, and you can also use Western Union or Money Gram.  Thatís an alternative too.  And every article I mention on this broadcast, youíll find I put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the show.  Or I shouldnít say this show.  Iím trying to get that out of my head all together.  Show is show business, you understand, and this is not show business.  Weíre in a very serious predicament, as we go through this totalitarian system, or at least into it, and weíve got to stop using the terms that we give us, because weíre not shows at all.  Shows are for show business, and show business is fiction.  And today, you canít tell the television, itís all mixed together.  Most folk canít tell whatís fact and fiction, and thatís part of course of entertainment, and how theyíve managed the minds of the general public.  So, go into the site, as I say, and Iíll put up all these different links, and you can check them out for yourself. 


And one of them too is to do with the military-industrial complex, because, this new system that was really thought of hundreds of years ago and written about in the 20th century, more so the early 20th century, is coming to fruition with the military boys on top, academia, as I say, experts running our lives.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the military-industrial complex.  Really, itís interwoven with our lives, and itís definitely interwoven with all governments in all kinds of levels, including all surveillance and data collection and security, because they realized that eventually when they ran out of wars, because theyíve almost taken over the whole planet under this one system, theyíd have to turn it inwards to the people, where the Soviet system did the same thing.  Once they put their borders around them basically, heavily guarded, they had to find terrorists within.  And you know, thatís what they had all through the Soviet era.  People who had wrongthink, you might say.  Theyíre all wrongthink.  And they had to be righted or put in Siberia.  Anyway, we find the same system here.  This is pretty standard with all authoritarian type systems.  And the Club of Rome has already said in their own writings that the system theyíre bringing in on behalf of the United Nations, because itís the top think tank for the UN, theyíve said itís to be authoritarian.  Itís not to be democratic at all.  And we already know weíre in this kind of system. 


In fact, when you think of democracy as itís been panhandled to us basically for so long, they think of us as the shareholders.  You see.  Because we pay for everything.  And no return comes back on you, whatsoever.  And itís the only shareholderís stock you can actually keep losing and you canít fire the CEOs.  Thatís what they call democracy.  But, as we know, we donít vote them in the first place, and the Council on Foreign Relations and other globalist societies which they have scattered across the world, donít believe in democracy anyway.  And weíve never really had it to be honest with you.  All the Revolutions youíve seen in the 20th century within your own countries, the bloodless, so-called Bloodless Revolutions, were actually funded by the big foundations that are part of this globalist system, to change society so radically, that they fulfill the Marxist or Communist Manifesto basically, and then they could handle the people much more easily, when thereís no family units at all to stand up for each other, and everyone is basically into themselves.  Russell was very good at describing this system.  He said, weíll make them narcissistic people, self-lovers basically, and thatís what you have.  Itís all about Ďmeí isnít it?  Itís all about Ďmeí is what they say.  And you find Julian Huxley also said the same thing, when he was CEO of UNESCO.  And Iíve gone through his writings from his own books on the air in previous years, which are up in the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. 


The military-industrial complex not only are into all your surveillance, theyíre into much, much more with government, these cozy agreements they have with governments, because governments are essentially fascistic nowadays, you see.  And thatís how the system is to be run, a sort of fascist oligarchy at the top, and run in a communist style for all the public below them.  A socialized communist style with masses of bureaucracy running our lives, and experts running our lives, right down to, weíve already got it with the child protection agencies and so on, snatching children wherever they want to.  Mandatory, strange sex education in school for children who are just going in at five years of age.  And this is all mandatory stuff now.  And that was all part of the destruction of the old system.  And itís Order Out of Chaos, you understand.  You must have total chaos.  Chaos means chaos, where nothing is normal, and then you bring in the new normal.  Thatís what they mean by that.


Now, Lockheed-Martin is also heavily into this post nation state system, this global system, this one world governmental system big time.  And, of course, they are famous for making warplanes, and all kinds of military equipment and missiles and so on.  But you donít know that theyíre actually in charge of doing your own census in the US and Britain and elsewhere.  And Iím putting up links tonight.  And itís from actually, organized rage, itís called, .com.  And they put links up on the Census systems, and from Lockheedís own site by the way, and it gives you proof from the US Census of 2010, from the Census.gov note that government used.  And from the English government, youíve got a PDF, and you can also search Martin and get the pages from them if you want to.  All the links are on here, and Iíll put them up tonight, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


So there you are, theyíre doing your census for you.  It was quite a few years ago too, I mentioned on the air, that your taxes at the end of the year that you send into your government, they then satellite it over to India, because theyíve outsourced it all, and all that stuff is done in India, and then put back to your native countries again.  So, you see, weíve been international for years, and you just didnít know it.  And youíre paying people, foreigners, to get jobs in their own countries.  Thatís what globalism is all about. 


And also tonight too, Iím going to mention a video thatís up there, and if you punch, of course, see more at the bottom of the video youíll get this particular write-up on whatís happening on Libya.  And it says here:


The war in Libya is a practical lesson in the post-modern, nihilistic lexicon of internationalism. A war isn't a war -- far from it, it's a humanitarian enterprise to keep the peace. War is peace. Soldiers are peacekeepers.


In a deja vu from the 80s, the Pan-Islamist radicals driving the rebellion, a gaggle of armed gangs and paramilitary organizations stemming from the Muslim Brotherhood, are redefined as "heroes of democracy". 


(Alan: And thatís true, isnít it?  It says:)


These are the people to be put in power in post-intervention Libya. Their leader, Abdel al-Hasidi, former Taliban fighter, notorious Libyan terrorist, proudly announces that quite a few of his rebel heroes are fighters from al-Qaeda, and it is now stated in the press that al-Qaeda is pouring in Libya to be...well, our new allies. This is not a surprise at all: the hotbed of the rebellion, Cyrenaica, is one of the world capitals of Islamist terrorism. This is the "land of freedom" now being protected by the UN no-fly zone, in a brazen repeat of the UN/al-Qaeda/Hezbollah alliance in the Balkans, in the 90s.


(A: And thatís exactly what it is, folks.  Itís exactly what Orwell said: Who are we fighting today?  East Asia or West Asia?  No, weíre allies with East Asia at this time, fighting West Asia, and itís the same with the Al Qaeda.  Weíre suddenly allies, weíre enemies.  Weíre allies, weíre enemies.  It was the same with the Soviet Union.  During World War II, Stalin was Uncle Joe, all over the newspapers in the West, the great Uncle Joe that was helping the allies.  And then after they needed another Bad Boy, so he turned into the Bad Bear.  Anyway, it says:)


Meanwhile, NATO's still building permanent bases in Pakistan and deploying Predator drones to bomb Pashtun farmers; to fight Pan-Islamism of course.


(A: Thatís the excuse theyíre giving.  It says:)


The mass campaign of destabilization being waged all across North Africa and the Middle East has its most recent parallel in the wave of chaos that was unleashed on Black Africa back in the 1970s.  (A: See this is Brzezinskiís stuff really.) The keywords here are divide and rule, (A: And itís also Kissinger.) create chaos to impose a new order of things. Use any means whatsoever to shred the sovereign nation-state. Then, balkanize the population to keep them squabbling with each other, safe in the knowledge that natural resources are yours to take, and human resources will be cheap and desperate. (A: In other words, thatís exactly what they did in Iraq too.) Ship in 'hard power' mercenaries to protect the production hubs, but also 'soft power' specialists (i.e., the NGOs) to manage the misery, and facilitate the population's adaptation to a wonderful lifestyle of communal 'simplicity', famine, destitution.


This age-old formula is the one being applied for completely remaking the Islamist world, as expressed in the combined Brzezinski/Bernard Lewis/PNAC doctrine.


The first big step was to create what Zbigniew Brzezinski called an "imperial mobilization" into the region, to establish a permanent international military presence -- this was accomplished with the Iraq and Afghanistan(-Pakistan) wars. At the same time, as Brzezinski said, in The Grand Chessboard (1997), imperial mobilization would come hand in hand with the installment of a police state structure in the west.


(A: See, they knew what they were going to do to the West.  Thatís what I say.  When weíre ready to finish off the Middle East for them, theyíre going to be pulling the rug away from under the people in the US with inflation and all the rest of it.  And theyíre doing it.)


The next stage would be, as it is now, to shred the region, bit by bit, nation by nation. Various client regimes (such as Mubarak's was) also have to go, (A: It was scheduled to go.) in that they have an established national structure and, therefore, are not yet ready for open balkanization and plunder, under international management. In these cases, the favored method is the soft power coup, the color revolution, using NGO networks, local radicals and army factions. The end result, the singing tomorrows of all this, will of course be Congo-like tribalized wastelands; and extremely pliable, military-dominated governments, like the ones now in place in Egypt and Tunisia.


(A: Thatís what they do, wherever theyíve gone.  They balkanize it.  They get them all fighting each other.  You know thereís over a hundred tribes living in Libya, and it was Gaddafi that got them all under his thumb, to keep the peace.)


North Africa will become a protectorate of the European superstate, Europe's Mexico: a source of easy revenue, cheap workers and plenty of panic migrations, border conflict, armed gangs, Mediterranean piracy.


The Middle East itself will be, as stated in various white papers (ex., Brzezinski & Gates, Iran: Time For A New Approach, CFR, 2004), divided between two internationally-managed blocs: one Sunni and the other Shiia, centered on Turkey and Iran, respectively. A dialectical process of controlled conflict will eventually result in the creation of a general Middle Eastern Union, which is projected to be a trade corridor between the expanded blocs of the EU and ASEAN. The people being used as pawns in this Grand Game, to bring this process along, shouldn't be mistaken: the only thing they'll get out of this is a nonstop dynamic of conflict and destitution. Their former nations will have been turned into deculturalized wastelands, to be managed by global agencies, policed by international forces. (A: And of course, mercenaries too, private ones.) Everything of value will have been taken over by international financiers: oil wells, pipelines, the Suez Canal, the Ormuz infrastructures, and so on.


(A: Including their aquifers as well for the water.  So, it says.)


We're already well into this, which is to be just another chapter in the poorly understood process that is globalization: i.e. the hostile takeover of the world, by a handful of finance oligarchs, using international agencies as their enforcersÖ


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíll also put an article up tonight to do with working for free.  Thatís the Ďiní thing today, is working for free, to try to get a job.  And they tried that years ago in third world countries, in order to get a job there you had to maybe grovel and grovel along, until the person took you on for free.  Youíd work for six months, or however long that youíd stick at it, and maybe, just maybe theyíd end up giving you a real job, part-time or full-time.  Well, thatís what theyíre advocating across Britain and elsewhere now.  So, Iíll find that link and put it up for you too, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the broadcast. 


And also, Australia, of course, has a new Prime Minister, Fabian Socialist, a member of the Fabian organization, like the last one was too, and sheís wanting her name down in history as the first Prime Minister to ensure sheís putting the carbon taxes on personal, thatís individual carbon taxes in history.  So, sheíll get the pleasure of having her name chiseled in stone somewhere, no doubt.  Or maybe smeared.  Who knows, with some other foreign kind of stuff.  Anyway, thatís going ahead in Australia.  And I said a few years ago, that would happen when they tried to introduce it, saying it was just for big companies, and I said, no, no, no, it was going to come down to personal taxes, and thatís what it is.  It doesnít matter if they call it energy taxes or carbon taxes, itís all the same thing, with their strange little calculations, this bogus nonsense, with their special computers, of course, to figure out how much energy it costs to produce that little gadget you just bought, and youíre going to get charged with this, even though, of course, the companies themselves are the guys making all the profits, the guys that make it.  It says:


Australians would face an $863 hike in annual household costs when a price is put on carbon pollution, new Treasury modeling predicts.


(A: They love their model computers, eh, special computers, just to give them the answer they want.  And it says here.)


Treasury modeling released under Freedom of Information laws also warns against using carbon tax compensation as an instrument of tax reform, as suggested by climate change adviser Ross Garnaut.


Anyway, the whole thing is, this is coming all your way, because Rothschild has said so.  Heís said that his bank would be the one that it would all go through for the whole world.  Thatís an awful lot of loot going through there, every second, and of interest, I should say, you know.  Because heís going to get this massive, massive interest.  But then, he and his gang, and there is a gang around the Rothschilds that really set out a long time ago, a society, to take over the planet.  And these are the guys, again, who helped form the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, which turned into the Royal Institute of International Affairs when it joined with the Milner group, who are also comprised of bankers, etc, etc.  This is their strategy, and theyíre succeeding, because most people are totally ignorant that their governments have been run by these characters for over a hundred years, pretty well outright. 


As I say, Australia is the first one to go along with it.  And itís interesting too, because Rand Corporation.  Now, the Rand Corporation is a non-profit institution it says on its website that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis.  They rake in billions of dollars across the world every year.  They advise the US government, the British government, Indian government, every government across the planet.  Theyíre just there advising, you know.  And itís a private, non-profit organization.  They seem to do all the real data for all these wacky projects, like carbon taxing and so on, and this link Iíll put up tonight too, is their PDF to do with basically, really what it is, how to get the British public to go along with paying personal carbon taxes.  Thatís what it really is all about.  And you can read it for yourself.  And Iím sure every country is getting the same Rand, and paid for the same Rand advice, pay a lot of dough to these characters, to tell us what to do.  And of course, Rand again is just another policy group, really, run by the same institution, the Royal Institute of International Affairs that runs the world.  Theyíve got to pretend that theyíre distant from them, or distanced from them, but theyíre not.  Theyíre all working together for the same basic ending. 


And an article here too on:


John Gibbons ex Irish Times ĎEco-Fascistí Joins, The Sovereign Independent in the War Against Al Goreís Global Warming Inconvenient Lies!


The Sovereign Independent is proud to welcome its latest member to its dedicated staff in the fight against the New World Order in the shape of John Gibbons, ex of the Irish Times.


In a recent interview John explained his decision:


John: I came to the conclusion after a period of self-analysis and rehabilitation combined with my own rediscovered power of critical thinking, that I and many of my friends had been duped by the IPCC (A: Thatís Pachauriís lot.  You know, the railway engineer thatís getting every grant under the sun for his private companies in India right now, through our tax money, via the UN.  Anyway:) and other so called Ďgreení organisations over a long period of time. It was actually my daughter that pointed out to me that CO2 was actually essential for life and that if we stopped CO2 production then all the plants and fluffy animals, of which I love very much, would all die. Then I had that Ďeurekaí moment when I realised that she meant humans too.


(A: Itís true, most of these people donít think, you see, especially the followers.  Unfortunately, all these newspapers now have their eco-fascist columnists, under environmental journalism.  Environmental journalism means youíve failed at all other kinds of journalism, but now itís almost, well, itís essential, youíve got to have one of them on your board for a newspaper, almost by law, you might say, to get the propaganda through to the public, since all media works for the big boys themselves anyway, who all work for the big agenda.  And it says:)


Reporter: And how did you feel realising that an international unelected organisation such as the United Nations had lied to the world for decades on the subject of Ďglobal warmingí?


John: Well, I didnít believe it at first and even refused point blank on many occasions on the national airwaves to look at the scientifically peer reviewed evidence against my religious belief


And thatís what it is.  Itís a religious belief, isnít it?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíll put up tonight too, a link to Bloomberg, who talks about basically the Central, the Federal Banks of the US and how they were discounting and lending money to foreign banks at the height of the financial crisis.  And it says here:


The central bank released about 29,000 pages of secret loan documents yesterday under court order, almost three years after Bloomberg LP first requested details. Brown speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop."


(A: And then they have another one on:)


Mark Williams, a former Federal Reserve bank examiner who is now an executive-in-residence at Boston University's School of Management, discusses the Fed's release of data on "discount window" lending (A: Thatís what they call it.) during the financial crisis and prospects for transparency at the central bank. (A: Well, good luck on that one.) Williams speaks with Erik Schatzker and Lizzie O'Leary on Bloomberg Television's "InsideTrack."


And thereís quite a few videos there that you can watch, if you can.  I canít really watch these things, because I canít get enough speed on the satellite download that I use out in the country here.  So, Iím supposed to move into the big city, you see, and you know, live in some tiny little apartment, and be fashionable and all that, and I couldnít do that, Iím afraid, Iím too much of a country boy.  Anyway, it says here.


We've Become a Nation of Takers,  (A: This is another article, Wall Street Journal) Not Makers


More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined.


(A: Now, thatís called Socialism folks, if you donít know what that is.)


If you want to understand better why so many statesófrom New York to Wisconsin to Californiaóare teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, consider this depressing statistic: Today in America there are nearly twice as many people working for the government (22.5 million) than in all of manufacturing (11.5 million). This is an almost exact reversal of the situation in 1960, when there were 15 million workers in manufacturing and 8.7 million collecting a paycheck from the government.


It gets worse. More Americans work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined. We have moved decisively from a nation of makers to a nation of takers. Nearly half of the $2.2 trillion cost of state and local governments is the $1 trillion-a-year tab for pay and benefits of state and local employees. Is it any wonder that so many states and cities cannot pay their bills?


(A: Itís almost like the Soviet Union in a sense, only youíve got the fascists on top.  Mind you, they had that in the Soviet Union too.  They had the big fascist corporations.  A lot of them were American, all through the Soviet era.)


Every state in America today except for twoóIndiana and Wisconsinóhas more government workers on the payroll than people manufacturing industrial goods. Consider California, which has the highest budget deficit in the history of the states. The not-so Golden State now has an incredible 2.4 million government employeesótwice as many as people at work in manufacturing. New Jersey has just under two-and-a-half as many government employees as manufacturers. Florida's ratio is more than 3 to 1. So is New York's.


Even Michigan, at one time the auto capital of the world, (A: Before it moved to China) and Pennsylvania, once the steel capital, (A: Before it moved to China as well.) have more government bureaucrats than people making things. The leaders in government hiring are Wyoming and New Mexico, which have hired more than six government workers for every manufacturing worker.


Now it is certainly true that many states have not typically been home to traditional manufacturing operations. Iowa and Nebraska are farm states, for example. But in those states, there are at least five times more government workers than farmers. West Virginia is the mining capital of the world, yet it has at least three times more government workers than miners. New York is the financial capital of the worldóat least for now. That sector employs roughly 670,000 New Yorkers. That's less than half of the state's 1.48 million government employees.


Don't expect a reversal of this trend anytime soon.  (A: Iíd expect it to grow, actually, because that is the agenda.) Surveys of college graduates are finding that more and more of our top minds want to work for the government. Why? (A: Because itís a safe job, right?  Cushy.) Because in recent years only government agencies have been hiring, and because the offer of near lifetime security (A: Where else can you get that, eh?) is highly valued in these times of economic turbulence. When 23-year-olds aren't willing to take career risks, we have a real problem on our hands. Sadly, we could end up with a generation of Americans who want to work at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


The employment trends described here are explained in part by hugely beneficial productivity improvements in such traditional industries as farming, manufacturing, (A: Well, the farming is almost abroad now, too.  Manufacturing is abroad, most of it.) financial services and telecommunications. These produce far more output per worker than in the past. The typical farmer, for example, is today at least three times more productive than in 1950.


Well, most farms now are combined into the agrifood businesses by the Big Five, as they took all the small farms away, which again, was the agenda.  So anyway, again, thatís how youíre basically in a form, as I was saying, massive government agencies and bureaucracies running your countries now, which is the Sovietized style.  Thatís what they found out too, in the Reece Commission, put out by the Congress, where they investigated the so-called charitable foundations, like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie and so on.  And they were told that their job was to blend the Soviet style system with the West, including the culture too, I should say, until it would work seamlessly together. Thatís already happened, so welcome to the new type of the Soviet, the hyper Soviet, the global Soviet system.  And itís true enough, thatís the only place youíll get a secure job now, is within government.  And even the guys who go in to become police now are doing it for the same reason too.  They donít want to belong to the losers, because the losers are all out there hoping they can hang on to a job or get a job and pay all the taxes to keep all the government employees in big salaries and health benefits and all the rest of it.  Stuff that you canít get down below.  So, thatís the reality of the world youíre living in. 


Now, thereís callers on the line.  Thereís a Lucretia from Oregon.  Are you there, Lucretia?


Lucretia: Yes, I am.  Thank you, Alan.† Gosh, Iím just finishing reading your books for a second time, and want to read them for a third time.  And I just gosh, wanted to.  Itís so amazing, you know, listening to your educational talks, itís like turning the light on in the cave.  But reading you books, itís like literally seeing that youíre just in a cave, and thereís a whole world out there, how everything works.  And I just want to encourage all the listeners that love you and all that you teach us, to get both of your books.  Theyíre just beyond.  Theyíre my favorite thing in the world.


Alan: Theyíre different.  Theyíre definitely different.


Lucretia: Yeah.  I donít know how to, you know, put it into words.  Just incredible.  Itís ten more levels deep of understanding with what you write in your books.  Itís beautiful, but I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.  One is not quite as what it was, well, whatever.  Well, Lindsey Williams was saying, oh, weíre double crossing the Arabs, but you were saying in your book, in the Priory of Sion, basically, itís the Mohammedans, the British Royal Family, and the Jews that are part of the whole ring of power at the top.  Is that correct?


Alan: Wells goes into that.  H.G. Wells, even before him, but he copied the same system that basically economists had drafted up before.  When they were planning this New World, for the 20th and 21st Centuries, H.G. Wells drafted up a list of favored races, an idea that came from Darwin himself, in fact.  And favored races were those who were the most successful in society.  And success meant rising above poverty, getting lots of wealth and power and holding on to it.  And so, he drafted up a list of them, ones who would be brought through into the New System.  And he mentioned that some of the British, not all of them, he was talking about the upper class, they would come through.  Wealthy Jews would come through, he was talking about Rothschilds and so on, and he had to do that, because that was one of the guys who helped pay him. Anyway, he also had a list of people who would have to be eliminated, because they kept rebelling.  They didnít like being dominated and so on, and they would always cause trouble against invading armies down through history.  And the Irish and the Scottish happened to be on that list as well.  So were the American Indians, and if you go further back too, youíll find economists in the 1700s, who were writing about the Americas, they drafted up the same list for the Americas.  The Indians would not come through.  They would not adapt into this economic system.  And Wells also said the same thing, that those blacks who could emulate the White Man in Economy, economic ways in success, they would be brought through.  The rest would also be eliminated.  So you had to adapt or die, which again is one of the primary tenets of Darwinism and evolution.


Lucretia: Are these same people part of the, I understand you said, they killed off most of the Merovingian line, but the Carolingian are basically now the nobility and the royalty.


Alan: Thereís no doubt about that.  I mean, even today, they go into these genealogies.  And sometimes youíll find that this odd thing happens.  When they pick for instance a Lieutenant General or Governor for Canada who speaks on behalf of the Queen, the Queenís representative in her dominions which is Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on.  When you go into their Coat of Arms, like the last one that was in, actually, they had symbols there from the Merovingianís family tree.  I thought that was rather interesting.  So youíll see it in symbology.  You understand, these characters will give you more in symbology than they will ever in the written word.  And thatís how they can put things right in plain sight, and most folk donít understand.  Because they canít come out and suddenly just admit what theyíre up to, or what theyíve been up to all this time. 


And if you go back to Pythagoras, for instance, and even Plato, these guys all were trained in ancient Egypt.  Ancient Egypt in the mystery religions, it was only one stopping place.  Because, we find in Herodotus, he talks about it.  We find again Plato too, talks about it.  You went for initiation in Egypt, and then you went to India, in ancient times, for more, for a higher or more education in the mystery religions.  And then you went to the Levant as they called that area of Jerusalem and so on.  And then you came back.  But what Egypt exported mainly was revolution in other countries, countries which they didnít already control.  Thatís an interesting concept.  And Pythagorus himself, when he went back to open up his school, after being in Egypt and being taught, his school was burned down when the people realized that he was trying to get the young students to turn against the parents in the old society, to destroy the old society, and they even taught, they brought in females too, and they had to marry them off, try to marry them off to noble people, noble families, and start to influence their decision making policies and politics and so on.  When that was found out, they turned against him.  And at that time, he went to Crotona to open his school Ė it was a part of Italy at the time; that was the Greek empire Ė and they burned it down.  And the same thing happened eventually with other philosophers from the same school, who were all taught in Egypt.  You all know about the drinking of the Hemlock for Socrates for instance.  And Socrates too was also blamed for trying to corrupt the youth.  What it was, was again, the same technique.  He would also teach the young females in education, basically how to seduce the nobility.  Get them in, get them married, influence policy, and also how to overthrow the ruling establishment of his time. 


And then when you follow it up into the Neo-Platonic movement that broke out in about 300AD in Alexandria, it was the same thing.  Fascinating writings came out at that time, about 300AD, of the same group, a continuation of the same group, where philosophy was to be the main religion.  And philosophy would rule through academia and eventually through revolution.  Theyíre always turning the young against parents through the millennia, if need be, to bring in a world where they themselves, the best suited, the Wise Men, if you like, would rule the world, because the public were just too stupid to do it themselves.  They also believed in a form of evolution, long before Darwin, because it was closely linked, the philosophies were closely linked, as I say with not only Egypt but that also of India.  And if you look into Hinduism, thereís not much difference in their understanding of evolution from slime and so on, into insects and creatures, then people.  Thereís not much difference between that and Darwin.  Thereís a definite connection.  So, thereís been something come down.


Lucretia: They tried to propagate that belief that it was evolution, because that was another thing really that woke me up is that you said, you know, believing in evolution is like a religion.  Just because I never liked the dogma of Christianity, I never, I just kind of push it out there and that evolution was always fact.  And since then, Iíve been kind of looking into or listening to, like Doctor Stan Monteith, he had somebody on, and it was like you realize that Mount Rushmore was made by, not by wind and ice but by an artist, by a designer, and yet, the human body is just so amazingly fantastic, with you know, so much.  It was put together just by chance?  And that didnít make sense.  But who would you say would be the best book to read, to really show that thereís not really fact behind evolution.


Alan: You wonít get it all in one book.  And this is the problem, you see, knowledge is deliberately scattered.  Deliberately, and I mean that, itís deliberately scattered.  Thatís what publishing houses are for.  And thatís also what George Orwell found out when he tried to publish a couple of his books.  Even though he had contracts with those publishers, which they technically couldnít break, they did.  They turned on him when he wanted to write Animal Farm and 1984 which really was called The Last Man, which is the titled he wanted for it.  They turned on him, because he was exposing the techniques of this ruling elite for world domination, and that Communism and Fascism all worked together to come into the same road using the dialect process.  So, he realized that the publishing houses were not there to put out anything to the public that they didnít want out to the public.  And so, knowledge truly is scattered, and thatís why it takes so long to go through lots of old books and get a paragraph here and there, that stands out, it just hits you between the eyes when you come across some amazing statements with the factual stuff behind it, in amongst all the boring stuff.  And thatís how they give you the knowledge.  You can certainly go into university books for instance on the philosophers of Greece, and also the Neo-Platonic movements, you see, Platonism, and find out what their philosophies were.  They actually promoted feminism as well, and lesbianism too.  And one of their famous teachers was a lesbian, who did some amazing things in class, which were rather disgusting to the people, to shock them, for shock value, the very same thing that professors will do today in fact, to shock students.  They were actually doing them in 300AD, so thereís a common thread down through time.  Whatís interesting too, with Pythagoras, he had about four years when you joined them of silence.  You couldnít speak, just like monks, and in fact the whole idea of monkhoods came from Pythagoras, even in the Christian era, of four years of silence, and even then you were still being watched to see if you were worthy, and then they allowed you in.  So, itís quite fantastic to read them.  The Essenes too, in ancient Jerusalem, seem to be part of that same sect, or definitely connected with it.  Same techniques.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and weíll try and fit in Rich from Virginia if heís there.  Is Rich still there?  Okay, is Lucretia gone?


Lucretia: No, Iím still here. 


Alan: Oh, youíre still there.  Okay.


Lucretia: Yeah, I had two other questions on Israel.  I wasnít quite sure if that was good for the three families that basically have kept control.


Alan: Israel is looked upon in different ways.  Israel, remember too, thereís no definite mention of a place called Israel from the Persians, the Egyptians or any of the other empires in those days.  Thereís no mention at all of a place called Israel.  All we have really is whatís called the five books of Moses or the Old Testament mentioning it at all.  Eventually too, they used to call them Hebrews at one time, and then they called them Jews much, much later on, really with the birth of a people coming out of Babylon.  Thatís all we can really verify is a people came out of Babylon, who supposedly had been slaves and they were freed and they went to this place, and created that much, much, much later.  So, thereís a lot of debate, even from professors in Israel about the history.  Thereís professors who say there was no Solomon, there was no David, these are myths and so on.  And Israel is more of a system, if you look at it overall.  Itís a system.


Lucretia: I guess because you teach so much about, you got a lot of your history by understanding where words came from, and I appreciate it so much, of you know, being able to decipher words and seeing ham in a name or you know, all the different things, and even just down to the numerology.  Itís fascinating.  But you know, like Isis and then Ra, and el, or Solomon, or sun, sun, sun, I didnít know if there was some other significance to the Israel.


Alan: Well, Israel also you have the first two letters, which is typically Kabalistic by the way.  The first two letters are often used in names.  And you have Is for Isis, you know.  And you have Ra for Ra.  You know.  And El is an ancient Semitic god that they used to believe in.  So you have the same thing once again, over and over, Isis, Osiris, basically, itís the same as Osiris, and the Offspring.  You have the same thing with Nimrod too, Semiramis, and the offspring once again.  Itís a trinity.  Always with a god and a goddess, and then the offspring.  And this is very symptomatic of the same kind of system, down through time.  So, itís a combination of that.  Is, Isis, Ra, and El.  And some times I joke, and I say, is it real?  Is Israel real?  You know.  So, you have all of that written into it.  But itís a system.  Itís a system that comes down through time, it doesnít matter if itís a place or a people or a religion.  Itís a system coming down through time that has it fixed into its belief system that only it must survive.  It doesnít matter what the cost is.  It must survive.  And some of them say itís because they were overrun so many times, being in the crossroads of invading armies, going one way or another, that they turned inwards and built up a hatred towards other peoples to consolidate their system.  And that may be true.  But we do know that the Talmud, which is the main set of books that they go by, not the Old Testament or the Five Books of Moses, but the Talmud is their guide, and itís helped them survive for all this time down to the present.  So, it comes down in a time capsule, with a system, with its own survival being preeminent over anything else that happens in the world.  The nations come and go, but Israel is forever.  Thatís what that means.  And itís a deep truth in there, thereís no doubt about it. 


Lucretia: Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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